Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 1, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 1, 1876 Page 3
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THE PRESS. THURSDAY MOUSING, JU\E 1, 187(1 THE PRESS May be obtained at the Pertodical Depot* of Fes jenden Bros.. Marquis, Brunei & Co., Andrew*, Wentworth. Moses, N. B. Kendrick, uni Chisholm Bras, ob all trains that run out of the city. At Blddeiord of Phillsbury. At Saeo, of h. Ho.Jgdon, Ai Waterville, of J S. Carter. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. Al Dewieton, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. CITY AND VICINITY. New Advertisement* To-Day. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. I ewis & Co.—3. Children’s Hosiery—Davis & Co. Even it you get—Dr. Cram. Much of the Comfort—Windsor Hotel. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Notice to Pensioners. Kid Gloves—Owen & Moore. Purily—Samuel Thurston. For Sale—The Stock and Fixtures. Wanted—By a Gentleman. Notice—W. Lowell. AUCTION COLUMN. Plants—F. O. Bailey & Co. Furniture, Carpets-F. O. Bailey & Co Assignee’s Sale-C. B. Jordan. PORTLAND POST OFFICE. Ollce Hour*. From 7.30 a m to 8.30 p m, Sundays excepted. Sundays open for Carriers and General Delivery rom 9 to 10 a m. POBTLAHD, Me., May 15,1876. Arrival and Departure of Hail*. Boston did intermediate office*. Arrive at 12.25 p. in. and 12.30 a. m. Close at 8.15 a m, and 1.00,2.30 and 9.00 p. m. Boston an.l the Wost. Arrive at 5.10 p m. Intermediate or Way Mails via Boston and Maine Railway. Arrive at 12.25 and 8.20 p m. Close at 8.15 a in and 2.30 p m. Great Southern and Western. Arrive at 12.25 p. m. and 12.30 a m. Close at 8.15 a m, 2.30 aud 9.00 p. m. Bgmgor, Mattawamkeag, and connecting route*. Aur/ve at 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 p. m. Augusta and connecting routes. Arrive at 9.00 a. m. and 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 and 5.00 p. m. Morning Northwestern by G. T. K. Arrive at 8.40 a m. Close at 6.30 a. m. S' aud -Auburn. Arrive at 9.00 a. m., 1.45 and 6.30 p. m. Close at 5.45 a in, 12.20 andS.OO p. m. Kocbester, N. H., and intermediate offices. Arrive « !-30 and 11.25 p m. Close at 7.30 a m, and 2.00 p m. North Conway and other offices on the P. & O. R R. Arrive at 11.25 a m, and 5.55 p m. Close at 7.45 a. m. and 2.10 p m. By the Bridgtou Stage. Arrive at 3 p r0 Close at O.50 a m. Eastport, via each steamer. Arrive at 6.00 a m. Close at 5.00 pm. Castine, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, Mount Desert, Mill bridge, Jonespert and Machias, via each steamer Arrive at 6 a m. Close at 9 p m. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward’s Island. Arrive Thursday at 6 a m. Close Saturday at 5.00 p m. Fore gn Mails per Allan Line close every Friday at 12.41 p. m. j j Foreign Mails, via New York, day previous to sail ing oi steamers. Close at 2.30 pm. A?x,Rre88’ Au£u6ta> Bangor and the East. Arrive at 2.00 a m. Close at 9.00 p m. Skowhegan, intermediate offices and the north. Arrive at 1.45 p. m. Close at 12.20 p. m. Skowhegan closed pouch closes at 9.00 p m. Canada and intermediate offices, via G T R Ar rive at 1.55 p. m. Close at 12.45 p m. Superior Court. MAY CIVIL AND CRIMINAL TERM, 1876, SYMONDS, J., PRESIDING. Wednesday.—The court adjourned finally to-day. In the case of State vs. Scott and Deeham, for rob bery , exceptions were filed, and the case goes for ward to the law court. Interlocutory matters occupied the court daring the afternoon, after which the court adjourned final ly. The next term of this court comeB in the first Tuesday of September. fflnncipal Court. JUDGE KNIGHT PRESIDING. Wednesday.—Catherine O. Roach and Mary Mc Carthy. Comiron drunkard. Thirty days each. Thomas Rnj> Common drunkard. Thirty flays. John Conley. Assault and battery. Fined J5 with costs and ordered to recognize to State with sureties in the sum oi $200 to keep the peace six months. Catherine Riley. Intoxication Fined $5 with costs. Paid. Brief Jottings. The sale of seats for the Cary concert com mences at Stockbridge’s on Monday morning next. The Cadets will appear in the procession on the Fourth. The second Sunday in June will be observed as children’s Sunday in the Methodist churches in this city. Presumpscot Park is in excellent condition and a large number of horses are in training for the comiog races. The U. S. Pension office will be found at Fluent block after this week. A brakemau on the Boston and Maine rail road named Charles H. Fabyan, lost all the fingers on bis left hand, Tuesday, while shack ling cars. The records at the city clerk’s office show that there have been but 24 marriages the past moDth, while 56 persons have died. The DeeiiDg horse cats carried 3,445 passen gers to the Cemetery, Tuesday. Geo. G. L. Beal has presented Bosworth Post with a fine picture entitled “Sherman’s March to the Sea.’’ Miss Anna Dickinson, supported by Mr. J. C. Cowper and Mr. H. S. Murdock of the Bos ton Globe Theatre Co., and an efficient stock, will produce her play of “The Crown of Thorns” in Portland, the latter part of June. Capt. Chase of the Dallas is not to go to Wil mington. A small fire was discovered in the furniture establishment of T. P. Beals on Exchange street Tuesday night A few pails of water ex viuguiouvu n uuv uji^uv unro uvou a laigc uig, The new ship P. N. Blanchard which has just cleared from this port, will be Davigated by the aid of one of Iter. Dr. Hill’s Nautrigons manufactured by C. H. Farley. The sheriffs set a lot of imprisoned spirits tree yesterday. They were in the basement of City Hall and were liberated through the sewer. The “Can-Cans” (why not call them the tin Cans) had it yesterday with the ’Longshore base ball boys, and the result was a tie with twelve Innings. The U. S. steamer Wabash is expected here in a day or two. Base Ball.—Payson of the Bowdoins, has beeD engaged 0 play with the “Dry Goods” Base Ball Club as pitcher, with Kimball as catcher. The club goes into active practice at once, and proposes to make it warm for the Maine clubs. They have been matched against the Besolutes for the afternoon prize of.July 4th. The Dirigos, the junior champions, made their first appearance in their new uniforms on Decoration Day at Biddeford, and defeat*'’ the Emeralds of that city by a score of 40 to 14. By wild throwing of the Dirigos in the first and fifth innings 8 unearned runs were scored. The pitching of Corcoran was effective, for of the 27 outs 12 were on strikers. Beal Estate Transfers.