Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 2, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 2, 1876 Page 3
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THE PRESS. TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 2,1S7«. THE I’UKMN May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros., Marquis, Brunei & Co., Andrews Wentworth. Moses, N. B. Kendrick, and Chisholn * aaV lraln8 tbat ran out of the city. . At Biddeford, of Phillsbury, At Saco, of L. Hodgdou, At WaterviUe, of J. S. Carter. • At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiaton, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. CITY AND VICINITY New Advertisements To-Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. City Hall—Haverly’s Minstrels, MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Davis & Co.—8. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Foster’s Forest City Dye House. Annual Meeting—Temiscouta Pine Land Co. To be Let-J. F Clark. V. W. Osgood—Test Meainm. » Dissolution of Copartnership. Freedom Notice—J. H. Rand. AUCTION COLUMN. Bankrupt Stock—F. O. Bailey & Co. Mortgagee’s Sale—F. O. Bailey & Co. PORTLAND POST OFFICE. C. W. GODDARD - - POSTMASTER. F. C. EMERY, - Chief Clerk OMce Hours. From 7.30 a m to 8.30 p m, Sundays excepted. Sundays open for Carriers and General Delivery from 9 to 10 a m. Portland, Me., May 1, 1870. Arrival aid Departure ol Hail*. Boston and intermediate offices. Arrive at 12.40 p. m. and 12.30 a. m. Close at 8.15 a m, and 1.30,2.30 and 9.00 p. m. Boston and the West. Arrive at 5.10 p m. Intermediate or Way Mails via Boston and Maine Railway. Arrive at 12.40 and 8.10 p m. Close at 8.15 a m and 2.30 p m. Great Southern and Western. Arrive at 12.40 p. m. and 12 JO a m. Clow at 8.15 a m, 2.30 and 9.00 p. m. Bangor, Mattawamkeag, and connecting routes. Arrive at 2.00 p. m. Close at 12.30 p. m. Augusta and connecting routes. Arrive at 9.00 a. m. and 2 00 p. m. Close at 12.30 and 5.00 p. m. Morning Northwestern by G. T. R. Arrive at 8.40 a m. Close at 6.30 a. m. Lewiston and Auburn. Arrive at 0.00 a. m., 2.00 and 6.30 p. m. Close at 5.45 a m, 12.30 and5.00 p. m. Rochester, N. H., and intermediate offices. Arrive at 1.30 and 11.25 p m. Close at 7.30 a m, and 2.00 pm. North Conway and other offices on the P. & O. R K. Arrive at 11.25 a m, and 5.55 p m. Close at 7.45 a. m. and 2.10 d m. UJ tbe Brulgton Stage. Arrive at 3 p m. Clese at 6.50 a m. Eaatport, via each steamer. Arrive at 6.00 a m. Close at 5.00 p m. Castine, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, Mount Desert, Mill bridge, Jouesport and Macbias, via each steamer Arrive at 6 a m. Close at Bp m. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward’s Island. Arrive Thursday at 6 a m. Cleae Saturday at 5.00 p m. Foreign Mails per Allan Line direct close every Saturday at 3 p m. Foreign Malls, via New York, day previous to sail ing ol steamers. Close at 2.30 p m. Express, Angnsta, Bangor and the East, Arrive •t 2.00 am. Close at 9.00 p m. Skowhegan, intermediate offices and the north. Arrive at 2.00 p. m. Close at 12.30 p. m. Skowhegan closed poach closes at 9.00 p m. Canada and Intermediate offices, via G. T. R. Ar rive at 2.30 p. m. Close at 12.45 p m. Uaited States Circuit Ceurt. BEFORE JUDGE SHEPLEY. Monday.—Trial juries were impanneled as fol lows: First Petit Jury—William Dickey, foreman; Na thaniel E. Keene, William D Downes, Nathan Pike, Henry Kimball, John A. Nadeau, Kiehard Biaisdell, Leander A. Dow, John N. Newcomb, William M. C. Philbrook, William Smith, 3d, John F. Mason. Second Petit Jury—George Keating, Joseph M. Marston, William Merriam, Melville C. Marsh, Da vid S. Farris, Hayes Pinkham, James McKenney, Santord Delano, Andrew J. Genthner, William L. White* Abraham W. Johnsons, John B. Voter. Supernumeraries—Stephen H. Dow, John D. Sum man. ,_ Brief Jottings. Ill fares the town to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth grows rank upon its own decay. And advertisers dwindle day by day. It docs look as though we might have a guiet Centennial Fourth of*July. The season at the >fu-eum closes on the 13ih Inst YesteYday was May Day. The callow youth who started out with Geutle Annie for May flowers thinking that spring time had come, declared that it was November, and cold at that. The Lewiston and Auburn people are right on hand with their programme for the celebra tion of tbe Fourth. Raymond’s juvenile class will give an exhibi tion at City Hall next Monday evening. The papers all speak highly of Buffalo Bill and Texas Jack. They appear at Music Hall Friday and Saturday evenings aud Saturday afternoon. Tbe sale of seats commences Wed nesday morning. Crocker will play on the Taunton Nine this Season. The afternoon train over the Grand .Trunk does not now connect with the trains over the Eastern road. Jonas Phillips, six years of age, whose par ents reside on Danforth street, was run over by a jigger Saturday afternoon, and his thigh fractured. Mrs. J. B. Mathews caught her boot-heel iu tbe carpet at tbe head of a flight of stairs at her residence on Cumberland street, Saturday night, and fell the entire flight injuring* her wrist badly. ■The records at the City Clerk’s office indicate 31 intentions of marriage and 65 deaths, re corded daring the month of April. Yesterday was not a real nice day to go May ing. Rather too chilly. Haverly’s Minstrels put out very attractive posters. The annual meetiug of tbe Masouic bodies commences this morning. Messrs. Freeman and McKenney have par chased the Hannah Watts lot on Cumberland street, and contemplate bnilding a block of two story mansard roof houses. The “May Day Riot” referred to in last night’s Advertiser tarns ont to be a very small disturbance between very small boys. Real Estate Transfers.—'Tho following are me real esiaic irausieio iccuiucu iu iuw * county yesterday: Freeport—Lot of land containing seventy four acres, and buildings tbereon, from Mary J. Townsend to Edgar C. Curtis. Gray—Lot of land containing one acre, with buildings thereron, from Martha and Simon Fogg to Warren Thayer. Portland—Lot and buildings on Avon street from William and John W. Burrows to Aurin I* Dresser. Bridgton—Lot of land from William P. Tromble to Eliza Bacbellor. Freeport—Lot of land from Jeremiah J. Plummer to Sarah B. Grant. Portland—Lot on Cumberland street from Deborah Small to Loring D. Austin. Lot on Cumberland street from Deborah Small to Orlow W. Fullam. One undivided half of a lot of land on Wil mot street from Jnlia E. D. Carroll and Geor gianna W. Bay to Benjamin T. Libby. Lot and buildings on Briggs street from John W. Deering to William McLaughlin. . Westbrook—Lot and buildings from Abner G. Bickford to Charles W. Foye. Lot of land in Saccarappa Village from Emma L. and Abba Engenia Haskell to John Cloudman and Leander Valentine. Fiue Department Items.