Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 22, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 22, 1857 Page 4
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ri WOOD UtWMftYII AGEKCT* W F ie!-j*ectfo!!y iif:>mi those inter ▼ v etrd. that we have made ample and are reidt to receive tajaeil Curd IVuod upon commt*sion exclusively. Our irtei.ds a Wd stl offers wft* mat fa trot its a itii consign mentis will be ea bled tc receive full price* for their Wood, and not compelled to suffer sacrifice? in con*:ueuch of a plotted market ch Combination aitionr defers. Überat advancements made on all eonisttmenta. 11 * *•"" s > ‘ 1 S&-. • Ml orders tor ererv description 6f Building Hi atonal- tilled With pronpt oesa and upon the moet accommodating %S*t .Aft: **ghtp he Ift of ore existing IMMi .Hht unsM>iged was dis Ibr M .... -*vibg I* authorized to VruElcrlpiioll swilo^Frhrn?Vill roofer a! favor oi*oo or b* immediate payment. .vWcsJWWMIK H KfNGgx <M , A J- **, *! 183$. V* /■ r*t ,** h£ i- .. -4 ,-._■, ..1 i. . i. ... <r.i ...■> I At b. EAi At 190 IV, t/.TfE, .V2-ff., A7.or* .f.VZ) FEtt) STORE, Xo. 1?2 Dugan's Wkmf, Hatfimere. KEEP coii-danlfy on hand all kind.-* nt Vtill?. Feed. Guano. I ine Hay, Brick*. Htur. Calcined Plgste*. ■ Oats, Chop. Hye, ewe. Wh ohveon huni j also a very Ihigt* Ht-urtmeot nf , Door*, Shu't-r?, Frames &r. Ail order* for the purchase of Lumber a ill be at- ; tended to with promptness, and *ali*t*c- I tio>; be xuaraoie#-*!. June I9!h, |Kny—-if. R E * O V A L . IIFE is lull of \i <stntes an** with i a view of improving our condition, i we are eoti-jandv contemplating none change in the *#Hr* of lilt. So i? is with WOCtWUrM Ist BEAM who, to lucrea*** : their facilities, have removed their GROCERY COMMISSION HOUSE; mow JVo. 104 to 130, Dugan's Wharf, where they are prepared to receive all kinds of rown’rv produce tor sale on com- Mission, and will attend in person to the pspec’ion of Tubscro consigned to them. They will keep constantly on hand a an-1 penor .wortment of GROCERIES f all kinds a- here’ofore. They wHI also purchase all kinds of Goods out of their lure ott com mission. Thankful for the fibers! pstionagc they have heretofore receiv cd, they -solicit a:;d Hope to merit a continuance of the same. GOODRICH & BEAN March 20l!i, l^h. ■ •"* r ~~ .Urn. A. Iff. MADDOX'S BOARDING HOUSE, No. 442, C’OfOKK OF 4$ STREET ON THE AvCNCE IN THE HOl.St FORM BALT OCCUPIED v Mrs. Hatto.n, over W. H. Gilman's Drcgg Waxhinotok, D. C. Mrs. \l. is prepared to accommodate Boarders by the month. week, day, or meal. Residence near the Capitol, City : Hall and the principal Hotels. Gentlemen can have rooms with or j without Board. Board $1,50 per day. June 12th IHSB -tf. - t f U ■ f r■ i SIOO REWARD. -| will give the above Hewxrd for the I apprehension and safe delivery to me, At: ehymhgto Fraaci* Msaaing if be is| 1 ken out of the cmiuty aad SSO reward if taken in the cowmy; and 1 will also ipve SSO tor the detection and coavic ti hi any free p* rsoo, white or black,, w fio liiay harbor or recrete^did. Slid boy Ns a or 8 inches higbi rapd * has a freckle*! face. His clothing is |ot ♦jjhßembered. , He ranjjJfrom cot tdmy of FeSjjfaiy 1 MWww 1 ■ t ItQefii * a * R I * • f % lira IT'I --r-TT- -■■ n/k a ■■■ i‘W|| I. 1-w, - -|, r rt j |- jJi Ba/h'9 N#f. 1 HAS coneftanlttrtm hand a full stock .of'Lime (wotid burnt). Bricks flair. Cement* Cuicined Filter, Corn, Gets, Corn Meal, Chop Rye, Mill Feed, tdk\ IM of whicb be Will sell at the low est market rates Orders for aay efdhe flaifiifliibiw. lil promptness, and sat*action be guaran teed. April 13th tUM /. q p # j —■ --- -U. m~. 4„ . PVkE LTQCORS. OLD London dock Brandy; Golden Sherry W ve*y superior: Hol land Gin. equßl to SmirdHin Svnpp; Clare•, brands St.Julien and S f . Emillion 3 iteaadft superior Old Ryu Whiskey For w*M* b> ' *-'3 SPALDING A GBEKMVEtL. June 19th, 1850. - FJRMIKG IMPLEMENTS. XTST received aad for sHe an excel teat aondv of sv PLOUGHS . PLOUGH ai&TLMOS. HdBMOWS. CULTWA TORS, and CORX SHELLEMA GPAI.D4NG A GREEN WELL May Btb^ißoA J Boor rtUT SHO tv the HAWS OFEFE BWUr.' WE L L j f * EVERT MAN HIS i j AND UNrrid>STAT®FROM IBOOK RISING a eemukip OudM # all onnem m 3 of Law, aou ftMiww ■kmoouou*. fth | MerchawtSp Mabn&cmrvrs. Iflhuics, la i runoerf, AttU, andJßroten wLo c* dp their Legal Buuiibi hiv> ‘■'■Lrtrweitt* *apej9e. anxiety of latte. coniaTefag lejpil forms of l > i I L II . I 1 ! Lease*, AfUdavrs, tVpcVhmpi, iKiads, Or ders. t lo<htm>I o< htm> of Attorney, jLTgtLS , cates of Citizenship, Agivertiect^BMgu- Imenb*, A varb, TieclaratiolkN, State* gr !