Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 21, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 21, 1873 Page 2
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THE PRESS. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 21, 1878 FOR GOVERNOR, NELSON DINGLEY. JR., OF IiKWINTOBT. The State Convention. The Republican Slate Convention at Ban gor, Tuesday, was in every respect one of the best ever held in the State. In numbers it was the second delegate convention ever held in the State; in its membership it em braced an actual representation of more towns than any of those that preceded it except that of 1870; aud the spirit and enthusiasm fi.- exceeded that of any similar meeting since 1808. Congressman Hale, in his ad mirable speech on. taking the chair, was not only the key note to the Convention but the tersely expressed eonvictiou and purpose of the great mass of men who came there to represent their constituents. Glorious as are the victories of the past, brilliant as are the achievements of the party, and substantial as are the results of the past twelve years’ strug gle, the Republicans of Maine propose to deal with living questions; and in making their pledges for the future they can point with just prid: to their past which has become a part of the history of the Republic, as the fullest guaranty of their good faith for the performance of that which is before them. In the deliberations of the Convention there was not the slightest jat. It was the evi dent purpose of all to secure such an expression of the Convention as would best indicate the purpose aud give utterance to the voice of the delegates. Whatever might be the honest differences before the ballot, that being fairly taken, decided the question, aud every delegate went out at adjournment hear tily accepting the result. It was remarked thas several Republieanns w ho thought Mr.Grceley was a better man for President than (fen. Grant in 1872, and acted accordingly, have dropped the prefix “liberal” from their political names and were in the Convention as delegates; and the greater part of their not over numerous asso ciates in the State will find it more like home to vote with their old associates for Mr. Ding lev in September. On the whole, the spirit and manly voice of the Convention premises reassurance, if that were needed, and makes success in Septem ber beyond question. A persistent and malignant effort has been made in some quarters to cast discredit upon Senator Hamlin in connection with the Congressional Back pay steal. In the Wash ington Republican of May 23 appealed the following statement: Senator Hamlin having at the adjournment of Congress, aud since, declined to receive the additional compensation for the past Congress, the same has been covered into the Treasury by the Secretary of the Senate. From many other reliable sources the same information has been given. In view of the repetition of the charge in some Democratic sheets—we specially except the Aryut which made a manly and honorable refutation of the slander yesterday—we have taken occa sion to obtain a definite statement of the mat ter from official authority. Senator Hamlin took no action in the premises. He could not pay back the money for he never drew it. He declined to recognize the transaction in any way, and the money, being unclaimed, passed hack into the Treasury by operation of law from lapse ot the prescribed time. The means for substantiating this statement are accessible to any enquirer and whoever re peats the unfounded charge in the light of its positive denial is simply a dishonest and un scrupulous slanderer. The Democratic State Committee met at the Preble last evening. It was a very mourn ful affair; and for that reason we sincerely re gret that several gentlemen whom we person ally esteem, were called together at the house of grief. In general matters several of these gentlemen are very clear headed; but when they get to pondering what to do with the Democratic elephant they got mixed. Last night they first fell to considering whether or not it was alive. It was such an entire puz zle that the twenty gentlemen didn’t get out of that fog bank for the night, and appointed a committee to pursue the examination in daylight. That Committee believes that the organization is alive and can do best to paddle its own canoe. There were those, however, who believed that the vital spark had fled, and that it was only a lifeless monster. They want to make no nomination and look about for a Republican who will accept their nom ination as a People’s candidate. They are now looking for the man. This party, it must be said, is in the minority, aud incudes hut few of those gentlemen of personal char acter who have borne the burden in the past. They evidently like the load. The Italian Consul-General makes the startling statement that several thousand It alian children have been stolen from their homes in Italy, brought to this country and sold to people who live upon their earnings as street musicians and beggars. In the good old days of “the peculiar institution” some apologists could easily have been found who would have defended the traffic on the ground that the children were brought from out the fetid air of papal despotism to a land where they could breathe the pure atmos phere of liberty. As it is, no excuses are ad vanced, and the abominable traffic will spedi ly be broken up. Henry A. Wise lias just found out that slavery was a blight upon Southern industry, and he gravely announces the fact to the young collegians of Virginia as though it were a recent and remarkable discovery, all hii own. He has also delivered himself of the opinion that if the course of the Missis sippi had been east and west instead of north and south, the south would never have been whipped. This last statement reminds us of the apprehensive wisdom of Mother Goose as displayed in the nursery rhyme: “It all tlie earth was apple pie, And all the sea was ink, And all the tiees were bread and cheese, What should we have to drink?” “If thv right hand offend thee cut it oft',’’ is an admonition familiar to most men. The in ventive geniuses of the Pacific coast have giv en it a wider latitude, and proceed to carry out the injunction all the same if the offend ing member happens to belong to another fellow. “An old “bull-whacker,” says an ex change, felt a strange hand in his pocket as lie was walking through the streets of San Francisco, and pulling his knife, cut off the man’s hand at the wrist and threw it after him with the parting advice to “put it in whiskey where it would keep.” The latest intelligence in regard to cholera is anything but re-assuring. On the Missis sippi the disease is approaching with fright ful rapidity, and its course,like that of Odin's steed, is steadily northward. It is Aril time to inaugurate tire campaign against dirt, lest the closing weeks of summer And us wholly defenceless against the dread epidemic. The importance of municipal and personal cleanli ness cannot be over-rated, for cleanliness ii the only prophylactic against cholera. Sewerage should above all things be attended ,0’ And now it seems that the head of the in dependent ticket in Bridgton received forty three votes to seven for the head of the Ding ley ticket. The discrepancy in figures arose from the fact that the defeated party counted the votes for later names after the contest was over, the result assured and the interest abated. One thing is certain, t\lal tlla Bi idgton delegation was about as jolly „ set of good fellows as ever marched to battle against overwhelming odds. Although in a “forlorn hope” they were not a bit forlorn personally. Tiir. Italian Senate has finally passed, by a very decided vote, the measure provided for the suppession of religious corporations, and the bill now only awaits the royal sanction to become a law. This is one of the severest blows yet delivered at the