Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 17 Mayıs 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 17 Mayıs 1876 Page 3
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THE PRESS, W ,;DM*DAY MORNING, MAY 17,1876. THE PBEKH • May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros., Marquis, Brunei & Co., Andrews, Wentworth, Moses. N. B. Kendrick, and Chisholm Bros, on all trains that run out of the city. At Biddeford. of Ptiill6bury, » At Saco, of L Hodg.ion, At Waterville, of J. S. Carter, At Batb, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. CITY AND VICINITY, New Advertisements To-Dny. SPECIAL NOTICES. Attention—Munjoy Lodge, No, 6. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Photograph—Schumaher Bros. Ordinances—C. K. Bridges. Police Pants—J. Burleigh & Co. United State Marshal’s Notice. To Let—J. Y. Clark. For Sale—A one and a half Story House. Ten per cent Interest—F, G. Patterson. Brick House and Stable for Sale—F. G. Patterson. For Sale or Bent—Upham & Gardiner. Guardian Sale—Albert Ward. Parasols—Owen & Moore. PORTLAND POST OFFICE. Office Honrs. From 7.30 a m to 8.30 p m, Sundays excepted. Sundays open for Carriers and General Delivery from 9 to 10 a m. Portland, Me., May 15,1870. Arrival and Departure of Hails. Boston and intermediate offices. Arrive at 12.25 p. m. and 12.30 a. m. Close at 8.15 a m, and 1.00,2.30 and 9.00 p. in. Boston and the West. Arrive at 5.10 p m. Intermediate or Way Mails via Boston and Maine Railway. Arrive at 12.25 and 8.20 p m. Close at 8.15 a m and 2.30 p m. Great Soutnem and Western. Arrive at 12.25 p. m. anil 12.30 a m. Close at 8.15 a m, 2.30 and 9.00 p. m. Bangor, Mattawamkeag, and connecting routes. Arrive at 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 p. m. Augusta and connecting routes. Arrive at 9.00 a. m. and 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 and 5.00 p. m. Morning Northwestern by G. T. R. Arrive at 8.40 a m. Close at 6.30 a. m. Lewiston and Auburn. Arrive at 9.00 a. m., 1.45 and 6.30 p. m. Close at 5.45 a m, 12.20 and5.00 p. m. Rochester. N. H., and intermediate offices. Arrive at 1.30 and 11.25 p m. Close at 7.30 a m. and -\UJ p in. North Conway and other offices on the P. & O. R R. Arrive at 11.25 a m, and 5.55 p in. Close at 7.45 а. m. and 2.10 p ci. by the Bridgton Stage. Arrive at 3 p in. Close at б. 50 a in. Eastport, via each steamer. Arrive at 6.00 a m. Close at 5.00 p m. Castine, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, Mount Desert, Mill bridge, Jonespert and Machias, via each steamer Arrive at 6 a m. Close at 9 p m. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward’s Island. Arrive Thursday at 6 a m. Close Saturday at 5.00 p m. Foreign Mails per Allan Line close every Friday at 12.41 p. m. J foreign Mails, via New York, day previous to sail ing oi steamers, Close at 2.30 p m. Express, Augusta, Bangor and the East. Arrive at 2.00 am. Close at 9.00 p in. Skowbegan, intermediate offices and the north. Arrive at 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 p. in. Skowhegan closed pouch closes at 9.00 p m. Canada apd intermediate offices, via G. T. R. Ai rive at 1.5op. m. Close at 12.45 p m. Superior Court. MAY CIVIL AND CRIMINAL TERM, 1876, SYMONDS, J., PRESIDING. Tuesday.—State vs. John Leonard and John Donovan. Riot. Verdict guilty. Libby, CO. Att’y. Brown. State vs. William E. Leonard and Patrick Ford Compound larceny. On the 27th of March last, Officer Verry testifies, that as he was proceeding along Fore street, he saw the two respondents cross the etreet, having some thing in their arms ; that suspecting something was wrong, he proceeded in the direction from which shey came and found that the jewelry store of J. H. Coolidge had been broken open; that he immediately repaired to the police station, and in company with other police officers, proceeded to Donovan’s house knocked on the door, opened it by force, found the respondents about escaping through “the hole in the wall,” arrested them and carried them to the station; that the property, which is described in the indict ment, consisting of revolvers, meerschaum pipes, opera glasses, napkin rings, etc., was found upon the persons ol the respondents, about equally divided between them. Leonard and Ford deny the breaking and entering and larceny from the store, and account for the goods being found in their possession by saying that as they were walking along some ten leet from Coolidge’s store, they stumbled on a coat; that they took the coat to the house, examined it, lound the articles in it and were discussing what they should do with the property when the officers made their appearance. Verdict guilty. Sentenced to imprisonment seven years each in state prison. Libby, Co. Att’y. Dow. John Donovan, who pleaded guilty to an assault and battery on Officer York, was sentenced to five years in state prison. Stephen J, Doherty, who pleaded guilty to break ing and entering in the night time, was sentenced to Daniel A. McCarthy pleaded guilty to search and seizure, and was sentenced to pay a flue of $50 and costs, and in default thereof to imprisonment and labor for thirty days in jail. Thomas Smith pleaded gnilty to larceny of a buffalo robe and was sentenced to imprisonment and labor in jail one year. Patrick J. Crowley, 16 years old, was sentenced to Reform School during his minority for larceny. Patrick Sullivan was sentenced to imprisonmen and labor in jail six months for larceny. municipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE KNIGHT. Tuesday.—Thomas W. Martin. Intoxication. Fined $5.00 and costs. Paid. William Allen. Common drunkard. Thirty days. Dawson McGUncliy. Search and seizure. Fined $50 and costs. Paid, Honora Murphy. Search and seizure. Fined $50 and costs. Paid. Cleaves. Catherine Doherty. Search and seizure. Fined $50 and costs. Committed. Brief Jottings. The Allan mail steamer Peruvian from Port .. land arrived at Liverpool Monday afternoon. The Public Library is receiving a new floor. New trees have been set in the Park to take the place of bad ones. The seventh anniversary of the East Deering Sabbath school will be observed by appropriate services next Sabbath afternoon and even ing. At an adjourned meeting of High street par ish, held Monday evening, it was voted to have congregational singing during the pres ent year. Have you seen the “Sweet Horae” circular? The X. Y. Z. Club, assisted by Mr. William Caldcr and Miss Alfy Chippendale, will ^appear at the vestry of India street church in the Maid of Croisey, this