Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 8, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 8, 1876 Page 4
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POETRY. Whittier’s Centennial Hymn. Our father’s God! from out whose hand The centuries tall like grains oi sand, We meet to-day, united, free, And loyal to our land and Thee, To thank Thee tor the era done, And trust Thee for the opening one. Here where of old, by Thy design, The fathers spake that word of Xliino Whose echo is the glad refrain Of rended bolt and falling chain, To grace our festal lime from all The zones of earth our guests we call. Be with us while the New World greets The Old World, thronging all its streets, Unvailing all the triumphs won By art or toil beneath the sun; And unto common good ordain This rivalship of hand and braiu. Thou who hast here in concord furled The war flags of a gathered wot Id, Beneath our western skies fulfill The Orient’s mission of good will, And, freighted with Love’s golden fleece, Send back the Argonauts of peace. For art and labor met in truce, For beauty made the bride of use, We thank Thee, while withal we crave The austere virtues strong to save, The honor proof to place or gold, The manhood never bought or sold! O! make Thou us, through centuries long In peace secure, and justice strong; Aroflnd our gift of freedom draw. The safeguards of Thy righteous law, And, cast in some diviner mold Let ihe new cycle shame the old! —Philadelphia Timet. Teresa. An Italian Story. Light, heat, beauty, life-giving South! The artist seeks it for its glorious depths ol color; the poet for its classic traditions and dreamy influences; the invalid for its balmy breath and reviving warmth, which stir the pulses that in Northern lands would cease to heat, Lionel Merton, half poet, half artist, and half invalid, sought it for life both ol mind and body; and his delicate frame shattered by the chill blasts of the North— woke to a new being in the soft Ausonian climate, whilst his artist eye glanced with a pleased delight over luxuriant plains and .1!__1_4^4 .1__!4V. I-- -4 . glimpse of the yellow Tiber flowing majesti cally along. He was just now standing in the doorway of the inn, gazing, not at the landscape or the skies, but at a lace that had attracted his attention more than once since his arrival at -. He had seen it first in the beautiful gardens of the villa, not far from the inn, peering through the parted branches of a myrtle, whose dark, glossy leaves seemed to form a fitting framework for the living pic ture behind them. But the branches hat closed hastily as the girl met the blue eyes o Lionel fixed steadfastly upon her. “We must go home, Tina,” said she to th< child, who was watching the doves wasl themselves in the basin of the fountain, anr she swung it up to her shoulder, where i: wound its tiny hands in her dark hair, loosen ing some of the coils that fell heavily down below her waist. A flush came over the pair olive skin. “Thou art a bad child, Tina!” she said ai she hastily twisted up the long tresses undei the folds of her white head-gear. The large lustrous eyes had but looked ai Lionel for a moment, and yet they seem tr have told him a long story that he had beer in the past trying to decipher. Next he had seen her in the church, kneel ing in fervent prayer, and had silently watched the changes of countenance unti again she perceived him, and with startler look rose and fled away. To-day Teresa stood leaning against a stom pillar, playing with the pink blossom of i catalpa that stood near her, when sudden]; she found herself once more face to face will the English stranger. He had discovered her name—Teresa daughter of blind Tomaso Cecchi and his bed ridden wife. She was a good daughter, ant worked hard to support her parents. To-da; she seemed to be taking life easily—drinkinj in the splendor of the purple mists and golder sheets of sunlight with true Itailian indo lence. “Dolce far neinte!” thought Lionel, as hi looked at the statue-like figure, and the hear thrown back, partly with weariness, parti; with an intense appreciation of the beaui; around her. But Teresa’s rest was not to be of lon{ duration. The Mercanti of the Campaigns had sent for laborers to gather in the harvest and men and women were forming into bandi to join in the work. Teresa was going, st gossip had told Lionel, and to him it seemed a sacrilege that the beautiful maiden should toil and slave with the common multitude But what could he do ? And in the midst ol his meditations the girl raised her face, ant again their eyes met. “Teresa!” The name burst involuntaril; from his lips. She started and blushed, but this time dir not flee away. She looked up at Lionel. “Si, signore,” she answered. JLUdl 19 A piCLbJ ilUTVCl, OftlU U1UUC1 , “will you give it to me?” She made do reply, but put the blossorr into his hand. And so the acquaintance wa: made and the two chatted away in the sun shine. n. Lionel had gone to Tomaso Cecchi’s lodg ing. “But your daughter is not strong enougl for such work!” said he, in conclusion to s long haraDgue. The old man shrugged his shoulders “Poverty” said he, “is a hard master anc Teresa is a good girl.” “Too good to endanger her life in the toils of the Campagna. Think of the risk, th< labor the heat, the foul evening mists 1” But Tomaso looked hack beyond the dis comforts and remembered a time when the plains resounded with songs and laughter and the wine was broached and hearts were light. “I found my wife there,” said he “anc Teresa may find a husband.” Lionel instinctively drew back. A hus band among those laboring pheasants! impos sible; for in his eyes Teresa was worthy to be the bride of a king. “Can you not find a substitute for you; daughter? I-,” and then he hesitated. for Teresa had come into the room. “How much will it cost to get a substitute Teresa ?” Teresa laughed. “Giovanetta would pay if she could go in my place,” said she “There are too many ready and willing to go.” “Let them go, then 1” responded Lionel eagerly. “The signore forgets we must have mon ey.” returned Teresa. Scarcely thinking of what he was doing, Lionel had poured out the contents of a purse full of English gold upon the table. The quick ear of Tomaso caught the sound: he stretched out his hand as if to clutch the ringing coin, but Teresa sprang between, turniug a flashing face upon Lionel. “We are not beggars 1” she exclaimed; “I work for my bread 1” “Will you not let me help you?” asked Lionel in a low tone. “You cannot,” she replied, in an equally low voice; and the flash died out of her face, for Lionel’s tone was very humble, and his eyes had spoken something to her that her heart answered. She gathered the money together and put into his hands. “It must not be,” said she, as he sorrow fully departed. “Thou art a fool, child 1” said Tomaso Cecchi, when Lionel was out of hearing. “These English know not what to do with their gold, and we should have been all the better for it.” m. Slowly plodded the large, gray oxen over the plains of the Campagna; lazily sauntered the drivers at their side. Here and mere one Heard me sounds of mer riment: there again were silent toilers; here worn-out laborers who had crept into the shade and fallen asleep, and above stretched the blue heavens, still and cloudless, over the gray and purple sweeps of far-off landscape, with here and there a patch of sun-gilt wa ter. All this Lionel saw, for he had obtained a lodging in one of the large stone farmhouses, since money will obtain anything; and the lair, delicate-looking, generous Englishman was popular among the poor Italian peas ants. Teresa knew that he was there, but she avoided him; and he, seeing this, only watched her from a