Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 17, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 17, 1873 Page 4
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POETRY. A Sons for Peace. .BY JOAQUIN MILLER. As a tale that is told, as a vision. Forgive and forget; for I sav That the true shall enjoy the derision Of the false till the full of the day; Ay, forgive as you would be forgiven; Ay, forget, lest the ill you have done Be remembere l against you in Heaven And all the days under the sun. For who shall have bread And who shall have res', without pricer And who shall hold war with his neighbor With promise of peace with the Christ. The years may lay hand on fair Heaven; Miiv place and displace the red stars; May stain them, as blood stains are driven Jit sunset in beautiful bars; May shroud them in black till they fret us As clouds with their showers of tears: May grind us to dust and forget us, May tho years, O, the pitiless years l The precepts of Christ are beyond them: The truths by the Nazarene taught, With the tramp of the ages upon them, They endure as though ages were naught; The deserts may drink up the fountains, The forests give place to the plain, The mam may give place to the mountains, The mountains return to tho main; Mutations of worlds and mutations Of suns may take place ; but the reign Of Time and the toils and vexations Bequeath them, no, never a stain. Go forth to the fields as one sowing, Sing songs and be glad as you go, There are seeds that take root without showing, And bear some fruit whether or no. And the sun shall shine sooner or later, Though the midnight breaks ground on tho morn, Then appeal you to Christ, the Creator, And to grav-bearded Time, His first-born. ® * —“Songs of the Sunlands. HENRY CLEWS & CO., 33 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, Offer for sale a limited number of the FIRST MORTGAGE 7 PER CENT, CON* VERTIBLE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS — OF THE — Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Min nesota Railway Line. At 90 and accrued interest in currency. At which price they yield over 9 per cent., and are strongly recommended as a (Safe and Profitable Investment. This Railway is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, which is ihe most prosper ous State in the Northwest, being the only State in the Union free from debt. The Minnesota Di vision, running from Burlington, Iowa, to Austin, Minnesota, a distance of 260 miles, was completed in February , 1872. and earned during that year an av erage of $83,000 per month, being a monthly increase of $35,000 on the earnings of 1871. The earnings for 1873 are estimated to exceed $1,500,000, or more than $125,000 per month. The Milwaukee Division, from Cedar Rapids to Postville, on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, a distance of 110 miles, pasjMss through one of the richest sections of the State of Iowa, and furnishing au outlet to Milwaukee and the lakes. The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway bonds have been admitted to the New York Stock Exchange, and are daily dealt in and quoted on the official lists, thus furnishing dealers an advantage enjoyed by few of the new issues of Railway Bonds. The entire loan has been sold, except about $300, 000, which we now ofter, to close it out. All marketable securities taken in exchange at cur rent prices, without commission. For sale in Portland by Robt. A. Bird, 97 Exchange Street. ap26dtf __ BUSTOJN LEAD CU., [Incorporated in 1829.) J. H.Chadwick & Co., Ag’ts, Office 22, 24 & 26 Oliver Street, BOSTON MANUFACTURERS OP BOSTON Pure White Lead! Dry and Ground in Oil» DRY AND GROUND ZINC, LITHARGE, RED LEAD, LEAD PIPE, SHEET LE 4D, TIN PIPE. TIN-LINED PIPE, IRON PIPE and FITTINGS. PUMPS, &c., &c. Our Pure White Lead, both dry and ground in oil, we warrant to be strictly pare, aud guarantee that for fineness, body and durability, it is not sur passed by any Lead in the market, either foreign or American. order to protect ourselves, we have adopted as our t ade-mark an eight-pointed red star, with corporate seal in the centre. This is on everv pack age of our Pare Lead. None genuine wituout it W. F. Phillips & Co., AGENTS FOR THE CO 46 & 48 MIDDLE ST. febl8 lvTT&S LADIES, Madam Healy s Uterine Tonic Pill are now ready for the general public. The many who have tried them will need no other notice. They are an invaluable remedy for All Uterine Diseases. They cure PROLAPSUS UTERr, give tone to the muscles, and lift the organ into its proper position, and keep it there. They speedily cure Leucorhoea, Dvemenorrhcea and Menorrhagia. They are a spe cific for Stangury, a diuretie in Gravel. They pro mote sleep, allay nervous excitability. Remove ster ility, and all female weaknesses. They are purely vegetable, pleasant to the taste, lroefrom opiates and all injurious oroperties. Mariam Healv’s Pamphlet for women is interesting and valuable. Sent free upon receipt of stamp for return postage, or can bo found at Weeks & Potter's, 176 Tremont St., BOSTON. HADAM HE ALT'S LOTION, for ulceration and inflammation accompanies cacb box ol Pills. Price of Pills and Lotion, 91.25 per box, or 96.U0 a half dozen. Address all business let ters to Madam Healy, Box 337, Station A. Boston. For sale by WEEKS & POTTER, Bostou, and all Druggists. ap4dly Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Ev ans & Greene, is hereby dissolved by mutual consent. The name or either paity will be used in settlement. WILLIAM H. EVANS, CHARLES H. GREENE, Portland, May 27, 1873. Copartnership Notice. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner ihip under the nome of EVANS & MOONEY, and will continue the business of dealers in COAL AND WOOD ! at the old stand of the late firm of EVANS & GREENE, 281 Commercial St., head Merrill's Wharf. WILLIAM H. EVANS, Samuel s. mooney. Portland, May 27,1873. N. B. Mr. C. H. Greene, will be found at the old stand of the late firm. my28dtf Grafton Mineral FERTILIZER — AXD — DESTROYER OF INSECTS. THIS article has been carefully and thoroughly tested, during the past fou1'years, by many ex perienced farmers, eardeners, ami floriculturists, and the numerous testimonials which have been received from those who bavo given it a trial, leaves no doubt of it. valuable properties as a fertilizer for all crops; and particularlv as an insect destroyer, it haYing proved a perfect protection to rose bushes, grape vines, fruit trees, cabbages, squashes, and other vines and vegetables, from rbc depredations of insects, and is cbeaocr than any of the remedies which have been recommended for the purpose. -FOR SALE BY— KENDALL & WHITNEY, General Agent* for the Htate. Portland, May 80th, 1373. raay30-<14w SEELEI’S Hart Rubber TRUSSES1 -■'■..Hi, srPPORTEHh AND Ml. „ . P,I'K PIPES. MALK 'VEA°iSi2rSEJnand<P.r.eE«f0r FE‘ pliances known, will new Ju5V"vIke i11 °l„ler, ai’_ soil, nor move from pill® J!naV-*’reai>. cl,2«5' steel spring being coate 1 witbhanf?^! k!6' u^?,e cleanly, u-ed in bathing, fitted u? VI!£er’ "fh' <*&' recommended by all surgeons J, the hw "nlvar*a*-'j mpports known.—Send for pam„ilw £ .hlXllc,al mints 13*7 Chestnut St., Pbila.?eip,‘ftj-«**aW«,h way, New York. Complete ns.orU*’^^ »r»art careful adjustment, by P. Sweetser. l„ q ,ul ' iv W. Whipple & Co., and Thus. G. Coring, i.,, ’ ' ,V Beware of Imitations. *’ mvi,V™ L DENNISON’S PAI,T^7' SHIPPING TAGS. JOver 200 millions have lieen used w ;,h in i he past ten years without complaint .f loss by tag becoming detached. All express Companies use them. Raid by f« and (Stationers Everywhere. TT#S3m For Sale In Portland by HALLL. DAVIS, LOB IGN, SHORT & HARMON ,R. K. HUNT & CO. aug28 todly MISCELLANENOUS. 