—It seems that the Committee on Fire Depaitment are and have been in favor of moving one of the hook and ladder trucks up town, but the last city government refused to vote mouey enough to defray the expenses of the removal. It is not at all lixely that the Washington track will be moved into the house on Market * street forth very good reason that the house is not long enongb, nor can it be made snitable fer it. The iron post in the centre of the House on India street is to be removed to give more room in driving in and out. Narrow Escape.—As the train due here at 6.15 last evening over the Ogdensburg road was coming around a sharp curve about a mile this side of White Bock, an intoxicated man was discovered on the track. The engineer whistled down brakes, but it was impossible to stop the train before it reached where the man was staudiog. Just as the locomotive was to Btrike the man he staggered from the track and the train went whizzing past. The engi neer says that a second more would have cosl the man his life. Mechanic Association.—At a recent meet ing of Mechanic Association the following com mittees were appointed: Library—J. M. Peck, A. H. Waite. Stepbei K. Marsh. Auditing—G.-A. Harmon, F. Pray, M. A, Blanchard. Hall—George C. Littlefield, J. M. Peck, W. K. Staples. • Estimates—M. A. Blanchard, F. Pray, Am brose Giddiugs. Orchard Beach Eailroad.—The stock holders of the Orchard Beach Bailroad Com pany met at Saco yesterday and received quite a number of subscriptions for stock, It ie thought that the road can be completed by the middle of June ready for business. The stock holders will not attempt to equip the road leaving that for the Boston & Maine road. Bodv Found.—While workmen were engag ed in burying a body in the Western Gemeter yesterday, the body of a male infaDt was foun concealed in the shubbery. Coroner Goul was notified and be ordered the body buriei It was not known whether it was still-born c not. CITV AFFAIRS. Regular monthly .meeting of the City Council. Last evening the regular monthly meeting of the City Council was held, nearly all the mem bers of both branches being present. BOARD or MAYOR AND ALDERMEN. Petitions presented and refeired—Of F. F. Hale, et als., for sidewalk on Cross street; of J. W. Clark et als., for lamp at corner of Con gress and Monroe ; of J. N. Winslow et als for change of draw on Tukey’s bridge; of G. T. Morse for fire alarm bell on Munjoy Hill; of Jas. Clapp for continuation of Casco street sewer; of J. W. Lowe, et als.,for sewer on Deer street; of N. W. Lowe for damage to scow; of Edwin Bovnton et als., for grading of Morning street; of W. E. Coleman et als., for sewer on Lafayette street; of A. E. Eaton for same on Merrill street; of Daniel Coffin et als , for sidewalk on Congress street from Lafayette to North; of Littlejohn & Pettengill to maintain a steam boiler at No. 8 Market street. The following petitions were granted: Leave to erect wooden buildings—Francis Higgins on St. Lawrence street; John Ahern on Franklin street; Tbos. Wildes, corner of State and Sher man streets; W. H. Hoyt on Federal street; L. D. Austin and O. W. Fullam on Cumberland street; Geo. B. Weeks on Vesper street; Morse & Pennell, corner of Peal and Newbury streets. A remonstraace was presented by M. A. Blanchard against granting W. F. Spear per mission to build a stable on Carter street. Reports of Committees—Of the Committee on Claims, reporting that $300 be paid Samuel Lincoln for damage by fall on the sidewalk; of same committee, reporting in favor of paying Mrs. H. Moore for damage sustained by stop page of a culvert; of same committee, report ing leave to withdraw on petition of Mrs. Lu cinda Sawyer far damage sustained by fall on the street; of the Street Committee, that Tur ner street be made safe apd convenient for travel at a cost of $125, and that the request for the grading of Quebec, Howard and Emer son streets be not granted; of the Committee on Public Grounds, that the petition of Amos Winslow et als., that the old buildings and rubbish on the market stand be removed, be granted with an order carrying the same into effect;of the Street Committee,reporting that it is not expedient to pave Congress Square with wood; of the same in favor of grading Sher man street from High to Green, with order; of same for the paving of the other side of Spring street with wood, with order for same fixing the price of pavement at $1.75 per square yard; of K-raiaij v^uaiuim.ce, uAiu^ mo salaries ur eitjr officers (same as last year, excepting that of 3d Assistant Civil Engineer, being paid $500 in stead of $300.) The Mai or presented a communication from James Bailey, Esq., resigning the position of Trustee of Evergreen Cemetery, The resigna tion was accepted and the Mayor appointed Geo. A. Wright, Esq., which nomination was confirmed by the Aldermen. Licenses Granted—The following persons were licensed as victualers: H. M. Parker, L. IX Cole, Charles Erras, Frank Fisher, L. B. Twitchell, L. P. Hooper. C. E. Chase, Wm. Foster, Chas. H. Lord, Stephen Johnson, Ru fns H. Waite. The following were licensed as innholders:— Enos Gray, C. H. Adams, John K. Martin, T. Wolcott & Ce., M. S. Gibson & Co , Geo. E. Ward and Leander Stevens. The petition of John Sheridan for a victual er’s license was not granteu. A communication was received from the City Auditor transmitting the estimates for the ensuing year. The communication was referred to a joint select committee, and the Mayor ap pointed (Messrs. Waterhouse, Cnshman aud Greeley on the part of the upper Board. Orders Passed—Appropriating $500 for Light Infantry; appropriating $2800 to purchase land for enlargement of Evergreen Cemetery; fixing salaries of city officers; appropriating $5000 for Fourth of July celebration; fixing the Mayor’s salary at $1500; authorizing Street Committee to purchase 300,000 bricks and 3000 feet of curb s tone. COMMON COUNCIL. The papers of the upper branch were dispos ed of in concurrence except the order relative to the Mayor’s salary, which Mr. Cunningham desired to be fixed at $2500, and a majority seemed disposed to do so. Finally the matter was referred to a joint select committee. The Mayor on being questioned expressed his aver sion to an appropriation of more than $1500 for that purpose. The order appropriating $5000 for Fourth of July, after considerable discussion was amend ed so as to approptiate $350. The action was taken on the ground that it is too late to get up a creditable celebration. The vote amending stood 10 to 9. The order appropriating $2800 to purchase land for the Cemetery was tabled. Messrs. Brown, Gallison, Bussell, Roberts and Cunningham were appointed. IN CONVENTION. Messrs. C. E. Jose and James Bailey pre sented the necessity of making a purchase of 10 acres of land for Evergreen Cemetery at a cost of $2800. Hotel Arrivals.