Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 19, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 19, 1876 Page 3
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THE PBESS. FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 19, 1876 THE PBEH May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros., Marquie, Brunei & Co., Andrews Wentworth, Moses, N. B. Kendrick, and ChiBholn Bros., on all trains that run out of the city. At Biddeiord, of PhUlebury. At Saco, of L. Hodgdon, At WaterYille, of J. S. Carter. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. CITY AND VICINITY Rfew Advertisements To*Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Grand Centennial Execution. Don’t Forget It—Dr. J. S. Crain. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. 1816. Carriages 1876—Zenas Thompson, Jr. Removal—J. P. Tenney. Farm for Sale—A. E. Eaton. Fuller House—S. F. Hunt. Report—Canal National Bank. Report—Merchants* National Bank. Grand Trunk Railway Co. For Sale—A. E. Eaton. Lost—Cuft Button. Wanted—H. F. Golden. 99 Exchange St.-W. H. Kohling, WARD CAUCUSES. The Republican voters of Portland, are requested to meet In their respective Wards Rooms, on Monday evening, May 9kJd, at 8 o'clock, and elect three delegates trom each Ward to repre sent them in the District Convention to be held at Saco, on the 25th May. The delegates so elected will meet at Lancaster Hall, on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, at 5 o’clock, and select five delegates at large. Per order of myl8dtd CITY COMMITTEE. PORTLAND POST OFFICE. Office Honrs. From 7.30 a m to 8.30 p m, Sundays excepted. Sundays open for Carriers and ‘General Delivery from 9 to 10 a m. Portland, Me., May 15. 1876. Arrival and Departure oI Mails. Boston and intermediate offices. Arrive at 12.25 p. m. and 12.30 a. m. Close at 8.15 a m, and 1.00,2.30 and 9.00 p. m. Boston and the West. Arrive at 5.10 p m. Intermediate or Way Mails via Boston and Maine Railway. Arrive at 12.25 and 8.20 p m. Close at Great Soutnern and Western. Arrive at 12.25 p. m. and 12.30 a m. Close at 6.15 a m, 2.30 and 9.00 p. m. Bangor, Mattawamkeag, and connecting routes. Arrive at 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 p. m. Augusta and connecting routes. Arrive at 9.00 a. in. and 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 and 5.00 p. m. Morning Northwestern by G. T. R. Arrive at 8.40 a m. Close at 6.30 a. m. Lewiston and Auburn. Arrive at 9.00 a. m., 1.45 and 6.30 p. m. Close at 5.45 a in, 12.20 and5.00 p. m. Rochester. N. H., and intermediate offices. Arrive at 1.30 anu 11.25 p m. Close at 7.30 a m, and 2.00 p m. North Conway and other offices on the P. & O. R R. Arrive at 11.25 a m, and 5.55 p m. Close at 7.45 а. m. and 2.10 p m. By the Bridgtou Stage. Arrive at 3 p m. Close at б. 50 a m. Eastport, via each steamer. Arrive at 6.00 a m. Close at 5.00 p m. Castine, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, Mount Desert, Mill bridge, Jones pert and Machias, via each steamer Arrive at 6 a m. Close at 9 p m. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward’s Island. Arrive Thursday at 6 a m. Close Saturday at 5.00 p m. Foreign Mails per Allan Line close every Friday at 12.41 p. m. Foreign Mails, via New York, day previous to sail ing of steamers. Close at 2.30 p m. Express, Augusta, Bangor and the East. Arrive at 2.00 a m. Close at 9.00 p m. Skowhegan, intermediate offices and the north. Arrive at 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 p. m. Skowhegan closed pouch closes at 9.00 p m. Canada and intermediate offices, via G. T. R. Ar rive at 1.55 p. m. Close at 12.45 p m. U. 8. District Coart. BEFORE JUDGE FOX. Thursday.—The arguments in the libel of August vs. Drummond were completed. The Judge will give opinion Friday morning. Coomer A. Esterbrooks, et als , libellants, vs. Schr Mary A. Rice and cargo. This is a libel for salvage for towing in the schooner with her cargo of dressed granite. The schooner came into collision with the brig Annie D. Torrey, as before reported in this paper, and was deserted by her captain and crew, as it was supposed in a sinking condition, and was atterward taken in tow and brought into Portland by the steamer Bessie Snow. James D. Fesseuden for libellants. Nathan Webb tor respondent. The Judge awarded $450 as salvage and costs two-thirds to be paid by cargo and one-third by vessel; one-half of the salvage for the benefit of the owners of the steamer; the other half fpr the master and crew,—master to have three shares, mate and engineer two shares each, and the crew one share each Court adjourned to Friday morning. Superior Court. MAY CIVIL AND.CRIMINAL TERM, 1876. STMONDS, J., PRESIDING. Thursday.—State vs. George A. Hunnewell. Obtaining goods under false pretences. Verdict guilty. Libby, Co. Att’y. Haskell, Dana. Patrick Hiland was sentenced to three months in jail on a complaint for search and seizure. Charle3 Douglass, for the larceny of a hoi sc and carriage, the property of Mayor Fessenden, was sen fenced to three years In the state prison. John McDonald, for the larceny of $45 in money, the properly of Oliver Longley, was senienced to eighteen months in the county jail. Stephen J. Maynard vs, Wartstill Merryman. Re plevin for three horses, a sulky and two harnesses. . Defense—lien on the property for board; tried be fore the Justice without the intervention of a jury. Decision reserved. Bradburys for plaintiS. Thompson for defendant. Counsel ore requested to take notice that all un finished criminal business will be disposed of in order this (Friday) morning at ten o’clock. municipal Court. BEFORE JUDOE KNIGHT. Thursday.