Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 10, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 10, 1873 Page 2
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TELE PRESS. ^Isinv MOBM-™. JUXE10. 1873. Eraav re .ular attache of the Pres9 Is furnished wit b a card certificate countersigned by StauleyT. Pullen, Editor. All railway, steamboat an l hole managers will confer a favor upon us by demanding orod nti&ls of even person claiming to represent our Journal, as we have information that several “bum mers" are seeking courtesies in tbe name of the Press, and we have no disposition to be, even pas sively, a party to such fraud We do not read anonymous letters and communi cations. The name and address of the writer arc in all cases Indlspensab c, uot necessarily for publication but as a guarauty of good ffcllk. W • cannot undertake to return or reserve com munications tbat are nor useu. Poll tlco-Metcorological. About this time look out for abundant re ports of choice of Dingley delegations. It is a rather aged little game in politics to have towus which are certain tor a candidate vote early—“for effect.” In a canvass so care fully and industriously managed as Mr. Ding ley’s, so well known an operation as this, of course, would not be neglected. Col. Stone D not so mindful of the influence of exam p'e as he should be, or he would have had York couuty towus e]ecling delegations a week ago, and would have artistically ar ranged for a scries of reports of the election of “Stone Delegations” in different towns, from Madawaska to Kittcry, and from Quod d; lie ad to Moosehcad. It Judge Kent's Ciuse were being managed at all, by anybody, yr, > t.y this time have had reports tumbling in by tbe score from Penobscot, P.scataquis, Aroostook, Hancock, Knox, Somerset, Washington and Cumberland,with occasional delegations, plucked as brands from the burning, in the other counties. The Bang .r Whig presented the name of Judge, but the conductors of that journal have a nevyspape: on their hands to get off every morning, end cannot manage the de tails of a campaign, otherwise than by the very powerful and efficient support given in their columns. The. Preps also supports Judge Kent, but we, as well as the Whig people, have several things to do which pre c.udc the p ,ssibility of rur arranging ear'y a id often Kent Delegations. Thus while there i3 a very general disposition among the pexple to support Judge Kent, theie is no m an, or set of men, to whom his success is sufficiently a matter of personal interest to warrant the expenditure of time, labor and money necessary to work up a campaign in the orthodox style; and the Judge himself takes absolutely no action in the premises. It is well, however, to bear in mind the de lusive character of this class of reports. They come in large part from towus which every body conceded aud in many towns the claim made on the delegation is the baldest assump tion. Thus Gardiner is confilently claimed by the AJeertiser and other Dingley papers, while we have positive assurance from a re liable source that an independent delegation was elected, a considerable part of which will vote for Kent or Stone. A curious story comes from Lewiston that thirteen of the twenty-two delegates favor Col. Stone. It is certain that the original Dingley ticket there was defeated; but we fancy that the delega tion will be led by local feeling to very gener ally favor Mr. Dingley. All these reports must be taken with many grains of salt, and while twentv or thirty towns set forth in a row with theix several lists of delegates make a somewhat imposing show' on paper, they arc really au inconsiderable fraction of the four hundred or so towns in the State. The great body of towns will elect their delegates on the latter days of this week, and the result will not be found so unanimous as the Ding jey bulletins, written and telegraphed in all directions, have indicated. The prognostics by counties in au Augusta letter published elsewhere, give probably an approximately fair estimate of the result. The Convention is not likely to be so fully attended as that es timate would indicate. This circumstance will tend against Mr. Dingley, whose strength is largely in the remote and rural districts—so that while lie may ha,ve a larger vote than elthvr or ciic oiuvrcuiulltfiUca, 1C la Imixlly possible that he can have a majority over both. The action of the Convention, after the first ballot, will be intensely interesting and the result is problematical. * We shall see. Mb. BnADi.AUGH.the English Republican, who went to Spain to take a view of affairs there as they exist, gives a glowing account of the »it\io.tion, in that country. 'Fhe peo ple, lie represents, are well disposed towards the Republic and may be relied on it the present government can give the country peace. The evidences cf the inefficiency of the army are numerous. The officers ..many of them, have no heart in the contest, at.d are as much disposed to find fault with the Republic as the Carlists. Mr. Bradlaugh says that if the army was handled with ener gy, the Carlists could be defeated in a brief spacs. It is to be hoped that the new gov ernment will be able to soowa more determ ined purpose, which seems to be the thing most needed now. Quite a large number of caucuses were held Saturday night,particularly in towns cer tain to go for Dingley. 'i he Kennebec Jour nal reports Vassalboro, Windsor and Gardi ner for Mr. Dingley. In respect to the two last named, however, we are informed that in Windsor two-thirds of the delegation is not for Mr. Dinplev and in Gardiner that no in structions or formal request to vote for that gentleman was made. In Augusta we are informed that Mr. Dineley’s friends arc anx ious to compromise with half of the delega tion but that Mr. Stone’s partisans arc intent on having the whole. New York Letter. Tho Committee of Seventy—Its Mission and Something of its History and Biog raphy—Mayor HaTcmeyer their Re proach; etc., etc. New Yoke, June 8th, 1873. "To be or not to he—that is the question”— which engaged the “Committee of Seventy” at its last session. Twenty-one mouths have elapsed since tho great awakening occasioned by discoveries of gigantic robberies, by city officials, found a voice in an immense meeting of citizens in and around Cooper Institute, and tho creation of a committee to investigate the frauds, to drive perpetrators out ot office, and if possible to bring them to the bar of justice. The undertaking was uot only a stupendous one, but the difficulties that stood in the way of its accomplishment were manifold and for midable. The criminals to he pursued had been clothed with authority by the people, and were intrenched behind statutes cunningly de vised by themselves to baffle popular espionage The judicial power was all on their side and loug impunity had made them bold and de fiant. The sole weapon of the “Seventy” was moral force. It was David’s sling against Goliah's armor. But notwithstanding all the discouragements and obstacles of the situation, the practical re sults attained hare been of inestimable value. One by one the defenses of the “Ring” have fallen under tl c persistent attacks of the he seigciB The abdication, first of Connolly, next of Tweed, and Sweeny, the confessions of i/rr?. Garvey’ the professed peniteucc of a ’ IR 1 *rom the bench of Cardozo and th i terrible punishment of Barnard, are all so many evidences of the power of public opinion, when enlightened and aroused, even in a com munity whose proverbial torpor and stolidity has been a gnef to all believers in self-govern