Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 14, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 14, 1873 Page 3
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TPRESS. SATURDAY MORNING JUNE 14, 1878 THE PftiEMN May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fe» ■enden Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Brinell & Co.* Andrews, Went worth, Glendenniug MO'es, Hender son. and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of the ity. At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdou. At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. At Uorhani, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw.' At Lewiston, of French Bros. At Kennebunk. of C. E. Mi.ler. CITY AND VICINITY. New Adeerti«ea»entft T«-Dny. AUCTION COLUMN. Furniture, &c—F. O. Bailey & Co. Boats-F. O. Bailey & Co. Administrator’s Sale—Edward W. Fox. SPECIAL NOTICES. Society of the Army and Navy of the Gulf. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Fireworks—B. T. Wells. French’s New Hotel—New York. W anted—Lobenstein. Girls Wanted—Portland Star Match Co. m Providence Wrin er—J. H. Work. Cruelty to Animals—A. H. Libby. Rare Business Opportunity—C. E. Whitmore & Co • To be Let—Win. H. Jerri*. Special Announcement—Geo. H. Merriam. , Business Chance—L. C. Nelson. Ocean House—J. W. Wolcott. Bankrupt Stock at Cost. For Peak’s 1-land—Steamer Express. MISCKLLAN EOU S NOT lCES. Summer Overcoats—Orin Ha.vkes & Co. Mis. Manchester. For Sale—Slate Property. Geo. W. Rich & Co.’s Announcement. WARD CAUCUSES. The Republican voters of this city are requested to meet in tbe«r respective Wards on Monday Evening, June 16th, at 8 o’clock, for the purpose of electing five Delegates from each Ward to attend the Republican State Convention to be held at Bangor on Thursday, June 19tb. Wards 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 will meet in their respective Ward Rooms. Ward H wili meet in Macbigonne En gine House on Congress street. Ward 7 will meet in the School House on Clark street. The Delegates so chosen are requested to meet in the Ward Room of Ward 3 on Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock and elect four Delegates at Large Per order Republican City Committee. RelilciouM Notices. St. Lawrence St. Church.—Rev. A. H. Wright, Pastor.—Preaching at 10$ a. m. and 3 p. m. Newbury St., Church.—Prayer meeting at 10$ a. m.; preaching in the afternoon at 3 p. m. Williston Chuucii.—S. S. 10$ a. m. Preaching service at 3 P. M. Sittings free. Social meeting at 7$ P. M. Spiritual Fraternity, Army and Navy Union Hall—Children’s Progressive Lyceum at 10$ A. to. Conference at 3 P. M. St. Luke’s Cathedral, State St.—Rt. Rev. H. A. Neely, bishop ol the Diocese oi Maine.—Sunday services 10.30 a. in., 3 and 7.30 p. m. Daily services at 9 a. m. and 5 p. m. Seats free to all. St. Paul’s Church, corner ot Congress and Lo cust street.—Services Sunday at 10.30 o’clock a.m. and 3 p. m. St. Sti phkn’8 Church.—Sunday Services at 10$ a. in.; and 3 p. m. The sittings in this Church are free to all. Portland Spiritual Association, Temperance Hall. 35U Congress st. Conference at 2 P. M. Sub feet: Spiritual Phenomena. India St. Universalist Church.—Rev. Geo. W. Bicknell, pastor.— i reaching Services at 10$ a. m. vesper Service at 7$ p. m. Y. M. C. A. Chapel, Devring’s Bridge.—Sabbath School at 3 o’clock P. M. High Street Church.—Rev. W. H. Fenn, Pastor. Preaching services at 10$ A. M. Sunday School at the close of forenor n services; Prayer meetings Sun day Eve'gs at,7$ o'clock, and i ms lays at 7f. Allen Mission Chapel, Locust Street.—Prayer meeting at 2 15 p. m. Sunday School at 3 p. m. with Bible illustrations by ltev. O. M. Consens. S. S. Con cert at 7$ o’clock. All are cordially invited. Preble Chapel, corner Preble and Cumberland "treets. Preaching at 11 a. in. Sunday School at 2 p. m. A Conferance Meetiug at C p. m. All are cordially invited. First Second Advent Church, 353$ Congress I street. Elder Geo W. Brown of Elliot, will preach Sunday at the usual hours. Seats free. Y. VI. C. A. Hall, Mechanics’ Building, Coneress St. Pieachiug at 3 and 7$ P. M.,at which Elded Jones of England will take part. Seats free. Casco St. Church —Prof Howe, of Bates Col lege, will preach St 10$ a. m. and 3 p. m. First Baptist Church, Congress st„ comer of Wilmot. Rev. Wm. H. Shaller, Pastor.—Preaching at 3; Sabbath School at 1 $; Sabbath Social Meeting, 7$ p. m. Seats free. New Jerusalem CnuRCH—New High street.— Rev. Leonard G. Jordan will preach iu the Temple to-morrow morning at 10$ o’clock. ^“Or. C. C. B'-nnett, Library Room, Mechan ic’s Hall. —New School of Philosophy. Free. Suu day fif not rain') at 6 o’clock P. M. Subject: Review of the day’s religious teachings. Advent Christian Church, Union Hall. #7 Free St.—Preaching next Sunday by EliVr J. A. Libby, of West Poland. Prayer meetiug at 9 a. m. St at? Street Church.—Prof. Barbour, will preach to-morrow morning and Evening. Plymouth Church.—Rev. M. H. William*, Pas tor. Preaching at ir$ a. m; Sabbath School at 12. Youn* People’s meeting at 6$ p. m; Conference meetiug at 7$. Bethel Church.—Mr. Benj. B. Dyer will preach to-mbrrow, at 10$ a. m. and 3 p. m. The discourses are intended especially for the young. Free to all. BPThere will be religious services to-morrow eve ning iu Market square at 6 o’clock, conducted by Rev. O. M. Cousins, and on Nawbnry street, near Moanttort, at 7 o’clock. Iff uuicipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Thursday—Michael Cmley. Search and seiz ure. Three months. Appealed. J. H. Williams. John Sheridan. Search and seizuse. Three months. ^ Appealed. Peter O’Connor, Silas B. Huntress, Patrick Kcith inj. Seirch and seizure. Fined 150 each. Paid. Friday.—Michael Cunningham. Search and seiz ure. Fined $50. Paid. E. M. Rand. Hugh Doherty. Seaicli and seizure. Fined $50.— Paid. :ii Haskell. John Cunningham. Search and seizure. Fined 50. Paid. Brier Joltings. The International Railway and Steam Navi gation Guide for this mouth has been received. Thirty dollars in place of twenty were receiv ed from the children’s fair. The penny contri butions from the hotel de Prie were $5 instead of $2. The amount received from citizens of Bnxton was $8 instaad of $800. Three hundred and fifty five dollars have been reoeived from the citizens of Saco for the Hos pital, and $100 from the employees of the C. P. Kimball Company. Huge drifts of snow are to be seen on the White Mountains. The sight is a fine one, the quantity bciug unusually large for so late in the season. “Prof.” Haines says lie is going to give a ben efit to the Hospital to-da.'. All his profits from three card monte this afternoon he promises to turn over to the fair. The police force are “putting in the big liclts,” now; going for the sinful ones and winning golden opinions from everybody. Gambling isn't so safe an occupation in Port land as it once was. Prof. Barbour of Bangor, preaches at State street church to- morrow. Despite the clouds of dust yesterday was very pleasaut. There is a compositor in the Press office who oan set, distribute and eat at the same time. There was an exciting runaway ou Portland street about eight o’clock last evening. Maine Congregational Conference.— The annual Conference of the Congregational denomination will be held at Gorham, com mencing Tuesday, Juno 24tb, aud will coatin' ne during the week. A committee on hospital ities have bad the matter of arrangements un der consideration, and we arc informed that the applications for places for entertainment from various sectious of the State is unusually large. Arrangements have been made with ail of the railroad couipauics, aud the several steamboat companies for fare at half the usual priqs. The superintendent of the Portland & Rochester Railroad will run an extra train after the evening exercises, so that delegates aud others from this city will be able to return home at night. The Westbrook Congregatiou alists have kindly tendered the hospitality of their own homes to any of the delegates who may fail to fiud suitable accommodations in the neighboring village of Gorham. The meet ing will he a very large one, and the exercises will be very interesting. Memorial Day.