temporal power of the Romish Church. The Ciucinnati Commercial names the strawberry as the peculiar thing on which churches rely whenever money is needed for religious enterprise. “If a church is to be built or furnished, a pastor to be paid, a Sun day school to be decorated, a parsonage to be equipped, a missionary to be provided for, or a theological student to l>e educated, a straw berry festival is forthwith suggested. There is no church want which the strawberry is not supposed to be equal to,” An official paper, read recently before the London Society of Arts, presented the re markable statement that, in 1871,no less than 18,078 people were killed in India by tigers, cobras, and o‘her wild and venomous ani mals— a mortality far in excess of that cauacd by the East Indian wars in any year, and this in spite of the fact that the improve ments in lire arms and the increase in hunt ers render wild beast killing a regular busi ness. _ Some of the Democratic papers are predict ing “tidal waves’’ in connection with the Farmers’ Granges. Since the ides of Novem ber there has been in the minds of most peo ple a wide-spread and profound disbelief in tidal waves regulated by the moon of so-call ed “Independent Journalism.’’ Lunar poli tics are not now in especial favor. At present the only indication of waves in connection with granges are the rippling fields of wheat. A tiirii.i. of joy will run through our com munity at the intelligence that the prospects of the professional base ball clubs are poor, and that many of them are disbanding. What a relief it wili be to know that we are without “national game’’, and that we shall be com pelled to fall back upon ancestral amuse ments. _ The resolutions of the State Convention as published in yesterday's paper embraced two that were not reported by the Committee or presented to the Convention. They were embraced in a list probably copied In the committee room, and in the hurry and mak ing up, were overlooked. The correct list will be found elsewhere. There are well grounded fears that the present dry weather will seriously affect the grass crop and cut off the pastures in a criti cal season. In the western part of New England there has been less rain than here abouts. ___________ The Nomination The Bangor Whig of Friday says: Throughout the somewhat animated canvass for the nomination, it is gratifying to know that no question has been raised as to the ability, integrity or personal character of either of the candidates. Mr. Dingley, who is now our can didate for Governor, is well known as the edi tor of one of the prominent Republican papers of the State which he lias conducted with mark ed ability; and has had an extensive experi ence in tbe affairs of the State, having served six terms in the Legislature, during which be was twice, elected to the Speakership of the House of Representatives. As an editor and legislator he has been a warm champion of the principles of the Republican party, aud an ear nest advocate of moral ideas aud progressive measures of public policy. The Boston Journal of Friday evening says: We commend our report of the Republican State Convention of Maine, held yesterday at Ranfnr, as au account of a model political I gathering for these times. Though coming at a busy season of the year, the Convention was numerously attended, and the proceedings throughout were spirited and harmonious. The key-note to its deliberations was well given by the President, Hon. Eugene Hale, who set in a clear light the illustrious record of the Repub lican organization, and faithfully declared the duties yet resting upon it. Both in Mr. Hale's speech aud in the excellent series of resolutions which was adopted the sentiment of Maine on the salary grab was defined with the most re freshing earnestness and vigor. We should infer the same fact from its last nomination of a candidate forGovemor. With out any invidious reference to the other gentle men voted for—especially to a man so rich in honors and the esteem of his fellow citizens as Edward Kent—we may say that the nomina tion of Hon. Nelson Dingley. jr., was one emi nently fit to be made. An able and influential journalist, still oil tbe bright side of middle life, thoroughly experienced as a legislator in the affairs of the State,of well-trained mind, sound judgment and unblemished Christian character, lie is well fitted to take np the Chief Magistracy where it is relinquished by the faith ful and successful Gov. Perbam, and even to advance tbe prosperity of the State. The Boston Advertiser says—1“The spirit man* ifestted at the Maine Republican State Conven tion at Bangor was excellent, and its action wise. The nominatiou of Mr. Dingley had become a certainty several days before the convention met, but the friends of the other candidates, both of them able and honorable men, worked with good courage to the last. Mr. Dingley, although not the first newspaper editor ever nominated for governor of Maine, will be the first of the profession to lie elected to the gubernatorial chair of that State. During a long career for so young a man, he has held a most honorable position and has rendered ser vice not only to his party, but to the State, of which any man might well be proud. He will make an earnest aud vigorous chief magistrate, and his discretion and caution will restrain him for plunging into error heedlessly. The convention showed its temper nobly in the hearty applause bestowed upon that 'passage in Mr. Kale's address where the demand for tlie repeal of the Congressional salary law was made, and also in the bold and unequivocal resolutions on that subject.” The Polaris Report.—Secretary Robeson has sent to the President his report in full of tbe investigation of the Polaris matter. He begins by saying that the statements of all per sons rescued who conld speak or understand English, except that of the wife of Hans Chris tian were taken down and are now, together with diaries kept by some of the parties on the ice, and a diary of the cruise of the Polaris— the latter kept in German, by Herman Serro no, one of the seamen remaining on hoard and picked up on the ice after September from the ship—being rapidly printed, the bulk of them being already in type. Secretary Robeson says it must lie clearly understood that in permit ting this publication, the department neither make nor declare any judgment against Capt. Buddiugton, who baa had no opportunity for defence or explanation. The facts show that though he was, perhaps, wautiug in enthusi asm for the grand object of tbe expedition, and at times grossly lax in discipline; and though he differed in judgment as to tbe possibility, safety and propriety of taking the ship farther north yet lie is an experienced aud careful navigator, and when not affected by liquor, of which none remained onboard at the time of separation, a safe and careful commander. Tbe Juniata and Tigress will be sent to the relief, if possible, of the Polaris and her crew. Capt. Tyson. Esquimaux Joe and all tbe rescu ed seaman will accompany the expedition. The result of the investigation and examina tion is embodied in a very diffuse document. But few new facts are brought out. Capt. Ty son accuses Buddiugton of gross intoxication and of utter lack of executive capacity. All the crew bear strong testimony to the unvarying kindness and care of Capt. Hall, and to the efficient condition of the Polaris while under his command. The scientific results of the expedition are valuable. The greatest depth of water noted was 100 fathoms. The existence of a constant currant {southward was noticed, The auroras were by no means brilliant. Shooting stars were constantly seen. No fish were found, but the waters were filled witli marine invertebrata. The dip of the needle amounted to 48 deg and its deviation to 96 deg., being less than at Port Foulke and Renssalaer Harbor. The winter temperature was much milder than was expected. The open Polar Sea was found to be in reality a sound of considerable expansion. No land was visible to the north-east, but land was seen on the west coast, extending north as far as the eya could reach, and apparently ter minating in a headland 84 degrees north. Nominations by the Govebnob.