Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 18 Mayıs 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 18 Mayıs 1876 Page 4
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POETRY. Discontent. Tbe nightingale stopped singing, And hung bis dainty head: “Of what use is uiy music? 1 prize it not,** he said; “I’m tired of this gray, homely dress— I want the rose’s loveliness.” A rose sighed in the sunsbiue, And hung her lovely head; “Of what use is my beauty, And my sweet breath?” she said; “With longing 1 am growing pale— I want to be a nightingale!” ’Twas beard by Mizra Scbaffer— This plaint of discontent. “The one,” he said, “lor beauty, The one for song is meant. Sing songs of cheer, O nightingale! O rose, let not your beauty pale!” — Tran, from Bodensted by Mrs.M. F. Butts. THE FARM AND HOUSEHOLD. The Stockbridge Fertilizers. Potatoes. To produce 100 bushels of potatoes per acre and their natural proportion of tops more than the natural product of the land, and for other quantities in like proportion use Nitrogen.....21 lb*. Potash. 34 “ Phosphoric acid... 11 “ In the form ot SulDh. ammonia, 24 p ct. dry salt. 105 “ •r potash 35 pet dry salt.225 “ Superphosphate, 13 p ct. soluble acid.85 “ Field Beaut. To produce twenty bushels ot field beans and their natural proportion of straw, pods, &c., more than the natural product of the land, and for other quantities in like propor tion use Nitrogen. 53 lbs. Potash. 33 «• Phosphoric acid. 20 “ In the form of Sulph ammonia. 24$> ct. dry salt.2C5 “ “ potash, 35 Upct. dry salt.198 “ Superphosphate, 13 ct. sol. acid.1(10 “ Buckwheat, To produce twenty-five bushels of buck wheat and its natural proportion of straw per acre more than the natural yield of the land, and for other quantities in like proportion, use Nitrogen..37 lbs. Potash.50 “ Auuopuuiu, ....... In the torm of Sulph. ammonia, 24 p ct. dry salt.185 “ Muriate potash, 80Pct. dry salt.100 “ Superphosphate, 13 p ct. sol. acid.105 “ Mixed Hay. To produce one ton of hay more than the natural produce of the land per acre, and in like proportion for other quantities use Nitrogen.••••. ... 36 lbs. Potash. 31 “ Phosphoric acid’•• •. 12 “ In the form ol Sulph. ammonia, 14 p ct. dry salt...180 “ Muriate potash, 80 p ct. dry salt.70 “ Superphosphate, 13 p ct. sol. acid.95 “ Red Clorer. To produce one ton of clover ner acre more than the natural yield ot the soil, use Nitrogen.43 fog. Potash. 40 •* Phosphoric acid. 11 “ In the form of Sulph. ammonia, 24 p ct. dry salt.215 ‘ ‘ Muriate potash, 80 p ct. dry salt.80 “ Superphosphate, 13 p ct. sol. acid.85 “ Timothy Hay. To produce one ton of timothy hay per acre more than the natural yield of the laud, use Nitrogen. 24 lbs. Potash .••••. 27 “ Phosphoric acid. lo “ In the form of Sulph. ammonia, 24 p ct, dry salt.120 “ Muriate potash, 80 p ct. dry salt.54 “ Superphosphate, 13 p ct. sol. acid.80 “ Fodder Corn. To produce Indian corn fodder, two tons per acre more than the natural yield of the soil, and in like proportion for other auantities, use Nitrogen . 20 lbs. £?ta*h. oo .. Phosphoric acid. 16 « In the form of Sulph, ammonia, 24 p ct dry salt. 100 “ Muriate patasb, 80 p ct dry salt.132 “ Superphosphate, 13 p ct sol. acid..128 “ Oats. To produce twenty-five bushels of oals and and the natural proportion of straw per acre more than the natural yield of the land, and in like proportion for other quantities, use Nitrogen. 23 lbs. Phosphoric acid.12 “ In the form of Sulph ammonia, 24 p ct dry salt.115 “ Muriate potash, 80 p ct dry salt. 40 “ Superphosphate, 13 p ct. sol. acid., '..00 “ Winter Bye. To produce twenty bu9heis of winter rye and the natural proportion of straw per acre more than the natural product of the soil,and in like proportion for other quantities, use Nitrogen. 25 lbs. Phosphoric acid...i6 “ In the form of Sulph. ammonia, 24 £$» ct dry salt... .125 “ Muriate potash, 80 ^ ct dry salt. 48 “ Superphosphate, 13 ct sol acid.128 “ Bye Straw. To produce rye straw as a market crop, without the grain, and to obtain two tons per acre more than the natural yi eld of the land, and in [like proportion for other quantities use Phosphoric acid. 8 “ In torm of auipu. ammonia, 24 p ct drv salt.50 “ Muriate potash, 80 p ct dry'salt. 62 •* Superphosphate, 13 p ct sol. acid. 64 •< Beets. To produce 100 bushels of beets and their tops on a given area of land more than its natural yield, use Nhroeen. a lbs. Potash,. 25 Phosphoric acid. 6 “ In the torm of Sulpb. ammonia, 24 IP ct dry salt. 55 “ •• potash, 35 p ct dry salt.155 <• Superphosphate, 13 p ct sol acid.50 “ Cabbage. To produce one ton of green cabbage on a given area of land more than its natural yield, and in like proportion for other quan tles, use Phosphoric acid.••••.. ... 6 “ In the form of Sulph. ammonia, 24 ct dry gait. 45 44 „ “ potash, 35 ct dry salt.90 “ Superphosphate. 13 & ct sol. acid.50 44 The yield of cabbage on vrell manured land averages not far from 35.0G0 pounds per acre. Indian Corn. To produce fifty bushels of the graiu and its natural proportion of stover to the acre more than the natural yield of the soil, and in like proportion for other quantities, use Pbogphoic acid. 31 « In the form of Sulp. ammonia, 24 ip* ct, dry gait. ..320 44 Muriate potash, 80 ct. dry salt.154 4‘ Superphosphate, 13 & ct. sol. aci d.248 44 Wheat. To produce twenty-five bushels of wheat and the natural proportion of straw per acre more than the natural yield ot land, and in like proportion for other quantities, use Nitrogen ... . 41 ft,. Potash. 24 “ Phosphoric acid...20 “ In the firm of Snip, ammonia 24 p ct. dry salt.205 “ Muriate potash, 80 p ct. dry Balt.48 *• Super phosphate 13 ^p ct. sol acid.160 “ Swede Turnip, or Bula Bairn. To produce 100 bushels of turuips and their lops more than the natural yield of a given area of land, and in like proportion for other quantities, use v."” Phosphoric acid. g <• In the form ot Snip, ammonia 24 ip ct. dry salt. 55 «» “ potash, 35 ct. dry salt.118 “ Superphosphate, 13 IP ct. sol acid. 63 “ To produce 100 bushels of onions and their natural proportion of tops on a given area of land more than its natural yield; and in like proportion for other qualities, use Nitrogen. 11 ft*. Potash. 6 •• Phosphoric acid. 4 “ In the form of Snlph. ammonia, 24 $> ct. dry salt.55 “ ■ Potash, 35 # ct. dry salt.54 “ Super phosphate, 13 ct. sol. aciil.32 “ Tahnrrn To produce 1500 pounds of the dried leaf of Connecticut seed leaf tobacco, with its nat ural proportion of stalks more than the nat ural yield oi the land, use Nitrogen.. ft,. Potash.. •* Phosphoric; <• IJme.KiO « Magnesia. 