Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 19, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 19, 1873 Page 2
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'L\l±K PRESS, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 19, 1875 Ev:uv regular attache of the Press is furnished with a card certificate countersigned by Stanley T. Pullen, Editor. All railway, steamboat an I bott managers will confer a favor upon ns by demanding credentials of every {terson claiming to represent our Journal, as we have information that several ••bum mers” arc seeking courtesies in the name of tho I'kess, and we have no disposition to be, even pas s vcly, a party to such fraud _ We do not read anonymous letters and comntuui ratluis. Xbo name and address of the w riter aro in ail cases indispensib c, not necessarily for publication lmt ss a guaranty of good faith. W cannot undertake to roturn or reserve com munications that are not user. Japan has at last taken her place among the great civilized sisterhood of nations. She has a debt of $100,000,009 and her officials arc adepts in the art of stealing. Her pro gress is very gratifying to all lovers of an ad vancing civilization. Excursion trains are contemplated from all parts ot the country to Daveis County, Kentucky, to afford the whole people an op portunity to hear the Hon. J. Proctor Knott make the eagle scream in his coming Fourth of July address. It will take about $20,000 a year to carry on the work of the National Prison Associa. tion. An expenditure of twenty millions would not be lavish in consideration of the aims of the Association, aud the great good which is hoped to be accomplished through its efforts. The imitati.e Chicagoans could not rest content uutil they tested the virtues of the car-hook as a murderous weapon. The trial was made last week, but the result was not altogether satisfactory, as the man who was struck still lives. Much indignation is ex pressed at the car driver for omitting to make a crucial test in the matter. The Republicans in the New Hampshire legislature propose lo introduce a bill re districtiog the senatorial districts, which will be opposed by the Democrats. There is need of the change,.for the present system ot senatorial representation is obviously unfair to the yvealtbiest and most populous portions of the State. We are informed by Major Sborey that the statement in Tuesday’s Daily in regard to the Bridgton caucus was incorrect in two essen tial particulars. In the first place Hon. C. E. Gibbs received hut 33 votes instead of 42 in caucus, and in the second place Maj. Shorey did not head the Dingley ticket aud was not a competitor with Mr. Gibbs lor a place on the delegation. Ir was in Missouri that the Liberal move ment had its origin, and there it attaiued its h;ghest fruition. And its fruits are reported to be anything but healthy and invigorating. The treasury is depleted, the obligations of the State are going to protest, disorder is pre valent aud there is a general condition of mismanagement. This tesult has sickened many of those who contributed to it, and they are now as ready to desert the Liberal movement as they were to join it. The Monarchists in the French Assembly, apparently blinded by rage and fear, are threatening to “purge” that body by arresting all its members connected with the ill-under stood Commune. By this proceedure they hope to obtain control of the Assembly. The opponents of the Republic apparently partake of the worst qualities of their titular chiefs, the Bourbons; they leam nothing and forget nothing. France in these latter days is noth ing if she is not revolutionary, and the ex tremists of the right are in a fair way to pre cipitate another conflict. The report of an alliance between Germany and Italy is neither confirmed nor denied. It has against its probability the fact that no im pending danger seems to render it necessary. It has in favor of its probability tbe fact that bulb nati ans are pursuing a similar policy to wards the papal hierarchy, that their likes and dislikes as we'd as their interests draw them to'.eilie'-, and that sovereigns have a fashion of themselves with alliances against a future day o‘ evil. Italy is weak, and would derive moral power from a coalition with Ger many. _ According to the World New’ York is making straight the path for cholera. The approach of that dread disease is heralded by defective drainage and sewerage, and the posters announcing its coming can he read in every filth-covered street and on the moist ure-laden wads ot every tenement house. The very baths are poisoned by emanations from the sewers. It is probable that the like holds true of all our great cities, with perhaps the exception of Boston. The average New England mind is loth to believe that any ill can come out of Boston. The New York 1 'emocracy, undeterred by any Daniel-ish wall ornamentation,are organ i zating their forces for an old-time campaign of plunder. A big fight will be made by them f >r tbe possession of the flesh-pots, for their appetites have been sharpened by near ly a year or Casting. The issues upon which they purpose fign*;u<r the campaign have not yet been developed. ia»re negations, proba bly; for there arc no affirmao^g ;ell they can claim as peculiarly their owu, ,n(j tfJ6y have learned better than to build their form from the rotten plank of ancient fail ures. __ The Chicago Tribune has been figuriug on the subject of exchanges. It finds that in 1870 there wore in tlie United States 574 daily papers, 4,295 weeklies and monthly publica tions. It estimates that each of these dailies bad ail average of 50 daily, 100 weekly and 25 monthly exchanges, making a grand total for the year of 12,287,900 papers. It assumes that the average number of exchanges re ceived by each weekly was 20 dailies and GC weeklies, making an aggregate of 15,633,801 for the year. Counting 2,078,300 as the num ber of exchanges received by miscellaneous publications, it figures up a grand annual to tal of 30,000,000 publications which have been sent as exchanges. Estimating these papers at ten to the pound, there are 3,000, 000 pounds or 1,500 tons. At ordinary newspa per rates, the postage on this matter would be $220,000 a year. If M. Edmond About/s notary bad nol been anticipated by the marauding cat in his quest for his famous nose, lost, like De Is Tour D’Auvergne, upon the field of honor, he might have escaped all the painful adven tures which make such delightful reading. He would have had but to pick up his losl member and carry it to Dr. Malfatti, at Ber lin, which be might have done before tbe war made it impossible for any patriotk Frenchman to permit a German to tampei with his nose, even in the way of restoration. The good doctor would have washed the frag ment with cold water and sewed it on again. In a week it would have been united; a little longer tbe wound would have granulated; in a month it would have healed, and uow oui excellent notary would have been exhibiting in the coulisses, turniug tip, blowing, sh-' defiantly at rival fingers, just as a nosc as the best. But literati'-' ,,'ou'<* *iaie one of the most euarming of modem ro mances. ________ At tbb Shrine of Webster.