Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 15, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 15, 1876 Page 3
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THE PRESS. M0XDAYM0ENI5G.MAY 15 187G. THE PREN8 May be obtained at the Periodical Depots ol Fes senden Bros., Marquis, Brunei <& Co., Andrews, Wentworth, Moses, N. B. Kendrick, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of the city. At Biddeford, of Phillsbury, At Saco, of L. Hodgdon. At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros., and Stcvetfs & Co. CITY AND VICINITY IVfW AdvcrliMruirulN To-Dny. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Presumpscot Park Association, MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. W. F, Studlcy—2. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. To the Ladies of Portland and Deering. Eastern Railroad—Change of Time. Purchase your Tickets—Portland & Worcester. Wanted a Boy—T. Lobenstein. Dr. Hersom—Removed. Pullman Parlor Cars—Eastern P.ailroad. Remnants—W. F. Stud ley. AUCTION COLUMN. American Steam Saf e—F. O. Bailey & Co. Superior Court. MAY CIVIL AND CRIMINAL TERM, 1875, SVMONDS, J., PRESIDING. Saturday—State vs. Lemuel A. Bickford and James E. Bickford. Larceny of a bee-hive and two boxes of honey from Joseph Leighton at Westbrook, January 25th, 1876. Defense—We never stole any honey from com plainant. True, Lemuel ottered some honey for sale to Mr. Perkins, the confectioner; but that was some that Mrs. Conley, the principal Government witness, got him to sell lor her, and did not wish any of her family or neighbors to know it. On trial. Libby, County Attorney. Ridlon for defendant. .Yiunicipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE KNIGHT. Saturday.—George W. Turner. Larceny. Sixty days. Committed. John Fay an-f Martin Ford. Larceny. Discharged. Mattocks, Frank. John Fay and Martin Ford. Assault and battery. Discharged. Mattocks, Frank. Daniel Campbell. Assault uud battery. Fined $10 and costs and ordered to recognize to the State lit the sum of $100 to keep the peace. F'rank foy Government. Brief Jottings. Base bail Saturday—Acmes 40; Heroes 13. We have received from C. H. Haskell a copy of tbe International Exhibition Guide for the art department. Mr. E. I!. Thaxter’s statuette of Maud Mul. ler, before mentioned in these columns, which is so highly commended by art critics, has arrived and is now on exhibition at Hale’s art gallery. The Enterprise and Boxer models, the spec tacles worn by Alexander ltoss, first master of Port'and Lodge, and a spirited Centennial chromo are exhibited in Hale’s window. Frank Mayo will appear at Mus e Hall the 23d in Davy Crockett. The Board of Trade have a special meeting this afternoon to discuss Beciprooa! trade with the Dominion. A Pullman car will he run on the 1.39 train from here to Boston over the Eastern road hereafter. The State Pension Agency is to he removed to the Custom House building. The Advertiser speaks of a grand excursion to the Centennial on “one of ’our largest, most elegant and staunchest ocean steamers ” The programme looks well on paper. The Portland Alelphiaus will give an en tertainment at the Museum on the evening of the 24th. Where will you speud your evenings now that thaMuseum is closed? The Portland Light Infantry have tendered their services to the Lewiston city government for the Fourth. Barnum is coming about the 6th of June. Eighty-five ot their men stop at the City Hotel. The horse cars now make twenty trips to Morrill’s Corner every Sunday. McGinty, of the Adelphians, has been star ring it at the Bowery Theatre, New York. Some fine uiorniog some of the three-sard monte men who are playing their sharp games about town, will awake to find themselves locked up, for the police are on their track. It is expected that Mt. Pleasant Encamp ment of Bridgton, and Cummings Encamp ment of Saccarappa, will join the 4th of July precession. Tbe Times tells of a young man who came to town recently to see the sights, wearing a good suit of clothes with another suit in a carpet hag and |200 in money. In three days he re turned like the prodigal to his parents, in his shirt-sleeves and pants, minus everything else. The snapper ou the eml of a whip lash struck Mr. Win. P. Bibber, a teamster on Commer cial street, in the eye Saturday afternoon and it is feared that he will loose the sight of the or gan. Davis is to enter for the single seull race at the Centennial. It looked odd to see the sun out yesterday. The anniversary exercises of the Maine Bible Society will be held Sunday evening next at Second Parish church. The sheriffs made ten seizures Saturday. A farmer at Scarboro', whose name was not learned, while out gunning Friday, accidently discharged his gun, the contents tearing away his clothing from his hip to the neck and en tirely blowing away one side of his face, mak ing a fearful wound. A land-slide at Leeds, oa the line of the Maine Central railroad Saturday, covered the track with earth and rocks for quite a distanc;. One of the sailors of the Monongaheia at tempted to go on board the ship while intoxi cated Saturday and upset the beat he was in. Fortunately he was fished out of the water. Dirigo Council No. 2, S. of I., have adopted resolutious Liu respect to the late A. N. Fill mcre. Officer Burnham arrested a boy named Mc Glinchy yesterday for truancy. The row boats did a big business yesterday carrying passengers off to the Monongaheia. The Humpty Dnm'pty troupe had two good houses Saturday. The committee ou jthe Fourth of July met * Saturday night to perfect their programme. No new details were announced. At tho sale of horses and carriages at the Mart on Plum street Saturday 23 horses were sold at prices raging from $10 to $102. Sixty three carriages were sold at price3 from $57.50 to $233, and 21 harnesses at prices from $1G to $28. It was the largest sale of tho kind ever held in Portland and a large number of people were in attendance. All who like sunshine and to know how to make home happy should be at the Allen Mis sion this evening. Besides, the proceeds go to help this noble charity. The