Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 18 Mayıs 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 18 Mayıs 1876 Page 3
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THE PRESS. THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 18,1876 TOE PRESS May be obtained at the Periodical Depots ot Fes senden Bros., Marquis, Brunei & Co., Andrews, Wentworth. Moses, N. B. Kendrick, aud Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of the city. At Biddeford. of Phillsbury, At Saco, of L Hodgdon, At Watervillt, of J. S. Carter. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. CITY AND VICINITY. New Advertisement* T#-Doy. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Music Hall—Frank Mayo. SPECIAL NOTICES. Dr. It. L. Dodge—Removed. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Tow Boat—Chas. Sawyer. French Porcelain Eardrops—C. II. Lam soil. Wanted—Dry Goods Salesman. For Sale—T. H. Mansfield. Wanted-S. J. Libby. Rent Wanted—Of Five or Six Rooms. AUCTION COLUMN. Furniture, Carpets—F. O. Bailey & Co. WARD CAUCUSES. The Republican voters of Portland, are requested to meet iu their respective Wards Rooms, on Monday evening, May 4‘ 8 o'clock, and elect three delegates from each Ward to repre sent them in the District Convention to be held at Saco, on the 25th May. The delegates so elected will meet at Lancaster Hall, on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, at 5 o’clock, and select five delegates at large. Per order of mjlgdtd CITY COMMITTEE. PORTLAND POST OFFICE. Office Honrs. Fiom 7.30 a m to 8.30 p m, Sundays excepted. Sundays open for Carriers and General Delivery fron 9 to 10 a m. Portland, Me., May 15,1876. Arrival and Departnre of Mails. Boston and intermediate offices. Arrive at 12.25 p. in. and 12.30 a. m. Close at 8.15 a m, and 1.00,2.30 and 9.00 p.m. Boston and the West. Arrive at 5.10 p m. juiuiiueuiaie or ay iviuiib via i>o»iuii auu itiame Railway. Arrive at 12.25 and 8.20 p m. Close at 8.15 a iu and 2.30 p in. Great Soutnern aud Western. Arrive at 12.25 p. in. and 12.30 a m. Close at 8.15 a m, 2.30 and 9.00 p. m. Bangor, Mattawamkeag, and connecting routes. Arrive at 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 p. m. Augusta aud connecting routes. Arrive at 9.00 a. m. and 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 and 5.00 p. m. Morning Northwestern by G. T. R. Arrive at 8.40 a m. Close at 6.30 a. m. Lewiston aud Auburn. Arrive at 9.00 a. m., 1.45 and 6.30 p. in. Close at 5.45 a in, 12.20 andS.OO p. m. Rochester. N. H., and intermediate offices. Arrive at 1.30 anu 11.25 p in. Close at 7.30 u m, and 2.00 p m. North Conway and other offices on the P. & O. R R. Arrive at 11.25 a in, and 5.55 p m. Close at 7.43 а. m. and 2.10 p m. By the Bridgton Stage. Arrive at 3 p m. Clese at б. 50 am. Eastport, via each steamer. Arrive at 6.00 a m. Close at 5.00 p in. Castine, Deer isle, Sedgwick, Mount Desert, Mill bridge, Jonespert and Machias, via each steamer Arrive at 6 a m. Close at 9 p m. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward’s Island. Arrive Thursday at 6 a m. Close Saturday at 5.00 p m. Foreign Mails per Allan Line close every Friday at 12.41 p. m. Foreign Mails, via New York, day previous to sail ing oi steamers. Close at 2.30 p in. Express, Augusta, Bangor aud the East. Arrive at 2.00 a m. Close at 9.00 p m. Skowbegan, intermediate offices and the north. Arrive at 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 p. m. Skowhegan closed pouch closes at 9.00 p m. Canada and intermediate offices, via G. T. R. Ar rive at 1.55 p. m. Close at 12.45 p m. U. 8. District Court. BEFORE JUDGE FOX. Wednesday.—Court came in at teu o’clock. Louis Angust, libe'lant, vs. Rufus R. Drummond The libellant says he shipped on the 29th day of February, 1876, at Bremerhafen, on board the ship Scotia, Drummond, master, for the port of New Orleans, as a mariner; ship wont to sea and was obliged to put back; while there, after return, voyage changed to Portland. While lyiDg at Bremerhafen libellant fell down the after hatch and broke his leg; that instead of landing him at Bremerhafen, he was retained on board, aud two days after the accident the ship sailed; that no medical assistance was afforded him, except eome splints, which were put on his leg by the carpenter; and that he was compelled to stand his watch on deck while wholly unfit for duty. Defence—didn’t know leg was broken; thought it a spasm; some five days after the accideut the car penter informed the captain the leg was broken; as$ist edin putting on spliuts and furnished liniments; told sailor after the ship arrived at Porttand to remain on board and he would make arrangements for him to go to the Marine Hospital; August left the vessel in the captain’s absence and begun this suit. Cliffords for libellant. Putnam for respondent. Case not finished. Court adjourned to Thursday morning. The following petitions in bankruptcy have been filed since last report: Frederick W. Campbell and Joseph A. Coveney, Portland. Ahnon L. Hobson, Portland. Felix Quinn. B ingor. Albert B. Furbish, Lewiston . Franklin A. Follett, Belfast. Henry H. McDuttee, Portland. * Timothy Hurley, Bangor. Stillman Gurney, Saco. Newlon H. Dantorth. Bangor. ThaddeusS. Hatch, Portland. George S. West, Biddeford. William II. Bacon, (formerly ofjWiudbam) Stan dish. George Pottle, Lewiston. Superior Court. MAY CIVIL AND^CRIMLNAL TERM, 1876, SVMONDS, J., PRESIDING. State vs. George A. Hunnewell. Obtaining $145,94 worth of goods of Drew, Wilson & Ames, wholesale grocers, Portland, by means of false representations made to Drew and to H. Knowlton, attorney for said firm. On trial. Libby, Co. Att’y. Haskell, Dana. Counsel in all unfinished criminal business, includ ing liquor.cases, are hereby notified to appear in Court this (Thursday) morning at ten o’clock. municipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE KNIGHT. Wednesday.—Philip O’Neal. Common drunkard. Thirty days. Frank Allen. Vagabond. Thirty days. Sarah Starkie. Assault and battery. Dismissed. Bradbury & B. Portland Gas Light Company.