Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 4, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 4, 1876 Page 3
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THE PRESS, IHUBSDAY MORNING, MAI 4, 187C THE PRESS May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fe eenden Bros., Marquis, Brunei & Co., Andrew Wentworth. Moses, N.B. Kendrick, and Cbishol . trains that run out of the city, At Biddeiord, of PhUlsbury. 1 At Saco, of L. Hodgdon, At Wateryille, of J. S. Carter. At Bath, of J. 0. Shaw. ' t Lewiston, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. CITY AND VICINITY, New Advertisements To-Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. State Street Chapel—Children’s Fair and Coneer MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Davis & Co.—3. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Merchants’ Quick Despatch. T. H. Weston & Co.—Commission Flour Dealer! Cook Wanted—Maine General Hospital. Found—Opera Glasses, Two Good Schooners—Geo. W. Tiue & Co. Thiee Houses for Sale—W. H. Jerris. Lost—Pink Carol Ear-Drop. House for Sale—Pleasantly Located. Lost—Black and Tan Dog. Notice is hereby given. State Pensions-City of Portland. AUCTION COLUMN. Furniture, Grocery &c-F. O. Bailey & Co. Administrator’s Sale—Asa Bussell. United States Circuit Ceurt. BEFORE JUDGE SHEPLEY. Wednesday.—In the case of Benjamin O. Hal the Jury returned a verdict of guilty, and the con victed was sentenced to pay a fine of one dollar am to be imprisoned at hard labor at Bangor for on year. _ Superior Court. MAY CIVIL AND CRIMINAL TERM, 1876, SYMONDS J., PRESIDING. Wednesday.—John W. Jones et als. vs. Georgi Burnham, Jr., et als. This was an action brough by the pl&lntifls as owners of the patents for packini green corn, granted to John W. Jones as assignee o Isaac Winslow to recover license fees from the de lendaut firm of Burnham & Morrill upon greet com packed by them under a license from plaintiff to use Bald patents dated August 25th, 1874. The defendants pleaded that these patents had been held void by the decision of the Supreme Court of th< United States in the case of Jones et als. vs. Sewall, admr. of Clark, and were allowed to use the opinion of the court, delivered in December last by Judge Hunt with the same force and effect as the record ol the case would have had if a final decree had been entered, no mandate having been received from Washington at the present time. They also plead that they had received no manner ot consideration or benefit, pecuniary or otherwise, from the taking of said license,but that the taking ot and packing lin ing under the same was an occasion of great loss to them. Also, that if there was originally any consid eration for their contract to pay license fees the same bad wholly tailed; and finally that the letters pa tent in question were known to the plaintitis to be void at the time they granted their license, and that (he defendants were induced to enter into the same by fraud of the plaintiff. It appeared in evidence that at the time this license was granted these patents had been sustained as valid by the opinion of Justice Clifford in the Maine Circuit in 1673; that after that opinion was delivered these defendants, who had previously assisted in and contributed to the defence of the suit of Jones and Sewali, concluded to no longer dispute the validity ot tbe patents, and took .the license in question by which they agreed to pay twenty-five cents per dozen for each dozen of cans of corn packed; that they worked under this license and paid royalty in 1871, but that when tbe time arrived for payment of amount due upon corn packed by them in 1875, they refused to pay until the case ot Jones and Sewali, then about to be beard at Washington, was decided, and after that decision was announced refused to pay at all upon the grounds above stated. After the evidence was out tbe court, deeming the questions involved to be wbolly matter of law, and that tbe same having been during tbe progress ot tbe trial discussed at length with elaborate reference to authorities on the part of counsel, ruled in substance as fellows: That tbe fact tbat tbe parties in Jones vs. Sewali were other than the parties in this suit, did not render tbe record of that case inadmissible against the plaintiffs in this suit,but that the record was im material, slnee even if the patents were invalid tbe defendants were liable at law for any license fees due upon com packed by them before giving notice to plaintiffs that they abandoned tbeir license, or be fore the decision was rendered in Jones vs. Sewali; and that, as regarded any fraud on the part of tbe plaintiffs, tbe defendants bad failed to establish even a prima facie case, and therefore directed the j ury to find a verdict for tbe plaintiffs for the sum op $8581.45, tbe full amount claimed. Defendants except, and tbe case goes forward to tbe Law Court upon questions of law above stated. Mattocks & Fox. Strout & Holmes. Mnicipal Conn. BEFOBE JUDGE KNIGHT. Wednesday.—George Webster. Search and seiz ure. Fined $50 with costs. Paid. Brief Joltings. Governor Connor and the members of the Conncil visited the Beform School yesterday morning, taking the afternoon train for Augus ta. The Mary C. Haskell, wrecked on Wells Beach, has been towed to this port. Officer Bich arrested a boy yesterday for ob taining goods on false pretences. He tried to get a suit of clothes at Allen & Co’s. Be sure to get your seats for the Buffalo Bill tronpe which appear at Music Hall to morrow evening. This campaDy always give good en tertainments. Tbe Beform Clnb will hold a public meeting tihia evening in the Y. M. C. Association Hall, commencing at 1\ o’clock. The Portland Institute and Public Library is open daily except Sundays from 10 a. m. to 9 p. m. H. A. Shorey, Grand Worthy Chief Templar of Maine, will install tbe officers of Mystic Lodge of Good Templars this evening. fn view of tbe aetion of the City Council yes terday afternoon the Montgomery Gnards last evening voted not to go to Lewiston on tbe Fourth. Funny if Chandler’s band should’nt go to Lewiston after all. The steamer Charles Houghton will receive freight until noon to-day for Green Landing and Greenville, Deer Isle; also for Ellsworth. It seems we are to have a Centennial celebra tion after all. The Berger Family and Sol Smith Bussell are at the States. Tbe tramps are iucreasiug. Seventeen of them were lodged at the police station last night. The Montgomery Guards had their May ins pection last evening. The Mechanic Bines were inspected by Capt. Pennell last evening. This company is in excellent condition and 54 muskets were present at the inspection. He was clad in a buffalo coat of tbe old style and between his chattering teeth, he savagely growled that "be would take pleasuee in brain ing one of the fools that write poetry stuff about smiling May.” Real Estate Transfers.