Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 29, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 29, 1857 Page 1
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PUBLISHED EVERY THURBDAT * T J. F. KUO. . *Tt>n #r ScHctirri'i'i.—(lJSO ptrtnimai, .•* ** m■!*•. 1 mdmetnkio,. win be WtitM fi>r a s!mrier peritid Uumi mm mmm 4 ***m. mrW a mmi In ■rretrvrcs &r xe|n m th opuou of lb* l; •nwiYft Trr^'i-v^-rI^BSS3OPnS •ml inwkej mi tin* iHiertmemril, it iH bcjinb* UneJ (4iil f'lriM'l, mrl iwwnlitslf, A l.'*#r;il dr>iu<*(ion m.uie 10 Uiuss vh tdvtrtlM bf tce mr. FILL GOODS, SPALDING fc. UKRIS.WBI.L wish to inform tin? cMt/.*ti of si. Mary's. tbat l‘i**v • >*v hivs onf of i’i** larg**it and mo-t Sfiirkt of 2 / x)-js they have er**r of* !*•*■ 1 for si!**, wJI !*• *olJ v#ry low to p imrlnal ciHtom-frs, or a liberal ducouol imJe lor ra.'i. Th**v name in part— -1) U Y f; O OD s . For IjUtir.v—U.di He Lam***, p!a |, fan* cy an I Persian I’aoliinrm, iVlninoi, I Ip®’* ca>, U;uck Nik, i*.ui*. f i>b and American p.i rtf'*, Aliin , bt*>ier and French ginghams. cloUe.l ami plain A'.vks muslin, plaid do, NJai’-nji't ca.tifirtos French ami A o)*ri-an rii uiriiinjT pr.nts; D'Beges, mode Img dtiawrls: dodo; male r.jJ fancy dm *pmr*> hlk r : mh dor tong “do dm Bsrhtl lu f * I Gloves; Lisi.- do; line I silk do; blk. will, na I rolon* I silk do; blk. will. and colored kid dx Be lt riding do; Bt*rlin gauniets; linen caiulwn* !i IkL , all prices: Merino, cotton and *ii* bo a*. For’* Wnii—.Superior blk bine aii in dium eliS-: blue and blk. beaver do, for oven. Mai-; line blk. doeskin lor pants; S’lpe.ior do for vests; 'iincy anil plain rassi meres: blk. ‘•eiv.-f, siik mid :itn reeling*; all \v<>ol uieej*. i'.,r e-iatin;; *-aftinetl>; Berlin btie.J gloves: tvfrk and lamb firmed do; French bsi.-k d', r!oih do; blk. and whl. kid do: buck •n 14i ‘rlt gau:iet; abirtsmnd collars; French in bosons >MP>y an 1 ribbed m-'nno nbiris; linen an I -a k bhkl’.;. .b ack silk cravats; | lSltpu|***h an I (tr’nfl' ?-•.; sear's and <hawi>, n,: v.)\'M.wn clothlyg. A large a wortiurni uf Coats, Paulas and Vests . * m ild m fr hkf***- 1 r-5i s}| linens; #:lu .:i*Uiw.d Jtmw hfiwrhs' sbi.fhijf; brown lo do; bleached and brown sh**“Whi: *p*r Knglirb blankets; fine A macin’ Jo: *Ai pr, Jo ‘or >ervant-; s>) pr. Cn biers for *. ue. Wwlinl, biown. and col ore i Canto.i linn mis; doitrJ. up*ra. and plaid Han u*ls lor e’.iikireti: whl. led and yellow flan licS; green ba./e; heavy fr 4 and T-1 lulled vl >llis; plaid liuejMc penitmiiary and country 5 4 do. SiioE’i.—M>n, boys and youths* th ; ck hroyane. Womens* planter-*, I, Si Jl bootees; hue call and kip Munne*s; heavy grain an I kip bools; fine calfshio do; Indie.* dressed and uhdressej moroci-o shoes and boot.*; blk. and Colore I la-imtf g.ncfjii children shoes. Lc. Hath arm —VansanPs silk hratm; fi.i" b'a*;k and bro>s;j *shh! hats an I raps of following kin is —! .amariin*. Navy, •Sleigniti!*. Nip !••<>n, an * brown and black doth. cn ocf. it! s. r/.vrr. ihr. q ije&w wauk, uAnmvmh STATION.mY\ F-WLTSn, FRfLVCn, *JT> FITLY SCHOOL ROOFS. . For Sp-'stsmv.n. —Shot pouches, powder flaNkN: a variety of gun caps; shot of every :re; Di.p.uii’j and iJi*atiy’> gunpowder; nip pie *.vret>> her* Oct. JIC. IbVj. ■ * mim ""■ 1 " 11 1 COTTI\GII\!H&JOinkOF9 mrutu) HORSEPOWER Sc THRASHERS. iT is dee ur>l abuosi uunermfy togtre vrcifi. of ilie <.!