Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 24, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 24, 1876 Page 3
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THIS PRESS. Wednesday morning, may 24,1876 CITY AND VICINITY, New Advertisements To-Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Mystic Lodge, 1 O. O. F. Base Ball—Lowells vs. Resolutes. SPECIAL NOTICES. The Nation’s Dead. General Order—Bosworth Post, No. 2. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Why—Dr. Cram. Postponement—Boston Land Co. Ladies—Mrs. Gnppeu. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Ladies’ and Children’s Hats-H. S. Kaler & Co. Kid Gloves—H. S. Kaler & Co. ‘ Prices-C. D. B. Fbk & Co. Geo. Washington—Witteman Bros. Citizens’ Mutual Reliet Society. To the Centennial—Portland & Worcester Line, Notice is hereby given. Summer Arrangement—Steamer Scbago. For Kent—F. G. Patterson. Gilman M. Wilson—Teacher. 1876 Ice—Dyer & Curtis. AUCTION COLUMN. 100 Ladies’ Gold Watches—F. O. Bailey & Co. For Sale at Auction—Upham & Gardiner. .municipal Conn. BEFORE JUDGE KK1QHT. Tuesday,—Andrew Bradbury and Charles H. Dnnbam. Intoxication. Fined $3 each with costs. Robert Ring and Charles Gillen. Intoxication. Fined $5 each with costs. Henry G. Timmons, Peter Deehan and Charles Mullen. Search and seizure. Fined $50 each with costs. Paid. Blaine Club. The officers and members of “The Blaine Club” and all that are interested in the object of the association are requested to meet at'the Augusta House on Friday evening. May 26ib, 1876, at 8 o’clock. Per Order. Brie! Jottings. -me iv. v. s uave a meeting tnis evening. The School Committee of Rockland were in town the other day looking for a model scLool house. They at last accepted the plan drawn by Mr. Kimball for the Centennial. Portland is not to be illustrated by the Graph ic after all, owing to the lack of support from our citizens. The truckmen are to start an express be tween here and Biddeford to compete with Mil liken’s express. Special revival meetings will be held in the vestry of Casco street church each evening dur ing the present week. All are cordially invit ed. Attention is called to the announcement of Bosworth Post G. A. R , to the observation of Memorial Day. In no city has the day been more appropriately observed than in Portland. As usual, the Post is obliged to call for aid, and there is no doubt hut that the call will be as Cordially responded to as heretofore. This afternoon the 800th performance of Davy Crockett, by Mr. Mayo, will be given at Music Hall. Two boys aged seven and ten, respectively were in cells at the police station last evening, by order of their parents, for truancy. It is a sad state of affairs when a boy seven years of age has to be arrested for truancy. Maine Uoniaopniliic;Me<]ical Society. The Maine Homoeopathic Medical Society be gan its annual session yesterday morning at the room of the Common Council at City Hall. The following named physicians were present: E. Clark, G. A. Clark, Moses Dodge, R. L. Dodge, Vose, Sylvester, Shackford, Burr and Thompson of Portland; Gallupe of Bangor; Knowles of Searsport; Boynton of Rockland; Bell and Thompson of Augusta; Thompson of Yarmouth; Perkins of Yassalboro; Brien of Bath; Bradford of Skowhegan; Perkins of Bridgton; Lane of Biddeford; Cummings of Newburyport, As the president, Dr. Boynton of Rockland, was absent, Dr. Gallupe of Ban gor, occupied the chair. The session was open ed by prayer by the Rev. Mr. Gibbs of Port land. Iu the regular order of business Drs. Burr of Portland and Bell of Augusta were appointed auditors. The treasurer, Dr. Gal lupeof Bangor, made his annual report which shows a surplus of about 8200 ovor all liabili ties. Amendments to both the constitution and by-laws were made. After the transaction of all the work of the organization and other pre liminary business, the meeting was adjourned until afternoon. The afterpeon session began at 2£ o’clock, the President, Dr. Boynton of Rockland, in the chair. The committees on chemical medicine, surg ery, obstetrics, materia medica and publication made their reports which were accepted. In teresting cases were given by Drs. E. Clark, Moses Dodge, Perkins, Ga'lupe, Bell, Vose, Knowles, G. H. Clark, R. L. Dodge, Burr, uuu ^uuujpouui xuu xuiiv/n j ug n CIO elected members of the society: Drs. Lane of Biddeford, Dillingham of Augusta, Sylvester ana Vose of Portland, Piper of Thomaston, Calderwood of Walderboro and ..Shepherd of Bangor. Drs. Galinpe and Eaton were elected delegates to'the meeting of the American In stitute of Homoeopathy in Philadelphia in June next. The following officers were elected .for the ensuing year: President, Dr. Galinpe; Vice Presidents, Drs. Shackford aDd Jefferds; Cor responding Secretary, J. B. Bell; Recording Secretary, Dr. Perkins; Treasurer, Dr. Gallupe; Censors, Drs, Moses Dodge, W. E. Payne, H. B. Eaton, S. P. Graves and M. S. Briery. The next meeting of the society will be at -Rockland on the third Wednesday in May, 1877. The meetiug has beea one of the most siccessfnl and interesting ever held by the so ciety. A vote of thanks was extended to the city of Portland for the use of the room of the common council in City Hall. Attempt at Suicide.—A youDg man whose name is not known, took passage on the steam er John Brooks at Boston, Monday night. About midnight be was found in one of the water closets in an insensible condition. On arriving here yesterday morning Dr. Brooks was called, and at once decided that the man had been poisoned. The man revived under his treatment, and stated that he had been to the Centennial but being oat of money decided that he had rather die than live. Accordingly he purchased an ounce of hydrate of chloral in BostoD, which he took on the steamer. The drug was in a powder and it made him sick, and as he vomited freely his life was probably saved in this way. He was sent to the City Hospital, and it is thought he will recover in a day or two. Recobd ot Mekit.