Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 26, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 26, 1876 Page 3
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THE PRESS. FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 26, 1876 THE I'REMN May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fei eenden Bros., Marquis, Brunei & Co., Andrew Wentworth, Moses, N. B. Kenarick, and Chisboli traln8 tbat run out of the city. At Biddeford, of Phillsbary. At Saco, of L. Hodgdon, At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At LewtBton, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. CITY AND VICINITY New Advertisement,! To-Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Abyssinian Church—Centennial Entertainment. SPECIAL NOTICES. Liquor Dealers of Portland. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. My Child—G. M Came. Philadelphia—S. O. Case & Co. A visit to the Centennial. Corsets—Davis & Co. Attention—Sheridan Cadets. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Boston Steamers—Special Notice. To Let—Alvin A. Lane. French Landryiug. To Philadelphia without Chango ot Cars. Wm. Morton & Son—Trees. Every Business Man Reads. Rooms to Let—J. C. Procter, Lost—A Pocket Book. Lost—A Roll of Bills. Blaine Flub. The officers and members of “The Blaine Club” and all that are interested in the object of the association are requested to meet at the Augusta House on Friday evening, May 26th 1876, at 8 o’clock. Per Order. municipal Court. BEFORE judge knight. Thursday.—John Brown and John Gilles. In toxication. Fined $5 each with costs. Paid. Brief Jottings. k It is rumored that the “Press nine” will tackle the Beso'.utes. Bertie Leighton, a young son of Charles Leighton, was run over on India street Wed nesday and suffered injury to one of his feet. Conductor C. H. Osgood of the Ogdensburg has received a handsome conductor's badge from Mr. Sawyer, ticket agent at the Eastern depot. Father Lunney, assistant pastor at St. Dom inic’s, is to go to Dover, N. H., as assistant to Father Drummond. Arcana Lodge, I. O. G. T., will celebrate their eighteenth anniversary at Kichmond’s Island, June 12th. F. G. Rich will deliver an historical sketch of the Lodge in the evening at Arcana Hall. The Transcript has found a man who never heard of the Centennial. When asked if he read the newspapers, he said “Yes, the New York Ledger.” There will he a anion temperance meeting at Allen Mission this evening. The public are in vited. The new tog boat built at Curtis’ yard, was successfully launched at noon yesterday. She is owned by Curtis, Fobes & Co., and is a very fine one. The Resolutes are to play with the Bates College niue Decoration day, at Presnmpsoot Park, and with the same club in Lewiston June 10th. There will be no steamer for Saturday even, ing, but there will be one leave Sunday morn ing at eight o’cloek. It is said that Miss Kavanagh, a maiden lady of Damariscotta, has given $50,000 to to complete the Sister’ Convent in this city, ad joining Bishop Healey’s residence. The Lowell’s Play with the Lewiston Club to-day* There will he on exhibition at Hale’s to day a painting ot Gen. Tilton’s noted h nrsA er,” painted by Leighton. The tug Tiger returned from Bucksport yes terday afternoon, where she went with the wrecked schooner Mary A. Bice. Oa the re turn trip Capt. Deane shot a duck of the “ra zor bill” variety and brought it to this city to be stuffed. _ The Celebbation.—The committee on the Centennial celebration are hard at work on the programme, which will be published in full in a few days. The exercises in the City Hall in the afternoon will include the mu9ic which wo have already published, a prayer by Bev. Dr. Carruthers, reading of the Declaration of Independence by Gen. S. J. Anderson, and an oration. It was expected that Hon. George P. Talbot would be the orator, but he has inform ed the committee that he does not expect to be present. The decorations will be unusually fine. The front of the building will be adorned with flags and bunting, and will present a fine appear ance. There will be several new designs in the way of decorations. The inside of the hall will be decorated for the afternoon services. The front of the City Building will be Illumin ated with gas jets in the evening. The car riages in the procession both morning and eve ning will be gaily decked. A large number of private residences will be decorated. The Montgomery Guards were out last even ing headed by the Continental band, drilling for the celebration. The fife and dram made good old fashioned music, each as delighted our forefathers one hundred years ago. The com pany made a fine appearance. The following is the course for the sailiBg re gatta on the Fourth: From starting point leav ing flag boatoff Custom House wharf to star board, thence to flag boat off Half-way Bock, rounding it to leeward, and returning leaving Fort Gorges to port, thence round House Is land, leaving it to starboard, also the lighthouse steamer buoy to starboard, and thence by ship channel to flag boat off Custom House wharf, leaving the flag boat to port. Distance 71 miles. The first and second classes will sail over the course twice and the third class once. Base Ball.—The season was opened yester day at Presumpscot Park by the Lowells giv ing the Besolutes a little practice, the first they have had this season, and the score shows that they nee led it sadly. But eight innings were played, and the result was 32 to 4 in favor of the Lowells. The batting of the Lowells was very heavy and the fielding of the Reso lutes very loose, no less than 52 errors being 1UUSBUU ‘“OUJ, uuw VUVJ HOID uuauic tu hit Foley’s pitching at all. Of the six total bases made, Laigbton made lour. Leighton pitched in the seventh inning and St.John caught, and of the 16 errors charged to the lat ter’s account, 15 of them were made in this in liiDg. Four or five hundred people were inside the park and endured the weak exhibition of their favorites with actual composure, Below is the score. LOWELLS. KESOLUTES. B. lB.PO.A.E B. lB.PO.A.E Cogswell,Id, 4 1 5 0 2 J. Barnes, lt,l 0 2 0 6 Woodbeod,3b5 12 10 Leighton,c, 12 3 17 Brown, c, 3 1 10 2 6 Knight, ss, 0 1 0 1 4 Say. 88. 3 3 1 0 0 Black, p. 0 0 115 Foley p, 3 1 2 2 3 Evans, 2b, 113 3 5 Sullivan, 2b, 3 3 11 2 Ayres, !b, 0 0 8 0 1 Macullar, If, 3 1 2 0 0 Briggs, rf, 0 0 2 0 3 Blogg. cf, 5 4 0 0 0 F. Barnes,3b,0 0 4 2 5 Firth, rf, 3 110 0 St. John.'cf, 1 0 1 0 16 Total, 32 19 24 6 13 Total, 4 4 21 8 52 innings. 