Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 26, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 26, 1876 Page 3
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TT-T F. PRESS. Wednesday morning, april. 26, ’7( THEPBKM May be obtained at tbe Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros.. Marquis. Brunei & Co., Andrews » Weritwortb, Moses, N. B. Kendrick, and Chisholn Bros., on all trains that run out of tbe citv. At Biddefrtrd of Phlllsbury. At Saco, of f. Hodgdou, At Watervillb, of J S. Carter. At Batb, ot'J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. cm and vicinity New Advertisement* To-Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Grand Military Reception. May Ball—Lancaster Hall. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Catnbiics—W. F. Studley. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Jacob Clemant’s Will—Tbe Party. Grand Military Reception—Arrangements. No Bed should be used after Sickness. Wanted—A Capable. Healthy Woman. To Innholders and Victualers. Portland Paper Box Co_J. P. Libby. Maine Cential S. R.—Change of Time. Special Steamboat Notice. Centennial—The Hotel Headquarters. Farm and Buildings for Sale—Wm. P. Jewett. Auction—Solomon T. Merrill. Probate Notices. Legal Notices—2. AUCTION COLUMN. Extensive Saie-F. O. Bailey & Co. United Ntitn Circuit Court. BEFORE JUDGE SHEPLEV. Tuesday.—James H. Rich et als., libellant, vs. Steam Tug Adelia. This was an admiralty appeal from the District Court wherein the libellants, own ers of the'‘Harry L. Wbiton,” sought damages by reason of unskilful towage in the Kennebec river by the Steam Tug Adelia, owned by the Knickerbocker Steam Towage Company. A decree was rendered in the District Court in fa V vor of the libellants, from which the claimants ap J realed. Case was argued in this court by Wm. L. Putnam for claimants and John C. Dodge of Boston for libellant. Supreme Judicial Court. BEFORE JUDGE VIRGIN. Tuesday.—Thomas P. McManus, adrar., vs. Geo. It. Skolfield. Reported in our yesterday's edition The jury, after being out five hours, rendered a ver dict for the defendant. Bradburys. Reed. Mupertor Court. APRIL CIVIL TERM, 1876, SYMOXD8, J., PRE SIDING. Tuesday.—In the case of John Sutherland vs. Isaac T. Wyer, reported yesterday, the jury ren dered a verdict tor the plalntifi for five hundred and seventy dollars, which is thirty-five dollars per week lor eighteen weeks—the remainder of the season al ter he was discharged—less sixty dollars, the amount plaintiff has earned since his discharge. Motion for a new trial Hied to set aside the verdict as against evidence and law and the charge of the judge. Halo for plaintiff. Howard & Cleaves for defendant. The next case called was Charles Norris and wife against the same defendant. This case involves nearly li not quite the same filets as the other case. Plaintiffs were playing under a contract containing the same provisions at a joint salary of fifty-five dol lars per week. After the writ was read there was considerable negotiation between the parties, which resulted in the following agreement: This case is to be defaulted for five hundred and twenty dollars, and continued to abide the decision of the law court in the case of Sutherland vs. Wyer. The default to be stricken oft if a new trial is granted in said caEe by the law court, and if plaintiff is required to remit any portion of the verdict in said case, the same proportion is to be remitted by plain tiffs in this suit. Hale lor plaintiff. Howard & Cleaves for defendant. Jluneipal Corn. JUDGE KNIGHT PRESIDING. Tuesday.—Patrick Foley. Intoxication Fined -> $3 with costs. Bridget Haney. Intoxication. Thirty days. Com mitted, William Costello, Forgery. Probable cause. Ordered to recognize to State with sureties in sum of $500. Committed. Co. Att’y. Bradburys. John Brady. Search and seizure. Fined $50 with costs. Appealed. Co. Att’y. Frank. Michael Howley. Search and seizure. Discharg ed. Co.Atty. Frank. James Fisher. Search and seizure. Discharged. Brown. Mary Sunderland. Search and seizure. Dis charged. Co. Att’y. Mattocks & Fox. Brief Joltings. Remember that Sheridan and Mack will be at Music Hall to-morrow evening. Concord repudiates its 8100,000 of bonds issued to aid in building the Portland and Ogdensbarg road. Col. Vodges, U. S. A , is to inspect the bat tery at Fort Preble. Frederick H. Delano, Charles W. Chase George W. Woodman, Edward S. Griffin) Charles A. B, Morse, Adam Davis, John M. Caldwell and Arad Evans have been drawn as jurors for the May term of the Superior Court Officer York arrested one McGolrick yester day, who is connected with the forgery of Costello, which was reported in the Press Monday morning. Mr. Paul Michailoff, a distinguished engineer of St. Petersburg, commissioned by the Im perial Russian Government to examine and report on the ports and water communications of North America, was in this city Monday, obtaining statistical information from General Thom and the Secretary ef the Board of Trade. As the appropriation for highways in Deer ing has been expended, there will be no shells put on the “shell road’’ this season. The repairs contemplated on St. Dominick’s chnrch will not be made this season. The County Commissioners’ room in the City Building has been frescoed and put in general good repair. ■ 1 About forty men are now employed in the county jail workshop. Chandler plays at Lewiston on the Fourth. Miss Sophie Miles and Mr.Sborey passed through the city yesterday on their way to St. John trom Quebec. From the former place they go to Montreal. Steamer Perkiomen, from Philadelphia, re ports having spoken brig M. A. Wheeler, of Portland, off Absecom, April 23d, bound lor the breakwater for orders. A UiUVfiAu' lliu 1UUCIW U1 IUO lUbU tituuca Freeman took place from bis late residence on High street, yesterday afternoon. There was a large attendance of business men and former employes of tbe deceased. The floral decora tions were very fine. A large cross from the Masons was placed on the casket, also a smaller one from the oystermen of tbe city. A bounti ful garland of flowers bearing the initials “J. F.,” was placed at the head of the casket. The officers of the Portland Lodge and Blanquefort Commandery of Masons and officers from tbe Odd Fellows were in attendance. Itev. Mr. Fenn of High street church officiated. The flag on Odd Fellows’ Hall was at hilf mast during tbe day, and the oyster saiooos were al' closed from 2 to 4 o’clock, ont of respect to the deceased. The remains were taken to Ever green Cemetery for interment. Portland Illustrated.