—'The hotels were full last evening,there being a large number of arrivals, many of them being Masons who are to attend the annual meetings to-day and to-morrow. At the Falmouth we find J. Robinson, Ox ford; F. T. Faulkner, Turner, and John H. Webster, Norridgewock. At the Preble there were upwards of 100 ar rivals, including R. E. Paine, Camden ; W. A. Pendleton, Lincolnville; Albert Moore and Benj. Adams, North Anson; S. F. Berry, Hamilton; J, W. Fitzgerald, Dexter; Charles J. Collemore, Bangor; W. A. Allen, Union; C. G. Maffitt and L. Weeks, Rockland. There were a large number of arrivals at the United States, and the majority of them were Masons. A f «1ia Pittr TTntol moa ■ -vf chants consisting of George P. Hardy, S. R. Rutherford, J. P. Clement, C. H. A. Stafford, C. L. Burke and W. R. Howe, from Marisville, Vt.; also A. P. Peck of New York, and A. T. Bennett of Boston. Personal. Hon. S. J. Chadbourne, Secretary of State, . is in town for the purpose of attending the Masonic meetings. The Augusta Journal says that Rev. Dr. Ricker has returned from Danville, N. Y.,with improved health, and will resume his labors as Secretary of the Maine| Baptist Missionary Convention. Rev. Mr. Bicknell left this city yesterday on his vacation. He goes to'Boston, New York and Philadelphia, stopping at the latter place during the opening of the Centennial. He will be gone during the present month, and his desk will be occupied by Rev. Mr. Fletcher of Exeter, Mass., the first Sunday, Rev. Mr. Shinn of Massachusetts, the second, Rsv. Mr. Bradley of Massachusetts, the third, and Rev. Mr. Gage of Lewiston, the fourth Sunday. The Weather.—The following is the re port of the weather for April: Barometer mean, 29.92 Thermometer monthly meam, 43. Humidity monthly mean, 64. Highest barometer, 30 41. Lowest harometer, 29.46. Monthly range of barometer, .95. Highest temperature, 64 degrees. Lowest temperature, 27 degrees. Monthly range of temperature. 37 degrees. Greatest daily range of temperature, 25 degrees. Mean of maximum temperatures, 50 degrees. Mean of minimum temperatures, 36 degrees. Mean daily range of temperatures, 14 degrees. Total rainfall, or melted snow, 2:59 inches. Prevailing wind, N. W. Total nuniher of miles! travelled, 6,392. Maximum velocity of wind, 34 miles per hour 2lst. Number of cloudy days, other than those on which rain fell, 3. Number of days on which rain or snow fell, 15. Slight Fire.—A number of children got playing with matches yesterday morning in the garret of the house owned by Daniel Brown opposite the Obseivatory, and the re sult was that a brisk fire was seen underway. Word was sent to the engine house across the street and Mr. Cousins succeeded Id putting out the fire before much damage was done. It was a narrow escape for the house and its con tents. Snow.—About ten inches of snow fell yester day morning along the line of the Ogdensburg road, and in some places the storm was quite severe. There was quite a fall of suow at Island Pond on the Grand Trunk road Sunday night and yesterday morning. Six inches of snow fell in the town of Brooks on Sunday, and two more yesterday morning. Second Parish Fair.—The May Day party at City Hall yesterday afternoon and last even ing was a very successful affair. The exhibi tion of spinning and quilting was very interest ing. In the evening there was an Old Folks’ concert, Chandler’s band furnishing the instru mental music. A press of matter forbids at extended notice. Reward.—The bundles of the Press sent t< ■ Bath over the Maine Central were stolen fron i the baggage car between this city aDd theii l place of destination. We hereby offer a rewart 1 of $50 for such evidence as will lead to the de tection of the sneak thieves who take our pa r pers from the cars on any railroad line or from any place where they are left for the owners. Mr. Wyer’i Benefit. The Museum was crowded last evening 01 the occasion of the complimentary benefit t the proprietor and manager, Mr. I. T. Wyei That gentleman must have felt highly gratifiei at the evidence of shown of the appreciation ii which his efforts during the season are held and very proud of the cordial manner in whicl it was expressed. The play given was Boucicault’s now cel e brated Irish drama, “The Shaughraun,” a pla; which commands success whenever presentei because of the wealth of its incident, thi strength of its situations, the smartness of it dialogue, and the variety of its scenery. 1 was brought out at the Museum with carefu preparation and great attention to detail, an< with remarkable scenic effects. Mr. Richard fairly surpassed himself, especially in the firs act, which was a rapid succession of fine scenes and in the old tower prison of the second act So far as regards scenic appointments “Thi Shaugraun” has justice done, and is put on ii a manner unexcelled this season at the Mnse urn. On the acting, some of which was excellent and much good, we have not time to dwell thi morning, though we cannot omit to mentioi Mr. Wheelock’s fine characterization of thi oareless, rollicking and warm-hearted Irisl vagabond, a characterization which great); tickled the fancy of the house, and brought hin an enthusiastic call before the curtain at tb close of the second act. Worthy of particula mention, too, was Miss Ulmer’s “Moya,” whicl was both tender and vivacious. At the end of the third act loud calls wen made for Mr. Wyer, and that gentleman ap peared before the curtain and briefly thankei the audience for their attendance. As he wai about to withdraw Mr. Barton stepped forwarc and handed him a pocket-book containing $359 a gift from eitizens of Portland, and a heav; gold, blood-stone ring, aDd elegant Odd Fellowi jewel, testimonials from the attaches of thi theatre. This evening and until further notice, “Thi Shaughraun” will be repeated. This eveninf Mr. Ohandler, of Chandler’s Band, has tender ed to Mr. Grimmer of the orchestra a bant concert in honor of Mr. Wyer. The concer will open at ten minutes of eight and continui for a half hour, the hand appearing on the stag! in full uniform. The Reception.