1 2 3 1 5 6 7 8 Lowells.0 8 3 2 0 6 13 0—32 Kesolutes.0 000100 3—4 Total bases—Lowells 24. Kesolutes 6 Buns earned, “ 5. “ 1 Umpire, Frank Payson, Eowdoiu. The Annual Yacht Baces.—The annual races of the Portland yacht Clnb for the chal lenge cups, comes off this morning, the boats leaviug the end of Custom House wharf at ten o’clock. The yachts will start from an acbor age at the signal from the club room. There will De about five minutes! diffirence in the starting of the d'fferent classes. The Sparkle will compete with the Viva for the cup of the first class. In the other! classes there area large number of boats to compete. Ascension Day.—Yesterday was Ascension Day or Holy Thursday. Services were held at the CatheJral ol Immaculate Conception at!) o’clock. Bisbop Healey delivered an address and was assisted in the services by the priests of the city. In the evening there were solemn vespers and the Bishop officiated. At St. Luke’s Cathedral the Holy Eucharist was celebrated. Bev. Canon Hayes and Bev. Mr. Gill of St. Paul’s church conducted tte services. Djbkctobs’ Meeting.—The regular monthly meeting of the directors of the Maine Central was held in this city yesterday afternoon. The full board were present with tha exception of Messrs. Jones and Johnson of New Hampshire andBrown of this was voted to tmton the day Pullman on or about the 1st of June. A large amount of routine business was transact ed, and the meeting adjourned for one week. Attempted Suicide at Standisu.— Early yesterday morning a pauper on the Standish poor faim by the name of Thomas Skillings, attempted suicide by hanging, bit was cut down by tlie overseer before life was extinct. While the overseer went for help Skillings ab scondcd.witli tlie'ropc and has not been heard from since. CITY AFFAIR* Special Meeting of (be City Canncil. A special meeting of the Board of Mayor aod - Aldermen was held last evening, j Petitions presented and referred—Of Wm, H. Hart et als , for a sewer on Federal street lrom Hampshire to India; of Orlando Leighton et als., for same on Portland street from Hart’s lot to sewer on Preble street; of Geo. B. Buz elle and 27 others for a new street to be called , Frederick street, extending from the southerly side of Congress street between nunbers 1029 and 1031 southerly through land of F. W. Clark and passing easterly the line of Mr. Buzelle’s laud; of Thomas Wildes for a gas lamp ou the corner of State and Sherman streets; of E. P. Chase for authority to construct a block of wooden houses on Congress street; of W. H. Sargent for same on Congress street; of Sam uel Powers for same on Adams street; of Hi ram Winchester for same on Quincy street (granted). Licenses—The following persons are licensed as victualed: Hussey & Leighton, Thomas Deering. J. G. Perry of Perty Hotel, was li censed as an inholder. The petition of Peter Keegan for license as a victualer was referred to the License Commit tee. Edward E Upham was licensed as an auc tioneer. Appointments.—Alphonso Brunei. Trustee of Evergraen Cemetery, vice James Bailey, de clining, re-appointment; John A. Brawn, Liquor Ageut; D. O. Mclntire, policemen; Ebenezer Rich, special policeman without pay at eastern cemetery. The above were unani mously confirmed by the Aldermen. Orders Passed—Order appropriating to the Peak’s Island Ferry Co. the usual sum of $250; order for the regulation of the puichase and sale of juuk aud old metal, in accordance with the Revised Statutes. Ordinances—An ordinance was passed to amend the ordinance relating to the opening of streets for laying and repairing gas pipes. [The amendment provides that the Gas Company shall not be required to obtain a certificate for authority to open streets, but shall notify the Commissioner that the place where such pipe has been put down has been repaired. The invitation of Bosworth Post G. A. R. to partiepate in the exercise of Memorial Day was accepted. Mcrrimae Valley Dental Association, The Merrimac Valley Dental Association commenced its 26th semi-annual session at the Council Chamber in this city at 2 o’clock yes terday afternoon. The society was formed on October 29,1863, from dentists located in the towns situated in the Merrimac Valley, at Lowell, Mass. This association has gradually extended its influence and membership until it now includes an active list of over one hund red dentists belonging in all the principal towns and cities in Massachusetts, and many in the other New England States. The meeting was called to order by Dr. A. M. Dudley of Salem, Mass. About fifty mem bers were present. The chair appointed Drs. Wetherbee of Boston, Perkins of Amesbury, and Guttman of Great Falls, as an executive committee pro tern. The following were elected new members: Drs. Harry Leavitt, Showhegan; G? A. Haines, Dexter; W. R Johnson, Portland; F. A. Mor gan,Array; j. u. williams, Augusta; Ur. Preble Auburn. Dr. Bacon of Portland, was unani mously elected an henorary member. Dr. Leon Rideout of Lynn, Mass., then delivered a very able essay on “The teeth of the next genera tion.” At the evening session Dr. Haley of Bidde ford, read an essay on “Empiricism,” The es - say was listened to by the Members. Dr. Fille brown of this city, read a paper upon “Dental Education.” His idea was that a dentist must be a medical man or he could not be successful. A resolution to that effect was adopted by the society after a sharp discussion,in which a Pro fessor of a Dental College made the remark that what a medical college would teach a man about dentistry didn’t amount to “shucks.” This morning there will be papers read by Dr. G. A. Young of Concord, and Dr. Fille brown of this city, on “Clinical Operations.” The Art Sale.—Last evening the sale of paintings at Schumachers’ art store opened. There was a fair attendance but the bidding was not very spirited, and but few sales were made. The pictures went at very low prices, and some rare bargains were secured. Among the paintings sold were H. B. Brown's “View in Casco Bay,” which brought forty dollars, Norton’s “Cork Pilot”, sold for $25. C. J. Schumacher’s “In Frankfort”, for $17.50, Shapleigh’s “Mt. Washington,” for $10, Ben Champrey’s “Trout Stream”, for $17.50, and Fred Kimball’s “Brook Scene”, for $15. These astonishingly low prices were of course a great surprise to all in attendance, and if pictures are to “rule” as low as this there is good reason to anticipate a tush of purchasers to day, for it is seldom that so excellent an opportunity is afforded to buy so good pictures for so little money. Those who are wise will not neglect such a chance. The sale will be continued this afternoon and evening, and as many of the best paintings have not yet been offered those who desire to secure good paintings at unusually low prices will do well to attend. Decoration Day.