—At the beginning of the winter term of school in district No. 8, Cbe beague Island, the teacher, A. R. Littlefield, promised as an incentive to constant atten dance, to have the names of the scholars not absent a day, published in one or more papers. The names of those who were not absent are:— Mayall M. Littlefield, Ivan Bryan, Edgar Sea bury,Eben Doughty, Hermon Doughty, Ada S. Hill, Nellie E. Strout, Cora Strout, Alice Strout, and Alice Curit, Delegates at Laege.—At a meeting of the delegates chosen by the several ward caucuses % to attend the District Convention at Saco on Thursday, held in Lancaster Hail yesterday af ternoon, Hon. John B. Browo, Geo. P. Wes cott, Wm. W. Latham, Jacob S. Winslow and non Trofetheu were chosen delegates at large. The delegates were authorized to fill vacancies. Insane —A man from Scarboro who came to town yesterday to see the party off for Califor nia, was taken insane and attracted considera ble attention. He insisted on getting on board the train to go to Boston, and was only pre vet ted by several of bis friends. He was taken home later in the day. Keal Estate Teansfebs.—The following are the real estato transfers recorded in this county yesterday: Falmouth—Lot and huildiDgs from l'ereii Blethen to John F. Procter. Portland—Lot and buildings on Vine street from John Proctor to Persis B. Blethen. Lot on India street from Alvin Jacobs auc ethers to John Sheridan. Roebeby.—Monday night Mr. M. Chase ol Brooke stopped at the Adams Douge. Yester day morning be discovered that his room had been entered during the uigbt and a pockel book containing $250 taken. The police art looking after the man who occupied the room next to him. The Museum.—This evening the Adelphiani give their entertainment at the Museum. Be sides the regular company, Mr. Frank Parker who is a clever impersonator of female charac ters, will assist. Secure your seats early am see a good show. Postponement.—The meeting of the Blain Club at Augusta has been postponed froi Thursday to Friday evening ot this week. I is reported that a large number of gentleme will attend the Cincinnati Conveu^ou f'oi Maine. The Fourth. Since the last meeting of the committee on the celebration it has been decided to have a carriage in the procession with a well, repre senting ‘-The Old Oaken Bucket.” This will probably be in the sixth division of the proces sion. The procession will be formed iu seven divisions, the first on Elm street with right resting on Congress; the second on Chestnut, right resting on Congress; the third on Myrtle, right resting on Congress; the fourth on Pearl, right resting on Congress; fifth on Wilmot, right resting on Congress ;sixtb on'south side of Pearl, right on Congress; seventh on Franklin, right on Congress. The following will be the order: The committee last evening decided to offer $250 in prizes for the sailing regatta. The prizes will be distributed about the same as last year. Therejwill be liberal ppizes for the rowing regatta. FIRST DIVISION. Platoon of Police. Truckman Mounted. SECOND D1VI8IOM. Portland Band. Chief Marshal A. M. Benson. Aids, A. J. Nichols, M. Adams, G. H. Abbott, E. G. Stevens, G. Young. Mechanic Blues, Capt. Pennell. Light Infantry, Capt. Cobb. Montgomery Guards, Capt. O’Donoglme. Portland Cadets, Capt. Winslow. Sheridan Cadets, Capt. Somers. THIRD DIVISION, Continental Band. Bosw ortli Post. Grand Army of the Republic. Bramball Lodge. Munjoy Lodge, Piue Tree Lodge, Knights of Pythias. FOURTH DIVISION. Metropolitan Band. Eastern Star Encampment, I O. O. F. Macbigonne Encampment. Cummings* Encampment. Odd Fellows Lodges. FIFTH DIVISION. Bridgton Band. Irish American Belief Association. Portland Catholic Union. Cathedral Temperance Cadets. SIXTH DIVISION. Schoolchildren in carriages, SEVENTH DIVISION. Ma^higonne Steamer No. 1. * Portland Steamer No. 2. Cumberland Steamer No. 3. Falmouth Steamer No. 4. Casco Steamer No. 5. Washington Hooks No. 1. Eagle Hooks No. 2. Dirigo, hand engine. No. 8. Platoon of Police. Daw Crockett.—Mr. Mayo’s admirable study of the backwoodsman commends itself to * the delightful attentiou of all theatregoers of taste as one of the finest dramatic performanc es of the day, and those who miss seeing it miss excellent acting. It is seldom that Portland is favored with anything better in the theatrical line, and Music Hall should be packed at every norformanoo of “Have Crrwdcp.t.h** This afternoon a special matinee will be given for the benefit of ladies and children. The X>rospect of an afternoon passed in so delight ful company as that of “Davy” as interpreted by Mr. Mayo ought to fill the house. This evening the play will be given for the last time, and bur advice is to those who have cot been, go at once, and to those that have been, go again. Pensnal. Gen. I. Vodges, of the First Artillery, and Gen. Totten, U. S, A., have been inspecting the fortifications in this harbor. Mr. D. K. Allen, of the Pennsylvania Kail road, was at the Preble yesterday looking after the California party, and also arranging for the travel to the Centennial. The Blaine Club will go to Cincinnati over the Pennsylvania Railroad under an arrangement made with Mr. Allen.. Prof. Versal J. Walker of the class of ’49> Colby Univeftity, died at St. Anthony, Minn.’ May 18th. He was Professor of Latin in the University of Minnesota, an able mau auu suc cessful teacher. Arrest for Robbery.—Some few days since two boys giving the -names of Frank Sias aud Thomas Paddock, and hailing from Ver mont, appeared at the farm house of George Purrington in Falmouth and asked for work. Sias was employed while the other was sent to a neighbor's, where he|also obtained .employ ment. Monday morning both boys were miss ing, also about $40 in money belonging to Mr. Purrington. The boys were traced to this city and last evening officer Luther Sterling arrest ed them, when they confessed stealing the money. Bound for California.