—At tho regular meeting of Bosworth Post No. 2, G. A. R., held Friday evening, June 13,1873, it was Voted, That the thanks of this Post be ten dered to the several military companies for their kindness in doiug escort duty on Memorial Day; to the City Government for their kind assist ance; to the Trustees of Evergreen Cemetery for many favors extended; to the several cler gymen of tile city foi sermons relating to Me morial Day, on the Sunday previous; to the Rev. Messrs. Gibbs and Small for tueir kind invitations to the Post to attend service at their respective churches; to Messrs. Shaw anil True, Mrs. Hademau and rs. Somerby for donations of money; and to those who contributed houj quets and flowers for Memorial Day; to ail the ladies who labored so kindly and "zealously in preparing decorations; and to all who in any way contributed to the interest of the day. The executive committee of the society ot the Army and Navy of the Gulf met at the Faltnou'h Hotel yesterday afternoon, aud made arrangements for the reception of that Socieiy in August next. Gen. P. H. Sheridan, Gen Sherman, Admiral Bailey and many other dis tinguished commanders have signified their in tention to visit our city on that occasioh. We hope, for the credit of our city, that the union of this honored Society may prove a great sue- ! Cess. Maine General Hospital Fair. FOURTH DAY, The Fourth day of the Hospital Fair open ed cool and breezy. Though clouds of dust were blowing in the streets, it was ou the whole very comfortable. The halls were at a pleasant tern perature all day. The forenoon attendance was much larger than on any previous forenoon during the week, very many out of town pevple being present. In the afternoon it slackened a little, but duriug the evening an immense crowd, the like of which had not been seen duriug the fair, packed tho halls and ante rooms aud corridors. Sales at the various tables were most excellent during the day and evening, though the buying of tickets in the raffles absorbed tbe main portion of the money paid out. Contributions continue to pour in. Fluent Hall continues to be crowded with an anxious and hungry multitude, keeping the waiters at work without cessation. Indeed the demand is beginning to exceed the supply, and all citizens are urgently requested to send in contributions of refreshments to-day. The Congress Square Univcrsalist Society have charge of the tables, and, in addition to the usual hill of fare, they promise a regular Satur day night’s supply of baked beans. The ladies of the First Baptist Society are re minded that they are to furnish refreshments on Monday. Contributions of flowers are ear nestly desired. There were four raffles last evening, resulting as follows: No. 22, flower stand, was drawn by Mrs. Dr. Gilman, in ticket 8; No. 40, bronze statuette of Hagar, was drawn by Mrs, J. B Carroll, on ticket 4; No. 53, folding easy chair, was drawn by George Cram, on ticket 55. [This chair, which is an elegant affair, is from the Springfield. Mass., Iron Furniture Co., and was sent through the agent in this city, Mr. Arad Evans]; No. 31 embraced three prizes, tbe first of which, a sofa pillow, was drawn by Mrs. H. C. Noyes, on ticket 94; the se.ond, a doll, was drawn by Mrs. F. H. Colby, on ticket 24; the third, a toilet set, was drawn by 8. E. Grover, on ticket 12. a uc wuwai uvci me reclining cnair nas oeeu a close one, and at present Dr. Burr leads, with Dr. Dana close behind him, and Dr. Tewksbury third It promises to develope into a fight be tween the ‘’ ’pathies.” Success to them. A later account puts Dr. Tewksbury first, Dr. Burr second, and Dr. Dana third. In tbe contest for the Knight Commander’s swonl, Orrin 8. Fogg is three votes ahead of his two competitors. In the voting ou the surgeon’s operating case, Drs. Fitch and Hunt are still the favorite candidates, the former standing at ten o’clock last eveniug 61 to the latter’s 35. Many other doctors have received from one to a dozen votes each, hut none are near the two named. Nearly $700 were taken at the refreshment tables in Fluent Hall yesterday. The Floral Committee desire we should say that the professional gardeners, as well as mauy private parties, have been very generous iu supplying flowers, hut that present resources for the booth are nearly exhausted. All who can send contributions of flowers today (even If but small lots), are desired to do so. GLASS BLOWERS AND POTTERY. There are so many sights to be seen at the fair on the lower floor, that one can hardly find time to go up one flight more, to see the glass blowers a'd the pottery. Our readers may rest assured that the objects there to be round are well worth seeing. The pottery is at the head of the stairs and quite over the gallery; so one can stand and see them make pots and jugs for a moment, and then turn around and btbold the people that are thronging the hall bejpw. It is quite a curiosity to those that never visited a pottery, to witness the making of vessels out of clay. A lump of clay is put into the mill, and before you can hardly see how it is done, a well shaped jug or pot appears. The Glass Blowers are farther along the hall, in a room to the right. There are two stands, with a man to each. They heat tbe glass and make almost every imaginable object, birds, vases, glasses, tumblers, &c., &c. There is also a marine engine, such es are used on steamboats, made entirely of glass, of different •olors, and run by hot air. It is a very novel affair indeed. This room is always full of visi tors. Still further ou is the Natural History room. This of course must be visited by all. There is the live rattlesnake that arrived iu town the other day. As every one else was goiug to the fair, he thought he must go too. One might spend weeks in this room and then not see all that is there. This all costs you but twenty-five cents. One gentleman last evening remarked that “if it wasn’t worth a dollar it wasn’t worth a red.” We entirely agree with him. EOKE8T CITY PARK. FOURTH DAY. The proprietors of this race course may well congratulate themselves upon the propitious weather they have thus far enjoyed. There were at least three thousand people present at the races yesterday. There were more ladies present than on any preceediog day. Both the track and tbe horses were in excellent condi tion. The judges appointed for the day were Messrs. J. S. Heald, Portland, James Keegan, Augus ta, and 3. A. Stetson, Boston Thelirstrace was fora purse of $300, for horses that never trotted better than 2.38, distance two miles and repeat, to harness, $175 to first $75 to secood, $50 to third. The following horses were entered; H. A. Hall, Boston. Mass., names • m Csouchonc. Ban Blgley, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m La dy Wentworth. F. Bncaett, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. L. J. Brackett, Windham, M., names bm Maine Girl. Pruden Letoumeau, West Watervllle, names blk m Geutle Annie. The pools sold briskly, Maine Girl being tlie favorite. Meddlesome second. In the draw for positions Meddlesome drew the poll, Caoutchouc next Gentle Annie third, Lady Wentworth fourth, Maine Girl the outside First heat -At the word the horses started off finely, Maine Girl taking ibe pole, which she kept to the close of the heat trotting squarely and finely. Sbe came in about a dozen lengths ahead, Meddlesome second, Gentle Annie thiid Went worth fourth. Time 5.31. Caoutchouc on the first mile broke ber rein and was handsomely stopped by ber driver. Under the regulations of the course the judges were obliged to rule lier out for that race. Second heat—After a number of false starts the horses got the word, and went off in excel lent order, Maine Girl taking the lead. The heat was virtually hers from the start. She threw her feet spiendidly, and won the heat and race. Lady Wentworth m ide the second time, Gentle Annie coming in close behind Went worth. Time 5.31. SUMMARY. Maine Girl. 1 j Wentworth. 2 4 Gentle Annie. 3 3 Caouchaouc. 4 — The second race was for a purse of $400, for horses that have never trotted better than 2.32; $250 to the first, $100 to second, $50 to third. The following horses were entered: G. G. Brown, Bristol, N. 'J., names g g Brlsto Bill. James Bnslln, Beacon Park. Boston, names bg Frank primer. Font”>Beacon Park, Boston, names cbm skit,' g B^Iu«ik?eacon Park’ BoBton’ name8 B“Ck' The pools ojiened lively, Bristol Bill being the favorite, Fanny second. Tu the draw for positions Frank Palmer got the pole, Fanny second, Bill third, Mike taking the outside. ** First heal-From the start Bill took the Dole and kept it till near the eno of the h»at When Palmer spurted alongside and the two’horws came in neck and neck. The judges decided it a dead heat. Second trial—First heat—A fair star* was had and a good run made, Palmer coming first. The judges decided Palmer fiist, Bill second, Fanny third, Mike last, Time 2.35J. Second heat—The horses come in the follow ing order: Bill, Fanny, Palmer, Mike. Time 2.35. Third heat—The horses were stopped several tiir.i-B before a good start was made. Bill took the pole and came in first. Palmer second, Mike third, Fanuy last. Time 2.37. Fourth heal—Bill led handsomely and won b-st. with Finny second,Palmer third, and Mike last. Time 2.36 ryt/i heat—cauuy took the pole at the start and won the heat, with Palmer second, Bill third ami Mike in the rear. Time 2.37. Mike was ruled out not having won a heat. Sixth heat—Was won b.v Bill, with Fanny second, Palmer behind. Time 2.37J. Seventh heat—Biliy made a win of it, with Fanny secoud. Time2.4I. SUMMARY. Bristol Bill. 0 2 1 1 3 2 1 Palmer. 