>•- oand, Desinand*, Letim uf tion Bupd, Partnership Article*, fWhjna. AdmhltorHfDni* and Frecotor** |iu tmctiuoA, Orders, With. Cc-JiciU, Ap preaiicestiiu laden fuses, SUbntfs*?cn3S tauii JpJtmtrea, Tmanta* dud I,attslofUe* toeiif*. Receipts, PcQkiMii, Public .Lands, Land VVarrartU,'OAlhpo*itn u with Creditors’ Oaths. SMtistaction of Mortpips. Preenjp. urtn Lawv. Pau-m Laws, zivmg fnrf hWßftlffT* acme u> Tuvenk*N. warn tuft and rorabllflW -!ni.niin< fcf without legal ? faoce, m vu.iii and yyery dcseriptioi ; also cootaitung ! petty exempt fr<m Execottou, Lieft Law Law Law oftramradg Vfsa- I 1 , ' s h > ' }r /}p“ of of rt' I mteef Stai !e**~s fCaiSfOSfSy sit'll i <*f Book Keep n/, InterM | Tables, Gold and Lifver < *cnn Tab}*-,, Seals, of every elate in the In >n, “ir. l2mo. S2tl • pages. Price, ia Law Binding, |L vgje So laU/f or lu* t •a tTie prenarjmoii of (hu to make it v-venr War fiiily adapted to die wants o? eve rt business ruau iu every S’afe in the L'iim>ii, aad the Publisher i*e enimf mufiiut n<-e a its atijjienoniy over any Funn B*n>k as liu-;iu -s Man’s ‘ ’omp.iEion ? {idh Energetic and reliable warned to Leli ib* work id er*-ry Smse in the t'niou. Sent, post paid, on receipt oi price. Ad dress. J, ♦ 1. WVHi-LsUPubiial ‘tng A^a. # T ! R.ekinHa c- r. Nassau, S. Y. j July 23n1, IB'k>—iw. THE UNIVERSITY FAMILY jL RRMKIdRh‘. iinlr;:Ue sea), sencis n rm tliontCbi ti.*- 1 ti!>rviiy of free Medicine ind popular kiiowlegge,- Chiitered Lj the M*ate ot Penusvlrama, | Apnjjef, I n.7\ With a apitnl of one hundred thovfpud i lotiar>. uiamiy Mr the purport- of anueung j •!*e Kvils of Spurious Xostrunis. Al'-o, 'or supplying the Community fcrtth : reiis:b,e remeiiies wherever a r. inpernit Fhy i sieiun cannot or will aoi be employed, Hiave purrliaMd from Dr. John R. liuwaad v his j n-lebrav-d \„ j KOWAAiyS TONIC MIjCTCRR, Known for upwanis pt \ ears xs the ouly sore and and safe cure fore Kevei and Ague, A c. jr-. And tut hetditaakfe Reufethj for Bowel Complaints. Uowand’s Compound Syrup of Blackberry Root, ■ VVbich highly nppruved and popular Ren. |ed:, togePter with tin* Unirersiiy’s Remedy for Complaints of the Remedy M A the I. isivM*fl|- cushion, may lie t •*an*.or Store of Daniel T. Morgan, HeadyoT Bav; G. I. A F. F. Spalding, Leonard Town; Dowds A Bean, Clifton J. i. All-Man. Great Mills: Cole & Shad Ho k, Mt. Olive: G. H. New Pori, St. Ma rv% Coiirli ,-. .\fd. ' 'A * May 3rd 1855-1 y. BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, SULKIES. mz * f subscriber has on band ill his fl newly erected Factory a greft va nely of Carriages, all of which, as regard: durability, finish and styd|, will compare with the best in the coumry. He would e*pectfully call tlie attention bf hi? friends and the public generally of : St. Mary's and adjoining counties to this fact a nd at the same time- be takea oc | rai-ion to express to them hi? sincere ’hanks for their former patronage. With | the stock of Carriages at present in his . Factory an ! Ihe facilities which he po*. | sesses for manufacturing, he feels confi dent of being able to meet the wants of those who wish to purchase. His Fac tory (which has been lately re-bui!t> is near the corner of Third street and Penn j sylvan ia \ venue, opnosite Gadsby's flo : tel. Old Carriages repaired at the short est notice, or taken in exchange for new ones. He has a good assortment of se eond band Carriages which will be sold oMteasonable terms. MICHAEL MrDERMOTT. jo Washington D. C June 8, tSS4. t.u N]|fl to Varmcrs umA PSaittolrs MILCH COWS JtXD STOCK GEXERALL Y VVfHEN Cow* in milk are on Ww green, succulent fotaJ, they rfe miire a regular and liberal supply f>f Safi- So, also, when cattle are first turned k> pasture in the Spring, they venture H -moQ frequently than in the latter part of the season when the herbage ia less soc cu ent and frf>lu It is ofivn t‘ e case that animals taken from dry food, and siioptied exclusively a uh green fermeot : able herbage are greatly debilitated by | scours. Salt, in due quantity, if | taia prev*uta!ire of his wahiHk JRatk 1 Salt is ’he most economical and #Lotc- J nienf wav to salt *tock.l;y yflacing pieces I n different paita of the field, where the oek can have acee* to il ad pleasure. 