Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 21, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 21, 1873 Page 3
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the^peess. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE21, 1873 THE PKENN Maybe obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Branell & Co.‘ Andrews, Weutworth, Glendenning Moses, Hender son, and Chisholm Bros., on all trams that run out of the itv. At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon. At NVaterville, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros. At Kennebunk. of C. E. Mhler. CITY AND VICINITY. New AdrerliMemeiftls To-Day* AUCTION COLUMN. Furniture, &e—F. O. Bailey & Co. Groceries, &c.—F. O. Bailey & Co. EN TERTAINMENT COLUMN. John H. Murray’s Circus. SPECIAL NOTICES. House for Sale—S. H. Coles worthy. Carriages—E. T. Patten <£ Co. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Providence Tool Co—J. H. Work. Administratrix's Notice—Mary E. Cooke. A Chance for a Good Investment. Notiee—G. D. Beck. Country Cottage for Sale—Clias. M. llawkes. Rare Business opportunity—D. W. Coolldge. Ccpartnership Notice—Smith & Co. The Finest Laundry Work—Chas. Custis & Co. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Now is your last opportunity. J,oring’s Vegetable Spocitic. Abram Bros, have a large sale. Rrlixioua Notice s. St. Lawrence St, Church.—Rev. A. H. Wright, Pastor.—Preaching at 104 a. m. and 3 p.m. Newbury St., Church.—Prayer meeting at 104 in.; preaching in the afternoon at 3 p. m. Williston Church.—S. S. 104 a. m. Preaching service at 3 P. M. Sittings free. Social meeting at 74 p. M. S P r RITU A L FR ATE RN IT Y, A It M Y AND N A V V U N ION Hall—Children’s Progressive Lyceum at 104 A. M. Conference at 3 P. M. St. Luke’s Cathedral, State St.—Rt. Rev. H. A. Neely, Bishop of the Diocese ot Maine.—Sunday services 10.30 a. m., 3 and 7.30 p. m. Daily services at 9 a. in. and 5 p. m. Seats free to all. St. Paul’s Church, corner of Congress and Lo cust street.—Services Sunday at 10.30 o’clock a.m. and 3 p. m. St. Stephen’s Church.—Sunday Services at 104 a. m.; and 3 p. m. The sittings in this Church are free to all. u 1>,VRJL,AND Spiritual Association, Temperance Hall, 3514 Congress st. Conference at 2 P. M. Sub feet : Spiritual Phenomena. \ . M. C. A. CnAPEL, Deering’s Bridge.—Sabbath School at 3 o’clock P. M. Bethel Church.—Mr. Benj. B. Dyer will preach to-morrow, at 104 a. m. and 3 p. m. The discourses are intended especially for the young. Free to all. High Street Church.-Rev. W. H.Fenn, Pastor. Preaching services at 104 A. M. Sunday School at 1 e cJLosefofcnocn services; Prayer meetings Sun day Eve’gs at 74 o’clock, and Tuesdays at 7$. Preble Chapel, corner Preble and Cumberland •treets. Preaehing at 11 a. m. Sunday School at 2 p. m. Sunday School Conceit at 74. All are cordia lly invited. First Second Advent Church, 3534 Congres* street. Elder W. S. Campbell, of New Brittain, Conn., will preach Sunday at the usual hours. Y. M. C. A. Hall, Mechanics’ Building, Congress St. Elder Kimball, will preach at 3 and 74 P. M., subject, “Which shall we keep Saturday or Sunday.” New Jerusalem Church—New High street.— Kev. Mr. Hayden, will preach in the Temple to morrow morning on the Parable ot the Seed growing secretly, Mark iv, 20. «r«IRSJ *P*VP2!£ST Church, Congress st., corner of Wilmot.ltev. Wm. H. Sliailer, Pastor.—The 50th An niversary of the Sunday School will be held at this church at 3 P. M. Address by the pastor, singing by the children. At 74 P. M. various exercises consist tmg of singing, addresses. Ac. All are invited. ®3F*Dr. C. C. Bennett, Library Room, Mechan ic's Hall.—New School of Philosophy. Free. Suu Uay (if not rainy) at 6 o’clock P. M. Subject: Review <*f the day’s religious teachings. India St. Universalist Church.—Rev. Geo. W. Bicknell. nastor.—Preaching Services at 104 a. m. Sunday School Concert at 74 P. M. ja^Therc will be religious services to-morrow eve ning in Market squave at 0 o’clock, conducted by Rev. M. H. Williams. Y. M. C. Association, Mechanics’ Building, Con gress street, corner Casco.—Daily Prayer Meeting trom £ to 6 o’clock. Advent Christian Church, Union Hall, 87 Free St.—Preaching next Sunday by Elder It. It. York of Yarmouth. Baptism at the Back Bay, near the foot of Franxlin Street. Park St. Church.—Rev. Thomas Hill, D. D., will preach to-morrow. Congress St. M. E. Church.—Preaching at 104 A. M. by Rev. M. S. McKellar and 3 P. M. by Rev. C. B. Pitblado, pastor. Allen Mission Chapel, Locust Street.—Prayer meeting at 2 15 p. m. Sunday School at 3 p. in. Eve ning temperance address by Rev. O. M. Cousens. Municipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Friday.—Oliver J. Steubou. Search and seizure Fined $50. Paid. Oliver J. Stenbou. Drinking house and tippling, shop. Plea, guilty. Recognized in the sum of $200 for his appearance at September term Superior Court. Patrick McGlluchy. Search and seizure. Fined $50. Paid. Patrick McGlinchy. Drinking house and tippling shop. Recognized in the sum of $200 with sureties for his appearance at September term Superior Court. Sargent. Austin Brannagan. Search and seizure. Fined $50. Paid. Three cases of libelled liquors forseited. Thomas Broderick. Intoxication. Thirty days. Alvin Murphy. Intoxication. Thirty days. Brief Jottings. We are informed by an uptown citizen that bp cleared his currant bushes from destructive worms, by sprinkling earbolate of lime on the leaves and placing the larger pieces around the roots. Potatoes are advancing in price in this mar ket. The first part of the week they weie sell ing at 00 and 05 cents, now they are selling at 80 and 85 cents. There is a large demand from New York and Philadelphia for old potatoes. It appears that there was a seizure of liquors at Forest City Park last Saturday forenoon. Yesterday the owners presented their compli ments to Judge Morris. The Executive committee of the Fair desire us to state that the only photographic views of the interior of City Hall, prese ited to the Fair, were taken by Geo. E. Collins, 310 Con gress street. We are under obligations to M. L. Stevens, Esq., for our full and accurate account of the Baptist anniversaries at Wiscasset. Yesterday crowds of people visited the Is lands. The contrast between the hot noisy city and the quiet coolness of the Islands, was marked. Yesterday the streets were well swept with out expense to the city—by the wind. Now that the Fair is over people sigh for rain. Hev Mr. Cruft of Boston, is on a visit to this city. Look inGerrish& Pearson’s window and see an ancient Roman coin 2200 years old. A young man was seriously injured at the Rolling Mills Thursday afternoon by a bar of hot iron falling across his breast. He vom ited blood for three hours. The thermometer ranged high up among the eighties yesterday. Mr. F. Lindan has joined the Portland Baud. He is said to be a fine musician. The Cammett concert should not be forgotten by our citizens. A runaway took place on Commercial street yesterday. This time it was Simon Cole who was the loser. There is a movement on foot among the mer chants on Commercial street, to close their places of business on Saturday afternoon dur ing the summer season. Mr. I>. C. Shaw, teacher of telegraphy, has run a wire from his room to the Merchants’ Exchange for the use of his class Col. C. P. Mattocks has appointed G. J. Gal lagher of Augusta, quartermaster on his staff with the rank o! first lieutenant. F. O. Bailey & Co., sold at auction yesterday the pleasure boat Anna, to F. Kennedy, for 827.50; the pleasure boat Laura, to Mr. Shay, for $15; a row boat for 815 to Mr. Harford,and a single scull to Mr. Spellman for 80 Do not forget to drop in at the Army and Navy Hall this eveniug and enjoy your laugh. One huudred and lorty-five cars of freight arrived at the Grand Truuk station for the twenty-four hours ending at 7 a. m. Friday. Eighty-two of lumber Mr. ^ayson Tucker’s numerous friends will be pleased to learn that he has returned from a visit westward in excellent health, and has re sinned his important duties at the eastern end of the Boston & Maine railroad. Co. Q. opened a recruiting office at the ward room, Ward 3, last evening. A goodly num ber were enlisted. Another meeting will be held on Monday evening at the same place. It is said that the veteran Cole leads the best band out of Portlaud at the head of the Knight’s Templar to-day, at 11 o’clock, that ever did honor to the city. There are twenty two pieces. The School Committee visited the Island schools yesterday. The Fair Committee request that all