0 1 2 3 2 3 3 Fanny.3 3 4 2 l 1 2 Mine...... i 4 3 rul’d out. The races to-nay are for the benefit of the Hospital fund. Matne Hospital Fair—The Executive Committee acknowledge the donation of addi tional articles and money in aid of the Maine General Hospital Fair, from the following named parties: Springfield Iron Furniture. Co. through A. Evans, lion folding easy chair *40 Misses Libby, through H. J. LnDoy, package fancy ^ods. Harris> Auburn, cash contribu tuji; w. Clark, Danville Junction, Btnffed FTf. Lewis, Fryeburg, cash contribution. Thomas Baker, Oxford, barrrel dried ap pies. Citizens of Cherryfield, through Dr. C. J. Milliken, cash $25. Timmons & Hawes, cash contribution $25. Elilily A. Lewis, Brooklyn, N. Y., through Dr. Gordon, elegant toilet cushion aud fancy butterfly. Mr3. W. R. Keith, Thomaston, fine collection water color paintings. Mrs. A. 8. Hill, Kenuebunk, by Dr. Snow cash $30. Forty-one employes C. P. Kimball Compa ny, cash collections $100. Miss Caroline L. Lewis, Newton, Mass., box fancy goods. Citizens of Hollis,through Mrs. P. H. Brown, cash collections $21. Ladies of Augusta, cake and cream. Wm. R. Field, Brurswick, refreshments. Mrs. C. J. Gilman, Bruuswick, box butter. Wm. M. McArthur, Limington, cash contri bution $10. Beujauiiu Tukey, Fairfield, Fan cloths dry er. Citizens of Saco, cash collections $355.08. Mrs. E. Nott, fancy articles. Rockland Gazette, Vose & Porter, advertis ing. Citizens of Farmington, through Dr. Severy, ca h collections$33. 8. Guild, of Augusta, box butter. Another Raid..—Having sent terror to the gambling houses Thursday night, last night Marshal Parker sent several detachments to visit some of the notorious haunts of the most revolting species of crime aud debauchery. One party went to a house on Green street, aud to another kept by one of the knights of the three card monte The raid of Thursday night bad frightened away the inmates, aud the search was fruitless. Another detachment visited the somewhat celebrated castle of Nels Leighton, near the corner of Franklin and Middle streets. It was very dark and quiet, and it required some time to arouse the inmates. Nelson was not disposed to be very hospitable and was ev idently laboriug under the influence of an overtose of his own wretched whiskey. Two soiled doves of Canadian importation were arrested. The next place visited was the mixed establishment of Mr. Pike, just below Nelson’s. There was a somewhat mixed aud juoilant as sembly there, but their joy was suddenly hushed when the force stepped in. Three women were taken there, one of whom was released. Their weeping was bountiful to hear, aud they filled the station with the sound of their lamentations. One house on Newbury street was visited, but all was quiet there. Last night at 11 o’clock the streets were as quiet as a country village, despite the large number of people in town. Tais is largely due to the efficiency of the po lice. There were but two men in the station last night for drunkenness. Habby IIloodgood s entertainment naa a Bother crowded house r>t Music Hall last evening. We have given so much about Harry and his company, that it is almost im possible to add more. Suffice it to say that tbe entertainment is an unusally good one, and we can assure those who wish to pass a pleasant evening and enjoy a hearty laugh, to be sure and go to Music Hail this evening. A mati nee for ladies and children will be given this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Those who haven’t an opportunity of attending the evening perform ance, shouldn't miss tbe first aui only matinee to be given by this combination. The Glorious Fourth.—We are pleased to learn that arrangements have b en made by tbe committee on celebration of the Fourth of July, for a grand floral concert on State street, by one thousand of our school children, accom panied by tbe Portland Baud, under the direc tion of Mr. W. L. Fitch. No doubt our potriotism will be ^reused by lis tening to the stirring strains of mo Marsellaise, Star Spangled Ban"er, and Kelier's American Hymn, when rendered bv sucb a cborus. We trust our young friends will respond to tbe call for rehearsal, which will appear next week. With Passenger Cab Attached.—We understand that a passenger car is attached to the freight train on the Portland & Ogdens burg Railroad that leaves here at 0.15 in the morning, for the benefit of such persons as may desire to go to Fryeburg, Couway, etc., and return the same day The train however, runs as a freight train only. Mesmehic.—Prof. Stearns well give no enter tainment this evening. On Sunday evening he will give an interesting religio-philosophical seance at Army & Navy Union Hall, and mes merise a little Miss who has b“eu blind four years. The ladies of the flower stand request us to say that if any mistake has been made in mak iug change at their table, the amount will be refunded on application to Mrs. Philip H. Brown, at tbe ball. Elsewhere will be found au article from an insurance journal on the merits of the New England Life Insurance Company, represented in this city by ,1. M. Palmer, Esq., 74 Middle street. The article is worthy of attention, be cause it is unpurchased. niSCELLINUOim NOTICES. Mrs. Manchester at the United States Hotel. Messrs. F. O. Bailey & Co., will sell the fur nitnre in house 67 Danforth street, at 10 o’clock this morning. Also, at the same hoar, at the salesroom, a fine lot of plants from the conser vatory of Hovey & Co., Cambridge, Mass,: will probably be the last sale this season. At 11 olclock, at ibe carriage factory of John Russell, 311 and 313 Congress street, new and second-hand carriages, harnesses, etc. See auc tion column. hoR Sale on favorable terms, a valuable slate property, partially developed, with most eucouraging prospects, iu the eastern part of the State. Owners refer to S. T. Pullen, Esq.. Press office. jeH-dtf Let everybody call on G. W. Rich & Co., to day for clothing. Big stock and low .prices. Store 173 and 175 Fore street. Sommer Overcoats. Blue, Drab and Scotch and wool mixtures. Orin Hawkes & Co’s., 290 and 292 Congress St Mrs. Manchester, the highly celebrated Physician will return to Portland June 12th, by request, and can be found at her old quar ters. The sick and afflicted should lose no time in consulting her, as she will remain but a short time. jul2-d4t&wlt F. W. Nichols has opened a Hair Dressing Saloon under Perry's Hotel, Federal Street. _ je5-eodtf For Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Indiges tion, Depression of Spirits and General Debiii ty, in various other forms, Ferro-Phosphora ted Elixir of Calisata made by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York, and gold by all druggists, is the best tonic. As a stimulant tonic for patients recovering from fever or oth er sickness, it has no equal. If taken during the seasou it prevents fever and ague and other intermittent fevers. may21-4wt Dr. Urann at Preble House Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. His cures are won derful. _may30-d&wtf C. C. Bennett, M. D., Falmouth Hotel, till 9 a. m., 1 to 2.30 and 6 to 7.30 p. m. juu7tf Now is the time to have your window screens made. Lothrop, Devons & Co. have received a large quantity of German liaen and cotton gauze, green wire, &c. No. 61 Exchange St. mayl7tf Dr o. Fitzgerald, the wonderful Clairvoy ant Physiciau and Surgeon, will visit Portland “gain at Preble House, by request, Friday and Saturday, June 13th and 14th, remaining two H* onl-V., Don’t fail to see him; his cures are truly wonderful. juuellth-tf News and Other Items. m U'r6“re,over 3000 breweries iu this country. I rs. a w ort i has discontinued her school i at Saratoga. . Mr. Kimball, chief of the • ■a _-n ■ . uc Revenue Marine i Bureau, will leave to create life ... ■ . . ., . . “ "te-saviug stations i along the coast of Maine June lstb i Senator Sumner wi 11 pass the month of July ! with his friends at Nahant and other Sea si resorts. ,ore 1 Vice President Wilson is improved in health but is troubled with weak eyes. He is under treatment The farmers of Carroll county, IU., tersely t and explicitly resolve that the salary grab “is c an infernal outrage upon the worklug people of tbe country.” Philadelphia papers