Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 5, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 5, 1876 Page 2
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Jwmts and Other Items. Dr. Kane's boat, “The Faith,” in which he ai d his foildWera were rescued from the Arctic Stas, is lying in a shed at tho Fairmount Park offices Dear Philadelphia. An intimate friend met James Parton a day ftmeatier the veto o£ that marriage biil, and MffiSrked with much earnestness: “Of coarse ypujafeau to gi-tt-ren with Gov. Rice for that veto? You’re going to have your revenge?” “What would you advise me to do?” asked the illustrious biographer. “fhere’s only one thing j\iu can do,” was the emphatic answer; “state his life.”—Brooklyn Argus. The otigina) Masonic apron worn by Gent ral Washington has been presented to the Centen nial historical department, ft was given by Kushrod Washington, the general’s favorite Bepfcew and executor, to Governor Smith of ; North Caroline, and by him bequeathed to Dr. Clitherall, whose sod, Dr. Clitfcerall, now de posits it fn the above namrd department. It is cMrtiTte satin, with appropriate emblems. A Hebrew gentleman had a legacy left to him but it was hampered with an unfortunate Condition, which be hastened to announce to a ■ytnpnthi/ing friend. The sum was £10,000, but half the sum, according to the testator’s will was to be placed in his cofflu and buried with him. Was there ever such a waste of good • money?'’But the sympathizer was equal to the occasion. “Where is the money now?” he asked, and was told “in the bank.” “All right,” said he,'“you write a check for £5,000 iTid’plitIt in the old hoy's coffin, drawn to ioffler!” That yenng man ought to get on in the world. * Several newspapers, including the New Y’ork Herald and Times, Harper’s Weekly and Frank Leslie's Illustrated, have organized an expedi tion for the purpose of encompasing the earth in eighty days. The London Times has joined • the enterprise, and will send Dr. Russell, ’known as “Bull Run” Russell, and an artist Connected with the Illustrated New9 will also aoGOtnpnny the expedition. The expedition Will leave New York about June 1, in a special train for San Francisco, which is advertised to through to that city in eighty bouts. This fastirara will travel to Chicago over the Penn sylvania line, from whence it will go forward to • : Omaha by special engines under the direction of Mr. Steunett. The excursionists will remain In Chicago no longer than is neceBaary to trans fer the train to the track of the Northwestern road. At San Francisco the newspaper party will take a steamer to Yokohama, and thence they1 will proceed to Calcutta, Cairo, and through the Mediterranean to France. They will proceed to Queenstown and embark for New York. _ . Jfef :$n TijiiiiriiAriL ' \ MATTERS IN MAINE. i The Waierville Having. Bank. Watbrvillb, May 4.—A camber of Ibe de positors of the Waterville Savings Bank have proposed to the trustees au arrangement to con '■ tinue the busiuoas of the bank, instead of hav . lag it go into liquidation, getting all the deposi torato agree to surrender their books and take ikemr ones for eighty-Jeven and a half per cent, of the amount on their old books, receiving two ; and one-half per cent, of the same, In lieu of May dividends. If they desire, to withdraw it in ten days after the agreement is-consummat . v .*9» and what of the balance they desire in four, •ight and twelve mouths. After casting the per cent, upon the sum total of the esteemed market value of the assets, it will pay the de positor* ninety-two and eighty-three one hun dredths per cent. a Blockaded by Ice. JBastfobt, May 4.—A telegram from Canso reports that the Magdalen fleet is blockaded - thereby ice. It snowed here this moruiDg. Hehoouev Ashore. .Rockland, May 4 —The schooner Mountain . loaded with eleven thousand lobsters for Iferriftg qat, went ashore ou a sunken ledge near White Head yesterday afternoon, and •tatted a bad le«v, bat was subsequently towed Into Seal Harbor v»ith the assistance of the Crew of the life-saving station. About eight thousand lobsters wera lost. Th* damage to the vessel is not yet ascertained. ’ Mangor mulcted in 94,300. Rancor, May 4.—In the Supreme Court to day, in the case of James N. Butler and wife versus the city of Bangor, action was brought to recover $8,000 for injury received by driving Into a trench in the nigbt time during the laj Iifg of the water works pipes last August, the Jury after being out three hours, returned a ' verdict for the plaintiff for $4,500. J. Varney , ' *°r the plaintiff, *A. Sanborn and T. W. Vose «{»peared for the city. h Auburn Havings Bank. Lewiston, May 4 —The trustees of the Au rt' , - ^liru Savings Bank, have passed the May semi” „ annual dividend. The trustees state this will . V / Oover all depreciation of investments and leave the bank solvent. ‘J. I Business Items. Bancor, May 4.—T. N. Egery of this city ..,») purchased the steam saw mill of Neally & 3ou of Brewer. ?L C* Ayer will build a boot and shoe factory for Baker & Peakes ou Exchange street, to be Oompleted the first of July. NEW YORK. - r ■ V _ 9* Great Redaction in Freight Rates. V'* ^ —The contest among the * 23FZr9 has redllce(i rates on Eastward bound *• freight to the lowest figures ever known. . J-darge amounts of grain are moving east under itt^-:'III1Petos of low rates, so low in fact that Uike charters are out of question and vessels Will have to be tied to the dock until better times arive. Grain was being shipped two weeks ago ot 45 cents from Chicago for New a9d i*1 *s being carried for 20 cents. " announced this afternoon that the re Iisal of Commodore Vanderbilt to be dictated to by other railroads had been followed bv a • i ™uuhou ou passenger tares trom Boston to '■ Cbfcago to§16 by the Grand Trunk Railway. The position taken by the Commodore was generally commended today by the commercial ' , community. It is reported that the Western trunk roads have printed circulars, to be issued tomorrow, announcing reduction of Chicago passenger rates of §12. Bskcsck Staid to.hare been Mixed up in • be tfeneral Order Business. * ^boTelegrarn says rumors are freely circu 2JS? ft the custom house that developments WIUJSbOftlT take place with reference to the • old general order fight, in which Leet and t Blocking figured so prominently. Col. Leet, '• %t through a second party, has commenced a suit »r arrearages against Col. Frank Squire, and It if believed Gen. Babcook and another Wash » ?»lgth>h general will be proved to have had a tu the matter. ’• • DISASTROUS FAILURE. •b : ' ' *’ _ V> ; A Worth Adams Mill Firm Sac* • ? * •! .... combs Six Mills Clnscd in Consequence—Einbil ties §1,000,000-800 Hands Out of Em ployment. - _ O^Blinn'l&U), ^a3S-i May 4.—The heaviest mill failure that Western Massachusetts has yet seen, is that of Harvy, Arnold & Co., of the North Adams print, works shutting up tbeiynill, that of Gallonp, Houston & Smith, .£}.»• U- ArD0,d & Co., at North Adams, the WiHlamstown Manufactnrmg Co. at Williams town, the North Pownal Manufacturing Co. at Pownal, Vt, and the Arnoidsville at South An*ms—» total of six mills, which aggregate liabilities of probably over a million dollars •nd assets of mostly nnsaleable property costing probably §1,500,000. The mills ran iD all over . 1000 looms on print goods, and some 800 people •re thrown out of employment. P. ______________ • FIRES. Al Cleveland—I,q»* $130,000. -* .Cleveland, O., May 4.-The Ohio Wooden Ware Co. s five story brick building, corner of Central and Main streets, was burned this •veniDg. A large amount of stock on hand Was also destroyed. Loss is estimated at from §160,000 to §200,000. Insured for §75,000. « . Al S.merscl, Pn.—§ 100,000. Pittsburg, Pa., May 4.—A fire broke out in the pattern sdop of the Somerset foundry at ‘ Somerset, Pa., about 1 o’clock this afternoon •nd spreading very rapidly was attended with disastrous results. The entire block, including fifOeen or twenty large houses, two hotels and 1 five stores were destroyep. Loss estimated 'aoVten®^00,000 witl1 an insuiauce of probably VO^yOOO. METBOBOEUHICAE. ' BStiBIMTIAl FOB THE NEXT TIVKNXV FOUR ± # HOCJiS. Wab Dei-’t, Office Chief Sigxal ) * Gfficeb, Washington, 11. C > „ Mays, (1A. M.)J For New England. -rUHPg and stationary barometer,southerly shif. ing to cooler northerly winds, but partly' cloudy , , ,L weather. __ ] * The 108th annnal meeting of the New York Chamber of Commerce was held yesterday. S, i D. Babcock vW elected President for the en- i ... piling year. THE PRESIDENT’S ANSWER.] A Cool Reply to an Impudent Question. 