ment. Much has been left undone, and mauy things bavo been done badly. Mistakes of omission and com mission were to be expected and ought not to be too severely criticised, es pecially in view of the fact that the net result has been so satisfactory. The time seems opportune for the “Committee of Seventy” to disband. It has fulfilled its mission. Formed fo” the pui poso of serving as a sort of provisional govern ment, until a new one could be organized, its functions naturally ceased when the places provided by the charter had been filled. It has no place in the new system, and no constituen I cy to represent. It can now retire with digni ty, conscious of haring performed a beneficent work with patient fidelity and disinterested ifflciency. There has been a good deal said about tbo number of members of tbo committee who have acquired offices, siuce Us formation. Even the Times iudulges in a parting fling on t iis point. But a careful analysis of the list oE names shows that two-thirds of the body have neither received nor sought office. There hive been seventy-eight persons in the organi sation, including those appointed to fill va ctncies;of these two have been elected by the ! people to State offices, viz,, Governor Dix and ■ Atty Gen. Barlow; four have been chosen mem- j b-rs of the Legislature, viz., Messrs. Blumen t ial, Crary, T'ldcn, and Moulton.—Mr. Tilden ! not having become a member of the commit tee until after his legislative term ceased, and Mr, Moulton having been appointed a Tax Commissioner long after he resigned his seat in the committee. Mr. Geo. C. Barrett was elected Judge of the Supreme Court, defeating Ledwitli who deserted the Seventy to becomo the Tammany Candidate. The Treasurer, Mr. Emil Sauer was chosen a Republican Presiden tial elector last fall. Wm. Radde and Oswall Ottondorfer were elected Aldermen, and ffm, F. Havemeyer was elected Mayor. Here are twelve men, whom the people have taken care of. Then there are two, who have been appoint ed by tlie Governor to Sta'e offices yielding no salary nor compensation, viz.,Frederick Sebach C imniissionei of Emigration, and N. Gato Dunu member of the Governor’s staff. Add to these J ackson S. Schultz, whom the President has recently drafted for service in Vienna without pay and Dorman B. Eaton who has been assigned to ilie honorary post of President of the Civil Service Commis si jn. Now we come to municipal appointments and we find that seven of the seventy have been placed in local offices whence they derive no compensation, viz., School Commissioners Neilson, Vermilye, Hoe, Halstead and Iilam roth and Park Commissioners Stebbins and Bissinger. To salaried places there have been exactly five appointments made, to wit Wheeler and Moulton, Tax Commissioners; Hatch,Fire Com missioner; Lane, Chamberlain; and Varnum Commissoner of Jurors. There is considerable doubt whether Mr. Varnum’s predecessor was 1 'gaily displaced by the Legislature and the chances are that ho will not get the office hut we will accept the intention as if it were the fact. Thus we have a total of 28 who did get office and ono (Ledwith,) who got a nomination and was beaten by the candidate of the Seventy, This leaves fifty one, of whom it may with en tire certainty he affirmed that ninety per cent have not sought office since they joined the Commi tee of Seventy. At least two-thirds of them are either Bankers Merchants or Lawyers, whose private incomes exceed those of auy sal aried office holder in the United States. Two of the Committee have been Cabinet ministers, two are ex-Judges of the Supreme Court of the State, four have heen members of the lower house of Congress and twelve have at somo time or other held important local offices in the city or State. Indeed if wc adopt the theory of one journ alist, and set down as an office holder every man who lias ever been appointed a receiver or director in a Bank, Trust Co. or Iusuranco Co., or whose partner, kinsman, near neighbor or friends’ friend has received some appointment, whether it be a Notary Public or a Commission er of Deeds, we shall find that pretty much ev erybody in the Committee is subject to this stinging reproach, in some one or other of these moderate forms. But here arc the facts carefully compiled from the records, and whatever of praise or ceusure is to be deduced from them must be gathered into the crucible of public judgment in which the Committee of Seventy is to be tri ed. The most unfortunate blunder which the Committee ever made was when it persisted in forcing Havemeyer upon the Republicans as their candidate for Mayor. This was done un der the delusion that such a nomination would capture a large German vote. The Republican Convention strenuously oppos»d the selection, insisting that Schultz orStebbins would run quite as well and that either of them would make a much better Mayor. Schultz absolute ly refused to enterthe lists, and beii g equally potential in both counsels his sturdy influence turned the scale in Havemayer’s favor. It is a fact beyond reasonable dispute taht but for Mr. Schultz’s efforts, Havemeyer could uot have obtained the Republican nomination. After be was elected and installed in of fice he gave the Republicans strons reason to distrust him by appointing‘a notorious Tammany Repeater to a lucrative office. Schultz was mortified but nevertheless. Ire- Ji fiiocl to Joecr t tiro Muj uf for UUU C1TUI', and from first to last, in spite of expostulations from his party friends, advocated with all the energy of his nature the vesting in the Mayor of the exclusive power of appointments. He sailed for Europe before the charter was pass ed. There has uot been time to hear from him, since the Police Board was made up. Mr. Schultz is a good natured mao, and entirely free from the degrading vice of profanity. But it is recorded of Washington that he swore once under circumstances of great provocation, and if Mr. Schultz didn’t swear when the news of those appointments re ched him, it will be a mooted question whether he was restrained by moral consideration, or sole'y because he is quite too much of a novice iu the art to do jus tice to the occasiou. Tt is idle to waste words In vain regrets over the irretrievable past, but it is uot in human nature to forego a sorrowful thought as we contemplate the lost opportunity of which retro: pe :tiou painfully reminds us. If there had lee i accord between the city and State governments, we should have had a charter passed without the intervention of lobbyist", municipal officers reflecting the wishes of the people, and not the personal caprices of one man, and permanent and thorough, rather than transitory and half way reform. Were it not for this one dark spot in its record, the Committee of Seventy would go out amid the acclamation of the community, for whose interes s it has labored so zealously and faithfully. And inasmuch u» this was palpably a defect of judgment and not of iu tention let up hope it will be condoned in grate ful memories of the good things which have been wrought during the twenty months of local revolution which havo just come to a peaceful termination. Yarmouth. Augusta Lettir. [From cur special Correspondent.] Augusta, June 9,1873. Oentlemcn of the Press: My mind’s eye rests upontlic headings which you will give this letter, aud, in imagination, fondly reads somethinglike the following,in the best display type your office affords: “Letter from the Capital.” “Affairs at the ‘Political Centre’ of tl e State, aud ‘Head Centre’ of all the Kennebec region round about.” “Our Special but non-political (?) Correspondent