Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 15, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 15, 1876 Page 2
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Ill TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. RockEand Items. [Special to the Press.] Rockland, May 14.—Yesterday afternoon Capt. John Holbrook received serious injuries by the upsetting of a bucket of coal that was being hoisted out of a vessel’s bold, striking him on the head. The lock-up was entered Friday night and a small quantity of seized l'quors stolen. The police has seized a large amount of liquors from the various saloons during the past week. A LTo the Associated Press.l 8. J. Court at Belfast. Belfast, May 13—The Supreme Court has adjourned after a session of over three weeks. Twelve verdicts were rendered, and a large number of cases were transferred to the law docket. At the close of the session the Bar joined in a unanimous recommendation for the re-ippointment of Hou. J. G. Dickerson. LL D., as one of the judges. Suicide. Bangor, May 13—A special to the Whig and Courier this morning states that Bartlett Smith, formerly of Houlton, cut his throat with a razor early this morning. The cause was domestic troubles. Child Drowned Lewiston, May 13.—Charlie!Landers ot Au burn, ten years old, fell into the river last night and was drowned. His body is not yet recov ered. ICn.tport Vemis. Eastport, May 13.—Vessels from here ar rived at Magdalene Islands last Monday. One of the vessels reports that it took .100 barrels of herring on that day. FRESHETS. High Water iu the Penobscot—Damage at Stillwater. Banook, May 13.—Tbe water iu the Penob scot river is very high, bnt no serious damage has occurred. Iu tbe Stillwater stream at Oro. no eighty feet of the pier dam has been carried away, also the log sluice connected with it. Loss about $500. At Upper Stillwater the n a ter partially undermiaed a covered bridge but it was loaded with rocks and is now considered se cure. The Connecticut Overflow. Woodville, N. H., May 14.—Tbe water has fallen about four feet iu tbe past tweuty-four hours. Connections will be made tomorrow morning from Montreal over the PasBumpsic Railroad for Boston via tbe Boston, Concord & Montreal road for tbe first tune since Wednes day last. Trains will probably be running through without change by Tuesday or Wed nesday, as large gangs of men are pushing for ward work at each break as fast as tbe water goes dowD. Tbe Boston, Concord & Montreal trains will startirom Lancaster tomorrow morn ing on time as usual. . - Bellows Falls, Vt., May 14 —Tbe water in the Connecticut river began falling slowly last night. No damage reported in this vicinity ex cept to tbe Cheshire bridge, at Springfield. Damage to Railroads. St Johnsbuby, May 13.—Railroads iu tb s vicinity have not yet been able to make ar rangements for carrying passengers or mails. A locomotive on tbe Portland & Ogdensbnrg road fell into the river today near Bast Saint .lobnsjmry, but no one was injured. Damage ia Canada. Quebec, May 13.—Tbe ice in tbe river da Lud, at St. Thomas, has broken up, causing considerable damage. Tbe iron bridge on the Grand Trunk Railway is reported badly injur ed. The mills of Messrs. Prece are seriously damaged, and it will take several weeks to put them iD running order, g Booms and piers are also carried away. • * Ottawa, May 13 —The freshet continues. The millmen at Chaudiere are exceedingly anx ious for tbe safety of their property. Tbe Quio boom broke last night letting out over 100,000 logs. There are 175 men at work at Alymer today endeavoring to construct a boom to catch the logs before they pass to the boom be low. Should the latter break the damage that will follow cannot be estimated. MARINE NEWS. Bangor Vcsmi-Ih Wrecked. ^ London. May 14.—Advices from Madeira report a severe gale there on Saturday. Sev eral vessels were totally wrecked. Among them the American brigantines Maurice and Nellie of Bangor, Maine. Tbe crews were saved. WASHINGTON. The Inciter Carrier Queitioa. Washington, May 12.—It is Stated tbit tbe Huuse, yesterday, after expunging tbe section abolishing tbe letter carrier system,subsequent ly declined to vote the necessary appropriation to pay letter carriers in cities of less than 40, 000 inhabitants. Mr. Dillon's Plan Impracticable. The proposition of Sidney Dillon in behalf of the U. P. railroad offering lands in payment of its indebtedness, is considered by the commit tee on judiciary to be impracticable. Various Maltrre. Mr. Morrison’s tariff bill will not be reached for several weeks. Total disbursements of silver coin np to Sat urday, were 84,421,000. New counterfeit $10 of tbe National State Bank of Terre Hante, Ind., aDd S3 on the First National Bank of Louisville, have been dis covered. There is no doubt but lticbard Harrington, under indictment in tbe safe burglary case, has fled the country. It is thought he is in Canada, but tbej extradition treaty does not apply to bis case. POLITICAL. Tb«* Union League Club and the Re publican Party. New Yokk, May 13.—The Union League Club last night adopted resolutions announcing feality to the Republican party, holding that the ouly way to iusure the triumph of that par ty in tbe Presidential campaign is to select can didates pledged to carry forward the reform in the public service to which the party has been pledged, but which, through partisanship and personal favoritism, has disgraced the pub lic service and alarmed good citizens; that the demands of public duty are that the three fol lowing principles shall be faithfully adhered to by the Republican party: First, that all citi zens shall be protected by the laws; eecoDd.that specie payments, and gold, as the standard of value, shall be speedily restored; third, that the civil service shall be reformed. On these points at least, both the resolutions and nominees of the approaching Republican national convention should be such as to leave no ground for doubt or distrust. Death of the Liberal Republican Party Officially Aunoauced. At a meeting of the late executive committee of the Liberal Republicans last night resoln tions were passed announcing that there is no Liberal Republican party now, Doesn’t Favor a Third Party. Hon. A. H. Morrison of Michigan, writes to Messrs. Bryant. Schurz and others, that he cannot attend the political conference called by them in this city, as he does not favor a third party and will do nothing to endanger the success of the Republican party. Rristovv Meetings. Philadelphia, May 13.—At a meeting of the several prominent Republicans here last night, resolutions were adopted favoring Bris tow’s nomination for the Presidency, but op posing a third party. No names are given. Lowell, May 13.—A preliminary meeting to form a Bristow club was held to-night at the citizens’ committee room. Cordial remarks in favor of Bristow were made by \V. H. Parker and others. A committee of three from each ward was chosen to perfect a plan of organiza tion and report at a future meeting, subject to the call of this committee. -• »*• vuiifli von * •» UVOOMMK HOUSE. Washington, May 13. A resolution was introduced by Mr. Glover of Missouri, setting forth that L. H. Fitzliugh, door-keeper, is not a fit person to hold the po sition of door-keeper, and that be he dismissed. Adopted and referred to the Committee on Rules with instructions to report as early as possible. The House went into committee of the whole on the post office appropriation bill. The sec tion relative to the salaries of postmasters was discussed at considerable length on the motion of Mr. Clark to strike out the proviso fixing the maximum salaries at $1000. No action was taken for want of a quorum. Adjourned. ilEreOBOLOtllClL. PROBABILITIES FOB THE NEXT TWENTY FOUR HOCUS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal ) Officer, Washington. D.O., !