—The reception this evening promises to be a grand affair. The hall will bi splendidly decorated and will present a fine ap pearance. The doors will be opened at sever o’clock. There will be a band concert by tb< Portland Band from 7.30 to 8.30, of which thi following will be a programme: Selection—“Orphee aux Enters”.Offenbacl Polka—Trombone.Boulcour Fantasia—Operatic Themes.E. Beye Galop.Fate Potpourri—Reminiscences of Verdi.Helnlcki Waltz—“Language ot Flowers”.Cooti Grand Medley—"Ye Olden Times”.E. Beye The reception committee with ladies wil meet at the Mayor’s office at 7.30. The recep tion of Gov. Connor and General Cbamberlair will take place about 8 o’clock. Judge Shepley Hon. C. W. Goddard, Hon. J. H. Drummond, Col. E. Moore, Gen. C. P. Mattocks were ap' pointed a committee to receive the guests at the Falmouth Hotel and escort them to the City Hall. The general and reception commit tees are to meet at the Mayor’s office and await the arrival of the Governor and Staff, and thi committee in charge will escort the ladies t( seats reserved for them. The special commit tee with the General and Staff will then pro ceed to the platform, where they will be wel corned by Col. Cobb. Charles E. Jose, Esq., Col. J. W. Starbird, C. C. Harmon, Esq., J. O Winship, Esq., and W. H. Millikon, Esq., ar< appointed a committee to take charge of thi Governor and Staff in connection with the ex ecutive committee. At the close of the formal reception, about i o’clock, the company will form for the granc march. At ten o’clock supper will be served tc the invited guests. The order of dances is a very elaborate affair being printed on delicate buff paper, the cor nets bearing likenesses of George and Martin Washington. They are gotten up by Messrs. Ford & Perry. Centennial Tickets.—Mr. Joseph W. Pet ers. the General Ticket Agent of the Portlanc & Rochester, has already issued tickets frou Portland to Philadelphia via the Portland & Worcester, Norwich line, and Pennsylvania Railroad. The price of such tickets is $15 foi the rouxd trip, if passengers take the Centen. nial excursion trains, and $10 for the express trains over the same. The train leaving this city over the Rochester at 2.30 p. m. will ena. ble passengers to reach Philadelphia at about ten o'clock the next day. The station in Phil adelphia is near the Exposition grounds. The Bekger Family.—The Berger Family and Sol Smith Russell will return to the city tomorrow evening and give a concert at City Hall. Those who listened to this troupe whei here last February, will be sure to attend, as il is undoubtedly one of the best entertainmenti we have. Tickets can be secured at Stock bridge’s. _ St. Nicholas Fair —The fair to be given b; the St. Nicholas circle opens at No. 13 Pari street this morning and continues two days am evenings. There will be a fine display of fanci articles for sale, and they should have libera patronage. Alfred Business Changes.—W. H. Conan Esq., of Portland, has sold his well known store in Alfred to Mr. Beniamin Leavitt Messrs. Warren & Co., who have been occupy ing the Conaut store, have sold their stock to Messrs. B. & A. Leavitt. Installation.—The officers elect of Foresi City Temple of Honor No. 1, will be publicl; installed on Wednesday evening next. Music speeches, &c., will constitute the programme and a most enjoyable time is anticipated. Fatal Accident.—Mr. Joseph Eastman employed in Richardson’s mill at Carroll, or the line of the Ogdensburg, was caught in : belt and instantly killed on Saturday. He wa thrown quite a distance and all of his ribs wer broken. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY The Journal says that the case for damage sustained by a girl from machinery at Andros coggin Mills has been decided against the cor poration. The girl recovers $1000 damages. KENNEBEC COUNTY. Rev. Stephen Allen, the new superintenden of the Maine Industrial School for Girls, ha entered upon the duties of bis office. The Journal chronicles an act of crnelty t animals, which occurred in the town of Vassal boro. A man went to a neighbor’s for the put pose of swapping horses. Neither of the horse are very valuable. The man offered a trade agreeing to pay $10 “boot.” He then took thi animal and started for home, when becomini exasperated from, some cause he took th horse into a field or by the roadside, and com menced to abuse it shamefully. He took i fence stake, beat in its skull, punched out a: eye, cut its throat with a knife, aod left thi poor animal dead, in which condition it wa r_J 1__ L — PENOBSCOT COUNTY. The third term of Orono College began 01 Monday. The Eastern express office at Bangor con tains a bunch of cedar shingles, each sbingl of which is 22 inches wide. The Whig says Daniel F. Davis of Corinth bad his leg broken in two places Saturday, b the falling of a rearing borse upon him. The BaBgor City Council is investigating th< building of the dam at Treat’s Falls, in whicl it has an interest. The oration on Decoration Day at Dexter i to be delivered by Rev. L. L. Hanscom, pasto of the Methodist church in that place. The Whig says Geo. B. Getchell. late of Ce F. 4th Me. Regiment, died at the Frankli House Friday morning at4 o’clock, aged 5S He has no relatives nearer than a cousin, bu was kindly cared for in his last hours by soci of his fellow soldiers. He had received a fui lough from the Soldiers’ Home to visit Oldtow but his sickness prevented him from goiDg fui than Bangor. A, Chase of Pittsfield has been sentenced t five years in state prison for burglary in tow of Unity. SOMERSET COUNTY. The organization of the Skowhegan Blain Club has been perfected by the election of Co A. W. Wildes as President; L. H. Webb, S. i Walton, Ii. B. Shepherd, and H. Bigelow a Vice-Presidents; C. A. Woodbury, Secretary O. A. Priest, Treasurer: and