—Tho following are the real estate transfers recorded in this county yesterday: Cape Elizabeth—Lot of land from Jas. Graf fam le George L. Goold. Deering—Lot of land from Charles Sawyer to Owen B, Hill. Otisfield—Lot of land and buildings from Rachael S. Pitts to Jonathan Ingalls. Lot of land from Jonathan Ingalls and Eli sha Turner to Rachael S. Pitts. Lot of land and buildings from Ellen S. and Nathaniel Cash to Elizabeth A. Holden. Portland—Lot on Monument street from Helen M. R. O'Neal to Michael Gerry. The Lease Matter.—Mr. E. C. Andrews has been arrested for trespass and assault and battery on a writ obtained by Mr. Dunn, tbe damages being set at $2000. Mr. Andrews gave bail and was released. Mr. Andrews wishes it stated that be did not order Mrs. Dunn out o* doors, but be refused to let her return to the bouse after she had gone out, except to change her dress. He also states that the City Mar shal was. not present and did not disperse the crowd, which is incorrect. Insurance Items.—Messrs. Dow & Palmer announce the agency of the Amazon Insurance Company of Cincinnati. The showing of the company is a very strong one. Since its organ ization in October, 1871, losses to the amount of $1,876,254 have been paid, The late James Freeman was insured in two life policies of $5000 each, at the well known and reliable agency of Messrs. W, D. Little & Co. of this city. First Parish.—Those who are preserving Dr. Hill’s Fiftieth Anniversary address will please note upon the margin of page 13 a cor rection. Captain Andrew Scott, a pewholder in the old houBe, and original purchaser of pew 34 in the present house, is still living in Flush ing, N. Y., and reported himself in a letter to the Press on the 24th ultimo as being in fair health. Long may he continue to find it im proving. __ Havebly’s Minstrels.—This evening Hav erly’s Ministrels appear at City Hall, in a new and refined programme. This is the largest minstrel organization traveling, and they al ways give fine entertainments. The company .of comedians is headed by Cool Burgess, whi has a great reputation for his impersonations The tickets are on sale at Stockbridge’s and a the door. CITY AFFAIRS. Special Meeliug o< (lie (it; Council. A special meeting of both boards of the city government was held at 5 o’clock last evening n to consider the matter of the Fourth of Juh celebration and for the transaction of othe: business. BOARD OF MAYOR AND ALDERMEN. The mayor and all the board were preseii • except Aldermen Littlefield and Taylor. Reports of Committees—The committee or sewers reported an order appointing a hearing - in regard to the sewers on Hancock, Casco aut ProBpect streets, for Monday evening, June 5th, at 7J o’clock. The committee on paving reported an order in favor of paving Exchange street from Middle to Fore street with granite. It was proposed that the paving be of wood in stead of granite. After discussing the mattei the original order was passed. Petitions presented and referred—Of J. B. Picket et als. for relaying sewer on Spruce ' street; of City Engineer for the laying out ol Congress street between Ellsworth and Gilman streets, and widening a portion of Western Promenade. The order of the aldermen appropriating $5000 for Fourth of July celebration cime back from the council amended by reducing the sum to $350. This board adhered to its former vote. On motion ot Alderman Fox a committee of conference was appointed to consider the mat ter of the appropriation. Messrs. Fox, Perry, I Greeley and Waterhouse were appointed on this committee on the part of this board. 1 Mr. Cushman, who was originally appointed, i declined to serve onthis committee for the reason that he was a member of the committee which arranged the programme for the celebration originally, and as it was thrown aside he did not propose to have anything further to do with it The committee of conference retired, and ; soon returned and reported that they had de_ cided upon $5000, and the board voted to con cur with the lower board in an order to that effect by a vote of 3 to 1. A committee to ex pend the same was appointed, consisting of the Mayor, Aldermen Fox, Perry, Greeley and Waterhouse. Mr. Cushman refused to serve for the reasons stated above. COMMON COUNCIL. Papers from the upper board were passed in concurrence, and Councilmen Brown, Boberts and Sargent were appointed a committee of conference in relation to the Market lot mat ter. President Small stated to the council that the chief object of the meeting was to see if the board would reconsider on the matter of appropriating $350 for the Fourth of July cele bration. Councilman Little, who voted for $350, moved to reconsider the vote. Councilman Cunningham was in favor of letting the matter go up to the other board and then if necessary appoint a committee of conference. He thought that if the board should vote to recon sider it would reflect on those who voted for $350. Councilman Andrews agreed with the former speaker and thought the board should adhere'to its former vote. He thought it too late to arrange for a suitable celebration, Councilman Brown thought there was plenty of time to get up a celebration while Council man Roberts thought there was not and was in faver of adhering. It was voted to reconsider Mr. Little’s motion. On motion of Councilman Brown Messrs. Walker, Andrews, Roberts, Somerby, Cun ningham, Enowlton and Leach were appointed a committee of conference to confer with the committee from the upper board. The committee retired and soon relumed andjthe chairman reported the adoption of an order appropriating $5000. On motion of Councilman Cunningham the vote was taken on yeas and nays in order to put the members on record, and the order re ported was adopted 9 to 8. It was then proposed to appoint a committee who with the committee appointed by the other board, will arrange the celebration. To prevent the appointment of this committee a motion was made to adjourn, hut was not car ried. The President appointed the committee who arranged the former programme to serve in this connection. Councilman Cunningham objected to tbis, but the board voted that they should serve. Then Mr. Andrews asked to be excused for the reason that he did not vote for the celebration and he thought tkoce who did should get it up. The board was about to ac cept the resignation when Mr. Cunningham suggested that they could not do so as they had just voted that the committee appointed should serve. At tbis point a motion to adjourn was made and carried. Maine 100 Years Ago.