—Mr. Albert Bunn /• of the N. Y. Graphic is in town preparing to il lustrate in that journal the prominent features ofPortland,including tbe leading mercantile es tablishments, manufactories, &c. These illus trations will be from photographs and will he accurate and finished representations. Pict ures of some of tbe prominent citizens will also be given, and a carefully prepared editorial up on the city will accompany the illustrations. The plan has been presented to several of our leading citizens and meets with much favor. Several other cities have been treated in a simi lar way and with marked success. Presentation.—The members of Mr. J. W. Raymond’s private dancing class presented him, last evening, with a beautiful silver ser vice, purchased at tbe jewelry store of C. H. Lamson. The set was appropriately engraved and the presentation speech was neatly made by Mr. C has. Rich. Mr. Raymond was very much gratifiod by such a marked manifesta tion of the esteem of his pupils. The set may be seen atC. H. Lamson’s store for a few days. Promenade Conceki.—This evening the Odd Fellows of this city celebrate the anniver sary of the Order by a band and promenade concert at City Hall. Chandler’s full band will famish the music for the occasion. An antiquarian supper will be served in Reception Hall dnring the evening. The proceeds of the ■conoort go to aid the Fair. Personal. Some of oar leading citizens think to tender a complimentary benefit to Mr. Wyer of the Museum for his arduous and nntiring efforts to furnish Portland with a first-class place ol amusement. Mr. Wyer deserves substantia recognition. Accident.—Mr. Isaac Gee, a machinist ai the Grand Trunk repair shop, broke bis am last Sunday while out sailing. • 1 Maine Poultut Association—An ad journed meeting of the Maine Poultry Associa tion was held at ilie Preble Hous9 yesterday Afternoon. There was a very large attendance and much'interest was manifested. The mattei of amending the constitution was brought up and discussed at some length. From the dis cussion it was apparent that the constitution nejded considerable amending in order that the members should understand wbat it means. The amendments offered were laid on the table, and a committee, consisting of Messrs. Fred Fox, E N. Perry and Charl-s G Haines, was appoiu'ed to consider all necessary amendments and report at a meeting to be held -lanuary 25th. The election of officers resulted as follows: President—Albert Noyes, Bangor. Vice-Presidents—E. Dana, jr, Portland; Chas. H. Haskell, Portland; W. P. Atherton, Hallowed; H. Leavitt, Skowhegan; Wm. G. Davis, Portland; A. S. Sawyer, Cape Eliza beth; G. D. Stockwell, E. Eddington; It. C. Pingree, Lewiston; Fred Fox, Portland; Col. H. A. De Witt, Augusta. Secretary and Treasurer—Fred Fox, Port land. Directors—It. O. Conant, Portland; B. H. Lewis, Deering; E. L. O. Adams, Portland; W. S. Tilton, Togus; F. F. Harris and W. W. Stevens, Portland. Trial of A Nozzle.—The Board of Engin eers tested the Clements nozzle last evening. Casco steamer was run down to the corner of Federal and Franklin streets and tho new noz zle attached to a line of hose for trial. The ad vantage of this invention is that it is arranged so as to give the pipemen full control of the stream at all times. This is done by a neat contrivance which shuts off the water, and gives a small or a large stream, as is required. The engine is run at full force all the while, and when the nozzle shuts off the stream the water is forced into the suction hose, thus tak ing the strain from the leading hose. By this means a fireman can go into a building and play a small stream or a large one without bursting the hose. The trial was very satisfac tory, and the nozzle will doubtless be introduc ed in the department. The Reception.—Tho reception to General Connor and General Chamberlain, which oc curs next Tuesday, promises to be a graud affair. These gentlemen will be met by the committee of reception on the train the aft ernoon of that day, and on arriving here will be escorted to the Falmouth Hotel, their head quarters during their stay. In the evening tho same committee will escort them to City Hall. St. Johnsburt Freight.—The schooner Nettie Walker arrived yesterday morning with 100 tons of pig iron for Messrs. E, & T. Fair banks & Co., St. Johusbury. Tbe schooner Hannie Westbrook has just finished discharg ing a cargo of coal and iron for the same pai tide oil A f TT7 Vl I nb lino »AnA firr rt t./l a I> & O. Railroad. The Museum.—Those who only saw “Dot” at the first representations have little idea how much better it is now presented. The actors have had time to familiarize themselves with their pans, and several of the impersonations at first good, are now of marked excellence The matinee to-day should draw a large house" Steamer Arrival.—The Allan mail steam er Peruvian, Capt Richardson, from Liverpool 13th, arrived at this port at 120 p. m. yester day, with 44 cabin and 138 steerage passen gers. Mr. Henry Bailey, former Superinten dent of the Grand Trunk, was among the pas sengers. Festival and Concert.—This evening the ladies of the First Baptist society will give a festival and concert at their vestry. A very interesting programme is arranged. The enter tainment will be repeated with slight changes to-morrow evening. Calico Ball.—The Montgomery Guards will give their calico ball at City Hall tomor row evening. A large number of tickets have already been sold and there is a prospect o' a large company. Chandler will furnish the music. Art Entertainment.—There will be a grand art entertainment at the Allen Mission this evening, illustrating a trip across the cou tinent. A powerful Drummond light will be used. From a Former Resident of Portland. Flushing, N. Y., April 23. Mr. Editor:—I hope that I am not quite forgotten and unknown in “the dear old town | seated by the sea,” where I was born and spent so many years of my life, so full of happy memories. I still retain my inrerest in what is going on with you and read your papers, which are occasionally sent to me, advertise ments and all, in hopes to see some familiac name among them. I write this to correct an omission in the Rev. T. Hill’s address on the history of the First Parish, copies of which I have received. I was not only a purchaser at the sale of pews in the old stone churcb, but was the holder of a pew in the ‘‘Old Jerusalem” some years before its demolition. So my name should make the number of six survivors out of the list of original pew-holders. Respectfully, Andrew Scott. Ship-Bnildin?. A Ntrell Through the Kennebunk Ship yards. Kennepunkport, April 25,1870. An afternoon at the stirring yards at this place indicates in this dull season for naviga tion an amount of enterprise not exceeded in any other similar locality. Standing ou the draw bridge iu fine view, and almost within rifle range, may be seen nine vessels in varied condition of progress, five of them being large first class ships, averaging 