**c-ior oiinbiiesof our HORSE IWEII & THRASHERS, but for the miH'tn of those who have not as yet used them wc ftubj'na the f*.B*winsr: „ ■ . Cxon’ardtows, St. Miry'a Co* Md., Msy Ist, 156. liTtrssr*. Uftiurymm £ Johnson, IVor S;r : The machine which 1 purchased of yi>n has proved a most excellent one lam fully r ivnve 1 tbut id better Ilona Power and Tif ts't®' h.v\ been u>ed in my faction of the Shit*. Nor on I think tiul there can he in use •Ay that air superior to it anywhere. Wtw of draft tn the horse* is one of tts rcrom mend.tUous. I am confident that all who use your Power mid Turaaber will continue to be your customers. _ . , Reape***fa!ly. yours, B. G. HARTIS. Laomiiu'iown, St. Mary's Co., Md., April 15ih, Io. f 6. Oenlwim ; I have used your improved Horse P.Nwerami Thrasher and take great pleasure in hearing testimony to thetr entire efficiency. I have used two other Horse Powers and Tbrwah. era and in my judinnent yours is greatly superior to eiiu-r of them or to any I bate seen in use. The Horse Power is of Light Draft and lans Ka tie to grt oui of order than any I have seen uerd, ai l in mv opi:;ion emmentfy suited to the wads of the groin growers, both on aomunt ufits effi ciency and damhiluy. Many of my neighbors bare tbrowa aside other marhtnes nod adopted yours since it baa been introduced into or enun ty. Wishing y*i* a full metisure of success, I f am very res.ieotfwllv. Yours, moat U*t JAMES T. BLAKLISTONE. Sr. M vat’* CocStt, Md., Mat Ist, J 36 M?a*rs.. Cjiiugha*n A Johnson, Oe itle-neo ; I mjat say that ( prefer your II *rse Power and 'r*mster to any I have used or use I. T-k* 'Power and Thmsher which bright *f you ab nt three ycarstwo.has work 'd well ■uri worn, with e?sy draft u> tin teem. Very resoectfidk*, 4c,, * JOHS r: DENT. Baiumore, June J9th, 1556. -*- 1 . A % HIMJWBATEr BLAiVUS. JU r pViou-J s lot of Summons, Ft Fa** it '‘mv an ) ;t r tv iUPcnwdcuA, mni VmidiN md far ania aiikif fMNwu ■ J gF a $ R ■ a* I ri Ji I a* mIK. ■ ■J* I 1 I F/ X¥ I ( /▼ # \ A sM | ( • I * S w ▼ * ▼ A V ig v ▼ w f 3 / ■“ I I f llewi}| with rofonrk; T 4 If TOO Wlyfajp aefMBC. There's way. When the Church hath hound us— Linked two hearty in oaf I shall can* but Utile How tlwir tongues rail on; But until the bridal i Never Ih them tin-1 I - A ughi to cause me blushes— Hurt my peace ot mind! Round the corner wailing— What will people say ! Manlv hearts should ever Take a manly way. Fifty things are stated— Tilings you'd ne’er suppose. If but something secret Ida neighbor shows! Boldly take the pathway. And tb**ir tips are stayed; HiP M All are q tick to censure It you scent afraid ! Uouna the corner waiting— What will people say i . II you wish 10 see me, There's a proper way. MISCK LL A N KotlS. ' VISIT TO HU viBOLD I\ I was most surprised by the youthful , character ol hi> lace. I knew that he had been frequently indispo ed during ,( the pr sent year, and tad been told that i be was begins,ing to sh *w the marks of liis extn-ine age; but 1 should not hive suspected him of being over seventy five. His wrinkles are. few and smalt, ami hi* skin has a smoothness and delicacy rar*- J slo.v but firm, and hts manner aHvelt. 