• May lo, (1 A. M.); For New It a gin ml, rising, followed by failing barometer, cold northerly winds veering to the east or souili, slight changes in the tenmerature, partially cloudy weather and possibly followed by rain areas. Crimes and Casualties. At Dahlgren, III,, Friday, .John Sturman, son of a promiuent citizen, fired into a crowd who were celebrating his wedding by a noisy serenade, and killed one and wounded two oth ers. A man named Cotter was shot Satuiday even ing at Williamport, I'euu., while setting fire to a lumber yard. He is insane and is undoubt edly responsible for the recent fires. The Chicago Pension Agency. lieu Bnki r Bruces 'tli.n S wecT’w Charges. St. Paul, May 13.—Gen. James A. Baker, formerly Commissioner of Pensions, in an in terview yesterday, contradicted Miss Ada Sweet’s testimony in several important partic ulars. 11b denies that he was privy to any anange ment between Miss Sweet and Blakely until months alter she assumed the office, when an apparent deficit of $1000 inner accounts was discovered,and she was duly notified of tho fact, when she wrote a letter to him stating the facts in the case. About the same time Blake ly, by a personal letter, apprised Gen. Baker of the situation, aud he then concluded to go to Chicago aud look after the matter. He found that Mis. Sweet lead voluntarily got herself into the situation, and notified her promptly that she must cease paying money to anyone on this account. This she promised, and afterwards made the deficit good. Gen. Baker declares that he never went to Blakely’s office tor any purpose whatever, and never talked with Miss Sweet in Blakely’s presence touching this matter. He regarded Miss Sweet as an excellent woman, aud did all for her that could be done within the limit of his official duty, aud declares that he knows nothing affecting the integrity of Blake'y’s ad ministration of the pension agency. The Investigation. Washington, May 13.—In the Chicago pen sion agency case Joseph F. Lackey, formerly Deputy Commissioner ol Pensions, testified that he visited the Chicago pension office and fouud a deficit of $3000, as testified by Miss Sweet. He received a despatch.from General Baker, Commissioner of Pensious, telling him to let the Chicago office alone, that he (Baker) would attend to the settlement of that matter. FOREIGN. SPAIN. Piuaiicial Irregularities. Madrid, May 13.—In the Cortes yesterday important statements were made regarding transactions between accountants of the de partments of the treasury and the Bank of Paris, the Bank of Egypt and the Spanish Mortgage Bank. The inspector of the public debt accounts has also made serious disclosures causing a great sensation. Senor Sardral mov ed a thorough inquiry. Minister Callantes said the government would co-operate in any meas ure Congress might adopt. The House ad journed amid great excitement. INDIA. The Tuojuub Rebellion Over. London, May 15.—A special to the Times from Calcutta reports that the Puujaub fron tier is quiet. There is reason to hope that the disturbances are completely at an end. The two afreedi clans have promised peacable be havior in the future. The Cholera anil Plague. The cholera is raging fearfully in Mor.dallay among great numbers of the people. It is ru mored that the plagnc has appeared at Muscat. The authorities of Bombay aud other Indian posts have established a stringent quarantines for vessels coming from Muscat. 1URKEV. Prospect of a Pacific Solution. Berlin, May 13.—Everything points to a complete understanding having been arrived at by the three empires in connection with tke Turkish question. They are clearly animated by the pacific policy. The decisions arrived at have to-day been communicated to the Eng lish, French and Italian ambassadors. One re sult of the conference is that Turkey has been requested to grant the insnrgeuts an extension of the armistice for the purpose ot executing the promised reform and aiding further nego tiations. The powers also intend to reinforce the naval strength of Sentari for the protec tion of Christians. Great credit is given to Gortschakoff for the able manner in which he handled the Eastern question. The decisions of the conference in tbo mat ter of the Turdish troubles will be embodied in a memorandum communicated to the English, French and Italian governments. Paris, May 11—Intelligence from Salonica announces that the port is blockaded. None of the inhabitants are allowed to leave till the in quiry is terminated. The French iron-clads and two frigates have arrived at Pirocus, on their way to Salonica. Fresh disturbances are still feared. The schools are closed work is suspended. The bodies of the murdered con suls are still unburied. Berlin, MaylO—Official despatches receive cd from Salonica on Saturday state that thirty six arrests have quietly been effected. Today perfect tranquility prevails. It is the purpose to make further arrests today. The (Salonica Afinir. London, May 13.—A special despatch from Athens to the Times says, a vessel which has arrived from Salonica brings the news that the American consul was not at Salonica at time of the murders. The Christians took his car riane, which chanced to be at the railway sta tion, pat the girl in it and drove her to the consulate. The provincial council and the mob met in the mosque, and the Governor was present when the consuls were murdered. He merely protested and treated the matter lightly. The Turks defiled the corpses and spit upon them. The body of the French consul had thirty-four wounds. BagdsA, May 13.—The Turks at Scutari had a celebration over the murder of the German and French consuls at Solonica. MEXICO. Escobedo itlnrcbing on fflaiainoras—In sult to the American and Herman Con suls. MatamoiAs, May 14,—Gen. Escobedo reach ed Camargo, 100 miles distant, yesterday, with 3000 government troops, and is marching rap idly on this city. Gens, Tuero and Quirogaare coraiDg on another road with 3000 men to UDite Olil ll in nttonlriniv (kin nln/m n e excitement prevails here among the revolution ists. Several hundred men are repairing the fortifications and every preparation for a otub born defence is being made. Yesterday the staff officers of Gen Gonzales forcibly took lumber belonging to a citizen of the United States for fortifications. The American Consul intervened to protect the interests of the Amer ican citizen, when the officers declared that they would shoot the [American and German Consuls if they interfered with Gen. Gonzales’ efforts to prepare for defence. The American and German Consuls with the commander of an United States vessel of war, called on Gon zales, who disavowed the acts or his officers and assured the consuls that the foreigners would be respected. Many foreigners of all nationalities are leaving the city in anticipation of a bombardment, _ • Foreign Notes, Winslow was not released Saturday, but again committed for ten days to await the ar rival of Secretary Fish’s note in answer to I-iord Derby’s. If it does not arrive in ten days Wiuslow’s release will be no longer op posed. The British fleet in the Mediteranean has been ordered to rendezvous at Smyrna in view of possible oriental difficulties. Two more Italian iron clads have gone to Salonica. The bark Caswell, whose captaiB, first and i second mate were killed by the mutinous crew, has been towed into Queenstown. 