'S'lit Executive Not Restricted lo Washington. Washington, May 4.—The President today I sent the following message to the House in reply to Representative Blackbnrn’s reso!u; tion: To the House of Representatives I have given very attentive consideration to a resolu tion of the House of Representatives passed on the 3d day of Apiil, requesting the President of the United States to inform the House of Representatives whether any executive offices, acts or duties, and if any, what have within a specified period been performed at a distance from the seat of the government established by law, etc. 1 have never hesitated and shall not hesitate to communicate to Congress aud to either branch theieof all the information which the Constitution makes it the duty of the President to give, or which my judgment may suggest to me or a request from either House may indicate to me will be useful in the discharge of the appropriate duties confided to them. I fail, however, to find in the Con stitution of tlio United States the authority given to the House of Representatives (one branch ot the Congress in which is vested the legislative power ot the government) to requite of the independent branch of the government coordinate with the Senate aud House of Representatives, an account of his discharge of his appropriate aud merely execu tive offices, acts aud duties either as to when, where or how performed. What the House of Representatives may require as a right in its demand upon tho Executive for inlormation is limited to what is necessary for a proper dis charge of its powers of legislation or impeach ment. The inquiry in the resolution of the House as to where executive acts have within the last seven years been peformed, at what distance from any particular spot or for how long a period at any one time, etc., does not necessari ly belong to the province of legislation. It does not profess to bo a3ked for that object. If this information be sought through au inquiry of the President as to his executive acts in view or in aid of the power of impeachment vested iu the House it is asked in derogatiou of an inherit natural right recognized in this country by a constitutional guarantee which protects every citizeD, the President as well as the humblest iu the land, from beiug made a witnesjp against himself. * During the time that I have had the honor to occupy the position of President of this gov ernment, it has|been, and while I continue to occupy that position, it will continue to be my earnest endeavor to recognize aud to respect the several trusts and duties and powers of the co-oruinate branches of tho government, not encroaching upon them, nor allowing encroach ments upon the proper powers of the office which the people of the United States have ccntided to me, but aiming to preserve in their proper relations the several powers and func tions of each of the co-ordinate branches of the government agreably to the Constitution, aud in accordance with the solemn oath that I uav e iant*u, to preserve, protect aau aetena that instrument. In the maintenance of the rights secured by the Constitution to the exec utive brauch of the goveroment I am com pelled to decline any specific or detailed ans wer to the request of the House for information as to “any executive offioes, acts or duties, and if any what have been performed at a distance from the seat of government established by law and for how long a period at any one time, and in what part of the United States.” If, however, the House ot Representatives desires to know whether during the period of upwards of seven years daring which I have held the office of President of the United States I hive been absent from the seat of govern ment, and whether during that period 1 have performed or have neglected to perform the duties of my office, I freely inform the House that from the time of my entrance upon my office I have been in the habit, as were all of my predecessors (with the exception of one who lived only one month after assuming the duties of his office, and one whose continued presence in Washington was necessary from the existence at the time of a powerful rebel lion), of absenting myself at times from the seat of the government, and that during such aosences I did not neglect or forego the obliga tions, or the duties of my office.' but continued to discharge all the executive offices, acts and duties which were required of me as President of the United States. (Applause from the Re publican side ) . I am not aware that a failure occurred in any one instance of my exercising the (unctions and powers of my office, and periorming all necessary executive acts in whatsoever part of the United States at the time I may have been. Fortunately rapidity of travel and of mail communication, and the facility of almost instantaneous correspondence with officials at tbe seat of government which tbe telegraph affords to the President in whatsoever section of the Union he may be enables him in these days him to maintain as constant and almost as quick intercourse with the departments atWash ington as may be maintained while he remains In the capital. The necessity of the performance of executive acts by the President of the Unit ed States exists and is devolved upon him wherever he may be within the United Statas during his term of office. Ry the Constitution of the United States his civil powers are no more limited or capable of limitation as to the place where they shall be exercised than are those which he might be required to discharge in bis capacity as commander-in-chief of tbe army and navy, which latter powers it is evi dent that be might be called upon to exercise, possibly even witbont the limits of the United States. Had the efforts of those recently in rebellion against the government been success ful in driving a late President of the United States from Washington, it is manifest that he must have discharged his functions, both civil and military, elsewhere than in the place nam ed by the law a3 the seat of government. No, act of Congress can limit, suspend or confine this constitutional duty. I am not aware of the existence of any act of Congress which as sumes thus to limit or restrict the exereise of the functions of tbe executive. Were there such acts I should nevertheless re’cognize the the superior authority of the Constitution and should exercise the powers required thereby of the President. The act to which reference is made in the resolution of the House relates to the estab lishment of the se at of the government and the providing of suitable buildings and the removal i thereto of tbe offices attached to tbe govern ment &c. It was not understood at its date, and by General Washington, to confine the President in the discharge of his duties and powers to actual presence at tbe seat of the government. On the 30th of March, 1701, shortly after the passage of the act referred to, General Wash ington issued an executive proclamation having reference to the subject of tbi3 very act, from Georgetown, a place remote from Philadelphia, ferred to directed that “all officers attached to the seat of government should remain.” That none of his successors have entertained the idea that their executive offices could be per formed only at the seat of government, is evinced by the hundreds upon hundreds of such acts performed by my predecessors in an un broken line from Washington to Lincoln, a memoranda of the general nature and charac ter of some of which acts is submitted here with, and no question has been raised a9 to the validity of these acts, or as to the right or pro priety of the executivc|to exercise the powers of his office In any part of the United States. (Signed,) U. S. Gkant, It will be perceived that the message i9 dated Washington, without the usual prefix of “Ex ecutive Mansion.” Accompanying the mes sage ia a memorandum of the absence of Presi dents of the United States from the National Capital during each of the several administra tions and of the public and executive acts per formed during the time of such absences. This memoranda show that nearly all the Presidents have been absent from the seat of government frequently and lor long periods. Washington was absent 181 days during his trem, and performed many important acts while thus away. John Adams was absent 385 days in lour years, Jefferson 796 days, Madison 708 days, John Quincy Adams 222 days, Jacason 502 days, Van Buren 131 days, Tyler 163 days, Polk 37 days, Taylor 31,days, Fillmore 60 days. Pierce 57 days, Buchanan 57 days. THE CHINESE QUESTION. Incendiary Acsien of n Man Francisco Club—Trouble Browing. San Fkancisco, May 4.