1 ino<i to rcstlessMesa. fit* sleeps b* t fotw hours out of the, twenty -four, reads hnrl* replies to hi< daily tran of letters, and sufler* no single occurrence oi if,e lea'i interest in any part o‘ the world to es cape his att ndoii. I could not perceive that his memory, the first mental faculty 1 to *bow decay, is at all i*yairtd. H : talks rapidly, with tfie greatest apparent ea?*e, never hesitating for a word, wheth er in E.igli'h or Gernta* , and in fact seemed tube uuconscitius tAhirh language, i he as using, as he changed live or siji limes in the c urse of the c>Hirsta|iq§ ’ tie did .not remain in his chair more ttfut ; ten minutes at a time, trequcnllv gctppg : up and wa king about the imoid, £t and then pointing to a pic ure oropeßpg !a bo<k to ilhistiate sotiie. remaik. di He tiegau by refering to my winpi, r ‘ journey into Lapland. * Why do choose the u inlet (" lie asked. "VS experience will be very inl lesting. it 8 true, but will you not u(l**r Irom tt severe cold?’* **T*al remains to be seen," I answered. 1 hoe tr ed a I climates except the Arctic, without the lea-t injury. Ihe l*st luo years ol* my travel* were spent u) tropical counties, 1 uish to have the strongest ; possible contrast." *’That is quite eat ; oral," be irmarked, “ami 1 can undey* \ stand h’w vour object in travel mu you to see much contrasts ; but you must * possess a remarkable healthy organixa lion." “ You doubtless kaow fikuiyour f own experience,’.’ said 1•• that nothing rj preserves a man’s vitality like travel. I. “Very true," be answered. ‘Uh-rtdoes J kid at the ootaeL F r my part, J . j keep my health everyufi-re. like your . | self. During five yat> m South A meii -11 ca and tne Weal I passed through * the midst of Uack vomit and yellow fever untouched." . , I spoke ol my projected vi,t to Kwa sia, and my desire to traverse the Itus- J wan-Tarter provinces of Central Asia. I The Kirghix fep{ies. lie said, were very . monotonous; fifty miles you the r picture of a thousand; but the people • a ere exceedingly luteresting. If I de * sired to go tlieic. 1 would have no di&H i cully in passing through them to Ihd * Cninese frontier*; but the,southern prd | vinces ol Siberia, hr thought, would best , f> pay me. *1 he sceoery among Ijhai I A (till Mountains was very grand, Fn tmj his window in one of the Siberian to >. >he hAd counted eleven peaks with eternal snow. Ti e KirghnHß . added, were among the lew I habits had remained unchanged > sand- o< years, and they had ihPn ced pecularity ol combining a m.ioaetiWiilh a nomadic life. They were paitlfNßud' hi>t and partly Mussuimad, monkish sects followed dtUlMt clans in their wanderings, carrying their devotions in enramjwneiit-, n,-S of a sacred marked tml hy epeajv H* b.d ilwjrcer.