12.000 000 ACRES Cheap Farms: The Cheapest Land to Market, for sale by the onion pacific railroad company. In the GREAT PI-ATTE VALLEY. .1,000,000 Acres in Central Nebraska Now for sale In tracts of forty acres and upwards i n Five and Ten Years’Credit at 6 per cent. No Ad vance Interest requlroil. Mild and Healthful Climate, Fertile Soil, an Abun dance of Good Water. THK BEST MARKET IN THE WEST! Tlie gnat Shmug regions if Wyoming, Colorado, Utah being supplied by tlie fanner* in t*he Platte Valley. Soldiers entitled to a Homestead of ICO Acres. Tlie Rent Locntions for Location*. FREE HOMES FOlt ALL! Millions of Acres of choice Government Lands open for entry under tlie Homestead Law, near this Great Railroad, with good markets and all the conveniences of an old settled country. . „ _ Free passes to purchasers of Railroad Land. Sectional Maps, showing the Land, also new edi tion of Descriptive Pamphlet with New Maps, Mailed Free Everywhere. Address, O. F. DAVIS, Land Commissioner (J. P. 11. R. myC8t4w Omaha ,Nib, N EVER Neglect a Cough. Nothing is more certain to lay the foundation tDr future evil consequences. WELLS’ CARBOLIC TABLETS. are a sure cure for all diseases of the Respiratory Or gans, Sore Throat, Colds, Croup, Diphtheria, Asthma. Catarrh, Iiorseuess, Dryness of the Throat, Windpipe, or Bronchial Tubes, and all diseases of the Lungs. In all cases of siulden cold, however taken, these TABLETS should be promptly and freely used. They equalke the circulation of the blood, mitigate the se verity of the attack, and will, in a very short time re store healthy action to the affected orgi. Well*’ Carbolic Tablet* are f 1m only in blue boxes. Take no substitutes. If t ev can’t be found at your druggists send nl once tot he Agent in New York, who will forward them by return mail. Don’t be deceived by Imitation*. Sold by all druggists. Price 25 "enis a bo*. JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Platc-st., New York. Send for circular. Sol6 Agent for united States. _my28 d4wj 30lb Thonnand iu Ere**. Mole iuereaHiug. 3.000 more LIVE AGENTS Wanted for our LIVINGSTONE2 iTAFRICA over GOO pages, only $2.50. Incomplete and interior works are otfered, look out for them. Send for circu lars and sec Proof of the great©* success of the sea son. Pocket companion worth $i!> mailed free. HUBBARD BROS., Publishers, 723 Sansom Street, Phila. my28$4w TUP WORKING CLASS, male or female $60 a week guaranteed. Respectable em ployment at home, day or evening; no capital requir ed; full instructions and valuable package ot goods to stall with sent tree by mail. Adutess with G cent return stamp M. YOUNG & CO., 173 Greenwich St.. New York. my28-4wf 10PERCENT.NET' THE IOWA LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY will invest money on first-class Real Estate at 10 percent, interest, net, payable semiannually in New York,and will garantee the collection of all loans made through its Agency. All charges pail by the borrower. Please write, before investing, for New York and New Eng land references, ind full particulars. Samuel Mer rill, (late Governor of Iowa,) President. Address JAMES B. HARTWELL, Sec’y, Draw 1G7 Des Moi nes, Iowa. my28t4w 7 to 12 PER CEN^ We make a Specialty of County, Cky, and School District Bonds, Guarantee Legality of all bonds sold, collect the coupon* without charge, or take same as bo much casT.. on sales. J3f“Send tor price list. THE LAW of MUNICIPAL BONDS just published by our senior, should be in the hands of all interested in this class of securities. Two Vol umes, price $10. W. N. TOLER A CO., my28t4w IT Na**au-*t., New York. ^AGENTS WANTED ^ Pictures, Maps, ami Charts. Also, fo our Sere '*^ing Silk and Linen Thread. $100 to $200 cleared ^a^per month by good, active Agents. Apply at once Wto D. L. GUERNSEY. Concord. N. H. my28t4w ~| 6> SAMPLES sent by mail for 50c. that retail X & quick for $10. R. L. WOLCOTT, 181 Cliat ham-square, N. Y. my30d4wt “CAIIPHORINE” cures every pain. &c. Try it. Sold by all druggists. REUBEN HOYT, Pro prietor, New York. m 3lt4w AGENTS WANTED POll THE HOME of GOD’S PEOPLE. The grandest and most successful new book out. A2 knowledged to be the most decided success of the year—now selling with astonishing rapidity. It con tains nearly 300 Magnificent Engravings. Splen did opportunity for Agents to make money. Circu lars, containing full particulars and terms, sent fVee, Address DUSTIN, GILMAN & CO., Hartford, Conn. m%y31 4wf Secret of Beauty ! How to Beautify the Complexiou. If there is one wish dearer than another to the heart, of woman, it is tlie desire to be beautiful. The wonderful reputation of GEO. \V. LAIRD’S “BLOOM OF YOUTH” is very justly deserved. For improving and beautifying the skin, it is undoubt edly the best toilei preparation in the world; it is composed of entirely harmless materials, anti while the immediate effects are to render the skin a beauti ful creamy white it will, after a few application?, make it soft, smooth and beautifully clear, remov ing all blemishes and discoloration. This delightful toilet preparation has been severely tested by the Board of Health of New York City. Dr Louis A. Sayers,a ter carefully examin ing the analysis made by the above Board,pronounced Geo. W. Laird’s “Bloom of Youth’ HarmlcM.and Entirnly Free from Any thing Injurious to the Health or Skiu. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. Ask your Druggist for Geo. W. Laird’s “Bloom of Youth.” The genuine has the U nited States revenue stamp engraved on the front label, and the name, “G. W. I^aird,” blown in the glass on tlie back of everv bottle. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND FANCY GOODS DEALERS. ju2*4w 3 Brilliant Books for Canvassers and Salesmem! Bryaut’s Library of Poetry and Song, and Mias Beecher’s New Housekeepers Man ual'. Both selling fast and far. Exclusive territory; liberal terms. J. B. FORD & CO., New York, Bos ton, Chicago and San Francisco. my30f4w The Catholic World, Edited by VERY REV. I. T. IIECKER. THE CATHOLIC WORLD Has attained the reputation of being one of the Ablest magazines published in this country. It contains articles on al most EVERY SUBJECT. A new Story of great interest, b> the author of‘‘The House of Yorke,” entitled “GRAPES AND THORNS,” Has been coramensed in the Number for nne. Each number c mains 144 pages. 50 cts. a number, or $5 per year. To be had of all newsdealers. Publiahed CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY LAWRENCE KEHOE, General Agent. ju2tlw O Warren Street, New York. FIRE*. FIRE!! FIRE!!! FIGHTING FIRE ! AGENTS WANTED For the grandest book of the year, now selling with astonishing rapid ity. Tells of the causes of Fire; Safes: Fire-proof Buildings; Conquering Fire with Water, Steam and Gas; Insurance—/« it safe? Its History, Basis. Management, How to Insure, &c.; Vhid accounts of the Great Fires of History. Agents send for circu lars. You will not regret it. Sent free. Address Dustin, Gilman & Co.. Hartford, Ct. juGt4w r. « Ik the rooKl powe rful rlrnnwr, strengthens and remover n* Glandular Obstruction* known to ^l /T. MX riMliy adopted to constitutions “worn down” and debilitated by tlie warm weather of Spring and Summer, wheu the blood Is sot ■ “active circulation, consequently gathering impurities fiom sluggishness and im|>erfect action of the secretiv, organs, and is manifested by Tumors, Eruptionse Blotches, Boils, Pustules, Scrofula Ac., Ac. When weary and languid from over \vork and dullness, drowsinessand Inertia take the place of energy and vigor, the system needs a tonic'to build It m» and hdn the