Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 27, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 27, 1876 Page 4
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POETRY. Qtiando Yeuict Lux ? BY THOMAS HILL. In this green lane we often walked, And oft my heart within me burned Ah did tbe hearts ot those returned From Emmaus, who with Christ had talked. The golden hand of Spring has thrown Again the king-cup by the hedge, And strewed with calthas yonder sedge; But I walk down the lane alone. No Spring’s returning land has power To brmg thee to my side again; The South wind woos the grave in vain: In vain the sun, or vernal shower. The bobolink soars, as soars tbe lark, And pours his sweetness o’er the lawn; Rejoicing in the earliest dawn The more, the more the night was dark. A deeper darkness death than night; When shall its awful shadows break? Its slumberers to life awake? What songs shall hail that holier light? BUSINESS CARDS. H. HANSON & SON, MANUFACTURERS OF Monuments,Tablets, Gravestones and Granite Work. MANUFACTORY AT 907 i'ongreM Ni., Weal End) I'orilnud. Maine. All orders promptly attended to. HENRY HANSON. WH. H. A. HANSON. aprl7 d6m THOMAS RAINEY, IH. A. M. D. Office 499 1*‘J Congre** Street, Formerly occupied by Dr. Daveis. Hour*—10 to I* A. M.,3 to 5 P. M. ma3 d&wtf JOHN J. PERRY, Attorney at Law, 49 1-2 EXCHANGE ST., PORTLAND, MAINE. jan21dlw»ttf E. H. RIPLEY, Seaton Second Pariah Chnrch, Undorta Is. or. WOULD respectfully inform the citizens of Port land that he is prepared to furnish Coffins, Casket* and Oraye-Clothca, of all styles, at the shortest possible notice. Everything connected with the management of funerals, day or night, will receive prompt attention. Residence No. 219 Federal, corner ot Temple St. febl0d6m E. C. JORDAN & CO., Civil E.|inr.r> and Ciand Purveyor., No. IS4 middle Mt., Portland, me. Surveys made for Proposed Railroads, Water Works, Mill Dams, and Storage Reservoirs, surveys of Counties, Towns, House Lots, &c. Estimates of Brickwork, Plastering. Slating, Stone Masonry, Earthwork, Earth and Stone Excavation, &c., &c., &c Plans and Specifications for Iron or Wooden ■unvAgce, ui cue cuuiuiuciiiuu. nans aim Dins or 11m ber for Wharves, &c., &c. apr7d3m Dr. R. T. Wildo, The Natural Magnetic Physician, He shall lay hands on them and they shall be healed 3«1 Cumberland, Cor. of Elm St. nov8__dtf WM. H. MOTLEY; ATTORNEY AT LAW, ' OVER I. 2?. FAHHINGTON’8, 180 Middle Street. Jan.’S_dtf J. H. HOOVES, LTPHO LSTER35R Nos. 31 and 33 Free St, MANUFACTURER OF Parlor Suits, Lounges, Spring Beds, iMattresses, ■cDonongh Patent Bed Lonngei, En ameled Chairs, &c. All kinds of repairing neatly done. Furmturs boxed and matted. oct5-’69T T&Stf Chas. J. Schumacher, FRESCO PAINTER, Office in Casco Bank Building, over F. U. Fassetl’s Office. Orders left at Schumacher Bros, will meet prompt ttentlon.apr3d3 m C. P. BABCOCK. MODEL MAKER & JOBBER, MANUFACTURER OF Watch and Chronometer Markers* Tools, Mathematical, Optical and Philo sophical Instruments, School Apparatus, Arc., 5B Market Street. Printers Exchange, Jnl PORTLAND, M.E. dly D. W. FESSENDEN, Attorney at Law, OFFICE IN STANTON BLOCK, No. 31 1-2 Exchange Street. Janls _dtf Fred W. Campbell, LANCASTER HALL BUILDING, Over Horse Railroad Depot, Has a pleasant room as above stated and will be happy to wait upon all his old friends and the public in general in all departments of the Hair Dressing Line. W* Class Work at Popular Prices. my8 _dtt CRAIG & WILSON Formerly Craig A Jackson. Plain and Ornamental Plasterers, AND MASTIC VORKEK8, Ornaments in every Variety of Stales, Designed by the best artists in tbe-country, such as Cornices, Centre Pieces, Brackets, Columns, &c., can always be furnished at the shortest notice. Plastering. Whitening and Tinting done in the neatest manner. No. 4 Sculli Street, Portland, Me. N. B. -The most delicate work packed to eo safely any distance. _ Joseph Ceato. mai7d3m James Wilson. FRED. N. DOW, ATTORNEY -AT - LAW, 172 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. ap!3d6m*ttf EDUCATIONAL^ FRENCH LESSONS — AND — LITERATURE. Mote. R. E. OTAW8E, formerly of Boston, late of Philadelphia and New Jersey, pro poses to establish a permanent French Institute in Portland. She will commence her Spring term April 18th,1876. The course will consist of private French lessons and classes for any one who wishes to study the lan guage. She will form classes for advanced pupils who desire only to converse. She intends also to have matinees for Ladies, con sisting of readings from the best French Authors and Dramatists, and the conversation will be only in French. The same lessons will te given twice a week in the evening lor Ladies and Gentlemen. She will commence these evening lessons early in September. Mme. will be assisted by Prof. Masse. In the early part of June Madame expects an Ar tist who has been connected with her Institute in Philadelphia. This Lady is a member of the Acad emy of the Fine Arts in that city. She gives lessons in Drawing in all its branches, Oil Painting, Pastel. Her Speciality during the summer will be Water Color from nature. For fnrtticr information please call at No. 597 Congress street. Mme. will be at lier rooms from 11 A. M. until 5 P. M. and every evening. Mme. Masse is permitted to refer to tbe following gentlemen: Rt. Key. Bishop James A. Healy, D. D. Rt. Rev. Bishop H. A. Neely. I). 1). Rev. Thomas Mill. D. D., L . D. Rt. Rev. Bishop W. B. Stevens, D. D., of Philadel phia. Hon. Charles F. Libby, County Attorney. Hon. Henry J. Murray, British Consul. Ephraim Hunt, LL. D., Superintendent of Public Schools of Portland. Richard H. Dana, Esq., of Boston. George B. Emerson, Esq., of Boston. apr8tf Eaton Family School For Boys, —AT— NORRIDGEWOCK, MAINE* Spring; Term will commence OTarch UTib, For Circulars and Portland references addicss augl9-tf H. F. EATON, Principal. KURSiRGG SCHOOL FOR BOVS, NORTH CONWAY, N. H. The Next Quarter Commences April 20th. For particulars or admission address apr!9tf FREDERICK THOMPSON, Principal. Edw. C. Farnsworth, Teacher of Pianoforte,Organ & Harmony, RESIDENCE 337 SPRING ST. mart d3m* Orders for Tow Boats will be received as usual, at CHAS. SAWYER S Office, 123 Commercial Street. °>Vl8_dtf Notice. PERSONS requiring work done please apply to “Home” ot W. C. A., No. 16 Spring St., plate and family sewing, dress-making, copying, cmbroki •rug and fancy-work in|woolg, &c., &c. oc2Utf MISCELLANEOUS. UNIVERSALLY RECOMMENDED. We have just received (October. 