—Frederick Edwards and Rodolph SuesB. Larceny. Ordered to recognize to State with sureties in the sum of $500 each. Committed. Drummond & Winship. ThomaslCostello. Larceny. Discharged. Brief Jottings. Plymouth church will hold their last sociable for the season this evening. A gentleman living on High street has been trying to get a plumber to do a small job at his house for the last three weeas, but they are all driven with work, and still the cry of hard times is heard in the land. That up-town merchant has at last killed the troublesome rat, and now be goes to bed like other folks. Black, who has been engaged as pitcher on the Resolutes, will arrive from Boston Tuesday, when the club will at once go into practice. Curtis & Fobes have beeu dredging in the harbor at Fall River. The iron grapple attach tached to the dredge took up a boulder weigh ing thirty tons. They next go to Wareham, where they have a large contract. John F. Sterling is building an addition to his hotel at Peaks’ Island. Rev. Mr. Day, Capt. J. B. Coyle, and also members of the Reform Club will address the people at Allen Mission this evening. Tbe public are invited. After this week the steamer Lewiston will make two trips per week, leaving every Tues day and Friday evening. The jewelry thieves were bound over in the sum of $500 each iu the Municipal Court, yes terday morning. Some think they may get bonds so as to go to,tbe Centennial. The Fourth of July Committee held another meeting »last evening to perfect the arrange ments for the grand celebration. The Montgomery Guards were out drilling last evening, They made a fine appearance under Lieut. Gatley. Lots of men who were at Music Hall last evening told their wives they weie going to the VIfT t7P Was ever news so scarce. • Officers Bice and Langmaid picked up an in toxicated man near Stafford’s block last even ing and took bim to the station. He bad near ly S40 on his person, which would hive soon left him if the officers had cot taken him from his bad companions. “Quacks and quackery” are to receive a ter rible blow from Dr. J. S. Cram, at Mechanics’ Hall this evening. The Doctor gave a freo lec ture on electricity at the office of his hotel la9t evening. He talks finely. Persona'. The Hon. John H. Goodcnow, late U. S. Con sul General at CoDStanlinnple, is in town. His many friends will heartily welcome him back to Maine. On Monday next Mr. C. K. Munroe assumes a position on the editorial staff of the New York Sun. His friends in this city, of whom he has many, will be pleased to learn of his good fortune. Samuel Carleton, Escp, whe died recently at Whitefield at the age of 82 years, was the fath er of S. L. Carleton, Esq., of this city. Consul Murray will sail for Englaud Monday, when Vice Consul Starr will assume the duties of the office. Beal Estate Tkansfebs.—The following are the real estate transfers recorded in thii .county yesterday: Deering—Lot of laud at Woodford's Come from Francis E. Barker to Hiram Jack. Lot of land Irom Artemus L. Richardson ti William B. Josephs. _ Falmouth—Lot of land from Merrill Hustoi to Joseph W. Huston. Portland—Lot of land and buildings on Hig street from Edward K. Sampson to Charles J: Thurston. Davy Ckocsett.— Next Monday evening Mr. Frank Majo opens a season of three nights and one matinee at Music Hall in his play of Davy Crockett. The Providence Journal gives the following criticism of the piece: Frank Mayo’s Dav'd Crockett is the best pic ture of the American backwoodsman ever put upon the stage—as satisfactory as Leather stocking in literature, and with the same de fects—that is to say, with an occasional touch of over-strained sentiment and over-refined language, taken from conventional literature and not from the study of nature. Like Coop er’s novels, too, the character is merged in a commonplace plot, with stereotyped figures, which obscure and render it unnatural rather than bring it into perfect relief, as Bret Harte’s stories do with his border heroes. It is, per haps, unfortunate, also, that it is called David Crockett, whose character, strongly marked and peculiar, was not so much that of the typi cal backwoodsman as of the sharp, coarse, ready-witted stump speaker and Tennessee politician, with a considerable infusion of vani ty, and whose heroic death at the massacre of the Alamo redeemed bis fame by an exhibition of the clear "grit” which such men haue in ad dition to their demagoguery, and which was, in fact, necessary to success arnoug such a people. Casting aside any recollections of the David Crockett of history, the assumption of the character by Mr. Mayo i s a very fine piece of acting, as characteristic and complete in its wav as Joe Jefferson’s Rip Van Winkle or J. T. Raymond’s Col. Sellers. Yachts and Steamers.—The new yacht just built by Mr. Joseph Dyer at Back Bay was brought around to Widgery wharf yesterday where she is to receive her rigging. This is a fine appearing yacht and promises to bo very fast. She is built from a model made by the builder, who is an excellent naval architect. She is 57 feet in length, 14 feet beam and has a fine cabin 21 feet in Jlengtb. The rigging is of wire and the sails are the best. She will not be ready to enter in the races on the 26th, but will be on hand for races later in the season. She will be classed in the first class. Several small yachts are now undergoing slight repairs preparatory to the races of the 26ih. The steamer Gazelle is to recieve a new coat of paint and will be generally repaired for the summer season, If the weather is favorable she will he not. nn the Tstnmt rente enrlv in June. The Ferry boat Mary \V. Libby has been taken off the route for repairs and ber place is taken by the Josephine Hoey. It is expected that the former steamer will go to some water ing place this season. Centennial Excuksion.—Just now the question is “How can wo best get to the Cen tennial?"’ This is an important question and should be well considered befoie it is answered. In another columu will be found a grand ex cursion advertised, which appears to offer Ex cellent facilities for reaching the grand exposi tion at a reasonable price. The steamer New Brunswick, Capt. Pike, has been chartered for this purpose and will leave this city at five o’clock on Tuesday, June 13th. She will run , directly to Philadelphia, where she will remain for four days. On the return trip she will touch at Cape May and Long Branch, in order to give the excursionists an opportunity to visit these favorite watering places. From there she will sail through Now York harbor thence up the Hudson to West Point, touching at Martha’s Vineyard on the way home, reach ing here Friday, June 23d. There will be music on hoard and the tables will be well fur nished. The tickets for the round trip are placed at §40. This will no doubt be a very popular excursion for families. Music Hall.