those claiming articles yet remaining in the hall,will remove them to day. Several important raffles are yet to come off at City Hall. Due notice of the time will be given. fhe lady who yesterday received from M. A. anchard, at the Executive Committee head <*U]^r^:rs a* City Hall, a long black crape veil, will please call at the Committee headquarters. Hospital Fair. CLOSING- DAY. Yesterday was the closing day of the Fair, and as was expectvd the day was occupied more for the delivery of goods sold and drawn in raffles the preceding daysjtlian for sales from the tables. Indeed, the tables were empty ex cept here and there where the committees were busy ticketing the few remaining articles for the grand closing raffle in the evening. The attendance in the evening was large and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves to the utmost. Those who had been fortunate at pre vious drawings were congratulated hv theii friends, especially the happy possessors of wax dolls and rag bahies, which by the way fell largely to single individuals of the male persua sion. The owners of blanks took their disap pointment good uaturedly. A large number of small articles were put up at the raffle in lots and were all disposed of. The following are [ the more important prizes given last evening: No. 5. model of steamer Clyde, ticket 183, some body in the tall; Waltham watch, ticket ltiti, A. Johnson; No. 48, six prizes, pedlar doll. 54, Dr. H. P. Merrill; lace .tidy, ticket 125, W. S. Edwards; silk toilet cushion, 161, Geo Cram; worsted work, 151, E. W. Buxton; dressing ta ble, 152, H. P. S, Gould; drawing, 80, J. I). Fessenden; No. 28, sofa cushion, ticket 13, J. H. Gooch; No. 36, wax doll and carriage blank, et, two piizes, ticket 80, M. T. Cavleton, ticket 17, Mrs. H. L. Davis; No. 20, meerschaum pipe, ticket 51,-; No. 42, Saratoga trunk, ticket 21, A. E. Webb. auc were reveiveu vy uie uuiuum* tee yesterday: Citizens of Windham, by Dr. Dana, $20.50; J. E. Spring of Danvers, Mass., through Sirs. L. O. Short, $50. The refreshment hall was not so well patrou ized since the change in the arrangements. The lady waiters proved a profitable attraction, and the contrast was marked from a bevy of beau tiful young ladies to the plain, business like ap pearance of the last two days. Providentially no accident has occurred to mar the harmony and pleasure of the occasion. Portland Yacht Club.—At a meeting of this club held at their rooms last evening, the following programme was arranged for the sailing regatta on the Fourth of July: There arc to be fivejelasses offlyachts entered. First class yachts, 37 feet aDd upwards. Second class yachts, 25 to 37 feet. . Third class yachts, 15 to 25 feet. Hampton boats under 23 feet. Fifth class, steam yachts. All yachts arc allowed to enter without re gard to locality. ORDERS FOR SAILING. All yachts of a class will anchor in a line pre paratory to a start at some point in the harbor to be determined upon. The 4th class will start at 2 o’clock. “ 3d “ “ “• “ 2.05 “ “ 2d “ “ “ “ 210 “ “ 1st “ “ “2.15 “ Steamers will start at 2.20 “ HIE COURSE. For 3d and 4th classes.—They will follow down the harbor to the buoy, leave the buoy on the starboard bow, turn and £proceed|bome. These two classes will round the buoy at the Brothers First and second class yachts will start and continue the same course, returning leave Fort Gorges on Dort bow, rounding House Island, leaving it on tho starboard bow and return to the judges stand. The signal fo,r starting will be the gun. FIFTH CLASS. Steam yachts will start at 2.20. The sig nal for starting, will be a flag dipped three times from the club bouse. The course will be the same as the others. The judges are B J. Willard, Alexander Taylor, C. H. Chase, J. Hall Boyd and J. W. Deering. The races will bo under the rules of the Portland Yacht Club, PRIZES. First class, $40 and $25. Second class, $30 and $20. Third class, $20 and $10. Fourth class, $20 and $10. Steamers $30 and $20. $300 are the total prizes. The club start rain or shine next Monday at 9 a. m., on their annual cruise. They go east and leave here under sealed orders, the fol lowing yachts will go: HBay, Commodore A. 51, Smith; Commodore, Vice Commander 51cLellan; Alarm, Captain Preble; Ethel. cx-Commodore Churchill; Spar kle, Capt. J. P. Thomas; Spy,Capt. Paul;Ella. Capt. Sheridan; Whisper, Capt. C. 51. Thomas; Nellie, Capt. Bradford; Laurel, Capt. God dard; Game Cock, Capt. Marston; Magic, Capt. Carter. The Railroad* and the (lilt. Portland, June *20tli, 1873. Mu. Editor:—I have read with much care the communication in the Press of to-day from Mr. Putnam, in behalf of the B. & M. Railroad, upon the Commercial street question. It seems that Mr. Putnam, as attorney for the B, &. M., has felt it his duty to assail in a partisan spirit the Eastern and Maine Central railroads, and to forget that the B. & M. was the first to “organize a powerful lobby” in the State of Maine. That, however, has nothing to do with the queries which Mr. Putnam un dertakes to answer. Taking Mr. Putnam as authority, as doubtless he is, we may assume that the B. & M. proposes to cross Commercial street with but one track to reach Smith’s wharf, and make a connection with the Grand Trunk, and that the City Council have this proposition under consideration. Now let us hear from the Eastern and Maine Central; what do they propose to do in Com mercial street?' With a knowledge of what is proposed by the several roads, we shall get a clear comprehension of the situation and can meet the question without becoming the cham pions of either of tlie railroad companies. Portland will make no unjustifiable discrimin ation. Commercial Street. Democratic State Committee.—The Dem ocratic State Committee met at the Preble House last evening. Quite a number of distin guished gentlemen from various parts of the State were present. The following resolution was passed: Resolved, That the whole subject of the call . for a State Convention he referred to a commit tee consisting of S. D. Leavitt, James C. Madi gau and Alonzo Garcelon, with full power to act in the premises. The members of the consulting committee wore the air of.eheerfu 1 resignation character istic of mourners returning from a funeral. The project of doing away altogether with a convention was broached, but the opinion of the majority was in favor for the present of a policy of wise and masterly inactivity. Knights Templar Excursion.—The Sir Knights who are to go on the excursion to St. John, are reminded that the baggage will leave the Hall at half past ten precisely. Every Sir Kuiglit should he at the Hall at 11 o’clock promptly for dress-parade. As the special tiain must leave on the minute, it is of the utmost importance for all to he prompt, so that each man will know his place. The Sir Knights wiii leave the Hall at 11.30 and march to the depot through Middle, Congress and State streets. City Government.—A special meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldernnu was held at 11 1-2 oclock yesterday morning. The petitions of W. F. Murray to erect a wooden building on Washington street, and of W. C. Cobb to erect a private stable on Emery street were referred with power. An order was passed to build a sewer on Deeriug street. The bond of Charles Sampson as constable was approved. F. O. Bailey anil C. W. Allen were licensed as auc tioneers. That Strike Again.—We have received a note from a personal friend of Mr. Hatch de nying that he ever used the language imputed to him by the conductors and brakemen who have recently struck on the Eastern road. The language referred to is “That the trains would he run regularly though every cmplovee drop dead at his post.” Police Station.-AI the police station last night there were three drunks and one case of assault and battery. This latter case was of rather an aggravated character. A man named John Collins assaulted a young woman named Sarah I). Grott. The parties live on Middle street. How badly she is injured is not yet de termined. First Baptist Sabbath School.—The fif ty-sixth anniversary of this school will he held on the afternoon and evening of next Sunday. The exercises will consist of devotional ser vices, reports of officers, address by the pastor and others, singing, etc. This is a flourishing school under the charge of Mr. If. B. Ricker, and there will doubtless he a large attendance. A Heavy Wind.