1875) a communica tion from nearly every druggist in New England, and the testimony is universally in favor of San ford’s Radical Cure for Catarrh. We believe there never was a remedy bo popular wherever known, and certainly we feel that never was one more deserving of praise. Founded upon correct scientific principles and calculated by the most ac complished physicians to meet the severest forms of Catarrh, the cures made by it have not only been nu merous, but so remarkable as to excite public atten tion and cause the sale to exceed tenfold that of any similar remedy ever before compounded. While many are anxious to make public their tes timony in favor of the Radical Cure, others—and among this number may be found many of our most respected citizens—dislike to become publicly Identi fied with so loathsome a disease. Hence, in the fol lowing case we are unable to give the name, but are permitted to state the severity and condition of the case before and after using the Radical Cure, and also that the gentleman occupies a responsible office in one of our State institutions. We quote “I would not for the world permit my name to be used, although 1 have no doubt it would be of bene fit to many now Buttering as 1 have suffered; hut I give you a brief statement of my case ‘‘for two yearn f have taken bromide of potasna and bromide of ammonia every day. I never passed a single night with out getting up once or twice to free my throat from the matter that had dropped into it during sleep, and finally ■ coughed during all lbi« lime. Nince taking the RADICAL CURE 1 have taken no potas sa or ammonia, have slt'pt soundly every night without uneasiness or distress; not a particle of matter has dropped into my throat during sleep, and ever} sjmptom of a cough has lelt me.” A wonderful result truly, all will say. who know or can realize the extent and severity of this case. The gentleman has had eighteen bottles. This must sat isfy the sceptical and there is great merit in the Rad ical Cure. Its mode ot preparalion is new and or iginal. Ignoring the old practices and remedies, Dr. Sanford selected a new field, and has demonstrated his method to be the ODly proper and never failing treatment. The following recommendations are from DRUGGISTS, who are competent witnesses to the work it is daily doing. | Sanford’s Radical Cure has proved the best remedy for relieving Catarrh. W. M. FELLOWS, Haverhill, Mass I am selling large quantities of your Sanford’s Radical Cure. Dr. WENTWORTH, Biddeford, Me. Sanford’s Radical Cure is having a good sale. It is just what the people have been wanting. A. M. GERRY, So. Paris, Me. I have kept Sanford’s Radical Cure on hand since its first introduction, and the sale and satisfaction in its use have been unequalled by any other similar preparation within my knowledge. W. H. WILLIS, M. D., Reading, Mass. 1 have sold Sanford’s Radical Cure for a year or more, and it stands the test the best of any similar remedy I have ever sold, WILL H. OWEN, Milo, Me. We recommend no other cure, and have no trouble in selling it. L. P. EVANS & CO., • Garland. Me. Sanford’s Radical Cure has given universal satis faction to all my customers, and above all other rem edies is a success. E. F. CAREY. Haverhill, Mass. Sanford’s Radical Cure sells well, and is very much liked. Mrs. S. P. WING, sangerviue.. Me. SANFORD’S RADICAL CURE Is a purely vegetable distillation, and is by insuffla tion taken up into the nasal passages, and also taken internally, thus acting upon the stomach, liver and kidneys. Under its influence the system immediate ly braces up and the first thorough dose gives evi dence that it is a powerful and effective medicine. Give it a single trial. Each package contains a Treatise on Catarrh and Dr. Santord’s Improved Inhaling Tube. Price $1.00. For sale by Druggists everywhere. WEEKS & POTTER, BOSTON, General Agents. Ear* USE SANFORD’S JAMACIA GINGER,— The Delicious Family Medicine for cramps and pains, colds and chills. my6S&Wlm C EKTEMSIAL MEMORIAL MEDALS ! Struck in solid Albata Plate, equal in appearance, wear and color to SOLID SILVER OS COLD. presenting a variety of beautiful Designs in Belie f Th£se Medallions are larger than a Silver Trade dollar, being 1§ inch, in diameter, handsomely put up aud sell readily at sight. THE MOST VALUABLE SOUVENIRS 11 MEMENTOS EVER ISSUED. GOOD AGENTS WANTED In every City and Town in the V. S. and Canada, to whom exclusive territory will be given, if desired. RETAIL PRICES—For the Albata Silver, 50 cts. Gilt, 81, in fancy box. Usual discount to the Trade. A complete outfit ot magnificent samples for agents, in satin or velvet-lined morocco case, con taining Six Medals, diflerent designs, one gilt, suit able for jewelrers’ show windows, etc,, sent on receipt of draft or Post-oflice Order for $4, or. will ship Express C. O, D. Descriptive Circular Price List and one sample sent upon receipt of 50 cts. Immense profits. Sells at sight. Correspondence solicited. Information free. Extensive fields for enterprise. Address all communications U.S.MEDALLION CO., 212 Broadway, P.O.Box 5270. New York mfil8 d&w6mll HERRLNG’S SAFES Established 1841. BANKERS’SAFES, vrith our late Patented Improve men —AND— INFALLIBLE Bffi LOCKS. These locks aflord the security of both a Combination and Time Lock, and are a Satepsril Afsusl lasted Burglars. HERRING & CO., 251 & 252 BROADWAY, Kew York, 56-80 SUDBURY ST., Boston. aPr18___eod2m* THE KIMBALL BOOT! What In There in n Name? A eood name is a capital to a manufacturer, and should not be kept from the Dublic that may wish to know where to find bis productions and KNOW that they are his when ottered for sale. The Senior Partner has made it a specialty to manufacture Ladies’ Fine Boots and Shoes for over FORTY YEARS in Boston, and tor THIRTY of that time retailed them from his owu counter. For the past TWELVE years a very large part of them have been retailed by the most popular Shoe Dealers in Boston, one firm alone (that of H. H, Tuttle & Oo.) having purchased in twelve yeais Four hundred and firry thousand dollars worth and are now running over 81000 weekly. I A flip? who know the value and ease and com Uiuiunj fort oi the French Boot or Shoe will liud a perlect counterpart in the KIMBALL BOOT AND SHOE. We shall be happy to open an account with one "J8*. 388 Shoe Dealor in any City or Town outside of Boston. Our principal customers in Boston at present are Henry H. Tuttle & Co., 420 Washington street, v arnum & McNauoht, 520 Washington srteet, A. H. Howe & Co., 2170 Washington street, and John H. Rogers, 1 and 3 Tremont street. There are no new goods in the market without our stamp. JOHN KIMBALL & SON. » 62 Sudbury St. my20dlm Fireproof Roofing Paint. The best and cheapest Nno„ * Dari. Patent Slate Roofing Paint for Shingle, Tin and Iron Roofs, also for cheap outside work, sold by the gallon or applied by • J. N. McCOY & CO., US Spring Hi., Portland, ROOEEBH AND PAINTERS Jv24dtf VT^TTnU^l T0 PHILADELPHIA.—-A(> w Alai. JL commodalions for 5,000. Can pee rooms before paying for them. No charge by agency except for porterage. Keep checks. Bag gage promptly delivered. C’ENTKNNIA I, LODGING AND BOARDING AGENCY, 717 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa mj25eodlm Vaults Cleaned and Ashes Re moved. ALL ORDERS promptly attended to by calling at or addressing R. GIBSON, 1 Janldtt 588 Congress Street. 3 WANTS. Wanted. A STEADY Man to take charge of a farm on Peakes’ Island. No one need apply unless he can bring the best of references. W. C. SAWYER & CO., my25dl w Seed Store, 22 Market Square. Situation Wanted. BY a young mau in a Wholesale Grocery House. Has bad some experience. Reference given if required. Address “A. H. D,” Post Office. _ d3t* Wanted. BY a young man, a situation as book keeper, sales man, or travelling agent. Moderate salary ex pected; good references giveu. Call at or address 96 Federal St. my23d!w* Wanted. A YOUNG lady about July 1st, in a pleasant vil lage near Portland, who writes a good band and is correct in figures. A fair salary paid. Refer ences required. Address MANUFACTURER, Daily Press Office, Portland. my22dlw Situation Wanted. AS COPYIST, and all kinds of writing, at a moderate salary, by a young lady. Unex ceptionable references given. Address mal7dtf “A.,” at this Office. LOST AND FOUNIL Lost. A POCKET BOOK, containing a small sum of money and Morgan. Butler & Co.’s cheek for $75 and other papers, w'bicb are ot no value to any one but the owner. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at the Store of MOR GAN, BUTLER & CO, Corner of Middlo and Market Streets. my2Gd3t* Lost. A ROLL of Bills, containing about $30, between Forbes Street, on lower road to Morrill’s Corner and city. The finder will please leave the same at 44 Exchange Street, and be suitably rewarded my26dtt TO LET ROOMS TO LET. Two large ami very desirable rooms on State Street. Also a pleasant sunny house, at $400 a year. Inquire of .1. C. PROCTER, 03 Exchange Street. my2fl__dtf To Let. A LOWER Tenement in House, No. SB Lincoln St., 5 rooms with gas and Sebago. Apply to ALVIN A. LANE’S mj26dlw» Store, 24 Wilmot Street. For Kent. SMALL House rear 50 Winter St., for rent. Ap ply to F. G. PATTERSON, Dealers in Real Es tate, 379$ Congress Street. my24tf To Let. IN the pleasant village of Cumberland Centre a large two story house and stable, convenient for two families or to take boarders. Church, schools, stores and past office near by. Also one new Photo graph car for sale. Inquire immediately of R. RIDEOUT, on the Premises. my23d2w To Let. A PLEASANT convenient rent of fivo rooms with in two minutes walk of city building, inquire at No. 3 Portland Pier. my23d tf To be Let. 4^. Uwelling House, No. 40 Wiutcr lb!!' Street. Aoulvat 41. M&L myi6 d2w* To Let. AT No. 5 Wilmot St., a nice rent of 8 rooms for $300. Apply to L. TAYLOR, my22dtf 178 Commercial Street. To Let. DOWN stairs tenement in a new house. 171 Lin coln St‘, Cor. Cedar. Water closet, Sebago water, gas. Also light express wagon for sale. In quire of S. D. MERRILL & CO., my20tf31 Temple St. HOTEL TO LEASE. THE NEW ENGLAND HOUSE, PORTLAND, MAINE. THE House contains 40 rooms and two Stores; is situated opposite the prssenger station ot the Grand Trunk Railway, and in the immediate vicinity, and nearer than any other Hotel to the point of ar rival and departure of the European, Halifax, New York and Boston Steamers, and the terminus of the Horse Railway to the western part of the city and suburbs. Address AUG. P. FULLER. 1u21deodtt f. Portland. Me. To Let. HOUSE on the corner of High and Danforth St.. in the best of repair, has 9 rooms and lai ge pantry, good furnace, gas ami Sebago water, good cemented cellar, woodhouse and large garden, ln qiure at No. 18 High Street. mylC'IttPETER HANNA. To Let. A PLEASANT rent of six rooms in perfect order; has gas and Sebago. Kent $250. Apply to L. TA YLOR, 178 Commetcial street. myl2-tf To Let. FURNISHED Rooms, convenient for housekeep ing at mytkltt370 Cumberland Street. Pleasant Front Booms to let with Board, .Apply at this office. apr29__dtf To Let. MThe easterly half of residence corner of Free and High streets, now occupied by VV. H. An derson, Esq. Possession given lirst of May. Inquire of F. W. LIBBY, aprl8dti 42 Exchange St. To Let for Boarding House. DIE LI91B HAS A HOUSE ON iCMNGRESS H'r. WITH TEN _-ROOMS TO LET, OPPOSITE THE PARK. aprl3dtf Store to Let. STORE No. 122 Commercial street, next below Dana & Co., now occupied by Joshua Hobbs & Son. Possession given immediately. Appiv at 9G Danforth St. C. OXNARD, aprll dtt TO LET. Wholesale Store, IN the Thompson Block, Nos. 17 A 19 Middle Street, Good location below tbe Post i Office where all tbe wholesale dry goods and other classes of trade are located. The ‘finest store in the city, with light and airy basement, two entrances, two counting rooms, brick safe, and elegant show windows, tables, counters and other fixtures. Will be let very reasonably f applied for soon. Apply to Ift. E. THOMPSON, No. 32J Emery St. on the Spring St. Horse Car Rome. mhl4 dtl&w22 To Let. miiTHK' n. i a u..AA, ■_-_ XX on tbc premises. deci5 dtf To Let, rriHE BRICK HOUSE No. 74 Danfortb Street, JL containing all the mo<lern improvements In quire at No. 10 Central Wharf. jpe!6_ dtf Just Published. A New and Beautiful Sabbath Sell. Song Book. GOOD NEWS ! Good News indeed to Sab- I hath School Singers, young GOOD NEWS * ?nd old, who are waiting for • just such a book. It is edited fnnn vpnre • by K. M. McIntosh, and the uvi/u ax* via • contents contributed by onnn thin rare • eminent writers and com GOOD NEWS ! posers. Both music and words are GOOD NEWS ! new, fresh and attractive. “Sunny8Shore,” “To Canaan, GOOD NEWS ! againf” “One'Etray, Kin™ GOOD NEWS ! dom Coming,” and ethers, GOOD NEWS ! Price of Good Newt, 33 els. Reduction for quanti ties. Mailed post-free for retail price. Revised, greatly enlarged and improved new edition CAR1WINA COLI.EGENSIA. This magniiicient book bas been ^vised and im proved, the songs ol many new colleges added, and, besides being the most comprehensive collection of Students’ Songs, containing those of ail the Colleges extant, it is one of the most attractive books for use in parties and all informal cocial "sings.” Price in Cloth, $3.00; Gilt, $4.00. Keep in remembrance JLiving Water.. Unex celled as a book fur Praise Meetings, etc. 30 cts. OLIVER DITSON & CO., B08TON, C. H. Dilaon&fo. J. E. Dita«n A Co. 311 ^ Broadway, Successorsto Lce&Waiker , New York, Philadelphia. Jal2 myl0W&S(Sw3w AGENTS WANTED* CENTENNIAL MEDALLIONS, Struck in solid Albata Plate, equal in apj earance, wear and color, to SOLID SILVER OR GOLD. Presenting a large variety of beautiful Designs in relief. These Medallions are larger than a Silver Trade dollar, being IS inch, in diameter, handsomely put up and sell readily at sight. Tbc most valuable Souvenir, and IMrmenio. ever ..sued. A complete outfit of magnificent samples lor agents, in velvet-lined Morocco case—including the Bust of “George Washington.” Grand Entrance Interna tional Exhibition. Memorial Hall (Art Gallery). Horticultural Hall. Mam Building, and (he grand representation of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence (designed by Trumbull), in gilt—sent by mail on receipt of draft or Post Office order for $3.30, or will ship by express C. O. D. upon receipt of express charges. Agents’ circular and Price List and one sample sent upon receipt of Stic. Immense profits. Sells at sight. Extensive fields for enter prise. Address U.s. MEDALLION CO., 212 Broadway, P. O. Box 5270. New York. mhlG d&wGmll CARRIAGES. A FINE lot of Phaetons and Brewster top Bug gies, built of the best material aud warrauied first class, for sale. Please give me a call before pur chasing elsewhere. F. 11. RANDALL, •ver Geo. Rose’s Stable on PREBLE ST *}6 dtf ^—— REAL ESTATE. For Sale and to Let. TERMS REDUCED! FOR SALE. Worcester Hoimcm. 234 and 256 Spring St,, and 36 and 40 Clark St. These are frame houses, gas, Se bago water, and all modern improvements. Fine Cottage, with stable and about seven acres of land, South St.. Gorham Village; 12 rooms; a very desirable country residence. The Benjamin Norton Farm. Limington, 2j miles Irom Cornish Village, 3 miles from Baldwin Station on P. & O. R. R., 125 acres, two-thirds cleared, cuts 40 tons of hay, good fences, 1£ story house 28x32 ft , barn, stable and outbuildings. Also small cottage. Price $3500, $ 1000 down. Very cheap Several mu all fat him for Hale. Terms easy. TO LET. Two Niuall Tenements on India St. and one on Hancock St. One store on India St. FOR MALE OR TO LET. The \V.