—Another large audience filled Music Hall last evening to witness Mine. Eentz’s minstrel perfarmauce. Of course they all went to see the minstrel part of the enter tainment, but no one went out when the can can was danced. The first part of the perfor mance differed but little from the evening be fore. For some unknown reason the managers turned Ferguson, the lunatic, loose on the stage and allowed him to keep up Ihe reputa tion which he so justly earned on the previous evening. Surely this would be a small show without this Ferguson, but it is a wonder Bar num allows him to roam at large. James Koache, the comedian, was applauded time af ter time, and fairly bore off the palm of the evening. He is probably the best mirth pro voking darkie we have seen in a variety show. The entertainment closed with the can can which was danced as on the previous even ing. The audience showed some dissatisfac tion because it did uot exceed the first night’s exhibition. Fire in Ferry Village.—About 1 o’clock this morning fire was discovered in the large barn in Ferry Village belonging to Nathan R. Dyer. It was well under way, and attempts to save the building were useless. Mr. Dyer suc ceeded in getting out a buggy wagon and a harness, but about all the rest of the contents, including twelve to fifteen tons of hay, a horse, five head of catllc, baggage wagon, two har nesses and a lot of farming utensils, were de stroyed. Mr. Dyer’s loss will uot fall short of $2000, on which there is an insurance of $500. It is supposed the fire was set. Luckily there was no wind blowing, otherwise Mr. Dyer’s house would have gone and the whole lower part of the village beeu endangered. Yarmouth.—John R. Briggs, E.-q , of Mas sachusetts, has begun work upon the quarries of the New York Granite Company. When in full operation he will employ about one hun dred men, under the superintendence of Mr. H. S. Andrew. William E. Gould, Esq,, occupied the pulpit of Central church last Sabbath. The First Parish Sunday School celebrated its fiftieth auuiversory with fitting observances Sabbath afternoon. The bell of the First Parish church has been recast and increased in weight by several hun dred pounds. It was hoisted to its place Wed nesday, and seems much improved in tone. The Yacht Club Race.—It is feared that there will be but one beat entered in the first class for the regatta which comes off a week from to-day. The Ray is not in a condition to sail, the Sparkle will not probably enter, so there will only be the Viva to contest for the cup, which she now holds. In the second and third classes there will, however, be music. In each of these classes there are a number of new boats to compete for the society cups. Last year it was very close, and this season it will be very exciting. Maine Business Notes. Sch. “Prescott Hazeltine” sai'ed Wednesday from Belfast for Jacksonville, Fla., with 300 tons ice and 45 tons hay. Woods Mathews & Baker and Pitcher Bros, loaded barkentine “Fred Eugene” with hay for Charleston, S C , and Pitcher & Gorham sch. “Empire” with hay for Boston. N. C. Ayer of Bangor is intending to erect a boot and shoe factory on Exchange street, in the place of the small building recently dam aged by fire. It is to be occupied by Messrs, Parker & Peaks, and will measure 30 by 80 feet, two stories high, with slated roof and walls. The machinery will be run by a large water motor. STATE NEWS. FRANKLIN COUNTY Miss M. E. Stiles of Farmington has in her possession a natural curiosity in the form of a horned load. The animal was sent her from California some two weeks ago. A reform club has been organized iu New Vineyard and numbers over seveuty members on both pledges—fifty-two on the iron clad. HANCOCK COUNTY. Mr.Abram Meader of Ellsworth was severely injured in attempting to stop a run-away horse last. Sunday. Our correspondent from Cranberry Isles writes Herbert Rice, a young boy, while over back of the island with a hoe in his baud, caught hold of a clump of bushes for some thing on the bank, which gave way, precipitat ing him a distance of teu or twelve feet, strik ing bis head, which was fearfully cut, and in ju,,uh uixuij. auo meu uu; uoaru u pass ing vessel saw the accident, came ashore* picked him up and carried him home. Dr. Spear dressed the wounds and thinks he will recover although at.the cost of a had scar. KENNEBEC COUNTY. The Journal says Mr. A.W.Brackett of Pitts field, the noted horse man, had a queer experi ence with a horse the other day. Uu Monday be shipped a horse for Boston, on board the train at Pittsfield. Just before reaching Fair field when the train was going at the rate cf twenty-five miles an hour, the horse becoming frightened, settled back in the car, breaking the halter. The door of the box car was open and out of this the horse plunged, going “end over end.” The animal then picked himself up and ran a couple of miles, and was altogether unharmed. KNOX COUNTY. A little daughter of Capt. Dermout of Dock land was bitten twice by a small dog on Mon day, as she was returning homo from school. Last Tuesday evening off.cer Spear found a two months old baby upon the piazza of the residence of Mr. Thos.S. Lindsey of Dockland. , As Mr. Lindsey and family were absent the officer took the child to his own house, i Marshal Lowe and the Police force at Dock* land are actively engaged in repressing the rum j traffic. . The Free Press says Thomas Joy bad a vessel of about five tons stolen from A, F. Ames’ wharf Rockland Friday morning, No cluo has been obtaiued as yet, PISCATAQUIS COUNTY. Foxcroft Republicans elected tho following delegates to attend the District Convention to be held at Bangor, next Wednesday: Dr. Wm. Buck, P. M. Jefferds, A. W. Gilman, Chas. S. Ham. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. A correspondent writes to the Whig from Passadumkeag that the mail carriers are now transporting the mails in canoes and trudging along part of the way on foot, just as they used to when the country between Howland and Passadumkeag was first settled. This state of things is brought about by the carrying away of bridges and impassable condition of the roads for teams. A Base Ball Association is to he organized in Bangor. WALDO COUNTY. The Age says Mrs. Mary, wife of Parker Jewett, formerly of Belfast, died at Cbenoa, Illinois, 4th inst,, aged 72. She was the daugh ter of John Cochran, one of the early settlers of Belfast, who was one of the number who threw overboard the British tea in Boston Aarbor at the commencement of the revolu tionary war. Whiles. B. Gillam and two other men were painting on the ship in Carter’s yard, Belfast, Monday, the staging on which they were stand ing gave way and fell with a erase. Gillam was thrown onto the rocks on the shore and badly bruised, but the others fortunately escaped injury. Judge Knowlton of Liberty was badly kicked last week by his horse, and is