— Tho following are the real estate transfers recorded in this county yesterday: Portland—Lot of land on Mechanic street from Rufus R. York to Samuel Bueknam. Cape Elizabeth—IuOt of land with buildiDgs, containing eigbt acres, from Mary M. Brown to Samnel K. Bishop. Deering—Ix>t of land from William P. Coffin to .Joseph Cbenery and John Haskell. Gorham—Xiot of land from Lucretia May berry to Susan G. Moses. Yarmouth—Lot of land from Richard and Emma A. Pomeroy 0 Jane G. Ring. Igit of land and buildings from Samuel Buck nam to Rufus R. York. ouinn uail.—a. gcuwcuiau uu ucrr State street insists that the bail wa9 nine feet deep on that street Monday night. He found some difficulty in getting anyone to believe the yarn, and is obliged to give this explanation of such a remarkable fall of hail. It seems that the city is constructing a sewer on this street which is nine feet deep. The excavation was all closed up on Monday except one end, and this bole left was completely filled with hail which rolled from the street above. Cumberland Medical Association.—The regular monthly meeting of the Cumberland County Medical Association was held at the rooms of '.he Portland Medical School yester day morning. There was not a large attend ance, as a Dumber of the members are visiting the Centennial. A few interesting papers were read and the meeting adjourned at an early hour.__ Copper from New Hampshire.—The Pad dock Copper Company of Lymac, N. H., have shipped their first cargo of copper over the Og densburg road to this city, and thence to Balti more. This company owns 400 acres of land, which is considered very valuable. They have sunk a shaft 100 feet and have raised 500 tons of ore already. The Blues Anniversarv.—The Mechanic Blues held a meeting last evening and appoint ed a committee to make arrangements for their anniversary, which occurs June 24th. It was voted to postpone the celebration nntil the 26th as the 24th comes on Saturday. Chandler s Band has been engaged to furnish the music. Fibe —The lantern of the schooner Charles .Cooper, lumber laden, took fire which commu nicated to the riggiDg and the lumber. It was extinguished by the crew before much damage was done. The Monongahela Reception.—Yester day afternoon occurred a notably agreeable social event—being a reception given by Capt, Kimberly and the officers of the U. S. S Mo nongatiela, now lying in the harbor. At one o’clock the recaption began and from that time until seven o’clock the ship’s boats were plying between the bead of Commercial wharf and the ship, laden with gaily dressed groups of ladies and giving a gala appearance to the har bor. The ship was handsomely decorated with the flags of many nations and with various ap propriate mottoes and devices. Tbe day was bright and fine and the decks were protected from the fresh breezy by ample awnings. Among the guests were the officers of tbe U. S. S. Ossipee, the officers from the garrison at Fort Preble with their ladies and many ladies and gentlemen from the city-, making a strong representation of our host society. Very fine music was furnished by the ship’s musicians There was a full order of dances and the Ger man. Abundant and elegant refreshments were served in the ward room, tbe tables being beautifully adorned with flowers. Tbe scene on deck was charming and picturesque, the pe culiarities of tbe surroundings adding a special zest to tbe occasion. The affair was in all points eminently successful and was creditable alike to the hospitality and good taste of the captain and officers of tbe Monongahela. Backward Strings.—As usual, people com plain that the spring is a month later than last year, and the comparison is made with tbe spring of 1775, when tbe grass waved in the field on the day of tbe balt'e of Lexington. But that spring was not very forward, although Dr. Bill waited many years before he could catch the grass waving so early in tbe season. Parson Smith’s diary for that year says: "May 6. The spring has hitherto been, and is, cola, wet and backward, except the grass. 31st, the cherry and plumb trees are out of and the apples iu the midst of blossoms.” On June 7th he recorded that it was “a hot and dry season,” and in August that it was “a wonderful year for fruit of all sorts.” It will be noticed that the cherry trees blos somed on the 20th this year, (three days earlier than last year,) and the apple trees on the 28tb, so that this season is a Counterpart of the one referred to, and Dr Hill says that letters from Massachusetts spoke of oppressive heat on April 30th. A. N. Portland & Ogdensburg Items.—A few days since parties at Upper Bartlett opened a spring on the land of Frank George, Esq , near the P. & O, station, which has been long thought to be of medicinal value. A quantity of the water was brought to Assayer Bartlett in this city and he has found it to contain the medicinal qualities of the celebrated Poland water. Tbe spriDg is said to be of sufficient extent to afford a large quantity of water. The P. & O. people are rebuilding their pavilion at Lake Sebago. It will be ready for occupation about the middle of Jane. The State Temperance Meeting Association will hold its annual meeting the last of July or am uauc oewayu. The Hiram Keform Club organized a club aj North Fryeburg Friday night, with 75 mem bers. A Merited Testimonial —Capt. Adam S. Smalley, of the barkentiue Fred Eugene of Portland, has received from the British govern, ment, ia acknowledgment of his humanity and kindness in rescuing the crew of the Sparken hoe, of Dublin, on the 30th of Nov. 1875, an elegant and valuable gold chronometer watch > with a massive chain. The testimonial is ac companied by a very complimeutary note from Sir Edward Thornton. The watch is thus in scribed: “Presented by the British govern ment to Capt. Adam S. Smalley, master of the American barkentine Fred Eugene, in ac knowledgment of his humanity and kinduess in rescuing the crew of the Sparkenhoe, of Dublin, on the 30th of Nov. 1875 " Sheridan and Mack’s Combination.—This evening the Sheridan & Mack Combination open an engagement of three nights and one matinee at the Museum. This company is too well known in this city to call for an extended notice. The programme includes both humorous and sentimental selections, introducing the whole company. There is certainly a wonder ful scope in the capacities of the artists, and the audiences are invariably pleased. Meeting of the Truckmen.