Dr. J. S.Cushinr Col. A. W. Wildes, L. L. Wilton, John Wei ton and M. H. Hilton, Executive Committei WALDO COUNTY. Rev, D. F. Estes, son of Rev. Dr. Hiram C Estes, has accepted the call extended to hit to become pastor of the Baptist church in Be fast. WASHINGTON COUNTY. The Machias Republican says that a fin harkentine named the Bonny Doon, wa launched from Martin Shaw’s yard on Tuesda last. She measures 570 tons. The Machias Republican says that lumber moving briskly, but not at remunerative price but it must be sold. The Republican says the careful driver of tl mail from West Pembroke to Calais and Rot inston, lost the mail out of his wagon, and has not been found. In the loDg pending case of the city of Cala against C. R. VVhidden, to recover 51500, whic the city claimed was collected by him and not paid over when acting for tho city, the jury re turned a verdict for the defendant. Ladies wishing for the choicest colors and best fitting kid gloves, should call at Davis & Co’s., where they will find a full assortment in evening and street kids. F. O. Bailey & Co. will sell at 10 o’clock to day, at salesroom on Exchange street,the stock and fixtures of the Boston & Maine dining sa loon. See auction column. Ladies balbriggan ho3e, fancy and silk clocked, and fancy striped balbriggan hose. Also a large assortment of children’s fancy hose. Davis & Co. Miss S. J. Clough, 561 Congress street, having just returned from New York, has a nice assortment of dress trimmings, including silk fringes, worsted fringes, buttons, &e., in the latest styles. mayl 2t Mrs. Moody’s abdommal corset in all sizes at Davis & Co’s. Members of the medical profession prescribe in their family practice DR. BULLOCK’S KIDNEY REMEDY, NEPHRETIOUM, for expelling Bright’s Disease, Dropsy, Kidney, Bladder and Glandular affections from the sys tem. may2eodawlw 3-18-33-48 Corsets.—All the desirable makes, at Davis & Co’s. Madame Foy's corset, only one dollar, at Davis & Co’s. Did you know it? Kid gloves only one dol lar, 2 button, at Davis & Co’s. Heavy silk fringes, all new, at Davis & Co’s. Worsteds, fifteen cents per ounce, at Davis & Co’s. SILVER! SILVER! RESUMPTION — OF — SPECIE. We take pleasure in informing our customers and the public that we are making change in specie for Goods bought at our store. | Our stock is Strictly First Class, and sold as Low as the Lowest! Four Good Reasons why yon shonld Trade with W.L. Wilson & Co FIRST.—We buy our Goods direct from First Hands, and conse quently buy at the very Lowest Prices. SECOND.—We have the Largest and Host Complete Stock of Goods in this section to select from. And yon can always find at our Store JUST WHAT YOU WANT. THIRD.—We propose to make all onr customers our friends, war. ranting every article we sell. And if it does not prove satis factory, money refunded. FOURTH.—We can and do sell BEST GOODS for the LE1ST HONEY, and are confident we can convince everybody of that fact who will give us a trial. You will save Money 1 by giving us a call, as we intend to adhere to onr motto, BEST GOODS AT BOTTOM PRICES and Warranted to Please. Corner Exchange and Federal Streets, JM u, mu. | ap27 dtf ’ Ladies’ Fine Boots! in all tlie leading styles, including the Seamless Side Lace Boots —ut— , FRENCH AND AMERICAN KID. Ladies’ Fine Roots in all Widths a Specialty. j Also a line of the celebrated Newark Hand Hewed Work for Gents' wear. I No. 1 Elm Street. > PBEBLKDAVIS^' } LEAVITT & DAVIS. {[^“Measures taken for Ladies' and Gent's boots. apr20eodtf ; HEALTH LIFT ! ’ A THOROUHGH GYMNASTIC SYSTEM | — FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN TEN MINUTES ONCE A DAY. Doubles the strength in three months. Do^s not » fatigue nor exhaust. Refreshes and invigorates. Removes dyspepsia and indigestion. Tones the ner vous system. Improves the circulation. Warms the - extremities. Increases the general vitality. 1 Exercise and Halesroom, 237 Middle Street, Portland, Me J. H. G ALBERT, Proprietor* | no25_ tf ■ HOT BISCOIT. BOLLS AND TEA BREAD j Every Afternoon at 3 O’clock, r -at - «. W. SMARDON & CO,’S BAKERY, ■ W A8HIHGTON NT. NEAR CONGRESS. Baked Beans and Brown Bread every Sunday ; Morning. K. W. S MAE DON <& CO. j ty*Argus copy.apri9dtf FOR SALE, Steam Engine and Boiler. rinHE ENGINE an npright of about sir hors* ’ X power, and an Upright Tubular Boiler of about 1 louble the power ot the engine. Apply* to WIL LI AM LOWEI.U, 36 Union street or W. H. PEN NELL & CO., 38 UnloB street. 'ne28dtL ! CHARCOAL. * WANTED 1000 Bushels Hard Wood Charcoal at 9 f ? Eastern Railroad. Address 772 Portland ; Post Ofhce, or PALMER CLARK, Corner Portland , and Grove Sts., Portland, Mondays. aprl8dtf ■ WINDOW SHADE S 40c and upwards, at i PIKE’S, 53 Exchange Street. . apr25_ <jim» BO AND TINTED BRISTOL CARDS, with name, ilOc, or 60 Snow } Flake, Mtt ole, Damask, Rep, Plaid and Scotch gran ite, 40c. Address, WM. H. WEEKS, 34 Lisbon Street, Lewiston. (Please state what paper you saw y thtom._jink&Wtf s $10 Per Day i, P~1AN be made by energetic salesmen with our « goods. Call at 42J Exchange Street, between 9 and 10 A. M., or enclose $1.00 foi sample, directions, e &c., to Box 1932, Portland, Maine. ja^Odeodtf 1 To Let. s A SUIT of rooms without board. .Apply at No U ax 47 Danforth Street. my24dtli« NEW ADVERTISEMENTS, Please tell the people that you saw theii advertisement in the PRESS, the circula' tion of which, per mouth, exceeds 100,000 ANNUAL MEETING. TIIE annual moeting of the ‘‘Temiscouta Pin, Land Co.” will be held at Office of A. E Stevens & Co., on WEDNESDAY P. M. at ; o’clock, May 10th. 1st—For the choice of officers. 2nd—To consider any proposition, wbioh may la submitted for the purchase of the property or tin Company. 