evening. The case of state against York, one of the boys who escaped from the Beform School,was not pressed jesterday, aod York was sent back to the Beform School. Strawbetries have arrived in the market. Judge Symonds relieved the city of several troublesome characters yesterday. The Portland Cadets have a tcepted invita tions to turn out on Decoration Day and also on the Fourth of July. Bosworth Post has invited the ..Grand Army boys of Haverhill to visit them soma time in July. See change of time on Maine Central rail road. Sunday school teachers and scholars, and al| others who are interested in the history of Pal estine aud in the scenes described in the Bible which have transpired in the Holy Land, will find it very instructive aud profitable as well as entertainiog. to be at the Alien Mission this evening. Admission 10 cents, which goes to help the poor. There will no doubt be a full attendance at the Municipal Court this morning. Several young men who are just now inter ested iu the proceedings of the Superior Court, will he unable to attend the Centennial, except by proxy. The weather yesterday disproved the idea that there is to be no suo3hioe until 40 days af ter Good Friday. Every one was discussiug Julius C®i« yes terday; well it was worth mentioning. Juvenile Exhibition 3all —Last evening Sir. J. W. Baymond gave an exhibition of his juvenile class iu danciog, at City Hall. There was not as large an attendance of spectators as the entertainment deserved. The centre of . _thoVnfio nf the children. They were very prettily dressed aud made a fine appearance, considering many of them had taken but one lesson in dancing. First they executed the minuet iu au excslient man ner, and to the entire satisfaction of their in structor and their many friends present. ^ ext followed an order of dances similar to those used for “children of a larger growth.” After • the children haJ finished the floor was thrown open to the entire audience, and the latter part oftheeveniDg passed off as pleasantly as the first _ Sodden Death.—As the bark Agenora was proceeding on her voyage to sea, being towed out by the tug, at 12 o’clock, the cook, a color ed man from New York, was preparing the dinner for tbe oflicers in tbo cabin, and aftei carrying tbe victuals 10 the basket aud setting the table, he tnrned to go away about his worl when ha suddenly fell hack on the floor am died in about two minutes. The wind beim light the hark went about and came back ti Portland and the body was delivered toCorone Gould to await the coming of his friends fron New York. A Harmonious (?) Meeting.-A special meeting of tie Army & Navy Union was held last evening to act upon the report of the com mittees on the observance of Decoration Day and the celebration of their anniversary. The committee on the anniversary reported in favor of celebrating the day with a supper at the Preble in the evening and a social time gener ally. This was strongly opposed whereupon tbe committee declined to serve longer. The meeting voted not to accept their resignation, but the chair thought they should he dismissed and so proceeded to appoiut a new committee. This mixed things finely and a whole hour was spent in straightening out the snarl. This was finally done by a motion to reconsider the whole matter. Tbe original committee were then in structed to carry out their programme It was rare sport for a looker on. It was voted to decorate the graves of their deceased members on Sunday the 28th iust. There will be singing and an address at Ever green Cemetery. Pounding a Minister.—About 8 o’clock Monday evening a crowd might have been seen gathering at Demon t’s store on the‘’Hill.'’ It was in response to an invitation of the la dies. The object was an attack upon tbe pas tor of Congress street M. E. church, Eev. Wm, M. Sterling, and family. At a given signal by Marshal Bridges, the crowd moved on towards the new parsonage, and so great was the num ber that all could not get comfo.tally in, and the vestry was opened and soon filled. About 120 packages were brought, none less than a pound, some a good deal more. Eev. Mr. Sterling was taken by surprise, and even when he arrived at the vestry, was so uuspeakably happy that not a word could he utter publicly, until Eev. Mr. Duce loosened bis toBgue. The remarks of each were right to the point and full of encouragement. A very touching and beautiful prayer by Mr. Alien and a friendly greeting to all closed the pleasant and long to be remembered interview between pastor and people. In Memoriam.—At a meeting of the Port, land Cadets the following resolutions of respect varb nnun i mn11 a 1 it arlnnfn/1 • Whereas, 'We have received with deep regret the painful tidings ot the death of our late Lieutenant, Henry A. Merrill, bo It by the active and honorary members of the Portland Cadets Resolved, That by the death in early manhood of another ot our comrades, we are again reminded of the uncertain tenure ot human life. Resolved, That the late Lieut. Henry A. Merrill was an efficient and faithful officer, aDd ever dis charged with intelligence and ability the duties of the many offices to which he was chosen, and during the early existence of the company was one of its earnest workers, who were instrumental in estab lishing it upon a lasting foundation, and in perpetu ating its name. Resolved, That in the death of Lieut. Merrill tho company recognize the departure of of a valuable member and a comrade of unusual promise. Resolved, That we extend oar sympathy to the family of the deceased in their severe affiicilon. Resolved, That these resolutions be entered on tho records of tbe company, published in the dailv papers, and also a copy he forwarded to the family of our deceased comrade. Assistance Solicited.—Mr. Oerighime, a Waldensian preacher, is now in this city seek ing help to build a modest church for his people in Chiavarri, in the northern part of Italy. One who has spent a pleasant evening with him and has examined some of his cre dentials, wishes here to bespeak for him a kind and just attention. He has already nearly completed his mission and proposes soon to re turn to his own country. All Piotestants es pecially should be interested in the claims of the {Krsecuted and long-suffering people whom he represents. Mr. C. has spoken in some of our churches and has received from oar citi zens eneouragiog tokens of sympathy with his the work. B. The Grand Trunk Trains.