—The South San Francisco Anti-Coolie Club and the Young Men’s Universal Reform Society have passed resolutions endorsing the destruction of the Chinese quarters in Antioch, and advocating a similar course in this city unless the Federal government take immediate steps to abate Cui nese immigration. Highly incendiary speeches were made and letters read from societies in the interior seeking the co-operation of the San Francisco Coolie organizations. The Sergeant at-Arms of the Young Men’s Universal Reform Society announced that he had received a tele gram from New York, saying that 2600 stand of arms could be delivered here at ten days’ notice. While such talk and action is universally rep robated by the great mass of thinking people in this city, there can be no doubt that it meets the approval of a large and dangerous class in the community, and that in the event of no ac tion being taken in the matter by the general government there is grave reason to fear serious disturbances here at no disiant day. Before the Senate Chinese commission of Sacramento yesterday, Lem Schaum, a Christ ianized Chinese, testified that it practically was impossible to convert a grown Chinaman to Ohistianity. though sometimes it is successful in case of a boy. The condition of the women here is horrible. They are bought and sold like cattle, abused by their masters, tortured and often killed for attempting to escape. The presence of the Chinese in this country is dis astrous to both the whites and Chinese The Chinese here of the better class desire immi gration stopped, and the whole thing can be JoDe in a friendly way. Ml. Louis Whiskey Cases St. Louis, May 4.—In the United States dis rict court this morning a complete consolida ion of all the indictments and counts in the iu lictments standing against distillers, rectifiers, raugers, and store keepers was effected with he consent of all the parties concerned, but he government counsel reserved its motion for enteuces until a future day. A number of [augers and store-keepers were notified how iver, to appear in Court to-morrow and it is lot improbable they may receive their sentence. WASHINGTON. _ Davenport unii Hi* Voucher*. Washington, May 4.—Davenport to day pn duceil more vouchers, explained them aud said he personally Uuew every person who had signed them, and that every voucher covered an actual expenditure of money liy him, lie stated that the result ol the expenditures so far prevented fraudulent voting in New York so as to justify the indorsement given byjtbe President. Mr. Caulfield objected to such testimony, but the committee, by a vote of four to three, decided such information was essential. Dav enport said the copyrighted books were paid for by himrelf. The Mary Merritt Case Closed. Messrs, Pel and and Trice testified today that Bristow's connection with the Mary Merritt case was only of friendship. This closed the investigation. Tbc Emma Mine luvestigatioa Gen. Schenek testified today that the state ment by Johnson yesterday that Schenek was frequently seen in the office of brokers of the | Emnja mine stock was entirely false, aud that be never was in the office of any broker in London in his life and when lie went to the city he never used his own carriage but hired a cab. He said JohDson’s statement was an un mitigated falsehood in its length, breadth and inference. Park also testified that the testi mony of Lyon yesterday relative to bin alleged conversation with Fisher aud Lyon about hav ing articles printed and circulated in a morning paper were all false. After couriderable testimony from Parks and Lyon, as to the unreliability of each other’s statements, the examination was declared con cluded. Various Matters. Twelve ladies from the Bureau of engraving waited upon the House committee on appro priations today aDd asked compensation for the time they wera out of employment in March aud April. The committee took no action but the conversation developed an ad verse feeliog towards granting the application. The opinion strengthens that the Senate sit ting as a court of impeachment will sustain the plea of Belknap that they have no jurisdiction to try him. Internal revenue receipts today $730,732; customs $379,114. The amount of silver coin actually paid out at the Treasury aud sub-treasuries from the 19th of April to the 3d of May inclusive was $1,934,200. Naval Appropriation Bill. New York, May 4.—It is stated that the naval appropriation bill materially reduces the force of seamen and marines, and totally sus pends work in the navy yards at Portsmouth, Boston and Washington. The Blaine Investigation to Begin Next Week. The Telegram’s specials from Washington state that Mr. Huntou of the sub-committee to investigate Blaine, says the inquiry will be be gun next week and he is determined to get at the bottom facts. The Venezuela Claims. The foreign affairs committee havo agreed on a resolution requesting Secretary Fish to suspend the first payment of the Venezuela claims which he had announced for Voh 1Kfh inst., until they have examined into the alleged frauds perpetrated in connection with the claims. It is pwbable that Ilia bill will be mcdided to this extent. BELKNAP’S IMPEACHMENT. The Question of Jurisdiction Under Dis cuasion. Washington, May 4.—The impeachment trial was resumed this morning. Mr. Carpen ter said if the court was to adjourn next week as proposed it would be in the middle of the argument, and he had no doubt that it wonld be more convenient to both sides to have the argument postponed until the reassembling of the Senate. Manager Lord said the managers would pre fer to have a consecutive hearing. If the argu ment was to be broken by an adjournment the managers wonld prefer to have the argument postponed until the 15th. After discussion the Senate refused to post pone hearing arguments, yeas 22, nays 38. Mr. Blair, of the counsel for the respondent, then opened an argument on the question of jurisdiction and quoted at length from the Blount case in support of his views. He de nied the power of the Senate to try on articles of impeachment a private citizen and quoted from various English works on the subject of impeachment. Mr. Blair contended that sev eral U. S. Judges had resigned and impeach ments against them had been stopped. Blair continued his argument till 2 35 when the Senate took a recess for fifteen minutes. On reassembling Manager Lord contended that as issue had been joined it was too late to raise the question of jurisdiction. There was some dispute as to who should follow Mr. Lord whether a manager or Mr. Carpenter, and af ter some discussion, the Senate as a court of impeachment adjourned till 12.30 tomorrow. Fortj -Fourth Congress—First Session SENATE. Washington, May 4. A concurrent resolution to adjourn from Sat urday next till Monday the 15th inst., to attend the opening of the Centennial, was considered and laid over. Mr. Conkling presented a petition which he said came from all classes of people in 22 states and territories, that the government endeavor to have Condon, the Irish patriot, released from I prison. Referred. On motion of Mr. Anthony 800 copies of the reports on labor in Europe and America were ordered printed. The rest of the session was occupied with im peachment business. HOUSE. The House went into committee of the whole on the Post Office bill, and speeches were made on miscellaneous subjects. The committee was addressed by Mr. Vance of North Carolina, in favor of his bill and ptop osition to pay the contractors for carrying mails in the Southern states prior to April, 1861. He made a patriotic appeal for the burying of ail sectional animosities and bitter recollections caused by the war, and proclaimed the loyalty, patriotism and good feeling of the South. Mr. Kelley of Pennsylvania, testified to that same good feeling, and related his experience in the South last year. Mr. Anderson of Illinois, addressed the com mittee on the financial question. Mr. Waldron of Michigan, a