Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 2, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 2, 1876 Page 3
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TT-TF1 PBESS. FRIDAY MORMNG, JUNE 2, 1876 THE PRE8H May be obtained at the Periodical DepotB of Fes senden Bros.. Marquis, Brunei & Co., Andrews, Wentworth. Moses, N. B. Kendrick, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of the city. At Biddeford, of Phillsbury, At Saco, of L. Hodgdon, At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros., and Stevens & Co. CITY AND VICINITY New Advertisements To-15a?. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. AVliat is Fluid Lightening. Mrs. Manchester. Lodge—I. O. O. F. ' SPECIAL NOTICES. Dissolution of Copartn erBkip—Walter Corey & C NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. For the Islands—Steamer Magnet. Liquor Dealers—Adjourned Meeting. Wanted—A Young Man. Boarders Wanted—Gentlemen and Wives. Dissolution—E. H. Carney <& Co. Wanted—A Cook. Wanted—H. P. Kingman. Wanted—Wesley G. Smith | The Wooton Desk—Samuel Thurston. Huncipal Court. JUDGE KNIGHT PRESIDING. Thursday.—Margaret Morse. Intoxication. Fined $5 with costs. Brief Jottings. S. W. Eobinson real estate broker, has sold dwelling house No. 45 Melbourne street, to Frank Dunn, Esq. Consideration $2300, Miss Fanny Marsh and Miss Emma Eeig nolds will play with Mr. Proctor during his summer engagement with Mr. Wyer. Mr. Heury L. Curtis has sold bis house ou Newbury street to Mr. W. O. Pitcher. The porgy boat Miller Wales was sold at auction yesterday, to Mr. C. D. Davis of Bos ton for $7100. The trees on Lincoln Park aro looking finely. Even those set out this season aro putting forth their leaves. Yesterday being the first day of summer the police force came out in straw hats. Harry Brown sold one of his best marine views to a gentleman from Augusta, yester day. The Kirkwood House will be open on and af ter the 4th inst. Withiam Witherald of Canada, will hold a meeting at Friends’ meeting house, Oak street, this evening at 7 o’clock. The Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias of Bridgton have acceptedfan invitation to join the procession in this city on tho Fourth of July. Tho rftfnrm mp.At.imra at t.ho Alton Mieainr. are increasing in interest. This evening earn est and eloquent gentlemen and ladies will ad dress the people. The adjourned meeting of the Maine Central directors was held in this city yesterday, but nothing but routine business was transacted. Gorham Seminary. The annual prize exhibition of Gorham Sem inary came off irf the Congregational church in that village Thursday evening, and called out a full house. Mr. Joel Wilson, the present popular Principal of the school, presided. The following was the programme: Northern Laborers.Naylor Clinton M. Dow, East Baldwin. Eggs and the Horses.Anon Phebe £. Larrabee, Oak Hill. The Ride of Collins Graves.Anon Leonard B. Stiles, Saccarappa. Extract.Slade Floy H. Whittier, Boston. The Diver.Schiller Sylvester A. Brown, Washington, D. C. The Hermit’s Crown.Anon Alice F. Hyde, Fort Fairfield. * The Madman. Morse C. Wescott, Gorham. Greenwood Shrift .Southey Hattie M. Dow, Gorham. Starving Deland. .Prentiss Henry W. Marrett, Standish. The Daughter ot Herodias.Osgood Nettie K. Stanwood, Brunswick. The Baron’s Last Banquet.Green George C. Jordan, Gorham. Lady Clare... Tennyson Fannie Z Cobb, Standish, Baron Grimalkin’s Last Banquet. .Carlton Walter S. Smith, Portland. Carrying Home the Sheaves.Anon Carrie B. Waite, Portland. Battle of, Lookout Mountain.. .Baker George W. Hoegg, Westbrook. The Young Gray Head...’.Southey Alice S. Hill, Gorham. Extract.Stone Fred H. Files, Gorham. Hezekiah Bedott.Whitcber Lillia M. Elliott, Brunswick. Parrhasius and the Captive.Willis Arthur J. Benson, Gorham. Healing of the Daughter of Jairus.Willis Lizzie M. Small, Portland. McLain's Child.Mackey Willard H. Pike, Calais. Too Much Yeast. Walker _ f Alice M. Philbrick, Standish. Icilius. Kellogg uijiuu uuvunuij uuiuaiU| A Retrospection—Centennial. Minnie E. Tolford, Gorham, The Death ot Virginia. Marshall E. Moulton, Gorham. Extract.Alfonzo Juan P. Mendez, Havana. All those taking a part in these public exer cises acquitted themselves creditably, alike to themselves and the teachers. The committee on award were Mr. Morrill, teacher in the Portland High School, Mrs. Par tington, teacher of elocution in this city, and Mr. Gosse of the Advertiser. The prizes were awarded to Lilian M. Elliott of Brunswick, and Willard H. Pike of Calais. The commit tee were much pleased with the efforts of Misses Carrie B. Waite and Lizzie M. Small of Portland, Alice F. Hyde of Fort Fairfield, Fanny E. Cobb of Standish and others. Mr. Arthur J. Benson of Gorham, and Walter Smith of this city, al3o did especially well. The music by Chandler’s orchestra was given in a style worthy of their reputation, and was received by the audience with hearty demon strations ot approval. A Desecration.—It would seem that there are some people bom into the world and allowed to grow up entirely destitute of any sense of decency. These are the people who steal flow ers from grave yards and who follow the mourners on Memorial Day to appropriate the tributes to the dead. The following is not the first instance of the kind that has come to our knowledge since last Tuesday, but it serves as an illustration, and we hope will lead to some action by the city authorities. Upon that da; Mrs. McAllister, who lives on Pearl street in this city, carried two baskets of beautiful flow ers to Evergreen Cemetery. Yesterday morn ing she again visited the cemetery and found both the baskets aud flowers gone. These des eerators should be found and severely dealt with, for if such proceedings are allowed to continue it will not be long before those to whom the ceremonies of that day are especially dear will refuse to participate and the day it self cease to be observed. The Tea Party.—The entertainment given by the lady friends of the Beform Clnb last evening at the Y. M. C. A. ball was a very en joyable affair. The programme consisted of singing by Mrs. Eveleth aud Miss Wing, after which Miss C. E. Valentine of Newton, Mass., recited two poemi entitled “Gone with a Handsomer Man,” and “Poor Joe’s Will.” The Misses Leavitt favored the audience with two of their favorite pieces, and Miss Valentine recited “High Tide on the Coast,” “Over the Hill to the Poor House” aud “The Woman’s War on Bum.” The ladies who had charge of this entertainment deserve great credit for the handsome mauner in which it was carried out. The proceeds netted nearly 835. Real Estate Activity.