are exploring a ring in i that eity which Ties with that of Tweed St Co., 4 if the New York Times correspondent is relia ble. Congressman elect Smith of North Carolina, has published a letter favoring the absolute repudiation of the State debt of over #31,000, 000. A. T. Stewart of New York, is so far recov ered in health as to travel abort distances, but has not yet attempted to resume business hours. Charles A. Chaples of Belfast, Me., was lost overboard last week from the schooner M. W. Drew, on the passage from that city to Jack sonville, Florida. He was eighteen years old. The Western free traders are assiduously at work to capture the farmers’ movement, hut the agriculturists seem to turn a deaf ear to the war-ery of “Free Trade and Farmers’ Eights.” A Toledo. (O.l paper asserts that Gen. Gar field has “thrown himself into the Farmers’ movement enthusiastically.” In which case, it it to be feared, be will find that he has “thrown himself away without sufficient cause.” A young girl in Alton, la., is b»set with a strange malady. It consists of the hardening of tbe skin and flesh; her body feels like a marble statue, but she has suffered no loss of sensibility or muscular power. L. C. Canby, brother of the late Gen. Canby, while on his way borne from Indianapolis, where his brother’s funeral was attended, be came violently insane and has been put in tbe asylum at Fulton. A Michigan reporter tbns describes a steam boat disaster: “In a moment the gates of Par adise opened npou tbe sufferers, aud the shrieks of the dying mingled with the divine harmo nies of the melodious cherubim, and were wafted heavenward together.” On Thursday, the extensive wooleu mill of Edward Brierley, at Milton Mills, N. H., with all its contents was entirely destroyed by fire. The loss is estimated at from #75,000 to #100, 000, on which there is an insurance of about #23,000. Tbe tire caught in tbe upper story among some waste. Among the recommendations of the civil service advisory board is one that the country be divided into four districts, and a chief ex aminer be appointed for each; these chief ex aminers to travel about their districts and in connection with local officers of sufficient in telligence conduct competitive examinations and forward the result to Washington for in spection and decision. The object is to save applicants the expense of coming to Washing ton for examination, as at present. BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Trial of Wagner. OPENING OF THE DEFENCE. Testimony of Wagner. [Special Despatch to the Daily Press-1 Alfred, June 13.—Mr. Fiscliaeker’c opening occupied au hour and a half. The defence is that Wagner is not the man. He is not bound to show who the man is. Tbe most important facts will be in the testimony of Waguer him self. Mrs. Benjamin Muggridge had a girl in her employ by the name of Matilda Folsom. Nev er saw Wagner till tb:s afternoon; did not see him with Miss Folsom to know that it was him; she told me that Wagner was in the room when I passed through. Louis H. Wagner, age 28; been in this coun try seven years; was in Portsmouth eight weeks before that nine or ten months with Hontvet at Smutty Nose; before that three mouths on Star Island; before that fifteen years on board of vessels off an on, sometimes ashore eight days at a time; sailed in old country ten years; first came to Boston seven years ago last April; first heard of tbe murder as I was the po lice officer in the city of Boston. Wagner in answer to counsel commences to give an account of bimself from the day before the murder till the time of his arrest, and con tinued his story two hours, covering the time to the purchase of his clothes from a German acquaintance, Jacob Toedtman, of Fleet street, Boston. At 4 o’clock took the lines of H«nt vel’s little schooner at the wharf; Hontvet stepped ashore; prisoner asked him if he was going to the shoals that night; he answered me yes; 1 told him that there was a woman who wanted to go with him to tbe Shoals, named Jobanuah. Ha answered me if she was going she would have to crawl Into the bunk, for he calculated to bait trawls in tbe forecastle. Left him. Found out that herriug bait was coming that night at 11 o'clock Then he asked me if I would bait trawls for him; I answered I would if not employed somewhere else. Took supper at Johnson’s. Saw Hontvet again Hontvet told me it was too bad that be could not get bait a pleasant night; a fair breeze over to tbe islands. A man on tbe wharf, do not know his name, asked me to bait trawls for him on board his vessel; baited two sets of trawls, about 900 hooks; left between 9 and 10; drank in saloons; returned to hoarding house throngh back door; saw Hontvet at work there baiting trawls; did not speak to him; I was sick and did not want to work for him; slept on tbe lounge till morn ing. Wagner continued, meeting thd'stories of the government witnesses, giving his version with minute details. Says he kissed both of Mrs. •Tohuson’s daughters before he left for Bostou; that be was in the habit of doing that thing. The prisoner occasionally smiled as anything humorous occurred in his story, but in general appearance sad and sensible of tbe situation. His story will continue in the morning. [To the Associated Press.] Far Dingier. Eastport, June 13.—At the Bepublican cau cus held last evening, C. B. Paine, Alden Brad ford, Joseph Auderson, jr., and J. W. Hiukley were elected; all favorable to the nomination of Dingley for Governor. Fnr Edward Kent. Bsngsor, Me., June 13.—At the Republican caucusses in this city, 27 delegates to the Re publican State Convention were elected, and unanimously instructed to support Hon. Ed ward Kent of tbis city, as their candidate for Governor. 9I«| Killed. Mr. Simpson,of the firm of Clapp & Simsson, of New York, was thrown out of a wa^pn at Macbias, Wednesday, and was killed. MASSACHUSETTS. An Bffsrl tn Increase the Efflcieney of the Fire Department. Boston. June 13.—The Boston Commou Council has adopted an order for the appoint ment of a special committee to consider the ex I ediency of re-organizing the fire department and other matters pertaining thereto. The order for the committee on the fire department to investigate the recent fire was rescinded. The Board of Street Commissioners have re ported the cost of widening Water street to fifty feet between Congress and Broad, and extend ing it to Atlantic avenue, would be $392,650. The Car Huilders. Boston, June 13.—The master car builders, after long discussion, adopted the report of the committee recommending a journal 3j. inches in diameter by 7 inches long Axles were also considered, and a vote passed to have drawings and specification! prepared of the axle adopted. A Caftan Cam. The United States Circuit Court to-day be fore Judge Shepley, the case of Gazoway B. Lamar of New York, vs. Albert G. Brown and athers, was commenced. The ground of action is the plaintiff claims that in January, 1666, the defendants seized 1,800 bales of cotton ot tbe value of $500,000 in Georgia; that tbe same was illegally lakeu, and though often request ed, the defendants have refused to returu the same. Tbe defendants, in answer, claim they seized She cotton as special Treasury agents of tbe Jovernmeut, and as such disposed of it and f>aid the proceeds into the hands of tbe Govern ment, and are therefore uot responsible, and in support of this defence, tbe legal officials of the United States appear as counsel, B. E. Butler tnd G. A. Somerby for plaintiff. An Important Railroad Case. St. Louis, Juue 1&— ' he Atlantic and Pacif c Railroad Company will to-day, apply to ludge Dillon bolding lha United States Circuit 'ourt at Davenport, Iowa, lor an injunction to estrain Gov. Woodson of this State from ad ertising the Missouri Pacific railroad for sale, o satisfy a State lien on tbe road, for some 8,000,000. The application is a peculiar one, nasmuch as it asks a federal court to restrain a itate Executive from carrying out an act of he Legislature. Attorney Geu. Ewing and F. iowman. associate counsel, left for Davenport o-night torepreseni the State. He Sale. 8an Francisco, June 13.—The contemplated urchase from Huntington and Hopkins of their iur-fifths iutbe Ceutral Pacific Railroad by apitalists here has definitely failed. The Chniera. Memphis, June 12.—There were seventeen iferments be.e to-day, against nineteen yester ay. The weather is still cloudy and sultry. NEW YORK. The Irregularities in the Freediuen’s Bureau. New York. June 13.—It is stated that the Secretary of War has submitted to the Depart ment of Justice, a statement of the condition of affairs found by the War Department to ex ist in the division of the late Freed men’s Bu reau, charged with the settlement of bounties to colored soldiers. The statement sets forth that claimants for whom treasury certificates have been issued and seufc to the bureau for payment never received their money, although they were marked on the records ol the bureau as paid, reported to the treasury by the disburs ing officer of the bureau as paid, and so cred ited on the settlement of his account. For this fraud the Secretary of War wishes to know the degree of responsibility and relative respousipility uuder the law of’Gen. Howard aud his disbursing officer Gen. Bailaek. When the War Department took possession of the bu reau records unpaid claims were found amount ing to upwards of $30,000 although ihey were entered on the records anu reported to the Treasury and there entered as naid. Wore Polaris Rumors. A Washington despatch states that the Jun mta is ordered to leave at since for Disco and