1 The British government has decided to eu- j tertain favorably the request for amnesty of Irish political prisoners. The London Times says the question raised ( by Smytbo’s resolution closing public houses in Ireiand on Sunday was practically whether in a matter which purely concerned their own i ccnstituencies the opinion of the vast majority 1 of representatives of Ireland would be over- J come. The Irish people may be fairly said to ‘‘ be unanimous for Sunday closing. ! Disturbances are feared in Syria lb E. Davidson & Co., arid Alexander ( Crowe & Co., mercantile firms of Loudon in the Eastern trade, have failed. Liabilities 1 £70,000 each. 1 A cordon of Turkish troops has been drawn < around Servla and ingress and egress a>e diffi- 3 cult. 1 M. Gutcbalde, manager of the Theatre des Arts at Kouer, has been arrested charged with embezzlement and with being the author of the t recent fire by which the building aud many adjatent buildings were destroyed ana a num- j per of lives sacrificed. The Northern provinces of Spain still con- j tend for their fueros ai d deny that they are incompatible with constitutional unity. A conference between Castillo and the represen tatives from these provinces resulted in no agreement. Advices from Sclavonic sources state that a battle was fought yesterday near Bisseo in 1 which 7C0 Turks and 100 insurgents were killed. ^ MINOR TELEGRAMS. 1 Judge fowling is dead. j Itev. Dr Taylor refuses to bo the receptacle ul uuweu a stones. u Civil suits will be commenced against Gen. McDonald and McKee fur large amounts. Tbe Boston Lancers have arrived home from tbe Centennial. 1 Dom Pedro visited tbo naval academy at An napolis Saturday. g Revenue officials in San Francisco have dis- jj covered an underground pipe leading from Bay ’ View distillery in South San Francisco to an [ outlet under the wharf of the establishment t some hundreds of yards distant. Au assess- l ment of $170,000 has been levied on the Anti- 2 och distillery|for alleged manufactures of crook ed whiskey last year. 1 J - K. Osgood of Gardiner lectured at Bellows Falls, Vt., Saturday uight. 1, Ross, editor of the Providence Sun, was ^ agaiu arrested Saturday for libel upon the no- ^ liee. He was committed iu default of bail ° The President has approved the act to define s the tax on fermented or malt liquors. 'J 'The Charleston diocesan -onvention of the e Protestant Episcopal church has rejected tho r application of a colored church for admission. 0 Tbe ministers were generally favorable to its s admission, but tbe lay delegates defeated it. Tbe Committe on the Book Concern reported to the General Conference Saturday that there was no foundation for the reported unseuudness a of tho Concern. Dr. Lauahau, iu a sharp dis- li cussion which followed, stated that the report s that the institution was unsound came from - Dr. Nelson,but the latter denied it. The Bostonians whom Judge Cozzens induced ” to emigrate to Arizona are indignant and think : they have been deceived by the judge’s glowing descriptions. b Several convicts were Hogged and put iu the e stocks at Newcastle, Del., Saturday. o The bodies of Armon Martin and son. who want into the wood* from c>t. Jobe, N. 15, on ibe 30th of ApiP, h.tve been found. There have been 100 men tearcbi&g for them every day Fioce they disappeared. It snowed two days after their departure. The President i f (ho Cincinnati Board of Trade writes to the New Yoik Cheap Trans portation Association, urgiug it to cooperate with other similar associations to meoioratize Congress for relief from the extortion of the Union Pacific Railroad Cj. Friday night the dry goods store of Giles & Co. at Rock Island, III. was bnrued. Lois $35,000. Fat rendering* f actory of Van Iderstein, on Newton Creek, was burned Saturday. Loss $30,000. A Charleston, S. C. despatch says neatly tbe whole town of Darlington, was burned yetser day. Loss $100,000. The Blaine investigation begins to day with open doors. __ FINANCIAL A *i> COUH&llCf AL Poi’ilauil tVkolc'niile illurkiit. Saturday, May 13.—Sugars continue very strong at from 10£ lOgc for granulated and 9|c for Extra C. Corn is iu a little better demaud, as the supply in the West is falling oft slightly. Flour is dull and un changed. Pork and lard show no improvement in demand or prices. Molasses is firm at the quoted prices. Potatoes bring 40 cents by the car load and retail from 43 to 50 cents. Daily Domestic Receipts. By Boston and Maine Railroad.—Grier & Co. 1 car flour, Britton Bros. 1 car corn, G W True & Co. 2 cars corn, J B Ham 2 cars corn, A D Martin 1 car corn, Norton, Chapman & Co. 2 cars corn 1 car flour, Order 1 car flour, 13 VV Coolidge 1 car flour,G A Hunt 1 car flour, G W True 1 car flour and 2 cars oats, N B Noble 1 car oats, W A Wood 1 car mowers, Perry <& Foss 1 car vinegar, R Deering & Co. 1 car lumber, G T R 7 cars ot merchandise, M C R R 12 cars merchandise, P & O K K lcar merchandise, P & R R R 1 cars merchandise, Portland 12 cars of merchandise. By water conveyance-1C00 bush cornmeal to G. W. True & Co. Forei&u Import^ MATANZ AS. Brig Eudorus—307 hhds and 50 boxes sugar to Geo. S. Hunt & Co.; 1 case of cigars to F E Allen. Foreitfu Icxporm. HALIFAX. NS. Steamer Falmouth—800 bbls flour, 21,840 lbs cordage, 1 GOO lbs hams. 71 lbs paper, 25 bags meal, 25 bags C. corn, 90 bundles shook, 4 plows, 3 cultivators, 11 packages merchandise. LIVERPOOL. Bark Esther—187*535 feet of lum ber. GLASGOW. Brig Agenora—13,811 but-h wheat, 3700 bbls flour. Boston fttock Market. [Sales at the Brokers’ Board, May 13.] 3 Eastern Railroad. .. 12 Sales at Auction, 16 Bates Manufacturing Co..99£ 2 Peppered Manufacturing Co.730 16J Boston & Maine Railroad. 993 $500 Maine 6s, 1883.107? $3,000 Portland City 6s. 1907.103 $1,000 Bangor City 6s, 1882.102 New York Stock and Money Market. New York, May 13..—Gold opened at 112| and was steady at this price during the forenoon. The specie exports to Europe amounted to 81,064,000. of which ?950,000 was gold coin. Sterling Exchanges were steady at old prices. Government bonds were quiet and steady; the only change was an advance of } per cent, in 10.40 bonds. The Stock market opened quiet and steady and gradually became firmer and stronger. Lake shore, Western Union and Michigan Central were the leading stocks and on call were buoyant. Michigan Central advanced to 49. The coal stocks were very stifi and Delaware & Lbckawanna advanced to 108}. Pacific Mail advanced to #0}. After the first hoard there was a fractional decline and the market be came dull and featureless. Providence Prim Cloths Market. Providence, May 13 — Printing Cloths market— Printing cloths closed flat at BJe lor standard and extra 64x64 goods, with very light business. The transactions of the week foot up only 7000 pieces. Domestic Markets. New York. May 13—5 P.M.