Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 14, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 14, 1873 Page 2
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THE PRESS. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 14, 1878 Ev^ry re:ular attache of the Press is furnished with a card certificate countersigned by Stanley T. Pullen, Editor. All railway, steamboat anl bote managers will confer a favor upon us by demanding cred-ntlals of even person claiming to represent our jour.ial, as we have information that several “bum mer*” are seeking courtesies In the name of the Press, and we have no disposition to be, even pas sively, a party to such fraud We do not read anonymous letters and communi cations. The name and address of the writer are in all cases indispcnsab e, not necessarily for publication but as a guaranty of good faith. W • cannot undertake to return or reserve com munications that are not useu. Our Fighting Man. The forthcoming report of the medical branch of the Provost Marshal General’s bureau will present some very interesting facts about the average physical American, aud his ability to cope with the average phy sical man of other nations, derived from the reports of the medical inspection ol 005,000 men subjett to draft during the late war. Fifty different nationalities united to up hold the unity of the nation; and the average ratio of unfitness was 257 in every 1000. In exainiuing nationalities aud races, it would appear that superior culture or civilization has uot done much to improve the average physical tm.n, lor the American born negro has the highest physical record. The Cana dians stand next aud then the Scandinavians. It may be that the hardships of early life , have thinned out of these races the more feeble. The Irish and Germans stand lowest in the ratio of fitness— a fact that is really surprising. One point in our favor is that the general ratio of fitness for military ser vice is higher than iu England and Germany. The fewest rejections for disability were found among those between the ages of twenty and twenty-five years, the number being 245 in 1000. From this the ratio rises until above forty years when it reaches 007 in 1000. The native bom American soldier was the tallest, averaging five feet seven aud a half inches. The Canadian was the shortest be ing two inches lets. The man of average height when he feels inclined - to euvy the commanding figure of bis six feet neighbor, should find compensation in the fact that the nearest physically perfect man—on the aver age, is but five feet seven inches high in his stockings. The Germans have the largest measure about the chest at respiration, the I avera ;e being 33,50 inches. But as the ta bles of races show that the percentage of nn fitness is gi eater among I he Germans, than any other nationality, with one exception, it proves that large chest measure, is not, as commonly believed, the sure indication of sound health. The lung troubles are gener ally thought to be the besetting disease of na tives of tl is country; but this report shows that the average American soldier finds his most fatal foe in dyspepsia. Sixty in every one thousand between the ages of 18 and 45, are disqualified by that disease that the wise are wont to attribute to our pie and sweet meat ea'ing propensities. At any rate it was a sweet way of avoiding the terrible draft of 1863—5. The people who work out of doors were found to be better qualified for fighting men than those employed in doors by a late of 349 to 409. Fifty-two per cent of the pro fessional men were unfit to “go to be. sol diere” while otdy 35 per cent of unskilled la borers were rejected. Another fact of inter est is that physicians rank above ministers in disability, sixty-seven per cent of the former being rejected to sixty-five of the latter. The largest proportional number of fighting men are found among the workers of iron and leather. From these facts it may be assumed that should the nation get involved in war and thus forget its ne.w method of settling dis putes as exemplified in the Geneva arbitra tion, it has little to fear from other nations in a physical point of view. He is the out growth of fifly nationalities but in the blend ing, arrives at a higher average of physical health than all others together. The Bangor Convention. Below we give the number of cities, towns and plantations entitled to delegates in the Bangor Convention, with the number of del egates each county is entitled to, based on a vote accurately corrected by comparison with the official returns; Counties. Towns. &c. Nodel'gts Androscoggin.13 73 Arocstook.34 67 Cumberland.26 133 Franklin.29 63 Hancock.33 76 Kennebec.29 124 Knox.15 58 Lincoln. 17 49 Oxford.40 87 Penobseot.61 183 Piscataquis.20 41 Sagadahoc.11 38 Somerset.40 82 Waldo.26 68 Washington.51 97 .26 115 Total.493 1316 It is now announced that the practical con solidation of the Eastern and Maine Central Railroads has been effected, and on Monday next the Eastern will assume the manage ment of nearly all the railroads in the Stite j of Maine. The arrangement is not called a consolidation, but an arrangement by which ! the Eastern is to have five-ninths of the net earnings and the Maine Central the remain ing four-ninths. Judge Rice, it is said, will, in consequence of the change, accept the po sition to which he has been elected on the Northern Pacific Railroad. Mrs. Hatheway of Temple will he 99 years old July 1st next. She chews and smokes tobacco and has done so since she was a girl. She formerly drank spirituous liquors but ceased using them some years ago on account of the high price, poor quali ty and difficulty of obtaining a supply under the Maine prohibitory laws. She does her own work, b aiding fires, sweeping, cooking and discharging all the ordinary duties of the head of a farm household. The moral is ob vious. A iSOBTov paper learns that Hon. John J. Perry of Oxford has declined a nomination of State Senator in that county. This can hardly be, as the Convention that makes the nomination has not' yet been held. Gen Perry has, however, written a very long let ter about the Republican party having ful filled its mission and other matters that abounded in liberal papers a year since. We are not aware that the letter of Gen. Per ry has received any extended notice or called forth any general comment. Now there comes a very direct report that a part ot the Farmington delegation do not propose to take Mr. Dingley in theirs at the State Convention. We do not vouch for its correctness; but if this and other reports from Lewiston, Gardiner and Windsor should prove correct, those fellows who have herald ed two or three hundred delegates already elected will have an excellent application oi the principle of discounts to ponder over. The Ohio constitutional convention is con sidering a very original proposition, wh!ch is termed the “recall-’ principle. It is simply a provision that a district may recall or dismiss its representative in the general assembly by a vote. While it might serve to put the ser vant of the people on his good behavior, it might also prove very troublesome in a close district. __ The presence of several of our Bangor M. Ds. seems to have imparted considerable spieeto the proceedings of the Maine Medical Association at Portland. Tne Press publish ed a report of the doings and sayings, and the Doctors were so ashamed at sedng their squabbles in print that they relieved them selves by growling at the newspaper.