Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 29, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 29, 1857 Page 4
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WOOD COMMISSION WF, respectfully inform e-t/'d. that We have madnHj arrangements. are ready to and Cord Wood upon’ commiasiofl exclusively. Our friend* and alt offcer* who may favor u- with consignments will l>e ena bled to receive full price* fur I heir Wood, and not be compelled to suffer sacrifice* in consequence of a plotted market or combination among dealer*. Liberal ad\ ancements made on all consignment!*. > e' All orders lor every description i of Building materials tilled with prompt-! ne<* and upon the most accommodating terms. S. WIL! IS & Co., \ LfJMBVR DeURM, West Si le, Union Dock, Balt., Md. June *2id. 1854—tf. NOTICE. TIE partnership existing [ between the undersigned wa* di< solved by mutual consent on the Ist in- , slant. George S. King is authorized to settle ftp the buxine** of the lath firm.— Persona having claim* again*! the firm are requested to present them for ret- i Clement: and all those indebted to us fot üb’rtp(ion or advertising will confer a j la' or upon Us bv immediate payment. f ’GEORGE S KING J F. KING. tOfh. IHS. . A. L. Itl'AL A M)i, LIME, MEAL, FLOUR AMD FEED STORE, Mo. I*2*2 Dtigon * Wharf Baltimore, TM2T EBP constantly wi hand all kinds ! Bw; of Mills. Feed, Guano. Lime llav, Bricks. Hair, Calcined Plaster, O il*. Chop. live. &,r. We have on hand j also a very large assortment of Sa-h, 1 Door*, Shunters, Frames, &c. All orders | for the purchase of Lumber will be at- ■ tended to with promptness, and satisfac- , lion he guaraire. d. June 19tb, ISr>C>—tf. r< E M O V A L. I IKK i* full ol vici siiudes, and with j .J a view of improving our condition, we are constantly contemplating J change in the affairs of Me. So it is wiflC GOODRICH & BEAN who, to incrf|g#j' their facilities, have removed their * GROCERY k COMMISSIO^PIiSEj from •Vo. 104 to 130, Dugan W%nrf % * here they are prepared tdu receive all kinds of country produce for Pule on com mission. and will rdlend in parson to the J nspecion of Tobacco con.-igmui to them. , They will l cep constantly on hand a ?u- i perior assortment of G U (*C| H I K S ! of all Linds as heretofore. will also purchase all kinds of Goods oaffnf their hue on commission# Thankful lor4he liberal pidJbdige they I have heretofore receiv ed. T h4y **olict and hope to merit u continu in' e if the same. | GnODRICHaIk. BEAN March 20i!i, 1856—1 y. * itlrst A* M• ISA BOA It DING lib USE. No. 44*2, Corner or street on the AvcnuV| IN THE MOURE FORMERLY OCCUPIED IV Mrs. Payton, over W. H. Gilman’s Drugg Store, Washington, D. C. Mr*. M. i* prepared to arcommoda’e Boarder* by the n.onth, week, day, or 1 meal. Residence near the Capitol, City i Hall and the principal Hotels. Gentlemen can have rooms with or j without Hoard. Hoard $1,50 per day. June l*2th 1856 —tf. : SIOO REWARD. JBill give the above Reward for the I apprehension and safe delivery to me, ! oj my negro Francis Manning, if he is * t iken out of the county and SSO reward j If taken in the eomUy: and I will nNo give SSO tor the detection and convic-’ tion ol anv free p- rson, while nr black, who may Tiarboror secrete him Said bov is about 5 feet, 6or 8 inches