—The Transcript this week contains an account of a vendrable public document containing very interesting centen nial relics. It is a report of the Committee of Valuation, made to the General Court of Mass achusetts in 1803. It contains a list of all the towns in the Commonwealth, of course includ ing Maine, with the number of polls in each, the aggregate valuation and the rate of taxa tion. It shows the relative importance of the principal towns in Maine at the beginning of the present century as indicated by these tables. The District of Maine was then divided into six counties, viz: York, Cumberland, Lincoln, Kennebec, Hancock and Washington. The ag gregate polls in these several countios was as follows: York, 8107; Cumberland, 8G12; Lin coln, 6225; Kennebec, 5149; Hancock, 3475; Washington, 738. Among the towns Portland leads off with 1001 polls, and next came Wells with 866, and Berwick with 840. Ten years before, in 1793, Portland had but 560 polls, while Berwick had 848 and Wells 837. Down to 1803 no other town in Maine besides these three had over 800 polls. But Falmouth made a good show with 756 voters, and Kittery was close behind with 711. Then came York with 607, North Yarmouth 601, Scarboro 51G, Free port 515, Gorham 507, Pepperelboro (Saco) 434, Arundel (Keunebunkport) 418, Brunswick 428, Poland 432, Bristol 431, Buxton 403. No oth er towns in 1803 had over 400 polls. Bangor then had 100, while Franklort had 206. Ma chias had 241. Eastport 135, Castine 204, Ells worth 47, Augusta 276, Hallowell 295, Winslow 353, Vassalboro 298, Winthrop 255, Bath 330, Lewiston 193, Pownalboro (Wiscasset) and Georgetown each 384, Themaston 311, Camden 229, Buckfield 209, Gray 229, Harpswell 275, Windham 259, New Gloucester 316, Standish -oo, x^uiuaui jvitviuuuu xuu, mruei -u-, Cape Elizabeth 296, Limington 261, Parsonfield 270, Shapleigh 363, Alfred 203, Waterboro 222, Sanford 271, Limerick 188, Fryeburg 161, Leb anon 310, Biddeford 311, Topsbam 202, Booth bay 266, Warren 220, Cushing 227, Ballstown (Jefferson and Whitefield) 308, Farmington 230. The total valuation of Massachusetts aggregated $5,187, 313.98, of which less than one million is credited to Maine. The total of polls in Massachusetts was 126,010, of which less than 33,000 were in Maine, Committee Meeting.—'The special commit tee ol the City Council met last evening and approved nearly all the estimates made by the Auditor. The appropriations for schools was cut down to some extent. Tbe following are a few of the appropriations: Schools, $83,000; streets, sidewalks and bridges, $70,000; drains and sewers $15,000; public buildings, $3,500; alms house, $30,000; fire department, $21,000. It was voted to add the Ogdensburg interest $81,000 to the taxes. Important to Merchants.—The Portland & Rochester road have just made arrangements for a merchants’ quick despatch train between here and New York. By this train freight leaving New York at 5 p. m., arrives here at 1.15 p, m. the next day, and freight leaving here at 2.30 p. m., arrives in New York at 6 o’clock the next morning. This will be a great convenience for fruit dealers and others. Accident in Yarmouth.—A youDg girl named Ada Grace, employed in Freeman, Shaw & Co’s, mill in Yarmouth, was seriously injured on Tuesday by being caught in the gear of a drawing frame. The muscles were completely tom from the upper part of her left arm, and tbe shoulder was badly mangled. Dr. Bates dressed the wound and hopes to bo able to save tbe atm. Y. M. C. A. Canvass.—The Y. M C. A. State canvass, which commenced at Cornish Monday evening, May 1st, was discontinued, on account of a split in the Methodist church there, which prevented a union effort. The trouble occurred after the Secretary made the appointment. Decoration Day.—Tho Army and Navy Union have received and accepted an invitation from Bosworth Post to anite with them in the proper observance of Decoration Day, the item in last evening’s Advertiser to the contrary i notwithstanding. Correction.—Mr. P. H. Boothby is not man 1 aKer the Grand Exposition Hotel at Phila delphia, but of the United States Hotel. MASONIC. Second Day. GRAND LODGE. The Grand Lodge met at 9 o’clock. The whole day was devoted to the exemplification of work. GRAND CHAPTER. The Grand Chapter met at 9 o’clock. Charters were granted to Turner Chapter at Turner, Atlantic Chapter at Yinalhaven, and Ezra B. French Chapter at Damariscotta. The grand officers were installed, the follow ing appointments being made. Wm. D. Aymar, Eastporf, District Deputy 5th district. Charles W. Haney, Belfast, District Deputy, 6th district. Revs. C. C. Mason, Kent’s Hill, Chas. C. Vina), Kennebunk, Chas. P. Nash, Rockland, Chas. A. Curtis, Augusta, Grand Chaplains. Joseph A. Locke, Portland, Grand C. H. James M. Nevens, Bucksport, Grand P. S. Samuel W. Lane, Augusta, Grand R. A. C. Manly G. Trask, Bangor, Grand M. 3d V. Edward W. Morton, Kennebunk, Grand M. 2d V. John O. Shaw, Batb, Grand M. 1st V. K. E. Paine, Camden,Bryce M. Hight, Skow hegau, Bernard I. Weeks, Rockland, and Geo. H. Wakefield, South Berwick, Grand Stew ards. Timothy J. Murray, Portland, Grand Lec turer. Warren Phillips, Portlaud, Grand Sentinel. At 11 30 the Grand Chapter closed. GRAND COUNCIL. The Grand Council of Royal and Select Ma sons met at 2 o’clock, Grand Master Sumner H. Boynton presiding. Ten out of twelve Councils were represented. The following officers were elected: Sumner H. Boynton, Rockland, Grand Mas ter. Fessenden I. Day, Lewiston, Deputy Grand Master. ^William Tucker, Skowhegan, Grand P. C. Charles Fobes, Portland. Grand Treasurer. Ira Berry, Portland, Grand Recorder. Rev. W. E. Gibbs, Portlaud, Grand Chap lain. Charles N. Bates, Brunswick, Grand M. of Cer. O. C. Hayes, Portland, Grand C. of G. John S. Derby, Saco, Grand Conductor. A. W. Larrabee, Lewiston, Grand Steward. Warren Phillips, Portland, Grand Sentinel. The officers were installed and the Grand Council was closed. GRAND COMMANDERY. The Grand Commandery of Knights Temp lars met at 7 o’clock in the evening, Grand Commander S. C. Gordon presiding. The fol lowing officers were elected: Seth C. Gordon, Portland, Grand Command er. Augustus B. Farnham, Bangor, Deputy G. Commander. R. W. Black, Augusta, Grand Generalis simo. Charles M. Rice, Portland, Grand Captain General. W. E. Gibbs, Portland, Grand Prelate. Chas. Fobes, Portland, Grand Treasurer. Ira Berry, Portland, Grand Recorder. Orrin S. Fogg, Portland, Grand Senior War ueu. John Bird, Rockland, Grand Junior Warden. John O. Shaw, Bath, Grand Standard Bear er. A. L. McFadden, Waterville, Grand Ward er. Ohag, P, Emery, Biddeford, Grand Sword Bearer. • Warren Phillips, Portland, Grand Captain Guards. The Grand Ccmmandery was closed. The Grand Lodge meets at 9 o’clock this morning, and will probably close at noon. The Order of High Priesthood meets at 9 this morning. Portland Yacht Club.