—The Marsh field Club, composed of a score or more of gen tlemen of position uid culture, some of whom were among Mr. Webster's closest friends, and including such names as the lion. Peter Har vey, the Hon. George S. Hillard, the Hon. B. F. Thomas, Judges Lord and Endicott of tbe Supreme Court, E. D. Jordan Nathaniel Kim ball, T. Cl. Avery. George Wheatland, F. O. I’rinee, Thomas Motley, Jr.. Henry Gardiner, J. G. Abbott, L. Saltonstall, Albert Fearing and Henry 51. Paine, visited tho old home of Webster in Franklin, N. 11., Tuesday. Ad dresses were made by Hou. George S. Hillard, Hon. Peter Haney, Judge B. F. Thomas, and other “Silver greys.” The birth-place of the great expounder was visited. The Marshfield Club contemplate buying the estate for which S3500 is asked, and erecting thereon a monu ment. [Special Correspondence of the PrcS«.j Baptist State Anniversaries. Damabiscotta, June 18, 1873. The anniversary sendees of the various be nevolent societies of the Baptists In Maine are being held in (his place during the present week. The Missionary Convention was called to or der yesterday morning at 10 o’clock, by the President, J. C. White, esq., of Bangor. After singing and prayer Prest. White made a brief address, alluding to the meeting of the conven j tion in this place twenty-five years ago, and 1 making some comparisons as to the condition of the denomination then and now. Then the annual expenditures of the society were $1945, . now they are much more than quadruple that : amount. The progress siuce made is the occa j »>0“ of most devout and grateful joy. Rev. H. Crocher, pastor of the church in this 1 place, in its behalf extended a cordial welcome to ilio visiting friends. Tile annual report of the Board of Irustees was read by the Corresponding Secretary, Re\.| J. Ricker of Augusta Prom this report it ap pears that the work of the Society for the past t year has been most successful, and that the ; present situation and future outlook were most cheering. Many feeble and dying churches have been resuscitated—the year’s aggregate of baptisms on the mission fields of the State is much larger than usual, the financial outlook is cheering, the net receipts of the year have beeu I nearly $10,000; there has been a very material ! increase in the ministerial working force of the denomination, a much better distribution of the working forces and fewer churches without pastoral care. Three district missionaries 2nd the Corresponding Secretary have devoted their entire time to the work of the convention, and fifty-four churches have been aided iu the snp | port of local preachers. The report closes with I a series of eminently practical suggestions for , future work. The report was accepted. The report of the Treasurer, Prof. J. B. Fos ; tor of Waterville, was presented by Rev H. S. Burrag». The report shows total receipts for the year $9902.50; expenditures $8979.53. The present invested fund is $9100. Adopted. Rev. G, P. Matthews of Auburn, read a pa per upon the topic ‘‘Our primary work to bring men to Christ.” The paper was an able and exhaustive review, one of the foundation prin ■ ciples of the Gospel, and of the means to be used in the work. At 12 o’clock adjourned to 2J o’clock p. m. AFTERNOON SESSION. The Convention resumed the discussion of the paper by Rev. Mr. Matthews. Remarks were made by Rev. Messrs. Illslcy of New York, Parker of Livermore, Ricker of Augusta, Heath of Farmington, Morse of Lewiston, and His cox of New York. The Convention at 3 o’clock listened to the annual sermon by Rev. G. \V. Gile of South Berwick, from Matt. 27:11. The report of the committee on state of relig ion was presented by Rev. S. D. Richardson of Fayette. Accepted. George F. Emery, esq., of Portland, read a paper on “Titles toChureli Property,” of which a copy was requested for publication in Zion’s Advocate. The officers of the Convention for the ensuing year were elected as follows: President, J. C. White, esq., Ilaugor; Vice President. Rev. A. B. Craue, Hallowell; Cor. Sec., Rev. J. Ricker, Augusta; Rec. Secretary, Rev. S. L. B. Chase, Rockland; Auditor, Prof. J. T. Cbamplin, Waterville. The old Board of Trustees were re-elected. irvjuroi lkci. x/i. maeuAvi m n i'ltn, au dressed the Convention on the subject of Bible Work and in behalf of the Atnericau and For eign Bible Society, and a special committee was appointed to consider the subject. Adjourned. EVENING SESSION. Rev. Dr. Shailer of Portland, presented the report of the committee on obituaries. Men tion was made in appropriate terrms of the dcitbsof Rev. Messrs. Williams of Oldtowu, Smith of Gardiner, and Nutter of Livermore. Accepted. The large and attentive audience then listen ed to a sermon by Rev. Dr. S. A. Kingsbury of Boston, from Rom. 9: 28. Adjourued. WEDNESDAY. The early morning prayer meeting at 5 o’clock was well attended, and was a season of the spe cial presence and powers of the Holy Spirit. At 9 o’clock the Convention resumed its ses sion. The committee on place of next annual ses sion reported Wiuthrop as the place, and Rev. J. Eveletli as the preacher. It was also voted that arrangements he made for the celebration of the semi-centennial anni versary of the Convention at that time. An able and eloquent paper on the import ance aud value of ‘•Systematic Benevolence,” was read by Prof. E. W. Hall of Waterville. Accepted and a copy requested for publication in the Advocate, and subsequent issue in tiact form. The committee on Home Missions reported through its chairman, Rev. F. T. Hazelwood, Accepted. Rev. A. T. Mason, Secretary of the Home Mission Society, hrielly addressed the Conven tion upon the work of that Society. The committee on publication reported thro’ its chairman, Rev. C. M Emery. Accepted. Rev. Mr. Illsley addressed the Convention in behalf of the Publication Society. A paper was read by Rev. Dr. Shailer of Port land, upon tile use that the Convention can and ought to make of the press through colporteurs and others for the dissemination of nligious truth. Accepted. S. The Roll of Honor.