1700 tons each. Commencing with the yard near est the sea, Messrs. Thompson & Titcomb have a three-deck ship, all ceiled and partly planked, that will measure about 1750 tons. 210 feet keel, 221 feet on deck, 41 feet in width and 27 feet hold. The well earned reputation of these builders will be increased in the perfec tion of this vessel. In the yard next above Capt. Nathaniel L. Thompson has two three decked ships of large proportions, the first measuring 225 feet on the keel, with a beam of 40 feet and 27 feet depth of hold, will register about 2000 tons; this ship is only partially ceil ed, and will be several months on the stocks, as most of the workmen are upon a still larger vessel above the steam mill, which ship is 223 feet on the keel, 41 feet beam and 20 feet 3 in ches hold; the inBide work below the upper deck is nearly completed, and the planking half on. The capacity will be about 2200 tons. These tine ships will have stock both in woods and metals corresponding to their great size, and can be finished in detail as a purchaser may desire. The next premises contain the yard of David Clark, whose new steam mill has a novelty in a bevel jig saw, which makes a saving both in stock and time, and turns out beveling plank and timber with a speed, accuracy and finish not attained in tbe old way. He has well ad vanced a finely modeled bark of 1000 tons, of pood eanaeitv. vet with medium sham ends, is 170 feet keel, and 180 feet over all, is 38 feet wide, and 21 feet 4 inches ucep. Some extra qualities are noticeable. The thick work is very heavy for her class, the npper deck clamps being about the size used in ships of 2000 tons; the cabin accommodations will be large, in a poop coming to the mainmast, and the neces sary extra fastening is being pat in to insure a rating with French Lloyds A1 with a star for eleven years. The depression in vessel property of this class since last year is some 20 per cent,—then a ship of the above description would bring $50 —now this vessel can be bought (hull and spars) for $40 a ton, and the larger ships in the yards below at proportional prices. Across the river, above the South Congrega tional church, is the capacious yard of Messrs. Crawford & Perkins, where a short time since a fire swept off their half completed ship, their steam mill aud joiner shop. A new mill with modern improvements, a much better shop, a larger aBd finer vessel now adorn the premises; this ship is being built under contract with Messrs. George C. Lord & Co. of Boston, and Captain Moses C. Muling of Kennebunk, the builders retaining an interest for themselves) Commencing with an improved model, and a frame more perfect than was ever raised on this river, these enterprising builders are com pleting their vessels with materials and work never excelled in the state. The principal di mensions are: keel 196 feet, leugth on deck 208 feet, breadth of beam 40 feet, hold 24 feet, ca pacity about 1480 tons; the beams are 10x15 inches above and 15xlG under the lower deck, with large partner beams in the lower hold; she has four 16-inch keelsons, with doable sis ter keelsons, and upon the upper deck a double hard pine lock streak, the thick work iu all Other places of the most heavy stock, secured iu additiou to tbe beet square fastening by un usual edge bolting. As a specimen of tbe se lected stock iu her construction, we notice tbt upper deok laid with clear Michigan 4 Dy ‘ joist, and excepting under the houses, even s small knot caa hardly be found. This sbii "ill be named Rembrandt, aod is under tht daily care and superintendence of Capt. M. C Mating In additiou to the conditions for thi highest insurance rating, she will have a stean engiue in the deck house sufficient for all pur poses of pumping, loading aod weighing an chor, and furnished with a fresh water couden ser. In smaller craft, Mr. Charles Ward will launch this week, all rigged and finished, £ sharp, tasty fishing schooner, built for Ricliart I. Nunan of Cape Porpoise, and Capt. Weeks of Proviacetown. Will measure 33 tons O. M. and has been named Ed. H. Weeks. Messrs. Jacob and Henry Heckman launched Saturday a small fishing vessel for their own use. Charles Hamilton is building a fisherman foi a Cape Porpoise crew, and Benjamin Jackson & Sans have put up the frame for a p'easure or fishiog boat, which will be for sale. The great increase iu the size of onr mer chant ships since about the war of 1812 is hardly realized by our younger owners and masters. From the printed list of new vessels registered at this Custom House sinoe 1800, I find the average tonnage of ships for the 20 years ending in 1821 to be only 202 tons; to make a plain comparison, tbe five ships above noticed aggregate a tonnago equal to the first thirty-two ships built on this river after the year 1800. The cost per ton is also much iu excess above the old time shipping, as each year brings additional demands for improve ments and expensive outfittiDgs. Two masts landed here a few days since in the ears from Michigan cost $500 each. X. Y. Z. Maine Business Notes. The woolen mills at North Vassalboro’ are to shut down for repairs on Monday next. It will take some six weeks to repair the flume; after that is completed the mill will run a portion of its machinerji) while other portions will be under repairs, which will take most of the summer season to complete. A portion of the help have left, and others are lmltimr around for employment. Some changes have been made with the overseers, some have been set back to their old places, while new ones are to come in. There is to he a change in the kinds of goods manufactured, which requires the change with the overseers above men tioned. There are three mills in Denmark running on full time, sawing 0000 staves a day, and employing twenty hands. Maple sugar mak ing has beeu a poor paying business this season, the flow being small, and stormy weather interfering with operators. Hay is plenty and sells from $12 to $10 per ton. Western corn sells for 80c at Brownfield depot, and potatoes at 53c per bushel. V. M. C. A. Canvass.—A correspondent writes that meetings were begun at Limerick the 17th where there are three churches, the Congregational, Baptist and Free Baptist. The churches were in a low state when the meetings begun. The first day nine persons expressed an interest in religious matters, among whom was the teacher of the high school. Last Friday afternoon the school at tended the meeting in a body. At the close twenty-five of the scholars with the assistant teacher rose for prayers. Sunday six meetings were held in the same church. The meAings gfere of deep interest and the number of per sons seeking religion increases at every meet ing. The meetings will be continued another week. Experience has shown that it is wise to devote more time to places where an interest is awakened. At Springvale tLc Work has been golDg stead ily on this week. Meetings at Cornish will probably not com mence before Monday evening next. The West Buxton Case.