— It is sa:d that there is considerable activity in real estate in this city, and that while other kinds oE proper ty lave depreciated in their market value, real estate holds up and in many instances is higher new than ever before. As evidence of this, a gentleman conversant with such transactions remarked yesterday that lots of land which could be purchased for a small consideration a few years since, are now held and sold at forty or fifty cents a foot. Camp-Meetings.—Tbc different camp-meet ings at Old Orchard Beach for 1875, are ar ranged as follows: National Christian Tem perance camp-meeting, which will also be in ternational, commences August 8th, continuing ten days. The District cimp-meeting from August 21, to August 25, inclusive. The National camp-meeting for the promo tion of holiness, commences Sept, (ith, and con tinues ten days. Accidents.—A little daughter of Mr. Chas. H. Nash fell on Lincolu street Wednesday af ternoon and fractured one of her arms in sev eral places. Drs. Small and Duddy set the limb, which is considered badly injured. Mr. Charles E. Weaver, living on Cumber land street spilt some acid on his foot yesler day morning and was seriously burnt. Property Recovered.—Yesterday nooi Marshal Bridges recovered two fine large wol robes which had evidently been stoleo. Thos who have lest property of this kind should cal and see this. Liquor Dealers in Convention.—Pursu ant to a call published in tbe daily papers a convention of Portland liquor dealers and ex dealers was held at the hall of the Wolfe Tone Association last evening. For some reason there was not a large attendance, there not be ing more than a dozen of the dealers in the ar dent present. With one or two exceptions the best class of men engaged in the traffic were not present, and tbe meeting was made up of an element which figures iu our police court very often. The meeting was organized by the choice of P. McGlinchy president. Several who were present spoke upon the evil arisiDg from the suspressioD of the liquor traffic. This was kept up for some time, when Mr. Sawyer was called upon to express bis views. Mr. Sawyer said be was hardly able to do this as be did not know tbe object for which tbe meeting was called, and he lavored an adjournment in order to give an opportunity to talk the matter np. The chairman at once proceeded to state tbe object of the meeting, when he was inter rupted by a man who was of the opinion tba1 some of those present were not engaged in tbe liquor business, and accordingly bad bettor de part, This was intended for our reporter, but of course ha did’ut take it, butothers did. One man arose and said he was not now engaged in the liquor business, but be had been, and want ed to remain. The original speaker said that he was’nt the one whom he referred to. This called up another man, who made a similar re mark, and thus it went around the hall, each man giving liis experience in tbe liquor busi ness to prove his right to attend tbe meeting When it came to the reporter’s turn to speak, be acknowledged that bis experience in the business was slight, and stated bis willingness to depart if agreeable. It was agreeable and be was told to get, which he did. After his de parture a few remarks were made and the meeting adjourned until Monday eveniDg. Tbe Maine law is not In immediate danger from any action this convention may take. Attempted Suicide.—Among tbe passen gers by tbe Ogdensburg train which arrived here at 11 o’clock yesterday was Dr. George F. Merryman of Brunswick. The doctor went to the City Hotel and took a room, asking to be called for tbe 1.30 train for Brunswick. A little after 1 o’clock Mr. Martin sent the porter to bis room to call him to take a carriage for the depot. The porter was unable to get an answer and reported tbe fact to Mr. Martin, who went himself. Before reaching the door of tbe room a strong smell of ether was inhaled. Mr. Mat. tin suspected that all was not right and rapped on the door sharply. No reply came and Mr. Martin proceeded to break in the door, at tbe same time sending for a physician. On ooen ing the door the doctor was found lying on the bed with a napkin saturated with ether, over his face, while a large bottle of ether was at his side ou the bed. Dr. Getchell arrived and administered a restorative, which soon restored the man to consciousness. On his person was found a paper which intimated that his rela tions with a lady in New Hampshire had brought him into disagreeable contact with the male portion of the family. On the other hand, the doctor denied that he attempted suicide, but said he was in the habit of taking ether. He was taken in charge by the police, but was al lowed to go to Brunswick on the 5 o’clock train. Board of Trade.—The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trade was held at 10 o’clock yesterday, President Woodman presid ing. A letter from the chairman of the executive committee of the New York Board of Trade was read, enclosing a copy of the postal bill offered in Congress by Hon. S. S. Cox, April 28th. Congress having taken action on the bill, no action on the part of the Board was deemed necessary. The following were elected delegates to the National Board of Trade for the ensuing year: T. C. Hersey, Esq., and Hon. A. K. Shurtleff. The committee were authorized to fill vacan cies. The annual meeting will be hold in New York, June 28th. Useful and Convenient.