%I. Smith Property. East Deering. Large brick bouse aud one acre of land. Will be let for a term of years. The Eeightou Sc IIoohou Properly in Deering near Trotting Park. Large bouse and 7 acres of land. Will be let for a term of years. OliN Brown Property, Saccarappa. Large house with stable, ham and other out buildings. Will be let for a term of years. House 42 Pine St., Hull Block, mastic finish, contains nine rooms aud all modern improvements. Two houses in Hull Block. Carroll 8c., mastic, nine rooms and all modern improvements. Ntewnrt Sc Melcher mill and outbuildings >v est Commercial St., storage and wharfage to let, or the entire property for sale or to let on long lease. lIonHe on ML Street, occupied by John D. Spaulding. Lot 60x40. Edward F. Flint Property, near Andrew Sawyer’s, Cape Elizabeth, House and 7 acres ot land. Several Small Farm* to let. MATTOCKS & FOX, Attorney, nt l aw, 31 1-3 Exchange Ml. __ atf For Sale. m$330 will buy a bouse wltli five finished rooms, cellar, ell and wood shed; well of good water; 1J acres good land, C apple trees, 2 large cherry trees, plum trees, etc Two miles from depot, Post office.stores and church. School one-third of a mile. A. E. EATON, 5 Merrill Street, Portland, Maine, mv19d2w* Farm for Sale ! A bnrgnin for®335. Thirty acres of land, a block boose, five rooms papered aud painted, patent fireplaces, good cellar, stable with __cellar, 30 to 40 thrifty growing apple trees, mostly bearing, plenty of wood and water. Situated about three-fourths of a mile from the Town House in Stow, nine miles from Frveburg de* pot, on a good road in a good neighborhood. Inquire of A. E. EATON. 5 Merrill St., Portland, Me., or J. B. EATON, Fryeburg, Me. myl9d2w* For Sale or Rent. MThe handsome 3 Story Brick House, and Furniture, late residence of Franklin Fox, Esa., situated on the sunnyside of Park Street, with garden and fruit trees; will be sold at a great bargain or rented on reasonable terms; posses- 1 siongiven at once; can be seen at any time, on ap plication to . UPHAM & GARDINER, | Real Estate Agents, Ho. 7 Exchange Street, i my!7__d2w* HOUSE LOTS FOR SALE OK ST. JOHN STREET. Terms reasonable and easy payments. Apply to ST. JOHN SMITH, myl3dtf31 1-3 Exchange St. FOR SAFE. MSix first-class Houses for sale at a bargain, all less than ten minutes walk from the Post Office, City. Two houses and three lots of land in Providence, R. I., for sale or exchange for Portland property. Also first-class mortgage paying 10 per cent, will ex change for a first-class yacht. Inquire of , E. PONCE, aprlgdtfCor. Middle and Exchange Sts. , Good Farm for Sale or Exchange for City Property. LOCATED in North Yarmouth, one mile from Dunn’s Depot, containing about 45 acres good tillage land; cuts 10 tons hay; buildings in first class order. Apply to PERLEY & RUSSELL, my16deod&w3w*102 Commercial Street. For Sale. min Gorham, Maine, the Residence of the late S. A. Whittier with eight acres of land, situa ted on South St. For terms, etc , inquire of JONAS W. CLARK, 558 Congress St., or D. C. F.M ERY, Esq., Gorham. apr27eoi’tf At North Yarmouth. \ For sale, or exchange for real estate in Port land, or to rent, a two story house, wood shed. Jiift- hennery in barn, a fountain pure watei.ien acre? land, 150 anple trees. 'Will be coin cheap. Ref erence C. PROCTOR or WILLIAM TRICKEY, Sac carappa, _apr!5d2m Laud ior Sale in Deering, THE subscriber oilers for sale a desirable lot ol land on Stevens’ Plains containing about 30,000 teet. For particulars inquire at. No. 218 Fore St. aprlltt RUFUS DUNHAM. For Sale. A New two story French-Roofed House, iftyr^dENo. 422 Cumberland St., containing four ittHiwtf i.wj7tcen rooms fitted up with furnace, gas, ■iSebago water, and ail the modern im provements of a first-class house. Inquire ot JOR DAN BROS., No. 11 Dantorib St. apr4dlt For Sale. WISHING to change business, I offer my Store and Dwelling conbined with or without Stock at a Bargain. An excellent place for Dry and Fancy Goods, Millinery or Tailoring Business. A good stand in the central part of the Village, near the Depot. WM. H. ITIAKSTOIV. ma30d2mYarmouth, Big. For Sale—At.a Low Figure. UPPER half of new frame, slated roof dwelling House, containing eleven rooms, with all mod ern improvements, and located on Congress near the head of State Street. First-class in every respect. Lot large. Terms favorable. Inquire of , , ROLLINS, LOIUNG & ADAMS, mt^4dtf 22 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. For Sale. MThe three story brick dwelling house, No. 175 Danforth Street, recently occupied by Watson Newhall. Possession given imme diately. Also, the two story brick dwelling bouse on the westerly coiner of Spring and Park Street. Terms easy. JOSEPH ILSLEY, ap20_dtf For Sale. m Lot of land with buildings thereon, situated on the corner of Fore and Deer Streets, Port land. Apply to J. H. FOGG, apr27dtf 42j Exchange St. F. G, Patterson’s Beal Estate BULLETIN. MONEY TO LOAN ON first class Real Estate security, in Portland, or vicinity—Rents collected, taxes paid, etc., on Commission. Houses bought and sold. Apply to P. G. PATTERSONjdealer in Real Estate. Office 379} Congress street, Williams’ Block, between Myrtle and Pearl streets. au28tf BK1CK HOUSE AND STABLE FOR SALE. *jfv No. 46 St. Lawrence Street; can be pur {■ chased within thirty days at a bargain: ilL House can be examined by applying to f. g. Patterson, Dealer in Real Estate, 379J Congress Street. my!7__d2w New House on Preble Street tor $2200. | M The new two and a half story house on Preble street, facing Lincoln street, containing 6even rooms, Sebago water, good cellar, sink drain and water closet connected with sewer. Terms of payment is $1,000 cash; balance on mortgage. F. G PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, api2dtf Congress Street, Williams’ Block. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. THE 2} Sto.y Building, No. 92 Danforth Street; 1st floor occupied as a store; tenement above Also small bouse in rear; properly now rents for $390 per annum. Price $3500. Liberal terms of payment. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON Dealer in Real Estate, 379} Congress Street "Q85d3w Genteel Residence to Let. THE three story brick house 010 Congress Street. east of Plymouth Church, 12 rooms with all modern improvements, bath room, hot and cold water; house warmed by steam, pleasant anil sonny. The property is specially valuable for a physician. Possession given about June 1st. The premises can be examined afternoons by applying to F. G. PATTERSON, my23eodtf 379} Congress Street. A Rare Chance for Business. A STEAM FEATHER RENOVATOR, for cleans ing feather beds, pillows, bolsters, &c. Jt is in perfect order, simple, and can bo Tun bv a boy. Profits $25.00 to $35,00 per week Will be sold lor $165,00 cash, or bankable paper. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON, ap!2dtf 3791 Congress Street, Williams’ Block Small House for Sale. mThe one and one-half story house, No. 14 Mechanic street, eight rooms, Sebago, a good cellar and drainage. Lot 30x50. Price Si800 cash. F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, ap!2dtf 379.