Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 29 Nisan 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 29 Nisan 1876 Page 4
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POETRY. No Time Like the Old Time. BY OLIVER WEXDELL HOLMES. There is no time like the old time, When you and I were young, When the buds of April blossomed, And the birds of springtime sung. The garden’s brightest glories By summer suns are nursed. But oh, the sweet, sweet violets, The flowers that opened first! There is no place like the old place, Where you and I were born, Where we lifted first our eyelids, On the splendors of the morn, From the milk-white breasts that warmed us, From the clinging arms that bore, Where the dear eves glistened o’er us That will look for us no more! There is no friend like the old friend That has shared our morning days, No greeting like his welcome, No homage like his praise; Fame is the scentless sunflower, With gaudy crown of gold; But friendship is the breathing rose, With sweets in every fold. There is no love like the old love That we courted in our pride; Though our leaves are falling, falling, And we’re fading side by side, There are blossoms all around us, With the colors of our dawn, And we live in borrowed sunshine When the light of day is gone. There are no times like the old times— They shall never be forgot! There is no place like the old place— Keep green the dear old spot! There are no friends like our old friends— May Heaven prolong their lives! There are no loves like our old loves— God bless our loving wives! INSURANCE. FIRE INSURANCE! STATEMENT OF THE EQUITABLE F. & I Insurance Co,, PROVIDENCE, It. I.. January 1st. 1876. Cash Capital, - - 8200,000 ASSETS. Market Val. Bank stocks... .$132,750 00 Real estate in City of Providence. 120,000 00 Loaos on bond and mortgage... 15,000 00 City bonds. 25,000 00 Loaned with collateral security. 3,611 00 Cash in bank and office. 22,871 48 Premiums In course of collection. 16,469 84 Accrued rents. 800 00 $336,502 32 LIABILITIES. Losses unpaid.$11,750 00 Dividends. 1,156 40 Commissions, taxes and office expenses. 3,250 00 $16,156 40 Reinsurance reserve, New York standard. 67,156 87— 83,313 27 $253,189 05 FRED W. ARNOLD, President. JAMES E. TILLINGHAST, Sec’y. John W. Munger & Co. AGENTS, No. 166 Fore Street, Portland. J, W. MUNGER. C. D. MUNGER. mhl8 dtf CITY ADVERTISEMENTS City ot Portland. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at tbe Mayor’s office till SATURDAY, the 29th instant, at 3 o'clock P. M., for building a Sewer in Congress and Chestnut Streets according to plan and specifi cations at the City Civil Engineer’s office. The committee reserve the right to reject all bids they consider not for the interest of the citv. FRANCIS FESSENDEN, Chairman Committee on Drains and Sewers. ap25 d5t To Innholders and Victualers in the City of Portland. NOTICE is hereby given that tbe Licensing Board of the City of Portland will meet at the Aldermen’s Room, on Monday, the first day of May, at 74 o’clock, for tbe purpose of granting li censes to Innholders and Victualers, who may then and there apply therefor. Given under our hands this twenty-fourth day of April. A D. 1876. FRANCIS FESSENDEN,! Mayor RENSELLAER GREELY, X. B. LITTLEFIELD, and • LORENZO TAYLOR, J. D. CUSHMAN, Aldermen E. N. PERRY, nf ,hn HENRY FOX, 01 tno SAM’L WATERHOUSE, City of Portland. ap26 atd CITY OF PORTLAND. SEALED PROPOSALS will he received at the Mayor’s office till WEDNESDAY,the 3rd day of May next, at 3 o’clock P. M., lor building a Sewer in Cumberland and State Streets; also for a Sewer in Prospect and Casco Streets, according to plan and specifications at the City Civil Engineer’s Office. The committee reserve the right to reject all bids they consider not tor the interest of the City. FRANCIS FESSENDEN, Chairman Committee on Drains and Sewers. ap28 dtd CITY OF PORTLAND. In Board of Mayor and Aldermen, i April 18, 1876. ) ORDERED, That the City Clerk give notice to all parties interested by publishing a copy of this order in one of the daily papers of this City, for three successive weekB, that this Board on WEDNESDAY, the tenth day of May next, at 5 o’clock P. M,, at the Aldermen’s Room in City Budding, will hear all parties interested in the petition of Patrick McCann and others, for a Sewer tu Morning Street, through Eastern Promenade to foot of Vesper Street. Also, on petition of Laura Partington and others, for a Sower in Mayo Street, from Cumberland to Oxford Streets, and that thereafter this Board will deter mine and adjudge it public convenience and necessi ties require the contruction of said Sewers. Read and passed. Attest: H, I. ROBINSON, Clerk. A true copy. Attest: ' H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. CITY OF PORTLAND. City Clerk’s Office, I April 18, 1876. I To whom it may concern. Notice iB hereby given, as required by the afore said order, which is mane a part of this notice. H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. apl9 dtd CENTENNIAL MEMORIAL MEDALS! Struck in solid Albata Plate, equal in appearance, wear and color to SOLID SILVER OR GOLD, presenting a variety of beautiful Designs in Relief. These Medallions are larger than a Silver Trade dollar, being lfl inch, in diameter, handsomely put up and sell readily at sight. THE MOST VALUABLE SOUVENIRS I'D MEMENTOS EVER ISSUED. GOOD AGENTS WANTED In. every City and Town in the V. S. and Canada, to whom exclusive territory will be given, if desired. RETAIL PRICES-For the Albata Silver, 50 cts. G ilt, $1, in fancy box. Usual discount to the Trade. A complete outfit of magnificent samples for agents, in satin or velvet-lined morocco case, con taining Six Medals, dificrent designs, ono gilt, suit able for jewelrers' show windows, etc,, sent on receipt of draft or Post-office Order for S4, or will ship Express C. 0, D. Descriptive Circular Price List and one sample sent upon receipt of 50 cts. Immense profits. Sells at sight. Correspondence solicited. Information tree. Extensive fields for enterprise. Address all communications U.S. MEDALLION CO., 212 Broadway, P.O. Box 5270. New York mhl8 d&wOmll flABPKIIITEB’S Manual.—A practical guide to all operations of the tiade; drawing for car penters, forms of contracts, specifications, plans, &C.. illustrated, 50 cts. HAUVTKKS’ Manual. —House and sign palming, graining, varnishing, pol isliing, kalsomining, papering, lettering, staining gilding, &c., 50 cts. Book of Alphabets, 50. Scrolls aDd Ornaments, $1. Watchmaker and Jeweler, 50. Soap-maker, 25. Taxidermist, 50. Hunter and ' Trapper’s Guide, 20. l)og Training, 25. Of booksel lers or by mail. JESSE HANEY & CO.. 119 Nassau St., N. Y. apr5d3m w/r WHITE AND TINTED BBIATOL t/17 CAItlA-*, With name, ilOc. or 50 Snow Flake, Mat ole, Damask. Rep. Plaid and Scotch gran ite, 40c. Address, W5I. H. WEEKS, 34 Lisbon Street, I.ewistcn. (Please state what paper you saw tbUin. a 3d2w*tf MISCELLANEOUS. CATARRH. Had Catarrh ten years, Dropping in the Throat, Bad Cough, and Asthma so bad as to be obliged to take a remedy for it at night before being able to sleep. Cured by three bottles of SANFORD’S RADICAL CURE. Gentlemen,—My case is briefly as follows: I have bad Catarrh for ten years, each year with increasing severity. For nine years I had not breathed through one nostril. I had droppings in the throat, a very bad cough, asthma so bad as to bo obliged to take a remedy for it at night before being able to lie down and sleep, and a constant dull pain in my head. My head was at times so full of catarrhal matter as to injure my sense of hearing and compel me to get up several times in a night to clear it and my throat be fore l could sleep. Every one of these distressing symptoms has disappeared under the use ot not quite three bottles of Sanford’s Radictl Curf. My hearing is fully restored. 