3rd—Eor the transaction of any other businesi duly presented at said meeting. N. O. CRAM. Clerk. Portland, May 2d. my2dtd. FOSTER’S Forest City I>ye House 13 PREBLE STREET. Air Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Clennsini and Feather Bed Renovating. Orders received at the Dye House or by Mail. Dyeing and Cleanning a* usual. my 2_ naeodlm Dissolution Of Copartnership. THE copartnership heretofore existing between David W. Kincaid and Walter J. Rover, unde, the firm of KINCAID Sc ROYER, was dissolved bj mutual consent. David W. Kincaid is authorized t< settle all claims against, and to receive all amount! due, the aboue named firm. DAVID W. KINCAID, WALTER J. ROYER. C. E. Ferry, April 21, 1876. my2dlw* V. W. OSGOOD, TEST MEDIUM, 407 Cumberland Street, Portland, Me, my2 d2wis* To be Let. A NEWLY painted house upon Congress Street, nearly opposite the Cathedral. Rent #260 pel year. Gas and Sebago. Inquire at No. 65 Ex change Street. J. F. CLARK. my2 d3t Freedom Notice. NOTICE is hereby given that I have this day sold my son, Samuel Rand, his time, and shail here after claim none of his earnings or pay any of hb debts. J. H. RAND. Standish, May 1, 1876. my2ii3t* WM. E. DENNISON r has removed from 236 COMMERCIAL STREET — TO — 118 COMMERCIAL ST., HEAD LONG WHARF. COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner cllii. it Twlur Old firm nomd ol 1 SARGENT. DENNISON it CO., , and have taken the stand at Long Wharf, 118 Commercial St.} where they will oontinne the business of Wholesale and Retail Dealers — IN — COAL AND WOOD; and would he pleased to see all their former patrons and as many new ones as may favor us with a call. EDWARD H. SARGENT. WILLIAM E. DENNISON, Portland, May 1,1876.myldtf HEADQUARTERS — FDR — Chamber Furniture. DARLING & HUNT, Manufacturers of and Dealers in ASU & PALMED CHAMBER SETS. — ALSO — PIECE GOODS, — SUCH AS— Bcdilradi, Bureau*, Mink*, Waslistands Wardrobe*, Cane and Wood Meat Chair*; Spring Bed*, mattresse*, mirrors, Eiten* ■ion Table*. Kitchen Tables, Lounges Feathers, Ac. We manufacture our own gpods and warrant then to be first-class in every respect. Call and see toi yoarselves. Furniture repaired and repainted U order. Warehouse 27 1-2 & 29 Market St. J. T. DARLING. C. M. HUNT. apr20 — ' d2w MUSIC ! ADDRESS ALL ORDERS t . t —TO— r. . , Collins & Buxton, 522 Congress St., Portland., Me. dolldly Spring Goods I Spring Hosiery in every style can be tound at ■RT 1 A /M 1 .. jxeisonatiouias 303 CONGRESS ST. Also a full line of FRANKEN BERG KID GLOVES in all lh< latest Spring shades, apr20eodtf PORTLAND Paper Box Company! has decided to resume the manufacture of Pape Boxes, and has takeu Chambers NO. 48 UNION STREET, where he will be bappy to see bis old customers. PORTLAND PAPER BOX CO., ap26dlm* No. 4S Union Street. GRASS SEED. • e ‘ TSTE have now on band an extensive Stock o Tv Prime Berds Grass, Red Tnp Clover Alslke Clover, Orchard Grass, Him Grave, Hungarian Graa* and HIlllet Seed which we oiler at the Lowed Cash Prices. W also have a large assortment of Vendable am Plower Seeds. Kendall & Whitney. ...PORTLAND, ME, m Drug Store for Sale —A T— YARMOUTH, MAINE. THE Stock and Fixtures of a Retail Drug Store consisting of Drug*, Patent medicine* all iu good order, and will be sold at a bargaii to a ChMh Customer. Address W, E. THOITBy Yarmouth, ap28dlw or S. B. GRAVES, Portland, Me. BEFORE BUYING A SEWING MACHINE, be sure and see the NEW PHILADELPHIA or TKIUNE, Which sells at 40 per cent, less than other first clas Shuttle Machine. Call, or 9ent for Circulars aud Samples of Work, at No. a Casco St. ”1*15 AGENT! WANTED. d3m SIMONDS’IltDIA street DYE House, "r*!:: ?'?! Cotton and Wool Dressei Dyed Without Ripping. aprlt _ 2m . WANTED. A capable, healthy and kind dlspositioned woma to take the care of an Aged Lady boarding i a pleasant locatiou iu this City. Apply betwee 2 and i o’clock at NO. 217 COMMERCIAL STREET. »p26 isdlw * _REMOVAL. REMOVAL. JOHN M. HOYEY, — WILL ON — ' MONDAY, MAY 1, Remove to the United States Hotel Hair Dressing Rooms, where he has increased facilities lor doing business, and will be pleased to see his old patrons and the public in general. I shall continue mv former popular prices—Shav ing, 10 cts; Hair Cutting, 25 cts; Champooing, free. OPR MOTTO—Strict attention to busi ness makes Success. JOHN M. HOVEY, Tailed State. Hotel Hair Dressing Saloon. ; ap27 __dtw REMOVAL. Foster’s Forest City Dye House From 4 Union Hi., lo 13 Preble Ht«, ap3 near Congress. (ltf REMOVAL. H. S. Kaler & Co., Have ltemoved from NO. 3 FREE ST. BLOCK TO No. 259 Middle St., 2 Doors aboFe Bines Brothers, direct* ly opposite H, H. Hay & Co., Where they will be pleased to wait on their friends and the public in general. The largest stock ot MILLINERY to be tonnd in this City, at prices lo meet the times. H.S. Kaler & Co., 259 MIDDLE ST. ap29 dtf STONE & DOWNER, CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS AND FORWARDERS, UTO. 28 STATE) ST., — AND — Centre Desk, Rotunda, Custom House, BOSTON. Particular attention siren to the enter ing and forwarding of merchandise arriving at PORT OF BOSTON, also New York, Philadelphia and Portlaud. Haring unsurpassed facilities, we are prepared to forward goods with prompt ness and dispatch. Business entrusted to onr care will receive prompt attention. STONE & DOWNER, 28 State St., Boston. ap5 deodGm Price Twenty-five Cents. Newspaper Advertising. NINETY-NINTH EDITION. Containing a complete list of all the towns in the United States, the Territories pud the Dominion ol Canada, having a population greater than 5.000 ac cording to the Last census, together with the names ot the newspapeOTiaving the largest local circulation in each of the places named. Also a catalogue of news papers which are recommended to advertisers as giving greatest value in proportion to prides charged. Also, all newspapers in the United States and Cana da printing over 5,000 copies each Issue. Also, all the Religious, Agricultural, Scientific and Mechanical, Medical, Masonic, Juvenile, Educational, Commer cial. Insurance, Real Estate, Law, Sporting, Musical, Fashion, and other special class journals; very com plete lists. Together with a complete list of over 300 German papers printed in the United States. Also, an essay upon advertising; many tables ot rates, showing the cost of advertising In various newspapers, and everything which a beginner in ad vertising would like to know. Address CEO. P. BO WELL, it CO., 41 Park Raw, New If ark. se7 dl34m MUSIC 2 New Sheet Music, Boohs. Folios, && received daily by C. K. HAWES, 177 Middle Street, Portland. The large.t Slock in Ihe Cily. - ALSO - Pianos, Reed Organs, cheap lor cast or install ments, Violins, Guitars, Music Boxes, Accordions, Flutes, Banjos, Piccolos, Harmonica#, Clarinets, Cornets, and all instruments for Brass and String Bands, in great variety; extra Violin Strings, Retail and Wholesale. Particular attention given to orders. jan31 deodly* PORTLAND RUBBER TYPE CO., — MANUFACTURERS OF — Rubber Hand Stamps, Name Stamps far Marking Liaen, Knbber and Metal Datiag