—Whig. The scare about the chole a in the South J® '®Ported to be abating, and is decided not ,, e of tlie Asiatic variety, but known by somewhat ominous name ot “sporadic,” demS. P‘y ,n,‘an', ecatWred «>d not epi Eastport is ^Pwtedtohave^iected Ding ley delegates. If Quoddy Head has, Kitterv won’t, 3 Examination and Graduating Exerclst* j of the Western Normal School. The Western Normal School at Farmington is the elder of the two training schools for teach ers established by the State. No more beauti ful’place could possibly be found for tbo loca tion of such au institution. The village is of the highest type,of flue, thrifty, pleasant New England towns, aud art has improved |the beauties which nature has so lavishly bestowed on the place and all its surroundings. The general culture of the inhabitants, aud the in fluence of the literary institutions, there estab lished, give a fine scholastic tone to all associa tions, which is of much advantage to the stu dents. Beside the Normal school and the pub lic schools of the lowu,are two hoarding schools which are just objects of State pride. The Wil lows, a school for girls, seems to enjoy a very deserved prosperity. The school building is au elegant new structure of three stories, w ith Mansard roof. The rooms are high, well ven tilated, neatly finished and furnished. The building is heated by steam throughout, and pure water in abundance is carried by pipes in to all parts of the building. Every provision is made for the health, comfort and convenience of the young ladies who receive instructions from a strong corps of teachers iu all depart ments under the general charge of Miss Lucy G. Belcher, the accomplished principal. The Little Blue School for boys, was original ly established by Jacob Abbott, who lias en deared himself to all boys who read, by such intensely interesting s.ories of hoy life as were never told before Here were a large part of the books written, with lively specimens of boyhood under his very eye. It is said of him, that when he had finished a story,he would call the reluctant boys from their play, and re quire them to listen for fifteen minutes to the reading of the first part. If, at the expiration of that time, they wished to return to their games the manuscript would go into the fire. Nothing was printed, except what could suc cessfully compete with play for the attention of the boys. The grounds are extensive, aud are carefully and artistically laid out The school has a national reputation, which is well maintained by Mr. Blether, the present etH cient principal. The Normal School closing exercises began on Thursday morning last, with the examina. tion of classes by Messrs. Perham, Johnson, Abbott, Pullen, Patten, and Dresser, of the trustees. The young ladies and gentlemeu ap peared to good advantage, and showed signs of careful training and good discipline. The prin cipal of the school, Mr. Rounds, is an enthusi ast, in his profession, and inspires all around nim with a share of his own energy and vigor. Mr. Woodbury, his first assistant, is a very capable teacher, and is of great value to the school. They with their earnest and faithful associates, Miss Hayd en Miss Morton and Miss Curtis, have brought the school to a high degree of attainment in the practical knowledge needed by the teacher. The gem however, cf the institution, iu the opinion of most of the visitors, proved by tlieir tendency to collect there, was the model school, composed cf little boys ana girls of the village, who are instructed by Miss Gilbreth according to the most approved methods, and who serve to illustrate to the Normal School pupils, in ac tual practice the operation of the theories of teaching which it is the province of the Normal School to iuculcate. It was really delightful to see the bright, pretty children dressed in gala costume, go through the exercises of the various classes, exhibiting a degree of attain ment remarkable for scholars so young. The examination continued through Thursday and the forenoon of yesterday. Thursday evening was devoted to an anniversary concert by Bal lard's orchestra of I ewiston, assisted by Mrs. Wiggin, vocalist, of Auburu. Yesterday after, noon at 3 o'clock occurred tbe * GRADUATION EXERCISES, with the following programme, the music sup plied by Ballard’s orchestra: Music. Prayer. Music. Enos ?. Floyd..Essay and Salutatory The School House as a Factor in Education. Clara F. Elliott.Essay. Illusions. Music. Abbie Sanders.Essay. The Crusades. Anna V. Hunt.Class Chronicles. Music. Violet Eaton.Essay. What shall she do? Eldora Nichols.Essay. Study. Music. Lewis H. Reed.Class Prophecies. Music. Calvin F. Stanley.Essay. Transit of Venus. Nettie H. Cortland. Valedictory. Conferring of Diplomas. Id tbe evening a very pleasaut social assem bly was held at the school building by invita tion and under the charge of the graduating class. THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES effected a permanent organisation by the adop tion of a code of by-laws, and the election of the following officers aud committees: President—Sidney Perham. Secretary—Stanley T. Pullen. Treasurer—Warreu Johnson. Finance Committee—Messrs. Perham, Pat ten and Hanson. Eastern Inspectory Committee—Messrs. John son. Dresser and Patten. Western Inspectory Committee—Messrs. Johnson, Abbott and Hanson. Executive Committee—Messrs. Pullen, Ab bott and Dresser. Mr. Dresser was appointed a committee to consider the matter of the establishment of a post graduate course, and report to the Board at the next meeting. THE WAGLNER TRIAL. FIFTH DAY. CLOSE OF THE GOVERNMENT'S CASE. Moses A. Safford testified that he was Assist ant U. S. Marshal for the district of Maine for I860; assisted in taking tbe census; my sub-di visions embraced the towns of York, Kittery and the Isle of Shoals, Hog Island and Smutty Nose Island, these being the only odcs inhabit ed within my limits. These (pointing to records presented by the Clerk of Courts) are the origi nal records made by me. Tbe record shows in habitants of the Isles of Shoals. It does not show oil which one of the islands they lived. The witness states the names of the persons found on his return who lived on Smutty Nose Island, 19 in all. The State put in buttons and ring taken from Wagner when arrested; also the pencil found at Hontyet’s house the day after the murder; also tbe rubber boots which Wagner admits to be his. G. C. Yeaton, esq., County Attorney, testifi ed. The package, comprising contents of Wag ner's pocket wl en arrested, was received by me in an envelope, sealed; seal was broken by me and contents examined; articles then re placed, put in my safe at my office, where they remained till this court; nothing lias been tak eu from or added to contents. Officer Entwis »le delivered a torn shirt to me which remained in my possession till delivered by me to Dr. Chase for his examination. OBADIAH DUBQIN. Deputy Sheriff; had Waguer in charge dur ing this trial; Wagner made a remark on Tues day noon as we were carrying him from the court room to jail; said “God damn them, all they want is m.v life and they can have it with out making all this fuss about it.” At 10 a. in., County Attorney Yeaton inform ed the Court that the State’s case was out. Mr. Fischacber asked the indulgence of the Court till afternoon to arrange his statement of defense. The Court granted his request. Forty-three witnesses have been examined on the side of the State. Probably the opening and testimony of the defense will occupy the residue of the week. The addressees to the ju ry and the Judge’s charge will follow early next AFTERNOON SESSION. At 2.30 p. m., the Court came in. All the available room is occupied, largely by ladies. Horses and carriages of the farmers of the vi cinage surround the court-yard. Great inter est is manifested to learn the line of defense. Our reporter wishes us to note two errors in John C. Hontvet’s testimony as printed. The types say that the clock which was knocked from the bracket to the sofa stopped at seven minutes past ten; the witness said seven min uees past one. This fixes almost exactly the time of the murder. Again the types say it was low water at six o’clock; the remark of the witness makes it high water at that hour which will give a fair tide from Portsmouth to Smutty Nose till twelve o’clock. New Line of Steamers.