-lpii.wjwJ ■ .Iruck with Ibeir reuunblauce u> lb~tir l>EVo|kl> TU RHN'-t; 11/ut AAU (JKNKRA I.IM KLUfIj HHT. Mr~ WM wa taV - m -mg S ’ T 4 iaw '* 1./rm off I the Axtftif v-■ v\ i*h ? mt ir iWm ot pr^jerMr yQiNi^Hl■ hm : t | i ; * *. ;■*- w | m- mber, Onzaba.” qnnt tiued hr: “here is an engraving front a rough sketch of mill*. I flop - you will fimf it correct. He rose and (oak illmtrated loho shirh the leaves, jt-LoffiaSl d, at each plate, some reimhbppiee of htAmicau trav el. “1 ok." he remarked, aa be closed ttmffipok. “that C him bora zo lathe gran ountain in the world ’’ Anioegljie übjec'.s in his study was ! a HvinflPlamele.iii, in a box w i h a glass He animal, which was about six j | hiMMHtig, was dozing on a bed ot sand jrfSwt big blue fly (the unconscious pro- ( jpision for his dniiiei) perched upon his' pack. M lle has ju*t been sent to me ■from Smyrna, said Humboldt; “he is I very listless and unconcerned in his j manner. Jus* then the chameleon open- i Jed one of his long tubular eyes, and I J looked up at us A peculiarity of this J animal,*' h: d, “is its pow> r of |l(>k!ng in different directions at the same Wcwe. He can turn oc* aye toward bea iteti, while the other inspects the earth, where are many clergymen who have taa same power. I >it S'* if #f * • Tmr Journal de* Debsts of Decembei 23, win article in the President's Ves- j by S. De Sary, makes use j udtte follow mg Isngusg*-: §The potslicai relations between North Bierica and Europe are daily develop mentions two subjects w hich ■picate how Ao.eri a d-ty b\ Wm Aieper into the heart of Enrofiean qyHplMMis. The first is the question ol of the sound dues. Un duiiimrdlr. at fhe instigation of the A ner i' Wpsl'ip owners the government of the United Sta e*. taking here, contrary to cMkrni, the initiative, (nade known to jWwtsirlr that it did not uiiiii-r.-t:ind ti a’ Jne merchant flag ol the United States Jpris obliged to rerci; niz- these rights. § ‘The cabin* Is uf Europe have been I | compelled, to a gr* ater or less extent, to . follow |!*e course of America on tbi> j point. In consequence of the policy cl l the cabinet at VVaNhington, couferetic-s I have been held, negofiat ons have fol lowed, and we are compelled to submit ; oiirselviM fq ihe will ofAotiira. The' J a feudal institution, for w Inch { iwo proportionate equivalent is returned, i respectable •from tie antiqu tv, w ill | Sn far a# Europeans ar i . it wrR he at'tine price of a! | CAjpaaffierabie indemnity, but B ere is rea- { > sodi||p l elieve that the Americans will J esc^pwithout any i>;demnity. j *1 WlHwri subject. whi< h has a more 5 t 2eo* rafP9port, in the ah* lition of flew i - right ofrotivateenug in lime of war. as ■ | vm,-t:fWSA|H6*ade. I of Paris, by |Tf|telii!itMi, which wifl-re . Wound in the honor ol’mir age, r a* we will remem*4PL rallied unanimona- I ly |on the maritime right j ’ for which France, under Ate oil regime i and the first Empire, haft su u gently In | si-ted. There w ill be no mote left* . marque, and the neulraf flag wilt be e -speeled. The United Slates, faking fhe i, lead again in this path ot progress and , seruiPy for private nfgpertv, trave N* manded (h**t not blockades be . defined with the utmost exactness, thus . doing away with atl paper blockadem but . that vessr|sof||ar shall no longer exer ,• i vise the mak'ng.reprisals upon * hh cofnpleto a similatum • onlad and natal warfare. property is concern d. **<! fhe asssui f Russia, and -> 1 awsdlii are in(o.*3tied by the message of ■Bent Piere*, that p|lhe Emperor of although the official solution ibis nr* propoeition is ye! to tuk* Ppace. Under the present atcunisfai.ces. que tlaffiair tha sound dues, he f Amencta Un wi. aa we *ce begins to I exercW remarkable influence on lie . definite dmsioos of the European cabi . Brt<. ft fact Iffkiers thus at once into