Upper Navick, where it is believed some of the Polaris will be found, as it is believed Budding, ton would winter the Polaris in Northumber land Souud, from whence some of the crew would make their way to those places The remainder of the seamen of the Polaris leave to-day for New York, under promise to the Secretary of the Navy not to divulge any of their testimony. The despatch states that enough has been luuted around the navy yard to indicatn the re port of the Secretary of the Navy will indicate that jealousy and intrigue prevailed ou the day she sailed. Capt. Hall fouud that Buddiugton opposed him, and when the Polaris reached the farthest point north with everything favorable in prospect Buddmgton refused to go further, w **a^ l^caoie discouraged, and that Budoingtou, after Capt. Hall's death, was con stantly drunk. Capt. Hall’s widow arrived at Washington yesterday from Cincinnati and was supprised to hud the crew goue, as she desired to talk with them about her husband’s death. The Puneral of minister Orr. Fifty-three Lodges of Free Masons, seven Cotnmauderies of Knight Templars and several Chapters of Royal Arch Masous, besides a com pany of cavalry aud the Seventh Regiment will form an escort to the remains of ex-Mi Ulster Orr this afternoon. Flags on all the public and many of the private buildings and all the shipping in the harbor are at half-mast. A procession was formed of Masonic bodies and prominent c v 1 and m litary officials. The pall jearers were Grand and Pa^t Grand Masters, among whom was Hon. J. H. Drummond of Portland. The funeral services took place at the Church of the Disciples which was most tastefully decorated. The full service of the Episcopal Church was read by Rt v. S. H. Tyng, Jr.. followed by an address by Re,r. Dr. Hep worth, and the funeral service of the M a souic Order. The attendance was very large at the church, and the streets were crowded with people. At the cenclusion of the ceremonies the procession was reformed and the coffin was tak n to the cars in .Jersey City to be taken to South Carolina. Largo Swindle* J. H. Horton is wanted, he having by means of deposits of forged checks, placed iu a Phila delphia banking houseon Wednesday, succeed ed in drawing upou them, by telegraphic trans fer, over $27,000 in gold, and decamped before the swindle was discovered. The Reformed Church—A Grand Reunion Project* The General Synod of the Reformed Church, in sessiou at New Brunswick, New Jersey, yes terday, adopted a resolution appointing a com mittee of 15 to consider the subject of a federal or organic union and report next year. Re ports were received from delegates which 'eads to the belief that next year the union under one head and with one title will be consummat ed of the present Reform Church, the North Presbyteriau Church, the South Presbyterian Church and the German Reform Church, which will make an aggregate of 0000 churches, 12,000 ministers and 720,000 members. The proposed is that of “The American Church of the Mture." Various mutters. Three ruffians have been arrested for stoning a man to death on Staten Island. James McGiben. formerly a Confederate offi cer, and now an Erie employee, was arrested yesterday, while going about, half intoxicated, declaring that he was going to get a pass into the tombs to shoot Stokes. He was a great fa vorite of Fisk, having received from him a dia mond pin, gold watch, etc. The Tini“s calls upon the board of emigration to abaudon chapel building and railroad job bing, ami attend to the legitimate interests of the poor immigrants. John McArdle, a drunken brute,of Williams burg, upon beiug urged by his wife to give some of the food he had ordered from a restau rant for himself, to his starving children, last evening, beat her brains out. He was arrested. WASHINGTON. The mail Service. ' Washington, June 13.—Orders have'been issued for the establishment of a mail service on the Eastern Railroad of New Hampshire, between S inborn's and Wolfboni. a distance ol twelve miles. Pay fixed hereafter. The Chief of a *S« nr «f Robbers Killed iu West Viraiuia. Wheeling, June 13.—Wednesday morning, a masked party broke into the of John Denning, chief of a band of robbers in Wetzel County in this State, Mrs. Denning seized an axe to defend her husband, when the party fir ed, killing Denning, and fatally wounding Mrs. Denning. The 1. nchers left a written notice to the other members of the gang to leave the county. money Left. San Francisco, June 13.—William Ross committed suicide in Caso Hotel, cuttiug his throat with a razor. He left 82,000 in the bank, which he desired the proprietor of the house to send to his relatives in the East, but he did not write their names and addresses. It is supposed the man was insane. He had beeu ill a lung time. Large Sale of Stock. San Francisco, June 13.—The sale of the thoroughbred stock of S. B. Whipple, at Sau Mateo, closed to-day, aggregating 8200,000. Harvest Queen brought 865')0; Hainbletonian 810 500; Speculation 8500. The cattle generally brought large, and some fancy prices. , Execution. Atlanta, Ga., June 13.—Isham B. O’Neil was executed in the yard of Fulton County jail, to-day for the murder of James Little. He dird protesting his iu uocence, and without a struggle. _ PO H 1 11 1 Gr JN3. Future Policy of the New iUiuiMry. Madrid, June 13.—In the Cortes to-day, an offiicia! statement of the future policy of the new ministry was read. It favors a speedy de marcation of federal states, the restoration of discipline in the armv,the proclamation of mar tial law against the Carlist insurgents, the liber ty of the Antilles and the snnpressiunof slavery It estim:tes Pe deficit in finances at the end of the present month, at 2,800,000 reals. Senor Muzo, the new minister of war, is a trend of Castelar. Twice Haag. Paris, K.v., June 12.—Joe Duncan (colored), was hanged to-day for the murder of John Hawkins, also colored, iu April, 1872. The drop was sprung at one o’clock, and Duncan fell, but the rope being too long, lie was taken up on* the scaffold aud hung again, this time successfully. A large crowd was present. METEOROLOHICAL. PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTV-FOCR HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal i Officer, Washington, D. C., J. June 13, (8 P. M.)) Fur New England ou Saturday, falllng-barcroeter, fresh southeast erly and southwesterly wiuds aud partly cloudy weather. For the lower lake region, a falling barometer, fresh aud occasionally brisk south erly and westerly wiuds. cloudy weather and rain. For the Middle States, falling haremetei fresh southeasterly and southwesterly winds and increasing cloudiness, with probably areas of light rain from Virginia to Western New York. For the South Atiantic and Gulf States east of the Mississippi, generally cloudy weath er, rain areas, aud fresh southeag erly to south westerly winds and generally clear weather, which conditions will gradually extend east ov er the uoper lake region, Illinois and Missouri. From Tennessee ana Ohio, cloudy weather ami rain areas. niNOH TELEGRAMS. Ubassy beat Bessinger in a billiard match at Chicago Thursday nighl, running 800 to the lat ter 370 in a French game William A. Stumps, cashier of the Market Street Savings Bank in St. Louis, has mysteri ously disappeared. A collector of customs has been unearthed in the South who can neither read nor write. Price aud O’Kelly, the newspaper correspon dents who were imprisoned in Cuba, narrate at length their experiences, asserting that their places of confinement were unfit for keeping of animals in, and that they were exposed to all manner of indignit'es. Perry, who escaped from jail in Auburn, N. Y„ last January after killing the jailor lias been arrested. The French government has decided to imme diately transport Henri Rochfort to New Cale donia. A case of cholera is reported in Jersey City, ! The steamer Falmouth arrived in Halifax j from Portland, Thursday night. F. B. Tarbell of West Groton, Mass., took the Dc Forest gold medal for prize speaking at Yale, yesterday. A railroad collision took place Friday at New ark, N. J„ by which the passengers were bruised. A. S. Whitehouse was throwu from his wagon at Woodsacket, R. I., Thursday, aud killed. General Sherman made a short and charac teristic address to the graduating class at West Point, yesterdoy. Steamer Mary McDonald was burned at Gil bam’s Lancing, on the Missouri river. £,oss f21,000. Base ball Baltimore; Mutuals 11, Balti | mores a. The band of the Prince George regiment of the Saxony army, one of the most celebrated in Germany, lias sailed from Hamburg for a toUr of the United States. The Columbia bank at Chatham, jj. j._ a State institution, has suspended. The Internal Revenue receipts Fridayamount ed to $312,1124. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Foreign Exports. ST. JOHN, NB. Scbr J K Howard—1800 bbls flour, Otons l>rau, 26 mowing machines, 100 doz rakes, 1 water wheel. Scbr Lizzie G—800 bbls flour, 10 tons feed, 152 pkgs rakes, 1 00 It walnut lumber, 50 bbls concentrated manure, lot of machinery. WESTPORT. NS. Scbr Hibernia—8 bbls,flour, 2 do pork,2 do beef. Foreign Vtnporu. SAGUA. Brig Mechanic—339 lihds 9 tes 58 bbls mol it-ses to George 8 Hunt; 2 bbls molasses, 1 do su gar to master. GUANTANAMO. Brig Attie Durkee—480 hhds 47 tes sugar to order. PONCE, PR. Scbr Ocean Belle—308 hhds 21 tes molasses to Pbtuucy & Jackson. Bo*ton 8tock liiftt. fSales at the Broker’s Board, June 13.1 Maine State 6’s.99 Laconia Manufacturing Co rights.25* Boston & Maine Railroad.118$ IVew York Stock and money market. New York. June 13 - Morn no.-Gol.l at 117.— Money 4 per cent. Sterling Exchange, long, 108f; do short 110$. Stocks strong, state stocks inactive. New York, June 13 — Rcentnn.—Money easy at 3 @ 6 per cent, with the bulk of business at 4 percent., the closing rate. Exports for the week about 16,000, 500. Sterling Exchange dull and steady at 109$ for sixty days, an 1 110$ ror si^ht.. Gold steady at 116$ @ 117, closing at 117 @ 117$. The market was sonie wuat exciied by the return of Jay Gould, but no demon tration was made by his brokers: loans flat to 5 j»er cent.. The clearances were 53,000,000. Tre s ury disbursements §311,000. Governments dull and steady. State bonds very quiet. The tone of the market wasunmistak biy bullish and the anxietv of shorts in Western Union arid New York Con rud to rec iver has given those stocks special activit'. The rest of the market sympathizing with the upward movemeut. hut with less excitement. The loan market to-day showed less demand than for several weeks. Western Union opened at 84$, "old dowu to 83}, and steadily up to 88$ under continued purchas es by the Vand rbilt interest, who are said to have a largj part of the stock. New York Central was tak en largely by Vanderbilt brokers and sold from 101$ up to 102$. Bsuiemic market*. New York. June 13— Evening—Cotton dull and unchanged; sales 740 bales; Middling uplands 20$c. Elour in buyer’s favor; sales 6200 bbls; Stale 5 35@ 7 60: Round hoop Ohio 6 60 6$ 9 60: Western 5 35 @ 9 50; Southern at 620 @ 11 00. W heat is 1 @ 2c 1 »w or with a moderate export demand; sales 194.000 bull' N * 2 Spring at 1 45 (g> 1 53; No 3 at 1 31; Win ter Red Western 1 51 for inferior. Corn in fair re quest an I unchanged; sales 168,000 bush; ne v Mix ed Western 54 ® 58c: old 5c. Oats a shade firmer for new and dull and heavy for White: sales 78.000 bush; new Wes'eru Mixed at 40 @ 43c. Beef steadv. Pork steady; new mes-16 62*. Lara weak at 8| @ 9$c.— Butrer is quiet and steady; Ohio 15@ 20c; new State 25 @ 28c. Whiskey quiet at 93$c. Rice steady at 7$ Cgj K$c Sugar is dull and heavy ; refining 7$ @ 8$c.— Cottee a shade firmer; RIa 17$ @ 2.'c in Gold. Mo lasses quiet and unchanged; clayed 29 <a> 31c • New ^r,«?ns ! Porto fclco 35 @y6<>c; MuwjovJo 30 @ 3«c. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine weak at 51; U »s..i in good demand at 2 90 for strained. Petroleum dull; crmie 8$ @ 8}c; refined at 19$ @ 19$c. Tallow dull at 8} @ 8$e. l^Frereights lu Liverpool quiet; Graiu, per steam, at The following were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon G’s, 1881. 122$ United States 5-20’s 1S62.1164 Uuited States 5-20’s 1864.1164 United States 5-20’s 1865, old...119 Uuited States 5-20's 1865, new. 120 United States5-2»»’s ISC7.121} United States 5-20’s If 68 .120} Uuited States 5’e. new.Hgi Uuited States LO-4o’s.,coupons. • ....114$ Currency 6’s . ....1144 The following were the closing quotations <f Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 86$ Pacific Mail. 40 \. Y. Centra’and Hudson River consolidated... .102 Erie. &48 Erie preferred.72 Uuion Pacific stock. 28 The following were the quotations for Pacino Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds.103$ Union Pacific do.. 87 Union Pacific laud grants.71$ Union Pacific income bonds. 62 Chicago. June 13.—Flour quiet and weak; sales mostly private, and it is believed at 1 >wer rates.— Wbeat is dull and lower; No l Spring at 128 for solt; 1 29 for bard; No 2 Spring at 1 21} on spot; 1 19} seller July with early sales at lc lower; No 3 do at 111; rejected 95 @ 98. Corn dull and declining; No 2 Mixed at 34} @ 35c on spot; 361 @ 39} for seller Aug; rejected at 30} @ 3)}. Oats dull and declining at 27} (S) 2i| cash; 30}c seller July; reected 24 @ 24}c. Rye steady; No 2 at 61}c. Barley is dull and nominal.— Whiskey is steady at 90c. Provisions— Pork dull and lower at 15 85 on spot; 15 90 seller July. Lard nominally unchanged. Bulk Meats unchanged. Ba con nominal; shoulders at 6} @ r}c on spot; short rib middles at 8j? @ fife cash; 8}c seller July. Lake Freights in fair demand and lower—Corn to Buffalo at 5}. Receipts—6,000 bbls flour, 76,000 bush wbeat. 216, 000 hind) corn. 114.0"0 hush oats, 3,000 bust rye, 1,000 busb barley, 00.000 hogs. Shipments—4.000 onis tfonr, 00,000 bu*l» wheal, 000, (,00 b»i*»h corn. 114.000 bush oats, 2,000 bush rye, 2,000 bush barley, 0900 hogs. Cincinnati. June 13.—Provisions with a s’ightly improved feeling. Lard nominally quiet and; steam belli at 8}c; ke tlo at 8}c. Pork at 16 25@ 16 50.— Bulk Meats steady ;shoulder in an improved demands 64c; clear rib sides 8| @ 8}c; sales 8}c buyer June; clear sides at 8} @ 8}. Bacon—shoulders and clear rib sides in good demand; sales of shoulders at 7}c; clear rib sides at 9}c; clear sides 91 @ 9}c. Wbiskev quiet at 69c. nOltno. June 13.—Flour isoniet and unchanged.— Wheat declined 1 @ 3c; No 2 White Wabash 1 79; No 3 at 1 61; extra White Michigan at 1 80; No 1 White at 1 65; Amber Michigan on spot and seller June at 1 51} ty 1 52: seller last half June 1 51 @ 1 52; heller July l 50 @ 1 51; seller first hall Julv 1 50} @ 1 '1; No 2 Red ou spot I 50} @ 1 51; No 3 at 1 37}; rejected do 1 27. Corn is dull and lower; high Mixed on spot at 42}c; seller June 42} @ 42}; do July 43} @ 43}c; Aug 44} @45; Sept 46; White 46}c; seller June 47}; no * . ade 36}c. Oats dull and declining; No 2 at 31} @ lor No 2. 3 Lake Freights firm; to Buffalo 4 @ 4}c; to Oswego 8 @ 8}c. Receipts—2,000 bbls flour, 14,000 bush wbeat, 22,000 bush corn, 4,000 hush oats Shipments—1000 bbls flour, 15,000bush wheat, 3,000 busb com, 1,000 busb oafs. Detroit. June 13.—Flou'quiet and unchanged.— Wheat dull and declining; extra White 184; No 1 White 1 73 @ 1 74; Amber Michigan 1 72. Corn quiet at 42 @ 44c. Oats dull and at 34}c. Freights to Oswego 8} @ 8}. Receipts-2,000 bbls Hour, 8,000 busu wbeat, 1,000 busb com, 3,000 bush oats. Shipments—0000 bbls flour, 32,000busb wbeat. 2,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Char (.RATON. June 13.—Cotton firm; Middling up lauds 18} @ 18}e. Savannah, June 13.—Cotton firm; Middling up lands at 18}«\ 18Mob,lr. June 13 —Cotton firm; Middling uplands New Or leaks, June 13.—Cotton in moderate de mand; Middling uplands 18}c. Bnrspvas UarUrU. London, June 13—11.30 A. M.—Consols opened at 92| for money and account. American securities—U. S. 5-20's 1865, old, at 921, do 1867, 92} ex in.; do 10-40s, 88}; new 5s, 89». Erie Railway at 49}. London, June 13—5.U0P. M.—Consols closed at 92} for money and account. American securities—U. S 5-20s, 1865, old. 921; do 1867, 92}; U. S 10-40s at 88}; new 5s 89}. Eric Rail way at 49}. Liverpool, June 13—5.00 P. M.—Cotton closr# firm; sales 12,000 bales, including 3000 bales for spec ulation and export. . LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES PA8SED AT THE THIRD SESSION OF THE FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. [General Nature—No. 73.] AN ACT to regulate the taking of testimony in cer tain cases. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives qf the United States qf America in Con gress assembled, That no witness shall be cnmftelled to appear or to tes ifv before any commissioner or of ficer appointed to take testimony under letters roga tory, i8sned or to be issued from any court in any foreign country, in any suit or proceeding in widen the g jvernuient of such fo eign country t-hall be a party of record or in ime.est, except for the purpose of answering specific written interrogatories issued with and accompanying such letters rogatory, and addressed to such wi ness: Provided, That when «tunsel for all the parlies attend the examination, they may consent that questions in addition to those accompanying rlie letters rogatory mav be put to the witness, uuless the letters rogatory, exclude such ad ditional interro atories. Sec. 2. That n > wi ness shall be required, on such examination, or any other under letters rogatory, to make any disclosure or discovery which shall tend to criminate him either under the laws of the State or Territory within which such examination is had, or any o her, or any foreign State. Approved, March 3, 1873. [General Nature—No. 74.] AN ACT to restore Absalom Kirby as assistant engi neer in the navy. Be it enacted by the Senate and House qf Repre sentatives qf the United States qf America in Con gress assembled, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, au boiize 1, by and with the advice and consent ot the Senate, to restore Ab salom Kirby to his orig nal position on the active lilt as a second assistant engineer in the navy of the United States. Aimroved. March 3. 1873 [General Nature No. 75.] AN ACT providing for the payment to the govern ment of Japan the sum due on aecouet of rents for lauds and buildings occupied by ihe diplomatic and consular representatives of the Uuited States to Japan, and for other purposes Be it exacted by the Senate and House qf Represen tatives of the United States of America »» ( o^gress assembled, That the Secretary of Seate be, and he is hereby, autho ized to pay to the government cm Ja pan through its representative in the United States, out of any moneys In the treasury not otherwise ap propriated, any sum not exceeding six thousand dol lars. which may be found mbedue to the government of Japan by that of the Unite 1 Stales, ou account ol; rents for lands or buildings occupied for hospital pur poses, Jail and courl-houseby the United States In Japan Sec. 2. That the Secretary of State, throngb t he minister resident at Jap in, be, and he is hereny au thorized to rent, furnish, and keen suitable bulletin- ss | itli grounds appurtenant, in Jedo, or such other place as lie may designate, for a court-house and Jf .11, at an annual cost, not exceeding five t ousaud <hol TGfneral Nature—No. 76.1 AN ACT autlnriziu? the Secretory of Wartofur nish a duplicate certificate of discharge where the same has been lost. Be it enacted by the Senate and House qf Repre sentatives of the United Sta'es of America in Con gress assembled. That whenever satisfactory proof shall be furnished to the War Department that any nnn-coromicsioned officer or private soldier who nerv ed in the army of the United States in the late war against the rebellion has lost his certificate of dis charge. or the same has been destroyed without his privity or procurement, the Secretary of War shall be authorized to furnish, ou request, to such s<on commissioned officer or private, a duplicate of Buch certificate of discharge, to be indelibly marked, so that it may be known as a duplicate: Provided\ Such cer incite shall not be accepted as a voucher for ihe payment of any claim against the United States for pay, bounty, or other allowance, or as eviddnce in any other case. . J®*1 -• That the army regulations now in force are gJJJg nw in accordance with the provisions of Approved. March 3. 1873. ;—jjjftjTERTA INMENTS. Forest CitvT trotting^ Park i PORTLAND, Me 1873 June Meeting 1373 Juoc 10th, 11th. 13th. 13th & itth. $2500 IN PREMIUMS. NATUKDtl , Junr 14«b. SPECIAL PREMIUMS. Three Hundred a-d Fifty Dollars, H-fiine Caen. Hospital Prizes. First Premium, Martin & Pennell, wagon, valued 9250, for horses that have never beaten 2:45. ENTRIES. Geo. H. bailey names.b. m. Grace. Prudcn Lerourman names.c. m. Puilty. S. H, Jacobs names. g. on. Lady Walton. Geo. M. Delauy names.b. in. Nellie. Second Premium. Gold Mounted Harness, value 91C0, for horses that ha e never beaten 2:35. ENTRIES. Geo. H. Bailey names.b. s. John Lambert. H. A. Hall names.s. in. f'aoutchonc. Wright & Norcross names. ...cb. g. Auburn Boy. James Dustin names.b. g. Stranger. Mile h* a?s. lHj*t 3 iu 5 lo harness to be trotted un der Na'ional rules. Tickets of admission 50 cents. Per order Ex, Com. Hospital Fair. juneSdtd ARMY & NAVY HALL ! Prof. I. Gr. Stearns, the celebrated PSYCHOLOGIST ! Every E^ning this week, Come and enjoy a hearty Laugh i Doors open at 7; commence at 8. Tickets only 25 cents. lyimdruction in Psychology from 7 to 8 previous to the Eutertaiumant. Terms 95.00. juulOdlw Harry Bloodgood’g MINSTREL AND BURLESQUE COMBINATION To-Night at Music Hall. Sflect Matinee Saturday at 8 P. M. j»!2___tf GRAND EXCURSION — TO — Old Orchard Beach ! TUESD1Y, JURfE 17, 1873. THE ‘‘ARMY AND NAVY UNION” an nounce to their friends and the public that the^ are now able to fulfill the premise ade, or giving them the first Excursion over ihe Boston & Maim* R. R. to “Old Orchard Beach” and “Fern Park.” This delightful trip is onlv one half hour** ride, and ev»rv one wb > goes will feel amply rewarded. A platform for dancing will be erected in the Grove, and a select orchestra from the Portland Band will fuinigh the music. Tickets lor the round trio, in clud'ngdancing, only 50 cents, for-ale by the com mittee, ar Rand & Thornes and at the Depot. Trains will leave Boston & Maine Depot (late Walker House.) at 8 ?0 A. M., and 12.15 P. M. Return leave Old Orchard at 5 F. M. juiodtd HOSPITAL FAIR. REFRESHMENT DEPARTMENT, FLUENT^ HALL. THE ExecnMve Committee take pleasure in an uounclng that they h ive, through the courtesy ot‘ Mr. Fluent, obtained ilie use of the spacious and beautiful hall, knowu as FLUENT HALL, and that it has been hards mely and conveniently tlttod up, and will be Hsed as a FI KMT-FLAWS RESTAURANT, During the Fair. The religious societies of the city will furnish refresh men is and flowers. Scores of yung ladies, in prnty and appropriate uniforms, will serve on ibeir respecilvo parish clays. The flor al dec >rations. which are under the «uiporvi*if»n #*f a ladjr of exquisi'e ta«fe. will b«- unique and beautiful; whi'e several pieces of music have been engaged to lend their charm to the scehc. All persons vlsltiug the Fair are Invited to visit Fluent Hall. Entrance bv tho bridge which has been constructed across from City Hall. No extra charge for admittance. Doors open from 11 a. m., till 10 p. m. jy N. B.-Societies are requested to sen 1 in re freshments as early as 9 a. id. JelO MANILLA, MACKINAW. . CANTON! and all the different grades and styles of Straw Hats for Men and Children’s wear. Also, the latest New York styles of Felt, Kersey and 811k Hats, and a fine assort ment of Hammocks, Baggy Um brellas, Shawl and School Straps can be found at MAHER A CO.’s, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE. _Ju9__jBdtf Those Baked Beans. _ # THOSE BAKED DEANS — WHICH — W. C. COBB le selling BY THE QUART, at his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, hare been tested and pronounced GOOD ! Now if you wish to try thorn, yon can by 'sending in your omer have them bronght right from the oveu to your door anv morning during the week. Or, if you say you want there. Sabbath morning (as is the custom) Mr. Cobb will Inve a fresh lot ready which he will send yon Saturday evening. Then by flit ting them in your own ov< n you can find ihem there at breakfast time and save the unpleasant ta.-k oi rising before you are ready and hurrying to the bak ery. P. 8.—Take wnr choice BROWN BREAD witk the as or aot, as von like. ap!5__tf_ FISH „ D SALT. NOW RECEIVING. 300 qtfs. new and superior English Shore Cod. — ALSO IN STOII — New Shore and Bank large and meninm Cod. Pollock, Cusk, Had dock. Halthnt, Smoked and Pick led Herring., Tongues ft Sounds. Trimmed Fins, Heads, superior qna'ity Bloates Me»s mackerel with Nos. 1 und * of s me. Also Turks Island,Cadiz ft Liverpool Salt DANA ft CO. jul3 dSf HOT TEA R0LLS7 HOT TEA” ROLLS can be had from W. C. Cobb’s Bakery or Carts EVERY AFTERNOON. mylStf FRESH SALMON. A prime lot of Fresh Salmon for sale by JOHN LOVEITT ft CO.. 104 CO.USBBriAL STREET, At 20 and 25 Cents a Pound. Jul3 _dtt Valuable Livery Stock for Sale. OWING to my ill-health I oiler for sale my entire Livery Stocx. The Stables can be leased or void. All persons owing me are requested to call and settle as I wish to close my business immediately. CHARLES SAGER. Portland, June 5. 