—Flour—Receipts 9140 bbls; the market is less active and prices generally are without decided change; holders are a little more disposed to realize; sales L220; No2 at 3 03 ffi 3 50; Superfine Western and State at 4 10 @ 4 50; common to good extra Western and State at 5 00 @5 30; good to choice at 5 35 @5 75; common to choice White Wheat Western extra at 5 80 @7 00; Fancy White Wheat Western extra at 7 05 @7 75; common to good extra Ohio at 5 00 @ 7 00; common to choice extra St Louis at 6 25 @ 9 00; Patent Min nesota extra good to prime at G 25 @ 7 30; choice to double extra at 7 35 @ 9 50, including 3000 bbls low grade extra at 5 00 @5 10; 2000 medium to choice Western extra at 5 60 @8 25; 2400 bbls city mills extra at 5 60 @ 6 15; the market closing quiet. Southern flour quiet and unchanged; sales 800 bbls; comeon to fair extra at 5 00 @ 5 60; good to choice at 5 65@ 8 50. Rye flour is quiet; sales 200 bbls at 4 75 @510 for superfine. Cornmeal is without decided change; sales 350 bbls Western, Jersey and Penn sylvania (at 330; Brandywine at 3 60. Wheat—re ceipts 36,381 bush; the market is dull and prices favor the buyer, with the continental demand decidedly less active; sales 68,COO bush; 110@112 for No3 Chicago; 114 @ 1 22 for ungraded Spring; 1 22 lor No 2 Minnesota; 1 29 @ 1 31 for No 1 Spring; 1 24 @ 1 25 for Winter Red Western and nominally; 112 a 1 16 No S Milwaukee; 1 20 @ 123 for No Chicago; 1 22 @ 1 24 for No 2 Milwaukee, ltye is steady; 10,090 bush Western on spot at 79} @ 80; 5500 hush West ern to arrive, all May, at 79}c. Barley is quiet and unchanged. Barley Malt dull and unchanged. Corn—receipts 86,732 hush; the market is }@lc better, with active export and home trade demand: sales 161,000 bush; 57 @ 58c for no grade Mixed; 60}c for graded low Mixed; 60} @ 00}c for steamer Mixed; 62 @ 62}c for graded Mixed; 58} @62c for ungraded new Western Mixed; 63c for old Western Mixed in store; G4c for White Mixed; 74c for choice White North Carolina; also 10,000 bush graded Mixed seller May at 62}. Oats—receipts of 88,396 bush; the market is rather more steady; sales of 61,000 bush; 36 @ 47 for Mixed Western and State; 45@53c for White, including rejected at 36@“36}; No 2 Mixed New York at39}@40c; do No 1 Mixed at 44 Jc; No2 Chicago at 40} @ 41c. Hoy is firm at 80c for ship ping. Coffee—Rio is quiet and scarcelv so firm; cargoes quoted at 15}@ 18}c gold; job lots at 15} @ I9}c in gold. Sugar is quiet at 7} @ 7Je for fair to good refining; 86c for prime; refinea is firm at 9}c tor standard A; 10}c for granulated; 10} @ 10|c for powdered; 10}c for crushed; 450 hhds Porto Rico at !}c. Molasses quiet and unchanged. Rice is dull. Petroleum dull; crude at 8} @ 8}c; refined, 14 cases at 18} @ 21. Tallow steady; 200,000 lbs at 81 @ 88c. Naval Stores—Rosin is unchanged at 1 70 @ 1 80 for strained. Turpentine is heavy at 35 @ 35} for Spirits. Coal is dull at 5 00 @ G 25,tor Anthracite per ton per cargo. I,ca!loir irregular; middle and heavy weights at 20} @ 23}c; California do at 20 @ 22c. Wool is 'lull. Pork is decidedly firmer; new mess at 2115 @2120; 2000 bbls for seller June at 2105 @ 2125; 450 bbls seller July at 21 30. and closing, held at snoiajzi DU. Beet IS quiet. Beet llams quiet; 100 Western T. P. quoted at 22 @ 24c. Tierce Beet is Cut Meat-Western is quiet; 200 tcs Pickled Hams at 12 ® 12}c; middles arc quiet at 11}c for Western long dear; city longclearl2; 125 boxes city long clear, T. P. Lard is excited and liigber; 750 tcs of prime team at 12 95 @ 13 00; 1750 tcs seller June at 12 80 Sf 13 90, closing at 13 00 @ 13 02}; 3750 do seller July it 12 95 ® 13 51; 750 do seller August at 13 10 @ 13 20 dosing at 13 25 @ 13 27}. Freights to Liverpool—the market i5 auiet. Chicago, May 13—Flour is stead?. Wheat closed it inside prices; No 2 Chicago Spring at 1 035; No 3 Chicago Spring at 94 @ 95c; rejected at 84 ® 81}e. Joru is lower; No 2 at 47J@47|e. Oats are dull; So 2 at 301c. Kye is firmer at 63} @ 64c. Barley is lasier at 67 @ 68c. Pork is firm at 20 95 ® 21 00. Lard is firmer at 12 45. Bulk Meats are firmer; ihoulders at 7Jc; clear rib and clear sides at 11® Ll}c. Receipts—10,000 bbls hour, 52,000 bush wheat, 103 - >00 bush com, 44,000 busb oats. 8500 bosh barley. 18,000 bush of rye. Shipments—8,000 bbls flour, 90,000 bush vrtieat,-228, 100 bush corn, ,67,000 bush oats, 2200 bu3b barley. '53 bush rye. Cincinnati, May 13.—Pork is quiet at 21 00. Lard s strong; steam at 12 20 @ 12 30, closing at the mtside figures; kcitle do at 13 ® 134c. Bulk Meats ire firmer; shoulders at 7}c; clear rib and clear rib ides at 11} @ll}c. Bacon is quiet; shoulders at 83c; lear rib sides at lljc; clear sides 12}. Hogs are inn; common to good light at 6 35® 7 35; fair to ;oodheavy at 7 30 ® 7 50, Toledo, May 13.—Flour is steady. Wheat is irm; No 2 White Wabash at 140J; No 1 White Michigan at 132; extra White Michigan at 1 40J; Lmber Michigan at 126; No 2 Amber Michigan at 07}; No 1 Red Winter at 1 44 ; No 3 Bed Winter 15;}do Dayton and Michigan at 111. Corn is easier; ligh Mixed held at 54}c; low Mixed at 52c. Oats re dull; No 2 Canal at 35c; Michigan at 36c. Beceipts—00 bbls Hour 10,000 bush Wheat, 16,000 >ush Corn, 50,000 bush Oats, Shipments—450 bbls flour, 15,000 bush Wheat, 28, 00 bush Com, 12,000 bush Oats. Milwaukee, May 13.-Flour is quiet. Wheat is resettled: No 1 Milwaukee at 113; hard do at 1 SS ■ io 2 Milwaukee at 100}; No 3 Milwaukee at 95}c lorn is firm; No 2 at 48c. Oats are firm; No 2 fresh 2}c. Eye is scarce; No 1 at 70 @ 71c. Barley is uiet; No 2 Spring at 85c; No 3 Spring at 51c. Receipts—8000 bbls flour, 152,000 huso wheat. Shipments—8,500 bbls flour, 190,000 bush wheat. New Fork, May 13.—Cotton is dull; Middling plauds 12 3-16c. s New Orleans, May 13.—Cotton mark'd irregu tr; Middling uplands lljc. Mobile, May 13.—Cotton market Is weak and ■regular; Middling uplands at 11} @ lljc. Savannah, May 13.—Cotton Is weak and nominal; iliddlingnplands ll}c. Galveston, May 13.—Cotton is irregular and ominal; Middling uplands lljc. Augusta, May 13.—Cotton market is dull and ominal; Middling uplands 11c. Wilmington, May 13,-Cotton is nominal; Mid ling uplands 111c. Norfolk, May 13.—Cotton is quictl; Middling plauds lljc. Louisville, May 13—Cotton dull; Middling up tnds at lljc. Charleston, May 13.—Cotton is dull; Middling plands at lljc. Havana Market. Havana. May 14.—Sugar is in fair demand and rm. Tlio anticipated deficiency in the crop is now illy confirmed; No Hito 12 ds at 6} ® 7 reals per irrobe; No 15 to20 ds at 7}@9 reals. Molasses ugars. No 7 to 10 at 5} @ 6 reals; Concentrated ugars fair to good qnality at 3} @ 4 reals; Muscova o Sugars common to fair 5} @4 reals; fair to good dining at 6} @6} reals; Centrifugal Sugars Noll > 13 iu boxes and in hbds at 7} ® 8 reals. Stock in le warehouses at Ilavaua and Mutanzas 377,000 axes and 148,000 hbds. Receipts for the week 1.500 boxes land G,700 birds; exporls for the week 1.500 boxes and 14,500 hbds, iucluifing 6200 and 14,000 ... uiuiw. muiiissuB uuu, ou ue rees polarization 4$. Freights are quiet,and closing somewhat unsteady: lading at Havana for the United States » box ugar at 621 @ 75; hhd of Sugar at 3 00 Si) 3 60' ' hhd Molasses at 2 25 @ 2 50; to Falmouth and rders 30s; loading at ports on no north coast of uba (outside ports) for the United States p hhd lgar at 3 50 @ 4 1.0; p lihd Molasses at 2 25 @ 2 624 obacco is very active and good; descriptions daily rowing scarce. Spanish {gold at 23 @ 30$. Exchange U. S. cur *ncy, 60 days, 8 @ 7$; discount short sight at 04 (5) ; discount sixty days gold at 3$ @ 3J premium"; lort sight at 4$ @ 5 premium. European Mtarkcts. Liverpool, May 12.