Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 21, 1873 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY ESTABLISHED JUNE 23, 1862. YOL. 12. PORTLAND SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 21, 1873. TIIF PORTLAND DAILY PRESS Published every day (Sundays excepted) by the PORTbAMD PIBI.INIUINU CO., At 109 Exchange St. Portland. Terms: Eight Dollars a Year in advance, THE MAKofSTATE PRESS Is piblislied every Thursday Morning at $2 50 a year, if paid in advance, at §2 00 a year. Hates of Advertising: One inch of space, engtli of column, constitutes a “square.” $i 50 per square daily first week; 75 cents per w ek after; three insertions, or less, $1 00; continu ing every other day after first week, 50 cents. Half square, three insertions or less, 75 cents; one we^k. $1 00; 50 cents per week after. Special Notices, one third additional. Under head of “Amcsemf.nts,” $2 00 per square per week; three insertions or less $1 #0. c Advertisements inserted in the “Maine stack Press” (which has a large circulation ki every part of the State) for $100 per square for first insertion, and 50 ceuts per square for each subsequent inser tion. Address alJ communications to PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO. BUSINESS CARDS. W. c. CLARK, 103 FEDERAL STREET, 3 Doom Kaxi of Temple Ml., GAS AND WATER PIPING. fl|)L*X_ tf PATENTS — IN ALL — C O U NTT R I E S. SCRIBNER & JORDAN, 74 Middle Street, cor. Exchange, PORTLAND, HIE., Secure Inventions, Trade Marks and De signs in all Conntries where Patent Laws exist. Assignments made and sent for record. Coasultaiim personally or by letter free. Letters promptly answered. Models and Drawings furnished. Extensions, Re-issues, Interference autl Disclaim ers attended to at living prices. Examinations made and opinions given as to the patentibilitv of inventions. my23d&w3m ROSS & STURDIYANT, WHOLESALE COAL DEALERS 170 Commercial St., Portland. Sole agents in Maine for the sale and shipment of the Celebrated Coal mined by Messrs. Ham mett Neill & Co., of Philadelphia. We have also for sale at lowest market price, ^llkeebarre, Scranton, Lackawanna, and Pittstou Coals, shipped from the vicinity of New York. Ves sels procured for the tranportation of coals from port of shipment • any point desired. tfapr27 J. II. FOGG, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 1191-2 EXCHANGE ST., (Corner of Exchange and Federal Sts.,) fcb27 PORTLAND, NIK. tf 1>R. IIERSOM HAS taken the office of the late Dr. Robinson, 260 CONGRESS St. Office hours, 9 to 11 A. M., 2 to 4 P. M “ “ Sundays, 9$ to 10 A.M., 4to5P. M Residence, corner Pine and Emery Streets. Or tiers out of office hours may be left with Mrs. Robin bison, 260 Congress Street, or at his residence myGtf BENJ. KINGSBURY, JR., Attorney at Law, No. 83 Middle Street, I* ORTLAND MA-I^TK. (Opposite Canal Bank.) may24-dlm HENRY F. T. MERRILL, COUNSELOR AT LAW, No. 30 Exchange Nt., Portland. Formerly of the U. S. Treasury Department and Attorney in all the courts in the District of Columbia, will attend to the prosecution of claims beiore the Court of Claims and the various departments at Washington. octll-tf ESTABLISHED 1821. Byron Greenough & Co., 140 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. Military, ) f Firemen *, CSrnntl Army, ! 1 Ufi j Bnsc Ball, Nary, [ LilF >5 j Hr bool, HLanouio, j (.Club. HATS, CAPS AND CHAPEAUS. MADE TO ORDER, tlie Lowest Prioep.^3 Samples sent on application, and all orders filled at short notice. apr4tf PORTLAND MACHINEWORKS (FORMERLY C. STAPLES * SON,) Marine, Stationary and Portable STEAM ENGINES, Steam Bolters, Bleach Boilers and Tanks, Shafting, Mill (Sealing and General Machinery. Castings of iron, brass, and composition. Repairing promptly attended to. jr^New and Second-hand Engines for sale. Highest cash prices paid for old Iron. 215 Commercial Street, W.JH. FESSENDEN. aprlAtf Portland, Me. GEO. E. COLONS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, 316 CONGRESS STREET, Ts prepared to make all the various styles of Card Picture*, Rembrnnt, Medallion, dee., from Retouched Negative*. By this process we del rid of Freckle*, Mole* and other im perfection* of the Nkin, For all of which no extra charge will be made. All work warranted to please. Call and examine for yourselves. inclilSdtf CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, FRESCO PAINTER, 5 Deering Block, AT SCHUMACHER BROTHERS. aprl6 d3mo JANIES O’DONNELL, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Las removed to (VO. 84 1-3 MIRRI.E STREET, (End door below Canal Bank,) PORTLAND, MAINE. Commissioner of deeds for the several States, febto JOHN ~0. WINSHIP. Attorney at Law, too exchange ST., [Portland, [Maine. Jull __dim J. II. L AMBON, PHOTOGRAPHER, No. 152 Middle Street. PORTLAND, ME. Copying and enlarging done to order. All tbe new styles, Berlins, Rembrants, Medallion, he Porcelain, of Mezzotint card, and the retouched card, by which new process wo get rid of freckles moles,wrinkles and all imperfections of the skin. Call and judge for yourselves. fll3P*Motl©—ISooil work at Moderate Price*. Aim to PIchnc. may 20 JOST & KE1LER, FRESCO PAINTERS, Office 134 Middle St., up stairs. PORTUND, ME. Orders may be left at F. F. Hale’s picture gallery ana O. M. & F. I*. Brooks’, No. 333 Congress St. IPST'AII Orders promptly attended to. (au2A tf J. H. HOOPER, ~ U r U O LSTERER \os. 31 and 33 Free St., MAJrcFACTrREn of Parlor Suite, Lounges. Spring Beds, Mattresses, TOrDoiionRh Patent Bed I.ouiir.., En amt’lrd Cbniro, Ac. AU kinds of repalrinz neatly done. Furniture boxed and matted. oct5-’60TT&Stt BUSINESS CARDS._ SCRIBNElt & JORDAN, PATENT AGENTS, 74 MIDDLE, COR., EXCHANGE ST., PORTLAND, MAINE. SPECIAL ATTEK-nON GIVEN TO ItEJECT apr5 CASES.eodtf business directory7 A gency for Sewing Machines. »V. H. DYER, Na. a,a middle St. Ail kind* of Machine* for sale and to let. Repairing. Bakers. w. C COBB, No*. 28 and .‘50 Pearl Street. Ou direct route between New Cuntom II on*e and Pont Office, near the Market. Booksellers and Stationers. HOST, t ot.t; & BREED,No.91 Middle Street. Book Binders. WM. A. QUINCY, Room 11, Printer’. Bxchaage, No. Ill Exckauge St. SHALL & WHACK FORO, No. .