Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 29, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 29, 1857 Page 3
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DISTRIBUTION OP ASSETS. Ta Stat* or Maryland: Aran Orphans' Court for St. Mary’s c Msnly. held at the Court flmin* in Le*m. ini Toon, on the 19th day of November, in the year of our Lord, one thousand hundred and fifty-aix: Present,— JO. SfALDfXG Esq.. Chief Judge. Geo. H. Morgan. Awic'it# Judge. If. P. Blakistone, Sheriff. G CO .IB *, Regi-ter. AMONG other proceeding* were the following. viz: Oit the application of JJHV P OK NT, administrator of Peregrine Shanks, ia<e of St. Mary’s M ary’s county, deceased. It is ordered bf the Court, th it the said administrator natify the ereditor* of the said deceased to file their claims in ihe Register of W ills’ Ulfice, on or bef re the Sod Tue*. day • January neat, for dividend, and hat the Register of Wills on that day proceed to di-tri ate the assets of the ‘said deceased's estate, which may appear to be in the h tods of the raid adtninis t rat or. am mg the creditors of said de ceased. who shall file their claim* under this order, according to law. provided that a copy of this order be published in the Saint Mary’s Beac >n once a week until the said Sod Tuesday in January next. Tet, r, combs. Register of Wills. ) In testimony that the afore- SEAL > ifoinjj is a (roe copy taken ) from one of the records of I he proceedings <f *hr Orphans’ Court of St. Mary's comity, I hae hereunto .subscri be! my name ami attired the seal of (he said Court this 29th day of November in the year eighteen hundred and fiflv-six. G. COMBS. Register. Dec. 4th—td. r - ■ ir —iTj-^aaaggaawesßssawsssss JOHN II EAN Y . No. 3 Holm .sworth and Chant sts (Near Piatt Street Wharf,) Buffiatote,. HAS constantly on ham! a full stodk of Lime (wood burnt). Bricks Hair, Cement, Calcined Pla.-trr, Corn, Oats, Corn Meal. Chop Rye, Mill Feed, ect., all of which he will sell at the low I e.>l market rules Orders for anv of the above articles will he attended to with lio nptness. ami satisfaction be guaran teed. April 13th IJ<s4 tf. PURE LIQUOR S. OLD London d** k Brandy: GoMen Sherry Wine. very -upciior: Hol land (Jin. equ*d to Schirdam Scnapj**; Claret, brand-St Julhn and St. Emiiiion j 8 Brands superior Old Rye Whiskey For sale bv SPALDING & GREEN WELL. June ISih. 1H.16. I REMOVAL. LIFE i full of VKi-situde*. and with a view of improving our condition, we are constantly contemplating one change in the affairs r.f'ltle. So it is with GOODRICH k BEAN who, to ' 1 their facilities, have removed their GROCERY & COMMISSION HOUSE (ROM -Vo. 101 fo 130 Dvtmn't Wharf, where they are prepared to receive all ' kinds of country produce for rale on com- I mission, ai d will attend in person to the j nspecdon o 1 Tobacco consigned to them. ! They will Leep constantly on hand a .u- j perior a-orfment of G R O C E tt I K S | nt all kinds as heretofore. They will also . Purchase all kinds of Goods out of llictr , line on commission. 1 hankhil for the liberal patronage they have heretofore received, they solicit and bnpe lu merit a continuance of the same. GOODRICH it BEAN March 20th, 1856 ly. Mr*. A. M. MADDOX’* BOA KDING HOUSE. No. 442. Corker or O street ok th* Aveni** IK THE hour* formerly ortupiCD r Mas. Patton, over W. 11. Gilman's Drucc * v toke, WASHI vfTTOK, D. C. Mr. M. is prepared to accommodate B urder.s bv the n.oAth, week, day, or Residence near the Capitol, City j Hail and the principal Hotels. ; Gentlemen can have rooms with or without 6'iard. Board $1,60 per day. ion* 12th. 1856 -tf. — 1 1 ■— ...