Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 25, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 25, 1876 Page 3
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THE PEESS. TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 25, 187< THE PREMS \ May 1)6 obtained at tbe Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros., Marquis, Brunei & Co., Andrew! Wentworth, Moses, N. B. Kendrick, and Cbislioln , Bros., on all trains that run out of the city. At Biddeford, of Phillsbury. At Saco, of L. Hodgdon, At Wateryille, of J. S. Carter. At Bath, of J, O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. CITY AND VICINITY New Adrrrtiflpmenlv To-Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. I. O. O. F.—City Hall. Allen Mission—Art Entertainment. May Festival and Concert—First Baptist Society. SPECIAL NOTICES. A Card—Mr. & Mr9. Geo. N. E. Kimball. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Kid Gloves—Davis & Co. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Jaundice and Biliousness. Wanted—A Chance to Travel. Window Shades— Pike’s. For Sale or Exchange-J. H. Read. Situation Wanted - Nurse. Dauchy’s Advertisements—2. City oi Portland—Sealed Proposals, AUCTION COLUMN. Important Sale-F. O. Bailey & Co. (J. S. Circuit Court. BEFORE JUDGE SHEPLEY. The Apiil term of the Circuit Court commenced yesterday morning, Judge Shepley presiding. The Rev. Dr. Carruthers officiated as chaplain. The Grand Jury was impanelled as follows: Joseph Edgecomb, foreman; Albert C, Burgess, Por atlo P. Thompson, William A. Lawrence, Lucian Phinney, Allison Libby, Martin V. B. Stinson, John B. Maling, John W. Lunt, Moses P. Lawrence, E. Adams Davis, Alanson Kenney, Benjamin M. Foss, Elkannah Stackpcle, Sanford Creamer, George K. Groton, B. F. Watson, Gideon Lambert, Edwin S. Shaw, Charles H. Baker. John S. Derby, Esq., of Saco, and H. M. Sylvester, Esq., of tfiis city, on taking the customary oath were admitted to practice in this court. The Grand Jury, having returned one indictment, were excused from further attendance. Manhattan Medicine Company vs. Nathan Wood et al. Heard on process for contempt lor violation ol an injunction in the matter of putting up “Atwood’s Bitters.” Defendants held to have violated the in junction and ordered to pay costs ot attachment and reasonable counsel fees, the damages to be deter mined at final hearing. Philo Chase. Clifford-Webb. U. 8. District Court. Monday.—Court came in at ten o’clock. William G. Cowell, libellant, vs. Scbr. George Shepard. Libellant shipped in Boston, August 23, 1875, on board said schooner as mate, at the rate of forty-live dollars a month. The vessel went to Bris tol, England, thence to Cardiff, where, on the twen tieth day of November, the Consul discharged the mate at the instaace of captain. This libel was to recover wages up to the time libellant got home. Atter a full bearing the judge decided that as libel lant had been overpaid up to the time the Consul discharged him, and that the discharge by the Con sul was vaiid, The libel was dismissed without costs. Sylvester for libellant. Frank for respondent. The following petitions in bankruptcy have been filed: John R Pike of Biddeford. William A. Campbell and Andrew T. Campbell, Jr., of Brunswick. Wm. Moore of Biddeford. Arad Evans of Portland. Albert R. Edwards oi Lewiston. Gilman L. Blake of Bethei. Stephen H. Malbou and Cony P. Malbon of Skow hegan. John F. Putnam and I). Frank Thompson of Lew iston. ' Court adjourned to Monday, May 1st. Supreme J ndicial Court. BEFORE JUDGE VIRGIN. Monday.—Henry P. McManus, admr., vs. George R, Skolfield. (Plaintifi’s counsel discontinued as to the other defendants named in the writ.) On the 31st of last May, Edward McManus, with seven oth er workmen, carried a counter-limber weighing about eight hundred pounds, on to the stern stage of the “Samuel Skolfield,” a vessel of seventeen hun dred tons, then being built at Brunswick. One end of the stick was unshouldered and lowered; as the other end was being lowered to the stage, the stage gale way and all were precipitated to the ground, a distance of thirty feet, excepting two men who caught on the under stage. All the men were more or less injured. McManus died from his injuries the 2nd of June. This action is brought by his admin istrator against the defendant, a part owner of the vessel, to recover damages for the death of McManus resulting from the negligence and want of ordinary care in constructing the stage. Amount sued for twenty thousand dollars. Argument for defense clOBed. Mr. Bradbury commences the closing argu ment for the plaintiff this (Tuesday) morning. Bradburys. Reed. Superior Court. APRIL CIVIL TERR, 1876-8YRONDS, J., PRE SIDING. Monday.—In the case of Cnnningham vs. Mc Quade to recover five thousand dollars for personal njuries sustained by reason of a collision between a wagon upon which plaintiff was a passenger and the defendant’s jigger, the jury rendered a verdict for the plaintiff for $350. Putnam for plaintiff. Strout & Holmes for defendant. Tho case of John Sutherland versus I. T. Wyer and James A. Arnold, an action on a breach of contract to recover $1500 salary, was called. The plaintiff says he made a contract with the de fendants, through the theatrical agency of Simmons & Wall, of New Fork, to play in the Portland Mus eum, as first old man, for $35 a week. He played as agreed until December 27th, 1875, when the whole company were called to the business office and were there informed by Mr. Wyer that business was dull, that he bad lost a great deal of money, and be found it necessary to reduce salaries one-third, and that those unwilling to accept the terms would receive full salary for that week and be discharged. There upon Sutherland, Curtis and Norris refused to ac cept the “cuts,” and were discharged on the 27th ot December. Complainant did play, however, until the 10th of January, at full salary, a week after his discharge. While playing in “Eileen Oge,” he was requested by the stage manager to return his part. He then went to New York and got an engagement at Booth’s for eight weeks from February 14th, at $25 a week, in character parts. The defence was, that the contracts between the actorB and the management provide that the actors shall conform to the rules and regulations of the theatre, and that among the rules the management reserve the right to discharge any actors who proved incompetent to fill the parts for which they are en gaged. For the plaintiff appeared himself, Mr. Curtis, Mr, Snyder and Mr. Noriis as witnesses. They testified, that in their opinion, Mr. Sutherland was up to the position ot ttrst old man, ana naa a gooa reputation in that line in the profession. Also to the conversa tion between the manager and Mr. Sutherland re lating to his discharge. For