—The annual meet ing of the Portland Yacht Club was held last evening at the club rooom, on Custom House wharf. There was a large attendance and the best of feeling prevailed. The election of offi cers resulted as follows: Commodore, John P. Thomas; Vice Commodore, A. K. Paul; Fleet Captain, Charles A. Sparrow; Secretary, John A. Emery; Treasurer, Geo. H. Holden; Meas urer, Joseph H. Dyer; Room Committee, J Hall Boyd; Trustees, the Commodore ex-offlcio, Charles H. McLellao, A. K. Paul, James Hop kins Smith; Regatta Committee, the Commo dore ex-officio, B. J. Willard, Llewellyn Smith, Thomas K. Smith, E. F. Willard. The old regatta committee declined a re-elec tion, consequently an entirely new committee was chosen. Mr. Holden, the former efficient Secretary, positively declined a re-election and Mr. Emery was unanimously elected. It was voted to have the annual regatta for the champion cups on Friday, the 26 th inst., the boats to sail over the courses already ar ranged. The annual cruise will take place the day following, the place to be decided upon hereafter. The yachts owned by the members are in better condition than ever before, and a busy season is anticipated._ The Berger Family and Sol Smith Rcs sel.—This talented company made its second appearance in this city last night. It was evi dent that everybody that had attended their first performance was again present and had bronght their friends, for the City Hall was packed. This is a better testimony to the merits of the entertainment they offer than anything that can be written. The musical part of the entertainment was of a high order and well merited the applanse it woo. But whatever may be said, it is Sol Smith Russell Russell aBd the Berger Family and not vice versa. The audience was best satisfied when he was upon the stage, and although he was very generous with his efforts, shew no signs of weariness. He is a humorist of rare qualities and bis various impersonations keep the audi ence in continual laughter. It is seldom that an enteitainment of so great variety is so well sustained in each particular. This company is sure of a welcome as often as it chooses to come. Fair and Concert.—This afternoon and evening occurs the entertainment for which the children of State street society have been pre paring through the past winter. Both after noon and evening a large and tempting variety of fancy articles will be offered for sale by the little people who have patiently employed their Saturday afternoons during the whole cold sea' son in constructing these pretty fanciful wares. Ample provision, in the way of candies, ice cream and other light edibles, will be made for the comfort of guests. In the evening a con cert will be given at which Mr. Farley, Mr. Will H. Stockbridge, Mr. J. B. Coyle, Jr., and other well known musicians will appear. There will also be readings and recitations by seve.-al accomplished amateur elocutionists. The whole affair is under the efficient supervis ion of two young ladies who have taken great pains to assist and direct the children in their efforts, and whose good works merit cordial recognition and approval. Dental Convention.—The semi-annual meeting of the Merrimac Valley Dental Asso ciation for 1876 will be held in the Common Council room at the City Building, in this city, on Thursday and Friday, May 25th and 26th, commencing at 2 o’clock p. m. Thursday. Dr. Leon Rideout of Lynn, Mass , will read an es say on The Teeth of the Next Generation, and Dr. Thomas Haley of Biddeford, one on Empi ricism. The subiecta announced for d arnaainn I are: Responsibility of Dentists in the care of Deciduous Teeth and Treatment of Exposed and Inflamed Pulps. The convention will make its headquarters at the Falmouth Hotel. Drs. F. Fillebrown and C. N. Pierce are the only members of this Association in Maine, and the former is one of the Vice Presidents. A Denial.—A Lewiston gentleman who is a member of the Fourth of July Committee, writes: In the issue of May 3d, under the head of “Brief Jottings,” the Press says: It appears that Lewistou people have been in Portland soliciting subscriptions for the 4th of July cele bration. If such be the case it is a matter which the committee of arrangements have no knowledge of. We shall be glad to see any of the Portland people who may And it convenient to spend the day in Lewiston, but as for asking them to contribute money for the benefit of the celebration it is a matter entirely foreign to our expectations. Our reporter says that he had good authority for the statement. The Museum.—The “Shaughraun” proves a great card at the Museum, and draws large houses, as it deserves. The beauty of the scenery, the merit of the acting, and the inter est of the play combine to form the greatest attraction of the theatrical season. This morning the sale of seats for Mr. Bas comb’s benefit opens. This meritorious actor has given some fine characterizations during the season, and bis efforts to please deserve substantial recognition. He merits a full house. Portland and Vicinity.