—Several gentle men from West Buxton were in town yesterday and report the excitement over the supposed murder case unabated. Mr. Bartlett has care fully examined the blood taken from the bridge and is of tbe opinion that it is human blood, but as it was perfectly dry when brought to him, he can not positively determine in this respect. He ha3 shown it to several chemists, who consider it human blood. From the con dition of the blood Mr. Bartlett is of the opinion that it was dropped directly from the person or animal onto the bridge where found. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY The Lewiston Journal says the first invoice of new silver halves and twenty cent pieces has been received in that city by Mr. Baothby of Eastern Express. AROOSTOOK COUNTY. The North Star says: Notwithstanding the fact that we have three feet of suow at Presque Isle, onr farmers will get to work on their land as early as in any portiou of the state. There is little or no frost in the ground, and there is every indication of being one of the largest hay crops ever harvested in this county. KENNEBEC COUNTY. The Journal says the regular examination has recently beeu made of the affairs of the National Soldiers’ Home at Togus, and the accounts found correct and everything in good condition. The management of Gen. Tilton is highly commended by the committee conduct ing the examination. Tho Journal says: The first sailing vessels of the season came to our wharves yesterday, being two three-masted schooners. The Journal says yesterday noon the carpen ter shop of E. F. Pinkham of Augusta cafflfc very near being destioyed by fire, through the carelessness of some boys. They had set the grass on fire in the field adjoining, and it was blazing up and spreading rapidly towards the building, when tbe situation was discovered. The Journal says: Tbe freight train for up river was just starting, about noon, Monday, when two young ladies rushed from the ladies’ room in the passenger depot, evidently "intend ing to get aboard. One of them seized hold of the iron rods, to assist her in getting aboard, but tbe train was going and she had no time to get a foothold. There she hung by the hands. The attention of tbe engineer was attracted to her perilous situation, when he reversed his engine as speedily as possible, and brought tbe train to a halt, just as the lady became entirely exhausted, and losing her hold, tell prostrate npon the track. OXFORD COUNTY. Thursday morning S. Richards’ dwelling YimiSA sir.nAt.Afl nr» tho flunnt marl mas *nfol I rr de.troyed by fire. The fire also communicated to Mrs. Young’s millinery shop, hut by the exertions ot the fire department this was ex tinguished Damage to Richards $500; insured for $150. Damage to Mrs. Young about $50. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. A Mrs. Burgess of Dixmont about a year ago left her husband and went to Lewiston to live with a man named Kenney. She died very suddenly last week, and was brought back to Dixmont for burial. The peculiar appearance of the remains aroused suspicion that there had been foul play, and after an examination the physician said that death was probably caused by poisoning. The deceased was, however, in terred. Mr. Burgess came to Bangor, Sunday, and interviewed Coroner WilsoD, who will investigate the matter. WALDO COUNTY. The farmers say there will not be as many potatoes planted in Thorndike this spring as usual. They have been so low for a few years past that the farmers a.e trying other crops, which they can raise with less labor, and with out sapping the ground so badly. WASHINGTON COUNTY. Three yonng men of Calais were fined by Judge Downes during the week for overdriving a horse owned by Mr. C. W. King. One of them was unable to pay his fine, and was seat to jail for thirty days. Cmabrics. 1 shall close out all my 12J, 15 and 20 cent cambrics at 10 cents per yard. This is a rare opportunity to purchase some nice goods at a low price. W. F. Studley, Under Falmouth Hotel. The hardest cough yields readily to Adam son’s Botanic Cough Balsam, and the patient soon finds himself permanently cured. Sold by druggists everywhere. aprlleodlw Lyon’s Kathabion prevents the hair from falling out or turning gray, renews itsgrowth and gives strength and vigor. It is delightfully perfumed, and makes a splendid dressing, ft is the cheapest and most desirable Hair Tonic ever produced. Used by the elite. Price only 50 cents. aprlfideodawly Window Frames ! When yon cannot And what you want nnd are inn burry for Window rrnmet, call nt BURROWES BROS’., Where yon can hare them nt short notice. Cor. Cross aud Fore Street. PORTLAND, ]1E, dcodtf A PURE Jersey Cow for Sale. A Very Superior Anitnal. Apply tod. P. BAXTKK, Office Portland Packing Co., 140 Commercial street. aprl4 eodCt • NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Please tell the people that you saw their advertisement in the PRESS, the circula tion ot which, per month, exceeds 100,000* PROBATE NOTICES. To all 1’erfiiouN interested in cither el the Estates hereinafter named: AT a Court of Probate held at Portland, within and-ior the County of Cumberland,on the third Tuesday 01 April, in the yerr of our Lord, eighteen hurntrel and seventy-six, the following matters having been presented tor the action there upon hereinafter indicated, it is hereby Ordebi-d, that notice thereof be given to all persons interested, by causing a copy of this order to be published three weeks successively in the Maine State Press and Eastern Argus,papers printed at Portland afore said, that they may appear at a Probate Court, to be held at skid Portland on the third Tuesday of May. next,at ten of the clock in the forenoon, and be heard thereon, and object if they see cause. ALZIDA F. BABB, minor child and heir of Alzida P. Babb, late of Bridgton, deceased. Second account presented for allowance by Joshua D. Roberts, Guar dian. JOHN S. CRAM, late of Baldwin, deceased. Peti tion tor license to sell and convey real estate, pre sented by John Wiggin, Administrator. ROBERT STEVENS, late of Brunswick, deceased* Petition for Administration, presented by Matilda F Stevens, widow of said deceased. IIENRY PLUMMER, minor child and heir of Jesse Plummer, late of Raymond, deceased. First account presented for allowance by Alonzo Edwards, Guar dian. | JOSHUA BANGS, late of Pownal, deceased* Second account Resented for allowance by Benjamin True, Executor. HENRY S. FICKETT, late of Pownal, deceased. Petition tor allowance out of personal estate, pre sented by Cora