Stamp*,Ribboabwmp*, Seal Presses, Dm Plates, House Hum i bers. Steel Stamps, Stencils, Hurning Brands, Baggage and Hotel Cheeks, Ace. NO. 232 FEDERAL ST., PORTLAND, ME. i ^“Agents wanted. Send for circular. fel>15tf M. C. PATTJEW, Practical and Expert Accountant, 145 COMMERCIAL ST. INTRICATE accounts, partnership settlements, etc., etc., adjusted. Previous business written, and all work requiring competent services promptly executed. Compromises between debtors and credi tors effected, financial ability of debtors in and settlements effected when desired. f Instruction in book-keeping to a limited number. Business from this city and vicinity respectfully solicited. Ample references in this and other cities. inar7 TW&Fteodtf je-uit 11 r*<: A large stock of Carriages, Wagons and Baggies of every description; top aud no top, single and double, at ten per cent, lower than at any other fac tory in Maine Concord and Bipren Wagons a specialty. JOHN ADAMS, aprleodtf Saccarappa, Me. GRAND MILITARY RECEPTION. * A RRANGEMENTS have been made with the ' xm. Boston & Maine, Eastern & Maine Central, ! Portland & Rochester and Portland tb Ogdensbnrg < Railroads, for the sale of excursion tickets at One ■ larr the round trip, to persons wishing to attend 1 the military Reception complimentary to Governor Connor and General Chamberlain and their staffs. PER ORDER. : Portland, April 25, 1876. ap26d6t Side Lace Boots 1 \ A full assortment in French Kid, neat and pretty. I Also in French Morocco for Walking Boots. Meas ures taken and nice fitting Boots made to order lor men or women. M. Gr. PALMER. Ja28 dtf Phaeton for Sale. A GOOD second hand Phaeton made by C. P. Kimball. Just repaired and in good rnnning order. Can he seen at CARRIAGE MART, apn Flumb Street. Jtf Jump Seat Carriage FOR SALE. ' But little used, and will he sold low. — ALSO — LIGHT EXPRESS WAGON 1 In fine order. Will be sold low. Apply to WM. ALLEN, JR., ap22deod3w 31 j Exchange Street. Burlington, Cedar Bapids and 1 Minnesota Bondholders. ’ For plan of reorganization apply, stating class of Bondslield (whether Main Line, Milwaukee, Mus catine, or Pacific Division), to EKED. T A Y I.IIK, Chairman Bondholders’ Committee, 470 Breoms Ntreet, New York. Immediate action Is advisable. ap8dlm House and Stable to Let, i TTOUSE of six rooms, Sebago water with every l XX modern convenience. Stable has Sebago wa i ter, cemented cellar, stalls deep, wide, light and well ventilated. On new street from Brackett to Clark. Spring street Horse Cars pass very near. Apply at No. 70 Brackett St. ieb2isdtf EDUCATIONAL. FRENCH LESSONS — AND — LITERATURE. MIHE. H. E. IVIAMliJB, formerly of Boston, late of Philadelphia and New Jersey, pro poses to establish a permanent French Institute in Portland. She will commence her Spring term April 18th,1878. The course will consist of private French lessons and classes for anyone who wishes to study the lan guage. She will form classes for advanced pupils who desire only to converse. She intends also to have matinees for Ladies, con sisting of readings from the best French Authors and Dramatists, and the conversation will be only in French. Tne same lessons will he given twice a week in the evening tor Ladies and Gentlemen. She will commence these evening lessons early in September. Mme. will be assisted br Prof. Masse. In the early part of Juno Madame expects an Ar nst whohas been connected with her Institute in Philadelphia. This Lady is a member of the Acad emy of the Fine Arts in that city. She gives lessons m Drawing in all Its branches. Oil Painting, Pastel. Her Speciality during the summer will be Water Color from nature. For furtner InlorraaHoS please call at No. 16 Free *}??£• Mme. will be at her rooms from 11 A. M. un til 6 P. M. and every evening. Alme. Masse is permitted to refer to the following gentlemen: Rt. Rey. BiBhop James A, Healy.D. D. Bt. Rev. Bishop H. A. Neely, D. D Rev. Thomas Hill, I). D., L . D. Rt. Rev. Bishop W. B. Stevens, D. D., of Philadel phia. Hon. Charles F. Libby, County Attorney. Hon. Henry J. Murray, British Consul. Ephraim Hunt, LL. D., Superintendent of Public Schools of Portland. Richard H. Dana, Esq., ol Boston. George B, Emerson, Esq., of Boston. apr8tf Eaton Family School For Boys, —AT— NORRIDOEWOCK, MAINE. Spring Term will ctnnract march iI7lb. For Circulars and Portland references address aug!9-tfH, F. EATON. Principal. KIARSARGE SCHOOL FOR BOYS, NORTH CONWAY, N. H. The Next Quarter Commences April 20th. For particulars or admission address aprl9tr FREDERICK THOMPSON, Principal. Edw. C. Farnsworth, Teacher of Pianoforte,Organ & Harmony, RESIDENCE 337 SPRING ST. mart d3m* Tukesbury& Co., Haye now open for insiiection all the NOVELTIES OF THE SEASON — IX — DRESS GOODS — AND — SILKS. KJD GLOVES I We have added to our Stock a fine line ol KID GLOVES To Match Dress Goods. These goods have been selected with great care from New York and Boston markets, and at snch prices that will suit the times. Call and examine our Goods and Prices before purchasing else where. Tukesbury & Co., 527 CONGRESS ST., Between Oak and Casco Street. apl2 apr20eodt f ABOUT 75PAIRS All Wool Fancy Cassimere Pants — AT — $4.00 PER PAIR ! Good* usually sold al 96.50. The best bargain we ever had. Couse and see them Orin Hawkes & Co., 482 & 484 Congress St.. apr28 ©PP. PREBLE HOUSE, d&wlw The Business formerly carried on — BY — GEO. W. RICH & CO. will be continued at tbe old Stand, 173 FORE STREET, under tbe firm name of LEWIS & CO., wlio will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of Ready-Made Clothing. Cloths and Gents’ Furnishing Goods, which will be .old at Low Price*. ap20 dtf I .■ ■ a ■■ .'w a aa n. m. ray son (5c uu., DEALERS IN Government Bonds, State and City Securities, BANK STOCK, Ac., 32 Exchange Street. my27 eodtf FOR SALE. THE STOCK OF GOODS l\ STORE NO. 97 MAIN ST., SACO. CONSISTING of Paints, Oils, Varnish, Pitch, Rosin, Glue, Glass, Brushes, Room Paper, Bor ders and Curtains, and many other tbinu* usually kept in a well arranged Paint and Oil Store. There are light and alrv rooms over the store, to do light Job Work in. ana any one buying this stock can do outside painting if they wish to. '1 he present proprietor has been in this businesss about ten years, in Saco, and it is the only Store ol this kmd iu Saco. The only reason for selling is ill health. OEO. F. BRYANT. Saco, April 28tb. apr28dlw* Fireproof Roofing Paint. The best and cheapen ,a.w 6c Darla Patrm Slate Rooflas Paial for Sblngle, Tin and lroa Roofs, also for cheap outside work, sold by the gallon or applied by J. N. McCOY & CO-, iiS Spring SI., Partisan, ROOFERS AND PAINTERS jy24 dti LIVE AND LET LIVE IS OUR MOTTO. Great Reduction in Pi ices of Laundry Work. Shin, will, Howa. . . | :< Crnta Collar. 