‘55 Plum Wtreet. Carpenters and Builders. WHITNEYS MEANS, Pearl Street, op. paxite Park. _ Dentists. PK. W . B. JOHNSON, oxer H. H. Moy>». Dye-House. F. SVMONDS, India St. Vrlxrl Cloaks dyed aud finitihed. FOSTER’S Dye House, 24 Union Street.* Furniture—Wholesale and Retail. WALTER CORKY A CO., Arcadr, No. 18 Free Street. GEORGE A. WHITNEY, No. .56 Ex change St. Upholstering of all kinds done to order. Furniture and House Furnishing Goods. REN J. ADAMS, cor. Exchange nnd Fed eral Streets. HOOPER Sc EATON, Old Post Office, Exchange Street. E. F. HOYT, No. II Preble Street. Up holstering done to order. Furniture and Upholstering. DAVID W. DEANE, No. 89 Federal 81. All kinds of Uphold <ring nnd Repairing done to order. Hair Goods and Toilet Articles. J. F. SHERRY, No. 9 Clapp’. Block Congress Street, opposite Old City Hall# Horse Shoeing and Carriage repairing Done in the best possible manner by S. YOUNG Sc CO.. No. IPO Fore St. Jewelry and Fine Watches. ABNER IjOTVET.Ij, 301 Cougre.. Street. Agents for Howard Watch Company. Manufiwiurers of Trunks, Valises and Carpet-Bags. J. R. DURAN Sc CO., 171 middle and 116 Federal Streets. Masons and Builders. N. E. BEPLON, 933 1-9 Congre.. St. Paper Hangings, Window Shades, and Carpetings. I. OTHROP.DE YENS Sc CO., 61 Exhange Sreet and 48 Market St. Photographers. A. S. DAVIS Sc CO., No. 80 middle Street. J. 11. LAM80N, 152 Middle St.,cor. Cross. ; Plumbers. j JAMES MILLER, No. 91 Federal Street. Ewery description of Water Fixtnres ar ranged aud set np in the best manner. Jobbing promptly attended to. Plasterer, Stucco Worker, &c. P. FEENY, Cor. Cumberland and Frank lin St*. Real Estate Agents. JOHN C. PROCTER, No. 93 Exchange Street. OEO. R. DAVIS Sc Co., No. 301 1-9 Con greMs Street. Silver and Plated Ware. ABNER LOWELL, 301 Congress Street. Signs and Awning Hangings. done by N. YOUNG Sr CO., at No. 100 Fore Street. my30*2m Schools. ENGLISH and FRENCH SCHOOL, 430 Congress Street. Stair Builder. B. F. LIBBY, Lo. 252 Fore Street, cor. Cross St., in Deleno’s Mill. G. L. HOOPER Sc CO., Successors to Littlefield & Wilson, Cor. York Sc Ma ple Streets. Watches, Jewelry, &c. J. W. & H. H. 11ICDUFFEE, Cor. middle Sc Union Sts. Rid ion Ions Ideas are entertained about pur gatives. It ip dangerous to scourge the stomach, to rasp the bowels, f o prostrate the nervous system with furious evacuants. Nature has given a sample, in the famous Seltzer Spring, of what the bilious, constipa ted, or dyspeptic system needs for its restoration, and in Tarrant’s Effervescent Seltzer Aperient Science has improved on Nature by combining ail the valuable ingredients of the German Fountain Ju a portable form, and omitting those which have no medicinal virtues. This agreeable and potent saline alterative changes, the condition of the blood and purifies all the fluids of the bodv. Sold by all drug *jul7Tu&S2w<fcw2t SrKW MODE], BUCKEYE MOWER. TIIE New Model Buckeye Mower contains many new ami important features:—The driver hav ing control of the cutter-bar at all times, can fold or unfold the bar without leaving his seat, or raise the bar perpendicularly to pass obstructions; the drive wheels run in paths made by the track-clearer, and do not mn over any cut grass; a spring in the track clearcr slide keeps it at all times adjusted; it is safe to say, and we will warrant the Buckeye to do any thing that any other machine will do, ami when other machines are worn out and worthless the Buckeye will be good for years afterward. We have at our store a machine set up in working order, that we shall be pleased to show you. P. S.—We have, also, a New* Horbe Rake and Hay Tedder that we would like to have you see. KENDALL & WHITNEY, PORTLAND, DIE. jul2 d&w3w24* C H I C A G~0 ! ; I.OAHW made on Chicago property for ■■ou-rcMidcntM. Properly worth from twice to three time* the amount of loan. Al*o *nfe iuTCNtiiient* made. PHINNEY & LOMBARD, No. 153 La Salle Street, vw!H“*ras:—]Pres.5th National Dank, Chicago; desfmC Fl'anklll> Bank, Chicago, and others If api 1 *(iii The National Board „f Fire Underwriters —HEREBY OFFERS A— REWARD of $500 Foi the detection, conviction and punishment of „„ tics charged with the crime of arson, in tiring the Premises situate on Larch Street, in the Citv of Portland, on April 27th, 1873; said Reward wiil be paid only on due proof being furnished the Executive Committee of the conviction and actual punishment of said criminals. By Order oi the Ex ecutive Committee, STEPHEN CRESWELL, Chairman. Nfc»v York, May 15th, 1873. my‘J4-d2ra $300 REWARD. City ol Portland. Citv Marshal’s Office, May 14,1873. Three Hundred Dollars Will be pai l by the citv to any person who will give information that will lead tothearrest and conviction of the person or jsirsons that set lire lo the house of M Welch, on Laicb street. April 27,4873. GKO. W. PARKER, mylud3m City Marshal. WOOD: WOOD HARD aud SOFT WOOD for sale at No. 43 Liu’ coin street. Also Dry Edgings. WM. HUSK. REAL ESTATE. F. G. Patterson's Real Estate Bulletin. IfA\TFV TO LOAN on Firut-CloM IflUillJ 1 Mortgagea of Real Katatc in Portland and vicinity. Real Estate bought and aold. Renta collected. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON, Real Eatate and mortgage Rroker, over Lowell’s Jewelry Store, ap25dtf Cor. Congress Sc, Rrown Sta. Real Estate lor Sale. A 2$ story brick house, 10 rooms, situated on the corner of Alder street. Also a new 2$ story wooden house, 10 rooms, arranged for two families. Tlie entire property can be purchased for Five Thou sand Dollars. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON, dealer in Real Estate. julOdlm For Sale. TWO double tenement Houses on Cotton street— No. 13, two tenements, five rooms each— No. 9, two tenements, seven rooms each. Also House No. ! 