B. Fickett, widow of said deceased. | GEORGE PERLEY, late of Gray, deceased. First account presented for allowance by Roscoe Perley, Administrator. DELBERT N. SAWYER, late of Standish, de ceased. Petition for license to sell and convey real estate belonging to the late firm of D. N. Sawyer* Co , of which firm said deceased was a member, pre sented by Henry W. Swasey. Administrator, empow ered to close the affairs ot the late partnership ISABELLA B. PREBLE, late of Yarmouth, de ceased. Second account presented Jor allowance by Joseph Gooding, Executor. JOSEPH J. COFFIN, late of Cumberland, de” ceased. Petition for allowance out of personal estate, presented by Rachel H. Coffin, widow of said de ceased. MATTHIAS MORTON, late of Cumberland, de ceased. Will and petition tor the probate thereof, presented by Mary P. Morton, the Executrix therein named. CALEB HODSDON, late of Gorham, deceased. Account presented for allowance by Peter Hodsdon, Executor. JOHN M. P. LIBBY, late of Gorham, deceased. First and final account presented for allowance by Charles Hanson, Administrator. JOSFPHINE F. N. WILSON, minor child of Hen ry S. Wilson, formerly of Falmouth. First account presented for allowance by George Humphrey, Guar dian. NATHANIEL COBB, late of Cape Elizabeth, de ceased. Petition tor allowance out of personal es tate, presented by Annie R. Cobb, widow ot said de ceased. Also petition for license to sell and convey real estate, presented by Frederick Hatch, Adminis trator. DEBORAH MACICIE, of Cape Elizabeth. Peti nun iui m-eiiM; tu cuui promise a ciairn against certain real estate, belonging to said ward, anu tor license to convey said real estate, presented by Benjamin Fick ett, Guardian. JOHN B. WOODBURY, late ot Cape Elizabeth, deceased. Petition for allowance out of personal es tate, presented by Susan S. Woodbury, widow of said deceased. Also petition for license to sell and convey real estate, presented by Frederick Hatch, Adminis trator. ISABELLA W. BISHOP, late of Portland, de ceased. Second account presented for allowance by L. Eugeue Weymouth, Trustee. HERBERT W. LITTLE, minor child and heir of Eugene E. Little, late of Portlaud, deceased. Peti tion for license to sell and convey real estate, present ed by Charles P. Mattocks, Guardian. LALEAH FITCH & ALS,, of the city, county and state of New York, minors. Petition for license to sell and convey real estate lying in paid county of Cumberland, presented by Simon Fitch, Guardian. | FANNIE McPHERSON, late of Portland, de ceased. Petition that Charles H. Staples of Deering may be appointed Administrator, presented by Fran ces Staples, a principal creditor of said deceased. GEORGE H. MITCHELL, minor child and heir of George G Mitchell, late ot Pownal, deceased. Sec ond account presented for allowance ly Azor Mitch ell, Guardian. NATHAN CLEAVES, Judge. A true copy of the original order. Attest: HORACE J. BRAD BURN, Register. w3wl7 To Innholders and Victualers in the City of Portland. NOTICE is hereby given that tho Licensing Board of the City of Portland will meet at the Aldermen’s Room, on Monday, the first day of May, at 7J o’clock, for tho purpose of granting li censes to Innholders and Victualers, who may then and there apply therefor Given under our hands this twenty-fourth day of April. A D. 1876. FRANCIS FESSENDEN, 1 Mayor RENSELLAER GREELY, I B. LITTLEFIELD, and LORENZO TAYLOR, | J. D. CUSHMAN, | Aldermen E. n. perry, \ . HENRY FOX, | of the SAM’L WATERHOUSE, J City of Portland. ap26 dtd Bar*Advertiser copy. MAINE CENTRAL R. R. CHANGE OF TIME. MONDAY, "MAY 1, 1876. The running lime of train* will he changed on the above dale. SEE TIME CARDS! PAY SON TUCKER. Supt. Portland, April 24, 1876.ap26dlt PORTLAND Paper Box Company ! J. P. LIBBY has decided to resume the manufacture of Paper Boxes, and has taken Chambers NO. 48 UNION STREET* where he will be happy to see his old customers. PORTLAND PAPER BOX CO., ap26dlm*No. 48 Union Wired. Farm and Buildings lor Sale. In Cape Elizabeth, near Reform School, formerly owned by Aquilla Jewett. Said farm contains 20 acres of land, nearly all high, early - land. Perfectly adapted to garden ing and general farming. On the farm are 40 ppple trees, half in bearing condition. The buildings con sist of a story and a halt house of 9 finished rooms, slated roof, fine cellar with large cistern, all in good repair. Also a thorough built barn connected by shed to house. The buildings stand on a bill commanding a fine view. I have let the estate to the present occu pant only until sold. Apply to ABNER GOOLD on the Old Broad Place on the road leading from Stroud water to my farm. MR. GOOLD has full power to sell. WM. P JEWETT. apr26 d&w2wI7* Auction. PURSUANT to a license from the Judge of the' Probate Court of Cumberland Countv, I shall offer for sale at Public Auction, on SATURDAY, the 27th day of May. A. D. 1876, at 10 o’clock A. M., all the interest which my ward, Rufus Stubbs, has in, and to the John Stubbs* farm, so called, with the buildings thereon, situation in Cumberland, in said County, containing about 40 acres of land, more or less, suitably divided into field and pasture, lying on the Harris road, so called, about one mile from the Grand Trunk Depot. Said sale to be on the premises. w3w*17 SOLOMON T. MERRILL, Trustee. Centennial. THE Hotel Headquarters of the Maine Centennial Commissioners has been changed from the Unit ed States Hotel to the k'Gran«l Exposition Ho* tel,!99 at the junction of Girard, Lancaster and Mon roe Avenues, within five minutes walk of the Cen tennial buildings. The Exhibition Headquarters will be as heretofore announced, at the extreme east ern end ot the Main Building. JOSHUA NYE, ) Maine _ } Centennial CHAS. H. HASKELL,) Commissioners. apr26 d2w Special Steamboat Notice. Strainer Charles Hough ton will receive freight Tuesday and Wednesday, May 2d an . 