on his travels.” “The Maine Slate, &c.” I say that my imagination fondly dwells upon these headings,because they are tinged with the sensational, and the sensational is always at tended to in these days. Who, for instance, can be isscnsible to the announcement, old and newspaporial though it be, “Letter from the Capital!” and again will not“The Maine State” attract attention. The average reader rightly supposing such to be metaphorical and not the real substance of industrial progress found in the reluctant quarry. A communication to the Press, so heralded, is bound to be read,but lest I deceive myself and be mortified at your dif ferent views upon so important a subject, I withdraw all suggestions. After all,said and douo,Augusta is one of the fiuestaud most interesting towns in Maine. She is not responsible for the legislature en tirely, and should only receive her share of the abuse for the doings of that body. Augusta’s best side is not in winter, as popularly sup posed, but rather during the beautiful months of spring, for they have a spring here in April, May and June, and not the cold raw weather produced by the east wiuds at Portland. Just n-w the aspect of the place is delightful. With the soft warm days of the past three weeks the shade trees, in the wealth of which the city is embosomed, have become bright with thick foliage, the lawns and grounds of fine resiliences are closely shaven, and to complete the pic ture, the river flowing through the town seems more fnll than usual. The State House, Arson al and Hospital, all of white granite, arc prom inent and beautiful objects in the scene and im press the stranger with the importance aud metropolitan character of the S.ate Capital. Augusta has been laughed at somewhat in former years for her jealousy of Portland, and her extravagant rhapsodies over anything in which she possesses an interest; and if you want to make her mad now, mad enough for cn hospitals instead of the one now situated there, ju3t say that the seat of government and Maine Central shops are to be removed to Port land, and that you don’t thing the Sprague pur; base is so much of a shower, and you will at aiu your object. But be that as it may, her 'tlzeus are among the best and most valuable u the State, refined and cultivated, hospitable, generous and charitable. As a proof of the last uamad characteristic, X have to tell you tliat their contributions to the Maine General ospital Fair, to be holden in your city this week and next, amount to over a thousand dol lars. But to politics, as intimated by tho cher isbed headings. The caucus and canvass business in this sec tion has been remarkably brisk of late. The names, ICent, Stone, Dingley, have been hoard c. upon the street, inside and outside of the post office, express office and every where else, and at all hours of the day and night. In some instances the conver sational speakers have wax ed wroth and eloquent. One said unto another in a mild debate last evening.: ‘'NVe’!! clean you out so quick, we’ll gut you so thoroughly, that you will be made to believe that you never had any entrails.” But to be brief, the proba bilities as to this locality are that Augusta aud H“Howell, and probably Gardiner, with a lew smaller towns, will sen.l delegates to Bangor for Cal. Stone, while the rest of the county, forming about a fifty per cent, majority, will go for Di ngley. All sorts and sizes of slates for tilt* Stale at large have been made up here by the impatient and irrepressible ones, and I send you one which seems somewhat reason ab.e, made up by experienced managers—you may, perhaps, guess on what side—having for its basis the action of the memorable conven tion which nominated Gov. Perliam and de foatedXleueral Hersey three years ago in this i city. You will see that Kent aud Stone are classed togother, it being claimed, as I under stand, that Stone will carry one county, his own York, entire; in which pesition he would seem to be a kind of Captain of Free Com panions: „ A Kent and Whole No. Dingley. Stone. Aroostook. 72 8 G4 Androscoggin.71 71 — Cumberland ....137 43 94 Franklin. 55 55 — Hancock. 78 08 70 Kennebec.126 93 33 Knox. 59 12 47 Lincoln. 50 26 24 Oxford. 91 80 11 Penobscot.178 08 170 Piscataquis. 48 08 40 Sagadahoc. 40 25 15 Somerset. 87 47 40 Waldo. 08 28 40 Washington . 97 GO 37 York.122 0 122 1370 572 807 The above represents the first ballot, as claimed by tlie friends of Kent and Stone, which puts Mr. Dingley out of the event, in which caso st is expected that the latter gen tleman will decide which of his opponents is to have the nomination. Bat it is strongly suspect ed that such things caunotbe,and it may fall out tliata quarrel will ensue which will require the services of an analytical chemist, iu the person of Mr. Speaker Blaine, to straighten matters out, and that that gentleman will ho despatch ed to for advice and counsel. Yours, Gadabout. Boswell’s Plea.—Edward B. Boswell, now serving out his timo in the State Prisou at Thomaston, for the murder of John Lafiin at Ballowell, has submitted a written statement to the Goeernor aud Council, giving reasons that appear to him very plain why executive clemency should be exercised in his b’lialf, and he be pardoned at once. The statement* fills twenty pages of note paper, and is certainly a peculiar document. After asserting that he was sentenced because he was poor, that the jury was tampered with, that the judge’s mind was made up bafore hearing the evidence, and that for similar crimes other people have es caped punishment, he goes on to say.—“I am a memherof the Union League of America—the Democratic papers say that the Union League saved the country; and this is another reason why I should be pardoned. 1 have a good trade, and the Warden don’t want me pardoned be cause he wauts my work. This is as corrupt as the Credit jMobilier.” Bcre follows a strange mixture of pleadiugs, threats and quotations from scripture, after which lio goes on: “I have always been a true Republican, aud at heart am one i-ow; but if 1 am not pardoned not many weeks from this time,if 1 live, 1 will place in the hands of a certain society all of the facts with many more. I intend to put facts about this prison into the hands of a cer tain democratic society that will throw them Into the face of members of Congress from this State; and then if Speaker Blaine is the next Bepublican candidate for President or Vice President, or any other man from Maine, thon will ba my glory, for they have a paper with an artist similar to Thomas Nast. and they show the people of these Unit3d States what they may expect if they vote for a man from the State of Maine; they may expect fornication and adultery.” Be closes his plea laboring under the conviction that God has forgiven him and justified his act by tlis law. Affairs in Louisiana.