28 Bramhall street, arranged for one or two families; lot 40x113, fronting on tiro streets. This property is newly finished ana in complete order, and will he sold as the health of the owner demands a eliange of climate. Apply to LEON M. BOWDOIN or b. G. PATTERSON, Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, my 5 tf FOR SALE. THE valuable House and lot situated on Ocean St., in Deering. The home is two-story, nearly new, and is first class in every respect, with a nice stable attached. The lot contains about one acre and about sixty valuable fruit trees of the choicest varieties. Plenty #f Hard and Soft water. Terms easy. Ap ply at 67 Federal street, or to F. O. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers, Exchange street. juiiOdtf Farm for Sale or Exchange for Property in Portland or Vicin ity. THE best Farm in Gorham, known as the resi dence of the late Judge Longfellow. This farm contains seventy acres of superior land. Will sell whole or part. Possession given immediately. Ap ply to H. B. BOODY, on the premises. Gorham, June 16, 1873. dtf For Snlo. A NICE cottage House of 8 rooms, on the East ern Promenade. Call on A. C. LEWIS, junlCdlm 12 Market Square. FOR SALE. HOUSE No. 2 Deering St. Lot 30x110 feet. In quire at No. l^Eliu street between the hours of 8 a. m. and 2 p. m. junOdtf For Sale or To Let. HOUSE No. 53 Spring St., near Park. Will be ready about June 15th. For particulars en quire of GEO. E. DAVIS, 84 Commercial St. jull If Real Estate tar Sale. THE HOUSE at No. 6 Tate Street, and lot extend ing through on Brackett street, with Stable. Also, a lot of 10 acres of Hay Field with a good Bam situated in Scarboro, on the Paine road near Hubbard Libby’s, about 6 miles from Portland. The above property will be sold at a bargain by applying to MRS. T. E. STUART, No. 664 Washington street, corner of Pine, Boston, Mass, inyl d2m For Sale. THE house on State Street, occupied by the un dersigned. This house is thoroughly built of brick and stone and has all modern conveniences. ALLEN HAINES. Portland, Sep. 18th, 1872. sepl9-tf House for Sale! 11HE two-story house, No, 8 Carletou Street. This . house is in good repair, is well located in a good neighborhood. Has a good cellar, water and gas throughout. Can be seen any altemoon between the hours of 2 and 4. For further information apply to my27tf EDWARD P. CHASE, No. 3 Oak St. ~B'OR SALE! ON CONCiREHS ST. NEAR CASCO, About 5000 feet Land. With Buildings now renting for more than 8800 per year. Can at a small outlay be easily changed into three stores, with the tenements over them would then rent for from $1600 to $1800. Buildings in good re pair. Title perfect. Terms ea-y. Enquire at CUSHMAN’S FRUIT STORE, No. 806 Congress Street. mj-22 dtf For Sale in the Town of West brook. A FINE residence one-balf mile from the Railroad Depots, Post-office, good Schools and Churches, six miles from Portland; House and Ell two stories thirteen finished rooms, double jiarlors with marble mantles, Wood-liouse and Stable connected—all in good repair, painted and blinded, Barn 40 x 60 on tbe premises; grounds contain 15i acres, excellent land, well fenced, 30 apple and pear trees, h acre choice strawberries, three good wells of water upon the place and good cistern in the cellar, cellar under whole House, fine cement bottom; grounds ornamented with fine shade trees. This is one of the finest resi dences in the county. Terms easy. Enquire of 3. R. Davis & Co., Portland, or Oti« Brown, Westbrook. mar21tf FOR SALE. A LOT of vacant laud, situated on the west side of High, between Pleasant and Danforth, Sts. This lot has a front of about 61 feet and is about 194 feet deep, and plans have been drawn by How, for a block of seven or nine genteel and convenient resi dence, and adapted for tbe same. Enquire of EDWIN CHURCHILL, No. 4 Portland Pier, mar28 From 12 to 2 o’clock, P. M. Real Estate. FOR Sale, or lease lor a term of years, the proper ty belonging to tbe estate of Francis O Libby, and formerly occupied by him on the corner of Free and High Streets. HARRISON J. LIBBY, 1 . .. FRAN K W. LIBBY, J A™ r9 mar24 tf The “Limerick House,” FOR SALE The Buo-cnber offers for sale his Hotel pro] > rty in Limerick Village, York County. The house has 22 rooms all in good repair, with shed and two large stables adjoining: itwo wells of water on the premises, and every convenience for a first-class Hotel. The “Limerick House” is well situated for securing liberal patronage. Enquire further of the owner, JOSEPH G. HARMON, marl3dtf ' Limerick, Me. Real Estate for Sale. HOCSE AND EOT NO. TO STATE ST., Lot contains 34,000 feet of land, with fine iuit gar den, cold, grapery, etc. Apply to W- H. FESSENDEN, mar6tf 215 Commercial Street. FOR SALE. THE Residence of Mr. J. M. Churchill, situated on the corner of State and Danforth Streets in this city. The lot is 325 It. on State Street and 151 ft. on Danforth Street,and contains about 50,000 ft., includ ing the Mansion House in thorough repair, and the large brick Carriage House and Stable. It is one of the most desirable places in the city, either in its present state or to cut up in lots. For plans and particulars, call on J. C. Procter* mayl9 dtf Grafton Mineral FERTILIZER — AND — DESTROYER OF INSECTS. THIS article has been carefully ami thoroughly tested, during the past foil** years, by many ex perienced farmers, gardeners, and floriculturists, aud the numerous testimonials which have bepn received from those who have given it a trial, leaves no doubt of its valuable properties as a fertilizer for all crops; and particularly as an insect having proved a perfect protection to rose bushes, grape vines, fruit trees, cabbages, squashes, and other vines and vegetables, from the depredations of insects, and is cheaper than any of the remedies which have been recommended for the purpose. -FOU SALE BY— KENDALL & WHITNEY, Oenernl Agent* for (be State. Portland, May, 1S73. ,may30-dlw WATCHES, Chronometers and Clocks, 01 Foreign and American Make, sPectacies and Jewelry, -A-.1 54: Exchange St* —BY— WH. SERfTCEB, for timekeeping and reasonable price ?! rePalat*°.n cty of gold and silver cases-open fice n„<?r5Aari' Kcv winders and stem winders. myiilS#!