—A large meeting of the truckmen of this city was held at the Common Council room last evening. Mr. E. Chase was chosen chairman of the meeting, which was called to make arrangements to turn out the Fourth. A committee was ap pointed to see what suitable uniforms for the occasion would cost. It is not yet decided to turn out. Peraonnl, Mr. W. H. Anderson has resigned the posi tion of Treasurer of the Portland & Ogdens burg Kailroad Company, and Mr. John W. Dana has been chosen to fill the vacancy. Piano and Organ Warerooms.—Mr. Sam’l Thurston has just obtained the sole agency for the sale of the celebrated Mason & Hamlin or gans. A full assortment of these instruments will be kept at his warerooms, No. 3 Free street block. Mr. Thurston is also agent for the sale of the McPhail piano, which is highly recom mended by several of our leading musicians in Portland. The prices on these instruments have been greatly reduced to accord with the present depression in business. Mr. Thnrston nas a tew samples or the Weaton desks, which only Deed to be seen to be admired. Comencement Week, Bates College. Friday, Jane 23d—Examination of the Jun ior class at 2 p. m. ^ Jaturday,|June 24th—Examination of the Sophomore class at 9 a. m.: examination of Freshman class at 2 p. m. Examining com mittee, Kev. J. E. Dame, A. M. Kingsbury Bachelder, A. M., G. B. Files, A. M. Sunday, 25th—Baccalaurate exercises at Main street F. B. church at 2.30 p. m. Sermon by the President; sermon before Theological school at same place, Sunday evening at 7.45, by Bev. J. L. Philips, A. M., returned mission ary from India. Monday, 26th—9 a. m., examination of theo logical school, Rev. J. E. Dame, A. M., Rev. W. H. Bowen, D. D., Rev. Arthur GiveD, A. M., commiitee. Junior prize declamation, Maine street F. B. church, at 7.45 p. m. Tuesday, 26th—Annual meeting of corpora tion at 8 o'clock a. m , at Hathoru Hall; ex amination for admission to college at 9 a. m., at the library; anniversary of theological school at Main street F. B. church at 2 p. m. Tuesday, 27th—Business meeting of the alumni to nominate two overseers, at 4 p. m.; concert at 8 p, m. at City Hall by select orches tra (21 in number) from Harvard Symphony Club, Carl Zerrahn, leader, with AnBie Louise Cary and W. J. Winch. Wednesday, 28th—Commencement exercises at City Hall at 10 a. m.; oration before united literary societies by James Parton at 7.45 p. id. at City Hall. Thursday—Annual meeting pf alumni at F. B church at 10 a. m.; Rev. Arthur Given, Greenville, R I., orator; Nathan W, Harris, Auburn, poet; class exercises at City Hall at 7.45 p. m. Friday evening—Reception to graduating class and their friends by President Cheney at his residence. .muiue Dimness notes. Farmers in Dennysville have sold a cargo of hay to be shipped to Boston. About 50,000 bushels of potatoes are shipped annually from Unity station to Boston and other points—mainly by S. S. Berry & Co. A good deal of birch spool lumber is also shipped from Unity station. 500,000 staves ire shipped annually. The Carabasset drive of 123 men reached An son with its rear, Saturday night. A large number of logs run by Sunday—though often jammed up for a while the whole width of the river. They have made a clean drive, and are ahead of their last year’s time. The east branch of the M ittawamkeag drive was at tbe mouth of Beavor Brook last Sunday morning. The lower west branch of the same drive commenced sluicing through the Matta wamkeag dam on Saturday last, and Jellison boom was opened last Monday morning. One hundred and fifty men are employed on the Kockabema drive, owned by Messrs. Hayford and Hodgkins. They have commenced run ning logs from the rear to the head of the lake and will get into tbe river the last of this week. Hon. W. B. Hayford is attending to the drive in person. The Canaan Murder,—Our correepondent writes:—The particulars of the murder at Canaan are these: Merritt Herrin and his son in-law, HarmoD, have for some time been in a dispute concerning a field, each claiming ownership. Sunday Harmon started to turn a horse into the field, when Herrin stopped him, forbidding his entering and threatening to shoot him if be persisted. Harmon made another attempt, when Herrin shot him, the ball enter ing tbe bowels on tbe right side and was taken out at tbe back. Harmon lived until Monday night. Herrin, after firing, returned to the bouse, loaded his gun and threatened to shoot any one that dared follow him. We have not been able to learn that Harmon was a quarrelsome man, but do hear that j Herrin is a man past middle age, and one that has always been of very violeufc temper. Her rin was followed to the woods, from which he escaped to a deserted bouse, where he has secured h’mself, and attempts to defy tho officers of the law. Seth. STATE NEWS. AROOSTOOK COUTYY, The Pioneer says a voung man named John Crillin was drowned at Woodstock on Sunday, 21st, while assisting Joseph Smith to savd lumber from being carried oil by the rise of water. Mr. Smith narrowly escaped a like The Pioneer says a story and a half dwelling at Merriam’s Mills, two mile from Houltou, was burned with a portion of its contents Sat urday. The fire caught from a chopping in the immediate vicinity. Partly insured. FRANKLIN COUNTY. The Journal sajs the stores of A P. Adams and S. B. Yetteu, at Jay Bridge, were broken into the night of the 24tti iust. Tho burglars picked the door locks and carried away $150 worth of scr p, jewelry, &c. KENNEBEC COUNTY. The Knights of Pythias celebrated the anui versary of the installation of Gardiner Lodge, Monday evening with a special meetiDg, und afterwards a supper and speecli-s. The Grange store at Winthropis doing a good business. Rents in the vili »ge are very scarce. OXFORD COUNT r. The Journal says since the small pax entered Dixtield there have beeu four cases, two result ingin death, Mrs. Littlefi 1.1, who died March 21, and Mrs. Pish, who died May 1, and from 50 to 75 cases of varioloid all direcdy traceable to tile Libby family. Varioloid in most cases has run ligut, two cases last week, where the patients were very sick for several days, hut;are getting heit-r No uew cases. FENOBSCOT COUNTY. The Bangor officers are now on the lookout for violators of the laws relating to salmon fishing. The Penobscot Exchange will now be carried on under the superintendence of Audrew Smith, Esq., who has beeu entrusted with tho entire management since the health of the pro prietor begat to fail. The Whig says widow Qiagl-y’s house m Baugor, was badly damaged by tire Wtdoesday morning. The origin and cause of the tire are unknown. Considerable of the furniture