3d, tor Drer tale (Green’s Landing anil Oeeanville) also for Ellsworth. CYRUS STURDIVANT, ap26dlw General Agent, Uailioad Wharf. WANTED. A capable, healthy and kind disposltioncd woman to take the care of an Aged Lady boarding in a pleasant location in this City. Ar*ply between 2 and 4 o’clock at NO. 217 COMMERCIAL STREET. ap26 isdlw* Dr. Mckenck’a Standard Remedies. The standard remedies for all diseases of the lungs are Schenck’s Pulmonic Syrup, Schenck’s Sea Wefd Tonic, aud Schenck’s Mandrake Pills, and, if taken before the lungs are destroyed, a speedy cure effected. To these three medicines Dr. J. H. Schenck, ot Philadelphia, owes his umivalled success in the treat ment of pulmonary diseases. The.Pulmonic Syrup ripens the morbid matter in the lungs; nature throws it off by an easy expectora tion, for when the phlegm or matter is ripe a slight cough will throw it off, the patient has rest and the ungs begin to heal. To enable the Pulmonic Syrup to do this Schenck’s Mandrake Pills and Schenck’s Sea Weed Tonic must be freely used to cleanse the stomach and liver. Schenck’s Mandrake Pills act on the liver, removing all obstructions, relax tbe gall bladder, the bile starts freely, and tbe liver is soon relieved. | Sclieuck’s Sea Weed Tonic is a gentle stimulant and alterative; tbe alkali of which it is composed mixes with the food and prevents souring. It assists the digestion by toning up tbe stomach to a healthy condition, so that the food and the PulmoDic Syrup will make good blood; then tbe lungs heal, and tbe patient will surely get well if care is taken to prevent fresh cold. All who wish to consult Dr. Schenck, either per sonally or by letter, can do so ac his priDeipal office corner of Sixth and Arch Sts.. Philadelphia, every Monday. # Schenck’s medicines are sold by all druggist throughout the country, jy14 mhleod2m3dp&wsn A 'SWSSSST* boar" —^■——■ NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. NOTICE is hereby given, that the suDScriber has been duly appointed and taken upon himseli the trust of Administrator with the will annexed ot the estate cf SARAH J. ROGERS, late ot Cape Elizabeth, in ihe County of Cumberland, deceased, and given jonds as the law directs. All persons having de mands upon the estate of said deceased are required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to JOSEPH A. LOCKE ot Portland, AdmJr, With Will Annexed. Cape Elizabeth, April 18th, 1870. ap26dlawW* NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed aud taken upon himseli the trust of Administrator of the estate ot SAMUEL JOHNSON, late of Pownal, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and given bonds as the law directs. All persons Laving de mands upon the estate ot said deceased, are required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to JOHN T. LAWRENCE. Adm’r. j Pownal, April 18th, 1876.w3w»17 GRAND MILITARY RECEPTION. ARRANGEMENTS have been made with the Boston & Maine, Eastern & Maine Central, Portland & Rochester and Portland & Ogdensburg Railroads, for the sale of excursion tickets at One Fare the round trip, to persons wishing to attend the Military Reception complimentary to Governor Connor and General Chamberlain and their staffs. PER ORDER. Portland, April 25, 1876. ap26d6t "JACOB CLEMT’S WILL. THE parly having in hi. po.cen.iou JACOB CI E.IIANT’S Will, la re queued io leave a copy of ii at the PROBATE OFFICE immediately. Gorham, April 25th. ap26dlw» KTo Bod Should be used after sickness until thoroughly cleansed of the seeds of disease by STEAM. Office of the Steam Feather Renovator a 218 Federal Street. ap26eodtf S IRIS Made to Order! PRICES. No. 3, - $2.50 each. No. 2, - 3.50 “ No. 1. -_4.00 “ TERMS. CASH ON DELIVERY. Charles Custis&Co., 493 Congress St. apr28 deowlylp DAMAGED Bleached Cottons I The above Good are of good quality. SLIGHTLY SOILED at the Bleacbery, but free from holes or other imperfections, and will be sold at two-thirds their real value. Sball open on Saturday, April 22d, a splendid assortment ot NEW SPRING DRESS GOODS Please call and Examine my Goods and learn prices. W. F. Stndley, UNDER FALMOUTH HOTEL. ] ap22dlw Gents’ Hosiery. lOO Doz. Merino, good quality, at 15c per pair (usually sold for 45c) 50 Doz. EogliNh No per Stout and Fine Fnli Fi««isbed at 45c per pair. 50 Doz Fancy Striped Hose in great vari ety of styles at 45c per pair 50 Doz English Li»le in very handsome stripes at 37c and 50c per pair, which would be cheap at 50c and 75c. 45 Doz. French Extra Heavy Brown Mixed Fall Kegalar Hose at 5tlc per pair. English Hose, full length legs, at 50c and 75c per pair. Boys Half aud Full I.engthed Hose in all grades. An examination must satisfy anyone that this is the best assortment and cheapest lot of Gents* Hose ever offered in Portland. OWEN & MOORE, Congress St., Cor. Brown. dec29dtf ANNOUNCEMENT. To the People of Portland and Vicinity. THE Proprietors of the Sebago Dye House inform the public that they have been titling out the premises at a great expense this last winter for the accommodation ot tbe public, with a good Bo ler, good Machinery and all appurtenances. Accordingly every thing is in good order, ready to accommodate the public, accompanied with one of the best Dyer3 the country can afford,without any exception. As he Is not a self made Dyer tor the last 40 years he pledges himself to give ample .satisfaction to the public. It is ot no avail to mention Gai ments of any kinds or colors, in fact, any thing that can be Dyed by the Hands of man. Kid Gloves nyed or cleansed, Table Cloths, Window Curtains, Table Covers, any thiug Dyed in any Colors required by the owners, with quick dispatch. Sebago Dye House, NO. 13 PLUM ST., PORTLAND. J. S. MILLER, Superintendent, formerly Proprietor. d3w The Business formerly carried on — BY — GEO. W. RICH & CO. | will be continued at th olde Stand, 173 FORE STREET, under the firm name of LEWIS & CO., who will keep constantly on hand a large assortment i of Keady-Made Clothing, Cloths and Gents’ Furnishing Goods, which will be sold at Low Price*. ap20 dtf HEALTH LIFT ! 1 THOROUHGH filMSASTIC SISTEM — FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN TEN RINLTES ONCE A DAT. Doubles the strength in three months. Dcvra not fatigue nor exhaust. Refreshes and invigorates. Removes dyspepsia and indigestion. Tones the ner vous system. Improves the circulation. Warms the extremities. Increases the general vitality. Exercise and Salesroom, 237 Middle Street, Portland, Me J. U. (JAIIBERT, Proprietor. noZo__ tf G. C. TILER & CO., WHOLESALE DEALER IN Roots, Shoes, Rubbers And. Leatlior, Over 158 and 1G0 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. The subscriber, formerly of the firm of TYLER & COX, would inform the trade that he may bo found in store over Messrs. Dee ring, Milliken & Co., 158 and 160 Middle Street, where lie will continue the wholesale business ot Boots, Shoes. Rubbers and Leather. CS. C. TILER. ma‘29_ dim For Sale. The Green Honse on the Bishop’s grounds, at the Cor. of Congress and Franklin Streets, is offered for sale at reasonable rates. Apply at BISHOP’S HOUSE. ap!9 dlw Phaeton for Sale. A GOOD second land Phaeton made by C. P. Kimball. Just repaired and in good rnnning order. Oanbe^secnat carriage mart, -apn Plumb Street. For Sale! THE Stock and Fixtures of a first-class Eating Sa loon, centrally located and now doing a good cash business. Will be sold at a bargain as tbe own er has other business that ret mires his attention. Apply to n. WINNLOtHj apr24tf 18 Market Square. MISCELLANEOUS. WniateS — AT — Boston Prices ! Just received, comprising GroN Grain Ba>*kef and Plain Ribbon* in all color* from 1 to 9 inche* wide. A 1.40 lOOO YARD* OF GROS GRAIN AND SOFT SILKS, Basket and Boiled Silks, in all color9 and new tints for trimming purposes, SELLING; AT BOSTON PRICES. 