—The fol lowing nominations have been made recently by Gov. Perharn: To solemnize marriages—Revs. George B. Wilkins, East Wilton; C. E. Harrington, Brew er; Anson Titns, West Waterville; JoelS. Tves, Caatme. .Tiwtices o£ the Peace—Jesse Jeffery, Turner; W. tt. C. Bowen; Houlton; James I). Fessen den, r rank H Cole, Frank W. True, David H. Drummond, Henry C. Hixon, H W. Gage, Portland; Henry Orr, Daniel Elliot. Bruns wick; John C. Cobb, Deering; F. M. Ray Westbrook; E. A. Chadwick, Gardiner; Lewis Selling, John Evertson, Augusta; Daniel R. Matthews, Southport; Jason W. Kimball, Ox ford: Ira B. Gardiner, Patten; Whiting S. Clark, Bangor; Daniel M. Hall, ffermon; Ab ner Milliken, Alton; Charles A. Bailey, Old town; John D. Chapman, Starks,- Milton T. Emery, Canaan; William Fulsom, Skowbegan; Simon S. Brown, Fairfield; William McAr thur, Liinington; Barnard Rogers, Pembroke. 1 Trial Justices—George W. Ayer, West Wa- 1 terville; William Vamum, Athens. Notary Public—William Hobbs, North Ber- l wick. Miscellaneous—J. J. Eveleth, Augusta, Rep- * resentative to the Vienna Exposition; William t M. McPherson, St. Louis, Mo., Commissioner J if Deeds. t CnEESE Factobies.—The cheese factory at South Paris begun operations Monday. Tuts day 2300 lbs of milk were made into cheese and Wednesday 2600, and there promises to be a very large increase. The quantity already < received exceeds the expectations of the pro- 1 Prietors. The factory at Newburg, in l’enob- , tion C°U<^’ 'laa 8ucc*ssfully commenced opera- j Fibes. The buildings, with contents, of ! Hazen Osgood at North Conway, were burned yesterday morning. The stable was saved. In- , snrance light. Mr. Osgood was in this city at 1 the time of the fire. Fires are raging in the woods at Baldwin and at Conway, along the line of the railroad, Resolutions of the Republican State ( on vent ion. Resolved, That the principles of the Repob licnn party as heretofore expressed in its con veutioos in regard to State and national affairs are re-affirmed; it is declared that events have proved that their practical enforcement is es sential to the welfare of the country and the maintenance of the interests, rights and liber ties of the people. Resolved, That in view of the fact that the Republican party has so met the vital it sues of the past twelve years as to secure the support of a vast preponderance of the patriotism and in telligence of the nation, it has fairly won tor itsel? the right to the title of being the true Reform Party of the country. Resolved, That the Republicans of Maine de mand at the hands of those they have chosen to conduct the affairs of the Nation aud State rigid economy, to the end. that taxes may be reduced as rapidly as consistent with good crovernment. Resolved, That this Convention protests against the granting of another acre of the public domain to railroad or other corporations; and we further declare against any grant of the national credit for, or natioual participation in the building of canals or railroads, believing that the direct tendency of that policy is to ward prodigality and corruption. Resolved, That we heartily applaud the ac tive measures of the late Congress in ferreting out and exposing corruption, and we have seen with profound regret in the disclosures made thereby, evidence of political and official cor ruptiou and the abuse of responsible positions by men of all political parties; and wcdemaml pure official conduct and tbe punishment of unfaith ful men, who, having betrayed the confidence freely extended to them, shall not be shielded from the disgrace of their acts by any partisan ship of ours; and we denounce all Credit Mo bilier transactions, whatever be their form. Resolved. That the Republicans of Maine denounce the recent action of Congress known as the tiWary grab, increasing the salaries of its members, aud especially its retroactive feature, by which nearly $5,000 were voted to each member for services already paid, as a gross violation of the pledges of the last Na tional Convention, and demand the immediate and unconditional repeal of an act so disgrace ful to Congress and odious to the people. Resolved, That the practice of loading the appropriation bills essential to the support of the government, with objectionable legislation in the shape of amendments, towards the close of the session, is it prolific source of abuse and fraud upon the people, and its reform is urgent ly demanded. Resolved, That we recognize as a growing evil that should be uprooted, the increase of private legislation both in the State Legisla tures and the National Congress, consuming time that should be given to purely public inter ests, building up thereby, overgrown corpora tions and monopolies, and giving rise to lobbies which tend to bring reproach oil both National and State legislation. Resolved—That the thanks of the people of Maine are due to Hon. Sidney Perbam for the faithfulness and ability with which he lias fill ed the Executive Chair for the last three years, and further: Resolved—That this Convention presents to the people the Hon. Nelson Dingley, Jr., as a gentleman of unspotted reputation, distinguish ed by his service in the public affairs of our State, and capable of filling the Executive Chair with the wisdom and ability demanded by the first office in the State. Too Tuue.—The Bortou Pilot has a timely article on the temperance question, in which the effects of Saturday nights’ drunkenness are graphically described. It says: Men’s lives are wasted, their families ruined, their morals murdered by the spendthrift hab its formed on Saturday night, the night of full pockets and no work ahead. This is the night of terrors to numberless poor families in all the great cities. In London, Liverpool, Dublin, New York, Boston—Saturday is the night above all others when “The vitriol madness flushes up in the ruffian’s head, ’Till the filthy by-lane rings to the yell of the tramp led wife. We do not befoul the picture. We could not Go to the courts on Monday morning and re ceive the proof of our words. The Pilot suggests that Monday be made pay day instead of Saturday, as a partial remedy. News and Other Items. North-western Iowa complains of an incur sion of immense swarms of grasshoppers that are destroying wheat and grass and all other Vegetation within reach. William D. Washburn, Cushman K, Davis and|Thomas A. Armstrong are represented to be the leading candidates for the Republican nomination for Governor of Minnesota. A girl at Alton, 111,, is afflicted with “scle roma, or chorionitis, or induration of the cellu lar tissue.” Her flesh has become hard like marble. The latest compiled returns of the wheat crop in California show an estimated yield of over 13,000,000 centals surplus for export. The crop will doubtless be fully as large as that of last year. Mrs. Workman was hanged in the jail yard at Sarnia, Canada, on Thursday, for the mur der of her husband i n February last. Great exertions were made to procure a commutation of her sentence, but without avail. It is considered worth telegraphing from Washington that Judge Bingham has got a new suit of clothes, and went to call on the President in them, to thank him for the Japan mission. A Pittsfield lad of 14 showed his understand ing of the spirit of the age the other day by cleverly “raising” a $1 bill to a 82, by pasting a figure 2 over the 1. He passed the bill all right, but on the discovery of the true nature of the bill, was made to “compromise” in the most approved manner by the aggrieved store keeper. It is reported from Washington that Con gressmen are exempted from many of the taxes for improvements, etc., in