—The representa tives of twenty-two families left for California yesterday. They spend the day today at the Centennial in Philadelphia, whence they will continue their journey over the Pennsylvania Railroad. The party number twenty-five, nineteen of whom are ladies (goiDg out to join their husbands. Three or four are detained by sickness, but will follow in courso of a few days. Mr. D. K. Allen of the Pennsylvania Railroad, accompanies them to Philadelphia, and will see them off from there. 'T’lVTT V Annul Pr HD _ A cnollinl menflni* the Yacht Club, was he'd last evening. It was voted to start the yachts for the challenge cups on Friday at ten o’clock. There aie two cups offered for the second class yachts this season, one for schooners and one for sloops. This will make four different races on that day. The yachts will start at one o’clock on Saturday for their annual cruise and it is ex pected they will go as far as Harpswell the first day. • Annual Meeting.—The annual meeting of the Portland Company was held yesterday af ternoon and the following board of directors chosen for the ensuing year: E. H. Daveis, J. B. Brown, S. E. Spring, H. N. Jose, H. J Libby, H. M. Payson and Joseph Walker. The board did not organize. Base Ball.—Black, the pitcher for the Res olutes, arrived yesterday, and the club began their practice with him last evening. This club play the Lowells on Presumpscot Park Thurs. day afternoon. It will be a game well worth seeing. Pension Office.—Instead of having rooms assigned in the custom house, Gen. Beal, Pen sion agent, has engaged quarters in Fluent’s Block, and will occupy the same next week. Temperance in Hiram. To the Editor of the Press: A delegation from the Denmark Reform Club came down here Sunday, April 23d, and held a meeting. To the surprise and joy of all, many of our young men of intemperate habits, unsolicited, came forward and signed the iron clad pledge. A Reform Club was or ganized the next Tuesday evening. More than one hundred signed the pledge, and still they come We have a very efficient elub composed mostly of men who have never identified them selves with any temperance organization nor have heen considered temperance men. The whole town is alive upon the question. The cider sellers are^trembling; in fact some have closed up and like Davy Crockett’s coon have come right down. LastSuaday the club, ac companied by nearly a hundred friends, went to West Baldwin and held a meeting. The Methodist church was filled, and it is safe to say that there never was a temperance meeting in that town so enthusiastic and so thoroughly in earnest. The sad stories,the fearful tempta tions, the firm resolves, the impassioned ap peals,the entire reliance upon God for help, im pressed the vast audience with the genuineness of the reform and the unmistakable sincerity of the reformers. Tbs interest was at fever heat when it was announced that a drunken man was at the door and wanted to sign the pledge. “Let him come in” was passed, and a reeling, haggard, intoxicated fellow being was led up to the stand, and amid cheers, tears and rejoicings, he placed his signature to the iron clad. It melted the whole assembly to tears. It was an appeal too powerful to be re sisted, and men, women and children rushed to the stand and sixty determined citizens of that town wrote their names, a la John Hancock. The club will meet there again Tuesday even ing, May 231, to organize a reform club. Hiram, May 23,1876. M. K. M. Maine Business Notes. ilr. Frank S. Wilson has taken 3000 land locked salmon to Pushaw pond. Alfred Lenox, Esq., of Wiscasset, is shipping large quantities of pressed hay. Gammon, Field & Co., of East Sumner have finished about 600 drag rakes and are getting out lumber for more. STATE NEWS. CUMBEBPAND COUNTY. The ticket and telegraph office at the Bruns wick depot is being remodelled. HANCOCK COUNTY. Noah Brooks, Esq , of the N. Y. Times, the i author of the charming stories entitled “The Boy Emigrants,” now being published in St. Nicholas, was born and reared in Casline. s KENNEBEC COUNTY, j Mr. Edmund Merrow Of Augusta, while dig ging in his garden the other day found a Portu ‘ guese coin, dated 1754. 11 KNOX COUNTY. n Charles C. Chase, overseer of the State Pris on shoe shop, has been sick for a few weeks. OXFORD COUNTY. Dr. C. Ij, Wilson of South Waterford, got hurt the 25th by having the whifHetree of his carriage break while he was driving a high spir ited horse, throwing him and straining the lig ament of his ankle. Mr. E. G. Reynolds of Dixtield, writps: I noticed au item in your paper that E. G Rey nolds of the Upper Hotel, and Frank Stanley Postmaster, were both sick with small pox. I have not had the small pox or varioloid, nor has the disease been in my house. Frank Stan ley has had the varioloid very light, but is well and about his business now" There are only two cases of varioloid in town and no small pox. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. The Whig says on Saturday last Commis sioner Stillwell and Engineer Atkins made the second survey of tbe dam with a view to locat ing a fishway. The commissioners are required to make three surveys—duriDg the heaviest ice, and at tbe time of the heaviest and lowest wa ter. On the same day 6000 Sebago and 5000 Schoodic salmon were sent to Lincolu in care of Mr. Haines. Tuesday 5000 salmon were seut to a gentleman iu Nap'es, and Friday, the 24th, 100,000 will be sent to the vicinity of the same place. Next Friday 200,000 will be sent to Surry for the purpose of stocking the Penob scot and Mattawamkeag. A correspondent of the Whig writes tbe fol lowing from Green Point, at the bead of Ssbec Lake, dated 20th inst.: The first le.ud-locked salmon of the season were taken this forenoon at Ship Pond Stream. The ice left the lake Wednesday, the 