Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 19, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 19, 1876 Page 4
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POETRY. My Artist. So slight, aiul just a little vain, Of eyes and amber-tinted hair, Such as you shall not Bee again; To watch him at the window there, Why, you would not suspect, I say, The rising rival of Dor6. No sullen lord of foreign verse— Such as great Dante—yet he knows; No wandering Jew’s long legend-curse On its light hand its darkness throws; Nor has ihe Bible suffered much, So far, from his irreverent touch. Yet, can his restless pencil lack A master Fancy, weird and strong, In black and white—but chiefly black!— When at. its call such horrors throng? What fantasies of Fairyland More shadowy ever were planned? But giants and enchantments make Not all the glory of his art. His vast and varied power can take in real things a real part. His latest pictures here I see; Will you not look at some with me? First, “Alexander.” From his wars. With arms ot awful length, he seems To reach some very pointed stars. As if “more worlds” were in his dreams! But hush! the artist tells us why: “You read, ‘His hands could touch the sky.* ” Here—mark how marvellous, how new! Above a drownine ship, at night, Close to the moon the sun shines, too, While lightuings show in streaks of white— Still, should my eyes grow dim, ah! then Their tears will wet those sinking men! There, in mild weather, quite forlorn, And queer of cloak and grim of hat. With locks that might be better shorn, High on a steeple—who is that? “It is the man who—1 forget— ‘Stood on a tower in the wet.* ’* His faults? He yet is young, you know— Four with his last year’s butterflies— But think what wonders books may show Wheh the new Tennyson’s arise! For fame that he might illustrate Let poets be content to wait! — Overland Monthly. THE FARM AM) HOUSEHOLD. Making Brend. A lady writes to the Chicago Tribune an extended description of her method of mak ing nice bread. She says that she always sets her bread to rising at night, as it is a great saving of time and fuel, as she can get her bread baked by nine o’clock the next morning: My plan is partly original, and partly the suggestion of kitd ladies, who were anxious to help me when I first began housekeeping. At noon, when the potatoes are being pre pared for dinner, boil four or five medium sized ones extra for yeast. When well done, mash up fine with a large spoon in a deep earthen bowl, the same as used for mixing cake. To these add one and a half cups sifted flour, and one tablespoonful of salt, and stir together with the potato while hot, till quite fine. Pour over this sufficient boiling water to scald the flour, and make the mass the consistence o f cake. When cool enough to admit the finger add one yeast-cake— almost any kind, provided they are fresh— which has been soaked in tepid water until soft Beat all well together and put in a warm place to rise, which will require about thirty-six hours in winter, and twenty to twenty-four in summer. Bottle in a two quart fruit jar, and in the winter keep where it will not freeze, and in the summer in a re frigerator or on a cool cellar bottom. It will not sour, and the last will make as nice bread as when first made fresh. This quan tity is sufficient for twelve loaves of bread, same size as baker’s loaves, and for a small family, will last two or three weeks. I al ways use a yeast-cake to start fresh yeast, but some prefer to use the last of the old yeast. The advantage of this home-made yeasi over other kinds is its purity and abundance of potato, which keeps the bread so nice and moist. Some use sugar in yeast, but it will generally sour the bread. Start the bread the night before you wish to bake it. It is Detter and much easier to look after. A large earthen bowl is best to make bread in, as it is easily washed and kept sweet. To make three loaves sift about two and one half quarts of flour into the bowl, then with a large long-handled iron spoon make a hole to the bottom and pour in one quart of quite warm water. Stir in about half the flour, or until the consistence is that of pancake bat ter, Then add one-fourth of the yeast which you have made the day before. Stir this very thoroughly and place in a warm place to raise, which will require from one and a hall to three hours, depending entirely on the quality of the flour and the heat. “Patent flour” is the best and makes the whitest bread. When light and frothy stir in the re mainder of the flour till a very stiff dough is formed. If there is not sufficient flour in the bowl add more. By kneading it fifteen or twenty minutes with the hands, it will be nicer than by using the spoon entirely. Leave this in the bowl to raise all night. If the weather is very cold place it in the warming-closet or on the reservoir to keep warm. In the summer it will raise any where, but should be placed in a pan or it might run over. The first thing in the morn inp it. will hA TAnrlw rr» m qL-A in t IrtoirAa Knead it well, adding only sufficient flour to prevent it from sticking to the hands and moulding board, until smooth, and place in greased bread tins in a warm place to raise about an hour before baking. In the sum mer bread will raise much faster than in win ter. Bake it thoroughly, having the oven at aneven heat. It will require about thirty minutes, as I bake it until well done. The Time to Plant. It is useless to put seeds in the ground, the American Garden sensibly says, before the soil becomes warm and dry. For this reason, no particular time can be specified for plant ing. Everything depends upon the location, soft and temperature. A very good guide is the taking up of a handful of the loam and closing the fingers tightly upon it. If, on opening the band, the sod remains in a hard lump and retains the imprint of the fingers, it is too wet; while if it falls apart in an ir regular heap, it may be deemed in a condi tion for the seeds. Another reminder, and one that will prove a guide in all latitudes, is the forest tree. When trees put forth their young leaves, all nature is ready for active work. Seeds planted then germinate at once, and seldom tail to come un and grow vigor ously, Nothing is gained by very early plant ing. Better be a grain too late than too early. Sawing Clover Seed. A correspondent asks us if he should sow clover seed on his spring grain before sowing the grain, so that one hatrowing will answer for both, and also how much to sow per acre It is not best to harrow alter sewing clovei seed, as it covers the small seeds so deeply that many of them will not germinate. If the ground is in proper tilth no covering will be needed as the seeds will naturally be washed under fine particles of soil by the first rain. With winter wheat, or rye, it is a good prac tice to harrow the surface before sowing clo ver seed; or, with winter grain, the seed may be sown on frozen ground before it is dry enough to harrow. Frezing and thawing will cover the seeds sufficiently. One peck of clo ver seed per acre should be sown on all land where clover seed has not recently been grown.—Vermont Journal. Mow to gel Early Tomatoes. As soon as your tomato plant has made four leaves, pinch the top bud from the stem then take up the plant, pinch off two inches from the tap root and transplant it in a com mon box frame, where the soil is rich and loamp. The box will keep off the wind, and plants sown and grown there eighteen inches apart will produce fruit two weeks sooner than the same planted in the open ground. A mat or a few boards, spread over the frame at night will keep them lrom frost, and is far easles and quicker than going over a field nightly and setting boxes over each hill. As soon as the plants have set fruit on two blos soms of each branch, and the tops has grown two to four leaves, the pinching off the ends of each branch and top should again be put in practice.