the defence, Mr. G' T. Ulmer, who succeeded Mr. Sutherland as first old man, aDd Alonzo Page, stage carpenter, were introduced. Mr. Ulmer said he engaged as first old man, but that be &as playing any part to accommodate, and that he did not cou sider Mr. Sutherland competent for first old man. Mr. Page testified to Mr. Sutherland’s lack of com petency, in bis opinion. I. T. Wyer, the defendant, denied that he told the company that those who did not accept the reduction would be discharged. He says he discharged Suth erland because he was incompetent for the part he engaged for; that he discovered soon after the season opened that Sutherland’s appearance, make-up and voice were againBt him aB an old man; that he neith er looked,talked nor aoted like an old man. Hale lor plaintifi. Howard & Cleaves lor defendant. Members of the bar are requested to take notice that the assignment of court cases for this term will be made from halt past nine to ten this (Tuesday) morning, aud that this term will be the last opportu nity to fry court cases before the session of the law court._ Brief Jottings. When the Odd Fellows move into their new quarters a new lodge and encampment will fee instituted. Before issuing papers to vessels in the future, the Collector of Customs will require prool that the name, and port to which she belongs, has been painted on the stern. A Mi«s Ann E. Libby of this city, appeared In the Boston police court last Saturday, tc testify against one George Gorham who stole a satchel from her. The trial was highly enter taining and the prisoner bound over. It is rumored that Moody and Sankey are to visit Portland aud hold meetings at City Hall. The fog signal on Mananas Island has been separated from Monhegan Island Light Station and made a separate station. FraDk C. Adams, lately appointed first assistant at Monhegan, has been transferred and promoted to principal keeper at Mananas Island. Several oyster vessels in the harbor displayed their flags at half mast yesterday, out of re spect to the late^Iames Freeman. The steamer Falmouth, which has been uu dergoing repairs, is to go on the Halifax routi Saturday. . The late James Freeman had a policy o '310,000 on his life. The steamer Forest City goes on the Bosto route this evening. There was a large and intelligent audience : Allen Mission last evening to listen to the ver interesting lecture by E. Sands on Sunshim and a desire was expressed that the lectui might he repeated at City Hall. Important to Portland.—The Manufac turers’Union of Burlington bavo drawn np a memorial praying tbe President of tbe United ’ States to arrauge terms with the Dominion of Canada for the free use of the canals and in land waters of the two countries by the citizens . of either, and to make tbe construction of tbe > Caughuawaga ship canal a condition of tbe 1 agreement. This plan was recommended by the Senate Committee on Transportation two years ago, and again by the American Board of Transportation and Commerce, recently in session at Chicago. The proposed canal from the St. Lawrence to Lake Champlain is 29i miles long, with less than 25 feet of lockage, and can be built for 33.500,000, Upon its com pletion vessels of a thousand ton3 burden can load at Chicago, or other lake ports, and land wheat without breaking bulk, within two hun dred miles of Portland, having passed through less than sixty miles of taxed canal naviga tion, and at a reduction of nearly if not quite fifty per cent, of the freightage from the present rates, The reduction of the freight on the lumber from Michigan and Canada will be at least one dollar per thousand. The saving to New England in the cost of bringing the quantity of breadstuffs now transported by the railroads and tbe Erie canal, would repay tbe total cost of tbe canal every year. The enlargement of the Welland and the St. Law rence canals is now in active progress, and it is of the greatest importance to secure, at the earliest day possible, the opening of this route from the West, which will diminish tho land transit over the Portland and Ogdensburg railroad, by tbe whole distance from Swanton on Lake Champlain to Ogdensburg, 132 miles. The Vermont Central railroad made baste to get possession of the line from Lake Champ lain to Ogdensburg a few years ago, in order to preoccupy the route before the completion of the Portland road. The construction of the Caughuawaga canal would practically bring Ogdensburg to Swanton and make Portland a near neighbor. School Committee.—Tbe regular monthly meeting of the School Committee was held last evening. The board was all present with the exception of Messrs. Hill and Fobes. Messrs. Burgess and Chadwick, the Committee on Drawing and Penmauship, reported that the total expense to the city of the recent exhibition of the work done in those branches was $6.76. The next exhibition of the kind will doubtless require a muc'p larger room for the display of work properly and to accommo date the crowds attending it. Messrs. Libby and Fobes, Committee on Centennial Exhibit, reported that the usual semi-annual examination papers have been Deatly and cheaply bound at a trifling expense. Photographs of the North School house and the High School Building, and interior views of the Centre, Brackett, Park and High school buildings have been taken. Selections iiuui iuc .'jjcuiuuja ui Jicumuuouip auu uian ing in the different schools of all grades in separate portfolios; also framed specimens of original designs and copies, four from the North School and two each from the Centre, Brackett and Fourth Grammar schools, six frcm the Park street school—sixteen in all—to gether with a few drawing and writing books and special class work from the Primary and Grammar schools, make up the collection to be sent to the Centennial. A petition was received from a large number of persons interested in the Park street school house, asking that it be repaired and ventilated. The matter of building a new school building on Park street for the accommodation of the Grammar schools was also discussed. The matter was postponed. A beautifully executed plan of a Primary school room was presented by Mr. C. H. Kim ball, architect. The usual reports were made and accepted. Concert at Congress Street Church.