1 have no asthmatic symptoms, no cough, no dropping in the throat, no headache, and in every way better than I have been for years. I could feel the effects of the Cure on my appetite, on my kidneys, and in fact every part of my system. What has been done in my case is wholly the effect of the Radical Cure. Very respectfully. C. H. LAWRENCE. Fitchburg, Oct. 14. Endorsed by a Prominent Druggint. I hereby certify that Mr. Lawrence purchased the Radical Cure of me, and from time to time made me familiar with his case. I believe his statement to be true in every particular. JAS. P. DERBY. Fitchburg, Oct. 14. RECOMMEND ITEXCLUSIVE LY From the Examiner of Drugs, Boston Custom House, who is also one of the Largest prescription drug gists in the city. The Very Highest Authority. Sanford’s Radical Cure has proved so uni formly successful in the treatment of Catarrh that 1 now recommend it exclusively, aud consider it far superior to any preparation ever before prepared for this disease. ISAAC T. CAMPBELL, Druggist, Broadway, South Boston, And Exmainer of Drugs, B. C. H. | UNIVERSAL""SATISFACTION. Has not found a Case that it did not relieve at once. Gentlemen,—I am happy to inform you that San fork’s Radical Cube is the best remedy for Catarrh I have ever sold. It giveB universal satis faction. I have not found a case that it did not relieve at once, and in many cases a cure is perform ed by the use of one bottle, It mnst soon lead all others in the market. Please send me another sup ply. Respectfully yours, ANDREW LEE, Manchester, Mass., Aprils, 1874. SANFORD’S RADICAL CURE Is a Local and Constitutional Remedy Local—Because it is applied directly to the seat of disease, the nasal passage, by insufflation, where it acts, instantly clearing the head of mucous ac cumulations, allaying pain and soreness, subduing inflammation ana gradually drying up the discharge. Constitutional—Because it is taken internally, where by its alterative and resolvent properties it purifies the blood of the acid poison always present in Catarrh, keeps the pores open, the skin moist and healthy, gives tone to the nervous forces, improves the appetite, and enables the system, by its powerful tonic influence, to completely throw oft the disease. Each package contains a Treatise on Catarrh and Dr. Sanford’s Improved Inhaling Tube. Price $1.00. For sale by Druggists everywhere. WEEKS & POTTER, Boston, General Agents. Bgr*Use SANFORD’S JAMAICA GINGER, supe rior to Composition, Hot Drops, etc. jan26_apr7W&Slm FOll NEW MUSIC BOOKS! The People’s Chorus Book. An unusually good selection of choruses, for mixed voices, nearly all new. “When AHen-a-Dale went a hunting,** “Chosen One,** “The Owl,’* are capital glees, and are fair specimens of the pieces of this fine collection. Price $1.00. Per Doz. $9.00* CENTENNIAL COLLECTION Of*National Songs. A book for the times, with the patriotic Songs of many nations, very well a* ranged. Should be in uni versal use during the festival months of this famous year. Price in Paper, 40 cts.; Boards 50 cts. Dictionary of Musical Information By J. W. Moore. A hook that is attracting much attention, and is the most convenient book of reler ence on musical subjects, extant. Price $1.95. Shining River. A Sabbath School Song Book, which has been out a few months, just long enough to prove it one of the best. Buy it aDd try it. Price 35 cts. OLIVER DITSON & CO., BOSTON. C. H. Dihoo&C*. J. E. Diiton A-Co. 711 Broadway, I Successors to New York. | Philadelphia. ja!2aprl9W&S&w2w HERRING’S i|SA F E S , I £5 § Established 1811. Ph g jjd BANKERS’ SAFESr with our late Patented Improremen “AND— INFALLIBLE BANK LOU These locks afford the security of both a Combination and Time Lock, and are a Safeguard Against Masted Burglars, HERRING & CO., 251 & 252 BROADWAY, Yew York, 56-80 SUDBURY ST., Boston. aprl8 eod2m# HEALTH LIFT ! A THOROUM GYMNASTIC SISTEM — FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN TEN MINUTES ONCE A DAY. Doubles the strength in three months. Does not fatigue nor exhaust. Refreshes and invigorates. Removes dyspepsia and indigestion. Tones the ner vous system. Improves the circulation. Warms the extremities. Increases the general vitality. Exercise and Salesroom, 237 Middle Street, Portland, Me J. H. G1UBERT, Proprietor. no25 tf WIMBLEDON" Long Bange Breech Loading Practice Pistol & Targets. Carries a % inch ball with accu racy fifty teet, without powder or percussion. Brass barrel, hair trigger. For sale by dealers. By mail, free for 75 cents, with per manent ammunition for target practice indoors, and for sporting out of doors. ACENTS WANTED. * A. A. GRAHAM, 67 Liberty Street, New York. mh15___d&w6m!2 GRASS SEED. WE liavo now on hand an extensive Stock of Prime Herd. Ora... Red Top Clover, Al.ike Clover, Orchard Ora.., Rloe Ora.., Hungarian Ora., and Millet Seed, which we otter at the l.owe.l Cn.h Price.. We also have a large assortment of Vegetable and Flower Meed.. Kendall & Whitney, , ^PORTLAND, ME. d<| Milk Notice. TM.' HASKELL would inform his friends and . the public that having entered again into the Milk business, he is prepared to furnish any in want of pure Milk, and as he will sell only that from his own cows can guarantee satisfaction in every in stance. Please address, giving street and number, T. M. HASKELL, Abbott’s Corner, Deering, Me., Or all orders left with W. B. MORRILL, 184 Middle St., will be promptly attended to. aprlleodlm JACOB CLEMIT’S WILL. THE party having in hit* ponce*»Bion JACOB CLBMANT’M Will, is re quested to leave a copy of it at the PROBATE OFFICE immediately. Gorham, April 25tli. ap26dlw* Sin. trt in Wall Street often vl/Ulh leads to fortune. A 72 page Book, entitled. Men and Idioms of Wall Street, explaining everything. SENT FREE. ttSffS'SZ: Bankers and Brokers, 7%i Broadway, New Vorh. _inel9eod&wly« Boys’ Custom Clothing ! MRS. f7c7 CHASE would inform her old customers and friends that she has reopened the store Corner Ponlnml and Mechanic Ntreels, where she is prepared to cut and make Boys’ Clothing in the latest styles" Trimmings constantly on hand. Old Maxim—•*Fir; come first served,” mcbldtf _WANTS. Wanted. HORSES to board at the Boarding and Livery Stable on Cushman Street, between Brackett and Clark Streets. Prices reasonable. Inquire of GEORGE BRISCO, at the Stable. ap27dlw 1 Situation Wanted! Anyone desiring a NURSE can find one at 22 Hammond St. No objections to ihe country. Refer ence given if required. apr25 dlw* Wanted. I WANT a chance to travel for a good Wholesale House. Have had three years experience on the road and can give the best of references. Address R. K. W., Portland, Me. apr25d3w* Wanted. A FIRST Class Pressman immediately at A. S. PERIALD’H, 337 middle