1 j Orders for this, or arty other articles in our line will be promptly attended to by > DUVALL h IGLEHART, ' Grocers aad Com mission Merchant*, I 3& Light street W harf, Baltimore March, 28th, 1836—t1. ? ————- .. ——4 k ™e^L R pLlby. !, Mary’s eoaut? a a candidate lor the office Jbfum of Wilb at ikrimio. in 1867. wd . u pofltinn. PAfVXiUfI - m: : MISS MART A. ST.HOr irLD. CBS.IT SITFERIMG BEUtrEt) % •'WTEBMSTtMU WIRKITIVE HAtk happy TRUTH STRAW RB TILLY FIC TIOM. La ;*, Amwtro Hc\ m Turiwwir !*t k —Taihnee who nai* Ike pWurt rf I fcnoamg her we uecd any n~ ; butte others j: W* remark Utat a d<*irr u> I .aerli tht i tiering * . | Malacca Ur thus to tjunk. " can j>pre<iii . for joy and gratitude in bem* relieved from pain, aiVer ye*rs of <eifferia* slums* .mparaitolrd. hat h ike*e (if tkcee beaay) who- have suucrcd like '• * M** 4 I'm* been a of oor city— - * For ike East two yeatrs hac Seen eiPiwfaßy W* - Mkfii schoe4 wf Jfo. O) Baltimore street. -; Who kappr met bfrdik is a subject af . aatonuitmeci nfmkjuy u her mtraereat i'neuds. ~We |jc those jpteresied to call on her. S he Ii wilr ten xhetn <tr* of he- cure by | IRnWh <thfcOke hdO written. True tt ta this i I rttnedv guee os rising relief I o the rk. We Mf A* ptddto to them. From more distant j ' ||M*l Wf almhe-p of the same hant-y results. ! ° fiwt*, wr* ih crnirirrmit le** fawny of I • tUManis, iHouH c&M* skepticism and rejo * dim tt* hide their heads, ard cotareik *bat Hump - (M's TWure is in a wonderful dtscov *v. „ BaUimorr, tVioherlfoh, 1855 * •Sain i. Mortimer Sr ■ tfcirkroy—Olfci*s : f bare tMayAi cntwndy tn ton* n wtitinc to yon in | f rfo®b to the Vttftnee of Hampton's Tincture. I %* ev wvr, th at I caoput gttf the, nfifikud wwid a just idea of the *.a>d t ha# derived from irs use ; the benefits here heed to ptst tbfit 1 . toaMtiedegnsif m ihmaek i■ 1 with , 1 rheum?: ism, to ns idW maliguaat rttofST, at the etarfy age of two end a hair tears,; to t-r **. riiiwUd iuU l/io**<d U* , Atlione Onuti, on ny .way tb America, at which 11 tin# it Kietlged It* f>rm info a gatbeiiag. It bed! at litis time acquired niy gtnwth, and never ex -1 netted to he well agenda* *he dwes'.e emu:, in f *>c idac;*, of my heind vftrnMJtti fmm fti : I dhiMrVbn hhd -tbe vrhite When my 3B*beTn-_ ffrnt bodfe it did mw ifcwhadk’lwiir * than on** j.tar:, and an noiainoed to trouts* nie trerv t.’sift lui >kcdorv,>iam the !#Queued;! sfrcngl’i n-a rc.J>i**fcd >!.t wce.ku *-t of*lnfki’vy-‘ I w s sevcml time!* vtrv siSar the _n*are r rrsy nad tCe* out o* pises ej ' saice ) had the at.a. k. A* i age of th/r --!ten i|y har*d> beo-anc dkipn&ted, Thcjse auf ieriiijfi, a*d the deh'lity I felt fs*nm the j mMhnt dtschunfe of iuT gsrtfierrnsrs, nie oftm Ip th nk ll;at I siimi’d never be '-srmiticit jto know bow it fipH to s *e free from j***tn and j sudenu”, eve; far one hour, until, > y poor itudy j shoo'd l>c rhnnccJ and hecmut-’tke unt • “Ch'-ist’s t * -'lonotts body, * vt Vast,* nut.l • this mortal I nave pt •• irmitbrt.tbiy.” j i had ::ike many tin Jinncs, and received :*o hule umr&t, lUt 1 : ati cooiiJeui r•: i;<mc. I had uwji! of nearly J! l!:- Kvimn,!*! aii<| * other <■•>:?< r.-.’, I . 4,J heard rf. I !;,.•! be* - t pl:t*.*ed \ry .;%■ frii oti.-i nr* ier e of ’he ; best Fiiysif-oriS of -.d all the relief ; ever obtained vv*.s but. f mnsitory dumtion j Whett I fin*: beutd of (larnolon *s lip.flore, ! had io ; ie coiiliJcMj'e }:: .u< ulSiacy, i on* I had a fr.emJ who had known Mr. Jar*. Plummer, when iiis solTetiig-s: wro-e at the worstt ! and had witiier*?