38 “ in the form of Sulph. ammoDia, 24 p ct. dry salt.595 “ “ Potash, 35 ®ct. dry salt.1,075 “ Super phosphate 13 Tgt ct. sol. acid.125 “ Sulphate lime, 79 ct. dry salt.500 £“ “ “ Magnesia, 10 ^ ct. dry salt.475 “ The above formula differs slightly from he one adapted to the tobacco of the South. Form in Which to Obtain the Material*. I have generally used the substances named the form seen in the formulas, but this is ot strictly essential. If used in the form of . salt, as above, it may be neutral. The nit rogen may be obtained from any substance containing it in ready availability and known quantity. The cheapest form in which suita ble potash can be obtained is probably that of the muriate, and in this form it is adapted to the grass and grain crops, especially on moist, retentive land. But it is not suitable for to baeco, beans, and the root crops, injuring the burning qualities of the former, and the starch contents of the latter, as will be seen by referring to the experiment of E. II. Judd, of South Hadley, as given in this report, where by mistake in was used, producing a very large yield of potatoes of iuterior qualify for table use. For these crops it should be in the form of sulphate. The per cents, of the elements in the compounds used iu preparing the formulas as above, may not alway be eas ily ascertained. But this is immaterial. The quantitv ol superphosphate to be used is bused solely on its contents of soluble acid, no regard being paid to any insoluble which it may contaiu, and all the compounds are better in a soluble state and immediately available. But care should be trken to avoid the mistake of Mr. Fowler, of Westfield, whose experiment with potatoes was a total failure, because, beiug in a soluble condition and applied to “a coarse saml with a gravel subsoil,” the raius washed the elements away before they could afford the crop much nutri ment. If Mr. Fowler had composted his ma terials with loam, he would probably have secured a crop. How 10 Prepare ttit1 .Vlmerialw. The combining of the materials for use is simply a mechanical mixture. The Tumps in them may be crushed on a floor or some other convenient place, and the whole inti mately and thoroughly mixed with a shovel. But a much better and more efficient method is to have them ground together in a suitable mill. Haulier of Applying. As a rule this, like all other easily decom posed manures, should be thoroughly mingled with the surface-soil on tillage land. All that is to be applied to a given plot may be put on at one sowing, before the crop is planted, and then cultivated or harrowed in; or one-half may be applied at that time and the remainder later in the season, and culti vated aud hoed in. I use the former method, but in either case due care should be taken that tbesubatance does not come in contact with any planted seed, or the foliage of plants. When small quantities are used for hoed crops the rows may be furrowed and the materials strewed in the furrow, but in no case should they be “dropped in the hill” even if deeply covered before the crop is planted. For lands permanently in gras3, it shculd be sown on the surface as evenly as possible, and in the fall, before the ground is frozen. But very satisfactory results follow when applied in the spring, or for a second crop immediately alter the first has been cut. WANTS. Boarders Wanted 1 A MAN and wife or two single gentlemen can obtain good board and large pleasant rooms, at 19 Brown street. myll-d2w* Situation Wanted. AS COPYIST, and all kinds of writing, at a moderate salary, by a young lady. Unex ceptionable references given. Address mal7dtf “A.,” at this Office. Wanted. ROOMS suitable tor Portland Fraternity. Apply to WILLIAM I. THOM, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, FRANK NOYES, No. 91 Exchange St. mj9 d2w Wauled. HORSES to board at the Boarding and Livery Stable on Cushman Street, between Brackett and Clark Streets. Prices reasonable. Inquire of GEORGE BRISCO, at the Stable. ap27d4w* Wanted. A FIRST Class Pressman immediately at A. 8. FERNALD’8, 431 middle Street, Up Stairs. ap24 dtf LOST AND FOUND. Lost. A SMALL Black and Tan Dog, answers to the name of Skip; had on when ho left a leather collar with owner’s name and residence. A suitable reward will be paid for his return to 165 State Street. myl6 dlw BOARD. Boarders Wanted. PLEASANT rooms to let with board by the day or week, at 20 Brown street. myl2-lw* Boarder* Wanted. PLEASANT rooms to let with or without board at 203 CUMBERLAND ST. may5 dtf TO LET To Let. tA desirable House on Congress Street; six rooms, gas and Sebago; newly painted and in tlrst class repair. Rent $260 per year. Inquire 65 Exchange Street. J. Y. CLARK. myl7 d3t To Let. HOUSE on tbe comer of High and Danfortb St., in the best of repair, has 9 rooms and large pantry, good furnace, gas and Sebago water, good cemented cellar, woodhouse and large garden, ln qiure at No. 18 High Slreet. my!6dttPETER HANNA. HOTEL TO LEASE. THE NEW ENGLAND HOUSE, PORTLAND, MAINE. THE House contains 40 rooms and two Stores; is situated opposite the passenger station of the Grand Trunk Railway, and in the immediate vicinity, and nearer than any other Hotel to the point of ar rival and departure of the European, Halifax, New Yorfc and Boston Steamers, and the terminus of the Horse Railway to the western part of the city and suburbs. Address AUG. P. FULLER, Portland To Let. A LOWER Tenement in House, No. 85 Lincoln; 5 rooms with gas and Sebago. Apply to ALVIN A. LANE’S myl6d6t* Store, 24 Wilmot Street. To be Let. Dwelling House, No. 4G Winter Nlreet. Apply ul 44. my16dlw» To l«et. A PLEASANT rent of six rooms in perfect order; has gas and Sebago. Rent $250, Apply to L. TAYLOR, 178 Comweieial street. myl2-tf TO LET ! Room in the Second Story of the Printers’ Exchange, with pow er it required. Arplyto PRESS OFFICE or to B. THlJRSTOUf Ac CO., Ill Exchange Street. ocl2 dtj To Let. FOUR pleasant rooms in bouse No. 31 Brown St., to a family without children, niyl2-tt To Let. FURNISHED Rooms, convenient for housekeep ing at_ myDdtt37ft Cumberland Hired. Pleasant Front Booms to let with Board, Apply at this office. apr29_ dtf To Lei. A LARGE Front Chamber to Let. In quire ni 30 Drawn Mlreet. aprlitdtf To Let. The easterly half of residence corner of Free and High streets, now occupied by W. H. An JFiL'lerROn, Esq. Possession given first of Slay. Inquire of F. W. LIBBY, aprlbdtf 42 Exchange St. T O L E T . I®? DR LAMB HAS A HOLME ON ICOlVGKEm gT. WITH TEN gmgHOOIIIM TO LEI, OEPlINITE THE PARKaprl3dtf Store to Let. STORE No. 122 Commercial street, next below Dana & Co., now occupied by Joshua Hobbs & Son. Possession given immediately. Apply at 96 Danforth St. C. OXNARD, aprll dtf Wholesale Store, IN the Thompson Block, Nos. 17 A 19 M id die Wtreet. Good location below the Post Office where all the wholesale dry goods and other classes of trade are located, The finest store in the city, with light and airy basement, two entrances, two counting rooms, brick safe, and elegant show windows, tables, counters and other fixtures. Will he let very reasonably f applied for soon. Apply to H. E. THOMPSON, No. 32J Emery St. on the Spring St. Horse Car Route. mh!4 _ dli To Let. HOUSE at O l i Dow Street. Inquire on the premises* deci5_ dtf To Let. rHHK BRICK HOUSE No. 74 Dnnforth Street, JL containing all the modern improvements In quire at No. 10 Central Wharf. jne!6 _ dtf /CARPENTER’S Manual.—A practical guide \y to all operations of the tiade; drawing for car penters, forms of contracts, specifications, plans, &c.. illustrated, 50 cts. PAINTERS’ Manual. -—House and sign paiming,graining, varnishing, pol ishing, kalsomining, papering, lettering, staining, gilding, &c., 50 cts. Bonk of Alphabets. 50. Scrolls and Ornaments, $1. Watchmaker and .Jeweler, 50. Soap-maker, 25. Taxidermist, 50. Hunter and Trapper’s Guide, 20. Dog Training, 25. Of booksel lers or by mail. JESSE HANEY & CO.. 1J9 Nassau St., N. Y._ apr5d3m Rich Loam for Sale, IN QUANTITIES TO SUIT, Delivered if desired. Apply to LAURISTON RUMMERS', inylS 47 »T. JOfIK ST.Jw” Notice. PERSONS requiring work done please apply to “Home” of W. C. A., No. 16 Spring St., plata and family sewing, dress-making, copying, embroid er*1* and fancy-work in wools, &c., &c. oc28tf REAX ESTATE F. G, Patterson’s Real Estate BULLETIN. JI ONE!’ TO l„ O A N ON first class lica) Estate security, in Portland, or vicinity—Kents collected, taros paid, etc., on Commission. Houses boue'jt and sold. Am,lx to K G. P ATTERSON, dealer in Real Estate. Office S79} Congress street, Williams’ Block, between H’vrtle and Pearl streets. au28ti BRICK HOUSE AND STABLE FOR SALE. No. 46 St. Lawrence Street; can be pur •• chased within thirty days ai n bargain; ilLHouse can be examined bv applying to F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, 379* Congress Street, my 17 ' d2w Ten per cent Interest ! I HAVE Real Estate for Sale, that with judicious management will net the purchaser the above interest. No charge for renting or making collections. F. G. PATTERSON, myl7d3t 379J Congress Street. House Rents. m2* story Brick House, 9 rooms, gas, Sebago, bath room, cemented cellar, near horse cars, for $350. Down stairs Tenement, 6 rooms, on Alder Street. $200. Up stairs Tenement Parris Street, 6 rooms, $200. Apply to F. G. PAT TERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, 379J Congress Street. my9dtt New House on Preble Slreet lor $4200. MThe new two and a half story house on Preble street, lacing Lincoln street, containing seven rooms. Sebago water, good cellar, sink drain and water closet connected with sewer. Terms of payment is $1,000cash; balance on mortgage. F. G PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, ap!2dtf 379* Congress Street. Williams* Block. A Bare Chance for Business. A STEAM FEATHER RENOVATOR, for cleans ing feather beds, pillows, bolsters, &c. It is in perfect order, simple, and can be run by a boy. Profits $25,00 to $35,00 per week. Will bo sold ior .$165,00 cash, or bankable paper. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON, ap!2dtf 379} Congress Street, Williams* Block Small House for Sale. »The one and one-half story house, No. 14 Mechanic st reet, eight rooms, Sebago. a good cellar and drainage. Lot 30x50. Price $1800 F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, ap!2dtf 370* Congress Street, Williams’Block. A 3 Story Brick House for $3,500. MThe three story brick house, No. 22 Brown Street, containing 12 rooms, gas and Sebago. water closet in bath room. Drain connected with city sewer. Taxes for 1876 to he paid by pur chaser Irom date of possession. Terms of payment one half cash, balance on a term of years. This property is offered at a rare bargain, as the owners have no use for it. F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, 379 Congress Street Williams’ Block. apl9 dtf l or Sale or Kent. Tlie handsome 3 Story Brick House, and j! Furniture, late residence of Franklin Fox, ULEsa., situated on the sunnyside of Park Street, with garden and fruit trees; will be sold at a great bargain or rented on reasonable terms; posses sion given at once; can be seen at anytime, on ap plication to UPHAM & GARDINER, Real Estate Agents, No. 7 Exchange Street. myl7 d2w* For Sale. 1^. A one aud a half Story House and lot, No. [■ 24 Anderson Street; can be examined from ten IILto four. For particulars, inquire at the house. my!7dlw» Good Farm for Sale or Exchange for City Property. LOCATED in North Yarmoath, one mile from Dunn’s Depot, containing about 45 acres good tillage land; cuts 10 tons hay; buildings in first class order. Apply to PER LEY & RUSSELL, mylGdeod&w3w* 102 Commercial Street. Hotel at “Old Orchard’’far Sale ar fa Let. THE new and elegant Hotel known as the “Bey View Douoe.’’ contains 70 rooms, excellent in arrangement, first-class stables, bowling alleys, bathing houses, &c. Distant 14 miles from Old Or chard Station—Boston & Maine R. R., and on the line of the new railroad to he built this season. The beach (10 miles in length) is one of the best on the Atlantic coast for riding and bathing. Parties in search of good hotel property are invited to examine this before purchasing «r renting elsewhere. Photo graph can be seen at the office of F. G. PATTER SON, Portland, Me. myl3tf For Sale. « In Yarmouth, Me., in a pleasant location, a desirable House, Ell and Stable; a bearing or chard on the lot. Applv to M. C. MERRILL, my9eod2w«S:w1mYarmouth. For Sale. min Gorham, Maine, the Residence of the late S. A. Whittier with eight acres of land, situa ted on South St. For terms, etc , inquire of JONAS W. CLARK, 558 Congress St., or D. C. EM ERY, Esq., Gorham. apr27eotvf HOUSE LOTS FOR SALE ON NT. JOHN STREET. Terms reasonable and easy payments. Apply to ST. JOHN SMITH, myl3dtf 31 1-3 Exchange St. To Let. MOn Wilmot Street, contains ten finished rooms, gas and Sebago water. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. apr29d3w* A&MA Good Farm for Hale or Ex* Range for City Property.—Located jJEPEfljH-- in Deering, three miles from Portland; plenty of wood and water; good orchard; buildings in nice order. Price $3,500. Apply to WM, H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. March 7, 1876 ma29d7w» FOR SALE. MSix first-class Houses for sale at a bargain, all les9 than ten minutes walk from the Post Office, City. Two bouses and three lots of land in Providence, R. I., for sale or exchange for Portland property. Also first-class mortgage paying 10 per cent, will ex change for a first-class yacht. Inquire of E. PONCE, aprlSdtf Cor. Middle and Exchange Sts. At North Yarmouth. 7* For sale, or exchange for real estate in Port 1, ! land, or to rent, a two story house, wood shed. Ji&; hennery in barn, a fountain pure water, ten acres land, 150 apple trees. Will be sold cheap. Ref erence C. PROCTOR or WILLIAM TR1CKEY, Sac carappa.__apr!5d2m Real Estate on Oak St. tor Sale. M House No. 30 (opposite Friends* Meeting House) with a good lot—together with a bouse and lot in tlie rear, fronting Green St.,—also one other lot in the rear containing about 2000 feet, all well rented. Apply to apr28d3w*WM. H. JERRIS. .Land for Sale in Deering. THE subscriber offers for sale a desirable lot of land on Stevens* Plains containing about 30,000 feet. For particulars inquire at No. 218 Fore St. aprllttRUFUS DUNHAM. For Sale. A New two story French-Roofed House, jgtfwffidfrNo. 422 Cumberland St., containing four hdSi'gi^MjX teen rooms fitted up with furnace, gas, Sebago water, and all the modern im provements of \ first-class house. Inquire of JOR - DAN BROS., No. 11 Danforth St.apr4dlf WISHING to change business. I offer my Store and Dwelling ccnbined with or without Stock at a Bargain. An excellent place for Dry and Fancy Goods, Millinery or Tailoring Business. A good stand in the central part of the Village, near the Depot. WM. H. MARHTON, ma30d2m Yarmouth, Me. For Sale—At.a Low Figure. UPPER half of new frame, slated roof dwelling House, containing eleven rooms, with all mod ern improvements, and located on Congress near the head of State Street. First-class in every respect. Lot large. Terms favorable. Inquire of ROLLINS, LORING & ADAMS, mhl4dtf 22 Exchange Strpo.L Porrlnnd Mp mTlie three story brick dwelling house. No. 175 Dan forth Street, recently occupied by Watson Ncwhall. Possession given imme diately. Also, ihe two story brick dwelling house on the westerly coiner of Spring and Park Street. Terms easy. JOSEPH 1LSLEY. ap20dtf Tor Sale. m Lot of land with buildings thereon, situated on tiie corner o£ Fore and Deer Streets, Port land. Apply to .1. H. FOGG, apr27dtf 42J Exchange St. THREE HOUSES FOR SALE. ® Pleasantly