member of the Appropriation Committee, criticised the bill and undertook to demonstrate that it would not afford the means to carry on the work of the department Mr. Cannon of Illinois, spoke similarly, and Messrs. Dunnell of Minnesota, and Reagan of Texas, opposed the reductions provided for by the bill and the committee rose. Nine thousand dollars were appropriated by the House to pay the expenses of the commit tee to investigate the Federal offices of Louisi ana. A resolution that the two Houses accept the invitation to attend the opening ceremonies of the International Exhibition and adjourn from the 9th to the 12th inst., was passed. Mr. Blaine of Maine, offered a resolution di recting the Committee on Ways and Means to provide for the relief the country from the threatened scarcity of fractional currency. Mr. Randall of Pennsylvania, suggested that that subject was before the Committee on Bank ing and Currency, but after a somewhat jocose discussion the resolution was adopted. Mr. Payne then asked leave to report his bill allowing the issue of silver coin in exchange for greenbacks, but Kelley objected. , The message of the President declining to furnish the House with information as to his various absences from Washington was received with cold disdain oa the Democratic side, and with evident enjoyment on the Republican side. At the conclusion of the reading Mr. Ran- 1 dall moved it be referred to the Judiciary Com- j mittee and printed. It was so ordered. Mr. MacDougall of New York, then offered < a resolution instructing the select committee i for investigation of the Federal offices in Louis- i iana to make a full and complete investigation < of t.hft nirnnmatanoofi nitanrlirwr *T»a noaeoDim. tion of M. H. Twitchell and David King, on Bed River, La., particularly as to whether the cause was or was not of a political character. Mr. Randall of Pennsylvania—I hope no one will object to the resolution. Mr. Beebe of New York, desired to have an investigation also into the killing of two ne groes and wounding of eight others at the late election at Indianapolis. j Mr. Townsend of New York, remarked amidst much uproar that the Republicans carried the election and the Democrats killed the niggers. Mr. MacDougall declined to yield for Beebe’s amendment. r Mr. Levy of Louisiana, in behalf of the peo- c pie of that state invited a thorough investiga- 1 tion into the killing at Red River. t Mr. MacDougall’s resolution was adopted 1 and the House at 5.30 adjourned. .« _ 'J ii Food Scarec at the Black Hills. 3 Omaha, May 4.—-A recent arrival from Cus- £ ter City says there is a great scarcity of food n throughout the Black Hills. Some of the c prices for provisions are as follows: Sugar 40 2 cents per pound, bacon 50 cents per pound, h corn 50 cents per pound, and flour $22 a sack, ? in Custer City. On the 10th of April Ind'aus 11 came up within one hundred yards of Custer and ran off with thirty head of horses. ®. - t F OEEIG N. I _ t i CHEAT BRITAIN. I The Window Com. London, May 4.—Nothing is known at the S American legation about the United States V government’s having given notice of the ter- p mination of the extradition clause of the Ash- £ burton treaty. Such notice, if given, has been JJ through Sir Edward Thornton, the British Min- w ister at Washington, and would not cover U Winslow’s case. As he has been already fully P committed under an existing treaty, he can be L letained so long as the government can con- J* time to show the court good cause therefor. _ N It Foreign Note*. SI Thomas Estrode has been chosen and inaug irated President of the Republic of Cuba. 0 The Cambridge University boat club will send A » crew to the Centennial if one can be organ- M zed. A Several French deputies on the strength of locumeutary evidence in their possession, have R ixpressed an apprehension to the ministers that C' he delegation of French workmen to Philadel- H lia devotes its attention chiefly to politics, and si lonsequently have urged the gevernment to re- b, 'use the appropriation of 5(20,000. Ui POLITICAL. risissacliusctts Delegates to the Convention. A Large Portion of Them for B'aiue. Dregon and Maryland for Blaine. Worcester, May 4.—At the 9th District Republican Convention today, Hon. A. H. Bul ock and Hon. George F. Hoar of Worcester, vere elected delegates to the National Coven lion. Washiirston, May 4 —Private despatches ray that the districts of Massachusetts elected iix delegates, of whom five were for Blaine and jne for Bristow. Private despatches received here todav state hat the entire delegation elected in Oregon yesterday, for the Cincinnati Convention is in favor of Blaine’s nomination. Frederick, Md., May 4 —Republican dele gates elected to-day lor the Cincinnati convention are directed to vote for Blaine so long as there is a reasonable hope for his nomi nation. The convention commend Bristow for his efforts to expose and prevent corruption. ITIr. Blaine’s Reply to a WouH-Bc-Aven der. Washington, May 4.—Mr. A. G. Kiddle, whose daughter was the wife of the late James Wolcott Knowlton, whom Mr. Blaine in his statement a few days since mentioned as re futed responsible for the Kansas Pacific story wrote a letter to Mr. Blaine charging him with aspiring Knowiton’s memory and annoanciug his intention to vindicate it. The following is published to-day. Washington, May 3.—Hon. A. 0. Biddle, Dear Sir,—1 am totally surprised by the tone of your note touching Mr. KnowltoD. 1 was es pecially careful to make no reference to him that in my judgment could offend the most sensitive feeling. You cannot hut be aware that Mr. Knowlton’s name has been used for some years past and with vindictive force and frequency this winter to injure me. Tes timony reported as coming from him, but which you know he never gave, has beeu car ried and quoted in all directions, and I have to choose between disproving it and tacitly ad mitting it with all its damaging implications, but no one save yourself can see in iny refer ence to Mr. Knowlton the slightest disrespect to his memory. On the con trary it relieves him from the au thorship of an unfounded calumny. If, how ever, you judge it to be wise or prudent or ex pedient to seek a personal controversy with me over Mr. Knowlton’s grave I shall greatly regret it, and I think in the end you will re gret it still more. Nor can I believe that on cool reflection you will permit yourself to do anything so uncalled for and in all respects so extraordinary. Very respectfully, James G. Blaine, Crimes and Casualties. Willie Ledriage. a three year son of Christo pher Ledridge of Fisherville, N. H., fell into a pail of boiling water yesterday and was fatally scalded. Miss Margaret Demntb, a domestic, jumped iuto the river at Pawtucket yesterday and was drowned. The body of Miss Maria Wright was discov ered in the Nashua River at Fitchburg, Mass., yesterday. She has been missing some time. Suicide. A sunken schooner is reported two miles west and three-quarters of a mile north from Little Gull light in the track of vessels, in Long Island Sound. McDonald’s stable on Clinton street, Brook lyn, was burned yesterday with eleven horses, several coaches, &c. Loss 820,000. Annie McLaan was bonnd over at Glouces ter, Mass., yesterday, charged with attempting to murder her child by throwing it into a vault, MINOR TELEGRAMS. Cardinal McCloskey is sick at Orange, N. J., and no one is permitted to see him. 85000 in gold has been recovered from the the wreck of the steamship Schiller, making 8200,000 thus far recovered. Graduation exercises in the New Hampshire State Normal School at Plymouth took place Wednesday. The Empress of Brazil is in Philadelphia. ConntlLowenhanpt, the new Swedish Minis ter, arrived in New York yesterday. The Cocheco print works at Dover, N. H., after a shut down of fonr weeks started up again yesterday. Tho Erie canal just after the opening yester day broke and was emptied between Troy and Albany. It will be opened shortly. A despatch received at Springfield yesterday brings the news of .’he death of Benjamin F. Bowles, of the firai of Samuel Bowles & Co., publishers of the Springfield Republican, in Paris, of Roman fever. He was 43 years of age. Ship Neptune, lost on Sable Island, was own ed in Bosron by Marshal & Co., and was val ued at 880,000. Insured. Fall River manufacturers will send an agent to South America to introduce their fabrics there. Base hall—New Havens 7, Hailfords C; Cin cinnati) 3, Louisville 4. The freight rates east from Chicago are grad ually weakening in the observance of fixed prices, and it was stated yesterday that a large nnmber of engagements have been made at 15 cents per 100 pounds to New York. Rev. Henry Ward Beecher lectured in Brook lyn last night in behalf of the Soldiers’ Home. It is rumored that a series of heavy defalca tions have been discovered in Brooklyn which will lead to important arrests. New York carpenters last night protested against the lengthening a day’s work beyond eight hours or the redaction of wages below 83 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Portland Wholesale Market* Saturday, May 4.