—A special to the Bos ton Advertiser says: The complete list of Sena tors who have turned their increase salary into the Treasury shows that quite a number of those who have been generally credited with such disposition rf their back pay cannot truthfully claim the hoaor. Up to Tuesday night four teen have directed the return of their money through Treasurer Spinner, and the names here given may be relied upon as entirely accurate:— Anthony, Bajard, Ciiandler.CasserlyUeuton, Ferry of Michigan, Frelingliuyscn, Hamlin Pratt, Sehurz, Scat t, Sumner, Thurman, Wf son. Of these, when flic question of an increase of salary came up in tie Senate, all voted in the affirmative on Mr. Edmund’ motion to strike from the bill all relating to the salaries of Sena tors, Kepiesentatives and - Delegates, except Mr, Fenton who voted no, and Messrs. Bayard, Sumner aud Wilson, who were absent. Mr. Scott paired, hut was for the Edmund’s amend ment. The others who voted for Mr. Ed rauud's motion, hut who have not turned their money into the Treasury, arc Messrs. Boreman, Buckingham, Cragin, Cole, Corbett, Hamilton qf Maryland, Harlan,Howe, Morton, Morrill,of ,~»out, Morrill of Maine, Sherman, Windom aUAi t"1)?' About o, ., .j those returning their money made tec that their names might not be made k“™f*sV|Shj<>Hy upon the ground that many among tlrefc. a3 j good as they were, had taken it, aiiir'nft^.’. jjj iiot desire, hy giving publicity to the matter, to I cast any implied repioach upon their fellow | Senators, All the officials of the Treasury ■ have continued to refuse a list of the names, - Lu! as the entries were of necessity made at sev I teal points in the public records, both of the 1 Senate and the department, a complete list has 1 finally been obtained. Tufts Alumni.—At a meeting of the Alutn j n! of Tufts College held in Bostou Tuesday the . following officers were elected for the ensuiug i year: President, General Selden Connor of ; Maine; Vice-Presideuts, C. E. Fay and «T. M. Baker; Secretary and Treasurer, T. H. Arm strong; Directors, Henry Blanchard of ’59, C. S. Forbes of ’01 F. Ginn of ’62, C. B. Southard of’70, W. L. Warren of ’08, J. O. Burditt of - ’71 and J. J. Lewis of ’63. ! Measures were taken looking to the ispresen t tation of the Alumni in the direction of the , ctAipgc, and its present management was se verely commented upon. Union Pacii-.. Land Gbants.—A Washing ton special states that, large portion of lauds in the original graut to tllb Union Pacific Rail road have not been surveyed, ana that, conse quently’ that road has no title to theia, as the government does not grant patents in advance of surveys. It is claimed that a large port-on , of the unsurvt yed lands in this graut are now open to pre-emption at SI.25 per acrp.nn.r. / I section in the original charier, which provides | that all land not disposed of hy the company within three years after the road shall have been completed shall be open public settle i meat and pre-enu-*’-— Ar taken place in the harem of .e Shah of Persia. Five of the fair inmates rebelled because they were not allowed to at tend the theatre, his majesty thinking such attendance immoral and calculated to vitiate the judgment and taste. It should he stated that all this happened in Moscow, where the Shah is sojourning. Despite their tears and protestations the ladies were sent hack to Persia. News and Other Items. A small hut active earthquake is reported to have advanced “ground rents” on leasehold property in Northern Mississippi. Mr. Longfellow and Mr. W. Cullen Br.vaut have been elected members of the Russian Academy of Science. The American Philological Association will have its fill o’ logical discussion at EastoD, I a., on the 22<1 proximo. A frontier correspondent who saw Captain Jack after his capture remarks that his appear ance. would have been improved if he had becu washed before he was ironed. Another cashier, Mr. Stumpcs, of the St. ,"!S. ‘ arkct Street Savings Bank, has “stir depositorrPa” With “u,ne ot the fullds of tb0 A village pound-keeper, hearing of the econo my of guinea-pig meat, says he gets his pork cheap enough from pound pigs, which must have about tho same flavor. Xhe residents of Hartford, Conn., made live ly bidding at an auetion sale of coffins last week, and now few households are without one of those useful articles. Like Sam Weller’s hero who blew bis brains out in viduication of the innocuousness of crumpets, a public-spirited cnizen of Memphis last week committed suicide to prevent his case being reported as a fatal form of cholera. The St. Louis Republican cbrouicles the fact of the arrival in St. Louis of the first through car for Port Royal, S. O., via the Port Royal Railway, completed to Augusta, Ga., and the Greene line and St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railway. The car was freighted with bar relled turpentine, and has returned to Port Royal loaded with corn. It is stated that there were forwarded from and received at Epsom during the “Derby” week no fewer than 10,000 telegraph messages. Of these nearly 3,300 accrued on the “Derby” day itself and about 2,500 ou the “Oaks" day. The telegraphing for the press amouuted to upwards of 33,000 words; while of foreign tele grams more than 150 were sent. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTV. City Hall tower, Lewiston, is to have a fire alarm bell. Mr. Johnson of the firm of Johnson & Son, Lewiston, lias been missing since Wednesday last. He had with him §1,800 whea he left home. Last Saturday, Deacon H. Durham of Tur ner, had his arm amputated on account of can cerous affection. Last Monday a man named Woodman of Turner, fell from a cliff a distance of twenty five feet. It is feared he is seriously injured internally. KENNEBEC COUNTY. Tlie State muster is to be held in Augusta the third week in August. Manager Hatch, with officials, were at Wa terville last Tuesday. 'They are looking into the condition of the Maine Central Railroad. C. H. Hamlin, Esq., of Augusta, fell last Monday, striking on the back of his head. He has since been unconscious. Daniel Pratt, the great traveller is at Au gusta. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. A bunch of matches lying in a window at Cornish,canglit five from the rays of the sun. The Railroad Commissioners are examining the E. & N. A. Railroad. SOMERSET COUNTY. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Somerset Railroad was held in Norridge wock last Wednesday. The old board of direc tors were re-elected. The road is to be com pleted to Madison this season. Two daughters of W. Gilman, were backed oil the bridge at Nomdgewock Falls last Sat urday. One sprung and saved herself, the other ' went with the wagon unde* water, but i was rescued. The horse was saved. WASHINGTON COUNTY. In tlie year 1775, the first naval battle of tho Revolution was fought in Machias harbor. Rev. I Hatherway of East Machias, was thrown from his wagou June 9tb, and severely injured. The deposits in the Machias Savings Bank amount to §320,092. Last Tuesday night (lie buildings of N. Lit tlefield at Sanford corner were burned. Loss $3000, The house of J. Kimball was also con sumed. Loss $3000. The decayed hull of the United States steamer Namucket has been hauled on the ways at the Kittery navy yard, and the work of breaking her up has commenced. On Satur day last the steamers Mayflower and Speedwell and the navy yard anchor buoy, were taken into the floating dock to have their bottoms over