—The an nual meetiag of the Portlaud Gas Light Com pany was held yesterday afternoon. The pres ident read the following report of the direct ors: The consumption of gas for the year endiug the 30th of April last, i9 48,050,000 feet against 49.757.000 feet last year. The quantity of coal carbonized is 4800 tons against 5050 tons last;year. The number of meters iu use is 2897, a de crease of 129 since May 1, 1875. Twenty street lauierns have been added during the year, making the whole number 423. Two thousand feet of main pipe have been laivi, uioniuj, --------- mains, twenty-six miles, lour hundred and loity feet. Eight new benches of retorts have been built containing five retorts, in eacli bench, at a cost of about $9000. A new station meter baa been purchased aud put in place ol the old one, costing, with the valves and connections, about $2000. It has a capacity ol about 400,000 feet a day, which, it is estimated, will be sufficient for the works for ten years to come. The iron covering of the roof of the retort house has given out, aud it will be uecessary to renew it this season. Forty new retorts will have to be put into the old stock of benches in the northeastern end of the retort house. The purifier lids will require renewal, and mere are some other minor repairs to be made. The upper section of the old gas holder is still in use. There is a considerable loss of gas from it by leakage, but on tbe whole it is more economical to use it thau to do without it, or than to build a new one at present. The treasurer,JHoa. J. T. McCobb, reported the receipts of tbe post year as $174,593 57 aud tbe'expeuditores at $165,767.39. At tbe close of the reports1 the following officers were elected for tbe ensuing year: Pres ident, E. H. Paveis; Treasurer, J. T. MeCobb; Directors, E. H. Daveis, Thos. Cummings, Ezra Carter, C. 11-1 Merrill, W. W. Thomas, Jr., S. Kolfe. Association or Maine Soldieks.—A meeting of the executive committee of the As sociatiou of Maine Soldiers’ was held last, eve ning at Grand Army Hal', and in response to an iovitatiou extended to the several regimen tal organizations the following regiments were represented: 2st, 10th, 29th, 3d, 4tb, 5th, 8th, 9lh,;17tb. 19th, 20th, 27tb, 28th, 31st, 321, 1st Cavalry and Artillery Association. The meeting was a very enthusiastic one and it was unanimously voted,to hold a grand reunion of all tho Maine regiments and batteries at oue of the Islands in Casco Bay on Thursday, Aug. 10th. On the evening previous there will be a grand camp fire at City Hail. The arrange ments are iu the bauds of tho executive com mittee, who will in a lew days circulate the full programme to every part of the state The reunion promises to be the greatest gather ing of soldiers and sailors ever held in tbe state since the close of the war. Y, M. C. Association.—The state executive committee are now holding a series of meet ings in Augusta. A number of conversions occurred in connection with two meetings held with the St. Lawrence street church of thii city. The lady friends of the Portland Asso ciation have undertaken to furnish the readiug room with papers and magazines. An effort i being made to increase the library aud any do nations of money or new and second-ham books will be called for and thankfully receiv ed by the librarian, upon receiving notice b postal card. Uriel Jottings. The adjuster of the Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford, Coon., was iu the city yesterday and settled the §10,000, loss of that company under an accident policy written upon the late William Chase. There is considerable religious interest in the young people’s meetings of the Second Paiish, to which all are invited every Thursday even" ing. An excellent likeness of the late George T. Ingraham now haogs in the City Messenger’s room. The Infantry have voted to turn out ou the Fourth of July iu this city. A bunch of keys which were found yesterday can be seen at this office. There is to be a special meeting of the JPort land Debating Club this evening at A. & N. ll. library room. The last Centennial Party and Dauee will be held at Arcana Hall to-night. A pleasant time if assurtd. The Congress Square church oiler a rare en tertainment in their vestry this evening. A tour through London, Paris, Switzerland and the Holy Land together with miscellaneous views of an intf rtsting and amusing character, The entertainment is one of merit affording a deal of instruction and amusement for ten cents. Benefit of the Sunday School. The Reform Club will hold a public meeting this evening iu the hall of the Y. M. C. Asso ciation, commencing at 7 1-2 o'clock. All the Lodges and Eucampments of Odd Fellows have voted to accept the invitation of the city government to parade on the 4th of July and from the interest manifested by them they will make a batdsome appearance on that day. D. W. Clark & Co., are loading the ship Scotia with ice to go to New Orleans. Four sailors indulged iu a free and easy fight near the Custom House yesterday. The result was a very large man got a verr black eye from a very small man, then the crowd dispersed, all seemiog satisfied. As was expected a large aDd interested aud' lumc ilucuucu tuu muniujuu vuuiu jcfutiuiij morning. The bearing lasted till half past two o’clock in the afternoon when Judge Knight intimated that the respondent was uot guiltless but teserved his decision for a week. Jewelry Thieves Caught. — Yesterday morning two well dressed and rather flashy appearing young men entered the jewelry store of George A, Harmon, on Congress street, and called for several kinds of jewelry. Their story was that a young couple were about to be married, and they wished to make them several presents. Tho clerk n >t suspecting they were thieves, displayed tho goods in his usual man ner. After examining chaius, lockets, rings, and charms for some time, they purchased a valuable watch key and departed. Boon after they left the 9tore a valuable opera chain was missing. Suspicion at ones rested on these men, and