*cd the cure wrau“l!i upon him, [ To pltitae her, f consented to try the and I had not taken one hottu befire I began tu fid its beaef.riti! atrfctifih returned— Imy appetite to-.ime —my complexion viau clera—i isll hke uituiher person, the j influence of flits fViend, yon became s.'.jnainfetl with my case, and rbqtiested to *ce !ie ; you told ■ , me my case wtut such a t’ecuhar owe that you r Would like to aee the etfecis of the Tincture fully 1 developed in it, mid it desired to take it, you f ( would present it to me, if ir whs for the spare of i j five years—but onlycightenmu;:dtsbaver/jwrf.' (ovcl I keee bof ectru mprtftirm of s dis<a..r ; I have become-strong mol hearty—l can sic :d aa htteue tbm: most ot di; tdv a iirailhA;! < hip ' A **t;i.v/ Cjuite *u.ii I '.ti. t'-in n! ; n rntu li. ~ ii uki my parents had kown of tb i , prejmedy when I was a child, aa 1 lielierf I should ffkeve been saved tW jiair. f hare Iwn subjected to, os well as the defonmty of hotly I HU:at carry to the jrwe, -ind tr.y nareiiM would not have l>een under such heavy expctism from doctor* * hills, aru in sending me, as they did, to the celebrated springs in England in search--of health. 1 wish all the aiHicted world could see me, and hear the ben fits I h*ve derired from this Tincture of Hampton *s. I try to make ail acquainted wi'h us virtues with whom I come in contact. , ;■ , Ueutlemen, I ran a thousand times obliged to you, and you are at liberty to use my name sod case to all. \t %RT A. ScrtFl*:i.T). .Vo. f>3b vV. Htdiiinore rre?t. To Messrs. Mortimer & Mowbray, 390 Balti more at., Baltimore. DeVnte females and children will find this n r great blessing. It f-;;s res ored thousaads to health HAMPTON’S VEGET API E TINCTURE. Call ard get pnmphjets gratid wifh history of j discovery of this wonderful Blood rfimger, and j 1 seerertrncp**';; ~f own citirens, of Rheumatism, , Uysfrephin S-rofula, Liver Generc.! ! Nervnu r.r.*, Ac. Af. Mortimer 4 Mowbray, 94b balt.n.ore street,, Be’ firnore, have it for aa’e. fj * Sold by Greenwd!, I.eonard Town; 1 . i JL T. M. Halier, rha f .ti-o>; snu Wro. H. Oar-1 ner *t Cii.* Miles Town. . November 22nd, It-jj—tf DRUGS. .MEDICINES, Paints. Oils, Varnishes, WinOnw Class, Paint Brushes, &., *c. THE Ims In store, and is receiving additions fb retdettish his akwt of goods, | J Which he will sell at the lowest rates. A few ' -articles are named W-w. i 1 j Dtp vt> \Upicixev—Umin*, Castor Od, ; Ei sr.m Salts. Iprctj'-, Tartar Esaenc, Omum. • JOod I Are? Vu,‘ C unyb-r, aheuberb. Spirit i r ' Hr.ishmni, feulrit N'Pr4 Hi-** maiwyCoppcni*, [ 1 Indian Vegetable .. Brand relit *s P: Us. Me-, t Lane’s Liver Pa!*, intiPHi Chokigngoe. hemp ’s Tegehi#* IMhr, liUtts j.mmko. G:agrr. TMpttMa-! Lee’s Anu-Ukuus Pills, .j.Lyev Root, Lauiiaauai, 4koI;ol, Oil Vunol, i Madder, Potash. fTuilet AitrtCLxs. —Wood's Flair Tler.'c-ra-l f *fSe, 'rnc.p!.rtl, Pomatum Hair | NVashing’ and Shaving ,Snsp-, C. ..krmes, ( LdbinV Extracts, link i 5 unbes and fiotßlK,! pfSurtheod Natl Brushes, liashl*>; rHHgea,4c. j I;* Puxt, V.v-ia: s . live* it i Wtlierih’a White Lead, .iSied and Ibw fan - ’ HiLd Oit.SjviHt Turppirtrce, Litharge, Red Lewi, ’ r \ Veneficn Red, Bed and Ydiuw t>hre, CferuOse ■ i aod Yellow, Lnuaa bck, fkirat and llaw L'm l her, and Terra Situr.a, Jssjein, Uip*l and Ckmch Varnishea, Pale'- BnVshr S,‘Srttdt T.ol*, DiMters, VarntMi Brushes, CntnebWUir Bewail*, Aov. 1 OHAHLES STOTT, * Druggist Wd Ahotkecmre ; ’l’ . P-'VSaSSßitfkc j . June l^th —3*o NOTICE. HAVING ler ve*r* vithmitted to annoy ancea that haxeifntauaily ami | been increased to trvposors 6u m) .Stock, * ■ • great danger to and about my houses, | !ure hy forbid ail pet ions from huntingon any part of my estate on tbe south side lS the main L i rdwl (trooi Srtlge) k-ading through Leon p ( ard Town to St Lawrence’s Run. rank | fawdfM'trdiaas of dtikbem masters of apptm i 1 ticca and will abc notice thk. p U. G. SL KEY. rl LaaMsdTm.fSaT.Ml, mi C * tHM&m Wh* * Tt***, ts tb cr.artrv rS|V fst MF.XIf AN MPSTANQ LENJMENT HsfSxMi used sniff wtwwdll the fitoblw <>( Adam* 4 C’b gmvi *>vl*ejPE**en.. and Writers Exvma, for Curing mh Scratch a*,