—Partie** in Liver pool, England, and Montreal and Quebec, in r;™ for corporal ion as the Mitchell #rno m»a-m eeiR Company, the capital to be $M3( ,000, in 5000 shares of $100 each,with power to increase to $1,000,000. The objects of the company are the> running of a line of steamers from the port* of Montreal and Quebec to ports in the bulf o. St. Lawreuce, and the maritime | provinces, and toother ports anJ places, atid for carrying on business generally as carriers, with power to purchase such vessels and steamers as may be necessary for such objects. The chief place of business is to be in Montreal. > [From the Chronicle ol New York.] The New England Mutual Life Insur ance Company. If steadfast adherence to sound principles aud patient continuance in honest practices go for anything iu this tawdry aud unstable time, then the New England Mutual Life Insurance Company deserves well of our poople. Organ ized iu 1835 with a guarantee capital of $100, 000 (which was retired as soon as it had served its purpose in strengthening the company dur ing its early history), it was amoug those few life insurance companies which contended bravely with the prejudices aud ignorance of that day, and are reaping that rich harvest of their faithful aud toilsome husoaudry. This company has ever been conspicuous for its carefulness iu investing the trust funds com mitted to it, its thoroughness in the selection of lives, its economy of expenditure, and its disin clination to follow new paths and experiment with new plans, simply because they were new. From first to last, it has steadily adhered to the principles and rales which were marked out by its projectors. Of what character these were, may be be judged by the following extract from the first animal report ef the company, made by the Hon. Willard Phillips, its then Presi dent: “It lias been the endeavor of everv one con corned in the management of the affairs of the company to represent the subject in its true light, and Dot to excite over-weeniug expecta tions, or encourage the uutiou chat such an in stitution offers its members the means of extra! or nnary speculation. The object is equality among its members, aud a participation in the advantages of the company, whatever they may be, iu the proportion to the amounts con tributed ; and it is no part of the plan that some shad be benefitted at tlie expense of oth ers. There is every reason to anticipate that the holders of policies for life, who survive just tiie period of their expectation at the time of being insured, will have made a good invest ment of their premiums.” * This policy lias beeu faithfully pursued by every administration, and that the insured have made “a good investment of their premiums^” is sbowu in the fact that, after paying out dur ing 1872, upon 223 policies, tlie sum of $670, 283, the company had, in solid assets, $10,811, 416, with total liabilities, inclusive of a 4 per cent, reserve, of $9,610,778, leaving a surplus to policy-holders of $1,200,638. But this does not tell the whole story That resarve is not only mathematically but actually sufficient; and that surplus exists in fact, and is uo mere product of ad actuarial incubation. The company’s securities have always exceeded in market value their cost; its rate of interest received lias always exceeded by at least oue balf that assumed; its expenses have always been below the loadings of its premiums, aud are steadily diminishing; its mortality has uniformity been less that assumed, and its management—well, we can say no more tuan to say that its preseut officers are of the same ex cellent and durable material as was its first management. These things being true, its future is as sure as its past; its security is beyond question, aud its uew and yet greater successes will add ma terially to the good name which it has already won for itself and for life insurance. Value of Refutation.—“Burleigh"of the Boston Journal, says: Whether Victoria Wood hull will live or die, the doctors are not decided. Her sickness, which has been nigh unto death, reads a sig nificant lesson that should uot be lost. Her extraordinary career; her style of life, which she took no pains to bide; her avowed princi ples on social life; her defiance of the laws that regulate the social code, have been the subject of general comment. It has been con tended that she gloried in her social ostracism; that she never was so happy as when under ar rest; she preferred the tombs to a room in the Astor; and panted for her trial as the war horse pants for the battle. Durin" her sick ness, all this has been changed. She is now represented as a poor persecuted woman and that no one would become her bail. She an nounces herself as weary and worn by brain work; misunderstood and abandoned by every one; exci ed beyond her measure of strength in view of her coming trial, and almost maddened in the prospect of her couviction and the resi dence among felons in a prison. A life in defi ance of public sentiment, and public propriety, it seems,is not the happiest that cau be desired. Mr. Arikobi Mori.—Mr. Mori, the Japanese Minister at Washington, it appears, is charged with certain financial irregularities, and has evinced a total disregard of instructions from the Japanese government. It is now alleged that be has gone to Europe for an indefinite pe riod, and will not return to the United States or Japan. His friends, who are charitably in clined, say he is crazy. There were no evi dences of emotional insanity when in Boston just prior to leaving for Europe. He certainly accepted the civilities extended to him in a most rational manner; and there is yet a hope that he will make an explanation which will clear up some matters which are a little mysterious. If all that is charged be true, it is a sad illus tration of the influence of life at Washington upon this promising young man. Sad Termination of Anticipated Happi ness.—One of Adams Express Company’s mes sengers between this city an-* Fitchburg, ob tained permission Tuesday of the company to goon a vacation, duriug which he was to be joined in wedlock to a young lady residing in thiscity. The young man arrived here Wed nesday, ami made all the necessary arrange ments for his marriage, wliith was to take place yestsrday afternoon, but the intended bride was suddenly seized with an attack of ill ness yesterday, from the effects of which she died about noon. A post-mortem examination, we hear, is to be made. Her name we sup press, en account of family relations. The young man is almost frantic with grief, aud all efforts to quirt him. at this writing, have been unavailing.—Providence (R. I.) Star, l'ith. Attempt to Break Alfred Jail.