Mr. Harmon notified Marshal Bridges of the loss at once. He detailed Depu'y Ster ling, officer Hicks acd Charles Stevens, a for. mer policeman, to look the matter up. They started from Mr. Harmon’s store with his clerk aod on arriving at Lamson’s store on Middle street, discovered the thieves in that store. The officers took them to the station and they were thoroughly searched but no goods found ou them. While there Mr. Augustus Robin son, the book seller on Middle street, arrived and identified the men as beiug the same who visited his store a short time before, where they packed a box and tock it to tbe Eastern Ex press. An officer was sent to the express office and the box obtained. It was directed to Frank St. Clair, Boston, and cantained about $400 worth of jewelry. Among the collection was four lockets, one cross, a gold charm and two chains, valued in all at $125. The remainder of the goods had been obtained in other pieces. They got nothing in Lamson’s, and as they claim to have arrived in the city yesterday morning must have got the goods elsewhere. After the box had been recovered the fellows acknowledged stealiog the rings from Harmon, aud offered Marshal Bridges the remainder of the goods if he would release them. They were very despondent last evening and paced their cells in a restless manner. The officers were very fortunate in getting the rascals so quick. __ Runaways.—Yesterday afternoon a two horse team owned by D. S. Merrill of Gorham became frightened while standing in front of tbe coal office of Sargeot, Dennisou & Co , and started up Moulton street at a furious rate. At the corner of Fore street the team narrowly escaped smashing the carriage of A. K. Shutt le®. Ttie horses were finally stopped by a jigger which ran in front of them. They were slightly cut about the legs in the race which was very exciting aud attracted a large crowd Tewksbury L. Sweat’s horse started ou a run up Moulton street and passed through Ex change to Middie street where he was stopped uninjured yesterday afternoon. A large aud efficient sidewalk cjmmittee witnessed the sight. Decoration Day.—Bosworth Post have decided to have decoration services at City Hall on Sunday afternoon the 28th inst. Rev. Mr. Johnston of Pine street church will con duct the services. On the same day the Army & Navy Union go to Evergreen Cemetery where appropriate services will be held. Ou Wedneslay the Union will join the Post in decorating tho graves at Evergreen. Fire at Cornish.—The store and goods of A. G. O’Briou and the dwelling house and stable of Mrs. Mary N. O’Brion were burned yesterday morning at two o’clock. A. G. O’Brion had $7,000 insurance on goods in the Home, N. Y. -Etna, Hartford and North Am erican. Mrs. O’Brion had $1,500 in the AStna. The Temiscouta Pine Land Co.—Tbe an nua) meeting of this company was held yester day afternoon at the office of A. E. Stevens & closing op tbe business of the company was postponed nutil a future meeting. The follow ing list of officers were elected for the ensuiDg year: President, A. E. Stevens; Clerk, N. O. Cram; Directors, Abner Coburn, St. John Smith, J. R. Brazier and N. O. Cram. Personal. Miss Waldrou was at tbe Preble yesterday, on her way from Montreal to St. John where she has an eight weeks’ engagement. Music Hall.—A large number of men and a few women made up tbe audience which at tended Mme. Reniz’s minstrels last eveniug. Tbe entertainment opened in tbe usual style, with songs and jokes. Some of the songs were well sung, but some of them were murdered in old age. The jokes by Roche were fresh and sparkling, but tbe,least said of the others tbe better. Then lollowed ballads and songs by tbe women, interspersed with songs, dances and sketches. For some unaccountable reason Furguson, the luuatic, was encored. His per formance is about the cheapest yet seen at this hall. Following this came a rather laughable farce on office seeking, which concluded with tbe cau-cm. This was the nearest approach to the genuine cau-can ever given in this city. For thisreasmit pleased (ho large audience and this eveuing tbe hall will be crowded. India Street Vestry'.—The Maid of Crois sey was produced at the vestry of tbo India street church last eveuiog in a very fioe man ner. As “Sergeant Austerlitz,’’ Mr. Calder had one of those parts in which lie is perfect ly at home, his acting being excellent. Mrs. Calder also had a part perfectly adapted to her usual good style. Miss Curtis, Mr. Dow and Mr. St. John were good iu their parts, and showed considerable dramatic talent. The play is to be repeated next Friday eveniug by particular request. Give them a rousing house. Music by Chandler. Real Estate Transfers.—The following are the real estate transfers recorded in this county yesterday; Cape Elizabeth—Lot of land from Samuel Trickey to Benjamin U. Houston. Deeriug—Lot of land from Artemus L. Rich ardson to Eugene A. Scott. Portland—Lot and buildings on Free streel from Arthur M. Ilsley to Charles W. Belknap. Maine Business Notes. Tbe proprietors of the Limestone Staicb fac tory are building a new factory at Fort Fair field. Corn at Calais by.the bag is quoted at SI X or less than 78 ceuts'.per bushel. Eggs 20 cents butter 33 and 33; hay S3 and $13. In two days last week twenty-five cars eon taining 1100 cases of cotton and of woolei i goods were shipped from {Androscoggin statioi by the Bates corporation, Lewiston. I A Bteam grist mill is soon to he erected ii Calais by Messers. Samuel Kelley, Jr., am 1 William Foster. A planing mill ig to bo rui in connection. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY Only one person has been arraigned at the Lewiston police court for the past ten days aDd he was discharged. Mr. Bolster, bank examiner, has examined Auburn Savings Bank, and finds the assets of the bank sufficient to pay denositors in full and leave a surplus of several thousand dollars. The Journal says Mr. Plummer, agent of the Androscoggin Water Power Company, of Lisbon Falls, reports that the loss of logs by bis company, will not exceed 200.000 He thinks that not over 800,000 logs Went down by his booms. A large number of logs remain high and dry, along the shores between Lewis ton and Lisbon. AROOSTOOK COUNTY. The Sunrise says the ground is yet unsettled at Presque Isle, the roads extremely bad and snow two to three feet deep in the woods, The spring term of the Houlton Academy closed Tuesday. There were in attendance 127 scholars during the term. A summer term will commence on Monday, May 2!)lh. The North Star says that on Sunday, April ,30tb, Mr. Simon Martin, jr., and his son, aged 13years, left their sugar camp in Crystal Plan tation for home. It soon after commenced snowing violently, some eighteen inches falling, obliterating all traces of the road. The father was about five miles from the camp, the son half a mile farther on. FRANKLIN COUNTY The dwelling house of Abel Russell, of Wilton, with all the furniture and clothing in the upper part of the house, was burned Satur day afternoon. Loss $2,000—insured lor $1,000. Dr. Richards met with a narrow escape last Thursday aftemoou, at West Farmington, while trying to cross a stream of water that had overflowed its banks and was running across the road. His horse shied at a log in the stream, and the force of the current carried horse and gig down; bnt the doctor, being on the horse’s back, grabbed a tree with one hand, and with the other helped support the horse until assistance arrived. A building owned by Mr. Daniel Beau, West Farmington, was entirely.destroyed by fire last Wednesday night. Mr. George Paine of Eustis, age about 30 vears. on Thursday last while driving logs on Tim Brock, got his feet and legs so wedged in between a log and the ledge, nnder water up to his breast, that he could not be relieved until the men went four miles and hoisted the dam and drew off the water from the brook. When released lie was so chilled or injured that he died. KENNEBKO COUNTY. A gentleman named Robinson, a well-to-do farmer, belonging in Mt. Desert, was brought to Augusta, Tuesday forenoon, and placed in the Insane Hospital for treatment. Benj. Bawling, an Englishman residing in Lewiston, has been brought to the Insane Hos pital. The boot and shoe storejof Mr. A. J. Rey noius, in Augusta, was eotereu on monuay night. aud perfectly cleaned out Tbe thieves left nothing but one small pair of shoes. A meeting of the Kennebec Log Driving Company was held in Gardiner last Thursday, at which meeting tbe company voted to accept the provisions of the resolve of tho Legislature passed last winter in reference to the Forks Bridge. By this resolution the Legislature ap propriated $2,000 to buy up the stock of 'said bridge, provided the company would pay the balance and make it a free bridge. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. Fourteen members of tbe Middle class in the Theological Seminary of Bangor, were exam ined and licensed bv the Penobscot Ministerial Association, yesterday, and one member of the Senior class, not before licensed by them. Mr. John Patten, Treasurer of the Bangor Savings Bank for the past n:ne years, died at his residence, in Bangor, early Tuesday morn ing. PISCATAQUIS COUNTY. The Dover and Foxcroft Reform Club now comprises ninety-six members. WASHINGTON COUNTY. The Machias Republican says that Mr. Drisko of tbe Union, is able to do considerable work in his office, but at considerable risk of injary to his head. Close attention and noise have an injurious effect. YORK COUNTY’. Ttistram Jordan Esq , one of the oldest and most respected citizens of Saco, died at his resi dence on Saturday last. IN GENERAL. A st° ry is circulated that a Swedish woman who was liviog on the Isles of Shoals at the time of the murders for which Wagner was hung has confessed that she was the murderer. It is doubtless a hoax. The Bath Times says the directors of tbe Maine Central are considering tbe matter of extending their line to Solon. The route was surveyed several years since and is an easy one. As there are no bridges, it is estimated that the road can be bnilt for $15,000 per mile. The distance is about fifteen miles. Kf.ndall & Whitney are selling agents for Excelsior Conservatories. Plants received dai ly. my9eod2w 20,000 early Cabbage Plants for sale by Ken dall & Whitney. my9eod2d The pain endured and tbe misery entailed by such distressing maladies as kidney, bladder and glandular affections, nerveus complaints, diseases incidental to females, Sc., are entire ly removed and counteracted bv administering DR. BULLOCK’S KIDNEY REMEDY, NEPHRETICUM. Under itt influence the system regains its vigorous action, and tbe whole nerve fabric is strengthened aud sus tained. mylO-eod&wl w 5—20—35 50 Today, at 10, F. O. Bailey & Co., will com mence tbe manufacturers’ sale of fine Silver Plated Ware and Table Cutlery. The goods are first class, and it is seldom so good an oppor tunity is offered at public sale. See auction column. _ C. H. Lamson, jeweller, has just opened a large variety of those beautiful French porce lain ear drops (imitating flowers of different hues) which have recently been so popular in the larger cities. And all Difficulties of the Feet skillfully treated. MR- & MRS. DR. WELCH. Chiropodists, 504 1-4 CONGRESS STREET, Comer of Brown, Street, Portland, Me. Parties treated at there residence per order without, extra charge. Office honrs from 10 A. M. until 8 P. M. ap3 eod2m* SMUGGLER, JR., — BY — SMUGGLER. COL.H.M. RUSSELL, owner of Smuggler, Jr. has sent him to fflerrymeetiDg Farm, isowdomliam to serve liis own mares kept their. He will be limited to 30 good mares for outside parties. He has put the price within reach of everybody. Only $50 per Meaoon. If not in foa!, to have Hie use of horse any time he is in the stud. Smuggler, Jr., is one of the most remarkable colts of bis age (5 years) in New England,15 bands 3 inches, beautiful bay, perfect pic ture of his sire, but finer grained, gaited exactly like him and very fast. Grand good pasture and best of care of brood mares. For lurther purticulars ad dress F. A. F. ADAITIHt mch3 eod2m&w3ml0 M. C. PATTEN, Practical and Expert Accountant, 145 COMMERCIAL ST. INTRICATE accounts, partnership settlements, etc., etc., adjusted. Previous business written, and all work requiring competent services promptly executed. Compromises between debtors and credi tors effected, financial ability of debtors investigated, and settlements effected when desired Instruction in book-keeping to a limited number. Business from this city and vicinity respectfully solicited. Ample references in this and other cities. mar 7 TW&Fteodtf MODESTO TUERO, widlies to inform the people of Portland and vicinity that he has re-opened the old stand of Cigars. Tobacco and Pipes, 560 CONGRESS STREET, with an entire Fresh Stock of all kinds of smokers articles, where he will also cairy on his Manufactur ing of Cigar.