—The Advertis er is very certain that tbe Press gave a wrong impression in regard to the running of trains between here and Montreal. The facts ia the case are these: On Friday last a number of passengers left Montreal for this city. They were only able to reaoh Richmond that night, and the next day reached Island Pond, riding a part of tbe time on platform cars. They re mained at Island Pond over the Sabbath, and arrived here Monday afternoon. Bather a long, journey if the trains have ‘‘arrived here as usual,” as stated in the Advertiser. Music for the Fourth. -The Haydns are basily engaged rehearsing music for the concert to bs given on the afternoon of the Fourth in City Hall. Whittier’s hymn written for the opening of the Centeunia! exhibition will be rendered, Dr. Hill having revised the words to make it appropriate to the occasion. Keller’s American hymn entitled “Angel of Peace”, will also be given, as well as national airs such as “Star Spangled Banner.” “Yankee Doodle,” &c., &c. _ Female Minstrels.—This evening Mad ame Renlz’s Female Minstrels appear at Music Hall. The troupe is a large one and is highly spoken of in other cities. The ready sale of seats indicates a larce house on the opening night. Real Estate Transfers.—Tho following are the real estate transfers recorded in this county yesterday: Cape Elizabeth—Lot of land from Samuel Trickey to Edward S. Milliken. Freeport—Lot of land containing fifty acres from Ezra Bibber to Albion F. Woodman. Standish—Lot of land from Lemuel Rich 3J, to Althea C. Littlefield. All in the Family.—Marshal Bridges and Deputy Sterling arrested Daniel Black yester day charged with stealing rigging from his father’s vessel the night before. This is not the young man’s first offence. Poor Little Dorg.—In the window of Lo tbrop’s paper store on Congress street, can be seen a little white dog in a glass case. This poor pup died at the age of two months, when it weighed but six ounces. Maine Business Notes. There are now thought to be about two hun dred thousand tons of ice unsold on the Ken nebec, the price varying from 81.75 to 82.00 per ton, and some holders are not anxious to sell at the last figures. The ICen. L. & L. Co., contemplated starting up tbeir steam mill in Pittston this week. Paris Hill Manufacturing Company is con stantly receiving large orders for their goods, and are running on full time with a complete Crew. ' The Castioe Packing Company packed dur ing last year 150,000 cans of lobsters, 23,090 of clams,^and 60,000 of blueberries. This makes a total of nearly a quarter of a million cans. The company has enlarged its facilities this spring, so that 50 per cent, more .business can be done this year than last. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY Judge Merrill of Nevada, is to be the orator of the day at the Lewiston and Auburn 4th of July celebration. Judge Merrill is said to be a very able orator. it is slid that a gentleman offers to take the 833,000 lot of new Auburn bonds at 102. Auburn city conncil has responded favorably to the request for the expansion of the course iu the High Schoo',and has appropriated 81000 .. ,1,1; i ♦ „ u ,1-. Qni.nni Tk., - to iutroduce a commercial and business course. The appropriation for the Grammar School is increased $1000, as more schools of this grade are requited. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. Our 1’owDal correspondent writes that at the regular meeting of Triumph Lodge No. 50, I. O. of G. T., he'd Saturday eveuiBg the 13ib, the following officers were duly installed: A. D. Sweetsir, W. O. T ; Mrs. Ella M. Small, \V. V. G.; Jason A. Small, W. S.; Miss Sadie H. Mclntire, Asst. Sec ; D. L. Toothaker, Fi nancial Sec.; E. L. Tuttle, W. .Treas. ;W. B. S. Cross. W. M.; Estollt Tuttle, I. G ; Will Libby, O. G. KENNEBEC COUNTY. Hod. J. D. Bascomb, Hiram S. Steward, Esq , C. A Woodbury, Esq., Gen. It. B. Shep herd, L. C. Emery, Esq., Gen. Isaac Dyer and Stephen Coburo, Esq , were on Saturday last chosen delegates iroin Skowhegan to the dis trict convention, to beheld in Augusta Thursday The delegation will preseut the name and urge the election of Gen. Shepherd as one of the delegates from this District to the Cincinnati convention. OXFORD COUNTY. The Reform Club at Paris Hill is actively en gaged in fitting up a ball lor club uses. Mr. Amos Blazo of Porter, was very severely kicked in ibe hip by a horse while bathing its legs, which will confine him to the house some three or four weeks. The Democrat says the Bethel Savings Bauk have declared a 3 per cent, semi-annual divi dend on its deposits May first. It has $70,00(1 on aeposit, and is in a sound condition uudei its management. O. H. Mason is President, and Enock Foster, Jr., Treasurer. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. A correspondent of the Whig writes fron Orono: At the break of day ou Sunday, i was discovered that about forty feet of tht lower dam across the Stillwater adjoining th( mill of Gilman, Webster & Co., known as thi “Union Mills,” had been cartied out during the night, and a portion of the mill settled down some feet. The summer term of the State College com , menced on the 2d inst., most of the student . bring prompt at the opening of the term. OXFORD COUNTY. Norway Savings Bank declared a semi-an nual dividend of 3 per ceut. payable May 7tb The resources of the bank foot up to 5387,520 - 42. Rotiert Noyes, Esq., is President, and H, M. Bearce, Treasurer. Calvin Cole thinks he has discovered a very valuable lead mine on his farm at Lucke’e Mill!. Mr. A. F. Brooks of Grafton, has made about 300 pounds of maple sugar this spring from less than 200 trees. Tho Democrat says a party of young men at South Paris have been taking the law into theit own hands. A boy named Blake stole a suit of clothes and took them to the houso of Levi Hamblin, where be was stopping. Some young men went to the house, forcibly entered it and secured the boy, treating Mr H in rather a rough manner because be refused to deliver the boy unless the proper paptrs were presented. Judge Deering of South Paris was attacked by a paralytic shock Tuesday morning, but there is a prospect of his recovery. SOMERSET COUNTY. A correspondent of the Lewiston Journal writes that John Clark of Smitbfield, charged with assault with intent to kill Martin Stevens, was examined at Norridgewock on Saturday before Justices Brown and French. He plead not guilty, but made no defence,and was bound over to the September term of the court at Skowbegau, in the sum of 51500. He readily procured bonds and returned home. WASHINGTON COUNTY. Vessels from Eastport arrived at the Magda lene Islands last