■ - i A. 1.. BEAL ft SON. LIME, ME.IL. FLOUR JtXD FEED STORE, -Vo. 122 Dugan, Wk*rf, Baltimore, KEEP constantly on band all kinds of Mills. Feed, Guano. Lime JJV, Bricks. Hair, Calcined Fluster, , *•, Chop. Rye, fitc. We have on hand a very large assortment of Sash, P Jor * S * s ' j Frames. ft.c. All order* tor the purchase of Lumber will be -at ended to with promptness, and sati&fac •ion be pi irante-- d. June 19th, 1856—1 f. . EDWAIID J. DORSEY. w° AC ” . FA,WTE “ * THIMMED, If AVI.N’G located himself permanently in jJi /-h* village of Leonard Town, Saint - - ri> * c ® uol JT. will promptly attend to any iTj?* in hn hoe of business. He will repair j ol,i ‘C*’ ■*<* deawFnniiiure, paint ml J""-**- Thankful for the KberaW ha* received, he solicits a eoatta Xi~a~h i • MTJJMfRMy * FAWY ARTICLES^ my Wt for cash and on BONNETS, 89k. ftuk). Vi' gtmlSß rtrry nridr. HEAD DRESSES, Dm Cape, Pbtm.fl boiu. Drcee end Cloak Tnmmmji; fl Buttons, Fringe Lara, Gimp ■ Yalret Ribbon, Rawing 83k of U wlm; Codon, cobid mi white. ALL KINDS OF EMBROIDERY; I Collars, SlwrM, Ilaodkerehiefe. Edging, laser- Fiounring. both Carabne sad Swiss; Worsted Goode Ur Children, Scarfs. Hoods, Hosiery. , A eplendid aeeonmentof Hameon ( e Perfumery; Lara sad Loss Veils; GLOVES. . Kid, Riik and Fleecy Lined; Tack. Side. Puff and lone COM HS : Qua Elastir, Silk and Moroeoo Bolls; { _ JEWELRY. Oct. SM. 1866. 1 i ' €O.PABtXBRIMP. BsLriMoaa. October Ist, 1896. : ¥ H. LUCKKTT k. <.. n,,mi Ihn <)r i fojgyjgtas ■ s uSUfs, Young. J. H. LCJCKETT A CO. THOMAS H. YOUNG. *. B. I.CCKXTT. T. E. TOCOS. LVCKCTT dk VorXG, PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 119 Ijombard atreet, {up Uairs,) Baltimore, HAVING determined to derote their en tire attention to the -ale of TOBACCO. | WHEAT, CORN and other COUNTRY PRODUCE, will attend strictly tn the ln*pec tH>n of Tobacco condgned to them, and hare, all Wheat weighed by a competent Clerk. W* IJUral odeum** mad*. Oet. 23d. 1856—-if I . . ■ - , - - - - - |W ratification notice jM ; John Gnat her i In Saint Mary’s > county Circuit court j Maria C. Guvther J eitting i< a Court of • Equity. B*ll filed for to foreclose a mortgage. ! Ac. BY virtue of authority vested in me ( hy the act of Asi>emS|y in such j cae made and provided, I hereby ratify and confirm the report of Wm. E Col-, Trustee in this caue, provided that no objection be made thereto on or before the fourth Monday of November next, and provided that a copy of this order be j inserted in the St. Mary’s Beacon once | per week for three months before the , said fourth Monday of November next, i The report states, that the land sold for one thousand seven hundred ninety five dollars. JAMES T. BLAKISTONE. _ Clerk Circuit Court IW fit, Mtj'k August 90th, 1 §56. * August 99th, 1 *s6—3m TO MY COUNTRY FRIENDS. undersigned takes leave to in form the public and his many cus tomers that he hts REMOVED to his New Store. No. 161 N. G\Y ST., two doors below his former place, where he is continuing to close out the remainder of his Summer Stock of DRY GOODS and TRIMMING', at less prices than ever offered heir**. These good* will ! be sold at any rate to make room for the I large Stck of Fall Goods which I am I daily receiving. Come eaily and bar- I gains can be obtained. Fanners and County Merchant* ire ' invited to examine our well-selected ; *t'*ck of Domkt>c Goods, Cassinktts. ; Blankets, Ac., which I cau set! very low bv the pi*ce or y:ird. HERMANN POLLACK. 