17 th. The Democrat says that Tuesday of last week Lewis Elliot was ferrying a Miss De Witt across the Piscataquis at Medford. In the boat was his little boy about five years old. By some means he fell out of the boat. Mr. Elliot leap ed overboard, caught him and swam ashore with him. Meanwhile the baat, with Miss De Witt still in it, drifted rapidly down the cur rent. Below a line was stretched across the river for the guidance of tbe large ferry boat. Miss De Witt grasped this line with both hands and the boat immediately passed out from un der her, and left her suspended. To this line she clung with desperation full twenty minutes, a large part of the time tbe line sagging and immersing her in the water. Meanwhile Mr. Elliot swam with all his energy and safely land ed bis little boy. He then took the big boat and rescued Miss De Witt. YORK COUNTY. The aunual meeting of the P. S. & P. R. R. corporation will be held at Kittery on Monday, June 5th. Tuesday morning a child of Mr. Harrison Leighton, ou Spring Island, got the little finger of one of its bands in a clothes wringer and jammed it so that it was necessary to have the finger amputated. Ladies don’t fail to call on Mrs. Grippen at the United States Hotel to-day, where you can find all the latest New York and Paris novel ties in patterns for ladies wear, and the best and most practical system of dress-cutting in use. No trying on. Any lady can fit her own dresses by measurement alone. Lady agents wanted in every town and city for the sale of patterns and systems. This is the last day the lady remains in the city. F. O. Bailey & Co. will sell at salesroom at 11 o’clock to-day, a splendid lot of fruit trees and shrubs from John D. Bradlee & Co. of Milton, Mass. At 10 and 2J, gold watches, chains, &c. See auction column. Postponement.—The great land sale of the Boston Land Co. advertised for Tuesday, June 6tb. is unavoidably postponed until Saturday, June 10 th. Why will you suffer with headache,toothache or nervous pains when you can be cured in two minutes with a few drops of Dr. Cram’s Fluid Lightning. Ask yonr druggist for it. W. C. Sawyer & Co., 22 Market Square, are receiving tomato and cabbage plants fresh from the garden every morning. may2DS&W2t Asters, Verbena, Roses and other beddiDg out plants, fresh every morning, at W. C. Saw yer & Co’s., 22 Market Square. may20S&W2t From W. R. Chisholm, M. D., of New Bed ford. “I have emploped the Peruvian Syrup successfully in cases of dyspepsia, chronic diarrhtea, Dervous debility, neuralgia, erysipel as, boils and disease of the skip; also, chlorosis, leucorrbea, prolapsus uteri, and in female com plaints generally. As an alterative tonic, the syrup ought to be used by clergymen, editors, cashiers, clerks, lawyers, and others who use their brains more than their muscles; as well as operatives, printers, tailors, shoemakers, seam stresses,and all those wbso eoccupation confines them in ill-ventilated and over-heated rooms, who are liable to suffer more or less from ner vous debility.” my22-eod&wlw Lyon’s Katharion prevents the hair from falling out or turning gray, renews its growth and gives strength and vigor. It is delightfully perfumed, and makes a splendid dressing. It is the cheapest and most desirable Hair Tonic ever produced. Used by the elite. Price only 50 cents. aprlfideodawly “Don’t forget” to call for Adamson’s Botan ic Cough Balsam when troubled with a cough or cold. For sale by all druggists. may22-eodlw 99 Exchange St. Do yon want a Stylish Suit made ot the best material and in the best manner! Go to W. H. kohliug’s, 99 EXCHANGE ST. Do you want a Business Suit in tlie latest style of Goods and make! Go to. W. H. kohling's. No. 99 Exchange St. Do you want the Nobby Suit of the season 2 KOHLING has the Goods and fOHLING can make it at No. 99 Exchange St. It you want your Clothes made in the most workmanlike manner anti a notdoei IS# oirarn timo «a KOHLING’S, 99 EXCHANGE ST. A CARD. 1 take this opportunity to return to my patrons in Portland and vicinity my sincere thanks for their patronage in the past, and am pleased to announce that I am constantly receiving and have on hand the choicest and most stylish French, German and Amer ican goods, which I propose to make up in as good a manner as can be done elsewhere and at as reason able rates. 1 shall be pleased to show my goods to all who are trying the market. No garment is allowed to go from my establish ment which does not give perfect satisfaction. %V. II KOHLING, iuylOtf 99 Exchauge St. To All, particularly invalids, spring is a trying season. Indications of sickness should at once be at tended to. Fatal d isease3 may be caused by allow ing the bowels to become constipated, and the system to remain in a disordered condition, until the disor der has time to develop itself. An ounce? of preven tion is worth a pound of cure, is an old and truthful saying. Therefore, wc advise all who aro troubled with the complaints new very prevalent—headache, indigestion, disordered liver, want of appetite, nau sea. or feverish skin,to take, without delay, Schenck’s Mandrake Pills. We know of no remedy so harm less and decisive in its action. It at oncestiikcs at the root of the disease and produces a healthy tone to the system. People never need suffer from any dis ease arising from a disordered condition of the liver if they would take this excellent medicine when they feel the first indications of the malady. Families leaving home for the summer months should take three or four boxes ot these pills with them. They have an almost instantaneous effect. They will re lieve the patient of headache in one or two hours, and will rapidly cleanse the liver of surrounding bile, and will effectually prevent a bilious attack. They are sold by all druggists, jylf myleodlm3dp&wsn TREES! EVERYONE ought to plant a tree this Centennial year. They can be obtained at CHAPMAN’S NURSERY, my23d3t* Capisic Road, Deering. To I<et. A SUIT of rooms without board. Apply at No 47 J)anforth Street. uiy24dtlis L NEW ADVERTISEMENTS We shall continue our great sale by offering a large and complete assortment, ranging trom 25 cts, to $4.00 Each. As special bargains we shall offer 25 doz' Shade Hats, worth 38 cts., for 25 cents. 