Monday. One of the vessels reports getting five hundred barrels of herring that day. YORK COUNTY. A corresponded! writes from Bonny Eagle Wednesday evening the lltb, that a large num ber of the friends of R»v. Charles A. Wilson assembled at the residence of Abijah Usher, of Bonny Eagle, the occasion being a farewell vis it to their beloved pastor. The evening was spent in social conversation, singing and prayer. Bro. Wilson leaves this place tor his new charge, Berwick, with the well wishes of a large circle of friends. A correspondent, “X. Y.” writes: At Ken nebunkport Sunday, vlaylltli, Revs. William Mitchell and B. S Emery, of the Second Ad vent church, immersed 24 persons, the first an old shipmaster and the last a fair boy—twelve men and twelve women—five of the couples being husband and wife The ceremony im mediately following the afternoon meeting gave opportunity for all societies to be spectators, aud the population from a large area appeared in attendance. IN GENERAL. The Democrat says that a stock company has been formed to run an independent line of tel egraph from Andover to Bryant’s Pond; the shares were put at $10 each and have all been freely taken. Large Lap-Welded Tabes. The National Tube Works Company have just completed at their works ot McKeesport, Pa., a sample pipe for exhibition at the Centen nial. It is 14 feet in length and of 14 inches outside diameter and 10 inches inside, the iron of which it is made being 2 inches in thickness This is said to be tho heaviest piece of lap welded pipe ever made in this or any other country, and it is stated that such heavy work has never beeu attempted by any other estab lishment. _ The mattresses that were sold in this city yesieruay unuer me name or nair tor trom Jo to 32 cents per pound, we will sell the same kind for 0 cents per pound. George A- Whitney & Co., No. 4G Exchange Street. Portland, May 12,1876. 3t All kinds of sewing machine needles, 42 cents per dozen, at Studley’s, under Falmouth Hotel. mayloeod3t Plant! ! Planu ! Plants ! 500 dz. verbenas at 60c. per dozen. 55 “ “ “ 75c. •* •• For sale by mylO eod2w Kendall & Whitney. Don’t buy a black silk until you have exam ined the stock just received at Studley’s, under Falmouth Hotel._ mayl5eod3t Kendall & Whitney are selling choice dahlias at S1.50 per dozen. myl0-eod2w Dr. Wiilar'i Balsam of Wild Cherry. Tbe standard remedy for the cure of coughs, colds, influenza, bronchitis, hoarseness,asthma, wbooping cough, croup, sore throat, diphtheria, difficulty of breathing, quinsy, phthisic, pain in the side and breast, spitting of blood, liver complaint, bleeding of tbe lungs, and all dis eases of the throat, lungs and chest, including even consumption. It seems hardly necessary to dilate at length upon ihe virtues of ibis fav orite remedy for all the diseases of the throat, lungs and chest. It was introduced to the pub lic by Dr. Wislar nearly half a century since, and by the wonderful cures which it performed gained an immediate and enviable reputation, which to this day it bas fully sustained. From the gulf of the St Lawrence to the shores of the Pacific, and in many countries abroad, there are lew villages or hamlets without "liv ing testimonials” to the rapidity and certainty of its curative effects. The proprietors, mind ful of their responsibly to tbe afflicted, exer cise tbe utmost care in tbe selection and com pounding of the various ingredients of which the Balsam is composed; and the sick aie assured that the high standard of excelleace on which its popularity is based, will always bo maintained. Seth W. Fowle & Son, Proprietors, mayl5eodawlw Boston. Lyon’s Katharion prevents the hair from falling out or turning gray, renews its growth and gives strength and vigor. It is delightfully perfumed, and makes a splendid dressing. It is the cheapest and most desirable Hair Tonic ever produced. Used by the elite. Price only 50 cents. aprlOdeodawly Use Adamson’s Botanic Cough Balsam for all diseases of tbe throat and lungs. It never fails to cure. may!5eodlw REMNANTS ! BLEACHED COTTONS in 6 4. 9 4, 10-4. These are the celebrated Wam sutta Cotton in good lengths, and will be sold at about 12 THEIR USUAL PRICE. - Remnants ! WHITE PIQUE, in very choice styles and nice quality. These are the best goods for the money ever sold in this city. PARTICULAR ATTENTION is called to another lot of those BROWN and GREY Twilled Dress Goods, At 22 cents, would be cheap at SO cents Would also solicit an Examination of the finest assortment of Ladies’, Gents’ and Children’s HOSIER* to be found East of Boston. All kinds of sewing machine needles, wart anted to be the best in the market, at 42 cents per doz. All orders by mail filled promptly. W. F. STUDLEY, Under Falmouth Hotel. myl5 dlw To All, particularly invalids, spring is a trying season. Indications of sickness should at once be at tended to. Fatal diseases may be caused by allow ing the bowels to become constipated, and the system to remain in a disordered condition, until the disor der has time to develop itseli. An ounce of preven tion is worth a pound of cure, is an old and truthful sayiDg. Therefore, we advise all who are troubled with the complaints new very prevalent—headache, indigestion, disordered liver, want of appetite, nau sea. or feverish skin,to take, without delay, Schenck’e Mandrake Pills. We know of no remedy so harm less and decisive in its action. It at once strikes at the root of the disease and produces a healthy tone tc the system. People never need suffer from any dis ease arising from a disordered condition ot the livei if they would take this excellent medicine when thej feel the first indications of the malady. Families leaving home for the summer months should take three or four boxes ot these pills with them. Tbej have an almost instantaneous effect. They will re lieve the patient of headache in one or two hours and will rapidly cleanse the liver of surrounding bile, and will effectually prevent a bilious attack. They are sold by all druggistB. jyl4 myleodlm3dp&wsi Window Frames ! When you cannot And what you wan: and arc in a harry for Window Frames call at BUStBOWES BROS’. Where you can have them at short notice Cor. Cross and Fore Street. PORTLAND, ME, apn (leodtf CARRIAGES. A FINE lot of Phaetons and Brewster top Bug gies, built ot the best material and warrant ei 1 first class, for sale. Pleasa give me a call before pur chasing elsewhere. F. H. RANDALL, Over Geo. Rose’s Stable on PREBLE ST. rnjii dtf » NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. — AND — Sun