confined to his house and will be for some time to coma by reason of the injury received. The anniversary of the Belfast Reform Club was celebrated Friday night by a banquet at Hayford Hall. About three hundred members and guests were present. T— Attention is called to the advertisement of the Fuller House, Philadelphia, The proprie tor, Mr. Hunt, is a former resident of Portland, and he will be pleased to receive a call from his friends who visit the Centennial. Attention is called to the announcement of Mr. W. H. Kllhlintr. in finnllmr ntliimn Air Kohling, by bis close and faithful attention to business, his skill as a workman and efforts to please his patrons, has built up a valuable trade which is fast increasing. Whoever patronizes Mr. Kohling obtains a well flttiog, stylish gar ment, made upon honor. Every suit which goe3 out of his establishment is an advertise ment. In this city among his fast increasing patrons he needs no note of introduction. The sale of Silver Plated Ware and Cutlery at 35 Exchange street, will be continued today at 10 and 2J. The hollow ware is made by the Taunton Silver Plate Co., whose ware is so well and favorably known. The prices got yester day were in accordance with the times. All kinds of sewing machine needles, 42 cents per dozen, at Studley’s, under Falmouth Hotel. mayloeod.St Plants ! Plants ! Plants 500 dz. verbenas at 50c. per dozen. 55 “ •' “ 75c. “ “ For sale by mylO eod2w Kendall & Whitney. Don’t buy a black silk until you have exam ined the stock just received at Studley’s, under Falmouth Hotel._ mayloeod3t Kendall & Whitney are selling choice dahlias at $1.50 per dozen. myl0-eod2w Or. Wistar’s Balsam of Wild Cherry. The standard remedy for the cure of coughs, colds, influenza, bronchitis, hoarseness,asthma, whooping cough, croup, sore throat, diphtheria, difficulty of breathing, quinsy, phthisic, pain in the side and breast, spitting of blood, liver complaint, bleeding of the luugs, aud all dis eases of the throat, lungs aud chest, including even consumption. It seems hardly necessary to dilate at length upon the virtues of this fav orite remedy for all tbs diseases of the throat, lungs aud chest. It was introduced to the pub lic by Dr. Wistar nearly half a century since, and by the wonderful cures which it performed gained an immediate aud enviable reputation. '*".7 i iaii_y ousidiucu. i1 rnm the gulf of the St. Lawrence to the shores of the Pacific, and in many countries abroad, there are few villages or hamlets without “liv ing testimonials” to the rapidity and certainty of its curative effects. The proprietors, mind ful of their responsibity to the afflicted, exer cise the utmost care in the selection and com pounding of the various ingredients of which the Balsam is composed; and the sick are assured that the high standard, of excellence on which its popularity is based, will always be maintained. , Seth W. Fowle & Son, Proprietors, mayl5eodawlw Boston. Peeiodicals—Harper’s for Juno is received and for sale by the following newsdealers: Wentworth’s, No. 553 Congress street, corner of Oak st., at Hall L. Davis, Exchange street, and Augustus Kobinson’s, under the Falmouth Ho tel. Also at the book and periodical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brothers, Lancaster Hall. Also at the newspaper and periodical depot of Geo. H. Marquis, No. 80 Exchange street, and at the hook, periodical and newspaper estab* ments ot C. It. Chisholm & Bro., in the East ern and Grand Trunk depots. Lyon’s KXthakion prevents the hair from falling out or turning gray, reuews its growth and gives strength and vigor. It is delightfully perfumed, and makes a splendid dressing. It is the cheapest and most desirable Hair Tonic ever produced. Used by the elite. Price only 50 cents. aprlGdeodawly Use Adamson’s Botanic Cough Balsam for all diseases of the throat and lungs. It never fails to cure._ mayl5eodlw To All, particularly invalids, spring is a trying season. Indications of sickness should at once be at tended to. Fatal diseases may be caused by allow ing the bowels to become constipated, and the system to remain in a disordered condition, until the disor der has time to develop itself. An ounce of preven tion is worth a pound of cure, is an old and truthful saying. Therefore, we advise all who are troubled with the complaints now very prevalent-headache, indigestion, disordered liver, want of appetite, nau sea. or feverish skin,to take, without delay, Schenck’s Mandrake Pills. We know of no remedy so harm less and decisive in its action. It at once sti ikes at the root of the disease and produces a healthy tone to the system. People never need suffer from any dis ease arising from a disordered condition ot the liver if they would take this excellent mediciuc when they feel the first indications of the malady. Families leaving home for the summer months should take three or four boxes ot these pills with them. They have an almost instantaneous effect. They will re lieve the patient of headache in one or two hours, and will rapidly cleanso the liver of surrounding bile, and will effectually prevent a bilious attack. They are sold by all druggists. 1V14 tnvtoArllnaTrlnPrmon YACHT_ MEN. IF YOU WANT Galvanized Yacht -AND Boat Trimmings, Wc Manufacture and have in Stock the largest assortment to be fonnd in the state, including Inside Iron Strapped Blocks, Anchors, Chains, Windlasses, Row Locks, &c. T. Laughlin & 8011, CENTER ST., Portland. ^Gnlvauiziug Doue in the very BENT If! AW WEB. &pr29dtf SHIRTS I (Jnlaundried Shirts, all finished, and made ol Wamsnttn Cottons aud nice Linen Bosoms and CufTs for the low price oi $1.25 ! Call and Examine Them. Charles Custis & Co., 493 CONGRESS ST. lhy5_ isdly To JLet. A SUIT of rooms without board. Apply at No VI Danforth Street. my21dtfis NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. 99 Exchange St. Do you waul a Slylisli Suit made ol the best material and in the best manner J Go to W.H.KoMiug’s, 99 EXCHANGE ST. Do you want a Business Suit in the latest style of Goods and make J Go to W. H. Kohling’s. No. 99 Exchange St. Do you waut the Nobby Suit of the season J KOHLING has the Goods and : OHLING can make it at No. 99 Exchange St. It you want your Clothes made in the most workmanlike manner and a perfect tit every time, go to KOHLING’S, 99 EXCHANGE ST. A CARD. I take this opportunity to return to mv patrons in Portland and vicinity iny sincere thanas for their patronage in the past, and am pleased to announce that 1 am constantly receiving and have on hand the choicest and most stylish French, German and Amer ican goods, which I propose to make up in as good a manner as can be done elsewhere and at as reason able rates. 