hauled. A hoy named Ward had his hand badly jammed at the Pepperell col-portion, Biddeforil, Wednesday. IN GENERAL. It is estimated that there are six thousand manufacturing establishments in Maine, with an aggregate capital of forty millions, giving employment to fifty thousand laborers. Them arc over one thousand saw mills in the Statu, running nearly five thousand saws, employing nine thousand bauds, with an invested capital of sevcu millions, and yielding an annual pro duct of not less than eleven and a half millions. A Keiuforcrmeut Demanded. When the system begins to wilt under the effects of the first ‘-heated term,” it is obvious that it ought to be reinforced and sustained by wholesome stimu lation. To resort to the adulterated liquors of com merce in such a crisis, as too many do, is the height ot infatuated folly. All such fiery stimulants have a sting. After the first effect has past away, than sting is felt. The reaction is terrible- Tho pi ostra tiou ot body and mind which ensues is more complete than before. But the operation of a medical tonic like Hostetler’s Stomach Hitters, in which extracts oi the rarest, remedial herbs and roots arc blended with the spirituous csseneo of rye, pure and undefined is very d ttcrent. No unpleasant reaction follows its use. It is a permanent, a p rpelual invignrant. and there is no phase oi debility, indigestion, biliousness, nervousness or intermittent fever which it will not speedily cure. SPECIAL NOTICES. Cawulntire Exercise or Health Life. Tlie subscriber is now prepared to give instruction in Cumulative Exercise at bis Rooms, Nos. 5 and 6 Fluent’s Block. Strength doubles in three months daily exercise of fifteen minutes per day. Separate Room for Ladies. Apparatus sold at manufacturer’s prices. Visitors and Inquirers always welcome. Hours from 0 to 12 and from 2 to 3. junlOsntf J. H. GAUBERT. CliANUKS. The world lias many changes seen Since some who’re living now were young; What those of greatest note have been Has oft been heard from many a tongue; In modes of Irving and ot dress,' Some we arc sure have been for ill; They’ve not incresed onr happiness, And we are sore they never will. But Bovs who change their Winter “clothes,” For Sa nnier “Suits” at Gf.okge Fenno’s. Will fitted be from head to feet, Corner of Beach and Washington street M8snlw Boston. Ilovnml Association, Philadelphia. Pa. An Institution having a high reputation forhonor able cnkiuct_and professional skill. Acting Snrgron, £-S.VH ,J?HToS’M-D- INsays for Young Men «”**“** Charge. Address, HOWARD ASSOCIA TION, No.q boutli Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 'm‘_ sn3m To Lei. T*H? ®^nmodions four Btoried Brick Store, No. 57 comn.rciai St.—immediate poscssinn given, inquire ot ELIAS THOMAS & CO, A w No. 90 Commercial St. Or oi W . v. THOMAS, Canal National Bank. —_ »eDtl2sntf MANUFAl Tpwjftt fire AND MARINE IKSURAi^p riv OE B0ST_0^,s Paid up Cash Capita, S5%0 000 The subscriber having been appointee^ t above Company may be fonud at the omv0/ ot tl10 MESSRS. MARWICK & FOl^, NO. 5 EXCHANGE STREET, prepared to insure against losses by fire at favoralk rates. Dwellings and Furniture insured for one, throe or ! five years. • RUFUS W. DEERING. jut6 _ sntf FOR FAMILY USE. THE H4LFO BJ> lElftSTFO" ^SJ*K t-a-b l-e s-a-u-c-e TIic best Sauce aud Relish Made in any Part ot the YVorld —FOR— lU-A.-Tvt-I-I.-Y TJ-S-I31. Pints - . - - - J»0 Cent.' Half Pint. - * 30 FOR sale by all GROCERS. “ I'O the Public. The Soeiety frr the Prevention "*]iatr0At£ONZO H niHls respectful v RJ'«V , No. 80 Middle sV^^SSU^PPOinted Agent of the S Tb^nblic a'Chcrcftrc tequeMcd to ^prompt Information tohlmofmv al|(, -vh. wjll ,et tn it may mine to theii kn % t0 speedy and strict that tlio often dors arc ur g Per order, justice. sntf ap29 ___— for moth, i-atches, freckles And TAN, n“FEBBY’S1«o‘b,g),j|'‘b“k^rIl|^)™; cverywherc?LJDepot,4y HonJ St., N. Y. mar22 SPECIAL NOTICES. E- T. ELDEN &C0. 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Liver complaint and dyspepsia are the causes of two-thiids of tho cases of consumption. Many are now complaining with dull pain in the side, the bow els sometimes costive and sometimes to loose, tongue coated, pain in the shoulder blade, feeling som Mines very restless, and at other times drowsy; the food that is aken lies heavily on the stomach, accompani ed with acidity and belching of wind. These svmp toms usually originate irorn a disordered condition of the stomach or a torpid liver. Persons so affected, if they take one or two heavy colds, and if the cough m these cases be suddenly stopped, the lungs, liyer and stomach clog, and remain torpid and inactive, and before the patient is aware of his situation, the lungs are a mass of sores, and ulcerated, and death is the inevitable result. Schenck’s Pulmonic Syrup is an expectorant which does not contain any opium, nor anything calculated to check a cough suddenly. Schenck’s Seaweed tonic diss v the food, mixes with the gastric juice of the sto acli, digests easily, nonrishes the system, and creat a healthy circula tion of tho blood. When the els are costive, skin shallow, and the patient is a billious habit, Schenck’s Mondrake Pills are required. These medicines are prepaired by Dr. J. II. SCIIENCK & SON, Noitheast corner of Sixtb and Arch streets, Philadelphia. Penn., and for sale bv GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 38 Hanover street, Bos ton, and John F. Henry, 8 College place, New York. For sale by Druggists generally. sept3sneodtf "home securities. State of Maiue Bonds, 6’s City of Portland, Municipal 6’s “ "* Railroad 6’s Portland Sc Ogdensburg, Portland Division, Go d 6’s **o*tlnnd Sc Ogdensburg, Vermont Division, Gold, 6’s ^‘ine Central Cou.,|^ **orlan«l Sc Kennebec Con^fg, 0j8 A ml rMicoggi n Sc Kennebec. 0»8 Deeds & Farmington. £>s Portland & Kennebec Railroad 8to«k. (guaranteed), O’l J. 1*. liKOWN & SONS, SA-TSTKEHIS, 40 EXCHANGE STKEE. .tuns M&TW* -:- —w~— Puuw Taking. Orders attended to personally by ED. B. ROBIN**1*’ J*inno Booms, 3 C**®®“ ®,och‘ ( cjty mar28-<13m. „ RfeiyfOVAL. CHARLES EIIAWKES. _ — DEALER IN — Western Ci y and County BONDS. Office removed to OG MIDDLE STREET. junta sntl BANK OF PORTLAND. On, and after/his date, the uulei gned on a sTRicTLYBankiug business, at the Banking Rooms now oqriipied by the Secon National BanK, in Portland, jfainc, under the style of tbe BANK OF PORTLAND” and as such, will receive Deposits aud make discounts, in tho regular course of the Banking Justness. W. N. GOOLD. Portl/nd, June 21th, 1872. ,fcn23newlt then su tf “lay Me and I’ll do yon Good#’’—DR LASG’ EY’S ROOT AND HERB B1TTETS. jjo <bug=, no poisons, nothing deleterious, nothing bat tea I ill v roots and herbs, such as Sarsaparills, Wild Cherry, Yellow Dock, Prickly Ash. Tboroughwort, Mandrake, Rhubarb, Dandelion,Ac., so compounded is to rea'di the fountains of disease, and absolutely :urc all Humors. Liver and Billious Diseases, Jaun li<*e, Dyspepsia. Costiveness, Scrofula, and all diffl ulties arising from a diseased siomaeh or impure >lood. Twenty years of unrivalled success has prov *(1 them to be tbe best medicine in the world. GEO. 3. GOODWIN & CO., Boston, and all druggists. mar6 sneodlGw SPECIAL NOTICES. LADIES StTlTsTi A Large AMorimcnt —AT— EASTMAN, BROS. White Lawn Suits, at #3.75 to #30.00 Grass Cloth Suits, at #4.50 to #10.00. Mantle, Batiste, anil Tasso Linen Suits, at #0.00 to #35.00 Linen aud Lawn Polonaises and Dusters. HISSES “YACHT’’ SUITS, “With Hats to Match. EASTMAN, BROS., 332 Congress St. jul2 dtf