Allen Mission was crowded last evening by an intelligent audience who were deeply in terested in the earnest and eloquent addresses by Hon. Neal Dow, and Geo. K. Smith of the Portland Iterorm Club. A Frenchman Darned Martin kicked up a row in his house on .Salem lane yesterday aft ernoon, and when Officer Bell attempted to quiet him he assaulted him. He was after wards arrested by Officers Bell and Stover. Runaway and Accident,—Saturday noon as Frank Chase, son of Kmery O. Chase, was driving his father s horse down Monument street, the horse in some way became frightened and ran fcway. The toy was thrown out, breaking his left arm and fracturing his skull bisiaes injuring him otherwise. When taken up he was supposed to be dead hut soon revived. After throwing out the driver the horse dashed down Congress street, upsetting two other teams aod doing other damage. On reaching the Park he tamed down Franklin and Fed eral streets to India street, where he was se cured uninjured. Army Reunion—The Executive Committee of the Association of Maine Soldiers have in vited the committees of the several regimental organizations throughout the state to meet Vthem atG. A. R. Hall, on Wednesday evening, May 17th, at 7.30 p. m., to take into considera tion a grand reunion during the comiug sum mer. Those regiments which have no organi zation are requested to have representatives present if possible. Presumpscot Park.—The summer meeting of the Presumpscot Park Association will open June 14th, and continue two days. There will he $1400 offered in premiums at this meeting. On the opening davjthere will be trotting for a purse of $200 for 2.05 class, and §400 for 2.34 class. On the second day there will be a purse of $300 for 2.39 class and $500 for 2 31 class. A Curiosity.—In the old .town of Kenne bunk there lives an old lady aged 100 years, named Ross. This lady lias a daughter, who has a daughter, who has a daughter, who has a daughter, making five generations, and they all live in one house. Tub Museum.—Saturday night llio regular season at the Museum came to a close, the “Shaughraun” being performed. At {the con clusion of the play Mr. Wheelock, in compli ance with a request made, stepped before the curtain and delivered in his inimitable mauner that fine poem, Sharnus O'Brien, greatly to the gratification of all present. The season has been thirty-six weeks in length, and from a dramatic if not from a pe cuniary point of view has been a marked suc cess. The company has been a live one, the plays well selected and admirably presented. Mr. Wyer has certainly spared no endeavors to make the Museum au excellent place of enter tainment, and his efforts command hearty praise. Thi3 evening the great tragedy of “Julius Cassar” will be brought out at the Museum by the famous company from Booth’s Theatre. The opportunity to see a play like this present ed so finely, is rarely offered, and is one which no oue can afford to neglect. Four of the lead ing actors in the country, Lawrence Barrett, E. L. Davenport, Frank Bangs aud Milnes Levick, assume the roles of “Cassius,” “Bru tus,” “Authouy,” and “Cmsar,” aud they are supported by a full dramatic company. The representation is by the best dramatic critics held to be the most meritorious ever put upou the American boards, and has everywhere evoked enthusiastic praise. The acting is ad mirable, the cast could not be bettered, and the scenic effects are simply perfect. Indeed, so fine a representation is given of republican Rome and its costumes that the professots and students of Yale College went to New Y’ork in a body in order to see the play and embrace so favorable an opportunity to study Iiomon an tiquities. We repeat that neither the lover of fiue acting nor the historical student can afford to neglect the opportunity. Good seats may yet be secured. The following is the cast: Caius Cassius. Lawrence Barrett Marcus Antonlus,.F. C. Bangs Caius Julius Caesar,.Milnes Levick Octavius Ca:sar,...F. V. Melton l'ubliUB Casca,.Harry Langdon Decius Brutus.W. H. Codings Metellus Cimber.W. Bressells Trebonius.H. Clifton Cinna.Lawrence Wildman Opitius Lena.George Airnar Soothsayer,.lidwin Stebbins Titiuins.John White Caius Ligarius,.Charles Welby Flavins,.Harry Hogan Varro.Charles Kent * “■'•in uu,i • * ..... vaiHuvu LepidUB.George EUis Servius.M. E. Pendleton Strato.Wm. Miller Ctitus,.Thomas Wilson First Citizen,.George Witbam Second Citizen.James Rooney Portia, wife to Brutus,.E. V. Proudfoot Lucius.Kate Ethel Calphumia, wife to Ciesai.Alice Brooks Marcus Junius Brutus,.E. L. Davenport A Vermonter in Portland.—Mr. C. M. Chase, editor of the Vermont Union, who was in town last week, .sends a very interesting let ter to his piper. From this letter we should judge be had “seen” Portland to a large ex tent and was pleased with the sight. His paper contains the cards of about sixty of our whole sale dealers. In speaking of the business of Portland he says: In a business point of view Portland far ex ceeded our expectation. It is a city of wide awake, enterprising merchants and business men. A few years ago what is now Commer cial streetj for over a mile in length, was under water. This has been built ud from the sea and lined on both sides with wholesale business blocks, the main railways running through the middle of the street, delivering heavy goods in to the very doors of the stores. This saves trucking from the depots, which wholesale merchants consider au important point gained. This is the main street in the city for heavy trade and every hour in the day it presents a picture of lively business. Competition is al ways active, keeping prices at the lowest point, and all the traders ask of Vermont people is to give them a trial. There are numeious large houses embracing every branch of the trade. The city contains 35 business and mnufactur ing corporations, among the most extensive of which arc the Portland Bolling Mills, employ ing a force of 200 men and doing a business of 81,000,000a year. The Portland Co., for the manufacture of locomotives and all kind of railroaii work. This company employs about 300 