order that they may not officially condemn the extravagance of the municipal government. It is also said that Congressmen who keep house are not charged mything for gas. And yet these same Con gressmen raise their salary on the ground that they cannot afford to live in Washington. Religious Intelligence. The General Conference of the Congrega ional Churches of Maiue, will be held with the Congregational Church in Gorham, commene ng Tuesday, June 24th, at 9 o’clock A. M. The annual meeting of the Maine Missionary Society will be held in Gorham, June 25th, 1873, at 9 o’clock A. M. There was a very interesting and impressive baptismal service on Sunday morning at Little Androscoggin. Nine persons were baptised in the river by Rev. E. N. Feruald of Court St. Free Baptist Church, Lewiston. The Washington County Conference of Congregational Churches met in Dennysvillc June 10th and 11th. E, H. Balkam, Esq., was chosen Moderator. The attendance of dele gates was unusually large, and all the meetings jf the Conference were of great interest. The new Baptist chutch in Presque Isle will be dedicated about the 10th of July. Rev. Joel S. Ives of the N. H. Conference is supplying the the Congregattonal pulpit at Drland, during his summer vacation. Rev. Mr. Keesc, a graduate of Newton rheological Instiutiou, has accepted a call to become the pastor of the Baptist Church and Society in Ellsworth, and will commence his labors next Sabbath. The Methodist Society of Gardiner, are to build a new parsonage shortly, on High street l'he amount subscribed with what they have been offered for their old parsonage amounts to about 84,000. Rev. J. E, Fullerton declines the call from the First Congregational Church in Bethel. The Anson Freewill Baptist Society held its June session at North Anson, the 14th and 15th insts. The weather was favorable for the oc casion, and there was a large attendance. The Exeter Quarterly meeting of F. W. Bap tist churches met with the church in Exeter, June 13tli. A large delegation from the churches was present, and the meetings were Interesting. The annual Conference of Congregational Churches of Hancock County, was held with the church as Castine Tuesday and Wednes day, June lOtli and lltli. Eleven of the thir teen churches in the county were represented. Mr. Wm. H. Woodwell of Newburyport, Mass., was ordained on Tuesday, June 12th as pastor of the First Congregational Church of Wells. The council called to act on the resignation of Rev. Mr. Frink of Saco, assembled Tuesday afternoon, and after due deliberation decided that the dismissal he asked for should be grant ed, to take effect about the second Sabbath in J uly. The Liberal Christian Church in Farmington : Rev. Mr. Eddowes, pastor), was dedicated last i’uesday. Rev. C. A. Hayden, preached the sermon. Rev. Andrew Wiren, pastor at New Sweden trill hold a service in the Swedish language next Sabbath afternoon, in Hammond Street Dhurch, Bangor, in behalf of his countrymen in that city and vicinity. Rev. S. L. B. Chase, formerly pastor of the t irst Baptist Church in Rockland, administer ed the rite of baptism to seven persons last Sunday, and received them into church by the right hand of fellowship at the close of the egular services the same afternoon. The Board of Missions of the Episcopal Jhurch meets in St. Thomas’ Church, Camden in Tuesday and Wednesday of uext week’ lishop Neely will preach and hold confirma lon on Tuesday eveuing. Mr. E. F. Pember of Tuft’s College Divinity Ichool, will preach during the College vaca ion of ten weeks, commencing June 15th, at Novell and Fryeburg, alternating between the wo places. -- 1 STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTV. At the recent races in Lewiston, Lad v Wul on won the first race. Time 2.41. Amazon I pon the second race. Time 2.40. The Journal says that cadet midshipman ’arker, ot the U. 8. Nava 8cl.„„i at AunipolU * spending Ins vacation at home. 1 The French Catholic Society of Lewiston on template an excursion to Lisbon Falls next Tuesday. The Androscoggin Mills have been running or six months post on the finest goods ever produced in Maine. It requires five and three ourths yards of the cloth to weigh a pound. «USfi ’! Sfa IslaDd cotton' Those i rreuch calfcSls rUw prints known as ' A man drove his team into the river at Lew iston a few days since to wash the wagon. The horse took a sudden turn and upset the wagon. The man took a sudden ducking. AROOSTOOK COUNTY. On tlio 12th of Juue an old gentleman nain • ed McClary, ol Houlton, fell from a building, causing his death. The County Agricultural Society will be held at Houlton Sept. 25th and 26th. Houlton lias' ten lawyers, five ministers, eight doctors, six landlords, and two editors, but more fast horse men than all the others combined. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. There will be no Phi Beta Kappa Oration, on Thursday of Commencement week at Bowdoin College. In place of that exercise, the Cleave land Museum of Natural History will be dedi cated at 10 a. in., on Thursday, July 10th. The exercises will consist of addresses by Nehemiah Cleaveland, L. L. D., and others, and will take place in the new hall. KENNEBEC COUNTY. The reuuion of the 11th Me. regiment will take place in Augusta, on Wednesday next. The public exercises will be held in Meonian Hall, afternoon and evening, with a supper, and an oration by Mr. Henry Fox of New York. West Waterville has chosen the following delegates to the County Convention, and in structed them to vote for Daniel H. Thiug, Esq., of Mount Vernon, for County Commiss ioner; G. T. Stevens, L. D. Emerson, Calvin Crowell, Samuel Blaisdell. Charles Carter, section hand on the Maine Central, was badly injured on Wednesday, by being thrown from a hand-car at Augusta. Head stones are being placed at the graves of uukuown soldieis at Mt. Pleasant, Augusta. KNOX COUNTY. A daily mail is to run between Rockland and St. George. S. L. Clark, Superintendent at tire granite works on Clark’s Island, was struck on the back by a plank last Friday. Apprehensions are felt that his spine is seriously injured. The Rockland High School made their an nual excursion to Bath. June 17th. Brick making is being added to the industries of Rockland. OXFORD COUNTY. The Chaplin Virgin Mill at Rumford isdoin" a lively business. " There is talk of a telegraph line from Nor way to South Paris. A Cushman of Norway was thrown from his carriage on Wednesday, and somewhat in jured. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. J. Eddy; brakeman on the E. & N. A. Rail road, was injured on Thursday at Bangor. A chain broke and struck him. The buildings of S. L. Paine, Esq., of Charleston, were burnt a few days since. In sured for a small amount. SOMERSET COUNTY. The new court house at Skowhegan, is going up rapidly. J. Horn, 60 years of age, was thrown from his team in Skowhegan ou Tuesday, and seri ously injured. YORK COUNTY. A. Murray had his thigh broken on Tuesday at the quarry of C. H. Goodwin in Alfred. The Biddeford Times heads its account of the Wagner verdict with the cut of a black coffin. Queer tastes! Mark F. Wentworth is to become chief in spector of supplies at the navy yard, Kittery. IN GENERAL. Tile Main: Lloyds have declared a dividend of twelve per cent, payable July first. This as sociation started business in the spring of 1870, at the end of the first year paid twelve per cent, dividend, and have paid twelve per cent, eacli semi-annual, or twenty-four per cent, per annum, since its organization, and have actual ly earned in three years over one hundred per cent. The company is strictly marine. A Reinforcement Demanded. When the system begins to wilt under the effects of the first ‘'heated term,” it Is obvious that it ought to be reinforced and sustained by wholesome stimu lation. To resort to the adulterated liquors of com merce in such a crisis, as too many do, Is the height oilnfatuated folly. All such fiery stimulants have a sting. After the first effect has past away, than sting is felt. The reaction is terrible- The prostra tion of body and mind which ensues is more complete than before. But the operation of a medical tonic like Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters, in which extracts ot the rarest remedial herbs and roots are blended with the spirituous essence of rye, pure and undefiled is very different. No unpleasant reaction follows its use. It is a permanent, a perpetual invigorant, and there Is no phase ot debility, indigestion, biliousness, nervousness or Intermittent fever which it will not speedily cure. SPECIAL NOTICES. HOUSE FOR SALE ! One of the most desirable: suburban residences at Woodford’s Corner. Deering. 