1673 dtf Lumber and Dock Timber Wanted . In exchange for LeeeieetlTr Bailers, H arim'oatal Engines, Feed Paaipi and Other Machinery. Address, G. H. ANDREWS. feWdtf _ Pearl St.. New York. COUNTRY BOARD • hot rders can be accomodated at Ridge Cottage, 1J miles from Bridgton Centre. Good air, magnifl ent mountain anti lake scenery, fine drives, convenient boating an I llslilng. Address, W. 0. KIMBALL, Bridgton, Me. ____ eodt Amntuncement. MR. JAMES L. POGG Is admitted ss a member of our firm fkom this day. _ „ J, B. MATHEWS * CO. Portland April2, U73. ** 1 =_auction sales. Choice Plant* at Auction. SATURDAY, June I4th, ut 10 o'clock at Kuchmit.. tlouble aud ningl. Oeranluiu., Verb^’ Ivies, Co en, Hello, rope., Hnk. Union VorbmmL Petunias,Arc., Irom i he Conservatory ot Hovev A Co Cambridge, Mass. vey * c®4' F. O. BAILEY A CO., Auii(.Wn, J”13__ 2t SPECIAL SALET STOCK OF — New Carriages dee., at auction. 0NRuAJb’?(vlt1T' JH?e utt>. at II A. M. at John areas street willbSSaftw ^ N' ••3,1 aml 3,3 Con sell for Ids i-ilvate sale irads■ *!„”“’yu*>v ™*- 5“** Phaetons, 4 shlf ing top Bnggk. -*?f'!m7 R Ckutvayp, Carryalls, Bench Wagon, (ffniord ons, Expr. as Wagons, ,tr„ &c. ’ r<1 Wa* Also a number of See nil-hand Carriages K'.w and Second-hand Ha riches, Ac., &e. F. O. BAILEY 4k CO , Aa<U,mn. jnl2 dtd Furniture. Carpets, Ac, al A ac tion. ON SATURDAY, June 14th, at 10 o’clock, wa shall sell at House 67 Dnuforth street. Tapestry, 3 and 2-piy Cnrtieta, Stair Carpets, Black Walnut Parlor suit. Mahogan. Sitting Room Yuinltnre Chamber Setts, and ether Chamber Furmtuie, Ex tension Table. &c. V. O. BAILEY 4k CO. Aacdaieen. jull_ _ dtd Administrator’s Hale of- Real Es tate. PURSUANT to ft licence from the Honorable John A. Waterman, Judge of Probete for ‘ um bel land County, I h1u.11 sell at public auction on the premises hen-in after described ui Peering, July 16th, at 3 o'clock P, M , so much of the real estate 01 the late Oliver Bueklev. of Peering, as will prndoce tbe sum of tive hundred eighteen and 98-100 dollars Saul real estate is situated on the northerly side of Grove street, a. (joining the homestead lot of the late Olivt-r Buckley, and consists of some 4 pcre» of land, running back to land ol Albert Stevens, and known as the Sfrayton lot. A line <>}i|»ortuui>y Is presented to purchase a good hr use lot In tbe Immediate vk ni ty of horse cars, Westbrook Seminary, • c., Sic. EDWARD W. FOX. Administrator of tbe estate of Oliver Buckley, j 014,21,28 By J. S. Bailey Ac Co., Auctioneer* Valuable Real Estate AT AUCTION ! GUARDIAN'S SALE. Pursuant to a license from the Probate Court far the County of Cumberland, the undersigned. Guar dian of Charles H. Haggett of Portland, in said county, will sell at public auction on tbe prem mm on Tuesday, the seventeenth (17) day ot June, A. I). 1S7&, At to o’clock im the forenoon, the following described real estate situated in said Portland, vis: Lots numbered one (1), five (9). eight (8), eleven (11) and seventeen (17) on plm of Meters. Haggett's lands in Portland, (being the old homestead of Sam uel F. Haggett deceased J recorded in Cumberland Registry of Deeds, Plan Book No. 3, Plan 30. The above lots constitute a part of the well known Haggett Estate, situated on the northerly side ot Congress street, between Yellen and Grove streets, and embrace some of the best building lots in the city. SAMUEL F. HAGGETT, Guardian. Portland, May 14. 1873. jun!2<ltd Furniture, Beds, Carpets, Ac,, at Auction. ON Wednesday, June 18tb, at 10 o'clock «.m., we shall sell at hou«* corner of Park and Congress street*, Bi ngse's, ingrain and oil carrot*. *ofa, ca d and c«-n*er table*, chairs, lounge*, mirror-*, curtains, chamber fumiiure, feather bens, hairmd other mat tre'*es, spring beds, ward robes, steeria baker, re f iorrator, crockery, etc., together with the kitchen furniture. F. O. BAILEY A CO., Asctissrer*. __ _ _JelO Furniture, Carpt-to. Ar., al Auction. AT saie-rHim, 18 Exchange street, on WEDNES DAY, June 18tli. at to o’clock A. M., Parlor Suit in B. W. and Hair Cloth, S<-fh in B. W. and Green Kept, new ami second hand Carpet*, Chamber Fu niture. B. W. and Pine Ward Kobe*, Spring Bed*, Mattroawn. Cook, KcTrireraior, Crock ery and Tin Warr, Kitchen Furniture, ,tc. Ai 12 M. one Row Bout with Oa *, in good order. V. O. BAILEY A CO., Aictis crn. JuH»t •i Fine Pleasure Bouts at Auction. ON THURSDAY June 19th, at 12 M.. we *h 11 se'l on * >ulb side of Portland Pier the two fine pleasure Boa’s named Anna and Laura. F.ach boat will seat from 15 to 20 persons comfort ably, are In perfee* Older, with all necessary tackle and para phernalia. Sale positive and without reserve. F. O. BAILEY A CO., Aaclisaeen. jul4 did Very Valuable Farm at Auet!.n. ON THURSDAY, Jun* 19*h. at 4 o'clock, we shall sell the well known and valuable property kmwn as the Cushman Faim In New Gloucester, Me., 18 miles from Port! nd. consisting ot 120 seres of ex cellent land with building* unsiiri assed by anv farm buildings In Maine. Orchard contains 600 apple a it la abundance of • ther Fiuit Trtes. This is an oppor tunity tarely met with. Sale positive. Printed de 8Ci iptioii and particulars furnished by # F. O. Bailey & CO., Auctioneers. Double Journey tickets issued by U. T. R. R. to at tend th s sale to P-wnal ami return at one third more than single first cla**s tare. Julldtd ABRAM* A BRO.. Aartieaerm and Canaaalsaian Mrrrkaal*, give tbetr special a’tent ion to Rolling Real Estate, Furniture and Merchandise oi all kind*. Horses Car riages, «Sfrc. Adv nces made on consignments. Reg ular Sales of new and second-hand Furniture at the Auction Booms every Saturday morning. Commu nications by mail promptly attended to AB «Ann A BROTHER, 125 Fe »eral St., under the U. 8. Hotel. N. B. Money advanced ou Watches, Jewelry, Furniture, Clothing, and all goods of value. apr23 dtf NEW MODEL BUCKEYE MOWER. THE New Model Buckeye Mower contains many new ami important features:—Tbe driver hav ing control of the cutter-bar at all limes, can fold or untold the bar without leaving h s seat, or raise tbo bur perpendicularly to pa*s obstructions; the drive wheels run in pifhs made by the track-clearer and do not inn over any cut grass; a spring in the track cleartr all le ket p- it at all time* adjusted; It is hate to say, and we will warrant the Buckeye to do any thing that any other machine will dnv and when other machims are worn out and woftli ess the Buckeye will be good for years afterward. We have at our st< re a machine set up in working order, that we shall be pleased to show you. P. S.—We have, also, a New Horse Rake and Hay Tedder that we would like to have you see. KENDALL & WHITNEY, PORTLAND, HE. Jtti2d&w3w24 SECTIONS —* FOR — MOWERS AND REAPERS At Hanaractiirers’ Price. • . Farmers can have tbeir orders promptly filled by sending directly to us for Sections fer all kinds ot Machines. Sections will be polished on both side, and stamped * ith the name of the Machine for which they are in tended. All Knives and Sections Warranted. ordering send size or Section wanted. KENDALL & WHITNEY. PORTLAND, HE. Jul2d«frw3w24 City of Portland. NOTICE is hereby el ran that Ibe J dut Stan-M <g Committee on l.ying our new Street, whom ... r, ft ired tbo petition of the Boston A Maine Railro d, prat Ing that High Street be'ween York and Commercial Streets n*ay be dlacontlnued. wl meet at tbo Junction of High ,nd Commercial .tree's, on Monday the iwenty-ll lrd day of June, A. D. 1873, at 1 o’clock, P- M„ to hear all parties in'eresled .tnl then determine ami adjudge whether public conn nience require* that that part of High Street shontd be dis continued, and If they should so adjudge will th. n and there discontinue that part of Hlgn street and fix th. damage* aa required by law. GEO. P. WI SCOTT, MICAH SAMPSON, FREDERICK W. CLARK J. F. RANDALL. EDWARD THURSTON, WM. McALENEY Committee on Laying Ont New Streets. Jnt»3_dtd Spring Styles for Ladies Dresses and Street Garments, at MISS M. G. MAGUIRE’8, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, np stairs. aprl7 __tf HOT TEA BOLLS! BLAKE’S BAKERY, Every Afternoon at 6 O’clock. JnnH___^L Boat (or Sale. AVEBV nice light row Boat, with ull and fix ture. Also a Bnnt house it wanted. Will be sold cheap it applied for aoon. Call a J. w. TAY LOB, 178 Commercial Street, jonlg <Uw

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