—Duriug Tuesday night a prisoner at the jail filed a bar off of his cell window-, but it was fortunately discovered iu time to prevent his liberating the other prisoners, which it is said be could easily have done by gettiug ou the outsidi and pick ing the locks of the jail, which are said to be of a very simple character. Wagner could have been liberated very easily, as his cell is the first from the outer door. The Suez Canal.—From the traffic returns of the Suez canal, it appears that in the eleven months of 1872-3,572 vessels passed through, agaiust 288 in the preceding twelve months, while the tonnage iucreased at a still larger rate—674,818 tons, against 293,362 tons. This gives to the short cut twenty-tour per cent, of all the tonnage passing at present between India and Europe and America. Religions Intelligence. Rev. Mr. Luce, uresiding Elder of Portland district, will hold quarterly Meetings at Alfred June 14th and 15ib, and at South Berwick June 21st and 22d. Rt. Rev. Bishop II. A. Neely, assisted by Rev. Mr. Gardiner of Baugor, confirmed uiue persons at Exeter, the other evening. Twelve persons were added to the North street church iu Bath last Sunday; nine by baptism and three by letter. The foundation for the new Baptist church at Saco, is commenced. The frame of a Congregational church in Fort Fairfield, was raised last week. The Union Church in Clinton is to be imme diately renovated and repaired. Prof. John R. Herrick has tendered his res ignation as Professor of Christian Theology in the Bangor Theological Seminary. Subscriptions are being obtained for the : erection of a new Universalist church in Rock- ! land. The new North chnrch in Farmington is to I be dedicated Tuesday June 17th. The Franklin Co. Bible Society has made ar rangements for the more thorough distribution of the Bible in that county. The Maine Convention of Universalists will meet in Bangor by invitation of ilie Universa- | list Parish on the 24th, 25tli and 26th of this j month. Rev. S. Goouenough will be installed as Pastor of the Park St. Universalist cliurcb j during the session of the Convention. The Baptist church now building at Tresque ! Isle will lie ready for dedication by the lull of J uly. The Quarterly Conference of the York and Cumberland Christian Churches was held at the Christian meeting house at So. Harrison, commencing Friday afternoon, and continued over the Sabbath. There was a large attend- ! ance and much interest was manifested. The next, and Annual Conference will be held at the Saco church. Rev. Mr. Brownville commences his tempo rary labors at South Bridgtou a week from next Sabbath. Funds have been raised sufficient to build an Episcopal church at Fort Fairfield. The Franklin County Conference of Congre gational churches met in Farmington last Tuesday, and the Baptist Quarterly meeting the same day. Both denominations had inter esting sessious. Bangor Theological Seminary received the past year towards completing the endowment of the Seminary 819,672 The endowment of ';"ck profeessorship has been increased to nVT * Ull<ls ,,ow >" Hie Treasury, 8181,650, L. The sum of 850,000 is yet needed for the full endowment of the institution. Rev. S. R. Butler, of Northampton, Mass., las been appointed by the Maine Missionary Society to the church at Washington and will inter upon his work at once. Mr T. S. Pi rry of Bridgtou will be < rlained it Swede u as au Evangelist on the 18th, inst. Mr. Perry has been supplying ot late the :hurobes at Denmark and Sweden. Rev. John A. Ross, who once supplied the •hurcll iu New Gloucester, but for the last uiue pearB has been in Mariou, Iowa is supplying the pulpit iu Belfast, for a few Sabbaths. The forty seventh annual meeting of the General Conference of Congregation Churches iu Maine, will be held with the Church in Gor ham, commencing Tuesday, June 24ih, 1873, at il o’clock A. M. The Piscataquis Conference will hold its an nual session with the church in Brownville, the 17th and 18th of June next, at 9 o’clock, A M. Rev. M. Hansoom has resigned the charge of the First Baptist church iu Nobleboro. 9uar*er,y Meeting of the Phillips and Madrid circuit was held at the Union meeting house in West Phillips. Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th iusts. Several persons re church1^ °'dllla"ce of baptism and joiued the STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. The epizootic prevails in Lewiston. The caisson to be used in building the first pier of the Lewiston and Auburn railroad bridge, was launched at Lewiston last Friday morning at 10 a. m. The old Continental mill is being rejuvenated. The young fellows of Lewiston, lounge along the railings of the bridge, evenings, and insult the ladies The new caissou at Lewiston, for the railroad bridge, is 46 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 8 feet deep. It contains 30,000 feet of lumber, and is water-tight. The Franklin Brick Company’s yard at Lew iston, produces from 75,000 to 100,000 bricks daily. AROOSTOOK COUNTY. Last Saturday, a mass meeting in the inter est of the Northern Aroostook railroad, was . held at Fort Fairfield. A large number of | persous were present. 1 Last Sunday, Lyudon dedicated the new school bouse. Shennau is to have a soldier’s monumeut. I The house of Mr. J. Davis, of Castle Hill, was consumed last week. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. S The Couuty Agricultural Society Fair is to be held at Bridgtou in September. John Dennett of Bridgton, was holding a drill a few days since. The striker accidental ly struck his wrist, breaking it. KENNEBEC COUNTY. J. Beecher, an apprentice boy iu the Fanner office, at Augusta, had his arm badly crushed j ou Thursday last, while at work on a pre&L Augusta is to hare a horse trot on the Fourth of July. Ou Tuesday, June 17th, there will be anni versary services at the National Home at Togus, in commemoration of the battle of Bunker Hill. LINCOLN COUNTY. F. S., aged 13, and Lincoln, aged , 8 sons of Wm, B. Welch of Westport, were found drowu i ed last Tuesday. They been out in a boat fish ing. OXFORD COUNTY J. Alexander of Denmark, died recently. He was the oldest citizen iu town. A. M. Trull of Norway, has completed his new carriage factory. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. A. w. unison his been appointed ticket agent, at Bangor on the Maine Central. No one has ret been appointed in the place of the late W. H. Small, ticket agent. A single scull race is to come off at BaDgor, June 14th, An aged lady uamed Raymond, was thrown from her carriage in Dexter, last Tuesday, and seriously injured about the spine. PISCATAQUIS COUNTY. There is still snow to the depth of four feet near Dover. It is in side hill banks, however. The Sangerville cheese factory is in opera tion. SAGADAHOC COUNTY. A colored man by the name of Sewall, cook of the schooner Alpine, was knocked overboard by the schooner’s boom,at the wharf in Bath, yesterday, and drowned. H. Wilson, a workman at the Topsham feld spar mill, was thrown into tho river by casks of feldspar rolling down upou him, last Satur day. He was rescued immediately. His shoulder was broken, and he was otherwise in jured Last Wednesday, George Furbish was badly injured at Bowdoinham, by a bursting emery wheel. A fragment of the wheel struck him on the face, breaking the jaw. WALDO COUNTY. Belfast <s to have a grand trot on the Fourth of July. James H. Clark of Northport, has the largest colt of bis age in the State. It is a stallion, three years old, stands 16 1-2 hands high, and weighs 1220 lbs. He is of English blood. A new business has lately sprung up at Isles boro. It cousists iu manufacturing nets or tips for horses’ ears. WASHINGTON COVNTY. A man named Woolworth, was injured on