—Mr. H. P. Kingman, 62 Free street, is canvassing the city with the “Eureka Letter Copying Book and ink” by which copies of letters,etc , may be in stantly made without press, brush or water. Copies may be made 21 hours after the docu ment is written. The secret is i n the ink, which flows freely and is a jet black. Chemist certify that it will not fade. The article is highly recommended by business men after trial. The books are of various sizes. The smallest is of note paper size, contains 300 pages and, with a small bottle of ink, is sold for 82. The letter sheet size, 9x11 inches, with half a pint of ink, is sold for 83. The sample of the copying shown at this office compares favorably with those made by a press after the present method. The Museum —The Sheridan & Mack Com bination had a good house at the Museum on their opening night, and the entertainment was one well calculated to please. Among the fea tures of the programme are a double character act by Messrs. Sheridan & Mack, in which they assume several distinct personations, a sketch entitled “Married in Haste,” by Miss Alecia Jonrdan and Mr. Sheridan, and a new closing scene called a “Centennial Tribute to Ameri ca.” Miss Blanche Corelli, Miss Rosa Leigh and Miss Carrie Boshell, all saperior vocalists , have parts in the programme, while the several male performers are assigned to acts fitted to the talents of each. An entire change of pro gramme will be given this evening with the exception of the “Two Orphans,” which will be repeated. The Weather for May—The following is the figures on the weather for May as fnr nished by Will P. Boyd, Sergeant of the Signal Service at this station: Highest barometer, 30 49,17th. Lowest barometer, 29.46 19th. Monthly range of barometer, 1.03. Highest temperature, 87 degrees, 27th. Lowest temperature, 34 degrees. Monthly range of temperature. 53 degrees. Greatest daily range of temperature. 38 degrees. Mean of maximum temperatures, 61 degrees. Mean of minimum temperatures, 45 degrees. Mean dally range of temperatures, 17 degrees. Total rainfall, or melted snow, 4.68 inches. Prevailing wind, South. Total number of mileB travelled, 5,575. Maximum velocity of wind, 28 miles per hour 2d. Number of cloudy days, other than those on which rain fell, 3. Number of days on which rain or snow fell, 17. Kain fell on 11 consecutive days from 4th to 14th Inst. Kain fall 2 inches in excess of May, 1875. A severe storm of hail occurred on the 29th—a very rare occurrence in this latitude. Personal. Commissioner Nye presided at the fifty-sec ond anniversary of the American Sunday School Union which wa3 held in the Academy of Mnsic Philadelphia, on the evening of May 30th. The Biddeford Chronicla gives an extended notice of the oration of Gen. C. P. Mattocks in that city Decoration Day, and speaks in the most complimentary terms of the effort. Mr. Royal Cummings of the Vermont Far mer, published in the thriving town of St. Johnsbury, was in town yesterday. He pro poses to publish weekly the wholesale price current of the Portland market. Hon. F. A. Pike of Calais is at the Falmouth Base Ball.—The Resolutes go to Brunswick Saturday to play the Bowdoins a return game. The Portland Juniors play a match game of ball on the Promenade Saturday with the For est Citys. Game called at 2 p. m. The Portlands, formerly Dry Goods; will open the season shortly in a new uniform being pre pared for them by MeAchorn, on Middle street. Hayes, formerly the pitcher or the Portland Juniors, is at present playing in the field for the Resolutes, and it is thought he may be per manently secured for that place instead ol Briggs. _ Masonic Installation.—Hiram Lodge No. 180, of Free and Accepted Masons, for which a charter was granted at the last meeting of the Grand Lodge of Maine, was constituted last evening by the officers of the Grand Lodge The following officers were installed for the year 1876:—G. It. Garden, W. M.; Eben N. Perry, !S. W.; A. S. Sawyer, J. \V.; Henry Nutter, Treas.; Wm. Atwood, Sec’y; Thomas B. Haskell, Sen. D.; Granville Libby, J. S.; \V. F. Rundlett, Sen.;C. E. Goodwin, Tyler. The Cart Concert.—Among the vocaliBts who will participate in the Cary conceit the 19th inst., are Miss Clara Nichols, the Temple Quartette, consisting of Messrs. Cook, Fessen' den, Fitch aud Rider, and Ida Tarbox, a Mist of ten years of age whoso musical powers are a subject of much remark. Other vocalists will be announced hereafter Stockbridge wil begin the sale of tickets Monday. Trains wil be run from the neighboring towns. Portland Savings Bank—We are reliably informed that the Portland Savings Bank, s< well known for its excellent management, doe: i not experience any falling off in the amount o f its deposits despite the hard times and the sus ) picion which the suspension of a few of thesi 1 institutions have aroused respecting the safeti of such banks. A Criminal Snarl.—About ten o’clock Wednesday night a gentleman passing up Mar ket street heard the cries of a girl near the paint shop kept by Mr. Hall on that street, and at the same time two men were seen to run down the street. In a short time a girl ap peared and passed up Congress and dowu Cen tre street. Her face was bleeding and her clothes were torn. The gentlemau followed her to the house and reported the matter to the police. The next thing heard was about 4 o’clock yesterday morning, when the police were returning home. They heard a cry for help proceeding from this same shop on Mar ket street. Just then William Mulligan came out and told a yarn about an attempt at rob bery, but as he was intoxicated but little atten tion was paid to him and he was looked up to sober off. After going to to the station with him the officers casually strolled into the shop where they found two chaps who made an un successful attempt to escape. They were se cured aud taken to the station, where they were recognized as Charles Morton and Patrick Carey, of the firm of Carey & McGinty who recently ‘ took” a benefit at City Hall. Carey had blood on his clothes in several places,which at once suggested that he was the one who ran from the shop when the girl’s cries brought help. To make the matter more binding the girl, who lives on Pleasant street, made a com plaint against Carey for attempting rape upon her. She is quite badly injured. It is thought that after trjing to force this girl into the shop they went out and picked up Mulligan and were intent upon robbing him as he had just been paid off. Both of the young men have evidently got into a bad scrape. Continental Band.—The Continental band which is to make its appearance in the procession on the fourth, is practicing nearly every evening at its room on Federal street. This band is made up as follows: N. F. Cobb, E flat clarinet; Arthur Merrill, B flat clarinet; Charles Jones, B flat cornet; Henry Jones, G slide trombone; S. A. Knights, fife; A. G. Corliss, B flat fife; Robert Brown, snare drum; A. W. Barbour, base drum. They are to play the same tunes which were played at general muster. _ Weddino.