EXAMINATION OF TEACHERS. The animal examination of candidates for positions as teachers in the public Schools of Portland, will bo held in the Girls’ Room, High School Building, on THURSDAY, July 3, 1873, at 2 o’clock, P. M. W. H. SHAILER, GEO. W. TRUE, STANLEY T. PULLEN, CHARLES P. LIBBY, CHARLES J. CHAPMAN, Examining Board. Portland, June 10, 1873. juU’sndtd Vienna Exposition Correspond ence of the Boston Globe. “One of the departments that is now attracting a large share of attention is that devoted to the Swiss. Some ef the carvings here are perfectly marvellous In the minute finish'that characterizes them. The perfection attained by the Swiss carvers is something astonishing, particularly wheu it is taken into con sideration that they are done with th*.* most primi tive instruments. There are over sixty exhibitors in the carving group, and the works range all the way from religious pie es to paper knives. Thero is a book with exquisitely carved covers that is no sooner opened than music begins to play. There are bottles which discourse lively music us the wine is poured out. There is a cliair which you no sooner set upon than you are astonished by hearing the strains of Mendelssohn’s WeJding March from its innermost rscesses.*’ We are happv to inform our patrons that they need not go to the Vienna Exposition to see those beauti ful gems of arts in Swiss Carving. We have just re ceived a new importation of them, and will at all times be pleased to show them, together with the finest assortment of Fine Art Goods ever in Maine, whi e you listen to the sweet music from one of the file Music Boxes spoken of above. SCHUMACHER BROS j«17 snlw nims UJI THE rAUE, Blackhead and Fleshworm. use PERRf’S improv ed Cuuiedone :and Pimple Remedy, the great skin X*“r?e: otfy by Dr. B. C. PERRY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists very where.__mar22d<Sgwsn6ml7 CIGARS! CIGARS l CIGARS! Tobacco, Tobacco, Tobacco. PIPES, PIPES, PIPES.~ Cheroots, eleven dollars per 1000. Tobaccs from 35 cents per pound to $3.50, and Pipes from one cent each to $100 each. All the above can be had at STEBBIX S CIGAR STORE, 360 Congress Street, Poi'tland. WHOLESALE. Cigars very good for $17 por 1000. New Times, Old Tines, “llavann Gems,” No Brands And many oilier Brands of onr make. Iam in a position to sell at lower rales than any other Manu facturer or Jobber in the State. R. NATHAN, (Gate C. II 8TKBBINS.) 360 Congress Street, Portland. jnB_ sn3m A. PARSOAS, M. Dm DENTIST, Has removed to N*Os ±2 MARKET SQUARE. £3P*SPECIALTY—Administration of Ether for ;be purpose of extracting teeth without pain. ^junl3_sntf BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. This splendid Hair Dye is the lest in the world. Hie only True and Perfect Dye. Harmless Reliable rod Instantaneous; nodisappointment; no ridiculous infs or unpleasant odor. Remedies the 111 fleets of >ad dyes washes. Produces Immediately a superb Black or Natural Brown, ami leaves tlie hair dean, soft and beautiful. The Genuine, signed W. A. vxdielor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR, Prop., A. Y. M&wlvrs x KID GLOVES FOR THE MILLION ! The Cheapest in the World. LOO DOZ. KID GLOVES ! Just received and for sale at 75 cents to $1.25. — ALWAYS — me I.ABGKBT STOCK. THE BEST GOODS. THE LOWEST PRICES. L - E - A - C - H , 84 MIDDLE STREET. junl7 sn"w SPORTSMAN’S FRIEND ! C TJ L E X I F U G E . A sure preventative from Mosquitoes, black Flies, &c. WHOLESALE & RETAIL, At the Fishing Tackle Store of CH4S. DAY, JR, & CO., 04 F.XCHAN GrE STREET. Jiinl2_ dsn4w fire works. Wholesale Ilead-Qunrtcrs for FIRE WORKS, CRACKERS, TORPEDOES, Ac., Ac., AT LOW PRICED ! CUTTER, H Y D E & CO; Send for Price List. 62 CHAUNCY ST.. Bos: on junl3 sn3 Averill Chemical Paint Co,, Manufacturers of PUREST WHITE ! AND Any Devircd Shade or Color, Prepared for Immediate Application. SOLD By The GALLON ' * -^UMjuaL. DURABLE, nPV" J, ji YEOMANS,' General Eastern Agent, 63 Commercial St. Portland, seli-eodtf sn A BOOK FOR EVERY MAN. -THE “SCIENCE OF LIFE, OR SELF PRES ERVAITON,M a Medical Treatise on tlie Cause and Cure of Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decline in Man, and Nervous and Physical Debility, Hypochon dria. Impotenuy. Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak ness, and other diseases arising fiom the errors of °V,}■}'<: indiscretions or excesses of mature Smils have beefi1!!00*?11 *«<* for cvcr> man. Thou he"lth aud nappineBb* I’Y,1 Ills work the true way to medical work ever pulmsiMLthe cheapest and best this clans ot ills worth reading.”1! 1 he only oue on ed, much enlarged, Illustrated, botrLfidition, reris French cloth. Price only SI. Sent bv ite'autiful paid, on receipt of price. Address PEABODY MSttft ICAL INSTITUTE, No. 4 Bulfinch street. Boston, Mass., or DR. W. U. PARKER, Assistant Physician. N.B. The author may be consulted on the above as well«» all diseases requiring Bklll and experience. marSlsncod&wly ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE. I.EA A PERRINS’ Worcestershire Saner IS INDE8PENSABLE. JOHN BUN€3AN’S SONS. New York, Agents for tho United States. 00 Cl_eodsnly Notice. The Maine Eclectic Medical Society will hold their next annual Mceling at the Preble Houso Por:land WEDNESDAY, Juno 25th, 1873, at 10 o’clock A. m! julCtdsn* pcr Order. _MARRIED. In this city. June 17. by Rev. If Luce. Wm. E. Mc Clmtnck and Mary E. Carrier, both of Portland LuSla A^Scriime"”6 12’ m'"P H' Wlndsw oml M,M Mi'sa Lucy M*! While? 10’ CaP‘- Pet°r Kcuncdy rn<1 tte*E^llaigba!l11,16 *’ A'tonChadwick andMiss Hat _ *n»<Wh Vassalboro, June 4, Mark Shorer and.Ida S. Priest. DIED. In this city. June 16, Maria, daughter of the late Capt. Phillip and Dorcas Blanchard (Jreely. In this city, June 18, Capt. dames William, aged 70 years 6 months. [Funeral services Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock, at No. 65 Frank liu street. Newbury port papers please copy] Ju Winslow. June 4, Mr. Scolt Hedge, aged 85 yrs. in Fairfield, June 7, Mrs. Olive A., wife ot B. F. Tn°p’ '■& yeaiB 10 months. Hallo^ii!aangy6°nv;a6r;Mr- Samuel Cunningham, ol ®BI‘*K',’IJBe W,,0®KA!V NTEAni b'll City of Havana.... New York u » City of Bristol. .. y > ' S','1™1" • • • • • June Colon.New York ' "J11"0 19 Albemarle.New York Berm.