the face and hands at a planing mill at Calais, last Tuesday. S, Dyer of Calais, had his leg broke last Tuesday, by being dragged by a horse which he was leading into the stable. YORK COUNTY. I Goldborotigli’s store in Biddeford, was bur glarized last Thursday night. The same night, the shop of H. Burnham was entered. A small amount .was stolen at either place. A soliooner lying at anchor at Kittery Point, was struck by lightning last Friday, and con siderably damaged; Mrs. Mary Lord of Biddeford, was found dead iu her store last Friday. Supposed cause —rum. At Kennebunkport the shipping interests are quite brisk. The United States steamer Monongahela has lieen taken out of the floating dock. Last Thursday a young couple were matried, iu Biddeford. and the same night applied to the police station for lodging; alleging that owiDg to some trouble with the parents of one of them, they had no home or money. IN GENERAL. Amusa Stetson, a native of Lincolnville, at work in Bostou. fell from a staging last Thurs day, receiviug iujuries from which he will not probably recovor. Poisoning tbe Sick. There never was » specialty in medicine that waB not pirated. Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters is no ex ception to the general rule. Fraud follows in the track of the Great Vegetab'e Restorative as it makes the circle of the world, and offers its pernicious imi lotion- to the sick at every turn, anxious to drench the public witli their trash. The imitators and coun terfeiters offer it by the gallon, the barrel, the hogs head, as well as by the bottle. Beware of this deluge of abominations. Bear in mind that the true article is sold in bottles only, and the imp ess of genuine ness is to be found upon the glass itself as well as up on the finely engraved government stamp and the ele gant label. The great vegetable tonic prevents and cures all bilious disorders and comp aims of the di gestive organs and the nervous Bystem, maladies up on which the vile imitations produce no more effect than tbe Pope’s Bull upon the comet. SPECIAL NOTICES. Society of the Army and NaTyof the Gulf. the adjourned meeting of the Executive and Local Committees of the Society of the Army and Navy of S&SH*? wiU toke p,ac0 at the Falmouth Hotel on MONDAY, Jiue 16th, at 8 P. M. All officers who served in the Department of the Gulf are requested to be present. GEO. F. SHEPLEY, ALBERT W. BRADBURY, Executive JOHN F. GODFREY HENRY T. CARTER. Committee. JOHN M. GOULD, LOCAL COMMITTEE. Frank Fessenden, Horatio N. Jose, Geo. L. Beal, Seth Farrington, Seib C Gordon, Enoch Knight, H. B. Cleaves, Neai Dow. B. B. Murray, Wm. P. J >rdan, W. K. Kimball, Edward H. Wilson, David R. Hastings, Frank H. Coffin. Jul*sn2t Members of Atlantic Lodge, I. 0. G. T. Every membrr of Atlantic Lodge, No. 83, is le quesied to be present nexc SATURDAY EVENING, as important business will come before the Lodge.

Per order ot W. C. T., judsnld H. S. BURGESS, W. S. LADIES SUITS A Large Amriiuent —AT— EASTMAN, BROS. White Lawn Suits, at $3.7’5 to $30.00. Grass Cloth Suits, at $4.50 to $10.00. Mantle, Batiste, and Tasso Linen Suits, at $6.00 to $35.00 Linen and Lawn Polonaises and Dusters. MISSES “YACHT’’ SUITS, “With Hata to Match. EASTMAN, BROS., 332 Congress St. Jnl2 dtf Piano Tuning. Orders attended to personally by ED. B. ROBINSON, Piano Boom, 3 Cah.on Block. (Op|K>site City Halid mar28-d3m. examination op teachers The annual examination or candidates for positions as teachers In the public Schools of Portland, will be held in the GirlB* Room, High School Building, on WEDNESDAY, July 2,1873, at 2 o’clock, P. M. W. H. SHAILEB, GEO. W. TRUE, STANLEY T. PULLEN, CHARLES F. LIBBY, CHARLES J. CHAPMAN, Examining Board. Portland, June 10,1873. Jul2sndtd FOR PIMPLEfToN THE FACE, Blackhead and Fleshworm use PERRY'S improv ed Comedone and Pimple Remedy, the great skin medic ine. Prepared only by Dr B. C. PERKY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., if. Y. Sold by Druggists verywbere. nuhr22d&win6ffil7 SPECIAL NOTICES. FOB FAMILY USE. THE HALFORD LEICESTERSHIRE T-A-B L-E S-A-U-C-E The best Sauce and Relish Made in any Part ot the World —FOB— F-A-M-I-L-Y U-S-K. Pint* • . • • . OO Cents Half Pint* .... 30 Cents. FOR SALE BY ALL GROCERS. E- T. ELDEN & CO. OFFER THIS WEEK. At One Price and no Vari ation lOO Pieces Spanish Linens for ISc yd., worth 25c. 100 Piecs mosquito Netts.all colors, Tor 75c. piece. 71 Pieces New Styles Grenadines, worth 50c. yd., tor 25c. 15 Pieces more Fancy Silks 91.00 yd., all new Patterns and worth 91.25. One Case assorted Black Silks at LESS THAN IMPORTERS PRICES. Prices 91.00, 91.25, 91.50, 91.75 and 92.00. 17 Pieces Black Hernanies at as> touisniug Low Prices. MOURNING GOODS! Ot Every Description at Popular Prices, 10 Pieces Conrtland Black Crapes AT AGENTS PRICES. SPECIALTIES. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS —AT— DECIDED BARGAINS. One Case More Bates Quilts $1.00 each. 13 Pieces more best quality Turkey Dam. ask, New Patterns, for $1.00 yard. Seven Pieces 2d quality, fir 75c. 91 doz best Turkey Red Doylies $1.00 dozen. Two bales Russia Crashes for 12c. yard, Actually worth 16e NEW AND CHEAP. One Case Lace Stripe Batiste in all the New Shades for 75e. per yard. Onj Case Nllson Satin Stripes, worth 50c. per yard. Price only 25c. E. T. ELDEN & CO., One Price and no YariaMou. NO; 5 FREE ST„ PORTLAND. apr24 sneodtf INHALATION. For Hemorrhage or bleeding from the Lungs, for Sore Throat, for Asthma, for Catarrh, for Difficult Breathing or shortness of breath, for all affections of Lungs use Dr. Morse's Cold Medicated Inhalations. R’lief is sure. For all Female Weaknesses and Ir regularities use Dr. Morse's Uterine Tonic. Pro crastination or putting off' what should be atten-l d to at once, until another time, Is the cause of much suffering. C. MORSE, M. D., 73 Free Street, Portland, Me. mchl58NlawS3m SMOKERS’ ATTENTION is called to tne n«nr method of selling cigars, adopted by A.Q. SCHLOTTERBECK, f: APOTHECARY, 303 CoxisreBs Street, one door above Brown, Portland, Me. You can purchase a single cigar at the above place, at the rate usually charged per box elsewhere, and have the advantage of selecting from the largest as sortment kept in the city. julO-lw-sn A. PARSONS, M. DENTIST, Has removed to NO. 13 MARKET SQUARE. tS^-SPECIALTY—Administration of Etlier for the purpose of extracting teeth without pain. JuuI3 sntf Cooking Ranges. First class Cooking Ranges amd Stoves CHEAP FOR CASH, call and see before purchasing. Also Ice chests coolers and Refrigerators. FREDERICK BVCKNAIK, W«. 