23 OASES STRAW GOODS! — IN — Real French Chip*, American Chip* .III* land and Canton Rraida, in all the Leading shapes. Also 50 Cartons of Fine French Flowers, Ornament*, Feather*. Cubmere Lice, and Anting. A splendid assortment of Stylish Trimmed Hats from $3.00 and upwards. Hats and Bonnets trimmed to order by a skillful milliner in attendance and sat isfaction guaranteed and at most reasonable prices at LATNER’S, 539 CONGRESS ST. WAs this is positively the largest and best se lected stock of Millinery ever shown in Portland, Ladies are requested to call and examine and con vince themselves. F. LATNER. ap7 deodSm HEADQUARTERS — FDR — Chamber Furniture. DARLING & HUNT, Manufacturers of and Dealers iu ASH & PAINTED CHAMBER SETS. — ALSU — PIECE GOODS, — SUCH AS— Beditradi, Bureaus, Minks, Wasbsftands, Wardrobes, Cane and Wood Meat Chairs. Npriog Beds, IBaltressrs, Mirrors, Estrs sioa Tables, Kitchen Tables, Lounges, ■feathers, Ac. We manufacture our own goods and warrant them to be tirst-class in every respect. Call and see tor yourselves. Furniture repaired and repainted to order. Warehouse 27 1-2 & 29 Market St. J. T. DARLING. C. M. HUNT. apr20 d2w The undersigned has taken the Store Cor. of Congress and Broun Sts., Formerly occupied by M F. Porter. Where he will keep constantly on hand the choicest of Foreign and Domestic Fruits, I Confectioneries, Cigars, Tobacco, Origi nal Ottawa Ben*. Soda with Choice Syrups. This stock is fresh, having been bought in Boston and New York recently, and will be sold at the lowest market pr ces. W. H. SWETT, ap22dlw Formerly of Swell’s Express, New Store, New Firm! — AT THE — Wholesals Produce Commission House, 113 Center Street. We shall receive shipments of Gilt-edged Vermont Butter and Cheese over the P. & O. Railroad semi weekly through the Spring months and weekly by lefrigerator cars through the Summer months direct from some ol the best dairies in Vermont, made from pure imported Jersey stock, and shall offer the same to the trade at fair market rates. Trothfnl Statements and Square Weights will bf onr motto. D. HARVEY & CO. mhl4 dtf MUSIC ! New Sheet Music, Books. Folios, && ’ received daily by C. K. HAWES, 177 Middle Street, Portland. The large.! Slock in Ike City. - ALSO - Pianos, Reed Organs, cheap lor cash or install ments, Violins, Guitars, Music Boxes, Accordions, Flutes, Banjos. Piccolos, Harmonica., Clarinets, Cornets, and all instruments for Brass and String Bands, in great variety; extra \ iolin Strings, Retail and Wholesale. Particular attention given to orders. jan31 deodly* Millinery Opening 1 J0HNS0N& CLARK, No. 7 Clapp’s Block, Congress Street. On Tuesday and Wednesday Next, Anril 93th find ‘Jfilh. wc will exhibit our Trimmed Hats and Bonnets MRS. I. P. J0HSS05. MISS S. D. CLARK. ap20dlw BEFORE BU1ING A SEWING MACHINE, be sure and see the NEW PHILADELPHIA or TRIUNE, Which sells at 40 per cent, less than other first class Shuttle Machine. Call, or sent for Circulars and Samples oi Work, at No. Q Oasoo St. mal5 AGENTS WANTED. <13m Side Lace Boots! A fall assortment in French Kid, neat and pretty' Also in French Morocco for Walking Boots. Meas ures token and nice fitting Boots made to order lor men or women. ja^* T **' *^dtf Gents’ Garments CLEANSED OR DYED And Repaired at short notice. MO. 4 CASCO ST. atiin A. A. DAVIS., „ aplO __deodlm NICE OPEN BOX BUGGIES FOR 8AI.E LOW AT J. F. HOVEY’S 71 Portland Street. ma31dtf Custom hand made Boots and Shoes of the very best quality made to measure for men and women, and a good fit war ranted. We are also constantly receiving: Boots from the best makers in the world, and intend to maintain the credit of supplying our Customers with a class oi work and stock superior in style, fin tsh and service. H. O. PAL WEB. ap12dtf Burlington, Cedar Bat»id s and Minnesota Bondholders. for plan ol reorganization apply, itatlng class ol Bonds held (whether Main Line, Milwaukee, Mus catine, or Pacific Division), to PKEO TAY Chairman Bondholders* Committee, 416 ABroome Street, New York. Immediate action is advisable. ap8dliu Seed Potatoes ! ■parly Snowflake, *7.00 bbl.. *3.50 bushel, *1.25 peck. Brownell’s Beauty, *5.00 bbl., *2.50 bushel, 75c peck. Oompton Surprise *4 00 bbl.. *2.00 bushel, 75c peck. Also McLean's Advancer Peas 30c per quart. Also Early Cabbage or Tomato Plants, in large or small quaritities^Foyale by^^ aprSdSw north Berwick, Me. "WINDOW-SHADES 40c and upwards, nl PIKE’S, S3 Exchange Street. apr25 dim* CLOTHING. Oh, How it Aches. Was ever a mortal plagued wit It sueli an nwtnl Complaint | Only another victim to the epi demic. another poor weak mortal s ruck with that CIIKONIC COM PLAINT, Hard Tins aad No Money. Every one know s that times arc qui$t and that money is not quite so plenty as it was during the w ar, but don’t give up. It is but a healthy reaction soon to give way 10 BE ITER TIMES AND HAP PIER DAYS. To be cured imme diately visit FISK & CO, 233 Middle Street, and sec wbat they are doing to cure tbe di-ease. THOUSANDS AMD THOUSANDS of people have visited our store during the past month and have been cured. Fin© Clothing and Low Prices do ilic good work. When tlie people examine our immense stock of Mil BOVS’ & CHILDREN'S CLOTHING, and see what elegant fitting gar* incuts they are, a smile illumin ates their faces, but when they are lold how LOW the goods are sold their faces brighten up like tbe brilliant rays ol the noon-day sun, and (bey cry “EUREKA,” no more Bt.UES but good times again. The bard times have made no difference to u« We foresaw it and made preparations accord ingly. Bought our goods low tor cash, made them up during the dull season, and now place them LOW PRICES that were the sheep trout which the wool was shorn to see them, they would bow their heads in shame and cry, was ever Clothing sold so cheap. None Need to Complain! We will sell a Good Working Suit for $5.00,6.00,7.00 & 8.00 Good Eyening Suits’1 - $10.00 & 12.00 fine Dress Slits ‘ • $1400 to 20.00 Working Pants 11 75c, $1.50 & L75 Dress Pants from _ • $3.50 to 7.00 Children’s Garments have received onr special atten tion Children cry for them, moth ers sigh for them. Our stock Is simplv IMMENSE—too numerous to meution—prices ranging trom $3.50 up. Be sure and visit onr MAMMOTH WARDROBE. C. D. B. FISK & CO., The Great One Price Clothiers, 233 Middle Street, PORTLAND. , apl<ltf I lake the liberty la inform my friend, and Ihe public generally ibal I will'exhibit Wednesday, April 19, TOG LATEST NOVELTIES ’ »• .! ■ * r Tiii i 11 • I- "Vr-r i *1<i W > i' ' r -IN BOTH OF Foreign and American Manufacture. £3?