was saved. PISCATAQUIS COUNTY. Maj. S. B. Bean of Browufli Id has) been a cripple for the past three weeks from a severe wound in the foot, inflicted with au ax while splitting wood. SOMERSET COUNTY. A correspondent of the Lewiston Journal writes:—Suuda.v, Harlow Kilgore, who livys near Dodlin granite quarry in Norridgewock, set fire to some brush beans. The wind was strong, and the fire was soon beyond his con trol. Mr. Henry Spaulding, seeing the enemy advancing in line a half mile or more ia leugth in the direction of his farm buildings, drove to town and made a 1-vy of a hundred men on the congregation of the Baptist church, who immediately repaired 10 the scer.e of action A line was formed on the road leading to W. WaterviHe, and advance fires were set upon and kept Irom crossing the road. These fires slowly burned back to the advancing flames and in a few hours they were all under coutroi. .Lioss to torests ana tences, several hundred dollars. Mrs. Kilgore was badlv burned early in the day by her clothes taking tire. The Journal says: Two barus, with a smalt quantity of hay and some farming toots, iu Starks, the property of Moses Piper, were de stroyed ou Sunday. A child had kind ed a fire near the premises, which the high wind very quickly carried to the yard, aud from thence to the barns. Loss unknown. SAGAbHAOC COUNTY. Col. J. W. Spaulding of Richmond delivered an able and practical address at Bowdoiuhara Decoration Day, says our correspondent. The day was fitly remembereJ, the ex-soldiers and citizens turning out to decorate the graves of the soldiers buried in that town. The Bowdoin ham Brass Band furnished music, wnich per formance is highly commended. The people of the “Ridge” furnished a dinner. The pro cession was under tbe marshalship of Edward O. Fisher. WASHINGTON COUNTY. A correspondent writes:—Monday afternoon the 29tb, Frauk Crowell, aged 22, sou of Capt.’ G. Crowell of Calais, died. Tbe young man had but recently returned from New'York, where be bad been since last fall. He was on the street Friday last, and now numerous rela tives and friends are called upon, in his death, to mourn the loss of a worth.? ^ouog man. The body of an unknown woman was found m tbe loft of an outbuilding on Mr. Owen’s premises in St. Stepbeu, N. B., Monday morn ing. An unusual noise had b.en heard at in tervals since the Wednesday previous. A search was made Monday, with the above results. No clue to the name has yet been discovered. Want and starvation were evident ly the grim agents. Lewis & Co., 173 Fore street, have an exten sive stock of ready made Clothing, which they are selling at bottom prices. Also a large line of foreign and domestic cloths, which they are are closing out at cost. Give them a call. jeld.3t Children's Hosiery*.—We have placed upon our counters the largest assortment of Chil dren’s Fancy Hose ever shown in the city. We offer as special bargains 1000 pairs at the low price of fifteen cents per pair. _ Davis & Co. A full line of Spring and Summer Under Clothing can be found at Lewis & Co.’s store, 173 Fore street (second door from Exchange) Prices guaranteed. jeld3t F. 0. Bailey & Co. will sell at 10 o’c'ock this morning, at tbe Horse aud Carriage Mart, one car load of fresh, young country horses They are the finest lot of horses ever offered by auction ia this city. Blue Hlankel aud Yacht Cloth Suits, all sizes. Best quality and lowest prices, at Lewis & Co.’s 173 Fore street. jeld3t Ey*en if you will get a bottle of Dr. Cram’s Fluid Liehtninpr if. will Plirn vmir Vnnen 1. r. I and Nervous Headache every time. Ask your Druggist for it. The auction sale of carriages at John Rus sell’s carriage repository, will take pi ice today at 11 o’clock instead of 10, as advertised. Music.—Ira Stockbridge sells $10 00 worth ol music for $1.50. See the Bouquet of Music. mi’-7_eodlw Two Good Hotels.—From The Travelers’ Guide, of New York, which by the way is ihe best authority od hotels aud Summer resort? we learu that Lelaud’s uew and palatial “Rosa more” is already one of the most popular and liberally patronized of the New York hotels. The Clarendon, of Saratoga, which is also run by Charles E. Lelaud, will be opr ued for a bril'iaot season in June: price per week for June, $21. The Clareudou is renowued as a favorite among the aristocracy and better class es. and will no doubt have a full register during the season. Much of the comfort of the celebrated Wind sor, which occupies from Forty-sixth to Foity seventh strert, oo Fifth Avenue, New York, is due to the perfection of tbs cuisine, under the immediate management of C. B. Waite, form erly of the Brevoort House, aud the famous French cook Eugene Mehl. Historians tell of celebrated feasts iu royal banqueting halls thousands of years ago, but uo food cau be made more appetiziog than that which comes from uuder the Cireof thiscftef of the kitch en. It is a glorious thing to dine at the Wind sor Hotel. A Famous Hotel—The Tiavelcrs’ Guide, which is widely read as the official authority on hotels aud summer resorts, speaks iu un limited praise of the famous Westuuoster Ho tel, of lti.b street and Irving Place, New York City. This hotel is most popular with the bet ter classes of tiavelers. is kepi ou the European plan, and affords unusual advantages. It is centrally located, is iu a quiet part of the city, its acc mmodations are of the very best, while the prices are no higher than at other hotels. The health is not altogiWher lust, though you may suffer acutely from Bright’s Disease, Kid ney, Bladder and Glandular trouoles. Diabetes, Gravel. Female Irregularities, &c Adminis ter DR BULLOCK’S KIDNEY REMEDY, NEPHREI'ICUM , and your whole system will become invigorated to sueh ao extent that these diseases will he count wanted and the health re stored_my30eod&wlw7—22—37—52 carriages: A FINE lot of Phaetons and Brewster top Bug gies, built of the best material and warranted nrst class, for sale. Pleaso give me a call before pur chasing elsewhere. F. II. RANDALL, Over Geo. Rose’s stable on PREBLE ST m*6____ dtf IF YOU ARE TROUBLED WITH CORNS, BUNIONS! LARGE JOINTS OB INGROWING NAIL** you can cure them without using the Knife by having jour feet propetly fitted at the Boot and Shoe Store 230 Middle St. ap28dtf HI. G. PALitlER. Side Lace Boots! A full assortment in French Kid, neat and pretty. Also in French Morocco for Walking Boots. Meas ures teken and nice fitting Boots made to order lor men or women. M. G. PALMER. Ja28 dtf Boys’ Custom Clothing I MRS. F. C, CHASE would inform her old