Street, tip Stairs. ap24dtf Situation Wanted. AS COPYIST, and all kinds of writing, at a , moderate salary, by a young lady. Unex ceptionable references given. Address mal7dtf “A.,” at this Office. BOARD. Room and Board. PLEASANT front rootnB tarnished, tp let, at 21 Brown St. A few hoarders can he accommo dated. MRS. MATHEWS. apr3 dtf Board. PLEASANT front Rooms furnished and unfur nished to let with board, at ma21dtf 416 & 418 CUMBERLAND STREET. TO LET To Let. PLEASANT Rooms at -No. 44 India Street, Cor. Congress. Apply on premises. (Right hand bell.)apr23dlw» TO BE LET. 5 Rooms, No. 18 Tyng Street. ap!9 d2w* To Let. A LARGE Front Chamber to Let. In quire at 30 Brown Street. apr!9____dtf To Let. A^4y The easterly half of residence corner of Free ■jjj and High BtreetB, now occupied by W. H. An JBULderson, Esq. Possession given first of May. Inquire of F. W. LIBBY, apr!8dti42 Exchange St. TO LET ! Room In the Second Storv ot the Printers’ Exchange, with power it required. Apply to PRESS OFFICE or to B. THURSTON A CO., Ill Exchange Street. ocl2dtf To Let. FIVE pleasant room* at 197 Newbury street, to a family without children; also two other smal rents. W. W. CARR. aprl4 tf IT A mi? T. run TT? A OT? THE NEW ENGLAND HOUSE, PORTLAND, MAINE. 11HE House contains 40 rooms and two Stores; is . situated opposite the passenger station of the Grand Trunk Kailway, and In the immediate vicinity, and nearer than any other Hotel to the point of ar rival and departure of the European, Halifax, New York and Boston Steamers, and the terminus of the Horse Railway to the western part of the city and Buburbs. Address AUG. P. FULLER. iu24deodtf Portland. Me. To be Let. THE large and convenient store and chamber over same, No. 136 and 138 Commercial Btreet. ALSO, FRONT OFFICE.No. 92 Exchange street, opposite Portland Savings Bank. Apply to H. N. JOSE, 194 Fore Street. mh31FM&Wttf DR. LAMB Im!!IhA8 a house on congress MSjJIst. with ten Rooms to let, “^OPPOSITE THE PABE. apr!3dtf Store to Let. STORE No. 122 Commercial street, next below Dana & Co., now occupied by Joshua Hobbs & Son. Possession given immediately. Apply at 96 Danforth St. ■ C. OXNARD, aprlldtf To Let. STORE, No. 149 Commercial Street, now occupied by Joseph W. Read. Possesion given May 1, 1876. Apply to A. E. STEVENS & CO., ap4dtf150 Commercial Street. ROOMS TO LET. FURNISHED or unfurnished. Apply nt Triune Sewing Machine Rooms, No. 53 Danforth St. References required. mh!5dtf To Let. STORE or shop in basement corner of Congress and India streets. Inquire at 108 Newbury St. mh22dtf TO LET. Wholesale Store, IN the Thompson Block, Nog. 17 A 10 Middle Street. Good location below the Post Office where all the wholesale dry goods and other classes of trade are located. The finest store in the city, with light and airy basement, two entrances, two counting rooms, brick safe, and elegant show windows, tables, counters and other fixtures. Will be let very reasonably f applied for soon. Apply to H. E. THOMPSON, No. 32J Emery St. on the Spring St. Horse Car Rome, mill!__ dtf To Let. HOUSE at O l-9 Dow Street. Inquire on the premises. decl5 dtl To Let. ftflHE BRICK HOU£E No. 74 Danforth Street, A containing all the modern improvements In quire at No. 10 Central Wharf. JoelB _ dtf COPARTNERSHIP. Dissolution of Copartnership. THE copartnership of GEO. W. RICH & CO., was dissolved by mutual consent, Saturday, April 15th. The business of the firm will be settled by Lewis <Sc Co., at Store 173 Fore Street. I ahull open next week an Entirely New Slock ot CLOTHING — AND — GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS, _ TXT rriTV _ Corner Store, No. 175 Fore St., Under the old firm name of GEO. W. RICH A CO,, and f shall be happy to serre all my former customers. ap!9d3wCEO. W, RICH. CRAIG & WILSON Formerly Craig A Jackson. Plain and Ornamental Plasterers, AND MASTIC WORKERS, Ornaments in erery Variety of Styles, Designed by the best artists in the country, such as CorniceB, Centre Pieces, Brackets. Columns, &c., can always be furnished at the shortest notice. Repairing, Plastering. Whitening and Tinting done in the neatest manner. No. 4 South Street, Portland, Me. N. B.—The most delicate work packed to go safely any distance. Joseph Cbaio. mai7d3mJames Wilson. Dissolution of Copartnership. THE firm of C. A. WESTON A CO., was dissolved March 1st, by mutual consent. Either party Is authorized to sign the firm name in liquida tion. C. A. WESTON continues the business at 21 and 23 Free Strdet, and E. C. GOODHUE continues the business at 75 Middle Street. C. A. WESTON. ma30dtf E. 0. GOODHUE. Marblizcd Slate Mantles. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL We have purchased of MESSRS SHEPARD A Co., their entire stock of mantels and have been appointed by the Mayfield Slate Co. soleagents for Portland aud vicinity for all goods manufactured by them. We have on hand the largest and best as sortment at any house in the state. BCII.D EBS and CONTRACTORS vril find it to their advantage to call and examine our goods. NUTTER BROS. dt CO. 99 Marks! Square Portland Me. aul7 eodtf Vaults Cleaned and Ashes Re moved. All ORDERS promptly attended to by calling at or addressing R. GIBSON, Jauldtt 588 Congress Street. REAL ESTATE. For Sale. I A. Three desirable Houses and six very desira !i| ble lots, at Woodford’s Corner. Intending to ULgo West, will sell the above property on easy erms and reasonably low priceB. Good drainage, emented cellar, baia and soft water. Inquire of T. I. MANSFIELD, Spring St., Woodford’s, Me. apr24_dtf AUi 4 Good Farm for Hale or Ex. JWCTaKchnuK«- for City Properly —Located (j$£$#ML£in Deeriog, three mdes from Portland; ^“““■■plenty of wood and water; good orchard; mlldings in nice order. Price $3,900. Apply to WM. H. JERR1S, Real Estate Agent. March 7, 1876 ma2«d7w FORJALE. ihKdx Six first-class Houses for sale at a bargain, niil nil less than tea minutes walk from the Post ■SULOffice, City. Two houses and three lots of land in Providence, 1.1., for sale or exchange for Portland property. Ubo first-class mortgage paying 10 per cent, will ex :hange for a first-class yacht. Inquire of E. PONCE, aprl8dtf Cor. Middle and Exchange Sts. For Sale or to Lease for a term of Years. Three story brick house, with all modem ■'ii improvements, No. 169 State Street. Apply to BlilL E. W. FOX, apl8dlm 31$ Exchange Street. At North Yarmouth. For sale, or exchange for real estate in Port ■!;! land, or te rent, a two story house, wood shed. MaLhenncry in barn, a fountain pure watei.ten lores land, 150 apple trees. Will be sold cheap. Ref srence C. PROCTOR or WILLIAM TRICKEY, Sac :arappa.apr!5d2m House Lots for Sale, AT GREAT BARGAINS, From $300 to 8600 and Upwards. HOUSE LOTS"TO LEASE, at prices from $15 to $60 a year. aprl2dlm MOSES GOULD, 55 North 81, Real Estate on Oak St. for Sale. M House No. 30 (opposite Friends’ Meeting House) with a good lot—together with a house and lot in the rear, fronting Green St.,—also me other lot. in the rear containing about 2000 feet, 111 well rented. Apply to apr28d3w* WM. H. JEERIS. Land for Sale in Deering. THE subscriber offers for sale a desirable lot of land on Stevens’ Plains containing about 30,000 leet. For particulars inquire at No. 218 Fore St. aprllttRUFUS DUNHAM. For Sale.» A New two story