-. my5codtf Direct importation of Ales, Wines and liquors, Holland Gin in hulk, J. DeKuyper. Green Seal Gin incase from Rot terdam. Irish and Scotch Whiskey in bulk and case from Ramsey & Co., Liverpool. Hennessey Brandy in case, vintage 18GC, 1870 and 1873, direct from P rance. Very fine old Port and Sherry Wines direct from London Heidsteck Champagn. Bass Pael Ale from Buiton-on-Trent in Hbds., Bbls., and Kilder kens. Also same (Hibberts bottling) in casks and cases of Qts. and Pts. In the original packages in bond or duty paid by JAMES McGLINCHY, Im porter, 89 Commercial St. apr7eod6m MUSIC 2 New Sheet Music, Books. Folios, &a received daily by C. K. HAWES, 177 Middle Street, Portland. The largest Stock in the City. - ALSO - Pianos, Reed Organs, cheap for cash or install ments, Violins, Guitars, Music Boxes, Accordions, Flutes, Banjos. Piccolos, Harmonicas, Clarinets, Cornets, and all instruments for Brass and String Rands, in great variety; extra \ iolin Strings, Retail i and Wholesale. Particular attention given to orders. 1 jan31 deodly* ; To the Ladies of Portland and Deuring! Cl.KAN HKD* more Important tlmn elegant furniture. Feather beds, pillows and hair mat ought to he cleansed every year. It will pro l mote health anil prevent disease Cleansing by , Wten>u is the only sure wav of destroying vermin and removing disagreeable odors. Send in your or I ders to the office of “ I'he Steam Feather Ken ovator.” 218 Federal St. All inquiries cheerlully answered. myl5eodtf NEW ADVERTISEMENTS Vn imitation of Dai*ie«. Pansies, Rose budii, A'c. Very pretty and Myliwb. A largt aHtiortment juat received by C. H. LAJHSOK, JEWELER, 201 MIDDLE STREET. inyl8 dlw Orders for Tow Boat! * will be received as usual CIIAS. SAWYER’S Office, 123 Commercial Street. my!8dtf For Sale. 1=1. Three desirable Houses and six very desira^ •;[ ble lots, at Woodford’s Corner. Intending to JLgo West, will sell the above property on eas] terms ami reasonably low prices. Good drainage cemented cellar. Laid and soft water. Inquire of T H. MANSFIELD, Spring St., Woodford’s, Me. fSp~See Auction Column. myl8na3t Rent Wanted. OF five or six rooms, in the central part of the city Any one having a pleasant convenient rent will leani of a good tenant by addressing P. O. Bon 652. myl8dlw* Wanted. A COMPETENT nurse girl to take care of twc small children. Apply at 603 CongressSquaie mylSdtf H. .J.gLIBBY. Wanted, AN Experienced Dry Goods Salesman; none but those that understand the retail trade thoroughly, and can furnish good reference need address, “SALESMAN,” Thil Office. nayl8 dlw Immense_Sacrifice I PARASOLS — AND — Son Umbrellas — AT — MANUFACTURER S PRICES. Wo are ready to offer 500 Parasols and Sun Um brellas. consisting of Serge and Boiled Twilled Silk, from 18 to 30 inch, in Ebony, Bone, Horn, Pearl In laid, Ivory and Oxidized Handles, from $1.25 and upwards. Positively the largest and cheapest line in the City. Also German and Lisle Gauze GrLOVES for Ladies, Gents and Misses, with one to four but tons, from 15 to 45 cents. Also a complete line in from 40 cents and upwards, defying competition. Great bargains in Silk and Worsted Fringes, Ci imped and Heavy Knotted. Also MAKTHA WASHINGTON Caps and Bonnets! for Children. Cloaks. Children’s Robes and Short Dresses at astonishingly low prices, 500 Doz, Kid Gloves, in German and French Kids, from 1 to 6 button, at 50c and 60c, 2 button at 70c, 85c. $1.00, $1.15 the best. Also Courvoisiers Real Kid warranted, at $1.50, a bargain at $1.75. 4 button reduced to $1.50 539 CONGRESS ST., F. IjATNER. Ladies should bear in mind that we are selling the above goods at Boston prices, and by examining will convince themselves. ap7 * deod3m A-MM Lk*% 1 m m It* uiuiiicio i' an uamv, 125 Tremont Street, BOSTON. OPP. PARKJT. CHURCH. Our Stock is now complete and embraces tlie best styles of Foreign and Domes tic Goods that can be found in this city, Satisfaction guaran to every customer iu Fit and Finish or Every Garment. mylQ__eodlm STONE & DOWNER, CUSTd HOUSE BROKERS AND FOBWABDEBS, 3(0. *8 STATE ST., — AND — Centre Desk, Rotunda, Custom House, BOSTON. Particular attention given to the enter ing and forwarding of merchandise arrivi* g at PORT OF BOSTON, also New York, Philadelphia and Portland. Having unsurpassed facilities, we are prepared to forward goods with prompt ness and dispatch. Business entrusted to our earc will receive prompt attention. STONE & DOWNER, 28 State St., Boston. ap5 deoaGm Grand Trnnlr Railway flnmnanv nf Canada Tenders for Stores. Tenders are iuviteil for Stores required by the Company on the Portland District of their line during the year commencing July 1st, 1876. Forms of Tender, with list of Stores can he had on application at the office ol the Deputy Storekeeper, Portland. Tenders endorstd “Tenders for Stores’ will be received by the undersigned 01 or before WEDNESDAY, 31st May. JOSEPH HICKSON. General Manager. Montreal, May 1, 1876. W&S9t Lawn Mowers. If you waul a Lawn Slower write fo special price. Very Low. FRED ATWOOD, art28eodtf Winterporl, Me. Just Published. A New and Beautiful Sabbath Seh. Soni Book. GOOD NEWS ! Good News indeed to Sab I bath School Singers, youn just sucii'abook? Ytta'ellte contents “d __ | eminent writers and con GOOD NEWS ! | posers. Both music and words are GOOD NEWS new, tresh and attractive. “Sunny Shore,” “To Canaan, GOOD NEWS again!” ‘“onoTstray.