1 shall be. pleased to show my goods to all who are trying the market. No garment is allowed to go from my establish ment which does not give perfect satisfaction. IV. XI KOKXL.ING, mylOtf 99 Exchange St. REPORT OF THE CONDITION -OF THE MERCHANTS’ NATIONAL BANK, AT PORTLAND, IN THE STATE OF MAINE, At the'close of Business Hay 12, 1876, RESOURCES. Loans and Discounts. $570,386 40 Overdrafts. U. S. Bonds to secure circulation. 300,000 00 “ “ “ “ deposits. 100,000 00 U. S. Bonds on hand. Other Stocks, bonds and mortgages. 14,212 CO Due from Approved Reserve Ag’ts. 76.445 40 Due from other National Banks. 2,025 16 Due Irom State Banks and bankers. Real Estate, furniture and fixtures. 25,930 22 Current expenses and taxes paid. 3,980 31 Premiums paid. Checks and other Cash Items. 2,802 64 Exchanges for Clearing House. 8,»3l 74 Bills of other National Banks. 16,693 00 Bills of State Banks. Fractional Currency (including nickels).. 5,011 95 Specie (including gold Treasury notes).. Legal Tender Notes. 18,500 00 U. S. certificates of deposit for legal ten ders. Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer (5 per cent of Circulation). 13,500 00 Due from U. S. Treasurer, other than 5 per cent reuempuon iuua. Total.81,158,319 42 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock paid in. $300,000 00 Surplus Fond. 60.000 00 Other undivided Profits. 121,247 41 National Bank notes outstanding. 247,000 00 State Bank notes outstanding. Dividends Unpaid. 1,575 52 Individual Deposits subject to check.... 275,256 07 Demand certificates of deposit. 33,300 00 Time certificates of deposit. Certified checks. 6,317 27 Cashier’s checks outstanding. 35,902 26 United States Deposits. 48,827 33 Deposits of U. S. Disbursing OfHcers.. . 13,748 34 Due to other National Banks. 15,145 22 Due to State Banks and bankers.... Notes and bills re-discounted. Bills payable. Total. $1,158,319 42 State of Maine, i County of Cumberland ss. / I,Charles PaysoDjCashierofthc above Darned hank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. CHARLES PAYSON, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 18th day of May, 1876. CHAS. O. BANCROFT, Justice of the Peace. Correct—Attest. Jacob McLellan, ) Geo. S. Hunt, I Directors. W. S. Jordan, ) my tild3t REPORT OF THE CONDITION — OF THE — CANAL NATIONAL BANK, — OF — PORTLAND, N1IC., At Close of Business May 12, 187G. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts. .... 1,083,591 22 U. S. Bonds to Becure circulation. 533,000 00 Other stocks, bonds and mortgages. 13,100 00 Due from redeeming and reserve agents. 81,3G9 65 Due from other national banks. 29,326 34 Banking house. 20,000 00 Current expenses. 5,663 07 Checks and other cash items.... 20,359 34 Exchanges for clearing house.... . 15,187 80 Bills ot other national banks. 25,000 00 Fractional currency and nickels. 1,148 70 Legal tender notes. . 20,000 00 Five per cent, redemption fund. 23,977 50 $1,871,723 62 LIABILITIES. Capital stock.$ 600,000 00 Surplus fund.120,000 00 Other undivided profits.264,648 93 384,648 93 National bank notes outstanding. 474,550 00 Dividends unpaid. 1,371 00 Certified checks. 1,987 41 Cashier’s checks outstanding.. 6,620 75 $368,199 63 $376,807 79 Due to other National Banks. 31,345 90 $1,871,723 62 STATE OF MAINE, l Cumberland, ss. i I, B. C. Somerby. Cashier of ‘‘The Canal National Bank of Portland,** do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to tho best of ray knowledge and belief. B. C. SOMERBV, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this Eigh teenth day of May, 1876. GEO. C, PETERS, Justice of the Peace. Correct-Attest, W. W. THOMAS, ) WM. HAMMOND, S Directors. JOHN N. LORD, ) my!9__ d.3t For Sale and to Let. TERMS REDUCED! FOB SALE. Worcester house*- 254 and 256 Spring St„ and 36 and 40 Clark St. These are frame houses, gas, Se bago water, and all modern improvements. Fine Cottage, with stable and about seven acres of land, South St., Gorham Village; 12 rooms; a very desirable country residence. The Benjamin Norton Farm. Limington, 2* miles from Cornish Village, 3 miles from Baldwin Station on P. & O. It. R., 125 acres, two-thirds cleared, cuts 40 tons of hay, good fences, lk story house 28x32 ft., barn, stable and outbuildings. Also small cottago. Price $3500, $1000 down. Very cheap Several small farm* for *a!e. Terms easy. TO LET. Two Small Tenement* on India St. and one on Hancock St. FOB HALE OB TO LET. The W. Jf. Smith Property, East Decring. Large brick house aud one acre of land. Will bo let for a term of years. The Leiglitou Ac Hanson Property in Deering near Trotting Park. Large brick house and 7 acres of land. Will be let for a term of years. Oti* Brown Property, Saccarappa. Large house with stable, barn and other out buildings. Will be let for a term of years. House 49 Pine St., Hull Block, mastic finish contains nine rooms and all modern improvements, Twoi'honwi in Hull Block, Carroll St., mastic, nine rooms and all modern improvements. Ac Melcber mill and outbuildings West Commercial St., storage and wharfage to let, or the entire property for sale or to let on long lease. on Htreet, occupied by John D. Spaulding. Lot 60x40, Edward F. Flint Property, near Andrew Sawyer s, Capo Elizabeth, House and 7 acres of land. Several Small Farm* to let. MATTOCKS & FOX, Attorney* at Law, .31 1-3 Exchange St. myl9 jtf REMOVAL. The Office of the Tug Boats C. A. Warren and Wm. H. Scott, is removed to No. 117 Commercial Street, up stairs. J. P. TENNEY, Agent. myl9 _ dtf Wanted. FIRST CLASS Milliners and Apprentices wanted at, H. F. GOLDEN’S | myUMlw* Under the Preble House. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. 1876. Carriages 1876. ZEIS THOMPSON, JR.. Successor to and for 20 years connected with the “OLD HOUSE” of J. M. KIMBALL & CO., Congress Street, OPPOSITE PREBLE HOUSE. _ - 1 have the largest and finest assort ment of Carriages in Maine. The product of my own factory during the winter months. All of them made of carefully selected material under my own personal supervision, and by the best Mechanics in Sew England. I offer the above at reduced prices and as low as STRICT FIRST CLASS M ORE can be sold. N. B.