—May 30 was set apart to be observed as decoration day by all the Grand Army Posts by an order issued from the Na tional Headquarters in 1808. The object in setting apart this day was that their former comrades and companions in arms together with those of our citizens who are interested in the ceremonies of the day, might meet at least one day in the year at the last resting place of our honored dead, and thus pay a grateful and loving tribute to their memories, and show that though they are dead they are not forgotten. Bosworth Post No. 2 of this city are now busy in making preparations for the proper observ once of this day, and present appearances indi cate that the ceremonies will be more attrac tive than ever. They would state to all who are interested,in this day, that Tuesday, May 30, will be observed as Decoration Day, by the G. A. R., and not Sunday the 28th, as some of our citizens seem to havejgot the impression. There will be services at City Hall, Sunday af ternoon at 3 o’clock. Anniversary.—Last evening the llth anui versary of Mystic Lodge, I. O. G. T., was ce - ebrated. The Centennial drama of “Our Buys of ’70” was nresented. after whirh Mr T (•' Smith sang, to the evident satisfaction of all present. He first gave bis favorite song, com posed by himself, called ‘‘Chandler's Band,” which contained many local hits and was en cored. In response he gave his song “They all have a mate but me.” Then came the anti quarian supper, and it was a substantial re. past. Anniversary.—The Army & Navy Union celebrate their anniversary this evening. The association will first assemble at Army & Navy Hall for the annual meeting aud election of officers. At the close of their meeting they will repair to the Preble where they are to have a sumptuous supper. After supper there will be music and remarks by several of the members. The committee have spared no pains to make it one of the most enjoyable anniversaries the as sociation has ever enjoyed. A Pleasant Occasion.—Tuesday evening last Mr. Shepard Young and Miss Carry S. Davis of this city were united in the bands of wedlock. The wedding took place at the resi dence of the bride, No. 40 Brackett street. About 40 invited friends were present and a very pleasant time was enjoyed. Late in the evening the Brackett street quartette club fav ored the happy couple with a serenade. The presents were very fine. List of Patents.—The foilowing'is a list of patents bearing date of May 23, 1876, issued to residents of Maine, reported for the Press by C. E. Foster, Solicitor of Patents, Washington D. C.: C. F. Haynes, Skowhegan, carriage lifting frames. C. H. Knowltou, Rockland, car coupling. C. Small, Lyndon, potato digger. Larceny.—Deputy Sterling arrested au old offender named Brown yesterday. He is charged with several larcenies. Deputy Chase arrested the son of a most res pected citizen of Portland, who recently stole $200 from his aged father. The money was Dearly all recovertd and the young man will not probably be prosecuted. Beal Estate Transfers.—Tho following are the real estate transfers recorded in this county yesterday: Deering—Lot of laud from Hiram Jack to Silas B. Harmon.* Portland—Lot of land on Pine street from John B. and Philip Heury Brown to Sarah E. Soule. Lot on Franklin street from Moses Gould to Harvey and Edward L. Freeman. Business Change.—Mr. J. S. Fitz has pur chased the grocery store of Mr. E. P. Nason at a the corner of Cumber! ind and Washington 8 streets. THE SACO CONVENTION. Enthusiasm for Mr. Blaine. The convention to choose delegates to repre sent the First District in the Republican Na tional Convention, held at Saco yesterday, was quite fully attended and the feeling in favor of Mr, Blaine’s nomination was unanimous and pronounced. The convention was called to order soon after noon by Thomas Hancock, Esq., chairman of the District Committee, who read the call and nominated Hon. S. P. Burnham of Saco, for temporary chairman. B. T. Chase, Esq., of Bridgton, and Seth E. Bryant, Esq., ef Kenne buuk, were chosen Secretaries pro tern. On motion of Hon Marshall Cram of Bruns wick, the District Committee were made a committee on credentials. Mr. Hancock sub sequently reporttd that 104 delegates were pres ent, 84 from Cumberland an 80 from York. Messrs. W. II. Hurd of North Berwick, R, M. Cole of Cape Elizabeth, and H, J. Beau of Alfred, were arpointed a committee on perma nent organization. Mr. Hurd subsequently re ported that the temporary organization be made permanent with the addition of the following gentlemen as Vice Presidents: Hon. Marshall Cram of Brunswick, James Bailey, Portland, Moses Fogg, Gorham, E. H. Jewett, South Ber wick, and Sylvester Littlefield, Alfred. The committee on resolutions were appoint ed as follows: Z. A. Smith ot Portland, Hon. J. E. Butler of Biddeford, Andrew Hawes of Deering, Hon. John Marshall Brown of Fal mouth, and George H. Wakefield of South Berwick. Ia behalf of the Cumberland delegation, Henry B. Cleaves, Esq., presented the name of Hon. John B. Brown of Portland, for delegate to the National Republican Convention, and moved that he be nominated by acclamation. Mr. Brown’s name was received with demon strations of applause. Mr. Cleaves’ motion was taken by a rising vote and declared car ried. Hon. Charles B. Gibbs of Bridgton, was elected alternate. Hoc. E. H. Banks of Biddeford, presented the name of Hon. James M. Stone of Kenne bunk, as delegate from the York county part of the district, and Hon. Samuel Hanson of Buxton, as alternate. Both were so elected by acclamation. Col. Z. A. Smith, for committee on resolu tions reported as follows: Resolved, That it is the overwhelming sentiment ot the Republicans of the First Congressional Dis trict of Maine, that the Hon. James (4. Blaine possesses in aH|li degree that statesmanshio, sa gacity, integrity, and experience which conspicuous ly fit him to he the Republican candidate for the Presidency, and that we would hall his nomination with unbounded delight. The reading of the resolution was followed by hearty and continuous applause, plainly in dicating the strong current of popular feeling in favor of Mr. Blaine. After a harmonious sessioa of less than three-quarters of an hour, the convection ad journed sine die. District Convention.