} Congress Street, Williams* Block. s A 3 Story Biick House for $3,500. mlhc three story brick house, No. 22 Brown Street, containing 12 rooms, gas and Sebago. water closet in bath room. Drain connected with city sewer. Taxes for 1876 to be paid by pur chaser from date of possession. Terms of payment one half cash, balance on a term of years. This property is ottered at a rare bargain, as the owners have no use lor It. F. G. PATTERSON, Dealer in Real Estate, 379 Congress Street Williams’ Block. _ dtf $500 hewardT A REWARD of FIVE HUNDRED dollais is offered by tire Town of Cape Elizabeth for ' the arrest and conviction of the person or personB who set fire to the stables of Nathan Dyer and Wm. S. Emery on the nights of May 18th and 191b, 1876 1’HOS. B. HASKELL, ) Selectmen E. N. JORDAN, 5 of STEPHEN SCAMMAN, J Cape Elizabeth. Cape Elizabeth, May 20, 1878. my22d2w HOTELS. UNITED STATES HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA, On 42d Street, Columbia Avenue, Yiola Avenue and Elm Avenue, Directly opposite Main Exhibition Building, CENTENNIAL tiKOCNDM. This elegant fire-proof structure was (built by Richard J. Dobbins expressly to accommodate Centennial visitors at reason able prices It lias 325 100ms, all complete ly furnished. The cuisine will Ik? first-class in every respect Large rooms can be en gaged for use of commissioners, etc. A fine store in the building to let. Address, 4 P. S. BOOTH BY, Manager. ieb2G eodtf ROSSJUORE HOTEL, Junction of Broadway. 7th Ajv. and 4ild Street, NEW YORK CITY, Three blocks west of Grand Central Depot, near the Elevated Railroad, and but twenty minutes from W all Street. A new and elegantly furnished Hotel all modern improvements. Rates $4 per day. Liberal terms to families. Free omnibus from Grand Central Depot. CHAS. E. LELAND, Proprietor Of Dele van House, Albany, N. Y., and Claren ce Hotel, Saratoga. feb21d&wly9 New England Hotel, ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN. COLUMBIA” AVENUE WEST PHILADELPHIA, PA. This Hotel is situated on Columbia (Avenue, between Belmont Avenue and Forty-second Street, and in close proximity to the Main Exhibition Building. ^ It contains one hundred and fifty lodging rooms, is managed by Eastern men, ami New England people aud others visiting the Centennial Exhibition wi.l find home comforts and very moderate prices. N. B.—The entrance to Columbia Avenue, from Belmont Avenue, is opposite the Globe Hotel, and the NEW ENGLAND HOTEL is near the entrance. DANIEL HOLLAND.) »T.L. H. COBB. ( Propiietors. my22 ,T. M. ROBBINS, ( dtf WESTMINSTER HOTEL, ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN. Corner li ving Place and 16h Street, New York. One Block irom Union Square and Broadway. The most central, and yet quietest location in the city. Convenient to the great stores, theatres and churches. Elevator and all modern improvements. Easy access to all parts of the city by street cars and stages. sep27d&wly40 C. B. FEKBIIV, Prop. Elm Avenue Hotel, 41st ST. AND ELM AVENUE. American Plan, Term* $3.00 per Day. F- ■SEES*t o } PHILADELPHIA. F. FOWLER. S. F. CHASE. This new Hotel is situated on the corner rof Elm Avenue and 41st St., directly oppo site the eastern entrance to Main Exhibition ’Building, andatfords an uninterrupted view _»from its two fronts, ot Fairmount Park, Centennial Grounds and Buildings, the Schuylkill River, Girard Avenue with its elegant bridge, and the city of Philadelphia. These surroundings make it one of the most desirable locations in or about the city tor persons visiting the exhibition during the heated term. Street cars pass the Hotel lor all parts of*the city. Our Mr. Fowler, Proprietor of the Passamaquoddy House, Eastport, Me., hopes to wel come all his old patrons and friends visiting the Cen tennial. mv20d2m united states iiotel, PORTLAND, ME. Situated in the very Center of the City. THE BEST LOCATED HOUSE FOR BUSINESS MEN. HEATED BY STEAM. Best ot attention given to guests. Table set with the very best the market ailords. TERMS : Terms hereafter will he bnt $2.00 per day. Suits of rooms, including parlor and bcd-rcom, §3.00. WOLCOTT & CO., Proprietors. anglO_ deodtf FORTUNK TELLE K.—Madame M. aI Maddox, the celebrated Clairvoyant, Fortune Teller and Doctress, can be consulted at >io. 3 Quin cy St. Madame M. has had large experience In tell ing fortunes, searching out lost, hidden or stolen treasures, &c., and was never known to be at tault. Do not miss this opportunity of consulting the great est fortuneteller of the age. Persons entering intoany new business or profession, the conducting of which they do not understand, will find it to their advan tage to pay her a visit. She can foretell the destiny of friends in any part of the world and describe them perfectly. She also describes all manner ot disease that flesh Is heir to, and gives medicine for the same. She has giveu universal satisfaction to all who have consulted her in her constant travels ?ince she was seven years old. Good testimonials given if desired. Terms, Gents $100; Ladies50 cents. Office hours rom 9 A. M. to 9.P. M._ no9dtt A Sea Side RESORT. One of the most charming and healthful locations ON THE NEW ENGLAND COAST, within Four Mile of the State House in Boston, ha3 lately been brought into the market by the BOSTON LAND CO , who are rapidly developing their immense property and throwing it open to the public. Bordered on the one side by the BROAD ATLANTIC; and on the other by the iuncr HARBOR OF BOSTON; with all its innumerable attractions, having hourly communication with the city, the heart ot which is reached in less th^n half an hour, by the new narrow gauge route of Boston, R.vere Beach and Lynn Rail road, it offers to all who are seeking health and pleas ure an opportunity which seldom occurs, to possess A SKA SIDE RESIDENCE at a reasonable price. The Company are now pre pared to otter at private sale many most desirable lo cations ; ana on SATURDAY, June 10th, they propose to throw open AT PITKLfC MALE. SEVERAL MILLIONS OF FEET, which will be sold to tbe highest bidder, without any reservation whatever, except suitable restrictions as to the style of buildings to be erected, &c. Full descriptive circulars, with schedule of the land to be sold and other daysef sale, also free tickets from Boston to and from the sale, sent to any ad dress on application to BOSTON LAND COMPANY, No. 48 Congress St., Room 14, Boston, Mass, my 9dlwf AGENTS Wanted for THE CENTENNI AL. BOOK OF BIOGRAPHY, or the lives of the great men of our Aral 1 ©0 yearn. Send for circulars. P. W. ZIEGLER & CO., 518 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. mylOflw to £60 a week and Expenses, or £100 tfl/TC vJ forfeited. All the new and standard Nov elties, Chromos, etc. Valuable Samples free with Circulars. R. L. FLETCHER, 111 Chambers Street, N. Y. myl0t4w A OPIjrp^! 73subscribers in one day. Best -Lii.™ A literary paper. Only §1.50 a year. Three $10 chromos free. Munyon & Sponsler, Pubs., Pliila. myl0f4w FOR COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, AKD ALL THROAT DISEASES, TJSK Wells’ Carbolic Tablets, PUT UP ONLY IN HI.UK BOXES. A TRIED AND MURK REMEDY. For sale by Druggists generally, and GEO. 0 GOODWIN & CO., BostOD, Mass. mylC_ diwt C AGENTS WANTED FOR THE EEVTENNIAL HISTORY or™ u. S. The great interest in our thrilling history makes this the fastest selling book ever published. It con tains a full account ot the Grand Centennial Exhibi tion. CAUTION.