—Tliis work cannot be found at the Auction Sales. mj-19 il.'m GRAND TBIffl RAILWAY COMPANY OF CANADA. SCRAP F| l SALE ! TENDERS are invited for the following old ma terial now lying on the Company’s premises at Cortland: Estimated Quantity. Wrought Iron Scrap.nitons. Cast Iron Scrap. 25 “ do do do (burnt).5 “ Scrap Spring Steel... 3 “ Light Iron and Turnings. 2 “ Rubber.. lb3. TERMS— Ca.h ou Delivery* Tenders giving price per lb. and endorsed “Tender ior Scrap," will be received by the undersigned on or before WEDNESDAY, May 31st. JOSEPH HICKSON, Gen’l Manager. Montreal, May 15tb, 1870. myl9 eodGt Farm for Sale ! A bargain for$.TJ5. Thirty acres ol land, a block house, five room8 papered and painted, patent fireplaces, good cellar, stable with _ "cellar. 30 to 40 thrifty growing apple trees, mostly bearing, plenty of wood and water. Situated about three-fourths of a mile from the Town House in Stow, nine miles from Frvcburg de pot, on a good road in a good neighborhood. Inquire of A. K. EATON, 5 Merrill St., Portland, Me., or J. B. EATON, Fryeburg, Me. myl9d2w* FOSTER’S Forest City Dye House 13 PREBLE STREET. Air Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Clenuisiiig and Steam Feather Bed Renovating. Orders received at the Dye House or by Mail. Dyeing and Cleansing as usual. ray 2 naeodlm “fuller house, I?os, 403F and 4033 Powelton Avenue, PHILA.DKX.PHIA. 8. F. HUNT of Portland, having leased and newly furnished this house is now ready to receive visitors to the Centennial at moderate rates. myl9 deod3w» For Sale. m$.'<50 will buy a house with five finished rooms, cellar, ell and wood shed; well of good water; 1J acres good land, 6 apple trees, 2 large cherry trees plum trees, etc Two miles from depot, Post Office, stores and church. School one-third of a mile. A. E. EATON, 5 Merrill Street, Portland, Maine. mvl9d2w* For Sale. m Three desirable Bouses and six very desira ble lots, at Woodford’s Corner. Intending to go West, will sell the above property on easy terms and reasonably low prices. Good drainage, cemented cellar, haid and soft water. Inquire of T. H. MANSFIELD, Spring St., Woodford’s, Me. £^*See Auction Column. myl8na3t % Lost. A Sardonyx CUFF BUTTON between Exchange and High Streets. The finder will be reward ed by leaving it with D. P. PERKINS, myl9d3t* 159 Commercial Street. EDUCATIONAL. Edw. C. Farnsworth, Teacher of Pianoforte,Organ & Harmony, RESIDENCE 35T SPRING ST. marl d3m* FRENCH LESSONS — AND — LITERATURE. Mme. R. E. MAWSE, formerly of Boston, late of Philadelphia and New Jersey, pro poses to establish a permanent French Institute in Portland. She will commence her Spring term April 18th,1876. The course will consist of private French lessons and classes for any one who wishes to study the lan guage. She will form classes for advanced pupils who desire only to converse. She intends also to have matinees for Ladies, con sisting of readings from the best French Authors and Dramatists, and the conversation will be only in French. The same lessons will be given twice a week in the evening lor Ladies and Gentlemen. She will commence these evening lessons early in September. Mme. will be assisted by Prof. Masse. In the early part of Juno Madame expects an Ar tist who has been connected with her Institute in Philadelphia. This Lady is a member of the Acad emy of the Fine Arts in that city. She gives lessons in Drawing in all its branches, Oil Painting, Pastel. Her Speciality during the summer will be Water Color from nature. For further information please call at No. 597 Congress street. Mme. will be at her rooms from 11 A. M. until 5 P. M. and every evening. Mme. Masse is permitted to refer to the following gentlemen: Rt. Rey. Bishop James A, Healy, D. D. Rt. Rev. Bishop H. A. Neely, D. D. Rev. Thomas Hill, D. D., L . D. Rt. Rev. Bishop \V. B. Stevens, D. D., of Philadel phia. Hon. Charles F. Libby, County Attorney. Hon. Henry J. Murray, British Consul. Ephraim Hunt, LL. !>., Superintendent of Public Schools of Portland. Richard H. Dana, Esq., of Boston. George B, Emerson, Esq., of Boston. apr8tf Eaton Family School For Boys, -AT NORRIUGEWOCK, MAINE. Spring Term will commence March 37th* For Circulars and Portland references addicss auglO-tfH. F. EATON. Principal. KliRXME SCHOOL FOR BOVS, NORTH CONWAY, N. H. The Next Quarter Commences April 20th. For particulars or admission address aprl9tf FREDERICK THOMPSON, Principal. REMNANTS ! BLEACHED COTTONS in 6 4. 9 4, 10-4. These are the celebrated Warn sutta Cotton in good lengths, and will be sold at about 1 2 THEIR USUAL PRICE. - Remnants ! WHITE PIQUE, in very choice styles and nice quality. These are the best goods for the money ever sold in this city. PARTICULAR ATTENTION Is called to another lot of those BROWN and GREY Twilled Dress Goods, At 22 cents, would be cheap at 80 cents Would also solicit an Examination of the finest assortment of Ladies’, Gents’ and Children’s HOSIER! to he found East of Boston. All kinds of sewing machine needles, warranted to be the best in the market, at 42 cents per doz. AH orders by mail filled promptly. W. F. STUDLEY, Under Falmouth Hotel. myl5 dlw Window Frames ! When yon cannot find wlaat you want and are inn hurry for Wiudow Frames, call at BVRROWFS BROS’., Where yon can have them at short notice. Cor. Cross and Fore Street. POBTIANB, ME, apl7 deodtf Mil PORCELAIN EARDROPS In imitation of Daisies. Pansies, Rose buds, &c. Very preity and stylish. A large assortment just received by C. II. LAMSOK, J E "W ELKR, 201 mi DOLE STREET. my!8 dlw MISCELLANEOUS. Bailey & Noyes, GENERAL AGENTS — FOR — Chickering & Sons’ PIANOFORTES Submit the following facts to those who contemplate buying a PIANO, trusting that a more com plete knowledge of the superior advantages possessed by the CHICKEBING manufacturers will help to decide all purchasers who want the best. 1. The dickering Pianos have been exhibited in competition with the pianos of every well known maker in the world, and in every instance, without a single exception, have been awarded Honors and Prizes in advance of all Competitors. 2. Nearly Fifty Thousand dickering Pianos have^ been manufactured and sold. Last year dickering & Sons manufactured and sold moro Pianos by sev eral hundred than any other first-class piano maker in the United States. 3. dickering & Sons’ Factory is the largest piano manufactory in the world. 4. All the Vital Points of Improvement in all Pianos now made in America were first introduced by Chickeriug & Sons, and subsequently copied or imitated by all other makers in the country, without excention. 