Vital Forces to regain their recup erative power. , _ .. r. feu Hi*; >nat of Mummer, frequently the Liver and Spleen do not properly perform their functions; the Uterine and Urinary Organs aie inactive, pro ducing weakness of the stomach and intestines and a predisposition to bilious derangement. Dr. WELLS’ EXTRACT OF JURUBEBA f*Pr«P«rrd dirccllytrom the SOUTH AMERI ,uau..N,r'llml is peeuliarlv salted to all these stSni!ie9;i£ wm cleanse the VITIATED BLOOD, MOV?? *we,?;IJ'T-'GIVIN'0 POWERS, and RK aKSSons from 1MPAIRED tal**“* as Jurubeba is pro StthIFTFR* ton If?l' Tter* tl,e ,nORt efficient PUKIMr.K TONIC and DEOBSTRUENT known in the whole range of medicinal plants 0 JOHN «. KELLuou, is Ptat^New York, Sole Agent for the Unit, <1 stale. Price One Dollar per Bottle. Send tor Circular Jun6 «wt MISCELLANEOUS. FREE TO BOOK AGENTS AN ELEGANTLY SOUND CAl^ASSUlS BOOK .11 ie be‘il atul cheapest Family Bible ever published will oe sent free of charge to any book agent. It con tains Over BOO tine Scripture illustrations, and agents are meeting with unprecedented success, Ad dress, stating experience, c'c.. and wc will show you what our agents are doing. NATIONAL PUBLISH ING CO. Phila., Pa. junll 4wt PB AGENTS’ profits per week. Will prove tpO I .I)W it or forfeit $500. New article Just pat tentel. Samples sent free to all. Address W. H. CIIIDESTER, '-’tit Bioadway, New York. Jnlltlw The New Family Machine. THE lASY RUNBiNu LOCK $ E G 0 stitch "■it Awarded lie Hinieat FBSXimt (Tire Hcdal) At AMEBICAS IBSTITTCS FAIE, I 1372. ! The SEC'OR is simpler, belter made and more highly finished then any other machine. Sews every thing, and is always ready; no change of tension re quired in sewing from light to heavy work. Agcm* wanted. Get the latest and best. Send for Circular. THE 8BCOR MEWING Htt HINE (O jnnl2 69? Broadway New York. t4w AOKNT8 WANTED in every county for a new national book, “Lives and Portraits of the Presidentswith 19 fine steel engravings. Send for descriptive circular. JOHNSON, WILSON & CO., 27 Beckman St., N. Y. ju!3d4wt A MAN OF A THOUSAND. A CONSUMPTIVE CURED. DR. n. JAMES, a retired Physician, (and by nature a ehemist,; discovered, while in the East Indies, a certain cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bron chitis, and General Debility, when his only child, a daughter was given up to (lie. His child was cur ed, and i« now alive and well. Desirous of benefit ing humanity, he will send the recipe, containing fuildircctions for making this remedy, free, on re ceipt of two stamps to pay expences. There is not a single symptom of Consumption that it does not at once take hold of and dissipate. Night Sweat, Peev ishness, Irritation ofthe Nerves, Failure of Memory, Difficult Expectoration, Sharp Pains, in the Lungs, Sore Throat, Chilly Sensations, Nausea at the Stomach, Inaction ot tne Bowels, and Wasting away .)/ the Muscles. Ad iress CRADDOCK & CO., 1,032 Rare St., Philadelphia, Pa. giving the name *f this paper. junl6t4w Providence Wringer. Pm Moulton Mr * BOLLS, Moat Durable; Double Spinal COGS,| Eaftiest Working; Adjustable Curved CJLAMP. Holds Firmest. PROVIDENCE TOOL CO., Providence, R. I. J. II. WORK, Agent, 44 Brand atreet, Bouton, M»>» junll deow Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is Hereby given thrt the firm of RAN DALL, McALLISTER & CO., is hereby dis solved by mutual convent. JOHN F. RANDALL, HENRY F. McALLISTER, EDWARD H. SARGENT. Portland, March 27, 1873. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the name of RANDALL & McALISTER, and will continue the business of dealers in COAL & WOOD at the old stand ot the late firm of RANDALL, McALLISTER & CO., 60 Commercial St. They will settle all demands of the lato firm oi Randall, McAllister A Co. JOHN F. RANDALL, • HENRY, F. McALLISTER. Portland. March 27th, 1873. mar29dtf City ofJPortlaiid. In 'Board of Health, l April 21st, 1873. J ORDERED, that until otherwise directed we do hereby designate the dump at the foot of Hano ver street (City Stable lot), and the dump at the foot of Franklin and Smith streets, as the places for de posit© of rubbish, snch as dirt, shavings, saw dust, ashes, cinders, soot, hair, shreds, manure, oyster, or lobster shells, or any other matter of any kind (except dead animals) which may be removed from any bouse, cellar, yard, or other place within the City limits. Approved April 21st, 1873. I hereby give notice that the “City Ordinances’’ relating to the deposit of rubbish in any Street, Lane, A ley. Court, Square. Public Place or unoccupied lots within the city limits, except the lots designated in the foregoing order, will be strictly enforced GEO. W. BARKER, City Marshal. Argus and Advertiser copy. ap23ed3m REMOVAL. I HAVE moved my office to No. 17 Exchange St., Ocean Insurance Co. Building. J. H. HAMLEN. Portland, June 2, 1873. Notice. HAVING made arrangements with Lumber man ufacturers of Southern Pine at all the princi pal shipping ports, I am uow prepared to fill orders for Ship, Factory, Car and Bridge building, South American and West Indies cargoes, at lowest rates. J. H. HAMLEN, Lumber anil General Commission Mer chant, No. 17 Exchange St.. Portland, Me. No. 47 South St., New York. Portland, June 2,1873. tf L. C. JOHNSON & SON? —HATING TAKEN THE— RESTAURANT under the New City Building in Lewiston, for the terra of five years, would now say to the public that wei nte: d to keep a first-class place in every respect. Our Bi*i of Fare shall be in keeping wi'b the Portland and Boston Markets. Those visiting Lewiston do not forget to call at Manufacturers’ and Merchant^1 RESTAURANT. CITY BVILDINGr, Tine Street, LEWISTON, MAINE. LEWIS r. JOHNSON, JOSEPH A. JOHNSON, jan22 dlvnewe3rn CITY OF PORTLAND. NOTICE Is hereby given that the Comm'ttee on Si reefs, Sidewalks ami Bridges, will meet at the junction of Middle and Pearl streets, on WED NESDAY. the 18th of June, 1873. at 3J o’clock P. M., and will then and there hear all parties interested and fix the grade of Pearl Street :rom Middle to Commercial Street. Also, that on the same day at 3 o’clock, P M., the same Committee will meet at the Junction of Temple and Congress sts., and will then and there heai all p rtiea interested and fix the grade of Congress street from Temple to Preble street. , . _Per Order of Committee, julldtd GEO. P. WKSCOTT. Chairman janl 73 tf ELIAS HOT* II Sewing Machines AND HITTTKKICK’S Patterns «f Garments PI.T'MM tl k V?ILLSB 173 Hf.. UnKtairo 825 RE hARD. THE above reward is offered to any person who will furnish the dog. and prove his ownership, that destroyed the Swans in Evergreen Cemetery on the 27th instant. And MPKCJIAIj NOTIdtii is hereby given that Dogs are Abnoluteiy forbidden within the iuclosure of the Cemetery. JAMES BAILEY,) C. E. JOSE, J Trnstees. J. S. PALMER, ) Portland, May 29th—d3m Office of the A. C. S., » Fort Preble, Me , May 14,1873.1 SEALED Proposals in duplicate will be received at this Office until 11 A. M., June 20th, 1873. for furnishing the Fresh Reef required by the Sub sistence Department, U. S. A., at this Po~t, during six months, commencing July 1, 1873. Information as to conditions, quality of Beef, payments, &c., can be obtained by application to G. W. WIER, ju3-dtd 1st Lieut, 5th Artillery, A. C. S. A Fine Business Opening FOR a young or middle aged man of unexceptiona ble character. Experienced accountant and one thousand dollars capital. Investigation is invited Address Box $015 Portland Me. nov^itf RAILROADS. EASTERN RAILROAD. PORTLAND DIVISION. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, COMMENCING MONDAY, JUNE 16th. THSSaanaa. finger trains leave Portland dal J. ) ' foi Portsmouth aml Boston, (Suu ays excepted) at *1.30 a. M. 16.15 A. M M-> ».10 A. M., 113.40 P. 31., I 6.25 P. laiavo Boston for Portsmouth aud Portland at 113.30 A. M, H2.30P. 31., t3.15P. 3f., |’6.0u P. 3f., *8.00P. M. Leave (Portsmouth for Portland at #10.35 A M 112.57 P. 31.. t5.40 P. 3L, 116.00 P. AL. *10.05 P. 31. Leave Biddeford for Portland at 7.15 A. 31.. return ing at 5.15 P. M. •Pullman sleeping ear express tram. N. B. This train runs Sunday Morning, does not run Monday morning. f Accommodation train. IIFast Express. The Pullman Sleeping Car Express Train ar rives at and departs from the Depot of the Maine Central Railroad, in Portland. N. B. The 6.15 A. M„ 9.10 A. M-, ami 3 40 P 31. trains from Portland, make eiose connections to New York by one or other of Ihe routes from Boston. Passengers ticketed through bv either route ,J. PRESCOTT, Supt. ‘ GEO. BACHELDER, General Agent, Portland J“«L_ __dtf_ PORTLAND & ROCHESTER RAILROAD. Summer Arrangement. June a, 1873 Passenger trains leave Portland for Rochester and intermediate stations W 7.45 A. M., and 1.30 P. M.. making direct connection at Rochester with trains for Boston over Boston & Maiue and Eastern Railroads. Also connect at Rochester with Dover aud Winnipiseogee Railroad for Alton Bay, and with Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroad for Conway. Leave Rochester for Portland and way stations at 6.15 A. M. and 12 M. The 12 o’clock train making direct connection at Rochester with trains from Boston, leaving Boston at 8.30, A. M., via Boston & Maiue, and Eastern Railroads. Leave Portland for Gorham at 4.00 P. M. Leave Gorliam for Portland at 4.45 P. M. Leave Portland for Saco River at 6.20 P. M. Leave Saco River for Portland at 5.30 A. M. Stages connect as follows: At Gorham for West Gorham Standish, and No. Limington, daily. At Buxton Centre for West Buxton, Bonn? Eagle and Limington .daily. At Ceutre Waterboro’ for Limerick, Newfteld, Par sonstield and Ossipee, Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Sat urdays, returning alternate days. At Centre Waterboro’ for Limerick, Parsonsfield, daily. WILLIAM H. TURNER, Superintendent. jun3-tc BOSTON k MAINE RAILROAD. Summer Arrangement. MAY 3. 1N73. Passenger trains leave Portland from their station, Walker House, Commercial street. For Boston *6.00, *9.00 A. M., t3.30,16.15 P. M. Returning, leave Boston at t8.30 A. M.. *12.30,*3.30 and t6.00 P. M. For Rochester and Alton Bay *6.00, *9.00 A. M. and t3.30 P. M. For 31anchester and Concord via C. & P. B. B. Junction *6.00 A, M., t3.30 P. M. For Milton an t Union *9.00 A. M. and t3.30 I*. M. For Scarboro’. Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Biddeford and Kennebnnk at *5.10 P. 31. Returning, leave Kennebunk at *7.30 P. M The *9.00 A. 31. train, connects at Lawrence with trains lor Lowell, Manchester and Concord and all points Noitb. Pass tigers ticketed through by either route. Trains slop at Exeter 10 minutes for refreshments at t:rst class Dining Booms. Freight trains between Portland and Boston daily. Freight received at Portland <Ss Ogdensburg It. ft. Freight station until 4 P. M. Portland & Ogdensburg It. K. passenger trains ar rive at aud depart from this station. •Accommodation. tFast Express. IAS. T. FUKBER, Gen. Supt., Boston. PAYSON TUCKER, General Agent, Portland. Boston, May 5,1873. my5dtf KNOX & LINCOLN RAILROAD. Dircc trail route to Wiscasset, New -???v??lCastle, Damariscotta, Waldoboro, arren and Rockland. No change of cars bet ween Portland and Rockland. Steamers leave Rockland for all points on the Pe nobscot river, Mac bias, Mount Desert Vinal Haven, Hurricane and Dix Islands, l^eave Maine Central Depot, at 7.00 A. m., and 1.00 F. M. Stages counoct at Rockland, for Camden, Lincoin ville, Northport. South Tliomast on and St. George, daily. At Rockland for Union, Appleton and Wash ington, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. At Thomas Lon tor St. George daily. At Warren for Union, daily. At Warren for Jefferson and Whiteiield, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. At Wa.doboro’ for North Waldoboro*, Washington, and Liberty daily. At New Castle for Bristol and Pemaquid, daily. Freight Trains daily and freight taken at low rates. C. A, COOMBS. Sun*t. PORTLAND & 0GDENSBUR6 E. R. CHANGE OW TIME. __On and after Monday, June 9th, and p???;?????!?!9Suntj 1 further notice, trains will run follows: Passenger. Leave Portland, 12.30 P. M., 6.15 P. M. Leave N. Conway, 6.20 A. M., 1.00 P. M. Stages for « ornish, Porter, Kezar Falls, Freedom. Denmark, Bridgtou, Lovell and North Lovell connect with 12.30 P. M. from Portland. Steamer Sebagofor Naples, Bridgton, Harrison and North Waterford connects at Sebago Lake with 12.30 P. M. from Portl nd. The 6.20 A. M. from No. Conway connects in Pore land with trains for Boston, aniving there in season for all lines to New York via Sound Steamers or land routes; and the 1.00 P. M. connects with trains to Boston which arrive in time for Shore Line or Springfield route night expresses to New York; also with Steamers of Portland Steam Packet Co. for Bow ton. arriving next morning in season lor all earlv trains South and West. Ticket Office at Boston & Maine R. R. Station in Portland, whore all trains arrive and depart. Freight trains leave Portland at 6.15 A. M. “ “ “ No. Conway at 12.20 P. M. J. HAMILTON, Superintendent. Portland, June 6.1873. ju7ti MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD. Spring Arrangement, ('•mmenciug May 187 ii. Trains leave Portland for Bangor, Calais and St. John at 12:15 m. (sleeping and day cars on <his train.) For Ba1b, Lewiston, Rockland and Augusta at 7:00 a. in. For Bath, Lewiston, Rockland, Augusta, Readfield. Winthrop, Skowhegan, Belfast, Bangor, St. John and Halifax at 1:02 j>. m. For LewBton, Bath and Angnsta at 5.30 p. in For I^ewiston via Danville at 5:25 p. w. Trains are Due at l*artlan«l. From Augusta,. Bath and Lewiston at 8:55 a. in. From St. John, Bangor, and North and E st ai 3:40 p. m. From Augusta and Lewiston at 6:20 p. m. From St. John, Bangor, &c., at 1:20 a. m. Through Tickets are sold in Portland and baggage checked throuuh to Houlton, Calais, St. John, Hali fax, Dover, Foxcroft, Rockland, &c. L. L. LINCOLN, Acting Superintendent. Augusta, May 5.1873. myl2tf GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY OF CANADA. ALTERATION 4»E TRAIN*. WINTER AKRANGF.MKNT. 1-.c,““.“J, after Monday, Not. 4th U&S&f&SHHranu will run as follows: Passenger train for South Paris at *.30 A. M.; for Island Pond, Quebec, Montreal, and the west at 1.30 P. M. Stopping at all stations. Mail train (stopping at all stations) for Island Pond, connecting with night mail train for Quebec, Moutreal and the West. Accommodation for South Paris and intermediate stations at 5.00 P. M. From Montreal, Quebec, Island IPond. Gorham and South Paris at 2,50 P. M. From So. Paris at 8. 20 A. M. __/^VAT» J- vyiJLLUCO, 74 EXCHANGE ST/ — AND — DEPOT AT FOOT OF INDIA ST* Tickets sold at Reduced Rates J To Canada, Octroi', Chicago, iUilwnu” hoe. Ciucianati, St. Louis, Oin thn, Sagiancv, St Paul, Salt Lake City, Denver, San Vraucieeo, and all points In the Northwest, West and Southwest' J. C. FURNIVAL, Agt. THE GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY is in splendi* condition, ia well equipped with first-class rolling stock, and is making the best connections and quick est time of any route from Portland to the West. 3yPULLMAN PALACE DRAWING ROOM AND SLEEPING CARS attached to all through