—Old, Incomplete and Unreliable works arc being circulated; see that the book you buy contains 444 Fine Bngrnvingw, and 945 Page*. Send for circulars and extra terms fo Agents. Address, National Publishing Co., Philada, Pa. my23 d4\vt AGENTS WANTE I> for the New Histori cal Work Our WESTERN BORDER. A Complete and Graphic History of American Pion eer Life 109 YEARS AGO. Its thrilling con flicts of Red and White Foes. Exciting Adventures, Captivities, Forays, Scouts, Pioneer women and boys, Indian war-paths, Camp life, and Sports. A book for old and young. Not a dull page. No com petition. Enormous sales. Agents icanted every where. Illustrated Circulars free. J. C Mc CUKDY Ac CO, Philada , Pa. my23d4wt Men are earning £40 to £140 per week !! seillng OUR COUNTRY AND ITS RESOURCES. Complete in the thrilling hiatory of 100 eventful pears, also of the great ‘‘Exhibition9’—grand in ie»criptiou of our mighty resources iu agriculture, commerce, minerals, manufactures, natural wanders, 'uriosities, etc., all richly illustrated. A “Century” Tlap and Bird’a-cyc view” free. Sells in a r duously fast. I ,OuO more agents wanted quick y for this and our standard •‘■.IFF OF LIV iN«8TONE,” 60,000 already sold, also new 31ble, 4,000 illustrations. Has no equal. For >xtra terms write to HUBBARD BROS., Publish ing Springfield, Mass. my23t4w A.N ACTIVE AGENT WANTED o manage exclusive sales of cigars in every county. Viiiiress, N. Y. Tobacco Co., 3tj Reuwick St., N. Y. my23 4wt MEDICAL OHLY FOE Moth Patches, Freckles and Tan. Use Perry’s Moth and Freckle Lotion. Itis reliable. For Pianplen on the Face. Blackheads or FlpMhwormM A9k your druggist for Perry’s IComedone and Pimple Reme dy, the irfalible pkin medi cine, or consult Dr. B. C. Perry, Dermatologist, 49 Bond Street, New York. apt l Tu&S&w4ml5 DR. KE N ISON, \ i Chiropodist, \ V Continues to visit Portland at JcOrX\ the UNITED STATES HOTEL, / n. 011 second week of each V---Room in Boston, 37 Tr mont Street and 57 To pie Place. Located in Boston since 1810. 8ep20dtf CLAIRVOYANT. JIBS. L. T. B. KING, A RELIABLE Clairvoyant can be found at the rear of 30 Danfortli St., where she will exam ine the sick, and advise or prescribe as each case de mands. Term* $1.00. She will visit those who are unable to come to her residence if desired. Mrs. King, in addition to her clairvoyance and remedies, Sossesses a remarkable healing power which makes er very successful. febl7d&wtl15 advdos ' (tmaubmamk) OR WRITE TO s Rheumatism B a a F B is a disease tliat afflicts m over 25 per centum of the • h huiiiau race. Almost cv 0 cry etTort lierctolore made . Pq in the treatment ot this . disease has been to allay the present suffering— pq trusting to luck to eflect a 0 m cure. DB. 1*. J. GRIFFEN £ <J & CO., after years ol re- h search, now present to the ^ public the only ^ i a i Scientifically * £ o prepared articles in the „■ K market. The disease is W treated externally by y Lj means of the Eiuiment, ^ which, when properly ap- ? plied, reduces the swel t| ling, relieves the tension H h and removes tin* inflam- h a mation, the cause ot pain ^ m in a very short time, thus s restoring freedom of inove 0 meut and elasticity to the 03 p joints. The disease being 0 q a blood polsou, of a pecu- cj g liar nature, is ^ a w B t Treated § £ § g ' ^ H internally by means ol ilie K h Pills and Elixir—altcrna S ting one with the other w according to Directions. ® To effect a permanent H g cure, the Pills and Elixir fd j must be used in conjunc d lion with the Liniment. w < * H - b M Pi Neuralgia, Nervous Pros* m K tration. Nervous Weak* g £ ness. Paralysis, Softening h of the Brain, Chorea, and t all WEAKNESS caused by £ H the LOSS OF NERVE g m POWER cured by use ol S < s J “P Ot. P.” K1 M n I > H a ** Ask tor ttriffen’s Rlicu* 2. matic Remedies, they ail S X bear our trademark and signature, and are put up j I securely. Price $1.00 each; B h forwarded to any part of 3 C the United States by ex* £ | press, prepaid, on receipt of $1.33. I AJfP JVIEJSTI'IOJV PAPER. apr6.d&wlyl4 MURRAY’S LAXATIVE AND PURIFYING 2 This medicine has been before the public most of the time for the past twenty-five years, and has given excellent satisfaction to all who have used it. The Bitters are composed of the be8t articles of the vege table kingdom, and arc again prepared by the original inventor, and are confidently recom mended as one of the best articles ever offered to the public, especially lor all those difficulties and ills at tendant upon this season of the year. They are par ticularly recommended lor the cure of Indigestion or Dyspepsia, Jaundice. Loin of Appetite, General Debility, Con tivrness, and all tlisenses earned by aiitnnbealthy Mtafe of the stomach or bowels. Any number of recommendations might be pub lished, but the article is so well and favorably known that it is deemed unnecessary. Let the sufferer use them a short time according to the directions on each uot' iu aim ug ijuul an in n ue which is UUW said of them. The best article of the kind ever of fered tor the relief of the sick and suffering. SOLD ONLY AT D. B. SAWYER’S DRUG STORE, 176 Middle St, Cor. of Exchange, store formerly occupied by Emmons Chapman, PORTLAND, MAINE, where may also be found a good assortment of Drugs, Fancy and Toilet Articles. apr29 ■ dtf CITY ADVERTISEMENTS CITV OF PORTLAND. Granite Block Pavement. PROPOSALS will be received at the Mayor’s office until SATURDAY, tbe 27th iDStant, from parties who desire to contract for Granite Block Pavements to be laid on Exchange Street, about 1781 square yards blocks to be six (6) to eight (8) inches lone, seven (7) to eight (8) inches deep and three and a half (3£) to four and one half (4J) inches wide. State price of square yard of pavement laid, the city to make all excavations and furnish the sand. The committee reserve the right to reject any or all bids not for the interest of the city. Proposals to he addressed to Chairman Committee on Streets, Sidewalks and Bridges. my23d5t CITY OF PORTLAND* City Clerk’s Office, 1 May 6. 1876. \ NOTICE is hereby given to all parties interested in the petitions for Sewers in Hanover and Casco Streets, that a hearing will he had on said petitions, at tlie Aldermen’s Room in City Building, on MONDAY, tlie fifth day of June next, at 7$ o’clock P. M., and that thereafter they will deter mine and adjudge if public convenience and necessi ties require the construction of said Sewers. Per order, my8dtd11. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. Ordinances. 1—No Dog shall he permitted to go at large or loose iu any street, lane, alley, court, or travelled way, or in any uninclosed or public place in this city, until the owner or keeper of such dog. or the head of the family, or the keeper of the house, store, shop, office or other place where such dog is kept, or har bored, shall have paid to the city marshal two dol lars for a license for such dog to go at large. 2—The city marshal shall grant a iicense to any citizen tor his or her dog to run at large, on the pay ment of two dollars; which license shall expire on the first day of May next after the same is given. 