—Pearl street was visited yesterday forenoon by a gust of wind which though brief, was severe. Anchn trceeighteen inches in diaipeter, was broken down. This tree was planted years ago by Hon. Eliplialet Greely, ex-Mayor of Portland. It is said that the Maine State Magaziue, bearing the imprint of Portland and purporting to he published by Hallett &-,is really printed at Augusta by E. C. Allen & Co. Marginal Way—Learning that work on the now famous Marginal Way had been re commenced under the new contract with the Portland and Rochester Railroad Company, we took a stroll yesterday afternoon up 4N ashir.g ton street to the scene of operations, and gleam ed a few facts about the work, that may he of interest to our readers. There are two sections of the road uncompleted. The first is in “Back Cove,” between Washington street and the de pot. The second is between Washington street and the Grand Trunk bridge. The first section is being built of earth, at the rate of 400 cubic yards per day, All the dirt is taken by single horse teams from the northeast side of the hill and dumped at the foot of Washington street into cars and the cars run by theirown momen tum along the track to the spot where the con tents are needed. On the second section piles are being driven preparatory to filling in the earth. Fifty men, and thirty-six horse teams are employed besides the cars, only a half doz en of which are at present used. The men are under the charge of Richard Shanahan, sub contractor. Thomas Shanahan, jr., and Eu gene Mack are in charge of special departments. No machine is used for filling the carts. Five pairs of oxen do the plowing as the dirt is loosened in that way instead of by picks. It is expected that cars will be run from the Roches ter depot to the Grand Trunk depot within six ty days. Ex-Suprintendent of the Portland & Rochester Railroad, Thomas Quiinby, esq., has the general direction of the whole work. S.Camp Meeting Purchase.—The Commit tee in charge of the matter have decided to purchase the property'of J. Jainesou at Old Orchard Beach. The lot comprises thirty-five acres and encloses a fine grove. Engineers are already employed to lay the property out after the most approved styles. It will be called “Camp Grove and Seaside Summer Home.” We learn that the Boston & Maine Railroad Company offered the Camp Meeting Associa tion $.100 and ten cents for every ticket sold during the sessions of the meeting. This was considered a very liberal offer on their part. Railroad Fire.—The through express car on the Eastern bound Pullman train was found to be on fire near Winslow, at about four o’clock Friday morning. A large quantity of valuable packages of goods were destroyed and the car so badly damaged as to make it neces sary to leave it behind. The cause of the fire is unknown, but is supposed to have been caused by some material inside. Prof' Stearns.—This gentleman will give one of his unique eurertaiuments to-night at Army & Navy Union Hall. Their is no hum bug about the performance as the subjects are taken each evening from the audience and em brace a large number of well known gentlemen. yilNCELLAHEOIIl* NOTICES. How ridiculous to scour the stomach—to rasp the bowels—to prostrate the nervous sys tem with furious cathartics to cure costiveness and dyspepsia, when Boring’s specific which contains not a particle of physic will cure those distressing maladies as by magic. Price SI.00. Dealers supplied by Perkins & Co., Phillips & Co. Opening and Reception.—The St. Cloud, the new hotel on Orchard Beach, was formally opened to the public Thursday, and a number of people invited to a reception on that day, given by the hostess, Mrs. Mansou. The house which is admirably fitted up, is situated upon the sea wall within twenty-five feet of high water mark, and within twenty-five rods of the Boston & Maine Railroad depot. . Abrams & Bro., have a large sale of unre deemed Watches, Jewelry, Clothing, &c., at their loan office 12S Federal street, uuder the U. S. Hotel at 7.30 this evening. F. O. Bailey & Co., sell to-day at eleven o’clock, a lot of Carriages, &c., at the Reposi tory of John Russell, Congress street. At 3 p. ni. the very dasirahle piece of real estate sit uated on the line of the horse cars Woodford’s Corner, known as the Wentworth property. See auction column. Now is your last opportunity to get a beau tiful Oil Painting or Cbroino for one dollar, at 120 Middle Street. They close in two days. june‘21-2t Murray’s Circus gave its first performances on the old Fair Grounds, yesterday to packed audiences. The superiority of the equestrian ism was acknowledged by all present iu re peated plaudits, and the jolly clowns, in their dramatic absurdities, convulsed the teutful ef humanity to the utmost.—Boston Evening Transcript. __ Periodicals.—Godey’s lady’s Book and Peterson’s National Magazine for July, have been received and are for sale at the book stores of Messrs. Bailey & Noyes,and Hall L. Davis, on Exchange street; and at Loriug; Short & Harmon and Augustus Robinson’s, under the Falmouth Hotel; also at the school book, music and periodicals store of E. C. Andrews, No. 3G Centre street, at the book and periodical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brothers, Lancaster Hall, and at Wentworth’s, corner of Congress and Oak Sts. Also at the newspaper and periodical depot of George H. Marquis, No. 80 Exchange street. Dr. Urann at Preble House Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. His cures are won derful. may30-d&wtf For Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Indiges tion, Depression of Spirits and General Debili ty, in various other forms, Ferro-Phosphora ted Elixir of Calisaya made by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York, and sold by all druggists, is the best tonic. As a stimulant tonic for patients recovering from fever or oth er sickness, it has no equal. If taken during the season it prevents fever and ague and other intermittent fevers. ‘ junl8-4wt Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated, or Replated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s New Rooms, 27 Market Square. feb2o-eodtf Mrs. Manchester.—The celebrated Clair voyant and Eclectic Physician is now at the United States Hotel, aud is having a large run of practice. All should consult her as her stay is limited to ten days longer. For Sale on favorable terms, a valuable slate property, partially developed, with most cucouragiug prospects, iu the eastern part of the State. Owners refer to S. T. Pullen, Esq.. Press office. jeli-dtf Now is the time to have your window screens made. Lothrop, Devens & Co. have received a large quantity of German linen and cotton gauze, green wire, &c. No. Ill Exchange St. inay!7tf MINOR lEI.HIJKlTIH Class day at Blown University occurred yes terday. The London Times thinks that the prospect of reform in New York city is discouraging. A very severe drouth is reported in Western New York and great damage Is done by fires in the forests. Cholera is reported in Paducah, Ky., five deaths already occurring. Albany, N. Y., narrowly escaped a destruct ive conflagration Friday. Friday the Mt. Vernon cotton mill at Balti more was burned an l the stock damage to the amount of $207,000; insurance $187,000. George Burton, colored, was hung in George town, Del., tor committing rape. The city of London gave a graud ball to the Shah of Persia last night. The Lord Mayor presented him with an address in a gold casket. Michael Sheen was fatally injured on the Hartford and Erie Railroad Friday. A boy named Daniel Donavan was drowned Friday in Boston while bathing. Five fires broke out in Worcester, Mass., be tween 4 and (i 1-2 o’clock Friday afternoon, but no serious damage was done. Tiie President has gone to Long Branch. Hon. James G. Blaine and party arrived at St. Joseph, Mo., yesterday. H. P. Walker, 14 years old, hung himself Friday in Worcester, Mass. . Commissioners of the State interest and sinking fund of Missouri forwarded to New ,‘J’ $520,000 to meet the July interest taring bonds!*8’ a‘“l 'iH°’°00 to take up lh° ma‘ soniido'd^n'/lu1 m*n“faoturer», in convention as re80lutiT &f fa tun rs curtail production in order to bring up the price of iron, after which V• 1 meet in Pittsburg next November. a<,-",urned t0 The Mt. Vernon cotton duck milk two miles from Baltimore, was destroyed by day morning. Loss $200,000. L Jcsler A boy in Hartford county, Maryland, was thrown from a wagon Thursday and had lii j neck broken. " u,s Determined to die, Louise Recbenbeck, of Jersey City, opened a vein in her arm anil tiieu dissolved the brimstone contained in a box of matches and swallowed it. An emetic destroy ed her plans. At the gift conceit drawing in St. John, N. B., yesterday the $10,000 prize was drawn by a Montreal ticket. BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. . Fire in Bath. Bath, June 20.