™? ' '11,ie Prussian. QnoU. ^.Uv™^ •••<{»»«» Batavia.New York.. Liv"!!*, - .JomeSl City of Brooklyn .. .New York. Liverpool''' e S Ontario. .... ..New York. .Rio Bm. Wilmington.New Vork. Havana. Russia.New York. .Liverpool.june Nevada.New York.. Liverpool.June 25 City of Merida.New York . Havana.June 26 City of Antwerp .. ..New York.. Liverpool--Iune 28 Peroire. New York.. ITavre.June 28 Moravian .Quebec .... Liverpool—June 28 Calabria. New York. Liverpool.Iune28 A Iriatic.Naw York. .Liverpool .June 28 Claribel.New York.. Kingston, J. .June 30 Miniature Almannc.June 19. Sun rises.4.23 I Moon rises. 1.03 AVI Sun sets.7.30 I High watci.7.00 PM MARINE NETO PORT OF PORTLAND* Wednesday, June 18* ARRIVED. Steamer Franconia, Bragg, New York—passenger* and mdse Henry Fox. Sch Persia L Smith, Upton, Elizabethport—coal to Rounds & Sargent. Sch Nicanor, Baker, Elizabethport—coal to H L Paine & Co. Sch Czar, Hammond, New York—iron to Rolling Mills. Sch Sardinian. Yeaton, Kennebunk. ScliAfton, Wormwood. Kennebunk. Seh Pearl, Thorp, Bristol. Sch Juno, Brown, Rockport. CLEARED. Brig Frank Clark, Morton, Pensacola—master. Sch Andrew Sprague, (Bi> Wadman. Five Islands. Scb Geo Calhoun, (Br) Price, St John, NB-John Porteons. Sch Alpine, Marshall, Providence—J Nickerson. Sch Stella Lee. Brewer. Boston —Bunker Bros. Sch Ocean Belle. Coffin, Rockland—Bunker Bros. i Sch Express, Smith, Ellsworth—Nat hi Blake. [FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.! LUBEC, Jane 12—Ar. schs Lizzie Lee, Newton, Calais; Lookout, Morton, New York: Quoddy, Fan ning, Portland. dune 14—Ar. schs Gazelle, Gardiner, Portland for Eastport and Pembroke; Harmony, Mitchell, Perry for Rockland. BOOTHBAY. June 13—Ar, sch Emily F Swift. Orue, Western Banks—COO qtls fish; Montebello, Sar gent, do, 050 qtls fish. June 16—Sid, schs Lookout, Morton, and Torpedo, Fanning. New Vork. June 15—Ar. sch Kate McCiintcck, Dun ton, Wes tern Bannks—1050 tills fish. June 1C—Sid, sch Rosanna, Berry, Bay St Law rence. DOMESTIC PORTS. GALVESTON—Cld 10th, brig Gazelle, Cole, lor New York. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 12th, sch Eastern Queen, Connors, New York. JACKSON VI LLE-Ar 10th, sch Martha M Heath, Nichols. New York. ALEXANDRIA—Sid 14th, sch Marion Draper, Meaily, Hallowell. BALTIMORE—Ar 16th, schs E R Emerson, Snow, Gardiner; J W Fish. Rivers St George. Cld 16th, brigs Eugenia. Larrabee, for Boston, (and sailed); Jsis, Anderson, do; schs Nellie Chase, Dal ling. Portland; Mary Cobb, Humphrey, Boston. Sid 18tli, brigs Sarah Emma, lor Boston; Eugenia, for do. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 14th. barque Mignon, (new) Soule. Waldoboro. Viu ltuii at u i li^iina. uc'iiw, u.iiii. Ar 16th, brig Helen G Rich, Strout. Sagna; nebs Hattie E Sampson. Davis. St Marys, Ga; Ida INfay, Drisko. and Scio. Smith, Windsor NS; MB Harris, Mitchell, Gardiner; Carrie E Woodbury, Woodbury, Salem. Also ar 16th, brigs Gipsoy Queen, York, and Ellen Maria, Whitmore, Havana; Helen G Rich, Strout, Sagua; schs Ruth H Baker. Collins. Cardenas; Geo B Somes, Pray. Portland; Oliver Dyer, Falker, Saco. Below, brig Myronns. from Sagna. Cld 16th. schs John Farnum, Chase, for Portland; Neillo. French, Portsmouth. ELIZA BETHPORT—Sid 14th, sch Alcora. Denni sou. Boston: Dolly Varden, Allen, for Portsmouth; Maracaibo. Henley. Portland. NEW YORK—Ar 16th, brig J H Lnne. Shute.Cien fuegos 17 days; schs Martha Gale, Smith, Caibarien; Alzcna, Boynton. Sagna 12 days; K M Brookings, Brown. Cardenas lu days; Kate Carbon, Bowers, Cardenas 12days; Commerce, Arey, Jamaica; AS Wiley, Hickman. Eleuiliera ; Maid of the Mist. Smith. Jacksonville ; Mindora, Rankin. Calais ; Iona, Kendall. Bangor; Commerce. Torrey, Hallo well; H L Curtis, Mann, Snrry; Hattie S Collins, Tribble, Portland; George Jfc Albert, Woodbury, fm Bridgeport. Ar 17tli, ship Riverside. Rich, from Middlesboro, E; barque Sandy Hook, Barstow. Sagua 10days; brig Ramirez, Bernard, do; Geo Burnham, Staples, from Matauzas. Cld 17th. barques Ellen Dyer, Clapp. Cette; JE Holbrook, Leavitt, Havre; brigs Lizzie Zittloseu, Dow. Malaga; W H Bickmore,Bickraore, Baltimore; sch Ridgewood, Henderson, Georgetown. Passed through Hell Gate 16th. schs Alligator, Mc , Gregor, Port Johnson lor Portland; Josephine, Win nett, Amboy for Eaatport: Alcora, Dennison, Eliza bethan for Boston; Dolly Varden, Allen, fm do for Portsmouth; Mary FPike,Good,New York for Port land: H Curtis,'Haskell. Port Johnson lor Salem; Geo B Ferguson, Ferguson, Rondout for Newbury port; M Sewall. Lowe, do lor Portsmouth. NEW HAVEN—Ar 16th. schs Alice Gardiner. Tur ner. Jacksonville; Lucy Robinson, Townsend, from Calais PROVIDENCE—Cld 16th inst, sch B F Farnham, Brewster. Jacksonville. PAWTUCKET—Ar 16th, sch Sylva. Batson. Calais NEWPORT—Ar 16th, sch Eddie F Treat, Hodgdon* 1 Gardiner for New York. , VINEYARD HAVEN—Ar 16th, schs Mary E Van . Cleaf, Thorndike, Brunswick Ga for Damariscotla. (with part of the crew of brig Rio Grande, which foundered 31st ult); Silver Heels. Newman. Eliza* bclhport for Portland; John Boynton, Hill,Calais tor New York; Astoria, Sargent, Portland for NYork; Benjamin. Crossman. Pembroke for do; May Day, Adams, Spruce Head for do; M E Gage. Church. Cal ais for do; Francis Satterly, Stetson, Portland lor Wilmington; Tanget, Newman, Jonesboro for New Haven; Alabama. Meservey. Bangor for-. BOSTON—Ar 17tb. schs Atalanta, Rhodes, Port Johnson; Wm Martin, Mayo, do; Jane, Haskell, do; Chilion, Winslow, Rondout; Jennie J Russ, Forbes, New York; Uncle Sam. Smith, and Lion. Clark, fm Rocklaud; LGuptill, Chandler, Rockland; Tally, Sh<5a, Jonesboro; Richmond,Gaptlll. Hallowoll; Bal tic, Parker, Portland; Winona, Jackson, do. Ar 18th, schs M L Crockett, Crockett. Winterport; Diadem, Hawes, Poriland. Cld 18ib, sch Lamoine, King, Galveston. MARBLEHEAD—Ar 15th, sch Sparta, Hopkins, Frankfort. NEWBURYFORT—Ar 17th. schs Tantamount, Pendleton. Hoboken; Annie- Gus, Sawyer, from do; Almedii, Srrith, Port Johnson. In port 17tli, schs Mary Means, Parker, for Sedg wick; Helena. Harris, for Bangor. PORTSMOUTH-Ar 13th. brig Reporter, Ryder, Philadelphia; schs Helen M Waite,Gott,do for New market ; Waterloo, Bock, Port Johnson. FOREIGN POUTS, At Kong Rons? 12th ult, ship Malay, Clough, from San Francisco, ar 6th. Sid fm Singapore 1st ult, ship Crest of the Wave, Harris, Boston. Ski fm Callao 26th ult, ship Leonora, Griffin, for Macabi.4 In port 28th ult, ships John C Potter, McClure, im Liverpool, ar 2d; Sami Watts. Heyler. from Cardiff, or 24tli; S C Blanchard, Meady, Iroin do, ar 20th; John Bryce, Morse, from do, ar 27th: El Dorado, English, disg; Garnet, Oliver, do; Martha Booker, Skomeld, do; barque Isaac Rich, Shelden; Jennie Prince, Prince, and Oasis, Randall, unc. Chartered—Ship Tranqnebar, for Hampton Roads, at $16 pr ton. Sid fm Hull 4th ult, ship Alico M Minot, Lowell, Shutskar. Ar at Liverpool 16th inst, shins St Lncie, Scnbner. Liverpool; Pacrolus, Ar at do 16ili, ships Anna Camp, Gardiner, New Orleans; Reunion, Curtis, Galveston. Sid fm Gibraltar 25th ult. barque Abby Bacon, Merrill, (trom New York) for Tarragona. Ar at Aspinwall 8th inst, brig John \V Hunt, Huut New York. Ar at Cienfuegos 4th, brig ClarabelJc, Tracey, New York; L H Kimball, Lunt, Philadelphia. Sid 3d, brig U S Hassell, Hodgdon, Philadelphia; sch Nellie Shaw, Cates, do; 4th. brig Lima, Hill, lor New York. Sid ftn Havana lOtli, sob E M Sawyer, Kelley, Bos ton ; brig A B Brown, Foster, for Sierra Moreua and North of Hatteras. Ar at Mafauzns 7th, brig J H Kennedy, > Portland; John Swan, RumbalLA^^-W*. • br?