—Miss Memie Buzzell, daughter of Dr. Buzzell, and Mr. Alfred A. Kendall of the firm of Chadbourn & Kendall, were mar ried at the residence of the bride’s father yes terday morning. Rev. Mr. Dalton officiating. The house was finely decorated with flowers and the presents were many and very elegant. Miss Emery acted as bridesmaid and Messrs. Walter Sabine and R Talbot McLellan as ushers. The couple left for Philadelphia at noon. Vt _ U___ i a .. -“- * — Walnut Hill yesterday to interview Mr. Pitt man Morgan, who was complained of for driv ing a very lame horse. The horse in question was driven into town last Tuesday and several of our citizens made the complaint. The of fender has promised to do better and tbe matter will be settled. Tenperance.—Temperance meetings will be held in Cape Elizabeth next Sunday at Simon ton Cove in the open air at ten o’clock a. m., one at the schoolhousa in Knightville at 2 p. m., and one in tbe town house at 4 p. m. Tnese meetings will continue through June and July every Sunday, weather permitting. All are invited. Good speakers will ba pro vided. _ The “Ada B.”—It is probable that by this time the curious schooner Ada B is not far from Portland, Me., to which place she is bound, to be exhibited by Mr. Pomroy, the enterprising Yankee who has chartered her from her build er. Mr. Draper. The Portland people, no doubt, will dock to see her in crowds, for the Ada B is a very great curiosity,not only in appearance but also in regard to her mode of construction. She was built by Mr. Draper alone, with the exception of an occasional day’s work by others. She was six years in course of con struction, and altogether she is a wonderful specimen of energy, which, although it may have been misdirected, is still worthy of praise. The Portland people must not accept the Ada B as a model St. John vessel; she is merely a sort of phenomenal product, and no doubt will excite as much interest and curiosity in Portland as she did here.—St. John Tele graph. Attention is called to the extensive sale of hardware, etc., at Gorham, N. H., Juue 30th which is advertised elsewhere. Colby University.—The Sophomore class have a public declamation in the college chapel June 14th. The prize reading of the Fresh man class for the Hamlin prize takes place June 24th. On account of the illness of the catcher of the college base ball nine, the club have not been able to play with tbe Bates and other club3 of the state according to previous arrangement. A new catcher has been secured. The nine prac tice daily and are now in fiDe condition. The Colby Rifles performed escort duty dec oration day for the procession both in Water - ville and Fairfield. At the latter town they received a collation from the citizens. Al tnougn tne company aid not nave any uni form, yet with their black suits, white belts and cross-belts, the students presented a flue appearance, and won many commendations for their fine marching, soldiery bearing and gentlemanly deportment. However military may have declined in other colleges, it bids fair to be a success in Colby under the “optional system.” The Senior class will probably not have a class day. The college Oracle will not be published be ■ fore the last of the term. Maine Business Notes. The Brooks cheese factory will run two months, July and August. The Gardiner Journal says Rich has sold §70,000 worth of ice this summer. The masts of Capt, Harriman’s new ship will be stepped, the lighter spars and.rigging taken on board, and the rigging completed while she Is loading at Bangor. Richard Hamor & Sons are building a large new hotel at Bar Harbor, to be known as the Exchange. The house will contain 50 good looms. It will be completed in about a months time. The Belfash shoe factory has suspended op erations this week but will start again Monday with a full force. Over 1000 sides of leather came by boat Tuesday for the factory. STATE NEWS. FRANKLIN COUNTY. The Farmington Chronicle says a little bov two years old, son of LaForest Voter, was run over by a cart anp oxen on Bray Hill, about four miles fromi|that village,^Tuesday, and so severely injured that he lived but ten minutes after. The pest house in Carthage is entirely evacu ated of its inmates. The New Vineyard Reform Club now num bers 80 members on the iron clad. The Chronicle says Joseph Wright, in the employ of Joseph Gould in a mill in West Far mington, last Wednesday went down mtothe lower part of the mill to fix the gear, and while thus engaged a man above, not knowing just where be was, started the wheel, carrying Mr. Wright around in tbe machinery until a large bolt broke and let him loose, injuring one foot so as to require amputation of tbe toes at the first joint. The other foot was badlv bruised and cut at the heel. KENNEBEC COUNTY. The annual exhibition and commencement of tne Blame Wesleyan beminary, will take place at Kent’s Hill, on the 6th, 7th and 8th of June. The oration and poem occurs on the 7th of June, and the commencement exercises the next day. Gen. B. F. Butler arrived in Gardiner on Ihe boat Wednesday morning and was met there by Gen. W. S. Tilton, and was bis guest at the Soldiers’ Home. He came here to argue the Oheeseinan ice casein the courts. This case has been postponed on account of the sickness of Mr. Gould, and the Gen. will proceed to Lake Memphremagog, on a fishing excursion. The house of P. S. Percivc], Esq., in Augus ta, took fire \V ednesday afternoon about lour o’clock about the chimney, aud a hole was burnt through the roof. Hiram Wyer’s house in Pittston, three miles east of the village, was burned to the ground Tuesday forenoon last. The furniture was mostly saved; property partly insured. The fireconghtin the chambers, probably from a defective chimney. KNOX couni r. Frank Spofford, of Kockland, who works in Marshall’s cigar factory, was bidly injured Wednesday forenoon by falling from a horizon tal bar upon which he was amusing himself, striking on his head and shoulders. The Free Press says, on Sunday forenoon about eleven o’clock John Leonard, an English man, and Charles Pooler, a Frenchman, in the employ of Lewis Beals at Wildcat Quarry, in St. George, were capsized while sailing for pleasure in a small boat between Wildcat and State Point, and both were drowned. Leonard was probably 45 and Pooler 24 years of age. Mr. Jerry Lane, of Thomaston, who was commuted to the Insane Hospital recently, is now