—The building on Front street in this city, owned by William V. and Oliver Moses, and occupied by Sewall J. Wat son as a stove and house furnishing establish ment, took fire on the roof at one o’clock to day and burnt down to the floor of the second story, where its further progress was stayed.— Loss on building $3000, which is covered by in surance in the AStna and Narraganset offices for that amount. Loss "on Watson’s stock about $1000; insured in the Merchants’ of Prov idence for $2000 and in the Insurance Company of North America of Philadelphia for $2000.— Palmer & Carney, manufacturers of ready made clothing adjoining, were somewhat in jured in the removal of goods, but are fully in sured. There was a high wind prevailing, and at one time serious apprehensions were enter tained of a conflagration, but beyond the above named there was no serious loss. Dentil of n Well Known Citizen. Augusta, June 20.—Charles H. Hamlin, Esq., of this city, one of our oldest aud most re spected merchants,Mied this afternoon, aged 03 years. He had been in trade in this city for 10 years. NEW YORK. The National Rifle Association. New York, Sune 20.—At ten o’clock to-mor row morning Gov. l)ix will formally open and inaugurate the range of the National Rifle As sociation at Creeduioor. Long Island, by firing at oue of tlio targets. Militia men from this and adjoining States will compete for the prizes, which will he presented in the afternoon by the Governor and Gen Sbaler. Preparations are made for the presence of several thousand peo ple on the grounds, which comprise seventy five acres. Fatal Accident. Anton Sauer, aged 59, leaned out of his sec ond story window to see a slight fire this rnorn iug, at 2i>5 William street, when he lost his balance and fell to the pavement his head striking first and scattering his brains iu every direction. Death of Horace F. Clarh. Horace F. Clark,President of the Lake Shore and Union Pacific railroad companies, aud son in-law of Commodore Vanderbilt, died in this city yesterday of rheumatism of the heart, iu the 5Nth year of his age. He was a member of the 35th and 36th Congress, and since his re tirement from politics has been identified with railroad projects and act'vely associated with the Vanderbilt enterprises. The New Ring Indictments. Warrants have not yet been issued under the new ring indictments, and the District Attor ney says that none will be served till Monday, on which day the court of Oyer and Terminer will be in session. The Credit ITIobilier. The United States Marshal’s office completed the service of subpteuies yesterday in the suits against the Union Pacific Railroad Co., the Credit Mobilier of America and others. Some of the respondents arc iu Europe and were subpeened through their counsel. Sans of Temperance. At a session of the National Division Sons of Temperance, this forenoon, the report of the Committee on the proposed formation of a sep erate National Division for the British prov inces was adopted. It suggests that some plan be formed to prevent a separation of the United States aud Provincial Divisions. Fleetwood Park Races. The races at Fleetwood Park to-day were well attended. The first race, for $1000, for horses that never beat 2 30, was won by Constance. The second race for horees that' have never beaten 2.29, was won by Young Brun. The Revenue Frauds. The Tribune gives the name of the iuiporlor who is charged with attempting to defraud the government out of a large amount of duties on Mexican shawls, as G. Wales. Several cases of mixed goods and a quanti ty of black lace were taken in South street and elsewhere yesterday by customs officers. A heavy seizure was also made in Baltic street, Brooklyn. Pending the appeal in the suit of James Reid & Co., to set aside judgment fur $7500, the value of a cargo of whiskey entered at the custom house by means of alleged fraudulent practices, reference was obtained by the gov ernment to determine whether the whiskey had beeu entered without intentional fraud. At the resumption of the reference yesterday, ex gauger John C. Strong testified that when he was in the custom house Mr. Jaytic threatened to lock him up in Ludlow street jail if he re fused to sign certain papers, the contents of which were not disclosed, aud to escape prose cution did sign it and that subsequently was told by Mr. Jayne that he (witness) would lose his place if he could not remember that Reid & Go., had offered to bribe him to uuderguage the whiskey in question. The Police Jntfice Apjiointmeii s, The politics of the eight gentlemen nominat ed by the Mayor for police justices are,given as follows by the Herald: Edward Fitch, honltiat ed for nine years, Republican; James T. Kil breth, nine years. Reform Democratic; Thomas D. Sherwood, eight years, Republican; Walter Conies, eight years, Democrat; Wm. G. Ul slioeffer, seven years, Republican; Marcus Al terbourgh, seven years, German, Democrat; Elijah Hall, six years. Republican; Benj. C. Wardell, seven years. The nominations excite considerable surprise in political circles. The Sun heads the nominations, “Everybody aston ished.” Various matters. The first of the Times newspaper poor child ren’s pienics goes up the Hudson to-morrow, and will embrace the children of six industrial and mission schools Charles L. Seymann of Patterson, N, J., was garrotted in Worcester street, this city, last night, aud robbed of a pocket book by a ruffian named Wm. Stone, alias Conley, since arrested and identified. There were six cases of sunstroke yesterday and more were expected,but the cool breeze this noon counteracted to some extent the hot sun. Ex-police sergeant John A. Kennedy, died this afternoon at his residence in 27th street. He had been ailing for some time. The funeral services of Horace F. Clark will be held at Madison Square Presbyterian church next Sunday at 4.30 p. m. The front wall of a building on Broadway and 50th street, fell into the street this morn ing. The accident was due to weakness of the girders, No oue injured. Base ball—Mutuals 7, Athletics 9. Slow murder. Binghampton, June 20.—The grand jury presented an indictment to-day against Mrs Rosa Conning for the murder of her mother, Sirs. Rosa Counely, about the middle of May. This is the case of slow murder, occupying a year. _ WASHINGTON. Oregon Indian* Killed by Settlers. Washington, June 20.—Indian agent Dyer, of the Klamath agency in Oregon, says that three Snake Indians were killed last month and one captured by settlers in Summer Lake and Chefvokan villages. The settlers had ar rested these Indians as spies and on their at tempting to get away they were all three shot and killed. Old Cbocktool, to whose band they Ijelonged, promised the agent that he would make no trouble about it, but expected that the whites would be properly punished. Consideration of the New Civil Service Rules by the Cnbiurt. Tlie Cabinet had under consideration to-day for several hours tlie subject of civil service re form. The modified rules, ten in number, having been approved, were promulgated this afternoon. One of them declared that while it'is not tlie purpose of tlie roles aud regula tions either to restrict tlie power of removal or to extend tlie teuue of service, such power will not be exercised arbitrarily, and therefore ap plications must not lie entertained by any au thority having the duty of Humiliation or ap pointment for tlie removal of any person in tlio civil service, nor will any person tie removed for tlie purpose of making a place for any other person. The following are extracts from the rales: Tlie grouping heretofore made for the Exe cutive Departments at Washington, is modified by striking out the words “female clerks, copy ists and counters at $000 a year,” these places being below the grade of clerkships of class one, selections may be made by tlie appointing power at their discretion from those reported competent, being at liberty to give tlie prefer ence to such as may be justly regarded as hav ing the highest claims to public consideration by reason of loss of support or of property, oc casioned by death, or disability of any person in the defence of tlie Union in war, or in other public service of the government. Applicants for appointment as cashiers of Collectors of Customs, Cashiers of Assistant Treasurers. Cashiers of Postmasters, Superintendents of Money Orders, divisions iu post offices and other custodians of large sums of public money, for whose fidelity another officer lias given olil-. cial bonds, may be appointed at discretion, but this rule shall not apply to any appoiutmeut to a position grouped below tlie grade of assistant teller. In cases of defalcation or embezzlement of public money or other emergency calling for immediate action where tlie public service would be materially injured unless tlie vacancy be promptly filled without resorting to the methods of selection and appointment prescrib ed by the rales and regulations, or where a va cancy happens at a place remote aud difficult of access, and the methods prescribed for till ing it cannot be applied without causing delay injurious to the public service, the appointment may be made at discretion; but this rule shall not apply to any place which is provided to be tilled under the rales of competitive examina tion. Be For the purpose of bringing the examina tions for civil service as near to the residences of those desiring to be examined as tlie appro appropriation at the command of tlie President will warrant, and for tlie further purpose of fa cilitating tlie making of selections for sucii ser