—The Republican District Committee have decided to call the convention to nominate a candidate for Repre sentative to Congress, at Lancaster Hall, Port land, Thursday, June 29, at 12.30 p. m. The basis of representation wffi be on tho vote of 10(1, at iuu late ui uuo ucic^aic iui cvcij oiaij votes and an additional delegate for a fiaction of thirty-five votes. By this basis, Cumberland county will have 130 delegates and York connty 125._ Fryebubg.—Iiev. Henry Carpenter of Ox ford University, will lecture at Ftyeburg this evening. Subject: Wm. Conyngham Plun ket, Lord Chancellor of Ireland; in tbe senate, at the Bar aud on the Bench. Several of our citizens make it a point to be in Fryeburg whenever Mr. Carpenter lectures. * A Fight With a Bear,—The Ellsworth American says: “Last week Mr. Malcom Mc Phee who lives upon the farm of J. D. & J. H. Hopkins, in Hopkins’, or Township No. 38, dis covered two young bears, each upon separate , trees. He at once went to work and chopped one of the trees down, and on its fall the cub was killed. He then felled the other tree and as soon as it came down, seized the cub and at tempted, in spile of young bruin’s claws and teeth and snarls, to carry him to camp. He made slow headway, and what was worse, the old bear, attracted by tbe cries of its young ones, put in an appearance and at once began to show fight. McPhee would not give up the cub, and with no weapon except a club, began a masterly retreat. He had his bands full of young bear, scratching and snarling, and his rear was threatened every moment by the old one. Fortunately, his faithful dog. Major, took part, in what became a running fight. Every rod or two, the angry beast was stopped by Major who attacked his rear, and then the bear would turn upoD the dog, and McPhee would on his side turn and give a stunning blow to tbe bear. It must have been a ludicrous fight to wituess. The dog chasing the bear, the bear chasing McPhee, and anon the bear chas ing the dog, and McPhee putting ia the licks upon the head of the bear. For nearly a mile bruin continued the pursuit of her captured cub, but finally McPhee arrived at his camp with his prize. McPhee is somewhat tbe worse for the fight, being severely scratched, about his arms and body, aud had few clothes left, and what there were, are all tattered and torn. The cub is now chained to a tree, while Mc Phee is lying in wait with his rifle to shoot the old bear at sight, being determined to close ont the whole concern. STATE NEWS ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY There is to be a balloon ascension at Lewiston on tbe 4th. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. A woman was crushed to death by rollers in the pulp mill at Brunswick, Wednesday after noon. The name of the French boy who was drown ed at Brunswick Wednesday was Vardie. He was insane. FRANKLIN COUNTY The Chronicle savs the body of a Frenchman named Louis Robasb was brought to Farming ton Tuesday, from the Chain of Ponds, near Eustis, where he had been employed as a “to ter” for the river drivers. The man was taken sick and lived but four days. Being some twelve miles from any settlement it was impos sible to summon a physician. New Sharon is the banner town. It has the oldest reformer of any town in this state, if not in the United States. At a recent meeting of the club Mr. Christopher Dyer, aged 93 years, stenned un and sinned the iron.clad HANCOCK COUNTY. On Tuesday Adelbert MillikeD, a boy of 12 years, and eon of Mr. Simeon Milliken, was drowned in the river at Ellsworth. KENNEBEC COUNTY. Mr. David Leighton of Mt. Vernon, died re cently at the age of 00 years. He was a much respected citizen of that town. The bronze statue of the “Citizen Soldier,” for the town of Waterville, made by Robert Wood of Philadeldbia, at a cost of §2500, has arrived and will be put in position this week. The pedestal is of granite from the Bodwell quarry. The Journal says that the Kennebec Savings Bank at Augusta, has a surplus over all liabili ties of nearly §13,000. KNOX COUNI Y. The Gazette says Wednesday forenoon about 10 o’clock, Mrs. A. J. Shaw, High street, heard tbe cries of a child, and on hastening out met a little girl at her gate with her clothing all in flames. Mrs. Shaw instantly slipped off her own wrapper, and folding it about the child laid her down and (extinguished the fire. The little girl was a daughter ot Joseph Dolham, living on Masonic street. She was very severe ly burned, the skin coming off from her waist down, but it is hoped that her injuries are not of a fatal character. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. The Whig says tho water in Moosehead Lake is higher than it has been for several years. Tbe ice was sufficiently broken up during the gale Wednesday night to euable the steamers to start from their winter quarters, and get to Greenville preparatory to commencing their spring towing of logs. PISCATAQUIS COUNTY. There is no liquor agency in either Dover or Foxcroft, tbe licences having expired within a few days. Mr. Stephen Mooers, an aged citizen of Milo, was found dead in his wood-shed Wednesday afternoon. The cause of his death is unknown, but is supposed to be heart disease. Mr. Eben O. Gerry of Dover, got into some difficulty with one of his neighbors the other day, Mr. Alonzo Judkins, when tho latter Btrucli him with a rail and broke the ulna of the left fore-arm. WALDO COUNTY. Thomas F. Phinney, of Belfast city, is tem porarily acting as overseer of the Maine State Frisou shoe-shop, during the illness of the reg ular overseer, Josiah Harmon, Esq., ODe of the most promi nent and respected citizens of the town of Uni ty, died last week at tbe age of 73. in 1852 he represented his town in the legislature. Mr. Paul R. Hazeltineof Belfast, on his re turn from Florida last Monday, where he and his family have been spending the winter.found that his house had been entered during his ab sence and silver and other property stolen to the value of about §1500. The house and barn of M. E. Curtis in Mon roe were burned to the ground Wednesday af ternoon, last