Umbrellas. We have just received a large auil elegant assortment of the latest styles in Parasols and Han Umbrellas. Owing to the recent great depression of business in Boston and New York, we have been enabled to bny these goods 15 per cent* under price. The benefit of this discount we offer our cus tomers as we wish to close the whole lot at once aud prove to every one that this is THE OPPORTUNITY OF THE SEA SON to purchase these goods. > lamination solicited. OWEN & MOORE, Congress St., Cor. Brown. dec29 dtf J. T. K. & CO. POLICE PANTS Mado from 11 ounce Metropolitan Government Standard Police Cloth, double iudigo dyed. They have five Pockets, three being made of English Goatskin and especially shaped for Pistol. Handcuff and Billy. They are sewed throughout with waxed tarred sewings, the strength of which it is impossible to rip. J. BURLEIGH & C0-, 189 middle St., SOLE AGENTS FOR PORTLAND. ALSO Agents for J. T. K. & Co.’s Firemens’ and Letter Carriers’ Uniforms, Hotel Bell Boys’ Uniforms, Waiters’ Jackets, &c. my!7 d3t PHOTOGRAPH OIL PAINTING. A new process by which any common photograph can be transformed into a beautiful picture of un fading beauty. The artist guarantees to teach any person in TWO EASY LESSONS. i No previous experience or natural talenc required. As an amusement it is fascinating, and as a lucrative employment to those seeking a means of support is worthy of investigation. Specimens can be seen at the store of Schumacher Bros., NO. 463 CONGRESS STREET, — AND AT — No. 62 (Old Number) Free Street, Hear Oak, where parties can receive instruction. AGENTS WANTED. myl7 dtw» United State marshal’s Notice. ' United States of America, 1 District of Maine, ss. ) PURSUANT to a monition from the Hon, Edward Fox, Judge of the United States District Conrt, within and tor the District of Maine, I hereby give public notice that the following Libel has been filed in said Court, viz: A Libel against the "Schooner Mary A. Rice." whereof George E Kent now is or lately was Master, her boats, tackel, apparel and furniture and cargo laden on board, on behalf ot Homer A. Esterbrook, Master of the Steamer Bessie Snow, for himself and other owners in a cause of Salvage,Civil and Maritime, as more particularly set fourth in said Libel; that a hearing and trial will be had thereon, at Portland in our District, on the seventeenth day ot May current, at ten A. M., when and where any persons interested therein, may ap pear and show cause, if any can be shown, wherefore the same should not be decreed liable, and disposed of according to law. Dated at Portland, this sixteenth day of May, A. D. 1876. S. S. MARBLE, mvl7dlt U. S. Marshal, District of Maine. Proposals for Fuel, Forage and Ntraw. Office Chief Q. M., Boston, Mass., May 10,1876. SEALED PROPOSALS, in triplicate, will be re ceived at this office, and also at the office of the Quartermaster at Fort Preble, Maine, until 12 o’clock M., Saturday, June 10. 1876, for the delivery or Fuel. Forage and Straw at Boston, Forts Independence and Warien, Boston Harbor, and at Fort Preble, Port land, Maine, during the fiscal year commencing on the 1st of July next. The Goveinment reserves the right to reject any or all nronosais. A nreferpnro win bp trtvpn tpnrti. cies or domestic production. Full particulars can be had on application to this office, or at the office of the Post Quartermaster at Fort Preble, Me. J. G. C. LEE, Capt. and A. Q. M. myI7 d6t WALL STREET SPECULATION. The reliable house of Alex. Frothingham & Co., No. 12 Wall Street, New York, publish a handsome eight page weekly paper, called the Weekly Finan cial Report, which they send tree to any address. In addition to a large number of editorials on finan cial and business topics, it contains very full and ac curate reports of the sales and standing of every bond, stock and security dealt in at the Stock Ex change. Messrs. Frothingham & Co. are ex tensive brokers, of large experience and tried integ rity. In addition to their stock brokerage business, they sell what are termed “Privileges,” or “Puts and Calls,” now one of the favorite methods of legitimate speculation. Their advice is very valuable, and by following it many have made fortunes.—New York Metropolis. apl9deoaly Ordinances. 1— No Dog shall be permitted to go at large or loose in any street, lane, alley, court, or travelled way, or in any uninclosed or public place in this city, until the owner or keeper of such dog, or the head of the family, or the keeper of the house, store, shop, office or other place where such dog is kept, or har bored, shall have paid to the city marshal two dol lars for a license for such dog to go at large. 2— The city marshal shall grant a license to any citizen for his or her dog to run at large, on the pay ment of two dollars; which license shall expire on the first day of May next after the same is given. 3— It shall be the duty of the city marshal to cause all dogs to be destroyed which shall be found at large within the city, without a collar. The above ordinances will be strictly enforced. rayUdtf C. K. BRIDGES, City Marshal. GUARDIAN SALE. AUCTION! PURSUANT to a license duly granted, I shall sell at Public Auction, on SATURDAY, May 27, 1876, at 10 o’clock A. M., on the premises, the Homestead Farm of William T. Hoyt, situated on the road leading from Freeport Corner to Lisbon Falls, containing about thirty-five acres of land, well divided, with good buildings thereon, in a good neighborhood, withiu less than one mile from Store, Church, Schools and mill. ALBERT WARD, Guardian of the Estate of William T. Hoyt. HENRY GREEN, Auctioneer. w2w20 For Sale or Rent. The handsome 3 Story Brick House, and Furniture, late residence of Franklin Fox, JLEsa., situated on the snnnyside of Park Street with garden and frui' trees; will be sold at a great bargain or rented on reasonable terms; posses siongiven at once; can be seen at any lime, on ap plication to UPHAAf & GARDINER, Real Estate Agents, No. 7 Exchange Street. myl7 d2w* BRICK HOUSE AND STABLE FOB SALE. No 46 St. Lawrence Street; can be pur •• chased within thirty days at a bargain; JL House can be examined by applying to f g Patterson, Dealer in Real Estate, 379J Congress Street, j myl7 d2w FOSTER’S Forest City Dye House 13 PREBLE STREET. Air Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleansing and steam Feather Bed Renovating. Orr Pro .p/ipinml « I. ~ T\_■ T_ i_n Dyeing and Cleansing ns usual. < mJ2 naeodlm Ten per cent Interest ! 