^8 SEBAtiO DYE WORKS, No. 17 Plum Street. THE proprietors of this establishment will just snv to the public that they are prepared to dry l>v steam and also prepared to dry, cleanse and tlnish all kinds gent’s wearing apparel, und also ladles’ dresses, shawls, cloaks, all coi ns, or cleansed and warrant them not to smut. my!7dtf JOHN 8. MILLER. HOTELS. Washington House! NORTH CONWAY, N. H., WILL furnish Summer Boarders and Transient Company with good accommodations and board at moderate prices. Rooms large and pleasant and nearest Hotel to the Portland & Ogdensburg R. R. Station* JAMES M. GIBSON, jul9d.3m Proprietor. ATLANTIC HOUSE! SCARBORO REACH, OAK HILL, MAIN15. f|NHIS popular Summer resort will open for the _I_ season of 1873. oil WEDNESDAY. June 18th. This house Js closed to transient visitors on the Sabbath. Junl7d2w S. B. GUNNISON, Proprietor. FRENCH’S NEW HOTEL, COR. CORTLANDT & NEW CHURCH STS. NEW YORK. ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN. RICHARD P. FRENCH, Son of the late Col. RICHARD FRENCH, of French’s Hotel, has taken this Hotel, newlv titled up aud entirely renovated the same. Centrally located in the BUSINESS PART of the City. Ladies & Gentlemen's Dining Rooms at tacued. _ jul4d2mw2}m25 N O TIC E . Elm House,—Naples, Me. This House is long and favorbly known to tlie public. Tbe Proprietor bas decided not [to sell as advertised last February, but con I tinuc to keep open to Summer Boarders and __ J transient i ravel. With enlarged accomodation and improved equip age and every attention requisite to tbe enjoyment of guests. A daily mail and the fine little Steamer Sebago commanded by the courteous Captain Wales, running over the lakes and connecting with Port land in the midst of the nost picturesque and charm ing scenary opening so many and so complete forms of natural glory, the place deeds only to be kuonw to those seeking a summer’s resort to insure the larg est aud most satisfactory patronage. From a Visitor N. A. CHURCH, Proprietor. Naples June 14tli. 1873,jultkl3w ST. CLOUD HOTEL, Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Me. This new and elegant House will be opeued to visi tors June 19, 1873. MRS. E. HANNON, Proprietcs*. Special attention given to select parlies. ju!6dlin Commercial House, Cor. Cross and Fore Sts. Portland, Maine. This House built sin«e the great Fire, has recently bean leased by the undersigned, and extensive alterations are now being made, which when completed will make the _House one of the most convenient, and well arranged in the State. Will be entirely renovated, new Furniture added, and kept as a Hotel should be kept. Will easily accommodate One Hundred and Fifty Guests. The Reading Room w ill be supplied with every Daily Paper published in the State. Open June 1st, 1873. WM. F. HUSSEY, Recently Clerk Augusta House. Timing 84.00 PER DAY. may 16 dtf GLEN HOUSE, WHITE MOUNTAINS, N. II. This iavorite Summer resort will be opened for the season June 14, 1873. Address until 1st W. & C. It. Milliken, Portland, Me. J. 1M. THOMPSON ft CO., my17dCwOlcn Moutte. OCEAN HOUSE! This old and ]>opular Sea-Side House is now opened for the season. JOSEPH P. CHAMBERLIN, junlOdtfProprietor. KIRKWOOD HOUSE \ Scarboro Beach, Oak Hill, He. A This favorably known and popular Sea w reside resort is now reopened for the recept ^ ion of permanent and transient guests for the season of 1873. i OTIS K ALER & SON, Proprietors. iun9 lm S E C T I O A 8 — FOB — MOWERS AND REAPERS At Manufacturers’ Price. Farmers can have their orders promptly filled by sending directly to us for Sections for all kinds of Machines. Sections will be polished on both side, and stamped with the name of the Machine for which thev are in tended. All Knives and Section* Warranted. $H^“ln ordering send size of Section wanted. KENDALL & WHITNEY. PORTLAND, ME. Jul2 d&w3w24 A. S. LYMAN’S Patent Pure Wry Air Refrigerator^ Tlie best and Only Reliable One in the market. IT is indispensable to Butchers, Provision dealers, Hotel Keepers, Grocers and Restaurants. Will save more than its cost every Summer. Butchers who use it, in its best form, will soon find their meats recommended by their enstomers. The internal ar rangement is such that a current ot cold air is kept constantly moving over tbe contents of the Refriger ator. The Patent upon this has been fully tested in the U. S. Courts and its validity established in eigh teen cases. For LICENSE, RIGHTS, Ac., apply to SCOTT D. JORDAN, a«eht fob naim:. No. 2 Park Street or No. 80 Middle St., to whom all applications should b« made, and who has full power to setlle Infringements, mehleodlf NEW LAUNDRY! fllHE undersigned having assumed charge of a new A and spacious Laundry would respectfully an nounce that he is prepared to do washing for Steam* ers, Hotels. Families, &c., rith special attention paid to Ladies Dresses, Skirts. Laces, Gents’ Shirts and every description of fine washing. This Laundry being provided with the newest and most approved Machinery, and experienced help, the Proprietor believes he can guarantee perfect satisfac tion to to his customers. Location, Bradbury’s Court, En trance on Fore near India St. JOHN SPENCER, Superlntendant. Late Steward ot St’r John Brooks, Boston and Port land Line febodlyr FOR SALE. Brig Weuonali 235 tons new measure ment, built in 1856, rebuilt in 1869, and rccoppered in 1870. Rates A. 2, American Lloyds. Sails anJ M. rigging about new. Good inventory: can be sent to sea with very lb tie expence, carried 360 tons coal, 180 M, Lumbef, 600 payable hogsheads molasses. For further particulars enquire of CHARLES MERRILL. Junel0d2w 117 Commereia St., up stairs SCALE IN BOILERS. I will Remove and Prevent SCALE in any Steam Boilers, oi make no charge. Address, geo. w, LORD, mv3dtf PBIt.ADEV.PHIA. PA. Copartnership. WE have addmitted MR. FRANKLIN FOX as pai tner in our firm from this date, and shall i continue the same business as formerly under the 1 firm name of PIIINNEY, JACKSON A FOX. PHVVNEl' A- JACKSON. Portland, June IB, 1873, d3w Railroad Sleepers for Sale by the Cargo. Delivered here or any point. J. 8. ROBERTS, 191 COMMERCIAL STREET. Jiinio_tf Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. JThe three points ol excellence which I claim, are, 1st; constant and thorough circulatton of pure air; 2nd; ryness, no dampness mould nor taint; 3rd; no inteimingling of odors; purity and active air, the