—Gov. Kellogg of Louisiana, stated a few days ago to a corres pondent that there is no resistance to the tax collecting in the State, except where the people are unable to pay, and he had ordered the col lector to give planters time to meet their judg ment. The State debt is about twenty-two mil lion dollars. In reference to the State railway bonds Gov. Kellogg stated that the Mobile and Texas road, after getting all it could out of the State for its main line, got a hill through the Legislature for a branch, granting two and a half million, which simply provided that the Governor, when entlsWeiS fhfit the w-orts was begun on this branch should issue the bonds. It turned out that the whole cost of the work so far done on this branch was only tliirty-seveu dollars and fifty cents, and under such circumstances he does not uelieve the State ought to pay interest on the bonus. In regard to his military force, Gov. Kellogg said: “in a mouth we shall have the best mili tia of auy Southern State. On the Fourth of July the cavalry company in the streets will be wed mounted, uniformed and armed with pis tols and carbines.” We don’t allow colored to take any part in this. We don’t want to court such another affair as the Grant parish massa cre. We don’t want to give our opponents the temptation to shoot a black man when they would not shoot a white man, and if any con flict should occur, it won’t be between parties equally divided but between the great bulk of the white people on one sioe and a few of the carpet-baggers on the other. He stated that a force would be sent to Grant parish soon to ar rest some of the murderers there, and they will be assisted by the Federal troops now at Alex andria, if necessary.” General Charles Devens, Jr., Coinmaudc-r-in Cbief of the National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, has made the following appointments on his staff: A. 15. R. Sprague, of Massachusetts, Quartermaster General; A. Wilson Norris, of Pennsylvania, Inspector Geucral; William W. Douglass, of KboJo Island, Judge Advocate General. Com rade Ilenry l*. of Massachusetts, is ap pointed aide-de-camp and detauuu r..r ,lnty at headquarters. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. Hon. Eugene Hale an ] family are ou a visit to bis father’s home in Turner. C. Randall of East Auburn fell through a floor a few days since and dislocated his shoul der. The past May has bceu the best known in tho history of brickmakiug. So say the bnckmalt crs. Last Friday, Turner experienced a hail storm. The Journal says that there resides iu Lewis ton a man whose muscles about the jaw have contracted and become rigid,that it is impossible for him to open his mouth. Nourishment is in troduced through the teeth. Last Friday a child four years old, son of j Mr. Cole of Lewiston, fell through the railroad ! bripge where it passes over a street, a distance ' of twenty feet and was picked up insensible. | Lewiston Driving Park will bo open June 18th. Premiums to the amount of $1000 are of fered. Capt. J. L. Hayes of Lswiston nobly rescued a drowning child last Monday at the peril of his own life. In Auburn, lately, a mink was discovered ab stracting from a little pool of water, some trout which fishermen had shortly before deposited there for safe keeping. Mat or Litlcficld of Auburn got run away with last Monday. FRANKLIN COUNTY. At Phillips the site of tho “burnt district” is being covered with a tiuo wooden block, 130x00. KENNEBEC COUNTY. It is two, not ten years from tho first of No vember next, that Dunn & Sons have for build ing mills, etc., at Watervillo. The law term of tho Supreme Judicial Court for the middle district, held at Augusta, has adjourned. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. Dr. E. M. Field of Bangor, who is now in London, is suffering from a slight illness Last Tuesday a man named Dennico had his left hand taken off at the wrist, while at work in a saw mill at Bangor. Elbridge W. Eeed, now in jail at Bangor, having b en convicted of the murder of John Bay of Medway, is to have a new trial. Dr. G %V. Ladd is to build a now brick block on tile site of the Schwartz tire at Bangor. SAGADAHOC COUNTY. Tenements are in demand at Bath. The French clock in the Fair at Bath was I drawn by Mrs. E. B. Mayberry. At Bath last Friday an infant child ofC. Bur- j gess was killed by a horse. The horse stepped | on him. SOMERSET COUNTY’. (Press Correspondence.) Ex. Gov. Coburn is slowly recovering. The prospect for crops is very good. Grass looks especially promising. The fruit trees in this section of tlio county are seriously damag ed by the winter and many are dead. The foundation is so far completed for the Court House that the contractors will com inenee to lay brick within one week. The foun dation is one of the most substantial ever laid in Skow began. The East Madison Slate query now worked by the Maine Slate Company is sure to bo put into a stock coinpauv with a capital of §20C, 000 lor the purpose of more extensive opera tions. The operations have been by T. H. Dinsmore, Hubert and others. Forty sizes of slate have been manufactured by the company varying from 5 by 7 to 1(5 by 24. Slate now is taken from twenty to thirty feet below the sur face and is unsurpassed in color and quality. Business generally is improving. It is ex* pected that Joel Gray, Esq., will build a hotel on the site owned by him and receutly occupied by the Skowhegan House.The citiieus are offer* tug every means reasonably within their reach to induce Mr. Gray to re-build and occupy the house. YORK COCNTY. The proprietors of the new hotel at Kenne* nebunkport contemplate an enlargement of the house. Biddeford wants a reading room. Foreign Endorsement of the Standard Tonic of America. There peems to he no limit to the celebrity of Hos tetler’s Stomach Bitteis. Every year the demand for it lucre ises and the teritorlal area of its popularity expan s. It has long bt en the standard tonic, and an approved remed' for epidemic disease in the Ke publi.-8 of South and Central America, in Brazil and the West Indies and the Bi llish Colonies on this con tinent. More recently its merits have been apprecia ted at the ant ip nles, and it is now shipped iu large quantities to Australia and Tasmania. The reasons why it is making su<*h such extraordinary headway in remote regions as well as in America, are verv simnly anti lie in a nutshell. It is medicine suited to all people, all climates and all ordinary disorders and disabilities. It prevents and cures malarious diseases relieves indiges ion. braces the nerves im proves the appetite, clears the brain, regulates theliir er, aria's intermittent fever, strengthen* the physique and invigorates (lie constituti .n. SPECIAL NOTICES. Hair Dresser Wanted AT SMITH’S, 100 EXCHAhCK ST. Steady iob to a steady man. JnlO3t SMOKERS’ ATTENTION is called totne new method of selling cigars, adopted by A.G. SCHLOTTERBECK, APOTHEC ARY, 303 Congress Street, one door above Brown, Portland, Me. You can purchase a single cigar at tbe above place, at the rate usually charged per box elsewhcro. and have the advantage of selecting from the largest as sortment kept in the city. JulO-lw-sn Caucus The Republicans of Falmouth are requested to meet at the Town House on SATURDA i the 11th day of June 1873 at 6 o’clok p. M to chose Delegates to at tent tlio Republican Stato Convention at Bangor June the 19th 1873. Per order Town Committee Falmouth June 9th 1873 julOsnd&wtf Can pus. Tho Republicans of Cape Elizabeth are requested to meet at the town house in said town on SATUR DAY, June tho nth, at o’clock P. M. To choose delegates to attend the Stale Republican Convention to be bolden at Bangor June the 19th. Per Order of TOWN COMMITTEE. Cape Elizabeth, June 9,1873. junlOd&wsntd I FOB FAMILY USE. THE HALFORD LEICESTERSHIRE T-A-BL-E S-A-U-C-E- | I The best Sance and Relish Hade in any Pari ot the World —FOU— F-.A.-JVI-I-L-Y XT-S-B3. Pints • .... aO Cents Half Pints .... 30 Cents. FOR SALE BV ALL GROCERS. E. T. E1..DEN &CO. OFFER THIS WEEK, At One Price and no Vari ation 100 Pieces Spanish Linens for 18c yd., worth 25c. 100 Pices Mosquito !Vetts,aIl colors, for 75c. piece. 71 Pieces New Styles Grenadines, worth 50c. yd., lor 25c. 15 Pieces more Fancy Silks 81-00 yd., a!! new Patterns and worth $1.25. One Ease assorted Black Silks at LESS TUAN IMPORTERS PRICES. Prices $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00. 