vice equally from tlie several portions of the Union, while at the same time preserving tlie principles of promoting as tested by fair com petition, it is provided that the States shall be grouped into five districts.. Tlie President will employ or designate a suitable person to be chief examiner, whose duty it will be, subject to the provisions of the civil service commis sion to promote uniformity in preparing for conducting, reporting and grading tlie examin ations by saiil board at .Washington, and to prepare for, attend, supervise and report the ex amination herein provided to be held elsewhere than at Washidgton. The district examina I tions sliall lie held not more than twice in any one year in the same district except, in Wash ington, where an examination may he held in respect of each department as frequently as tlie head of such department, subject to the ap proval of the President, may direct; and all persons so examined in Washington, wherever they may reside, sliall lie entered on tlie record of tlie person eligible for appointment equally examined elsewhere. Tlie report of the Civil Service Commission to Gen. Grant says, among other tilings, that it appears to be the unanimous opinion of those at the heads of tlie departments, that there lias been a decided mitigation, under the oper ation of such rules, of serious evils that before prevailed and steadily increased. Mere per sonal importunity and partizan intrigue have diminished in the same ratio; that individual merit and just rules for testing such merit havo been made tlie basis of appointments and pro motions. The application of these tests has been gradually extended as experience has seemed to warrant, aud in every ease with good results. The Commission is convinced that tlie success of civil service reform is to lie decided by the intelligent fidelity witii whicli its friends shall present its true methods to tlie popular judgment. It lias been their aim to recognize the light, which requires that a vic torious party should be able to name officers so far down tlie official scales as tlieir principles may be justly involved in fair and honest ad ministration. At tlie same time we have re sisted that pernicious theory wbieli insists that every clerk in public office, no matter bow sub ordinate or bow useful, sliall mingle as a partizan in every contest, and go out as a mat ter of course with tlie retiring head of the de partment. But tlie uew rules they submit will show that they do not regard tlie question of tlie proper duration of tenure of office or of clerkship as one with which civil service re form, as now inaugurated, lias any other than an indirect connection. Tlie more we have been brought into famil iarity with tlie practical bearings of tlie great principles of individual justice and national sanction of all true methods of improving the civil service, and the amplier have been our op portunities ot measuring the allegiance which such principles command from those whom the people placed at tlie head of their great affairs, the more profound is our impression of the iu e-timable value of the reform itself and of the solemn obligations of all its friends to leave no means untried during the best opportunity our generation has seen or may see to place that reform upon a sure foundation, and to trans mit it in healthy vigor as the greatest political blessing this generation can confer upon the generations to come.” (Signed,) Dorman B. Eaton, Samuel Shellabaugeu, Dawson A. Walker, E. B. Elliot, Joseph H. Blackfan, David C. Cox. Bumf Ball. The game between the Atlanties of Brooklyn and Washington clubs, resulted in a tie, 18 to 18. When the Atlanties left the field, refus ing to play, thereby forfeiting tlie game. Treasury Balance*. The following are the Treasury balances to day : Currency $6.760,2*1; special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit $32,045,000; coin $76,120,688; including $35,635,000 in coin certificates; legal tenders outstanding $356,000,000. The Trnuftfer of Beinniu* of Union Sol dier*. The Secretary of War lias decided that the United States will transfer the remains of such of the Union soldiers as arc now buried in Ever green Cemetery at Gettysburg, Pa., to the Na tional Cemetery, in the same place, upoii ap plication of the friends of the deceased who have the right to make the request. Indian Matters. Official information has been reoeived at the office of the Board of Ind'an Commissioners that a commissioner to treat with the Sioux has left Cheyenne for Fort Laramie, where it is officially reported that 13,000 Ogalla, Brule and Minneespor Sioux with Northern Cheyenne and Arrapahoe Indians are waiting to meet them. Various Matters. Commodore Green leaves Annapolis to-night for New York to take command «f the Tigress on her anticipated arrival on Tuesday next. The fall detail for the vessel was completed yesterday. Win. Mclntire of North Carolina, convicted in 1871 of Ku-Klux crimes, has been pardoned. FIRES. A TOWN BURNED. 200 Houses Eurued and Eight Lives Lost. Fire at East Saginaw. Milwaukee, .Tune 29.—The town of Miehi gamtne, on Michigamme Lake, Marquette Co., Michigan, was entirely destroyed by fire yes terday. Over two hundred houses were burued ed. The loss of property is immense. Eight lives were lost. The fire caught from the burn ing woods around. The place was a mining town in the iron region, and contained some 800 inhabitants. Among the buildings burned was the mill of Jackson Houghton, just equipped, at an expense of $40,000. Detroit, June 20.—A fire at East Saginaw this afternoon destroyed J ames Mead & Lee’s planing mill and some twenty small houses ill the blocks between Washington and Cross streets. A strong northwest wind was blowing. Loss $.10,000. Toronto, Can., June 20.—Very destructive brush fires are raging throughout the country north and northeast of this city. Reports froiii Aurora, Fenton Falls aud other towns covering a stretcli of over sixty miles, state that a thou sand acres of timber, together with crops, fences, farm houses, barns. &e., are beingswept away. Vegetation is suffering greatly owing to the dryness of the season. Halifax, N. S., June 20.—A fire in the woods in Kent county, New Brunswick, swept the lino of the International Railroad, now un der construction, for a considerable distance destroying store houses, shanties aud other in flameablc matter in its passage. The loss, chiefly to the railroad contractors, is heavy. A Curious Case. Philadelphia, June 20.—Two children, An nie Reagan aud Maggie Metray, aged five years, who have been missing since Wednesday, wore found this morning in a closed and empty house in the 25th Ward. One of the children was beyond human aid but the other recovered. Eater. Of the two children found in a closet this morning the one now dead was frightfully bruis ed black and blue, the marks being distinctly visible all over body, and liar lower extremeties were smeared with blood. Maggie Mulway was also bruised but not so severely. The facts thus far gathered give good grounds for suspicion that the person of Anna Reagan, if not both the children, was outraged, and that they were the victims of hellish design. Several parties residing in the neighborhood are under arrest. Midnight.