located, on the sunny side of Sa lem street. No 17 is a story bouse, seven rooms and Sebago water. Lot 37x80 feet. Also the new two story block, in rear of the above, con taining fourteen rooms with Sebago water. The prop erty is in good repair and can all be had for $4500. Apply to W. H. JERRIS.Rcal Estate Agent, may 4_ d3w* PALMER^ KNOX. THIS unrivaled Stallion will stand this season at McKenuey’s Htables iu Biddeforit. His increasing popularity makes him the most desirable Stock Horse in the Country. His colts are all good ones, and command high prices. For particulars, inquire of E. II. McKENNEV. Birfdeford, or M, fi. PALMER, Portland. apl»___dtf Fireproof Roofing Paint. The best and cheapest Snow A Darin Patent Slate Hooting Paint for Shingle, Tin and Iron Roofs, also for cheap outside work, sold by the gallon or applied by J. N. McCOY & co., DM lipring Ml., Portlaua, ROOFER* ANI> PAINTERS jv24 dtt ©~| /A © FIIAIA ln Wal1 Street eften IU leads to tortune. A 72 page Book, entitled. Men and Idioms of » all Mtreel. explaining everything. SENT FREE. iVS.'S'lS; Bankers and Brokers, 7D Broadway, New Fork. InciaeodiStwly. MEDICAL faszsatj f S\ ^avuos ' (T HADSM/lHKJ OR WRITE TO ( i < < t s' Rheumatism a j » » ■ P 1 is a disease that afflicts h i over 25 per centum of the • 1 Ph human race Almost ev 0 cry effort heretofore made . p in the treatment of this r disease has been to allay the present suffering— 1 A trusting to luck to eflect a 0 t» cure. DR. P. J. GRIFFEN A & CO., after years ol re- h search, now present to the ^ public the only ^ M s Scientifically » £ o prepared articles in the K market. The disease is W treated externally by H u means of the Liniment, ' which, when properly ap- 0 plied, reduces the swel ^ ling, relieves the tension M h and removes the inflain- p q mation. the cause of pain p m in a very short time, thus P restoring freedom of move 0 men! and elasticity to the ® h joints. The disease being 0 0 a blood poison, of a pecu- cj £ liar nature, is ^ w w g Treated ° 1 3 B internally by means of the K h Pills and Elixir—alterna te ting one with the other u according to Directions. ® To effect a permanent H h cure, the Pills and Elixir <d j must be used in conjunc- ^ S lion with the Liniment. y «! £ P - P M P Neuralgia, Nervous Pros- u 9 tration, Nervous Weak- P A ness. Paralysis, Softening h of the Brain, Chorea, and t , all WEAKNESS caused by L H the LOSS OF NERVE P POWER enred by use of “ ^ “P Ot. P ” w £ F s J ** Ask for Griffen’s Rlieu- t. 3 matic Remedies, they all 5 33 bear our trademark and signature, and are put up j securely. Price $1.00 each; B S forwarded to any part of ^ C the United States by ex p press, prepaid, on receipt of $1.25. I ; ♦ . -AJSTD MENTION PAPER. apr6 d&wlyl4 CLAIRVOYANT. TORS. L. T. B. KING, A RELIABLE Clairvoyant can be found at the rear of 30 Dan forth St., where she will exam ine the sick, and advise or prescribe as each case de mands. Terms $1.00, She will visit those who are unable to come to her residence if desired. Mrs. King, in addition to her clairvoyance and remedies, possesses a remarkable healing power which makes her very successful._ febl7d&wtlJ5 DR. KENISON, 1 Chiropodist, Continues to visit Portland at the UNITED STATES HOTEL, on the second week of each month. 5? Room in Boston, 37 Tr mont Street and 57 Te pie Place. Located in Boston since 1840. 8eD20dtf MURRAY’S LA] E AND FIRMING Bitters! This medicine has been before the public most ot the time for the past twenty-five years, and has given excellent satisfaction to all who have used it. The Bitters are composed ot the best articles of the vege table kingdom, and are again prepared by tbe original inventor, and are confidently recom mended as one ot the best articles ever ottered to the public, especially for all those difficulties ami ills at tendant upon this season of the year. They are par ticularly recommended lor the cure of Indigestion or Dy.pep.ia, Jaundice. I.o» of Appetite, Oeneral Debility, Clos tivene.., and all di.en.cM caused by an.unhcaltby .tale of the stomach or bowel.. Any number of recommendations might be pub lished, but the article is so well and favorably known that it is deemed unnecessary. Let tbe suilerer use them a short time according to the directions on each bottle and be convinced that all is true which is now said of them. The best article of the kiml ever of fered for the relief of the sick and Buttering. SOLD ONLY AT D. B. SAWYER’S DRUG STORE, 176 Middle St, Cor. of Exchange, store formerly occupied by Emmons Chapman, PORTLAND, MAINE, where may also be found a good assortment of Drugs, Fancy and Toilet Articles. apr29dtf ONLY FOB Moth Pn.tnlioe . Freckles and Tan. Use Perry’s Moth and Freckle Lotion. It is reliable. For Pimple** 'on ihe Face. KlackheadM or Fleshwormai Ask your druggist for Perry’# Comedone and Pimple Reme dy, the infalible skin medi cine, or consult Dr. B. C. Perry, Dermatologist, 49 — Bond Street, New York. aPll _ Tu&S&w4ml5 HOTELS. UNITED STATES HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA, On 42d Street, Colombia Avenue, Viola Avenue and Elm Avenue, Directly opposite Main Exhibition Building, j CENTENNIAL C* ROUNDS. This elegant fire-proof structure was built by Richard J. Dobbins expressly to accommodate Centennial visitors at reason able prices It has 325 rooms, all complete S_'s furnished. The cuisine will be first-class in every respect. Large rooms can be en gaged for use of commissioners, etc. A fine slurp in the building to let. Address, e m P. S. BOOTH BY, Manager. _eodtf United States Hotel, ' PORTLAND, ME. Situated in tlie very Center of the City, i THE BEST LOCATED HOUSE ' FOR BUSINESS MEN. i HEATEDLY STEAM. Best ot attention given to guests. Tabic set with the very best the market aftords. TERMS: j Terms hereafter will be but $2.00 per day. Suits of rooms, iucluding parlor and‘bed-reom $3.00. 1 WOLCOTT & CO., Proprietors. 1 a°g1B_ deodtf , nvssuiuHB nuit,L, I Junction of Broadway, Tlh Ayr. and 42d Street, HEW WORK CITY, Three blocks west of Grand Central Depot, nea, the I Elevated Kallroad, and but twenty minutes from Wall Street. A new and elegantly furnished Hotel all modern improvements. Kates $4 per day t Liberal terms to families. B'ree omnibus front Grand’ i Central Depot. CHAS. E. LELAND, Proprietor r Of Delevan House, Albany, H. Y., and Claren- t don Hotel, Saratoga. feb2ld&wly9 i WESTMINSTER HOTEL, * ON- THE ETJHO^E^ISr PLAN. 1 €truer Irring Place and lOii Street, New 1 York. A One Block Irom Union Square and Broadway. The most central, and yet quietest location in the city. Convenient to the great stores, theatres and ii ohurches. Elevator and all modern improvements. Easy access to all parts of the city by street cars and stages. 