, b|.rains tie*? Rruiap*, and it hfJpTd vary ef |pcmi). Wp have no recoratnend^ng | Fcremsi f Adam’s l €a| Etqtras sudden, i We take great phiaiff as. recommending t e Mexican Mesut..g Lian|pl tn all oar fHewi* and customers a* the bwrtwrtiele wt have eve* uNed for sore*, sprains, ar gaidsln home*. We have used it extalwiflfNtnd always atfeeuml fr. Rome of oar aai un need it Cnr sever* and they bH my it *>*t like numb —we car any that w k.vre entirely abandoned the use e any other Liauuam. * j! 31. Hewitt, Foreman fee American Wogem Co.. It ana, Herden’a Express, Id Broadway. PtiMen, VirrfA <Va. 16 Wall street Wells, Feiff* CoV, 16 Wall street Hr - •■*£ i:ftd t)|e flttactmg Liniment in my fonulr for steered Km* cases of Iwfi lumps and svrrlhlPt i ckaMy give my i i*ilmh Wiu excellent effcata. Asy dmighter had a herd lump, t)ie sxe of# k*’s egg, upon her wrist for a year. 1 laid her to mb it with the Liniment srs ssaL\J no or ordfinei in the thrrmi of tong wiueJtng, on twr- of ny e#v*rKt, end It remneed, thrt* both in s abort fur *. I eaniUsr them -Y remdr ■' kaWe ernes, and reoomraebd die MWg Ltn dmm as the beat wfdteto I ever used. Jesse T* Hiipkind, , jg-.j, Propnetnr ;f 11 f duns’ Hovel. Liberty, June tofi, I AM* - ?doeu4ftTa .. y. C., June 3Wb, 1833. Dr. A. G. Bragxdk fo.-fl feel it my duty to those ,f mr neinrß Wto sre atflicted as V hnve lict'ii. tn ndd mv testimony to the wonder fill etfhcts of your Mustang Liniment. I was everely attnrkr*! to December hurt with Rheu matism tn it* worfl form, euffejtng night and tiny with excruciating twin for et* months, being for the who e lime unattle tn walk or even trp. My j- ; gbt leg wr.s so contracted and drawn up that I couM not "put it to the ground, and my left sriii we botfly contracted. During ?he w hole i Ini? 1 was amended by two r.f the m“re kl;*ul phr*?ciftiii ift |he idare, but they wort unrf le to nfloi d toe relief and finally gxre me up —pronounced me incurable and said f must die. At t!* erithal moment I commenced using •he Mexican Mustang Liniment, and after uem n- -onnlt Imitles I Letran in find relief from e suH’ ring# ; end after neurf seven bottles I wa* v eil a* ever, and ana now Afoot as ever 1 was • et nt - 1 George Wood. • certify that 1 im uctpiainted with George Wood—that he was hiH with Rheumatism n< Hlmve statetf. mml was cured by the use of the Mexitn-i Mit-Uuig Liniment. £ James C. ,%ith, M err ham mm Hot# Keeper. Prices.—Tb# Liniment isliput up in three • ir.ea, and details for 25 rente, 50 cents and f) l bo*riw. The. 50 cent* eke ctntaifg tivree j times n UMii-h as the 25 cents sire, and the $1 size three times as much ns the 50 cents etas ihe larger sire* lieing greatly cheaper. A. G. Bragg 4 Co., Proprietors? 304 Broadway, N. Y., and St. Loaia, Mo. For sale by Druggist* and Store-keep re gen eral!’’ and Sliding 4 Green we!’, Leonard Town Georg* H. Morgan, Chanttcn Richard Colton, St. Clement’s bay Nor. 24th lAS3L , > lfe. bly, and I an tele is absolutely tiie best portable ink ; in the known world, for small quantity tcl-ied r.u placed in ilie pocket, constitutes a j UAveftui£ 'ukiiand, which cannot be broken. V> peu is needed, tor any stick sharpened to a point, writes equally as Well As (lie best gold pen in die universe. For drawing it is iudspef.sable. It is indeed, life only art of I'Uwvims and Paistixo taught in one Lm *o.v Any leaf plant or flower ran be trans> ■ lerrad to the pages of the album, with a oiibuie and distinct resemblance of nature.— Willi equal facility, pirtu-'e-and embrciidery patterns are taken, and have vgeetred the digest eulogiuuis from Uie fair sex ; and in h-tJ a more tastful present for a lady could not I- produced. This ’ fagic Paper, wiU afco inrk linen or other article*, so as to remain perfectly inueli- We. Ail the washing in the world lads to it out. Any child can use it with perfect f-ase. With tins Magic 'Paper, likewise, one | or tour copies of letters written can he secured i without any additional labor whatever, mak ing ft the cheapest and most eonrenten ; artc!e extant. It it used to great advantage iby reporters of lilf* public press, telegraph * operator*, and hosts of others. Each package contains four different colors, black, blue, green and red, with fall and atnuied instructions, tor all to use. and will last iijtiicieotly to obtain five hundred distinct Each and every package war ranted. Pea os.