distance, and gave no token that she was more to him than any other laborer on the vast plains. lie had seen Tomaso and his wife before he had fol lowed to the G'ampagna, and they were am ply provided for during their daughter’s ab sence. Lionel Merton had fallen in love, and he sat down and took he matter into deliberate consideration. His first thought was that Teresa was a queen; fit to be the wife of any maD, was his second; why not of himself? was the third; and that she should be if pos sible, was the fourth. Yet how to proceed was the difficulty; he felt, with all the keen sensitivenessot an Englishman to absurd sit uations, that he was somewhat absurdly placed at the present moment; for Teresa, calmly pursuing her work, gave him no op portunity of addressing her without bringing the eyes of the multitude upon himself and the handsome maiden. IV. Teresa was the one to break the silence. She feared the pestilential breath that comes with the chill blasts and heavy dews after the burning heat of the day might take effect on Lionel Merton. She noted a lassitude and feverishness, which he imputed to his state of mind, and suddenly she appeared before him. “Signore, you must flee from hence or you will die!” “And you will have killed me, Teresa.” “No; it is the poisonous mists of the Cam pagna.” “What brought me hither to breathe them?” asked Lionel abruptly. “The signore forgets that I begged him not to thihk of so rash a scheme,” replied Teresa, evading the question. “For me who am ac customed to the changes it is safe; for the signore It is death, and he must go.” “Whither?” “Back to Frascati, if he so wills it; or bet ter, perhaps, away from Italy.” “1 cannot live away from Italy; it is my life, my hope; and here I can study art and make myself a home. Here I can be happy, and yet you send me away ?” “I have told the signore that I am not fitted for his wife. Besides, my duty is to my parents; I must tend them until they die.” “Yet you leave them now?” “Only for their benefit.” “It would benefit them more if you were my wife.” But Teresa shook her head mournfully. “None possible,” she said decidedly. “Yet you love me, Teresa?” “Yes,” said she with emotion; “but I must do my duty. I have made a vow not to marry so long as my parents live.” “It is a foolish vow,” said Lionel. “It is a nevertheless a vow,” she replied firmly. Signore, you must go. Addio, addio V’ But as she spoke a sudden shivering seized her—the fever that she had dreaded for Lio nel had fallen upon herself. v. Teresa had but few friends among the la borers in the Campagua; but one woman, whom Lionel recognized as belonging to Frascati, was willing enough to undertake the office of nurse, in consideration of the lavish payment for it, and to accompany her home when she was out of danger. Then Lionel turned his steps northward, seeking no interview, for he knew that Tere sa was firm in her resolution, and that it would be an insult to her piety and ner sense of filial duty to attempt to shake it. So he hastened away, hoping by constant change and excitement to drive her image from his heart. He passed the frontiers, and then the col^ north winds began to blow, and he could not face them, and Lionel Merton learned that his only hope of life was indeed in Italy. It seemed almost as though Fate were bidding him return, and so he passively resigned him self and retraced by slow stages the way to Frascati, delaying as he drew nearer and .V, --- J w. seeing Teresa once more. He took up his residence at the inn again, but saw nothing of Teresa, neither did he hear of her until, upon making inquires of the innkeeper, he found that immediately mpon her return from the Campagna her parents had been taken ill and were now in the last stages of disease, and that they were poorer than ever. But Lionel shrank from intruding, although he and the old Cecchi bad been very friendly. Still Teresa had a consciousness of his pres ence in the constant supplies of all needed for the sufferers at the hands of the innkeep er, and she did not refuse them, for she was almost worn out with her vigil and perhaps regarded this unexpected assistance as an answer to her prayers, and therefore not to be flung ungratefully aside. ***»#* And then came the end. The Death Angel closed the old man’s eyes, and the mourner carried him to his grave—soon to be followed by the wife who had journeyed with him through the world. And then Teresa was left an orphan, alone in the world. And then Lionel Merlon once more said— “Teresa, you love me?” And Teresa replied, as she had done be fore, “Yes.” But this time she added, “The 1 vow that parted us is accomplished, and I am 1 no longer forbidden to be your wile.”—Jean Boncwur in Cassell’s Magazine. BUStjjjESS DIRECTORY. Booksellers and Stationers. UOVT A FOGG, No. 91 Middle Street. Book Binders. HD. A. OUINCV, Room 11, Printers’ Exchange, No. 111 Exchange St. SMALL Sc 8HACKFORD, No. 35 Plnm Street. Carpenters and Builders. WHITNEY A MEANS, Pearl Street, op posite the Park. Furniture—Wholesale and Retail. WALTER COREY A CO., Arcade, No. 18 Free Street. GEORGE A. WHITNEY, No. 50 Ex change St. Upholstering of all kinds done to order. Horse Shoers. E. MORRILL A YOCNG, Experienced Horstshocrs at No# 70 Pearl St. _nov5dtf Pattern and Model Maker. 1 J. 1. RARROUR, 350 Fore Street, Cor. of Cross, Portland. Photographer. A. S. DAVIS A CO., No SO Middle Street. Plumbers. JAMES MILLER, No. 91 Federal Street Roofers. Jr# N. McCOY Sc CO., 38 Sp g Street. Real Estate Agents. JOHN C. PROCTER, No. 93 Exchange ; Street. Stair Builders. R. F. LIBBY, No. 359 Fore Street,cor. Cross St., in Delano’s Mill. G. L. HOOPER, Cor. York and Maple Streets. Tvuirues) ueneiry auu onver nare« JT. A. MERRILL A CO., 139 Middle St. J. A. MERRILL. A. EEITH. CITY ADVERTISEMENTS STATE PENSIONS. CITY OP PORTLAND, Persons holding certificates under the State Pen sion law of 1875, and continued in force by an Act oi 1876, arc no longer entitled to pen sions by virtue of sneb certificates, but new applications must be made in all cases by par ties desirous of availing themselves of the benefits of the law. All applications must be made in per son and not otherwise, to GEORGE H. LIBBY, on MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, May 8, 9 and 10. between the hours of 3 and 5 o’clock, P. M., at the Common Council Room in City Building. Only the following classes, by virtue of this law, under any circumstances, receive the benefit of this act, viz: 1st. Disabled soldiers and seamen, residents of this State, who have served and been credited on the quota of Maine. | 2d, Widows of such deceased soldiers or seamen. 3d. Orphan children. 4th, Dependent parents of such deceased soldiers or seamen. 