5, Every part of the Chickering Piano is made in the Chickering Factory (except, of course, the hard ware used in the pianos, which is purchased by every maker), and the immense force of skilled artisans employed is, and always has been under the personal supervision of Chickering & Sons. Chickering & Sons being the largest manufacturers in the world and having the first reputation, have not only been able to employ the best men in the various branches of manufacture, but they have been caused positive inconvenience at limes by the number of applications for employment front the best workmen of other makers. 6. A piano is usually a purchase of a lifetime, therefore great care should be used in selection— “The Best i»the Cheapest.” Buy of a house whose representations can be believed and whose business to-day, at the end ot fifty-three years of unexampled prosperity, is larger than that of any other maker and whose pianos are endorsed as The Best by the International Expositions of France and England, and by the unanimous testimony of the most noted Art Institutions and Artists of the World. Parties Jiving in the State of Maine will find it for their interest to purchase of the Agents, BAILEY & NOYES, EXCHANGE STREET, M PORTLAND. api28 eodlm Immense Sacrifice 1 PARA SAT S — AND — Son Umbrellas — AT — MANUFACTURER’S PRICES. We are ready to offer 500 Parasols and Sun Um brellas. consisting of Serge and Boiled Twilled Silk, from 18 to 30 inch, in Ebony, Bobe, Horn, Pearl In laid, Ivory and Oxidized Handles, from §1.25 and upwards. Positively the largest and cheapest line in the City. Also German and Lisle Gauze GLOVES for Ladies, Gents and Misses, with one to four but tons, from 15 to 45 cents. Also a complete line in from 40 cents and upwards, defying competition. Great bargains in Silk and Worsted Fringes, Ci imped and Heavy Knotted. Also MABTHA WASHINGTON Caps and Bonnets! for Children. Cloaks. Children’s Robes and Short Dresses at astonishingly low prices, 500 Doz, Kid Gloves, in German and French Kids, from 1 to 6 button, at 50c and 60c, 2 button at 70c, 85c. §1.00, §1.15 the best. ' Also Courvoisiers Real Kid warranted, at §1.50, a bargain at §1.75. 4 button reduced to §1.50 539 CONGRESS ST., F. IiATNER. Ladies should bear in mind that we are selling the above goods at Boston prices, and by examining will convince themselves. an? .Inn/Km J. T. K^& CO. POLICE PANTS Made from li ounce Metropolitan Government Standard Police Cloth, double iudigo dyed. They have live Pockets, three being made of English Goatskin and especially shaped for Pistol. Handcuff and Billy. They are sewed throughout with waxed tarred sewings, the strength of which it is impossible to rip. J. BURLEIGH & CO., 189 middle St., SOLE AGENTS FOB PORTLAND. ALSO Agents for J. T. K. & Co.’s Firemens’ and Letter Carriers’ Uniforms, Hotel Bell Boys’ Uniforms, Waiters’ Jackets, &c. lny!7<13t Ship Owners — A>'D — SHIP BROKERS ! will find a convenient place to deposit ballast at Mer rills Wharf. Otlior Parties having Rack, Earth, A.hen and the like to dis pose ot can do the same. Inquiro of Wharfinger or apr28dlmFM&WlsW. S. DANA. £21 If I $3.50 arid your old (lllK Hat will buy a NEW STYLE SI MMER Silk „ . Hat at A, L. MERRY’S link 237 Middle Street, llflloi Sign of the Gold mylfidtf | Hat.I CHARCOAL. WANTED 1000 Bushels Hard Wood Charcoal at Eastern Bailroad. Address 772 Portland Post Ofiice, or PALMEK CLARK, Corner Portland and Grove Sts.. Portland, Mondays. aprl8dtf For Sale. A GOOD Second Hand Soda Fountain willjle sold lowifor cash. Can be seen at INGALLS BROS., »yl2d2w* 13 Breble St. REMOVAL. DR. GO WELL, Has removed to 5fo, 2 Casco Street, Where he is successfully treating the sick hy the use of Dr. J. Clatnoo Kelley’* Botanic Berne died, in connection with Electricity and the Health Lift Cure. Also is Agent tor Dr. Kidder’* Premium Electro .Vlngnrlie Battery. Advice free. niyl2<ltf REMOVAL. WM. E. DENNISON baa removed from 236 COMMERCIAL STREET — TO — 118 COMMERCIAL ST., HEAD LONG WHARF. copartnership. The undersigned have this day termed a copartner ship under the Arm name ot SARfiEiNT. DENNISON & (0.. * / and have taken the stand at Long Wharf, 118 Commercial St., where they will continue the business of Wholesale and Itelail Dealers COAL AND WOOD, ind would he pleased to see all their former patrons md as many new ones as may favor us with a call. EDWARD H. SARGENT. WILLIAM E. DENNISON. Portland, May 1, 1876. myldtf DR. HERSOM, Has removed bis office to bis residence, Corner of Pine and Emery Streets. At Home (com 8 to 9 A. .VI., 1 to 3 and t to 8 P. VI. my!5dlw PIANOS No. 3 Free St. Block. The subscriber desires to iniorm liis friends and the public that he will OPEN Rooms !>n MONDAY, May 13. for the sale at a choice lot ot Instruments, carefully selected Irom the factory af those Princes of Piano Makers, tlcPHAIL dc Co., of Boston, and llienew and popular NATIONAL PIANO of New York. Also PARLOR ORGANS, from some of the best builders, and on or about May 22 an invoice at the justly celebrated patent WOOTON CABINET DESK, which, wherever it has been in troduced, is universally acknowl edged to be the best Office and Parlor Desk extant, and for the lovers of fine work the FLEETWOOD AND SORRENTO SCROLL SAWS, l'readle Machines, Fancy Woods, Patterns, dec. Being the MANUFACTURER’S AGENT lor all of the above, I can sell at Factory, and I think satisfactory, [trices to compare with the times. 3 Free Street Block, lately occupied by II, S. Kaler & Co. Samuel Thurston. myll dtf Brothers Fairbank, 125 Tremont Street, . BOSTON. OPP. PARRJT. CHURCH. )ur Stock is now complete and embraces the best styles of Foreign and Domes tic Goods hat can be found in this city. Satisfaction guoran to every customer iu Fit and Finish of Every Garment. mylQeodlm Maine Blackwood, (FORMERLY NORWOOD) iired by Blackwood, (3 years old, record 2.31) 1st lam by Norman, sire ot Lula, 2.15, May Queen 2.20. 'd dam by Mawbrlno Chief, sire of Lady Thorne, 2.18. Blackwood, sire of Blackwood, Jr.. 4 years old, record '.32. Freshman 4 years, 2.3G4. Rosewood 5 years, HE BLACKWOOD, Jrown colt, sired 1872. Trotted full mile last fall as ! year old in 2.36$, and drew wagon in 2.40$. Is six een hands high and weighs 1075 lbs. Will make this season (and only one in Maine) at |60—payable in advance. Apply to JOHN DALY, Box 1819, or Head of St. John St. my!3 dtfls GRASS SEED. WE have now on hand an extensive Stock ol Prime Herds Grass, Red Tip Clover, Alsike Clover, Orchard Grass, Bloc Brass, Hungarian Grass and IRIlletSced, vhich we oiler at the Lowest Cash Prices. We dso have a large assortment of Vegetable and Flower Seeds. Kendall & Whitney, ^PORTLAND, ME. d„ 8I01S INDIA STREET. DYE Co“!s1.