161 N. Gay stree*. August 91st, 1896—4 w. FREDERICK ACADEMY or THB VISITATION B. V. Al. FOR YOUNG LADIES. f ITHR Eiercises of this Institution wil J. recommence on the U Momlav of September. TUMI! Entrance, Q 0 Board and Tuition, with the French language (if desired) 100.00 Stationary. Washing. Mending. Be£, Bidding. Doctor’s Fee. Ac. 19,00 Music on The Piano, Harp or Guitar orms an additional charge. The Latin. German. Italian and Span ish Languages, with Painting and Draw tog are likewise extra charges. August 98th, 1856 Iw. NOTICE. TBjTOTICE is hereby given to all concerned li that the subscribers intend to make ap plication tn the Cutnumuoncrs of Saint Ma ry’s county on the 2d Tuesday of January next to condemn an additional quantity of And at the public landing known as ** Wal ker's Wharf” on the land uf Matthew A. Stone, on 8l Clement** Ray, the present landtag being insufficient to accommodate the large quantity of wood and produce earned to that potuL JOHN U GREEN WELL, DANIEL T. MORGAN. JAMES HOWARD, GEORGE WATHEN, LEWIS GRAVES. A other*. Nov. 97>h 1856—30 d. J FOR SHERIFF. THE subscriber respectfully announce* himself as a candidate tor the odice t Sheriff of 3l Mary’s county at the election m feiinlr^i, nnd illieils lha vuppart ofnljh Hm if ifffff f> THQMA * ■#>A ETW ENT I^muil! 8, | i>r ? f ' ,og * f Ob ! w rf Lecturing wdl iewntifie lector— of the **mirli i rShiT Wfeiiiiiii The object of the MriiicTrFacdhf will be to HWrurt toe undent perfectly in th* ete. meois of Medical Science, in all Ms depart meats, with its accessory Vnirhrijif know*- ***** —>• only to qaalify him to entot upon the practice ut Medicine, hut to five him a tftofoufh aad liberal Raqoiarrcs poa Giipi vnoi Fees. 4c.—> The candidate for the degree of Doctor ol Medicines, must be Jhnlujr one years of age, of good moral chgfeer, and hare attended two lull Lectures the last of which shall hare hi gp to institution; also one course ol I'rdptrai Anaiomv. The fre for pi Full Cooise is |9'WIO Matriealtow|pai<l only once) 5,00 Ticket IOjW) Ihejppnham of living ta Washington are **if*®!* l * **■ *“? in the Union. Pjppwfber information, address. JT JOHNSON* ELIOT M. D. Jp Dean of the Faculty No 49* Seventh Street West. Meptember 25th, 1850-3 w. thos. nan.ev. j. a. welch. I'l'HOnAS DAILEY A CO„ (Jnle iff' St. M'trg’n County.') fejLjk AND HARNESS, jggk NAKKEs st. Hear LaatbaN, V Bnllftmore. flflE undersigned havinf associated JLfhetnselves together for the purpose ft f the Saddlery & Harness bustneltt, have taken Warehouse No. 41 South Street, East aide, where they wouldhp the favor of their friend* in S*. Mjn’r 4 elsewhere to five them a call jpey will be prepared to furni'h ' rrdbnlii and other* w ith their supplies on atonod terms as can be had in this or an^lh^Markct. 'iilWf Thomas dailet m ~ J. B. WELCH . Baltimore, Md. JulßJOlli If*6—6m JpRW GOODS. Leonard Town. Oct. 21 *t. 1856. Ef re. la. , VG S, r a try * | he wn mo oor rfed ed to cuuunuance oi mem. . It shall be nor constant rmtirmi -• every satisfaction to thorn wlm Mto fhve? ns with their custom. One of the firm will give hr i rinual n Irsliuo to sales of Country Prmhu t „ FRF.BLAND, HALL 4, CO. Nov. Md. 1855—tf. ' , PERGUSSO.V. MURPHT.iICO. GROCERS * COJiMISStOAT merchanJi JVo. 121 Lombard Street. Batthwre. If uid wll MM. sjMof Urocene., r.oe Tn, .ml Ujtwet.bich they offer .1 u low prices as W<*hr house in the ritr. Fhey aleofwjftilt Hlwu atteoto to the md Gram, md 2^j e ** tb * fcc#nch Se 112th—juT"* & ' pt * lU ’ ,856 ‘ nfto® UNDERSIGNED, iUfefullv ■ Were thanks to their many friends ! andgnslumefa o € Si, Mary's bounty for rTfxSP*** j"™* ,! h . e year; 9 iff 1 !? Te *PP a J H*at a continu ftfh* ieelmf confident that