5th. Dependent sisters of such deceased soldiers or seamen, and only such individuals of these classes as are or will be dependent upon public or private charity for their maintenance, in view of all their re sources and ability to labor and support themselves. Brothers, and children of any age not orphans, of such disabled soldiers and seamen, are in no case and under ?io circumstances, entitled to this pen sion. LORENZO TAYLOR, { Committee on ISAAC D. CUSHMAN, J State Pensions. my*___dlw CITY OP PORTLAND. In Board of Mayor and Aldermen, ) April 18, 1876. j ORDERED, That the City Clerk give notice to all parties interested by publishing a copy of this order in one of the daily papers of this City, for three successive weeks, that this Board on WEDNESDAY, the tenth day of May next, at 5 o’clock P. M., at the Aldermen’s Room in City Building, will hear all parties interested in the petition of Patrick McCann and others, for a Sewer in Morning Street, through Eastern Promenade to foot of Vesper Street. Also, on petition of Laura Partington and others, for a Sewer in Mayo Street, from Cumberland to Oxford Streets, and that thereafter this Board will deter mine and adjudge it public convenience and necessi ties require the contruction of said Sewers. Read and passed. Attest: H. I. ROBINSON, Clerk. A true copv. Attest: H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. CITY OF PORTLAND. City Clerk’s Office, 1 , . April 18, 1876. f To whom it may concern. Notice is hereby given, as required by the afore said order, which is made a part of this notice. H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. aFl9 dtd nm/WTl r W /\ OlUAJi (K DUniYM, CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS AND FORWARDERS, WO. 28 STATE ST., — AND — Centre Desk, Rotunda, Custom House, BOSTON. . Particular attention given to the enter* mg and forwarding of merchandise arming at PORT OP BOSTON, also New York, Philadelphia and Portland. Having unsurpassed facilities, we are prepared to forward goods with prompt ness and dispatch. Business entrusted to onr care will receive prompt attention. STONE & DOVYNER, 28 State St., Boston. dcotiGm FOR SALE, Steam Engine and Boiler. fjpHE ENGINE an upright of about six horse JL power, and an Upright Tubular Boiler of about touble the power of the engine. Apply .to WIL LIAM LOWELL, 3G Union street or YV.H. PEN NELL & CO., 38 Union street. 'ne28Utl. _WANTS. Wanted. A SITUATION to do general housework. En quire at BIBBER’S EATING HOUSE, myGdlw* comer of Fore and India Sts. Situation Wanted. BY a Steady young man a situation, cither to take care ot horses or on a farm. For reference apply to 116 MIDDLE STREET. my6 dlw* Wanted. A YOUNG Lady hoarder in a private family. Address “A,” Press Office. my3dlw* AGENTN WANTED CENTENNIAL MEDALLIONS, Struck in solid Albata Plate, equal in apjcarance, wear and color„to SOLID SILVER OR GOLD. Presenting a large variety of beautiful Design* in relief. These Medallions are larger than a Silver Trade dollar, being 1$ inch, in diameter, handsomely put up and sell readily at sight. The most valuable Souvenir* and mementos ever issued. A complete outfit of magnificent samples for agents, in velvet-lined Morocco case—including the Bust of “George Washington.” Grand Entrance Interna tional Exhibition. Memorial Hall (Art Gallery). Horticultural Hall. Mam Building, and the grand representation of the SigniDg of the Declaration of Independence (designed by Trumbull), in gilt—sent by mail on receipt of draft or Post Office order for $3.50, or will ship by express C. O. D. upon receipt of express charges. Agents* circular and Price List and one sample sent upon receipt of 50c. Immense profits. Sells at sight. Extensive fields for enter prise. Address u. S. MEDALLION CO., 212 Broadway, P.O.Box 5270. New York. mhlGd£w6mll Wanted. A GOOD Pressman and a few experienced Coat Makers at JOSEPH LEVY’S, apr29dtfFederal Street. Wanted. HORSES to board at the Boarding and Livery Stable on Cushman Street, between Brackett and Clark Streets. Prices reasonable. Inquire of GEORGE BRISCO, at the Stable.ap27d3w* Wanted. I WANT a chance to travel for a good Wholesale House. Have had three years experience on the road and can give the best of references. Address R. K. W., Portland, Me. apr25d3w* Wanted. A FIRST Class Pressman immediately nt A. S. EERNALD’8, !I3I middle Street, ITp Stairs. ap24 dtf Situation Wanted. AS COPYIST, and all kinds of writing, at a moderate salary, by a young lady. Unex ceptionable references given. Address mal7dtf “A.,” at this Office. LOST AND FOUND. fact BUNDLE lost from team, marked B. M. Roberts, Stockton. Finder will be rewarded by leaving it at LORING, SHORT & HARMON’S. myG d3t Lost. IN Deering, near Morrill’s Corner, a black and tan DOG, answers to the name of “Jack.” The fioder will be rewarded on leaving the same at PRINCE’S EXPRESS, 93 Exchange St. may4 dlw* BOARD. Boarders Wanted. PLEASANT rooms to let with or without board at 203 CUMBERLAND ST. maysdtf Room and Board. PLEASANT front rooms furnished, to let, at 21 Brown St. A few boarders can be accommo dated. MRS. MATHEWS. apr3 dtf Board. PLEASANT front Rooms furnished and unfur nished to let with board, at ma21dtf 416 & 418 CUMBERLAND STREET. TO LET House to Let. A very nice genteel house with 9 rooms, newly fitted up, 34 Winter St. Gas and Se ago. Apply to J. B. CLARK, 13 Tyng St. may3 _dtf_ * To Let. MTwo good rents, $6.50 and $8.50 per month. Apply to W. W. CARR, 197 Newbury St. myl_ dtt Pleasant Front Booms to let with Board. Apply at this office. apr29dtf TO LET I Room in the Second Storv ol the Printers’ Exchange, with power it required. Apply to PRESS OFFICE or to B. THLRSTOW & CO., Ill Exchange Street. ocl2__dtf To Let. AI.ARGE Front Chamber to Lef. In quire at 30 Brown Street. apr!9dtf To Let. Attfy The easterly half of residence corner of Free Kii an,i High streets, now occupied by W. H. An .HSillderson, Esq. Possession given first of May. Inquire of F. W. LIBBT, - apr!8dtf42 Exchange St. TO LET. ^ OK. LAHB HAS A HOUSE ON j:;;i®«*!N«KKSS sT. WITH TEN iA;;;^koo,hs to let, opposite THE PARK..apr!3dtf To Let. FIVE pleasant rooms at 197 Newbury street, to a family without children, W. W. CARR. aprlltf Store to Let. STOKE No. 122 Commercial street, next below Dana & Co., now occupied by Joshua Hobbs & Son. Possession given immediately. Apply at 96 Danforth St. C. OXNARD, aprll_ dtf To Let. STORE, No. 149 Commercial Street, now occupied by Joseph W. Read. Possesion given May 1, 1876. Apply to A. E. STEVENS & CO., ap4dtf150 Commercial Street. To Let. STORE or shop in basement corner of Congress and India streets. Inquire at 108 Newburv St. mh22 dtf Wholesale Store, IN the Thompson Block, Nos. 17 &. 19 middle Street. Good location below the Post Office where all the wholesale drv goods and other classes of trade are located, The'finest store in the city, with light and airy basement, two entrances, two counting rooms, brick safe, and elegant show windows, tables, counters and other fixtures. Will be let very reasonably f applied for soon. Apply to H. E. THOMPSON, No. 32} Emery St. on the Spring St. Horse Car Rouie. mhl4dtf To Let. HOUSE at 6 1-9 Dow Street. Inquire an the premises. decl5 dtf To Let. rII HE BRICK HOUSE No. 74 Danforth Street, J. containing all the modern improvements In quire at No. 10 Central Wharf. JaelS dtf HOTELS. WESTMINSTER HOTEL, ON THE KTJilOPK^-lSr PLA-IST. Corner Irvins Place aud ltf h Street, New York. One Block lrom Union Square and Broadway. The most central, and yet quietest location in the city. Convenient to the great stores, theatres and churches. Elevator and all modern improvements. Easy access to all parts of the city by street cars and stages. sep27d&wly40 C. B. EEBBIN, Prop. ROSSJUORE HOTEL, Junction of Broadway, 7th Aye. and 4id Street, NEW YORK CITY, Three blocks west of Grand Central Depot, nea/ the Klevated Railroad, and but twenty minutes from Wall Street. A new and elegantly furnished Hotel all modem Improvements. Rates $4 per day. Liberal terms to families. Free omnibus from Grand Central Depot. CHAS. E. LELAND, Proprietor OfDELEVAN House, Albany, N. Y„ and Claken don Hotel, Saratoga. feb21d&wly9 Direct iiuportatioiv of Ale., J”**®* *.