elements of its success. Call, or send for circulars. Manufactured and for sale by J. F. MERRILL, be tween Cross and Cotton sts., near Leavitt, Burnham & Co.8 Ice House, Portland, Me. Je5dtf Lumber and Dock Timber Wanted In exchange for Locomotive Boilers, Horizontal Engine*, Feed Pnmpi aad Other Machinery* Address, G. II. ANDREWS. febMtf Pearl St., New York, WANTS, LOST, FOUND. Boarders Wanted ! — AT — 21 BROWN STREET. Jn20 _ ___ (ltr Found. A SUM of money which the owner can have by proving property and paying for tide advertise ment. Callwt Smith. Tibbetts ft Co., 131 Middle St. jn20 ‘;<t Wanted A Boy. A INTELLIGENT Boy from 15 to 17 years old can find steady employment and good wages at LOBENSJ EIN’S, No. 4 Deering Block. ju20jf Bookkeeper Wuutcd. Address, p. o. Box 1199, _ Portland Me. J»20 3t Wanted. A WET NURSE at No. 61 Pleasant street. _ju2Ud2w*_ Wanted ! A SITUATION on a Gentleman’* place to drive and attend horses, &c. Enquire of C. H. Good win, at the Amercan House until Friday: after ad dress Oxford, Me. ' jnl9d3t Found. ON Clark street—Pocket book and Diary contain ing small some of money and some pictures. Owner can have the same by calling at No. 36 Clark street. ‘ junl9-3t Wanted Immediately. A RELIABLE, honest Girl at No. 8 Brown Street. An American preferred. jul8 dtf Wanted. A COMPETENT GIRL to do general housework. _Apply at 82 New High Street. junlSdtf Wanted. AT the Reform School, a smart capable woman as Overseer in the Boy’s kitchen. Address Suprintendent. junl7*lw Proposals Wanted. SEALED Proposals will be received at the Select men’s office, Cape Elizabeth, until 12 M., June 21,1873, for building a pile biidee across Long Creek Stream, in said town. Plan* and specificalions may be seen at their office on and after June 17th. The Selectmen reserve the light to reject any or all bids not deemed for tbe interest of the town. THOS. B. HASKELL,) Selectmen NATHAN R. DYER. J of ELISHA N. JORDAN. ) Cape Elizabeth. Cape Elizabeth, June 13, 1873. jul6dlw Boy Wanted TO leant tbe Auction and ( onimigsion buginegs. Salary $2.00 per week for tbe firgt sir months. ABRAM & BROS., Auction Rooms 126 Federal st., under U. S. Hotel, lull_ tf 500 Good Girls Wanted Immedia tely. Kf’Vf'k GOOD Girl* of all nation*, for housework in town and country; table girls for Saloon. Laundry and Kitchen; girls for Hotels, Summer anu Beach Houses; Cooks, Chamber, and Scrub girls. Forest City Employment Office. MRS. L. HOVEY, 314 Congress Street, my 27dim* Wanted. ALIVE man to drive a Bread Cart. Satisfacto ry references requested, at BLAKE’S BAKERY, mv21dtf Congress Street. Coat and Pant Machine Girls want ed at SMITH, IVORGAN & BUTLER’S. my20dtf CUTTERS WANTED, — AT — SMITH, MORGAN & BUTLER’S. U1J17 dtf Rooms Wanted. IN a pleasant part of the city, furnished or uufur nisued, with or without board. Address E. B., 37 Brown St., Portland. mayl4tf Wanted A MAN who understands repairing Farniture. Apply at 125 Federal St. apr23 tf _EDUCATIONAL. DIVINITY SCHOOL, —OF— Harvard University. THIS SCHOOL is open to persons of all denomina tions. Pecuniary aid is attorded to those who are needy and deserving. The next Academic Year w ill begin SEPTEMBER 26tk. Further information will be given on application to Prof, OLIVER STEARNS, D. O., or Prof. K, J. YOUNG, Cambridge, Mass. inar27-lamtjel-tlienedtj>l Navigation .School! A NAVIGATION SCHOOL will be opened at No. 15£ Exchange street, March 3d, to be under the charge of Capt. Edward Breen and C. H. Farley. Instruction will be given every afternoon by Capt. Breen, and Monday and Friday evenings by C. H. Farley. The course will begin with decmal arithme tic, and well comprise Plane, Traverse. Parallel Mid dle Latitude sailing: the use of Logarithm*: the use and adjustment of Nautical Instruments; Latitude by Sun and Stars, and Lougitude by Chronometer. Lunar observations will not be included in the course but w ill be taught if desired. The evening instruction will be given before the whole class, when the various problems involved in navigation will be worked out upon the black-board and illustrated by suitable diagrams and apparatus, and the use and adjustment of instruments explain ed. Subjects collateral to navigation such as Mete or°lgy, Ocean Currents, &c., will also bo introduced at the evening sessions. For terms, apply to C. H. Farley, No. 4 Exchange street. febl9tf GRASS SEED. r 2000 Bags Western Tiinotliy Seed 1500 “ Canada “ •• lOOO “ Red Top “ 500 “ Michigan Clover “ 200 “ Ohio “ •* 400 “ No, New York “ “ lOO “ Pea Vine, “ “ ISO “ Alsikc “ “ lOO “ Millet “ lOO “ Hungarian Grass “ lOO “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mch2fi tf City of Portland. Ix Board of Health, ( April 21st, 1873. J ORDERED, that until otherwise directed wed# hereby designate tbe dump at tbe foot of Hano ver street (City Stable lot), and the dump at the foot of Franklin and Smith streets, as tbe places for de posite of rubbish, sneb as dirt, shavings, sawdust, ashes, cinders, soot, hair, shreds, manure, oyster, or lobster shells, or any other matter of any kind (except dead animals) which may be removed from any bouse, cellar, yard, or other place within the Citv limits. Approved April 21st, 1873. I hereby give notice that the “City #rdinancts” relating to the deposit of rubbish in any Street, Lane, Alley, Court, Square, Public Place or unoccupied lots within the eity limits, except the lots designated in the foregoing order, will be strictly enforced GEO. W. PARKfeR, Citv Marshal. Argus and Advertiser envy. ai>23e<13rn Mountain Air \ ANY family preferring the dry bracing air of the mountains to the moist salt water atmosphere, can find a very desirable residence, in the beau tiful village of PARIS HILL. The house is finely located, two-story, with piazza, lawn in trout, with fruit trees ami one acre and a half of land. 