high, and ! has a freckled face. His clothing i** not remembered. He ran off from <neof nn farms on the 7h of Febnarv inst* HENRY G. HAYDEN. F-b. SIM IHfte—ft. s Y JOHN HEANY. No. 3 Hollins worth and Grant t* (iNea. Pratt Street Wharf,) Baltimore, HAS constantly on hand a full stock of Lime 'wood burnt). Bricks Hair, Cement, Palrined "Plaster, Corn, i Oats, Corn Meal. Chop Rye, Mill Feed,: ect., all of which he will sell at the low- 1 e>-t market rates Orders for any of the above article* will be attended to with promptness, and satisfaction be guaran teed. April 13th 1854—1 f. P V R~E bJQUORS, OLD London dock Brandy; Golden Sherry Wine, very superior: Hol land Gm. equal to Schiedam Scnapps; Claret, brands St. Julian and St. Emillion 3 Brands superior Old Rye Whiskey! SPALDING & GREEN WELL. % . June 19th. 1856. - *-i.JKti FARMIMG fMPLEMgf^k. JUST received and for of PLOUQgm "PLOUGH CASTIMGS, ILMJtoWk OULTIFA TORS, and CORMSHgmlam^l SPALDING k GttEENWELL kfay 0tK v l*w6. \j book tiut mjouT.n be tv the UJLVDH Om&yERVJLLV! 1 EVERY M A<(KvN LAWYER. AN J C.\rJbsTATF.j* FROM a apnpVtf Uu.uh in *i, rr:. :■■ i fHUv.piUii ic** Negotiation'. B 6 4 ’ 3pattfeciun*r>. Mechanic*, In V ’"'fe r Artvu, nod all men wio ' Vi ' sEPK Usal Busines*. and savi anxiety and luti- of ume, rontamdKfegK&rms of IXeeds, Morgans. Leases, Depositions. Or ders. < of Attorney. < >r::fc caies of SmpKby Agreement-, menls. A Staup* jbf maud, of Crl*t, Arbilra (ion lV.iv!, Releases, Adtivnisirafors* aA ln>tru"tionv. Ordap, yHBh. Codicils, Ap- Jointures. Ajjw ni-nt. Receipts, F. Land*. Lun-i Warrants, ( oni{>o&iiiS|B | Oaths, Satisfaction of ; lion Laws, Pa tom Laws giving non-, to Inventor-. with lull and 1 >lrnvtion& l r proceeding, W!!ttfl|BwfiipßßßFi tam-e, in suits and business of i every description ; also (%>r.taini|||j|p of pm-1 p* rty exempt from Execution, Lten Ohr j Law of Limitation*, Law of Usu ry Laws, (iunlf for p of j ihvcrce, i 'f>Ti.v?iit;ti<n of Ibe a ‘ ’.MOpi. tr .System of WK ; Kfl!lWrtrtsiwr Tables, (Told and Lihtrr Com n’aWesl Sent of wn S'tatf in the' t’nitii. Hr. 1 2na&. 320 . pa?H. Prirr, in Law Binding. $L f Oc*- No labor or expense Wit spared j m the preparation uf ihu book to ~#iak Jl i r\ er\ wav fully adapted lo tltifwaills of evwjp rv bitomfsis mv n in <*rr St: tc m the UniquH and the Publisher has entire conSelenceippn* | superiority over any K'>m Book pM|HpNI. as Ihi-iness Man’s Fompanitfil £> Energetic and reliable j to soil this work in every i*mt£r me Union. Pent, |H>sl-panl. on rc^a§M mff price. Ad- S J G. WF.LIJ Agent. 11 Beekmanvt.. N, j ti i MILY SSUBVrindtAnie seal, sanction and au ■ thori^of fWpt'nrrersity of free Medicine rijfcred |ff*|jke State of Pennsylvania., nnh a caßn! of one hundred thousand | If'lldrs, mainfe for the purpose of arresting of .furious Nostrums, Jiwo. for KtMjßjysQi; the Community with rwable reined iShvhererer a competent Ph\ s|can cannot orwdl not be employed. have t purchased from ®r. John R. Rowand, hi> celebrated % . . mixture. Known for upw|v of twenty-five vrao as the only sure and and safe cure fore Few: and Ague, & c. • And hi* luetliinitm l Remedy for Bowel i Complaints. RowauU Compound Syrup of Blackberry Root. Which highly nunrovcd and popular Rem ( etlies, together wiffthe University’s Remedy ! r or Complaints of pe Lungs, the University’s ! Remedy for lK>Ct)<a or Inuigeslioii, the 1' Univ.