customers and friends that she has reopened the store Corner Portland and rarch..ntc Mirer'., where she is prepared to cut and make Boys Clothing in the lalest styles ■Trimmings constantly on hand. Old Maxim—-‘Ifirs come first served.” mchldtf NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. ASSIGNEE’S SALE ! $12,000 Worth of Goods AT AUCTION. BY order of the U. S. District Court for the Dis trict ol New Hampshire, the subscriber will sell at Public Auction at Gorham, N. H , on Friday, the 30th Day of June, 1876, | At lO O’clock A. JI., the largest and best stock of Hardware, Woodwaro, Earthenware, Tinware and Hollow-ware ever put upon the muket in Northern New Hampshire or Vermont, It embraces 300 STOVES ofeverv variety, 3 Tons Sheet Iron, a large lot of Block Tin, raw stock of every description, an ex tensive assortment of Stove Casting* and other Repair Stock, in tact everything in the line of Hard ware from a Thimble to a $75.00 Stove, and a Tack Nail to an Jron Bar. It is the entire Bankrupt Stock of E. S. MASON & CO., and this Sale cannot fail to afford a rare opportunity to dealers in that class of goods. Every one desirous of purchasing will be afforded ample opportunity for inspecting and invoicing the goods by calling on John E Willis, Gorhaui, N. H. Also on Jnly 12 Hi 18711 at 10 o’clock in the fo»-en >ou, will be sold a public auction at said Gorham the Maglrill Mason Block, Consisting of two good stores with tenements and extensive Hall overhead; being the s ,me recently occupied by E. S. Mason & Co., iu their hardware business at S lid G.irbam. The property is well located and commands heavy rents. Terms mad3 known at time and place of sale. C B JORDlIV, Assignee. Lancaster, N. H., May 29,1876. juld2w Dr. Schexck’s Pulmonic Syrcp, Sea Weed Tonic,and Mandrake Pills—These medicines have undoubtedly performed more cures of Con sumption than any other remedy known to the American public. They are compounded of vegeta ble ingredients, and contain nothing which can be injurious to the human constitution Other reme dies advertised as cures for Consumption, probably contain opium, which is a somewhat dangerous drug in all cases, and if taken freely by consumptive pa tients, it must do great injury; for its tendency is to confine the morbid matter to the system, which, of course, must make a cure impossible. SclieDck’s Pulmonic Syrup is warranted not to contain a parti cle of opium. It is composed of powerful but harm less herbs, .which act on the lungs, liver, stomach, and blood, and thus correct all morbid secretions, and expel all the diseased matter from the body. These are the only means by whieli Consumption can be cured, and as Scbonck’s Pulmonic Syrup, Sea Weed Tonic, and Mandrake Pills are the only medi cines which operate in this way, it is obvious they are the only genuine cure for Pulmonary Consump tion. Each bottle of this invaluable medicine U ac companied by full directions. Dr. Scbenck is pro fessionally at his principal office, corner Sixth and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, every Monday, where all letters for advice must be addressed. jy1* juleodlm3dp&wsn PURITY, Richness and power of tone, and unsurpassed action, combined within an elegant exterior, render the Me PH AIL PIANO the most desirable of instruments. Prices greatly reduced for this Centennial Year. Please cnil and see them or scud ior circular before purchasing. Ware Rooms 3 Free St. Block, Portland. samuel Thurston, AGENT FOB MAINE. Mason & Hamlin ORGA1MS ! Still unrivaled, maintain their supremacy over all instruments of this class. At reduced rates for cash, ware Rooms 3 Free St. Block, Portland. samuel Thurston, AGENT FOB MAINE. jnl ThS&Ttf BANKRUPT STOCK " KID GLOVES. Including a large proportion o2 tSic well known Garibaldi llraiid, nil nize* In Black* autl Now Choice Color*, We oiler ike entire lot ni Krtail only for the remarkably low price of $1.23 per Pair. Y.ndics will «lo well to arnil f bein'el re* of thi* opportunity a* the*c good* eo«t9lS.O<» per Dozen to llte Importer* and are usually *old at and ptr pair. N. B.—Not more than two pairs of these gloves will be sold at auy one time to the same purchaser. OWEN A MOORE, Congress St„ Cor. Brown. Jal_ dtf lAA-i'A Dnvtrv! Alin A1UU.UU LUX UlLO±UHGJLd. On and after Jane lib, 1*70. the U. R. Pension Agency will be found at Fluent Kli>ck For Congress and lixibauge Sts. itufrance nttuie an illusenm. . , , «EO. Li. REAL, juldl w U. N. PfUNioii Agent. KIJRK WOOD HOUSE , SCAKB9KO BEACH. This favorite and popular seaside resort is now open for the reception ot' guests fur the season ct 1*76. Ui?lS KALER & SON, Proprietors, dim Notice. NOTICE is hereby given Ihat I shall apply at the next meeting of the Board of Mayor and Alder men for permission to erect and maintaiu a Station ary Engine in Brick Building, 36 Union St. juld3t \V. LOWELL. For Sale. Fit HE Stock and Fixtures of a Retail Grocery and A Provision Store, in a good location; trade well established. Address “J. D. P ” press Office, im _ dtt Wanted. BY a gentleman, a pleasant room and board in a private family. Address •illldtf“W,” Box 1314. 1776 fEYI'EYMUi 1876 FOURTH OF JULY FIRE WORKS, BANFIELD, FORRISTAt.L & CO., Manufactur era Agents fur standard anil ieliablu FIRE WORKS, arc now preoared to furni*h everything in this line tor public or private exhibitions. In addition to the uTT»ie»x^uera,ly used> they have a tine collection of rlKE WORKS of 1 irge calibre and finest materials, for Public Exhibitions and Private use, consisting of new specialties never before exhibited, such as Meteor Rockets. Illuminated Bomb MiclU, Ac., Ac. Cecity ana Iown Committees tarnished at short nonce and on liberal terms. in addition to the above, we have Flags, Bnl Iooum. and a large assortment of very handsome CnmrruM, including several, new styles; also, every other description of Centennial Goods Send for Cir cular and Price List. BANFIELD, FORRISTALL & CO., 2(1 & 28 Federal & 127 Congress Sts, my30 BOSTON. TTh&SIm MOWN, Blue and Pi uk Sash Ribbons 35 cts. to 75 cts. per yard. Worsted Fringes 12 cts. per yard, all shades. Real Hair Switches 51) cts. to $12 CurlB $1.00 to $3.00 per set. Ladies’ and Misses’ Aprons 20 cts. to 50 cts. Lace Ties 20 cts. to $150. Ladies', Misses’ and Children’s Hats and Bonnets in all the fashion able shapes, at lowest prices. Trimmed Hats 50 cts. to Slo.ou. Shade Hats 25 cIs. to 5u cts. Children’s \V bite Dresses $1.50 to $2.50, at WELCH’S, 179 Middle St. my30 d3t* FOR SALE ! The Brig JO as «8 or us TV'OW at this port, 241 tons register, bad large re •Lv pa rs ami was metaled in January, 1875; is wm, bn1e10r<ter and well found in sails and rigging. Will l»e sold at a bargain. Apply to niySOiatt CHASE, LEAVITT &CO. Two Furnished Parlors witli Bed room. 170 let without Board. These rooms are in a fine • location, very large and well furni-bed. Will * be let low to single gentlemen, or to families. Ad- 5 dress “Z,” Press Office. my23i8tf f MISCELLANEOUS. IHilB — O'u - FURNITURE EM OFFERED IN PORTLAND may be touud at 46 Exchange St., G.A.Whitnsv&Co., V aiitl at Prices that will astonish every one! Bankrupt Stock of — 300 Marble Top and Library Tables, bought ior cash, and will be sold lower Ihau can be bought in this market. 