hands and seods its work all over the coun try. The Portland Kerosene Oil Co., capital $200,000, with capacity to manufacture 4,000, 000 gallons. The Portland Star Match Co,, Portland Machine Works, Forest City Sugar Kefinery, Presumpscot Iron Co., etc. Besides incorporated companies there are many private firms largely engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of goods. Daring the past ten years manufacturing enterprises have been steadily increasing, aud at the present time the tenden cy to increase is stronger than ever. Portland is determined to be one of the principal manu facturing points in New Boland. SUNDAY SERVICES. CONGRESS STREET M. E. CHURCH. The new pastor, Kev. M. M. Sterling, yes terday preached from St. John xv, 5: “I am the vine,ye are the branches.” He commenced by saying that thero were different opinions as to what called forth this remark of our Lord. Some think that it was a vine over the church door; others that it was a vine that grew against the hoase where the Pas3over was held. But it would seem to be the grape vine from which the grapes were gathered to make the wine used for the feasts. At any rate the les son taught is, the close relation that should ex ist between Christ and his followers. We can not subsist as Christians outside of Christ, any more than a branch can live severed from the vine. If we are closely connected to Christ as the branches are to the vine, no duty will be irksome, no matter how mach of a cross it may be. The discourse abounded in apt illustra tions and was listened to with the closest at tention. PARK STREET CHURCH. Rev. Mr. Vinal of Kennebuuk, occupied the pulpit at Park street church yesterday. A Sad Plight.—A fine appearing young couple from Lisbon appeared at the station Saturday night for lodging. It appears that this couple were married just a month ago and have been on a bridal tour and were returning home. On the way between Rochester, N. H., and this city the brilegroom had his pocket picked, and was thus left in a strange city without money or friends. The couple re mained at the station yesterday and this mom ing will telegraph to their friends in Lisbon for aid. Base Ball. —To-night the Resolutes com mence practice on the Western Promenade grounds. They have received an invitation from the Lowell club of Lowell, Mass., to play them in this city on the 25th of this month, as they propose playing on the two following days in Lewiston. It is proposed by the Itesolutes to accept this invitation and also to extend in return an invitation to them to play again with them on their return from Lewiston; the latter game to ba played on Monday, the 29th inst Real Estate Transfers.—The following are the real estate transfers recorded in this county yesterday: Brunswick—Lot of land containing one acre from Mary P. and Samuel Couson. Deering—Lot of land and buildings from William II. Snell to Albert S. Legrow. Gorham—Lot of land from Wm. H. Mutch to Albert If. Purinton. Windham—Lot of land and buildings from Willis Clay to Herbert Clay. Centennial Excursion —Two parties are in this city from Worcester and offer an excel lent opportunity to visit the exposition at Philadelphia. The route is byithe Portland and Worcester express fine via Providence. The party is to live on board the steamer and the expense for the round trip is tixed at 829. This will be so arranged that the party will he on the route hut twenty-four hours. Seamen Lost.—Schooner Jed F. Daren of Calais, on Thursday afternoon when seven hours out from Boston fell in with a small boat containing three men and attempted to res cue them but the boat capsized and all were drowned. The captain can give no description of the men It is thought these meu belonged to the schooner Mary A. Xticc, which was towed in here Friday, having been found abandoned. Kailboad Accident.—A freight train over the Maine Central road, loaded with cattle and sheep, went off the track this side of Leeds Saturday afternoon and considerable damage resulted. About twenty head of cattle were killed while a number were injured. The num ber of sheep killed is not known. Superinten dent Tucker went down Saturday and bad not returned last nigbt. The Fbyebubg Kidnapping Case—Satur urday morning Judge Virgin sent in his decision in this case. The boy is given into the cus tody of his grandfather. This will set.le a case which has been a troublesome one for several months._ HerNonnl. J. B. Hall of the Worcester Gazette, and E. H. Knowllon, secretary of the Merchants’ Ex change of the same city, were in town yester day. ____ Maine Business Notes. The two canning factories of Castiue put up last year 50,000 cans of lobsters and 13,000cans of clams. The Lewiston Journal says bricks can now be bought at So-.'jO per thousand. Good season to build. The woolen mills at Hartland started run ning on full time last Monday, but with a re duction of wages; they cut dowD five per cent. The machinery in the Perkins & Emery ma chine shop on Gooch Island, which was recent ly sold at auction, was purchased by Andrews & Bragdon, Biadcford. They propose to occu py the shop for polishing granite and marble. This polishing of granite will be a new branch of industry there. It may not be generally known that granite is capable of taking on a high polish. We believe there is but one es tablishment now in the state where such work is done, and that is located at Augusta, Messrs. ,T. Dingley, Jr., George E. Strout and H. Foss have formed a copartnership under the firm name of Dingley, Strout & Co., for the purpose of manufacturing men’s opera and beaver boots, shoes, slippers, etc. They have purchased the machinery of D. Harwood & Co„ and propose to lease of J. H. Jioak, Esq., the factory formerly occupied by D. H. & Co., in Roak Block, Auburn. Mr. Dingley was for merly of the firm of Gay, Dingley & Co. Mr, Strout has for some time been connected with A. Cushman & Co.'s factory. Mr. Foss is thor oughly acquainted with the shoe and bool business as manufacturer. We are glad to sec addition rather than subtraction, so far as Au burn is concerned. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTV A lodge of the order of Knights of Honor was instituted in Lewiston Thursday night by J. Harvey Wright of Boston. The order is now established in four of the New England states, and enjoys a large membership iu New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indi ana, and the more Western States. The ob jects of the order are similar in general to those of other benevolent societies, the most striking new feature being a plan of mutual benefit by which each member secures $2000 to his fam ily iu case of death. Mr. G. W. Brown has been appointed man ager of the Sovereigns of Industry store iu Lewiston. The store has been able to return to members of the order eight per. cent, on their purchases. CUMBERLAND COUNTV. The News says a rare instance of pluck and fortitude was shown by a lady of Bridgton the other day, who, at one sitting, had twenty four teeth extracted without taking ether, laughing gas, or any other anaesthetic. Tim XT..• considerably damaged by ice. FRANKLIN COUNTY The News says there is flattering promise of an abundant crop of fruit in Harrison this year it no disaster befalls the trees. nANCOCK COUNTY. The Commercial says: On Tuesday, between one and two hundred thousand dollars of Ala bama claims were paid to Bucksport parties, Capt, Jabez H. Snow receiving about $24,000, Deacon Henry Darling about $45,000 and Mrs. Enoch Bernard between $50,000 and $00,000, OXFORD COUNTY. The Register says: Last Thursday afternoon while a party of our citizens were practicing target shooting with rifles, one of the bullets striking a green birch, glanced, passing up the side of a hill, hit little Herby Andrews, sou of Everett Andrews, Esq., of Paris, in the leg just above the knee. The bullet passed through the leg and was found in his pants, The Register says: Mr. Henry Chase of West Sumner,a young man of 18 or 20 years,ob serving that a string was being wound about a revolving she ft, from which the circular saw had been removed to avoid accidents when not in use, reached out his finger to remove the string, when it was caught, and all the flesh cut from the first joint as clean as could be done with a knife. It was found necessary to amputate the bone between between the first and second joints. A correspondent of the Lewiston Journal writes that last Tuesday Mr. Bert Shaw of Buckfield took his own life by blowing out his brains with a gun. He left a note at his uncle’s, where he was stopping, saying he was going out to shoot himself, and that he had lived as long as he desired to. It was found af ter he had left the house. He has a wife living in Hartford. The Register says: As Mr. Walter Rlake of Naple, was riding to Naples, where he lives, last week, a pistol carried in his pistol pocket was discharged, the ball passing down his hip into his thigh. A probing of seven inches failed to reach the ball. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. Upon the arrival of the bark Annie Terry at Bangor, Thursday morning the Marshal was called to arrest a sailor named John Wilbrou, who had insulted the stewardess of the bark, Katy Bruce. He bad been kept in irons 40 days. The Whig says there were eight tramps at the Bangor police station Friday morning. The Whig says William Cannon, the lad who escaped from the Reform School last summer, was captured in Bangor Friday. Joseph Bailey of BaDgor, one of the em ployes at Wheelden’s stable, was kicked by a horse last Thursday evening, and his injuries were quite severe. PISCATAQUIS COUNTY. The saloon of A. S. Varney at Monson, was broken into Sunday night and about $50 worth of fancy goods stolen—mostly jack-knives aud wallets. No clue to the thief or thieves has as yet been discovered. WASHINGTON COUNTY. William F. Pierce has been found guilty by the S. J. Court at Calais, of defrauding James Spry of $700 by false pretences. YORK COUNTY. A charter has been granted to a new lodge of Masons at North Berwick. The new lodge will be known as Yorkshire Lodge. The citizens of Kennebunk have raised $000 « I? „ c t..i_i-i ---~ VV.VU.W11UU. Don’t buy a black silk until you have exam ined the stock just received at Studley’s, under Falmouth Hotel.__ mayl5eod3t The mattresses that were sold in this city yesterday under the name of hair for from 25 to 32 cents per pound, wo will sell the same kind for G cents per pound. George A: Whitney & Co., No. 4G Exchange Street. Portland, May 12,187G. 3t All kinds of sewing machine needles, 42 cents per dozen, at Studley’s, under Falmouth Hotel. _ mayl5eod3t Plants ! Plants ! Plnutg ! 500 dz. verbenas at 50c. per dozen. 55 “ “ “ 75c. •• For sale by rnylO eod2w Kendall & Whitney. Kendall & Whitney are selling choice dahlias at SI.50 per dozen. myl0-eod2w Dr. Wistar’s Balsam of Wild Cherry. The standard remedy for the cure of coughs, colds, influenza, bronchitis, hoarseness,asthma, whooping cough, croup, sore throat, diphtheria, difficulty of breathing, quinsy, phthisic, pain in the side and breast, spitting of blood, liver complaint, bleeding of the luugs, and all dis eases of the throat, lungs and chest, including even consumption. It seems hardly necessary to dilate at length upon the virtues of this fav orite remedy for all the diseases of the throat, lungs and chest. It was introduced to the pub lic by Dr. Wistar nearly half a century since, and by the wonderful cures which it performed gained an immediate aud enviable reputation, which to this day it has fully sustained. From the gulf of the St. Lawrence to the shores of the Pacific, and in many countries abroad, there are few villages or hamlets without “liv ing testimonials” to the rapidity and certainty of its curative effects. The proprietors, mind ful of their responsibity to tbe afflicted, exer cise the utmost care in the selection and com pounding of the various ingredients of which the Balsam is composed; and the sick aie assured that the high standard of excellence on which its nonularitv is based, will iUi-mb be maintained. Seth W. Fowle & Son, Proprietors, mayl5eodawlw Boston. Periodicals—Atlantic for June is received and for sale by the following newsdealers: Wentworth’s, No. 553 Congress street, corner of Oak st., at Hall L. Davis, Excbauge street, and Augustus Eobinson’s, under the Falmouth Ho tel. Also at the book and periodical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brothers, Lancaster Hall. Also at the newspaper and periodical depot of Geo. H. Marquis, No. 80 Exchange street, aud at the book, periodical and newspaper estab ments ot C. It. Chisholm & Bro., in the East ern and Grand Trunk depots. Lyon’s Katharion prevents the hair from falling out or turning gray, renews its growth and gives strength and vigor. It is delightfully perfumed, and makes a splendid dressing. It is the cheapest and most desirable Hair Tonic ever produced. Used by the elite. Price only 50 cents. aprl6deodawly Harper's Bazar.