«quor*. Holland Gin in dujk, J. DeKuyper. Green Seal Gin incase from Rot terdam. Irish and Scotch Whiskey in bulk and case from Ramsey & Co., Liverpool. Hennessey Brandy in case, vintage 1866 1870 and 1873, direct from * ranee. Very fine old Port and Sherry Wines direct from London. Heidsieck Champagn. Bass Pael Ale from Burton-on-Trent in Hhds., Bbls., and Kilder kens. Also same (Hibberts bottling) in casks and cases of Qts. and Pts. In the original packages in bond or duty paid by JAMES McGLINCHY, Im porter, 89 Commercial St. apr7eod6m Drug Store for Sale! ON an eligible corner of one of the leading thor oughfares of Boston; is nicely fitted up and now doing a good trade; stock first-class and selected with great care. This is an exceptional opportunity for a person wishing to enter a well-established business. Sold only on account of present owner desiring to leave the city. Address “Galen,” Box 235, Boston, Mass.apr28eod6t FUFFI PUFF!! PUFF!! Magical Puzzle Box. Thousands ot Magical Rings out of • this wonaertul Box. Endless amusement for the children. Sent to any address, with full directions, on receipt of 25c. LOTK1DUE & CO., Dey Street, New York, mhl5d&wGm REAL ESTATE. F. 6, Patterson’s Beal Estate BULLETIN. HONEY TO LOAN ON first class Real Estate Security, in Portland, or vicinity—Rents collected, taxes paid, etc., on Commission. Houses bought and sold. Apply to P. G. PATTERSONjdealer in Real Estate. Office 379J Congress street, Williams* Block, between Myrtle and Pearl streets._ *u28tf New House on Preble Street tor $2200. mTlie new two and a half story house on Preble street, facing Lincoln street, containing seven rooms. Sebago water, good collar, sink drain and water closet connected with sewer. Terms of payment is $1,000 cash; balance on mortgage. P. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, ap!2dtf 379^ Congress Street, Williams’ Block. A Bare Chance for Business. A STEAM FEATHER RENOVATOR, for cleans ing feather beds, pillows, bolsters, &c. It is in perfect order, simple, and can be run by a boy. Profits $25,00 to $35,00 per week. Will be sold for $165,00 cash, or bankable paper. Apply to . F. G. PATTERSON, ap!2dtf 379fr Congress Street, Williams* Block Small House for Sale. mTho one and one-half story house, No. 14 Mechanic street, eight rooms, Sebago, a good cellar and drainage. Lot 30x50. Price $180C cash. F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, ap!2dtf 379} Congress Street, Williams* Block. A 3 Story Brick House for $3,500. MThe three story brick house, No. 22 Browr Street, containing 12 rooms, gas and Sebago water closet in bath room. Drain connected with city sewer. Taxes for 1876 to be paid by pur chaser from date of possession. Terms of paymenl j one half cash, balance on a term of years. This 1 property is offered at a rare bargain, as the ownen have no use for It. F. G. PATTERSON, Dealei in Real Estate, 379 Congress Street Williams* Block apl9 dtf Farm and Buildings lor Sale. In Cape Elizabeth, near Reforn School, formerly owned by Aquilli Jewett. Said farm contains 2< acres of land, nearly all high, earl' - land. Perfectly adapted to garden ing and general farming. On the farm are 40 apph trees, half in bearing condition. The buildings con sist of a story and a hall house of 9 finished rooms slated roof, fine cellar with large eistern. all in goot repair. Also athoroughbulltbamconnectedbyshee to house. The buildings stand on a hill commandini a fine view. I have let the estate to the present occu pant only until sold. Apply to ABNER GOOLD 01 the Old Broad Place on the road leading from Stroud water to my farm. MR. GOOLD has full power ti sell. WM. P. JEWETT. apr26 «L&w2wl7* To JLet. Ijit Double Brick House, Nos. 31$ & 33 Danfort! jy St., 12 Rooms each; possession given inline BLdiately. Apply to S. W. ROBINSON, Real Es tate Broker, 205 Middle Street, Portland. apr29d2w Brick House lor Sale. On Wilmot Street, contains ten finlshei ;■ rooms, gas and Sebago water. Apply to WM JLh. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. apr29dSw» For Sale. IS. Three desirable Houses and sir very desira j; ble lots, at Woodford’s Corner. Intending t ULgo West, will sell the above property on ear terms and reasonably low prices. Good drainage cemented cellar, Paid and Bott water. Inquire of 'l H. MANSFIELD, Spring St., Woodford’s, Me. apr24__Off ■ iMBlt, A Good Farm for Sale or Ex ’■Iehangf for City Property.—Locate iKSMiii Deering, three miles from Portland ^^^^“■■plenty ot wood and water; good orchard buildings in nice order. Price $3,500. Apply to WM, H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. March 7,1876.m a29d7w* Flfkn d A W Tt JB ktilUUi MSix first-class Houses for sale at a bargain all less than ten minutes walk from the Poe Office, City. Two houses and three lots of land in Providence E. I.,for sale or exchange for Portland property Also first-class mortgage paying 10 per cent, will ex change for a first-class yacht. Inquire of , , E. PONCE, apr!8dtfCor. Middle and Exchange Sts. For Sale or to Lease for a term of Tears IjA Three story brick house, with all moden U improvements, No. 109 State Street. Apply t SL E. W. FoX, aplSdlm 311 Exchange Street. At North Yarmouth. 7^ For sale, or exchange for real estate in Port i, ■: land, or te rent, a two story house, wood shed Jai-Hhennery in bam, a fountain pure water, te acres land, 150 apple trees. Will be sold cheap. Eel erence C. PEOCTOE or WILLIAM TKICKEY, Sac carappa.apr!5d2m House Lots for Sale AT GREAT BARGAINS, From $‘iOO to $600 and Upwards. HOUSE LOTS- TO LEASE, at prices from $15 to $60 a year. aprl2dlm MOSES GOULD, 55 North SI Real Estate on Oak St, lor Sale. M House No. 30 (opposite Friends’ Meetin House) with a good lot—together with a hous and lot in the rear, fronting Green St.,—ais one other lot in the rear containing about 2000 feel all well rented. Apply to apr28d3w* WM. H. JEBEIS. Land for Sale in Deering, THE subscriber offers for sale a desirable lot c land on Stevens’ Plains containing about 30,00 feet. For particulars inquire at No. 218 Fore St. aprllttBUFPS DUNHAM. For Sale. .MflL A New two story French-Boofed House ff. .SjcXo. 422 Cumberland St., containing four fcuSfffF Vty *een rooni8 fitted up with furnace, gas maEZSafcSebago water, and all the modem 1m provements of a first-class house. Inquire of JOE DAN BltOS., No. 11 Danforth St.apr4dtt For Sale. WISHING to change business. I offer my Stor and Dwelling conbined with or without StocJ at a Bargain. An excellent place for Dry and Fane Goods, Millinery or Tailoring Business. A goo, stand in the central part of the Village, near thi Depot. WM. fl. MABSTON, ma30d2mVnnnoinh, Me. For Sale—At.a Low Figure, UPPER half of new frame, slated roof dwelling House, containing eleven rooms, with all mod ern improvements, and located on Congress near tin head of State Street. First-class in every respect Lot large. Terms favorable. Inquire of ROLLINS, LORING & ADAMS, mh!4dtf22 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. For Sale. mThe three story brick dwelling house. No 175 Danforth Street, recently occupied bj Watson Newhall. Possession given imme diately. Also, the two story brick dwelling house onth< westerly corner of Spring and Park Street. Terms easy. JOSEPH ILSLEY. ap20 dim Notice. PERSONS requiring work done please apply U “Home” of W. C. A., No. 16 Spring St., plali and family sewing, dress-making, copying, embrold erng and fancy-work in wools. <&c. oc20tf For Sale. MLot of land with buildings thereon, situated on tbe comer of Fore aDd Deer Streets, PoU land. Apply to J. H. FOGG, apr27dtf42j Exchange St. THREE HOUSES FOR SALE. m Pleasantly located, on the sunny side of Sa lem street. No 17 is a 1J story honse, seven rooms and Sebago water. Lot 37x80 feet. Also the eew two story block, in rear of the above, con taining fourteen rooms with Sebag owater. The prop erty is in good repair and can all be had for $4500. Apply to W. H. J EEEIS,Beal Estate Agent. may4 23w» Price Twenty-five Cents. Newspaper Advertising. NINETY-NINTH EDITION. Containing a complete list of all the towns in the United States, the Territories end the Dominion ot Canada, having a population greater than 6,000 ac cording to the last census, together with the names ot the newspapers having the largest