25 doz. Shade Hats, worth (>0 cts., for 38 cents. 50 doz. Shade Hats, worth 75 cts., for 50 cents. i cases Boys’ Trimmed Hats, worth $1.25, for 75 cents. 5 cases Trimmed Hats, worth $1.00, for 75 cents. 1 case Leghorn Sailors, worth $1.25, for 75 cents. 1 case Centennial Sailors, worth 75 cts., for 50 cents. 25 cases Canton Hats (all styles), worth 75 cents and $1.00, for 50 cents. 50 cases Imitation Chip and Tape Hats, worth $1.50, for $1.00. We would call special attention to our line of French Chip Hats. Also to our R1STORI HAT ! A new tind nobby shape just out. Also to our flue Leghorn Novelty Hat! Just the prettiest shape out for a Child’s Dress Hat. Our stock of French Flowers, Ostrich Tips, Fancy Feathers, Ornaments, Trimming Silks, &c , &c., is the largest to he found in the city, and will be sold to meet the times. Experienced milliners in attend, anee. APPRENTICE GIRLS wanted immediately. H. S. KALER & CO., 259 Middle Street. my21dlw 1876 ICE. 1876 DYER & CURTIS, New No. 56 Cross Street, Below Leavitt & Bnrnlm’s Ice Honses, Opposite Kelly’s Iron Foundry. Seale of Prices for the Season, or Four months. 10 lbs. daily from Jane 1st to Oct. 1st—..$ 6 00 15 “ “ “ . 8 00 20 u “ *f . 10 00 Ice will be delivered earlier than June 1st, and later than Oct. 1st, at tbo same rate per month as during the season. If not taken the full season, the scale of prices wiiy>e # 10 lbs, daily, per month.$2 00 15 “ “ 2 50 20 “ “ 3 00 Any customer leaving town for TWO WEEKS or more at one time, by giving notice at THE OF FICE will be entitled to a proper reduction. flgi^Notice of change of residence, or complaints against the drivers for neglect, carelessness or any other cause, left at the office, will receive prompt at tention. .JESSE DYER, N. C. CURTIS. ICE supplied by the TON lo Schooners, Arc., at THE LOWEST MARKET BATES*.my24dtf To the Centennial VT A PORTLAND & WORCESTER LINE The annoying Carriage Transfer through Boston entirely avoided. TSImb«an?ar!«^r!ai^!!»jrTon hm^ai^atajHPjjn^^^ParlorjCarjt tached,andrunsdircctlylhrouShto New LoudoT"yrSiiiou^cEanB^ol^ittrg^herci iaMdlm^^aBrcog?T?,la?oinM?ideMof"^oiBn5 8t?amcr5llTfTforwichll!ii»e7^rriTin5IMB Excursion Tickets for sale at rales as low as the lowest. Purchase your Tickets, secure your State Rooms, and have your bagage checked through via this Line. J. M. LUMT, Supt. J. W. PETERS. Gen. Ticket Agent. my24d3t Summer Arrangement ! STEAMER-3EBAG0, _ _ ^TTJ—fc. Will on and after May [22,1876, until Ji8p@iSBBCfurther notice, make regular trips over the Sebago Lake Route as follows: Leaving Harrison at 5.45, No. Bridgton at 6.00, Bridgton 6 30 and Naples at 7.20 a. m., arriving at Sebago Lake Station in season to make connections with trains for Portland and Boston. Returning—Leave Sebago Lake Station on the arrival of the train that leaves Portland at 2.40 p. m., arriving at Naples at 5.30, Bridgton at 6.30, No. Bridgton at 7.00 and Harrison at 7.15 p. m. my24dlwSEBAGO STEAMBOAT CO. NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed Executor ot the Will of ABRAHAM W. ANDERSON, late of Gray, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and ha« taken upon himself that trust by giving bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate ot said deceased, are required to ex hibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to JOHN D. ANDERSON, Executor. Gray, May 16th, 1876. w3w21 GILMAN M. WILSON, TEACHER OF * PIANOFORTE ANR HARMONY, Residence Cor. Pearl and Federal Sts., Opp, the Park. iny24dim* FOSTER’S Forest City ©ye House 13 PREBLE STREET. Air Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and steam Feather Bed Renovating. Orders received at the Dye House or by Mail. Dyeing and Cleanaing as u*ual. 111 >'2 naeodlm GEO. WASHINGTON Centeunial Memorial Picture! A genuine Art publi cation, 26x32 inches, in Crayon and Colors. Price $3, postpaid. Admitted at Centennial Art Gallery. Agents wanted; outfit $1.75. Favorable terms to General Agents. WITT EM AN WHIPS. |$4 William 8l., New York. my24d6t Citizens’ mutual Relief Society. THE regular monthly meeting of the above named Society will he held on FRIDAY EVEN ING, May 26th Inst., at 8 o’clock, in Rossini Hall. Directors’ meeting at seven o’clock, at same place. L. G. JORDAN, Sec’y. uiygl d3t For Rent. SMALL House rear 56 Winter St., for rent. Ap ply to F. G. PATTERSON, Dealers in Real Es tate, 379J Congress Street. my21tf ALL THE — FOR — Gent’s and Youth’s Wear, can be seen at MacACHORN’s, Merchant Tailor, OPP. THE FALMOUTH HOTEL, mv20 Formerly Fred Proctor. dlw Side Lace Boots I A full assortment in French Kid, neat and pretty. Also in French Morocco for Walking Boots. Meas ures taken and nice fitting Boots made to order ior men or women. m. g. palmmr. ;a28 dtf NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. KID GLOVES. We would call special addition to our new line of FRENCH KIDS JUST OPBKTED ! We shall place on sale THIS MOBNINf*, May 2ttli, in our RETAIL DEPARTMENT One lot Real FRENCH KIDS, worth $2.00, for $1.50. One lot Real LOUVINE KIDS, worth $2.25, for $1.75. One lot of those celebrated IMPERIAL KIDS, in all the new aud desirable shades, together with another line of the same make in solid SILVER 0RE1S. DRABS and STEELS for $1.25. These goods we guarantee to be the best bargains ever offered in this market, being all fresh goods, just purchased direct from the Im porters. and are much below the regular retail price. We shall also close out the bal ance of our $1.00 and $1.25 Kids for OS Cents 2 An early inspection respectfully solicited. H. S. Kaler & Co., 259 MIDDLE ST. my24 dlw PRICES x THAT CAN’T BE BEAT! FOR THE Next Sixty Days We shall sell the following Goods at Men’s Silk and Wool Snits, all sizes, - - - $12 00 Men’s Derby Frock Suits, all sizes, - - - 8 00 Men’s Doublebreasted Sack Suits, all sizes, - 5 50 Men’s Double and Twist Sack Suits, all sizes, - 5 50 Men’s Business Wool Coals, all sizes, ... 