f w ith the po w ers in a manner mh-f I flat?e|lug to its jietf-esfeem and its repn . tatiun. for. as it flatterers will no*, fail to r tyli it. its actions seem to impU a I <Tcontrol or even a jurisdiction in cases |(4 appeal, i wiwnr - ; rjr p I file moment has come w hen we r o-t Hi*>elvc if it does not eoneern the larhdb world'that Aneir*a shonlrt enter ftto fhe Kuiopea syatem in an open and Mal oaaoa<r> Ria a great Chr.sUao 4 ~tt%* jtf the world would *cquiieif*3£ precious guarantee more, am! could |n secured •;;• nst many accident*. FwS the Anie*ic|iis themselves liuii would tie lan incomparable advantage. If, U}> to this period, fthey hate not eivered inn fhftxe f*oiiiiCal association* which obtain from lime to time in the gov rmnents of great riviltafed state*, it has been f r om cao*rs wfiidi have ceased to exist. For- S meilv the united States were weak, dis- j | taut and w iihuul exleiior influence ; at ! present they are strong, their exterior! ) influence > becoming more apparent, ■ { and by the improved futilities o! corf municntiuii, they aie now only a few days distant front us. For themselves, that I'olaiiou which might at first glance i seem a chaining pc ition, is really tilled i ui h disadv aniages which, at any given ! moment, may tun; into dangers. A DAUGHTER’S M.ARRIxGE. The departure of a son from beneath , the paternal roof does not present any spectacle ol desolation. Masculine life has, from infancy. an 16 viduaiily, an ! independence, a;ul exoii-m. so to say. 1 which is essentially Wanting to female existence. When a son abandons Ins pare*.ls, to create for himself a separate i interest, this separation causes hut little interruption m their mutual r< Unions. A man marries. a> d still maintains hi> friendship*, Ins habits, and his filial af- i lections; no lung is changed m his lit*;, it is only an a iditiuaal tie. His depar-; tine ,i consequently a mere real ileM'i tmn —t desertion v. i: h &{l itPj duties ami feeling* still hesh about it.— { In a vvoid, the >m is sapling which ha always grown apart fiom thetiuuk; while the daughter bis. on the contrary, form- • ed an e*eu ial portion of *t, and ( de tach her from her place is to the tree itself You have sunoumied her ( youth with unspeakable tendenes>—tbe exhau-dless tenderness of youi paternal ■ ami maternal hearts; and site, i.i letuin, j ha> appear* dto p ur f rh upon you bo'h an equally inexhaustible gratitude: you loved her beyond ail Ibe vosM. and she | seemed to cling to v* u with a proportion able affection. But one day, or* ill omened day. a man arrives, invited and welcome.! by yours Ives; and this man' of your own choice carries oh t> Ins do-j I mesttc eyi \ your gentle dove, far from j I the so ; l nest which your love had made | I (or her. and to whu h hers had clung. ■ ! On the morrow you |o k around volt, you j listen, von 'rk fr something wi.ichvou ! cannot find. Ihe c <g*- is empty ; the | tuneful linnet has flown; silence ha* succeeded to hi m tod i mis warbling*; it dot's nut come as it did only on the previ m* mCHiiieg fluttering its |>ei turned wing* uoui your pillow, a d awaking yoi by its sft