. v •* po the most libe fj! • n flP ommod * till f with my thu!f OriHAyraal in the Lumber line . aKJ* w 4 CO., PRIVATE SALE, i rifHE wbcriHfr. wishing to move to -1. the Wwt, in mina!t to d -po< of h property of evfrv description, m St. Mary'# county. There are two tracts ol Und, one co*tainitig about six hundred acrr*. miJMe oth-r about one hundred and fouracfs*. The soil i- of excellent quality, the ml nation is |trurrrbuii) lieal i Ihjr. *The land lies about twu miles fnwi Ihe Pktuxeut river, and hat a large quan tity of Oak. Pine and Chesnut Timber frawmg on it The buildings are mostly new and commodious. There is a Store house on the premises, which it a good stand ft* c* entry business The personal valuable saddle and I draught Horn*#. Work-oxen. Cow, Sheep O'? Household and Kitchen farming Utensils. tegeth I ThnMwraed power and * t* disposed of with the for then>se|v?cg l 7 h * *■*. Th ‘Oh-rri* Ml, If it kw desired, three * vUR? mfi§dt.* n j ficfropi, W. L RICKLERI# ! Si. Mary’s co., id. ‘ Washmg jH. ton Hotel/* Leonard Town, the ; subscriber respectfully announces (o'-hi* ; f nends and the travelling community, generally, that he is now prepared MR ; accommodate all who may give him m call, in a manner that he fruds will be satisfactory, ft it hiintention to thor* ooghly repair the whole esiabli-hmen and re-furnisb the rooms without rcgaro | either to paint or expense. Hi* undivided attention will be given to his new business, and he pledges )’ himself to use his best exertions to make all his guests con fortihle and contented. Mis table will always be supplied with whatever the market may afford, and hit I Bar well furnished with the be>t liquor* and segars. t The patronage of the former gt.esfs of the house is very respectfully solicited. J W, J. MOORE. January 10th 135 t—t f. I.MPR .VED ACCOMMODATIONS. IjjlHE subscriber informs the pitrm> A of the WASHINGTON HOTEL and the public t-at he has added to the , building E I. E V E N ROO u§, w hich renders his house superior iu coiii fort to any Hotel in Southern Maryland. Hi* STABLES are extensive and i commod ous, bavin? been recently fl-vr ed with a view to the accommodation of racing Stock, and every thing provided i j for their comfort and convenience, i J. W J MOORE, i Leonard Town, Ml. i Oct. 16th—1m. [Port Tobacco Times. Marlboro’ Plan ter’ Advocate and Baltimore Diilv rnKTarnd bill to Mi nee for payment. NOTICE. HE subscriber* have opened an ex tensive CARRIAGE REPOSI TORY, at 57 a; d 65 N. Calve* street, '■ppo.-ite the City Spiing. where they . ha\ e. and intend to keep, a fine assort* | ment of C*fRRIAGES of the latest pat terns and style* of finish, from their man* | ufactory in New Y (, rk. and are manitfac ; (urine at 65 X. Calvert street. Light l Carnages of every style, which they will sell low for cash or approved piper. All work sold at this estab Uliment 1 warranted. We are prepared to fill otders at the i shortest notice. I* reaai.*G done on the notice BURR. HAIGHT & O'CONNELL. August f4<h, |Ss6—tf. ' CIGAR MA NT FACTORY. JOSEPH DAVIS & Co. have establish* ed themselves, in Leonard Town, for the purpose of carrying ou the Mann* ; factory of Cigars. All o:d**r* in d.eir line, wholesale or retail, wil* be filled with despatch and at the lowest prices. f Hr cigars are made of the very best material, and of imported Havana tohac j€o. Snuff* of every description and best j brand* of chewing and smoking tobacco will be kept for sale. They respectfully solicit a share oj *B*t ESTATE. npHE subscriber offers hi* services to A theae wanting lo sell or purchase real estate Ml Si. ary** county. Being acquainted, or in correspondence with, persona from other sections who are turning their attention to nor county land*, be Rattets.Uinseif that he enjov* more than usual facilities in this respect. He will give prompt attention to all bnsi- MNw of the kind entrusted to him. A moderate commission onlv, will be charged. GEORGE S. KING. Leonard Town, Md. January 10th 1656—tf. * DAM EL R. MAG RUDER, ATTORNEY AT LAW, I Prte Frederick, Calvert ca. ■. ! w j WILL practice in the Courts of Cal vert, Anne Arundel, and neigh boring Counties, -and in the Court of Appeals. July I7*h, 1856—6 m. IQ& REGISTER OF WILL* Wears authorized lo anaauaae LW)T ARl> NEALE as a Candida*? tor the other of Register of Wills far fatal Man’s county ‘ at the election in IBSJ. 7 Juiv ISth. 1856.