1*» <»». P.rtla.d Me. (Between Exchange and Plum St.) mj3ien3w fire works. Wb.Irsale Henri.Quarter, for FIRE WORKS. CRACKERS, TORPEDOES, dec., dec., AT LOW PRICES! CUTTER, HYDE & CO., Send for Price List. 53 CHAUNCY ST.. B ston junlS sn3w Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. An Institution having a high reputation for honor able conduct and professional skill. Acting Surgeon, J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D. E-says for Young Men sent free of charge. Address, HOWARD ASSOCIA TION, No. 2 South Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. mv7 snSm _ REMOVAL. CH4RL.ES M. H4WKE8. — DEALER IN — Western Ctiy and Connty BONDS. Office removed to 96 MIDDLE STREET. Juuta ei'tf BANK OF PORTLAND. On, and after tblB date, the uu 'et gneri will carry on a strictly Banking business, at the Homes now occupied by the Secou National Bank, in Portland, Maine, under the itvk of the ‘BANK OF PORTLAND” and as such, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, in the regular course iff the Banking Business. _ „ W. N. GOOLD. Portland, June 24th, 1872. JunXSMwlt then in tf SPECIAL NOTICES. FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES Ami TAN, uneRERRY'S Moth au<l Freckle tattoo. It t» reliablk and barmlkss Sold by Druggist, ev«rywl>ere. Depot, 18 Bond St., M. Y. dSwsnton HOWE for aged WOMEN. dl^y invrS,cr|tterBHa0n^1fOr Ag8d Women’C°T' visit tbe Homo < n sItumIy 3enerally t0 Anniversary of the opening of the^w ‘ ® Manager, will be In attendance from 10a’m till 51^-:___Jnl3«ntd CONSUMPTION CAN BE CEKED NfHGNCK'N PDL.VONIC GVRrp, MCHENCK’H IEAVEED TONIC, SCHENCK’M MANDRAKE PILLK, Are the only medicines that will cure Pulmonary consumption. Sometimes medicines that will stop a cough will of ten occasion tbe death of tbe patient. It locks up the liver, stops the circulation of the blood, hemorrhage follows, and, in fact, clogging the action of the very organs that caused the cough. Liver complaint and dyspepsia are the causes of two-tbhils of the cases of consumotion. Many are now complaining with dull pain In the side, the bow els sometimes costive and sometimes to loose, tongue coated, pain in the shoulder blade, feeling sum Mmes very restless, and at other times drowsy; the food that is ahen lies heavily on the stomach, accompani ed with acidity and belching of wind. These symp toms usually originate irom a disordered condition of the stomach or a torpid liver. Persons so affected, if they take one or two heavy colds, and if the cough in these cases be suddenly stop{»ed, the lungs, liyer and stomach clog, and remain torpid and inactive, and before the patient is aware of tiis situation, the lungs are a mass of sores, and ulcerated, and death is tbe inevitable result. Schenck’s Pulmonic Syrup is an expectorant which does not contain any onium, nor anything calculated to check a cough suddenly. Schenck’s Seaweed tonic due v the food, mixes with the gastric juice of the sto acli, digests easily, nonrislies the system, and creat a healthy circula tion ol' the blood. When the els are costive, skin shallow, aDd the patient h a billious habit, Scheuck'g Mandrake Pills are required. These medicines are prepaired by Dr. J. H. SCHENCK & SON, Noithcast coiner of Sixth and Arch streets, Philadelphia. Penn., and lor sale by GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 38 Hanover street, Bos ton, and John F. Henry, 8 College place, New York. For sale by Druggists generally. sepl3sueodtf ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, LEA A PERRINS’ Worcestershire Sauce IS INDESPENSABLE. JOHN DUNCAN’S SONt*, New Yark, Agents for the United States. oct17,eodsnly BONDS I BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent, interest and principal payable In tbe east. Private property as well as public rea hed. Debts very small in proportion to property and therefore easily paid. Careful investors are Invited to call and examine tbe Bonus. L ws and Decisions of the courts upon such securities and will find them very safe. Tnere is nothing better. CHARLES M. HAWKES, feb7snt28 Exchange st., Portland. To Lei. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate possesion given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO , No. 90 Commercial St. Or oI W. W. THOMAS, Canal National Bank. sentl2sntf ■■nay me ana i'ii at yon LANGLEY’S ROOT AND HERB BITTETS. no drag', no poisons, nothing deleterious, nothing but healthy roots and herbs, such as Sarsaparilla, wild Cherry, Yellow Dock, Prickly Ash, Thoroughwort, Mandrake, Rhubarb, Dandelion,&c., so compounded as to rea~-b the fountains of disease, and absolutely cure all Humors. Liver and Billious Diseases, Jaun dice, Dyspepsia. Costiveuess, Scrofula, and all diffi culties arising from a «’iseased siomaeh or impure, blood. Twenty years of unrivalled success has prov ed them to be the best medicine in the world. GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., Bo8i.on, aud all druggists. mar6 sneodUJw BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. This splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world The only True and Perfect Dye. Harmless Reliable and Instantaneous; no disappoint mem; no ridiculous tin's nr unpleasant odor. Remedies the ill fleets of bad dyes washes. Produces Immediately a superb Black or Natural Bbowjj, and leaves the nair •lean, soft and beautiful.. The genuine, signed W. A. v-chelor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR, Prop., A. 7, Id&w_ Ivrs s CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! Tobacco, Tobacco, Tobacco. PIPES, PIPES, PIPES. Cheroots, eleven dollarn per lOOO. Tobacco from 25 eents per pound to 93.50, and Pipes from one cent eaeb to 9100 each. All the above can be had at „ STEBBIN S CIGAR STORE, 360 Congress Street, Portland. WHOLESALE. Cigars very good for $17 per 1000. New Time*, Old Tines, “Havana Gems,” No Brands And many o her Brands of our make. Iam in a posit:on to sell at lower ra:e6 than any other Manu facturer or Jobber in the State. R. NATHAN, (Late €. H STUBBING,) 360 Congress Street. Portland. ju5 sn3m IMPROVEMENTS. Whichever way we turn our eyes. We see improvements have been made; Each seeking by some new device To cast all others in the shade; In commerce and mechanics too, Great changes a few years do stow; Things which our fathers never knew, Nor dreamed of fifty years ago. See what improvements at Fenno’s, Where boys can buy a “suit complete” Of handsome teasonable “clothes,” Corner of Beach and Washington street Jnllsnlw Boston. To the Public. The Society for the Prevention ot Cruelty to Ani mals respectfully give1* notice that Alonzo.H. Libby, Constable, whose office is at No. 80 Middle street, (up stairs) has been appointed Agent of the Society. The public are therefore lequested to give prompt information to him of any crnelty to animals that may come to their knowledge, and he wjll see to it that the offenders are brought to speedy and strict justice. Per order. ap29sntf SPORTSJWAVS FRIEND ! C U L E X~ F U G E . A sure preventative from Mosquitoes, black Flies, Ac. WHOLESALE <Se RETAIL, At the Fishing Tackle Store of CH»S. DAT, JR, & CO., 94 EXCHANGE STREET. Junl2 (!sn4w Arerill Chemical Paint Co., Manufacturers ot PUREST WHITE 1 AND Any Desired Shade or Color, Prepared for Immediate Application. SOLD ByThe GALLON @NLY DURABLE, BEAUTIFUL, ECONOMICAL. D. M. YEOMANS, General Eastern Agent, 83 Commercial St. Portland. Bel2-eodtf sn Caucus. The Republicans of Falmouth are requested to meet at the town house in said town on SATURDAY the 14th day of June, at 6 P. M. to elect delegates to attend the State Convention at Ban or on the lbth. junl3td Per Order Town Committee. MARRIED. In this city. June 12, by Rev. W. E. Gibbs. Alexan der Hoyt aud Miss Angie L. Porter, both of Framing ham, Mass. In I^ewiston, June 7, by Rev. W. E. Gibbs, Warren E. Wood and Miss Ophelia Pullen, both of L. In Bethel. May 31. L. W. Bennett of Newry and Olive A. Kendall of bethel. PITCI). In this city. June 13, Mrs. Rachel W„ wlte of Capt. Alexander Small, and daughtrr ot the late William Tukey, aged 67 years. [Funeral services on Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock, at No. 129 Spring Htreet. „ . In New Gloucester. June 12, Otis Allen, formerly o Portland, aged 66 years 7 months. # «vwk [Funeral services Sunday afternoon at "Relatives at the resilience of Washington Jordan, and friends are invited to attend. _ VI iu in lure Aim...'.