—Western Rural. Boxes forTUclon* anil Encumbers. It is a good plan to make boxes say twelve inches square and eight inches high, without bottom or top; these placed over the cucum ber or melon hills, and covered with grass, give an impetus to the plants early m the season, that nothing short of a hotbed will effect.. Tf vppu onrlu nlapp a litfla froclt nure around the boxes to keep the contents warm. It is astonishing what an effect this simple contrivance will produce: and not on ly is it valuable for protection from the cold weather, but it is equally valuable as a pro tection from melon bugs and other predatory insects that seem to watch for our choicest esculents.—N. Y. Tribune. Turpentine for Cut Worms and Crows. A correspondent of the Tribune says: “Spirits of turpentine poured over feed-corn before planting, and thoroughly mixed by stirring, so that all the seed shall be impreg nated with it, is a specific for the terrible ravage of the cut worm. I have neverknown it to fail in one instance. My own practice has been to put one quart of turpentine to a bushel of corn, or In that proportion which is sufficient, and I have always thought corn came up two or three days quicker when thus treated. Besides, the scent cf the turpentine which can be detected several weeks after plantng, aids much in keeping crows at a distance. Mulpber in Trees for Caterpillars. A correspondent writes to the Country Gentleman that he has driven thousands of caterpillars from apple trees in less than thir ty-six hours, by plugging sulphur in the body and supposed it was by tainting the sap and making the leaves distasteful. WANTS. Rent Wanted. OF five or six rooms, in the central part of the city. Any one having a pleasant convenient rent will learn of a good tenant by addressing P. O. Box 652. mylSdlw* # Wanted. \ COMPETENT nurse girl to lake care of two small children. Apply at 603 CongressSquaie. mylSdtf H. JJLIBBY. Wanted, AN Experienced Dry Goods Salesmau; none but those that understand the retail trade thoroughly, and can furnish good reference need address, “SALESMAN,” This Office, my 18 dlw Boarders Wanted 1 A MAN and wife or two single gentlemen can obtain good board and large pleasant rooms, at 19 Brown street. myll-d2w* Situation Wanted. AS COPYIST, and all kinds of writing, at a moderate salary, by a young lady. Unex ceptionable references given. Address mal7dtf “A.” at this Office. Wrantcd. ROOMS suitable tor Portland Fraternity. Apply to WILLIAM I. THOM, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, FRANK NOYES, No. 91 Exchange St. mj9 d2w Wanted. HORSES to board at the Boarding and Livery Stable on Cushman Street, between Brackett and Clark Streets. Prices reasonable. Inquire of GEORGE BRISCO, at the Stable. ap27d4w* Wanted. A FIRST Class Pressman immediately at A. H. FERNALD’8, 237 middle Street, Up Stairs. ap24 dtf LOST AND FOUNd7~ Lost. A SMALL Black ana Tan Dog, answers to the name of Skip; liad on when ho lelt a leather collar with owner’s name and residence. A suitable reward will be paid for his return to 105 State Street, myie dlw BOARD. Boarders Wanted. PLEASANT rooms to let with or w ithout board at 203 CUMBERLAND ST. may5 dtf TO LET To Let. tA desirable House on Congress Street; six rooms, gas and Sebago; newly painted and in first class repair. Rent $260 per year. Inquire 65 Exchange Street. J. Y. CLARK. tnn17 ,l->* To Let. HOUSE on the corner of High and Danforth St., in the best of repair, has 9 rooms and lai ge pantry, good furnace, gas and Sebago water, good cemented cellar, woodhouse and large garden. In qiure at No. 18 High Street. mylGdttPETER HANNA. To Let. A LOWER Tenement in House, No. 85 Lincoln; 5 rooms with gas and Sebago. Apply to ALVIN A. LANE’S myl6d6t* Store, 24 Wilmot Street. To be Let. Dwelling Home, No. 46 Winter Street. Apply at 44. my!6 _ dlw* To Let. A PLEASANT rent of six rooms in perfect order; has gas and Sebago. Rent $250, Apply to L. TAYLOR, 178 CommeiciaJ street. myl2-tf TO LET I Room in the Second Story ol the Printers’ Exchange, with power il required. Apply to PRESS OFFICE or to B. THCRSTOIV * CO., Ill Exchange Street. ocl2 dtj To Eet. FOUR pleasant rooms in house No, 31 Brown St., to a family without children. my!2-tt To Eet. FURNISHED Rooms, convenient for housekeep ing at my9dtt376 Cumberland Street. Pleasant Front Booms to Let with Board, Apply at this office. apr29_ dtf To Eet. A LARGE Front Chamber to Let. In* quire at 30 Brown Street. apr!9 dtf To Eet. VXtA The easterly half of residence corner of Free Hii! aud High streets, now occupied by W. H. An JUJtderson, Esq. Possession given fleet of May, Inquire of F. W. LIBBT, aprl8dtf 42 Exchange St. TO EET. Mdr. LAITIB has a house oft CONGRESS gT. WITH TEN _KOOITIS TO LET, OPPOSITE THE PARK. aprl3dtf Store to EeL STORE No. 122 Commercial streef, next below Dana & Co., now occupied by Joshua Hobbs & Son. Possession given immediately. Apply at 96 Danforth St. C. OXNARD. • - ■ — Wholesale Store, IN the Thompson Block, Nos. 17 & 19 middle Street. Good location below the Post Office where all the wholesale dry goods and other classes of trade are located. The "finest store in the city, with light and airy basement, two entrances, two counting rooms, brick safe, and elegant show windows, tables, counters and other fixtures. Will be let very reasonably f applied for soon. Apply to II. E. THOMPSON, No. 32$ Emery St. on the Spring St. Horse Car Route. mlil4 dtf To Let. HOUSE at tf l ‘i Dow Street. Inquire on the premises. deci5 dtf To Tet. T|1HE BRICK HOUSE No. 74 Danfortli Street, A containing all the modern improvements In quire at No. 10 Central Wharf. jnel6 dtf PROPOSALS. Proposals for Fnel, Forage and Straw. Office Chief Q. M., Boston, Mass., May 10,1876. SEALED PROPOSALS, in triplicate, will be re ceived at this office, and also at the office of the Quartermaster at Fort Preble, Maine, until 12 o’clock M., Saturday, June 10,187C, for the delivery ol Fuel. Forage and Straw at Boston, Forts Independence aDd Warien, Boston Harbor, and at Fort Preble, Port land, Maine, during the fiscal year commencing on the 1st of July next. ' The Government reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. A preference will be given to arti cles of domestic production. Full particulars can be had on application to this office, or at the office of the Post Quartermaster at Fort Preble, Me. J. G. C. LEE, Capt. and A. Q. M. myI7 d6t AGENTS WANTED* CENTENNIAL MEDALLIONS, Struck in solid Albata Plate, equal in appearance, wear and color, to SOLID SILVER OR GOLD. Presenting a large variety of beautiful Designa la relief. These Medallions are larger than a^ Silver Trade dollar, being If inch, in diameter, handsomely put up and sell readily at sight. The most valuable Moavenirs and mementos ever insaed. A complete outfit of magnificent samples for agents, in velvet-lined Morocco case—including the Bust of “George Washington.” Grand Entrance Interna tional Exhibition. Memorial Hall (Art Gallery). Horticultural Hall. Main Building, and the grand representation of the SigniDg of the Declaration of Independence (designed by Trumbull), in gilt—sent by mail on receipt of draft or Post Office order for $3.50, or will ship by express C. O. D. upon receipt of express charges. Agents’ circular and Price List and one sample sent upon receipt of 50c. Immense profits. Sells at sight. Extensive fields for enter prise. Address C. S. MEDALLION CO.. 212 Broadwar. P. 0. Box 5270* New York. mhl6 d&w6mll WALL STREET SPECULATION. The reliable house of Alex. Fbothingham & Co., No. 12 Wall Street, New York, publish a handsome eight page weekly paper, called the Weekly Finan cial Report, which they send tree to ary address. In addition to a large number of editorials on finan cial and business topics, it contains verv full and ac curate reports of the sales aDd standing of every bond, stocK and security dealt in at the Stock Ex change. Messrs. Fbothingham & Co. are ex tensive brokers, of large experience and tried integ rity. In addition to their stock brokerage business, they sell what are termed “Privileges,” or “Puts ana Calls,” now one of the favorite methods of legitimate speculation. Their advice is very valuable, and by following it many have made forties.