^ UMTEHsrrr p jvarilaxd. SCHOOL og^UEDiCLHE. "I HE KORTV-Nlfc FUSION Wit M * B <jiN mi Hiimb, tW 9itt * ndrn Ffuffww of ibe fHMi' - tof Professor of the ice of P R> fe* wr Therapeutics Medic he and Surse isT *• Bahimre Infirmary, an In ’*' 3 ” ,^rl * yr** standing, * tNfMRPnsr to ibf UsiwrMy, miuhnil in it? hood, un<!n the sole f attended by. the IViiiir. and open tfclpti matrH-uLirf of the School UiroughßMphc y.r. w ithont chars*. Fees :— For the full course, |9<); Practical AA&t^M|^O t Matriculation, sft; Gnuiua f *' . / l*rati o?'the Faculty, No. 1 1 ScMith I .lie-fly street, Baltimore. I Sept. I hh, loWi-iii. IkFArTS |\DfvTH KNOWING! or!^|oMo ‘*S;itall Profits and Quirk |** c nre rather than the SU. ir se\ R KA B A 1 N S , M HA^g ?’roiß| | NO. IST PRATT STthET. (Between Light and Chati*Streets. n> opposite the •‘.Malloy House,”) BALTIMORE. j TITHERR may be /found fine tod ! W ▼ rodisc Beaver. Bi!k, .Slouch, and Straw Huts, of f\>ry Jiape. kind, color, j and quality: also Chui. Glared. Velvet Fur and Plush Cap*: JR large assortment of Youth's and Cmklren’s Fancy Htfle | • nd Caps, atlof wlipi w ill be sold at the very lowest prices, k j country merchants win find it to their advan&g-* to call on us before making their pcNh-hase*. N B. DRESS HATS purchased of u will he- kepiifiygßr free of charge. -the ■ PEOPLE'S STWEj No; 137 Pratt i Street, between Light had Charles stra. j May 29th, 1856—$m* FIFTY DOLLARS worth ol Books, selected frou the following I .1 r vice to Americm: B y A uiericans. Bvo. Dnttinx’t JhHonf if Roman idt, 50 plates. evo. doth. M. FAlu't Choice Hark* far the FataiLi Curies ; Plate*, 2 rols.. PrcLclolh. The American and Odd-nUmca > Litenmi AfuKMM; 3j Steal 1 Guide to KmmUrdge, 3HO royal Bfv Ifontfer* of the World, *25?l PUrs Bro OCP MKSTS wishing to rgfulaie *,ese iiii|>nant Publication*, will adores* the Publisher. EDWARD WMJtifiW 144 Fulton street, when they Wm reedPf full particulars o' (. oum.isskm McM *•* Newspapers copyingM*. a|ore, and inserting the same te D hm#. rndmg a copy of each insertion to (he lie en titled to a copy of themLttrntmdf H i*iorv or the^6tatesuMio , MaSal,* Subject to their ii£ Jlhbjt JWDI/Ct.Tl KNTS 70 CU , ASO POSTMASTERS, TOjppKri.ATS amaeicar rational iron. THE FOLLOWSXS Ltß jf KttJtL pßOPosmojs: W> ehy person who will order 50 eopi"s of either of the two loilowing works. THE N aTh LN .ML HISTCIRY' OK Trl E UNITED PfTATTfe*, Colonial, Rerniu. tmoary.ond (kMisiiiitikmaf; cbiefiy from Na- By U. J. Lossmg ami E. dhana|. Beautifulljr illustrated. 2 rob, containing the yjgf* t Melhfes, and Admiutsirations of the rri , t c 'Je |>f s, fom Washington to Pierre. t tr&' Wiiil ® oe * >orfril ' l * c h>th, gill, the amount (less the liberal will be allowed ALttftr TREGO, J. f. MORGAN. WE leaeelow|^®Ek^riiVitin of our fnenda aadNihc Jaßc in Bf. Gary’s and mijoimeg very sunertor stock of—> ’ FINE RR \ NDYS. W INEb. CBN. OLD U aIISKEY and ctgas. which we are prepared to self t£|3| eet market price, and re>pcctff aobctl their custom. TREGO II VORtJf, 133 Franklin *ireei,£a/iim*re, Oct. 9th. 1850—Sm. FHOFKSHf&rJBL Dc. ii 6. m—< RHOM IT MAT CONOIENri XDERSir.NI D, hn.4, ) lb • A. F Brady, arc in# pro to Red Gate Farm, 10 Saint ; ry s