'J'lie rooms are high nosted an<l modern in finish, cement cellar, cistern, furnace, hard and soft w'ater in the kitchen, and a never failing well of spleudid water out-of-doors. There is a large barn and sufficient out-buildings. It is adapted for Summer or Court boarders. The village has two mails a day from Portland ami is but 2£ miles from the depot of the G. T. R. R. Any of the furniture can be bought if desired Price $3000. Enquire of Strout & Gage. Attorneys’ Middle Street, Portland. junlTdtf ’ Notice to Buyers of all kinds Carriages. I HAVE and keep constantly on hand a large as sortment ot all kinds of Carriages such as Phae tons, Top, and no Top Buggies, Express ami two seat Wagons, and the side-spring business Wagon, which for style and durability are not surpassed. S3P*For sale io i>er cent- cheaper than can be pur chased in the cit y, at JOHN ADAMS’, SAOCARAPPA, ME. apr29T TifcS3in For Sale on Elm Street. A SMALL Stable, to bo removed. Apply to TV II- DAKTON, 20 Elm street. JnSdtf TO LEI. _ To Let. TWO tenements, near the central part of the city* Apply to W. W. CARR, ju7<ltf 3 Exchange street. To Let. PLEASANT Rooms with board for single Gentle man or Gentlemen and wives. JunTdtf No. 149, comer Eliu and Oxford Streets. Rooms to Let NO. 3 COTTON STREET. ■luo_ _if Rooms to Let. TWO gentlemen and their wives and two or three single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board at No. 73 Free Street. roa>*9 tf House to Rent or Lease. THE upper tenement of lionse No. 31 Emery St., consisting of six rooms, all very pleasantly situ ated; with Gas and Sebago Water, &c. Inquire on the premises. apr!9dtf_WILLIAM H. GREEN. To Let. ONE OF THE BEST OFFICES ON EXCHANGE STREET. Enquire of GEO. A. WHITNEY & CO,. mar24tf No. 4C Exchange St. STORE TO LET* A large brick store in the Rackleft Block, corner of Middle and Ceureh streets—basement and first floor, elegantU finished and adapted to jobbing dry goods or other similar trade. Apply to ALLEN HAINES. septlldtf HENRY CLEWS & CO., 32 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, Offer for sale a limited number of the FIRST MORTGAGE 7 PER CENT, C0N3 VERTIBLE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS — OP THE — Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Min* nesota Railway Line. At 90 and accrued interest in currency. At which price they yield over 9 j»er cent., and are strongly recommended as a Safe and Profitable Investment. This Railway is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, which is the most prosper ous State in tbe Northwest, being tbe only State in the Union free from debt. The Minnesota Di vision, running from Burlington, Iowa, to Austin, Minnesota, a distance of 260 miles, was completed in February, 1872, and earned during that year an av erage of $83,000 per mouth, being a monthly increase of $35,000 on the earnings of 1871. The earnings for 1873 are estimated to exceed $1,500,000, or more than $125,000 per month. Tbe Milwaukee Division, from Cedar Rapids to Postville, on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, a distance of 110miles, passes through one of the richest sections pf tbe State of Iowa, and furnishing an outlet to Milwaukee and the lakes. The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway bonds have been admitted to tbe New York Stock Exchange, and are daily dealt in and quoted on the official lists, thus furnishing dealers an advantage enjayed by few of the new issues of Railway Bonds. The entire loan has been sold, except about $300, 000, which we now offer, to close it out. All marketable securities takeu in exchange at cur rent prices, without commission. For sale in Portland by Robt. A. Bird, 97 Exchange Street. ap26dtf Dissolution of, Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Ev ans & Greene, is hereby dissolved by consent. The name of either patty will be used in settlement. WILLIAM H. EVANS, CHARLES H. GREENE, Part land, May 27, 1873. Copartuership Notice. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner ship under the nome of EVANS & MOONEY, and will continue the business of dealers In COAL. AND WOOD ! at the old stand of tlie late firm of EVANS & GREENE, 281 Commercial St., head Merrill’s Wharf. WILLIAM H. EVANS, SAMUELS. MOONEY. Portland, May 27, 1873. N. B. Mr. C. H. Greene, will be found at the old staud of the late firm. my£8dtf BURROWES BROTHERS, C ARPENTERS AMD BUILDERS, Doten’s Planing Mill, foot of Cron Mt. HAVING enlarged our shop and fitted it up with the latest improved machinery (by the aid of \vbi«h we are enabled to get out our work accurately aud expeditiously,) we are now prepared to take con tracts of any size in the building line. Plans and specifications prepared at a reasonable price. We can on the shortest possible notice furnish the win dow and door frames and all tlie inside and outside finish for any description of building. Those about erecting sea side houses please take note of the above. We have superior facilities for the manufacture of in side blinds, and will fnniisli them ail painted and bung quick metre. We make a specialty of building and setting up machinery, and would be happy to re ceive calls from pari ies using power who contemplate a change of quarters, or that may need any service in this line. W e arc also prep ared to contract for the manufacture of patented articles on more favorable terms than any one in the city. WILLIAM BURROWES. ‘ J. W. BURROWES. my!3tf Special Announcement! Now opening at NO. 130 MIDDLE STREET, Opposite Woodman Sc True’s PORTLAND, MAINE, A large and splendid assortment of CHAMBER FURNITURE! Direct * om the Manufactory, which will b, sold at Wholesale Price*. Direct ezchan e between the producer and consumer. jgg^Tliose in want of such goods are invited to call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. junUdtf GEO. H. MERBIAM. Country Produce JQQ TLBS Choice Vt. Ora** Butter IOO Tub* Choice Yjard. 35 Bbl*. “ Medium aud Fine Pickle*. 35 Bbl*. Choice Lime*. 35 “ Crude and Beflned Cider. 