French-Roofed House, jy* , 422 Cumberland St., containing four hjgrSfmffiteen rooms fitted up with furnace, gas, hmiS2±ShSebago water, and all the modern im provements of a first-ciass house. Inquire of JOR DAN BROS., No. 11 Danforth St. apr4dtf For Sale or Exchange for City Property, SMALL house and stable with 11 acres land. In quire of J. H READ, apr25d2w*ttf Woodford’s Cor., Ocean St. For Sale. WISHING to change business. I offer my Store and Dwelling conbined with or without Stock at a Bargain. An excellent place for Dry and Fancy Goods, Millinery or Tailoring Business. A good stand in the central part of the Village, near the Depot. «TM. H. MARSTOIV, ma30d2m Vaimomh, Me. For Sale—At.a Low Figure. UPPER half of new frame, slated roof dwelling House,containing eleven rooms, with all mod ern improvements, and located on Congress near the head of State Street. First-class in every respect. Lot large. . Terms favorable. Inquire of ROLLINS, LOR1NG A ADAMS, mhl4dtf 22 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. __ IT _ OLD ORCHARD FOR SALE. This residence is located on the grounds of the Old Orchard Camp Meeting Association, on the main road from Saco to the Beach, and _ ,_cqtLimand8 the finest view of the Beach. ouseis adapted for one or two families and contains twelve large rooms, two of them having iron sinks and faucets in the same, from which flow the pure spring water from the reservoir belonging to the Association. The lower floor contains six large rooms all lathed and plastered and furnished with ample closet room, while the steeping rooms are ar ranged so as to he thoroughly ventilated. Attached to tbe house are piazzas on three sides, and it is also furnished with ample shed room. A lot of land ad jacent to this residence, upon which can be built a stable, will be sold either with or without this house. For terms of sale apply to SILAS P. ADAMS, mh31d«grw1m_B1PDEFOEP, ME. A Valuable Property ForSale. We would invite the attention of the enterprising Capitalists ot the State to the following list ot prop erty placed in our bauds for sale, Situated on Cumberland River, Clinton County, Kentucky, — yiz : — 13,600 ACRES — OF — HEAVILY TIMBERED LID! cn which may ho found in paying quantities, PINE, CEDAR, —AND— Blacli. W alnut. A COAL MINE, Extensive and of superior quality now profitably operated, with 7 J.»2 Miles of well-furnished Railroad, to insure continued development. There is also found in great abundance on this rich tract of land, SALT SPRINGS, and unmistakable evidences of OIL, superior IRON ORE, SLATE. LIMESTONE and FIRE CLAY, lying convenient to the point of shipment. The moveable property con sists in part of 1 Steam Tow Boat, Barges, Loco motives and Bolling Stock, and the necessary utensils to carry on this extensive business. There is also a STEAM SAW AND GRIST XIII.I, AND 8HIXGI.E MACHINE, IIWKI.I.1NG HOUSES. WAREHOUSES, WORK. SHOPS, SHEDS, Arc. This property is offered for less than the coat of improvement.. Titles perfect and terms lib eral. The owners invite investigation. For further particulars call upon UPHAM & GARDINER, At No- 7 Exchange Street. F. G, Patterson’s Beal Estate BULLETIN. MONEY TO LOAN ON first class Real Estate security, in Portland, or vicinity—Rents collected, taxes paid, etc., on Commission. Houses bought and sold. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON, dealer in Real Estate. Office 3791 Congress street, Williams* Block, between Myrtle and Pearl streets. au28tf f?!_ci.i. nr a't j A’VI CJillC VI LV JLCl. M House, No. 169 Cumberland Street, opposite Locust. This finely located house is nearly new, and has all the modem Improvements, including hot and cold water,bath room, water closets, wash room with perfect arrangements for washing, fine cellar, with furnace cemented floor and pertect drainage. The house is in fine order, and has just been frescoed. There is also a large yard and gar den spot as part of the lot. This property is offeied as above for a few days only. For information call upon S. R. LEAVITT on the premises, or F Q PATTERSON, 379fr Congress Street. ap22<itt New House on Preble Street tor $2200. Igy The new two and a half story house on ;• Preble street, facing Lincoln street, contain;ug SLseven rooms, Sebago water, good cellar, sink drain and water closet connected with Bewer. Terms of payment is $1,000 cash: balance on mortna^e F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, ap!2dtf 379^ Congress Street, Williams* Block. A Rare Chance for Business. ASTJ5AM FEATHER RENOVATOR, for cleans ing feather beds, pillows, bolsters, &c. It la in perfect order, simple, and can be run by a boy. Profits $25,00 to $35,00 per week. Will be sold lor $105,00 cash, or bankable paper. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON, ap12dtf 379£ Congress Street, Williams’ Block Small Bouse for Sale. MTlie one and one-half story house, No 14 Mechanic street, eight rooms, Sebago. a good cellar and drainage. Lot 30xS0. Price $koo cash. F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, ap!2dtf 370} Congress Street, Williams' Block. Furnished House in the Country to Let. ®A two story furnished house, stable, car riage house, hennery, nice garden with straw berries, fruit trees, &c. Pleasantlv situated, i an hour’s drive of the city. Will be let for six months, from the 1st of May, for $150. F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, ap!2dtf 379^ Congress St., Williams' Block. A 3 Story Brick House for $3,500. MThe three story brick house, No. 22 Brown Street, containing 12 rooms, nas and Sebago. water closet in bath room. Drain connected with city sewer. Taxes for 1876 to be paid by pur chaser from date of possession. Terms of payment one half cash, balance on a term of years.’ This property is ofiered at a rare bargain, as the owners have no use for It F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, 379 Congress Street Williams’ Block. apl9 dtf REAL ESTATE. For Sale. «A. In Gorham, Maine, the Residence of the lato Ij S. A. Whittier with eight acres of land, situa SlLted on South St. For terms, etc., inquire »f JONAS W. CLARK, 558 Congress St., or I). C. EM- , ERY, Esq., Gorham.apr27eodtf ‘ For Sale. IjA. Lot of land with buildings theroon, situated ;■ on the corner of Fore and Deer Streets. Port SlLiand. Apply to J. H. FOGG. apr27dtf_ 42j Exchange St. SEVEN NEW HOUSES^ FOR SALE. tin the most desirable part of the City, with all the modern improvement*. Priced low and terms of payment easy, rther information apply to WM. ALLEN, JR. ap22deo<13w31^ Exchange Street. Desirable Real Estate for Sale. PURSUANT to license from the Judge of Probate we offer at private sale the homestead of the late Rufus Small, situate in the beautiful and thriv ing village of Cornish, comprising one-quarter ot an acre of land, and buildings eligibly situated and in fine repair and condition. The premises include a commodious stable and outbuildings, good well, and a garden underline cultivation, anu constitute an unusual opportunity to secure a <ie?irable residence. FRANK R. SMALL, F. J. RICHARDSON, A. G. O’BRION. Comisb, April 2G, 1876.apr27dlw For Sale. mThe three story brick dwelling house, No. 175 Danforth Street, recently occupied by Watson Newhalh Possession given imme diately. Also, the two story brick dwelling honse on the westerly coiner of Spring and Park street. Terms easy. JOSEPH ILSLEY. ap29 dim Farm and Buildings lor Sale. I In Cape Elizabeth, near Reform jB&Sgm.