100 PARLOR SLITS ot our own manufacture, and the cheapest suit we scil upholstered, oue hall pure Hair. Best suits all pure Ilair. All nr Furniture put in the best order and delivered free oi charge. Our facilities are such for manu facturing and buy ing that we shall not be undersold. Parties about purchasing will certainly save money by calling Oil us. Geo. A. Whitney A Co. NO. 46 EXCHANGE STREET. m\9_ dtl OPENING DAY ! Entirely New Stock — OF — CLOTHING — AT THE — 3>Jo"w Store 175 Fore Street, €051. EXCHANGE. Having just completed repairs on our Corner Store, we now invite all our old friends and customers 10 give us an early call and examine the best sclecied Stock of Gants' Clothing and Furnishing Goods in the City. This store will be known as the CASH CORNER STORE, and CASH always means the very lowest prices. Come down and prove us. GEO. W. RICH & CO., 175 Fore Street, COR. EXCHANGE STREET. my20_eoJ2w Maine Blackwood, Sired by Blackwood, (3 years old, record 2.31) 1st dam by Norman, sire ot Lula, 2.15, May Queen 2.20. 2d dam bv Mawbrlno Chief, sire of Lady Thor ne,2.18. Blackwood, sire ol BlacKwood, Jr.. 4 years old. record 2 32. Freshman 4 years, 2.36$. Rosewood 5 years, 2.27. Brown colt, sired 1872. Trotted full mile last fall as 3 year old in 2 36$, and drew wagon in 2.40$ Is six teen liaDds high and weighs 1075 lbs Will make this sea'on (and only one in Maine) at 860—payable in advance. Apply to JOHN DALY, Box 1819, or Head of St. Jolm St. myl3 (ltfis HEALTH LIFT 1 A THOROUGH "GYMNASTIC SYSTEM — FUR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN TEN IVIINLTEMONEE A DAY. Doubles tbe strength in three months. Doris not fatigue nor exhaust. Refreshes and invigorates. Removes dyspepsia and indigestion. Tones the ner vous system. Improves the circulation. Warms the extremities. Increases the general vitality. Exercise and Naic^rooui, 237 Middle Street, Portland, Me J. H. G41BEBT, JTropriesor. E025__ tf CENTENNIAL. ’" TRUNK DEPOT, 152 Exchange Street. W© l»av«* on laiod a large and well at Mortal Mtoek ol «H’R OWN nod NRW VOBK M iNl f 4CiURG ot VAI.IMBM, BA*iS and SIIAWIi SIRAPs which wc are celling at price* 10*11(1 t||, tiuM'ft. IRINHM and CAS VAN COVERS MADE TO OK DEB A No repairing [ ueally done. EDWARD NIXON, ®y27 AGrENT. deodis2w Ladies’ Fine Boots! in all the leading styles, including the Seamless Side Lace Roots — in — MIEN II AND AMERICAN KID. Ladie ; Fine Hoots iu all Widths a Specialty. Also a Hue of ihe celebrated Hfcwuih Eland Sewed Work loi Gents’ wear. No. 1 Elui Street. pkjsblkTmvis?' 1 LEAVITT & DAVIS. 23r*Measures taken for Ladies’ and Gent’s boots. apr20 eu« lit "BANANAS fjIAJi ANAS f Received this day per Steamer from Xtw York 200 Bunches Bananas, Bed & Yellow, lor sale cheap by G. G. HACKETT & CO., my27 KItnd Ceubn! Wharf. (15t CHARCOAL. WANTED 1000 Bushels Hard Wood Charcoal at Eastern Railroad. Address 772 ’Portland Poet Ofbce, or PALMER CLARK, Corner Portland md drove Sts., Portland, Mondays. apt 18dtf CITY ADVERTISEMENTS CITY OF PORTLAND. City QPtkk's Office, 1 --r . , May (5. 187G. J |Yj 01 ICE is hereby given to oil parties interested in the petitions for Sewers in Hanover ami Casco Streets, that a hearing will be had on said iwtition.j, at the Aldermen's Room in City Building, on MONDAY, the tilth clay of June next, at 7.J 0 clock I . M., and that thereafter they will deter mine and adjudge if public convenience and necessi ties require the construction ot said Sewers. Per order, mySdtd_II. 1. ROBINSON. City Clerk. Ordinances. 1— No Dog shall bo permitted to go at large or loose in any stre *t, lane, alley, court, or travelled way. or iu any unimdosed or public place in this city, until the owner or keeper of such dog, or the head of the family, or the keeper of 1 lie house, store, shop, office or other place where such dog is kept, or har bored, shall bare raid to the «ity marshal two dol lars For a license for such dog to go at large. 2— The city marshal shall" grant a license Io any citizen for his or her doe to run at large, on the pay ment of two dollars; which license shall expire on the first day of May nexl after the same is given. 3— It shall bo the duty of the ciiv marshal to cause all doys to he destroy d whi h . shall be found at large within the city, without a collar. The above ordinances will bo strictly enforced. myl7dtf C. K. BRIDGES, City Marshal. 99 Exchange St. Do you want a stylish Sui! made 01 She West material and in tin; West inaiiiiei ! Go to IS 99 EXCHANGE ST. Wo you want a Busisies* Suit in Uie latest st ySe of Goods ami make! Go to W. A. Kokliug's. No. 00 Exchange St. Wo yosa warn the Nobby Suit of the seiisou 2 has fiio Goods and g OflLING can snake it at No. 99 Exchange St. Ei .m.a .ta.. .. «■ J v aav.9 ■■■■■Uty in ilie most workmanlike manner and a perlect 1st every time, go to KOHLING’S, 99 EXCHANGE ST. A CAR . I take this opportunity to return to my patrons in Portland and vicinity my sincere thanks fur tlr ir patronage in the past, and am pleased to announce that 1 am constantly receiving and have on hand the choicest and most stylish French, German and Amer ican goods, which I propose to make up in as good a manner as can be done elsewhere and at as reason able rates 1 shall bo pleased to show my goods to all who are trying the maiket. No garment is allowed to go from my establish ment which does not give perfect satisfaction. IV. All HOIIMNfi, nivlPtf__ 99 Exchange Sf. IRON WORK — AT — Yery Low Prices FOIi Buildings, Bridges, Wl* sieves, &c. ALSO Iron Shutters, C5 ratings, Fence, Awuiag Frames — ASD — Iron Works for oil other purposes. Parties wauling goad work at fair price* should brar iu uiiaid that we have superior faciliiiew, and give peisoual utieiiticu to our bii-iitm, Thos* Laughlin & Sou, IS & 20 CENTRE STREET. ai'i-0illf NewStore, C5co. Iff. Bos worth, Formerly