—On Friday evening a fine concert is to be given at the Congress street M. E. church. The pro gramme is not yet arranged, but enough is made public to warrant a fine musical treat. The Misses Turner of Iowa, but formerly of this city, will appear in several selections. The friends of these young ladies will be glad to welcome them back to their native city. The Burlington Hawk Eye in speaking of the ap pearance of these young ladies in the vicinity of Boston, says: Our citizens who have often had the'pleasure of hearing the Misses Turner, of this city, in the Congregational choir and in several public entertainments, and who have experienced a pardonable degree of pride in their successful debut in eastern musical circles, will be pleased to learn that an additional interest, amounting to a kindly and personal enthusiasm has greet ed them in recent select concerts in Boston and vicinity. The young ladies have never hesitat ed to contribute their general efforts in every charitable enterprise of the past winter to aid the poor and needy, and it was but a just recog nition of their many good deeds when the Bun ker Hill Times says it refers “with pleasure to the announcement in another column of the testimonial concert to be given to the Misses Turner on the 28th inst. Their many acts of kindness in our midst bespeak most emphati cally the worthiness of the beneficiaries.and we gladly'hail the opportunity thus offered of sub stantially expressing our appreciation and en couragement.” Fine Carving.—Mr. Nahum Littlefield has just completed a figure head for a large ship building at Kennebunkport! for Capt. N. L. Thompson. The figure is something ont of the usual course, being a fine piece of artistic work. It is a female figure about seven feet in length. She is clad in a large loose gowD, and about her form is thrown a large ccarf, which she holds firmly in her left hand. Her right hand is holding a beautiful bouquet. Her feet are cov ered with button boots of modern style. Her head is well proportioned, and her hair is dress ed and arranged in modern style with the omis* sion of "crimps.” A large chain, to which is attached a locket, encircles her graceful neck, and beautiful ornaments hang from her ears. The expression of her face is something re markable, and to look at it one can scarcely imagine that it is nothing more than a block of wood. The position of the figure is easy and graceful. To Boston via Portland & Rochester — -Luc luuiauu ow Lhuuuoaici unci uu excellent and very convenient route to Boston and Lowell by their line. Passengers taking the 7.50 a. m. train make close connection at Nashua Junction with the express train for Lowell and Boston, arriving at Lowell at 12.15 p. m., (several minutes quicker than by any other route,) and at Boston at 1.15 p. in. Re turning, passengers leave Boston from the Bos ton & Lowell and Nashua station at 8 o’clock a. m., and 5 o’clock p. m., and arrive in Port land at 1.20 and 10,50 o’clock p. m. The train leaving Boston at 0 p. m. must prove quite pop ular, as our business men can have two hours more in Boston (and reach home the same day) than they can have by acy other route. The fares are the same as by the other lines; and the quick time made, as well as the elegant passenger cars which run on this line, must place the Portland & Rochester road in the list of competitors for Boston and Lowell business. Actors in Court.—During tie trial of the Sutberlaud-Wyer case yesterday the de fence called one of the Museum actors as a witness. As he stepped forward and was sworn, he was requested to ‘‘take the stand,” whereupon he started for the piisoner’s box much to the amusement of the spectators. When Curtis was called, he showed that without doubt it was his first appearance in court, and a more frightened man could not be imagined. To add to his embarrassment some of his fellow actors were grouped in the rear of the court room laughing at bis discomfiture. All at once he caught sight of them and his hithertofore sober face relaxed into a quiet smile, such as Curtis can give, causing a pro found sensation in the court room. He said he had rather play “Tilley” and tend the baby than to*be a witness in court. The Museum.—The charming play “Dot,” which has made so decided a hit, will he con tinued for a few nights longer. It is finely presented and played, and none should miss seeing it. Of course there was au excellent sale of seats yesterday morning for Mr. Calder’s benefit. Good seats caD, however, still be recured on early application. Severe Accident —As Mr. J. S. Palmer of the firm of Dow & Palmer, and his wife were driving in town yesterday morning the horse became frightened at a locomotive passing over the Portland street bridge, and ran away throw ing out both occupants. Mrs. Palmer suffered a fracture of the nose and was otherwise injur ed. Mr. Palmer was also injured but not st ' severely. i Real Estate Transfers.—The follow int are the real estate transfers recorded in thii t county yesterday; P Hariison—Lot of land containing fifty-threi acres from Geo. W. Newcomb to Bela Strout Scarborough—Lot of land containing twenty acres from Reuben S. Meserve to Jonatbai 1 * ogg. Promotion of Consul Murray.—Henry John Murray, Esq., who has been so long known to the citizens of Portland and vicinity as the British Consul at this port, has been promoted to the consulship of Buenos Ayres in the Argentine Republic. Mr. Murray was appointed British Consul for Maine and New Hampshire in March, 1860, to reside in this city, and in 1871 consul for Maine. He has re sided in this city since that time, and in his business aud social relations has made hosts of warm friends who will deeply regret that he has been assigned to auother post of duty. As as a gentleman of ability, of wide information and thoroughly acquainted with the details of the position, it is needless to add that Mr. Mur ray has proved a most efficient officer. In con nection with his office, ha has furnished his government with many valuable statistics and observations, which have been frequently cop ied into the Press. For several years he has been called upon by many charitable and lite rary societies to give those readings which have been so loug popular with our people. For many years he has given these readings with out cost, and iu so doing has wou hosts of friends vmoog ail classes. Mr. Murray has a long and honorable record of public service. He was iu the audit office attached to the English foreign office in 1834, till appointed Vice Consul at Tangier Aug. 30, 1841. He was actively employed iu providing for the safety of British sunjects during the French bombardment of Tangier in August, 1844, and was acting Consul General in 1847. In I860 he was appointed Consul to the Canary Islands, aud March 30, 1860, Consul for Maine and New Hampshire, to resido in Portland, and in 1871 Consul for Maine, resident in Port land. Our people generally express the wish that the British government will confer the cossul ship upon Mr. George H. Starr, who has so faithfully performed the duties of Vice Consul for twenty-four years. Odd Fellows Anniversary.—The Odd Fellows are arranging for a grand band aud promenade concert at City Hall tomorrow even ing, the fifty-seventh anniversary of the Order in this country. The proceeds will go to the Odd Fellows fair. An antiquarian supper will be served daring the evening. Funeral.