—This beautiful weeklv publication is a welcome visitor to the parlor circle. The number for the ensuing week has been received by Fessenden Brothers, Lancas ter Hall, and D. Wentworth, 553 Congress, cor ner of Oak street. Use Adamson’s Botanic Cough Balsam for all diseases of the throat and lungs. It never fails to cure. mayl5eodlw PORTLAND Paper Box Company! has decided to resume tlie manufacture of Paper Boxes, and lias taken Chambers NO. 48 UNION STREET, where he will be happy to see bis old customers. PORTLAND PAPER BOX CO., ap-odlm* No. 48 Union ftfrert. WINDOW SHADE S 40c find upwards, nt PIKE'S, 53 Exchange Strict. | aprf’S dim* NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. TSBantsT BLEACHED COTTONS in 6 4, 9 4, 10-4. These are the celebrated Warn sutta Cotton in good lengths, and will be sold at about 1-2 T11E1H USUAL PRICE. - Remnants ! WHITE MQUE, in very choice stjles and nice quality. Tbese are tbe best goods for the money ever sold in this city. PARTICULAR ATTENTION is called to another lot of those BROWN and GREY Twilled Dress Goods, At 22 cents, would he cheap at 30 cents Would also solicit an Examination of the ilnest assortment of Ladies’, Gents’ and Children’s HOSIERY to he found East of Boston. All kinds of sewing machine needles, warranted to he the best in the market, at 42 cents per do/. All orders by mail tilled promptly. W. F. STUDLEY, Under Falmouth Hotel. royl5dlw Purchase your Tickets — TO THE — CMTENIIAL VIA PORTUND & WORCESTER LINE SliOTlesl. Quickest anil mom Comfortable Route. Cenlcnnial Excursion Tickets 15.00. Portland to PhiMepa and Retnrn! Steamboat Express Train leaven Port land at 2.30 p. m. and runs directly through to New London, there connecting with the fast and commo dious steamers of the Norwich line lor New York. Elegant Parlor Cars on this Line. This in the only Line avoiding the an noying Carriage transfer through Boston. Only Line running through Cars to Long Island fleamers, Only continuous all rail route to New York, Philadelphia and Mouth and West. Regular and Excursion Tickets for sale at all the principal Ticket offices throughout the State. State rooms on Norwich line of Steamers secured in ad vance at BARNES BROS., 28 Exchange Street, and at Depot foot of Myrtle Street. »T. M. LUNT, Supt. J. W. PETERS. Gen. Ticket Ascnt. mv!3d3t Eastern Railroad ! FAST EXPRESS TRAIN. Change of Time. MONDAY, MAY 8, 1876. The Fast Express Passenger Train now leaving Portlnnd for Boston, at 2.00 p. in., commencing above date, will leave at 1.30 p. m., — WITH — PULLMAN CARS ATTACHED, ARRIVING IN BOSTON AT 5.15, Making connection with Fall Rirer, Stonington and Norwich Sound Steamer Lines, and all Rail Lines to New York noil Philadelphia. GEO. BACHELDER, Superintendent. Boston, May 8,1876, mylSdtf Pullman Parlor Cars are run by East ern Railroad on 1.30 p. in. Express Train for Boston. GEO. BACHELDER, Supt. myio__dst 50 CENTS FREE. SPECIAL OFFER-FOR SHOUT TIME ONLY. send,post-paid free,to each new subscriber of The New York Agents* Monthly, a mag nificent Centennial Memorial Medal (in fancy box), struck in Albata Plate Silver, larger than a silver trade dollar, If inch in diameter—Price 50 cents each. The Agents’ Monthly is a handsome, spicy, 16 page paper. Subscription price 25 cents a a year. Send 25 cents, and you will receive the Agents’ Monthly for one year, post-paid, and the above Medal gratis. Arl/lroca PCIVTAV nvmv lun a mhlSd&wOm 170 Broadway, New York. To the Ladies of Portland and Deering! CLEAN BEDS more important than elegant I furniture. Feather beds, pillows and ha'r mat tresses ought to be cleansed ever y year. It will pro mote health and prevent disease. Cleansing by 8team is the only sure way of destroying vermin and removing disagreeable odors. Send in your or ders to the office of “The Stenin Feather Ren ovator,” 218 Federal St. All inquiries cheerfully apswered. _my!5eodtf FOSTER’S Forest City Dye House 13 PREBLE STREET. Air Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleansing and Steam Feather Bed Renovating. Orders received at the Dye House or by Mall. Dyeing and Cleansing as usual. myg naeodlm DR. HERSOM, Has removed his office to his residence, Corner of Pine and Emery Streets. At Home from S to 9 A. HI., I to 3 and 7|fo S I\ HI. mylSdlw Wanted a Boy. AN INTELLIGENT Boy from 14 to 1C years old is wanted. Must have good reference. No other need to apply, at T. LOBENSTEIN’S. myl5dtf No. 4 Deering Block. To All, particularly invalids, spring 13 a trying season. Indications of sickness should at once be at tended to. Fatal diseases may he caused by allow ing the bowels to become constipated, and the system to remain in a disordered condition, until the disor der has time to develop itself. An ounce of preven tion is worth a pound of cure, is an old and truthful sayiDg. Therefore, we advise all who are troubled with the complaints now very prevalent—headache, indigestion, disordered liver, want of appetite, nau sea. or feverish skin,to take, without delay, Schenck’s Mandrake Pills. We know of no remedy so harm less anu decisive in its action. It at once strikes at tlie root of the disease and produces a healthy tone to the system. People never need suffer from any dis ease arising from a disordered condition ot the liver if they would take this excellent medicine when they feel the first