3 50 Men’s All Wool Pants, 20 kinds, - - 3 00 Men’s Working Pants, Ver mont Gray, - 1 45 Men’s Dark Check Pants, 2-3 Wool, - - - 1 65 Men’s Double and Twist Prnts, ... 65 Overalls and Jumpers, Blue. Brown or White, 37 These are all new goods regular sizes and WAR RANTED JUST AS AD VERTISED. HI 11 1 I m . 1 1 wmaiens wotning. Boys' Silk and Wool Suits, Age 9 to 15, . - $8 00 Boys’ Double and Twist Pants, - - - 1 25 Boys’ Double and Twist Suits, - - - • 4 00 Boys’ Doublebreasted Sack Suits, - - - - 5 00 Boys’.Donblebreasted Knic kerbocker Suits, - - 6 75 Boys’s Wool Pants - 1 50 Boys’ Wool Suits, ages 9 to 15, - - - 4 00 Children’s Iron Clad Suits, Best Grade two Shades, i -50 Children’s Suits, all sizes, all kinds, from - $3 to 12 00 In connection wilb Hie above we have by tar the LARGEST. HAND SOMEST and BEST MADE as sortment ot Men’s. Boys’ and Chil dren’s Garments in this Slate. We open our doors , at 7 A. M. SHARE, and turn off Hie GAS at 9 P. M, Saturday excepted, when wcclose when the Coat tail of our last Customer is lost to view. ONE PRICE”TO ALL ! Every Garment marked in Plain Figures. C. D.B.nSK&CO., THE GREAT ORE PRICE CLOTHIERS, 233 Middle Street. my21 tf Brothers Fairbank, * i *1 O PI AAAA dt-MA A-f A1D1UVUI kj U CL lij BOSTON. DPP. PARKJT. CHURCH. Our Stock is now complete ami embraces the best styles of Foreign and Domes tic Goods that can be found in this city, Satisfaction guaran to every customer in Fit and Finish of Every (Janiicnt. mylO eodlm Ship Owners — AND — SHIP BROKERS ! will find a convenient place to deposit ballast at Mer rills Wharf. Other Parties having Hock, Em-th, Anhf) and the like to dis pose ot can do the same. Inquire of Wharlinger or apr28dlmFM&Wis 'V. S. DANA. "paints and oils. WHITE LE.Vd57cOL.ORS AND VARNISHES. Boyers of the above named goods are invited fo call and examine goods and prices. We warrant all articles exactly as represented. W, W. WIIIPPl.E * CO., my9dlm ‘At .Vlnrkct Mqnnre, Portland. MISCELLANEOUS. GrRANTO Centennial Excursion — TO — PHILADELPHIA — AND — OTHER POINTS OP INTEREST! At the urgent solicitation of leading citizeus the un dersigned have undertaken the management of a Grand Centennial Excursion ! THE STEAMER NEW BRUNSWICK, CAPT. PIKE, of tlic International Line—which has been complete ly refitted and refurnished—will Leave Portland at 5 P. M., TUESDAY, JUNE 13, running direct to Philadelphia, where she will lie at Walnut street wharf for four days. Horse care can be taken every live minutes from tbo head of the wharf to the Exposition buildings. Returning, the steamer will touch at CAPE MAY and LONG BRANCH, affording ample time to visit these Famous Wa tering Places, and thence Sail through New York Harbor by Daylight, remaining till next day at that city. Thence UP THE HUDSON — TO — WEST POINT?, viewing the famous scenery of that river, and Touching: at Martha's Vineyard on the way home. Portland will be reached Friday, .Tune i!3d. ZWT/ie Table will be Supplied with the Best the Market affords Ticket., including Meals ansi Sleeping Accommodations, (40 State Booms ex tra, Mnsic will lend its Attractions! Liquors Sold on the Shio.^8 This Excursion is intended to meet the wants ot families, and affords a splendid chance for parties of from five to fifteen to visit the Exposition, without care, and in congenial company. Already a large number of subscriptions have been received from our best known citizens, and early application for passage should be made to ROLLINS, LORING & ADAMS, 22 EXCHANGE STREET. myl9 PORTLAND. dtd 1876. Carriages 1876. ZEIS THOMPSON, JR, Successor to and for 20 years connected with the “OLD HOUSE” of J. M. KIMBALL & CO., Congress Street, OPPOSITE PREBEE HOUSE.! I have the largest and iincst assort* ment of Carriages in Maine. The product of my own factory during the winter months. All of them made of carefully selected material under my own personal supervision, and by the best Mechanics In Sew England. I offer the above at reduced prices and as low as STRICTLY FIRST CLASS WORK can be sold. S. R.—This work cannot be found at the Auction Sales. CARD. As interested parties have given the impression (perhaps unintentionally) that my carriages are for sale at the auction sales in this city, I would say that ray work can be tonnd on sale at my factory and repository only. Every carriage made by me bears my uame plate as successor to J. M. Kimball & Co., and I will pay $50 for the conviction of any party using the same on other than my own work. my!9 d2m SHIRTS I llnlaundried Shirts, all finished, and made ot Wamsutta Cottons and nice Linen Bosoms and Cuffs Tor the low price ot Call and Examine Them. Charles Custis & Co., 493 CONGRESS ST. my5 isdly White Goods. Special sale to close out the entire lot at 25 cents a yard of Satin Stripe Lawns, Piques, Plaid Cambrics, Swiss Muslins, Victoria Lawns, Nainsook Checks, &c. NELSON & CO., Just above the Preble House. iny20 dlw - 3NTo'vtr Styles — OF — PALMED CHAMBER SUITS! — AT — THOS. P. BEALS’, 20 EXCHANGE STHEET. Best painted suits finished in the State. I manufac ture my own suits, and also the ADJUSTABLE SPRUNG BED, the best and cheapest Spring Bed in the market. Call and see ter yourselves. Any one can have the Bed on trial one week free of cost. Ware Room ‘JO Exchange Ml., my22is3w Factory on Plum Mlrcct. Window Frames ! When you cannot And what you want and arc in a hurry for Window Frnmrt, call at BURROWES BROS’., Where you cau have them at ehort notice. Cor. Cross and Fore Street. PORTIANB, ME. apl7 deodtf In imitation of I>ai*ie«« Paiiiici) Rose bud*, Ac. Very