£rd’ U Alien Overc.nU Dyed - - 81.30 HUUaC, 1’anlx.73 Cotton and Wool Dresses Dyed Without Ripping. aprll_ 2m Lawn Mowers. If you want a Lava Mover write for ipccinl price. Very I.ow. FKED ATWOOD, apr28codtf Winterpori, Mo. GENTLEMENS Fine Boots, Shoes and Gaiters of all kinds, made from the finest materials and by the best workmen on French Lasts, at GOWELLS ^XjJnder the Falmouth-f CARRIAGES. A FINE lot of Phaetons and Brewster top Bug gies, built oi the best material and warranted irst class, for sate. Pleaso give me a call before pur diasiug elsewhere. F. H. RANDALL, Over Ueo. Rose’s Stable on PREBLE ST. my6 <ltf E. BIXTTERICK * CO.’S Patterns of Garments I Summer Catalogues Just Recetred at 2G7 MIDDLE STREET. C. DYER, Agent. mylli (13w* AUCTION SALES F. O. BAILEY * COn Auctioneers and Commission Merchant* Nalenroonat 33 and 37 Exchange St. *. O. BAILEY. a W. ALUDT Regular sale of Furniture and General Merchan dise every Saturday, commencing at 10 o’clock a. id* Consignments solicited. oc3dt F. 0. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. Manufacturer’s Sale — OF — Silver Plated Ware — AND — TABLE CUTLERY BY AUCTION. At Salesrooms, 35 and 37 Exchange St., — oa — THURSDAY, May 18th, At 10 A. HI., and continue the sale every day at 10 A. HI. and 9 1-9 P. HI. until nil the Nteck to sold, A large consignment of Silver Plated Ware and Table Cutlery from one of the largest factories in New England, and sold to close an estate. The goods consist in part of Tea Sets, Waiters, Salvers, Card and Cake Baskets, Fruit Stands, Berry Dishes, Bo quet Hollers, Vases, Spoon Holders, Syrup Dishes. Mugs, Goblets, Ice and Water Pitchers, Dinner and Breakfast Castors^Wine Coolers, Celery Stands, Nap kin Rings, Table, Dessert and Tea SpooDg, Medium and Desert Forks, Soup and Oyster Ladles, Butter. Pie and Cake Knives, &c., &c. Also a large line of Silver Plated Cutlery. Also a jobber’s stock of fine Fancy Goods, consisting of Bronzes, Albums, Opera Glasses, Gold and Silver Watches, Ladies’ and Gents’ Gold Chains, &c., &c. '1 he Plated Ware and Cutlery in this sale Is war ranted first class, new and elegant designs, and will be sold without reservation or limit, ottering great inducements to dealers, hotel keepers, saloon keep ers and private families who intend purchasing sil ver ware or fine cutlery. myl3dtf Furniture, Carpets, Crockery, &c., by Auction. ON SATURDAY, May 20th, at 18 A. M., at Base ment Salesroom 35 Exchange Street, we shall sell B. W. and Painted Chamber Sets, INew and Second-Hand Parlor Saits, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, large line of fine new Crockery Ware, Bedding, Stoves, &c. F. O. BAILEY Me CO., Auctioneer** myl8 d3t GRE4T SALE 1 THE HOUSES AND LOTS Advertised in another column by T. H. Mansfield, will be sold by UUBLIC AUCTION, On SATURDAY, May 20th, at 3 o’clock P. M.; If stormy the following Monday same hour. Terms easy. The above can be examined any day nntU sale, myl2td T. H. MANSFIELD. Important Auction Notice. WE have Instructions from one of the largest furniture houses in Boston to hold a catalogue sale of BLEW NEW MRMTIRE ! Saturday, May 37th. Full Particulars in a few days. F. O BAILEY * CO., Auctioneer*. myl2-tf nTl/MTiA/iT\ a yaw« rnuiuwuu'n OIL PAINTING. A new process by which any common photograptr can be transformed into a beautiful picture of un fading beauty. The artist guarantees to teach any person in TWO EASY LESSONS. No previous experience or natural talent required. As an amusement it is fascinating, and as a lucrative employment to those seeking a means of support is worthy of investigation. Specimens can be seen at the store ot NCHf HACKER BROS., Ho. 463 Csigma Ml., — AND AT — r No. 62 (Old Number) Free Street, ■ear Oak, where parties can receive instruction. AGENTS WANTED. myl7 dlw* mi it & w n r Lift ft M ft 1 ADDRESS ALL ORDERS -TO— Collins & Buxton, 522 Congress St., Portland., Me. de!4dly RUBBER HOSE 10 CENTS PER FGpT. We will sell Hose for washing windows, sidewalks, sprinkling lawns, gardens, dec., at the low price of 10 cents per foot and up wards. Brass Couplings, Pipes, dec,, all attached and ready for use at lowest prices. Hall’s Pa tent Combination Pipe, which makes a sprinkler or solid stream by simply turning the stop cock. Try these and you will nse no others. Call and examine at Hairs Rubber Store, UNDER FALMOUTH HOTEL. J*# PORTLAND RUBBER TYPE CO., — MANUFACTURERS OF — Rubber Hand Stamps, Name Stamps for MarklngLinen, Robber and Metal Dating Stamps,Ribbon ktamps. Seal Presses, Door Pintos, House Num bers. Steel Stamps, Stsneils. Burning Brands, Baggage and Hotel Checks, Ac. NO. 232 FEDERAL ST., PORTLAND, ME. jy Agents wanted. Send for circular. feblStf BEFORE BUYING A SEWING MACHINE, be sure and see the NEW PHILADELPHIA or TRIUNE, Which sells at 45 per cent, less than other first class Shuttle Machine. Call, or sent for Circulars aud Samples ot Work, at No. S3 Casco St. ma!5 AClCHfTM WAWTEP. d3m €I1EI>E, U11EESE! 300 Boxes Factory Cheese For Sale VERY LOW to Close a Con signment. SMITH, GAGE & CO.. 93 COMMERCIAL ST. mylO__ d2w THE AERATED Oxygen Treatment. A GEN DINE cure for Catarrh, Asthma, Rheuma tism, Dyspepsia, Lung and all Chronic Dis eases is still ottered to all who are afflicted, at 3S3 Congress Street, Portland. Me., Room 3, Cnhoon Block, where a large number of testi monials can be seen. Consultation and trial dose free. |al2tf1s<Swtno LIVE AND LET LIVE IS 0DR MOTO Great Reduction in Ptlces of Laundry Work. Shirts with Bosom* - . 13 cento Collar* ...... 3“ Pair Cnfls ..... 6 “ Portland Laundry, 22 Union SL aplO <J3m IF YOU ARE TROUBLED WITH CORNS, BUNIONS! LARGE JOINTS OB INGROWING NAILS you can enre them without using the knife by having your feet properly fitted at the Boot and Shoe Store 230 Middle St. ap28dtf M. G. PALMER. Boys* Custom Clothing \ MBS. F. C, CHASE would inform her old customers and friends that she has reopened the store Corner Portland and Mechanic Mtreei*, where she is prepared to cut and make Boys’ Clothing in the latest styles Trimmings constantly on hand. Old Maxim—••Firs come first served.” mchldtf WINDOW SHADES I Or and upwards, at PIKE'S, 53 Exchange Street. apr25 dim*

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