-Kin”® GOOD NEWS dom Coming,” and ethers, WOOD NEWS Price of Good News, 35 cts. Reduction for quant tics. Mailed post-free for retail price. Revised, greatly enlarged and improved new editio of CARftllNA COLLEGE WS1A. This mngnificient book lias been revised and in £ roved, the songs ot many new colleges added, an< esides being the most comprehensive collection ' Students Songs, containing those of all the Colleg< extant, it is one of the most attractive books tor ui in parties and all informal social “sings.” Price 1 Cloth, $3.00; Gilt, $4.00. Keep in remembrance Liviug Water*. Une: celled as a book for Praise Meetings, etc. 30 cts. OLIVER DITSON & CO., BOSTON. C. H. Ditaon &C, J. E Diixon A-€o 711 Broadway, SuccesaorstoLee&Walk New York. Philadelphia. ja!2 mylOW*S&w3w , _REMOVAL. I DR. HEUSOM, ■ Has remove! hie office to Lis resilience, Corner of Pine and Emery Streets. At Home from 8 to 9 A. HI., 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 V HI.mylgdlw REMOVAL. WM. E. DENNISON , has removed from *36 COiUDIERCnL STREET — To lls COMMERCIAL ST., HEAD LONG WHARF. COPARTNERSH IP. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner ship under the firm name ot SARGENT, DENNISON k CO., and have taken the stand at Long Wharf, 118 Commercial St., where they will continue the business of Wholesale and Retail Dealers — IN — COAL AND WOOD, and would be pleased to see all tbeir former patrons and as many new ones as may fhvor us with a call. EDWARD H. SARGENT. WILLIAM E. DENNISON. Portland, May 1,187C. myldtf DR. 0 0 WELL, Has removed to Ho. 3 Casco Street, Where he is successfully treating the sick by the use of Hr. J. Clawson Kelley’i* Botanic Keme dies, in connection with Electricity and the Health Lift Cure. Also is Agent tor Hr. Kidder’s Premium Hlecfro Hlagnetie Battery. Advice free. my!2dtf A. B. BUTLER, D E A L E R In Cheap Dress Goods, Black Cashmeres, Alpacas and Brilltantines, Flannels, Children’s Cloakings. Table Linens. Towels, Napkins, Ladies’ and Children’s Skirts, Full lines Ladles'. Children’s and Men’s Underwear, Best makes in Corsets, Complete assortment Panniers, Bustles and Suspenders, &c., &c. Also a great Variety of Tidies of Applique and Noting, ham Lace, New Patterns lor Shams. In Gloves and Hosiery our lines are com* Slete, including German and French .isle Gloves so desirable last season. We sell a good Two Button Kid Glove for $1.00. We have just opened full lines of Trefousse and Beal Alexandre Kids. There are no better Kids imported than the above. We have opened|Sun Umbrel las and Parasols in good variety. Also a large variety of Hamburg Edgings and Insertions, Drets Fringes, Braids, Hat tons and other articles too numerous to mention. We offer every article at prices to suit the times. Try us and see. RESPECTFULLY, A. B. BUTLER, Cor. Cross and middle Sts. my 12 d3t J. T. K._& CO. ~ POLICE" PANTS Made from 11 ounce Metropolitan Government Standard Police Cloth, double indigo dyed. They have live Pockets, three being made, of English Goatskin and especially shaped for Pistol. Handcuff and Billy. They are sewed throughout with waxed tarred sewings, the strength of which it is impossible to rip. Price S7. J. BURLEIGH & CO., 189 middle St,, SOLE AGENTS FOR PORTLAND ALSO Ageuts for J. T. K. & Co.’s Firemens’ and Letter Carriers’ Uniforms, Hotel Bell Boys’ Uniforms, Waiters’ Jackets, &c. myl7 d3t PHOTOGRAPH OIL PAINTING. A new process by which auy common photograph can be transformed into u beautiful picture of un fading beauty. Tlie artist guarantees to teach any person in TWO EASY LESSONS. No previous experience or natural talent required. As an amusement it is fascinating, and as a lucrative employment to those seeking a means of support is worthy of investigation. Specimens can be seen at the store ot HCHC UVACkSER BROS., No. 463 Congress Hi., — AND AT — No. 62 (Old Number) Free Street, ■ear Oik, where parties can receive instruction. AGENTS WANTED. myl7 dlw* H. M. Payson& GO., DEALERS IN Government Bonds, State and City Securities, BANK STOCK, Ac., 32 Exchange Street. my‘27eodtf Ladies’ Fine Boots! in all the leading styles, including the Seamless Side Lace Boots — IN — FREN II AND AMERICAN KID. Ladle 5 Fine Boots in all Widths a Specialty. Also a line of the celebrated Newark Hand Hewed W ork for Gents’ wear. No. 1 Elm Street. PREBLFL OAVIS1, LEAVITT & DAVIS. PT* Measures taken for Ladies’ and Gent’s boots. apr20 eodtf trISed HATS. I The finest, assortment in this city, for Ladies. Misses and Children, at reasonable prices at myl3eodlw WELCH’S, 179 middle Street, FOR SALE! A large stock of Carriages, Wagons and Buggies of every description; top and no top, single and double, at ten per cent, lower than at any other fac . tory in Maine. Coucord and Express Wagon* > a specialty. JOHN ADAMS, , aprleodtf Snccarnppa, Me. i MISS J. H. SEAMACE, y Graduate of the Bouton Training School forNnruci) I can be found by enquiring at 64 1.2 FEDERAL STREET, Near corner of Pearl, ! my!) PORTLAND, ME: eo<12w< ! Now is the Time to Cleanse Feather Beds. - CSWEET, clean beds aud pillows will prevent pick to nesa. Beds and pillows throughly renovate, by fticnm, at 218 Federal Street, near Temple „ Orders left there will receive prompt attention. ap25 eodtf Side Lace Boots I if IS A full assortment ill French Kid, neat and pretty e Also in French Morocco for Walking Boots. Mcas n urea taken and nice tilting BootB made to order to men or women. M. Q-. PALMER, ja28 (ltf Vaults Cleaned and Ashes Re moved. :t A LL ORDERS promptly attended to by calling a A or addressing R. GIBSON, iuuldtt 588 Congress Street. ntmNANIS l BLEACHED COTTONS in 0 4. 