indications of the malady. Families leaving home for the summer months should take three or four boxes ot these pills with them. They have an almost instantaneous effect. They will re lieve the patient of headache in one or two hours, and will rapidly cleanse the liver of surrounding bile, and will effectually prevent a bilious attack. They are sold by all druggists. Jyl*__ myleodlm3dp«Srwsn agents wanted CENTENNIAL MEDALLIONS, Struck in solid Albata Plate, equal in api earance, wear and color, to | SOLID SILVER OK GOLD. Presenting a large variety of beautiful Designs in relief. These Medallions are larger than a Silver Trade dollar, being lg inch, in diameter, handsomely put up and sell readily at sight. The most valuable Souvenirs and ITIenicntos ever issued. A complete outfit of magnificent, samples lor agents, in velvet-lined Morocco case—including the Bust of ‘George Washington.” Grand Entrance Interna tional Exhibition. Memorial Hall (Art Gallery). Horticultural Hall. Mam Building, and the grand representation of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence (designed by Trumbull), in gilt—sent by mail on receipt of draft or Post Office order for $3.f>0, or will ship by express C. O. D. upon receipt of express charges. Agents’ circular and Price List and one sample sent upon receipt of 50c. Immense profits. Sells at sight. Extensive fields for enter prise. Address U.S. MEDALLION CO., 212 Broadway, P. 0. Box 5270. New York. inUlG ci&wGmll EDUCATIONAL. KUBMRGG SCHOOL FORBW, NORTH CON WAV, N. II, The Next Quarter Commences April 20th. For particulars or admission address aprI9tf FREDERICK THOMPSON, Principal. Edw. C. Farnsworth, Teacher of Pianoforte,Organ & Harmony, RESIDENCE 357 SPRING ST. mart <13m* FRENCH LESSONS — AND — LITERATURE. MME. K. E. UIAS8E, formerly of Boston, late of Philadelphia and New Jersey, pro poses to establish a permanent French Institute in Portland. She will commence her Spring term April 18th,1876. The course will consist of private French lessons and classes for anyone who wishes to study the lan guage. She will form classes for advanced pupils who desire only to converse. She intends also to have matinees for Ladies, con sisting of readings from the best French Authors and Dramatists, and the conversation will be only in French. The same lessons will be given twice a week in the evening lor Ladies ami Gentlemen. She will commence these evening lessons early in September. Mme. will be assisted by Prof. Masse. In the early part of Juno Madame expects an Ar tist who has been connected with her Institute in Philadelphia. This Lady is a member of the Acad emy of the Fine Arts in that city. She gives lessons in Drawing in all its branches, Oil Painting, Pastel. Her Speciality during the summer will be Water Color from nature. For further information please call at No. 597 Congress street. Mme. will be at her rooms from 11A.M. until 5 P. M. and every evening. Mme. Masse is permitted to refer to the following gentlemen: Rt. Rey. Bishop James A, Healy, D. D. Rt. Rev. Bishop H. A. Neely, D. D. Rev. Thomas Hill. 1>. D., L .D. Rt. Rev. Bishop W. B. Stevens, D. D., of Philadel phia. Hon. Charles F. Libby, County Attorney. Hon. Henry J. Murray, British Consul. Ephraim Hunt, LL. D., Superintendent of Public Schools of Portland. Richard H. Dana, Esq., of Boston. George B, Emerson, Esq., of Boston. apr8tf Eaton Family School For Boys, —AT— NOKR1DOGWOCU, MAINE. Spring Term will commence March 37lh. For Circulars ami Portland references address augM-tf H. F. EATON, Principal. — OF — FURNITURE EVER OFFERED ! FORTUM may be found at 46 Exchange St., G. A. Whitney & Co., and at Prices that will astonish every one! ~ •« Bankrupt Stock of — 10 PIECES EACH, 300 Marble Top and Library Tables, bought lor cash, and will be sold lower than can be bought in this market. too PARLOR SLITS ot our own manufacture, and the cheapest suit we sell upholstered, one halt pure Ilair. Best suits all pure Hair. All nr Furniture put iu the best order and delivered tree ot charge. Our facilities arc such for nianu facturiug and buying that we shall not be undersold. Parties about purchasing will certainly save money by catling on us. Geo. A. Whitney A Co. NO. 46 EXCHANGE STREET. mj9 dtt Boston & Maine R. R. NOTICE TAMPASSENGERS. Tlic Bo ston & Hlniiu; U. It. is I lit' ONLY LINE now untiling PARLOR CARS on IIir Fast Express Trains leaving Portland at 1.30 P. HI. for Boston ! Maine Central Through Trains, Driving at Transfer Station (Portland) at 1.13 mil 1.18 P. M., connect with theme train*. Passengers from Maine Centra! Trains have from Fifteen to Twenty Minute* for Refreshments it Transfer Stations, Ten lYliuutem at Exeter and arrive in Boston in season to connect with Mound Steamer Cine* and all Rail Ijincm for New York. Philadelphia and all point* Mouth and West. J. T. FURBElt, Gen. Supt. S. II. STEVENS, Gen. Agent, Portland. myl3 dlw STONE A DOWNER, CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS AND FORWARDERS, mo. as STATE ST., — AND — uenire ueax, Kotunaa, uustom nouse, BOSTON. Particular attention given to the enter ing and forwarding of merchandise arriving at PORT OF BOSTON, also New York, Philadelphia aud Portland. Having unsurpassed facilities, we are prepared to forward goods with prompt ness and dispatch. Business entrusted to our care will receive prompt attention. STONE & DOWNER, 28 State St., Roston. aj>5 deodtim PORTLAND RUBBER TTPE CO., — MANUFACTURERS OF — Rubber Hand Stamps, Name Stamp* for Marking l.inen, Rubber and Melul Dating Mluuip*,Ribbon Mtatupa, Nenl Pres»e», Door Plate*, Home Hum. bet*. Steel (Slump*, Ntencil*. Rnrning Brand*, Baggage and Hotel Clircks, Are. NO. 232 FEDERAL ST., PORTLAND, ME. !