1HAVE Real Estate for Sale, that with judicious management will net the purchaser the above interest. No charge for renting or making collections. F. G. PATTERSON, ;■ myl7d3t 379$ Congress Street. For Sale. MA one aud a half Story House and lot, No. 24 Anderson Street; can be examined from ten to four. For particulars, inquire at the house, j myl7 dlw* To Let. ®A desirable House on Congress Street; six rooms, gas and Sebago; newly painted and in first class repair. Rent ?260 per year. Inquire 65 Exchange Street. J. Y. CLARK, my 17 d3t Ship Owners — AND — SHIP BROKERS ! will find a convenient place to deposit ballast at Mer , rills Wharf. Other Parties i having Rock, Earth, .luhrx and the like to dis I>ose ot can do the same. Inquire of Wharfinger or apr28d3mFM&Wls W. S. DANA. 50 CENTS FREE. SPECIAL OFFER-FOR SHORT TIME ONLY. Will send,post-pa id free,to each new subscriber of The New York Agents* Monthly, a mag nificent Centennial Memorial Medal (in fancy box), struck in Albata Plate Silver, larger than a silver trade dollar, 15 inch iu diameter—Price 50 l cents each. The Agents’ Monthly is a handsome, . spicy, 16 page paper. Subscription price 25 cents a a year. Send 25 cents, and you will receive the Agents Monthly for one year, post-paid, aud the above Medal gratis. Addiess, FENTON PUBLISHING CO. mhl5d&w6m 170 Broadway, New York. MISCELLANEOUS. __ Bailey & Noyes, GENERAL AGENTS — FOR — Chickering & Sons’ PIANOFORTES Submit the following facts to those who contemplate buying a PIANO, trusting that a more com plete knowledge of the superior advantages possessed hy the CHICKERING manufacturers will help to decide all purchasers who want the best. 1. The Chickering Pianos have been exhibited in competition with the pianos of every well known maker in the world, and in every instance, without a single exception, have been awarded Honors and Prises in advance of all Competitors. 2. Nearly Fifty Thousand Chickering Pianos have been manufactured and sold. Last year Chickering & Sons manufactured and sold more Pianos by sev eral hundred than any other first-class piano maker in the United Slates. 3. Chiokering & Soub’ Factory is the largest piano manufactory in the world. 4. All the Vital Points of Improvement in all Pianos now made in America were first introduced by Chickering & Sons, and subsequently copied or imitated b| all other makers in the country, without exception. 5. Every part of the Chickering Piano is made in the Chickering Factory (except, of course, the hard ware used in the pianos, which is purchased by every maker), and the Immense force of skilled artisans employed is, and always has been nnder the personal supervision of Chickering & Sons. Chickering & Sons being the largest manufacturers in the world and having the first reputation, have not only been able to employ the best men in the various branches of manufacture, but they have been caused positive inconvenience at times by the number of applications for employment from the best workmen of other makers. 6. A piano is usually a purchase of a lifetime, therefore great care should be used in selection— “The Best is the Cheapest.” Buy of a house whose representations can be believed and whose business today, at the end of fifty-three years of unexampled prosperity, is larger than that of any other maker and whose pianos are endorsed as The Best by the International Expositions of France and England, and by the unanimous testimony of the most noted Art Institutions and Artists of the World. Parties living in the State of Maine will find it for their interest to purchase of the Agents, BAILEY & NOYES, EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND. apr28 eodlm Immense_Sacrifice! PARASOLS — AND — Son Umbrellas — AT — Minn prices. We are ready to offer 500 Parasols and Sun Um brellas. consisting of Serge and Boiled Twilled Silk, from 18 to 30 inch. In Ebony, Bone, Horn, Pearl In laid, Ivory and Oxidized Handles, from $1.25 and upwards. Positively the largest and cheapest line in the City. Also German and Lisle Ganze for Ladies, Gents and Misses, with one to four but tons, from 15 to 45 cents. Also a complete line in from 40 cents and upwards, defying competition. Great bargains in Silk and Worsted Fringes, Ci imped and Heavy Knotted. Also MARTHA WASHINGTON Caps and Bonnets! for Children. Cloaks. Children’s Robes and Short Dresses at astonishingly low prices, 500 Doz Kid Gloves, in German and French Kids, from 1 to 6 button, at 50c and 60c, 2 button at 70c, 85c. $1.00, $1.15 the best. Also Courvoisiers Real Kid warranted, at $1.50, a bargain at $1.75. 4 button reduced to $1.50 539 CONGRESS ST., F. I.ATNER. Ladies should bear in mind that we are selling the above goods at Boston prices, and by examining will convince themselves. ap7 deodOm Maine Blackwood, (FORMERLY NORWOOD) Sired by Blackwood, (3 years old, record 2.31) 1st dam by Norman, sire ot Lula, 2.15, May Queen 2.20. 2d dam by Mawbrlno Chief, sire of Lady Thorne, 2.18. Blackwood, sire of Blackwood, Jr.. 4 years old, record 2 32. Freshman 4 years, 2.36J. Rosewood 5 years, ’’’ MAINE ELMWOOD, Brown colt, sired 1872. Trotted full mile last fall as 3 year old in 2.36£, and drew wagon in 2.40J. Is six teen hands high and weighs 1075 lbs. Will make this season (and only one in Maine) at $60—payable in advance. Apply to JOHN DALY, Box 1819, or Head of St. John St. myl3 dtfls GRASS SEED. WE havs now on band an extensive Stock of Prime Herds Grass, Red Top Clover* Alsike Clover, Orchard Grass, Blue Grass, Hungarian Grass and Millet Heed, which we oiler at the Lowest Cash Prices. We also have a large assortment of Vegetable and Flower Heeds. Kendall & Whitney, ^PORTLAND, ME. „„ Fireproof Roofing Paint. The best and cheapest 8aow & Dark Patent Slate Hooting Paint for Sbingle, Tin and Iron Roofs, also for cheap outside work, sold by the gallon or applied by J. N. McOOY & CO-, 98 Spring St., Portlanu, UOOVEB8 AND PAINTERS Jv24 dtl WINDOW SHADES 40c and upwards, at PIKE’S, 53 Exchange Street. apr25 dim* For Sale at a Bargain. ONE large size Mason [& Hamlin Cabi net Organ. In^ Ht. my!3 d4w EDUCATIONAL. KLARSARGE SCHOOL FOR BOVS NORTH CONWAY, N. H. The Next Quarter Coramenct April 20th. For particulars or admission address apr!9tf FREDERICK THOMPSON, Principal. Edw. G. Farnsworth, Teacher of Pianoforte,Organ & Harmon: RESIDENCE 337 SPRING ST. marld3m» FRENCH ~ LESSON! — AND — LITERATURE. Mme. R. E. MASSE, formerly of Bosto late of Philadelphia and New Jersey, pr poses to establish a permanent French Institute Portland. She will commence her Spring term Api 18th,1876. The course will consist of private French lessoi and classes