rwinty, ■AUrvUitd. hereby give •ttilire, that O. A F. Brady (ahoiji Mir d the largest hrf*lio((W!) in said farm) - ant hunted to cultivate aid Frrm—to cut wood. ship limber and whatever else may be thereon—do purchase whatever may be necessary to carry on Mich jlper atinnr—to sell the produce thereof-—to sell timber standing— lo sell a portion or even the whole of the land, if dutiable or necessary, or if for the interest of the parties concerned. This notice is deemed necessary to counteract the rrporh now in circulation in the cmnhr prejudicial to the inU>reu ot Mr Brady and of the undersiifned, ; leaving the impression that we aie not equally responsible with him for Me op e* at ton. JOHN DICKSON. DANIEL S. GORDON. WILLIAM KING. ; Georgetown* D C. | lan. 17th. 1856 ly. TRUSTEE’S REPORT. Thomas HI. Miles In the Circuit Fonrt and for St foun- Caroline E. Vile* ty, sitting as a Court vs. of Eqtii'y. I! Eh*'e Smith. ORDERED, that the report ol Fi>der ick ‘Mone. trustee in the above rase, 1 filed the 20th day of October, 1836 be i ratified and confirmed unless cause to the ic-rntrary be shown on or before lint thud | Monday o*" November next, provided a | copy ol th s or< 4 et be inserted in Xm e ■new-paper published in Saint Gary's j-ounty. once a week for three ijaeek I previous *o said fluid Monday of Nfiveni'* | •***■• The re,K.rt states that the land called Smthwood” sold lor sikteen | thousand nine hundred anti fifty dollar#. T. Bi.aeistuxe, Cl’rk. ! Oct 18.56. “ True copy. Test ! James T Bi.akistonc. C Irk. Or*. 27d 1856—3 w. i SIOO REWARD. rwill give the above fop the apprehension and sale delivery i>* me, jot my negro Francis Manning, if ||e is '§L^** n m the county: and I will also ff I *’* SSO lor the detection and convic tion of any free p rson, white or ilnck, who maypharburor secrete him SaM boy is about 5 fcei, 6or 8 inches high, and has a freckled face. His clothing not jr mem be red. He ran off from me \of ay ! farms on the 7th *f Fehuary in-l ll henry g. liavden. F* b. 21st 1856—tf. THE it iderstgned annutinres himiall a | a Atom for Her is ter of Wills of St. Slary’a j our.iy # ipd solicits the rotes of his hlluw citizens. „ GEORGE I. SPALDING. ; Noe. *lh # 1F55. 1 most respectfully present mvsidf to , my fellow-citizens of St. Marv’s County i- • candidate for Register of Wills at .the ensiing election, and will be tllank i ful Air their support. j loiRS R. HOPEWELL* Not. 22nd, 1855. ?|t a. lancastfr. j. r . h freest. LANCASTER fo HERBERT, PRODUCE i COMMISSION M RCIUXI'S, AV 91 Ijomhard strut. AILTLMORE. ' N B Particular attention given to Grain and Tobacco. Wt 29th, 1856—2 m. PROFESSION A L NOTICE. DR- C. M HAMMETT, having lo cated in Bedlam Neck, jly otters his professional services !,, the public, and solicits a share of Ibei* pn , tronaije. f r * „ He can always be found at Mr. iloha !*1 T. Tarlton’s. j :, *t sih. 1856—2 m. ' I 11 11 fV. JATED TO PURCHASE j TWO LIKELY GIRLS, f r ..m to 14, • d tron. 14 to 18 tears ofo; ,tr ' a girl liom 14 to 18 aid a boy fron,*9 to iM. They are wanted for semce the county —cash paid. Inquire at this! tA ; fice. Dec.. 18(b, 1856—2(1)01. BLACKSMITH WANTED. A MAN without family who can do T*’ £ ,lod Blacksmith’s work, is want d in lx onard Town. Libera) wag s w ill be g ten and hoard can be obtained at the subset iber’s. % THOMAS BROWN. Oct. Nth—lf. NOTICE. PERSONS in St. Mary’s county who wish to have W>||* dug. or Pumps will consult their iateiest by addrese ing John Sinclair, Leonard Town Post once. Feb. 2ls. 1858 fa. BTj RJt,\TSAX'D WOLFS GRjJIY CRADI.ES, f'radle Blades, Grass Scythes, and Biiar Hooks, * G * EEK,fi:LL ' ' and MUCtL V FluMjPfnObtt for ale be - * DUILLVT.