with A3 arrets. Built y & Co., Las taken tho New Store Cor, Free & Cotton Sts,, and intends to keep a iull assortment of UPHOLSTERY GOODS of everv description for Drapery and Decora. tiv«* Work. By making a specialty ot this depart mem; m upnoisiery, we propose lo place oeiore tne public every facility lor obtaining the newest designs and fabrics, aui at lowest prices. Also Wiu<lovr Shade* ami fixture*. And a comi»lete assort ment of Boom Paper. mhUltt RUBBER II O SE 10 CENTS PER FOOT. We will sell Hose for washing windows, sidewalks, sprinkling lawns, gardens, Ac., at the low price of 10 cents per foot and up wards. Brass Couplings, Pipes, Ac,, all attached and ready for use at lowest prices. Hall's Pa tent Combination Pipe, which makes a sprinkler or solid stream hy simply turning the stop cock. Try these and you will use no others. Call aud examine at Hull's Rubber Store, UNDER FALMOUTH HOTEL. my!6dtf PORTLAND RUBBER TYPE CO., — MANUFACTURERS OF — Rubber Hand Stamps, Name Stamp* for iTIarhiug liinni, Kubber mid .Uelnl Dating Stump*,Kibbou Stump*, Seal FrcMfit, Door Plate*, llou*e Num ber*. Steel Stump*, Stcucil*. Burning ■frauds, Baggage ami Hotel fhrebs, Arc. NO. 233 FEDERAL ST., PORTLAND. ME. 5££r*A£ents wanted. Send for circular. feblStl nisis oils. WHITE LEADsTcOEORS AND VARNISHES. Buyers of I ho above named goods are invited to call and examine goods and prices. We warrant all articles exactly as represented. %v, w. niiippi^ a co., rayOdlm ‘41 Jlarkit Square, Porlluud. ~ {pOO KKWA&SO l 4 REWARD of FBVK BIVNDRKD dollais is ottered by the Town of Cape Elizabeth for the arrest and conviction of ttic persou or persons who set tire to the stables of Nathan Dyer and Win. S. Emery on tlie nights of May 18th and 19th, 187G. THUS. 15. HASKELL, ) Select men E. N. JORDAN, 5 of STEPHEN SC AMMAN,) Capo Elizabeth/ Cape Elizabeth, May 20, 187G. myf kl2w CAKPfClV8'I{3t*M Manual.—A practical guide to all operati -us of the tiadc; drawing for car 1 enters, forms of contracts, speciticati ns, plans, Ac., illustrated. ,50 ets. PAIM l- US’ Manual. —House and sign palming, graining, varnishing, pol ishing, kalsommiug, papeiine, lettering, staining, gilding, Ac., .jO etc. Book of Alphabets, 50. Scrolls and Ornaments, $1. Watchmaker and Jeweler, 50. Soap-maker, 25. Taxidermist, fO. Hunter and Trapper’s Guide,20. Dog Training, 25. Of booksel lers by mail. JESSE HANEY A CO.. 119 Nassau St., N. Y._ apr5d3ui A m £ o w 2 P3 C ^ TBKES, JBOSEM, ^ 3 O ®*AT '268 HIDDLE ST. K S3 SS 7, | § iny26 dlw • 2 LIVE AND LET LIVE IS OUR MOTTO. Great Reduction in Pikes of Laundry Work. .Hhiri* with lioBoron - - I 'l cents t'ollar^ ------ 3 Pair t'uik - - - - - U “ Portland Eauudry, !i2 l uiou St. uplO dSui PROPOSALS. Proposals lor furnishing Radons »n«l Ship Chandlery for Revenue Vessels. Collector's Office. May 22d.1873. wL'-Uo proposals will be received at this office CJ • until 12 o’clock noon of Thursday. June 15,1873, for suppling Rations and Ship Chandlery for the use of the crews and ve-sels or the United States Revenue Marino Service in this Collection District for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1877. Schedules of articles of Ship Chandlery tube bid for, will be furnished on application to this office. No award of contract will bo made until Congress shall have made the appropriation for the next fiscal year; and the right is reserved to reject any or all bids. D. MOULTON, Special Deputy Collector. my22 M&T3w GRATOD Centennial fixeiirsion — to — PHILADELPHIA — AJSD — At tin urgent solicitation of leading citizens tlie un dersigned have undertaken the management of a Grand Centennial Excursion ! THE STEAMER NEW BRUNSWICK, CAPT. PIKI3, °f the International Line—which has been complete ly refitted and refurnished—will Leave Portland at 5 P. M., TUESDAY, JUNE 13, Tunning direct lo Philadelphia, where sho will lie at Walnut street wharf for fourwavg Horse cars can bo taken every five minutes from ttie hem 1 of the wharf to the Exposition buildiugs. Returning, the steamer will touch at CAPE MAY and LONG BRANCH, ■ affording ample time to visit these Famous Wa tering Place*, and thence Sail tiuonuli New York Harbor by Daylight, remaining til! next day at that city. Thenco UP THE HUDSON — TO — -WIUST POIIMT, viewing the famous scenery of that river, and Touching at Martha's Vineyard on the way home. Portland will be reached Friday, June ‘J'Jd. ^ZT”The Table will be Supplied with the Best the Market affords Ticket*, including ItleaN nu«l Sleeping Accoiuuioilutiout*, 440. .Male Itooin* ex tra, Music will loud its Attractions! Liquors Mold on the Mliip_JE3 This Excursion Is intended lo meet the wants ot families, and affords a splendid chance for parties of from live to fifteen to visit the Exposition, without care, and iu congenial company. Already a large number ot subscriptions have been received from our best known citizens, and early application for passage should be made lo ROLLINS, LORING & ADAMS, 22 EXCHANGE STREET, tnyl9 PORTLAND. dt(l '""SHiRfST" Eniauudricd Sliirls, all finished, and made ot Wamsutta Cottous and nice Linen Bosoms and Cuffs for the low price ot $1.25 ! Call ami Examine Them. Charles Custis & Co., 493 CONGRESS ST. my5 isdly MUSIC ! ADDRESS ALL ORDERS —TO— Collins & Buxton, 522 Congress St., # Portland, Me. dell dly CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION 1776 JULY 4 1876 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. I TUBE WOHKS, such as Rockets, Roman Candles, Pin Wheels, Mines, Serpents, Beugolias, Pi re Crackers, Torpedoes, Double Headers, Canuou Crackers. Paper Cap Pistols, Bomb Shells, a new aud harmless Toy to fire Paper Caps, Paper Caps, Flags of all description. Masks, Chinese Lanterns, «&c. Cities and towns tarnished with displays at lowest /aoiory prices. C. DAY, Jr., & CO., 91 Exchange Street. my 30 deodis&w22tjy4 Now Stylos — OF — PAINTED nmiie SUITS! — AT — THOS. F. BEALS', 20 EXCHANGE STREET. Best painted suits finished in the State. I manufac ture my own suits, aud also the ADJUSTABLE SPRING BED, the best and cheapest Spring Bed in the market. Call and see for yourselves. Any one can have the Bed on trial one week free of cost. Ware Room 20 Exchange St., my22is3w Factory ou Plum Street. ii. M. rayson & CO., DEALERS IN Government Gonds, State and City Securities, BA.VK STOCK, &e., . 32 Exchange Street. my-7_eodtf THE AERATED Oxygen Treatment. A GENUINE cure for Catarrh, Asthma, Rheuma tism, Dyspepsia, Lung and *U Chionic Dis eases issrill ottered to all who are alHicted, at .