—12.30 P. M.—Cotton is dull :ul unchanged; Middling uplands at 6$d; do Or ahs6 5-16d; sales 8,000 bales, including 1000 for icculation and export; receipts 4,000 bales, of which 100 bales were American. Frankfort, May 12-4 P. M.—United States ew 5s, 102$. Hunt’s Remedy is not a new compound, it has sen before the public more than twenty years, and ttensivcly used by all classes, both with and with it the advice of a physician. Hunt’s Remedy ♦ bas been Ibe means of saviug from a lingering aud frightful disease an t death hundreds of our wel - known ciiizens. Hunt's Remedy never fails to cure Dropsy and all Diseases of tbo Kidneys, Blad aud Urinary U;gans. mylSeod&wlw MARRIED. In South Gorham, May 11, by Rev. H. Wliitcher, Benj. A. Rideout aud Miss Emma E. Merrill, both formerly of Cumberland In Aina, April 22, Sullivan Erskine aud Miss Hat tie Erskine. In Bristol, April 30, Arthur M. Geyer aud Miss Ada A. Poland. In Damariscotta, April 30, Alden Dodge of Dres den and Miss Elicu F. Dodge of Newcastle. DIED. In this city, 14tb inst., Dr. S. R. Dale, aged 72 years. Funeral services to-morrow at 3 p. m. from No. 32 Oak street. InBridgton. May 6, Mr?. Susan, wife of Rev. T. E. Lang, aged about 60 years. In Denmark, May 7, Mrs. Lucie I., wife ot Lorenzo Plummer of Bridgton, aged 27 years 6 months. In Bath, May 12, Cora F. Oliver, aged 21 years 10 months,—daughter ot widow Nancy M. Oliver. In Bath, May 12, Mary Philena, daughter of Jas F. and Mary Hill, aged 18 years. DEPARTURE OF STEAMSHIPS. NAME FROM FOR DATE John Btamall.New York. .Rio Janeiro . .May 15 Wyoming.....New York..Liverpool....May 16 Accapuico.New York..Aspinwall.. ..May 16 Scotia.New York.. Liverpool.... May 17 Waldenesian.Quebec.Glasgaw.May 18 Columbus.New York..Havana Mavis Bermuda.New York. .Bermuda —May 18 Sardinian.Quebec.Liverpool.... May 20 Crescent City.New York. .Havana. .. .May 20 Ethiopia.New York. .Glasgow May 20 Germanic .New York.. Liverpool.... May 20 Samaria.Boston.Liverpool.May 20 City of Havana.New York. Hav <&VCruz.May 23 Alps.New York.. Aspinwall,&cMay 24 Bothnia.New York .Liverpool;... .May 24 Canadian.Quebec].Glasgow.May 25 Frisia.Now York. .Hamburg.... May 25 City of VeraCruz.. .New York. .Havana.May 25 Circassian.Quebec.Liverpool... May 27 City of Berlin ... New York.. Liverpool.. Nay 27 Atlas.New York.. Kingston,&c June 1 Minature Almanac.... .May 15. Sun rises.4 38 I High water.4.30 PM Suu sets.7.14 | Moon rises.12.40 AM MARINE NEWS~ PORT OF PORTLAND. Saturday, May 13. ARRIVED. Steamship Eleanora, Johnson, New York—passen gers and mdse to Henry Fox. Brig Eudorus, (of Portland) McAlevy, Matanzas— 307 hlids 50 boxes sugar to Geo S Hunt & Co. Vessel to Isaac Emery. Sch Ocean Belle, (Br) Wasson, Boston. Sch H V Crandall, (Br) Maloney, Boston. Sch Star, Carman, Boston. Sch Canton, Henley, Boston. Sch John Tyler, Cook, Boston, to load for Calais. Sch LapwiDg, Seavy, Boston, to load tor Bangor. Sch L Snow, Griffin, Rookport, Mass. Sch Game Cock, Robinson, Lynn, to load lor Calais. Sch Canary, Jones, Calais for Boston. Sch Arrival. Farnbam, Boothbay. CLEARED. Steamer Falmouth, Colby, Halifax, N S, —John Porteous. Barque Esther, Merrill, Liverpool—Albert Mar wick. Brig Agenora, Walls, Glasgow—John Porteou -. Sch Gazelle, Crockett, Boston— Portland Stone ware Co Sch J W Drisko, Haskell, Kennebec, to load laths tor Baltimore—Chase. Leavitt & Co. Sch A Hammond, Goldtbwaite, Kennebec, to load ice lor New York—Chase, Leavitt & Co. Sunday, May 14. ARRIVED. Brig Mattie B Russell, York, Boston. Sch City of Ellsworth, Grant, Ellsworth—lumber to E Ponce. Sch Senator, Murch, Ellsworth—shingles to W & C R Millikeu. Sch Franklin Pierce, Stinsou, Bangor— fish barrels to Lewis & Whitten. Sch Abigail, Geyer, Frienlsbip. Scb Brilliant, Wheeler, St George. Sch Railroad. Webstar, Castine. Sch Northern Light. Orne. Boothhay—superphos phate to Cumberland Bone Co. MEMORANDA. Brig Maurice, (of Bangor) Veazie, which arrived at Madeira previous to 12th inst from Norfolk, went ashore and is a total wreck. Crew and cargo saved. The vessel registered 280 tons, was built at Brewer iu 1868, and was owned in Bangor by Thurston & Cros by, and others. Sch Pierce, of Brooksvills, before reported ashore at Coney Island, below Salem, was hauled oft 12th inst with lo*s of part of keel and stern post started. She leaks badly and a steam pump keeps her tree. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 3d, ship Winged Hunter, Pan no. Nanaimo. Cld 11 tb, ship Agenor. Gould, Cork NEW ORLEANS—Ar 12th, sch J C Reed, Crowley, Cardenas. Below 12th, schs L A Knowles, Chase,-; Veto, Henderson. Philadelphia. FERNANDINA—Cld 5th, sch Emma NcAdam, Murch, Philadelphia. JACKSONVILLE—Cld Cth, sch Governor, Eaton, New York. Ar 8th, scb Como, Lewis. New York. SAVANNAH—Ar 8th, sch May McFarland, Mc Farland. Boston. CHARLESTON—Cld 8th, sch Yankee Blade, Park er, Baltimore. WILMINGTON. NC-Ar 12th, brig J M Wiswell, Glover, New Bedford. BALTIMORE—Ar 11th, barque Lizzie Merry,Keaz er, Cardenas. Ar 12tb, sch Waldemar, Parker, Cardenas. Cld 12th, brig Jessie RhyDas, Tucker, Boston. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 11th, sch John Stroup, Smith, Kennebce: Emma McAdam, March. Feman dina; Jas A Brown, Collins, Matanzas; Fleetwing, Kenuiston, Norfolk. Cld 12th, schs Corvo, Tyler, for Rockland; Island Belle, Woodman, Boston. Ar at Delaware Breakwater 12th, ship Lizzie Mo ses, from Bremen. NEW YORK—Ar 11th. barque Georgietta. Small, Sagua; brig George S Berry, York, Cardenas: Har ry Smith, Weeks, Sagua; schs Santa Rosa, Herrick, Progresso via Delaware Breakwater ; Mary Ellen, Hawkins, Nassau, NP ; Addie G Bryant. Stubbs, Cedar Keys 14 ds; More-Light, Allen, Windsor. NS. A»* 12th, brigs C C Colson, Gregory, fm Matanzas; Stephen Bishop, Gilkey, do 6 days; Charlotte Buck, Smitb.Cardenas 7 days; schs R M Brookings, Brown, St Johh, PR, 16 days; Susan Stetson, Lewis, Nagua bo PR; O M Marrett, Reed, #aracoa 9 days; Orrie V Drisko. Drisko, Cardenas. £ld 11th, brig Nellie, Higgins. St Croix; schs Net tie B Dobbin, Dobbin, Aux Cayes; Baracoa, McClin tock, Baracoa. Cld 12th, brig Helen M Rowley, Fisher, New Or leans; schs J D KobinsoD, Glover, for Kio Janeiro; Grace Webster, Gales, Cardenas; Victor Puig, Pink ham. Baracoa. Sid 12th. brig Cascatellc, for Havana. Passed through Hell Gate 11th, sch Uucle Tom, Huntley, New York for Boston. Passed do 12th, schs Idaho, Jameson, Rondout for New Bedford; Senator Grimes, Cassidy, Philadelphia NEW LONDON—Ar llth, brig Wm RobertsoD, Peak Ponce PROVIDENCE—Sid llth schs Ocean Wave, Gal ley, Philadelphia via Tiverton; Only Son, Smith, lot New York; Louis Walsh, Smith, Sag Hat bar; Mine ola. Fullerton, Ellsworth. Sid 12th, ech Carrie Walker, Chadwick, for Round Pond via Newport. NEWPORT—Ar llth, sch Carrie Walker, Chad wick, Providence for Round Pond. In port llth, schs R L Kenney,Tolmau, from Rock land; L B Sargent, Sargent, and F Nickerson. Has kell, Providence lor Round Pond : Telegraph, Clark, and Herald, Hall, do lor do; F V Turner, Walker, Providence lor New York. NEW BEDFORD—Ar llth, sch Revenue, Pbinney, Port Johnson. Ar 12th, sch Judge Low, Hallo well, Dennysville. j Sid 12tb, schs Gen Howard, Linscott, and Chase, Ingraham, New York ; Watchman, Heal ; Helen Mar, Duncan; Sea Breeze, Freetby, and Sea Flower, Lincoln, New York. BOSTON—Ar 12th, schs James R Talbot. Crocker. Cienluegos; Abbie, Oakes, Naguabo ; L&M Don ovan, Donovan, Pascagoula; Ellen M Golder, Wixon, and