local circulation in each of the places named. Also a catalogue of news papers which are recommended to advertisers as giving greatest value in proportion to prices charged. Also, all newspapers in the United States and Cana da printing over 6,000 copies each Issue. Also, all the Religious, Agricultural, Scientific and Mechanical, Medical, Masonic, Juvenile, Educational, Commer cial, Insurance, Real Estate, Law, Sporting, Musical, Fashion, and other special class journals; very com plete lists. Together with a complete list of over 300 German papers printed in the United States. Also, an essay upon advertising; many tables of rates, showing the cost of advertising In various newspapers, and everything which a beginner in ad vertising would like to know. Address CEO.P.ROirELL &co., 41 I'nrk Row, New York. se7U134m $10, $50, $50, $100, $200~~~$500 AlfiFROTHIMlMCO,, Bankers and Brokers, No. 12 Wall St., New York, make for customers desirable investments of large or small amounts in stocks of a legitimate character, which frequently pay from five to twenty times the amount invested every thirty days. There is every indication that the fluctuations of the stock market will be very wide during the coming month, and those who Invest at onco will reap the largest profit. Stocks bought and carried as long as desired on de posits of three to five per cent. Circulars and weekly deports sent free. __aplOdeouly Cabriolet for Sale. Made lo order lor liie undersigned of tlie best material* Been used in all about two weeks. Will be sold low. J. E- HASELTINE, 125 Commercial Street. PP'6 d3t Vaults Cleaned and Aslies Re move tl. ALL ORDERS promptly attended to by callin'’ at or addressing K. GIBSON, ° l*nldtt 588 Congress Street. STEAMERS. BOSTON STEAMERS. ~ The Superior Sea Going Steamers, FOREST CITY AND JOHN KEOOKS will, until further notice, run alternately as follows: Leafing FRANKLIN WHABF, Portland, Daily, at 7 o’clock P. M„ and INDIA WHARF. BOSTON, daily at 7 P. ill. (Sunday, excepted). FARE $1.00. Passengers by this line are reminded that they se cure a comfortable right’s rest and avoid the ex pense and inconvenience of arriving in Boston late at night. Tickets and State Rooms for sale by D. H. Young, No. 266 Middle street. Through Tickets to New York via the various Sound Lines, for sale at very low rates. Freight taken as usual. ! dec27-75 J. If. COYLE, Jr., Gen’l Agt. BO ST O 1ST — AND PHILADELPHIA Steamship Line. Leave each port every WedVy & Sat’d’y. No Wharfage. -* , From Long Wharf, Boston, 3 p.m, . A k From Pine Street Wharf, Phila delphia, at 10 a. m. la._, Insurance one half the rate of R&js: xvasramw sailing vessels. Freight for the West by the Penn. R. R., and South by connecting lines forwarded tree of Commission. PASSAGE TEN DOLL AES. For Freight or Passage apply to E. B. SAMPSON, Agent, J»23-ly ‘VO Lons Wharf, Boston. Norfolk, Baltimore & Washington STEAMSHIP LINE tn Four times a week. J s si'UU ■ Jf" First Class Steamship JOHNS HOPKINS. WM. CRANE. , WM. LAWRENCE. GEORGE APPOLD. From Boston direct every TUESDAY and SATURDAY'. ‘ _ — AND — WM. KENNEDY. BLACKSTONE. and MoCLELLAN. From Providence every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Washington and Alexandria by steamer Lady of the Lake and Jane Mosely. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Richmond, and Ya. and Tenn. R. R. to all places in l the South, W. M. Clark, Agent, 240 Washington St., Boston. To all points of North and South Carolina- by Sea board and Roanoke Railroad and Atlantic Coast Line G. H. Keith, Agent, 222 Washington street, Boston. And to all points In the West by Baltimore & Ohio R. It., 0. A. Chipley, Agent, 219 Wasnington street, ' Boston. ; Through bills of lading given by the above named Agents. ' Passage *15.00. Excursion Tickets *25. • For freight or passage to Norfolk, Baltimore, Wash ington, or other intormatlon apply to E. SAMPSON, Agent, , 53 Central Wharf, Boston, [ E. H, ROCKWELL, Agent, ; U02dtf Provident ,;. R. INMAN LINE ■ ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS ~ iub ({lihwsiuna and mvmfuul, , Sailing lrom New York on SATURDAY of t each week, from Pier 45, North River. CITY OF ANTWERP, CITY OF LONDON, . CITY QF BERLIN, CITY OF LIMERICK, ■ CITY OF BRISTOL, CITY OF MONTREAL, • CITY OF BROOKLYN, CITY OF NEW YOKE, CITY OF BRUSSELS, CITY OF PARIS, CITY OF CHESTER, CITY OF RICHMOND, Passengers will find these teamers tastefully fit ted up, while the State-rooms are light, airy and ■ roomy. The saloons large and well ventilated, are i the breadth ot the vessels, and situated where there ) to least noise and motion. Smoking rooms. Ladies’ Boudoirs, Piano-fortes and Libraries, Bath-rooms, Barber’s Shop, <&c. Instant communication with the stewards by electric bells. The steamers of this Company adopt the Souther ly Route, thus lessening the danger from ice and • fogs. Rates of passage—$80 and $100, gold, according to accommodation, all having equal saloon privileges. Round Trip Tickets—$145 and $175, gold. Steerage—To and from all points at reduced rates. For dates of sailing and plan of staterooms ap i to JOHN G. DALE, Agent, ma31d3m15 Broadway, New York. FOR HARPSWELL, On and after October 8th, 1875, Steamer Ktenrietta, Capt. G. LOWELL, will leave Harps* , well Mondays and Saturdays at 8 a. m., touching at Chebeague, Little Che beague and Long Inland. Returning, will leave Commercial Wharf; at 3 p. m. touching at the above r landings. Will touch at Cousens’ Island each way. » For particulars inquire ot Captain on board or > STEPHEN RICKER, ^gent, 131 Commercial St. , __dtf INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. Eastport, Calais and 81. John, Digby, I Windsor and Halifax. 1 SPRINCr ARRANGEMENT. ■ TWO TRIPS PER WEEK ! On and alter Monday, March 27th, the Steamer New Brunswick, Capt. E. B. Winchester, and City of Portland, Capt. S. H. Pike, _ will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State St., every Monday and Thursday, at 6.00 p. m., forEastport and St. John. Returning will leave St. John and Eastport on the same days. Connections made at Eastport for Robbinston, St. Andrews and Calais. Connections made at St. John for Digby, Annap olis, Windsor, Kentville, Halifax, N. S., Sbediac, Amherst, Picton, Frederickton, Charlottetown and Summerside, P. E. I. taT’F'eight received on days of sailing until 4 o’clock, p.m. A. R. STUBBS, Agent, nutr22 dtf MAINE STEAMSHIP CO. SEMI-WEEKLY LINE TO YEW YORK. Steamers Eleanora and Franconia Will until further notice leave Franklin Wharf, Portland, every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 6 P. M., and l^ave Pier 38 East River, New York, ev ery MONDAY and THURSDAY at 4 P. M. j The Eleanora is a new steamer, just built for this route, and both she and the Franconia are fitted up with fine accommodations lor passengers, making this the most convenient and comfortable route for travellers between New York and Maine. These steamers will touch at Vineyard Haven during the summer months on their passage to and from New York. Passage in State Room $5, meals extTa. Goods forwarded to and from Philadelphia, Mon treal, Quebec, St. John, and all parts of Maine. 1 B3jr*Freigkts taken at the lowest rates. |j Shippers are requested to send their freight to the Steamers as early as 4 P. M., on the days they leave Portland. For further information apply to HENRY FOX, General Agent,Portland. J. F. AMES, Ag’t, Pier 38, E. R., New York. Tickets and State Rooms can also he obtained at 22 Exchange Street. _ocldtf INSIDE LINE j — TO — Mt. Desert, Machias, Ellsworth and Bangor. STEAMER LEWISTON, ! CAPT. DECKING, leave Portland Thurs day Evening!