trains. B ggage checked from Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom House examina tion. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding §50 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate of oue passenger tor every §500 additional value. 0. J. BRYDGES, Managing Director. H. BAILEY, Local Suprentendent. Portland, March 5, 1873. tf The Old Union Passenger Ticket Agency! Is now as heretofore at NO. 491-2 EXCHANGE STREET, — WHERE — TRAVELERS FOR CALIFORNIA And the West, South and Northwest, may procure Through Tickets at tLe lowest rates, via tne Michi gan Central and Great Western (via Suspension Bridge) Pennsylvania Central (via New York city), Chicago. Burlington & Quincy, or Rock Island, Chi cago & North Western, and all the principal and fa vo*Jte routes to the Pacific Coast and all other points. For Tickets apply to the Old Agency 'f W. D. EITTLE V CO., 49 •-* EXCHANGE NTREKT. Jan30d3wistostr Dissolution oi Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that tho roimrtuershln heretofore existing under the Hnn name of Sam uel Rounds it Sons, is this day dissolved by mutual oonsent. „, _ SAMUEL ROUNDS GEO. H. ROUNDS. ’ CHAS. F. ROUNDS. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the Arm name of RonudB, Sar gent & Co., and will continue the business of dealers In Coal & Wood, at the old stand of Samuel Rounds, & Sons, No. 36 Commercial Street. They will settle all demands ot the late firm of Samuel Rounds & Sons. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS, EDWARD H. SARGENT. apr5 dtf _STEAMERS. MAIL LINE TO " Halifax Nova Scotia, DIRECT! With connections to Prince Edward Is land auri Cape EBretou. owe tbipIpeb week. — The new aide wheel Steamship FALMOUTH, Capt. W.A. Colby, willleave Railroad wharf, Port land, every TUESDAY, at 5.30 P. M., (or on arrival of train leav ing Boston at noon.) FOB HAJLIFAX DIBECT Making close connections with the Nova Scotia Railway, for Windsor, Truro, New Glasgow and Pictou, and steamers foi Prince Edward island; al so at New Glasgow, N. 8., with Lindsey’s Stages for Cape Breton. J2T* RETURNING will leave Halifax on THURS DAYS, at 8.30 P. M. For freight and further information apply to J B. COYLE, Jr., Atlantic Wharf, or mar25dtf JOHN POUTEOUS. Agent. PORTLAND -'and PHILADELPHIA. Clyde’s Iron Line of Steamers ! Running between Providence and Philadelphia cverv WED NESDAY aud SATURDAY gives . direct communication to and rent Portland and all other points in Maine, with Philadelphia andbevond. Through rates are given to Philadelphia and all points reached >v the Penn Central and tde Phil. <& Reading R. R>s., and to all the principal cities in the South ami Southwest. No Wharfage. No Commission ior forwarding. Full imformation given by WALDO A. PEARCE, Agent, 124 Washington St., Boston, or J. B. COYLE Jr., Portland. WM. P. CLYDE, & CO,, Gen’l Managers. Janll ly 12 So. Delaware Avenue Philadelphia. INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. Eastport, Calais anti Ml. John, Oiabr, Windsor anti Halifax. SPRINGS- AR K ANGEMENT. TWO TRIP* PER WEEK! On and after Mondav March 24th the Steamer New York, ('apt. E. B. Winchester, and the Steam er New Brunswick, Capt. S. II. Pike, will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State St,, every MONDAY and THURSDAY at 0 J’. M., for Eastport anil St. John. Returning will leave St. John and Eastport on the same days. Connections made at Eastport tor St. Andrews Robbiiiston, Calais, Woodstock and Houltou. ’ Connections made at St. John for Dlgby, Annapo lis, Wmdson, Kentville. Halifax, N. S., Shediac, Am herst. fit#*Freight received on days of sailiug until 4 3 clock P M * marl8islwtc A. R. STUBBS, Agent. *.. — ~ « For Waldoboro and Damariscotta. The Steamer CHARLES HOUGHTON Alex. Farnham, Jr., Master, will on and after 30th inst., leave At ~ . lantic Wharf every Wednesday at J o’eloek, A. M., for Bootlibay, Round Pond and Waldoboro, and every Saturday at 7 o’clock A. M., tor Bootlibay, Hogdon’s Mills and Damariscotta. Returning, will leave Damariscotta every Monday \ °,c]oc!c A. M., and Waldoboro, every Thursday it 6 o clock A. M.f connecting with the Railroads and Boats for Boston. Freight and passage cheaper than & , ^ot*ier route. Freight received after One 0 clotk P. M., days previous to sailing. Inquire of HARRIS, ATWOOD & CO.. 145 Commercial St. Portland, April 23,1873. apr24tf Portland, Bangor and Machias Steamboat Co. Inside lines between Portland and Bangor, Hit. Desert and machias. The Steamer CITY OF RICHMOND, CAPTAIN C. KILBY, Will leave Railroad Wharf, every MONDAY, WED NESDAY and FRIDAY evening, at 10 o’clock, For Bangor, touching at Rockland, Camden, Lin coln ville, Belfast, Searsport, Sandy Point, Bucksport, Winterport and Hampden. Returning will leave Bangor every Monday, Wed nesday and Friday morning at 6 o’clock, touching at the above named landing, arriving in Portland at 5 o’clock P. M. The Steamer Lewiston, CAPT. CHARLES DEERING, Will leave Railroad Wharf every TUESDAY and FRIDAY Evenings, at 10 o’clock, for Rockland, Cas tine, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, S. W. Harbor, (Mount De sert J Mlllbridge, Jonesport, and Machiasport. Returning will leave Machiasport every Monday and Thursday mornings at 5 o’clock, arriving in Portland same evening, connecting with the Pullman Night Train and early Morning Trains for Bos on. For further particulars inquire of Ross & Sturdi vant, 179 Commercial Street, or CYRUS STURDIVANT, Gen Ag’t. Portland, May 19. 1873. mvl9tf Norfolk and Baltimore and Washington, V. C. Steamship Line. Steamships of this Line sail from end of Central Wharf, Boston. Semi-W eekly, for NORFOLK and BALTIMORE. _ 'Steamships:— a ‘* William Lawrence,” Capt. W. A. Hallott “ William Crane,” Capt. Solomon Howes. “George Appold,” Capt. Winslow Loveland. “Blackstone,” Cant. Geo. H. Hallett. .. “ William Kennedy,” Capt, Henry D. Foster. „ McClellan,”Capt. F. M. Howes. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Washington Steamer Lady of the Lake. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petcrslmrg and Richmond, by river or rail: and by the Va. & Tenn. Air Line to all points in Virginia, Tennessee, Ala bama and Georaia; and over the Seaboard anil lica noke R. R. to all points in North and South Carolina by the Balt. & Ohio It. It. to Washington and all places West. Through rates given to South and West. Fine Passenger aecomnocations. Fare including Berth and MeaL to Norfolk $15.01* line 48 hours; to Baltimore $15. time 05 hours. For further information apply to E. SAMPSON, Agent. june2tf 53 Central Wharf. Boston. FOR BOSTON. THE SUPERIOR SEA-U01>.« STEAMERS JOHN BROOKS and MONTREAL, Having commodious Cabin and State Room ac commodations, will run alternately, leaving ATLANTIC WHARF, Portland, DAILY, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED) A.T 8 O’CLOCK P. INI. Returning leave INDIA WHARF, Boston, same lays at 7 P. M. Fare Freight taken at low rates. W. Id. BILLINGS. Agent J. D. COYldE JR.. General Agcnt.nuhOOtf l-or the Islands. e STEAMER GAZELLE, C. F. Sands, will commence ips to Peak’s and Cushing’s Islands, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11th, Running as follows, until further notice: Leave Custom House Wharf foot of Pearl st., for Peak’s and Cushing’s Islands at 9 and 10* A. M. and 2 and 3} P. M. Returning, leave Cushing’s Island for Portland at A. M.. and 2* P. M. Leave Cushing’s Island, touching at Peak’s Island 11.15 A. M. and 5,15 P.M. Tickets down and back 25c. Children half price. Private parties can be accommodated by applying to the Captain on board. jelOtf BOSTON " —AND— PHILADELPHIA Steamship Line. LcaTe each port every Wed’s’y & Sat’d’y. Wo Wharfage. From Long Wharf, Boston, 3 r..ra. From Pine Street Wharf, Phila delphia, at 10 