cares-es. Nothing re mains but a painful calm, a painlul a- Icnre, a pamf* Ivq d. The chamuejr of the absent i’atfmg offers only that disOrsj def which it is so nrselan holy for a nu'il er to contemplate ; not the j.yi*i Jaßt] impatient disor rr of occtip*iuu,! utlhat ! of aftandoninet t. Maidenly j , scattered here and there; girlishJwnciesi j ro longer priced'* chairs huffed with I open/and i attSHcked to their remotest comers; a bed in which has * slept: a crowd of charming 'rifles which the young girl loved hut which the fe>cftg wife despises, and which are litffyrd ove the carpel like the feathers dropeen by the hawk that ban made ,the Ue-P i bird il> prey. Such is Ue deprfwUng 1 sight w tun wring* tears from the ifiatite •Niu is this all; from Ibis f dat site occupies *mlv the, sccou£ puce in The afltcfions of he;.depaiTe<| idol; and . even that meieiy until the happiness of materu ly shall have taught tat ahona j she weeps to assign to her one|>tiUlowgr. ! j This man, this stranger, unknown a few j mo- lb", • may be but a few we; ke rrc : vlously, ha-* assumed a right over after-' *; lions which were mice almost ent Trfif ' her own; a few hours of^fleeth.g, ami i * may be ol assumed, *ettderne*o have. In b a gtrsl degree, sufficed to office twenty I ng years of watchfulness, of cate, and :ofs- It abneg si-*n ; aed Miey have not 'j only r*ol a ay her light to be the hrsi .an best eiovnj, hut triey l ave also de j pnved her ol the filial ar sses, the gen j lie a*ten it.n. and U.e aiiuit d ol th t heart's i Jpi, whom she has heis. Jl I given to him for li!e. Xo:hi;rg i- Uft to * live mother but the aft .chment of respect, ■j .All Jb " armor emotion* are engrossed by : the busbacd, to whom bis young bride i sliMHpftmire and devotedness. ATjifaifehMr mra. whe leaves her home '. t. to to hW his fortune* to f iil tf wild: if s li— does not-love wit! perform the same duty feeenatioo Nature nd law alike obligation on her. nd Im o muel dec i.h* wli-'her it \* ill t otflMUkh- 1 j*v or her trrjl; hut -■s ■ 'Jkc >estiJ|Mj mother i , ran r r -t>- •' ha* feared her iye-IhdSTronvitli<m orlfif necessity of .ea riage ; s|ie has herself I oflered to ner i s example in her own' person; Heaven itself has poited it out j as a ditty yrhose omission is culpable ; j Wid far from venturing o the 10-t ee should restore to Imr | graße tenderness which time and habit her to withdraw fium her 1 mother is bound, oi the i cnil*aryy mptay that they may evaiy day hec<wi9hen|£ to eai-b o'her, eve" • at the rtpMKi of her own hapfoness. j This li|C mo her'a lul bles- 11 | THE EX<^KbT^^7siEß. It has at last be t ukeialJtfeannounced j* to our Govenmieiil lhn|ahe &.1 Hun. • 1 Charjea IVlham V.liicimbiutll r ot the I ’ Lari ul Ctaieiidou. and Mf of her Ma-j jesiy’s Privy Councillors,!has been ap-*' I pointed British .Minister ® ibis country, j 1 I oii>i may soon be expects* at Wa-hing- ■ 1 ton*. I lie aunouticioiieiH only cotifiims . f a minor which has piejpTiled for seveial * months although li wap not anticipate d| * that a Minister wutiisDe sent heredunng 1 1 , the stra ion at Mr. Pierce. , 7 The new .Mini>ter| who has just fn* ' ■ tried his hfty-sivtbXear, was educated; 4 for the bai; and lormaiiv years held the : 11 ! jHKs.rioo ot une jg the Lxaniineta in 1 C Ira net ry—an great it-peciabili- ( tv, and allotdmg% moderafe eimdumen’. ■' He hair been englko I i vaiiotis ottier * public duties, nurslyd them, however, 1 having lelcrence toys professional train- * mg and experience #ud tor agiratu. n.