■'CaacaleT£‘York; Oeo Burnbam| StanteeNortliof Hatteras; 7tb,barque.laa E Brett, Sew York; brig J M Wiswoll, Glover, Queenstown; 10th baron® Sarah B Hale, White. North of Hat teras: Florence Peters, Mitchell, Philadelphia; llih, ivnono. Thompson. North of Hatteras; brig Tubal Cain, Stone, New York; sch JB Gilkey, North of Hatteras. Sid fm Cardenas 9th, schs Louisa A Orr, Orr, and Hattie Turner, Turner, for North of Hatteras; 10th, barque A Loring, luring, Sagua; sch M N Hale, Bur gess. North of Hatteras. ail)] Ar at Sagua 6th inst, barques YumufSteriitt, Her Gertrude, bailey, New York; hr-' ’ nman. do. __ .—/«*, New York; Tally Sid 6th, brVjs. kaiadeTphia; schs M M Knowles, Eoen Fisher, Reynolds, Baltimore; 7th, brig Daphne. Watts, North of Hatteras. Sid nn Pictou 13th inst, barque Haucock, Small, for fyenfuegos. Arat St John. NQ, 14th inst, schs M R W. Wil liams, and Ida M, Graham, Portland; J K Howard, Howard, do. Cld 16th, ship Montebello, Kelley, Liverpool. tfPOKEN. May 31, lat 24 41. Ion 80 45. barque M B Stetson, from Cuba for Boston; brig Annie Gardiner, do for New York. D. W. CLARK & CO., — 1>FILERS IN — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST.. 3a EXCHANGE ST., Pure Iec supplied for all purpos es, and ,n any quantity at the LOWEST KATES. apii proposals; U. S. ENGINEER’S OFFICE \ Thin! Storii Union Bank Building, Fiivetle ! near Charles street, Baltimore, Md., June 17 1878 i PROPOSALS are Invited for furnishing ’and dc Us- U"h,crH near Federal roint on the Cape Fiat river. North Carodna; and separatc propoMs for stone loaded on lighters at q™»Xm 6si,llc *o tog boats. 2hJ"F’ct any bid Is reserved. „£kii Kl',"'Ifiralio"!' nn<i “ny desired Infor mation can bo tad on application at this office. WM. P. CttAJGHILL, juituht Major of Engineers. Portland, June 14,1873. i :—I noticed in your paper chat I lnd Jett the bed and beard of Wm. L. Snell and without jnstciuBe. I bad a just cause and I left and took my bed and the Sheriff* took the board. And as for paving bills ot my contracting is something that he hasn’t done for me or himself either. * Jul7d3t* ADDIE I. SNELL. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS Walter A. Wood’s New Iron Mower! 17,097 MADE AND SOLD IN 1872. This fact alono fully establish..,, ,v. . for practical Held work over all oiber»elr»!,lPerio,*ty nut* mill holla lo much, lew irili!1"" M* oat of orilrr. Ibau nay other uiarhi,:0 ?T* only one In tho market with Patent Oilers. 1Ue AGENTS AND FAKMEBS SAY ..Don’t try to improve It.” “It is a perf'et Mower as it Is.” “Not half a load for a pair of horses ’’ For a detailed descripiIon,with illustra'ions, direc- , tlons for pntiing togc her, using, Arc., see Annual ! Circular far 1873, which will be mailed free to all ap plicants. By Extra parts always on hand. A. L. Dennison, Gen. Agt., 13 Long Wharf, Portland, Mo. i jnl9 d2w CITA OF PORTLAND. NOTICE Is here’ y given that the Comm'ttee on Streets, Sidewalks and Bridges, will meet at the junction of Middle and Pearl sliects, ■ n WED NESDAY. the 1Mb of June, 1873. at 3} o’cl.ick P. M., and will then and there hear all uarties interested Slid fix the grade of Pearl Street rom Middle to Commercial Street. Also, that on the same day at 3 o'clock, P M., the same Committee will meet at the function of Temple and Congress sts., and win theu and there heai all p rties interested and fix the grade of Contrress street from Temple to Preble street. * , , __ Per Order of Committee, juttdtd GEO. P. vVESCOTT. Chairman The above hearing is postponed to THURSDAY the 19tb inst-, at the same hour abovo given. Jul9 n NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has been duly appointed Executor of the Will of JAMES HUTCHINS, late of Cumberland, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and has taken upon hirnBell that trust by giving bonds as the law di rects. All imrsons having demands upon tho estate of said deceased, are required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called up on to make payment to HENRY HUTCHINS, Executor of Yarmouth. Cumberland, Jnne 17. 1873. j n 19w3w25Th NOTICE Is hereby given that tho subscriber bas been duly appointed Executor of the Will ol SOPHIA MOUNTFORT, late of Cumberland, In the County of Cumberland, deceased, and has taken upon himself that trust by giving bonds as the law directs All personshaving demands it|ioii the es tate of said deceased, arc required to exhibit the same, —id all persons indebted to said estate are call ed upon to make payment to JOHN W. CHAS *.', ExccutoF of Portland. Portland, June 17, 1873. junl9dlw3wT »» usuingion Mouse ! NORTH CONWAY, N. H., WILL furnish Summer Boarders and Transient Company with good accommodations and board at moderate prices. Rooms large and pleasant and nearest Hotel to the Portland & Ogdensburg R. R. Station- 6 JAMES JU. GIBSON, jul9d3m Propraetor. Notice. THE Stockholder. of the Cumberland National Bank of Portland are hereby notified that there will be a meeting ot the^Stockholders at their Bunk Boom, on TUESDAY, ,/uly 1, 1873, at 10 o'clock A. M. to see if they will vote to increase the Capita] stock of the Bank. Per order of the Directors, _ , . SAMUEL SMALL, Cashier. Portland, June 16, 1873. JnlOdid FRESH SA LYIOA. | ICE lot Fresh Salmon just arrived at JOHN IOVEITT A CO’S, 104 Commercial Street br 16 aud iOc per lb, according to the cuts. _- junl9-3t Wanted ! \ SITUATION on a Gentleman** place to drive CL and attend hordes, &r. Knquirenf (_\ H. Good vin, at the Amercan House until Fiidav; af er ad Ircss Oxiord, Me. Jnl9d3t 1 Found. r\N Clark Street-Pocket book rnd Diary conlain ing small rae of money and some pictures. )wncr can have the same by calling at No. 96 Clark trcet- _ junl9-3t Board, SIX gentleman can be a<v orr.modotel with good Board pleasant rooms at No. 26 Fe cral street. jul9d2w* READlt made rdTs At lessthan Manufacturers’ Prices. Suits, §6.50, $7.50, $9.00 $10. $12 $13 50, $15. 