a. m. Insurance one half tho rate of sailing vessels. Freight for the West by the Penn. R. R., anti Seuth by eonnectlr - lines forwarded free of Commission. PASSAGE, TEN DOLLARS. For Freight or Passage, apply to WJH1TNEY Be SAMPBON, Agent., TO IVbnrf, Barton. Sebago Steamboat Co. On and after MONDAY, June 0th, 1873. the steamer Sebago will leave Harrison at 4 A. M., North Bridgton at 4.15, Bridgton 4.45, Naples at 6.45, connecting at Sebago Lake with the morning Strain arriving in Portland 9 07 A. M. Returning will leave Sebago Lake on arrival of train tvhich leaves Portland at 12.30 P. M., arriving at Na ples at 3.50, Bridgton at 4.50. No. Bridgton at 5.20 and Harrison at 5.35. Bridgton, June 9, 1873. Jul3dff Maine Steamship Co NEW ARHANOEMENT. SEMI-WEEKLY LINK Steamers Dirigo and Fianconis will, until further notice, run as follows: Leavo Galt’s Wharf, Portland, every MONDAY and THURS DAY, at 5 P. 51., and leave Pier 38 E. R.. Now York, every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 3 P. M. The Dirigo and Franconia are lit,..! up with line accommodations for passengers, making this the most convenient and comfortable route for travelers be tween New York and Maine. Passage in State Room S3. Meals extra. Goods forwarded to and from Montreal, Quebec Halifax, St. John, and all parts of Maine Shippe are requested to send their freight to the Steamers eariy as 4 P. M.,on the flays they leave Portland. For Freight or Passaeo apply to HENRY FOX. Gait’s Wharf, Portland. J. F. AMES, Pier 38, E. R., New York. May f-dtf MEDICAL THE ISTEW YORK University Medicines. The Greatest success of the Age ! Branch Office 250 Congress Street PORTLAND. Under Congress Hall. PELEG STAPLES, Agent Tor the State of Maine and New Rruuswick. The University Medicine has been tested by so many, and its merits so well known, that the hut- and cry o' humbug has lost all its sjare. It has cured ever 5000 cases in Maine within three years, including all diseases subject to this climate. It has cured over 3000 cases that could not be reach ed w ith any other medicines. It has cured many patients after their physicians told them there was no cure for them. It has proved itself to be superior to any other known medicine in the world for the cure of all forms of chronic diseases. CATARRH (the mother of consumption,) Scrofula, salt Rheum, and many other diseases hitherto con sidered incurable, readily yield under treatment of he University Medicines. SPERMATORRHOEA, the greatest destroyer of humanity on the face of the Giobe. How many be wail tbe loss of precious vitality without having the slightest idea of the cause, their manhood is daily vanishing and they are gliding into a state of hope less decay. Too strong language cannot be used by parents to council their children while young to guard against this horrid malady. By so doing they may save .heir sons and daughters from a ruined health, insanity and a premature grave. Abate this evil aud there will Vie no more appropriations required to enlarge our Insane Asylums. I nave cured over 2000 cases of this life and sou) destroying malady within three years, !»* Ihe New England States and Canada. I have invariably found that the foundation of destruction was laid before the victim was old enough to kn.<w of its evils. Do not let ta'se modesty stand in the way of treatment be fore the constitution is ruined. Persons afflicted with diseases will please call or send and get a book (free,) whereiu they will find their diseases explained, and necessary remedies. Address PELEG STAPLES, 250 Congress St., Port'and, Me. Thousands of certificates can bo presented if nec essary. but if the following are not sufficient to sat isfy the most sceptical, 10,000 additional ones would be useless. A tew words on Rheumatism ! OR HOW I BECAME ENGAGED IN THE UNIVERSITY MEDICINES. Some eight years ago, (alter returning from the sickly climate of Southern China) I was attacked with Rheumatism, and for four years I was unable to dress my> elf and most of tbe time, my suffering was so great that I would have given all I possesed or the wealth of the world if I had it, to be relieved from my sufferings. I tried all remedies 1 knew or could hear of but received no benefit. I had about given up in despair when I received one of the Uuiversity books. 1 thought it a humbug at first, but after a areful perusal it looked so reasonable, like a drown ing man catching to a straw, 1 Bent for the medicine, and in one week after I commenced taking it I ielt some relief. In one month I could move about with ease, and at tbe end of two months 1 was perfectly cured. 1 tried the medicine on several others af flioted with Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Dropsy. &c.. with the same beneficial effect. After testing the medi cine to my satistaction and finding it far superior to any other medicine for all chronic diseases, 1 obtain ed the general agency for the State of Maine and New Brunswick, and moved to Portland some three years a^o. And of the thousands of patients 1 have treated I ha\e met with almost universal success. I do not expect to cure all. and when I see a patient that I think I cannot cure I tell them so, for above all other abominations there is none greater than to deceive and rob the sick. As there are thousands suffering with rheumatism I wish to impress the minds of such to not despair; their case is cur able. When I can see the patient and apply the direct Medicator, can relieve the rain in a tew min utes, and by taking the UDiversity Medicines. If nov cured in a month there will be’ great relief, and it must be a very stubborn case that L cannot cure in two months. Why I dwell so much ou Rheumatism I kDow too well how to sympathize with those that are its victims, and I know they can be cured. If the above statement witli the followiug certificates is not enough to sufficiently satisfy those that are suf fering with it, Go<J help them. Certificates of Cures. This is to certify that I had been for a long time afflicted with Rheumatism. For uiue mouths I was under medical treatment without receiving benefit. At length I became nearly helpless, and my suffer ings intense. In this dreadful condition I sent for Dr. Staples, General Agent tor the New York Univer sity Medicines. In ten minutes after applying the Ac ipuncturatur 1 was able to dress. Aud in six days I walked from ray house on South Street, to Dr. Sta ples’ office, 250 Congress Street, and 1 have been able to attend to my business ever since. L. V. WHALEN, Barber. Portland, April 16,1873. 138 Fore Street. After’suflering a yeai with Sciatic Rheumatism and most of the time unable to move without great pain, all the time being under the best medical treatment 1 could find, I called on Dr. S aples’ Agent for the University Medicines, and in four weeks I was free from the above dise .se, and have been well up to the present time. JAMES A. MAYBERRY, Portland. April 15 1873. Casco, Me. This is to certify that I have been afflicted with the inflammatory rheumatism for over twenty years. 