—|ft per daxen. or five for |l. bungle package* 25 eta. Mailed 10 all parts jof (be world, on ka reception ol the above prices. Address, post paid, N. Hibslv-U)7 Broadway, New York. .! Orimo* Of THE Press. Hcbbcll’s Mauic Impression Paper.— | Rr e aefop- our readers tu the advertisement in t another column, setting forth the merits of n.i* pleasing and ingenious invention. The rcheapness should indue* all to give it a trial, —Phia, Merchant. I* is unsurpassed (or neatness and mihry, and should meat with the sale K richly deaerr —^TribUn#. ? Just what tlto pohlir toes long desired, and recoin mend* itsnfl fo every lover ol taste and . refiaeuicoi.—Journal of Comiheree. July icih, mi' r * ‘ 'iWi 'lp * n 3// WWf I- 1-3 FREELAND. HALL 4i CO.. HAVING removed to their new and com. modious Warehouse. No. MR Frail Mreel. upposate the -MA LTY beg leave to inform their costumer* rant they have tiuw on hand a herge and general assart r’eotof GIIOCEft IE . consisting in part ot— * i GOVERNMENT, JAVA; t. tOriHA AND KiG COFFEE, j REFINED AND BROWN WJOARB of every grade QONPOIVDERJMPERIAL. Yi rtYfeON AND BLACK T£A& GOLDEN SYKL P, NEW ORLE A NS AND W. t MO LASSE SFEMM,ADJUtJL\Ti*rK MTD MOVED CJLYDLEB. WHITE, CASTILE AMD BBOWM SOAPS. GLADES AMD GOSHE.V BUTTER I FAMILY, EXTRA, SUPERFINE AND . BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. fcc^Ac. They also invite tire especial arteinian ol ‘ their customers to their extensive stock of imported and domestic UUIH)RS. whhh I ham been selected with the greater .** and ; snoot foil to phtose. Nov. •m, iß6o—c ** l AN APPEvLTO CO\l ME.VSI; . iO nfriftf nottM'AjntfilJ Crr.. BjwuK.-Whertrw W h. Witt Art fern 1 ** * m* know the CvtaiM V Hp<i ; I *e*wt ; Eaum t ewtoST TTI # HAMPTON’S VEGETABLE TINCTURE, j ■ Em,Oh.,idm. 1 forlUtoydkty i and ,|* j public to certify to (be oflbcto #f i Vfal)le Tincture. I vaa for more than fir# r ; year* labonnc under a disease of Chrwi, Rheu r;rrua,n.,uMiikecrto fwrtofthtotetoe I M M ' I and dressed in my clothes. I be, am. tailored to i nw skeleton. AW the medicines T too* ffnne |me no food, and I continued to grow worse. ► I heard of Hampton's Tioctor# imd thought I woiiM cm ii a trial. At this time | did not *tr>m to line <m* day Aer anther, t did not take it (the Tincture 1 for the Rhenawitism. hot •" !i? ort Urm 1 w ** *•# of that disease. Fn. m the effect® of y .ur Tinrtare and the kelp of God I era now refun* hi good health. * w 2T h •** **** to* try Hamotb.i V> Vage , table Tincture, no I have done, with Ibe mmm t effect that it has on Your obedientjwrvatrt, . We are a. quailed wiih liJlc* !r "'plob? him aome ! Wieet : • tj?t i. . ■ * D*Wa* A Rue. < loSy n,T t <V.MiaJbflFrtHn we ' h *bo e (tairnmt Mal ln mi m“i ffß*^3BNpi®pp PA t.P!TATIAy7 £ AXl> IMrtiHgTR €Vim W HAMPTON MPH ANT? ennui or ore r* rntiud, x The rich and the poor. eVtoWere*wrthe same ■ Ttiriaosr Read the A-IV.wiar oemf-are frortMi fcdy, eo dorocd by poatraaa er E. P. Cooner: C*Mw Baitt.;c, Nairnshire co. V. i i. _ n „ Mamd* Y, 1n53. -Mr fc. P. Cooper i Agre-tblc to vonr re-mest, (and mjr own desire ?o bcncPt the afflicted, I Uere [Hv certify the ;ml relief received Rohi the utoof Hampton *x Vegetable Tbictore. i I was taken with a violent t>ninitMa>n, or rath er fluttering am! rrenitding of the hear!, which conunned several davs, it seemed as though my ■ heart hod almost forguiien ita uih.-e. The family became alarmed ud procured a bottle of tlua val uable medicine, and before I had taken near one ; bottle of thia Tincture of Hampton ’a, 1 was en lireiv relieved. Thia i* the third instance of relief in mr fami ilv hy the use of this valuable medicine. Two or j three yciwfc ago | **s mid up with ulaetauon r. ;my nukle, from the effect of what is usually ! called milk le. ] bad lout all taere and nt>'efite; and the aore which wna aome four inrhea up and down, mid half way mroaud my ankle, rejected . every effort to he.d it, until I procured Hmuntou’a Vee-etahle Tincture, one bottle of whi h restored my health, hrided my ankle, nnd I m IVeer from •welling than in the Saxt