17 Pieces Black llernanicsat as tonisniag Low Prices. MOURNING GOODS! Ol Every Description nt Popular Prices, 10 Pieces Courtlaud Black Crapes AT AGENTS PRICES. SPECIALTIES. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS ■ —AT— DECIDED BARGAINS. One Case More Bates Quilts $1.00 each. 13 Pieces more best quality Turkey Dam ask, New Patterns, for $1.00 yard. Seven Pieces 2d quality, fir 75c. 91 doz best Turkey Red Doylies $1.00 dozen. Two bales Russia Crashes for 12c. yard, Actually worth 16c. NEW AND CHEAP. One Case Lace Stripe Batiste in ali the New Shades lor 75e. per yard. Oni Case Nilsou Satin Stripes, worth 50c. per yard. Price only 25c. E. T. ELDEN & CO., One Price and no Varia'Jou. ISO; 5 FREE ST., PORTLAND. BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. Tills splendid Hair Dye Is the test in the world The only True and Perfect Dye. Harmless Reliable ami Instantaneous; nodisappointment; no ridiculous tin". nr unpleasant odor. Remedies the 111 Qect» of bad dyes washes. Produces Immediately a smajrb Black on Natokal Brown, and leaves the hair clean, soft ami beautiful. The Genuine, aigned W. A uT.chelor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR. Prop-, A. F. IdAW _ lvra s FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES And TAN, usol-ERRY’S Moth and Freckle Lotion. It is reliable and harmless. Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y. mar22 d&wgnSmll SPECIAL NOTICES. CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! Tobacco, Tobacco, Tobacco. PIPES, PIPES, PIPES. Cheroots, eleven dollars per 1000. Tobacco from 05 cents per ponnd to $3.50, and Pipes from one cent each to $100 each. All the above can be had at STEBBIX S CIGAR STORE, 3GO Congress Street, Portland. WHOLESALE.

Cigars very good for SIT per 1000. New Times, Old Tines, ‘’Havana Cicms,” No Brands’ And many o’lier Tirands of onr make. Tam in a position to sell at lower ra es than any otlior Manu facturer or Jobber in the State. R. NATHAN, (talc C. II. STKBBIN'si,) 300 Congress Street. Portland. ju5sn3m ROOM PAPERS! ROOM PAPERS! TOE LAB RENT PAPER HANGING ESTABLISHMENT East of Boston Is at NO. 6( EXCHANGE STREET, and all who are lu need of ROOM PAPERS should been in mind that LOTHROP. DEVENS & co' keep a complete line of these goods. >'cr) rossiblo STYLE AND is now in stock. A '*T"e °*" ENGLISH PAPKtt HANGINGS are caercd at REDUCE PRICES ! SPECIAL inducements offered to owners of let houses, which will onable them to buy their room papers — AT — WHOLESALE PRICES. OUR Window Shade Department is very extensive, an 1 nearly 6°°dG. many designs having never been shown in this market. SHAJDE TASSELS, all sizes and colors. Standard Pntrnt Fixtures, Cnriaiu and Picture die., at prices that canno* f-til to ensure ready sales. LOTHROP, DEVENS & CO.. No. 61 Exchange Street. my!5 _tf T» tin* Public* The Society the Prevention ot Cruelty to Ani mals rcBfKJcitoNy give- notiee that Alonzo H. Libby, Cop*table, whose office is at No. 80 Middle street, (upstairs) has been appointed Agent of the Society. The public a*e therefore lequested to g ve prompt information to him of any cruelly to animals tyiat may come to their knowledge, and he will vee to it that the offenders are brought to speedy and strict justice. Per orde»\ ap 23sntf GOOD HEALTH. Let those who would enioy good health, Breathe freely the pure air; This we should prize above all wealth. ’Twill well repay our care; Eat only plain and simple food, An l luxuries forego; For that is sure to do us good, These often bring us woe; And let the Boys wear good style “Clothes,” Coat, Pants, Vest. Hat and Shots comp ete, Such they can buy at George Fenno’s, Corner of Beach and Washington street Boston. ju4 snlw WOODS, SMITH & ESTEV’S LATEST STYLES OF REED ORGANS AT LOWPaiCKIi. For sole by C. K. HAWES, Music Dealer. myl4mlm 77 Middle streei. BANK OF PORTLAND. On, and after this date, the uu 'ei gned will carry on a strictly Banking business, at the Banking Roon.s now occupied by the Secon National Bank, in Portland, Maine, under the style of the “BANK OF PORTLAND” and as such, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, in the regular course of the Banking Business. W. N. GOOLD. Portland, June 24tli, 1872. jun23newlt then sn tf Cooking Ranges. First classCooking Ranges arad Stoves CHEAP FOR CASH, call and see before purchasing. Also Ice dests coolers and Reirigorators. FREDERICK BLCKNAM, lfo. 199 Fore **t. Portlnud -He. (BetweenExchange and Plum St.) my3»su3w (<Bnt Me and I’I9 do yon €»ood.”—DR LANG' EYS ROOT AND HERB BITTETS. jjo drugs no poisons nothing deleterious, nothiugbut healthy roots and herbs, such as Sarsaparilla, Wild Cherry, Yellow Dock, Prickly Ash, Thorough wort, Mandrake, Rhubarb, Dandelion,<£c.. so compounded as to rearth the fountains of disease, aud absolutely cure all Humors Liver and Billious Diseases, Jaun di e, Dyspepsia. Costiveness, Scrofula, and alldith < uliies arista* fx>m a • iseased siomaeb or impure blood. Twenty rears of unrivalled success has prov ed them to be tie best medicine in the world. GEO. C. GOODWIN 4 CO., Bos- on, aud all druggists. mar6 sneodlGw Avcril Chemical Paint Co., Manufacturers of PUREST WHITE ! AND Any Desired Shade or Color, Freparcd for Immediate Application. SOLD ByTlie GALLON ©NLY i DURABLE, BEAUTIFUL, ECONOMICAL. D. M. YEOMANS, General Eastern Agent, 83 Commercial St. Portland. s»12-eodtf su _ ON THE BREiKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER A>D SUPPER TABLE. LEA dr PE BRINS’ Worcestershire Sauce IS INDESPENSAELE. JOHN DUNCAN’S SONS. New York, Agcitsfortho United States. oct<7 eodsnly CONSUMPTION CAN BE CURED SCHENCE’S PUIaHONIC [SYRUP, SCIIENCK'S seaweed tonic, SCHENCK’S MANDRAKE PILLS, Are the only meliclnes that will euro Pulmonary consumption. Sometimes medicines that will stop a cough will of ten occasion the death of the patient. It locks up the Jjver, stops the circulation of the blood, hemorrhage follows, and, in fact, clogging the action of the very organs that caused the cough. Liver complaint and dyspepsia are the causes of two-tbuds of the cases of consumption. Many aro now com plaining with dull pain iu the side, the bow els sometimes costive and sometimes to loose, tongue coated, paiu in the shoulder blade, feeling som -lines very restless, ami at other times drowsy; the food that is ahen lies heavily on the stomach, accompani ed with acidity and belching of wind. These symp toms usually originate irom a disordered condition of the stomach or a torpid liver. Persons so affected, if tucy take one or two heavy colds, and if the cough in these cases be suddenly stopped, the lungs, liyer and stomach clog, and remain torpid and inactive, and Deiore the patient is aware of Ids situation, tbo lungs £Te ?.trla,88 of sores, and ulcerated, aud death is the Inevitable result. <^/5cl«n?£,8 Pl|lmonic Syrup is an expectorant which contain any opium, nor anything calculated to check a cough suddenly! mith Seaweed tonic diss r tbo food, mixes nnr.H«f,Lg^tri<:Juiceoflhe **<> ach, digests easily, Hnn nf .1?