—New York Metropolis.__ap!9deodly pARPGNTER^ Manual.—A practical guide Vy to all operations of the tiade; drawing for car penters, forms of contracts, specifications, plans, #c., illustrated, 50 cts. PAINTERS* Manual. —House and sign painting, graining, varnishing, pol ishing, kalsominiug, papering, lettering, staining, gilding, &c., 50 cts. Book of Alphabets, 50. Scrolls and Ornaments, $1. Watchmaker and Jeweler 50. Soap-maker, 25. Taxidermist, 50. Hunter and Trapper’s Guide, 20. Dog Training, 25. Of booksel lers or by mail. JESSE HANEY & CO.. 119 Nassau St., N. Y. apr5d3m Fireproof Roofing Paint. The best and cheapest Snow A Davis Patent mate Roofing Paint for Shingle. Tin and Iron Roofs, also for cheap outside work, sold by the gallon or applied by J. N. McCOY & CO., £8 Spring St., Portland, KOOKEB8 AND PAINTERS Jv24 REAL ESTATE. To Let. -t£rr> On Wilniot Street, coiilains ten finhhei rooms, gas anil Sebago water. Aioily to WM JBUlII. JEHBIS, Beal Estate Agent. <H»r29___ (13w* mMQk A. Good Farm for Sale or Ex for City Property —Locate* mammj?in Deering, three miles from Portland ^T=a^plen,y of wood and water; good orchard buildings in nice order. Price $3,500. AddIv to f _ WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. __March <, 18*6 ma2ftd7w* THREE HOESES FOB SALE. M Pleasantly located, on the sunny side of Sa lem street. No 17 is a 1J story house, sevei rooms and Sebago water. Lot 37x80 feet. Als the new two story block, in rear of the above, con taming fourteen rooms with Sebago water. Ttie prop erty is in good repair and can all be bad for $450( Apply to W. H. JERRIS,Real Estate Agent. may4_ d3w* For Sale or Rent. «}ff Tlie handsome 3 Story Brick House, an* •• Furniture, late residence of Franklin Fox ilLEsa., situated on the sunnyside of Par] Street, with garden and fruit trees; will be sold at; great bargain or rented on reasonable terms; posses sion given at once; can be seen at any time, on ap plication to UPHAM & GARDINER, Real Estate Agents, No. 7 Exchange Street. myl7(12 w* For Sale. Ijfy A one and a half Story House and lot, Nc •• 24 Anderson Street; can be examined from te: SILto four. For particulars, inquire at the house my!7dlw» HOUSE LOTS FOR SALE ON ST. JOHN STREET. Terms reasonable and easy payments. Apply to ST. JOHN SMITH, mylSdtf .*11 1-3 Exchange St. Good Farm for Sale or Exchangi for City Property. LOCATED in North Yarmoath, one mile fron Dunn’s Depot, containing about 45 acres goo* tillage land; cuts 10 tons hay; buildings in first clas order. Apply to PERLEY & RUSSELL, myl6deod.fcw3w»102 Commercial Street. FORJLIXE. Six first-class Houses for sale at a bargair all less than ten minutes walk from the Pot [IL Office, City. Two houses and three lots of land in Providence R. I., for sale or exchange for Portland property Also first-class mortgage paying 10 per cent, will ex change for a first-class yacht. Inquire of E. PONCE, aprl8dtf Cor. Middle and Exchange Sts. At North Yarmouth. ffy For sale, or exchange for real estate in Port Mland, or to rent, a two story house, wood sbe< hennery in barn, a fountain pure water, te acres land, 150 apple trees. Will be sold cheap. Rel erence C. PROCTOR or WILLIAM TRICKEY, Sat carappa.apr!5d2m Land lor Sale in Deering. THE subscriber ofteis for sale a desirable lot < land on Stevens’ Plains containing about 30,0( feet. For particulars inquire at No. 218 Fore St. aprllttRUFUS DUNHAM. For Sale. AWt. A New two story French-Roofed Hous* 3MNq. 422 Cumberland St., containing foui ■jWjTf JjfcCteen rooms fitted up with furnace, gai WKmESSSmSebago water, and all the modern im provements of a first-class house. Inquire of JOB DAN BROS., No. 11 Danforth St. apr4dlf For Sale. WISHING to change business. I offer iny Stoi and Dwelling conbined with or without Stoe at a Bargain. An excellent place for Dry and Fane Goods, Millinery or Tailoring Business. A goo stand in the central part of the Village, near tl Depot. WM. XX. 1TIAIISTOIV, ma30d2mYarmouth, JWe. For Sale—At.a Low Figure UPPER half of new frame, slated roof dwellin House, containing eleven rooms, with all moo ern improvements, and located on Congress near tl head of State Street. First-class in every respec Lot large. Terms favorable. Inquire of ROLLINS, LOR1NG & ADAMS, mhl4dtf 22 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. For JSetle. MThe three story brick dwelling house, N« 175 DaDforth Street, recently occupied 1 Watson Newhall. Possession given immi diately. Also, the two story brick dwelling house on tl westerly corner of Spring and Park Street. Tern easy. JOSEPH ILSLEY ap20dtf For Sale. mLot of land with buildiDgs thereon, situate on the corner of Fore and Deer Streets, Por land. Apply to J. H. FOGG, apr27dtf 42J Exchange St. F. G, Patterson’s Real Estat BULLETIN. MONEY TO LOAN ON first class Real Estaie security, in Portlani or vicinity—Rents collected, taxes paid, etc., c Commission. Houses bought and sold. Apply to I G. PATTERSOiLdealer in Real Estate. Office 37! Congress street, williams’ Block, between Myrt and Pearl streets. au28tt BRICK HOUSE AND STABL] UAtl CITE ®No. 46 St. Lawrence Street; can be pui chased within tbirty days at a bargain House can be examined by applying to . F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, 379J Congress Street, my 17 _ d2w Ten per cent Interest ! I HAVE Real Estate for Sale, that with judicioi management will net the purchaser tl above interest. No charge for renting or makir collections. F. G. PATTERSON, myl7d3t 379J Congress Street. House Rents. story Brick House, 9 rooms, gas, Sebag. bath room, cemented cellar, near horse car: for $350. Down stairs Tenement, 6 room on Alder Street. $200. Up stairs Tenemei Parris Street, 6 rooms, $200. Apply to F. G. PAl TERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, 379J Congrei Street.mySdtf New House on Preble Street to $2200. C=y The new two and a half story house o Preble street, lacing Lincoln street, containin 'JLseven rooms. Sebago water, good cellar, sin drain and water closet connected with sewer. Tern of payment is $1,000cash; balance on mortgagi F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, ap!2dtf 379} Congress Street, Williams’ Block. A Bare Chance for Business. A STEAM FEATHER RENOVATOR, for clean! ing feather beds, pillows, bolsters, &c. 1 is in perfect order, simple, and can be run by boy. Profits $25,00 to $35,00 per week. Will t sold ior $165,00 cash, or bankable paper. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON, ap!2dtf 379& Congress Street, Williams* Block Small House for Sale. MThe one and one-half story house, No. 1 Mechanic street, eight rooms, Sebago, a goo cellar and drainage. Lot 30x50. Price $18C cash. F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, | ap!2dtf 379J Congress Street, Williams’ Block. A 3 Story Brick House for $3,500. MThe three story brick house, No. 22 Brow Street, containing 12 rooms, gas and Sehagc water closet in hath room. Drain connecte with city sewer. Taxes for 1876 to be paid by pui chaser trom date of possession. Terms of paymen ono half cash, balance on a term of years. Thi property is offered at a rare bargain, as the owner have no use for it F. G. PATTERSON, Deale in Real Estate, 379 Congress Street Williams’ Blocfc apl9 dtf Hotel at ‘‘Old Orchard’’ for Sale or to Lei THE new and elegant Hotel known as the “Ba; View Hoa«e,’’ contains 70 rooms, excellen in arrangement, first-class stables, bowling alleys bathing houses, Ac. Distant H miles from Old Or chard Station—Boston & Maine R. R., and on th line of the new railroad to be built this season. Th beach (10 miles in length) is one of the b&st on th Atlantic coast for riding and bathing. Parties li search of good hotel property are invited to exaroin this before purchasing or renting elsewhere. Photo graph can be seen at the office ot F. G. PATTER SON, Portland, Me. myl3tf HOTELS. ROSSiUORE HOTEL, Junction of Broadway, 7th Aye. au< 42d Street, NEW YORK CITY, Three blocks west ol Grand Central Depot, neai th< Elevated Railroad, and but twenty minutes fron Wall Street. A new and elegantly furnished Hotel all modern improvements. Rates $4 per day Liberal terms to families. Free omnibus from Gram Central Depot. CHAS. E. LELAND, Proprietor Of Delevan House, Albany, N. Y., ana Claren don Hotel, Saratoga. feb2ld&wly9 WESTMINSTER HOTEL, ON THE KTJJROP3CA.N FLAN. Corner Irvins Place and Ittb Nlreei, le. York. One Block from Union Square and Broadway. The most central, and yet quietest location in thi city. Convenient to the great stores, theatres ant ohurches. Elevator and al! modern improvements Easy access to all parts of the city by street cars ant stages. sep27d&wly40 C. B. FBBB1N, Prop. PALMER KNOX. THIS unrivaled Stallion will stand this season a IMcKenury's suable*, in Bitidcfonl His increasing popularity makes hint tlie mos desirable Stock Horse in the Country. His coiti are all good ones, and commaud high prices. Foi particulars, inquire of U. H. IIcKliMVEY. Biddeford, or M. «. FALBEB, Portland. ap21)iltf Notice. NOTICE is hereby given that after this date I shal pay no bills contracted by my wife Margare Robinson. ISAAC RO HINSON. Portland. May 13, 1876. mylSdlw* Notice. PERSONS requiring work done please apply t< “Home” ot W. C. A., No. 16 Spring St., pistil and family sewing, dress-making, copying, embroftl •rug and fancy-work in wools, &c., tSc. oc29t! MEDICAL CORNS 1 And all Difficulties of the Feet skillfully treated. MR- & MRS. DR. WELCH, Chiropodists, 30* 1-* CONGRESS STREET, l Corner of Brown, Street, Portland, Me. Parties ; treated at there residence per order without extra i charge. Office hours from 10 A. M. until 8 P. M. ap3 cod2m* CLAIR VO YANT. WKS. la T. B. KI\G, A RELIABLE Clairvoyant can be found at the rear of 30 Danforth St., where she will exam ‘ ine the sick, and advise or prescribe as each case de mands. Terms $1.00. She will visit those who are unable to come to her residence if desired. Mrs. King, iu addition to her clairvoyance and remedies, possesses a remarkable healing power which makes her very successful.feb!7d&wttl5 DR. KENISON, Chiropodist, 1 Continues to visit Portland at tlie UNITED STATES HOTEL, on tlia second week of each month. _’ Hoorn in Boston, 37 Tr mont Street and 57 To pie Place. Located in Boston Bince 1810-sep20dtf ; MURRAY’S LA] E Ai PURIFYING Bitters 2 |i This medicine has been before the public most of the time for the past twenty-five years, and has given excellent satisfaction to all who have used it. The Bitters are composed ot the best articles of the vege table kingdom, and are again prepared by the original inventor, and are confidently recom mended as one of the best articles ever offered to the . public, especially for all those difficulties and Ills at ' tendant upon this season of the year. They are par ticularly recommended lor the cure of Indignation or Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Lou of Appetite, General Debility, Cos j tiveness, and all diseases caused by an.nnhcalthy stale of the stomach or bowels, j Any number of recommendations might be pub lished, but the article is so well and favorably known that it is deemed unnecessary. Let the sufferer use them a short time according to the directions on each bottle and be convinced that all is true which is now said of them. The best article of the kind ever of lered for the relief of the sick and suffering, t SOLD ONLY AT , D. B. SAWYER’S DRUG STORE, 176 Middle St, Cor. of Exchange, store formerly occupied by Emmons Chapman, PORTLAND, MAINE, w here m ay also be found a good assortment of Drugs, Fancy and Toilet Articles. apr29 dtf Bavdog 1 1(THADSMASJC) OR -WRITE TO » If i Rheumatism B e S ? \ is a disease that afflicts m e over 25 per centum of the • K human race- Almost ev 0 ery effort heretofore made u R in the treatment of this . disease has been to allay • the present suffering— R trusting to luck to eflect a Q »’ 03 cure. DR. P. J. GRIFFEN R e <j & CO., after years of re- h search, now present to the ^ public the only ? j§ • % , i Scientifically » e £ 0 s o prepared articles in the „■ R market. The disease is W treated externally by y j u means ot the Liniment, t! which, when properly ap- 9 plied, reduces the swel ling, relieves the tension □ h and removes the inflam- h 5 q mation, the cause ot pain f m in a very short time, thus « restoring freedom of move 0 incut and elasticity to the 03 9 joints. The disease being 0 i, C a blood poison, of a pecu- cj a g liar nature, is 9 i g W ! g Treated § . s 3 ? g H R internally by means of the R m Pills and Elixir—alter 11a 5 ting one with the other u according to Directions. 03 To effect a permanent 4 \ m cure, the Pills and Elixir 9 g j must be used in conjunc- 9 ft tion with the Liniment. $ ' < H - ’’ 9) • t LJ 9 Neuralgia, Nervous Pros- u L R tration, Nervous Weak- g s 9 ness. Paralysis, Softening h of the Brain, Chorea, and 9 all WEAKNESS caused by C r H the LOSS OF NERVE g h POWER euredby use ol s 3 f1 l . “P Ot. P.” 1. t* H fl > R 9 ** Ask for Griffen's Rheu- 2. J matic Remedies, they all 5 1 jl bear our trademark and » signature, and are put up j securely. Price $1.00 each; B ft forwarded to any part of 2 0 the United States by ex R press, prepaid, on receipt of $1.25. t 1 3 ’ AND MF,]STTIO>r RARER. , apr6 _ d&wlylt i SMUGGLER, JR., : ; SMUGGLER. COL.ll.N, RUSSEIili, owner of Smuggler, , Jr. has sent him to : Merrymeeting Farm, Bowdoinliam to serve Ills own mares kept their. He will be limited to 30 good mares for outside parties. He has put the 5 price within reach of everybody. Only per . Reason. If not in foal, to have the use of horse ; any time he is in the stud. Smuggler, Jr., is one of t the most remarkable colts of bis age (5 years) in New 5 Eng!and,15 bauds 3 inches, beautiful bay. perfect pic ture of his sire, but finer grained, gaited exactly like him and very fast. Grand good pasture and best of care of brood marcs. For further particulars ad dress F. A. F. A OAIT1M, mch3 eod2m&w3ml0 FORTUNE TEJLEER.-Madame N. A. Maddox, the celebrated Clairvoyant, Fortune i Teller and Doctress, can be consulted at No. 3 Quin cy St. Madame M. has had largo experience in tell ing lortunes, searching out lost, hidden or stolen I treasures, «$rc., and was never known to be at fault. Do not miss this opportunity of consulting the great est fortuneteller of the age. Persons entering intoany new business or profession, the conducting of which j they do not understand, will find it to their advan i tage to pay her a visit. She can foretell the destiny of friends in any part of the w orld and describe them perfectly. She also describes all manner of disease I that flesh is heir to, and gives medicine for the same. She has given universal satisfaction to all who have consulted her in her constant travels Jince she was seven years old. Good testimonials given if desired. Terms, Gents $1.00: Ladies 50 cents. Office hours I roni 9 A. M.