for any one who wishes to study the lai guage. She will form classes for advanced pupi who desire only to converse. She intends also to have matinees for Ladies, coi sisting of readings from the best French Authors ai Dramatists, and the conversation will be only French. The same lessons will te given twice a wei in the evening lor Ladies and Gentlemen. She w commence these evening lessons early In Septembe Mme. will be assisted by Prof. Masse. In the early part of June Madame expects an A fist who has been connected with her Institute Philadelphia This Lady is a member of the Aca< emy of the Fine Arts in that city. She gives lessoi in Drawing in all its branches, Oil Painting, Paste Her Speciality during the summer will be Wate Color from nature. For further information please call at No. 5: Congress street. Mme. will be at her rooms fro. 11 A. M. until 5 P. M. and every evening. Mme. Masse is permitted to refer to the followir gentlemen: Rt. Rey. Bishop James A, Healy, D. D. Rt. Rev. Bishop H A. Neely, D. D. Rev. Thomas Hill, D. D., L .D. Rt. Rev. Bishop W. B. Stevens, D. D., of Philade phia. Hon. Charles F. Libby, County Attorney. Hon. Henry J. Murray, British Consul. Ephraim Hunt, LL. D., Superintendent of Publ Schools of Portland. Richard H. Dana, Esq., of Boston. Georgo B. Emerson, Esq., of Boston. apr8tf Eaton Family School For Boys —AT— NOKRIDGEWOCK, MAINE. Spring Term will eminence March 37ll For Circulars and Portland references addicss auglS-tf H. F. EATON, Principal. SPECIAL SALE. R. S. KALER & CO. No. 259 Middle Street, Will place on Sale Monday Morning i their Retail Department, 1 Case Brown Shades at 25c eacli n m „ ■ - ■»... hiikii at 3$c each 3 Cases Black, Brown and Whit Best at 50c each. 1 Case mixed Shades at 50c each. I Case Leghorn Sailors at 75c each 3 Cases Trimmed School Hats a 75c each. 1 Case Boys Trimmed Hats at 75 each. This is only about one-half th Retail Price of these Goods. — ALSO — 35 Dozen C4NTON HATS in al the desirable shapes for sprin and summer at 50c each. Thes goods retail everywhere for 75 and $1.00. — ALSO — 50 Dozen Imitation Chip am Tape Hals at $1 OO each. Th regular Retail price tor thes goods is $1.50 and $3.00. Onr Entire Stock oi LADIES’, MISSES’ & CHILDREN’! Marked Down Nearly One-Hal from the Regular Retail Price. A Large Variety of TRIMMED HATS always on band. Bonnets and Hats manufacture and Trimmed to order at Shot notice. Black Crape Hats and Bonnets Speciality. An early inspection rt spectfully Solicited. DON’T FORGETTHE PLACE. H. S. RATER At, f!0. 259 Middle Street. mylldlw Purchase your Ticket 9 — TO THIS — CENTENNIAL. VIA. PORTLAND & HTERL1 Shortest. Quickest and most Comfortabl Route. Centcnuial Excursion Tickets 15.00. Portland to Pbiladepa and Retnrn Steamboat Expreso Traiu leaven Pori land at 2.30 p. m. and runs directly through to Ne London, there connecting with the fkst and comm dious steamers of the Norwich line ior New York. Elegant Parlor Cars on this Lint Thin in the only Line avoiding the ai noying Carriage trannler through Boston Only Line running throngh Can t Long Inland Steamern* Only continuonn all rail route to Nei York, Philadelphia and South and Wen Regular and Excursion Tickets for sale at all tl principal Ticket offices throughout the State. Stal rooms on Norwich line of Steamers secured in a< vance at BARNES BROS., 28 Exchange Street, at at Depot loot of Myrtle Street. J M. LUNT, Supt. J. W. PETERS, Gen. Ticket Agent. myl5d Brothers Fairbank 125 Tremont Street BOSTON. OPP. PARKST. CHURCH. Our Stock is now complete ntnl embraces tlic be Ktvlps nf Foreign and Domes tie Goods that can be found in this city, Satisfaction guara to every customer in Fit and Finish of Every Garment. mylO eodlin MUSIC ! New Sheet Mnsic, Boots. Folios, & received daily by C. K. HAWES, 177 Middle Street, Portland, The largest Slock in Ihe Cily. - ALSO - Pianos, Reed Organs, cheap tor cash or insta ments, Violins, Guitars, Music Boxes, Accordioi Flutes, Banjos, Piccolos, Harmonicas, Ciarine Cornets, and all instruments for Brass and Stri Bands, in great variety; extra \ iolin Strings, Ret; and Wholesale. Particular attention given to orders. Jan31 deodly* £'£||r I $3.50 and your ol 311K Hat will buy a NE1 STYLE SUMMER Sil „ . Hat at A. L. MERRY’ llilk 237 Middle Strce llttlUi sign of the Go! myl6dtt |Hat. __ Lawn Mowers. If you waul a Law. Mower write f, •pecial price. Very Lew. FRED ATWOOD, #pr28codtf Winterport, Me ANNUAL MEETINGS. ANNUAL MEETING. ? fTlHE annual meeting ot the “Temiscoeuta Pine J. Land Co ” adjourned to meet on WEDNES DAY, May 17th, at 3 P. M., at office of A. Li. Stevens & Co, S 1st—For the choice of officers. 2nd—To consider any proposition which may be submitted for the purchase of the property of the Company. 3rd—For the transaction of any other business duly _ presented at said meeting. N. O. CRAM. Clerk. Portland, May 11. myl2dtd i 1 LARGEST STOCK — OF — | FURNITURE E EVER OFFERED IN PORTLMD t ;! may be found at k 46 Exchange St., I &. A. Whitney & Co., >7 and at II g Prices that will astonish every one! Bankrupt Stock OF — 10 PIECES EACH, 300 Marble Top and Library Tables, bought lor cash, aud will be sold | lower than can he bought in this market. too PARLOR SLITS s ot our own manufacture, and the cheapest suit we sell upholstered, one hall pure Hair. Best suits all . pure Hair. 1 All ur Furniture put lu the best c order and delivered tree ot charge. Our facilities are such for mnnn* iacturing and buying that we shall B not be undersold. Parties about purchasing will certainly save money by calling ! Oil US. b Geo. A. Whitney & Co. , NO. 46 EXCHANGE STREET. g dtt PIANOS ! 5 No. 3 Free St. Block. t The subscriber desires to inform his triends and the public that he will OPEN ROOMS on MONDAY, May 15, for the sale of a choice lot of Instruments, carefully selected from the factory of those Princes of Piano Makers, McPHAIL, & Co., of Boston, and 1 the new and popular NATIONAL, t PIANO of New York. Also i PARLOR ORGANS, from some of the best builders, and on or about May 22 an invoice of the justly celebrated patent WOOTON CABINET DESK, which, wherever it has been in troduced, is universally acknowl - edged to be the best Office and , Parlor Desk extant, and for the 5 lovers of fine work the FLEETWOOD AND SORRENTO SCROLL SAWS, | Treadle Machines, Fancy Woods, J Patterns, dec. Being the * MANUFACTURER’S AGENT for all of the above, 1 can sell at Factory, and I think satisfactory, prices to compare with the times. 