- .*i School, formerly owned by Aquilla Jewett. Said farm contains 20 acres of land, nearly all high, early land. Perfectly adapted to garden ing and general fanning. On the farm arc 40 apple trees, half in bearing condition. The buildings con sist of a story and a ball house of 9 finished rooms. Elated roof, fine cellar with large cistern, all in good repair. Also a thorough built bam connected by shed to house. The buildings stand on a hill commanding a fine view. I have let the estate to the present occu pant only until sold. Apply to ABNER GOOLD on the Old Broad Place on the road leading from Strond water to my farm. MR. GOOLD has full power to sell. WM. P. JEWETT. apr25d&w2w)7* To Rent. M House 5t Spring Street between South and Oak Streets. Rent $400. Apply to A K. SHltRTLEFF, at National Traders’ Bank or 46 Free Street. ap22dlw For Sale. THE house occupied by me, No. 327 (formerly 153) Spring Street, Portland feb24dtf NATHAN CLEAVES. MEDICAL 1 1' -. t A U T 1 O Jl ! 1 HEREBY caution the sick against purchasing medicines purporting to bv Or. J. ClnwNoa Kelley, except of DR. GOWELL, as be is my only agent in Portland or vicinity. Other parties claim ing tc have them are imposters. I shall be at the Office, 419 Congress Street, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 2nd and 3rd. All who are laboring under any longstanding or chronic diseases incurable under other tieatment, are invited to call. Advice free. DR. SAMVEL EDWARDS, ap28 Boston, IVasa. dlw* notice" DR. MARSHALL, Analytical Physician, would say to his old Patients, and to the people of Portland and Vicinity, that he still CONTINUES to use the Kelley medicine, and to treat patients at his office. No 1 Myrtie Street, using all of the genuine CLAWSON KELLEY medicine. Office hours from 8 to 9 a. m., and 1 to 9 p. m. All afflicted are cordial ly invited to call. Consultation free. ap24d6t# ^ clair voyantT SIRS. L. T. B. KING, A RELIABLE Clairvoyant can be found at the rear of 30 Danfortb St., where she will exam ine the sick, and advise or prescribe as each case de mands. Terms $1.00. She will visit those who are unable to come to her residence if desired. Mrs. King, in addition to her clairvoyance and remedies, possesses a remarkable healing power which makes her very successful. febl7d&wtil5 DR. KENISON, Chiropodist, Continues to visit Portland at the UNITED STATES HOTEL, on the second week of each month. Room in Boston, 37 Tr mont Street and 57 Temple Place. Located in Boston since 1840. sep20dtf Bavdog. '"" QuADSMAfflC) OK WRITE TO i Rheumatism B B * Eh is a disease that afflicts m # over 25 per centum of the • w human race. Almost ev 0 ery effort hcrctolore made 0 ft in the treatment ot this • disease has been to allay the present suffering— * ft trusting to luck to effect a ft ® cure. DR. P. J. GRIFFEN ft & CO., after years ot re- ft search, now present to the ft public the only % g Scientifically » ^ 8 prepared articles in the i ft market. The disease is ft treated externally by m L| means ot the Liniment, f which, when properly ap- y plied, reduces the swel ling, relieves the tension H ft and removes the inflam- h q mation, the cause ot pain m in a very short time, thus ft restoring freedom ot move ft ment and elasticity to the ® P joints. The disease being 0 0 a blood poison, of a pccu- ft S liar nature, is ft g M g Treated ° S a ft ft internally by means of llie ft ft Fills and Elixir—altcrna* ft ling one with the other according to Directions. ® To effect a permanent ft ft cure, the Pills and Elixir ft ft must be used in conjunc- ft ft tion with the Liniment. ft < * H - P H Pt Neuralgia, Nervous Pros- 2 ft nation, Nervous Weak- ft ft ness. Paralysis, Soltcning ft of the Brain, Chorea, and L , all WEAKNESS caused by £ ft the LOSS OF NERVE 2 ft POWER cured by use ol S 4 ft , “P Ot. P.” K1 ft ft > ft ft ** Ask lor Griffcu's Hhcti- t. 3 matic Remedies, they all & grj bear our trademark an<l signature, and are put up E securely. Price 81.00 each; B ft forwarded to any part of S 0 the United States by ex b press, prepaid, on receipt of 81.25, I1 and mention paper. aprS _ dcSwlyll For Sale! THE Stock and Fixtures of a first-class Eating Sa loon, centrally located and now doing a good cash business. Will be sold at a bargain as the own er bas other business that requires his attention. WINSLOW, __18 Market Square. Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Bondholders. For plan of reorganization apply, stating class of Boud9 held (whether Main Line, Milwaukee, Mus catine, or Pacific Division), to FRED. TAY fi.OR, Chairman Bondholders’ Committee, 4?G Broome Street, New York. Immediate action is advisable. apSdliu STEAMERS. INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS WR QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, Sailing from New York on SATURDAY of each week, from Pier 45, North River. TTY OF ANTWERP, CITY OF LONDON, TTY OF BERLIN, CITY OF LIMERICK, TTY OF BRISTOL, CITY OF MONTREAL, :ITY OF BROOKLYN, CITY OF NEW YORK, TTY OF BRUSSELS, CITY OF PARIS. TTY OF CHESTER, CITY OF RICHMOND, Passengers will find these steamers tastefully fit- 1 ed up, while the State-rooms aro light, airy aud oomy. The saloi ns large and well ventilated, are ' he breadth ot the vessels, and situated where there s least noise and motion. Smoking rooms, Ladies* Soudoirs, Piano-tortes and Libraries, Bath-rooms, iarber’s Shop, &c. Instant communication with the stewards by ilectric bells. The steamers of this Company adopt the Souther y Route, thus lessening the danger from ice and ogs. Rates of passage—$80 and $100, gold, according to tccommodation, all having equal saloon privileges. Round Trip Tickets—$145 and $175, gold. Steerage—To and from all points at reduced rates. For dates ot sailing and plan of staterooms ap )iy to JOHN ft. DALE, Agent, ma31d3m 15 Broadway, New York. FOR HARPSWELL, fOn and after October 8tb, 1875, P^JfllW^PSteaHer Henrietta, Capt. Q. LOWELL, will leave Hnrps *nnr«MMwe|| Mondays and Saturdays at I a. m., touching at Chebeaigue, Little L’he beague and Look Inland. Returning, will leave Commercial WharC at 3 p. m. touching at the above andings. Will touch at Cousens’ Island each way. For particulars inquire ot Captain on board or STEPHEN RICKER, Agent, 131 Commercial St. my8 # dtf INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. Eaatport, Calais and 8t, John, Digby, Windsor and Halifax. SI?