™ Sun rises.4.23 j Sun sets.7.37 I Moon n» ..I Hijfli watei.i.00 PM I MARINE ISTEW8. PORT OF PORTLAND, Friday, Jane 13. ARRIVED. Steamer Now Brunswick, Pike, St John, NB via Eastport. Brig At tie Durkec, (Br) Kimball. Guantanamo— 480 hhds 40 tes sugar, to order. Vessel to Geo H Starr Scb Boston) Coffin. Ponce PK, 16 days-—308 hhds 21 tes molasses to Pliinuev & Jackson Sell Andrew Sprague. (Br) Wadman, Walton, NS— 105 tons plaster to order. Sch Laura Bridgman. Clark. Philadelphia. Sch Queen of the Fleet, Barbour, Belfast. _. . CLEARED Brig Sebastopol. (Br) Forest, Cow Bay—master. Sch Hibernia. (Br) Coggins, Westport NS—master. Sch Lizzie G, (Br) Gilchrist, St John, NB-John Porteous. Sch J K Howard,(Br) Howard, St Johu, NB—John Porteous. Sch Virginia, Small, Lnbec—J S Winslow & Co. ItlEHORANDA. Brig Rio Grande, McLeilan, from Fernandlna for Philadelphia, with lumber, sprung aleak and filled wlib water on tb« But Imt, «nd cap*lz»d. wb»n tbe captain aud vwo seamen were washed overboard aad lost. Thiee of the crew escaped in the boat and were picked up on the 3d riout 13 miles ESE of Dobot, by Bchr Mary E Vaucleaf, from Brunswick. Ga.tor Dam ariscottu. The Uio Grande was built at Woolwich in 1852 aud bailed from Booth bay. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—C.d 4th, barque Putmos. Nich ols. Callao. PORT GAMBLE—Sid 31 inst. ship Tranquebar, Waterhouse, Callao. MOBILE-Ar 11th inst, sch H P Blaisdell, Wood. Boston. JACKSONVILLE—CM 3d, sch Maid of the Mist, Snritb, New York. I Ar 4th. pcbs Carrie Walker. McFarland, and J W • Maitland, Colcord, from New York; H C Sheppard French, do. Cld 5 b. «ch Addle L Cutler, Smith, Boston. SAVANNAH-Ar lltli, schs Delhi, Emerson, New York; G E Morrow, Kennebec. Sid lltli. schs Wyoming, Foes, Portland; Fanny ■ Butter, Sherman. New York. 9,'d llth. gch Henrietta, Langley. Providence. \tS®2RGEToW» SO-CId 9ih,sch Hattie G Buck, i rw bury .Ran _'or. Benneu 1vS?ON-Ar 9th* "*• Stephen Bennett. wTlmmJSJR*; Vet0- Wafts, Baltimore. New York • AS? ~Ar 9th* briI Walth mi, Trimm. Alex HayfoVd, s{n7Par^ «ot, -, Philadelphia; Cld 9ib. sch .fSJu B'x'.kj^rt. Baltimore!.” Heath Boston. Barter, Boston ; Geo Kliwk *£i‘# Matthew Kinney. M & E Henderson, Spear ttafSSfJ* Quincy Boint; PHILA DELPHlA-ArnST Fickett, Matanzae ; brig* ,J H imiiV«'\ Hor*°® Beals, Cardenas; Valencia, Sniall.Sagua- SS*®; Tr**ai. fm l Crowell. Gardiner. ’ Western Star, ; Ar up lltb, barque S E Spring, Small. an*„«. « v i Lavolta, Whittemore, Cardenas. Below 12th. brig A J Ross. Wyman, fin C&lb&rbm Cld 11th, barque J G Norwood. Harkne*s, Liver pool; sch Tlios Watts. Curtis, Boston. Ar at Delaware Breakwater lllh. brigs Ellen Maria aud Gip.sey Queen. York, Irom Havana, for orders. NEW YORK—Ar lltli, brigs Jeremiah, Ford, from Sagua; Atlas. Powers, Caibarieu ■ schs Lizzie Lee, Smith, Baracoa; Bramhail. Hamilton, from Clark’s Island; Sarah Bernice. Proctor, fiotn Musquash NB; W D B. Pitcher, Thomas ton; Carrie Spotlord, Hall, 1 Rock port. | Ar 12th, barque Tbos Pope, Richardson, Monrovia; j brig Atlas, Powers, Caibarieu. I Cld 11th, sells Anna Freeman, Boynton, Baracoa; S C Noyes, Lee, do; JK Lawrence, Herrick, Jack sonville. Passed through Hell Gate 11th, schs Cbilion,Grant, New York loi New Bedford; Eveline. Bagley, do for Portsmouth; Gen Howard. Johnson, do for Narra gansett; Nellie Starr, Poland, New York for Bath. SM 11th, brigs Ernest, for Kingston. J; David Bug bee, for Cadiz; Kossack. for Ciemuegog; Amelia Em ma. for Port Royal SC; G S Berry, lor Darien. NEW HAVEN—Ar 11th, sch Win Miller, Hurley, Camden. NEW LONDON—Ar lltb,sch John Famum, Chase Pori land for Philadelphia. FALL RIVER—Ar 10th, sch Engineer, Maxwell, Ellsworth. PAWTUCKET—Ar 12tli, sch Capt John. Means, Ellsworth. PROVIDENCE—Ar lltb, schs Rosannah Rose, Gilkey, Philadelphia; Ida L Howard, Williams, from Portland. Cld 11th. sch Wm Mitchell, C le, Machlas. Sid 11th, sch Jas Tilden, Haskell, Ellsworth. NEWPORT—Ar llth,- schs Greenland. Haskell, Port Johnson for Portland; Alaska,Tbornklne, Port land for Nov York. VINEYA RD-HAVEN—Ar 11th. schs Wm Doming, Cook; N H Gould. Wickson. and Com Kearney. Met calf, Philadelphia for Portland; Georgia, Brier, do for Bath; H G Fay, Philbrook. do for Portsmouth; St Elmo. Davis, do for Bristol; H M Waite. Gotf, PbfladeipMa for Newmarket; Addle Todd, Corson, and Virginia. Strout, Calais for New York; Velma. Look, St George NB fordo; Harriet Newell, Gould, Machias for do; Clara Jane, Me A llep, Lubec for do; Eva May. Rhodes. Windsor, NS for Port Royal SC; Harrv Percy, Percy. Gardiner for New|»ort; Olive, Warren. Machias for do; Vulcan, Coggins, Pembroke for New Haven. NEW BEDFORD-Ar I2th. sell New Zealand. Simmon*. Calais. BOSTON—Ar 12'h, barque Western Sea, Hanson, Baltimore; brig Antilles. Thesrrup. Matanzas; sch Jas O’Donohue. Smith. Brunswick, Ga; Black War rior, Steven*, fm Calais; AH Brooks, Smallage, Mt Desert; Henry Clay, Miller. Sullivan. Ar 131 h, barque Clotilde. Miller, Cienfuegos; brigs Castillian. Crouchen, tm Sagua 28th ult: Princeton, Wells, Elizabethport; schs C H Dyer, Foley. Chev erie. NS; Gamma, Huntley. Port Johnson. Cld 13tb. barque Eliza White, Wotton. Ma'anza*; brig Mary E Dana. O’Neil, Charleston SC; schs Ad die Ryerson. Pike, Lubec; Sarah B, Johnson, Phila delp **a. SALEM^-Ar 10th. schs Native American, Agnow. Calais; Express, Latty, Ellsworth. Arlltb, migj Leighton, Leighton. Philadelphia; schs Julia & Martha, Lunt, do; Ella Hodgdon. Nick erson, and Henrietta. Holbrook. Port Johnson; Ma tanzas, Bragdon. do; Idaho, Creamer. Hoboken ; Jaue Fish, Keller, Calais; Georgie Staples, Lord, do for Baltimore. Sid 10th, schs Ocean Ranger, Whitney, and Fannie Elder, Rich, New York. Ar 12th, schs Ruth Hodgdon, Melvin, New York; John Tyler. Cook. Calais. NEWBUBYPORT—Ar 12th, sch Frances Ellen, Cousins. Port Johnson. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 11th, schs Addie Mnrcbie. Perry* Philadelphia ; Porto Rico, Wentworth, and J II Stover, Arey. Port Johnson; Florida. Randall, and Annabella, Bums, Portland (or Boston; Willis Putnam. Noble. Calais for do. BATH—Ar 13tb, schs Seguin, Rogers, Savanuah, Liberator. Sewall, Portland. Sid 13tli, brig Prairie Rose. Griffin. Matanzas. FOREIGN PORTA. Sid fin Tome April IS, ship Independence, Stront, lor Boston. Ar at St Thomas 25th, sch Isaac Oberton, Achom, Baltimore: 26tb, brig Edith Hall, Oliver, do. Sid fm Caibarlen 31st ult, brigs A J Ross. Wyman, for Philadelphia; Atlas,Mitchell, New York; Sports man. Blanchard, do. Ar at Clenfuegos 31st ult, barque Augusta C Small, O’Brien, Boston. Ar at Cardenas 5th, barque Syra, Corning, Mar seilles; sch L* W Wheeler. Lewis, New York. Sid 5th, brig Miunie Miller, Leland, North ot Hat teras; sch Kate Carlton, B >wers, do. Ar at Havana 5th, brig Tor rent, Wilder, Baltimore; sch Nellie J Dinsmore, Dinsmore, New York; 6th, barqne Jirigo, Mallett. Middlesbaro; H D Stover, Pierce. New York. Sid 5th, brig Yridora Rionda, Sagua; 6tli, barque H F Huzzey, for New Orleans. In port 7tn inst, barque W E Anderson. Brandt, for New York, ldg; Annie Torrey, Libby, for Falmouth, Eng; brigs C A Spaiks, Bradley, for New York, do; Jos Clark, Stahl, for Philadelphia 5 days; Hattie E Wheeler, Bacor., tor North of Hatteras. Sid fm Matanzas 4th. brig Geo Burnham. Staples, North of Hatteras; barqne Augustine Kobbe.Carver. Falmouth E; brig Cascatede.North of Hatteras; 1st, barque Addie McAdam, Partridge, New York: brig L Staples, Herriman, for Baltimore; 5th, scb Lillias, Griffin. Philadelphia. Ar 5tb, scb J M Riley. Coffin. Havana; 12tb, bark G M Tucker. H 11, HuP, E, (Apl 4.) Ar5'b. brig Maurice. B irt'eU, New York. Ar at St Jago 27ill ult, barque E A Cochrane, Nick erson. Philadelphia. Ar at Sagua 1st inst, barque T K Weldon, Colson. Havana; schs G D King, Eldrldge, Mat&uzaa; C W Elwell. Giles, Portland. Sid 1st inst, barque Sandy Hook, Bars'ow, N York; brigs Sarah Gilmore. Clifford. Boston; Myronns, Hig gins, Philadelphia; sch Alzena, Bovnton. New York. Arat St John. NB, 11th, ship Wm A Campbell, Carling. Liverpool; brigs Peri, Perkins, Portland; Afton, Copp, Eastport. SPOKEN. June 7, Carysfort Reef NE 20 miles, brig Tal'y Ho, from Sagua hound North. Jnne 9, lat 37, Ion 73, brig Richmond, from Carde nas for New York. June 10, oft Chincoteague. sch Carrie S Webb, from Georgetown SC foi New York. June 11, SK Hatteras 12 miles, brig Eudorus, from | Portland for Huvana. BONDS. New York City .... 