3—It shall be the duty of the city marshal to cause all dogs to be destroyed which shall be found at large within the city, without a collar. The above ordinances will be strictly enforced. myl7dtf C. K. BRIDGES, City Marshal. 50 CENTS FREE. SPECIAL OFFER—FOR SHORT TIME ONLY. Will seDd.rosT-PAiD free,to cacb new subscriber of The New York Agents’ Monthly. a mag nificent Centennial Memorial Medal (in fancy box), struck In Aibata Plate Silver, larger than a silver trade dollar, If incli iu diameter—Price 60 cents each. 'I lie Agents’ Monthly is a handsome, spicy, 16 page paper. Subscription price 25 ccuts a a year. Send 25 cents, and you will receive the Agents’ Monthly for one year, post-paid, and tbe above Medal gratis. Address, PENTON PIRI.INIIING t’O mblSdi&wCm 170 Broadway, New York. For Sale at a Bargain. ONE large aize Ma.on & Hamlin Cabi net Organ. Inquire al DO Clark SI. myl3 <14w RAILROADS. New York & New England R. R. Depot Foot of Hu turner Mtreef, BoMon. NORWICH LINE. Reduced Rates. To New York, - . > $1 OO To New 1 ork nml Refiirn, 0.00 To Philadelphia ami Return. - 10.00 Two Express Steamboat Trains each week day, leaving Boston at 6 and 7 P. M., one hour later than any other Sonncl Line; landing passengers at Pier 40, adjoining Pennsylvania R. K. Ferry, at Des* brosses St., New York. Elegant Steamers. Drawing Room Cars. Steamer leaves Pier 4<), North River, lor Boston at 5 P. M. Trains leave New London at 1 40 and .3 A. M. Ar. at Boston at 0 and 8 65 A. M. Offices, 205 Washington St.. Depot ford of Summer St.. Boston. A. C. KENDALL, Gen’l Pais. Agent N. Y. & N. E. R. R. H. M. BRITTON, Supt. Eastern Div. N. Y. & N. E. K. R. my22(1 lm TO THE CMTENNIAlT THE NEW ROUTE BKTHEEi'l Boston, l*liiIndelpliia. Baltimore nml Washington, WIT OUT CHAIUE OF UAHS. Via New York ami New England H. P. & F.. and New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroads. Transfer Niraairr Maryland (Between Har lem River and Jersey City.) Pennsylvania, Phila delphia, Wilmington and Raltimore, and Haiti more and Potomac Railroads. 5 IT'Callman's Palace Drawing-Room Cars on Day Trains and Sleeping Cars on Night Trains. Commencing Monday, May N, 1N7G. Express Trains will leave the New York and New England Railroad Depot, foot ol Summer Street, Boston, each week day as follows: SOUTH BOUND. Leave 0.00 A. M., 7.00 P. M. Leave WORCES’lER, via N. & W. It. 10.00 A. M., 8.05 P. M. Arrive PHILADELPHIA. 8.51) P. M , 7.00 A. M. Arrive 12.00 M. NORTH BOUND. Leave t 37 P. M. Leave PHILADELPHIA..,.at830A M., 7.00 P. M. Arrive BOSTl >N. at 0.00 P. M., 8.55 A. M. Thin is the ONV.Y line Kiinning Car, TBROUCII WITHOUT IIIANGE. Regular and Excursion Tickets and Seats anil Berths secured at office No. 205 Washington Street, and at the New York and New England Railroad Depot, foot of Summer street, Boston. A. C. KUNDALL, II. M. BRUTON, Gen’l Pass. Agent, Supt. Eastern Division, N. Y. & N. E. K. It. N. Y. & N. E. R. H. mylO_ dim SjFSi CENTENNIAL Excursion Tickets — TO — PHILADELPHIA AND RETURN by all the popular Routes, via Rochester and Y% orce«ter, New Loudon, Sfonington an:J Fall River JLincs, for sale at the lowest rates W. D. LITTLE & CO. if :you are going — TO THE — CENTENNIAL,' Procure an Accident Ticket nr Policy In suring $15.00 per week in case of disabl ing injury, or $3000 in the event of death by Accident, which are for sale at the office of W. D. LITTLE & CO., Stanton Block, 31 Exchange St, myio_utr 1876 _ 1876 Excursion Tickets are sold at the Boston & Maine R. R. TICKET OFFICE, 353 Commercial Street, — as — LOW AS BY ANY OTHER LINE, and Includes tickets entitlingthe holder toa FREE FARRIAliE IN BOSTON (from Boston <& Maine Depot to any other Railroad Station in Boston and return). Passengers can take any carriage sta tioned a£ the depot without charge. Baggage Checked Through. S. H. STEVENS, J. T. FURBER. Gen. Agent, Portland. Gen. Supt. “>’23_dtf j^-^TO THE CENTENNIAL. MARYLAND THE NEW ROUTE. —^Between Boston & PinMelptiia, Direct without Change of Cara. viaNew York & New England, Hart., Prov. & Fish kill, and New York, New Haven & Hartford Rail roads. Transfer Hleanier Maryland. (Be tween Harlem River and Jersey City). Pennsylva nia, Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore and" Bal timore & Potomac Railroads. Pullman Palace Drawing-Room Cars on day, and Sleeping Cars on night trains. Express Trains leave Depot foot of Summer St„ each week day—at 900 a. m., aniving at Philadelphia at 8.50 p. in.; at 7.00 p. m., arriving at Philadelphia at 7.00 a. m. Leave Philadelphia 8.30 a.m. Ar. Boston 9 00 p. m. Leave Philadelphia 7.00 p.m. Ar. Boston 8.55 a. m. Only Line running Cars Through Without Change. To Philadelphia $9 40. To Philadelphia and Return $17.50. Special rates made for parties of 50 or more. Regular and Excursion Tickets and Scats and Berths secured at office No. 203 Washington SUeet, and at foot of Summer Street, Boston. E KENDALL, Gen’l Pass. Agent N. Y. & N. H. M. BRITTON, Snpt. Eastern Div. N. Y. & N. E. R. R, my22dlm DOBBINS’ STARCH POLISH J A GREAT DISCOVERY 1 By the use of which every family may give their Linen that brilliant polish peculiar to fine iaumlry work. Saving time anil labor in ironing, more than its entire cost. Warranted. Ask for Bobbins’. DOKItBIN, BK« ,V(!0, 13 N. Fourth St., Phila. ATWOOD, STEADMAN * CO., Sole Agents for .VInine. aPr*3_ThS&Tly THE FAVORITE FUEL. FOR OPEN GRATES. Coal by the Cargo! At retail a choice variety ior Family use, warranted lo give per fect satisfaction, Randall & McAllister, 60 COMMERCIAL ST. febl2 dtf at n < rn z long Bange Breech loading 2 Practice Pistol & Targets. g Carries a }£ inch ball with accn- m racy fifty leet, without powder or (0 percussion. Brass barrel, hair trigger. For sale by dealers. By mail, free for 75 cents, with per manent ammunition for target practico iudoorg. and for sporting out of doors. ^ , ACENTS WANTED. .A. A. GRAHAM, G7 Liberty Street, New York* d&wtSmia PALMER^ KNOX. uur^va^e(^ Stallion wid stand this season at iTlcKrnney’n Ntnblm in Bi«f<!rfor>t. mis increasing popularity makes him the most desirable Stock Horse in the Country. His colts are all good ones, and commaud high prices. For particulars, in.mire of K. H. itlcKKNNCY. or J». (J. IMl .tlme, l*orilnml ap2tfdtf pARPENTKR’S Manual.—A practical guide Vy to all operath»ns of the tiade; drawing for car penters, forms of contracts, spcciticato ns, plans, &e., illustrated, 50 cts. PATTERN’ Manual. —House and sign painting, graining, varnishing, pol ishing, kalsomining, papering, lettering, staining, gilding. &c., 50 cts. Book of Alphabets, 50. Scrolls Mid Ornaments, $!