—This work which has been for quite a time expected by the public, is now ready for delivery to sub scribers at $2 per copy. It has been prepared by Mr. E. H. El well and is published by Messrs. Loring, Short & Harmon and W. S. Jones. It is finely gotten up and cannot fail to meet a large sale. The work will not be offer ed for sale in bookstores until subscribers have been furnished with copies, Mr. John Russell, 48 Exchange street, is agent. Wateryille Sayings Bank. The suspension of the Waterville Bank is made necessary by a long continued run, and is a measure of protection to the depositors. The deposits two years ago were $666,000, last No vember, a little less than half a million, and now tnere is due depositors $427,232 45. The bad investments which have caused the trouble were made in the early days of the bank, and under the good management which has prevailed would have been disposed of without much loss; but the lack of public confidence proved disastrous. Mr. Bolster, the Examiner, finds the sum of $425,232 45 due depositors, and an apparent deficiency in the assets of $30,601. He expresses the opinion that the bank will pay at least 75 per cent., and possibly 90. The bank had some 1900 depositors living in Waterville and in adjoining towns. The larger number did not average over $500 in deposits, while there were two whose deposits were be tween $2000 and $3000 each. These two are the heaviest; one of them is trustee of the bank, D. ft. Wing, one of the proprietors of the Mail newspaper. The bank was organized in 1S69, and its first deposit was railroad securities. There has been a quiet but constant run on the bank for the past six months, and the withdrawal of depos its has been from $1000 te $5000 a week up to the present time. The bank has been subject ed to such a dram that finally it had to shut down on answered calls to the amount of aboct $55,000. The suspension was rendered abso lutely necessary, and in the interest of deposi tors was regarded by the trustess as wise and judicious. The Examiner is convinced that there is no irregularity on the part of the officers, who are all men of integrity and who have all labored earnestly, faithfully and diligently in the inter est of depositors, and without compensation. The run on the bank is no fault of the officers, but the fault of the depositors. Mr. Bolster says not one dollar of the bank, so the books show, was ever used, directly or indirectly, by the officers. Two years ago when Hon, Beuben Foster was made President of the bank, its management was changed for the better, and every effort was made to get rid of its depreci ated or non-paying securities and in investing in available assets. This policy has been pur sued down to the present time, and had no run bsen made the officers could in a year or two have placed the institution on a footing to have met nromntlv its liabilities. Indeed, the trns. tees are cow of the opinion that if allowed to go on they can pay every dollar the bank owes before two years expire. But this a matter for the depositors to decide, some of whom are de cidedly opposed to having the bank go into' liquidation. STATE NEWS. ANDR03C0GGLN COUNTY The Journal says, Tuesday forenoon Carl Henry Beynolds, a five year old lad, son of Dr. H. Reynolds of Auburn, ventured upon the logs in the boom, by the side of the river, and fell into the water between the logs. Two old er lads near by, Ferdie Coombs and Bert Tarr, went to his assistance, and after much effort they (succeeded in getting him out, although both fell into the water during their struggle. AROOSTOOK COUNTY. The Aurora says the Woodstock bridge was pretty seriously damaged by the ice on Friday, of last week. FRANKLIN COUNTY Thursday morning last, while the passenger train was crossing the bridge near West Farm ington, sparks from the fire-box of the locomo tive set the grass upon Stoyell’s intervale on fire, burniGg over many acres. HANCOCK COUNTY. Bucksport has shipped most of the ice cut there last winter. KENNEBEC COUNTY. The Journal says, Isaac L, Page of Chelsea, the wife murderer, who is confined, for exam ination, at the Insane Hospital, continues quiet and peaceable, but very melancholy. The ugly wound in his throat has entirely healed. Of course the physicians very properly decline to give any opinion in regard to his sanity or ia sanity, but it is the general opinion of those wbo have watched him quite closely that be is not what might be termed an insane man. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. The Lewiston Journal says Dr. A. C. Ham lin has been (testing the stomach of the late Mrs. Abbie Kenney of Dixmont, in order to discover whether her death was caused by pois oning, and in bis report he states that upon careful examination no evidences of poison were revealed. The Hayes farm near Bangor was purchased Tuesday at auction by Henry G. Thaxter for $1,625; terms, $1,000 cash, and the balance in one year with interest, the taxes of 1876 to bj paid by the purchaser. The Whig says that Mrs. Lynch, of Bangor, reported at the station that bis bouse had been robbed of $68 Tuesday night. The police have been unable to find trace of the criminals. The estate of the lat9 W. S. Wilson of Brew er was sold Thursday at auction. WASHINGTON COUNTY. An Eastport boy writes home from the Black Hills that he is having a hard time to get a living. YORK COUNTY. Mr. John Ham has been selected by the Mayor of Biddeford for City Marshal. There is a deal of unpleasantness among the Bidde ford Democracy. IN GENERAL. The Government has established a mail route bv the steamer Ulysses from Rockland to South West Harbor, Bar Harbor and Sulivan. The Eastern Express Company carries the mail on contract. _ We have opened a new lot of corsets, among them is Williams’ Back Supporter, a new arti cle upon the market. They are cut so as to make a whole back and supported by lacings on the sides. We invite the ladies to call and ex amine them. _ Davis & Co. Members of the medical profession prescribe in their family practice DR. BULLOCK’S KIDNEY REMEDY, NEPHKETICUM, for expelling Bright’s Disease, Dropsy, Kidney, Bladder and Glandular affections from the sys tem. may2eodawlw 3-18-33—48 We offer a lot of two button kid gloves in colors, at only $1 per pair. The largest assort ment of sun umbrellas and parasols to be found in the city. Full lines of hosiery and gloves at the very lowest prices. F. O. Bailey & Co. will sell at 10 and 2J o’clock today the entire furniture and carpets in house No. 16 Free street, known as the But terfield boarding house. See auction column. Worsted and Silk Fringes in all the new styles and every color. Our goods are as low as first quality of goods are sold at. Davis & Co. PARASOLS. New styles, low prices, Steeple Tops, Silk Serge, with Horn, Pearl and Bone Handles, Cotton Serge, Nickel Handles, Scotch Ginghams, &c. Mon & Co.’s, 495 CONGRESS STREET. my3 dlw Drug Store for Sale —A T— YARMOUTH, MAINE. THE Stock and Fixtnres of a Retail Drug Store, consisting of Drug*, Patent Medicine*, &c., all in good order, and will be sold at a bargain to a Ca*h Customer. Address O, E. THOITS, Yarmouth) ap28dlw_or S. B. GRAVES, Portland, Me. For Sale! THE Stock and Fixtures of a first-class Eating Sa loon, centrally located and now doing a good cash business. Will be sold at a bargain as the own er has other business that requires his attention. Apply to S. WINSLOW, apr24tf 18 Market Square, LIVE AND LET LIVE IS ODE KOTO Great Redaction in Pi ices of laundry Work. Skirl, with Hosom. . . 