-HITS’05- ARRANGEMENT. rwo TRIPS PER WEEK ! On and alter Monday, March 27th, the Steamer New Brunswick, Capt. E. B. Winchester, and City of Portland, Capt. S. H. Pike, will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State St., every Monday and Thursday, at 6.00 p. m., forEastport and St. John. Returning will leave St. John and Eastport on the Bame days. Connections made at Eastport for Robbinston, St. Andrews and Calais. Connections made at St. John for Digby, An nap olis, Windsor, Kentville, Halifax, N. S., Shediac, Amherst, Pictou, Frederickton, Charlottetown and Summerside, P. E. I. UyF* eight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clock, p.m. A. R. STUBBS, Agent, mar22 dtf INSIDE LINE — TO — Bangor, Mt. Desert — AND — Maoh-ias. Steamer CITY OF RICH MOND, Capt Kilby, will leave Portland, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening*, at lO o’clock. For Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Searsport, Sandy g)int, Bucksport, Winterport, Hampden and angor. Returning, leaves Bangor, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning*, at 6 o’clock. Steamer LEWISTON, Capt. Deering, will leave Portland, Thursday evening*, at lO o’clock. For Rockland, Castine, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, Southwest Harbor, Bar Harbor, Mt. Desert, Mill bridge, Jonesport and Machiasport. Returning, leaves Machiasport, every Monday morning, at 5 o’clock. For further particulars, inquire of CYRUS STURDIVANT, Gen’l Agent, apSdtf Railroad Wharf. MAINE STEAMSHIP CO. SEMI-WEEKLY LINE TO MEW YORK. Steamers Eleanora and Franconia Will until further notice leave Franklin Wharf, Portland, every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 6 P. M., and leave Pier 38 Fast River, New York, ev ery MONDAY and THURSDAY at 4 P. M. The Eleanora is a new steamer, just built for this route, and both she and the Franconia are fitted up with fine accommodations for passengers, making this the most convenient and comfortable route for travellers between New York and Maine. These steamers will touch at Vineyard Haven during the summer months on their passage to and from New York. Passage in State Room $5, meals extra. Goods forwarded to ana from Philadelphia, Mon treal, Quebec, St. John, and all parts of Maine. lES^Freights taken at the lowest rates. Shippers are requested to send their freight to the Steamers as early as 4 P. M., on the days they leave Portland. For further information apply to HENRY FOX, General Agent, Portland. J. F. AMES, Ag’t, Pier 38, E. R., New York. Tickets and State Rooms can also he obtained at 22 Exchange Street. ocldtf BOSTON STEAMERS. The Superior Sea Going Steamers, FOREST CITY AMD JOHN BROOKS will, until further notice, run alternately as follows: Leiving FRANKLIN WHARF, Portland, Daily, a* 7 o’clock P. M., and INDIA WHARF, RONTON, daily at 7 P. M. (Sunday* excepted). FARE 81.00. Passengers by this line are reminded that they se erne a comfortable night’s rest and avoid the ex pense and inconvenience of arriving in Boston late at night. Tickets and State Rooms for sale by D. H. Youde. No. 266 Middle street. Through Tickets to New York via the various Sound Lines, for sale at very low rates. Freight taken as usual. dec27-75 J. «. COYLE, Jr., Gen’l Agt. ALLAN_ LINE. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. UNDER CONTRACT FOR CONVEYANCE OF THE Canadian and United Stale, mail*. Passengers booked to London derry and Liverpool, Return *riofcets granted at reduced rates. The Steamship MORAVIAN, Capt. Graham, Will leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, April 29lh, 1876, Immediately after the arrival of the Train of the pre vious day from Montreal. To be followed by the Steamship Circassian. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool. Cabin (ac cording to accommodations). 870 lo $80 Intermediate passage. 40 Payable in Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. For Steerage Passage inward and outward, and tor 3«ght Drafts on England for small amounts, apply to JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Street, Portland, Nov. 23. 1875. nov24dtf BOSTON — AND PHILADELPHIA Steamship Line. Lc»tp each port every Wed’s’y & Sat’d’y. No Wharfage. From Long Wharf, Boston, 3 p.m. From Pine Street Wharf, Phila delphia, at 10 a. m. Insurance one half the rate of sailing vessels. Freight for the West by the Penn. R. R., and South by connecting lines forwarded free of Commission. PASSAGE TEN DOLLARS. For Freight or Passage apply to K. B. 8AMPNON, Agent, Jn23^1y 70 Long Wharf, Ronton. Norfolk, Baltimore & Washington NTEAIISniP LINE Four limra a week. - Firm Class Steam.hip JOHNS HOPKINS. WM. CRANE. WM. LAWRENCE. GEORGE APPOLD. From Heston direct every TUESDAY nud SATURDAY. — AND — WM. KENNEDY. BLACKSTONE. and MoCLELLAN. From Providence every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Washington and Alexandria by steamer Lady of the Lake and Jane Moselv. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Richmond, and Va. and Tenn. R. R. to all places in the South, W. M. Clark, Agent, 240 Washington St.. Boston. To all points of North and South Carolina, by Sea board and Roanoke Railroad and Atlantic Coast Line G. H. Keith, Agent, 222 Washington street, Boston. And to all points In the West by Baltimore & Ohio R. It., 0. A. Chipley, Agent, 219 Wasnington street, Boston. * ^Through bills of lading given by the above named Passage $15.00. Excursion Tickets $25. ,Z°VTgh,.lor?a»“®> t0 Norfolk, Baltimore, Wash ington, or other intormation apply to E. SAMPSON, Agent, 53 Central Wharf, Boston, E.H. ROCKWELL, Agent, noMM Providence, R. STEAMERS. CLYDE’S Philadelphia, Boston & New England STEAMSHIP LINES. FOUR STEAMERS PER WEEK. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY bv Boston and Providence Railroad via Providence. TUESDAY and SATURDAY by Old Colony Railroad via Fall River. Goods Received at Depot* Daily. Through Bills Lading given from Boston and prin ipal points in New England to the South and South vest. Close connection made at Philadelphia with he “CLYDE STEAM LINES” to Baltimore, Norfolk. Richmond, Charleston, New berne and Wa-hington. D. D. C. Nil INK, General Eastern Agent, 20 Devonshire Mtreet, Ronton. Jan 11dtf MAIL. JLIINE TO Halifax, Nova Scotia, With connection* to Prince Edvrard In land, Cape Breton and Nt John*, IN. F. The Steamship FALMOUTH, (built expressly ior the route) Capt. w. A. Colbv, will leave Boston Railroad tYbarf, every SATURDAY at 530 p. m. for HALIFAX, direct, making connections with the In tercolonial Railway, to’- Windsor, Truro, New Glas gow and Pictou, and steamers for Prince Edward island; also at New Glasgow, N. S., with Lind sey's Stages for Cape Breion, and at Halifax with steamers for St. .Johns. N. F. UgfT'RETUKNING will leave Halifax on TUES DAYS, at 8.30 p. m. No freight received after 10 a. in. on day cf sailing. For further information apply to J. B. COYLE, Jr., Franklin Wharf, or oct28dt>JOHN POKTEOUS. Agent. Special Steamboat Notice. 4fmmmfa Steamer Charles Ilough r, /tNjWfftu.'K' P1 ton will receive freight Tuesday and Wednesday, May 2d an l 3d, M.-ti-'i.mi. . I*' w* for Deer Isle (Green’s Land log and Oceanville) also for Ell-worth. CYRUS STURDIVANT, ap2Gdlw General Agent, Railroad Wharf. MOllAGTOA LINE FOR NEW YORK, AHEAD OF ALL OTHERS. This is the Only Inside Route Avoiding Point Judith. Steamboat Express trains leave Boston from Bos ton & Providence R. R. Depot daily, except Sunday, at 5.30 p. m., connecting at Stonington with the en tirely new and superb Steamer Rhode Island, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and with the ele gant and popular steamer Stonington every Tues day, Thursday and Saturday, arriving in New York always in advance •( all other lines. Bag gage checked through. Tickets procured at depots of Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads and at Rollins & Adams’, 22 Ex change St.,and W. D. Little & Co.’s,49* Exchange St. L. W. F1LKINS, D. S. BABCOCK, Gen. Passenger Ag’.t, New York. President, ocll ’73 dtf Fortune teller.