300 Crate* Bermuda Onion*, t^F^Beans, Dried Apples, Hams, Eggs, Cheese, Oat Meal, Buckwheat, Hominy, Beef Tongues, and all kinds of canned goods. Sold as low ns tlie lowest by CYBV8 GREEN, No. 9 Monlton Street. jun9d3w Saw Glimmer & Sharpener. A CHEAP, simple, and durable Machine—easily operated and running wheels from 8 x i Inches to 12 x lhicb. Price of Machine, • - $15. Wheels which bevePed. double bevelled and round face from $3.13 to $7.35, according to thick ness. Heavier Machines $70 and $90, run ning Wheels up to 24 inches in diameter. For illustrated Pamphlets or Photographs, address THE TANITE CO., my8eod.3m Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. GAS STOVES. I WOULD respectfully inform the public generally that 1 have a good assortment of Gas Stoves for cooking and heating purposes. Specially adapted for cooking in hot weather. J. KINSMAN, NO. 128 EXCHANGE STREET, may 30 dim Cheapest Book Stores IN THE UNITED STATES. ' OLD Bookj bought, soli, or exchanged, or loaned for one cent per day. Send three cents for cir culars. Agents wanted. ALBERT COLBY & SON*. 11s exchange St., Portland, Mass., and 156 Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md fel)26 <Ukwtfw9 B E C AL M, nnd consider the weight of my advice. ALL parties who are about Introducing Steam,Gas or Water iuto their dwellings, stores or any oth er place, will favor themselves if they will call on me before doing so: for as I claim to work for a Jiving I will spare no pains to give entire satisfaction in price, neatness and promptness of work. Hose also sup piled, and repaired. Call and AJ ]> my.ldl/ ‘dOO F«k Rlrrel. fwl *f Flam. Hard Pine Timber On hand and sawed to dimensions. Hard Pine Flank, hard Pine Flooring AND STEP BOARDS. FOR SALE BY STETSON & POPE. Notice. THE Stockholders of the Cumberland National Bank of Portland are hereby notified that there will be a meeting ot tlie Stockholders at their Bank Koom, on TUESDAY, July 1, 1873, at 10 o’clock A. M. to see if they will vote to increase the Capital Stock of the Bank. Per order of the Directors, SAMUEL SMALL, Cashier. Portland, June 16. 1873. jnl9dtd MISCELLANEOUS. UNQUESTIONABLY The Best Known and Most Thoroughly Tested family SEWING MACHINE For all kiuds ol work, heavy or light, and the most popular. Wheeler & Wilson’s. This practical and easily managed machine has now stood the tost of time and thorough experlmont; and the thousands who have fortunately used ours, trank ly give it the preference, as the very best, both in this country and in Enrope. Study, capital and in ventive genius have been devoted to its improvement for years, till, now wit ITS NEW SILENT EEED, our pre«eut “Lock-Stich” Machine has no equal in the world. The WHEELER «fc WILSON’S is relia ble. economical and noiseless. It answers tbe wants of the household completely, and ANY KIND OF SEWING Needed in the Family can be done upon it with great er rapidity and ease of execution to beginners than can l>e accomplished on any other, it has received the HIGHEST PREMIUMS over all-as h Family Machine—on both sides ot the Atlantic. Those who want the best, should obtain WHEELER & WILSON’S NII,K!fT FEED Family Sewing Machine, AND TAKE NO OTHER. Machines sold on Monthly Instalments. All kinds ot Sewing-Macnine Supplies, Silk, Thread Needles, &c. Machine Stitching in all its branches done in the best manner. J. L. H A Y I> E J¥, Cen’l Agent for Maine, 163 Middle St., Portland, Me mch31 (|3in Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is nerehy given thrt the firm of RAN DALL, McALUSTER & CO., is ber*y dis solved by mutual con-tent. JOHN F. RANDALL, HENRY F. McALLISTER, EDWARD H. SARGENT. Portland, March 27, 1873. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the name of raudall & McAlister, and will continue the business of dealers iu COAL & WOOD at the old stand of the late firm of RANDALL, McALLISTER & CO., 60 Commercial St. They will settle all demands of the late Arm oi Itandall, McAllister A Co. JOHN F. RANDALL, HENRY, F. McALLISTER. Portland, March 27th, 1873. uiar29dtf READY MADE FLITS At lessthan Manufacturers’ Prices. Suits, 88.50, 87.50, 80.00 810, 812 813.50, 813. 818.50, 813, 820 822.50, 825, 828, 830 and 82. Please bear in mind that these suits are all well made, and for style, finish and durability are equal f o custom work. 171 Fore Street. J. F. SISK. ju6 Ulm City of Portland. NOTICE is hereby given that the J >iut Standi »g Committee on laying out new Streets whom was referred the petition of the Boston & Maine Railroad, praying that High Street between York and Commercial Streets may be discontinued, wi • meet at the junction of High and Commercial streets, on Monday the twenty-third day of June, A. D. 1873, at 3 o’clock, P. M., to hear all parties interested and then determine and adjudge whether public convenience requires that that part of High Street should be dis continued, and If they should so adjudge will then and there discontinue that part of High street and lit the damages as required by law. GEO. P. WI SCOTT, MIC AH SAMPSON, FREDERICK W. CLARK, J. F. RANDALL, EDWARD THURSTON, WM. McALENEY, Committee on Laying Out New Streets. junl3 dtd PRINTERS’ NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP THE undersign have this day formed a copart nership and will continue the business of BOOK AMD JOB PBIMTIMG n all its branches, in the best style, and at fair prices, at Mw. 1 Exchange street Caraer Eare. A share of business is solicited. Cushing Harmon & Jerris* WM. H. CUSHING PHINEAS F. HARMON, WM. A. JERRIS Portland May 1 1873. jun6d3w PROPOSALS. U. 8. ENGINEER’S OFFICE, ) Third Stonj Union Bank Building, Fayette,} near Charles street, Baltimore, Md., June 17,1878) PROPOSALS are invited for tarnishing and de livering stone on U. S. lighters near Federal Poiut on the Cape Fear river. North Carolina; and separate proposals for stone loaded on lighters at quarries on the river accessible to tug boats. The right to reject any bid Is reserved. Blank forms, specifications and any desired infor mation can be hail on application at this office. WM. P. CRAIGHILL, Jul7d6t Major of Engineers. Ship Timber and Knees. I HAVE the largest and best stock of Ship Knees in the State. Also best quality seasoned White Oak Treenails, and can furnish Hackmatack, Hardwood or White Oak Timber ami Plank »t tie lowest cosh prices. I. TAYLOR Portland, Dec. 