- I byi of yeai.- has teJlpseuied Uic le>rough fl Latf' : JihidVi \ ftr* u> r H c House ut Coin- | l t f a h gi-f™ if w.i" (!is(ngtii*hed 1 for the fe rti ac% with vvh ch he brought forward hie hir the repeat * |ot the corn lW’*. Jfcbs opposition to tills * measure, long autep>a[mg iiiat of Cub den and the law league, ua ( I tooi ne 1 r- J 10 hi hcivar- f i taws 1 ‘baler, J f' il|ee>. f dxpt -! 1 pi V icej i ►V bis j 1 ul the ; f i ' illiers t j Ham- 1 | iirnatic", ' il, and J distiii- , i; bui muons J udge huJus. e wui id >:r- Gm- | l* i.—a ult to ul tir. much i tact atul good sense as to have wi n the resjitWf ol the service. 'I lie duties re quire a considerable legal experience, which .\lr.l\ iiliers is known to po-s'rs ku eiurtwitt degree. — J¥e to York Evening Pint (ltr|ttvnoX —“ Selling"' a Serenade. —-T he llocliesler Umn deems the fol worthy ot record—perhaps tor cpi!en.:ib;t- piactlce ofseienarling i I tin pans, and other discord nt j2Hicvvly-married people, i.* stiff in this country. One look ptalßtii'ait^rljomng tow n last week, ta the wm-t uf it. | A lady, bffti the house-keeper | (fan. was leman reVid- 1 tele -l.f Ui n.akiitg |neparalfo* v eddmg, it can e t<> her ears IHI ot young i leltows were ir.ak:; seiena-te the weeding par:v Mlh " a:.<. She fur ad ; ar d a piesCiiplhS. He spve he* a | i p’enti)vl dose of Cpftflp. u ix id in cake desigßfll for thife invited The i.vgh l {.etiurn.ed bef-^MUe ear* of tlie* bride, I most hideous dfhuds from trabout, ffce V. XII.-\o. 4 d(tflor (h&yght i| wm |n intHp t! e outsider* in ami them, to rtop ihfif noise. H* accord ngly ||>far(f at lit* l k*or and poll Hy iwvricd the aereumbfra io comp n. ,‘i iw> iuviUiinn wts ro*| <9 led. and the b;d-, with a drficf of oammitv altogether immjM-cld, file* tered t V wine M*d cake with her u*t> hand*. . They ail partook and went cu eU v away. ashamed of a hat tiny lad d-me-re queri-d ly Undie*^^>| HMMiB.-’ .. Iha slumaid*inie wlo up the prescription, i doaen caffs at once, and ail his pa|ienti appeared to be efle.r|ed in a similar mor* ner. As he knew uhaMlte malady I,;. I e of ecu r*e ga\e himself no uneaiiin^ A thorough e*alic • doubt had a sain* tarv effect, and tin* patient* felt hitler after ejecting t ! e bih which had rained ’heir fir*t uneasy symptoms. The very diet of dc nt people in the rnigMui hood w Sere this look place was in favcr of the biide. Ax FxrnAOßnrxAnr Russia* Reci mrmt. —The Pat lof'Ty, cr the Regur* nt of P.iuf, p e.*- nt* an appearance whit ti would he giote-qne i' it weie no! inpo* sing. Al the men—pray do not largh —have co*k'd none*. Every solriur w if Vi a ncx nit cxusce, w ho is of (he pn | - er height, is sent : o this regiment, which wa! formed by Paul in one f liia'econ fnr freaks, and a verv ch tern ined pup is el cjible if it be acroii.p*tti* d with sunken eyes and high chfek hones. Hut mi le than this: TJie men, clean shaven like ail Russian soldiei*. exci pt on the lip, wear their mustaches brushed upwair a towards the ears, which gives then a fringe and savage iopecl. Tin* hi /ar.e and feior.cus appeatance is n. creas' dby flic shape fit I?i ♦ ii head dre s, w hich is like a *ugi-fbal with oue sit e cut away; an angular section of a eoi • , withthe round side to if.e lion’. On Til a side the shake, or Whalecyi h i.