—Madame n. a Maddox, the celebrated Clairvoyant, Fortun Teller and Doctress, can be consulted at No. 3 Quin cy St. Madame M. has had large experience in tell Ing lortunes, searching out loBt, bidden or stolen treasures. «£rc., and was never known to be at fault Do not miss this opportunity of consulting the great est fortuneteller of the age. Persons entering intoam new business or profession, the conducting of which they do not understand, will find It to their advan tage to pay her a visit. She can foretell the destiny of friends in any part of the world and describe them perfectly. She also describes all manner of disease that flesh is heir to, and gives medicine for the same. She has given universal satisfaction to all who have consulted her in her constant travels .dnce she was seven years old. Good testimonials given if desired. Terms, Gents $1.00: LadieB 50 cents. Office hours rom 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. no9dti Centennial* THE Hotel Headquarters of the Maine Centennial Commissioners has been changed from the Unit ed States Hotel to the ‘'Grand Exposition Ho tel,” at the junction of Girard, Lancaster and Mon roe Avenues, within five minutes walk of the Cen tennial buildings. The Exhibition Headquarter! will be as heretofore announced, at the extreme east ern end of the Main Building. JOSHUA NYE, ) Maine } Centennial CHAS. H. HASKELL, J Commissioners. apr26 d2w PUFF! PUFF!! PUFF!! Magical Puzzle Box. Thousands of Magical Rings out o • this wonderful Box. Endless amusement foi the children Sent to any address, with full directions, on receipt oi 25c. LOTklDGE & CO., Dey Street, New York. _mhl5d&w6m Notice* 1 HEREBY forbid anyone harboriDg or trusting my wife, Jessie Rudman, on my account, for 1 will pay no debts of her contracting from this date, she having left my bed and board. ANDREW RUDMAN. April 21,1876.apr27d3t* Get the Genuine! Beware or Imitations THOMSON’S WOKLD-RENOWNED PATENT Glove-Fitting Corsets ! EACH corset! s Stamped ‘THOMSON” WITH TRADE. HARK A CROWN. They give entire satisfaction. Every lady who hai worn them recommends them. Be sure to get th‘ genuine, A novelty, Thomson’s patient fastening capped corset steels They are unbreakable, am their fastenings do not abraid the dress. For Fate to first class dealers everywhere. TIIOHstON LANIiDIIN A CO.. N. Mole Importer, and Patentee, for the C. M.fete0t!2w Tlie Greatest Selling Centennial Book It Oil COUNTRY RESOURCES Rich and complete in our thrilling hintory of 1041 years; and grand in vivid description* of all oui mighty resource* in agriculture, Commerce, min erals, manufactures, finances, government, curiosi ties, natural wonders, works of art, etc. Richly il lustrated and cheap. A MPLENDID VIEW of tho WORLD’* FOREMOMT NATION. No other book like it. Outsells mere histories five to one. AGEDfTM wanted quickly. Address HUB BARD BROS., Springfield, Mass. apr!2t4w LADY AGENTS WANTED. A few smart first-class Lady Agents wanted im mediately to canvass for the best selling a^icle of Ladies wear in the world. (Patented.) Large com mission. A new thing, and the field in open. Those having a small capital, and wishing to make money fa*t, should address at once, H. BUFFUM, North Berwick, Me. General Agent for the State of Maine. aprl2t4w 'The parties will do all they claim.’- N.Y. Weekly Sun, Jan. 12, lsifc LOOK The Wonderful Blessings of God on Labors of MOODY Ar MAN KEY in Europe and America. Best book and chance for men or '^4 women wanting a good business and do good M offered this year. Also new map9 of U. S. A., World and all Bible lands and Centennial W Combination. Apply at once to D. L. . GUERNSEY, Pub., Concord, N. KI. ” _apr!5d4wt FOG COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, AND ALL THROAT DISEASES, XJSK Wells’ Carbolic Tablets, PUT UP ONLY IN BLUE BOXES. A TRIED AND SERE REMEDY. For sale by Druggists generally, and GEO. C GOOD WIN & CO„ Boston, Mass. «Pf7___dtwt An agent just cleared 9199 first 3 weeks selling tie LIFE AND LABORS OF LIVOiGSTOK E ! Another WMO first 6 days. Over 30.000 copies of tbis alnnilonl l.ifc of tho Veteran Explorer told. 130,000 more needed by the people. A book of matchless interest, profusely illuMraled. amt very cheap. A roynl rhnnee for agents For proof and terms, address Hubbard Bros., Springfield Mass. apr20d4wt "The greatest Novel since Uncle Tom’s Cabin’’ says tho Boston Globe of THE NEW AMERICAN STORY ACH8AH: A New England Life-Study. By Rev. PETER PENNOT. 12mo, cloth. .§1.50 The manly, whole-souled, and devoted young cler gyman is no fancy sketch; Deacon Sterne, the sancti monious hypocrite; the plain talking old maid sister; the sneaking, spying aunt, are life-like and real, while the heroine, Am,All. is a lovely character, with whom the reader is in deep sympathy. These, with the various other characters ol the story, are so combined as to produce a book full of interest from begining to end. *#* Ready at all the Bookstores, and sent, i»ostpaid on receipt of price by the publishers. LEE & SHEPARD, ap25d4wt 41-45 Franklin SI., Boston. any smart man who wishes to make $2,000 a year on ’dsmaU capital to commence in our line of business. Hoofing in a Specialty. There is no one in your county who carries on the business. Von can R ni one week by studying our instructions, which we send to all who ask for them. Any man having $100 capital to start with, can purchase enough material to roof three orain;.rv houses. The sum realized from sale and profit on this supply, ad ded to the regular pay for labor as Roofer, should amount to not less than 9400. An expert man could easily do the work in nine working days. Two persons of small means can join together to advan tage; one canvassing, while the other attends to the work. Send for our book of Instruction (free if you write at once), and study it. Ask for terras. If you are unable to advance the money, present the matter to the principal storekeeper in your place, and talk it over with him. He will be glad to furnish the stock and divide the profit with you. We will guar antee the territory to th erirst responsible applicant Address N. V. Ml.ATE SK'HIEINO CO ' Limited, 4 Cedar St., N. Y., and mention. '* »I'25 <14wl RAILROADS. MAINE CENTRAL R. R. MONDAY, MAY I, 1876. Trains leave Portland for Ban f-w*' - Waterville. Belfast and Dexter at 112.35 a. m., 1.40 p. m. Skowbegan 1.35 and 1.40 p. in. Augusta, Hallowed, Gardiner, Brunswick t!2 35 JG.15 a. in., 1.40. 5.20 p. m. Rockland t6.15 a. m., 1.40 p. m. Bath J6 15 a. m., 1.40, 5.20 p. in. Lewiston 16.15 a. ni., 1.35, 5.05 p. m. Farmington 6.15 a. ni., 1,35 p. m. The fl2.35 a. m. train for Bangor makes close con nection with JE. & N. A. Railway foi St. John ami Haliiax. tPullman Sleeping Car attached. 1 Mixed. PAYSON TUCKER, Sup t. Portland, May 1, 1876. ap2<kltf EASTERN RAILROAD. On and after Monday, Oct. 11th, 1875, UNTIL, FURTHER NOTICE, TRAINS WILL LEAVE PORTLAND FOR Bohioii 2.C0 (except Mondays),9.00 a. m.,3.19 p. m. arriving at 6.15 a. m., 1.45. 