H G Bird, Blackingtoo, Baltimore: Lizzie Wil son, Wilson, do; J C Nash, Crowley, Philadelphia ; Fair Wind, Lockhart.Ellsworth; Lucy Jane, Spauld ing. Rockland; S C Trafton, Hinckley, Bath. Cld 12th, brig Daisy Boynton, Appleby, Kllrush, I : sch Tim Field, Leland, St John. NB. Ar 13th, schs A S Murch, Woodward. Ellsworth; Mary Eliza, Bullock. Bangor; Sarah, Weeks, and Sassanoa, Hinckloy, Bath; Mary B Rogers, Preble, Bath. Cld 13th, ech Ocean Belle, Wa*son, Portland. BEVERLj^—Ar 10th, sch Silver Spray, Tenney, Pascagoula. SALEM—Sid llth, Ech Ira D Sturges, Johneou. for Bath. Ar 12th, schs Lamartine, Haskell, Port Johnson; Adelaide, Smith, Macbiasport for Boston. NEWBURYPORT—Ar 12th, schs Ella M Pennell, Thompson, Barbadoes; WP Ritchie, Freetby, irom New York. KENNKBUNKPORT—Ar 13th, sch Hattie M Mayo, Hickey, Port Johnson. FOREIGN PORTS. At Bombay Apl 10, ships P Pendleton, Nichols, for Havre, (at £2 pr ton); Valaint, Dunham, for do; A S Davis, Ford, and C H Southard, Beattie, uuc. Ar at Honolulu Apl 17, barque Albert, Reed, from ' Sydney, NSW. Cld at Pabellon Feb 17, ship Sylvanus Blanchard, Green, United Kingdom. Sid Apl 10, barque Jano A Falkenbnrg, Hubbard. Portland, O. ’ Sid fm Naples -, brig L Staples. Herriman, for < Leghorn. ’ GbuceMerfslassT’ ^ U',aU B ^ Studlay-^ Sid fm Havre 12th lust, ship Marcia C Day, chase New York. 1 „ Ar at Antwerp 12th inst, ship R B Fuller, Gilmore San Francisco. ’ Arat Reval 9th inst, ship Tbos Lord, Hall New Orleans: barque Clara Eaton, Davis, Galveston Ar at Cardiff 12th inst. ship Jairus B Lincoln Lom bard, Antwerp, to load for Rio Janeiro. PhlfadelpSm Wa" Ap‘ 23, ^ J F Merry- Bradley- | Sid fm St Plcrro 12th inst, sch Ada Barker, Dob l»lii. Maviidno* * At Ponce PR Apl 25, brig Suwannee, Sawyer for Newburyport, ldg. ’ Ar at Havana 11th inst. brig Lena Thurlow Cor- r bett, Philadelphia; 12th, Prairie Rose, Ur eenleit foi , New Orleans. * * Ar at Yarmouth, NS, 4th iust, sch Valiaut. Rob erts. Portland. ’ ou Ar at Pictou 9tb, barque Sadie, Gregory, Antwern Cld 9tb. sch Sea Flower, Boudrot. Portland. 1 * Cld at Windsor, NS, Cth inst, sch Bonetta, Clark Portland. * Cld at Halifax, NS. 9th ioet, sch Venilla. Fisher Western Banks. nsuer, At Port Hawkesbury Gth iust, sch Volaut. Degpar. dins, from Portland for Montreal. Ar at St John. NB, 12th inst, ship Zephyr Sweet, ser, Delaware Breakwater. SPOKEN. April 9, lat —, Ion 17 W, ship Susan Gilmore Carv er, from Calcutta for Dundee. April 30, lat 39. Ion 61. ship Samuel Skolfield from New Orleans for Liverpool. From the Toledo Blade. *■ Specialties in Medicine. S We publish on our eighth page a lengthy article de scribing the system of the noted specialist, Dr. R. v v Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., in which he sets forth with considerable force and clearness his reasons tor devot- 1 ing his whole time and attention to a single depart ment of medicine-the treatment of lingering chrouic u diseases. The same article also takes up the subjects of diagnosis, methods of consultation and treatment t: etc., and will be found to contain many valuable bints to the invalid. Dr. Pierce is the author of a & W’ork which has already attained a large circulation— “1 he People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser”_ t< containing some nine hundred numerously illustrat ed pages, and devoted to medicine in all its branches c< a. work well calculated for the guidance and instruc tion pf the people at large, and which may be had for 51.50 (post-paid) by addressing the author. Dr Pierce has now been before the general public long enough to enable the formation of a careful estimate the efficiency of his treatment and his medicines a and the verdict, we are glad to know, lias been uni- fii irersally favorable to both. oc2» * myl2eod&wlw SPECIAL NOTICES. Bramhall Lodge, K. P. JULY 4th, 1876. Every member ot Bramhall Lodge who lias a uniform, or will parade it furnished with one, will please report immediately to one oi the following Committee on parade: W. W. KEMP, Canadian Express Office. JOHN M ASSURE, Cor. Congress and Chapel Sts. CHAS. W. LEAN, myl3su3t 37 Plum St. FLATTENING TESTIMONIAL FOR LOKING’M SPECIFIC from Mrs. Flora W. Bowker, Gen. Sttpt. Juvenile Temples for the State of Mass. __ Lawrence, Mass. DB. EO RING—Dear Sir, Having been at times seriously afflicted with that most tormenting of diseases, DYSPEPSIA, and having tried and lost faith in the thousand and one remedies prescribed for that disease, I almost despaired of ever being cured or even helped by any medicinal preparation. While in London, Eng , in 1873, and suffering intensely, I was induced to try Eoiiug’g Specific, by a lady friend, who brought it with her from the United States. Un like every other remedial agent its effect upon me was gratifying beyond expression—very soon I be gan to feel like a new person—my strength and vigor returned and every symptom ot the disease disappeared. I have given several bottles to my afflicted friends, and in every case beneficial results have followed its use. I have aa abiding faith in your Specific, and believe that it will cure ninety-nine cases out ot every hundred, and give relief to the other. Respectfully yours, FLORA W. BOWKER, Geu, Supt. Juvenile Temples tor the State of Massachusetts. EORING’S SPECIFIC, Sold by all the Apothecaries, Price $1.00. Dealers supplied by J. W. Perkins & Co., and W. F. Phillips & Co. myl3 sndtf BOARD OF TRADE. A special meeting of the Board of Trade will be held on MONDAY, May 15th, at 3 o’clock P. M., to consider Reciprocal trade with the Canadas, and such other matters as may properly come before the meeting. Per order, M. N. RICH, Sec’v. my 13 snd2t National Loan Office, (ESTABLISHED IN ISOS,) Ao. 53 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. Money to loan in gums to suit on Diamonds, Jew elry, Watches, and all valuable personal property at low rates of interest. w For sale Diamonds and Jewelry at less than half the original cost. One fine Diamond Stud, 1 karat pure white, elegant affair. $65.00 One fine Diamond Stud, | karat pure white, 50.00 “ “ “ Ring, 1 karat, old mine stone, 75.00 “ “ ladies’ Ring, very handsome. 35.00 and lot 8 of other Diamond Rings, Eardrops and Studs, Gold and Silver Watches, and other Silver Ware at less than half price. apl8snlm* S. 8CHRVVER. CHICKERING PIANO For sale. Rosewood case, seven octave, but little used aud in good condition. Frice 8300. my5sn2w G. L. BAILEY, 48 Exchange 81. FOU CATARRH Astounding Discovery. Great Rejoicing Over It. Lie i Longer a Men! Spread the glad tidings near and far Till every sufferer hears the sound, Belief is found for the “CATARRH,” And joy and merriment abound. rhis REMEDY is just the thing To clear the MOCOUS from the head, And very soon relief will bring To those who’re from “CATARRH” most dead. it clears the NASAL passages Of what does oft much trouble cause, And each who uses it agrees It brings them back to nature’s laws. 