week. The fire broke out in the roof of tbe house and spread very rapidly, and but little of the furniture was saved. Loss §1,500; insured §000. On Friday the store and workshop owned by J. W. Mathews, of North Searsport was de stroyed by fire. Loss $1,000; insured $500. Samuel Heath of Belfast, a workman in Mathews Bros sash and blind factory, had his right hand jammed Tuesday, between the roll ers of a planing machine. Intelligence has been received of the death ol Mr. Josiah It Simpson, formerly of Belfast. He was drowned i:i the San Juan river, Nicar agui, April 11th. Mr. S. has been a resident of Central America for ahont twelve years, where be had been encaged in various enterprises. He had settled his affairs, and was about to re turn to this country, with a fortune accumu lated in that region when the fatal accident happened. IN GENERAL. Of the fourteen deaths that have occurred from small pox in Carthage, Weld and Dix field, none had been protected by vaccination. Philadelphia.—S. O. Case & Co., recent purchasers of Merchants’ Hotel, have added elevators arid all modern improvements. Booms for one thousand guests duriug the exhibition. Bates as usual $3 per day. Corsets, Corsets.—Our entire stock of cor sets has been marked down, and we offer in ducements which should claim the attention of ladies desirous of bargains. We offer a 54 bone corset, embroidered top, for $1.35, and a beau tiful embroidered corset, all whalebone, at $2. Also a corset extra fine finish, 100 bones and beautifully embroidered, at on/y three dollars per pr. We are able to show a larger variety of corsets thau are to he found else.where and at prices very low. Our Marchioness corset still continues to to gain in favor as beiBg the best American corset made and sold for one dollar. Davis & Co. Exhibition of Furniture.—F. O. Bailey & Co. have on exhibition to day at their sales room, Exchange streer,oneof thelargest and finest stocks of furniture iu Maine. The larger part of the stock was manufactured by F. Gel dowsky, whose reputation for fine work is sec ond to none iu this country. The entire stock will be sold atjauction to-morrow. Alleniion Attention. All the members of the Sheridan Cadets are requestad to meet at their armory this evening. Business of importance. Per order of the Sec’y. You can have your headache cured in one m;aute. You caa have your toothache cured in one .minute. You can be cured of neuralgia in from one to three minutes with Dr. Cram’s Fluid Lightning. Ask your druggist for it. My child, four years old, was taken with a seveie attack of croup. I cared him in five minutes with Dr. Cram’s Fluid Lightning. _ G. W. Came. A visit to the Centennial would be incom plete without a sojourn at the Windsor Hotel, on Fiftn avenue, between lorly-sixth and forty seventh streets, New York. The memory of the visit will be enhanced by the enjoyment of the high-toned pleasures provided by the com petent officers A dinner there is an event to be looked back to with an appetite. The gor geous furniture, the splendid scenery, the tout en semble will cling to one for years. The best advertisement of this bouse are its guests who travel. From W. B. Chisholm, M. D., of New Bed ford. “I have emploped the Peruvian Syrup snecessfully in cases of dyspepsia, chronic diarrhoea, nervous debility, neuralgia, erysipel as, boils and disease of the skin; also, chlorosis, leucorrhea, prolapsus uteri, and in female com plaints generally. As an alterative tODic, the oyiup uugub bu no uscu uy uiergyiuuu, euuurs, cashiers, clerks, lawyers, and others who use their brains more than their muscles; as well as operatives, printers, tailors, shoemakers, seam stresses,and all those whso eoccupation confioes them in ill-veutilated and over heated rooms, who are liable to suffer more or less trom ner vous debility.” my22-eod&wlw Lion’s Katharion prevents the hair from falling out or turning gray, renews its growth and gives strength and vigor. It is delightfully perfumed, and makes a splendid dressing. It is the cheapest aDd most desirable Hair Tonic ever produced. Used by the elite. Price only 50 cents. aprlfideodawly “Don’t forget” to call for Adamson’s Botan ic Cough Balsam when troubled with a cough or cold. For sale by all druggists. may22-eodlw PROPOSALS. Proposals. Custom House, Portland, Me., 1 Collector’s Office, May 22, 1876. j SEALED proposals to furnish meat, fish, bread, vegetables, groceries, milk, forage, fuel, etc., for the use of the marine hosoital at Portland during the year ending June 30, 1877, will be received at tbis*office until the 15tli day ot June at noon. Copies in duplicate of the schedules ot articles and quantities required will be furnished by Doctor C. S D. Fessenden, Surgeon-in-cbarge of the hospital, up on application. The United States reserves the right to reject anv or all of the bids. By direction of the Secretary of the Treasury. D MOULTON, my22eod3t Special Deputy Collector of Customs. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY COMPANY OF CANADA. SCRAP Fl r SALE ! TENDERS are invited for the following old ma terial now lying on the Company’s premises at Portland: Estimated Quantity, Wrought Iron Scrap.. tons. Cast Iron Scrap... 25 “ do do do (burnt). 5 “ Scrap Spring Steel. 3 “ Light Iron and Turnings. 2 “ Rubber.400 lbs. TERMS—Cush on Delivery. Tenders giving price per lb. and endorsed “Tender for Scran,'’ will be received by the undersigned on or before WEDNESDAY, May 3l6t. JOSEPH HICKSON,Gen’lManager. Montreal, May 15th, 1876. myl9 eod6t To All, particularly invalids, spring is a trying sel8bn. Indications of sickness should at once be at tended to. Fatal diseases may be caused by allow rag the bowels to become constipated, and the system to remain in a disordered condition, until the disor der has time to develop itself. An ounce of preven tion is worth a pound of cure, is an old and truthful saying. Therefore, we advise all who are troubled with the complaints new very prevalent—headache, indigestion, disordered liver, want of appetite, nau sea. or feverish skin,to take, without delay, Schenck’s Mandrake Pills. We know of no remedy so harm less and decisive in Its action. It at once strikes at the root of the disease and produces a healthv tone the system. People never need suffer from any dis ease arising from a disordered condition of the liver if they would take this excellent medicine when they feel the first