—The demand lor goods is not at all active and prices aro rather drooping. Sugars are active at 10J @ lOfc for granulated and 9Jc for Extra C. Flour shows a tendency towards a decline for the higher grades while the lower brands are dull and there is but little demand. Pork and lard are dull with a very slight demand. Grain is firm and unchanged. Foreign Exports. LIVERPOOL. Bark Brunswick—754 hhds mo lasses, 102 tcs do. ; CORK. Bark Acorn—23,078 bush wheat. Foreign Imports. HALIFAX. NS. Steamer Falmouth—75 boxes :aned fish to J F Liscomb, 20 empty casks to Ker. )il Co, 3 packages merchandise to E Ex Co, 4 bbls jysters 3 packages merchandise to J F Liscomb. PONCE, PR. Schr Delhi—352 pun 24 tcs 2 bbls of nolasscs to Phinney & Jackson. HAVANA. Brig Ysidora Rionda—436 hhds 40 cs molasses to Geo S Hunt & Co, 2 bbls molasses to naster. MAUN MAYAGUEZ, PR. Br Schr Emma C pot :er—14 bbls apples. Daily Domestic Receipts. By Boston and Maine Railroad.—Paris Flour ng Co 2 cars corn, G W Green 1 do corn, Bristow . _ “I w UVUVD id UV IAJ1U) X IXU1 f ett 3 uo corn, F Gardiner & Co 1 do corn. J W Sykes Ss Co 1 do corn, J H Barney & Co 1 do corn, P C L’arboe 1 do corn, G W True & Co 2 do com, S H & ^ R Doten 1 do lumber, Marr, True & Co 1 do flour, S Thomas & Co 1 do flour, G A Hunt & Co 1 do Lour, Brown & Washburn 1 do flour, Josselyn <fc Co . do flour. Order 2 do flour, Union Steam Mills 2 do our, W S King 2 do floor, King, Giiman & Co 2 do Lour, Norton, Chapman & Co 1 do flour, A Moon & Jo 1 do flour, H F Heald 1 do flour, G T R 8 cars of aerchandise, M C R R11 cars merchandise, & O K i 2 car mcrcqandise, Portland 10 carsof merch an ise. By water conveyance—i000 bush cornmeal to G. V. True & Co. Boston (flock market. [Sales at the Brokers* Board, May 4.] 10 Boston & Maine Railroad.. 101} Second Call. i 50 Eastern Railroad..... in U New York Stock and Money Market. New York. May 4—Evening.—Money market -as easy at 3J @ 4 per cent, on call. Fordmi Ex tiange at 488 @ 488j for 60 days and 490 (ffi .mi ,or emand. 4 G?Jd opened at 112}, declined to 112} and recovered ) 1121. The carrying iates were 3@iDer cent, he clearances at the Gold Exchange Bank were 13,249,000. The customs receipts were $235 000. he Assistant Treasurer paid out to-day $421 000 on iterest and $70,000 in redemption of bonds!* also 14,300 in silver. Governments were steady. * ’state mds dull. Railroad mortgages were quiet and firm, he stock market was feverish and irregular, but in lain lower. The greatest decline was in New York entral and the coal roads, which fell off from 4 @ r per cent., and under a sharp selling movement -to in the day the whole market was depressed and < times large blocks of the active stock changed 1 mds. The following were the closing quotations of Gov •nment securities: ( nited States coup. 6s,1881. 1222 nited States 5-20’s 1865, old, ex-cup. " 114I nited States 5-20*8,1865, new. .110! nited States 5-20’s, 1867. .{21 4 nited States 5-20*8, 1868 do.I III * * *122$ nited States new 5*8, ex-int.!! " 1173 ] nited States 10-40s, coup.!!"" "ll8? irrenev 6’s.!!.!!" 126* The following were the closing quotations of ocks: • < estern Union Telegraph Co. mi ' icific Mail.' ew York Central & Hudson R R. 110* [j0,• • • v• ..:::::: 14* E ichigan Central.. . ."' 4G2 aion Pacific Stock.’04I mama. !""i2<) ike Shore.." " 511 inoisCentral.,'*'** 9^1 J licago & Northwestern.39? licago & Northwestern preferred.* \” 50} 1 jw Jersey Central. * *' 90I )ek bland..^lOii , . Paul. 37? 1 . Paul preferred. ’,**'* 03 T abash.os 1 ilaware & Lackawanna...!."*,* " 106ft •antic Pacific Telegraph. 18 r issouri Pacific.*** 13 v •antic & Pacific preferred.2} ' rhe following were the closing quotations of Pacific I ulroad securities: ntral Pacific bonds. lOM lion Pacific bonds.!""l042 I lion Pacific Land Grante d. ..!" "lOoJ iking Funds... '"gift F ston, Hartford & Erie 1st.. *'**" 2o* p laranteed.....23 1c Chicago Cattle market. Chicago, May 4.—Cattle—receipts 4010 head; Ihe market is active and lower, closing steady; good stock 3 75 @ 4 25; slopping 4 25 @ 5 55, chiefly 4 25 @ 4 70; shipments 4000 head. 'Hogs are in active demand and prices advanced 5 @ 10c; receipts 13,000 head; light 7 00 ® 7 10; pack ing 7 60 @ 7 25; shipments 4600. Sheep—receipts 200: market is scarce and nominal. Ocuicmic markets. New Yobk. May 4—Evening.—Cotton market is quiet at l-16c decline. Flour is in buyers lavor; re ceipts 11,355 bbls; sales 16,500 bbls; No 2 at 3 00 Sil 3 5u; Superfine Western and State at 3 10 @ 5 00; ex tra Western and State at 4 00 @ 5 50; good to choice do at 5 25 @ 5 70; White Wheat Western extra at 5 75 @ 7 00; Fancy White Wheat Western at 7 05 (ffi extra Ohio at 4 9u ® 7 00; extra St Louis at 5 25 ® 9 00; Patent Minnesota extra at 6 50 @ 7 35; double extra at 7 40 @ 9 50; Southern at 5 80 @ 9 00. Kye flour is dull at 4 75 @ 5 15. Commeal is more active at 2 75 @3 65. Wheat—receipts 64,800 bush; sales 96.000 bush; the market is about lc lower and heavy; 105 @107 for Mixed Spring; 1 08 @ 111 for No 3 Spring; 118 @ 119 tor No 2 Wilwankee; 122} for No 2 Milwaukee afloat crop oflS74; 1 25 @ 1 27 for No 1 Spring, latter extreme; 143 for White Michigan; 1 35 tor White Canada in bond; 104 for no grado Winter Ked Western; 111 @ 112 for New York No 2 Spring: 1 20 for do No 1 Spring; 113 for ungraded Spring and noniiually; 114 @ 118 for No 2 Chicago. Kye nomi nal. Barley unchanged. Corn—receipts8G,650 bush; sales 116,000 bush; the market is about lc better ami active; 56Jc for unmerchantable Mixed; 59 @ 60c for no grade Mixed; 6l| @ G3c tor steamer Mixed: 62* @ 631c for graded Mixed; 62 @ 64c for ungraded new Western Mixed; 65c tor new Yellow Penn; 66 @ 70}c for new White Southern. Oats steady; receipts 25, 200 bush; sales 80,000 bush; 36 @ 30c for Mixed Wes ts™ ana State; 42 @ 53c tor White Western, inside inferior, including rejected at 37® 38c; No 2 Mixed New York inspection at 404 @ 41c; No 2 Chicago iu store at 40 @ 41c. Hay is firm. Coffee is quiei and firm; cargoes at 154 @ !8}c gold; job lots at 154® 193C gold. Sugar is quiet and tirm at 78 @ 7Jc for fair to good rotining; 8c for prime. Molasses—refin ing firmer and in fair demand at 33 @ 32Jc tor 50 test. Rice nominal. Petroleum is dull; 'crude at 8}e; refined at 13} @ 138c. Tallow is quiet at 88 @ 8 ll-16c. Naval Stores—Rosin is steady. Turpentine firm at 35c. Pork is firmer; new mess at 2100 @ 2175. Cut Meats quiet; Western Pickled Hams 15 pounds at 12}c; middles lowerat 11} fort Western long clear; city long clear at 12}. Lard is firmer; prime steam at 12 80. Freights to .Liverpool—market is quiet and firm; Cotton per sail 7-32d; do steam }d; Corn steam 7d; Wheat steam 7}d. St Louis, May 4.—Flour is dull and unchanged. Wheat active for cash; No 2 Red Fall at 1 39; No 3 do at 127. Corn is active, firm and higher; No 2 Mixed at 44} @ 55}c_cash. Oats are held higher at 33}c asked. Kye quiet and unchanged. Whiskey is quiet. Pork firmer; jobbing loto 21 50. Bulk Meats nominally firmer; shoulders 78; clear rib and clear sides 11 @ Ilf—nothing doing. Bacon firmer; shoul 8}; clea9 rib and clear sides 12 @ 12} and 129. Lard, no oflerings. Receipts—3300 bbls flour, 10,000 bush of wheat, 46, 000 lmsh corn, 2,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush barley 1000 bush rye, 00 hogs, 000. Chicago, May 4 —Flour is quiet and unchanged. Wheat active, nrm and higher; No 2 Chicago Spring at97|c; No 3 Chicago Spring at 87} @87ic; rejected at 78c. Com is fairly active aud shade higher; No 2 at 45c, Oats fairly active and shade higher; No 2 at 30c. Rye dull aud shade lower at 61}c. Barley is in good demand and shade higher at 64c. Pork is strong and higher at 20 90. Lard is fairly active and shade highe" at 12 40. Bulk Meats In good demand; shoulders at 7|o; clear rib sides at 10}; clear sides at 11. Whiskey 107. ’ Receipts—12,000 bbls flour, 34,000 bush wheat, 118, OOO bnsh com, 48,009 bash oats. 3,500 bush barley, 3000 bush of rye. Shipments-11,000 bbls flour,106,000 bush wheat, 104, 300 bush corn, 37,000 bush oats, 9,000 Dush barley. 