9 4, 10-4. These are the celebrated Wain sutta Cotton in good lengths, and will be sold at about 1 2 THEIR USUAL PRICE. - Remnants I WHITE PIQUE, in very choice styles and nice quality. These are the best goods for the money ever sold in this city. PARTICULAR ATTENTION Is called to another lot of those BROWN and GREY Twilled Dress Goods, At 22 cents, would he cheap at 30 cents Would also solicit an Examination of the finest assortment of Ladies’, Gents’ and Children’s HOSIER! to be found East of Boston. All kinds of sewing machine needles, warranted to he the best in the market, at 42 cents per do/. All orders by mail filled promptly. W. f. STUDLEY, Under Falmouth Hotel. myl5 * dlw — AND — Sun Umbrellas. We have just received a large and elegant assortment of the latest styles in Parasols and Nun Umbrellas. Owing to the recent great depression of business in Boston and New York, wc have been enabled to buy these goods 15 per cent, under price. The benefit of this discount we oflcr our cns« towers as we wish to close the whole lot at once and prove to cv»*ry one that this is TOE OPPORTUNITY OE THE SEA SON to purchase these goods, E3P*Examination solicited. OWEN MOORE, Congress St., Cor. Brown. <Jec29 atr Maine Blackwood, (FORMERLY NORWOOD) Sired by Blackwood, (3 years old, record 2.31) 1st dam by Norman, sire ot Lula, 2.15, May Queen 2 20. 2d dam by Mawbrlno Chief, sire of Lady f home, 2.18. Blackwood, sire of Blackwood. Jr.. 4 years old record 2 32. Freshman 4 years, 2.30^. Rosewood 5 years, MAH BLACKWOOD. Brown colt, sired 1872. Trotted full mile last fall as 3 year old in 2 36J, and drew wagon in 2.40J. Is six teen liuDds high and weighs 1075 lbs Will make this season (and only one in Maine! at $00—payable in advance. Apply to JOHN DALY, Box 1819, or Head of St. John St. myl3 dtfis HEALTH LIFT ! A THOROUHGH GYMNASTIC SYSTEM — FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN TEN MINUTES ONC E A DAY. Doubles the strength in three months. Do'is not fatigue nor exhaust. Refreshes and invigorates. Removes dyspepsia and indigestion. Tones the ner vous system. Improves the circulation. Warms the extremities. Increases the general vitality. Exercise and Salesroom, 237 Middle Street, Portland, Me X. VI. fiUIRRRT. Pranriolar. no25 tf GRASS SEED. WE have now on hand an extensive Stoek of Prime Herdit Graft", Red Top Clover, AIlie Clover, Orchard Grass, Bloc Grn«*, Hungarian Grass and IRIIIet Meed, which we otter at the Loweat Cash Prices. We also have a large assortment of Vegetable and Flower Meeds. Kendall & Whitney, ^PORTLAND, ME. J(| 50 CENTS FREE. SPECIAL OFFER-FOR SHORT TIME ONLY. Will send,post-paid free,to each new subscriber of The New York Agents* Monthly, a mag nificent Centennial Memorial Medal (in fancy box), struck in Albata Plate Silver, larger than a silver trade dollar, 1§ inch iu diameter—Price 50 cents each. The Agents* Monthly is a handsome, spicy, 16 page paper. Subscription price 25 cents a a year. Send 25 cents, and you will receive the Agents* Monthly for one year, post-paid, aud the above Medal gratis. Address, FENTON PUBLISHING CO mhl5d&wGm 170 Broadway, New York. MRS. C. A. SEAMACE has just opened Rooms at 64 H Federal Street, Corner of Pearl, where Fashionable Dress Making will be done at reasonable rates. Prompt attention paid to customers. my9eod2w* fiallr I $3.50 and your old Ollll Hat will buy a NEW STYLE SUMMER Silk __ . Hat at A. L. MERRY’S lloffi 237 Middle Street, MHOw9t Sign of the Gold nij'16<ltt [Hat. CARRIAGES. A FINE lot of Phaetons and Brewster top Bug gies, built oi the best material and warranted first class, for sale. Pleaso give me a call before pur chasing elsewhere. F. II. B AMJ ALL, Over Ueo. Rose’s Stable ou PREBLE ST. mjt* utf W IN D 0 W SHADES 40c aud upwards, at PIKE’S, 53 Exchange Street. apr25 dim* For Sale at a Bargain. t rtNE lar,r lirr ilia,.. |& Hninlin t’nbi U net Organ. Inquirc]nt|OOj.Clnrk Hi. raj-13 dlw ANNUAL MEETINGS. PORTLAND COMPANY. ANNUAL MEETING. THE Stockholders of the Portland Company are hereby notified that the Annual Meeting of the corporation will be held at the office ot the Company, at their works, on TUESDAY, the 23d day of May, at 3 o’clock in the afternooD, for the following pur poses, viz: 1st. To act on the report of the Directors and Treasurer. 2d. To choose Directors for the ensuing year. 3d. To act on any other business that may come before the meeting. RUFUS D. BEAN, Clerk. Portland, May 8th, 1876. mySTTh&Std w l “ r i — OF — FURNITURE EFER OFFERED IN FORTUN'D may be found :it 46 Exchange St., G, A. Whitney & Co., and at Prices that will astonish every one! Bankrupt Stock OF — l Walnut Chamber Sets, 10 PIECES EACH, 300 Marble Top and Library Tables, bought for cash, and will be sold lower Ilian can be bought in this market. lOO PARLOR SLITS of our own manufacture, and the cheapest suit we sell upholstered, one half pure Hair. Best suits all pure Hair. All ur Furniture put in the best order and delivered free of charge. Our facilities are such for manu facturing and buying that we shall not be undersold. Parties about purchasing will certaiuly save money by calling on ns. Geo. A. Whitney & Co. NO. 46 EXCHANGE STREET. m\9 dtf PIANOS ! No. 3 Free St. Block. The subscriber desires to inform his friends and the public that he will OP EX Rooms on MONDAY, May 15. for the sale of a choice lot ot Instruments, carefully selected from the factory of those Princes ot Piano Makers, McPHAIL. & Co., of Boston, and the new and popular NATIONAL PIANO ot New York. Also PARLOR ORGAXS, from some of the best builders, and on or about May 22 an invoice ot the justly celebrated patent WOOTON CABINET DESK, which, wherever it has been in troduced. is universally acknowl edged to be the best Office and Parlor Desk extant, and for the ivvcn vi line uuin. un: FLEETWOOD AND SORRENTO SCROLL SAWS, Treadle Machines, Fancy Woods, Patterns, Ac, Being the MANUFACTURER’S AGENT for all of the above, I can sell at Factory, and I think satisfactory, prices to compare with the times. 