thirty ye.ira. one of my daughter* wu very low Adbi xerere dysentery, mid when she began In sit up her feel commenced swelling, which iirreaxed erery day, and lega to be very ptmfnl ; she jsed a bottle of Hampton** Tincture; the pama were assuaged, the swelling sutwided and her hailth reiurued. We kept her legx bandaged with stripe of woolen until her strength returned. I have been tint* {mrficuilir, that others under similar cirrmtiatances, might be induced to avail themselves of this remedy; Yours, with respect, ELIZABETH EDWARDS. I do hereby ccrnfy, that T am peraonaliy a- Edwards, and ran safely re* i,. be rarrect. • s '"U ■ *lf r, and ehildien will please puTultriil, REV. VERNON ESKRIDGE, U. 8. N. Poktsmocth, (Va.) Aco. 1, 1881. Mr. J. E. Roush t Dear Sk; While I am iu general opposed to Patent Medicine*, candor com pel" t sdaie that f Have grtat cmtflWnce in virtue* of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. rr several months past I have used it in nty family, and in Dyspepsia, loan ofappetite, dizziness,an4 general debility, with entire success. So far ax my experience extends, therefore, t take pleasure in recommending it tu the aflicted as a safe and efficient remedy. 1 am, aeapfctfullv, yours. Vernon eskridge, Chaplain in the U. 8. Navy. : MEREDtTARY SCROFULA ~A buy it. I the fhmily of (he Hon. W. P- Thommaason, i once member of f ongreae from Kentucky, was a mavcof sorea-froii} heat! to loot. Ilia eyelids turned mxde out, protruding over the eyeballs so ax to produce blindness. He wns cured by Hampton’s Vegetable Tincture. j DYSPEPSIA, N ERVOUS DISEASE, Ac. Mr. Wi-liam Oldham, of the Ral'tmorecustom house, suffered those complaints for eighteen >non*.hs, with both Indy and mind seriously af ‘ fected. He was cured by Hampton's Vegetable ' Tincture, after all other things failed. COUGH,CONSUMPTION,Ac. —Mr. Hen ry C. Wmn bad a Cough for 5 year*, gieat weeknecs, Ac., had, in all, five or six pbyai ' sciana ; tried all their eemedies, Ihi I was cured ! only by. r . . , . - ~ ... _ IIAMi’TDN’S VEGETABLE TINCTURE, Mortimer A Mowbray, Propneiora, JEI Bal. timore street, Baietmore ; mao for sale by Spui dir.g A Orekrwell, Leonard Town ; Bu jrougltx- Chaijttco -.Garner A Co., Rtleniowa, and by ' I storekeepers throughout the State. | Jan. sth, ISSe—tf. C A ■ DB. ROBERt into partnership Dr. Hem Bfialfim.Arfil cuntini'e the pweture of Ifflßßeip . and Midwifery, and In i mAiiiniiir hi i MO>l rr.Mef'ui fdrnn RMHpZjbp hate honored Mm with thr I Dnrtx. Neale sml HtiaroeJf , ttße'fnH^ffos * ei? the' inttfunagw of nil xTiu*Mjn* hmrft)hife honored the former with their eopfideoce, aud 'all others who may regard tfeedf a* worthy ot tfwflr Dr. Nealgiraff be at hie reaidenee. Hi lit lee. and Ik. Bdkw at Mr. Robert Orey’s Hotel,Chaptmav^hcwnntpro esx tonally engaged. Mar 24(h, ISss—tf. , ,a ißtoto ■■ ■ i m ■■ ff uiinn i ■-<*- a*Ra .n HRiMffiiffiif j AT. S' SPRf.VG COOU& A I FULL and, compile asaarupt nt k#rr envedaud ft>r sale, consisting of LAI/lluß* DRESS GOODS, sir: Rubes, Barege*, Uing , bam*. Lawns', Calkoer, Ac. Ggilemcn**do,—- l 1 Cloths, f*aasimerrs. Ve*ings. A hivge assort merr of RE A DY-M ADR NO. A Go. A FULL STOCK OP GROCERfEA, FARMING UTENSILS. CROCKERY j WARE, HATS, POOTo AND SHOES; and all other gmais usually kept in a Cannery Stops. The attermow of omi fncnrfx ibe pub hc is caked to our Stock—odlawd examine. SPALDING 4 DURANT. April’3*b. IK*. ;j n ■ a i .1— L ~t.i n ( ii— - H ' ——— EDWARD J. DORSEY, CRACK FAMTEB A TRMMEB, ; * r aww Tiiox mk !Dwl Si i * mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrn 9 : j MK rtrm tcsttawi eon * . “THE atATIO.^f The most popWW Weck>y in Aweriqs. A|jl ! tuimvs^cmcfylm. be aeeumitad ffr by the tat cbm As Prof niwSk have etufduyed, wttheM ragavd a> ex reuse, t TUB STJM WUTEkS fli i TH K AWT/aVu the CbVLT Paper wh:rL-aw f tamm ttm HMtf, , Mwnfiw nff SGfrto* % that CamirJ Oc I o : 1 II * uw is TH* A&TI Om*J btnJ f ? i ■ ** nd|. s<| ; . *• e •VR.a. k. IK E. tV sot’WniMtßi^ , : • | CUrm , -Aka. f. Lm, , ilMjlll hm •i 'Ki * ' ...r. **; ' Htr'l il f' r vJT'fF* *WW*%M der!.r4^t < #Tl^ %uluh<4l .