13 cent. Collars. 3 “ Pair Cuffs ..... « “ Portland Laundry, 22 Union St. aplQ d3m Phaeton for Sale. A GOOD second hand Phaeton made by C. P. Kimball. Just repaired and in good rnnning order. Can be seen at CARRIAGE MART, I apii Plumb Street. dtf « NEW ADVERTISEMENTS Please tell the people that you saw thei advertisement in the PRESS, the circuit] tion of which, per month, exceeds 100,00C LEAVITT'S Awnings — AND — IFIs-A-G Decoration^ Depot 1776, Uncle Sam’s a Hundred 1876 “Ilang your Banners ou the Outer Wall. Having made arrangements with the largest man utacturers of Flags and Bunting in the country, am now prepared to furuish them in any nnantit; desired. Silk, Muslin and Bunting. Flags of al sizes and nations. Flag Poles ornamented and plain Iron Brackets for all sizes of Flag Staffs, which nia be easily adjusted to window sills. &c. U. S. ani State Snields handsomely finished. The Interna tional Centennial Flag containing 39 different National Flags with names attached forwarded t any address on receipt of price, 15 cents. The grea National Exposition opens May 10th. Be ready t usher in the day in an appropriate and patrioti manner. Prepare for the glorious Fourth. Shov your patriotism by decorations worthy of the occa sion, and leave or send your orders and they will b promptly filled by F. A. L.EAVITT, 49 1-2 Exchange St., Portland, Me my3 dtt MERCHANTS’ pK DESPATCH We would rcspectlully call the attention 01 Merchant, and others to the superior lacilitic offered hy the Portland & Worcester Lint — FOB — Freight Repring Very Quick flespatcli Freight leaving New York nt 5.00 p. ni. arrives in Portland 1.13 p. in. NEX1 BAY. Freight leaving Portland nt 3.30 p. ill. arrives in New York 6.00 n. ui. NEX1 nmn irnivii We take pleasure in referring you to all ttfe Fisl and Lobster Dealers, Produce Dealers Wholesale Dry Hoods merchants. Whole sale milliners and any others of Portland, wh< are now shipping by tbis route. Our landing in New York is Pier 40, North River (Norwich Line, foot of Canal Street) For rates and further information, apply to J. M. LUNT, Supt. Portland, or „ . , H. N. TURNER, Freight and Passenger Agent, Worcester, Mass. I Portland, Me., May 4, 1876.my4dtf STATE PENSIONS. CITY OF PORTLAND, Persons holding certificates under the State Pen sion law of 1875, and continued in force by ar Act of 1876, are no longer entitled to pen< sions by virtue of such certificates, but new applications must be made in all cases by par ties desirous of availing themselves of the benefits o the law. All applications must be made in per son and not otherwise, to GEORGE H. LIBBY, oi MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, Maj 8, 9 and 10, between the hours of 3 and 5 o’clock, P M., at the Common Council Room in City Building Only the fallowing classes, by virtue of this law under any circumstances, receive the benefit of thif act, viz: 1st. Disabled soldiers and seamen, residents o. this State, who have served and been credited ot the quota of Maine. 2d, Widows of such deceased soldiers or seamen. 3d. Orphan children. 4th, Dependent parents of such deceased soldiers or seamen. 5th. Dependent sisters of such deceased soldiers or seamen, and only such individuals of these classes as are or will be dependent upon public or private charity for their maintenance, in view of all their re sources and ability to labor and support themselves. Brothers, and children of any age not orphans, ol such disabled soldiers and seamen, are in no cast and under no circumstances, entitled to this pen sion. LORENZO TAYLOR, ) Committee on ISAAC D. CUSHMAN, J State Pensions, p>3’4dl w ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE — OP — REAL JEjS TATE. PURSUANT to a license from the Hon. Judge ol Probate for the Countv of Cumberland, I shall sell at Public Auction on the 7th day of June, A. D., 1876, at two o’clock P. M., on the premises, un less previously disposed of, the Homestead farm ol Isaac J. Small late of Yarmouth, containing about 56 acres suitably divided into fields and pastures, Said farm is situated in Yarmouth Lower Villa e near schools, churches, post-office and stoies. ASA RUSSELL, Administrator. w3w!8*Yarmouth. T. H. WESTON & CO., Commission Flour Dealers, - and — STORAGE, Central Warehouse. No. 4 Galt Block, Commercial Street, my4 POBTliAKP, WE. d3t» FOSTER’S Forest City Dye House 13 PREBLE STREET. Air Carpel Cleaning, Carpel Cleansing and Steam Feather Bed Renovating. Orders received at the Dye House or by Mail. Dyeing and Cleansing as usual. my2 naeodlm HOUSE FOR SALE. PLEASANTLY located in the village of South Freeport. House, workshop and stable, with about one and a quarter acres of land on which are 50 thriving young fruit trtes. The house commands a fine and extensive view of Casco Bay and its beautiful islands. To be sold cheap. For terms apply to CONSTANT CONVERSE, Freeport: or WILLIAM MORSE, Knightsvillle, Cape Elizabeth. ,w3w!8* NOTICE Is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed and taken npon himself the trust of Administrator ot the estate of EBENEZER MERRILL, late of Cumberland, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and given bonds as the law direets. Ail persons having demands upon the estate ot said deceased are required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to EDMUND D. MERRILL, Administrator. Cumberland, May 2, 1873. w3wI8* THREE HOUSES FOR SALE. ” M Pleasantly located, on the sunny side of Sa lem street. No 17 is a 1J story bouse, seven rooms and Sebago water. Lot 37x80 feet. Also the eew two story block, in rear of the above, con taining fourteen rooms with Sebag owater. The piop erty is in good repair and can all be bad for $4500. AddIv to W. H. A pent. may4 _d3w» Lost. IN Deerine, near Morrill’s Corner, a black and tan DOG, answers to the name of “.Jack.” The finder will be rewarded on leaving the same at PRINCE’S EXPRESS, 93 Exchange St. may!__dlw* Lost. BETWEEN No. 22 State St. and corner of Spring and Winter Sts., via Gray St., a pink coral EAR-DROP. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at MERRILL’S Jewelry Store, Middle St.may4d3t Two Good Schooners for Sale Cheap. Suitable for coasting or fishing. For particulars, inquire of GEO. W. TRUE & CO.. 116 Commercial St., Portland, Me. my4 d&w2w Now is the Time to Cleanse Feather Beds. SWEET, clean beds and pillows will prevent sick ness. Beds and pillows throughly renovated by steam, at 218 Federal Street, near Temple. Orders left there will receive prompt attention. ap25 eodtf Found. A PAIR of Opera Qlasses, which the owner can have by calling at RINES BROS’, and paying for this advertisement. mv4d3t Cook Wanted. A GOOD Cook wanted at the Maine General Hospital. Must have good references. my4 dtf STONE & DOWNER, CUSTOM HOB BROKERS AND FORWARDERS, YO. 2S STATE ST., — AND — Centre Desk, Rotunda, Custom House, BOSTON. Particular attention given to tlic enter Jug and forwarding of merchandise arriving at PORT OF BOSTON, also New York, Philadelphia and Portland. Having unsurpassed facilities, we are prepared to forward goods with prompt* ness and dispatch. Business entrusted to our care will receive prompt attention. STONE & DOWNER, 28 State St., Boston. ap5 ileoo6in WIND 0 W SHADES 40c and upward*, al PIKE’S, S3 Exchange Street. apr25 • <llm* JOB PRINTIIVU ueafljr executed nl Ihia Office. . MISCELLANEOUS. : SILVER! SILVER! RESUMPTION — OF — SPECIE. ■ We take pleasure in informing onr customers and the public that we are making change in specie 1 for Goods bought at onr store. Onr stock is I Strictly First Class, and sold as i ! Low as the Lowest! t i _______ ■ Four Good Reasons why you should Trade with W.L. Wilson & Co FIRST.—We buy our Goods direct from First Hands, and conse quently buy at the very Lowest Prices. SECOND.—We have the Largest and Most Complete Stock of i Goods in this section to select from. And you can always find at our Store JUST WHAT YOU WANT. THIRD.—We propose to make all our customers our friends, war ranting every article we sell. And if it does not prove satis factory, money refnnded. FOURTH.—We can and do sell BEST GOODS for the LEAST MONEY, and are confident we can convince everybody of that fact who will give us a trial. You will save Money by giving us a call, as we intend to adhere to our motto, BEST GOODS IT BOTTOM PRICES and Warranted to Please. Corner Exchange and Federal Streets, PORTLAND, ATE. ap27dtf YACHT MEN. IF YOU WANT Galvanized Yacht -AND— Boat Trimmings, We Man 11 (acture and have in Stock the largest assortment to be fonnd in the State, including Inside Iron Strapped Blocks, Anchors, Chains, Windlasses, Row Locks, Ac. T. Laughlin & Son, CENTER ST.. Portland. G^Cnlvanizins Bone in Ihc very BEST MtANNBK.apr29dtf HOSIERY ! Large variety of Ladies’, Misses’ and Children’s Unbleached, Fancy Stripes, Plain Navy Bine and Seal Brown Colored Clocks and Bal briggan Hosiery. One lot full regular Iron Frame 25 cents a pair. One lot full regular Balbriggan 37 1-2 cents a pair. . Nelson & Co.’s, J ust above the Preble House. my3 dlw HEADQUARTERS ' — P}R — Chamber Furniture. DARLING & HUNT, Manufacturers of and Dealers in ASH & PAINTED CHAMBER SETS. — ALSO — PIECE GOODS, — SUCH AS— Bedstead*, Bureau*, Minks, Wa*h*tands, Wardrobes, Cane and Wood Meat t'hairs, Npriug Beds, JHattreases, ITIirrors, Extru sion Tables. Kitchen Tables, Lounges, Feathers, dec. We manufacture our own goods and warrant them to be first-class in every respect. Call and see tor yourselves. Furniture repaired and repainted to order. Warehouse 27 1-2 & 29 Market St. j J. T. DARLING. C. M. HUNT. apr20 d2w PORTLAND RUBBER TYPE CO., — MANUFACTURERS OF — Rubber Hand Stamps, Name Stamp* for Marking l.inen, Rubber and Metal Rating Stamp*,Ribbon Mtampe, Seal Frc****, Door Flale*, House Num ber*. Steel Stamp*. Stencil*. Burning Brands, Baggnge and Hotel Checks, Ac. NO. 232 FEDERAL ST., PORTLAND, ME. Agents wanted. Send for circular. feblotf Grist Mill TO LET ! CA.IPI8XC MILL. Inquire of ,D. W. OlarR. ap4 iseodtf IF YOU ARE TROUBLED WITH CORNS, BUNIONS! LAROE JOINTS OB INOROWINO NAII.H you can cure them without using the Knife by having your feet properly fitted at the Boot and Shoe Store 230 Middle St. ap28dtf M. U. PALMER. REMOVAL. REMOVAL H. S. Kaler & Co., Have Removed from MO. 3 FREE ST. BLOCK TO No. 259 Middle St., 2 Doors aboye Eine3 Brothers, direct ly opposite H, H, Hay & Clo,, Where they will be pleased to wail on tlteir friends and flic public in general. Tlie largest stock ol MILLINERY to be found in tins Eily, at prices lo meet the times. H. S. Kaler & Co., 259 MIDDLE ST. ap29 dtr removal! Foster’s Forest City Dye House From 4 Union Nt., to 13 Preble Mt, ap3 near UongrenM. ritf Trimmings. New style Worsted Fringes at 12 1-2, 25, 50 and 75 cents a yard with Buttons to match. Black Silk Fringes, Moss Trim mings, &c. Kelson & Co., 495 Congress Street, jast above the Preble House. mj-3 dlw lisi ABOUT 75PAIRS All Wool Fancy Cassimere Pants — AT — $4.00 PER PAIR I CSoodn UMiially wold at 96.50. The be* I bargain we ever bad. Come and see them Orin Hawkes & Co., 483 & 484 Congress St.. apr28 OPP. PREBLE HOUSE, (l&wlw Ladies’ Hosiery. 50 Dozen Brown and White Full Finished Cottou Hose at 25c per pair. These goods are cat and seamed in the legs and are a great bargain at this price. 25 Dozen Full Finished Silk Clocked Bal briggan Hose at 37c per pair, usually sold for 50c. Also an Elegant Assortment of Striped and Plain Colored Hose with Silk Clocks, in all sizes, to match snlts, for Ladies and Children. EXAMINATION SOLICITED. OWEN & MOORE, Congress St., Cor. Brown. dec29.dtf ANNOUNCEMENT. To the People of Portland and Vicinity. THE Proprietors of the Sebago Dye House inform the public that they have been titling out the premises at a great expense this last winter tor the accommodation ot the public, with a good Boiler, good Machinery and all appurtenances. Accordingly every thing is in good order, ready to accommodate the public, accompanied with one ot the best Dyers the country can afford,without any exception. As he Is not a self made Dyer for the last 40 years he pledges himself to give ample satisfaction to the public. It is ot no avail to mention Gai inents of any kinds or colors, in fact, any thing that can be Djed by the hands ot man. Kid Gloves dyed or cleansed, Table Cloths, Window Curtains, Table Covers, any thing Dyed in any Colors required by the owners, with quick dispatch. Sebago Dye House, NO. 13 PLUM ST., PORTLAND. J. S. MILLER, Superintendent, formerly Proprietor. ai>13 d3w MUSIC ! ADDUESS ALL ORDERS -TO— Collins & Buxton, 522 Congress St., Portland, Mo. de14dly The Business formerly carried on — BY — GEO. W. RICH & CO. will be continued at the old Stand, 173 FORE STREET, under the firm name of LEWIS A CO., who will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of