“ I invite all la attend the Opening whether they buy or not. Respectfully, T. LOBENSTEIN, 4 Deerinff Block. ap!7 d2w Air Carpet Cleansing. We, the undersigned, having purchased the right to tun the Boston Air Carpet Dusting Machine, are now prepared to receive orders at our new Dye House No. 13 Preble Street, near Congress St. Fries far Dusting Carpet* 4 eta. per yd. Carpets called for and returned free of charge. CARPKTS CLEANSED AS tSIIAI. FOSTER & SON, ap3dlm* Proprietors of Forest City Dye House. FOKTLAND RUBBER TYPE CO., — MAJtUFACTUEEBS OF — Rubber Hand Stamps, Name Slatnps for marking I.iaen, Rubber and metnl Dating Mtamps.Bibbon Stamps, Meal Premier, Door Platen, Mouse Num ber*. Mice I Stamps, Stencils. Burning Brands, Baggage and Motel Checks, Ac. NO. 232 FEDERAL ST., PORTLAND, me. 53^Agents wanted. Send for circular. feblStf LIVE AND LET LIVE IS OUR MOW. Great Redaction in Ptices of Laundry Work. Mkirts with Bosoms - • 1.3 cent* Collars ...... 3 “ Pair Caffs ..... 6 <> Portland Laundry, 22 Union St. aplO_ d3m HOT BECDIT. BOLLS AND TEA BBEAB Every Afternoon at 5 O’clock, — AT — K. W. SMARDON & CO.’S BAKERY, W ASKl MGTON ST. NE AB CONGRESS. Baked Beans and Brown Bread every Sunday Morning. r. w. SMARDON A CO. Argng copy. aprlOdtf HAIR GOODS Real Hair Ions Switchn 81 50 lo $11 eacb. NEW iTIIi.EIN KttY of the latest styles aad ia every quality, at WELCH’S, 179 Middle Street, apli cod2w* AUCTION 8ALKN Sheriff’s Sale. STATE OF MAINE, I CUMBERLAND, 88. j SEIZED and taken on execution, and will be sold bv public auction, to the highest bidder, on WEDNESDAY, April 26th, A. D. 1876, at 10 o’clock A SI., on the premises, the lollowing described per sonal property, to wit: A certain two story wooden Iraiue building, situated on the westerly side of Grove Street, in Portland, in said County, eaid building being occupied by Hayes & Britton, and used as a tannery. Said sale is made to e force a certain lien, which Herbert J. Carvillcor Portland, aforesaid, then and now has upon said building, as set forth in the original wilt, In the action upon which said execution issued; said lien being tor labor done by said Carville, on said building, as is set fortn in said writ. Terms cash. Dated at said Portland, this 19th day of April. A. D.1876. * ’ sp24d3t M. ADAMS, Deputy Sherift. Administrator's Sale. TO tie sold at public auction on the premises, on SATURDAY, the thirteenth day of May, A. D. 1876, at 10 o’clock In the forenoon, the homestead farm in Gotham, occupied by the late Charles Whit ney, at the time of his decease, WILLIAM L. PRINCE, Administrator of the Estate of Charles Whltnev apl2dlaw3wW F. U. BAILEY & CO* Auctioneers and Commission Merchants NaleKrooni* 35 and 37 Exchange St. W, O. BAILEY. 0. W. AI.IJHi Regular sale of Furniture and General Merchan dise every Saturday, commencing at 10 o'clock a. in. Consignments solicited. oc3dt EXTENSIVE SALE OF Saloon Property BY AITC riON. ON TUESDAY. May2d, at 10 o’clock A. M., at Salesroom 35 and 37 Exchange Street, I shall sell the Furniture and Fixtures of the Boston & Maine Dining Saloou, consisting of one Whiteley Range, Coflee Tanks, Boiler, Baker. Refrigerator, Silver Plated Coflee and Tea Stands, Gins. Candy Jars, Cake Covers and Globe. Castors, Ics Pilchers, Silver Plated Sngars and Creams. Knives, Forks, Spoons, Salt Stands, Crockery ami Glass Ware, Tablecloths and Napkins, Kitchen Utensils, Show Case, Tables, Chairs, Chamber Furniture and Bed ding. iSc., &c. MRS. C C SPRING, Executrix. V. O. BAILEY A CO., Aactlemeers. ap26 dtd IMPORTANT SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE BY AXTCTION. On Thursday, May 4, at 10 O’el’k. Auction nl N§. 16 Free Hired, knewii a* Mrs, Bntterfleld’e Hoarding Uense. WE shall sell tie entire Furniture in said House, consisting of Parlor Suit in Hair Cloth, B.ack Walnut, Ash aod Painted Chamber Furniture, Mat tresses, Bedding, Spring Beds, Tapestry, Ingrain and Oil Cloth Carpets, Dining Room Table ana Chairs, Crockery and Glassware, Large Range, together with the entire Kitchen Furniture. It is well known that this is one of the best furnished boarding bouses in the city. F. 0. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. apr25 dtd A (jrnliAT SAViJNtr CAS BE MADE ! Prices Reduced — TO — SDIT THE TIMES I Owing to the great depression in business in Boston and Mew tork markets it enable me to buy many kinds of select family stores at greatly reduced rates. THE REASON why we undersell all others is simply because we buy in such large quantities to cash that we muke in the buying what other dealers make in the selling. PRICE LIST. Compare oar Prices with those you have been paying. Granulated Sugars 10 1-3 cts. lb TEAS. Good Oolong Tea. .....40 Prime Japan Tea.80 Prime “ “.50 •• '• “ M Extra “ “.60 Extra “ “.70 Best “ “.75 Best “ “ 70 PRICES OF COFFEES (LATELY REDUCED.) Ron.ted Coffee.. Raw C.tfVr.. Best Rio.28 Good Rio.21 Good Java.35 Best Klo.a Best Java.38 Best Java.32 Mocha.45 Mocha.35 CAMMED GOODS 2 lb. CansGreen Corn. .18 2 lb.Cans Lima Beans. .16 3 “ best Peaches.20 2 “ Green Peas. .18 3 “ •• Toma- 2 •• Blueberries. ..15 toes.-14 BEAMS. Yellow Eyes... 8 cts quart I Best Medium.. 6 cts quart Best Pea Beans 7 “ “ California Lima Beans. Good •• •• 6 « “ MEAL. Best Cauada Oat Meal.. .4|Rye Meal..,.3 Best Graham Meal.41 Corn Meal.2$ SOAPS. Queen Soap.1. 91 Pearl Soap.i 5 Flench Laundry. .9| GOODS IM GENERAL. Best Carolina Rice.9 10 lb. Bag Buckweat.. .40 Best KSn goon .7 Green Peas... .8 eta. quart Bc-t Turkish Prunes.. ..7 Split Peas.8 “ “ Choice French Prunes. .9 Valencia Raisins.12 cts. lb Very Best “ “ . .15 Horse RadLh .8 cU. bottle Eagle Brand Condensed English Walnuts_14 cts Milk.25 Citron.25 cts Tapioca.10 Sliced Dried Apples.... Sago.10 12,14 and 15 cts FLOUR 2 We wish'to call especial atten tion to our various brands of flour, which you can purchase at a great saving from the usual retail price. George G. Shaw, 588 CONGRESS ST., Under City Hotel, — AND — China Tea Store, 235 MIDDLE ST., ap.3 PORTLAND. ME. ^ S1M0NDS*iINDIA STREET. DYE Co%\ House, e™‘u ft B3T“ Cotton and Wool Dresses Dyed Without Ripping. aprll 2m FOR SALECHEAP! '135.000 feet Dry Gang Sawed Hemlock Boards, extra nice, now unloading from Schooner Union RUFUS DEERING ft CO., 393 Commercial St., Hobson’s Wharf. apiiO (llw* For Sale. mThe three story brick dwelling house. No. 175 Uanforth Street, recently occupied by Watson Newhall. Possession given tan*, diately. Also, the two story brtck dwelling honse on the westerly corner of Spring and Park Sireet. Term# •■gi, JOSEPH ILSLEY *P3> dim House and Stable to Let, House oi six rooms. Sebagn water with every modern convenience stable has S«bagn wa ter, cemented cellar, stalls deep, wide, light and well | ventilaied. On new street from Brackett to Clark, i spring Street Horse Cars pass very near. Apply at Wo. 70 Brackett St. febSWtf

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