7.55 p. ro.. in ample time to connect with New York and Western trains, Lyun, Nalnn, Newbury port and ll*nrt» mouth at 2.00 (except Mondays),9.00 a. m., 3.10 p. m. 4-loucrMtrr and llockpnrt at 9 a. m.f 3.10 p. m Borer at 9 a. m., 3.10 p. m. Woliboro Kocheater and tSreat Falla at 9 a. m., 3.10 p. in. ■Littery, Fliot. Nonth Berwick Junction, North Berwick, Well) and Kenuebuuk at 9 a. m., 3.10 p. m. Biddeford, Naco, West Ncarborou«ch, Ncar boronsh and Cape Elizabeth at 9 a. in. 3.10, 5.20 p. m. TRAINS FOR PORTLAND LEAVE Bohioii at 8.30 a. m., 12.30, 8.00 p. m., arriving In Portland at 1.15,5.00 p. m., 12.15 (except Mondays a. in. Lynn at 8.59 a. m., 12.58, 8.27 p. m. Nairn, at 9.12 a. m., 110, 8.40 p. in. | Portsmouth at 11 a. m., 2M, 10.14 p. m. ! Oover at 10.40 a. m., 4.45 p. in. I tSrrat Pull, at 10.22 a. m.. 4.19 p. m. Krnurbunk at 12.10, 4.03. 11.20 p. m. Biddeford at 8.00 a. m., 12.30, 4.20,11.38 p. m Sato at 8.05 a. m., 12.36, 4.25,11.42 p. m. EASTERN RAILROAD TRAINS! run directly through to points on the Maine Centra Railroad without transfer, and make direct connec tion in Portland with all Steamboats and Railroads diverging therefrom. Pullman Pnrlor and Nlrrping Para are run on all through trains. Stops for relreshmen made at the usual places, oelldtfGKO. BACHELDKB. Supt. PORTLAND & OGDENSBURG KK CHANGE OF TIME. NEW CONNECTIONS. On and after WEDNESDAY, 5*5*d, Inst. aad until farther notice. TRAINS WILL REN AS FOLLOWS GOING WEST. 8.15 A. R.—Passenger train from Portland for a stations, rnnning through without change to, St. Johnsbury, Danville. Hardwick. Morrisville. Hydo Park and Johnson, Vermont. Connects with 3. C. & M. R. R. for Lancaster, Whitefield, Littleton, Well's River, Montpelier, Burlington, St. Albans, &c., &c. 51.40 P. IR.—Passenger train from Portland for Upper Bartlett and intermediate stations. GOING EAST. 8.00 A. IR.—Passenger train from Upper Bartlett and intermediate stations, arriving in Portland at 11.15 a. m. 1.15 P. IR.—Passenger train from Fabyan's in connection with through train from Johnson, Vt., arriving in Portland at 5.45 p. m. STAGE CONNECTIONS. At White Rock for North Windham. At Sebago Lake for Standish Corner. At Baldwin for Cornish, Porter, Kezar Falls and Freedom, At Brownfield for Denmark and Bridgton. At Fryeburg for Lovell, Stowe and Chatham. ^•Freight trains leave Portland daily at 9.21 m. J. HAMILTON, Superintendent. Portland. Dec. 21. 1875.oct2*dtf Portland & Rochester R. R. On and after Monday, April, 3,1876, Iggggwrf Train* will run a. follow.: Leave Portland at 7.50 a. m.. n" 2.30, 4.00 and 6.20 p. m. 7.50 A. IR. Train stops at all stations between Portland and Rochester, and rnns through to Worcester. Arrives at Rochenter at 10.00 a. m., (where it connects with Eastern and Bos ton & Maine Railroads.) At Natihua at 11.47 a. m., Lowell 12.15 p. m., Ronton 1.15 p. m., Ayer Junction 12.40 p m., Fitchburg 1.25 p. m., and at Worcenter at 2.10 p. m., connecting with trains South and West. 51.30 P. IR. steamboat Express arrives at Rochester at 4.30 p, m., connects at E pping for Ranchester and €5oncord, at Nashua for Lowell and Boston, at Aver •unc tion for Fitchburg and Iloosac Tun nel Line at Worcester with Boston & Albany Railroad, and goes through New London without change of Cars, there connecting with the magnificent Steamers of the Norwich Line, arriving in New York at Pier No, 40, North River at 6 00 a. m. htate Rooms can be secured in advance at Barnes Bros., No. 28 Exchange Street and at the Depot. 4.00 •*. R. Train runs to Rochester, stopping at all stations. 6.5*0 P. R. Train runs to Gorham. RETURNING. Trains leave Rochester at 7.20, 11.15, 11.45 a. m.f and 8.50 p. m. 7.5*0 A. R. Stops at all Stations, arrives in Port land at 10 00 a m. 11.5*5 A. R Steamboat Express from New Lon don, leaving Norwich Line Steamers at 5.00 a. m., and Worcester at 8.00 a. m., stops at Springvale, Alfred, Saco River, Gorham, Sacca rappa and Westbrook, arrives in Portland at 1 20 p. m., makes close connection with the Maine Central and Grand Trunk Railroads. 11.45 A. R. Train is a freight train with Passen ger Car attached, stops at all Stations, and is due in Portland at 5.10 p. m. 8.50 P. R. Train is through from New York, stops at all Stations when signaled, arrives in Portland at 10.50 p. m. Local Train from Gorham at G.OO a. m., arrives in Portland at 6.40 a. m. , J. M. LUNT, Sunt. apt dtt HOTELS. EVANS HOUSeT Trent on t Street, BOSTON, MASS., Fronting the Common. The above House, lurnisbed rn mnilr, »with bath rooms, passenger elevator, Ac., {offers superior accommodations for families ; fThat w,s« to spent a tew weeks in the City. is located near the principal Retail Stores and Places of Amusement. Horse Cars pass the door to all parts of thQ.City A. L. HOWE, Proprietor. ma31 dim UUltiL, •function of Broadway, 7th Aye. and 4*Ad Sllrvei, NEW YORK CITY, Three blocks west of Grand Central Depot, near tbe Elevated Railroad, and but twenty minutes from Wall Street. A new and elegantly furnished Hotel all modem improvements. Rates $4 per day. Liberal terms to families. Free omnibus from Grand Central Depot. CHAS. E. LELAND, Proprietor Of Delevan House, Albany, N. Y., and Claben don Hotel, Saratoga. feb2ld&wly9 AUENTH WANTED* CENTENNIAL MEDALLIONS, Struck in solid Albata Plate, equal in appearance, wear and color, to SOLID NILVER OR SOLD. Presenting a large variety of beautiful Design. in relief. These Medallions are larger than a Silver Trade dollar, being If inch, in diameter, handsomely put up and sell readily at sight. The am valuable Monvcnir. and memento, ever iaaned. A complete outfit of magnificent samples lor agents, in velvet-lined Morocco case—including the Bust ot • George Washington.” Grand Entrance Interna tional Exhibition. Memorial Hall (Art Gallery). Horticultural Hall Mam Building, and the grand representation of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence (designed by Trumbull), in gilt-sent 5tal*ou teceipt of draft or Post 1 ittlce order for id.BO, or will ship by express C. O. D. upon receipt of express charges. Agents’ circular and Price List ami one sample sent upon receipt of 50c. immense profits. Sells at sight. Extensive fields for enter prise. Address U.S. MEDALLION CO., 212 Broadway, P. 0. Box 5270. New York. 111 nit) d«ftw6mll WESTMINSTER HOTEL, ON THE EUKOPHAN PLAN. Corner Irving ■‘lure nud ltili Hired, New York. One Block from Union Square and Broadway. The most central, and yet quietest location iu the city. Convenient to the great stores, theatres ami ohurcbes. Elevator and all modern improvements. Easy access to all parts of the city by street cars and stages. sep27d&wly40 C. B. FEKBIN, Prop. EDITH L Y L E . Ju.i I’nbli.hed—A splendid new novel bv Mrs Mary J- Holmes, whose other works are read and r»' read with delightful interest-iuoh as‘‘Ten S an,i RECORD YEAR. -lly7T,le !ffoM number (May) of this h ^ P°Pular monthly magazine ami dialy of iln£?irianr eiYen.ts.ant* current miscellany. A capital °* the choicest reading matter, and a superb steel portrait of Moody, the great Revivalist. Price, :>0 cents. W. CAREETON A CO., Publi»h«r*. >pr 15eodlm .TladiMon Nqunrr. New I ork. FOK SALE. Steam Engine sunt Boiler fjjlHE ENGINE an upright of about six horse J A power, ami an Upright Tubular Boiler of about loublo the power of the engine. Apply to W1L * LIAM LOWELL, 36 Union street or W. H. PEN 9 NELL Ot; CO., 36 Union street. ne£6<Ui.

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