indications of the malady. Families leaving home for tho summer months should take three or four boxes of these pills with them. They have an almost instantaneous effect. They will re lieve the x>allent of headache in one or two hours, and will rapidly cleanso tho liver of surrounding bile, and will effectually prevent a bilious attack. They are sold by all druggists, jylf_ myleodlm3dp&wsn musicT New Sheet Music, Boohs. Folios, k received daily by C. K. HAWES, 177 Middle Street, Portland. The largest Slock in the City. - ALSO — Pianos, Reed Organs, cheap lor cash or install ment-, Violins, Guitars, Music Boxes, Accordions, Flutes, Banjos, Piccolos, Harmonicas, Clarinets, Comets, and all instruments for Brass and String Bands, in great variety; extra Violin Strings, Itetail and Wholesale. Particular attention given to orders. jan31_deodly* RUBBER HOSE 10 CENTS PER FOOT. Wc will sell Hose for washing windows, sidewalks, sprinkling lawns, gardens, Ac., at the low price of 10 cents per foot and up wards. Brass Couplings, Pipes, Ac,, all attached and ready for use at lowest prices. Hall’s Pa tent Combination Pipe, which makes a sprinkler or solid stream by simply turning the stop cock. Try these and yon will use no others. Call and examine at Hall’s Rubber Store, UNDER FALMOUTH HOTEL. my!6dtf Side Lace Boots! A full assortment in French Kid, neat and pretty. Alxio in French Morocco for Walking Boots. Meas ures taken and nice fitting Boots made to order for men or women. M. a. PALMER. Ja28dtf E. PITT ERICK & CO.’S Patterns of Garments I Summer Catalogues Just Received at 2G7 MIDDLE STREET. C. DYEIl, Agent. d3w* NEW ADVERTISEMENTS To Philadelphia Without Change of Cars. The undersigned have been over'lhc New Express Line between Boston and Philadelphia by tbo New York and New England; Hartford, Providence & Fishkill; New York, New Haven & Hartford; and Pennsylvania Railroads, and trausfer steamer Mary land, and from personal experience and observation commend it to the public as the most convenient and pleasant route between New England and Philadel phia, particularly for family travel. May 18, 1876. E. A. Straw, Sam’l B. RiDdge, Charles Amory, (’has L. Haley. Franklin Haven, Wm. A. ilaskell, Wm. Amory, T. Albert Taylor, D. N. Skillings, E. W. Converse, W. A. Simmons, Moses W. Richardson, Geo. K. Guild, W. P. Leacock, Geo. B. Loring, Chas. O. Gage, George O. Carpenter, Stephen B. Ives, Jr., Edw’d T. Russell, Jr , C. M. Clapp, I. B. Jordan, Jas. H. Danfortb, Thomas E Proctor, Thos. Mack, ! James It. Osgood, A. H. Thompson, ! Francis f. Emery, Albert Thompson, Will d P. Phillips, Henry Smith, F. M. Johnson, E, B. Haskell, , Amory A. Lawrence, Chas. A Page, Chas. A B. Shepard, J. H. Stickney, M. D. Ross, Edw. Sands, Chas. A. Smith, H. W. Williams, N. D. Whitney, Jerome Jones, Henry H. Bai row3, T. C. Stearns, James Horswell, Stephen B. Simons, P. L. Everett, J. Willard Rice, J. Warren Faxon, Henry S. Chase, E. D. Ingraham, F. A. Turner, Fred Reed, Chas. Whitnev, S. R. Niles, F. W. Lincoln, George Myrick, Chester Guild, Oliver Ditson, Robert O. Fuller, Oscar H. Sampson, B. F. Mortin, Henry C. Morse, Wm. H. Goodwin, George N. Bigelow, And’w Newell, Addison Boyden, John Cummings, M. P. Kenuard, Thomas Parsons. Trains leave New York and New England Depoi, foot of Summer Street, Boston, at P A. IVf and 7 P. M. Tickets and berths or seats in Pullman cars secured at 403 Wnahington Street, ffoston, or at Bepot. mv26eod3t Boston Steamers I SPECIAL NOTICE. In order lo effect n necessary change of Steamers there will be no boat to Boston on SATURDAY EVENING next. The Steamer Forest City will in stead leave Portland Sunday Morning at 8 o’cl’k. J, B. COYLE, JR., 1 my26 _<»enernl Agent. Every Business Man Beads — TEE — COMMERCIAL AGENCY SYSTEM EXPOSE D! — IS THE — Secret Inquisition a Curse or a Benefit! — BY — THOMAS FRANCIS MEAGIIER. Second Edition just published. Contains 300 pages beautifully bound. It shows bow credit and charac ter are secretly undermined by masked spies, and frauds perpetrated, &c. Send for it and see the Se cret HIiicn l ist of Porilnnd, with eightv other cities. Price $1.75, mailed to any address. JIKil. CHANTS CREDIT PROTECTION NO. CIKT V. 58 Tiber!, 81., N. V, my26dlm ssT 5? oa 5| Trees, Plants, Roses, S 7 fas 5=5 t=d CZ3 CD „__ E-H CD CZD g s- ^ *s* 0=? !®“At 268 Middle St. S ^ £3 CD ee d my2C__dlw CORNS! CORNS! MR. & MRS. DR. WELCH, CHIROPODISTS, 502 1-2 Congress St., corner of Brown. JSg^Corns and all difficulties of the feet skillfully treated._ap3eod2m* ROOMS TO LET. Two large and rery desirable rooms on State Street. Also a pleasant sunny house, at $400 a year. Inquire of J.C. PROCTER, 93 Exchange Street. my20dtf FOSTER’S Forest City ©ye House 13 PREBLE STREET. Air Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Clennaing ami steam Feather Be£ ftenointiuir. Orders received at the Dye House or by Mail? Dyeing and Clemming ns usual. . _ _ _naeodlm Lost. A POCKET BOOK, containing a small sum of money and Morgan. Butler & Co.’s check for $75 and other papers, which are of no value to any one but the owner. The tinder will bo suitably rewarded by leaving the same at the Store of MOR GAN, BUTLER & CO, Corner of Middle and Market Streets. my26d3t* French Laundrying. LACE collars, handkerchiefs, &c., pillow shams, lace curtain?, <S:c., laundried In the most satis factory manner. Orders lelt at 81 Newbury St., Portland, Me. my26 _ dlw* Lost. A BOLL of Bills, containing about §30, between Forbes Street, on lower road to Morrill's Corner and city. The finder will please leave the same at 44 Exchange Street, and be suitably rewarded__my26dtt To Fel. A LOWER Tenement In House, No. 85 Lincoln St., 5 rooms with gas and Sebago. Apply to ALVIN A. LANE’S my26dlw«Store, 24 Wilmot Street. 99 Exchange St. Do you want a Stylish Suit made ot the best material and in the best manner} Go to W.H.Kohling’s, 99 EXCHANGE ST. Do you want a Business Suit in the latest style of Goods and make? Go to W. H. koliling's. No. 99 Exchange St. Do you want the Nobby Suit of the season i kOHIJVk lias the Goods and : )HLING. # can make it at No. 99 Exchange St. It you want yonr Clothes made in the most workmanlike manner and a perfect tit every time, go to KOHLING’S, 99 EXCHANGE ST. A CAK&D. 1 take this opportunity to return to my patrons in Portland and vicinity my sincere thanks for their patronage in the past, ami am pleased to announce that 1 am constantly receiving and have on hand the choicest and most stylish French, German and Amer ican goods, which I propose to make up in as good a manner as can be (Tone elsewhere and at as reason able rates. 