30. FRESH SALMOyT A prime lot of Fresh Salmon for sale bv JOHN LOVE ITT & CO., 104 COlLlfKRCIAL 8TREKT, At 20 and 25 Cents a Pound. j«ia <itt $25 REWARdT THE above reward is offered to any person who will furnish the dog, and prove his ownership, that destroyed tbo Swans in Evergreen Cemetm on the 27th Instant. Ami HPKL’IAL MSSTIC^fc is hereby given that Dogs are Abnwlatcly forbidden within the inclosure ef the Cemetery. JAMES BAILEY.) C. E. JOSE, j Trustees. J. S. PALMER. ) Portland, May 29th—d3toi HOT rEA ROLLSr — AT — BLAKE’S BAKERY, Every Afternoon at ’clock. null___ <Uf Portland High School. fllHE Principal of this School having, by reason of A other engagements, declined to tie a candidate tor re-election, applications for the position may lie made In person or in writing, accompanied with references, testimonials, dtc., until July 14 11173 The next term will commence Aug. 25,1873 ci . L£'\'1S B- smith, _ , .. Chairman S. School Committee Portland. May 28.1873. dtil DII.V !\1803 *M PATKVT RHIPPIKG tags 1 °.lct millions have tieen used with in the past ten years without complaint, of loss by tag becoming detached. All j-w —w w Express Companies use them. Hmid by Printer* and Mtalianrr* Kerry where apr!7 TT&.-Jni THE PRESS. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNES!, lwT:t (Joxkll* and Meanings. Spurgeon is called the advocate of “jocular religion and comic salvation.** The mocking love of the potato hug causes the aged agriculturalist to “hoop” hi, spine and weep. One of the most |>cculiar and most faehion a ) e combinations of color is dark sage-green and light blue. The belle ot Chicago is romantic in every thing but a morbid appetite for uncooked cranberries, of which she carries i pocket full, Chemical joke from New Orleans IJerald —“If Jupiter had not married Juno, a chance would have existed of her becoming the “Ox eyed’ of Mercury.” A noted Euglisb clergyman recommends to people to urn their dead. Wouldn’t he do better, says the Toledo Blade, to show them how to earn their living? Long Branch is called the “sea-side green room,” on account of the number of actors and actresses who annually pass the summer there. A young man “of good reputation,” but bad taste, in Columbus, Kan, has eloped with a woman of forty-one, who is the moth er of five children. A fifty-foot petiified monster has been dis covered near Fort Dodge, Iowa, with ribs six feet h'ng; and a local scientist concludes it is the fossil of the dragon spoken of in Scrip ture. The French fashion of living out of doors seems to be coming into favor. Our most fasionable people repair to their balconies immediately after dinner, there to smoke, chat, receive calls, play chess, and what not, as long as the twilight lasts. Gen. Lew. Wallace says he wrote most o1" his novel, forthcoming at the Osgoods’, “twenty-five years ago, when I was quite a young man, and I have written the rest at intervals since.-’ A novel that it takes twenty-five years to make certainly ought, adds somebody, to be a good one. A morning paper speaks of the “lowbrowed throng of passions that hang at the heels of personal politics,’- and we have been working our brain into a fearful heat trying te analyze thib lovely figure of speech. We are sure that low-browed passions hanging at the heels ot personal politics “is good,” but our temperance principles prevent us from discov ering the process by which such language Ls constructed. A genius has inveuted a plan to prevent ex posure of writing on postal cards. He pro poses to write on paper and transfer the im press to a card, keeping the origiual. The copy is then reversed and may be easily read by holding it before a mirror, which restores the manuscript. The idea is that postal car riers ar.d domestics will nat take this trouble, and the writing will escape ordinary scrutiny. Any one can read it in the same way, how ever, it their curiosty Is superior to their in difference._ New Books Received. From Bailey and Noyes: What to Weak? By Elizabeth Stuatt Phelps, Author of “The Gates Ajar. Pa per, 50 cents. James 11. Osgood and Co., Boston. Rvth Maxwell. By Lady Blake, Author of “The Lady of Lyndon,” Ac.—No. 31 of Osgood's Library of Novels. Paper 75 cents. James R. Osgood and Co., Boston. The Red Rover. By J. Fenimore Cooper. Illustrated from drawings by Darley. Pa per, 75 cents. D. Appleton and Co., New York. Mineral Springs of tiie United States and Canada. By Geo. E. Walton, M. D. Cloth, 300 pages with maps. V. Ap pleton and Co., New York. Bressant. A Novel, By Julian Haw thorne. D. Appleton anil Co., New York, From Loring, Short A Harmon. Old New England Traits. Edited by George Lunt. Cloth, $1.50, Hurd and Houghton, New York. Tiie Isles of Siioals. An Historical Sketch by John Scribner Jenners. Illustrated, Cloth, $1.50. Hurd aud Houghton, New York. The Last Poems of Alice and Phoebk Cary. Edited by Mary Ciemmer Ames. Cloth, $2.00. Hurd and Houghton, New York. Cachet. By Mis. M. J. R. namiltoa. Cloth. $1.75. G. W. Carleton A Co.,New York. BANKRUPT STOCK — OF — Cloths and Tailors’ TRIMMINGS A-T COST. To be closed out within T»W E N T Y DAYS a large stock of Broad Cloths, Cassimeres, Woolen Goods and Tailors’ Trimmings ! Also a large liuc of GENTS' HOSIERY, NECK VIES, PAPER COLLARS, HANDKERCHIEFS, Ac. for cash,regardless of price Now is an opportunity to secure Suits for Men and Boys of flrst class goods at wholesale prices. Jobbing lots elosed out at great sacrifices. BOYD’S BLOCK, No. 78 MIDDLE STREET. ^Portland, June 13, 1873. juiwtf GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY! SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Three Through Trains Daily ! Portland to Island Pond. Montre al and Quebec, at A. H, 1.90 P. Mm » p- w out AMD Al'l KR SIOMDAW, Jl'ltE 'Jl. JunlSdlw c. J. BYPOB9. Managing Director. Spring Styles for Ladies Dresses and Street Garments, at MISS M. G. MIGUIKE’S, No. 11 Clapp's Block, np stairs. apr17___ tf Announcement. MR. JAMES L. POOC1 ta admitted hr a member of our Arm from thl» dnr. J, B. MATHEWS A CO. Portland AprS 2, 1873. II

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