pretty nod *tyli*h. A large a«»ortmeut just mcircil by C. If. LAVSOK, JEWELEE, 1201 HllDDLE STREET. myl8 dlw EDUCATIONAL. FRENCH EESSONS — AND — LITERATURE. Mme. R. E. MAW8E, formerly of Boston. late of Philadelphia and New Jersey, pro poses to establish a permanent French institute in Portland. She will commence her Spring term April 18 th, 1876. The course will consist of private French lessons and classes for any one who wishes to study the lan guage. She will form classes for advanced pupils who desire only to converse. She intends also to have matinees for Ladies, con sisting of readings from the best French Authors and Dramatists, ana the conversation will be only in French. The same lessons will he given twice a week in the evening lor Ladies and Gentlemen. She will commence these evening lessons early in September. Mme. will be assisted br Prof. Masse. In the early part of June Madame expects an Ar tist who has been connected with her Institute in Philadelphia. This Lady is a member of the Acad emy of the Fine Arts in that city. She gives lessons in Drawing in all its branches, Oil Painting, Pastel. Her Speciality during the summer will be Water Color from nature. For further information please call at No. 507 Congress street. Mme. will be at her rooms from 11 A, M. until 5 P. M. and every evening. Mme. Masse i3 permitted to refer to the following gentlemen: • Rt. Rey. Bishop James A, Healy, D. D. Rt. Rev. Bishop H. A. Neely, D. D. Rev. Thomas Hill. D. D., L . D. Rt. Rev. Bishop W. B. Stevens, D. D., of Philadel phia. Hon. Charles F. Libby, County Attorney. Hon. Henry J. Murray, British Consul. Ephraim Hunt, LL. I)., Superintendent of Public Schools of Portland. Richard H. Dana, Esq., of Boston. George B. Emerson, Esq., of Boston.apr8tf Eaton Family School For Boys, -AT— NORRIDOEWOCK, MAINE. Spring Term will commence march 37th. For Circulars and Portland references addiess augliMfH. F. EATON. Principal. HUGE SCHOOL FOR BOVS, NORTH CONWAY, N. H. The Next Quarter Commences April 20th. For particulars or admission address apr!9tf FREDERICK THOMPSON, Principal. Edw. G. Farnsworth, Teacher of Pianoforte,Organ & Harmony, RESIDENCE 357 SPRING ST. mart d3m» — OF — FURNITURE EVER OFFERED IN PORTLAND may be found at 46 Exchange St., G. A. Whitney & Co., and at Prices that will astonish every one! Bankrupt Stock of — * 10 PIECES EACH, 300 Marble Top and Library Tables, bought lor cash, and will be sold lower than can be bought in this market. too PARLOR SUITS o< our own manufacture, and the cheapest suit we sell upholstered, one half pure Hair. Best suits all pure Hair. All ur Furniture put intbebest order and delivered tree of charge. Our facilities are such for innnu lacturing and buying that we shall not be undersold. Parties about purchasing will certainly save money by calling on us. Geo. A. Whitney & Co. NO. 46 EXCHANGE STREET. my9dti Dressmakers Attention ! jRrs. A. J. Grippen, Importer & Dealer in French Patterns, 753 BROADWAY, S. Y„ Will be at the United States Hotel, on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, with a lull assortment of new and choice summer styles, now used in Pans and New York. Mrs. Grippen will introduce a yew system of Dress cutting, now used in all the leading houses in the country, by which a lady can be fitted perfectly by measurement alone, doing away with the trying on and fitting requisite by other systems Any lady wishing to test its merits can be fitted free of charge on either of the above days. Dressmakers from Portland and adjoining towns cordially invited to call. Agents wanted in all cities and towns. my23 d2t* RUBBER HOSE 10 CENTS PER FOOT. Wc will sell Hose for washing windows, sidewalks sprinkling lawns, gardens, dee., at the low price of 10 cents per foot and up wards. Brass Couplings, Pipes, &c„ all attached and ready for use at lowest prices. Hall’s Pa tent Combination Pipe, which makes a sprinkler or solid stream by simply turning the stop cock. Try these and you will use no others. Call and examine at Hairs Rubber Store, UNDER FALMOUTH HOTEL. myl6 dtf Geo. M. Bosworth, Formerly with Marrelt* Bailey Sc Co., has taken the New Store Cor, Free & Cotton St8., and intends to keep a hill assortment ot UPHOLSTERY GOODS of every description for Drapery and Decora* tire Work. By making a specialty ot this depart ment in upholstery, we propose to place before the public every facility for obtaining the newest designs and fabrics, and at lowest prices. Also Window Mhadca and Fixtures* And a complete assort ment of Room Paper.mh21tf BEFORE BUYING A SEWING MACHINE, be sure and see the NEW PHILADELPHIA or TRIUNE, Which sells at 40 per cent, less than other first class Shuttle Machine. Call, or sent for Circulars and Samples of Work, at No. S3 Oasoo St. mats AGENTS WANTED. d3m To the Ladies of Maud and fleering! CLEAN BED* more important than elegant furniture. Feather beds, pillows and hair mat tresses ought to be cleansed every year. It will pro mote health and prevent disease. Cleansing by Mteam is the only sure way of destroying vermin and removing disagreeable odors. Send in your or ders to the office of “The Steam Feather Ken orator” 218 Federal St.. All inquiries cheerfully answered. mylSeodtf UVE AND LET LIVE IS OUR MOTTO. Great Reduction in Prices of Lanndrr Work. Nhirln with Bosoms . . 13 cent* Collar* ------ 3 »» Pair Culfr ----- o 4( Portland Laundry, 22 Union St. aplO _ d3m Carpets_Beaten ! R. DODGE & CO., Carpet Beating Rooms, No. 13 Union St. Wc heat with Flexible Whips made of Ropes, not with stilt', unyielding sticks nor yet with iron chains. Carpets called for, beaten, and returned for 4 cents per yard. my8sneodlm AUCTION SALES lOO Ladies' and Gents' Gold Watches and Solid Gold Chains at Anctlon. T*L*?