1J miles from City Hall, consisting of a first class two story French Roof bouEe with Cupola, Piazzas, first and second story. View from this house is unsurpassed, Nice stable and carriage house attached, together with 2} acres of land; there Is mere than 100 fruit trees; house con tains 12 rooms six on a floor and heated with a fnn uace convenient)- arranged for one or two iamilet. Apply to JOHN C. PROCTER, or S. H, COLSWORTHY, ju21sh2w 92 Exchange St. CARRIAGES. Received tills day on consignment an assortment of first class Carriages. Responsible parties buying these Carriages need not pay for them till the Car riages prove as represented. E. T. PATTEN & CO., Lumber aud General Commingion Mer chants, 9»0 COMMERCIAL STREET. Ju21^snlw E- T. EIjDEN &CO. OFFER THIS WEEK, At One Price and no Vari ation IOO Pieces Spanish Linens Tor 18c yd., worth 35c. IOO Piecs mosquito Netts,aU colors, Tor 75c. piece. 71 Pieees New Styles Grenadines, i worth SOc. yd., tor 35c. 15 Pieces more Fancy Silks $1.0 yd., all new Patterns and worth $1.35. One Case assorted Black Silks at LESS THAN IMPORTERS PRICES. Prices $1.00, $1.35, $1.50, $1.75 and $3.00. 17 Pieces Black llernanies at as tonisning Low Prices. MOURNING GOODS! Ol Every Description at Popular Prices. 10 Pieces Courtland Black Crapes AT AGENTS PRICES. _ SPECIALTIES. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS —AT— DECIDER BARGAINS. Due Case More Bates Quilts $1.00 each. 13 Pieces more best quality Turkey Dam ask, New Patterns, for $1.00 yard. Seven Pieces 2d quality, fw 76e. 91 doz best Turkey Bed Doylies $1.00 dozen. fwo bales Russia Crashes for 12c. yard, Actually worth 16e. _ NEW AND CHEAP. )ue Case Lace Stripe Batiste in all the New Shades for " 6e. per yard. >da Case Nilson Satin Stripes, worth 50c. per yard. Price only 25c. E. T. 'EL'E'EN & CO., Oiie Price and no Varia'ion. 5 FREE ST., PO RTLAND. kprS* imeodtf SPECIAL NOTICES. FOR FAMILY USE. THE II A L F O B I) LEICESTERSHIRE T-A-B L-E S-A-U-C-E-l The best Sauce and Relish Made la aiiy Part of the World —FOR— K'-A.-M-I-L-Y XT-S-E. PlnU - .... DO.Centi' Half Pirn. .... 30CVuU. FOR SALE BIT ALL GROCERS. Piano Toning. Orders attended to personally by ED. B. ROBINSON, Plan* Rooms, 5 C'ahoou Block. (Opposite City Hall.) mar28-d3m. CHANGES. The world has many changes seen Since some who’re living now were young; What those of greatest note have been Has oft beendieard from mauy a tongue; In modes of liviug and ot dress, Some we are sure have been for ill; They’ve not incresed our happiness, And we are sure they never will. But Boys who change their Winter “clothes,” For Summer “Suits” at Georoe Fenno’s, Will fitted be from head to feet, Corner of Beach and Washington street JulSsnlw Boston. REMOVAL CHARLES M. HAWKES, — DEALER IN — Western €1 y and County BONDS. Office removed to 90 MIDDLE STREET. _ stiff LADIES SUITS. A Large Assortment i —AT— EASTMAN, BROS. White Lawn Suits, at 83.,?0 to 830.00 Grass Cloth Suits, at 84.50 to 810.00. Mantle, Batiste, and Tasso Linen Suits, at 86.00 to 835.00 Liuen and Lawn Polonaises and Dusters. MISSES “ITACIIT’’ SUITS, With Hats to Match. EASTMAN, BROS., 332 Congress St. Jul2 dtf Vienna Exposition Correspond ence of the Boston Globe. “One of the departments that is now attracting a large share of attention is that devoted to the Swiss. Some ef the carvings here are perfectly marvellous in the minute finish that characterizes them. The perfection attained by the Swiss carvers is something astonishing, particularly when it is taken into con sideration that they are done with the most primi tive instalments. There are over sixty exhibitors in the carving group, and the works range all the way from religious pieces to paper kuives. There is a book with exquisitely carved covers that is no sooner opened than music begins to play. There are bottles which discourse lively music as the wine is poured out. There is a chair which you no sooner set upon than you are astonished by hearing the strains of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March from its innermost recesses.” We arc happy to inform our patrons that they need not go to the Vienna Exposition to see those beauti ful gems of arts in Swiss Carving. We have just re ceived a new importation of them, and will at all times be pleased to show them, together with the finest assortment of Fine Art Goods ever iu Maine, white you listen to the sweet music from one of the flue Music Boxes spoken of above. SCHUMACHER BROS jul7 snlw MANUFACTURERS FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE CO., OB’ BOSTON, MASS. Paid up Cash Capital, $500,000. Tlie subscriber having been appointed Agent ot the above Company may be found at the office ot MESSRS. MARWICK dc FOYE, NO. 3 EXCHANGE STREET, prepared to insure against losses by tire at favorable rates. Dwellings and Furniture insured for one, tbrec or five years. RUFUS W. DEERIKG. jul6 sntf BANK OF PORTLAND. On, and after this date, the undei signed will carry on a strictly Bunking business, at the Banking Rooms now occupied by the Secon National Bank, in Portland, Maine, under the style of the ‘‘BANK. OF PORTLAND” and as snch, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, in the regular course of the Banking Business. W. N. GOOLD. Portland, June 24tli, 1872. j un23n« wit then sn tf ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE. LEA & PERRINS’ Worcestershire Sauce IS INDESPENSABLE. JOHN DUNCAN’S SONS, New York, Agents for the United States. octJT eodsnly A. PARSONS, M. D., DENTIST, Has removed to NO. IS MARKET SQTTA.RE. jySPECIALTY—Administration of Etber for the purpose of extracting teeth without pain. Junl3 sntf FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES And TAN, nee PERRY’S Moth and Freckle Lotion. It ie HEUABI.E and harmless Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y, mar22 d&wsnOmll SUMMER SUITINGS, JIV9T RECEIVED AT ROLLINS & BOND’S, NO. 90 MIDDLE STREET. t3T*CALL AND SEE THEM JrH Jul9 sntf Averiil Chemical Paint Co., Manufacturers ot PUREST WHITE ! AND Auy hcaired Shade or Color, Prepared for Immediate Application. SOLD By Tlie GALLON @NLY DURABLE, BEAUTIFUL, ECONOMICAL. D. M. YEOMANS, General Eastern Agent, 83 Commercial St. Portland. lel2-codtf sn Notice. The Maine Eclectic Medical Society will hold their next annual Meeting at the Preble House Portland, WEDNES DAY, June 25tb, 1873, at 10 o’clock A. M j ulOtdsn*_Per Order._ To the tudiic. The Society for the Prevention ot Cruelty to Ani mate respectfully gives Middle Libby, Constable, whose office is at No. » A* h street, (up stairs) has been appointed Agent oi 8 The public ate therefore lequested to giye [>r0I"i;J Sat the offenders are brought to »P«edy and ^trht justice. sntf ap29-------— Cumulative Exercise or Health The subscriber is now prepared to give instruction in Cumulative Exercise at bis Rooms, >os. 5 and 6 Fluent's Block. Strength doubles in three months daily exercise of fifteen minutes per daj. Separate Room for Ladies. Apparatus sold at manufacturer’s prices. Visitors and Inquirers always welcome. Hours from 9 to 12 and from 2 to 5. Junl9sntf H. GAUBERT. SPECIAL NOTICES. I-C-E C-R-E-A-M T. S. HATCH, —OFFERS— ,CE