1 have employed most of the beat physicians' in Port land, and paid hundreds of dollars for medicine with out any permanent cure. Two years ago last March I was taken with Rheumatic fever; for five weeks I was unable to turn in bed or feed myself, my left arm and baud was reduced to nearly' half the size of my right one, and was unable to lifr two pound’s weight until last July, when I saw the effect of the University Medicines'on the daughter of Capt. Wm. Thorndike. I called on Dr. Staples and stated my case. He said he could cure it. I commenced taking the medicine with the acupuncluration. Before! had taken four bottles I considered myself more free from pain than I have been for twenty years up to this time. I have not had a relapse. I consider it lo be the only sure medicine for tbe above complaint. WILLIAM. J. SMITH, late firm of Pearson & Smith. I have been troubled, more or less, for five years, with inflammatory rheumatism. For the last six months I have suffered beyond description. My limbs were badly swollen and inflamed; it was with great pain and difficulty that I could move. My case was well known by thousands of citizens in Portland. I am to-day a well man, and I was cured by the University Medicine, and Acapunctnration. CAPT. W. S.-PENNELL, 18 Grey St. This may certify that I had been suffering with the “Rheumatism” for live months, aud at that time it seized my right hip and leg, down to the foot. This the physicians called “Sciatic.” I tried many kinds of highly recommended medicines which I took for the blood. Still I cot no relief lor seven months more, all the time doing my best, with as good advisers as we have in our city. Finally, I called at the New York Universitv Branch, and the proprietor said he could help help me. So I com menced on his medicine, and iki four weeks 1 thought I felt relief, and in eight weeks I was able to leavt my cane at home and have been well up to this ti me three months have passed. DAVID KEAZER.e, Portland, Aug. 2, 1870. I have been afflcted for twenty years with Chronic Rheumatism. I have spent hundreds of dollars for medical treatment without benefit. Ten days ago, I commenced taking the University Medicines and I can truly say it has been more benefit to me than all other treatment I ever received. My place of business is 137 Pearl street. I shall be pleased to an swer all enquiries JOHN TURNER. I bad the Catarrh so bad for several years that my hand became confused and painful. I was obliged to fet up several times a night to keep from choking. employed some of the best Physicians without benifit. I was perfectly cured with the University Medicines n three weeks. A. M. MORGAN, 119 Congress St., Contractor on the Portland & Ogdensburg R. R February, 18,1870. Since giving the above certificate I have been per fectly free from Catarrh though I have been contin ually exposed to wet and cold. Oct. 15,1871. A. M. MORGAN. For twenty-five years I have suffered with Scrofu la and Salt Rheum, (or Tetter.) Have paid out hun dreds of dollars, and been treated by several first class physicians without benefit. Some fonr weeks ago, I commenced using the University Medicines. At the time my forehead and head were covered with sores and scnliness of the skin; also mv tongue was covered with small ulcers. 1 am to-day free trom all the above troubles, and can heartily recommend hese medicines to the afflictdd. S. C. MUNSEY, 37 Chestnut Street. Portland, January 24, 1870. I have been troubled with Scrofula all my lifetime, arid Neuralgia in the head seven years and have con sulted good physicians from Maine to New York without any benefit whatever. I have taken six bottles of the CanCer Plant and one and one-half of the Neuralgia Elixir, and a little of some other kinds and I now feel better than I ever was before in my life. I cannot say with Mr. Munsey, that I feel twenty years younger, being only twenty-eight, but can say I never felt so young to my knowledge in my life. I think the worth of the Medicine cannot be esti mated ip words or monev. MRS. A. O.'W. FOSTER, Wilton, Me. Some three months ago I was persuaded by my wife to take the University Medicines. My health and mind were so badly affected that my inends be came alarmed for my safety. In a week after com mencing to take the Medicine I felt great -1 am now as well ns any other man. My wile has been for a long time amicted with disease that has baffled the skill of our best physicians; some of whom pronounced the case incurable. Under treat ment of the University Medicines her health lias greatly improved. Auy one doubling will please call at No 6 Lincoln street, or at repair shop Grand Trunk depot. GEORGE KINGSBURY Portland Aug. 5,1871. Some two years ago my daughter, seven vear old. had a severe attack of rheumatic and pleurisy fever * wbii-h left her in a very flangcronn condition. Hor liver Inactive no appetite to eat, general debility and ainlnng dally. We employed good physicians with out benefit. After having nearly despaired of her recovery we decided to try the New York University Medicine. In two month** she was able to go to school, and has not been compelled to lose a dav since *.*11 account of ill health. CAPT. J. H. THORNDIKE, „ 18 St. Lawrence Street. Portland, June 25th, 1872. The best and cheapest Fertilizer In the Markiit. M A X tTI*A CTTRED BY TREAT, STAPLES <V CO., 18 FOR SALE BY KENDALL & WHITNEY, Old City Hall, AND DEALERS IN FERTILIZERS GENERALLY. Send to 250 Congress St., Portland and get a Pam phlet. apr21-T&F&weow3m. _ MISCELLANEOUS. TIME IS MONEY, ECONOMY IS WEALTH STEAM CO * O C oc ; ® 7» BRAdKETT STREET, POiiTLAAD, which wiltbewidrtoS?foih^iI"ge*t ’l“ortment of Bread. Crackers, Cake* and Pastry of every description, ,*•»“« .^51?,!$!?® a.'V1 f'u;' at BROOKS' BAKERY and pnrcl.asing such articles as are adver Strive'tolpleasea ar ’ A“° >ou w J"'* a good assortment of every thing usually found in a Bakery. Motto: HOT TEA ROLLS, every day at 5 P. M„ Saturdays excepted. HOT BROWN BREAD, every morning, Sundav» included FRESH BAKED BEANS. every Sunday morning, in lots to suit purchaser*. FLOUR! FLOUR: F L o U R f The best brandsof Family Flour constantly on baud, by tbe barrel or sack, which is ottered low for cash X. B.—All goods delivered free in anv part of the city. l-#“Premiums awarded at the State Pair, 1*08, at the New England Fair, I860, at the Cumberland Count, Fair, 1871. 7 junlOdlw GEO. IV. H. BRIIIIK, UNQUESTIONABLY The Best Known and Most Thoroughly Tested FAMILY SEWING MACHINE For all kinds of work, heavy or light, and the most popular. Wheeler & Wilson’s. This practical and easily managed machine has new stood the tost of time and thorough experiment; and the thousands who '?ave fortunately need ours, frank ly give it the preference. as the very best, both in this country and in Europe. Study, capital aud iu ventive genius have been devoted to its Improvement for years, till, now wit ITS NEW SILENT FEED, our present “Lock-Stich” Machine has no equal in the world. The WHEELER & WILSON’S is relia ble economical and noiseless. It answers the wants of the household completely, and ANY KIND OF SEWING Needed in the Family con badone upon it with great er rapidity and ease of execution to beginners than can be accomplished on anv other. It has received the HIGHEST PREMIUMS over all—as a Family Machine—on both sides of the Atlantic. Those who want the best, should obtain WHEELER & WILSON S SILENT FEED Family Sewing Machine, AND TAKE NO OTHER. Machines sold on Monthly Instalments. All kinds of Sewing Maeuine Supplies, Silk, Thread Needles, Ac. Machine Stitching in all its branchot done in the best manner. J. L. HAYDEN, Gen’! Agent for Itlaine, 163 Middle St., Portland, Me n»ch31 d3m Union Ticket Office. RATES LOWER THAN EVER. We have made arrangements and can now ticket passengers to kll Point* Writ, North-West, Month nod Month-West, Man Franciaeo. Vi mama* City, Mt. Paul, New Orleans, and all points in Florida, via all the first-class Kail-Roads—Penn. Central, Lake Shore and Michigan Southern, Baltimore and Ohio, Erie, Great Western and Michigan Central. 