3 .« Pair CalT. • • . . . a “ Portland Laundry, 22 Union St. up 10 t!3m FRUIT_TREES ! Any parties desiring to purchase flrst-class stock of Standard and Crab Applr, Pear, Plain, Cherry or Peach Tree*, of the best varieties, can do so by calling on or ad dressing J. H. A F. II. HARFORD, Ferry Village. All orders by mail promptly attended to. ap27#lw Now is the Time to Cleanse Feather Beds. SWEET, clean beds anil pillows will prevent Blck ness. Beds and pillows throughly renovated by aiean, at 218 Federal Street, near Temple. Orders left there will receive prompt attention. ap25 eodtf AUCTION 8ALJ&* I'. O. BAILEY A CO., Auctioneers and Commission Merchants Nalearosnn 33 and 37 Exchange Mt. F. O. BAILEY. o, W. ALLBJf Regular Bale of Furniture and General Mercian alee every Saturday, commencing at 10 o’clock a. m. Consignments solicited. oc3dt EXECUTRIX SALE OF Saloon Property BY AUCTION. ON TUESDAY, Mav2d, at 10 o’clock A. M., at Salesroom 35 and 37 Exchange Street, I shall sell the Furniture and Fixtures ot the Boston <£ Maine Dining Saloon, consisting or one Whltelsy Range, Coflee Tanks, Boiler, Baker, Refrigerator, Sliver Plated Coflee and Tea Stands, Olass Candy Jars, Cake Covers and Globes, Castors, Ico Pitchers, Silver Plated Sugars and Creams, Knives, Forks, Spoons. Salt Stands, Crockery and Glass Ware, Table Cloths and Napkins, Kitchen Utensils, Show Case. Tables, chairs, Chamber Furniture and Bed ding, &c., &c. MRS. C. C. SPRING, Executrix. E. O. BAILEY 4k t'O., Auctioneer*. ap26dtd Household Furniture BY AUCTION. ON Wednesday, May 3rd, at 10 o’clock a. m. at House No. 114 Brackett street, we shall sell the furniture in said house, consisting of Parlor Suit in black walnut and hair cloth, Tupistry and Ingrain Carpets, Mirrors, B. W. Writing Desk, Dining Room Furniture, Black Walnut trimmed Chamber Seta, Crockery and Glass Ware, Bedding, Magee Parlor Stove and Cooking Range. Kitcben Furniture, &c. F. O. Bailey Sc Co., Auctioneer*. ap28 dSt Important sale OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE BY AUCTION, On Thursday, May 4, at 10 0’el’k. Auction at No. 16 Free Street, known an Bn, Butterfield’. Boarding Bonne. WE shall sell tie entire Furniture in said Hook, consisting of Parlor Snit in Hair Cloth, Black Walnut, Ash and Painted Chamber Furniture. Mat* tresses, Bedding, Spring Beds, Tapestry, Ingrain and Oil Cloth Carpets, Dining Room Table ana Chairs, Crockery and Glassware, Large Range, together with the entire Kitchen Furniture. It ia well known that this is one of the best turnielied boarding bouses in the city. F. 0. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. apr25 dtd MORTGAGEE’S SALE OF — 19 Mowing Machines, BY AUCTION, — ON — Saturday, May 6, at 10 0’eloek A. M., At H«r*e and Carriage Hart, Pinas Hi., Partlaad. We shall sell nineteen No. 2 Granite Mowing Ma chines, in good order. These reliable and well-known machines are all right and in good older, and sold for no fault. By order of mortgagee. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Aactiaaeero. my2 d5t BANKRUPT STOCK — OF — AT AUCTION. AT store corner of Exchange and Middle Sts., commencing on MONDAY, May 8th, at 10 A. M., and continuing at 10 and 2} each day, we shall sell about 100,000 CIGARS, Among which may be found the following well known brands: Flor del Furnas. Trabucas, La Ei ceptions, Flor d’Alma, Nobby. Partagas, Ac., Ac. This is a part of bankrupt stock which we have re ceived with orders to close at once. Terms cash. LEAVITT A DAILY. F. O. BAILEY Ac CO., Aaciieaeert. my2 dtd IMPORTANT SALE — OF — First-Class New FURNITURE BY AUCTION. ON THURSDAY, May llth, at 10 o’clock A. M., and 2J P. M , at our Rooms 35 and 37 Ex change Street, we shall sell about 20 first class Parlor Suits, Upholstered In Plush, Hair Cloth, Terry and Serge, about 15 Black Walnut Dresalng Case Chamber Sets.lO Painted Chamber Seta, Elabo rately Carved Side Boards and Book Case*, a large variety of Parlor Desks, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Library Table, Pillar Extension Tables, Inlaid and Marble top Tables, Hat Trees, Ac., &c., Ac. This Furniture Is in every respect first class, new designs, thorough workmanship and elegantly finished; an inspection of the Sloes is reqnested on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 9th and 10th. F. O. Bailey A Co.< Auctioneers. myl dtd YACHT_ ! \ | IF YOU WANT Galvanized Yacht -AND Boat Trimmings, We Manufacture and have in Stock the largest assortment to be fonud in the State, including HE IRON UPPED BLOCKS, Anchors, Chains, Windlasses, Row Locks, &c. T. Laughlin & Son, CENTER ST.. Portland. U1ANNKK.apr2Sdtf Ladies’ Hosiery. 50 Dozen Brown and White Full Finished Cotton Hose at 25c per pair. These goods are cut and seamed In the legs and are a great bargain at this price. 25 Dozen Foil Finished Silk Clocked Bal briggan Hose at 37e per pair, usually sold for 50c. Also an Elegant Assortment of Striped and Plain Colored Hose with Silk Clocks, in all sizes, to match salts, for Ladies and Children. EXAMINATION SOLICITED. OWEN & MOORE, Congress St., Cor. Brown. dee29 dtf THE AERATED ’ Oxygen Treatment. A GENUINE cure for Catarrh, Arthma,Rheuma tism, I)VBpep»ia, Lung and all Chronic Die easee is still offered to all who are afflicted, at MS Cougren Street, Portland. Me., Room 1, t'ahoon Black, where a large number of testi monial* can be seen. Consultation and trial doee free. |al2tfl«4wtfl(> IF YOU ARE TROUBLED WITH CORNS, BUNIONS! LABOE JOINT* OB INGRRWIIMI NAIL* you can cure them without using the knife by having your feet properly fitted at the Boot and Shoe Store 230 Middle St. apSSdtf M. CL PALEBI, GrristMin TO LET I CAJPISIC MILL. Inquire of „„P. W. Claris Boys’ Custom Clothing 1 MBS. F. C, CHASE would iuform her old customers and friends that she has reopened the store t'orner Porilsad mechanic Ntreeu, where she is prepared to cut and make Boys’ Clothing in the latest sty lee* Trimmings constantly on hand. Old Maxim—•‘Kim come first served.” mdildtf

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