—The funeral of the late James Freeman will take place from his late residence No. 61 High street, at 2J o’clock to-day. The oyster dealers throughout the city will close their places of business from 2 to 4 o’clock out of respect to the deceased. Maine General Hospital. AT*.. T TTT ur__ • i_J • __ ---- -- . "XU iU »UIV*VUIVX >U JI4U curing funds for the founding of an elevator at the hospital, has lately received from the hands of Misses Nellie Bailey Lizzie Pen nell and Emma Johnson, the addition of $20, derived trom the parlor entertainment of the W. C. Club on State street. E. E. Holt, M. D., House Surgeon. Maine Conlerance. Lewiston, April 24. Saturday. The teller reported and P. Jaques, S. F. Wetherbee and H. P. Joisey were declared elected delegates to the general conference; A. S, Ladd and W. S. Jones, reserves. C. Hunger reported for the committee on the hook concern. Iteport amended and adopt ed. The following were admitted on trial for conference relation: O. S. Pillsbury, W. S; McIntyre, W. J. Murphy, J. T. Blades, R. L. Greene, I. E. Clough. *F. M. Pickles was granted a location at his own request. Committee on the Sabbath repotted. Conference requested the appointment of S. Allen as superintendent of the Girl’s Industrial School at Hallowell. Adjourned. In the evening the educational meeting was held and addresses were made by R. S. Day, S. Allen, Dr. Vincent and Dr. McCabe. Some sharp discussion took place as to the propriety of sending money out ol the state for educa tional purposes: Mr. Day contending we should more generously endow Kent’s Hill and keep our young men at home, and there are many of the same opinion. Sunday. A dark rainy morning and yet at 9 o’clock the City Hall was filled and E. Martin conduct ed the conference love least, in which about one hundred and fifty took a part. It was an occasion of much interest. At 10J Bishop Haven preached from Hebrews xii, “But ye are come unto Mt. Ziou, &c.,” after which nine deacons were ordaiued. At 2J p, m. Dr. Vincent preached from Eph. 2,8. “By grace are ye saved, &c.,” followed by ordination of five elders. About $150,000 was collected for superannuates, widows, &e. At G o’clock the missionery anniversary was held, I. Cobb, presiding. A. B. Lovewell, conference treasurer, report ed. The collections have fallen off somewhat during the year, C. P. Allen spoke briefly, followed by Bishop Haven. His remarks threw much light on the missionary field and he made a marked im pression on the congregation. Dr. McCabe made the closing speech and carried all before him. Such power of song, such melting Jpathos, such thrilling appeals, such a glowing panorama of glorious prophecy as passed before us under his magnetic power must be heard, itcauuot be written. M outlay. Conference was opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Bartlett. Committee on Tobacco, Tracts, Public Wor ship, Family Prayer and Freedmen’s Society, reported. S. F. Wetherbee reported for the stewards and distributed the conference collections among the needy preachers, about $2200. Committees ou amusements, temperance and Bible reported. Invitation was received to hold the next session at Gardiner, aud the conference voted to accept it. On motion voted to rcceite Wm. F. Marshall on trial for conference membership. C. H. Zimmerman asked and received a su pernumerary relation. Committee on domestic missions reported resolutions of thanks to friends, railroads, &c., and were passed. N.C.Clifford was made suneruumerarv at his own request. C. Munger, C. C. Mason, I. Luce, D. B. Ran dall, E. Martin, E. Robinson and J. M. Wood bury were appointed tryers of appeals. Voted to have Mr. Manger's Centennial ser mon published. Voted to instruct the general conference del gates to seek such changes in the presiding eldership as they shall judge expedient. Voted to adjourn when the appointments were read. A hymn was sung, a ohapter w-as read, a prayer offered by C. W. Morse and the book of fate was opened and 130 men took the word of the Bishop as the voice of God. The following are the appointments: PORTLAND DISTRICT. I. Luce, P. E, \ Portland, Chestnut Street, J. R. Day; Pine Street, J. W. Johnston; Congress Street, W. M. Sterling; West End and Woodford’s Corner. J. A. Strout; Island Church, H. Chase. Cape Elizabeth, J. E. Budden. Cape Elizabeth Depot, J. Collins, Ferry Village. J. JV1. Woodbury. Falmouth and Cumberland, B. F. Pease. Caaco Bay Islands, J. P. Cole. West Cumberland and Westbrook, supplied by C. L. Mann. Raymond, D. Perry. Gray, O. S. Pilsbury. Gorham, E. W. Hutchinson. North Street, J. Colby. Saccarappa, D. B. Randall. Scar boro’ T. J. True. | Saco, A. W. Pottle. Biddeford, G. F. Cobb. J So. Biddeford and Biddeford Pool, Sun. bv C. M. Ward. J Oak Ridge, sup. by J. Cobb. Cape Porpoise, C. Andrews. Kennebuuk, W. H. Foster. Kennebunkport, T. P. Adams. Kennebunk Depot, E. K. Colby, Maryland Ridge, supplied by W. P. Merrill. Ogunquit, D. M. DeHughes. Berwick, supplied by C. Wilson. So Berwick, R. S. Greene. Elliott and Scotland, S. F. Strout. So, Elliott, A. Cook. Kittery. O. H. Stevens. Kittery Navy Yard, B. Freeman. York, J. H. Trask. Goodwin’s Mills, A. Turner. Hollis, S. M. Emerson. Alfred, J. Hawks. I Newfield, J. T. Blades. | Sliapleigb, W. Newfield, to be supplied. Acton, G. Holt. Buxton and So. Standish, W. S. McIntyre. Baldwin, I. Lord. Cornish, G. C. Andrews Kezar Fall, H, F. A. Patterson. Fryeburg and Stowe, K. Atkinson. \ Hiram, J. Mitchell. Denmark aud Sweden, supplied bv G. Powers. Conway aud Conway Center, H. B. Mitchell. No. Conway and Bartlett, O. M. Cousens. Upper Bartlett, supplied by J. Gale. F. A. Robinson, principal of Goshen Female Sem inary. Member of Chestnut St. Quarterly Conf. ln P sbury. Tutor in Wesleyan university Middletown. Member of Chestnut St. Quarterly Conference. ^ J READFIELD DISTRICT. P. Jacques, P. E. Augusta, E. T. Adams. Hallowed, D. W. LeLacheur. No. Augusta, N. Hobart, supernumerary. Waterviile, R. Sanderson. Fairfield, P. Chandler. Fairfield Center, J. Fairbanks. Skowhegan, S. Hooper. Madison and Anson, J. K. Clark. New Portland and New Vineyard, supplied by T. Woodman. Solon, D. Church. Industry and Starks, David Pratt, Jr. W. Waterville and Sidney, F. W. Smith. Mercer and Norridgewock, C. W. Averill. Strong, A. C. Trafton. Phillips, W. Phillips and Bangeley, J. Lidstonc. Farmington, C. Munger. Kiugfield, Freeman, Salem and Dead River, sup plied by P. Norton. Vienna and Mt. Vernon,W. F. Marshall. New Sharon, S. D. Brown. E. Wilton, Weld, and Farmington Falls, C. E. Bis bce. Livermore, W. H. Trafton. Livermore Falls, II. Vivian. Fayette. C. W. Blackman. Wayne, E. Gerry. No. Wayne, to be supplied. Kent’s Hill and Readlleld Cor., C. C. Mason. E. Readlleld, to