—The excitement attending the finding of the children missing since Wednes day in a closet of an unoccupied house increas es. At the post-mortem it was clearly proven that the dead child had not been ravished. Slie died of suffocation. The stomach revealing the fact also that she had not eaten for 48 hours. The theory now is that some one out of pure hated of the Mulway and Reagan families liul the children to annoy the parents, or that some hoys or idiotic persons were the cause of tlieir imprisonment in the closet and now fear tocon fess it. The Cholera Epidemic. Memphis, Tenn., Juue 20.—The mortuary re port of yesterday showed the largest number of deaths in one day since the cholera epidemic of 1888. There were 24 intermen ts to-day against 33 yesterday. Of this number 17 died of chol era. N Asimi.i.Hf Tenn,, .Tune 20.—The cholera is worse. Deaths to-day, 4!) colored and 29 white. Every sanitary measure is being observed and by indications discouraging. A slow rain is falling and the weather is close and sultry. Cincinnati, O., June 20.—There were three deaths yesterday and three to-day reported as cholera. The Mouth of the Mississippi Filling up, New York, June 20.—A letter from New Orleans says there is almost as severe a block ade of the Mississippi river outlets now as when the United States fleet cruised off its mouth, that the passes are choking witli detri tus and each year increases the difficulties of navigation. Congress had made appropriations for experiments in digging, hut the tow holt monopoly actively conspire to prevent the suc cessful prosecution of the work. Sale of the Pacific Knilrond. San Francisco, Jut.e 20.—The sale of the interest of Huntington & Hopkins in the Ceil tral Pacific Railroad is so nearly consummated that it is given out that the new board of direc tors will take charge of the road July 18th. Huntington & Hopkins retain one share eucli, and remain for the present in the hoard. The new board will he as follows: Lelaud Stanford, President, and Messrs. Mills, Sharon, Hunting ton, Rees, Hopkins and Cohen Directors. Fntnl'Rcsult of a Drcnm, San Francisco, June 20.—A terrible tragedy has just occurred near Santa Rose, on the line of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Chas. Hoef ner and Valentine Scheiner were sleeping to gether in a store. Hoefner dreamed that a man was robbing the store and shot Scheiner, killing him The men were on the most friend ly terms, and after an investigation Hoefner was discharged from custody on the ground that the shooting was accidental. H«»by ou Politics. New York, June 20.— Mosby is reported as saying, m an interview at Richmond, that the conservatives aud radicals of Virginia ought to combine as an administration party; that the President had been very liberal in appointing Ins friends to office, and he should support him if nominated for a third term. The Philadelphia King Ottering Bribes. New York, June 20.—A Philadelphia special says that the riug candidate for Sheriff and his managers have offered his opponent $9000 to withdraw, which bribe was refused. The pros pects of the reform ticket are improving. METEOBOliOISICAL. PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTV-FOCK HOPRS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal Offices, Washington, D. C., June 20, (8 P. iV.) Par New England On Saturday, westerly to northerly winds and j generally clear weather are probable. 1 FOKKIG n. Spanish A flair*. Cabinet Troubles - Republican Victory. Madrid, June 20.—There are rumors of dis agreements in the Cabinet which may lead to another ministerial crisis, The Gaceta announces that the united Carl ist bands of Talles, Quico, Ventosa and others, have been defeated by the national troops in the province of Lerida. The insurgents lost 33 killed. The chieftain Quico was wounded, and Ventosa was taken prisoner. MINOR fELEGRlIUM. Somebody forwarded from Louisville to Pres ident Grant’s son Jessie,at Long Branch, a live alligator, four feet long, and Jessie declined the present, and the President paid the express charges, $16, leaving the alligator with the bag gage man. The animal died. Henry Probasco the antiquarian, is going to erect and give to Cincinnati a collossal ball, tilled with his collection of gems, antiquities, pictures, books, etc. He is now absent in Eu rope perfecting his plans. At Owingsville, Ky., Thursday, an outlaw named Hogan, confessed the names of 80 mem bers of a band of desperadoes of which he was a member. He says that this line of robbers and thieves extends from Pendleton county through Kentucky and Virginia into North Carolina. Vast fires are reported in the woods of Mich igan, between Big Cedar aud Escanaba, pre venting railroad trains from running. • A Halifax dispatch says that three men be longing to the American fishing schooner Ben Perle.v upset in a small boat aud were drowned at White Haven on Saturday. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Foreign Exporta. MONTEVIDEO. Brig Elizabeth Win8low-28G,460 feet lumber, 43,000 shingles. ST. JOHN. NB. Steamer Glendon—700 bbls flour, 98 do oatmeal, 21 do wheat, 40 do barley, 82 half do oatmeal,10 tons bran, 4200 galls whiskey,11,000 lbs to bacco, 31 mowing machines, 3300 pairs boots and shoes, lot of merchandise. Boston Stoci^Liat. [Sales at the Broker’s Board, June 19.1 Laconia Manufacturing Co rights.251 Eastern Railroad.I05f New York Slock anil Money Market. New York, June 20—Mominq.—Gold at 115}.— Money 5 |»er cent. Sterling Exchange, long, 109; do short, 110. Stocks steady. State bonds quiet. New York, June 20—Rcentvn.—Money easy at 4 @ 5 per cent, on call with exceptions at 3 per cent.— Sterling Exchange quiet and steady at 109} for sixty days, and 110} tor sight. Gold opened at 115} bid, sold quickly down to 115}, but rallied to 115}, fell again to 115}, and closed at 115§. Two of the largest “bear” operators have covered their shorts and ap pear to be trying to advance the price, but there seems to be too much of old clique Gold *n the mark et ; loans 2 @ 5 per cent, for carrying to fiat for bor rowing. The clearances were 76,000,000. Treasury disbursements $61,000. Custom receipts $317,000.— Governments closed quiet. State bonds dull. Stocks opened weak on the annouccment of the death of Horace F. Clark. The following were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon 6’s, 1881. 12U Un ited States 5-20’s 1862.i 1152 United States 5-20’s 18G4..’.116 United States 5-20’s I860, old-...1174 United States 5-20’s 1665, new. 119} United States 5-20*8 1S67. 120} United States 5-20’s 1868 .119} United States 5*8. new... 114 United States 10-40*8.,coupons. ... .112} Currency 0’s .. 114} The following were the closiug quotations o Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co.85} Pacific Mail....37} N. Y. Centra’and Hudson River consolidated... .101} Erie. 03$ Erie preferred., 73 Union Pacific stock. 23 The following were the quotations for Pacific Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds. .102} Union Pacific do. 85} Union Pacific land grants.70 Union Pacific income bonds.55 Providence Print Market. Providence, June 20.—Printing Cloths—market steady at 6}c for 64’s with moderate sales. Domestic MarketM. New York. June 20—Evening—Cotton dull and unchanged; sales 427 bales; Middling uplands 21c.— Flour heavy and 10 @ 13c lower; sales 9750 bbls ;Stale 4 90 @ 7 20; Round hoop Ohio 6 25 @ 8 75; Western at 4 90 @ 9 00; Southern at 620 @ 10 50. Wheat heavy and 1 @ 2c lower; sales 136,000 bush ;No 1 Spring 1 58; No 2 Spring at 1 45 @ 1 51; No 3 at 1 36 @ 1 40; White Michigan 1 85. Corn steady and quiet ; sales 2M.OOO bush; new Mixed Western 48 @ 5l}c. Oats heavy; sales 47,000 bush; new Western Mixed at 39} @ 42c. Beef is quiet at 9 00 @ 12 50. Pork dull and lower; mess 16 50 @ 16 87}. Lara weak; steam 8 15-16; ket tle 9}c. Butter quiet and unchanged; Ohio 15 @ 23c; new State 25 @ 29c. Whiskey lower at 92}c. Rice is steady at 7} @ 8}c. Sugar is }c lower; Porto Rico at 8}; refining at 7} @ 8c. Cofiee iu good demand and steady; Rio 17} @ 18}c in Gold. Molasses irregular. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine dull ami lower at 46c; Rosin i3 quiet at 3 00 for strained. Petroleum dull and lower; crude 8c; refined at 19c. Tallow is weak at 8}c. Freights to Liverpool linn; Grain, per steam, at 12d. Chicago, June 20.