„ K,BSJ:ste,T.',audcrca‘ a healthy clrcula ii,°4ilnLtb° b i°°d" Winn the els are costive, skin a£rd ',ho palienl is a billious habit, Scbeack’a Mandrake Pills are required. are prepaired by Dr. J. H. Arrtr£CK&50N. Noitlitast coiner of Sixth and nirn Ur?,':'*'1^llii:i,'cl|>hia. Penn., and tor sale by tin'.SjGT°UDWIN * GO., 38 Hanover street, Bos John F. Henry, 8 College place. New York. 1 r sale hy Druggists generally. septSsneodtf • BONDS 1 We*tern cities and counties, 10 per cent. Jnd Principal payable in tbe east. Private im f.!? 33 public rca lied. Debts ver> 6mall u.1 ° I'rojierty ami therefore easily paid. Wnnftfi1 T If8tor^ are inv‘ted to call and examine the BMMiHHpa W8 decisions of tl,c courts upon such SSSS5brt£?.wm find tbeffi vcry safe- Tuere is fel)7«T,t CHARLES Rf. IIAWKES, —7mt_28 Exchange at,, Portland. Howard Awccimion, Philadelphia. Pn. aW«"±*.,,,,!.?,j0!i,,ann8 * <*lSli rrputa'lon lorhonor lbS H?inrmSiiSr«eBslpnatskill. Acting Snig.on, M. D. E-sax. for Ymtng Men Tim i:! .CSar‘c' Address, HOWARD ASSOC IA XION No. 2 South Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. *__ su3m To Lei. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate posessmn given, inquire of ELIAS THOMAS A CO , ^ No. 90 Commercial St. Or ot W. W. THOMAS, Canal National liauk. 8eptl2sntf SPECIAL NOTICES. Members of Atlantic Lodge, I. 0. G. T. Everv membrr of Atlantic L xlge, No. 83, Is le qiiPBieti to be present nexr. SATUKDAY EVENING, as Important bu-ines- will come before ihe Lodge. Per order ot W. C. T., JuOsnid If. S. BURGESS, W. S. FOR PIMPLES on the face, Blackbeaa ana Kle.liworn, nsc PKGRf S iinproy cd Comedone and Pimple Remedy, the gieat skin medirlno. Prepared only by or B. C. PERRY, Dermatologist, 4'J Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists verywhere. niAr22d<%mn6uiH Piano Tuning. Orders attended to jieraonally by 8; it. B. ROBINSON, Pinno Boorsm, 3 Calionn Block. (Opposite City Hali.> raarSS-*13™* MAKKIKI). [n this ritv. June 4, by Rev. oeorgo W. Blcknell, Clius S. Pride ol Deering aud Miss Clara J. May berry of Westbrook. In Gorham, June 3, by Rev. S. B. Sawyer. II* B. Cloudman aud Miss Auua E. Sawyer, both of Gor , , , In Hiram. June 3. Gen. H. Swasey of Limerick and Miss Abbie Maybeeiy of Hiram. DIED. _ In this city, June 9, Mrs. Harriot A. Kichardson, aged 51 year». ^ , , [Funeral services Tuesday afternoon at 3 o clock, at near of No. Iu7 Congress street. Friends aud rela tives are invited. _ in Bowdoin, May 7, Mr- James Starr, aged 49 years 3 months 24 days. T _ , In Richmond. M<»-* Junc 5» Mrs. EJ,za H., wife of Isaac Hatch of Portland, aged 55 years. [Bath Times nlcase comv 1 In Loveih Mi*v 2fi* Mr* Joshua Hamlin, aged 60 yrs. In Gardiner* May 31, Eugene £. Haselton, aged 21. In Sweden* May 4, Ida L. Kilboin, aged 13 years 11 months- _ PASSENGERS. ja the Polynesian, from Quebec tor Liverpool—Hon /, D M Sweat and wife and Miss E Cummings ot Portland, J It Houghton, Amorv H Houghton, Geo P f ltiehaidson, and Rev Mr Hart, of Bath. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAJlEifS NAME FROM FOR DATP MoroCastle.New York. .Havana.June 10 Malta.Boston.Liverpool-June 10 Ocean Queen. New York. .A spin wall... June 10 Scotia . New York.. Liverpool-June 11 Olympia.New York. .Glasgow.June 11 Manhattan.New York. .Liverpool-Juno 11 Westphalia.New York. .Hamburg .. .June 11 Cleopatra.New York. .Hav&YcrazJune 12 City of Baltimore.. .New Yora.. Liverpool.June 12 Hatteras.New York. .Bermuda—June 12 Hibernian.Quebec.Liverpool—June 14 Yille de Havre.New York. .Havre.June 14 Abyssinia.New York.. Liverpool... .June 15 Hecla.Boston.Liverpool.lime 17 Crescent City.New York.. Havana.June 17 Prussian.Quebec.Liverpool. ..Juno21 Jliuiature Almanac....June ID. Sun risen.4.23 Sun nete.7.35 Moon sets.0.50 AV. hi^li watei.11.00 AM MAlRI^E news. FORT OF PORTLAND. Monday, Juuc 9. ARRIVED. Steamer New Brunswick, Pike, Boston tor Eastport and St John. NB. Sch Hibernia. (Br) Coggins, Westport NS—dry fish for a market. Sch Geo Calhoun, (Br) Price, St John. NB—130,000 ft lumber to Geo S Hunt. Sch Frank Skillings, Doughty, Sable Island—CO.OOO lbs fresh fish. Sch Maine, Smallage, Mt Desert. Sch David Toney,(new, of Portland) Soule, Bruns wick. hi tow of tug YVni H Scott. Sch Alpha. Saulsbury, Kennebec for Philadelphia, (put in lor repairs, having struck a sunken rock and started stem.) CLEARED. Steamer Dingo, Johnson. New York—Henry Fox. Barque Black Eagle, Phillips, Kennebec, to load for Philadelphia—J Nickerson. Sch Sami Gilman, Kelley, Philadelphia—Knight & Wl.idden. Sch Quoday, Fanning, Windsor, NS—J S Wins low & Co. Sch Melitta, (Br) Sanford, Wolfvflle NS—John Pori eous. Sch Gem, (Br) Holmes, Bear River NS—master. Sch Anna, (Bi) Si npson. St Andrews, NB—master. Sch Congress. Gamagv Banogr—J Nickerson. Sch Frank Pierce. Grant. Ellsworth. Cld 7th—barque Benj Wtbster. (now. of Portland) Smart, Montevideo—Mowe, Cole & Benson. SAILED—baroues Beni Webster, Etta Stewart; brigs lza. Peri; sclts GeoB Somes, Bow.ioin, Teazer, Alaska, Wincna. Onward, Win Rice, and others. (from our correspondent.! BHOTHBAY, June 1—Ar, sch Humboldt, Pierce, Western Banks—700 qtls fish. June 3—Ar, sch Alma Odlin, Merrill, Blueliill for Boston. June 5—Ar, sebs King Fisher, Hodgdou. Western Banks, 700 qtis fish; Olive H LewK Lewis, Boston. June 6—Ar, sebs Gen Grant. Hodedon, Western Banks, 800 qtis fish; Lettio S Reed, McDougal,do, 750 qtis fish. Barque Walter. 453 tons, built at Richmond, Me. in 1864, has been sold lor 315,500, understood to be#ou Peruvian account. DOMESTIC PORTS. CHARLESTON—Sid 4th. schs Annie Murcble, Merrill, New York; Nellie Scott, Milan, for Bull Riv er. SC. GEORGETOWN, SC—Cld 2d, sch Wm Butman, But man, Baltimore. WILMINGTON—Ar 4tb,sch Cbas Sawyer,Mullcu, Philadelphia. Ai 5th. sch Jos Fish, Hupper, Rockport. BALTIMORE—Cl J 6th. schs Abbie Pitman. Lom bard, Portland; David Miller, Fletcher, and Arthur Burton, French, Boston. PHILADELPHIA- Ar Gth.schs Speedwell, Drisko Sagua; T N Stone. Pitcher. Gardiner. Below 9th. sell Delniout. from Matanzas. Cld Gth. schs Fanny Flint. Warren, Beverly; Syl van. Randall, Stockton; Alice B Dyer, Cummings, and Clara Smith, Keen, Boston; Ella*Grindle, Gar diner; Irene E Meservey, Meservey, Boston; EG Willard, Wallace, Portland. NEW YORK—Ar 7th, ship Seminole. Uolraes. Liv erpool , barques Jona Chase, Clifford, Havana 12 ds; LftAinia. Dyer, Cardenas 15 days; brig Wm II Bick raore, Biekmurc, Matanzas; schs Kate Wentworth, Mead, Galveston; lzetta, Smith. Port Royal; Albert Jameson, Candage. Richmond; Red Beach. Holmes. La Have: H Curtis,Haskell,Portland; Maty FPike, Good. Lnbcc. Cld 7th, ship Valparaiso, Mattson, San Francisco; brig Ennis, Sawyer, Cientuegos; schs Florence Daily, Daily, Baracoa; Flora Condon,Condon, Jacksonville; Susana, Woodman, Baltimore; Gen Banks, Soule, and Lizzie, Leighton. Boston. Passed through Hell Goto 7th, schs G A Hayden, Green, New York tor Portland; Dolly Varden,Allen, do for Boston; Cora Nash, Nash, fm do for do; Allie Oakes. New York for-. BRIDGEPORT—Ar 4th, sch Rosannah Rose, Crow lev, Cheveiie, NS. ‘PROVIDENCE—Ar Gth, sebs Irene, Murphy, Shu lee, NS; B F Farnhara. Brewster. Jacksonville. Sid tm East Greenwich 5tb, sch Sandalpbon, Ayl ward. New ^jark. NEWPORT—Ar Gth, schs Maracaibo, Heuley, from Philadelphia for Portland; Abby Watson, Gray, do tor Fall River. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 7lh, sch Wiilic Luce, Talbot, Baltimore. VINEYAUD-HAVEN—Ar Gth. schs Alpine. Mar shall. and New Globe, Bray, Hoboken for Portland; George & Emily. Hutchinson, Elizabeth port fordo: J S Ingraham. Packard. Savannah tor Bath; Sami Fifb, Teel. Charleston for Kennebunk ; F A Pike, Gove, Norwich tor Saco; J B Marshall, Marshall, Pittston for Philadelphia. Sid. barque Linda Stewart; brig Z Williams; schs N Jones. L A Orcutt, W Ii Archer, G B McFarland, J S Ingraham, and others. BOSTON—Ar 7th, sch Livonia, Rhoades, Rockland. Cld 7th. schs J Iv Howard, (Br) Howard, Portland; M L Crockett, Crockett, and Medford. Jordan Ban gor; L S Barnes, Coleman, Pigeon Cove, to load for New York. Ar 8th, brig Shasta, Brown, Cardenas; sch Mary S Wonson, Lewis. Bangor. Ar Dili, schs G W Andrews. Watts, Savannah; D B Everett, Giegory. Georgetown; Flora M Crowley, Crowley, Baltimore; Black Swan, Merrill, Camden; Mail. Merrill. Gardiner. SALEM—Ar 7th, sch Charlotte Ann, Wood, from Rockland. Ar 8ib. schs G B McFarland. McFarland, Balti more; B L Congdon. Clark. Hoboken ; Empire, Per kins, Rondout for Portland. NEWBURYPORT—Ar 8ih, sch Ella Frances, Bul ger. Elizabcthport. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 5th. schs Wm Duren. Doyle, Hoboken for Kennebunk; Sardinian, Yeaton Eliza betbport fordo; Amazon, Lambert, Gloucester lor Freeport; Delta, Hutchins, Boston for Portland. FOREION PORTA. Ar at Bombay 2d inst, ship Garden Reach, Gil more, Bop ton. Sid fm Callao 8th ult. barque Neversink, Earatow, M icabi; Otli, Suliote. Soule, do. In port 13th ult, ships Gurnet, Oliver, and £1 Dora do, English, unc; Mattba Bowker, Skolfield, Iron Antwerp, ding; barques Oasis, Randall, from Cardiff, ar29tli; Isaac Rich, She'.don, wig; Jennie Prince, Prince, do; and others. At Guanape 5th ult. ships J B Lincoln, Musaus; IT L Richardson. Anderson; Pleiades, Chase; Star. Vianello; Albert Gallatiu, Graves; Mary Emma, Patten, and Andrew Jackson. Field, all ldg. At Maea 1 4th ult. ships Orient, Robinson; Jere Thompson, Kennedy; Peru, Loring; Louis Walsh, White; Andrew Johnson, O'Biien, and Oakland, Reed, all loading. Ar at Lisbon 20th nit. barque Henry A Litchfield, Spaulding. Canary Islands. Ar at Gijou 21st ult, barquo Jo$er>hiue Martin, Fickett, New York. Ar at Aspinwall 27th ult, barque Geo S Hunt, Gray New Yoik. Sid 27th, brig John Swan, Ruraball. Matauzns. At Havana 31st ult, barques Harriet F Hussey, Stacey, lor New Orleans; brigs Ramirez. Beraard.tor New Yn*k; .Jos Clark. Stahl, for North of Hatteras; Ellen Maria, and Gipsey Queen, York, uo. Chartered—barques Sarah S Halo, to load at’Ma tanzas for Philadelphia, molasses at $1£; Orchilla, tor New York, molasses at Shi im Cardenas 28th, brig Eva N Johnson, John son. do; sch Abbott Devereux, Rich. do. Ar at Sagua 21st ub, barque Jane Adeline, Blanch ard. Havauu; biig Tally Ho, Plummer, St Thomas. Shi 24th, brig Castillian. Crouclien, for Boston; schs Speedwell, Dtisko, tor Pbilndelphia; Northern Light. Rich, Boston; Josephine. Brown, for Portland; -8th, barque Proteus. Eaton, New York; brig HOliiin ney, Boyd. Boston; seh Gen Connor, Cousins, do. Ar at Pictou N’S 7th Inst, oarque Hancock, Small, Boston. [Latest by European steamers.! Ar at Liverpool 24th ult. Alaska, Humphrey, San Francisco; Richard 111, Hubbard, Charleston. Sid 25tb, Clara Eaton. Merriman, for Philadelphia; KCldUatkl?;«doa «8tthJuU?lMw.rd O'Brien, Oliver, SISld'ftu ^Cardiff 2Gth ult, Moses Day. Woodworth, KS?d lTn°Peuarlli 24tl) ult, Sabino, Paine, lor Kio Ja n0passed the Liziard 23th, Prussia, Patten, Hull for ^/Tra'^Falmoutb 2Gih, Resolute. Nichols. Ouanape Slil fm Sbanghae April 23, Majes ic, Gibbons, for L SmViu iiassein Apiil 13, Alice Buck, Snow, Uvcr P°Sld im Calcutta May 24th, Arabia, Fleming, for B Ar°at Gibraltar 13th nit, Abby Bacon, Merrill, New Y >Vr at Havre 221 ult. Virginia, Barker, and John Patten. Wyman. New Orleans. Ar at Flushing 24th ult, Nautilus, Anderson, Horn P Ar'a! Texel 23d ult. Southern Chief, Higgins, trom Galveston. SPOKE*. April 21, lat 4 51 N, Ion 22 59 W, barque Com Da pont.Jrnnj New York for Montcvcdio. Mav 17, lat 47 N, Ion 21 W, ship Eric the Red, from Galway tor Callao. June 1. lat 33 30. Ion 7G 35, barque Shamrock, front Sagua for New York. _NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. TIME IS MONEY. ECONOMY IS WEALTH STEAM (f) X o o oc CD 03 > 7s m < SM 7» BRAUKETT STREET, PORTLAND, which Win bi^ohn^w *.rhca!ihr.S®St a**or,n,®nt °f Bread, Crackers, Cakes and Pastry of every description, tlMi'tnhisdJcn'lS* Atao^oabJma!!S^tJ“5OOKS' BAKFRV and purchasing such nrllcles as are sdver SUive to please ’ 5 a8!*"h'ment of every thing usually found In a Bakery. Motto: HOT TEA R O la la s , every day at 8 P. M„ Saturdays excepted. HOT BROWN BREAD every morning, Sundays Included * * FRESH BAKED B E A A S, every Sunday morning, in lots to suit purchasers A ^ F I, O E R ! FLOUR! FLOUR! £h° ^ ” “**’ ^ *>• cash. * IW"Premiums awarded at the State Fair, 1£68, at the New England Fair, 18C9, at the Cumberland County JunlOdlw CEO. W. If. II HOOK*. For the Islands. The STEAMRR GAZELLE, Capl. C. F. Sands, will commence ! her triiis to Peak’s and Cushing’s Islands, j WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11 lb, Running as follows, until further notice: Leave Custom House Wharf foot of Pearl st., for i Peak’s and Cushing’s Island:* at 9 and 101 A. M. and 2 and 3* P. M. Returning, leave Cushing’s Island for Portland at 8* A. M.. and 2* P. M. i Leave Cushing’s Island, touching at Peak’s Island 11.15 A. M. and 5,15 P. M. Tickets clown and back 25c. Children half price. Private parties can be accommodated bv applying to the Captain on board. jelOtf FOR SALE. Brig Wenonah 233 tons new measure* ment, built In 1856. rebuilt in I860, and recopjiered In 1870. Kates A. 2, American Lloyds. Sails and M. rigging about new. Good inventory: can be sf nt to «ea with very 11 tie expence, carrier 360 tons coal, 180 M, Lumbef, 600 payable hogsheads molasses. For further particulars enquire of CHARLES MERRILL, JunolOdlw No. 1 Central Wharf. OCEAN HOUSE! ' . This old and popular Se«-Slde House Is now opened for the season. JOSEPH P. CHAMBERLIN. junlOdtf Pioprletor. N OTICE. THE proachers and laymen of Portland nia’rict, arc requested to meet at Old Orchard Beach nert Thursday, (Juno 12). at 10 o’cluck, a. m. Portland, June Dth, 1873. „ „ „ , , ISRAEL LUCE. , P- s-—If It should rain that dav, meet the day following._ jelo J Railroad Sleepers for Sale by the Cargo. Delivered here or any point. {191 COMMERCIAL STREET. junlO tf Removal. J. 8. ROBERTS, has removed to 191 C mmercial Street, next door above old place. Extra pressed Hay and Straw for sale as usual. junlotf Jewelry and Fancy Good* 8tore for 8nle. LOCATION of great value; superior run of Watch work: well established; stock small «lean and well selected. Can bo bought at a bargain if applied for soon. junlOdot TAYLOR & CO., 3 State street,Boston First t’lnw innuufactor!ns Business, FOR Sale. Safe, valuab'e aul profitable; always ready sale. Will exchange for real estate or oth er property. Terms *»asy. junl0d3t TAYLOR & C0..3 Stite St.,Boston,Mm* JLost S A BLACK CRAPE VEIL, between the corner of Pearl and Ander>ou Sieets, on Saturday Even ing about 8 o’clock. The findor will c nfer a favor on a poor widow, by leaving it at JOHN FITT’S Store, 16 Anderson Street. junlOU3t WANTED! TWO more sales girls at T. LATNER’S, jclO- 315 Congress Street. _AUCTION SALES. Executor’s Sale of Valuable Beal / Estate. ON TUESDAY, June 10th, nt 3 o'clock P. M., 1 shall sell the desirable property on coiner ot Congress and Carter streets, West End. Sai l p*op erty constats of a new two«tory wooden House, con taining 14 finished moidk, well arrau ed lor two lam- j ilies. The ab .ve house was built by the day In the most thorough manner, has good brick basement, good cellar, large closets, &c. Tenni cash. This is a very desirable property for occupancy or investment. L. EUGENE WEYMOUTH, Executor of Will of Levi Weymouth. F. O. BAILEY A CO. Audioncrrs. jn3_ dt«l Desirable Real Estate at Wood fora’s Corner, Dceiiug, at Auc tion. ON WEDNESDAY, Juno 11th, at 3 o’clock P. M., we shall sell the Dyer property at Voodford’s Corner, Deering, consisting of a new one ami a half story llnuse, L and Buru. Tue house contains U rooms partly finished, good cellar. These buildings were built new last season, are conveniently arranged ami finely located. The lot contains toiooo square feet, pituated on line of Horse Cars, 15 minutes ride from Portland. F. O. BAILEY A CO., Auctioneers. Ju3 _dtd Norton Bros. Sale of Plants AT AUCTION. ON WEDNESDAY. Juno 11th. at 10 o’clock, we shall sell Hardy Perpetual and Tea Roses, Ver benas, Fuchsias, Geraniums, Deniarias, Pi largonl ums, Lan faunas, Calceolarias, and i general assort ment of Bedding Plants from the favorite Conserva tories of Norton Bros., Dorchester, Mass. Parlies who attended the sales of Norton Brc*. last year w ill remember them as the finest of the sea son. F. O. BAILEY A CO., Auctioneer*. ju7 dtd J S. BAILEV & CO.. AacUancrn. House and Lot at Auction. WE shall ofter at pub’ic auction THURSDAY, June 12th, at 12.30 noon, the Hou>o ard Lot No. 38 Cove street, ibe house is a two story wooden house, well arrauged for two families and in good or der. The lot is 50x50. There is a policy of insurant e in the Phoenix Fire Insurance Co. of Brooklvn, N. Y., that expires Aug. 13. 