7 “ “ “ . . e' Brooklyn City - * 6’s Jersey City - - 7’t Elizabeth City - - - - 7’« Canada Southern R. R., Gold, - 7’s B. & Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, - 7’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-30’ -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St* _ feb26 B O N_D S. State or Maine .... 6’s Portland & Bangor City - - 6’s Bath & Rockland City ... 6’s Chicago City - ... 7’s Wayne & Clay Connty, Illinois, - 7’s Toledo, Ohio, - 7.80’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, • 7.80’s Burlington Cedar Rapids & Minn. • 7’s Maine Central, Consolidated. • • 7’s Canada, St. John & Halifax Bank notes Bonght and Sold. WE E. WOOD, Afg’t Sent 8-dtfl, Or Exchange St. h. CpIyson&coT, Bankers and Brokers, — OFFER FOR SALE — Portland City - - - - %• Bangor - ■ - • • ‘ 2,8 Bath.. Cook Connty - “ Chicago - * ' * ’ i,8 Toledo, Ohio - * ”,s Scioto County, Ohio - • 8’s f eeds A Farmington R. R.. guaranteed O s Portland & Rochester R. It. - - 7’s Maine Central R. R. - . .7*1 Northern Pa Iflc R. R. Gold • 7-80’s Government Bondj, Bank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 33 EXCHANGE STREET *p3 PORTLAND. dtf FIRE WORKS! Wholesale Agents tor the sale of Fire Works. Fire Crackers, Torpedoes, Rockets, Roman Candles, Serpents, Pin Wheels, Triangles, Blue Lights, Pistols, Blast (inns, lrackets, Pistols, new, Chinese Backets, Cannons, Doable Headers, Mines, Flags, Masks, Fancy Pieces. Towns and cities fuinlthed with diaulars at the Factory prices. {^"Orilers from the country promptly at ten led to. CHAS. DAY, JR. & CO., 94 EXCHANGE STREET. Junl2 eod&wtJly4 N EW ADVERTISEMENTS BAYKRIPT STOtk — ow — Cloths and Tailors* TRIMMINGS AT COST. To bo cloned out within TWENTY DAYS a large nfhck of Broad Cloths, Cassimeres, Woolen Goods and Tailors’ Trimmings ! 1 Also a large line of GENTS’ HOSIERY, NECK TIES, PAPER COLLAR*, * HANDKERCHIEFS, fte. for cash,regardless of price Now’ is an opportunity to secure Suits lor Men and Boys of lirst class goods at wholesale prices. Jobbing lots closed out at great sacrifices. BOYD’S BLOCK, No. 78 MIDDLE STREET. Portland, June 13, 1873. Jultdtf Providence Wringer. PROVIDENCE^ r*l JOURNAL notation KOLLD, SMI Duroblr; Double Mpiaal (OGN, Kaaital Worltlan Adjadable Curved cunp. Boldo Firmed. PROVIDENCE TOOL CO., Providence, K. I. J. II. WORK, Agent, 44 Brand street, Bo.ion, .Rua. Junll__ deow_ Anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill. TUESDAY, JUKE 17, 1873. OCEAS"llOIJSE, Old Orchard Beach, Sa«o, Maine, Parties desiring to p<u«a pleasant day and examine tbe unparalleled attraction of this locality, are here by notified that the OCEA7V HOl'sE will be opened for bu iaess on mONDAlf* JUNE 16ih. Return excursion tickets may be had at the Boston & Maine R. K. station. Five trains per day each way. Twenty six min utes only by rail. J. W. WOLCOTT. N. B.—Timely telegraphic notification of rooms required will assure best accommodation. jul4>£M FOR JULY 4th. Flags, Lanterus. Balloons Torpe does, Fire Crackers, Ac., Wholesale & Retail. For private use ourB»r*of n*s«rtrrf pieces are a specialty. They give the utmost satisraclou. Committees sf Cities. Tswss hu«4 t lubs who desire PIBI.IC DlsPl.AYN, :uv referred to our txhibuions ilie past ten years on Bssfsn Common, under the (firectlm of the City of Bos ton, as a guarantee of excellence. Scud for Price LM. Ord* f early and address JB. T. WELL4, Agrat of the New England Idahorntory, C. E. INIasteif. PyrsirrhnUt. Office .17 Kingston Mt.. corner of Bedford Nt., Boalon. Jul2-d3tS«Stw Business Chance, The Subscriber, having pnrebased the stock of DR I AND FANCY GOODS ud leased the store formerly occupied by J. J. Gil " bert, 32 ST. LAWRENCE ST, hopts to rcctive the former patronage and much more. L. C. NELNON Having m»ld as above staled I rc»pectfully desired that all pem ns haviug unsettled Mcount* will cal at their euiliest convenience and adjust the same. JuHdlw _ __ J. J GILBERT. For Peak’s Island. Peak'. Island t’.napany. ITEARKB EXPRESS, CAPT41N A. S. OLIVES, Will leave tlie end of Custom Anus, Wharf dally fbr Evervrcm Landing, touching at Jones’ Landing, on and after Jane 111th, 1872, at 8.45 and 10.15 A. M.,and I. 45 and 3.15 P. M. Returning, leave Evergreen Landing at 9.00 and II. 15 A. M.. and 5.U0 P. Si., and 2.00 and 5.15 P. M. On and alter July let. will rnn a Morning and Eve ning trip In pleasant weather, leaving Custom House Whaifat 7.15 A. V. and 7.15 P. M., and Junes’ Land tag at 7.30 A. M. and 9.00 P. 51. Pare <1 wn and back 25 cents, children half price. Special arrangements can be made by applying to the Captain. junltif Special Announcement! Now opening at NO. ISO MIDDLE STREET, OppNsIte Woodman «£ True’s PORTLAND, MAINE, A large and splendid assortment ol CHAMBER FURNITURE! Direct from the Mnaafarisr;, which will be «•!«! at Wlisleaale Prirrt. Direct ezchange between the producer amt consume^. jyThose in want of such goods are invited to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. junUdtfCEO. II. MEBBIAM. Rare Business Opportunity DESIRING to give our entire time to the manu facture and sale of our “Middlings Purifiers,” rctentlv patented, we offer our Mill tor sale at a bar Biu. Capacity 3ft0 Bushels. Railroad In front and ississipi i River in the rear. Lo< ation unsurpassed, being hi the finest wheat section, ami most beautiful city of the West. Population 30.000. 12f» miles above St.* Leuis, and 250 miles Southwest of < hicago. Our Flours bare a goad repulatk n already established in the various markets. For further particulars apply immediately to C. E. WIIiTJIORF A CO , CIT1 MILLS, QlINtl, ILL. J»n14 _ dlw FRENCH’S NEW HOTEL, COB. CORTLAXDT S- ATEIV CHUMH STS. NEW YORK. ON" THK EUROPKAN PLAN. RICHARD P. FRENCH, Son of tlie late Col. 1UCHARD FRENCH oA French’. Motel, ha. taken thla Hotel, newly titled ud anil entirely renovated tl.e same. Centralle If, to the BUSINESS PART of the City. Ladies * Gentlemen's Rooms at taciikii. _jiL.4il2niw2>m25 To Be Let ® FIRST eLn Boarding Homo. Tlie house on the corner ot Congress and Park streets well known us Miss Jones’ Boarding House will he leased tor n term of years. I, eoBtafnf a^i’it torw rooms , ha. a Stable and Ice honse, Is now ready for occupancy. Apply to - „ , «. WM. H. JFRHIS Portland June 5th. Sg'" ^ Cruelty to Animals ! AN Y communication received by me gi virg Inform ation of crulity to liorFes or other Aninals in IMS County, stating the full names of theprrsons guilty of su» h etueliv. slgne I by the writer, will be holden sti icily confident Ld if desired. , . A. 11. LIBBY, Agent. Society for the Prevention of Crm lt> to Animals, •ulld&wlw* Office 80 Middle treet, Portland, GIRLS WAITED. — BY THE — PORTLAND STAR MATCH CO. — ALSO — Boys f rom 18 to 91 years of ago. fa»<_ tw« Wnnlitd a Boy. A NINTELLJGANT Boy from 13,0 17 a ....——r -"TiaJy’: JuUdtl No 4 Dealing Block.

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