almost entirely well. His trouble was caused by hard study, and a diet too light to keep up his physical strength. i Vidie Dolham, of Kockland, the little girl who was burned last Wednesday by her clothes taking fire in some unknown way, died on Fri day evening, after the most intense suffering. PENOBSCOT COUNT V. Bayard Lodge, Knights of Honor, was estab lished in Bangor last evening by Deputy Su preme Dictator J. H. Wright, of Boston, as sisted by S. P. Ridley, of Somerville, Mass. The First National Bank at Bangor have put in a very tine safe, made by Hall’s Safe and Lock Co. PISCATAQUIS COUNTY. The Observer says Stephen Mooers, an aged citizen of Milo, was found dead in his wood shed Wednesday of last week. The cause of his death is unknown, but is supposed to be heart disease. Joseph Meservey, a resident of Greenville, was taken with hemorrhage of the luDgs Mon day morning, while at work in his field, and died in about half an hour. WALDO COUNTY. Last Tuesday a boy named Irvin Kilgore, of Brooks, was driving a horse in a truck wagon, when, by some means, he was thrown beneath the wheels, breaking his leg and otherwise in juring him. A little son of Mauly Knowltou, of Brooks, jumped from a cart on Sunday and had a leg broken. The Ago says a 10-months old child of Thos. Tapley, of Belfast, fell from a baby carriage to thejfloor, Sunday, and broke its collar bene. WASHINGTON COUNTY. Wednesday afternoon Charles Stanhope, em ployed io a lumber mill at Milltown, in at tempting to leap across the trimming table caught bis coat in the running gear, which dragged him upon the edge of the saw, mang ling his arm and side horribly. His recovery is doubtful. A fine opportunity is offered today to par ties thinking of purchasing a carriage to ex amine those to be sold at the manufacturer’s sale tomorrow at Horse and Carriage Mart, on Plum street. They are all arranged and cata logues ready. This sale comprises a large vari ety of styles of carriages, made the past winter by some of the mostreliible builders in this city and New England states. The sales being so slow this spring, and the builders finding a large stock on their hands, are obliged to real ize on them, and have contributed to this gale, so the consumers will have the benefit of the hard times. Mks. Manchester, so long and favorably known for wonderful cures performed by her when all others fail, is now at the Biddeford House, Biddeford, for ten days. _ je2d4t&wlw What is Fluid Lightning?—Ask your druggist for it, and you will find it will cure your Headache, Toothache or Neuralgia in a minute. Try it Lodge.— Members of the I. O. O. F. can pro cure the Regulation Cap aud Gloves for (1,15, if they leave their order before the 25th of June at E. A. Burnell’s, 254 Middle street. je2-3t Lewis & Co., 173 Fore street, have an exten sive stock of ready made Clothing, which they are selling at bottom prices. Also a large line of foreign and domestic cloths, which thev are' are closing out at cost Give them a call. _ jeldSt A full line of Spring and Summer Under Clothing can be found at Lewis & Co.’s store, 173 Fore street (secoDd door from Exchange) Prices guaranteed. jeld3t Blue Flannel and Yacht Cloth Suits, all sizes. 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Bankrupt Stock OF — 10 PIECES EACH, . 300 Marble Top and Library Tables, / bought tor cash, and will be sold lower than can be bought in this market. lOO PARLOR SLITS of our own manufacture, and the cheapest suit we sell upholstered, one half pure Ilair. Best suits all pure Hair. All ur Furniture put in the best order and delivered tree of charge. Our facilities are such for manu facturing and buying that we shall not be undersold. Parties about purchasing will eerfaiuly save money by calling on us. Geo. A. Whitney & Co. NO. 46 EXCHANGE STREET. my9 dtt Maine Blackwood, (FORMERLY NORWOOD) Sired by Blackwood, (3 years old, record 2.31) 1st dam by Norman, sire ot Lula, 2.15, May Queen 2.20. 2d dam by Mawbrlno Chief, sire of Lady Thorne, 2.18. Blackwood, sire of Blackwood, Jr., 4 years old, record 2.32. Freshman 4 years, 2.36$. Rosewood 5 years, 2.27. ii i niR m i mriirnnn iiiitmu mmiuiuuu, Brown colt, sired 1872. Trotted full mile last fall as 3 year old in 2.3GJ, and drew wagon in 2.40J. Is six teen hands high and weighs 1075 lbs. Will make luis season (and only one in Maine) at $00—payable in advance. Apply to JOHN DALY, Box 1819, or Head of St. John St. myf3 dtfis Every Business Man Beads — THE — COMMERCIAL AGENCY SYSTEM EXPOSE D! — IS THB — Secret Inquisition a Curse or a Benefit! — BY — THOMAS FRANCIS MKAOHJER. Second Edition just published. Contains 300 pages beautifully bound. It shows how credit and charac ter are secretly undermined by masked spies, and frauds perpetrated, &c. Send for it and seo the Se cret Black l.i*t of Portland, with eighty other cities. Price §1.75, mailed to any address. MER CHANTS CREDIT PROTECTION «© CIET¥, 58 Liberty St., N. Y, mj26dlm Two Furnished Parlors with Bed room. TO let without Board. These rooms are in a fine location, very large and well furnished. Will be let low to single gentlemen, or to families. Ad dress “Z,” Press Office. my23istf For Sale. fJTHE Stock and Fixtures of a Retail Grocery and X Provision Store, in a good location; trade w ell established. Address “J. D. P„” Press Office. jul NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. THE woo™ DESK A new invention; convenient, commodious, labor saving, patience saving. A MARTEL OF BEAUTY, Suitable alike lor Office, Counting Room or Library, Every business man should have one. Catalogues furnished on application at the Maine Agency, Samuel Thurston’s, PIANO AND ORGAN WARE-ROOMS, 3 Free St. Blocli. scrollT saws. m In a Variety ot Sizes. Fleetwood &, Sorrento MACHINES ! A full line ot Trump Bias and other designs, Fancy Wood, Woo'd Polish, etc., — AT — Samuel Thurston’s PIANO & ORGAN WARE-ROOMS, 3 FREE ST. BLOCK. jn2 FM&Wtf For the Islands ! STEAMER^MAGISET MW MOO MWMj VII Vll. THE Copartnership formerly existing under the firm name of E. II. CABNEY A CO., is this day dissolved by mutual consont. All bills will be settled by E. H. Carney. E. H. CARNET, F. P. LOWELL. Portland, June 1st, 1676. jn2eodlw FOSTER’S Forest City Dye House 13 PREBLE STREET. Air Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleansing and (Steam Feather Bed Renovating. Orders received at the Dye House