^“Aj;ents wanted. Send for circular. febl5tf MODESTO TUERO, wishes to inform the people of Portland and vicinity that he h;is re-opened the old stand ot Cigars. Tobacco and Pipes, 560 COIYGKESS STREET, with an entire Fresh Stock of all kinds of smokers articles, where he will also eairy on his Manufactur ing of Cigars. mySeodtf I. O. O. F. THE monthly meeting of the Odd Fellows’ Mutual Relief Association will be held at Odd Fellows’ Hall, TUESDAY EVENING. May 10, at 71 o’clock. Attest: JOSHUA DAVIS,Sec y. myl3 d3t MISCELLANEOUS. Bailey & Noyes, GENERAL AGENTS — FOR — Chickering & Sons’ PIANOFORTES Submit the foliowing facts to those who contemplate buying a PIANO, trusting that a more com plete knowledge of the superior advantages possessed by Ihe CHICKERING manufacturers will help to decide all purchasers who want the best. 1. The Chickering Pianos have been exhibited in competition with the planes of every well known maker in the world, and in every instance, without a single exception, have been awarded Honors and Prizes in advance of all Competitors. 2. Nearly Fifty Thousand Chickering Pianos have been manufactured and sold. Last year Chickering & Sons manufactured and sold rnoro Pianos by sev eral hundred than any other first-class piano maker in the United States. 3. Chickering & Sons’ Factory is the largest piano manufactory in the world. 4. All the Vital Points of Improvement in all Pianos now made in America were first introduced by Chickering & Sons, and subsequently copied or imitated by all other makers in the country, without exception. d, Pi very part or tne unickering nano is made in the Chickering Factory (except, of course, the hard ware used in the pianos, which is purchased by every maker), and the immense force of skilled artisans employed Is, and always has been under the personal supervision of Chickering & Sons. Chickering & Sons being the largest manufacturers in the world and having the first reputation, have not only been able to employ the best men in the various branches of manufacture, but they have been caused positive inconvenience at times by the number of applications for employment from the best workmen of other makers. 6. A piauo is usually a purchase of a lifetime, therefore great care should be used in selection— “The Best is the Cheapest.” Buy of a house whose representations can be believed and whose business to day, at the end ot fifty-three years of unexampled prosperity, is larger than that of any other maker and whose pianos are endorsed as The Best by the International Expositions of France and England, and by the unanimous testimony of the most noted Art Institutions and Artists of the World. Parties living in the State of Maine will find it for their interest to purchase of the Agents, BAILEY & NOYES, EXCHANGE STREET, oa PORTLAND. apr28 eodlm • i SPECIAL SALE. H. S. KALER & CO., No. 259 Middle Street, Will place on Sale Monday Morning in their Retail Denartment. 1 Case Brown Shades at 25c each. 3 Cases Black, Brown and White at 3§c each. 3 Cases Black, Brown and While Best at 50c each. 1 Case ITlixed Shades at 50c each. I Case Leghorn Sailors at 75c each. 3 Cases Trimmed School Hats at 75c each. 1 Case Boys Trimmed Hats at 75c each. This is only about one-half the Retail Price of these Goods. — ALSO - 25 Dozen CANTON HATS in all the desirable shapes for spring and summer at 50c each. These goods retail everywhere for 75c and $1.00. — ALSO — 50 Dozen Imitation Chip and Tape Hats at $1.00 each. The regular Retail price tor these goods is $1.50 and $2.00. Our Entire Stock ol LADIES’, MISSES’ & CHILDREN’S Marked Down Nearly One-Halt from the Regular Retail Price. A Large Variety of TRIMMED HATS always on hand. Bonnets and Hats manufactured and Trimmed to order at Short Notice. Black Crape Hats and Bonnets a Speciality. An early inspection re spectfully Solicited. DON'T FOBGETTHE PLACE. H. S. KALER & CO., 259 Middle Street. myll dlw Job Lot of Shirts. We oiler a Shirt, very nicely made of Wamsntta Colton and nice Linen Bosom and Cuffs, and laiiudricd, for $1.25 each. These Shirts are worth $2.50. Come and see litem. CHARLES CUSTIS & CO., 193 CONGRESS STREET. mj'3 d2w BEFORE HITTING A SEWING MACHINE, be sure and see tbe NEW PHILADELPHIA or TRIUNE, Which sells at 40 per cent, less than other first class Shuttle Machine. Call, or sent for Circulars ami Samples ot Work, at NTo. 2 Casco St, iual5 AGENTS WANTED. d3in UVE AM) LET LIVE IS ODR MOTTO. Great Reduction in Pi ices of Laundry Work. Nhirt* will] ISoMomn - - 1‘* cunt* Collar* ------ .‘I “ Pair Culls - - - - - O Portland Laundry, 22 Union St. aplO U3m V. W. OSGOOD, TEST MEDIUM, 407 C'u in bur la ml Mlruul, Portland, Iflu. my2 d2wis* _CLOTHING. _ “Rock Bottom” AT LAST! All Wool Pants for §53.00 ! Three hundred pairs on our counter, Five hundred in process of Manufacture. $3 All Wool $3 The best made PANTALOONS ! The best Fitting, the cheapest and most durable Pant ever offered in this city. FOR ONLY $3.00. You uever saw such great Bargains before. YOU NEVER WILL AGAIN ! All Wool Pants $3, $3, $3, $3. Tou’l never have a better opportunity to purchase so good a Pant for so little money. ONLY THINK ill fool Pits for fi Just what our neighbors charge $5.00 and $5.50 for. Come and see them, they will do you good. C. D.B. FISK & CO., 233 Middle St., PORTLAND, ME. myll tf PIANOS ! No. 3 Free St. Block. The subscriber desires to inform liis friends and Hie public that he will OPEN ROO1H8 on MONDAY, May 15. for tlie sale ot a choice lot ot Instruments, carefully selected from the (nclory of those Princes ot Piano Makers, McPHAIL. & Co., of Boston, and the new and popular NATIONAL PIANO ot New York. Also PARLOR ORGANS, from some of tlie best builders, and on or about May 22 an invoice ot tlie justly celebrated patent WOOTON CABINET DESK, which, wherever it lias been in troduced, is universally acknowl edged to be the best Office and Parlor Desk extant, und for the lovers ol fine work the FLEETWOOD AND SORRENTO SCROLL SAWS, Treadle Machines, Fancy Woods, Patterns, Ac. Being the MANUFACTURER’S AGENT for all of (lie above, I can sell at Factory, and I tliink satisfactory, prices to compare w'illi the times. 