36 HOURS BOSTON TO CHICAGO. Pullman Cara on all Through Train*. UP* Passengers who wish to travel without deten tion. and with ease and comfort, will find the above routes very desirable. Continuous Trains, No Changes, Courteous Em ployees, Unusual Facilities for Meals at Seasonable Hours. Tickets to New York via Sound Lines (State Rooms secured at this office), Fall River, Stnningtoo and Norwich. All Rail Routes—Shore Line (via Pi evi dence). and Boston and Albany. Tickets to Boston via Eastern, Boston and Maine, Portland and Roch ester, and Boston Boats. Merchants going to Boston and New York, will save the time usually experienced at the depots by purchasing their tickets at this office. Call and ex amine our time tables, maps, etc., and 1*? convinced that we represent all the best roads running West. ROLLINS Ac A DA.TIM. Agents, mrl3-tf No. 1 Exchange Street, Portland. Me. PROPOSALS For Furnishing Rations anti Fnel for KJirhf-Vessels, Supply-Ves sels, and Tenders, in the First Light-House District. Light-House Inspector’s Ofpice, I Portland, Me., June 2,^1873. J SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Office until 12 o’clock. M.. on MONDAY, ihe 23d day of June, 1873, for furnishing and delivering any Rations and Fuel that may be called for by the Inspector, for the tende's, light-vessels, and supply vessels, in the First Light-House District, for one year from the 1st day of July, 18T3, to the 30th June. 1874, inclusive. The rations to be of good and ap proved quality; to he delivered al Bffstne of the light house tender, or other vessel provided for the pur pose, at Portland, Me., in gooa and sufficient pack ages, barrels, boxes, aud cases, and in good order, for the number of |>ersons which will be specified by the inspector for each vessel, once a quarter, free of all expense to the United States, agreeably to specifica tions a»d tables marked A and B, attacked thereto, wbichlwill form a part of the contract, copies of which may be had by applying at this Office. All bids mu«t l>e sealed and endorsed, ‘'Proposals for Rations and Fuel for Light-vessels,” &c., and then placed in another envelope, and left at or di rected to this office, prepaid, if sent hv mail. By order of the Light-House Board: W. K. MAYO, Ju3-law3w Light-House Inspector. Lor Peak’s Island. The Peak’* Yslnnil Steamboat Company’* STEAMER EXPRESS. CAPTAIN A. S. OLIVER, Will leave the end of Custom House Wharf daily for Evergreen Landing, touching at Jones’ Landing, on and after June 16th, 1873, at 8.46 and 10.15 A. M.,and 1.45 anti 3.15 P. M. Returning, leave Evergreen Landing at 11.00 A.M. and 5.00 P. M., and Jonen’ Lanning at 9.00 and 11.15 A. M., and 2.00 and 5.15 P. M. , _ On and after July 1st. will run a Morning and Eve ning trip In pleasant weather, leaving Custom Souse Wharf at 7.15 A. V. and 7.15 P. M.. and Jones Land ing at 7.30 A. M. and 9.00 P. M. Fare d wn and back >5 cents, children half price. Special arrangements cau be made by applying to the Captain. ______ _ Business Chance. The Subscriber, having purchased the stock of I>R* AND FANCY GOODS nd leased the store formerly occupied by J. J. Gil bert, 33 ST. LAWRENCE ST, hopes to receive the former patronage and ninth more. L. C. NEV.SON Having sold as above stated I respectfully desired that all persons having unsettled accounts will cal at their earliest convenience and adjust the same. jul4dlw J. J. GILBERT. Notice to Owners o* Lots* in Ever green Cemetery. ANY person owning lols in Evergreen Cemetery, by calling at the Office ot the City Treasurer and paying the sum of one dollar for each lot, will in-, sure the best of care for the same by the Superintend, ent for the current yeat: and any person pa\ ing t)» sum of twenty-five dollars will secure the* care their lots by the city for all time. JAS. BAILEY, ) c:EJA08E,EH’|Tn''9tee" DOGS—Any Dogs found in the inclosurr «fter hi* date without the presence of master will ^ jn 1>ery JAS. BAILEY, J. A. PALMS?? C. E. JOSE, ’ myl9dtf Removal. J. 8. KOBEBll, has removed to 19! C muiercia! Street, next door above old place. Extra prewed Hav and Straw for wle as usual. Junlotf j A? THE GREAT REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION which can bo cured by a timely resort to this stand ard preparation, as has been proved by the hundreds of testimonials received by the proprietors. It is acknowl edged by many prominent physicians to be the most reliable preparation ever in troduced for the relief and cure of all Lung complaints, and is offered to the public, sanctioned by the experience of over forty years. When resorted to in season it sel dom fails to effect a speedy cure in the most severe cases of Coughs, Bronchitis, Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenza, Asthma, Colds, Sore Throat, Pains or Sore ness in the Chest and Side, Liver Complaint, Bleeding at the Lungs, &c. Wistar’s Balsam does not dry up a Cough, and leave the cause behind, as is the case with most preparations, but it loosens and cleanses the lungs, and allays irritation, thus removing the cause of the complaint. PREPARED BT fcETH W. TOWLE & 80NS, Boston, Mass., And bold by Druggists and Dealers generally. no?23 deo l&we ow HILLS “ARCHIMEDEAN,* THE CHAMPION LAWN MOWER OF THE WORLIX Tbia (Mnnlifni flower im now «• well ' known throughout lb•• « uitrd * in lea and Rnropi, ibnl u nqiiirrn no recommenda tion (over HMHHlNold in tbia country nloae) The oulr balanced Lnwn Slower wiib AN ADJl- TABM: nAlVDIiE. 10-imh cut, croquet mower, n bountiful little lunehtur for small lawns. croquet f;rouutls,cemetery lots,easily operate.! by a nil or iim.s of III years, price 840; 14-Inch, SM; I 4-im-h, Sin Mila r.l sixe, 4H-iuch, pony, SIIMI: .‘14-inch. horse, for public parks null large lawns, $145. hirer* ma chine warrnuteil to giro perfect satisfac tion. We challenge the worlil to a tr’.al anil to procure a ainehine its equal. Try it. ami you will buy no other. He ml for (llu-tralnl Circular. MANUFACTURED BY THE Hills “Arehiuiedenn” Lawn Mower Co., COLT’S ARMORY HARTFORD, «'onu — FOIt SALE BY — KENDALL & WHITNEY, mytS POOTLAro' „u nnat is Home withont an Organ Atul what will an Organ now be, without a copy of DITSON & CO’S new, delightful, complete col lection of Reed Organ Music, called the ORGANATHOME! Every Organ needs it! The o rgan at Home! Beet collection tor Reed R g.insIgoO not difficult piecea CO or Oar.-i.ed that no dull music is In them: the 0 r g An, smooth, legato style used, hut RE as auorga em at Home should be cheerful, light staccato music Is not excluded. At present *- he flrgan in a Home Is often silent, for mUSiC b ”ot provl<le<1 for it. Here %, h “ome-like, easy, familiar, new v 1SV ATOM*, a t h o -‘’■ciu every nation, in fact all 1 Jnds by whom -K* verybody considers the w_„ posers. The publishers take pride and plea .ur„ „ senting snch a superior!, ook to the . ln Pro' lleve It worthy to be at home in every <C, ic' an<* h® Price. Board, $2-50; Cloth, W.OoTr Mf’ M OLIVER DITSON & CO., C. H niTVnS t ? ju4 B"‘“- 'navjgSgtfo _ d&w2w ATWOOD’S UIV.1NE TONIC Fitters Is the Best Aromatic Tonio and Stomachic evor offered to the public. It will IMPROVE your APPETITE, FACILI TOVT . . TATE DIGESTION, GIVE TO ‘he NERVOUS SYSTEM, VIGOR i , A VER Y ORGAN OE THE ROD Y, thereby “ -parting HEALTH and STRENGTH. There is no remedy so good for LANGUOR & DEBILITY, whether general or following acute disease. The Medical Faculty indorse it, for DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, NERVOUS DISEASES Price $1.00. Sold by all Druggists. GILMAN BROTHERS, Proprietors, Boston, Miss. my!3 _eodto THE Maine Slate Agricultural Society will hold It* 1ITH. AT RA7V420R, September ^ fL 17,18 & 19, j^Ovcr 8*1000, iu premiums are offered mar22 ae..

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