C B E A HI! of superior quality, lu any quantity, to Families Pic nics anil parties. Spoons anil Plates furnished with out change. Orders may be left at Hatch’s Oyster House, 307 Congress, or at the manufactory 170 Pearl, below Oxford St._juMsmllm CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS’ Tobacco, Tobacco, Tobacco. PIPES, PIPES, PIPES. Cheroot*, eleven dollar* per lOOO. Tobacco from 95 cent* per pound to $3,510, and Pipe* from one cent each to $100 each. All the above can be had at STEBfilN S CIGAR STORE, 300 Congress Street, Portland. WHOLESALE. Cigars very good for $17 per 1000. New Time*, Old Tine*, ‘‘Havana Gem*,” No Brand* And many other Brands of our make. I am in a any other Mauu R. NATHAN, (Late C. II STKBBIN8.) ilBOCougremaireet, I’erf land. i«8_ sn3m SPORTSMAN S FRIPND ! C U L E X~ F U G E . A sure preventative from Mosquitoes, black Flies, &c. WHOLESALE Sc RETAIL, At the Fishing Tackle Store of CII4S. DAY, JR, & CO., 94 EXCHANGE STREET?. junl2 dsn4w “Buy He and I’ll do you Oood.” —DR LANGLEY’S ROOT AND HERB B1TTETS. x® drugs, no poisons, nothing deleterious, nothing but healthy roots and herbs, such as Sarsaparills, Wild Cherry, Yellow Dock, Prickly Ash, Thorough wort, Mandrake, Rhubarb, Dandelion,&c., so compounded as to rean.n the fountains of disease, and absolutely cure all Humors. Liver and Billious Diseases, Jaun dice. Dysf>epsia, Costiveness, Scrofula, and all diffi culties arising from a diseased stomaeh or impure blood. Tweuty ytars of unrivalled success has prov ed them to be the best medicine in the world. GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., Boston, and all druggists. mar6_ sneodlGw KID GLOVES FOR THE MILLION ! The Cheapest ia the World. 100 DOZ. KID GLOVES ! •Just received and for sale at 75 cents to $1.25. — ALWAYS — THE LARGEST STOCK. THE BEST GOODS. THE LOWEST PRICES!. L - E - A - C - H , 84 MIDDLE STREET. junl7 sn2v FOR PIMPLES ON THE FACE, Blackhead and Fleshworm, use PERRY’S improv ed Comedone and Pimple Remedy, the great skin medicine. Prepared only by Dr. B. C. PERRY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists verywliere. m ar22d & w sn6m 17 A BOOK FOR EVERY MAN. THE “SCIENCE OF LIFE, OR SELF PRES ERVATION,” a Medical Treatise on the Cause and Cure of Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decline in Man, and Nervous and Physical Debility, Hypochon dria, lmpotency. Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak ness, and other diseases arising from the errors of youth or the indiscretions or excesses of mature years. This is indeed a book for every man. Thou sands have been taught by this work the true way to health and happiness. It is the cheapest and best medical work ever published, and the only one on this class oi ills worth reading. 190th edition, revis ed, much enlarged, illustrated, bound in beautiful French cloth. Price only $1. Sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of price. Address PEABODY MED ICAL INSTITUTE, No. 4 Bulfinch street, Boston, Mass., or Dr. W. H. PARKER, Assistant Physician. N. B. The author may be consulted on the above as well as all diseases requiring skill and experience. mar31sneod&wly BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. This splendid Ilair Dye is the best in the world. The only True and Perfect Dye. Harmless Reliable and Instantaneous; nodisappointment; no ridiculous tints or unpleasant odor. Remedies the ill llects of bad dyes washes. Produces Immediately a superb Black or Natural Brown, and leaves the hair clean; soft and beautiful. The Genuine, signed W. A. atchelor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR, Prop., A. F. *ld&w Ivra k Dr. Bicknell’s Syrup Cures Bowel or Summer Complaint*, Dysentery, Diarrhea * Cholera Horbu* Cholera, Colic, Sick or Hour Htomaeh, Indigestion Arc. Contains no opiate and does not produce Ccstiveness. Druggists sell it. ju20 sn3m To Eel. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate posession given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO., No. SO Commercial St. Or ot W. W. THOMAS, Canal National Bank. septl2sntf FIRE WORKS. Wholesale Head-Quarters for FIRE WORKS, CRACKERS, TORPEDOES, &cn Ac., ATS LOW PRICES ! CUTTER, HYDE Sc CO., Send for Price List. 52 CHAUNCY ST.. Boston junl3 sn3w EXAMINATION OF TEACHERS. The annual examination of candidates for positions as teachers hi the public Schools of Portland, will be held in the Girls' Room, High School Building, on THURSDAY, July 3,1873, at 2 o’clock, P. M. W. H. SHAILER, GEO. W. TRUE, STANLEY T. PULLEN, CHARLES F. LIBBY, CHARLES J. CHAPMAN, Examining Board. Portland, June 10,1873. jnl2sndtd Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. An Institution having a high reputation for honor able conduct and professional skill. Acting Surgeon, J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D. Essays for Young Men sent free of charge. Address, HOWARD ASSOCIA TION, No. 2 South Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. my7 enSm INHALATION. For Hemorrhage or bleeding from the Lungs, for Sore Throat, for Asthma, for Catarrh, for Difficult Breathing or shortness of breath, for all affections of Lungs use Dr. Morse’s Cold Medicated Inhalations. Relief is sure. For all Female Weaknesses and Ir regularities use Dr. Morse's Uterine Tonic. Pro crastination or putting off what should be attended to at once, until another time, is the cause of much suffering. C. HORSE, 91. O., 73 Free Street, Portland, He. mchl58NlawS3m MARRIED. In this city, June 17, by Rev. Geo. W. Bicknell, Richmond Swectsir of Portland and Miss Elizabeth EVans of Portsmouth. N. H. In this city, June 19, by Rev. D. H. Hanaburgh, Charles P. Waldron and Miss Ellen, daughter of Sam'l F. Haggett, all ot Portland. In Lewiston. June 10, Ham Brooks, Esq., and Miss Maria Bickford. In Durham, June 2, Willard M. Temple of Web ster and Sadie F. Osgood of Durham. In Oxford, June 9, Albert E. Pike and Miss Pau lina McAllister. DIED. In Gorham, June 20, Mrs. Mehitable, widow oi the late William Oxnard of Portlaud, aged 82 years. [Prayers on Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock, at her late residence in Gorham. In Biddeford, June 1, Miss Lucinda F. Sbute of Stockton, aged 27 years. In Farmington, Juno 17, Mrs. Frances E. W., wife of Reuben Cutler, aged 47 years. - In Providence, Juno 19, Mrs. Francos E. wJJ^ A. L. Ordway, and daughter of the late Sa»u 1 of Portland. - ■ Jane Hid lain re Almanac. l 55 AM NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND, Friday, June *A®. ARRIVED. Steamer New Brunswick, Pike, St John, NB via Brigades Loriue, Pinkham, Boston. Brig Castillian. Crouchen. Boston. Brig Antilles, Thestrup, Boston. Sch Mary A Harmon, Parker, Alexandria—coal to Casco Iron Works. Sch Lizzie Dewey, Parker, Georgetown—coal to Rolling Mills. Sch Mary J Ward, Ward, Philadolpliia^-coal to Evans <& Moody. Sch Maracaibo, Henlev, New York—coal to James H Baker. Sch Leocadia, Deland. Boston. Sch Union, Sawyer, Portsmouth. CLEARED. Steamer Glendon, (Br) Sulis, St John, NB—John Porteous. Brig Elizabeth Winslow, (new, ot Portland, 381 tons) White, Buenos Ayres—R Lewis & Co. Brie Attie Durkee, (Br) Kimball, Clyde River NS— Geo H Starr. Sch Moselle, (Br) Bennett, St John, NB. SAILED—Barques Emma Parker, and Oder; brie Frank Clark. Brig Belle Prescott saield 17th, ana the barques Daring and N M Haven previous to the 17tb. I I [FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.! * KENNEBUNKPORT, June 18—Sid, sets John I) Williams, (new,of New York)Pierce,for Alexandria; Kendrick Fish, Kawley, and D B Bickford, Harris, St George. June 19—Sid, sells Roman, McFarland, St George ; Sami Fish, Teel, do; Stephen Waterman, Boothby, for Bangor. Ar, sen Teuncssee, Pillsbury, Rockland. June 20—Ar, sell H Means, Dyer, Wilmington 13 days. Launched—At Thom as ton 11th Inst, by Walker, Dunn & Co, a schr of 270 tons named Annie C Cook, and to be commanded by Capt M Cook of Friendship. They have laid the keel for a three-masted schr ol 350 tons, to be commanded l»v Capt Baiter of St George, Also, by Jas A Creighton, a schr of 7U tons, named Lizzie Bell, to be sailed by Capt E M Maloney. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 15tli, barque H F Hussey, Stacey. Havana. MOBILE—Ar 14tb inst. scb M C Moseley, Coggins, Boston. SAVANNAH—CM 18th. brig Abby Ellen. Gilkey, Pr«»i(lence; scb Lucy M Collins. Collins, Darieu. SM 16th. sob Ada J Simonton. Hall, Boston. ,A.KLESTON—<Cld 16th. schs Franconia, Leavitt, wawoboro; Henrietta Hill, Hill, Baltimore. and A F Whu?IATAr ™th. whs Lizzie Carr, Teel, GEORfiFTm^wMTW,t’rs' Boston, mond, Bagl^r?—.1*0- Ar 12th> Kh Lucy Ham Savantmh.' ^ J s,B"*>ons, Harrington, from CM 13th, brig Susie J St rout Ham- . ,, sch Storm Petrel. Davis, Wcst/Haven*1?^’llon(,out; Cld 16lh. schs S E Wooiibury, Griffin R-.i««n Melville, Wentworth, Bridgeport. ’ Ballimore» BALTIMORE—CM 18th. schs Post Boy Fonntntn Saco; J W Dodge, Taylor, do; Belie Brown N?i»’ Rockland. ’ Ar 19th, schs Louisa A Orr, Orr, Cardenas; i**** Oberton, Achorn. Turks Islands. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 18th,sch Jenny Middleton, Whitaker, Gardiner, (and cld for Portland.) CM 18th, sch Lavolta. Wblttemore, St Mary Ga. Ar 19th. brig Minnie Miller, Lelaud, Cardenas; sch M M Knowles, Small, Sagua. Below, brig Aroostook, from Cardenas. NEW YORK—Ar 18tli, barque Magdalena, Griffin, Cardenas 10 days; Colin E McNeil, Crowell, Matau zas 14 days; brig Mattano. Jarvis, Cienfuegos 17 ds; schs Frank Treat, Martin, Baracoa 9 days; W Free man, Robinson, do; Hattie Turner, Turner, Carde nas 8 days; L M Knowles. Peterson, do 10 days; Da vid Nichols. Wyman, Satilla River; Martha Nichols, Small, St Johu, NB; Kate Lilly, Hutchins, Provi dence; E L Gregory, Thorndike, Norwich; Vulcan, Coggins, New Haven. Ar 19th, ship E W Stetson, Moore. Loudon; brigs Cascatelle, Simmons, Matanzas 12 days; Antelope, Rumball, do 11 days. Ar 20tli. brig Annie Gardiner, Hatch, Cienfuegos; sch L F Warren, from Caibarien. CM 19th, ship Cyclone, King, for Montevideo; brigs D S Soule. Sennett, Kingston, Ja; B F Nash, Hop kins, Gibraltar ; Mattie B Russell, York, Guantana mo; schs Hattie, McClintock, Jacksonville; Sammy Ford, Allen, Boston. Passed through Hell Gate 16th. bng W H Bickmore Bickmore. New York for Bath; schs Sarah Bernice’ Proctor, do for Boston; M E Staples, Godfrey, do for Newbiiryport; A Deverenx, Rich, do for Boston; K G Knight, Pratt, Port Jonhson for Camden; Kelpie, Bryant, do tor Boston; Abby Wasson. Gray, do for Salem; Calista. Spear, Rondout tor Bo«tou; Van dalia, Fnllertou. Hoboken for Digliton; Rival, Dun ton. New York for Portland. RBISTOL RI—Ar I7tli, sch Scud, Hallowed, from Deunysville. Ar 18th. sch Hattie Coombs, Philadelphia. FALL RIVER—Ar 18th, sch Lotttie, Newbury, Calais; Lucy Baker. Allen, Bangor. Ar 19tb, sch Tim Field, Leland, Wilmington. Shl 19tli, sch E B Beard, Lewi j, for Portland and St John, NB. PROVIDENCE—Ar 10th, schs Jane, Henderson, Calais; Loduskia, Means, Ellsworth; Billow’, Ames, Rockland. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 17th, sch Albert Jameson, Candace, New York. Ar lfftli, sch Watchman, Heal. Lincolnville. BOSTON—Ar 19th. schs Tbos Watts, Curtis, Phila delphia; Alligator, McGregor. Port Johnson; Look out, Frye, Hoboken; California, Spller, Waldoboro; Geo Brooks, Johnson. Chilmark. Cld 18th, brig Minnie Abbie, Harding, Kennebec, to load for Philadelphia; sch T B Harris, (Br) McKee Portland. Ar 20th, brig Racbel Coney,Coney. Mayaguez; schs Ancona, Wallace, So Amboy; Trott King. Bradford, Port Johnson; Jas Tildcn, Haskell. Hoboken; Cyrus Fossett, Pierce, Elizabethport. Cld 29th. schs Torpedo, McKenzie, St George, NB: Alicia, York, Portland. GLOUCESTER—Ar lOtli, schs Mary Sands, Percy,' Bath tor New York; Lillie Rich, Perkins, Portland for Providence. NEWBURYPORT—Ar 19th, schs Starlight, Hop kins, Philadelphia; J H Counce. Trim, Port John son; Geo B Ferguson. Ferguson, Rondout. Sld 10th, brig J W Drisko, Powers, for Alexandria; schs Mary Means, Parker, for Sedgwick; Huntress, Brown, Eastport. BATH—Ar 18th, sch Nellie Starr, Poland, from Port Johnson. FOREIGN PORTA. ei'£»atJjiVwpool.17th ln»t, sidy Charless A Far well, bmitli, San Francisco. Ar at Cardiff 6th inst, brig Hyperion, Clark, Riga Ar at Queenstown 17tb inst, ship Columbus, Ble then, Gunuape via Callao Mch 23, (ordered to Hull.) CM at Macabi 16tli ult, ship Peru, Loring, Europe. Sld fm Buenos Ayres 11th ult, brig Agenora, Prince, United States. In port 15tli ult, barques Andrew C Bean, Wcoster, for New York, Mg; Sarmiento, Lewis,for Boston,do; Archer, Hatch, from Portland, ar 5th; Anna Walsb, Lawrence, trom Boston, ar 6th; Mendota, Perry, and Sarah, Cheney, unc; brig Mary Gibbs, Upton, from Cette, ar Apl 30. Ar at Rio Janeiro 17th ult. barque Vesuvius,White. Alexandria, Va. for San Francisco, leaky; 22d, ship Sylvanus Blanchard. McAlevy, Cardiff for Callao, leaky; Enos Soule, Soule, Cardift for Baker Island, in distress, has been in collision. Ar at St Thomas 4th inst, barque Arietta, Dow, Malaga: 5th, brig L W Sr.ow, Hall. Baltimore. SM 3u inst, bug Edith Hall, Oliver, Mayaguez, to 1 -load for North of Hatteras; sch Isaac Oberton, Ach orn. Turks Islands, to load for Baltimore. SM fm Barbadoes 3d inst, Elizabeth Dehart, Lowe, St Thomas. SM fm St Pierre 31st ult, sch Cora Etta, Sleeper, St Thomas. Sld fm Mayaguez 31st ult, brig Rachel Coney, Co ney, Boston. In port 10th inst, sell Hattie Ross, Ulrick, from Boston, ar 2d, tor North ot Hottcras. Ar at Cardenas lltli, brig Novelty, Havener, Bath; Wm Welsh, Gray, Philadelphia. SM lltli, barciue Susan A Blaisdell, Sawyer, North ol Hatteras; brig Geo Harris, Stowers, do. Ar at Havana 12tb, bunnies Elba, Peterson, and Carlton, Coggins, New York; Almira Coombs Wil son. do; 13tli, Norton Stover, Sherman, do. SM 13th, barque Carrie Wyman, Cochran, for Fal mouth. E. In port 14th, barques Annie Torrey. Libby for New York, ldg; Wm E Anderson. Brandt, for New York; brigs C A Sparks, Bradley, tor do ldg; H E Wheeler, Bacon, for North of Hatteras. Arat Matanzas lltli inst, brig Sally Brown, Mat thews, New York; sch Ella M Pennell,Mitchell, Bal timore; 12th, barque Genevie M Tucker, Larrabee, Hull; brig Geo W Chase, Bacon, New Orleans. SM 11th, barque Pohono, Thompson, North ot Hat teras, brig Tubal Cain, Stone, New York; sch Jen nie B Gilkey, Gilkey, North of Hatteras; 12th, bark Orcliilia, Havener, ao; brig J H Kennedy. Hughes. Havana; schs May Monroe. Hall, Philadelphia; A D Henderson, Henderson, for North of Hatteras; Alba, Webber, Portland. Arat Sagua 6tb inst, barque Gertrude, Dailey, New York; brig L M Menitt, Herriman, do. SM 6th, schs M M Knowles, Small, Philadelphia: Eben Fisher. Reynolds. Baltimore. Ar at Halifax 17th inst, brigs Wild Horse, Macmu her, and Elizabeth Ann, Moore, Portland. Arat St John, NB, 17th, sch Lizzie G, Gilchrist, Portland. * Ar at St Stephens. NB, 17th Ingt, barque American Lloyds, Park, Boston. SPOKEN. No date, in the Gulf, ship Mary E Riggs, from New Orleans for Liverpool. April 22, lat 8 45 S. Ion 30 32 W, ship Black Hawk, from New York tor San Francisco. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS Providence Tool Co. LEWIS OLIVER A PHILLIPS. Win. H. Haskell & Co. Rhode Island Nut Co BEADING BOLT AND NUT WORKS. A. W. GIFFORD A Co., Manufacturers of Heavy Hardware and Rail road Supplies. Marine Hardware & Ship Chand lery. THE “PROVIDENCE” CLOTHES WRINGER J. H* WORK, Agent, 44 Broad Street, ju21deowlyr_Bouton Mum. THE FINEST LAUNDRY WORK. AT the request of many of our itatrons we have arrangements to Laundry Henfs Collars and cults. Every will be finished In the same Bliape and made to look precisely as wheu it was first new. The prices are as follows: Collnrs per dozen - . ;|fl Cent*. Cuffs per dozen pulr. - 7;| Cents. As these prices afe only about one half the usual Slice of the poorest work, we shall only receive and Oliver them at our store, and no package will be de livered until pnid for. The name of the owner must be in in.lellible ink on each article. Citizens of Portland, we oiler you the opportunity to indulge in the luxury of always wearing a new and perfectly lauudried collar, and at a price that must I commend itself. CHARLEM CtfSTli A CD., jll2ldlt 1193 Congiv.. ttlrrrl. TW-OTICE isheroby givm.TUjSl^® '^TrS lx been duly appointed anil *** t the trust of Administratrix of tb T>z,r*inTl(i ANTOINE COOKE, late of Tort land _ a /• Cumberland, deceased, and given in the County «* *t». All persons having bonds as tbo w es(at0 0f deceased, are demands uioybJt the same; and all persons indebt St a2w1***** are called upon to raalce payment to 0 MARY E. COOKE, Administratrix. Portland, June 17, 1873. jun21dlaw3w*S A Chance fol* a Good and Safe Investment! THE Store 177 Middle street, now occupied by the well known Apothecary Dr. Edward Mason, will be sold at auction on Tuesday the 8tli day of July, (if not sold previous at privati* sale.) For terms inquire of I). W. .Shaw, Insurance Agent, 12 Market Square, or Win. H Ayers, No. 50 Exchange street jn21dtd NOTICE THE copartnership of Davis .* Beck is dissolved by the death of Mr. Davis. The business of tlic late firm will be settled by the subscriber to whom nil claims against said lirm may be presented and all indebted to the late linn are ret|iiested to make im medi te payment. Jn21dlt»__G. D. BECK. Copartnership Notice. MESSRS A. &S.E. SPRING, having purchased the interest of Manasseh Smith in the Portland Star Match Co., will continue the business with the remaining partner Jas. C. Jordan, under the same name as heretofore. All the accounts ot the old firm assumed by the new one. MANASSEH SMITH, JAS. C. JORDAN. Jti21‘1wA. & S. E. SPRING. Country Cotage Tor Sale. HOUSE containing five rooms in good order, Ell Woodhouse and Stablo connected; one and one fifth acres grass land-, garden and fruit trees, very high airy and healthy located, commanding beautiful views of country and mountains: 13 miles lrom the city and 3 miles from P. & O. R. R. Depot, price moderate. CHARLES M HAWKES, ju21eoi3m Ofi Middle Street. MAY a 1 )Y ertisements. Rare Rusiuesn Opportunity recently patented, we oiler our Mill lor sale £!l sain. Capacity 330 bbla. Railroad In from ^ Kiver in tlie rear. Location unsurmesri being in the flnest wheat section, and most beautiful city of the West. Population 30.000. 125 miles abovi St. Louis, and 250 miles Southwest of Chicago. Our clours have a reputation already established in the various markets. Mill in complete repair, lat est improvements, unsurpassed in uualltyof work by New niacl.inerv lately in troduced at large outlay, insures in Itself a laige re turn in excess of Lbe ordinary milling prodt. For further particulars apply immediately to C. E. WHITMORE A CO., citv mi.I.*, quimv, ill., >r D. W. COOCIDUE, 88 CO.ntlEKI.'IAI. NT., Porlluud J°^ld2w MANILLA, MACKINAW, CANTON! and all Hie different grades and styles of Straw Hats for Men and Children’s wear. Also, the latest New York styles of Felt, Kersey and Silk Hats, and a fine assort ment of Hammocks, Buggy Um brellas, Shawl and School Straps can be found at MAHER & CO.’s, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE. J“9_Iwlll B 0 N_D S. New York City .... 7 “ “ “ . . (•> Brooklyn City - - - 8’s Jersey City . . Elizabeth City . ... jij Canada Southern It. 1?., Hold, . 7>g B. & Cedar Rapids It. It., Hold, - 7’s Northern Pacific K. R., Hold, - 7-30’ -FOR SALE UY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St. ____fet»26 BONDS. State of Maine .... 8’s Portland & Bangor City - - 8’s Bath & Rockland City - • . 8’s Chicago City - . . . 7’g Wayne & Clay County, Illinois, . 7’s Toledo, Ohio,. ... 7.80’s Northern Pacific R. It., Hold, - 7.80’s Burlington Cedar Rapids & Minn. • 7’s Maine Central, Consolidated. • • 7’s Canada, St. John & Halifax Bank notes Bonght and Sold. WM, E. WOOD, Ag’t Sept 8-dtnn__or K»»hnng<- Ml H.M.PAYS0N&C07, Bankers and Brokers, — OFFER FOR SALE — Portland City .... 8’s Bangor.8’s Bath ..... 8’s Cook County - . . . 7’g Chicago - .... 7’s Toledo, Ohio - . . . S’s Scioto County, Ohio - • 8’s Leeds & Farmington R. R. guaranteed it’s Portland & Rochester R. R. - - 7’s Maine Central R. R. 7’g Northern Fa IHc It. R. Gold - 7-SO’s Government Ronds, Bank Stocks and Hold Bought and Sold. 32 EXCHANGE STREET ap3_PORTLAND. dtf FISH AND SALT. NOW RECEIVING 300 qtls. new and superior English Shore Cod. — ALSO IS STORE — New Shore and Bank large and medium Cod, bollock, Cusk Had dock. Halibut, Smoked andFick led Herrings, Tongues A Sounds, Trimmed Fins, Heads, superior quality Bloaters mess mackerel with Nos, 1 and '£ of s me. Also Turks Island,Cadiz & Liverpool Salt , „ DANA A CO. J"13_il.jw FOR JULY 4th. Flags, Lanterns, Balloons 'Torpe does, Fire Crackers, Ac. Wholesale & Retail, For private use our B«xr«ofn*nortfti pieer* are a specialty. They give the almost satisfaction Committ«N-M of Citir*, Towns anil (’|nkH who desire PUBLIC DIM PL A Eli, are referred to our txhibitions the past ten years on BoHton Common, under the direction of the City of Bos ton, as a guarantee of excellence. Send for Price List. Order early and address B. T. iVELLM, Atrrnt of the New Englunil Laboratory. C. E. Mantm. Pyrotrt liui»t Ofllre 57 Kiug*tou Hi., corner of Bedford Boston. Jul2-d3t8&w M. SE k YEY, M. D.7 243 Congress Street* Has added to his business the Agency of the Health-Lift Co. At htsroooi is a machine which all who me troubled with Lame backs, weak stomachs or Imperfect cir culation of the blood are invited to examine. Ma chines delivered to purchasers at N. Y. prices. lions oepwthic medicine* a* usual. ju3is3w A Card. Tfce un<lersigne«l having fitted up a DINING ROOM, — AT — NO. 97 COMMERCIAL NTREET, will be happy to meet his old friends and patrons on THURSDAY, June IDtli. junlSdlw*_T. B. PERCY,'• TAXES. lVTOnCE is hereby given to parties owning real es 1-V state on which the taxes for the year 1872 re main unpaid that the time required bv the statute previous to the advertisement for sale having ex pired, such estates will be advertised fi r sale, if such taxes are not paid previous to June 21st. H. W. HEBSEY, Treasurer and Collector. June 7, 1873._ jngeo«H2t Mai lie Savings Bank. No. lOO Middle Sfrcct. Portland. MONE1 deposited l»» this Bank on the first dav of uny month begins on interest the same day. It deposited on any other day, begins on interest tfie first Jay of the following month. Junl7ch.<:wtf A. M. BURTON, Treasurer. FRESII S AIJIOV. J^ICE lot Fresh Salmon just arrived at JOHN lOVEITT A CO% 104 Commercial Street for 16 and JOc per lb. aecordiug to the cuts. ._______Junl9-3t HOT TEA ROLLS. HOT TEA ROLLS can be had from W. C. Cobb’s Bakery or Carts EVERY AFTERNOON. my la__ tf New Boarding House. THE Subscriber, having leased the new and com modious house, recently ereeted by <ieo. IT. Da vis A Co., upon the “ Blanchard proi»e*rtv,” 30* High St., takes pleasure in announcing to the* nubile that he will about the t)rat of April epeu it tor a Hr«t cIiimn boarding house. Rooms can be seen and full particulars as to terms. Ac., obtained, by enlling at the house from to A. M. to 12 M., and from L* until 3 P. M._apr3eodtf S. S. KNIGHT. TO CONTRACTORS. SEALED Proposals will be received at the office ol F. II. I asset t A Son, Architects, where the heat ions may be examined, nntil THLRSDAY, June 26th for building a High School building for the Town of Freeport. The committee reserve the right to reject any ov all bids. Portland, .June 18,1873. ' JuUdld Portland Savings Bank, NO. 91 EXCHANGE ST. ALL deposits ol one dollar and upwards com mence interest on the first day of the mouth following tlie dote of deposit. may29-dtf_FRANK NOYES. Treasurer. Board. SIXB,S'^dole^„lf.a0l'0mra0,la,e'1 Wth goo Board and pleasant rooms at No. 26 Fectr ' jul9d2W

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