be supplied. Belgrade, J. W. Smith. Winthrop, J. Nixon. Wilton, K. H. Kimball. Maine Wesleyan Seminary, H. P. Torsey, Presi dent. GARDINER DISTRICT. E. Martin, P. E. Gardiner, J. F. Hutchins. Bath, Wesley Church. A. S. Ladd. Beacon Church, L. H. Bean. Richmond, F. Grovenor. Bowdoinham, A. R. Sylvester. Brunswick, W. S. Jones Harpswell, M. C. Baldwin. Lisbon, A. Sanderson. Lewiston, Park St., H. w. Bolton, Main St., S. F. Wetherbee. Auburn, G. D. Lindsay. Monmouth, D. Waterhouse. Leeds, N. Andrews. No. Yarmouth, G. W. Bisbee. Durham and Pownal, H. B. Ward well. So. Auburn, supplied by G. Record. Freeport, W. Murphy. No. Auburn, I. G. Sprague. East Poland and Minot Corner, J. G. Gibson. Mechanic Falls, W. B. Bartlett. Oxford, G. R. Wilkins. Bridgton, C. W. Braulee. Naples, A. Hatch. Otisfield and So. Harrison, to be supplied. So. Paris, J. B. Lapham. So. Waterford, No. Norway and Stoneham, sup plied by L. B. Gieen. Rumford, supplied by G. Burbank. Woodstock, T. Hillman. Andover, supplied by G. B. Hannaford. Newry, supplied by Hollis Kendall. Upton and Erroll, N. H., supplied by-Gould. Bethel, N D. Center, Gilead, Mason and Sandy River, to be supplied. Gorham. N. H., W. W. Baldwin. Hartford and Peru, to be supplied. Maine Business Notes. The Patten Car Works at Bath, have a con tract secured which we understand will keep them busy for a year. The Gardiner .Reporter says: “Mr. J. S. Bradstreet, of the firm of Bradstreet Bros., lumber manufactureis and dealers of this city, does not confine his speculative mind to the lumber business exclusively. We understand that he will shear this spring from his floqk of sheep in Colorado'about 20,000 pounds of wool. Mr. B. started in the business about three years ago, and his flooks now number a little over 6000 sheep. He also expects to have about 3000 lambs the present spring.” STATE NEWS. __ ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. The Journal says Androscoggin mills Nos. 2 and 3 start up again on Monday next. The mills have been shut down for several days on account of back water. The Journal says Rev. C. C. Mason of the Methodist conference, was run over on Main street by a carriage containing three ladies, who did not stop to see the extent of the inju ry, or sympathize with the gentleman, who though somewhat hurt, escaped without any broken bones. The Journal says the trustees of the Lewis ton Institution for savings have made applica tion to Judge Walton for the appointment of a receiver, under the statute, and the judge has ordered a hearing May 1. Under this proceed ing the assets will be disposed of, the loans collected as they shall mature, and depositors be paid pro rata. This will of course occupy several months. Such a closing up of the af fairs of the bank will necessitate some loss to the depositors, on account of depreciation of certain securities held by the bank. The de posits in the bank last November were 8878, 790.93, On the day of suspension they had run down to 8758,672.80. KENNEBEC COUNTY. The Ministerial Association of Kennebec and Somerset counties, will meet at Waterville on Tuesday of this week, holding their services in the vestry of the Congregational churc li. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. The Whig says that a deputation fiom the Yale College Faculty has recently visited Ban gor, tendering to Prof. Barbour the Chittenden Professorship of Divinity in Yale College church. This is the place corresponding to the one filled by Dr. Peabody at Harvard The deputation took back the assurance that Prof. Barbour would give the important offer his se rious consideration. Joseph Vance of Medway met with quite a severe accident last Friday, by having nis leg broken below the knee, while at work on a landing of logs on Salmon stream. SAGADAHOC COUNTY. The Times says Jonathan Purington of Bath has voted at every Presidential election in the United States sidco Jefferson’s lime, and he expects to help in making Mr. Biaine our next President. WASHINGTON COUNTY. The Republican says that Mr. Abner Har mon of East Machias ha3 been industrious the past winter to the following extent: He worked ten days in the woeds on the shore of Hadley’s Lake, cutting nine cords of wood and walking the distance six miles each way every day; twenty days at Gardner’s Lake, splitting gran ite walking six miles each day; sixty days in woods, cutting in the time fifty cords of wood and 125 logs, walking to and from his work each day, a distance of five miles, making a distance traveled besides doing each day a f ull day’s work, 540 miles. The storehouse at Rim wharf, East Machias, was broken open on Friday night last and about 50 pounds of sugar and three-quarters of a barrel of flour stolen. The thieves have not been found. The liabilities of the town of Eastport over assets amount to 843,289.86. in general. The spring arrangement for trains on the Maine Central railroad will take effect the 1st day of May. ScnoOL for Boys.—In our advertising col umns will be found an advertisement of the Kiarsarge School for boys at North Conway. This school has been in successful operation two years. Mr. Thompson, the principal, is a popular teacher. Kid Gloves.—We make a specialty of Kid Gloves, and offer this day an unrivalted assort ment of Kid Gloves in all the various grades. Our assortment is complete in every particular, and we invite our patrons and the public to ex amine our goods and the prices. We have ad ded to our stock a full line of Garibaldi Kids, in color and black. Davis & Co. At 10 and 2| o’clock today F. O. Bailey & Co. will sell at rooms 35 and 37 Exchange street, a large invoice of dry goods, table dam asks, hosiery, handkerchiefs, &c , &c. See auction column. The best drive of the season is a lot of light and dark grey twille’d Dress Goods at 22c. These goods are an extra bargain, and would be cheap at 30c. W. F. Studley, new store, under Falmouth Hotel. apr22—3t Periodicals—Atlantic for May is received and for sale by the following newsdealers: Wentworth’s. No. 553 Cnnvresa street P.nrnpr nf I Oak st., at Hall L. Davis, Exchange street, and Augustus Robinson’s, under the Falmouth Ho tel. Also at the book and periodical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brothers, Lancaster Hall. Also at the newspaper and periodical depot of Geo. H. Marquis, No. 80 Exchange street, and at the boob, periodical and newspaper estab ments otC. R. Chisholm & Bro., in the East ern and Grand Trunk depots. Administer DR. BULLOCK’S KIDNEY REMEDY, NEPHRETIOUM, if you would complelely and permanently eradicate all Kid ney, Bladder and Glandular troubles, Female Complaints and Nervous Affections from the system. apr25eod&wlw 2-17-32-47. Ladies’ Fine Boots! in all the leading styles, including the Seamless Side Lace Boots — IN — FRENCH AND AMERICAN KID. ladies’ Fine Boots in all Widths a Specialty. Also a line of the celebrated Newark Hand* Sewed W ork for Gents* wear. No. 1 Elm Street. PREBLEDAVIS.1' I LEAVITT & DAVIS. !ar*Measures taken for Ladles’ and Gent’s boots. apr‘20 _eodtf G. C. TILER & CO., WHOLESALE DEALER IN Boots, Shoes, Rubbers And. LeatHer, Over 158 and 1G0 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. The subscriber, formerly of the firm of TYLER & COX, would inform the trade that lie may be found Til?, £,v.e,r„M|“sr8- Deering, Milliken & Go., 158 and 160 Middle Street, where he will continue the wholesale business ot Boon., Nhors. Rubber. nnuJfnlhfr «• «• SIM\DS STREET. DYE Coaj* ?