or by Mail. Dyeing and Cleansing as usual. my2naeodlm LIQUOR DEALERS. THE Adjourned meeting of the Liquor Dealers of Portland, will be held at No. 5501 Congress Street, MONDAY EVENING, June 5th, at 8 o’clock. ju2d3t PER ORDER. Wanted. TO hire a Pleasure Boat for the season that will carry about fifteen to twenty persons. Address or apply to WESLEY G. SMITH, ju2d3t Central House, Old Orchard Beach, Me. Wanted. TWO Gentlemen of good address to travel. Best inducements ottered. Address H. P. KINGMAN, ju2d3t* P. O., Portland. Boarders Wanted. Cl ENTLEMEN and wives or single gentlemen W boarders wanted at Woodford’s Cor., on line of horse-railroad. Inquire at Colesworthy’s store, Woodford’s Cor. ju2dtf Wanted. A YOUNG man, out of business for awhile, would like to collect bilis (or one or two parties. Good references. Charges satisfactory. Address C W„ Press Office. ju2d3t* Wanted, A COOK for Ward Room Mess, on board U. S. S. *‘Monongahela.” Apply on board. ju2 d3t* Immense Sacrifice! PARASOLS — AND — Sun Umbrellas — AT — MllFICTIim’S PRICES. We are ready to offer 500 Parasols and Sun Um brellas. consisting of Serge and Boiled Twilled Silk, from 18 to 30 inch, in Ebony, Bone, Horn, Pearl In laid, Ivory and Oxidized Handles, from $1.25 and upwards. Positively the largest and cheapest line in the City. Also German and Lisle Gauze GLOVES for Ladies, Gents and Misses, with one to four but tons, from 15 to 45 cents. Also a complete line in and Heavy Knotted. Also MAKTHA WASHINGTON Caps and Bonnets! for Children. Cloaks. Children’s Robes and Short Dresses at astonishingly low prices, 5GO Doz. Kid Gloves, in German and French Kids, from 1 to 6 button, at 50c and 60c, 2 button at 70c. 85c, $1.00, $1.15 the best. Also Oourvoisiers Real Kid warranted, at $1.50, a bargain at $1.75. 4 button reduced to $1.50 539 CONGRESS ST., F. LATJTER. Ladies should bear in mind that we are selling the above goods at Boston prices, and by examining will convince themselves. ap7 deod3m Geo. M. Boswortli, Formerly with Marred, Bailey & Co., has taken the New Store Cor, Free & Cotton Sts., and intends to keep a lull assortment ol urnuESJEKi uuuds of every description for Drapery and Decora* tire Work, By making a specialty ot this depart ment in upholstery, we propose to place before the public every facility for obtaining the newest designs and fabrics, and at lowest prices. Also Window Shaded and Vixfured. And a complete assort ment of Kootu JPaper. mh21tf "50 CENTS FREE. SPECIAL OFFER—FOR SHORT TIME Will 8end,post-pa id free,to each new subscriber of The New York Agents* Monthly, a mag nificent Centennial Memorial Medal (in fancy box), struck in Albata Plate Silver, larger than a silver trade dollar, 1$ inch in diameter—Price 50 cents each. The Agents’ Monthly is a handsome, spicy, 1G page paper. Subscription price 25 cents a a year. Send 25 cents, and you will receive the Agents’ Monthly for one year, post-paid, aud the above Medal gratis. Address, FENTON PIBLI^IUNG CO. mbl5d&\v6m 170 Broadway, New York. E. PYTTEKICK. <Sc CO.'S Patterns of Garments I Summer Catalogues Just Received at 267 MIDDLE STREET. C. DYEIt, Agent. myl6 d3w* IF YOU ARE TROUBLED WITH CORNS, BUNIONS! LARGE JOINTS OB INGROWING N AIIj^I you can cure them without using the knife by having your feet properly fitted at the Boot and Shoe Store 230 Middle St. ap28cUf M. G. PALMER. _REMOVAL. DR. GOWELL, Has removed to Ho. 2 Casco Street, Where he is successfully treating the sick by the use of Dr. J. Clawson Kelley's Botanic Kune, •lies, in connection with ICIerfrieiiy and the Health ttift Cure. Also is Agent lor Dr. Killder’a Premium t lectio Magnetic Battery. Advice free. mylL’dtf hemoval! " WM. E. “DENNISON Las removed from 238 COITIinERCIAL STREET — TO — 118 COMMERCIAL ST., HEAD LOIVU WHARF. COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner ship under the firm name of SARGENT, DENNISON & CO., and have taken the stand at Long Wharf, 118 Commercial St., where they will continue the business of Wholesale and Relail Dealers — IN — COAL AND WOOD, and would he pleased to see all their former patrons and as many new ones as may favor us with a call. EDWARD H. SARGENT. WILLIAM E. DENNISON. Portland, May 1,187C. myldtf 99 Exchange St. Do you want a Stylish Soil made ot the best material and in the best manner ? Go to W. H. Holding's, 99 EXCHANGE ST. Do you waut a Business Suit in the latest style of Goods and make! Go to W.H. Homing s. No. 99 Exchange St. Do you want the Nobby Suit of the season 1 KOHLING has the Goods and : OHLING can make it at No. 99 Exchange St. It you want your Clothes made in the most workmanlike manner and a perfect tit every time, go to KOHLING’S, 99 EXCHANGE ST. A CAR . I take this opportunity to return to my patrons in Portland and vicinity my sincere thanks for their patronage in the past, and am pleased to announce that 1 am constantly receiving and have on hand the choicest and most stylish French, German and Amer ican goods, which I propose to make up in as good a manner as can be done elsewhere and at as reason able rates L shall be pleased to show my goods to all who are trying the market. No garment is allowed to go from my establish ment which does not give perfect satisfaction. %V. II KOHLINO. myl9tf 99 Exchange St. STONE & DOWNER, HI HOUSE BROKERS AND FORWARDERS, SO. as STATE ST., — AND — Centre Desk, Kotunda, Custom House, BOSTON. Particular attention given to the enter, ing and forwarding of merchandise arriving at PORT OF BOSTON, also New York, Philadelphia and Portland. Having unsurpassed facilities, we are prepared to forward goods with prompt ness and dispatch. Business entrusted to our care will receive prompt attention. STONE & DOWNER, 28 State St.. Boston. apodeoil 6 m HEALTH LIFT ! A THOROUGH GYMNASTIC SYSTEM — FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IN TEN MINUTES ONCE A DAY. Doubles the strength in three months. D(y>s not fatigue nor exhaust. Refreshes anil invigorates. Removes dyspepsia and indigestion. Tones the ner vous system. Improves the circulation. Warms the extremities. Increases the general vitality. Exercise and Salesroom, 237 Middle Street, Portland, Me J. H. GAIJBERT, Proprietor. no25__ tf Window Frames ! When you cannot And what yon want and arc in a harry for Window Frames, call at BUStROWES BROS'., Where yon can Ahvc them at short notice. Cor. Cross and Fore Street. PORTLAND, ME, ap!7__ deoil tf FOR SALE-! The Brig Endorus NOW at this port, 241 tons register, had large re pairs and was metaled in January, 1875; is now in tine order and well iound in sails and rigging. Will be sold at a bargain. Apply to myoOistt CHASE, LEAVITT & CO. Lawn Mowers. If you want a Lnwa Mower write for special price. Very Iiow'. FRED ATWOOD, api28eodtf AViuterport, JRe. CARRIAGES. A FINE lot of Phaetons and Brewster top Bug gies, built of the best material and warranted first class, for sale. Plcaso give me a call before pur chasing elsewhere. F. II. RANDALL, Over Geo. Rose’s Stable on PREBLE ST my6 dtf Notice to Pensioners. On and after Jnne 4th, 1970, the (J. 9. Pension Agency will be fouud at Fluent Block, for. Emigres* and Exchange 9ti. Entrance same aw iTlu*euui. «EO. L. BEAD, juldlw E. 9. Pension Agent. To tie Ladies ol Portland and Deu! CEEAIV BEDS more impoitant than elegant furniture. Feather beds, pillows and ha:r mat tresses ought to be cleansed every year. It will pro mote health and prevent disease. Cleansing by Sieaui is the only sure way of destroying vermin and removing disagreeable odors. Send in your or ders to the office of “The Strain Feather Ken* ovator,” 218 Federal St. All inquiries eheerlully answered. myl5codtf Baled Hay for Hale IN lots to suit purchasers. Price eighteen (18) dol lars per ton at BROWN’S SUGAR HOUSE, my27dlwis* York Street. fllARCOAL. WANTED 1300 Bushels Hard Wood Charcoal at Eastern Railroad. Address 772 Portland Post Office, or PALMER CLARK, Corner Portland and Grove Sts., Portland, Mondays. aprl8dtf CITY ADVERTISEMENTS CITY OF PORTLAND. Office, I ^ May 6. 1876. I NOTICE is hereby given to all parties interested in the petitions for Sewers in Hanover and Casco Streets, that a hearing will he had on said petitions, at the Aldermen’s Roomln City Building, on MONDAY, the fifth day of June next, at 7* o’clock P. M., and that thereafter they will deter mine and adjudge if public convenience and necessi ties require the construction of said Sewers. Per order, my8dtd H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. Ordinances. 1—No Dog shall be permitted to go at large or loose in any street, lane. aJJej, court, or travelled way, or in any uninclosed or public place in this city, until the owner or keeper of such dog, or the head of the family, or the keeper of the house, store, shop, office or other place where such dog is kept, or har bored. shall have paid to the city marshal two dol lars for a license for such dog to go at large. 2—The city marshal shall grant a license to any citizen tor his or her dog to run at large, on the pay ment of two dollars; which license shall expire on the first dav of May next after the same is given. 3~-It shall be the duty of the city marshal to cause all dogs to be destroyed which shall be found atJ[arg© within the city, without a collar. The above ordinances will be strictly enforced. myl7dtf C. K. BRIDGES, City Marshal. I Centennial Excursion — TO — PHILADELPHIA — AND — OTHER POINTS OP INTEREST! At the urgent solicitation of leading citizens the un dersigned have undertaken the management of a Grand Centennial Excursion ! THE STEAMER NEW BRUNSWICK, CAPT. PIKE, of the International Line—which has been complete ly refitted and refurnished—will T ~ Tl 11 X A W a m utiuu xuruiiuu o r. in,, TUESDAY, JUNE 13, running direct to Philadelphia, where she will lie at Walnut street wharf for four days. Horse cars can be taken every live minutes from the head of the wharf to the Exposition buildings. Returning, the steamer will touch at CAPE MAY and LONG BRANCH, affording ample time to visit these Vamona Wa tering Places, and thence Sail through New York Harbor by Daylight, remaining till next day at that city. Thence UP THE HUDSON — TO — WEST POINT, viewing the famous scenery of that river, and Touching at Martha’s Vineyard on the way home. Portland will be reached Friday, June !*3d. '£$T*The Table will be Supplied with the Best the Market affords Ticket., including Jlrak and Sleeping Accommodation., *40. Stale Boom, ex ra’Mnsic will lend its Attractions! ^*No Liquors Hold on the ShiP-JEH This Excursion is intended to meet the wants ot families, and affords a splendid chance for parties of from five to fifteen to visit the Exposition, without care, and in congenial company. Already a large number of subscriptions have been received from our best known citizens, and early application for passage should be made to ROLLINS, LORING & ADAMS, 22 EXCHANGE STREET, mvl9 PORTLAND. dtd SHIRTS ! Unlaundried Shirts, all finished, and made ot Wamsutta Cottons and nice Einen Bosoms and Cnfls for the low price ot $1.25 ! Call and Examine Them. , Charles Custis & Co., 493 CONGRESS ST. my5 isdlv MUSIC ! ADDRESS ALL ORDERS —TO— Collins & Buxton, 522 Congress St., Portland., Mo. del4 dly New Styles — OF — PAINTED CHAMBER SUITS! — AT — THOS. F. BEALS’, 20 EXCHANGE STREET. Best painted suite finished in the State. I manufac ture my owneuits, and also the ADJUSTABLE SPRUNG BED, the best and cheapest Spring Bed in the market. Call and see for yourselves. Any one can have the Bed on trial one week free of cost. Ware Room JO Exchange St., my22is3w Factory on Pluut Street. PORTLAND RUBBER TYPE CO., — MA_NCFAOTlTRKRR OF — Rubber Hand Stamps, Name Nlampa for Marking Linen, Rubber and Metal Dating Ninmpa,Ribbon Htampa, Meal Preaaea, Door Plate*, lloniie Num ber*. Mteel Miamps, Mienciln, Burning Brands, Baggage and Hotel Checks, Ac. NO. 232 FEDERAL ST., PORTLAND, ME. HfAccnts wanted. Send for circular. fcblStt THE AERATED Oxygen Treatment. A GENUINE cure for Catarrh, Asthma, Rheuma tism, Dyspepsia, Lung and all Chronic Dis eases is still ottered to all who are afflicted, at 385 Congress Mtreet. Portland, Me., Room 3, Cahoon Block, where a large number of testi monials can be seen. Consultation and trial dose free. jal2tfis«&wtfl0 SIMONDS INI)IA street. DYE 'Vo%». House,n 8^" Cotton and Wool Dresses Dyed Without Kipping. aprll 2m /^lARPENTHH’M Manual.—A practical guide V/ to all operations of the trade; drawing for car penters, forms of contracts, specifications, plans, *&c., illustrated, 50 cts. PA1NTERN’ Manual. —House and sign painiing.grainiDg, varnishing, pol ishing, kalsomining, pairing, lettering, staining, gilding, <&c., 50 cts. Hook of Alphabets, 50. Scrolls and Ornaments, $1. Watchmaker and Jeweler, 50 Soap-maker, 25. Taxidermist, 50. Hunter and Trapper’s Guide, 20. Dog Training, 25. Of booksel lers or by mail. JESSE HANEY & CO.. 119 Nassau tit.