{to 9JP. M. no9dtf NOTICE is hereby, given that the subscriber has been duly appointed and taken upon bimself the trust of Administrator of the estate of REBECCA K. WILBER, late of Westbrook, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and given bonds as the law directs. All persons having de mands upon the estate of said deceased, are required 1 to exhibit the same: and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to AUGUSTUS W. RIGGS, Administrator. Westbrook, May 2, 1876. may5dlaw3wF* NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber lias been duly appointed and taken upon herself the trust of Administratrix of the estate of DANIEL D. ROLFE, late of Deering, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and ! given bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate of said deceased, are re quired to exhibit the same: and all persons in debted to said estate are called upon to make pay ment to HARRIET B. ROLFE, Adm’x. Deering, May 2, 1876. may5dlaw3wF* Rich Loam for Sale, IN QUANTITIES TO SUIT, Delivered if desired. Apply to LAURISTON RUMMERS, myl3 47 ST. JOHN ST. 1w» JOB PRINTING ucRtly rncilwlTt hi. Office. STEAMERS, FOR HARPSWELL, On and after October 8th, 1875, Steamer Henrietta, Capt. G. LOWELL, will leave Harpn vrell Mondays and Saturdays at 1 a. m., touching at Chebeagne, Little t'he beague and Long Island. Returning, will leave Commercial Wharf; at 3 p. in. touching at the above landings. Will touch at Cousens’Island each way. Kor particulars inquire of Captain on board or STEPHEN RICKER, Agent, 131 Commercial St. _dtf INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. Ea.lport, Calais and Ml. John, Digby, Windsor and Halifax. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. TWO TRIPS PER tVEEli ! On and after Monday, March 27th, the Steamer New Brunswick, Capt. E. B. Winchester, and City of Portland, Capt. S. H. Pike, — _ — will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State St., every Monday and Thursday, at 6.00 p. ni., forEastport and St. John. Returning will leave St. John and Eastport on the same days. Connections made at Eastport for Robbinstou, 3t. Andrews and Calais. Connections made at St. John for Digby, Annap )lis, Windsor, Kentville, Halifax, N. S.,Shediac, Amherst, Pictou, Frederiekton, Charlottetown and Summerside, P. E. I. ^“F> eight received on day? of sailing until 4 ,’clook, p.m. A. R. STUBBS. Agent. _dtf MAINE STEAMSHIP CO. SEMI-WEEKLI LINE TO MEW YORK. Steamers Eleanora and Franconia Will until further notice leave Franklin Wharf, Portland, every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 6 P. M., and leave Pier 38 East River, New York, ev ary MONDAY and THURSDAY at 4 P. M. The Eleanora is a new steamer, just built for this route, and both she and the Franconia are fitted up with fine accommodations lor passengers, making this the most convenient and comfortable route for travellers between New York and Maine. These steamers will touch at Vineyard Haven during#the summer months on their passage to and from New York. Passage in State Room $5, meals extra. Goods forwarded to ana from Philadelphia, Mon treal, Quebec, St. John, and all parts of Maine. U^-Freights taken at the lowest rates. Shippers are requested to send their freight to the Steamers as early as 4 P. M., on the days jliey leave Portland. For further information apply to HENRY FOX, General Agent, Portland. J. F. AMES, Ag’t, Pier 38, E. R., New York. Tickets and State Rooms can also be obtained at 22 Exchange Street._ ocldtf INSIDE LINE ~ — TO — Mt. Desert, Machias, Ellsworth and Bangor. STEAMER LEWISTON, CAPT. DEEKING, m Will leave Portland Thur* r day Evening* ui 10 o’clock - - ,,h,, „f— for Rocckland, Castine.Deer Isle, Sedgwick, South West and Bar Harbors (Mt. Desert), Millbridge, Jonesport and Machiasport. Returning, leaves Machiasport, every Monday morning, at 4 1-2 o’clock. STEAMER CITYOF RICHMOND CAPT. KILBY, Will leave Portland, every Monday Wednes day and Friday evening* nt 10 o’clock, for Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Searsport,^ Sandy g>int, Bucksport, Winterport, Hampden and angor. Returning, leaves Bangor, every Monday; •’clock. THE STEAMER CHARLES HOUGHTON, CAPT. OBIS R. INGRAHAM, Will leave Commercial Wharf, Rockland, every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5 l o’clock, (or on arrival of Steamer City of Richmond from Portland,) for Deer Isle, S. W. and Bar Har bors (Mt. Desert), and Winter Harbor. Returning, leaves Winter Harbor eveiy Wednes day and Friday mornings at 4.30 o’clock, touching as above, arriving at Rockland at about 11 o’clock, connecting with Steamer City of Richmond for Portland. Will leave Commercial Wharf, Rockland, every Naturday morning at 5 l-'i o’clock, (or on arrival of Steamer as above) tor Ellsworth, touching at Deer Isle. Returning, leaves Ellsworth every Monday morning at 5.30 o’clock, touching at Deer Isle, arriving in Rockland at about 11 o'clock, con necting with Steamer City of Richmond for Portland. The Steamer Charles Houghton has been recently refitted and furnished with a NEW BOILER and new Machinery, making her every way a first class Steamer. For further particulars, inquire of CYRUS STURDIVANT, Gen’l Agent, Railroad Wharf. Portland. May 5th.mySdtf BOSTON STEAMERS. The Superior Sea Going Steamers, FOREST CITT AND JOHN BROOKS will, until further notice, run alternately as follows: Leaving FRANKLIN WHARF, Portland, Doily, at 7 o'clock P. M., and INDIA WHARF. RONTON, dally at 7 P. U. (Sundays excepted). FARE $1.00. Passengers l>y this line are reminded that they se cure a comfortable night’s rest and avoid the ex, [>en8e and inconvenience of arriving in Boston late I at night. Tickets and State Rooms for sale by D. II. Young, No. 266 Middle street Through Tickets to New York via the various Sound Lines, for sale at very low rates. Excursion Tickets to Philadelphia and return via the Sound Lines $13.00. Freight taken as usual. dec27-75 J. B. COYLE, Jr„ Gen’l Agt, BOSTON PHILADELPHIA Steamship Line. Leave each port every Wed’s’y & Sat’d’y. Ilf© Wharfage. From Long Wharf, Boston, 3 p.m. From Pine Street Wharf, Phila delphia, at 10 a. m. Insurance one half the rate of _ sailing vessels. Freight for the West by the Penn. R. R., and South t>y connecting lines forwarded tree of Commission. PASSAGE TEN DOLLARS. For Freight or Passage apply to • E. B, SAMPSON, Agent, J*2J-ly TO Long Wharf, Boston. Norfolk, Baltimore & Washington STEAMSHIP LINE • Pour times n vreefe. First Class Steamship JOHNS HOPKINS. WM. CRANE. WM. LAWRENCE. GEORGE APPOLD. From Boston direct every TUESDAY' and SATURDAY. — AND — WM. KENNEDY. BLACKSTONR. and alcCLELLAN. From Providence every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Washington and ilexandiia by steamer Lady of the Lake and Jane Mosely. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Richmond, and Va. and Tenn. R. R. to all places in he South, W. M. Clark, Agent, 210 Washington St., Boston. i’o all points of North and South Carolina by Sea ward and Roanoke Railroad and Atlantic Coast Line 3. H. Keith, Agent, 222 Washington street, Boston. And to all points in the West by Baltimore & Ohio ft. R., C, A. Chipley, Agent, 219 Wasnington street, Boston. Through bills of lading given by the above named igents. Passage 815.00. Excursion Tickets 825. For freight or passage to Norfolk, Baltimore, Wash - ngton, or other information apply to r.. ngcui, 53 Central Wharf, Boston. E. H. ROCKWELL, Agent, ao2dtf Provideuce, R. INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS FOR QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, Sailing from New York on SATURDAY of each week, from Pier 45, North River. JITY OF ANTWERP, CITY OF LONDON. JITY OP BERLIN, CITY OF LIMERICK, JITY OF BRISTOL, CITY OF MONTREAL, JITY OF BROOKLYN, CITY OF NEW YORK, JITY OF BRUSSELS, CITY OF PARIS. JITY OF CHESTER, CITY OF RICHMOND, Passengers will find these teamers tastefully fit ed up, while the State-rooms are light, airy and ooroy. The saloons large and well ventilated, are he breadth ot the vessels, ami siluated where there s least noise and motion. Smoking rooms. Ladies’ loudoirs, Piano-tortes and Libraries, Bath-rooms, iarher’s Shop. &c. Instant communication with the stewards by ilectric bells. The steamers of this Company adopt the Sonther y Route, thus lessening the danger from iee and ogs. Rates ot passage—$80 and $100, gold, according to iccommodalion, all having equal saloon priv.legcs. Round Trip Tickets—$145 and $175, gold. Steerage—To and from all points at reduced rates. For dates ot sailing and plan of staterooms ap uy to JOH1V fi. DALE, Agent, ■>a3M3u 15 Broadway, New York, _STEAMERS. STONINGTON LINE FOR NEW YORK, AHEAD OF ALL OTHERS. This is the Only Inside Route Avoiding Point Judith. Steamboat Express trains leave Boston from Bos ton & Providence R. R. Depot dailv, except Sunday, at 5.30 p. m., connecting at Stonington with the en tirely new and superb Steamer Rhode Island, every Monday, Wednesday find Friday, and with tne ele gant and popular steamer Stonington every Tues day, Thursday and Saturday, arriving in New York alway* in advance of all other line*. Bag gage checked through. Tickets procured at depots of Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads and at Rollins & Adams’, 22 Ex change St..and W. D. Little & Co.’s,49i Exchange St. L. W. F1LKINS, D. S. BABCOCK, Geu. Passenger Ag’.t, New York. President. ocll *73 _ dtf CLYDE’S Philadelphia, Boston & New England STEAMSHIP LINES. « FOUR STEAMERS PER WEEK. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY bv Boston and Providence Railroad via Providence. TUESDAY and SATURDAY bv Old Colony Railroad via Fail River. €»ood* Received at Depot* — ’Daily. Through Bills Lading given from Boston and prin cipal points in New England to the South and South west. Close connection made at Philadelphia with the “CLYDE STEAM LINES’’ to Raltiniore. Norfolk Kichtnoud, C'harlewion, Nrw berne anti WaHhinstou. H. P- C. MIIIVK, General Ea*tern Agent. ^9 Devonshire Street, Bouton, janll _, dtf MAIL LINK TO Halifax, Nova Scotia, With connection, to Prince Edward 1.. land, €apr Breton an, m John., N. E. — i The Steamship FALMOUTH, —* (l.uilt expressly for the route) Capt. W. A. Colbv, will leave Boston Railroad wharf, ever? -- SATURDAY at 5 30 p. m. for HALIFAX, dipect. making connections with the In tercolonial Railway, to- Windsor, Truro, New Glas gow and Piclou, and steamers for Prince Edward Island; also at New Glasgow, N. S., with Lind sey’s Stages for Cape Brecon, and at Halifax with steamers for St,. Johns. N. F. 83?“RETURNING will leave Halifax on TUES DAYS, at 8.30 p. m. No freight received after 10 a. m. on day cf sailing For further information apply to J. B. COYLE. Jr., Franklin Wharf, or ’ °ct28dUJOHN PORTEOUS. Agent. A I I A M I IKIF nkunni k-l Ml U. summeiTservice. Shortest Ocean Voyage. First-class Weekly mail steam ers of this line sail from Quebec every Saturday morning, for Liverpool, touching at Berry. First-class fortnightly mail steamers of this line sail from Halifax every other Tue*day, for Liverpool* touching at Queeuatown. Passage-First-class—$50, $70 ami $80 gold, or its equivalent; Intermediate $35 gold; third-class at lowest rates. The GlaNgon Line of steamers sail from Quebec every Thursday for Glasgow direct. Cabin passage $60, steerage at lowest rates. Passengers booked to and from all parts of Eng land, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany at lowest rates. Prepaid and Return Tickets issued at reduced rates. Apply to J. L. FARMER, General Agent for New England, No. 3 India Street, Portland. Me. G3F^Sijjlit Mierliog t'hrck* iniied iu Numa tonuit for £1 and upwards. my9dtf Direct importation of Aie*, IVine* and Liquor**. Holland Gin in bulk, J. DeKuyper. Green Seal Gin in case from Rot terdam Irish and Scotch Whiskey in bulk and case from Ramsey & Co., Liverpool. Hennessey Brandy in case, vintage 1866, 1870 and 1873, direct from stance. Very fine old Port and Sherry Wines direct from London Heidsteck Champagn. Bass Pael Ale from Burton-on-Trent in Hhds., Bbls., and Kilder kens. Also same (Hibberts bottling) in casks and cases of Qts. and Pts. In the original packages in bond or duty paid by JAMES McGLINCHY, Im portcr, 89 Commercial St. apr7eod6m FOB SALE. Steam Ei)?iue and Boiler fjnHE ENGINE an upright of about six horse X power, and an Upright Tubular Boiler of about louble the power ot the engine. Apply to WIL LIAM LOWELL, 36 Union street or W. H. PEN KfllLL & CO., 38 Cnior street. 'ne28Utf. Get the Genuine! Beware or Imifatiom THOMSON’S WORLD-RENOWNED PATENT Glove-Fitting Corsets ! EACH EIGHT CORSE BADII Stumped \'■| ■ hljmjy OE “THOMSON” jl if F,K,"H with aptCv Wa t jf l\; V EACH A TRADE- J|||I I M MARK A | Perfect CROWN. PIT. They give entire satisfaction. Every lady who has worn them recommends them. lie sure to get the genuine, A novelty, Thomson’s patient fastening capped corset steels They are unbreakable, and their fastenings do not abraid the dress. For sale by first class dealers everywhere. THOMSON, RANGOON A- CO.. N. V.. Sole Importer, lind Patentee, for the C. H. feb‘'9tl2w "The greatest Novel since Uncle Tom's Cabin' says the Boston Globe of THE NEW AMERICAN NTORI ACHSAH: A New England Life-Study, By Rev. PETER PENNOT. 12mo, cloth. .$1.50 The manly, whole-souled, and devoted young cler gyman is no fancy sketch; Deacon Sterne, the sancti monious hypocrite; the plain talking old maid sister; the SDeaklng, spying aunt, are life-like and real, while the heroine, AcHaA.ii. Is a lovely character, with whom the reader is in deep sympathy. These, with the various other characters of the story, are so combined as to produce a book full of interest from begining to end. *** Ready at all the Bookstores, and sent, postpaid on receipt of price by the publishers. LEE & SHEPARD, ap25d4wt 41-45 Franklin Ht„ Bo.ion. IT PAYS any smart man who wishes to make $2,000 a year on a small capital to commence in our line of kusiuess. Roofing i« n Specialty. There is no one in your couDty who carries on the business. You can learn it in one week by studying our instructions, which wc send to all who ask for them. Any man having $100 capital to start with, can purchase enough material to roof three ordinary houses. The sum realized from sale and profit on this supply, ad ded to the regular pay for labor as Itoofer, should amount to not less than $400. An expert man could easily do the work in nine working days. Two persons of small means can join together to advan tage; owe canvassing, while the other attends to the work. Send for our book of Instruction (free if vou write at once), and study it. Ask for terms. If you are unable to advance the money, present the matter to the principal storekeeper in your place, and talk it over with him. He will he glad to furnish the stock and divide the profit with you. We will guar antee the territory to the first responsible applicant. Address N. Y. SLATK IllMlHItC CO., Limited, 41 Cedar St,, N. V., and mention. ap25 d4wf fn Agents wnBled for a new busi ■Mr mss, in which any active Man or Woman can easily make $3 to Sio " a day. One who had never canvassed A before, made $7.30 in I hour; an experienced agent made $74.73 in n 1 13 hours. Particulars (fee C. A. * Cl.KCSG. Manager, OO Duane St., K|)|{ E1 N. Y. “We know C.A. Clegg ° to be reanonslble and reliable, and think be oil era Agents extraordinary Inducements.”