-rsity’s Reiouw %r < ’ostive ’§ i “ or Su 'm of IS)i**vl V^rußewßilWHl i .<l. (Element’s Bay; €l. I. ec K*. F. Fpddrag, Leonard Town: m>wn* &. Bean, ClFtotl J. | I. Allsfan, (J..-a#!ilia; Cole & Shadrick, Ml. ! Olive; Ck*o. If. New Port. St. Ma rv’s County. * May 3rd BUGGIES. CALLAGES, SULKIES. | fgYMK has on hand in itts I. newly tprlcd Factory a great va nety of all of which, n* regard: durability, fliiish and style, will compare ; the h#t in the country. He would refrpectfulw call the attention of his I friends ajp the public generally of j SLMary'Jbrid adjoining counties to this : far! and anhe same time he takes oc | | thanulbr tKpr former patronage. With the st%li of em-iages at present in his Factory‘ted illicit he pos | senses forihanitTfeturing, he feels coofi dent of being meet the want- of , those who vrifcli His Fac-p torv (which ha| beA| lately re-built) i* near the corncrlbf TbnKstreet ami Penn sylvania A venue, oppjljg Gadsbv s Ho tel. Old Carriages replwml at the short est notices or taken in exVMttp for new ones. He has a good of se cond hand Carriages which wiHkl sold on reasonable terms. #> MICHAEL McDERVU^rnIK June 8.1551. Notice to Famuli anti Plontex^ SALT FOR MILCH STOCK CEMKFALLt MJTHEN’ Cows in are kept op ww green, succulent fcqg. iheyjp outre a regular and of Jmlt. | , So, also, when cattle ar% &rt to ! pasture in the Spring, tHey mmKm salts! j more frequently than in ; : . the season when thes lesslhic- j 1 cu’ent and fresh. If' jic^n^e supplied h grri-n ferment abb* lierlar^jj^matlv debilitated by scours. SAf quantity, is acer- • ♦ain this Rock Salt isdprlMpreconomical and retire. nienjpWv 'IAHhI slock, by placing pieces : n (■ the field, where the . off caaCnave access to it at pleasure. I OJBra'jAlr this, or any other articles in ' Jpr luhA iII be prompllv attended to bv HftipUVALL & ICLEHART, pi f tiw Aiiml Co*ssion Verchsnts, 1 148 Light street X'harf, WIL!>. THE friendbr JAMEST.M. RALEA’. i E|., twaiand him to the of Si. Mary’s countl, as a candidate lor tie off:rc Register * lion in 15."7. and as emineal!v < i u *^dh a d : : m iss mary a. scHonrrm. CniLIT SVFTEIWQ kEU€ > Ef> , 'L\'TERKSTL\'U .M4RRATJ T .iVD /MPPF RESULTS 1 TRUTH STMAA9EM TK/.V fTCT/aV. Lt rut Arrucm Hear #e Tevtivostt w a Laiit.—To thove who hav*jheffiea>ive of kHwriir her we need ray nkßW:fep to ether* ■ we remark ihjtt ade*tte io I'riieSt itW sstflerta; iidure* her thus tn s;eak. Nftoe tav , J hor joy ami graiiirtle in l>etn raT.efW from rteut, ■ after veers of unporaheled, Ktt those (if therebeanv) who have adflbd like 'ilNTt [. • \ M S. ha lone lieen a re*id*’ of nor Hty— f'"*r tbe Inst two yriw has lorn o*p. dortui a school at Xo. 61U Hehtmore irreet. Tlie happy *3. nitre in her health is a auhfort of j ititnntsiinwitl and joy to her iiussemus friemlsT We **k ibnae iuteiexted t enll on her. Snc | will ie*l t(i(n more of her catwln* /knytm’i’ TtmHnre than she hHrwwn M , u. is this •Hfeeiy t?oes on mine relief We JSSTa. place, f*my Wn" tyreitt a/W front * L had the withe awlMhiie. IV (fehthertno Amt liroke it did not discharge fee* Ethan <n>e qmtri, and an continued to trouble me 11 .every rime I *ook cold nr was in r|ve least fatigued; my bodily strength was reduced to the weaknm* i