8©p27d&wly40 C. I*. FEHJBIN, Prop. STEAMERS. INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS f'OR QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, Sailing from New York on SATURDAY or each week, from Pier 45, North River. TTY OF ANTWERP, CITY OF LONDON. TTY OF BERLIN, CITY OF I IMFRICK, TTY OF BRISTOL, CITY OF MONTREAL TTY OF BROOKLYN, CITY OF NEW YORK TTY OF BRUSSELS, CITY OF PARIS. TL'Y OF CHESTER, CITY OF RICHMOND, Pas^eDgera will find these teamcrs tastefully flt ed uji, while the State-rooms are light airy and ooray. The aalor ns large and well ventilated, are he breadth of the vessels, and situated where there »least noise and motion. Smoking rooms. Ladies’ Soudoirs, Piano-tortes and Libraries, Bath-rooms. Sarber’s Shop. &c. Instant communication with the stewards by lectric bells. J The steamers of this Company adopt the Sou the r y Route, thus lessening the danger from ice and jgs. Rates ot passage—$80 and $100, gold, according to ocommodation, all having equal saloon privileges. Round Trip Tickets-$145 and $175, gold. Steerage— io and from all points at reduced rates, tor dates ot sailing and plan of staterooms ap uy to 1 JOIIIV fi. DALJE, Agent) _ma3M3m 15 Broadway, New York. FOR HARPSWELL, . (PT*' „ On and after October 8th, 1875, * ' Steamer Heurieftn, Capt. G. I/jWELL, will leave HnrpH Mondays and Saturdays at I a. m., touching at Chebentfne, l.icil* €be »« ««“** and I'OdbInland. Returning, will leave ?ominercial\\ barf, at 3 p. m. touching at the above andings Will touch at Cousens’Island each way. ^or particulars inquire ot Cantain on hoard or STEPHEN RICKER, A gent, 131 Commercial St. _ dtl INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP UO. Bastpori, Calais and Si. John, Rigby, Windsor and Halifax. SPJRINGr ARRANGEMENT. rwo TRIPS PER WEEK ! On and alter Monday, March 27th, the Steamer Sew Brunswick, Capt. E. B. Winchester, and City of Portland, Capt. S. H. Pike, will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State St., every Monday and Thursday, at 6.00 p. in., for Eastport and St.John, Returning will leave St. John and Eastport on the same days. Connections made at Eastport for Robbinston, St. Andrews and Calais. Connections made at St. John for Digby, Annap ilia, Windsor, Keutville, Halifax, S'. S., Sbediac, 4 mlierst, Pictou, Frederickton, Charlottetown and Summerside, P. E. I. Sty Flight received on days of sailing until 4 Pclock, p.m. A. R. STUBBS, Agent, mar22_ dtf MAINE STEAMSHIP CO. * SEMI-WEEKLY LINE TO SEW YORK. Steamers Eleanora and Franconia Will until further notice leave Franklin Wharf. Portland, every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 6 P. M., and leave Pier 38 East River, New York, ev ery MON DAY and TH UKSDAY at 4 P. M. The Eleanora is a new steamer, just built for this route, and both she and the Franconia are fitted up with fine accommodations for passengers, making this the most convenient and comfortable route for travellers bet ween New York and Maine. These steamers will touch at Vineyard Haven during the Bummer months on tbeir passage to and from New York. Passage in State Room $5, meals extra. Goods forwarded to ana from Philadelphia, Mon treal, Quebec, St. John, and all parts of Maine. ^“Freights taken at the lowest rates. Shippers are requested to send tbeir freight to the Steameis as early as 4 P. M., on the days they leave Portland. For further information apply to HENRY FOX, General Agent, Portland. J. F AMES, Ag’t, Pier 38, E. R., New York. Tickets and State Rooms can also be obtained at 22 Exchange Street. __ ocldtf INSIDE LINE — TO — Mt. Desert, Machias, Ellsworth and Bangor. STEAMER LEWISTON, CAPT. DEEUI1VG, (p Will leave Poriland Tbum (lay Evcuingx ui IO o'cloc k for Rocckland, Castine.Dcer Isle, Sedgwick, South West and Bar Harbors (Mt. Desert), Millbridge, Jonesport and Macbiasport. Returning, leaves Macbiasport, every Monday tnorunifc, at 41 i-« o’clock. STEAMER CITY OF UICHMOIVD CAPT. KILBY, Will leave Portland, every Monday Wednes day and Friday eviuinyt at 10 o’clock, for Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Searsport, Sandy g>int, Bucksport, Winterport, Hampden and angor. Returning, leaves Bangor, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morningii, at O o’clock. THE STEAMER iivuunmvii) CAPT. OKl§ K. INGRAHAM, Will leave Commercial Wharf, Rockland, cverv Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5 1.2 o’clock, (or on arrival of Steamer City of Richmond rrom Portland,) for Deer Isle, S. W. and Bar Har bors (Mt. Desert), and Winter Haibor. Returning, leaves Winter Harbor eveiy Wednes day and Friday mornings at 4.30 o’clock, touching as above, arriving at Rockland at about 11 o’clock, connecting with Steamer City of Richmond for Portland. Will leave Commercial Wharf, Rockland, every *nturdny morning at 5 1-2 o’clock, (or on irrival of Steamer as above) for Ellsworth, touching it Deer Isle. Returning, leaves Ellsworth every IVIoudny morning at 5.30 o’clock, touching at Deer Isle, irriving in Rockland at about I ft o’clock, con necting with Steamer City of Richmond for Portland. The Steamer Charlhs Houghton has been recently retitted and furnished with a NEW BOILER and new Machinery, making her every way a first class Steamer. For further particulars, inquire of CYRUS STURDIVANT, Gen’l Agent, Railroad Wharf. Portland. May 5th.mySdtf BOSTON STEAMERS. The Superior Sea Going Steamers, FOREST CITY AND JOHN BROOKS will, until further notice, run alternately as follows: living FRANKLIN WHARF, Portland, Daily, nt 7 o’clock P. ,M., and INDIA IVHARFi BOSTON, daily at 7 P. ill. Sundays excepted). FARE $1.00. Passengers by this line are reminded that they se :ure a comfortable night’s rest and avoid the ex. >ense and inconvenience of arriving in Boston late it night. Tickets and State Rooms for sale by D. H. Young, *0. 266 Middle street Through Tickets to New York via the various Sound Lines, for sale at very low rates. Excursion Tickets to Philadelphia and return via lie Sound Lines $1,100. Freight taken as usual d«c2I-75 J. B. COY1.B. Jr., Gen’l Agt. BO ST O JST — AND PHILADELPHIA Steamship Line. ^ave each port every Wed’s’y & Sat’d’y. no w naria^e. From Long Wbarl, Boston, 3 p.m. From Pino Street Wharf, Phila delphia, at 10 a. ni. • Insurance one half the rate of _ __ ‘sailing vessels. Freight for the West by the Penn. R. It., and South y connecting lines forwarded tree of Commission. PASSAGE TEN DOLLARS. For Freight or Passage apply to E. B* NA1IPMOX, A sent, Jli3-ly TO Long Wharf, Bouton. Norfolk, Baltimore & Washington STEAMSHIP LINE Four time* a week. First Class Steamship JOHNS HOPKTN8. WM. CRANE. WM. LAWRENCE. GEORGE APPOLD. rr.n Boston direct every TUESDAY uud SATURDAY. — AND — WM. KENNEDY. BLACKSTONE. and aIoCLELLAN. 'rom Provideuce every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Washington and lexandiia by steamer Lady of the Lake and Jane [osely. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Iclimond, and Va. and Tenn. K. R. to all places in le South, W. M. C'ark, Agent, 240 Washington St., oston. To all points of North and South Carolina by Sea tard and Roanoke Railroad aud Atlantic Coast Line . H. Keith, Agent, 222 Washington street, Boston. And to all points in. the West by Baltimore & Ohio . It., C. A. Cbipley, Agent, 210 Wasnington street, oston. Through bills ot lading given by the above named gents. Passage *15.00. Excursion Tickets *25. For freight orpassage to Noriolk, Baltimore, Wash - gton, or other iniormation apply to i E. SAMPSON, Agent, 53 Central Wharf, Boston, E. H, ROCKWELL, Agent, J ocMti Providence, K. j STEAM ErtS. ALLAN LINE. SUMMER SERVICE. Shortest Ocean Voyage. First-class Weekly mail steam ers ot this line sail from Quebec ever) Saturday morning, lor Liverpool, touching at Derry. First-class fortnightly mail steamers of this line sail from llulilnx every other Tuiauiuy, tor Liverpool, touching at Qur«-ii*tow*i. Passage First-class—$5u, $70 ami $80 gold, or its equivalent; Intermediate $35 gold; third-class at lowest rates. The DlaNgow Lire of steamers sail from Quebec every Thursday for Glasgow direct. Cabin passage $60, steerage at lowest rates. Passengers booked to and from all parts ot Eng land, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany at lowest rates. Prepaid and Return Tickets issued at reduced rates. Apply to J. L. FARMER, General Agt-nt tor New England, No. 3 India Street. Portland, Me. C^^Niglit Mm-Hug (heck* issued in niiiiis lo*uilfor4^l and upward*. inyOdtf | 5»T(IXL\C TOY 1.1 X E FOR NEW YORK, AHEAD OF ALL OTHERS. This is Hip Only Istside Route Avoiding Point Judith* Steamboat Express trains leave Boston from Bos ton & Providence R. R. Depot daily, except Sunday, at 5.30 p. m.y connecting at stonington with the en tirely new and superb Steamer Rhode Island, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and with the ele gani and popular steamer Stonington every Tues day, Thursday and Saturday, arriving in New York alway* in advance of all oiber line*. Bag gage checked through. Tickets procured at depots of Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads and at Rollins & Adan s’, 22 Ex change St..and W. D. Little & Co.’s,4!)i Exchange St. L. W. F1LKINS, D. S. BABCOCK, Geu. Passenger Ag\t, New York. President. _ uu CLYDE’S Philadelphia, Boston & New England STEAMSHIP LINES. FOCR STEAMER* PER WEEK. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY by Boston and Providence Railroad via Providence. TUESDAY and SATURDAY by Old Colony Railroad via Fail River. Good* Received at Depot. Daily. Through Bills Lading given from Boston and prin cipal points in New England to the South ami South west. Close connection made at Philadelphia with the “CLYDE STEAM LINES” to Baltimore, Norfolk Hichmond, Charleston, New berne and Washington. D* D. <1. MINK, General En.tcrn Agent, 20 Devonshire Street, Boston, janil_dtf MAIL LINE TO Halifax, Nova Scotia, With connection* to Prince Edward In land , ('ape Breton and Hi John*, N. b . The Steamship FALMOUTH, (built expressly for the route) Capt. W. A. Colbv, will leave Boston Railroad VVharf, every SATURDAY at 5 30 p. m. for HALIFAX, direct, making connections with the In tercolonial Railway, to1* Windsor, Truro, New Glas gow and Pictou, and steamers for Prince Edward Island; also at New Glasgow, N. S., with Lind sey's Stages for Cape Breion, and at Halifax with steamers for St. Johns. N. F. R ET URN IN G will leave Halifax on TUES DAYS, at 8.30 p. m. No freight received after 10 a. m. on day cf sailing For further information apply to J. B. COYLE, Jr., Franklin Wharf, or oct28dtf JOHN POKTEOUS. Agent. Get the Genuine! Beware or Imitation* THOMSON’S WORLD-RENOWNED PATENT Glove-Fitting Corsets ! EACH ^:7 "JSTifSSh EIGHT C O K S E b A D E S Stamped V-; ' • •'// OF ‘THOMSON” WWW ™'*a’ WITH A"® TRADE-XfiJ gW KA‘!HA MARK A Perfect CKO W N. FIT. They give entire satisfaction. Every lady who has worn them recommends them. Be sure to get the genuine, A novelty, Thomson’s patient fastening capped corset steels The> are unbreakable, and their tasteningR do not abrakl the dress. For sale by first class dealers everywhere. THOMSON LANG DON & GO. N. V., Mole Importer* and Patentee* for the U. M. feb29tl2w An agent just cleared £ 199 first 3 weeks selling the life AND LABORS OF LIVINGSTON E ! Another #NO first 6 days. Over 50 000 copies of this standard Eifc of the Veteran Explorer sold. 150,0011 more needed by the people. A book of matchless interest, profusely illuatralrd and very cheap A royal ehaare for agents For proof and terms, aduress Hubbard Bros., Springfield, apr20(14wt “The greatest Nor el since Uncle Tom's Cabin' says the Boston Globe of THE NEW AMERICAN NTORI ACHSAH: A New England Life-Study. By Rev. PETER PENNOT. 12mo, cloth. .81.50 The manly, whole-souled, and devoted young cler gyman Is no fancy sketch; Deacon Steine, the sancti monious hypocrite; the plain talking old maid sister; the sneaking, spying aunt, are life-like and real, while the heroine, Aciis.ui, is a lovely character, with whom the reader is in deep sympathy. These, with the various other characters of the story, are so combined as to produce a book full of interest frem begining to end. Ready at all Ihe Bookstores, and sent, postpaid on receipt of price by the publishers. LEE & SHEPARD, ap25d4wt 41-45 Franklin Ml., Bo.ion. IT PAYS any smart man who wishes to make $2,000 a year on a small capital to commence in our line of business. Howling U a Specialty. There is no one in your county wlio carries on the business. Von can learn it in one week by studying our instructions, which we send to all who ask for them. Any man having $10U capital to start with, can purchase enough material to roof three oruiuary houses. The sum realized fiom sale and profit on this supply, ad ded to the regular pay for labor as Roofer, should amount to not less than $400. All expert man could easily do the work in nine working days. Two peisons of small means can join together to advan tage; one canvassing, while the other attends to the work. Send for our book of Instruction (free if vou write at once), and study it. Ask for terms. If you are unable to advance the money, present the matter to the principal storekeeper in your place, and talk it over with him. He will be <)lad to furnish the stock and divide the profit with you. We will guar antee the territory to the first responsible applicant. Address IN. V. MLATK KOOe'lNtt CO Limited, 4 Cedar St„ N. V„ and mention. ap25 dlwf Sri tn Agents wnmed for a new buti ntss, in which any active Man or Sfld’h Woman can easily make 85 to 810 'it’kv a day. One who had never canvassed * before, made 87.30 in I hour; an einerieuced ngenl made $74.73 iu I) A V 13 hours. Particulars free. Cl. A. AA-fA A fLKtiG. Manager, ti» Duane Sr., STRE5*'^ “We k,,ow Cl.A. Clegg ^ to be K'tHoonitible anil reliable, and thiult he oflem Agent** extraordinary Inducements.”—X. Y. WttlcluYun,April 10,1876. luy*__d3wt A Sea Side RESORT. One of the most charmingand healthful locations ON THE NEW ENGLAND COAST, within Four Miles of the State House in Boston, has lately been brought into the market by the BOSTON LAND CO , who are rapidly developing their immense property and throwing it open to the public. Bordered on the one snle by the BROAD ATLANTIC, and on the other by the inner IIARBOR OF BOSTON, with all it* innumerable attractions, having hourly communication with the city, the heart ol which is reached in less than half an hour, by the new narrow' pause route of Boston, li vere Beach ami Lynn Rail road, it otters to all who are seeking health and pleas ure an opportunity which seldom occurs, to possess A SEA MIDE KENIDENCE at a reasonable p'ice. The Company‘are now pre pared to otler at private sale many most desirable lo cations; aua on Tuesday, Juue 6tb, they propose to throw open AT PUBLIC MALE. SEVERAL MILLIONS OF FEET, which will be sold to the highest bidder, without any reservation whatever, except suitable restrictions is to the style of buildings to be erected, &c. Full descriptive circulars, with schedule of the land to be sold and other daysof sale, also free tickets Irom Boston to and from the sale, sent to any ad Iress on application to J BOSTON LAND COMPINV, Nn. 4M f!nnnrpco Ct D..