1875, for the sum o>t $600. which will be transferred to the purchaser free. — ALSO — Immediately after the above tho LOT OF LAND 50 x50 adjoining the above on the westerly side, being tlie lot cojoer of Cove street and a lane leading to Hammond street. The Marginal Way, now sure of being completed, must increase the value ot this property. Terms liberal and made known at sale. Ju6dtd Large Sale of New furniture and Carpi-ts at Auction. OX THURSDAY, June 12»h, at 11 o’clock, at salesroom, we shall sell one new Parlor suit iu B. W. and French Plusli, one do in B. W. and Green Rept, ono do in B. W. and Hair Cloth, one Mahoga ny Chamber Sett, one Oak do Marble Top, 3 painted do, 2 new B. W. Book Cases, one new B. \v. Ward Robe, 3 new Piue do, 5 Refrigerators, 1U new Carpets, ono Sofa and Turkish Easy Chair in Green Rept aud B, W., one Magee Advance Cook Stove No. 8, one M;>del Cook Stove, &c. .. . _ . At '0 o’clock a lot ot new an l second hand Crock ery, new Tin Ware, Sheets and Pillow Slips, Cutlery, Silver Plateo Ware. »£c. „ . ._ F. O. DAILEV A- CO., A«cllo»Mr*. jn7_<lta Sieal Estate at Auction. THE valuable property on the comer of Congress and Park streefs, known as the Jones eatatc, will b<i offered for sale by auction, on the iireintopF. on TUESDAY, June 17th, at hair-post 2 o’clock P. M. 1 he lot is 203 feel on Congress street and 120 feet on Park street, and contains about 3K,ooo square feet. The house is well buili w ith about forty r -ouih. The garden is in line order and well stocked wiib fruit trees, Ac., together with a <Ue*n House and Cold Grapery, both thoroughly built and in excellent order. The Stable and lee House arc also In g«x»r! order. Terms of sale liberal. Persons wishing to see the premises bof'-ro tbo day of sale wH call on M. H. JERRIS, heal Pst ate Agent, Cnhoon Blook. F. O. BA1LEV A CO., Auctioneers. ju6 dtd Furninirc, Bods, Carpets, Ac., at Auction. ON Wednesday, June 18tli, at 10 o’clock 0. m., wo shall soil at lams* comer of Park and Congress streets, Binssels, ingrain and ell carpel-, sola, ca d and ci liter iaides, chairs, lounges, mirrors, curtains, chamber furniture, feallier boils, other mat tre-ses, soring beiis, waril robes, steeris baker, re frigerator, crockery, etc., together with the kitchen furniiure. F. ©. BAIJ.EY & CO., Anctloarer.. jclO ' A Bit A.US A Blit).. Anrsionrrr. anal t'onimini*. .HerrhanN, give their special attention to selling Heal Estate, Furniture and Moichanoiscnl nil kinds, Horses Car riage-, Ac. Adv nces made on consignments, reg ular Sales of new and .econri-hand Fuiniture at the Auction ItoomB every Saturday morning. Commu nications by mail promptly attended lo ' AB Aim A BROT11ER, 123 Fe leral St., under the C. S. Hotel. N. B. Money advanced on Matches, Jewelry, Furniture, Clothing, and all goods of value. apr23 _dtf For Kale cn Elm Street. A SMALL Stable, to be removed. Apply to W. U. DAHTOM, 20 Elm street. juOdtf MANILLA, MACKINAW, CANTONJ. and all the different grades and styles of Straw Hats for Men and Children’s wear. Also, the latest New York styles of Felt, Kersey and Silk Hats, and a fine assort ment of Mammocks, Buggy Um brellas, Shawl and School Straps can be found at MAHER & CO.’s, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE. Jn9_ladtf BOOS. New York City .... 5 .(<«.. . . g> Brooklyn City - - 6’s Jersey City - - 7’r Elizabeth City - - - - 7’t Canada Southern E. R., Gold, - 7’s B. & Cedar Kapids R. K., Gold, - 7’s Northern Pacific K. R., Gold, - 7-30’ -FOB SALE BY R. A . BIRD, 97 Exchange St* ] __ feb26 H.M.PAISON&CO., Bankers and Brokers, — OFFER FOR SALE — Portland Citjr .... (i’g Kangor ...... 6’g Rath . . . . . • fi'g Cook County - * - - - 7’s Chicago * . . . - 7’g Toledo, Ohio - . - - 8’s Scioto County, Ohio - - 8’s Leeds & Farmington R. R., guaranteed «'s Portland k Rochester R. K. - 7’g Maine Central R. R. 7’g Northern Pa ifle R. R. Gold - 7.30’s Government Ronds, Rank Stocks and Gold Roi.ght and Sold. 3aEXCHANGE STREET ai>3 PORTLAND. dtf BON _D S. State of Maine .... 6’g Portland & Bangor City • - 6’s Bath & Rockland City • - - 8’g Chicago City - ... 7’g Wayne & Clay Connty, Illinois, • 7’g Toledo, Ohio, - 7.30’g Northern Pacillc R. R., Bold, • 7.80’s Burlington Cedar Rapids & Minn. - 7’g Maine Central, Consolidated. • • 7’g Canada, St. John & Halifax Bank notes Bought and Sold. Wifi. E. WOOD, Ag't Sept 8-dtfif 67 Exclinoae St. D. W. CLARK & CO., nn ICE HOUSE, M4BKET ST., — 4X0 — 33 EXChANGiS ST., Pare lee supplied for all purpos> es, anil .11 any quantity at the LOWEST BATES. aprl _ Constitutional Tfoilructcs* -The way In which different it dividual* are affected by the same causes of disease dejtends upon conatltntlon and tem perament. Some i*cr»ons, for instance are prone to fevers, some to billon* attacks, and others eo ner vous utfections. In all cases where a peculiar suscept ibility to any variety of disease exists, the toning, regulat ng and purifying operation of Tarrant’s Kffervescent Seltzer Aperient • ill be tonnd the *mest safeguard against an attack. Individuals of a billinus and consiipattd habit, or subject to dvspep-da, or whose nerves a-e easily ex cited, should frequently resort to this refreshing saline corrective, especially in warm weather. It is no less potent as a prevtutive than as a remedy. Sold by all druggists. _jn3Tti«X:S2w&v» 2t J USlMfJErEIVED Fine Vermont and New York State BUTTES, CHEESE, Potatoes, Onions, &c., AT PRICES TO SUIT. HODGDOX & SOULE. J«T__Jtt* Country Produce 100 Choice VI. Gran Balter IOO Tub* Choice Card. ®* . Kbl». “ Jledinm and Fine Pickle*. •JH Bbl*. Choice I.inir* “ Crude nnd Itrllued Cider 900 Crate* Bermuda Onion*, IffBeans. Dried Apples, Ham*, Eggs, Cheese Oat Meal, Ba. kwheat, Hominy, Beef Tongue* and all hinds of canned goods. Sold ns low . s the lowest by CI RCS GREEN, No. 9 Moulton Hired. Jun9d3w Annual meeting. THE Stockholders of the Portland Steam Packet Co. are hereby not lhod that the Annual Meeting Wharf'oTtVKhxr^Avat,tllclr )ffln‘onAtlantic rvirf p m" 18, 1873, at three o Clock P. M., lor the purpose of choosing officer** for the ensuing year, and to net upon any other bunincs*, that may legally come before then.. p.,,1 n , . . JWAitLLS PUBES, Secrciarv. Portland, June 4,1873. Jud5-«Ud Maine Medical Association. THE annual meeting of the Maine Medical Asso ciation will he held at the City Building, Port land, on 1 uesday. June to, 1*73, at 10 o’clock, A. M besMon to continue three «iu». maycn CHAS' °' H<TNT>M' D • Socrctary. To Hotel Keepers. ~ cost *200. Also one comr.,on-*lteRa"ge RaDE>‘

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