—N. Y. Weekly Sun, AvrilW, 187G. myld3wt A Sea Side RESORT. On, . ithe most clianniogand healthful locations , > THE NEW ENGLAND COAST, within Fonr Miles of the State House in BostOD, has lately been brought into the market by the BOSTON LAND CO , who are ranidly developing their immense property and throwing it open to the public. Bordered on the one side by the BROAD ATLANTIC, and on the other by the inner HARBOR OF BOSTON, with all its innumerable attractions, having hourly communication with the city, the heart of which is reached in less than half an hour, by the new narrow gauge route of Boston, R vere Beach and Lynn Rail road, it ofters to all who are seeking health and pleas ure an opportunity which seldom occurs, to possess A NBA HIDE KENIDENCE at a reasonable price. The Company are now pre pared to otter at private sale many most desirable lo cations; anu on Tuesday, June tith, they propose to throw otion at public male, SEVERAL MILLIONS OF FEET, wliich will be sold to the hioiiest bidder, without any reservation whatever, except suitable restrictions as to the style of buildings to bo erected, &c. Fill I descriptive circulars, with schedule of the land to be sold and other days of sale, also free tickets trom Boston to and from the sale, sent to any ad dress on application to BOSTON LAND COMPANY, No. 48 Congress St., Boom 12, BosIod, Mass, mybdlwt AGENTS* Wanted for THE CENTENNI AL BOOK OF BIOGRAPHY or the lives of the great men of our first I oil yearn. Send for circulars. P. IV. ZIEGLER & CO., 518 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa._ mylOtlw til* A d k to 860 n week and Expenses, or 811)0 Lehr 1/ lorfeited. All the new and standard Nov elties, Chromos, etc. Valuable Samples free with Circulars. It. L. ELETCUEll, 111 Chambers Street, N- Y.-mylliilw A filfl NTS subscribers in one day. Best Aw literary paper. Onlv §1.50 a veer Three §10 chromos tree. Mumvoh & Spons'ler" Pubs,, Phtla._ mylOtlw ’ FOR, COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, AS I) ALL THIfOAT DISEASES. USE Wells’ Carbolic Tablets, A £«T.E£,0NLTIN BLUE BOXES. A I HIED AND MUHK REMEDY. For sale by Druggists generally, and GEO. C GGODWIN & C(5„ Boston, Mast. mjlO dlwt RAILROADS. Eastern Railroad HI A V 1, 1870. Passenger Trains Leave PORTLAND For Saco, Biddeford, It much link, North Berwick, Noutli Berwick. Conway Junction* Biltery, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newburyport, Beverly, Salem, 1 yon, C'hcUea nml Bo«tou at 9.00 a. ni., 1.30 ami 6.00 p. m., arriving in Bonioii at 1.30, 5.15 ami 10 00 p. m. For Saco aud Biddeford at 5.20 p. m. Jiiglit Express, with Sleeping Cars, For BoNton every day (except Mondays) at 2.00 a. in., arriving in Bomiou at 6 15 a. m. RETURNING: Traiu* Leave Bo-ton for Portland at 7.30, 9.00 a. m.,aml 12.30 p.m., arriving at Portland and 5.00 p. m. Night Express, with Sleeping Cars, l<et«ve Boston every day (except Sundays) at 8.00 p. m., arriving in Portland at 12.15 a. m. Pullman Cars on this Line Only. Pullman Parlor Cars are run by East ern Railroad on 1.30 p. in. Express Train for Boston. GEO. BACHELDER, Superintendent. Boston & Maine RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday May 1, 1876. Paaaenger Trains will leave Portland for Boston at 6.15,8.45 a.m., 1.39,3.15, 6.00 p. m., arriving at Boston at 10.45 a. m., 1.30, 5.20, 8.00, 10 00 p. m. Returning, leave Boston at 7.30, 8.45 a. m., 12.30, 3.30, 6.00 d. m., arriving at Portland at 12.25. 12.55, 5.00, 8.10,10 00 p. m. For Lawrence at 6.15, 8.45 a. m., 1.30, 3.15, 6 00 p. m. For Lowell at 6.13, 8.45 a. m., 1.30, 3,15 p. m. For Manchester,Concord nnd Upper Rail roads (via New Market Jnnetion) at 6.15 a. m., 3.15 p. m.; (via Lawrence) at 8.45 a. m. For Ureal Falls at 6.15, 8 45 a. m., 1.30, 3.15, 6 00 p. m. For Rochester, Farmington and Alton Bay at 6.15. 8.45 a. m„ 3.15 p. m. For Kennebunk at 6.15, 8.42, a. tn , 3.15 5.30, 6.00 p. m. For bars and Biddeford at 6.15, 8.45 a. m., 1.30, 3 15, 5.30, 6.00 p. m. For Scarborough. Bine Polo! and Old Or chard Reach at 6.15, 8.45 a. m., 3.15, 5.30, 6.00 p. m._ Morning Trains will leave Keunebunli for Portland at 7.20 a. m. Parlor Cars on trains leaving Portland at 1,30 p. m, and Boston 8.45 a. m. The Fast Express Traiu leaving Portland at 1.31 p.'m. runs through to Boston in Three Hour* nnd Fifty Minutes, making close connection with Fall River, Stonington and Norwich Mound Nteaurer Lines and all Rail Lines to New York and Philadelphia. Excursion Tickets to New York and Phil adelphia for sale at Boston & Maine R. R. Ticket Office. N. B.—Rates as low as by any other Line. Tickets via all Lines to all points for sale at lowest rates. Trains on Boston & Maine road connect with all steamers running between Portland and Bangor, Rockland, Mt. Desert, Machias, East-port, Calais, St. John and Halilax. Also, connect with Grand Trunk trains at Grand Trunk Station, and Maine Central and Portland & Ogdensburg trains at Iransfer Station. All trains stop at Exter ten minutes for refresh ments at first class dinning roems „ ___ , JAS. T. FURBER, Gen. Supt. S. H. STB^ ENS, Agent, Portland.ap29dtf Boston & Maine R. R. NOTICE TO~PASSENGERS. Tlie Boston & Maine R. R. is the ONLY T.TNTP. now running a 6.15 a. in. Train to BOSTON. Elegant Parlor Pars on the Fast Express Trains leaving Portland at 1.30 P. m. for Boston ! Maine Central Through Trains, arriving at Transfer Nmtiou (Portland) at 1.13 and 1.18 P. M., connect with these Fast Ex press. Passengers from Maine Central Trains have from to Twenty minutes for Refreshments at Transfer Stations, Ten ftlinntes at Exeter and arrive in Boston in season to connect with Hound Hteamer l inen and all Rail Lines for New York. Philadelphia and all points Mouth and West. a c, J* T* FURBER, Gen. Supt. S. II. STE\ENS, Gen. Agent, Portland, my 13 __diw TO THE CENTENNIAL. THE NETV ROUTE .‘JJW’ rH’q BETWEEN Boston, Philadelphia. Baltimore aud Washington, WIT OUT CHANGE OF CARS. Via New York and New England H. P. & F.. and New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroads. Transfer Slramer Maryland (Between Har lem River and Jersey City.) Pennsylvania, Phila aclphui, n ilminqton and Baltimore, and Baltimore and Potomac Railroads. Ej^PulJman's Palace Drawing-Room Cars on Pay Trams and Sleeping Cars on Night Trains. Commencing Monday, May 8, 1876. Express Trains will leave the New York and New England Railroad Depot, foot ol Summer Street, Boston, each week day as follows: SOUTH BOUND. Ikiave 9.00 A. M., 7.00 P. M. Leave WORCESTER, via N. A & 'SL?, .at 10.00 A. M., 8.05 P M. Arrive PHILADELPHIA. 8.50 P. M , 7.00 A. M. Arrive WASHINGTON.!at 12.00 M. NORTH BOUND. Leave WASHINGTON.atl37P M. Leave PHILADELPHIA... .at 8 30 A M., 7.00 P. M. Arrive BOSTt V. at 9.00 P. M., 8.55 A. M. This i. the ORLY line Knnning Car. THROUGH WITHOUT CHANGE. Regular and Excursion Tickets and Seats and Berths secured at office No. 205 Washington Street, and at the New York and New England Railroad Depot, foot of Summer street, Boston. A. C. KENDALL, H. M. BRITTON, Gen’l Pass. Agent, Supt. Eastern Division, N.Y.&N.E.R.R. N. Y. & N. E. K. R. ’ my1”_dim Portland & Rochester R. R. VII anti alter Monday, April, 3, 1870, ^’ra*“* wilt run on follow.: I.enve Fortin n<l at 7.50 a. m„ 2.30, 4.00 and 6.20 p. m. T.50 A. M. Train stops at all stations between Portland and Rochester, and runs through to Worcester. Arrives at Rochester at 10.00 a. m., (where it connects with Eastern and Bos ton & Maine Railroads.) At Nn.bnn at 11 47 a. m., Lowell 12.15 p. m., Boston 1.15 p. m.. Aver Juuclion 12 40 p m., Fitchburg i.25 p. m., and at Worcester at 2.10 p. m connecting with trains South and West. 2.-1II P. M. Mtenniboni Express arrives at Rochester at 4.30 p, m.,connects at Epping for Manchester and Foncord, at No.hun tor Lowell and Boston, at Aver .i unc Etlcbburg ami Hoosnr Tun at Worcester with Boston & Albany Radroad, and goes through New London without change of Cars there connecting with the magnificent Steamers of the Norwich Line, arming in at*(Too'a?mf * P'Cr N°' «' "»><*> «■' Htate Rooms can be secured in advance at **••«>»•, No. 28 Exchange Street and at the Depot. 4.00 •*. HI. drain runs to Rochester, stopping at all stations. 0. ‘iO •*. HI. Train runs to Gorliani. Xt'El'rTJflJXING. Trains leave Rochester at 7.20, 11.15, 11,45 a. ui , ♦ 8*50 »>• 7.mO A. HI. Stops at all Stations, arrives in Port land at 10 00 a m. ■ 1.‘45 A. HI. Steamboat Express from New Lon don, leaving Norwich Line Steamers at 5.00 a. m., and Worcester at 8.00 a. m., stops at Springvale, Alfred, Saco River, Gorham, Saeca rappa and Westbrook, arrives m Portland at 1 20 p, m., makes close connection with the Maine Central and Grand Trunk Railroads. 