/«d’ B[ouse, E«u7.oaV .ul’,d : : ?' Jif Cotton an«l Wool Drosses Dyed Without Ripping. ftprll 2m NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Please tell the people that you saw their advertisement iu the PRESS, the circula tion of which, per month, exceeds 100,000. IT PAIS any smart man who wishes to make §2.000 a year on a small capital to commence in our line of business. Roofing U a Specialty. There is no one in your county who carries on tne business. You can learn it in one week by studying our instructions, which we send to all who ask for them. Any man having §100 capital to start with, can purchase enough material to roof three ordinary houses. The sum realized from sale and profit on this supply, ad ded to the regular pay for labor as Roofer, should amount to not le*B than $JOO. An expert man could easily do the work in nine working days. Two persons of small means can join together to advan tage; one canvassing, while the other attends to the work. Send for our book of Instruction (free if you write at once), and study it. Ask for terras. If you are unable to advance tne money, present the matter to the principal storekeeper in your place, and talk it over with him. He will be glad, to furnish the stock and divide the profit with you. We will guar antee the territory to the first responsible applicant. Address N. Y. SLATE [KOONING CO., Limited, 4 Cedar St., N. Y., and meution. ap25__d4wt “The greatest Novel since Uncle Tom's Cabin” says the Boston Globe of THE NEW AMERICAN NTORY AGHSAH: A New England Life-Study, By Kev. PETER PENNOT. 12mo, cloth..? 1.50 The manly, whole-souled, and devoted young cler gyman is no fancy sketch; Deacon Sterne, the sancti monious hypocrite; the plain talking old maid sister; the sneaking, spying aunt, are life-like and real, while the heroine, Achbah. 19 a lovely character, with whom the reader is in deep sympathy. These, with the various other characters of the story, are ao combined as to produce a book full of interest from begining to end. *** Ready at all the Bookstores, and sent, postpaid on receipt of price by the publishers. LEE & SHEPARD, ap25d4wt 41-45 Franklin St., Boston. City ot Portland. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at tbe Mayor’s office till SATURDAY, the 29th instant, at 3 o’clock P. M., for building a Sewer in Congress and Chestnut Streets according to plan and specifi cations at the City Civil Engineer’s office. The committee reserve the right to reject all bids they consider not for tha interest of the city. FRANCIS FESSENDEN, Chairman Committee on Drains and Sewers. ap25 d5t JAUNDICE and B1EIOCSNES9. Who knows a good lemedy for these disorders? We are assured ATWOOD’S Vegetable, Physical, Jaundice Bitters will etiect a speedy cure. They have never failed to satisfy all who have used them for Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Bilious ness, etc. Beware of imitations. The genuine has private proprietary stamp of John F. Henry over the cork. Sold bv all dealers, Manhattan Med. Co., proprietors. JOHN F. HENRY, CURRAN & CO., New York, Wholesale Agents. ap25d!3tTTh&S&w4t Situation Wanted! Anyone desiring a NURSE can find one at 22 Hammond St. No objections to the country. Refer ence given if required. apr25 dlw* WINDOW SHADES 40c and upwards, at PIKE'S, 53 Exchange Street. apr25 dim* Wanted. I WANT a chance to travel for a good Wholesale House. Have had three years experience on the road and can give the best of references. Address R. K. W., Portland, Me. apr25d3w* For Sale or Exchange for City Property, SMALL house and stable with 11 acres land. In quire of J. H READ, apr25d2w*jtf_Woodford’s Cor., Ocean St. Now is the Time to Cleanse Feather Beds. SWEET, clean beds and pillows will prevent sick ness. Beds and pillows throughly renovated by steam, at 218 Federal Street, near Temple. Orders left there will receive prompt attention. • ap25 dlt S 1 RT 8 Made to Order! PRICES. No. 3, - $2.50 each. No. 2, - 3.50 “ No. 1. -_4.00 “ TERMS. CASH ON DELIVERY. Charles Custis& Co., 493 Congress St. apr2S deowlylp dents’ Hosiery. 100 Doz. Wlerino, good quality, at 15c per pair (usually sold for 25c). 50 Doz. English Super Stout and Fine Fall Finished at 25c per pair. 50 Doz. Fancy Striped Hose in great vari ety of styles at 25c per pair. 50 Doz. English Lisle in very handsome stripes at 37c and 50c per pair, which would be cheap at 50c and 75c. 25 Doz. French Extra Heavy Brown mixed Fall Regular Hose at 50c per pair. English Hose, fall length legs, at 50c and 75c per pair. Boys Half and Full Lengthed Hose in all grades. An examination must satisfy anyone that this is the best assortment and cheapest lot of Gents’ Hose ever offered in Portland. OWEN & MOORE, Congress St., Cor. Brown. dec29dtf ANNOUNCEMENT. To the People of Portland and Vicinity. THE Proprietors of the Sebago Dye House inform the public that they have been fitting out the premises at a great expense this last winter for the accommodation ot the public, with a good Boiler, good Machinery and all appurtenances. Accordingly every thing is in good order, ready to accommodate the public, accompanied with one of the best Dyers the country can aftord,without any exception. As he is not a self made Dyer for the last 40 years he pledges himself to give ample satisfaction to the public. It is of no avail to mention Garments of any kinds or colors, in fact, any thing that can he Dyed by the hands of man. Kid Gloves dyed or cleansed, Table Cloths, Window Curtains, Table Covers, any thing Dyed in any Colors required by the owners, with quick dispatch. Sebago Dye House, NO. 13 PLUM ST., PORTLAND. J. S. MILLER, Superintendent, formerly Proprietor. ■1^3 d3w HEALTH LIFT ! A THOROURGH GYMNASTIC SYSTEM — FOB ladies and gentlemen IN TEN MINUTESONCE A DAY. Doubles the strength in three months. Does not fatigue nor exhaust. Kefresbos and invigorates. Removes dyspepsia and indigestion. Tones the ner vous system. Improves the circulation. Warms the extremities. Increases the general vitality. Exercise and Salesroom, 237 Middle Street, Portland, Me J- H. GAUBERT, Proprietor. no25 tf For Sale. The Green House on the Bishop’s frounds, at