* ut lO o’clock £iissaBESSai(aior Rocckland, Castine, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, South West and Bar Harbors (Mt. Desert), Milfbridge, Jonesport and Machiasport. Returning, leaves Machiasport, every Monday morning, at 4 1-il o’clock. STEAMER CITY OF RICHMOND CAPT. KILBY, Will leave Portland, every Monday WcdncH day and Friday evening* at 10 o’clock, for Rockland, Camuen, Belfast, Scarsnorfc, Sandy S)int, Bucksport, Winterport, Hampden and angor. Returning, leaves Bangor, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning*, at 6 o’clock. THE STEAMER CHARLES HOUGHTON, CAPT. OKU H. INGRAHAM, Will leave Commercial Wharf, Rockland, every Tucnday and Thursday morainic* at 3 l.vl o’clock, (or ou arrival of Steamer City of Richmond from Portland,) for Deer Isle, S. W. and Bar Har bors (Mt. Desert), and Winter Harbor. Returning, leaves Winter Harbor every Wodnm dny and Friday morniuiisut 4.30 o’clock, touching as above, arriving at Rockland at about ■ I o’clock, connecting with Steamer City of Richmond for Portland. Will leave Commercial Wharf, Rockland, every Natnrduy morning at 3 l-'J o’clock, (or on arrival of Steamer as above) for Ellsworth, touching at Deer Isle. Returning, leaves Ellsworth every Monday morning at 3.30 o’clock, touching at Deer Isle, arriving in Rockland at about II o’clock, con necting with Steamer City of Richmond for Portland. The Steamer Charles Houghton lias been recently refitted and furnished with a NEW BOILER, and new Machinery, making her every way a first class Steamer. For further particulars, inquire of CYRNS STURDIVANT, Gen’l Agent, _ , „ Kailroad Wharf. Portland, May 5th. niy5dtf STEAMERS. MAIL LINE TO Halifax, Nova Scotia, With connection* to Prince Edward Is land, Cnpe Breton and felt, J oh ns, IV. F. The Steamship FALMOUTH, (built expressly for the route) Capt. W. A. Colby, will leave Boston Railroad wharf, every SATURDAY at 5 30 p. m. for HALIFAX, direct, making connections with the In tercolonial Railway, to** Windsor. Truro, New Glas gow and Pictou, and steamers for Prince Edward Island; also at New Glasgow, N. S., with Lind sey's Stages for Cape Breton, and at Halifax with Bteamers for St. Johns, N. F. ^“RETURNING will leave Halifax on TUES-, DAYS, at 8.30 p. m. No freight received after 10 a. m. on day cf sailing For further information apply to J. B. COYLE, Jr., Franklin Wharf, or oct28dtt JOHN PORTEOUS, Agent. ^TOSIVGTOM LIKE FOR NEW YORK, AHEAD O E ALL OTHERS. This is the Only Inside Route Avoiding Point Judith. Steamboat Express trains leave Boston from Bos ton & Providence K. R. Depot daily, except Sunday, at 5.30 p. sn., connecting at Stonington with the en tirely new aud superb Steamer Rhode Island, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and with the cle Sant and popular steamer Stoninp^on every Tues ay, Thursday and Saturday, arriving in Now York always in advance of all other lines. Bag gage checked through. Tickets procured at depots of Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads and at Rollins & Adams’, 22 Ex change St.,and W. D. Little.& Co.’s,49* Exchange St. L. W. FILKINS, D. S. BABCOCK, Gen. Passenger Ag'.t, New York. President, ocll ’73dtf CLYDE’S Philadelphia, Boston & New England STEAMSHIP LINES. FOUR STEAMERS PER WEEK. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY by Boston and Providence Railroad via Providence. , TUESDAY and SATURDAY by old Colony Railroad via Fail River. .1 _ ► Goods Received at Repots ■KBSSHB^TRaily. I Through Bills Lading given from Boston and prin cipal points in New England to the South aud South west. Close connection made at Philadelphia with the “CLYDE STEAM LINES’* to BaUimore, Norfolk Richmond, Charleston, New berne and Washington. R. R> C. MINK, General Eastern Agent, 29 Revonshire Street, Ronton. MEDICAL Zlavdos 1 ~ (thajjbgsewk) OR WRITE TO i Rheumatism « B • 51 b is a disease that afflicts w o over 25 per centum of the - B human race. Almost ev 0 cry effort heretofore made h in the treatment of this - disease has been to allay the present suffering— A trusting to luck to eflect a ? S3 cure. DR. P. J. GRIFFEN S & CO., after years ot re- g search, now present to the j public the only “ 8 3 g Scientifically » * § prepared articles in the t ft market. The disease is g treated externally by u g means ot the Liniment, f which, when properly ap- P plied, reduces the swel ls ling, relieves the tension H h and removes the inflam- h q mation, the cause ot pain ift m in a very short time, thus w restoring freedom of mote .0 meat and elasticity to the ® p joints. The disease being 0 q a blood poison, of a pecu- c| g liar nature, is ^ a k g Treated g | § H internally by means of the ft h Pills and Elixir—alterna P ting one with the other u according to Directions. ® To effect a permanent H m cure, the Pills and Elixir ft P must be used in conjunc- ft ft tion with the Liniment. g Eh - P M ft Neuralgia, Nervous Pros- m ft tration, Nervous Weak- g P5 ness. Paralysis, Softening h of the Brain, Chorea, and t , all WEAKNESS caused by & H the LOSS OF NERVE g h POWER eured by use ot H <! F . “P Ot. P.” P* H n > K p ** Ask for Griffeu's Khcu- S. <h matic Remedies, they all ? ■f. bear our trademark and signature, and are put up In securely. Price $1.00 each; B ft forwarded to any part of a 0 the Enited States by ex pel press, prepaid, on receipt of $1.25. -AJSTP MENTION PAPER. apr6 di&wlyl4 DR. KENISON, Chiropodist, Continues to visit Portland at the UNITED STATES HOTEL, on the second week of each .month. _Room in Boston, 37 Trjnont Street and 57 Temple Place. Located in Boston since 1810* seo20dtf And all Difficulties of the Feet skillfully treated. MR- & MRS. DR. WELCH, Chiropodists, SO* 1-3 CONGRESS STREET, Corner of Brown, Street, Portland, Me. Parties treated at there residence per order withont extra charge. Office honrs from 10 A. M. until 8 P. M. aP3 cod2m* MURRAYS LAXATIVE AND PURIFYING Bitters 2 This medicine has been before the public most of the time for the past twenty-five years, and has given excellent satisfaction to all who have used it The Bitters are composed of the best articles of the vege table ^kingdom, and are again prepared by the original inventor, and arc confidently recom mended as one of the best articles ever offered to the public, especially for all those difficulties and ills at tendant upon this season of the year. They are par ticularly recommended lor the cure of Indigestion or Dyspepsia. Jaundice. f,os* °* Appetite, General Debility, C’os tiTeness, and all diseases caused by an,unhealthy state of the stomach or bowels. Any number of recommendations might be pub lished, but the article is so well and favorably Known that it Is deemed unnecessary. Let the sufferer use them a short time according to the directions on each bottle and be convinced that all is true which is now said of them. The best article of the kind ever of fered for the relief of the 6ick and suffering. SOLD ONLY AT D. B. SAWYER’S DRUG STORE, 170 Middle St, Cor. of Exchange, store formerly occupied by Emmons Chapman, PORTLAND, MAINE, where may also he found a good assortment of Drugs, Fancy and Toilet Articles. ai'r:9dtf Notice. Ty"HEREAS, my wife Honora Crosman has left ? “tf,an,?,>oard Without justifiable cause. *1'° ,orb>J all persons harboring or trusting her “y account, ns 1 shall pay no bills of ber con tracting alter tins date. ELI CKOSMAN. May 4, 1$76. mayScotUw* , t RAILROADS. Grand Trank R. R* of Canada, ALTERATION in trains. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, nm On and alter MONDAY, May 1,1870, rains will run as follows: Express train 7.00 a. m. for Auburn and Lewiston. Mail train for Uorbam and intermediate stations at 7.00 a. m. Express train at 1.20 p. m. for Aubara and Lew iston. Mail train for Island Pond, (stopping at all sta tions to Island Pond,)* connecting with night mail train for Quebec, Montreal and the West at 1.50 p. m. Express train for Auburn and Lewiston and South Paris at 5.15 p. m. Trains will arrive as follow*: Mail train from Gorham and Intermediate Stations at 8.30 a. m. Express from Lewiston and Auburn at 8.30 a. m. Express from Lewiston au<i Auburn at 1.10 ami 5.35 Passenger Offices U EXCHANGE ST., — AMD — DEPOT AT FOOT OF INDIA ST Tickets sold at Seduced Bates! To Canada, Detroit, Chicago, Milwau kee, Cincinnati. Nt. Louis. Omaha, Saginaw, Nt. Paul, Halt Cake City, Denver, Han Francinco, and all points in the Northwest, West and -Southwest. J. C. FURNIVAL, Agt. THE GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Is in splendid condition, is well equipped with first-class rolling stock, and is making the best connections and quick est time of any route from Portland to the West. nr PULLMAN PALACE DRAWING ROOM AN1) SLEEPING CARS are attached to the trains leaving Portland at 1.50 p. m. Baggage checked from Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom House examina tion. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $50 in value (ami that person al) unless notice is given, and paid lor at the rate ot one passenger for every $500 additional value. JOSEPH HICKSON, General Manager, W. J. SPICER. Superintendent, Portland. June 21. 1875. _ap29dtf Eastern Railroad MAY 1, 1876. Passenger Trains Leave PORTLAND For Haco, Biddeford, Kennebunk, North Berwick, South Berwick. Conway Junction, Kittery, Porlemonth, Hampton, Ncwburyport, Beverly, Salem, Lynn, Cbelaea an<l Bo.ton at 9.00 a. m., 2.00 and 6.00 p. m., arriving in Boston at 1.30. 6.00 and 10 00 p. m. For Maco and Biddeford at 5.20 p. m. Night Express, with Sleeping Car?, For Bo.ton every day (except Mondays) at 2.00 a. m., arriving in Bo.ton at 6.15 a. in. RETURNING: Train* Leave BoMon for Portland at 7.30, 9.00 a. m., and 12.30 p. m., arriving at Portland 12.25, 1,00 and 5.00 p. m. Night Express, with Sleeping Cars, Leave Bo.ton every day (except Sundays) at 8.00 p. m., arriving in Portland at 12.15 a. m. Pullman Cars on this Line Onir. GEO. BACHELDER, Superintendent, myldtf Boston & Maine RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday May 1, 1876. Passenger Trains will leave Portland for Boston at 6.15, 8.45 a. m., 1.30, 3.15, 6.00 p. m. arriving at Boston at 10.45 a. m., 1.30. 5.20. 8.00, 10 00 p. m. ’ Betnrning. leave Boston at 7.30, 8.45 a. m., 12.30, 3.30, 6.00 p. m., arriving at Portland at 12.25, 12.55, 5.00, 8.10, 10 00 p. m. For Lawrence at 6.15, 8.45 a. m., 1.30, 3.15, 6 00 p. m. For Lowell at 6.15, 8.45 a. m., 1.30, 3,15 p. m. For Manchester,Concord and Upper Bail ronds (via New Market Junction) at 6.13 a. m. 3.15 p. m.; (via Lawrence) at 8.45 a. m. For IS real Falla at 6.15,8.45 a. m., 1.30,3.15,6.00 p. m. For Bocbester, Farmington and Alton Bay at 6.15, 8.45 a. m., 3.15 p. m. For Kennebank at 6.15, 8.42, a. m., 3.15 5 30 6.00 p. m. For Saco and Biddeford at 0.15, 8.45 a. p. m. * For Scarborough. Bine Point and Old Or chard Bench at 6.15, 8.45 a. m., 3.15, 5.30, 6.00 p. m. Morning Trains will leave Kennebank for Portland at 7.20 a. m. Parlor Cars on trains leaving Portland at 1.30 and 3.15 p. m. and Boston 8.45 a. m. and 6.00 p. m. The Fast Express Train leaving Portland at 1.3) p.;m. runs through to Boston in Three Hoars and Fifty Minutes, making close connection with Fall Itiver, Stonington and Norwich Sound Steamer Lines and all Kail Lines to New York and Philadelphia. Excursion Tickets to New Fork and Phil adelphia for sale at Boston & Maine R. R. Ticket Office. N. B.—Rates as low as by any other Line. Tickets via all Lines 1 o all points for sale at I lowest rates. Trains on Boston & Maine road connect with all steamers running between Portland and Bangor. Rockland, Mt. Desert, Machias, Eastport, Calais, St. John and Halifax. Also, connect with Grand Trunk trains at Grand Trunk Station, and Maine Central and Portland & Ogdensburg trains at Iransfer Station. All trains stop at Exter ten minutes for refresh ments at first class dinning rooms, a xr ^ FURBER, Gen. Supt. S. H. STEVElsS, Agent, Portland._ap29atf PORTLAND & OGDENSBURG RR. CHANGE OF TIME. NEW CONNECTIONS. On and after WEDNESDAY, Jid, last, and aatil further nolice. TRAINS WILL RUN AS FOLLOWS GOING WEST. 8’!®,A* M-—Passenger train trom Portland lor a stations, running through without chango to St. Jobnsbury Danville, Hardwick. MorrisviUe, Hyde Park and Johnson, Vermont. Connects with B. Si B-Cor Lancaster, Whitefleld. Littleton, Well’s River, MontpeUer, Burlington, St. Albans, etc., &C. *Vf° **0 ^--Passenger train from Portland for Upper Bartlett and intermediate stations. GOING EAST. 8.00 A. in.—Passenger train from Upper Bartlett and Intermediate stations, arriving in Portland at 11.15 a. m. i-tH I*. M.—Passenger tiain from Fabyan’g in . connection with through train from Johnson. Vt. arriving in Portland at 5.45 p. in. STARE CONNECTIONS. At White Bock for North Windham. At Sebago Lake for Standish Corner. At Baldwin for Cornish, Porter, Kezar Falls and Fteedom, At Brownfield for Denmark and Bridgton. At Fryeburg for Lovell, Stowe and Chatham. ^“Freight trains leave Portland daily at 9 2* m. * _ _ «L HAMILTON, Superintendent. Portland, Dec. 21. 1875. oct25dtf TjlORTUNE TELLER.—Madame N. A. A Maddox, the celebrated Clairvoyant, Fortune Teller anil Doctress, can be consulted at No. 3 Quin cy St. Madame M. has had largo experience in tell ing lortunes, searching out lost, hidden or stolen treasures, dtc., and was never known to be at tault. Do not miss this opportunity of consulting the great est fortuneteller ofthe age. Persons entering intoanv new business or profession, the conducting ot which they do not understand, will find it to their adv n tage to pay her a visit. She can foretell the destiny of friends in any part ofthe world and describo H perfectly. She also describes all minner "t diSaS that flesh is heir to, and givewnediclne for tbe sa .T She has giveu universal satisfaction to all who havl consulted her in her constant travels >i„re.hA il! seven years old. Good testinionials given ff desin d Long Bangs Breech Loading Practico Pistol Si Targets. _ „.Car!??.s » X inch ball with accu- m racy fifty leet, without powder or _ 1 m porcusaiou. Brass barrel, hair trigger. For salo by dealers. By mail, freo for 75 cents, with per-» rnanent ammunition for target practico indoor^ and lor sporting out of doors. , ACENTS WANTED. ! A. A. GRAHAM, 67 Liberty Street, Now York. mhJ5 d&w6ml2 PALMER KNOXT Tins unrivaled Stallion will stand this season at McKcnnoy’N 8tabl«‘» in Kiddcford His increasing popularity makes him the most I desirable Stock Horse in the Country. His colts are all good ones, and command high prices Fnr particulars, inquire of * 1 rnr E. H. McKENNEY. Biil.lcfonl, ! or “• «• PALMER, | dtf RAILROADS. Portland & Rochester R. R. On and after Mouday, April, 8,1878, TFti-r»nirnn jdFTI will run n« follows! ^ Leave Portland at 7.50 a. m., ““2.30, 4.00 and 6.20 n. m. * 7.50 A. HI. Train stops at all stations between Portland and Rochester, and runs through to Worcester. Arrives at KocheMtcr at 10.00 a m., (where it connects with Eastern and Bos ton <& Maine Railroads.) At Na»hun at 11.47 a. m., Lowell 12.15 n. m., Boston 1.15 p. in., Ayer Junction 12.40 p m., Fitchburg 1.25 p. m., and at Worcenter at 2.10 p. in., connecting with trains South and West. £..‘10 P. M. Hteamboal Kxpr«*« arrives at Kochester at 4.30 p, in.,connects at Kpping for Manchester and 4 ouror«l. at Nu*bna tor Lowell and BomIod, at Ayer .func tion for Fitchburg and Ifloonac Tun nel Line at Worcester with Boston Albany Railroad, and goes throngli New London without change of Car*, there connecting with the magnificent Steamers of the Norwich Lino, arriving in New York at Pier No. 40, North Kirer at 6.00 a. in. tttate Kooua can bo socurod in advance at Barne* tiro*., No. 28 Exchange Street and at the Depot. 