3 Free Street Block, F ’ lately occupied by H, S. Kaler de Co. Samuel Thurston. mylldtf ; RUBBER IIOSE r 10 CENTS PER FOOT. We will sell Hose Tor washing e windows, sidewalks, sprinkling ? lawns, gardens, Ac., at the low J price of 10 cents per foot anil up wards. Brass Couplings, Pipes. Ac,, all attached and ready for use at lowest prices. Hall’s Pa tent Combination Pipe, which makes a sprinkler or solid stre»m I by simply turning the stop cock. Try these and you will use no others. Call and examine at Hairs Rubber Store, UNDER FALMOUTH HOTEL. myl6 dtf E. BUTTERICK A CO.’S 9 Patterns of Garments I Summer Catalogues Just Received at 267 MIDDLE STREET. C. DYER, Agent. st mylli d3w* IF YOU ARE TROUBLED WITH ■ CORNS, BUNIONS ! LARGE JOINTS OB INGROWING N Alls* you can cure them without using the knife j. by having >our feet properly fitted at the Boot and Shoe Store 230 Middle St. ap28dtfHI. G. PAI.H1KK. Side Lace Boots I l A full assortment in French Kid, neat and pretty. Also in French Morocco for Walking Boots. Meas ures taken and nice fitting BootB made to order lor men or women. THE AERATED Oxygen Treatment. A GENUINE euro for Catarrh, Asthma, Rheuma tism, Dyspepsia, Lung and all Chronic Dis g eases is still ottered to all who aro afflicted, at 385 g Cougremi Mtreet, Portland. Me., Room 3, ig 1’ahoon Block, where a large number of test! til monials can be seen. Consultation and trial dose free. ial2tfl8&wtfl0 BEFORE BUYING A - SEWING MACHINE, J* be sure and see the ' SEW PHILADELPHIA or TRIUSE, u Which sells at 40 per cent, less than other first class ►8 Shuttle Machine. Call, or sent for Circulars and ^ Samples ot Work, at (1 No. S3 Casco St. mala ABEMTH WANTED. d3m ' LIVE AND LET LIVE IS ODE MOTTO. Great Reduction in Pi ices of Laundry Work. Nhirn with Ro.ona. - - III cent. ,r Collar. - -- -- - .'1 “ Pair Cnfl... “ Portland Laundry, 22 Union St. aplO d3m AUCTION HALifr* F. O. BAILEY A CO., Auctioneers and Commission Merchants Salesroom* 33 and 37 Exchange HI. 7. O. BAILEY. 0. W. ALLEY Regular sale ot Furniture and General Merchan dise every Saturday, commencing at 10 o’clock a. ro. Consignments solicited._ oc3dt F. 0. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. Manufacturer’s Sale — OF — Silver Plated Ware — AND — TABLE CUTLERY BY AUCTION. At Salesrooms, 35 and 37 Exchange St., — ox — THURSDAY, May 18th, Al 10 A. 31. and continue the ante every day at 10 A. M. and « I-’J P. 31 until all the Mterk I* Mold, A large consignment of Silver Plated Ware and Table Cutlery from one of the largest factories iu New England, and sold to close an estate The goods consist in part of Tea Sets, Waiters, Salvers, Card and Cake Baskets, Fruit Stands, Berry Dishes, Bo quet Hollers, Vases, Spoon Holders, Syrup Dishes. Mugs. Goblets, Ice ami Water Pitchers, Dinner and Breakfast Castors, Wine Coolers, Celery Stands, Nap kin Rings, Table. Dessert and Tea Spoons, Medium and Desert Forks, Soup and Oyster Ladles, Butter. Pie and Cake Knives, Ac., Ac. Also a large line of Silver Plated Cutlery. Also a jobber’s stock of fine Fancy Goods, consisting ot Bronzes, Albums, Opera Glasses, Gold and Silver Watches, Ladies’ and Gents’ Gold Chains, Ac., Ac. 'Ihe Plated Ware and Cutlery in this sale is war ranted first class, new and elegant designs, and will be sold without reservation or limit, ottering great inducements to dealers, hotel keepers, saloon keep ers and private families who intend purchasing sil ver ware or fine cutlery. myl3dtf GREAT SALE 1 THE HOUSES- A YD LOTS Advertised Iu another column by T. H. Mansfield, will be sold by PUBLIC AUCTION, On SATURDAY, May 20th, at 3 o’clock P. M.; If stormy the following Monday same hour. Terma easy. The above can be examined any day until rale, myl2td T H. MANSFIELD. Important Auction Notice. WE have instructions from one of the largest furniture houses in Boston to hold a catalogue sale of ELEGANT NEW FURNITURE ! Saturday, May 37 th. Full Particulars in a few days. V. o BAILEY & CO., Auctioneer*. myl2tf SHIRTS ! Uiilauudried Shirts, nil finished, and made ot Wamsuttn Cottons and nice Linen Bosoms and Cuffs for the low price ol $1.23 ! Call and Examine Them. Charles Custis & Co., 493 CONGRESS ST. my5Iftdly MUSIC ! ADDRESS ALL ORDERS -TO— Collins & Buxton, 522 Congress St., Portland., Me. <le!4dly Job Lot of Shirts. We offer a Shirt, very nicely made of Warasutta Cotton and nice Linen Bosom and Cuffs, and laundried, for 91.25 each. These Shirts arc worth 92.50. Come and see them. CHARLES CUSTIS & CO., 493 CONGRESS STREET. my5d2ir PORTLAND RUBBER TYPE CO., — MANUFACTURERS OF — T4 1 1 T T *112 1 nuiwer nauu ©lamps, Name Stamps for Markins Linen, Rnfcber and Metal Dating Stamps,Ribbon Stamps, Seal Presses, Doer Plates, House Num bers. Steel Stamps, Stencils. Burning Brands, Baggage and Hotel Checks, Ac. NO. 232 FEDERAL ST., PORTLAND, ME. fc^Acents wanted. Send for circular. feblStf PORTLAND Paper Box Company ! has decided to resume the manufacture of Paper Boxes, and has taken Chambers NO. 48 UNION STREET, where he will he happy to see hi9 old customers. PORTLAND PAPER BOX CO., ap'iddlm* No. 4S Union Street. mm ,ndia street. DYE Co^,£r’’ House, | rr*.:: r it Cy Cotton and Wool Dresses Dyed Without Kipping. aprll 2m CHEESE. CHEESE! 300 Boxes Factory Cheese For Sale VERY LOW I. Clo.e a CM signment. SMITH. GAGE & CO., IN COMMERCIAL ST. mylO _ gar GE1VTLE HE* ’« Fine Boom. *hw» and Galltn of all kinds, innir from the fine.I mol, rials aad bv the bes. workmen on French Easts, at GOWELL’S JjJnder the Falmoutl^ PAIITS AMD OILS. WHITE LEADS. COLORS AND VARNISHES. Buyers of the above named goods are invited to call and examine goods and prices. We warrant all articles exactly as represented. W, W. WHIPPLE A CO . myOdlm 21 Market (Square, Portland. Boys’ Custom Clothing ! MBS. fTcT CHASE would inform her old customers and friends that the has reopened the store earner Portland and Mechanic MtreeM, where she is prepared to cut and make Boys’ Clothing in the latest styles Trimmings constantly on hand. Old Maxim—•‘Kirs come flrst served.” mchldtf To the Ladies of Portlai anil DemC CEKAN BEDO more Important than elegant ftirniture. Feather beds, pillows and ha r mat tresses ought to be cleansed every year. It will pro mote health and prevent disease Cleansing by Mtram is the only sure way of destroying vermin and removing disagreeable odors. Send in your or ders to the office of “The Mtenm Feather Ken ovalor.” 218 Federal St. All Inquiries cheerfully answered. mylSeodtf To l*et. r A SUIT of rooms without board, ^pply at No ±A 47 Danforth Street. my24dtli«

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