«ik ■> . _ ’ >uWt 1’H1E rBUTBKil *•; HflOKlIF BiOCKAi-HV or the lives 31 the great men of our drat I OO year. Semi for DK,Ul?r?V.P- W' Z1RGUSR & CO., 518 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. mylotiw IA <o 8(iO a work and Expenses, or 8100 forfeited. All the new and standard Nov elties, Chronics, etc. Valuable Samples free with ^irculars. B. L. FLETCHER, 111 Chambers Street, Y»_mylot4w A f}P! ft! TS subscribers in one day. Best {J- va xjjx x kj literary paper. Only #1.50 a year. Three SIO chromes free. Munyox «!t Sfonrler Pubs., Phila. __ niylUf4w FOR DOUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS AND ALL THROAT DISEASES, XT8R Wells’ Carbolic Tablets, . 0NLy 1N HI,UK BOXES. A 1 BIKD ANII AUtg HK A, u « >v For sale by Druggists generally, ami «L0. 0 GOoDWIN’ & CO.. Boston. Ma-» n‘ylG__d-Uvt FOII SALK. § lea in Engine ana Boiler ItHE ENGINE an upright of about si, horse ub^Z* ' a“'1 aD Uprighri ubular Boiler of abott? IAM Tl,b.?nt<i'icr 01 Ihe eD*toe. Apply to WIG qA? ^Urn Unloa strett or W. H. PEN- . ,i£LL & CO., 3$ Cnioi street. 'nea8dtf. ^ RAILROADS. Portland & Rochester R. R. On and after Monday, April. 3,1876, - Trains will run as followsi Leave Portland at 7.50 a. m., 2.30, 4.00 an<l 6.20 p in 7.50 4. Hi. Train sto-8 at all stations between Portland and Rochester, and runs tbr ugh to Worcester. Arrives at ItocheNier at 10.00 a. iu.. (where it connects with Eastern and Bos ton & Maine Ran roads ) At Nn-hun at 11.47 a. m.. Lowell 12.15 p in , B»«<ou l 15 p in , Aver Juuctiou 12 40 p m , 1'iu-liburg 1 25 p m., and at Worccsltr at 2.10 p. ni., connecting with trams South and West *2/20 P. HI. Nteimiboat ExprrM arrives at Korhester at 4.30 p, ni.,connects at Lppiug for llaiiehpMter and f 'oocord, at HnNhun tor Lowell and Boston, at Aver Ah lit tiou for Fitchburg and IVoosne Tun nel Line at Worcester with Boston & Albany Railroad, and goes through New London without change of fnr<«, there connecting with the magnificent Steamers of tho Norwich Lino, ai riving in New York at Pier No, 10. North Itircr at 6 00 a. m. Mime Koouin can be secured in advance at ISnrueH Kron., No. 28 Exchange Street and at the Depot. 4.00 •*. VI. Train runs to Rochester, stopping at all stations. 6.20 P. HI. Train runs to Gorham. RETURNING. Trains leave Rochester at 7.20, 11..5, 11.45 a. in., and 8.50 p. m. 7/20 4. *1. Stops at all Stations, arrives in Port land at 10 00 a m. 11/25 4. HI SteamlK>at Express from New Lon don, leaving Norwich Line Steamers at 5 00 a. m., and Worcester at 8.00 a. niM stops at Springvale, Alfred, Saco River, Gorham, Saroa rappa and Westbrook, arrives in Portland at 1 20 p, m., makes close connection with the Maine Central and Grand Trunk Railroads. 11.45 A. HI. Train is a freight train with Passen ger Car attached, stops at all Stations, and is due in Portland at 5.10 p. m $.50 P. HI. Train is through from New York, stops at all Stations when signaled, arrives in Port land at 10.50 p. m. Local Train from Gorham at 6.00 a. m., arrives in Portland at 6.40 a. m. J. M. LUNT, Sunt. _a pi_dtt Eastern Railroad MAY 1, 1876. Passenger Trains Leave PORTLAND For Naco, Biddeford, Kenoebunk, IVortli Berwick, Noutli Berwick. 4'onway Junction, tiittery, Poilemoulb, Hampton, Ncwburyport, Beverly, Salem, Lynn, Chel«ea au«iBo«loii at 9.00 a. m., 1.30 ami 6.00 p. m., arriving in Bomioii at 1.30. 5.15 and 10 00 p. m. For Naco and Biddeford at 5.20 p. in. Night Express, with Sleeping Cars, For Uo.tan every (lay (except Mondays) at 2.00 a. m., arriving in Bunion at 6 15 a. m. RETURNING: Train* Leave Boston for Portlnnd at 7.30, 9.00 a. m., and 12.30 p. m., arriving at Porilaud 12.10,1 00 and 5.00 p. m. Night Express, with Sleeping Cars, Leave Boston every day (except Sundays) at 8.C0 p. m., arriving in Portland at 12.15 a. m. Pullman Cars on this Line Only. niuman rarior Cars are run by East ern Railroad on 1.30 p. in. Express Train for Boston. CEO. BACHELDER, Superintendent, myl__Utf Boston & Maine RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday May 1, 1876. Passenger Trains will leave Portland for Boston at 6.15, 8.45 a. in., 130,3.15, 6.00 p. m., arriving nt Boston at 10.15 a. m., 1.30, 5.20, 8.00, 10 00 p. m. ’ Returning, leave Boston at 7.30, 8.45 a. m., JoiS’ ?o32t B'°° “•> -rrtring at Portland at 12.25. 12.55, 5.00, 8.10, 10 00 p. m. For Lawrence at 6.15, 8.45 a. m„ 1.30,3.15, COO p. ni. For L.wtll at 6.15, 8.45 a. m„ 1.30, 3,15 p. m. For MancheHter,foncord and Upper Rail roads (via New Market Junction) at 6.15 a. m., 3.15 p. m.; (via Lawrence) at 8.45 a. m. For threat Falls at 6.15, 8.45 a. m., 1.30, 3.15, C CO p. in. For BocbeMirr, Farminston and Alton Bay at C.15. 8.45 a. 3.15 i*. m. F®?rtKenneb“ul4 at 6-15» 8.42, a. m., 3.15 5.30, 6.00 p. m. F,°T *bco Biddeford at G.15, 8.45 a. ni., 1.30, 3 15, 5.30, G.00 p. m. For Near borough. Blue Point and Old Or chard Beach at G.15, 8.45 a. ni., 3.15. 5.30, 6.00 p. in. Morning Trains will leave Kennebnub for Portland at 7.20 a. m. Parlor Cars on trains leaving Portland at 1.30 p. ni. and Boston 8.15a. m. The Fast Express Trniu leaving Portland at 1.31 p m. runs through to Boston in Three Hoars and Fifty Minutes, making close connection with Fall ltiver, Stoningtori and Norwich Mound Mieaurer I.ines and all Kail Lines to New York and Philadelphia. Excursion Tickets to New Fork and Phil tltlolnkin for sale at Boston & Maine R. R. Ticket Office. lo” «■ h) nny other Liu. lickets via nil Line* to all point* lor sale at lowest rates. Trains on Boston & Marne road connect with all steamers running between Portland ami Bangor, Rockland, Mt. Desert, Maclii&s, East port, Calais, »t. .John and Halifax. Also, connect with Grand irunk train* at Grand Trunk Station, and Maine Central and Portland & Ogdensburg trains at lransfer Station, All trains stop at Exter ten minutes for refresh ments at first class dinning rooms S. H. STEYEXS^em^g’ Boston & Maine R. R. NOTICE TO~PASSENOEKS. The Boston & Maine K. K. is ilie ONLY LINE now running a C.15 a. m. Train lo BOSTON. Elegant Parlor Pars ou ihe Fast Express Trains leaving Portland at 1.30 P. M. for Boston 2 Maine Central Throtigli Trains, arriving at Transfer Mint ion (Portland) at 1 lo and 1.18 i*. 31., conurci w ith ihrnr Fail Ex< prewN. Passengers from Maine Central Trains have from Piflerii lo Twenty YlinuiPN for Refreshments at 1 ranster Stations, Ten itlinuirw at Exeter and arrive m Boston in season to connect with Mound Hteamer • iue* and all Rail Lin cm for New York Philadelphia and all point» Mouth and W cal. „ „ _. J. T. FURBER. Gen. Snpt. S. II. STEY ENS, Gen. Agent, Portland. lnv*3___dlw TU THE CENTENNIAL. isi^Hsa Hit iEfl KOIJTE ~a=;—•x*~ BETWEEN Boston, Philadelphia. Baltimore and Washington, WIT OUT CHANGE OE CARS, ' Newevnrv®v New EnS,;in'1 H. P. & F.. and New kork, New Haven and Hartford Railroads. Iem V“n“T.;T* ary 1""B (Between Har n,P/i Jet/Sey ^nnsyhama, Phila S&SStt*' Baltimore, and Baltimore Trah^55‘sfn’8.Pa}Sc® Brawiug-Room Cars on Day Trams and Sleeping Cars on Night Trains. 3 Commencing Monday, May 8, 1876 Pn’SKSTW i"Ieavc ,he New York and New England Railroad Depot, foot ot Summer Street. Boston, each week day as follows: SOUTH BOUND. Leave 9.00 A. 51., 7.00 P. 5f. Leave WORCESTER, via N. & W. It 10.00 A. It., 8.05 I’ 5f. Arrive PHIL A DELPHI A. 8.50 P. 51.7.00 A. 51. Arrive 12.00 51. NORTH BOUND. Leave 1 .17 P. 51. Leave PHILADELPHIA... at 8 to A 51., 7.00 P. 51. Arrive BOS Ti 9.00 P. 51., 8.55 A. 51. Thin Mm the ONI.V liar Kuaniau Cnra THROUGH WITHOUT CHANGE Regular ami Excursion Tickets and Seats and Berths secured at office No. 205 Washington Street and at the New Vork and New England Railrnao Depot, foot of Summer slreet, Boston. 