-are . o expwisc or )*rfl i lifjmnliif the •\duams itavutsAi/t ‘ benelit. nmisuaUy i. UiimO\ '' (Tax Ftiu Avt* Huurti' wi'l contain Practical T>TniS.iG I Hints c„„, J 4f af A FT of Hhuoat menhntlsMe J a lilwd; y fe;. y ilw oikcT AsparuMaata 44*9 , paper wfllca* cei\e theaiienUim ihyy cpei-uy.d|jJb(u.i:*l,eacA Intiiig exoe. 'ally and caref'dlv prepared tu :„re| the ine<i tvs caaf thd toi: of ks read er*. Among these we may meoiianJh (Mzinii Meries sad P*.t f fki tsHa! BsatMiagh sxi Sietr Amg>, fytVy . Vy Aors, M’wAiagtcn Gc.nap. AFip fork L'iil Cist, /be tatai Pecis f'jthtin*, Prorff.-x/ kie*ipli*er 3 fkc Houtthofi mnA TriUt. • ‘ T.’i# iklk One’* thuo-tment, ‘ CieSM /uM Free? <<nj rsrtry, /■leader ’• < • ' Historical Sktfckei, I. an Aahans. Ire., *e. The NATION i usMied in blnarte f orm, (eight pages,'! and *ach i.umher w>! Jmlaui at < least tu Original Eher;*vtfjrs, rbua furninhirg our salNh-ribers at tkeend oTtfit year wih a vofi nine containing 416 large sire, ue.miifullv pruned I ?*&• of UKBi SPASMED AUI ELtt 11 &s ,S r.C ul l . Ac.. Ai.. together with over 100 ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS. I'll* Nation is sent at the ‘eunwrrig nnsrhidy law subscription awl clubbing u>run. i-tarnayy in adviK. • I iL h * !e Coptea. no ~e r I Two *• (to ont address) 3 ill litre. •* s*| •* a *) T “ 15 uu And one copy frea to the getter up of the Club of ten. Alt ihoae aendntc ua 9t>lscrtn(iwfid Irom the Bnuah Prsuncw, atust enejote 13 addition to the aabacrtpuon price. cents ter each subscriber, aa we are compJied to prnm# the UiJted rttates mwh'ge. - Alt iettesa oeetatmng mi-ncy xhn-uil'J le - tered, and directed plainly, and ib(]r efl assteirvw our nak# otherwise wt are vox responaible 1 them,.. copies will be *em frer to Post Mxa- * tars. Agents, and all w*o wish lo get p • ekih ; ' io all others, on receipt of bur frr'x if sumps. The expense of registering is only 5 reels, t Address— CkoriJT 4 ui€;slow, B Dwl Wired, Philadelphia, Ft. j Among the hundreds of compliKHmtnry notice^, I we have received from near- hi err in every ..• non of the country, we qr.-rte (he f.fllewmg ex tract from ; •‘The Nati on appenrs in clear type on •now white {taper, and it r :Siy adorned with i|- luxiraticna.’ --AI f. .vx. **li will attain in a high posit Men m the literary world'. ’‘Philadelphia Umly Acr. “It it one of the best wt.t:hes nov published, ' and we take f-loasure in I.ou it u the no ! tke of the rending public.”— Pa. Hat. “The talent mid energy of the prot-rctovli. its original and interesting coot cats, and the beauty .j Ol the typugrapfiy cannot fivil lo setoff for it a | general ctr-uhitioii.— H'Hltmt.H >< ■r Pa hid Prsu. . “Aa a literary end bmity jouiDui, v> * have no hetitation in tiruMfuwkr ii the l est among *ir •xchaitgt x. We advie tte Ud:es n> prorurkit | without delay.”— FuUt* F. Mtf>uhlifa*. , j “We dislike juifli.jg ctij cnianatiuns, but ut . this case we are Iwund i< give atv in merit.— Unlike many city coicmp'-niriea, ihe Nsnort is composed of mound aubsianu;i| or,a uaoa) nattier, •ud is not filled up with an overuse of flimsy, wish-washy susfr tman the lisihlb *hC crack-brato ed author*.—£rt City iHn>oUk.. “fr has the most ixeaiiiitof -ffffvareri head wa , ever saw, wd ha ran tenta uiadet ply emartauHoy, truly (Uhcrnua omd -1 ffbw pw’-tr Rikiwmo . burg la. CatttU. ‘-T]i arc w room for just such paper, ar.d It Mta xeci*d Wnas true heads and b'l*icffocommj na | * coimnna as tie literary and social w<mM'MUst*** hi* instanne we are fltrued to atiAllW pA M tool commend the Akm xe our reader v 1 ‘ 5 Tram JtLi EvUttim. .4 ' Ifl - fwltit i i&tiTZLs ' v’zmL : **** t.fltofltojffWßsajP Vmw-ob FV'sler—A to mstit \inegar-k --ton Sail*. i For the of M^rr-tip r Brfn.- Mag £im Toll^Vo^^Ah°vU, Pumice, Crystal Balia. Brew a U n*uw>r. HandkrrchiH ElilarA—-Oerutfriui, Jockey | Club, Muak.New Mown I l&y, * ’arediue bon ! qort. Jexasmiae, Paftbouly. Vcrbrtta. For Flavoring— hc >e, w.ila, Alcocmd, telery, CiunaoK-n. Lemon, Change and ■Hbedi SiaMR, Uwßtßao Peaca GKNd (Water. m or J f For ihe Tetito-Tooth Cwffiai and Deotal Cream, EraatVe * Stwp and Court Plaster. , hAy lffih.UWi REC.WtP.K Vf WILLS. r i UtSOHOE W. MUIIUAX mpMluli; 10. n wW* for iW uffic.