* N. Y. apr5d3ru AUCTION 8ALK8 F. O. BAILEY & CO* Auctioneers and Commission Merchants Salesroom. 33 and .«» Exchange Ml. ». O. »AIL*T. a W. JLLLXH Regular sale of Furniture and General Merchan dise every Saturday, commencing at 10 o’clock a. m. Consignments solicited. oc3dt FIIR.MTLRE, CARPETS, M, BY AUCTION. ON SATURDAY, June 3d, at 10 o’clock A. M., at Basement Salesroom 35 and 37 Exchange Street, we shall sell Brussels, Tapistrv and Ingrain Carpets. Parlor Suits, Chamber Sets, Parlor, Library and Bouquet Tables, Hat Trees, Sofas, Lounges. Easy Chairs, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture, Crockery and Glass Ware, <&c. F. O. BULKY A CO., Auciieaeert. Jnl d3t Manufacturer’s Sale — OF — NEW AND FINE CARRIAGES BY AUCTION. On Saturday, June 8d, at 10 o’clock, at the Horse and Carriage Mart, Plum St., Portland, Me., WE eh.ll sell by order of Manufacturers 5# New Carriages, consisting of 2 and 3 Spring Phaetons, full extension top Carrvalls, different patterns,some verv fine finish Standing top Carryalls, Shifting top Box Buegies, White Chapel top Buggies, Dexter pattern top Buggies, Howel! Gigs, Piano Box Buggies. Coal Box Buggies, I vers’ pattern Wagon, Beach Wagons, Concord Wagons, Express Wagons, 23 New Harnesses from a Bankrupt Stock, different trimmings', will be sold without reserve. These Carriages are of different grades of work, some of them from the most reliable Manufacturers In this City and New England States; they are Carriages which have accumulated on their hands this sewon, and mast bo realised. Every Carriage offered will be sold without reserve. V. O. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneer.. PLANTS AT AUCTION. ON TUESDAY, dunaff b. at 13 o’clock A. M., at Salesroom 33 Exchange Street, we (ball sail 3000 Plants from Albert Dirwanger’s Conservatories, Mnnjoy Hili, Hardy, Perpetual, and Tea Koees, Pelargoniums, Geraniums, Fuschlas, Iviee. Lilias, Ferns, Mixed Baskets, Verbenas and Pansies, together with a large variety of choice and rare Plants, Hanging Baskets, &c. We invite examina tion on morning of sale. E. O. BAILEYA CO., Aactleaeen. Jul _d3t PORTLAND JpFACTlIRE. CARRIAGES a at — On Thursday, Jane 1st, at 11 A. M. — AT — JOHN RUSSELL’S Carriage Repository, 5111-2 CONGRESS ST., Will be sold a large assortment of Carriages, consisting of Phaetons, Jnmp Seat Carryalls, Open and Top Buggies, Beach Wagons. Concord Wagons, One light S Spring Express Wagon, Ac, &c. Also a large number of Second Hand Carriages, all in good repair. ;jT"Th«- abort sale will he rtnlinttS WKDSESDAV, June 7,al 11 o’rleck. my30 dtil ASSIGNEE’S SALE ! $12,000 Worth of Goods AT AUCTION. BY order ot the U. S. District Court for the Dis trict ot New Hampshire, tbe subscriber will sell at Public Auction at Gorham, N. H., on Friday, the 30th Day of June, 1876, At lO O’clock A. the largest and best stock of Hardware, Wood ware. Earthenware, Tinware and Hollow-ware ever put upon the market in Northern New Hampshire or Vermont. It embraces 300 STOVES of every variety, 3 Tons Sheet Don, a large lot of Block Tin, raw stock of every description, an ex tensive assortment ot Stove Castings and other Repair Stock, in fact everything in tbe line of Hard ware from a Thimble to a $75.00 Stove, and a Tack Nail to an Iron Bar. It is the entire Bankrupt Stock of E. S. MASON & CO., and this Sale cannot tail to afford a rare opportunity to dealers in that class of goods. Every one desirous of purchasing will be afforded ample opportunity lor inspecting and invoicing tbe goods by calling on John E. Willis, Gorham, N. H. Also on tilth, 1876. at lO *> in tbe fbrenoon, will be sold at public auction at said Gorham tbe Maghill Mason Block, Consisting of two good stores with tenements and extensive Hall overhead; being the same recently occupied by E. S. Mason & Co., in their hard ware business at said Gorham. The property is well located and commands heavy rents. Terms mad 5 known at time and place ot sale. C B. JORDAN, Assignee. Lancaster, N. H., May 29,1876. juld2w 1876. Carriages 1876. Successor to and for 20 years connected with the “OLD HOUSE” of J. M. KIMBALL & CO., Congress Street, OPPOSITE PREBLE HOUSE. I hare the largest and finest assort* ment of Carriages in Maine. The prodnet of my own factory during the winter months. All of them made of oarefnlly selected material under my own personal supervision, and by the best Mechanics in New England. I offer the above at reduced prices and as low as STRICTLY FIRST CLASS WORK can be sold. N. B.-This work cannot be fonnd at the Auction Sales. CARD. As interested parties have given the impression (perhaps unintentionally) that my carriages aire for sale at the auction sales in this city, I would my that ray work can be tonnd on sale at my factory and repository only. Every carriage made by me bears my name plate as successor to J. M. Kimball & Co., and 1 will pay f.W for the conviction of aoy party using the same on other than my own work. my 19dfrm K U It li K K llUSli 10 CENTS PER FOOT. Wc will sell Hose for washing windows, sidewalks, sprinkling lawns, gardens, Ac., at the low price of 10 cents per foot and up wards. Brass Couplings, Pipes, Ac,, all attached and ready for use at lowest prices. Hall’s Pa tent Combination Pipe, which makes a sprinkler or solid stream by simply turning the stop cock. Try these and you will use no others. Call and examine at Hallos Rubber Store, UNDER FALMOUTH HOTEL. rayl64tl PAINTS AND OILS. WHITE LEADS, COLORS AND VARNISHES. Buyers u( the above named goods are invited to call and examine goods and prices. We warrant all articles exactly as represented. W, W. WHIPPLE * CO., my9dlm 1 viarkft Square, Portland LIVE AND LET LIVE IS OUR MCTO Great Reduction in i’tlces of Lauudry Work. Shirt* with Bonobh • • 13 cents Collars ------ 3 »• Pair ('afTs - - - - - ft « Portland Laundry, ‘2‘2 Union St. aplO d3m $500 RRWARD! A REWARD ot FIVE HUNDRED dollais is oflered by the Town of Cape Elizabeth for the arrest and conviction of the person or persona who set Are to the stables of Nathan Over and Wm. S. Emery on the nights of .May ISth and I9tb, IS76. THUS. B. HASKELL, ) Selectmen E. N. JORDAN, ! of STEPHEN SCAMMAN,) Cape Elizabeth. Cape Elizabeth, May 20,1S76. myf U2w

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