3,200 bush rye. , tuttuu, jtiay —r iour steady. tv neat is steady; No 2 White Wabash 138}; No 3 White Wabash at 126}; No 1 White Michigan at 1 38}; Amber Michi gan at 1 22}; No 2 do at 106; No 2' Red Winter at 131; rejected Red at 88c. Corn firmer; High Mixed at 63c; low Mixed 50}c: Kansas at 51}c; no grade at 49c; damaged at!2}@43c. Oats quiet; No2at3lc; Michigan 39c. Receipts—14,000 bbis flour 43,000 bush Wheat, 3,000 bnsh Com, 0,000 hush Oats, Shipments—500 bbis flour, 13,000 bufch Wheat, 48, 0W bush Com, 5,000 bosh Oats. Milwaukee, May 4.—Flour is quiet and steady. Wheat firm: Nol Milwaukee at 109}; hard do at 120; No 2 Milwaukee at 1 01*; No 3 Milwaukee at 90}c. Com is steady: No 2 at 46c. Oats firmer and in good demand; No 1 at 31|c. Rye is steady; No 1 at 65c. Barley easier and in fair demand ;No 2 Spring at 84c; No 3 do at 50c. Receipts—6000 bbis flour, 48,000 bnsh wheat. Shipments—7,000 bbis flour, 62,000 bush wheat. Detroit, May 4.—Flour—lair inquiry and steady at 6 00 @ 6 50. Wheat firm and in sellers favor; ex tra White Michigan at 1 40; No 1 White at 131}; No 2 at 118}. Com is nominal at 56 (5j 57. Oats are quiet and steady; Mixed at 37c. Receipts—600 bbis flour, 7,000 bush wheat, 1700 bush com, 900 bush oats. Shipments—1500 bbis flour, 18,080 bush wheat, 800 bush com, 400 bU9h oatB. Cincinnati,! May 4.—Pork is quiet at 2100. Lard in fair demand: steam at 12; keltle at 13 @ 13}. Bulk Meats quiet and firm; shoulders at 8; clear rib sides at II; clear sides at 11} @ 11§. Bacon quiet and unchanged. Horn are steady and in fkir demand; common to good light 6 00 @ 6 85; fair to good heavy at 6 90 @ 715; a lew extra at 7 25; receipts of 1978 head; shipments 1875 head. Whiskey strong at 1 07. Cleveland May 4.—The Petroleum market is quiet and firm; standard at 10}: prime White at 11} lor car lots. Charleston, May 4.—Colton steadier; Middling uplands 12}c. New Fork, May 4.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands 12 9-16c. 8 New Orleans, May 4.— Cotton is auiet; Middling uplands 12c, Mobile, May 4.—Cotton irregular; Middling up lands at lX}c. Savannah, May 4.—Cotton is quiet; Middling ■plands 1115-lCc. Augusta, May 4.—Cotton market—buyers and setter* apart, lower to sell; Middling uplands 11} @ Wilmington, May 4.—Cotton is unchanged; Middling uplands 12}c. Norfolk, May 4—Cotton is dull; Middling up lands 11} @ UJc. Louisville, May4—Cotton stagnant; Middling uplands at 12c. European markets. London, May 4—12.30 P. M.—Consols at 95} for money and account. London, May 4—12.30 P. M.—American securi ties—United States bonds, 1867, atl09}. Liverpool, May 4.—12.30 P. M.—cotton market is steady; Middling uplands at 0 3-16d; do Orleans at 64d; sales 12,000 bales, including 2000 halos tor spec ulation and export. MARRIED. In this city, May 4, by Bev. Mr. Buck, Whiter E. Corey and MUs Hattie I. Hall, both of Portland. In this city, April 3, by Rev. W. E. Gibbs, Watson Dyer and Miss Mary E. Webb, both ot Portland. In Cumberland Mills, April 20, by Rev. Addison Blanchard. Peter W. Files and Mrs. -Mary A. Bagctt, both of Westbrook. DIED. In Deering, May 4tU, Rev. Thomas B Ripley, aged 80 years 6 months. In Seal boro, May 3, Anna Lowell, daughter of Tap pan and Catharine S. Libby, aged 15 years 8 months and 18 days. [Boston papers please copy.] In North Jay, April 25, Mrs. Lucy Kyea, aged 04 Ill North Jay, April 30, Mrs. Sarah Townsend, aged 74 years. DEPARTURE OP STEAMSHIPS. NAME FROM FOR DATE City of VeraCruz.. .New York. .Havana.May 4 Peruvian.Portland...Liverpool....May 6 Anchoria.New York. .Glasgow.May 6 City of Chester.New York. .Liverpool... .May 6 Baltic.New York. .Liverpool.May 6 Samaria...Boston.Liverpool.May 6 Georgia.New York. .Panama.May G Wilmington.New York .Havana.May 9 Andes..New York...Aspinwall,. ..May 9 Scythia.New York. .Liverpool.May 10 Clanbel.New York. .Jamaica, &c May 11 lflinatnre Almanac.... -.May 5. Sun rises... .4 50 I High water. 9.15 AM Sun sets.7.04 | Moon sets.. 3.20 AM MARINE NEWS, PORT OF PORTLAND., May 4. ' ARRIVED. Steamer Falmouth, Colby, Halifax, N S—passen gers and mdse to John Porteous. Steamer City of Portland, Pike, Boston for East port and St John, NB. Brig Ysidora Rionda, Plummer, Havana—136 lihds 40 tcs molasses, to Geo S Hunt & Co. Brig D S Soule, Soule. New York for Lingan, CB. Sch Delhi, (ot Saco) Emerson, Ponce PR—352 hhda 24 tcs molasses to Phinney & Jackson. Sch Emma C Potter, (Ur) Wyman, Mayagnez, PR, with 301 puncheons 42 tcs molasses to E Churchll & Co. Sch Nellie J Dinsmore, Parker, Philadelphia—coal to Gaa Co. Sch Emily A Staples, Card, Boston lor Rockland. .Sen Clement, Beal, Jonesport—fish barrels to E & H Trefethen. Sch Ligure, Thnrsion, Calais. Scb Three Sisters, Blckmore, Friendship. Sch Freeport, Beal. Jonesport for Boston. Sch Commonwealth, Gross, Rockland tor Boston. Sch Hudson, Hutchins. Rockland tor Boston. Sch Sterling, Lewis, Wiscasset for Boston. CLEARED. Steamship Franconia, Bragg, Now York—Henry Fox. Barque Brunswick, Hutchinson, Liverpool—Geo S Hunt & Co. Barque Acorn, (Br) Piper, Cork, ior orders—John Porteous. Sch Forost Bello, Smith, Boston, with part of in ward cargo—master. Sch Oriental, Wallace, Millbridge-N Blake. Sch Lottie Arnca, Nash. Rockland—maBter. Sch Mariel, Anderson^ Wiscasset—Chase Bros. [FROM MERCHANTS’ EXCHANGE.! Ar at Boston 4th, barque Tatay, Pettis, fm Buenes Ayres. Ar at New York 4th, brig Lizzie Wyman, Carde las; Lizabel, from Havana. Ar at Hamburg 1st, ship St Joseph, Lobos. At Demarara Apl 6, brig Suwanee, lroin Macbias; ich Millie Trim, from New York. Sid. lm Cardenas 2d, brig Geo S Berry, York, for tforth of Hatteras. Sid fm Sagua 1st, sch Daybreak, Blake, for North it Hatteras. Ar at Cieufuegos 29th, brig L M Merritt, Herrlman, tfew York. Sid fm Liverpool Apl 20th, ship Gen Shepley, for it John, NB. Sid im Table Bay, CGH, Apl 21, barque Woodslde, lontgomery, Barbadoes. MEMORANDA. A schr hailing irom Ellsworth, Capt Young, from lullivan lor New York, with etaves and heading, prung aleak and was run ashore on Baker’s Island 1 far Apl 27th. Will come off. Two hundred tons coal have been landed from the ebr Mary Augusta, ashore at Block Island, and the ossel is expected to come off in a few days. DOMESTIC FORTH. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 3d, ship Winged Hunter, ’anno, Nanaimo. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 1st, sch May Evelyn, Me- i iear.n, It u at an. Cld 3d. shin Kentuckian, Dunbar. Liverpool PENSACOLA-Ctd 23th, sch S Barnesf Arey, for 'biladelphia. JACKSONVILLE—Ar28tb, sch A Haytord, Kane, KEY WEST—Ar 2d, Darque Frank Marion, Eld dge, Antwerp. ' ftscassefc.^^^ Ar 1st, sch Cathie C Berry, Seavey, ] Ar 2d, scha Loretto Fish,Gilchrist, Wilmington; me J Simmons, Harrington, Bath. ,rA,r Satilla, Rivers, Bath. , Sid 2d, scha Hattie L Fuller, for Fernaudina; C W ewia, for Port Royal. J va~aF l8t- sobs Mary E Rankin, to load tor-; Effort, Lowe, riiraail ** ^ Faruham, Genn, New York, to load Cld 1st, schs Adrianna, Merrill, and L M Collin?, Curtis, Philadelphia. NORFOLK—Ar 2d, sch Henrietta, Willard, from New IlaveD. Ar 1st. pch Fieetwing, Kenniston, Rockland. BALTIMORE—Ar 1st, sch Charlotte Jameson, Jameson, Beaaiort, NC. Cld 1st, schs Ellen M Colder, WIxou, i'or Boston; Koret, Dunham. Bath; Day light,Reed, Bangor; Win Stevens, Elwell. Belfast. Cld 2d, sch M A Wiley. Wiley, Bath. Ar 3d, barque Minnie M Watts. Watts, Havre, Sid 2d, sch Alice M Allen. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 1st. schs Katie P I.unt, Lopaus, Boston; M Sewall, Haskell for East Cam bridge. Ar 3d, sch Corvo. Lewis, Richmond, Va. <5ld3d, sch S M Bird. Merrill, Boston. Ar 4th, trig Adelia McLoon, Munroe. Matanzas. Sch Minnie C Taylor, at Lewes Irom Matanzas, is ordered to Philadelphia. NEW YORK—Ar 2d,barque Com Dupont, Nichols, Cardenas 10 day?; brig Havana, Meyer. Havana; schs M Sewall, Haskell, fm Boston for Philadelphia; Wm McLoon, Stillman, Providence. Ar 3d, barqtle Thos Pope. Fossett, Sierra Leone; brig Harry, Robinson, Cardenas 10 days; schs Jos Farwell,Gregory,from Baracoa 13days;*Alexandria, Falkingham, Sand River, NS. Ar 4th, barque Teekalet, Tracey, Leghorn; Hor ace Beals, Fickett, Guantanamo; Sarah, Tilley, Ha vana; brig A R Storer, Hatch, Trieste; Lizabe),Wat son, Havana. Cld 2d, schs Adeliza, Huntley, Ciudad Bolivar; Nellie Clark, Clark, for St.Andrews, NB; Grace An drews, Anurewa, Galveston; Mott-Haven, Collins, Calais; C W Morse, Marr, for Hallowed; Alnomak, Clark, Boston. Cld 3d, brig Hattie E Wheeler, Armstrong, Eliza bethport and Portlaud. Sid 2d, ship H S Gregory, for San Francisco. Passed through Hell Gate 2d inst, schs C W Morse, Marr, New York for HaJlowell; Mott-liaven,Collins, do for Calais. PROVIDENCE—Ar 3d, schs H R Condon. Mllli ken, Alexandria; Flora King, Rowe, Calais; Velma, Plunket, Machias. Ar 3d, schs Hyue, Oliver, Pittston; Hiram Tucker, Knowlton, Dennysvllle; F V 'iSimer, Walker, lrom Rockland. NEWPORT—Ar 3d, sch E G Willard, Simonton, Philadelphia for Portland. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 3d, schs Gen Howard, Lins cott, Gardiner; Talmiiroo. Lowell, Bangor. Sid 2d. sch T W Allen, Carter, New York. VINEYARD-HAVEN—Ar 2d, sch Harper, Con nor, from Hoboken for Belfast In port, brigs Mattie B Bussed, for Boston, ready; Geo E Dale; schs Jed Frye, Mary J Ward. All oth ers have sailed. EDGARTOWN—Ar 1st, schs W P Ritchie, Free thy, New York for Havorhill. BCSTON—Ar 3d, sch8 John Tyler, Cook, Calais; Adelaide, Smith, Ellsworth; Dan! Breed, Higgins, Bangor; Lilian, Ryan, Belfast; D K Arey, McDon ald, do; Laurel.Foss, Hancock; W H Leavitt,Spear, Camden; Ida Hudson, Kenniston, Roc Wand; Lizzie, GuptUI, do; Mary Jane, Merrill. Bath; Excel, Po land, Portland. Cld 3d, barque Devonshire, Falker, Point Wolf,NB. *■**• mu, vu.quu j a omo, uuvuogajics mcu lltli; bcIib California, Kaler, fm Waldoboro; JeDnie Howard, Knight, Bath. SALEM—Ar 2d, sch Zampa, Sanborn, Port John* son; Spartel, Arey, Winterport. Ar3d, sch Abner Taylor, Dodge, Hoboken. GLOUCESTER—Ar 3d, sch Winslow, Colson, from Bangor. NEWBURYPORT—Ar 2d, sch Maiy A Rowland, Pendleton, Bangor. NEWBURYPORT—Ar 3d, schs Westcrloo, Whita ker, So Amboy; David Nichols. Wyman, New York; Mary Susan, Snow, Rondout; Helen McLeod, Coggs well, Calais. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 2d, schs Tel uni ah, Bennett, Philadelphia; Garland. Libby,Port Johnson. Ar 3d, ech Mary B Harris, Crowley, Philadelphia. FOREION FORTH. Sid tm Trieste Apl 14, barque Estella, Poole, for New York. Ar at Amsterdam April 14, sliio Martha A McNeil, Jordan, New Orleans. Ar at Cuxliaven 20tb, barque Gen Fairchild, Kel ley, Mejiiloues. Ar at Fenarth Apl 18, barque James G Pendleton. Gilmore, Amsterdam. Sid fm Cardiff Apl 15, barque CbasT Bussell,Ham ilton, Table Bay, CGH. Off Portland Apl 17, ship McNear, Carter, from Astoria tor Newcastle. At Baracoa Apl 19, schs Israel Snow, HatchGeo Washington, Roff; Baracoa, McClintock: Old Chad, Wiley; Cityof Chelsea, Goodwin; Victor Puig, Pink ham, and Wm Douglass, Mclndoe, tor New York; Lucy Holmes, Teel, for Boston. Sid to Cienfucgos Apl 29, brig J C.Hazeltine, Hods don. New York. At Mayaguez Apl 12, schs Paul Seavy, French, for Yew York, ldg; Emma E Potter, Wyman, tor Port land, do; C B Paine, for Lewes. At Ponce April 10, brig Wm Robertson. Peak, for United States, ldg; Ech Delhi, Emerson, tor Port land. do. Ar at Havana l6t inst, barque Adelia Carlton.Pack ard, Liverpool; 2d, J E Holbrook, Leavitt, Cardiff; brig Mary Gibbs, Whitmore, Liverpool. Ar at do 26th ult, brig Clara J Adams, McFadden, Matanzaa. 81d fm Matanzaa Apl 22. brig Thos Owen, Gaptlll, Sagua; 27th, icb Maggie D Mareton, Hooper, New Orleans; 30th, brig Geo Gilchrist, Orcutt, North of Hatteras. In port Apl 27th, barque Daring, Branscomb, for North ot Hatteras, molasses at $24; sch Nellie Bow ers, Stackpole, tor do, at $2J. Sid to Cardenas 1st inst, Ech James A Brown. Col lins, North af Hatteras; 24th ult, Cumberland, Web ber, Matanzaa. Sid to Sagua Apl 21, barque A N Franklin, Gross, Matanzaa. Cld at St John, NB, 2d inst, harone Jos Baker, Ry der, Conway, Wales; sch S B Hume, Digging, tor Dunkirk. SPOKEN. April 29. lat 35 49, Ion 74, brig Liaabel, lm Havana tor New York. April 29, lat 36, Ion 72, brig Wiley Smith, from New York for Trinidad, (with loss ot foremast and main mast head.) April 24, lat-, ion 69 45, sch Charlie Cobh, from New York for Nassau, NP. “O wad some power the gift to gi’e us, To see oursel’s as others see us.” Behold that pale, emaciated figure, with downcast eye, like some criminal about to meet her fate I See that nervous, distrustful look, as she walks along with a slow an,(unsteady step. The pink has left her cheeks and too cherry her lips. The once spark ling, dancing eyes art, now dull and expressionless. The once warm, dimpled hands are now thin and cold. Her beauty has fled. What has wrought this wonderful change? What Is that which Is lurking beneath the surface of that once lovely form? Does she realize her terrible condition ? I sshe aware of the woful appearance she makes? Woman, from her very nature, is subject to a catalogue of diseases from which man is entirely exempt. .,auy of these maladies are induced by her own carelessness, or through ignorance of the laws of her being, Again, many Female Diseases, if properly treated, might be arrested in their course, and thereby prove of short duration They should not be left to an inex perienced physician who does not understand their nature, and is, therefore, incompetent to treat them. The importance of attending to Female Diseases in their earliest stages cannot be too strongly urged. For if neglected, they frequently lead to Consump tion. Chronic Debility, and oftentimes to Insanity. In all classes ot Female Diseases, Dr. Pierce’s Fav orite Prescription ft without a rival. No medicene has ever surpassed it. “In the People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser.” of which R. V. Pierce, M. D., of Buffalo, N. Y.. is the author and publisher, is an extended treatise on Woman and deb Diseas es. Under this head, the various affections to which woman Is Incident are carefully portrayed, and a restorative course of treatment suggested. Every woman, as she values her life and health, should possess a copy of this valuable book. If she be dis eased, this “Adviser” will show her how she may be restored to health, and also direct her how she may ward off many maladies to which she is constantly being exposed.' Let every suffering woman heeu this timely advice and see herself as others Isee her. Price of Adviser, $1.50 (post-paid) to any address. oc29 my5eod&wlw SPECIAL NOTICES. Please tell the people that yen saw their Advertisement in the PRESS the circula tion of which. ncr month. pycpaiI i 1AA.AAA. A Card. The Maine General Hospital gratefully acknowledges the receipt from the P. C. Society, by hand of Misses Jennie Evans, President, and May Collins, Treasurer, of thirteen dollars, proceeds of an entertainment at 53 Free Street. my5sndit J. T. Me COBB, Treasurer. CHIOKERING PIANO For_oale. Rosewood case, irren octave, but little used aud ill good coudition. Price S.tOO. my5sn2w t». I,. HAll.EY, 4S Eichange 81. To Let. Lower tenement in honse No 8 Orange street, very pleasant and convenient. Apply to A. C. BARKER, 131 Commercial St. may3sn eodtf ROOM PAPERS. BAILEY & NOYES Have a flue stock and will sell at RETAIL at yery LOW PRICES. ROOM PAPERS, BORDERS and CURTAINS. _ BAILEY & NOYES, Exchange Street, Portland. ap29 sndlw FOREST TAR. •‘For a long lime I have been a great sufiercr from Bronchitis for which X have tried your Forest Tar, rhe first bottle brought no apparent relief. Alter ising the second my cough was very much relieved ind my sleep was free from that choking sensation ivhicli made breathing difficult and distressing. Now, liter using a few bottles, I am perfectly free from •very trace of my trouble. I believe it to be* all you lairn for it and much more.” Thus wrlteB Mr. J. IF, McIntosh, of Portland, Me. Ask your druggist or the Forest Tar preparation. octl5 sn9m BASE BALLS md Bata,Fishing Tackle,Guns and Mport- c ug Goods. Wholesale and Keinil. G. L BAILEY, J ap24sndeod4w 4H Exchange Street. a “GRASS SEED. ~ icrtls Grass, Clover aud Red Top, — FOR SALE DY — Harris & Littlefield, a; 143 Commercial Street. mchie sntf Eastman Bros. WILL OPL.V — OX — Wednesday, April 19tli, New Dress Goods, SILKS AND SHAWLS! — ALSO — LADIES’COSTUMES, Drap d’ Ete and Silk SACQUES Jgp*An examination of tlie6e goods is solicited. EASTMAN BROS., 534 CONGRESS STREET. aprlS pndtf f CALLED