‘1N5 Coiigre»» Nireet. Portland. Vie., Itoom 3, 1 ahoon IS I or k, where a large number of testi monials can be seen. Consultation and trial dose free. jal2tfls&wtfl0 SU101S j 'KDIA STREET. DYE w n i J- • ? J • II AllOA rteerroatM ft>ye<l - - $1.50 11UUM% I’nuM.75 SS" Cotton and Wool Dms«$ Dyed Without Hipping. aprU 2m AUCTION SALES POMD JHIIFICTCRB. CARRIAGES ■A.TT CTION On Thursday, June 1st, atl 1 A. M. — AT — JO IB A RUSSELL'S Carriage Repository, 5111-2 CONGRESS ST., Will lie sjld a large assortment of Carriages, consisting of Phaetons, Jump Seat Carryalls, Open and Top Buggies, Beach Wagons. Concord Wagons, One light 3 Spring Express Wagon, &c, &c. Also a large number of Second Hand Carriages, all iu gl)od repair. my30__<13t SAMUEL HATCH & CO., AUCTIONEERS. . A«SII3NKE>.«* SALE. iSlcnmer “Ulianie Wale*.’’ THURSDAY, June 1, 1876, at 4 o’clock P. M., at Portland Pier, Portland, Maine. Will be peremptorily sold the above named steam er; this fine new steamer was built last year express ly for the Porgie fishing, and is well adapted for tow ing vessels Terms cash; $500 to be paid down at time of sale. By order ot IIEMAN SMITH, ) HARRISON COKING, J Assignee*. DAVID SNOW, t my20,22,24,2C,29,30,31jul I', o. BAILEY & (JO, Auctioneers and Commission Merchants ile.roam, 33 and 37 Kxrbange Ml. ». <). BAILEY. 0. W. ALL** Regular rale o! Furniture and General Merchar diee every Saturday, commencing at 10 o’clock a. ic. Consignments solicited. oc3dt SPECIAL SALE OF BY AUCTION, ON THURSDAY, June 1st, AT lO O'CLOCK, — AT THE — Horse and Carriage Mart on Plum Street. WE have instructions to sell without reserve one car load oi young and reliable country Horses. In the lot are Horses adapted to all kinds of work and prime drivers. Tbo Horses will be warranted as represented. An opportunity will be given to ex amine ihem on day before sale. At same time a lot oi Carriages and Harnesses will be sola. P. U. MAILGV A tO., Auctioarer*. mv22 a*a Groceries, Store Fix tures, &c., BY AUCTION. Oa Thursday, June 1st at 2 1-2 o’clock, at Basement Salesroom 35 and 37 JSxchange Street, WE shall sell a large Stock of Groceries and Canned Goods, consisting of Sugars, Teas, Coffees, Spices, 50 Boxes Soap, 25 d«.z Brooms. 5 M Cigars, Tobacco, Figs Starch, Prunes, Dried Apples, Cauned Goods. Corn Peas, Beans. Peaches, Toma toes, &c., Ac. Also Show Case, Scales, Benches, Ac. f O. Bailey St Co., Auctioneer*. “i)30 u3t FMTIIRE, tlRPETS, BY A-UCTIOJSr. ON SATURDAY, June 3*1, at 10 o’clock A. M., at Basement Salesroom 35 and 37 Exchange Street, we shall sell Brussels, 'Papistry and Ingram Carpets, Parlor Suits, Chamber Sets, Parlor, Library and Bouquet Table*, Hai Trees, Sofas, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Dining lioom and Ki chen Furniture, Crockery an l Glass Ware, Ac. P. O. BAILEY A C O., Auctioneer*. __Jnld3t Manufacturer’s Sale — OF — NEW AND FINE CARRIAGES BY AUCTION. On Saturday, June 3d, at 10 o’clock, at the Horse and Carriage Hart, 1'lam St, i ortlaud, He,, WE shall sell by order of Manufacturers 50 New Carriages consisting of 2 and 3 Spring Phaetons, full extension top Carryalls, different patterns,some verv tiuetinish Standing top Carryalls, Shifting top Bux Buggies, White Chapel top Buggies, Dexter pattern top Buggies, Howell Gigs, Piano Box Buggies, Coal Box Buggies, Ivers* pattern Wagon, Beach Wagons, Concord Wagons, Express Wagons, 25 New Harucs-es from a Bankrupt Stock, different trimmings; will be sold without reserve. These Carriages are of different grades of work, some of them from the most reliable Manufacturers in this City and New Eugland States; they are Carriages which have accumulated on their hands this season, and must bo realised. Every Carriage offered will be sold without reserve. F. O. BAILEY dr CO,, Auctioneers. my3Q__dBt P»r.Aivr»p« AT Al lTIOV. ON TUESDAY, June 6th, at 10 o’clock A. M., at Salesroom 35 Exchange Street, we shall sell 3000 Plants from Albert Dirwanger’s Conservatories, Munjoy Hill, Hardy, Perpetuate and Tea Hoses, Pelargoniums, Geraniums, Fuschias, Ivies, Lilies, Ferns, Mixed Baskets, Verbenas and Pansies, together with a large variety of choice and rare Plants, Hanging Baskets, Ac. We invite examina tion on morning ot sale. F. O. HAILE Ydc CO., Auctioneer*, jul d3t 1876. Carriages 1876. ZE\AS THOMPSON, JB.. Successor to aud for 20 years connected with the “OLD HOUSE” of J. M. KIMBALL & CO., Congress Street, OPPOSITE PREBLE HOUSE. I hare the largest and finest assort ment of Carriages in Maine. The product of my own factory during the winter months. Aii of them made of carefully selected material under mv own personal supervision, aud by the best Mechanics in Sew England. I offer the above at reduced prices and as low as STRICTLY FIRST CLASS WORK can be sold. >. B.—This work cannot he found at the Auction Sales. CARI). As interested parties have gmn the impressiou (perhaps unintentionally) that my carriages are for sale at the auction sties' in this city, 1 would fay that nay work can be found on -ale at my factory and repository only. livery carriage made by me bears my name plate as successor to J. M. Kimball & Co., and I wil; p iy $ >0 for the conviction of any party using the same on other than my own work. my 19 d2m MUSIC 2 New Sbect Music, Boobs. Folios, &t received daily by C. K. HAWES, 177 Middle Street, Portland. The largest Ktock la the City. - ALSO - . Pianos, Reed Organ*, cheap tor cash or Install* ment , Violins, Guitars, Music Boxes, Accordions, Flutes, Banjos. Piccolos, Harmonicas, Clarinets, Comets, and ail instruments for Brats and String Barn is. in great variety; extra \ lolin Striugs, Retail and Wholesale. Particular attention given to orders. jan3l deodly* FOR SALE!! A large stock of Carriages, Wagons and Buggies of every description; top and no top, single and double, at ten per ceut. lower than at any other fac tory in Maine. Concord uad hi|ireM Wagons a specialty. JOHN ADAMS, aprleodtf Naccarappa, .tie. French Laundry ini;. LACE collars, handkerchiefs, «Stc., pillow shams, lace curtain*, , luun lried iuihe most satis factory manner. Orders lett at 81 Newbury St., Portland, Me. m>-6 <nw* Baled Hay for Sale IN lots to suit purchasers. Trice eighteen (18) dol lars per ton at o-,. BROWN’S SUGAR HOUSE, iny2idlwis* York Street. Now is the Time to Cleanse Feather Beds. jki'VBBT, clean beds and plilow.- will prevent sick ^ ness. Beds and pillows t hr ought v renovated at 218 Federal Stroet, near Temple. Jrrlers left there will receive prompt attention. ap25 eodtf

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