'Tis very easily applied, And thousands by it have been blessed, And many who’ve its virtues tried Its “HEALING POWER” have con fessed. Tis known as “RAIDER’S GERMAN SNUFF,” The best thing for “CATARRH” that’s known; Vone of your VILE and WORTHLESS stuff, No CURES by which were ever shown. Ye’ve tested it and know its worth, So quickly it relieved our head; t should be known in all the earth, And all its fame should help to spread, rill North and South, and East and West, Those who’ve been CURED of the “CA TARRH, >f REMEDIES shall own THIS best, And spread its fame both near and far. P\ iP" ^ n/tuc.n o GERMAN SNUFF. For sale everywhere. Price only 35 cents. SMI ill. ►OOLITTLE & SMITH, 26 Tvemont St., Boston, .gents for U. S. decTMW&SsnCm REMOVAL. PR. SHAW, Has removed to NO. 609 CONGRESS STREET, Opposite Plymouth Church. m>6 sntf i'OHEST T A li. “1 have never been so full}- satisfied with any ar cle for toilet use as I am with your Forest Tar )up. It is a,perfect shaving soap, yielding a rich hite lather that docs not dry upon the face, and ■at leaves it soft and free from the smarting com iOU to tender faces after ohaving. It is the best ar cle for the skin I over used. So says Mr. I,. A lexander, agent for 15. O. <Ss G. C. Wilson, of Bos m. Get a cake of your druggist, or by scuding 35 nts to the Forest Tar Co., Port'and, Me. octl5 sn'.'iu “base balls iid Bnt»,Flatting Tackle,Gum and Sport igkoojw. Wholesale and Kciail. O. L. BAll.EV, ap2Isndeod4w 48 Exchange Hired. SPECIAL NOTICES, [ Carpets Beaten ! K. DODGE & CO., Carpet Beating Rooms, No. 13 Union St. We beat with Flexible Whips made of Hopes, not with stiff, unyielding sticks nor yet with iron chains. Carpets called for, beaten, and returned for 4 cents ! per yard._ mySsneodlm 1 TO THE MDIESlj BROWN’S FRENCH DRESSING Will make Ladies'and Children's Boots and Shoes that have become rough and red, and Ladies’ Travel ing Bags which look so old and rusty that they are ashamed to carry them, look just as good as new. It will not rub ott or smut when wet. Softens the leather No lady will be without it after one trial. Beware of imitations and counterfeits. For sale everywhere. K. F. MIIOWN A CO ; Ko»ton. mht5 sneodGm CALLED GOVERNMENT l\ Bighest rates paid for Called Govern ment Bonds or Later Issue?, and Good Municipal Securities given in exchange. \ All the 5-20’s of 1862, 1864, and 5, 000,000 of the November issues of 1865 have been called in for redemption. Woodbury & Moulton, 2£ INKERS ANI> BROKERS, <57 Exchange Street.! nov29 deoil suly CAUCUSES. Yarmouth. The Republicans of No. Yarmouth are requested to meet at their Town Bouse in said town on SATUR DAY, the twentieth day of May, at 7 o’clock P. M., to choose delegates to attend the Dist. Convention to be held in Saco, May 25. By order of TOWN COMMITTEE. North Yarmouth, May 12,187G. myl3td Staudish. The Republicans of Standish. are reouested to meet at the Town House, on SATURDAY, the 20th day of May, 1876, at 5 o’clock P. M., to choose lour delegates to attend the District Convention to be holden at Saco, on the 25th inst. Also to choose four delegates to attend the State Convention to be held at Bangor, June 22,1876. Per order of Town Committee. Stand ish, May 12, 1876. cnylOd&wlt TmrrifiTisfi 1 PARASOLS — AND — Sun Umbrellas — AT — MMBFMTFM’S PRICES. Wc arc ready to offer 500 Parasol* and Sun Um brellas. consisting of Serge and Boiled Twilled Silk, from 18 to 30 inch, in Ebony, Bone, Horn, Pearl In laid, Ivory and Oxidized Handles, from $1.25 and upwards. 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IF YOU WANT Galvanized Yacht -AND— Boat Trimmings, We Manufacture and have in Stock flic largest assortment to be found in the State, including Inside Iron Strapped Blocks, Anchors, Chains, Windlasses, Row Locks, &c. T. Langliliu & 8011, CENTER ST., Portland. (^^Galvanizing Bone in the very BEST MANNER. apr29dtf Price Twenty-five Cents. Newspaper Advertising. NINETY-NINTH EDITION. Containing a complete list of all the towns in the United States, the Territories snd the Dominion ot Canada, having a population greater than 5.000 ac cording to the fast census, together with the names ot the newspapers having the largest local circulation in each of the places named. Also a catalogue of news papers which are recommended to advertisers as giving greatest value in proportion to prices charged. Also, all newspapers in the United States and Cana da printing over 5,000 copies each issue. Also, all the Religious, Agricultural, Scientific and Mechanical, Medical, Masonic, Juvenile, Educational, Commer cial. Insurance, Real Estate, Law, Sporting, Musical, Fashion, and other special class journals; very com plete lists. Together with a complete list of over 300 German papers printed in the United States. Also, an essay upon advertising, many tables of rates, showing the cost of advertising In various newspapers, and everything which a beginner in ad vertising would like to know'. Address GEO. P. ROWELL & CO., 41 Park Row, New York. se7 Ul34m Maine Blackwood, (FORMERLY NORWOOD) A Sired by Blackwood, (3 years old, record 2.31) 1st dam by Norman, sire ot Lula, 2.15, May Queen 2.20. 2d dam l»v Mawbrlno Chief, sire of Lady Thorne, 2.18. Blackwood, sire of Blackwood. Jr.. 4 years old. record 2.32. Freshman 4 years, 2.36$. Rosewood 5 years, MAINE BLACKWOOD, Brown colt, sired 1872. Trotted full mile last fall as 3 year old in 2.36$, and drew wagon in 2.40$. Is six teen hands high and weighs 1075 lbs. Will make this season (and only one in Maine) at 860—payable in advance. Apply to JOHN DALY, Box 1819, or Head of St. John St. : my!3_ dtfis Ship Owners , — AND — SHIP BROKERS ! , will find a convenient place to deposit ballast at Mer rills Wharf. Otlicr Parties having Kock, Earth, AmHpn and tl,e like to dis pose of can do the same. Inquire of Wharfinger or ( apr28d3mFM&Wis W. S. DANA. j Window Frames ! When you cm not find you waul nud arc in a burry for Window Uranic*, cull at BUR ROWES BROS’., 1 IVbcrc you can have them nf *hort notice. Cor. Cross and Fore Street. PORTLAND, MB, ap!7 deodtf BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Booksellers and Stationers. HOYT Jfc FOGG, No. 91 Middle Street. Book Binders. WM. A. OGiSCV, Room II, Printer.’ Exchange, No. Ill Exchange St. SNAlii.&SHACKFORI), No. 13 Plunt Street. Carpenters and Builders. W HITNEY A MEANS, Pearl Street, op poMite (he B'ark. Furniture—Wholesale and Retail. WAITEB COKEY A CO., Arcndr, No. IS Eree Street. GEOBGE A. W HITNEY, No. 3tt Ex. change St. Cpliol.lering of all kind* done to order. Horse Shoers. E. BORREU, A YOENG, Experlt urej IIoimi Hhoern at IVo* 70 IVnrl St. UOVSdtf Pattern and Model Maker. J. i. 1SAUROEB, 930 Pore Street, Cor. oi CrOMM, ft’orllnud. Photographer. A. S. DAVIS & CO., No NO Middle Street. Plumbers. JT A MEN Ml LEER, No. 91 Eeder a I Street Roofers. J. N. IHcCOY A CO.,9N *!« g Street. Real Estate Agents. JOHN C. PROCTER, No. 99 Exchange Street. Stair Builders. B. E. I.IKBY, No. 939 Pore Street,cor. C'roNK St., in IBelnno'N Mill. I*. L. HOOPER, Cor. York and Maple Street*. Watehes, Jewelry and Silver Ware, J. A. MEBBILIi & CO., 199 Middle St. J. A. MERRILL. A. BEIT1I. ANNUAL MEETINGS^ ANNUAL, MEETING. THE annual meeting of the ‘ • Tern iseoeuta Pine Land Co.” adjourned to meet on WEDNES DAY, May 17tb, at 3 P. M.f at office of A. E. Stevens & Co. 1st—For the choice of officers. 2nd—To consider any proposition w hich may l»e submitted for the purchase of the property of the Company. 