iiimfimcy; I was several times very near the i grave ;my lup-ioinl Kfid l*een mil of 'place ever i iinre i had the first attack. At.the are of tiur- ji teen my hands became dislocated. Those suf fering, and the general debility 1 felt from the ! I constant ibsrhnrjre of my ghtnA'jbga, eat’.scd me I often to think shat I should neief be pfiSni**ed . < to know how it feh to he free from pain and i sutiVrme, even for ore hitr, until my poor body i slion d be ehanred andhemntelikennto“Christ** , glorious body.” at least, “ until “this mortal 1 have pot on iinmorutlity,** • '■ i ih: d raker an many medicines, nnd rereiied i so little benefit, that I had •*oiifideu'*c in ucne. I i lird u*td of nearly si! the crl. bruteri /!nimrutr t .tnd ■ other external renittllW I had heard of. I had i been } ?are! by nv friends under some of r.';e best fhysicuniH of Enulami, ami all the relief , ever obtained was bn: of irmrutorv duralion • When 1 first heard of Ilxmatmi’s Tiitdnrr, I !' liad not the coofideure i:i us cSacv, mit I he.d a friend who had k’lnwti Mr. .larter, PUt muter, when his s:tl]ein<rs wore at ihe worst t and had witnessed ihe cure wrought nputt hint. To please her, I consented to try the Tincture, j ami 1 had not taken car hnUle 1 cfore I I egnn to ', fed its I etidirial effects—mr .'*rejirtli returned— •' toy appetite became cood—nty complexion was 1 , clear—l felt like a not .her person. Through the influence of this friend, you became acquainted with my case, and requested to see me ; you told me nty case was Mich a peculiar one that you would Lke to see the effects of ihe Tincture fully developed in it, and if desired to take it, you ( would present it to me, if it Was for the space of five years—but n\Jy eighteen nwntlislttn eeftipsed, and / hare tori every ttjmptrm of my <H*e*se ; I have become strong and hearty—l c.n stand ns much and more fatigue than most of my lady M*qain'.uires, I have n healthful complexion, and all nty friends say I am getting quite fleshy, iMft Vl.iuj'is ceriaia, my lame limb is quite as JaM tusun as u was before, and, I eng trip all of tM \ remedy'w hen i was a child, ss I believe I s'mhiM have I wen sared the excruliating pain I have Iwtn subjected to, as well ns the deformity of laxly I mnsl carry to the grave, and nty parents would not have been under such heavy expenses from doctors’ bills, and in send:ng me, as they did, to the celebrated springs in England in sea re h of health. 1 wish all the atSieted world could aee me, and hear the f ell .fits 1 have derived from 1 this Tincture of Hampton's. I try to make all • acquainted with its virtues with whom 1 come in contact. Gentlemen, 1 am a thousand times obliged to | you, and you arc l liberty to use nty name and . case to all. Mmv \. Srortrr.n, No. 630 W. Hnllitnore street j To Messrs. .Mortimer A- Mowbray, i£2o Haiti- j more st., Rnltinmre. I>eheate females anl children will find this n i great blessing. !t has res ored thousands to lienltil HAMPTON’S VEGETABLE TINCTURE.! Coll and get pamphlets gratis with history of > discovery of this wonderful Blotal Ptmgrr, and see reriifteiiles of own citizens, of RheitmaUsm, i Dyspepsia Scrofula, Liver Complaint, General j Weakness, Nervousness, Ac. drc. Mortimer A Mawltr.iv, 240 Baltimore street, Baltimore, have it for sale. Sold