1 shall be pleased to show my goods to all who are trying the market. No garment is allowed to go from my establish ment which does not give perfect satisfaction. \V. H. KOIlLINCi, mylOtf 99 Exchange SI. THE AERATED Oxygen Treatment. A GENUINE cure for Catarrh, Asthma, Rheuma tism, Dyspepsia, Lung ami all Chronic Dis eases is still oflered to all who are afflicted, at 3S5 Cougrca, turret. Portland, Me., Itoom 3, Gaboon Block, where a large number of testi monials can he seen. Consultation andtrialdosofree. jaffltfisJtwtflO FOB SALE, Sleam Engine and Boiler fflHE ENGINE an upright of about six horse X power, and an Upright Tubular Boiler of about louble the power ot the engine. Apply to WIL LIAM LOWELL, 30 Union street or W. II. PKN K&LL & GO., 38 Union street. 'neiSUtf. MISCELLANEOUS. PR I C E S that CAN’T BE BEAT! FOR THE Next Sixty Days We shall sell the following Goods at Men’s Silk and Wool Suits, all sizes, - - - $12 00 Men’s Derby Frock Suits, all sizes, - - . 8 00 Men’s Doublebreasted Sack Suits, all sizes, - - 5 50 Men’s Double and Twist Sack Suits, all sizes, - 5 50 Men’s Business Wool Coats, all sizes, ... 3 50 Men’s All Wool Pants, 20 kinds, - - - - 3 00 Men’s Working Pants, Ver mont Gray, - 1 45 Men’s Dark Check Pants, 2-3 Wool, - - - 1 65 Men’s Double and Twist Prnts, ... 65 Overalls and Jumpers, Blue, Brown or White, 37 These are all new goods regular sizes and WAR RANTED JUSTAS AD VERTISED. Children’s Clothing. Boys’ Silk and Wool Suits, Age 9 to 15, . - $8 00 Boys’ Double and Twist Pants, - - - 1 25 Boys’ Double and Twist Suits, - - - - 4 00 Boys’ Doublebreasted Sack Suits, - - - - 5 00 Boys’ Doublebreasted Knic kerbocker Suits. - 6 75 Boys’s Wool Pants - 1 50 Boys’ Wrool Suits, ages 9 to 15, - - - 4 00 Children’s Iron Clad Suits, Best Grade two Shades, 1 50 Children’s Suits, all sizes, all kinds, from - $3 to 12 00 In connection with the above we have by tar the LARGEST. HAND SOMEST and BEST MADE as sortment ol Men’s. Boys’ and Chil dren’s Garmeuts in this Slate. We open our doors at 7 A. M. SHARP, and turn off the GAS at 9 P. M, Saturday excepted, w hen weclose When the Coat tail of our last Customer is lost to view. ONE PRICeTTO ALL ! Every Garment marked in Plain Figures. G. D.B. FISK & CO., THE GREAT ORE PRICE CLOTHIERS, 233 Middle Street. my21_tf_ KID GLOVES. We would call special attention to our new line of FRENCH KIDS JUST OPENED ! Wc shall place on sale THIS MORNING, May 21th, in our RETAIL DEPARTMENT One lot Real FRENCH KIDS, worth $2.00, for $1.50 One lot Real LOUVINE KIDS, worth $2.25, for $1.75. One lot of those celebrated IMPERIAL KIDS, in all the new and desirable shades, together with another line of the same make in solid SILVER 6RE1S, DRABS and STEELS for $1.25. These goods we guarantee to be the best bargains ever offered iu this market, being all fresh goods, just purchased direct Irom the Im porters, and are much below the regular retail price. We shall also close out the bal ance of our $1.00 and $1.25 Kids for 85 Cents 2 An early inspection respectfully solicited. H. S. Kaler & Go., 259 MIDDLE 8T. my24dlw New Styles — OF — THOS. P. BEALS’, 20 EXCHANGE STREET. Best painted suits finished in the State. I manufac ture my own suits, and also the ADJUSTABLE SPRING BED, the best anti cheapest Spring Bed in the market. Call and see for yourselves. Any one can have the Bed on trial one week free of cost. Ware Room JO Exchange Ml., my22is3w Factory on Plum Mtreet. GRASS SEED. WE have now on baud an extensive Stock ot Prime Herds Gras., Red 'l op Clover, Alxike Clover, Orchard f.raxx, Blue Cirnxx, Hungarian Gram and millet Seed, which »c otter at the Vowcxt Caxh Pricex. We also have a largo assortment of Vegetable and Flower Meed*# Kendall & Whitney, ^PORTLAND, ME. d<| To the Ladies of Portland and Leering;! CLEAIY RE DM more impoitaut than elegant furniture. Feather beds, pillows and ba:r mat tresses ought to be cleansed every year. It will pro mote health and prevent disease. Cleansing by Mlcam is the only sure way of destroying verrniu and removing disagreeable odors. Send in your or ders to the otlice of “The Ml cam Feather Ren ovator,” 218 Federal St. AH inquiries cheerfully answered.mylSeodtf Lawn Mowers. If you nnul a l.avu mower write for special price. Very Vow. FRED ATWOOD, apr28eodtf_Winterport, me. To Let, A SUIT of rooms without board. .4 pply at No 47 Danforth Street. my24dtlis REMOVAL. WM. E. “DENNISON has removed from 230 COMMERCIAL, STREET — TO — 118 COMMERCIAL ST., HEAD LONG WHARF. COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner ship under the tirm name ot SARGENT, DENNISON & GO.. aud have taken the stand at Long Wharf, 118 Commercial St.} where they will continue the business of Wholesale and Retail Dealers COAL AND WOOD, and would be pleased to see all their tormer patrons and as many new ones as may favor us with a call. EDWARD H. SARGENT. WILLIAM E. DENNISON. Portland, May 1, 1876.myldtf "dr. gowell, ~ Has removed to IV©. 2 Casco Street, Where he is successfully treating the sick by the use of Dr. J. ClawRoa Kelley’s Botanic Keme dic*, in connection with Electricity and the Health Lift Cure. Also is Agent tor Dr. Kidder’* Premium Electro Magnrtie Battery. Advice free. my!2dtf — OF — FURNITURE EVER OFFERED IN PORTUND may be found at 46 Exchange St., G, A. Whitney & Co., and at Prices that will astonish every one! Bankrupt Stock of — 10 PIECES EACH, 300 Marble Top and Library Tables, bought lor cash, and will be sold lower than can be bought in this market. lOO PARLOR SLITS ot our own manufacture, and the cheapest suit we sell upholstered, one hall pure Ilalr. Best suits all pure Hair. All ur Furniture put in the best order and delivered tree ot charge. Our lacilities are such for manu lacturing and buying that we shall not be undersold. Parties about purchasing will certaiuly save money by calling on ns. Geo. A. Whitney & Co. NO. 46 EXCHANGE STREET. D. W. CLARK & CO., No. 17 Market Street. Season Prices for Families and Offices. 10 lbs. daily, from June to October 1.9 6 00 15 “ “ “ . 8 00 20 ? *• “ . 10 00 Ice will be delivered earlier than 1st June and later than 1st October, at the same rate per month iy as during the Season._^g| MONTHLY PRICES. Monthly rates apply to all not taking Ice the whole season, or four months. 