4.00 P. M. Train runs to Rochester, stopping at all stations. 0.£O P. M. Train runs to Gorham. RETURNING. Trains leave Rochester at 7.20, 11.15, 11.45 a. m., and 8.50 p. m. 7.40 A. HI. Stops at all Stations, arrives in Port land at 10 00 a. m. 11.£5 A. M Steamboat Express from New Lon don, leaving Norwich Line Steamers at 5 00 a. m., and Worcester at 8.00 a. m., stops at Springvale, Alfred, Saco River, Gorham, Sacca rappa and Westbrook, arrives in Portland at 1 20 p. m., makes close connection with the Maine Central and Grand Trunk Railroads. 11.45 A. M. Train is a freight train with Passen ger Car attached, stops at all Stations, and is due in Portland at 5.10 p. m. 8.50 P. M. Train is through from New York, stops at all Stations when signaled, arrives in Portland at 10.50 p. m. Local Train from Gorham at 6.00 a. m., arrives in Portland at 6.40 a. m. J. M. LUNT, Sunt, apl dtt MERCIIAfflS'JIK DESPATCH. We would respectfully call the attention of Merchant* and others to tho superior facilities ottered by the Portland & Worcester Line — FOB — Freight Rearing _Very QM Despatch. Freight leaving New York at 3.00 p. m arrives in Portland 1.13 p. in. NEXT DAY. Freight leaving Portland at 9.30 p. m.. arrives in New York tf.OO a. in NEXT MORNING. We take pleasure in referring you <o ail the Fish and Lobster Dealers, Produce Dealers, Wholesale Dry Good* Mrrrhaot*. Whole Male Milliner* and any others of Portland, who are now shipping by this route. Our landing In New York is Pier 40, North Elver, (Norwich Line, foot of Canal Street ) For rates and lurthcr imforination, apply to <J. M. LUNT, Supt. Portland, or „ , , H. N. TURNER, Freight and Passenger Agent, Worcester, Mass. Portland, Me., May 4, 1876. my4dtf Centennial. THE Hotel Headquarters of the Maine Centennial Commissioners has been changed from the Unit ed States Hotel to the‘’Grand Exposition Ho tel,” at the junction of Girard, Lancaster and Mon roe Avenues, within live minutes walk of the Cen tennial buildings. Tbo Exhibition Headquarters will be as heretofore announced, at the extreme east ern end oi the Main Building. JOSHUA NYE, ) Maine I Centennial CHAS. H. HASKELL,) Commissioners. apr26 d2w CLAIR VO Y A N T . TORS. L. T. B. KING. A RELIABLE Clairvoyant can be fonnd at the rear of 30 Danforth St., where she will exam ine the sick, and advise or prescribe as each case de mands. Terms $1.00. She will visit those who are unable to come to her residence if desired. Mrs. King, in addition to her clairroyince and remedies, possesses a remarkable healiDg power which makes h«r very successful._ febl7d&wt!15 KA WHITE AND TINTED BRISTOL ' CARD*, with name, lOe, or 50 Snow Flake. Marble, Damask, Rep, Plaid and Scotch gran ite, 40c. Address, WM. H. WEEKS, 34 Lisbon Street, Lewiston. (Please state what paper you saw thlsiu. jan3(Uw*tf Get the Genuine! Re ware or Imitation* THOMSON’S WORLD-RENOWN§P PATENT Glove-Fitting Corsets.! EACH EIGHT CORNET&fejMiKAPBS ‘THOMSON” jj| W' T RaTe. W|| I ^ KAC" A MARK A N®|# W?' Perfect CROWN. FIT. They give entire satisfaction. Every lady who has worn them recommends them. Be. sure to get the genuine, A novelty, Thomson’s patient fastening capped corset steels They are unbreakable, and their fastenings do not abrald the dress. For sale by first class dealers everywhere. TROMttOft LANGDON & CO.. N. Y., ."Sole Importer, and Patentee* for the C. 8.feh29tl2w xuc leiueomai hook is OUR COUNTRY ffi RESOURCES Rich and complete in our thrilling history of lOO years; and grand in vivid descriptions ot all our mighty resources in agriculture, Commerce, min erals, manufactures, finances, government, curiosi ties, natural wonders, works of art, etc. Richly il lustrated and cheap. A SPLENDID VIEW of tho WORLD’S EUKKnoST NATION. Ro other book like it. Outsells mere histories five to ««*• AOENTS wanted quickly. Address HUB BARD BROS,, Springlield. Mass. aprl2t4w lady agents WANTED. A few smart first-class Lady Agents wanted im mediately to canvass for the host selling article of Ladies wear in the world. (Patented.) Large com mission. A new thing, and the Held is open. Those having a small capital, and wishing to make money fast, should address at once, H. BCPECM, North Berwick, Me. General Agent for the State of Maine. aprl2t4w Q® ROOK The Wonderful Blessings of God on Lj Labors of MOOD V & MAN KEY in Europe mid America. Best book and*chance for men or W women wanting a good business and do good fVN oflered this year. Also new maps of U. S. A.. World and all Bible lands and Centennial ^Combination. Apply at once to II. I,. 2d «»KKNMEY, Pub , Concord. N. H ”___aprlM4wt PO« COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, AND ALL THROAT DISEASES, TJSK Wells’ Carbolic Tablets, PUT UP ONLY IN BLUE BOXES. A TBIED AND Mr RE REMEDY. For sale by Druggists generally, and GEO. C GOoDWlN & CO„ Boston, Mass. «P» diwt An agent just cleared 8199 first 3 weeks selling the LIFE AND LABORS OF LIVIYGSTOYE ! Another 880 first 6 days. Over 30.000 copies of this standard Life of tho Veteran Explorer sold. 130,000 more needed by the people. A book of matchless interest, profusely illustrated, and very cheap. A royal chance for agents For proof and terms, aduress Hubbard Bros., SprinefieUI M»88-___apr20dlwt "The greatest Novel since Uncle Tom’s Cabin” says the Boston Globe of THE NEW AMERICAN STORY a n ii n a ii flunonn. A New England Life-Study. By Kev. PETER PE KNOT. 12mo, cloth. .*1.50 The manly, whole-souled, and devoted young cler- ^ gyman is no fancy sketch; Deacon Stcine, tho sancti monious hypocrite; tho plain talking old maid sister; the sneaking, spying aunt, aro lifo-liko and real, while the heroine, AcHsA.ll, is a lovely character, with whom the reader is iu deep sympathy. These, with the various other characters ot the story, are so combined as to produco a book full of interest from begining to end. *** Ready at all the Bookstores,and sent, postpaid on receipt or price by the publishers. LEE & SHEPAKD, a|i’5d4wt '11-45 Franklin Ml., Boston IT PATS any smart man who wishes to make $2,000 a year on a smalt capital to commence in our line ot business. Hoofing in it Specialty. There is no one in your county who carries on the business. You can learn it in one week by studying our instructions, which we send to all who ask for them. Any man having $100 capital to start with, can purchase enough material to roof three oruini.ry houses The sum realized from sale and profit on this supply ad ded to the regular pay for labor as Roofer, should amount to not less than 8100 An expert man could easily do the work in nine working davs Two persons of small means can joiu together to advan tage; one canvassing, while the other attends to the work, «-end for our book of Instruction (free if you write at once), and study it. Ask for terlm. if tire unable to advance tfie monjy present he matter ft°oveerrwiU,1Kln,8tHekeeff,r«“ t“lk stock and (/iriyl' *iHe "L1!1 bu f'ad to furnish the Sr We will gnar 88E“ei«rrffi*Jr ,0 1110 responsible applicant. ,.V.- NI A1 f KWOFINd CO., Limited, 4 Cedar St,, N. V., and meutiou. al>25d-lw t Agent* wauicil for a new busi ■/V russ, in which any actii’e Man or £|4k Woman can easily make 94 to 910 a day. One who had never canvassed A before, made 97.40 in I hour; an experienced agent made 97*4.74 iu rh IV 14 boon. Particulars free. 4\ A. ■ AL 4'l, K4»44, Manager, fit) Duane St., XT K XT N- Y- "W" know C.A. Flea* « *' l<* be rr.uon.ihle an.l relii.ble. rend ihinK hr ntfrrre Agent, extraordinary ■ ndnremruu.”-.Y. Y. H'ckklg Aun,April 19,1879. myl dSwt

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