011 , A. C. KENDALL, H. 51. BRITTON °n.'VpT:«.r. sTyKnriDST’ rnyiO 'dim RAILROADS._ Maine Central RAILROAD. WEDIVE^DAI, MAY 17, 1S7G 'p'?*»“Q?5*555i Trains leave Portland for Ban Watervnie, Belfast and Dexter *u '11 B it *12.35 a. m., 1.25 p. m. Skowhezan 1.20 and 1.25 p. in. Augusta, Hallowed, Clardlner, Brunswick 112.35 $6.15 a. in., 1.25. 5.20 p. ni. Rockland 10 15 a. in., 1.25 p. m. Bath 16.15 a. tn„ 1.25, 5 20 p. m. Lewiston 10.15 a. in.. 1.20,5 P0 p. m. Farmington 6.15 a. in., 1,20 p. in. The 112.35 a. in. train tor Bangor makes close con nection with t. & N. A. Railway foi St. John and Halifax. tPullman Sleeping Car attached. tMixed. PAYSON TUCKER, Sup t. Portland. May K, 1870._ royWtf PORTLAND AOGDKNSBUKG KB, NE«F CONNECTION*. Ou and after WFD1VKMDAY, 4'Jd, iul. anil until further notice. TKAINM WILL K(JN AH FOLLOWS GOING WEST. 8.15 A. M.—Passenger train from Portland tor a stations, rnnning through without change to St. Jobnshury, Danville. Hartlwick. Mortisville, Hyile Park and Johnson, Vermont. Connects with B. C. cSr M. K. K. Tor Lancaster, Whitehekl, Littleton. Well s Kiver, Montpelier, Burlington, St. AII.alls, &c., &c. 4 40 P- M .—Passenger train from Portland for Lpper Bartlett aud intermediate stations. GOING EAST. 8.00 A. Bl.—Passenger train from Upper Bartlett and intermediate stations, arriving in Portland at 11.15 a. m. 1.15 P. M.—Passenger train from Fabyan’s in connection witli through train from Johnson, Vt„ arriving in Portland at 5.45 p. m. NT tdK CONNRUTIONH. At White Kock for North Windham. At Sebago Lake for Standisb Corner. At Baldwin for Cornish, Porter, Kerar Fails and Freedom. At Brownfield for Denmark and Bridgton. At Fryeburg for Lovell, Stowe and Chatham. EF“Freight trains leave Portland dally at 9 21 m. J. HAMILTON, Superintendent. Portland, Dec. 21, 1875._ oct25dtf Grand Trunk R. R. of Canada. AI.TKKATIO.U 15 TRAIN*. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT MBB On and alter MONDAY. May 1, 1876, PWP wIeWtrains will run as follows: Express train 7.00 a. m. tor Auburn and Lewiston. Mail train for Gorbam anil iutcimediate stations at 7.00 a. m. Express train at 1.20 p. ro. for Auburn and Lew iston. Mall train for Island Pond, (stopping at all sta tions to Island Pond,)* connecting with night mail train for Quebec, Montreal and the West at 1.50 p. m. Express train for Auburn and Lewiston and Sonth Paris at 5.15 p. m. Trains will arrive as follows: Mail train from Gorham and Intermediate Stations at 8.30 a. m. Express from Lewiston and Auburn at R 30 a. m. Mail from Quebec, Montreal and West at 1.45 p.m. Express from Lewiston and Auburn at 1.10 and 5.35 p. m. Passenger Offices 74 EXCHANGE ST., — aud — DEPOT AT FOOT OF INDIA ST Tickets sold at Reduced Rates T To Canaria. Detroit, Chicago, Tlilwnu bee, Cincinnati Ml. I.oui*. Omaha, Maginaw, Ml. Paul, Malt Cube City, Denver, Man Francisco, and all points in the Northwest, West and Momliwest. J. c. FCRNIVAL, Agt. THE GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY is in splendid condition, is well equipped with first-class rolling stock, and is making the best connections and quick est time or any ronie from Portland to the West SEpf-PULLMAN PA ACE DRAWING ROOM AN1) SLEEPING CARS are attached to the trains leaving Portland at 1.50 p. m. Baggage checked from Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom House examina tion. The Company are not responsible tor baggage to any amomt exceeding #50 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid tor at the rate of one passenger fot evirv #500 additional value. JOSEPH HICKSON, General Manaqer. W. J. SPICER. Superintendent, Portland. June 21,1875. ap29dtf B3 CENTENNIAL .-JaCiLr Excursion Tickets — TO — PHILADELPHIA AND IlfiTMN KJ® th.e via Rochester and F„^r«V:r’ ."ew *V*“d?- Siooiagtoo and Fall River l.ines, for sale at the lowest rate*by W. D. LITTLE A CO. IF YOU ARE GOING — TO THE — CENTENNIAL, • ng lajary, or *:iaou .n the event of death by Accident, which are for saio at the office of W. D. LITTLE A CO., Stanton Block, 31 Exchange St. myio djf MERCHANTS’ fMIMim We would respectfully call the attention of .HrrrhnniN and others to the superior facilities ottered by the Portland & Worcester Line — fob — Freight Requiring Very Quick Despatch. Freight leaving Now York at 5.00 p. at., arrive., in I'ortlniiil 1.15 p. m. NEXT o.-% V. tfreifcht leaving Portland at i£..'IO p. in., v*rk tt.OO a. an NEXT tf KIM IN €*. We take pleasure in referring von to all the Fiah ?"9 l.obsl.e Dealers. Proalucr Denlera, '* Dry l.ooil. flerel.n..Is Whole, sale milliners and any olhors of Portland, who are now shipping by this route. Our landing m New York is Pier 40, North River, (Norwich Line, foot of Canal Stieet ) For rates and further imformation, apply to J. M. LUNT, Supt. Portland, or „ . . „ , „ H. N. TURNER, Freight and Passenger Agent, Worcester, Mass. Portland, Me., May 4,1876. my4dtf AvJKNTH WANTED* CENTENNIAL MEDALLIONS, Struck in solid Albata Plate, equal in apt earanee, wear and color, to NOl.ID SIIYER OK (401,D. Presenting a largo variety of beautiful Design* in relief. i TbeseMedallionsjire larger than a Silver Trade dollar, being 1§ inch, in diameter, handsomely pnt up and sell readily at sight. The most valuable Mouveuirs nu.l m. memos ever issue<l. A complete outfit of magnificent samples lor agents, in velvet lined Morocco case-including the Bust ot George Washington.” Grand Entrance Interna tional Exhibition. Memorial Hall (Art Gallery). Horticultural Hall. Mam Building, and the grain! md lSn the S,lK?i"8 oflh« Declaration of (designed t,y Trumbull), in gilt-sent *a m »afCh1,’ty.of ,Iraf> orP'»* Office order for shlp l’v exPrcss 0. O. D. upon receipt of Agents circular and Price List and ,,IU,n““i .upon receipt of fide. Immense prise1.*' AddreM ’ ght' Ea,eItolT« fleld9 lor enter* U. S. MEDALLION CO., 212 Broadway, P,‘, Sew York. . nihlb__ d&w6mH L'OUTl Vk TELLER. Madame N. A. JL Maddox, the celebrated Clairvoyant, Fortune rf J?r aSr f,octreSS* can consulted at No. 3 Quin ey at. Madame *1. has had largo experience in till ing lortunes, searching out lost, bidden or stolen treasures, &c., aud was never known to be at fault. LH) not miss this opportunity of consulting the great est fortune teller of the age. Persons entering imoany oew business nr profession, the conduct in* of which they do not understand, will find if to their advan tage to pay her a visit. She can foretell tho destiny of friends in any part of the world and descilbe them perfectly. She also describes all manner ot disease that tiesh is heir to, and gives medicine for the same. She has given universal serisfaction to all who have consulted her in her constant travels ;ioce she was seven years old. Good testimonials given if desired. Terms, Gents §100; Ladles 50 cents. Office hours q A M. to 9 P. M noftcltt --os WIMoLtUUN J o 3 Long Range Breech Loading O “ Practice Pistol & Targets. ' ° Car?r" » K Inch ball with a.-cu- m rai^y a tty teet, without powder or l S K Brass barrel, hair trigger. For sale y' l,-rs By mail, fret, for 73 cents, with per manent ammunition for target practice indoors. *nd lor sporting out of doors. ACENTS WANTED. A. A. GIIAIIAM. G7 Liberty street, Now YorA. nt’i'a_d&w8ml2 •SiO IVr Day L~1AN lie made by energetic salesmen with our ' goods. Cali at 42$ Exchange Street, between and 10 A. M., or enclose SI .tin f.u sample, directions tc., to Boa 1932, Portland. Maine. ia;<ul«odtf ’ S-SSS55—V.

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