the Cor. of Congress and rankliu Streets, is offered for sale at reasonable rates. Apply at BISHOP’S HOUSE. apl9 dlw Phaeton for Sale. A GOOD second hand Phaeton made by C. P. Kimball. Just repaired and in good running order, Can he seen at CARRIAGE MART, apit Plumb Street. Jtf For Sale I THE Stock and Fixtures of a first-class Eating Sa loon, centrally located and now doing a good cash business. Will he sold at a bargain as the own er has other business that requires his attention. Apply to •». WIKSI.OW, apr24tf IS Market Square. MISCELLANEOUS. Tukesbury & Co., Have now open for inspection all the NOVELTIES OF THE SEASON — IN — DRESS GOODS — AND — IiiD GLOVES! We have added to our Stock a fine line ot KID GLOVES To Match Dress Goods* These goods have been selected with great care from New York and Boston markets, and at snch prices that will suit the times. Call and examine our Goods and Prices before purchasing else where. Tukesbury & Co., 527 CONGRESS ST., Between Oak and Casco Street. apl2 apr20eodtf DAMAGED Bleached Cottons ! The above Good are oi good quality. SLIGHTLY SOILED at the Bleachery, but free Irom holes or other imperfections, and will be sold at two-thirds their real value. Shall open on Saturday, April 22d, a splendid assortment ot NEW SPRING DRESS GOODS. Please call and Examine my Goods and learn prices. W. F. Slmlln. UNDER FALMOUTH HOTEL. ap22dlw HEADQUARTERS — FDR — Chamber Furniture. DAKLINCT& HUNT, Manufacturers of and Dealers iu ASH & PARTED CHAMBER SETS. — ALSO — PIECE GOODS, — SUCH AS— Bedhtradi) Bureau*, Sinks, Wnshstands, Wardrobes, Cane and Wood Seat Chairs, Spring Beds, mattresses, mirrors, Exten sion Tables, Kitchen Tables, Lounges, Feathers, Sec. We manufacture our own goods and warrant them to be first-class in every respect. Call and see tor yoarselves. Furniture repaired and repainted to order. Warehouse 27 1-2 & 29 Market St. J. T. DARLING. C. M. HUNT. apr20.(12 w The Business formerly carried on — BY — GEO. W. RICH & CO. will be continued at th olde Stand, 173 FORE STREET, under the firm name of LEWIS & CO., wbo will keep constantly on band a large assortment of Ready-Made Clothing. Cloths and Gents’ Furnishing Goods, which will be (old at low Price*. ap20 dtf The undersigned has taken the Store Cor. of Congress and Brown Sts., Formerly occupied by M. F. Porter. Where he will keep constantly on hand the choicest of Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Confectioneries, Cigars, Tobacco, Origi nal Ottawa Beer. Soda with •Choice Syrups. This stock Is fresh, having been bought in Boston and New York recently, and will be sold at the lowest market prices. W. H. SWEXT. ap22dlw New Store, New Firm! — AT THE — Wholesals Produce Commission House, 113 Center Street. We shall receive shipments of Gilt-edged Vermont Butter and Cheese over the P. & O. Railroad semi weekly through the Spring months and weekly by jefrigerator cars through tbe Summer months direct from some of the best dairies irt Vermont, made from pure imported Jersey stock, and shall offer the same to the trade at fair market rates. Truthinl Statements and Square Weights will be our Hftotto. D. HARVEY & CO. mlil4__dtt_ BEFORE BUYING A SEWING MACHINE, be sure and see the NEW PHILADELPHIA or TRIUNE, Which sells at 40 per cent, less than other first class Shuttle Machine. Call, or sent for Circulars aud Samples of Work, at No. S3 Casco St. mal5 AGENTS WANTED. d3m Fireproof Roofing Paint. The best and cheapest ttnow A Davis Patent Slate Roofing Paint for Shingle. Tin and Iron Roofs, also for cheap outside work, sold by the gallon or applied by J. N. McGOY & oo., 18 Spring fit., Forllaua, ROOFERS AND PAINTERS Jy24dU HAIR GOODS Real Hair long Switches $1.50 to $3 each. NEW MILLINERY of tbe Inteat .lyle. nnd in every quality, nt WELCH’S, 179 Middle Street. npl2 eod2w* NICE OPEN BOX BUGGIES FOB SALE EOW AT J. F. HOVEY’S 71 Portland Street. ma31dtf Custom hand made Boots and Shoes of the very best quality made to measure for men and women, and a good lit war ranted. We are also constantly receiving Boots from the best makers in the World, aud intend to maintain the credit of supplying our Customers with a class of work aud stock superior in style, finish and service. M. G. PALMER. ap12 dtf Boys’ Custom Clothing ! MBS. F. C, CHASE would inform her old customers and friends that she has reopened the store Earner Portland and Mechanic Wirepin, where she is prepared to cut and make Boys* Clothing in the latest styles. Trimmings constantly on hand. Old Maxim—'‘First come first served.” mchldtf Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Bondholders. For plan of reorganisation apply, stating class of Bonds neld (whether Main Line, Milwaukee, Mus catine, or Pacific Division), to FRED. TAY LOR, Chairman Bondholders’ Committee, 47G j Broome Mtreef, New York, immediate action is advisable. apSdlm CLOTHING. Oh,flow it Aches. Was ever a mortal plagued with such an awtul Complaint j 11 SO TOE CRT ROES FORTH. Only another victim to the epi demic, another poor w'cak mortal struck with that CHRONIC COM PLAINT, Every one knows that times arc quiet and that money is not quite so plenty as It was during the war, but don't give up. It is but a healthy reaction soon to give way to BETTER TIMES AND HAP PIER DAYS. To be cured imme diately visit FISK & CO., 233 Middle Street, and see what they are doing to cure the disease. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS ot people have visited our store during the past month and have been cured. Fine Clothing and Low Prices do the good work. When the people examine our immense stock of MEN’S. BOVS’ & CHILDREN’S CLOTHING, and see what elegant fitting gar ments they are, a smile illumin ates their faces, but when they are told how LOW the goods are sold their faces brighten up like the brilliant rays ot the noon-day sun, and they cry “EUREKA," no more BLUES but good times again. The hard times have made no difference to us, We foresaw it and made preparations accord ingly. Bought our goods low tor cash, made them up during the dull season, and now place ihem on eur counters at such LOW PRICES that were the sheep from which the wool was shorn to see them, they would bow their heads in shame and cry, was ever Clothing sold so cheap. None Need to Complain! We will sell a Good Working Suit tor $5.00,6.00,7.00 & 8.00 Good Evening Suits - $10.00 & 12.00 Fine Dress Suits - $1400 to 20.00 Working Pants 11 75c, $L50 & 1.75 Dress Pants from_- $3.50 to 7.00 Children’s Garments have received our special atten tion. Children cry for them, moth ers sigh for them. Our stock is simply IMMENSE—too numerous to mention—prices ranging Iroui $3.30 up. Be sure and visitour MAMMOTH WARDROBE. C. D. B. FISK & CO., The Great One Price Clothiers, , 233 middle Street, , PORTLAND. apl dtf I lake the