Beady-Made Clothing. Cloths and Gents’ Furnishing Goods, which will be Mold at Low Price*. ap20dtf PORTLMD Paper Box Company ! has decided to resume the manufacture of Paper Boxes, aud has taken Chambers WO. 48 UNION STREET, where he will be happy to see his old customers. PORTLAND PAPER BOX CO., ap2odlm*No. 48 Hired. BEFORE BUYING A SEWING MACHINE, be sure and see the NEW PHILADELPHIA or TRIUNE, Which sells at 40 per cent, less than other first riass Shuttle Machine. Call, or sent for Circulars and Samples ot Work, at No. a Casco St. mal5 AGENTS WANTED. d3m Boys’ Custom Clothing ! HRS. fTc7 CHASE would inform her old customers and friends that she has reopened the store Corner Portland and Mechanic Hired*, where she is prepared to cut ami make Boys’ Clothing in the latest styles Trimmings constantly on hand. Old Maxim—‘‘Fin* come first served.” uichldtf v. w. OSGOOD, TEST HED1UH, 407 C-anibcrlaud Wired, Portland, Me* my 2 d2wis* AUCTION SALES F. O. BAILEY & CO.. Auctioueers aud Coinmlsslou MercliauU Nale.rooms 35 nud 37 Excbauge Ml. f. O. BAILEY. 0. W. ALLMS Regular sale of Furniture and General Merchan aise every Saturday, commencing at 10 o'clock a. n>. Consignments solicited. oc3dt IMPORTANT SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE BY AUCTION. On Thursday, May 4, at 10 O’el’k. Auction at ,Nu. 16 Free Street, known a* .Urn, Butterfield’* Bearding Kfou*e. WE shall sell tie entire Furniture in said House, constating of Parlor Suit in Hair Cloth, Black Walnut, Ash and Painted Chamber Furniture, Mat tresses, Bedding, Spriug Beds, Tapestry, Ingrain ami Oil Cloth Carpets, Dining Room Table and Chairs, Crockery and Glassware, Large Range, together with the entire Kitchen Furniture. It is well known that this is one of the best furnished boarding houses in the city. F. 0. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. apr23dtd BANKRUPT MAI.K.-I shall rail at Public -U Auction, at the Horae and Carriage Mart, on Plum St., Portland, Me., SATURDAY. May «, 1876, the following personal property belonging to tb« estate of Geo. W. H. brooks, Bankrupt: 1 San Shade Carriage, 1 Express Wagon, nearly new. W. W. THOMAS, JR., Assignee in Bankruptcy of Geo. W. H. Brooks. »■'- O. BAII.EY & CO., AunitlNn. my'J_ dst FURNITURE, CROCKERY, BY AUCTION. ON SATURDAY. May 6th, at 10 o’clock A. M , at Basement Salesroom, 35 Exchange Street, we shall sell New and Second Hand Furniture, New Crockery Ware, Howe Sewing Machine, Aiu good order; also lot of Dry Goods, &c. F. O. Bailey Sc Cm., Auctioneer*. my4d3t MORTGAGEE’S SALE “ OF — 19 Mowing Machines, BY AUCTION, — ON — Saturday, May 6, at 12 O’clock A. M., At H.rse and Carriage IHart, Plana Ml., Pariland. We shall sell nineteen No. 2 Granite Mowing Ma chines, in good order. These reliable and well-known machines are all right and in good older, and sold for no fault. By order of mortgagee. P. O. BAILEY Sc VO., Auctioneer*. my2___d5t IUNKHCPT sriHlf — OF — CIGARS ! AT AUCTION. AT store corner of Exchange and Middle Sts., commencing on MONDAY, May 8th, at 10 A. M., and continuing at 10 and 24 each day, we shall sell about 100,000 CIGARS, Among which may be found the following well known brands: Flor del Furnas. Trabucas, La Ex ceptions, Flor d’Alma, Nobby, Partagas, Ac., Ac. This is a part of bankrupt stock which we have re ceived with orders to close at once. Terms cash. LEAVITT A DAILY. F. O. BAILEY * CO., AadisaMr*. my2dtd IMPORTANT SALE — OF — First-Class New FURNITURE BY AUCTION. ON THURSDAY, May 11th, at 10 o’clock A. M., and 2} P. M, at our Rooms 35 and 37 Ex change Street, we shall sell about 20 first class Parlor Suits, Upholstered in Plush, Hair Cloth, Terry and Serge, about 15 Black Walnut Dressing Case Chamber Sets.lO Painted Chamber Sets, Elabo rately Carved Side Boards and Book Cases, a large variety of Parlor Desks, Lounges. Easy Chairs. Library Table, Pillar Extension Tables, In'aid and Marble top Tables, Hat Trees, Ac., Ac., Ac. This Furniture is in every respect first class, new designs, tnorough workmanship and elegantly finished; an inspection of the Stocx is requested on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 9th and lOtn. F. O. Bailey & Co., Auctioneers. myl dtd 20 Country Horses — AND — 75 New Carriages BY AUCTION. On Saturday. May 13th, commen cing at 10 o’clock A. M., at IIOH & CARRIAGE MART, Plum St., Portland, Me. Will be sold without reserve. YOUNG Fresh Horses from the Country, sound and reliable, suitable for (leuis* driving, family and team horses. 75 New Carriages, c onsisting of full Extension top Carryalls, Standing top Carryalls, Standing top Jump Seats, Top Phaeton on 2 and 3 Springs, Shifting top Box Bug See, White Chapel top Buggies, Dexter Pattern top uggies. Open Beach Wagons, Open Concord Wagons, Open Iver’s Pattern Wagons, Express Wagon*. Ac. The above Stock will be on view and catalogue ready on and after Wednesday. May 10th; parties Intending to purchase a Horse or Carriage this Spring are in vited to examine this Stock, as it is contributed by some of the best Manufacturers In New England and Maine; every article will be sold without reserve or limit, tor cash. F. O. BAILEY* CO , Aarlisaern. my3 _ did Kid Gloves! 400 pair One Button first qual ity real Kid Gloves at 75 cents a pair, worth $2.00 in two Buttons. Nelson & Co’s., Jnst above the Preble House. mj3 dlw H.M. Payson& CO., DEALERS IS Government Bonds, State and City Securities, BANK STOCK, Ac., 32 Exchange Street. ■p*27»omr SMOiW iINDIA street. DYE €oa|s1 House, 'liz'r1: rv*:: Cotton and Wool Dresses Dyed Without Hipping. aprlt 2m THE AERATED Oxygen Treatment. A GENUINE cure for Catarrh, Asthma, Rheuma tism, Dyspepsia, Lung and nil Chronic Din eases is still ottered to all who are afflicted, at 3*3 Cougrrm Mtreel, Porllond, Jlf., Room J, Cahoon Klock, where a large uuinber of testi monials can lie seeu. Consultation and trial dose free. jal2tn&&wtfl0 House and Stable to Let, HOUSE of six rooms, Sebago water with every modern convenience. Stable has Sebago wa ter, cemented cellar, stalls deep, wide, light and wall ventilated. On new street from Brackett to Clark. Spring Street Horse Cars pass very uear. Anolv at No. 70 Brackett St. leliSaltf M. C. M.~X As£A'fKl) Meeting of the Maine Charitable Mechanics’ Association, will be held in the '-‘'•too; Hoorn. Mechanics- Building, THURSDAY EVEN ING, May, 4, ls7ti, at 7J o’clock. ■uy-l'J-t_It. B. SWIFT, See’y. To Let. A SUIT of rooms without board. Apply at No 47 Daufoi th Street. uiy24dtU«

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