by SpaldtngA Greenwell, Leonard Town; J. T M. Rat’ey, Chnntiai ; and VVm. H. Gar ner A Co., Miles Town. November 2Snd, ISss—tf I> II U 6 S . MEDICINES, Paint's Oils Varnishes Window Glass. Paint Brasbest Ac., Ac. ! ffIUE subscriber has in store, and is receiving j \ X additions fo :c *lenish hi* slock of tyro eh be will sell at the lowest rates. A few Ifeicles are named below'. . ;■ Mc—ciwks—Clnmlne| Cantor 0;l, , Kite’s Stew! iudiaw ton’s Vegetable mMp Extract Sa'<ql!a, Lee’* Aoli-biho Fpn* | Arrow Root, Laudanum, Mathyl, pa \i<|Tol, j Madder t Potash. Toicxt Abtsclc* —TV*. J’s Tinir Restorn | live. Tncophenrs,' KatlreHiw** Hafr • : Dm, Washing and ij||| S—fltl| Cuiogwes, Lilm.’. Extracts, Haif Conb.,! t Tooth and Nail HrjpMMS v I Psjprrt, VtnviHr.. ‘ . White LeaJ.’Boi’ftl ml Raw*Ol** . sled Od,ibrit Turpentine l ,, Litharge, Red LauSf j Vrdi*H Red, Red end Ochre. Ckfime ; ami Yellow. L;np liiM*7%inil and How* Ltu be-, and Terra Sieumi, Ta}*n, Go-a.i and Coach j Varnishes, Paint Brushes. Ssh To*.!*, Dusters, 1 Vanitsb Brushes, Camef'Hoir Penci’s, Ac. CHARLES STQTr, DntprtJt and ApoOie'ary, Cor. 7h St. and Penn. Are. • j Washington City, D. C | June IStl —3*fi NOTICE. HAVPCn for yr-ar; stfhmittod to annoy arriK thai and re. been increawd to ’respasses on my SicJi. a*td great danger to and about tty Kotr*es, ( bere hy forbid all persons from hunting on any part of n:y estate on the south side of the main \ rend (from fheßrhiire) leading through Lec.u anlTcwn to Fi. law rear Bun. Parents • and gnarthana of citiUlien, trasiers of approo- Itkea and setvants will also nonce this. . H. G. S. KEY. UaonnlTm.Noy .lkh. 9o*~*L through mr expna| mt n|B| of Adams A C-o r SooUiert*. 11 % valuable preparation, to be uadUlinSw hy man ur ucakC , Mustang JLintment to alt ear frsentfe Pi llen, Virgß A C*Hi, -t Having used the in my hmn, the "reupon her wnst f t H year, t tofll lißp mb it with the Liniment, W*d a s entirely removed it. 1 lw||hesMypi Liniment fir S>*rol\thwis Tu- (Jm thrnnt of lone mending, n tyfMJwV xtvuiws, and it removed them borlTiu iTlWrktime. I consider them alt rezsar ka>4e recommeod the Mustang Luu- j '-fitr I^. [♦udp MoßttffTvv, N. C., June 30th. IMS. l>r. A. G, IbffA Co.—l feel it my duty to tlirae of my fellow beings who are adlicted as ( j have been, to ftMaiT testimony to the wonder- ) fttl efiTecj* of your M istang Linimeut. I was I severely attacked in December Inst with Rheu matism in us worst /I IS; wVednr night and : day with exrnicialiag * ,x months, being for the whole time tmamc or even step.

My right leg was at and drawn up tluit I could not put H to and my ; left nrm was badly contracts! |LT)unng the whole rune I was attended by t3kof the mere physicians in the tdnceyjhl ihey wosi unable to afford the relief and we up ■ roiyum eil me ipnit>i>lc and aoiPflMiisl d:e. Ai !ii.s critical inomeni ! eomnflH* using the Aleriesn Mustang Limiiient, ftuq w|br uu j two small Ijotßes f began to find reflefnWbp • sudertnga ; and after using seven hottl<"'turns' j well ns ever, and am now stout as ever I mas . George Wood. \ Morganton, June 30* h, J 853. I certify that 1 am acquainted with GsyM l Wq-Hi—*bat he was ntilicied with Rheumaiisimj •ii rsnorc slated, and wan cured by tlie use of Uul Mexua i Mtistanff Liniment. * I James C. Smith, Merchant and Hotel Keeper*^ 1 Prirp.s,—The Liniment is put ftp in tuy si/es, and deiiiiis fitr S 5 cents, 50 eeni* afewfil I per bottle. The 50 cents size coninms pree times as much as the I*s cents size, nid # f) I size three times aa much ss the 50 centy size the larger sizes heme greatly cheaper. ■jf&m- j A. G. Bragg A Co,, Pruprifntra. 