liberty to inform my friend* and the public generally that 1 will exhibit Wednesday, April 19, THE LATEST NOVELTIES — IN — BOTH OF Foreign and American Manufacture. ty* I inrite all to nllend the Opening whether they buy or not. Respectfully, LOBENSTLJ, 4 Decrin^ Block. apl7 d2w Millinery Opening! JOHNSOiT& CLARK, No. 7 Clapp’s Block, Congress Streot, On Tuesday and Wednesday Next, April 45th and £6lh. we will exhibit our Trimmed Hats and Bonnets MRS. I. P. JOHNSON. MISS S. D. CLARK. ap20dlw PORTLAND RUBBER TYPE CO., — MANUFACTURERS OF — Rubber Hand Stamps, Name Stamp, for Marking Linen, Rubber and Metal Dating Stamp.,Ribbon Htamp., Seal Presac*, Door Plat.., Home Nam* ber.. Steel Stamp., Stencil., Darning Brand., Baggage and Hotel Check., Ac, NO. 232 FEDERAL ST„ PORTLAND, ME. gy Agents wanted. Send for circular. febIStf GRASS SEED. WE have now on hand an extensive Stock oi Prime Herd.Ora.., Red Top Clover, Al.lke Clever, Orchard Grau, Blue Hungarian Gram and MlUet Seed, which we otter at the Loweat Ca.h Price.. We also have a large assortment of Vegetable and Flower Seeds. Kendall & Whitney, ^PORTLAND, ME. g «}k The three story brick dwelling house, No. ;• 175 Daufortli Street, recently occupied by 1IL Watson Newhall. Possession given uuine Uiately. Also, the two story brick dwelling house on the I westerly corner of Spring and Park Street. Terms easy- JOSEPH ILSLEY. , »!»*> dim AUCTION SALES F. O. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers and Commission Merchants Kiile.iooiu. 33 and 37 Exchange 81. w. o. bailsy. a w. allh» Regular Bale of Furniture and General Merchan dlse every Saturday, commencing at 10 o'clock a. xd. Consignments solicited. oc3dt DRY AND FANCY GOODS BY AUCTION. ON TUESDAY, April 25th at 10 a. ni.t and 24 p. m., we shall sell at Salesroom 35 and 37 Ex change Street, a large and Hue asaurtment uf Dry Goods. Linens, Damasks, Towels, Handkerchiefs Hose, Fancy Goods. Sic., &c. ’ F U. HAILEY * CO., Auctioneer*. »P22_ d3t Sheriff's Sale. STATE OF MAINE,» Cumberland, 89. j SEIZED and taken on execution, and will be sold by public auction, to the highest bidder, on WEDNESDAY, April *Ctb, A. D. 1876. at 10 o’clock A. M., on the premises, the iollowing described per sonal property, to wit: A certain two story wooden frame building, situated on the westerly side of Grove Street, in Portland, in said County, said building being occupied by Hayes & Britton, and used as a tannery. Said sale is made to eaforce a certain lien, which Herbert J. Carville of Portland, aforesaid, then and now has upon said building, as set forth iu the original writ, in the action upon which said execution issued; said lien being tor labor done by said Carville, on said building, as is set forth in said writ. Terms cash. Dated at said Portland, this 19th day of April, A. D. 1876. ap24d3t M. ADAMS, Deputy Sheriff. IMPORTANT SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE BY AlTJCTION, On Thursday, May 4, at 10 O’d’k. Auction at No. 16 Free Street, known na Nlra, Butterfield’s Boarding House. WE shall sell the entire Furniture in said House, consisting of Parlor Suit in Hair Cloth, Black Walnut, Ash and Painted Chamber Furniture. Mat tresses, Bedding, Spring Beds, Tapestry, Ingrain and Oil Cloth Carpets, Dining Hoorn Table ana Chairs, Crockery and Glassware, Large ItaDge, together with the entire Kitchen Furniture. It is well known that this is one of the best furnished boarding houses in the city. F. 0. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. apr25 dtd Tl COLLATERAL LOAN CO. WILL hold its thirty .second Auction Sale of un redeemed goods on WEDNESDAY, April 26th, and following days, at its bauking rooms, 117 Summer Street, Boston, commencing each day at 10 o’clock, A. M. This salo will include gold and silver watches, dia *monds, solid silver ware, furniture, pianos, tire-arms, books, etc. Goods on exhibition at 8 o’clock on the morning of Sale. apr!8d6t A uruiAT SAVUNtr CAN BE 1IADG 1 Prices Reduced — TO — SUIT THE TIMES I Owing to the great depression In business in Boston and New York markets, it enable me to bay many kinds of select family stores at greatly reduced rates. THE REASON why we undersell all others is simply because we buy in such large quantities lor cash that we make in the haying what other dealers make in the selling. PRICE LIST. Compare onr Prices with those you have been paying. Granulated Sugars 10 1-2 cts. lb TEAS. Good Oolong Tea.40 Prime Japan Tea.80 Prime *• ,“.50 “ “ “ _.«0 Extra “ «.60 Extra “ “.70 Best “ “.75 Bert “ “ .70 PRICES OF COFFEES (LATELY REDUCED.) " Boasted Coffee*. Bair Coffee*. Best Elo.28 Good Rio..23 Good Java.35 Best Rio.25 Best Java.38 Best Java.32 Mocha.45 Mocha.38 CANNED GOODS. 2 lb. Cans Green Corn. .18 2 lb. Cans Lima Bean*. .18 3 “ best Peaches.20 2 “ Green Pea*.. .t5 3 “ “ Toma- 2 •• Blueberries. .15 toes.14 BEANS. Yellow Eyes... 8 cts quart I Best Medium. .6 eta quart BestPeaBeans7 “ “ IcalitornlaLima Beans. Good *• •• 6 “ “ MEAL. Best CauadaOat Meal.. .41 Rye Meal.3 Best Graham Meal.4|Com Meal.2} SOAPS. QneenSoap.91 Pearl Soap. 5 French Laundry. ..9j GOODS IN GENERAL. Best Carolina Rice.9 10 lb. Bag Buckweat.. .40 Best Rangoon “ .7 Green Peas... .8 ct». quart Best Turkish Prunes_7 Split Peas.8 “ “ Choice French Prunes. .9 Valencia Raisins.12 eta. lb Very Best “ “ .. 15 Horse Radish..* ct». bottle Eagle Brand Condensed English Walnuts.... 14 eta Milk.25 Citron.25 cts Tapioca.10 Sliced Dried Apples_ Sago.10 12,14 and 15 cts We wish to call especial atten tion to onr various brands oi flour, which you can purchase at a great saving trom the usual retail price. G eorgeC. Shaw, it m i ai /a. 583 CONGRESS ST., Under City Hotel, — AND — China Tea Store, 235 MIDDLE ST., apl3 PORTLAND. ME. ^ LIVE AND LET m IS OUR MOTTO. Great Reduction in Prices of Laundry Work. flhirla with Bottom* • • 13 cento Collar* ------ 3 “ Fair tuff* - ■ • • • § *< Portland Laundry, aa Union St. aplO03m HOT BISCUIT. ROLLS AND TEA BREAD, Every Afternoon nt 5 O’clock, — AT — R. W. SMARDON ft CO.’S BAKERY, WASHIDKiTOIt ST. IVJEAK CONURKSS. Baked Beans and Brown Bread every Sunday Morning. K. W. SMARDON <& CO. (gp-Argus copy. aprlodtf FOR SALECHEAP! 135,000 feet Dry Gang Sawed Hemlock Boards, extra nice, now unloading from Selioouer Union. RUFUS DEERIXG ft CO., 292 Commercial St, Hobson’s Wharf. »P~-*U dlw* Seed Potatoes ! Early Snowflake, $7.00 bbl.. $3.50 busbel, $1.25 peek. Brownell’s Beauty, $5.00 bbl., $2.50 bushel, 75e peck. Compton Surprise $4 00 bbl.. $2.00 busbel, 75c peck. Also McLean's Advancer Pea. 30c per quart. Also Early Cabbage or Tomato Plante, in large or small quantities. For sale by . MOSES H. HDS9EY, apr.MSwNorth Berwick. Me. To Let. A SIT IT of rooms without, board. Apply at No 47 Uanfoith Street. niy24dtH§

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