3 Free Street Block, lately occupied by II, §. Kaier A Co. Samuel Thurston. myll dtf HEALTH LIFT ! A THOROGHGH GYMNASTIC SYSTEM — FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN * IN TEN MINUTES ONCE A DAY. Doubles the strength in three months. Does not fatigue nor exhaust. Refreshes ami invigorates. Removes dyspepsia and indigestion. Tones the ner vous system. Improves the circulation. Warms the extremities. Increases the general vitality. Exercise and Salesroom, 237 Middle Street, Portland, Me J. II. GAUBERT, Proprietor. no25 tf IF YOU ARE TROUDLED WITH CORNS, BUNIONS! LARGE JOINTS OK INGROWING INAII.vt you can cure them without using the knife by having your feet properly fitted at the Boot and Shoe Store 230 Middle St, ap28dtfW. G. PALMER. Side Lace Boots I A full assortment in French Kid, neat and pretty. Also in French Morocco for Walking Boots. Meas ures taken and nice fitting Boots made to order ior men or women. M. G. PALMER. Ja28_dtf Notice. PEKSONS requiring work done please apply to “Home ’ oi W. C. A., No. 1C Spring St., plal. and family sewing, dress-makOng. copying, embrntd erng and fancy-work in wools. & .. «e. ocai8t» CHARCOAL. WAN FED 1000 Bushels Hard Wood Charcoal at Eastern Railroad. Address 772 Portland Post Otbce, or PALMER CLARK, Coruer Portland and Grove Sts.. Portland, Mondays. apt 18dtf For Sale at a Bargain. ONE large size TIbnou A Hamlin Cabi net Organ. Inquire at 90 Clark Mt, my 13 _<Uw To Let. A SUIT or rooms without board. Apply at No 47 Danfoith Street. myJIdtlie _ m AUCTION SALES F. O. BAILEY & Co Auctioneers and Commission Merchants Naleiroomi .'15 and .'17 Exchange Ml. ». O. BAILEY. 0. W. ALL** Regular sale of Furniture and General Merchan dise every Saturday, commencing at 10 o’clock a. in. Consignments solicited. oc3dt American Minim Mnle nt Auetiwn. mills DAY, Monday. May 15tli, at 12 M., we shall f “cw American Steam Safe, weighs ab >ut lbOO lbs. Sold to close au Estate. Terms cash. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Auctioneers. pjyiJ_dn IMPOBTAWT SALE — OF — CROCKERY WARE To t Yao Trade BY AUCTION. ON TUESDAY, May lBth, at 2( P. M„ at Sales room 35 and 371Sxcbange Street, we .ball sell to the trade a large and line stock of P. U. Crockery Ware, Glass Ware, Ac. This is an extra lot of Ware Goods. On exhibition and catalogue ready on Monday. 15th inst. r. W. BAILRV & ( O . Aucli.acer.. my 13 dst F. 0. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. Manufacturer’s Sale — OF — Silver Plated Ware — AND — TABLE CUTLERY BY AUCTION. At Salesrooms, 35 and 37 Exchange St., — ON — THURSDAY, May 18th, At 10 A. !H. and continue the eaie ..cry day at 10 A. M. aud 3 1-3 P. ill. «aii • i... H.-.a. .-u A large consignment of Silver Plated Ware and T&ble Cutlery from one of the largest factories in New England, and sold to close an estate. The goods consist in part of Tea Sets, Waiters, Salvers, Card and Cake Baskets, Fruit Stands, Berry Dishes, Bo quet Hollers, Vrayes, Spoon Holders, Syrup Dishes. Mugs, Goblets, Ice and Water Pitchers, Dinner and Breakfast Castors, Wine Coolers, Celery Starnis, Nap kin Rings, Table, Dessert and Tea Spoons, Medium and Desert Forks, Soup and Oyster Ladles, Butter. Pie and Cake Knives, &c., &c. Also a large line of Silver Plated Cutlery. Also a jobber’s stock of fine Fancy Goods, consisting ot Bronzes, Albums, Opera Glasses, Gold and Silver Watches, Ladies’ and Gents' Gold Chains, &c.t &c. 1 he Plated Ware and Cutlery in this sale is war ranted first class, new and elegant designs, and will be sold without reservation or limit, offering great inducements to dealers, hotel keepers, saloon keep ers and private families who intend purchasing sil ver ware or fine cutlery. mylfttf GREAT SALE 1 THE HOUSES AND LOTS Advertised iu another column by T. H. Mansfield, will be sold by PUBLIC AUCTION, On SATURDAY, May 20th, at 3 o'clock P. M.; If stormy the following Monday same hour. Terms easy. The above can be examined any day until sale, myl2td T. H. MANSFIELD. Important Auction Notice. WE have instructions from one of the largest furniture houses in Boston to hold a catalogue sale of ELEGANT NEW FURNITURE ! Saturday, May- 27th. Full Particular, in a f«w day.. F. O. U.AII.bV A t o., AiclMMcn, my!2-tf SHIRTS ! Unlaundried Shirts, all finished, and made ol Wamsutln Cottons and nice Linen Bosoms and Cuffs Tor the low price ol $1.23 ! Call and Examine Them. Charles Custis & Co., 493 CONGRESS ST. m?5 ladly MUSIC ! AUDI*ESS ALL ORDERS —TO— Collins & Buxton, 522 Congress St., Portland, Me. del4 dly UNT ew Store. Geo. M. Bosworth, Formerly with Harrell. Bailey 4k €•., has taken the New Store Cor. Free & Cotton Sts., and intend, to keep a lull assortment ot UPHOLSTERY GOODS of every description for Drapery aad Decora* lire Work. By making a specialty ot this depart* ment in upholstery, we propose to place before the public every facility for obtaining the newest designs and fabrics, and at lowest prices. Also Window Shades and Paxfnree. And a complete assort ment of Room Paper. mh21tf UK Abb bEED. WE have now on baud an extensive Stock at Prime Herds Grau, Red Top Clover, AUike Clover, Orchard Gross. Bloc Grass, Hungarian Gross and millet Seed, which we otter at the Lowest Cash Priceo. Wo also have a large assortment of Vegetable and Flower Heeds. Kendall & Whitney, ^PORTLAND, ME. Jt| THE AERATED Oxygen Treatment. A GENUINE cure for Catarrh, Asthma, Rheuma tism. Dyspepsia, Lung and oil Chronic Dis eases is still ottered to all who are afflicted, at 386 Congress Mtreet. Portland, me., Room 3, Cahooa Block, where a large number of testi monials can be seen. Consultation and trial dose free. jal2t flm&wrflO Rich Loam for Sale, IN QUANTITIES TO SUIT, Delivered if desired. Apply to LAURISTON RUMMER?. my!3 47 RT. JOHW ST.lw CIIEESE^CVIEESE! 300 Boxes Factory Cheese Far Sale VERY l,OW I. CImc ■ Cra .igumeai. SMITH, GAGE & CO., W COM.HERCIAL ST. mylO_ _ d3w GENTLEMEN'S Pine Boots. Hhees aad Gaitero of all. kinds, made from the finest materials aad by the best workmen on Preach Lasts, at GOWELL’S ]uUnder the Falmoutlji^ PAINTS AND OILS. WHITE LEADS, COLORS AND VARNISHES. Bayers of the above named goods are Invited to call aud examine goods and price.. We warrant all articles exactly as represented. W. W WHIPPLE A CO , my9dlm 41 .Tlarkrt stqnarr, F.rtlaud _ Row Boats for Sale. ■CYINE modelled row boat. Knquire of J. S. X ROBERTS, or SAMUKL KYLE, mylldtf Iso 6 Union Street.

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