—Flour quiet and weak, near ly 1 private; Minnesota extra G 50. Wheat dull and unsettled; No 1 Spring 1 26; No 2 Spriug at 1 20 on spot and seller June; seller July 115}; seller Aug at 113}; NO 3 d(J At! 08 'dSX 08}; rejected 92c. Corn lo wer, especially for cash; No 2 Mixed nt 37 on spot; seller July 32c; seller Aug 36}; rejected 27 @ 27}; No 2 at canal 34. Oats hi fair demand and firm; No2 at 26 @ 28}c for regular fresh on spot ; 2G| @ 27c seller July. Rye steady; No 2 at 60 @ 60}c. Barey dull and declining and scaredp anything done. Whiskey steady at 89c. Provisions—Pork unsettled and lower; the news of the recent failures among the provison men at St. Louis depress the market; seller' July at 14 75@ 15 75; closing steadier at outside prices; seller Aug 15 15. Lard quiet and unchanged at 8 25 @ 8 30 per cwt on spot. Bulk Meats and unchanged at Gg @ 6}for shoulders; short, lib middles at 8} @ 8}c; 81 @ 8}c for short clear middles loose. Bacon quiet ami unchanged; shoulders at 7}c; clear rib sides 9}c; 9}c for clear sides. Lake Freights active and higher—Corn to Buffalo at 6}. Receipts—7,000 bbls flour, 88,000 bush wheat, 221, 000 bush corn, 100,000 bush oats, 5,000 bush rye, ,000 bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—5,500 obis flour, 15,000 bush wheat, 239, 000 bush corn, 147,000 bush oats, 00,000 bush rye, 1,000 bush barley, 0300 hogs. Cincinnati, June 20.—Provisions—Pork nominal at 16 00 @16 25. Lard quiet; steam at 8}c; kettle 8}c. Bulk Meats steady; shoulders at 6}c; clear lib sides 8jjc; clear sides at 8} @ 8|c. Bacon is quiet; shoulders at 7}c; clear rib 9} @ 9}e; clear sides at 9} @ 9}c. Whiskey firm at 90c. xOLSDO. June 20.—Flour is quiet and unchanged.— Wheat dull; No 2 White Waoash 1 75; No 3 do 1 58; Amber Michigan seller June 1 58; seller July 148}; No 1 Red 1 58; No 2 do 1 31. Corn is dull and lower; high Mixed on spot at 41}c; seller July 42; seller Aug 43}; seller Sept 45c: low Mixed 41c; no grade 30c.— Oats quiet and unchanged; No 2 at 33}c; Michlganat 33} ’a) 34c. Lake Freights dull and unchanged; to Buflfalo 4 @ 4}c; to Oswego 8 @ 8}c. Receipts—1,000 bbls flour, 9,000 bush wheat, 43,000 bush corn, 4,000 bush oats. Shipments—3000 bbls flour, 31,000bush wheat, 0,000 bush corn, 27,000 bush oats. Detroit, June 20.—Flour quiet and unchanged.— Wheat steady; entra White Michigan 181}: No 1 White 1 72} @ 1 73; Amber Michigan 1 50. Corn is quiet and unchanged at 35c. Receipts—1,000 bbls flour, 3,000 busu wheat, 2,000 bush corn, 5,000 bush oats. Shipments—1000 bbls flour, 1,000bush wheat. 0,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Lake Freights dull aud unchanged— to Oswego at 8}. Charleston, June 20.—Cotton quiet; Middling uplands 18} @ 19c. Savannah, June 19.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands at 18}c. Mobile, June 20—Cotton quiet and weak; Mid idling uplands 19c. New Orleans, June 20.—Cotton in moderate de mand; Middling uplands 18}c. European Markets. London, June 20—11.00 A. M.—Consols opened at 92| for money and 92} for account. American securities—U. S. 5-20’s 1865, old. at 92}, do 1867, 92} ex in.; do 10-4Cs, 89; new 5s, 89}. Erie Railway at 50}. WING & SON’S PIANOS! (Successors to DOANE, WING «& CUSHING.) The American Piano. FIRST PREMIUMS. Illinois State Fair, 1870. Alabama State Fair, 1871. Ohio State Fair, 1871 & 1872. Texas State Fair, 1872. Numerous County Fairs. Prom Mr. Edieard Hoffman, the estebrated Pianist. “I conscientiously believe that your Piano is in every respect a most magnificent instrument.” Form the “Independent” “The American Piano has deservedly become very popular instrument.” Purchasers’ testimonials from all parts of the U. S. WARRANTED SEVEN (7) YEARS Prices Low for the Quality. Responsible Agents wanted for unoccupied terri tory. In localities where agencies are not yet estab lished, until such are established, we will sell Pianos to the public at Factory Wholesale Prices. Send for circular to WING & SON, 417 Broome St., New York. nn9ly To Let. ANEW Store on Atlantic near Congress St., and Horse cars. Suitable for a Shoe Store or fancy and domestic goods or Groceries. Apply to S. A. ANDERSON, No. 37 St. Lawrence St. mar26 dlw then eodtf ENTERTAINMENT'S. BENEFIT CONCERT to be given umler tbe auspices of the PORTLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT, — AT — C|TY II ALL, — ox — _ Wednesday Evening, Jane 25, ’73, in aid of the family of the late Policeman, GEORGE II* CA JiNlET'I1 on which occasion the following talent Lave teered their services: un JIB*. JIAKIU B. MABCUINGTON, The talented Soprano of Boston. Mink Fannie K. Chandler* Soprano. Mi** Alice I. Carle, Contralto. Meaurt*. John Morgan and Albert E. Pennell, Tenors. Mr. IV. L. Beckett, Baritone, Jlr, John L. Nlanw, Basso. Jlr*. Leo. O. Losse, Pianist. T'ckets 50 cents each, to be bad of members of the Police force and at Stockbridge’s. ju20dtd FIKST GRAND EXCLUSION — BY THE — Portland Montgomery Guards — TO — Old Orchard Reach, Wednesday, June 35th. Music by the Uniou Brass Band of Cape Elizabeth. Music for Dancing by Chandler’s Band. Ice Water, Foot Ball an^ Swings will be furnished free. Refreshments for saw on the ground. \ Baud Concert and Dress-Parade will take place on the Beach. Committee of Arrangements—Hon. Mem. P. Plun ket, Lieut. Peter S. Doyle, Lieut. Thomas H. Gat lev. Sergt. M. H. Cunningham, Priv. P. H. Tobin. Trains leave Boston and Maine Depot at 84 A. M. and ItJ P. M. Returning, leave Old Orchard at 7 P. M. Tickets 65 cts.; Children tinder twelve 35 els. Tickets good on ail regular trains. ___ junl8dtd OR Aft R EXCURSION — TO — Old Orchard Beach! THURSDAY, JUNE 261 li. DIRVOO KNOINE CO. NO. 8 announce to tlieir friends and the public that they will give an Excursion over the Boston & Maine Railroad to Old Orchard Beach and Fern Park. We have secur ed the use of the Old Orchard House for the day. There will be danciug in tbe large ball room of tie hotel, anti a select Orchestra from Chandler’s Brass Band will furnish the music. Trains will leave at 9.30 A. M. Tickets for the round trip 60 cents, including dancing, for sale by the Committee at tbe dejiot and by tbe foremen of tbe fire companies. ju19dlw Grand Excursion ! SECOND ANNIVERSARY — or — Bramhall Lodge, No, 3, KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. The Knights of Pythias cordiallv invite their friends to join with them in an excursion to Old Orchard Reach, Friday, June 27, 1873. No pains will lie sparcil to moke this a day of en joyment. Amusement:; as followsDancing, Foot and Base Balls. Croquet. Ring Toss, &c. Music by Po-.tland Band. Tickets for the round trip GO cents; Children under 12 years 35 cents. For sale by R. B. Swift, 317 Con gress street, under Mechanic's Hall; John Massure, 211 Congress corner Chapel street: Loring, Short & Harmor, Middle Btreet; Dr. E. G. Loring, Exchange street; J. C. Colcsworthv. corner Oxford and Pearl sis., of the members and at the B. & M. Denot (for merly Walker House). Train leaves at 8j o’clock precisely and returns at 5. Tickets good on any train. Per order of tne Committee. „ „ „ . R. B. SWIFT, Chairman. N. B.—Refreshments for sale on the grounds. Jn20_ _7t_ WITHOUT A RIVAL! JOHN H. MURRAY’S Great Railroad Circus. (FORMERLY STONE & MURRAY'S CIRCUS. Will exhibit in PORTLAND, SATURDAY AFTERNOJf AJfD EYEALNG, JUNE, 38, 1873. Only Existing Exponent of Areuic Art! The Chaste and Classical Amusements partici pated in by the following DISTINGUISHED ARTISTS, Assisted by 100 AUX 1LIARIES. Reappearance of JOHN HENRY COOKE, The Centaur Horseman and Chaiup'nn Retro Rider of the universe, after a successful winter’s engage ment at Hengler’s Grand Cirque, Loudon, iu his new and entirely original act, Saults Perillenx, or the Bounding Jockey HIM TKNNIE and HA«TKR COOKE, The smallest rklers in the world, and their eltin little Ponies, FAIRY aud BEAUTY. WOO DA COOK, Unequalled Some rsaul list and Hurdle Rider A Bou quet of Beauty. The magnificent aud dashing MDLLE. jlEANETTK, The famous Equestrienne and her charming coadju tors, 8EIVOBITA MILLIE TURNOITR, The dark-eyed Fairy Mesdames VIRGINIA AID CARRIE LLOIME 5 JOLLY CLOWNS. FUN WITHOUT LIMIT ! Tom Barry, ihe Celtic humorist, with his comical elephant. George Dunbar, a gentleman of refined wit and caustic humor. BCbdeau, the French Trick Clown. George Adams, the grotesque, and the inimitable Frank Donaldson. The Grreat Calitsilienic Congress SENORITA MILLIE TIIBIOLR, The handsomest and bravest woman iu tlie world, in startling and perilous performances in mid-air, never before performed by her sex. hirst appearauce in America of the Brothers Leopold, John, William and Frederick. From Hengler’s Grand Cirque, I.