816.50, $1$, $20 $22.50, $25, $28, $30 aud 32. Please bear in mind that these suits are all well made, and for style, finish and durability are jqnal (o custom work. 171 Fore Street. J. F. SISK. ju6 dim FJLSU AJNJLP IS ALT. NOW RECEIVING 300 qtls. new and superior English Shore Cod. — ALSO IX STORE — New Shore and Bank large and medium Cod. Pollock, Cask. Had dock. Halibut, Smoked and Pick led Herrings, Tousruos & Sounds. Trimmed Fins, Ileads, superior qua’ity Bloates Mess Mackerel with Nos, 1 and 0 of s me. Also Turks Island,Cadiz & Liverpool Salt DANA dc CO. jul3 d3w Leavitt, Burnham & Co,. WHOLESALE »*TAIL DEALERS - I C E . No. 14 Cross Street, Portland. Orders left at lee Office, 14 Crn«s St., or with J. C Proctor, 93 Exchange St., will be promptly attended to. C^-Pure Ice supplied *■* rtJj pnrposes in any quantities and **• l -Pit V OWEST RATES. istt HOT TEA ROLLS. HOT TEA ROLLS can be had from W. C. Cobb’s Bakery or Carts EVERY AFTERNOON. my 15 if FOR SALE. BLACKSMITH Shop tools and stand situated at Buxton Centre on the line of the Portland & Rochester Rail Road; a good chance tor a good Black smith. cuquire*of HORACE EMERY. Jul7dlw* OW THK PRE1USES. Maine Savings Bank. No. 100 Middle Street, Portland. MONE’S deposited in this Bank on the first day of any month begins on interest th* samo dav. It deposited on any other dav, begins on interest the first day of the following month. -1-vUiLX:wif_A. M. BURTON, Treasurer. Spring Styles for r.»jico Dresses and Street Garments, at MISS M. G. MAGUIRE’S, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, up stairs. «|Tl7_ |f Portland Ilisrli School. THE Principal of this School having, by reason of other engagement**, declined to be a c ndkiato tor re-election, applications for the position mov be made m jkj^soii or in writing, accompanied with references, testimonials, &c., until Julv 14, 1873. The next term will commence Aug. 25.1873. L’ IVIS B. SMITH, _ , ,, Chairman S. School Committee. Portland. May 28. 1873. dtd New Hoarding House. THE Subscriber, having leased the new and oom inodions house, recently erecte«l by Cvoo. R. pa vis & Co., up >n the “Blanchard property,” 304 High St., takes pleasure In announcing to tho pnblfe that he will about the first of April open It for a ||r_7' i claan boarding house. Rooms can bo seer. n.,< JR? particulars as to terms. Ac., obtained, by cal Mud it I the house from 10 A. M. to 12 M., and from 2 until * P. M. aprSeodtf s. s. 5 MISCELLANEOUS. MANILLA, MACKINAW, CANTON! and all the different grades and styles of Straw Hats for Men and Children’s wear. Also, the latest Sew York styles of Felt, Kersey and Silk Hats, and a fine assort ment of Hammocks, Boggy Um brellas, Shawl and School Straps can be found at MAHER & CO/s, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE. jn»_lad tf B 0 OS. New York City - - - - 7 « « « . . . . g> Brooklyn City ; ... 6 s Jersey city = Elizabeth City . . . Tt Canada Southern R. r., Gold, - . 7’g B. & Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, - 7>g Northern Pacific B. R., Gold, - 7.301 -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St _____feh26 FIRE WORKS! Wholesale Agents lor the sale of Fire Work*. Fire Crackers, Torpedoes, Rockets, Roman Caudles, Serpents, Pin Wheels, Triangles, Blue Lights, Pistols, Blast (inns, Crackets, Pistols, new, Chinese Rockets, Cannons, Double Headers, Mines, Flags, Masks, Fancy Pieces. Towns and cities furnbhed with digplavg at the Factory prices. lyOrdcrs frem the country promptly attended to. CHAS. DAY, JR. & CO., 91 EXCHANGE STREET. tun12 ed&wtJljA BONDS FOR SALE. Portland City . . - C's Bangor “ «>. St. Lonis “ . . . «’s Elizabeth, X. J., . ?>s Cleveland “ Toledo “ ... 8>, Cook County, 111.. • . - 7’s Marion County, Ind., - . 8’s Maine Central R. R. . 7’g Port|and & Rochester R. R, . 7’s Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe Gold 7’s Northern Paeilie R. R. (fold . 7-80’s Chicago, Dan. & Tin. R. R. Cold - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Dcf. Rent Serip BOUGHT BY 8wan & Barrett, IOO MIDDLE STREET. fet.24 rodtl BON_DS. State of Maine .... c’s Portland & Bangor City - - #’g Bath & Rockland City ■ ■ • 6’s Chicago City - . . . 7’s IVayne & Clay County, Illinois, • 7’s Colcdo, Ohio, - - . 7.80's Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, • 7.80’s Burlington Cedar Rapids & Minn. * 7’s Maine Central, Consolidated. - - 7’s Canada, St. John & Halifax Bank notes Bought and Sold. Will. E. WOOD, Ag’t Sept 8-<Itn?_Or tCxrhaocc St. H.M.PATSON&COr, Bankers and Brokers, — OFFEB FOB SALE — Portland City .... fi’g Bangor ...... «’s Bath ..... . 6’g Cook Connty - - . . 7’g Chicago - .... 7’s Toledo, Ohio - . • . 8’g Scioto County, Ohio - • 8’s Leeds & Farmington R.R., guaranteed «’s Portland & Rochester R. R. - - 7’* Maine Central R. R. . . . 7’* Northern Pa 1 lie R. R. Gold - 7-80’s Government Bonds, Bank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 33 EXCHANGE STREET ap3_PORTLAND.dlf a. SLAVEY, M. D., 242 Congress Street* Has adried to bis business the Agency of the Health-Lift Co. At his room is a machine which all who are troubled with Lame backs, weak stomachs or imperfect cir culation of the blood are invited to examine. Ma chines deliver*d to purchasers at N. Y. pi ices. Homeopathic uicriirincM as asunl. Iu3is3w TO LET! A PORTION of High Street WHARF, suitable for tbo Lumber trade. Apply to J.ACK*ON A EATON, Jmittscothiw,_IIICH ST. WHARF. MY STOCK OF Custom Made Hand Sewed Boots and it superior to any other Stock in New England in point of quality, style, finish and fit. So donrt wrong yourself bv sending your measure to New \ork or Boston, when you can obtain the very best boots made, and always a lure fit, of M- G. PALMER. m>9_ codCw_ A Card. The undersigned having fitted up a dining room, — AT — ivo. or rontiKRt i ii, mtrkkt, will be happy to meet his old friends and patrons on THURSDAY, June 19th. Junlfidlw- X. B. PERCY, 4'iimborlaud Bono Co. flHIE annual meeting of the stockholders of tho ,d5 Cumberland Bone Company for the choice of Officers and the transacts™ of any other t»shT*?s that may properly come be'ore them will i2”!? i ?P* on TUESDAY, Anne 24th. 1873 IS 3 A'if office of the Treasurer, 2$ Uuion wharf! M‘* * ,ha Fortland, June 17,1873* Gfirk. TO CONTRACTORS. SEFL H° FW^rf'V's TSiTT1 <“ «'■>• office of T!sa»««! ""Tr“' bl“ -- JulTdtd Portiand Savings Bank, NO. 91 EXCHANGE ST. ALL deposits of one dollar and upwards com mencc interest on the first day of tho month following the date ol deposit. 1 may‘J9-dtf FRANK NOYES, Trcssnrer. Caution. NOTICE !shereby given that mv wife, Addle s Snell, having left my bed and hoard without just and sufficient cause, I shall pnv no debts of hor contracting. \\\ l. SNELL Portland, June 11.1873. ju"l2dtf * Copartnership. WE have addmitted MR. FRANKLIN FOX as paitner in our firm from lids date, and shall coni in uo the same business as formerly under the firm name of PIIINNEY, JACKSON A FOX. PUIXXEY & JACKNO.X Fortland, June 1«, 1873, d3w ' Valuable Livery Stork for Sale. I f'Mer for sale my cnlir VjP Li\er. Stoc<. The Stables can bo leased or I)er®on* owing me are rcqnestcd to call and seme as 1 wish to close ray business immediately. ■Nwt CHARLES SAGER. pJJJjjgjJ* 1873 _dtf J*i^ir’TO Dea,ly uecutwl moS ** •fflee. **,4

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