11.4ft A. HI. Train is a freight train v, ith Passen ger Car attached, stops at all Stations, and is due in Portland at 5.10 p. m. H.50 •». HI. Train Is through from New York stops at all Stations when signaled, arrives’ in Portland at 10.50 p. m. 1. ora I Train from Gorham at C.00 a. ni„ arrives in Portland at 6.40 a. m. ’ 8 m ( , J. M. LUNT, Sunt, apl Jtt RAILROADS._ PORTLAND & OGDENSBURG KB. CHANGE OF TIME. NEW CONNECTIONS. Ou and after WKDNK8UA Y, Tld, in.l. aud ualil further uoiire. TRAIN* H’flil. RI N A* FOI.I.OtVS GOING WEST. 8.13 A. MI.—Passenger train from Portland lor a stations, running through without change to St. Johnsbury, Danville, Hardwick. Monisvflle, Hyiie Park and Johnson. Vermont. Connect* with B. C. <V M. R. R. for Lancaster, Whiteiield, Littleton, Well’s River, Montpelier, Burlington, St. Albans, &c., &c. ‘2.40 I*. MI .—Passenger train from Portland for Upper Bartlett and intermediate stations. GOING EAST. 8.00 A. MI.—Passenger train from Upper Bartlett and intermediate stations, arriving in Portland at 11.15 a.m. 1.13 R. MI.—Passenger ttaln from Fabyan's in connection with through train front Johnson, Vt„ arriving in Portland at 5.45 p. m. STAGE connection*. At White Rock for North Windham. At Sebago Lake for Standish Corner. At Baldwiu for Cornish, Porter, Kezar Falls and Fieedom. At Brownfield for Denmark and Bridgton. At Fryeburg for Lovell, Stowe and Chatham. lyFrelght traiuB leave Portland dally at 9.2* m. J. HAMILTON, Superintendent. Portland. Dec. 21. 1875. oct25dtf Grand Trnnk R. R. of Canada. ALTERATION IN TRAIN*. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT JUggSUgii On and alter MONDAY, May 1,1870, eW'tW'rains will run as follows: Express train 7.00 a. m. ior Anburn and Lewiston. Mail train for Gorham and intermediate stations at 7.00 a. ro. Express tram at 1.20 p. m. tor Auburn and Lew iston. Mid! train tor Island Pond, (stopping at all sta tions to Island Pond,)* connecting with night mail train for Quebec, Montreal and the West at 1.50 p. m. Express train for Auburn and Lewiston and , South Paris at 5.15 p. m. Trains will arrive as follows: Mail train from Gorham and Intermediate Stations at 8.30 a. m. Express from Lewiston and Auburn at 8 30 a. m. Mail from Quebec, Montreal and West at 1.45 p.m. Express from I.ewiston and Auburn at 1.10 and 5.35 p. m. shpti rron U EXCHANGE ST., — AHD — DEPOT AT FOOT OF INDIA ST Tickets sold at Rednced Bates t To Canada. Detroit, Chicago, Milwau kee, Cincinnati. Hi. Lonia. Omaha, Naginaw, Nt. Paul, Halt Luke City, Dearer, Hau Francisco, and all points In the North west. West and 'Southwest. J. C. FUIiNTVAL, Agt. THE GRAND TRUNK RA ILWAY is in splendid condition, is well equipped with first-class rolling stock, and Is making the best connections and quick est time ol any route from Portland to the West. rSr“PULLMAN PALACE DRAWING ROOM ANl) SLEEPING CARS are attached to the trains leaving Portland at 1.50 p. m. Baggage checked trom Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom House examina tion. The Company are not responsible tor baggage to any amount exceeding *50 in value (and tbat person al) unless notice is given, and paid lor at the rateot one passenger for every *500 additional value. JOSEPH HICKSON, General Manager• W. J. SPICER. Superintendent, Portland. June 21, 1875._ ap29dtf EFga CENTESHIAL .-JaiSw Excursion Tickets — TO — PHILADELPHIA AAD RETURN by all the popular Routes, via Rochester and WorceMer, New Loudou. Sioniagtoa and Fall Rarer l.inew, for sale at the lowest rates by W. D. LITTLE A CO. IF YOU ARE GOING — TO THE — CENTENNIAL, Procure uu Accident Ticket or Policy In suring 913.00 per week in case of disabl ing injury, or 9:>nOO in the event of death by Accident, which are for sale at the office of W\ D. LITTLE A CO., Stanton Block, 31 Exchange St, myio dtf MERCHANTS’ QHCKDESPATCH" We would respectfully call the attention of Merchant* and others to the superior facilities offered by the Portland & Worcester Line — fob — Freight Requiring Very Quick Despatch. height New York at 5.00 p. arrive. In Portland 1.15 p. m. NEXT DAY. freight leaving Portland at !l..tO p. m. sssssssr v-rk®°° -m- *ext We take pleasure In referring you to all the Fi.h and l.obKler Dealer., Produce Dealer., 0rj Merchant*. Whale sale Milliners and any others of Portland, who are now shipping by this route. Our landing in New York is Pier 40, North Biver. (Norwich Line, foot of Canal Street) For rates and further imformation, apply to J. M. LUNT, Supt. Portland, or _ . , H. N. TURNER, Freight and Passenger Agent, Worcester, Mass. Portland, Me., May 4, 1876,_ my4dtf Maine Central RAILROAD. WEDNESDAY. MAY 17, 1876. Traits leave Portland for Ban 1~bc -ww-sgor. Watervilie, Belfast and Dexter ■ at tl2.35 a. m., 1.25 p. m. Skowhegan 1.20 and 1.25 p. m. Augusta, Hallowell, Gardiner, Brunswick 112.35 tO.15 a. m., 1.25. 5.20 p. m. Rockland 16.15 a. m., 1.25 p. m. Bath 16.15 a. m., 1.25, 5.20 p. m. Lewiston 16.15 a. m., 1.20, 5.00 p. m. Farmington 6.15 a. m., 1,20 p. m. The 112.35 a. m. train tor Bangor makes close con* nectlon with E. <6 N. A. Railway foi St. John and Halifax. (Pullman Sleeping Car attached. tMixed. PAYSON TUCKER, Sup t. Portland, May 8,1876. iny8dtf Pri/'p T'rpnCanta Newspaper Advertising. NINETY-NINTH EDITION. Containing a complete list of all the towns in th« United States, the Territories .ml Ihe Cnl o, Canada, having a population greater than 5.000 ac cording to the last census, together with the names ot the newspapers having the targest k£l cSSnhSSta each of the places uamed. Also a catalogue of news papers which are recommended to advertisers m value Jn Proportion to prices charged. Also, all newspapers In the United States and Cana da printing over 5,000copies each Issue. Also, all the M«'hc»|ll,MasKnfnltira1’ Scientific 88<1 Mechanical, Medical, Masonic, Juvenile, Educational, Commer-I E*,ate. Law, Sporting,Musical, ’tsndTnbe,rh,pe' l!5lcClai'" i°urn»>*i very com ?noterirm#’r,To|tettler witb 8 complete list of oyer SOOOerman papers primed in th» United States. ac„ *f.aay.,upon a,lrertising, many tables of ra es, snowing the coat of advertising in vaiions SSJJPhP*™* an' everything which a beginner iu ad vertising would like to kuow. Address CKO. P. ROWELL ft- CO., 41 l'8'!* H»w, New Vsrk. - ‘_ dlUtm Foreclosure of idorlgogt'. NOTICE is hereby given that Theopbilus Barba nek, Jr., ot Portland, in the county of Cumber land, state of Maine, on the 30th day of October. A p. 1861, by bis mortgage deed ot that date, recorded in the Registry of Deeds for said county. Book 308, page 551, mortgaged to J. B. Thornton, of Scarbor ough, in said County, a certain parcel of land, situa ted « in said Scarborough, containing about twenty-five acres. more or lets, with tbo buildings thereon, bounded: Begin* ning at tbe extreme southerly corner adjoining and the stream running from Waterhouse Mill, thence by said road east northeast, 65| rods, to Ira MUM* ken’s land, tbeDcc by said land northeast 63 rods to Silas Waterhouse’s land, thence by said land east southwest 641 rods to the town road, thence souther ly by said road to the first mentioned bounds, except ing the county road through it; that said mortgage teas assigned to me by said Thornton, the 23d March, 1866, as appears by said Kegtstry. Book ‘141 rave 9gQ* hut 1 claim said land by sSdmortal hcriil tmr’!1 Bnrb?’l<* the mTent „wnm of 'T.cB isbhrnb .r ^m: tt‘atthu condition of said mort ot the y reaf,0n WbCreof 1 daim a . THEOPHILUS BARBARICK. Dated at Scat borough, May 11th, I87ti. .. n‘y‘- _law3wF 1VTOT1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the subscril • y bet lias he'11 <luly appointeii and taken unoii umself the trust ot Administrator of the estate ot JOHN HAMILTON, late of Cumberland, n the County of Cumberland, deceased, and'given lends as the law directs. All persons having nandsu|Kin theestato or said deceased aru r.s.V.i.ii Cumberland? May U r

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