* Watchmaker and Jeweler, 50. Soap-maker, 25. Taxidermist, 50. Hunter and rrapper’s Guide, 20. -Dog Training, 25. Of-booksel trs or by mail. JESSE HANEY & CO.. 119 Nassau >t., N. Y,a pi 5(13 ni Manure for Sale. MANURE from 30 horses is ofteieil for gale bv C. L. Jewell, No. 31 Centre street my20 atf _STEAMERS._ Boston Steamers! SPEC IAE NOTICE. Ill order lo effect 11 necessary change of Steamer* there will be no boat to Boston on SATURDAY EVENING next. The Steamer Forest City will in* stead leave Portland Sunday Morning at 8 o’cl’k. J, B. COYLE, JK„ my2G_ firnrral Agent. MAIL LINK TO Halifax, Nova Scotia, With ronticctiotm io Priure Edward I* laud, Tap* ISreton and Nt John*, IN. F. The St earn ship FALMOUTH, (built expressly lor the route) Capt. W. a. Colbv, will leave Boston Railroad Vvharf, every -_- SATURDAY at 5 30 p. m. for HALIFAX, direct, making connections with the In tercolonial Railway, to* Windsor, Truro, New Glas gow and Pictou, and steamers for Prince Edward 1-land; also at New Glasgow, N. 8., with Lind sey’s Stages for Cape Brecon, and at Halifax with steamers fur St. doling, N. F. ^RETURNING will le§ve Halifax on TUES DAYS, at 8.30 p. m. No freight received after 10 a. in. on day cf sailing. For further information apply to J. B. COYLE, Jr., Franklin Wharf, or ’ oct2«dU JOHN POKTEOUS, Agent. STOKING TON LINE FOR NEW YORK, AHEAD OP ALL OTHERS. This is the Only Inside Kou Avoiding Point Judilli. — — * Steamboat Express trains leave Boston from Bos ton <& Providence K. K. Depot daily, except Sunday, at 5.30 p. m., connecting at Stonlngton with the en tirely new anil superb Steamer Kbode Island, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and witn the ele Snt and popular steamer Stonlngton every Tues y, Thursday and Saturday, arriving in New York alway. in advance of all aihcr line.. Bag gage checked through. Tickets procured at depots of Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads and at Rollins & Adams’, 22 Ex change St..and W. D. Little Co.’s,HU Exchange St. L. W. FI LKINS, D. S. BABCOCK, Gen. Passenger Ag’.t, New York. President. ooll ’73__dtf BOSTON STEAMERS. The Supetior Sea Going Steamers, FOREST CITY AND JOHN BROOKS will, nntil further notice, run alternately as follows: Leaving FRANKLIN WHARF, Portland, Daily, nr 7 o’clock P. M„ and INDIA WHARF, BONTON, dally at 1 P. IK. (Sunday, excepted). FARE $1.00. Passengers by this line are reminded that they se cure a comfortable night’s rest and avoid the ex# pense and inconvenience of arriving in Boston late at night. Tickets and State Rooms for sale by D. H. Young. No. 2GG Middle street. Through Tickets to New York via the various Sound Lines, for sale at very low rates. Excursion Tickets to Philadelphia and return via the Sound Lines $13.00. Freight taken as usual. dec27-75 J. B. COYIxE. Jr.. Gen’l Art. FOR HARPSWELL, On and after October 8th, 1875, Steamer Henrietta, Capt. Q. LOWELL, will leave Harpo well Mondays and Saturdays at 8 a. m., touching at Chebea«ae, Lillie t he beague and Long Inland. Ueturning, will leave Commercial Wharf; at 3 p. m. touching at the above landings. Will touch at Cousens’ Island each way. For particulars inquire ot Captain on board or STEPHEN RICKEK, Agent, 131 Commercial St. n»v8 dtl INMAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS FOR QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, Sailing from New York on SATURDAY of each week, from Pier 45, North River. CITY OF ANTWERP, CITY OF LONDON, CITY OF BERLIN, CITY OF LIMERICK. CITY OF BRISTOL, CITY OF MONTREAL. CITY OF BROOKLYN, CITY OF NEW YORK. CITY OF BRUSSELS, CITY OF PARIS, CITY OF CHESTER, CITY OF RICHMOND, Passengers will And these teamers tastefully fit ted up, while the State-rooms are light, airy and roomy. The saloons large and well ventilated, are the breadth of the vessels, and situated where there Is least noise and motion. Smoking rooms. Ladies’ Boudoirs, Piano-fortes and Libraries, Bath-rooms, Barber’s Shop, &c. Instant communication with the stewards by electric bells. The steamers of this Company adopt the Souther ly Route, thus lessening the danger from ice and fogs. Rates ot passage—*80 and *100, gold, according to accommodation, all having equal saloon privileges. Round Trip Tickets—*145 and *175, gold. Steerage—To and from all points at reduced rates. For dates ot sailing and plan of staterooms ap ply to JOHN ft. DALE, Agent, ma31d3m15 Broadway, New York. CLYDE’S Philadelphia, Boston & New England STEAMSHIP LINES. FOUR NTEA.T1ERH PER WEEK. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY bv Boston and Providence Railroad via Providence. TUESDAY and SATURDAY by Old Colony Railroad via Fall River. ■ (*ood« Received nt Depots -- ’Dailv. Through Bills Lading given from Boston and prin cipal points in New England to the South anil Sonth- . west. Close connection made at Philadelphia with the “CLYDE STEAM LINES” to Baltimsre, Norfolk. Richmond, Charleston. New berne and Washington. D. D. C. MINK, General Eastern Agent, 99 Devonshire Mtrcct. Boston, janll dtf ALLAN LINE. SUMMER JSERVICE. Shortest Ocean Voyage. First-class Weekly mail steam ers of this line sail from Qaebec every Saturday morning, far Liverpool, touching at Derry. First-class fortnightly mail steamers of this line sail from Halifax every other Tuesday, for £«i verpool, touching at Qurrnmowa. ravage-* ir8t-cia8*-$5u, $70 and $80 gold, or its equivalent; Intermediate $35 gold; third-class at lowest rates. « The GlaMgow Line of steamers sail from Quebec- every Thursday for Glasgow direct. Cabin passage $60, steerage at lowest rates. Passengers booked to and from all parts of Eng land, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany at lowest rates. Prepaid and Return Tickets Issued at reduced rates. Apply to J. L. FARMER, General Agent for New England, No. 3 India Street, Portland, Me. Ma rling (.'hecks issued in Bunaa to sail for 4EI and upward*. my9dtf Norfolk, Baltimore & Washington STEAiUMHIP LINK Four hum u wrrU. Firm CIum Nuau.hlf JOHNS HOPKINS. WM. CRANE. WM. LAWRENCE. GEORGE APPOLD. From Bouton direct every Tl’KNOAY and SATURDAY. — AND — WM. KENNEDY. BLACKSTON K. and aIoCLELLAN. From Providencr every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. FieighI forwarded from Norfolk to Washington and Alexandria by steamer Lady of the Lake and Jane Mosely. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Richmond, and Va. and Tenn. R. B. to all places In Bmton ’ W' M' 0 ark’ A(te,,t’ 240 Washington St.. To all points of North and South Carolina by Sea board anil Roanoke Railroad and Atlantic Coast Line Keitb. Agent, 222 Washington street, Boston. And to all points in the West by Baltimore A Ohio Boston ' A' tlllpley' A*ent>219 Wasnlngton street. Through bills ol lading given by the above named Agents. Passage *15.00. Excursion Tickets *25. * For freight or passage to Norlolk, Baltimore, Wash ington, or other information apply to E. SAMPSON, Agent, 53 Central Wharf, Boston, E. H. ROCKWELL, Agent, ao2dtf Providence, R. 13 O STON — AND PIIILADELrilEA Steamship Line. Leave each port every WedVy & Sat’d’y. Ho Wharfage. From Long Wharf, Boeton, 3 p.m. From Pine Street Wharf, Phila. delphla, at 10 a. m. . Insurance one half the rate ol __-’sailing vessels. Freight for the West by the Penn. R. R„ and South by connecting lines forwarded tree of Commission. ■PASSAGE TEX DOLLARS. For Freight or Passage apply to E. B. HAMFNONi, Agent. J***~4y VO Less W harf, Bum. $10. to $500. 5Li7 >- P*|W Hook, entitled. IW**»i nml Idiom* at Wall Mtrret, explaining everything. SENT FREE. tMFrSS: Bankers and Brokers, 7Z Broadway, Mew York. fnelUend£'wly« GEO. WASHINGTON Centennial Memorial Picture! A genuine .\rt public iat ion, 26*32 inches, in Crayon and Colors. Price $3, postpaid. Admitted at Centennial Art Gallery. Agents wanted; outfit $1.75. Favorable terms to General Agents. WITT Kill AN IIKO'M. 184 Willinua M|., New York. my24UGt

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