GOVERNMENT BOH Highest rates paid for Called Govern ment Bonds or Later Issues, and Good Municipal Securities given in exchange. AH the 5-20’s of 1802,1864, and 5, 000,000 of the November issues of 1865 have been called in for redemption. Woodbury & Moulton, BANKERS AND BROKERS, 67 Exchange Street. nov2tf deodsnly ' DK. THAYER, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Laic of Philadelphia, — CAN BE — CONSULTED FREE OF CHARliE at bis rooms in Mechanics’ Hall Building. The Doctor Is a Graduate of both the Allopathic aud Homoeopathic Schools, has been in extensive practice for twenty years. Dis eases of the Eye and Ear, Throat and Lungs, skill fully treated. Also Chronic Disease! in all forms. The Doctor’s success in both acute and chronic dis eases, warrants the assertion that he never fail* to cure where a care is possible. Office Hours 9 to 111 A. HI., 1 to 5, and 6 dciito 8 P. HI, iebliBneOdtl “It works like a charm.” Benne’s Magic Oil ! This is a purely vegetable, general family remedy Keep t In the house to use in case of emergency, TRY IT INTERNALLY, It cures Colic, Cholera Morbus, Diarrhoea, Cramp, and Pains in the Stomach, Indigestion, Sore Throat, Coughs, Colds, &c. USB IT EXTERNALLY. It cures Neuralgia, Catarrh, Rheumatism, Sprains, Cuts, Bruises, Old: Sores, Headache, Toothache, and in fact almost all the aches and pains hanian tlesh is heir to. Sold by all dealers in medicines. WM. RENNE & SONS, Proprietors, Pittsfield, Mass J. W. PERKINS & CO„ ' Oeneral Agents, Portland, Hie, aul7 febl7eod(Sw3m Awnings, Tents,Flags, Boat Sails Covers, Canvas Letterings, Decorations, Ac., 49 1-2 EXCHANGE STREET, F. A, LEAVITT. marctS sneodtf TO THE LADIES ! BROWN’S FRENCH DRESSING Will make Ladies' and Children's Boots and Shoes that have become rough and red, and Ladies' Travel ing Bags which look so old and rusty that they are ashamed to carry them, look just as good as new. It will not mb off or smut when wet. Softens the leather No lady will be without it after one trial. Beware of imitations and counterfeits. For sale everywhere. B. F. BROWN & CO.; Ko*ton. mh!5 sneod6m National Loan Office, (ESTAHLISIIED IN 1868,) No. 53 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. Money to loan in gums to suit on Diamonds, Jew elry, Watches, and all valuable personal property at low rates of Interest. For sale Diamonds and Jewelry at less than half the original cost. One fine Diamond Stud, 1 karat pure white, elegant affair. $65.00 One fine Diamond Stud, } karat pure white, 50.00 “ ** ** King, X karat, old mine stone, 75.00 ,, „ ladies’ King, very handsome. 35.00 and lots of other Diamond Rings, Eardrops and Studs, Gold and Silver Watches, and other Silver Ware at less than half price. ap!8sn1m*S. 8CHRVVEB. Ladies’ Fine Boots! in all the leading styles, Including the Seamless Side Lace Boots — nr — FRENCH AND AMERICAN KID. Ladles’ Fine Boots in all Widths a Specialty. Also a line of the celebrated Newark Hand Sewed Work for Gents* wear. No. 1 Elm Street. PKEBl'k DAVIS.1' } LEAVITT A DAVIS. IS"Measures taken for Ladies’ and Gent’s boots. apr20 eodtf EDITH LYLE. JU®1: Published—A splendid new novel by Mrs. Mary J. holmes, whose other works are read and re read with delightful interest—stlch as “Tempest and Sunshine,** “Lena Rivers,** “Edna Browning,** “West Lawn,” etc. Price $1,50. RECORD~^fB YEAR. Just Ready—The second number (May) of this wonderfully popular monthly magazine and dialy of important events and current miscellany. A capital number, full of the choicest reading matter, and a NJl^bBtee^Portrait of Moody, the great Revivalist. G. W. CAREETON & CO., Publishers, iprl5eodlm Madison Square* New York. OT. C. PATTEN, Practical and Expert Acconntaut, 14* COMMERCIAL ST. INTRICATE accounts, partnership settlements, etc., etc., adjusted.. Previous business written, ind all work requiring competent services promptly executed. Compromises between debtors and credf ors effected, financial ability of debtors investigated, ind settlements effected when desired. Instruction in book-keeping to a limited number. Business from this city and vicinity respectfully elicited. Ample references in this and other cities. mar7 TW&Ftoodtf Jump Seat Carriage FOR SALE. But little used,'and will bo sold low. — also — LIGHT EXPRESS WAGON In fine order. 'Will be sold low. Apply to WM. ALLEN, JK„ ap22tleod3w31A Exchange Street. Grist Mill TO _LET ! CA.PI8IC MILL. Inqnire of „,D. W . Claris.. ,, aH_iseodtf FOR SAXiD ! 1 A large stock of Carriages, Wagons and Bnggies f every description; top ami no top, single and t ouble, at ten per cent, lower than at any other fac- ■ >ry in Maiuo C oncord and Kiprcw Wa#on» * specialty. . _ 0 JOHN ADAMS, ° aprleodtf _Mnccarnppa, Me. Lawn Mowers. ■ If you waul a Lawn Mower write for iccial price. Very Low. FKED ATWOOD, apr28eodtf Winterpori, Me. t! REMOVAL._ THomT H. S. Baler & Co., iflarc ICnuort'd froua NO. 3 I ST. BLOCK TO No. 250 Middle St., 2 Doors abo7e Bines Brothers, direct ly opposite BLH. Hay & Co,, Where they will be pleased to wait on their friends and llie publie in general. Tlie largest stork oi MILLINERY to be found in this City, at prircs to meet Hie times. H. S. Kaler & Co., 259 MIDDLE ST. ap29 dtf removal! Foster’s Forest City Dye House From 4 Union Ml., in 13 Preble Ml. ap3 near C'ouj(re»». (ltf REMOVAL. Geo. II. Cummings, M. D., NO. 31G CONGRESS ST., Near Frye’* Drug Store, Cor. Frraukliu Hi. Office Hours—9 to 11 a. m., 2 to 4 p in., and night. aprlO eodlm* — AT — Boston Prices ! 100 Cartas of Ribbons J list recei risin j Gro* Grain.Basket and Plain Bibbtai in all colors from 1 to 9 inches wide. ALSO 100O YABDSOF EROS GRAIN AMI SOFT SILKS. Basket and Boiled Silks, In all colors and new tints for trimming purposes, SELLING,'AT BOSTON PRICES. 25 OA 8ES STRAW GOODS! — IN — Beal French Chip-, American Chip* Bl land and Canton Braids, in all the Leading shapes. Also 50 Cartons of Fine French Flowers, Ornament*, Feather*, Cn.tnuere T.nee* and Netting. A splendid assortment of Stylish Trimmed Hats from (3.00 and upwards. Hats and Bonnets trimmed to order by a skillful milliner in attendance and sat isfaction guaranteed and at most reasonable prices at LATNER’S, 539 CONGRESS ST. {J3F“As this is positively the largest and best se lected stock of Millinery ever shown in Portland, Ladies are requested to call and examine and con vince themselves. F. LATNEE. ap7 deodSm WM. E. DEmSON bas removed from 236 COMMERCIAL STREET — to 118 COMMERCIAL ST., HEAD LONG W1IARF. COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have this day iormed a copartner ship under the firm name ot URGENT. DENNISON & CO., and have taken the stand at Long Wharf, 118 Commercial St.> where they will continue the business of Wholesale and Retail Dealers COAL AND WOOD, and would he pleased to see all their tormer patrons and as many new ones as may tavor us with a call. EDWARD n. SAROENT. WILLIAM E. DENNISON. Portland, May 1,1876. myldtf Trimmings. New style Worsted Fringes at 12 1-2, 25, 50 and 75 cents a yard with Buttons to match. Black Silk Fringes, Moss Trim mings, &c. ST ■ £) nmu ft iu.9 4D5 Congress Street, just above the Preble House. my3 iltw H. M. Payson & CO., DEALERS nr Government Bonds, State and City Securities, BANK STOCK, Ac., 32 Exchange Street. _ eodtf Window Frames ! When you cannot flud what yon want and arc in a hurry for Window Frnmr., call at BITRBOWES BROS’., Where yon can hare them at .hori notice. Cor. Cross and Pore Street. PORTLAND, 1UK. aplT dcodtf SOT BISCUIT. ROLLS AND TEA BREAD Everj Afternoon nt 3 O’clock, — AT — K. W. SMABDON A C0,’S BAKERY, W'ABHlJlUTONNT.NEARCONCSREeiN. Baked Beaus and Brown Bread every Sunday *?™ *'8- R- W. SMARDON A CO. aI,rlJ dtf • Milk Notice. rM. HASKELL would intorm his friends and • the public that having entered again into tbo ujk business, he is prepared to turnish any in want i pure Milk, and as he will sell only that from his wii cows can guarantee satisfaction in every iu *nc®. Please address, giving street and number, T. M. HASKELL, Abbott’s Corner, Dewing, Me., T all orders left with W. B. MOKK1LL, 184 Middle t., will be promptly attended to. uprllcodliu $IO Per Day ^AN be made by energetic salesmen with our ^ goods. Call at 42| Exchange Street, betweeu and 19 A. M., or enclose $1.00 foi sample, directions. :c., to Box 1932, Portland. Maiue. ia20decduf JOB PRINTING neatly executed at lie OtHce.

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