-. ccn •Tsts ol a bra** plate; al the hack f it is a bright red cloth. Fioni the t p tiifie is a enrn ii' turf * r | ompon, si eking cut hiaaziuitally. so as lo be parallel wiitnuo ldfrtMk.pai t iif the wearers no? e,” 5 ** frin* i- reftgioiislv preserv ed si, ||d it • ave been pieiced by a t all, and is wr|n only f\ deserving Id crs. Some of them have ben perforated in lr\ three or four pla e* m the davs of Catharine I’, and in Fnwarri.fT* cam paign, atiPf the regiment g eallv dis iingui-hp d itself; ami on the under psrt of eadi plate, i- engraved the |t;inu- of ilia readier who wor if when tlm bn!l wfe iri Mich Uft|>leianl pioiimity to mm. Should one of these plate* be wo ( n out with age, it* lo ini* sriupolon.dy im itated, and the h ie* renewed with t' e greatest cme. Tfie regiment w lien at ti e march pa*f always canie* hay nets at charge. Altogether, the lck of hrv*e lout lhoii*aiid vnd odd men. a!) ol wlom are over si* fret is ve v novel and sir - king, and if they are h .If as ugly in ti e tight as they are on parade, they must prove mo-! formidatde antagonists. They H-e d’e.-.-ed like (lie other regiments >f the Guard, with flu* ex* epti m of the hemte!.—Moscow correspondence of He London fimis. (kjeTho-e who hi;* not seen Vr. Webster may ho pba-ed wi h tl.e fel low in# desciiptmn of his person at tie age oi foiiy-eight, w till, n by hi* friend, the late Colonel Knapp, about twenty* two \ ears ago : The person of Mr- Wehs’er is singultr and commanding; his height is above tie ordinary siie. hut he cannot he cal!*d tall: he i* broad acre's the che*f, a d sfoirlv and firmly hmlt, bn* there m nothing of clumsiness either in H* tonn or gait. His had is yerv large, hia forehead high. wilh go*d shj*ed temple*, lie has a large, black, so| nr n looking ere, that exhiSHs strength and steadfast ness, and which sometimes burns, but *e|Hom spaiUr*. His hair is of raven black, and both thick and short, wiHn t •he mark of gray hair Hi* eyebrow* are ol the same color, thick and sirongly * marked, which give h a lea ure* the a|- pearance of sternness: but the g-mrU expression of hi* face, after thus pr<g>e - Iv examiired, 1* rattier mild and smiab e ♦ban othetwise. movemeiits in H e ho-e and in tl’# street, are #low at I j digtjified ; there is 1 o peculiar sweefne.* * iin his voire-—it-* tones are rather har.-ti than musical £ -fill, theie i* a v aneiy it, them, and son e of Mem rate!* the i-j ir and chain it down to the meat pnh rt a - He bearti irait* of g eat n.rn’uf labor, hut no mailcsof age: in fact. I s person • mor" ini|ro*rng now in ! i.- fc - tv-eighth year, thiin it was at li irty* yearn ..f age. His manners at the bar. and it* the deliberate aasemi lv a;e peculiar— Hear him, anti you will say tint ins t4* • wetics is foui.deil on no model, anrier* {modern —ail hi* own excetienci<>K and [delects. Hi* v-rre h*s an evrar*rdrna* f Rkfijtipass. His emphss** b: longs fn h rr - pHLilone; it i founded 00 ou tule qct be reduced b> toy .