*V’ •* *• “ad 9 1-9 •’clack, al M. Ralnrna 33 aad 37 Exchange Street, we a hall aell about lOO flue Gold Watches, Solid Geld Ckaia., dee. Thl, will po.i tirely he the last .ale. 7- O* BAILEE Ac CO., Aacliaaeera. my24_dlt Extra Choice Trees AT AUCTION. ON WEDNESDAY, May 24th, at It A. M„ at Salesroom 35 Exchange Street, we shall sell extra large Standard Pear. Apple and Plum Trees, Shrubs, Roses and small Fruits, Flowering Plants, Yuccas, Filementosas, Sec. This will probably be the only sale made by John D. Bradlee Se Co., of Milton, Mass., this year. The attention of parties wanting laige and choice trees is called to this sale. E. o. BAILKVA to , Auctieaeera. my22 d3t For Sale at Auction. THURSDAY, May 25, at 3 o’clock p. m., on the premises, the 3 story brick dwelling bouse No. 41 Winter street, and lot ot land about 3000 feet. Title good and terms Liberal. For particulars apply to UPHAM A GARDINER, No 7 Exchange Street, who invite all interested to examine the premises. E. E, UPHAM, Auctioneer tor the Sale of Real Estate.iny24d3t Plants at Auction ! ON THUBSDAY, May 25th, It 10 A. M. at Salesrooms 35 and 37 Exchange Street, WE shall sell 3000 Plants from the consevatory of Albert Dirwanger Munjoy Hill, cons'sting ot Hardy,Perpetual and Tea Roses. Pelagoniums. Gera niums, Fuchsias, Ivies, Lilies, Ferns, mixed Baskets Verbenas and Pansies, together with a large variety of choice and rare Plants, Hanging Baskets. Ac. This will probably be the largest and finest col ection ever received from Mr. Dirwanger. We invite an examination of them on the morning ot sale. F. O. Bailey St Cm., Auctioneer*. my22 dtd By Schumacher Bros., FIFTH ANNUAL SALE — or — BY AMERICAN ARTISTS, AT AUCTION, On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 25, 26 and 27, Al 3 1-9aad 7 1-9 F. HI. Each Day, At Our Gallery 463 Congress St. AMONG this collection will be found many paint ings superior to any offered in our previous sales, and we cordially invite our triends and the public to an inspection of this collection. We append the names of some of the artists represented: J. G. Fletcher, S. L. Gerry, C. R Grant, Beni Champney, • Wm. E. Norton, E. R. Howe, Fied Kimball, H. G Hewes, H. B. Brown, W W. Brown, C. J. Schumacher, Cyrus F. Davis, Faqronicus, Alfred Ordway, S W. Griggs, John C. Miles, Geo W. Seavey, E. G Champney, DeBlois H. R. Burdick. G, T. Higgins, Wesley Webber, J. T. wood, Frank Leman. Oa Exhibition fro as Monday, May 994, till day of Salo. F. O. Bailey Ac Co., Auctioneers. myl dgt IMPORTANT SALE — OF — FIRST CLASS & ELEGANT NEW FURNITURE — BY — On Saturday, May 27th, at 10 o’clock A. M,, and 21-2P.M., WE shall sell at our Rooms 35 and 37 Exchange Street, the largest and best Stock of first class new Furniture ever sold in Maine, consisting ot Parlor Suits in Plush, Terry, Serge snd Hair Cloth, Elegant Black Walnut Chamber Sets (10 pieces each), Easilake and other designs, some coating as high as $3t0, Sideboards, very fine, Parlor Desks, a variety of designs, some very eletran t Book Cases, Hat Trees, Fancy Chairs, Folding Chairs, Easy Chairs, some puffed and richly nphowterod. Marble top. Library, Work, Office, Bouquet. Inlaid and Pillar Extension Tables, some very elaborate, Chefliniers, with and without Writing Drawers. Ac., Ac., Ac. The above goods are from the Work Rooms of F. Gfldowakjr, and other equally cele brated manufacturers, and will comprise some ot tbelr best and most elaborate work, we assure our friends and the public, that this is the largest and finest stock ever sold in Maine. On exhibition Friday, May 26th. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Auctioneer*. my20dtd SPECIAL SALE OF BY AUCTION, ON THUfiSDAf, June 1st, AT lO O’CLOCK, — AT THE — Horn and Carriage Mart on Plnm Street. WE have instructions to sell without reserve one car load of yonng and reliable country Horses. In the lot are Horses adapted to all kinds of work and prime drivers. The Horses will he warranted as represented. An opportunity will be given to ex* amine them on day before sale. At same time a lot ot Carriages and Harnesses will be sola. V. O. BAILEY CO., Auctioneer*, my 22 dtd 1876 1876 D. W. CLARK Ac CO., No. 17 Market Street. Season Prices for Families and Offices. 10 lbs. daily, from June to October 1.$ 6 00 20 ? •* “ . 10 00 Ice will be delivered earlier than 1st Jane and later than 1st October, at the same rate per month £y*as during the Seaeon.^CI MONTHLY PRICES. Monthly rates apply to all not taking Ice the whole season, or four months. onth. $2 00 . 2 50 20 “ “ 3 00 Any customer leaving town for Two Weeks or more at one time, by giving notice at the office, will be entitled to a proper induction. We particularly request our Customers to report any neglect ot our drivers in leaving the Ice; com plaints for carelessness or any other cause it made at the office, will be atteuded to promptly. my23 d6w Maine Blackwood, (FORMERLY NORWOOD) Sired by Blackwood, (3 years old, record 2.3!) 1st dam by Norman, sire ot Lula, 2.15, May Queen 2.20. 2d dam by Mawbrlno Chief, sire of Lady Thorne, 2.18. Blackwood, sire of Blackwood. Jr.. 4 years old. record 2.32. Freshman 4 years, 2.36$. Rosewood 5 years, MAH BLACKWOOD, Brown colt, sired 1872. Trotted full mile last fall as 3 year old in 2.36}, and drew wagon in 2.16}. Is six teen hands high and weighs 1075 lbs. Will make this season (and only one in Maine) at #«0—payable in advance. Apply to JOHN DALY, Box 1819, or Head of St. John St. my!3dtfis PORTLAND Paper Box Company! has decided to resume the manufacture ot Paper * Boxes, and has taken Chambers NO. 48 UNION STREET. where he will be happy to see his old customers. PORTLAND PAPRB BOX CO., ap26dlro* No. 48 Union Ninrt. E. PUTT ERICK A CO.’S Patterns of Garments ! Sommer Catalogues Just Beeelred at 267 MIDDLE STREET. C. DYER, Agent. my!6d3w* French Shoes. Gans French Shoes may he found at Gr o weir s, roffondei‘ the Falmoutl^ For Sale. ®ocond Hand Soda Fountain will bo sold low.for cash. Can he seen at , INGALLS BROS.. my!2d2w» ,3 Preble St.

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