3rd—For the transaction of any other business duly preseated at said meeting. N. O. CRAM. Clerk. Portland, May 11. myl2dtd AGENCIES. T. C. EVANS. ADVERTISING AGENCY A- PRINT ERS’ WAREHOUSE, 10G WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON. Dealer in Wood and Metal Type and all kinds ot Printers’ Materials. Advertisements inserted in any paper in the United States or Canadas at publishers’ owest prices. Send for estimates. DODD’S ADVERTISING AGENU V, 121 WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON. Advertisements receiued for every Paper in the United States and British Provinces at the lowest contract prices. Any information cheerfully given and estimates promptly fuurnished. HORACE DODD. 8, It. NILES, ADVERTISING AGENT. Contracts for Advertisements in all Ncwspapors ot all cities amt towns ot the United States. Canada nd British Provinces. Office No. 6 Tremont Street, Boston. GEORGE P. ROWELL A CO., ADVERTISING AGENTS FOR ALL THE LEAVING NEWSPAPERS. Dealers in Printing Materials of every description Jype, Presses, etc. Office No. 41 Park Row, New York. C. J. WlIEELElt, NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING AGENT No. 5 Washington Building, PROVIDENCE, K. I. ESTABLISHED IN 1849. 8. JI. PETTENGILL A CO.’S ADVERTISING AGENCY No. 10 State St., Boston, and 37 Park Row, New York, Estimates furnished gratis for Advertising In al Newspapers in the Uniied States and British Prov inces. BATES A LOCKE, Newspaper Advertising Agents, 34 PA..K ROW, NEW TORE. J. H. Bates, late ot D. R. Locke, o Locke* S. M. Pettengill & Oo. Jones, Toledo Blade. Send for list of 10(1 choice newspapers. Portland Daily Press Job Printing »» f ” * OFFIO E» Posters, Hand Kills, Bill Beads, Cards, Tags, Ac., printed at slioit notice. 0 300 S)OZEN Silk Meek Ties. The recent Male of Kern Lace Tie* ha* caused a great decline iu «ilk gooil*. Tak ing advantage of ihi* vie have bought n large Jot of ^EliEIUNT SILK TIES” in nil the desirable color*, at about one talf the com! of imporlation. We offer the >ntire lot at the popular price of 230 EACH 2 Many of these goods are the same as we have been elllng for 75c andL 91.00. This is the greatest bar am in TieR ever ottered in the city. Every lady 5lMre an<1 ^PPJy herself at once, as they ?ill last but a short time. 3WEN & MOORE, Congress St., Cor. Brown. dec29___.Ilf HIS INDIA street! T|Y P Coats I>yed, ~~ 1 ill i t^l.25. J hi AllOA Overcoat* l*?cd - - 9« dO , | puniN . y® 2Q^" Cotton and Wool Drosses Dyed Without Dipping. aprll _ 2m Pasture * NEWLY fenced Pasture within ono mile ol the 1 {\_ City to let for a term of years. J. 11. THORNTON. feb21eotltf Ouk Hill. BUSINESS CARDS. Fred W. Campbell, LANCASTER HALL BUILDING, Over Horse Railroad Depot, Has a pleasant room as abovo stated and will be happy to wait upon all his old friends and the public in general in all departments of the Hair Dressin" Line. First Class Work at Popular Prices. my8 dtt FRED. N. DOW, ATTORNEY - AT - LAW, 172 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. apl3 dCm’ttf ~h".' HANSON & SON, MANUFACTURERS OF Monuments, Tablets, Grave Stones ami Granite Work. MANUFACTORY AT No. 007 Congress St., West Fad, Cortland, Mitiue. All orders promptly attended to. HENRY HANSON. WM. II. A. HANSON. UGm JOHN J. PERRY, Attorney at f,.aw, 49 1-Q EXCHANGE ST., PORTLAND, MAINE. jan2l dlwHtf THOMAS RAINEY, M. A. M. D. Office 400 1-7 Congress Street, Formerly occupied by Dr. Daveis. Hour/—tO to 17 4. M., a to 3 P. M. “m3 ddtwtf E. H. RIPLEY, Heaton Hecond Pariah Chnrcfa, XJ nd.orta Is. or*. WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of Port laud that be is prepared to luroish Coffin., Cashel, and Grave-Clothes, of all styles, at the shortest possible notice. Everything connected with the management of funerals, day or night, will receive prompt attention. Residence No. 219 Federal, corner of Temple St. ^ feblOdbm G. A. CLARK, M. D. 74 FREE STREET Oppokite head •! Grown Nt. _xr._n i t n x> jil6 feUeodtf E. C. JORDAN & CO., Civil Engineers and Laud Purveyors, No. Is4 Middle Wt., Portland, Me. Surveys made for Proposed Railroads. Water Works, Mill Dams, and Storage Reservoirs, surveys of Counties, Towns, House Lots, &c. Estimates of Brickwork, Plastering. Slating, Stone Masonry, Earthwork, Earth and Stone Excavation, &c., &c., &c Plans and Specifications for Iron or Wooden Bridges, or the combination. Plans and bills of Tim ber for Wharves, &c., &c. apr7<I3m M. C. PATTEN, Practical and Expert Accountant, 145 COMMERCIAL ST. INTRICATE accounts, partnership settlements, etc., etc., adjusted. Previous business wtftterr; and all work requiring competent services promptly executed. Compromises between debtors and credi tors effected, financial ability of debtors investigated, and settlements effected when desired. Instruction in book-keeping to a limited number. Business from this city and vicinity respectfully solicited. Ample references In this and other cities. mar7 TW&Fteodtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, Practical Plumber, Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 41 UNION ST., Under Falmouth Hotel, Portland, Me. Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, Washbowls, Brass and Silver Plated Cocks; every description ot Water, Steam and Gas Fixtures for dwelling Houses, Hotels and Public Buildings, Ships* Closets, etc., arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country !a itbfully executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand Lead, Iron and Brass Pipe, Mheet Lead aud Plumbers’ Materials. ap22dlm Dr. R. T. Wilde, The Natural Magnetic Physician, He shall lay hands on them and they shad be healed 303 Cumberland, Cor. of Elm St. nov8 dtf WM. H. MOTLEY, ATTORNEY AT 1AW, OVER I. P. FARRINGTON’S, 180 Middle Street. jan5 dtf Chas. J. Schumacher, FRESCO PAINTER, OUJce in Cik. Bank Bnilding, over F. H. Fnurll’i Office. Orders left at Schumacher Bros, will meet prompt Mention. apr3d3 m C. P. BABCOCK. MODEL MAKER & JOBBER, MANUFACTURER OF Watch and Chronometer Markers* Tools, Mathematical, Optical and Philo sophical Instruments, School Apparatus, dee., 5<; Market Street, Printers Exchange, Jul PORTLAND. M.K. dly D. W. FESSENDEN, Attorney at Law, OFFICE IN STANTON BLOCK, No. 31 1-2 Exchange Street. Jamsdtf COPARTNERSHIP^ CRAIG & WILSON F.rmerly Craig & Jackson. Plain and Ornamental Plasterers, AND MASTIC VORKEBN, Ornaments in every Variety of Mtjlei, Designed by the best artists in the country, such as Cornices, Centre Pieces, Brackets, Columns, &c., can always be furnished at the shortest notice. Repairing, Plastering. Whitening and Tinting done in the neatest manner. No. 4 Sc mil street, Portland, me. N. B.—The most delicate work packed to go safely any distance. Joseph Craig. maiTdSm James Wilson. Brothers Fairbank, MERCHANT MORS, 125 Tremont Street, ROSTOV. OPP. PARKJT. CHURCH. Our Stock is now complete and embraces the best Foreign and Domes tic Goods that can be found in this city, Satisfaction guaran to every customer in Fit and Finish of Every Garment. mylo eodlm ISittcT New Steel Music, Etch Folios, Sc. received daily by C. K. HAWES, 177 Middle Street, Portland. . The largest Slock ia Ike €ll|. — ALB O - Pianos, Rood Organs, cheap lor cash or install ments, Violins, Guitars, Music Boxes, Accordions, Flutes, Banjos, Piccolos, Harmonicas, Clarinets, Cornets, and all instruments for Brass and String Bands, in great variety; extra \ iolin Strings, Retail end Wholesale. Particular attention given to orders. Jan31_deodly* Lawn Mowers. If you want n l.awn iflonrr write foi pedal price. Very Low. FKFI» ATWOOD, api28oodtf AVinterporl, Tie. TO LlST 1 Koodi In the Second Slorv ol tlie Primers’ Exchange. with power II required. Apply !•> I’llESS OFFICE ,r to B. THI KVM'ON A CO., Ill Exchange Slreel. oc!2 dtl

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