3 Free Street Block, lately occupied by H, S. Kaler A Co. Samuel Thurston. myll dtf RUBBER IIOSU 10 CENTS PER FOOT. We will sell Hose for washing windows, sidewalks, sprinkling lawns, gardens, Ac., at the low price of 10 cents per foot aud up wards. Brass Couplings, Pipes. Ac,, all attached and ready for use at lowest prices. Hall's Pa tent Combination Pipe, which makes a sprinkler or solid stream by simply turning the stop cock. Try these and you will use no others. Call and examine at Hall's Rubber Store, UNDER FALMOUTH HOTEL. my!6 dtl E. BETTE RICK dc CO/S 1. UIIJUI 119 U1 UU1 1UVU«3 i Summer Catalogues Just Received at 267 MIDDLE STREET. C. DYER, Agent. inylCd3w* IF YOU ARE TROUBLED WITH CORNS, BUNIONS! LARGE JOINT* OB INGROWING NAIKj* you can cure them without using the fcnift by having your feet properly fitted at the Boot and Shoe Store 330 Middle St. aplS.ltfM. G. PALMER. THE AERATED Oxygen Treatment. A GENUINE cure for Catarrh, Asthma, Rheuma tism, Dyspepsia, Lung anil all Chronic Difr eases is still ottered to all who are afflicted, at 383 Cougreaft * tree I, Portland. Me., Boom 3 Cahoon Block, where a large number of testi monials can be seen. Consultation and trial dose free. jal2tfls»Swtfll BEFORE BllING A SEWING MACHINE, bo sure and sec the NEW PHILADELPHIA or TRIUNE, Which sell? at 40 per cent, less than other first clas Shuttle Machine. Call, or sent f>r Circulars and Samples ol Work, at No. Q Oasoo St. ma!5 A4.EVTS WANTED. .13m LIVE AND LET LIVE IS OUR MOTTO Great Reduction in Pi ices of Laundri Work. 8hirl« with Bottom* - - 13 cent Foliar* ------ 3 •* Pmr Full*.. “ Portland Laundry, 44 Union St aplO d3m G. A. CLARK, Nl. D, 74 FREE STREET Opposite head of Brown 81. Office Hours 2 to 4 P. M. jil6 felieodtf AUCTION 8ALJ3W F. O. BAILEY & CO.. Auctioneers and Commission Merchants Nalt'irooma 35 and 37 Exchange Hi. ». 0. BAILKY. 0. W. ALUDT Regular sale of Furniture and General Merchan dise every Saturday, commencing at 10 o’clock a. m. Consignments solicited._ oc3dt F. 0. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. Manufacturer's Sale — OF — Silver Plated Ware — AND — TABLE CUTLERY BY AUCTION. At Salesrooms, 35 and 37 Exchange St., — ON — THURSDAY, May 18tb, At 10 A. M. and continue the sale every day at IO A. i?l. and 4 l-’J P. JB. until all the Stork it sold, A large consignment of Silver Plated Ware and Table Cutlery from one of the largest factories in New England, and sold to close an estate The goods consist in part of Tea Sets, Waiters, Salvers, Card and Cake Baskets, Fruit Stands. Berry Dishes, Bo quet Hollers, Va>es, Spoon Holders, Syrup Dishes, Mugs. Goblets, Ice and Water Pitchers, Dinner and Breakfast Castors, Wine Coolers,Celery Stands, Nap kin Rings, Table, Dessert and 'lea Spoons, Medium and Desert Forks, Soup and Oyster Ladles, Butter. Pie and Cake Knives, jfcc., &p Alsq a large line of Silver Plated Cutlery Also a jobber’s stock ot fine Fancy Goods, consisting ot Bronzes, Albums. Opera Glasses Gold and Silver Watches, Ladies’ and Gents’ Gold Chains, &c., &c. 1 be Plated Ware and Cutlery In this sale Is war ranted first class, new and elegant designs, and will be sold without reservation or limit, ottering great inducements to dealers, hotel keepers, saloon keep ers and private families who intend purchasing sil ver ware or fine cutlery. royl3dtf Furniture, Carpets, Crockery, Ac., by Auction. ON SATURDAY, May 20tb. at 10 A. M., at Base ment Salesroom 35 Exchange Street, we shall sell B. W. and Painted Chamber Sets,’New and Second-Hand Parlor Suits, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture large line of fine new Crockery Ware, Bedding, Stoves, &c. E. O. BAILEY’ A CO , Auctioneer*. d3t ~G RE AT_ SALE 1 THE HOUSES AND EOT* Advertised in another column by T. H. Mansfield, will be sold by PUBLIC AUCTION, On SATURDAY, May 20tb, at 3 o’clock P. M.; If stormy the following Monday same hoar. Terms e»sy. The above can be examined any day until sale, myl2td T. H. MANSFIELD. Important Auction Notice. WE have instructions from one of the largest furniture bouses in Boston to hold a catalogue sale of ELEGANT NEW FllSMTURfi ! , Saturday, May 37th. Full Particulars In a few days. E. « BdlLKI Ac lt>, Aacliaaeen. uiyi£*u SHIRTS! / Unlaundried Shirts, all finished, and made ol Wamsntln Cottons and nice Linen Bosoms and CufiTs Tor the low price ot $1.25 t Call and Examine Them. Charles Custis & Co., 493 CONGRESS ST. my5ifjdly MUSIC f ADDRESS ALL ORDERS -TO— Collins & Buxton, 522 Congress St., Portland. Me. de!4_ dly Job Lot of Shirts. We offer a Shirt, very nicely made ol Wamsutla Cotton and nice Linen Bosom and Cuffs, and laundried, for 81.25 each. These Shirts are worth $2.50. Come and see them. CHARLES CUSTIS & CO., 493 CONGRESS STREET. my5d2ir PORTLAND RUBBER TYPE CO., — MANUFACTURERS OF — Rubber Hand Stamps, Name Stamps for Marking Linen, Rubber and Metal Dating Stamps,Ribbon «tamp*, Meal Prrsncs, Door Platen, Honse Num ber*. Mieel Stamp*, Miencil*. Burning Brand*, Baggage and Hotel Cbeek*, Ac, NO. 232 FEDERAL ST., PORTLAND, ME. ty Agents wanted. Send for circular. febIStf PORTLAND Paper Box Company! J. P. LIBBY has decided to resume the manufacture of Paper Boxes, amt bas taken Chambers NO. 48 UNION STREET, where he will be bapp; to see bis old customers. PORTLAND PAPER BOX CO., ap'-’Cdlm* No. 4S I’nion hi reel. ■If !ind,a street. DYE Coa|sl £fed’ House, |Rsrf*^:: .•■« ®=- cotton and Wool Dresses Dyed Without Ripping. aprli__2m CHEESE, CHEESE! 300 Boxes Factory Cheese For Hnle VERIT COW lo Clow ■ Con »l4—al. SMITH, GAGE & CO., 9*4 COMMERCIAL ST. rnylO<12 w GEKTLEHEM’S Fine Root*. Shoe* and Gaiters of all kind., made from tke dae.l material* aad by the beat workmen an French Casio, at GOWELL’S mUnder the Falmouth-^ PAINTS AND OILS. WHITE LEADS. COLORS AND VARNISHES Royers of the above named goods are invited t> call and examine goods and prices. We warrant al1 articles exactly as represented. W, W. WHIFFLE Sk CO., myjMlm ‘41 Market Wqaare, Portland. , Boys’ Custom Clothing ! MBS. f7c7 CHASE would inform her old customers and friends that she has reopened the store €.' truer Pori land aad iTIerh mic Mlrvns. where she is prepared to cut and make Boys' Clothing in the latest styles Trimmings constantly on hand. Old Maxim—‘Firs come first served.” mchldtf To Let. A SUIT of rooms without board. Applj at No 47 Danfoi th Street. mj24dtii«

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