«ondoii, Eugene Leech, Wash. Antonio, Charles El lis and A Lasher. The Famous Murray Stud of Horses, from ihe Grand Opera House, New York aud Boston Theatre. The highly intelligent Trick Horse, Black Fugle. The funny Mules, Hum ply Damply, Petc,tml lie, and Baldy Hours. Every Afternoon the laughable Equestiian Farce | entitled, THE CLOWH CAVALRY. Every evening, for the first time in this country, the intensely exciting equestrian spectacular drama of absorbing interest, entitled, Dick Turpin’s Ride to York — AND TDK— DEATH of BLACK BESS, John Henry C«h ■ •• »«*h Tnrpin. Supported by the full strength of the equestrian and dramatic companies. A Froo Pageant in the streets at 10 o’clockeoch day. Popularm artiai and classical music by O. P. Per ry’s Baud. The Car of The Conqueror, drawn by 20 Arabian Steeds, driven by Hons. J. H. Paul. The Fairy Phaeton,'drawn by Sixteen of the smallest Ponies ever seen, driven by the boy whip, Master Asliley Lasher. No smoking allowed in the Grand Pavillion. Po lito ushers in attendance. For more extended de tails, see Murray's Illustrated News. Performances Afternoon and Night. Doors open at 1 and 7 P. M. The Pavilion brilliantly lighted with gas. Admission 30 Cents. Children under lO 9® Cents. Reserved Chairs 7® Cents. CHARLES H. DAY, Director of Publications. Jn21 21-21 to 28 “BXXR SALE. SW 3SSE1J Rochester Rail Road; a good chance tor a good Black smith. ° enquire of HORACE EMERY. jul7diw» ON IHK PREMIKE" JOB PBINT1NO neatly executed at th office. AUCTION SALES. AUC TION SALE t IV7!4' xh-ill f-ell at John Ruasell'n Carriage Munit rnr%Avffi '*!>» 5,M* 313 ^«ngret« Street, on SAT LRDA\, Juno 21st, at 11 A. M. 2 Pony PhnrluiM, 2 shilling Top l£uggi«>* 1 Close Top Baggy, 2 Open Baggies. 1 Ope i Bruch Wagon, 2 I'onconl Wagons, 1 Jfc'xprrHM Wagon, 2 Setoud-hnml C'arryallw, 1 *• “ jump Meal Carryall, 2 “ “ Exprcnii Wugou, 1 “ •* Top BulrhrrN Wugou, Ac. Also a number of new an I Second-hand Ifurne.-ses. F. O. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneer?. ju!9 dtd Desirable finest I Estate in Dccringf at Auction* OX SATURDAY, June 21st, at 3 o’clock P. M.. wo shall sell the Wentworth property (3rd above R. it. crossing) on Mechanic- street, Woodford’s Cor JJer* The above property consists of 2 story wooden louse containing 12 rooms, large pantry, closets, good Ti.? %rluf drtte™> woodshed and a stable 20x25 ft. the *S?Vie 1*?,w*nK wm built new five years ago by uer *'n.l!Vb‘* most thi-rough and substantial man lZ'uxmr,‘0U-n afaned for two families, a few stent* tv,, ,s s a very nicc» property, situate*! hood. 1 Mn horse cars and in a good neiglibor jub;0’ ****** *•' CO., Auctioneers. By Auctions, Large and Attractive Sale of Beautiful StuffedBirds AT RUCTION. Tuesday and Wednesday, June 24 k 25, •A.T 10.30 A. M., A rare collection of Foreign and American StutW Birds, preserved and mounted in the most durable and life-like manner by the celebrated New York Taxidermist, Clin*. M. I-nlhraiili, comprising many of the most beautiful Foreign and American Gijni©, Humming and Tropical Birds, neatly arrang ed under Freuch Glass shades. Elegant and appro priate ornaments for the Parlor, Library or Cabinet. Goods on exhibition from Saturday morning till sale. Ladies are particularly invited to call and e\ amino t he collection. j o20dtd fcy*Star copy. Fui-nituru, Carpets, Ac., at Auc tion. ON TUESDAY, Juno 24tli, at 10 A.M., at sales room, we shall sell 5 new Carpets. Chamber Sets, Sofa, Chars, Bedsteads, new alia second band Kefiigcrators, BrusseilM Carpets and Mats, Sheet ami Pillow Slips, Lounges. Cook Stoves, Wardrobes, Tin, Wooden. Stone ami Crockery Ware. Also at same time a lot of Table Liucn to efosc. At 12 M., 2 Child’s Carriages, new. F. O. BAILEY A C’O., Auc tioneer*. Je21_ 3d Groceries an.I Store Fixtures at Auction. ON THURSDAY, June 2Ctb, at 24 o'clock P. M., we shall sell at salesroom 18 Exchange street, Coffee, Tea, Tobacco, Sugar, Pork, Kerosene Oil, Pickles, Soap, Rice, Currants, Split Peas. Canned Goods, Saleratus, Cream Tartar, Mustard, Herbs, Extracts ami Gils, Confectionery, Tubs, Pails, Wash Boards, Brooms, Clothta Pins, Fanev Goods. Scales, 4 Show Cases. 2 Stoves, Tin ami Wood Measures. Lamps, Meat Bench. 75 Candy Jars, Tools, dfcc., be | ing the stock of a retail dealer and fresh goods. Also I at same time 15 ehests Tea, 25 boxes Familv Soup, Crockery Ware, Jfrc. F. O. BAILEY & C'O*, Auctioneers. ju21 5t Amisum Sale of Mill Privilege, Land, Coop«*r Shop, Slock, Lumber, Ac., at Auction. ON SATURDAY, June 28th, at 1 o’clock, we shall sell the Mill Privilege situated on Presumiocot river, at Great Falls, Windham, with about one acre of land, building thereon. About 100 M ft. I umber, consisting of pine plank ami boards from J to 2 in. in diameter. Ash and Bass Wood* Lumber, large 40 to 50 M in store, 200 Barrels, Chair Lumber, Hoops, tSre. The above Lumber is suitable for almost every purpose, being sawed to vaiioug dimensl ns from different grades of stock. The same being all the lumber formerly owned by C. II. Wright. Sold in lovS to suit purchase: s. * J. W. PARKER, N. M LOUD, Assignees oi C. H. Wright. F. O. BAILEY Ac C’O., Auctioneer*. Jult>dtd Administrator's Sale of Heal Es tate. PURSUANT to a license from the Honorable John A. Waterman, Judge of Probate for Cum berland County, I shall sell at public anctiou on the premises hereinafter described iu Deering, July 16tb, at 3 o’cloek P. M., so much of the real estate ot the late Oliver Btieklev, of Deering, as will produce the sum of live hundred eighteen and 58-100 dollars Said real estate is situated on the northerly side ot Grove street, adjoining the homestead lot of the late Oliver Buckley, and consists of some 4 acres of laud, running back to land ot Albert Stevens, and known as the Strayton lot. A tine opportunity is presented to purchase a good house lot in the immediate vicini ty of horse cars, Westbrook Seminary, &c., <frc. EDWARD W. FOX. Administrator of the estate of Oliver Bucklev. jul4,21,28 ABRAMS At BRO.. Auctioneer* ami fttumiMtoa Alerrknial*, give their special attention to selling Real Estate, Furniture and Merchandise of all kinds, Horses Car riages, .Sc. Advances made on consignments. Reg ular Sales of new and second-hand Furniture at the Auction Rooms every Saturday morning. Commu nications by mail promptly attended to A B KA TIN A BKOTV1FR, 125 Federal St., under the U. S. Hotel. N. B. Money advanced ou Watches, Jewelry, Furniture, Clothing, and all goods of value. apr2‘J " dif fTrFWo¥ksT Wholesale Agents tor the sale of Fire Works. Fire Crackers, Torpedoes, Rockets, Roman Candles, Serpents, Pin Wheels, Triangles, Blue Lights, Pistols, Blast Gnns, Crackeis, Pistols, new, Chinese Rockets, Canuons, Double Headers, Mines, Flags, Masks, Fancy Pieces. Towns and cities furnished with displays at the Factory prices. EyOrders from the country promptly attended to. CHAS. DAY, JR. & CO., 94 EXCHANGE STREET. Junl2_ecd&wtjly. Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEAKS — WHICH — W. C. €OB» is selling RY THE QUART, at his Rakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, hare been tested and pronounced GOOD ! Now if you wish to trythem, you can by sending n your order have them brought right from the oven to your door any morniug during the week. Or. if you say you want them Sabbath morning (as is the custom) Mr. Cobb will have a fresh tot ready which he will send you Saturday evening. Then by put ting them in your own ovtn you can find them there at breakfast time and save the unpleasant tat.k of rising before you are ready and hurrying to the bak ery. P. Take »ome choice BROHV BREAD with them or uot, n* tom like. apl5 tf D. W. CLARK & CO., — DE AT.ERS IN — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST., — AND — 33 EXCHANGE ST., Pure lec supplied for nil purpos es, and kii any quantity at the LOWEST BATES. a pi I Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IN I C E . No. 14 Cross Street, Portland. Orders left at Ice Office, 14 Cross St., or with «! C Proctor, 93 Exchange St., will be promptly r.ttended trVnre Ice supplied fur all purposes in any quantities and at the aplt LOWEST RATES. istf Cumberland Bone Co. fllllK annual meeting of the stockholder, of the J. Cumberland Hone Company for the choice of officer, and the traiwactnon of any other bu*ineaa that may properly come belore them will he holdeu on TUhSDAY, June 21th. 1873. at 3 P. SI., at tLe office of the Treasurer, 2J Union ^ Fortland, Jnnc IT, 1873- _ Jul8dt!t* UIY STOCK Ov raistnm Mailc Hand Sewed Boots and Shoes is 1 sancrlor to any other Stock in New England in o/Lualltv. style, finish and tit. So don't wrong voi.rself bv sending your measure to New York or Boston, when you can obtain the very best boots made, and always a sure tit, of 91. G. PALMER. ni\9_eodltw FOR SALE! A. VALUABLE PATENT. Apply to FRANK WENTWORTH, City Hotel. jn20 :lt*

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