10 lbs. daily per month. $2 00 15 “ 2 50 20 “ “ . 3 00 Any customer leaving town for Two Weeks or more at ose time, by giving notice at the Office will be entitled to a proper reduction. We particularly requeBt our Customers to report any neglect ot our drivers in leaving the Ice: com plaints for carelessness or any other cause it made at the office, will be attended to promptly. °>y23_ dfiw 1 Parasols Sun Umbrellas. We have just received a large and elegant assortment of the latest styles in Parasols and Sun Umbrellas. Owing to the recent great depression ofbnsiness in Bostou and New York, we have been enabled to bay these goods 13 per cent, under price. The benedt of this discount we offer oar cus tomers as we wish to close the whole lot ot once and prove to every one that this is THE OPPORTUNITY OF THE SEA SON to purchase these goods. {^“Examination solicited. OWEN MOORE, Congress St , Cor. Brown. dec29_ dtf 3XT ew Store. Geo. Iff. Bo§worth, Formerly with Harrell. Bailey & Co., has taken tbe New Store Cor Free & Cotton Sts., and intends to keep a lull assortment ot UPHOLSTERY GOODS of every description for Drapery and Decora, live Work. By making a specialty ot this depart ment in upholstery, we propose to place before tbe public every facility lor obtaining the newest designs and fabrics, and at lowest prices. Also Window Shades and Fixtures. And a complete assort mentof Boom Paper,_ mhSltr BEFORE BUYING A SEWING MACHINE, be sure and see tbe NEW PHILADELPHIA or TRIUNE, Which sells at 40 per cent, less than other first class Shuttle Machine. Call, or sent for Circulars aud Samples of Work, at ISTo. a Casco St. malo ACENTM WANTED. d3m S M0!S imivFa stkeet. DYE Holism t*-™":: ?' ™ Cotton mill Wool Dresses Dyed Without Kipping aprli 2m Boys’ Custom Clothing ! MRS. F. C, CHASE would inform her old customers and friends that she tins reopened the store Corner l*orilnnd nod Tleehunic ttirrrift, where she is prepared to jut and make Boys’ Clothing in the latest styles rrimmings constantly on hand. Old Mu.rim—"Firs *ome first served.” mchldtf AUCTION SALES F. O. BAILEY * CO„ Auctioneers and Commission Merchants Malrarooms 33 aad 37 Exchange HI. W. O. BAILXY. o. W. iun Regular sale of Furniture and General Merchan dise every Saturday, commencing at 10 o’clock a. m. Consignments solicited. oc3dt By Schumacher Bros., FIFTH ANNUAL SALE — or — BY AMERICAN ARTISTS, AT AUCTION, On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 25, 26 and 27, At 3 1.3 aad 7 1*3 P. 71. Each Day, At Our Gallery 463 Congress St, AMONG this collection will l>e found many paint ings superior to auy ottered in our previous sales, and we cordially invite our friends and tbe public to an inspection of this collection. We append the names of some of the artists represented: J. G. Fletcher, S. L. Gerry, C. K Grant. BenJ Champney, Wm. E. Norlou, E. R. Howe, Fied Kimball, H. G Hewes, H. B. Brown, W W. Brown, C. J. Schumacher, Cyrus F. Davis, Faqronicus, Alfred Ordway, 8 W. Griggs, John C. Miles, Geo. W. Seavey, E. G Champney, DeBlois H. H. Burdick. G, T. Higgins, Wesley Webber, J. T. Wo ;d, Frank Leman. Ob Exhibition from Monday, May J'Jd, till day of stale. F. O. Bailey & Co., Auctioneers* my! d6t IMPORTANT SALE — OF — FIRST (LASS & ELEGANT NEW FURNITURE — BY — On Saturday, May 27th, at 10 o’clock A. M., and 21-2P. M,, WE shall sell at our Rooms 35 and 37 Exchange Street, the largest and best Stock of first class new Furniture ever sold in Maine, consisting of Parlor Suits in Plush, Terry, Serge and Hair Cloth, Elegant Black Waluut Chamber Sets <10 pieces each), Eastlake and other designs, some costing as high as $300, Sideboards, very fine, Parlor Desks, a variety of designs, some very eleean t Book Cases, Hat Trees, Fancy Chairs, Folding Chairs, Easy Chairs, some putted and richly nphoisterod. Marble top. Library, Work, Office, Bouquet. Inlaid and Pillar Extension Tables, some very elaborate, Chefflniers, with and without Writing Drawers. &c., &c., &c. The above goods are from the Work Rooms of P. f*eldovr»ky, and other equally cele brated manufacturers, and will comprise some of tbeir best and most elaborate work. We assure our friends and the public, that this is the largest and finest stock ever sold in Maine. On exhibition Friday, May 26th. P. O. BAILEY St CO., lactiBBeers. mv20 dfd SPECIAL SALE OF BY AT7CTION, ON THURSDAY, June 1st, AT II O’CLOCK, — AT THE — Horse and Carriage Mart on Plnm Street. WE have instruct ions to sell without reserve one car load ot young and reliable country Horses. In the lot are Horses adapted to all kinds of work and prime drivers. The Horses will be warranted as represented. An opportunity will be given to ex amine them on day before sale. At same time a lot ot Carriages and Harnesses will be sola. P. O. JBAILKV * CO , Auctioneer*, my 22 dtd IRON WORK — AT — Very Low Prices FOR Buildings, . Bridges, Wharves, &c. ALSO Iron Shutters, Gratings, Fence, Awning Frames — AND — Iron Works for all other purposes. Parties wanting goad wark nl fair prior, should brarla mind that we hare ■aperiir facilities, and give perianal attention tn our baoineso. Thos. Laughlin & Son, 18 & 20 CENTRE STREET. apr29_dtf_ SHIRTS! IJnlaundried Shirts, all finished, and made ot Wam*uilt*. Cottons and nice Linen Bosoms n-4(| l ulls for (he low price ot Sl.Q3 ! Call and Examine Them. Charles Custis & Co., 493 CONGRESS ST. mysindly Ti I 1 « I 1 T aromers nairDanK, 125 Tremont Street, BOSTON. OPP. PARKJT. CHURCH. Our Stock is now complete and embraces tire best styles of Foreign and Domes tic Goods that can be found in this city. Satisfaction guaran to every customer in Fit aud Finish of Erery Garment. mylO eodlm ALL THE Nobby Stjles of lie tan — IN — W oolens — FOR — Gent’s and Youth’s Wear, can be seen at MacACHORN’S, Merchant Tailor, OPP. THE FALMOUTH HOTEL, MiO Formerly Fred Prwelor-dlw French Shoes. Gans French Shoes may be found at G-oweir s, nJ7onder the Falmouth.^ Citizens' lUutiial Keliet Society. THE regular monthly meeting of the abov, < ISme3JSc.letIwiU 1,0 »» FRIDAY EVEN T6th in*t- at 8 o’clock, in Rossini HalL Directors meeting at seven o’clock, at same '"^1 ^ G- JORDAN, Sec£ CHARCOAL. WANTED 1000 Bushels Hard Wood Charcoal at Eastern Railroad. Address 772 Portland Post Ofhce, or PALMER CLARK, Corner Portland and Grove Sts., Portland, Mondays. aprl3dtf

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