304 Broadway, N. Y., and St. I *r*Sf, Mo. ! For sole by Druggists and Btore-ke*s gen erally ami j Spaldtug A Greenwell, Leonard fWn George 11. Morgan. Chaptica 1 Richard Colton, St. Clement’s tmk Nov. 24th 1853. fX USE THE MJltilC l-JfJIESskiJC. I), a..d MA.MKUCU VWTifc This article is absolutely the beat portatlgß mk .'land in the known world, for small olkntity iolued ami placed in the pocket, cosapfutcs a iiavcliing mk>t:inJ,prkkli catmol *\' ptm i needed ,** lor any stick sharpened to a po.ut, wrres equaliy as well ,a.s the b**>i ; p n m ’he universe. For drawing it is .miHpeusable. his indeed, tbe only an of i i/ and Paintiku taught in out Lt sok. Any leal plant or flower can by trans -1 lened to the pages of the album. .with a | minute ami distinct resemblance of nature.— ; VV nii equal fat iltty. pictu r esaud einlaiidery j patterns are taken, and hare recetvid the 1 higest eutugiutns from the lair sex ; MMkin- I deeti a more tastiui present fur a lady cwld uol be produced. This Magic Paper, will also mark linen lr ■ other articles, so as to remain perfectly indeip : ble. All the washing in the world fails #i | bring it out. Any ciuiu can use it with perfiKt case. With this Magic Paper, iikewise^npe ■ or four copies ol letters written can beamfled without any additional labor whatever, m*k I >ug it the cheapest and most c;nrico micte extant, it is used to great ad|pitage by reporters of the public press, Igtlgrapb openiutrs, and ImMS of others. Each package commas four different colors, black, blue, green and red, Wpra fuR anu switiled instruction*, lor til to tap?, and will last suihcieutly le obtain five hundred distinct impressions. Each and Mp > package war | Price. —%2 per <so*epor fire for |l. | Single packages 25 cdfclPMailed to all pans | ol iue world, on the fVception of the above pr une, Addresa*4*t paid, N. ilutasLi.^—l67 Broadway, New York. Utimons or th* Press. HirßSEbK** Maeio lurtEssfox Pape* W> refer #ur readers to the advertisement in arttiog forth the merits of this pleasing and ingenious invention. Tbe ! cbfopae** should induce all to give it a trial, Es-Phia, Merchant. llf is unsurpassed for neatness and utility, tid thotiM meet with the sale it richly deserr- Jftsl the public has long desired, and | rec to every lover of taste and j VREELASD.'mEL LCO TIAVINQ removed to ffeir new and com - tl mexiious WarehousAip. M 3 Prulf fltrecl, opposite the *‘MIMrYIJ()L'K.’’ beg leave to inform their ciwjfoaerii that they have now tw hand a large assort ment of C ROCEklfi SfW&uusitng w ; java, tJnu 1 REFINED AND BROWN SUGAfi^ i GOLDEN (Mllrf SPERM, AD.VtU*n#m JUTD ff/i/TT. CJSTJLE. I*7> B*oW*'9ojf*- FA MI niTKWHEAT They also invite Ua;-e been selected with the MlKtitn and | kS*£\L TO GOUV£*.SfiK&£ tax TttK WO* KH fWB fasVß. c *?*xti ExxiAsti-..—Whatever kirns* St it kWC**. -a SI conclusive. Ihii lest those I ( wh or tn*t ka*w the Camas* sbmtd he-*rcpti- Or- Daso R Rro., with ocher* f the best Ute*™ **"** Jugbur respectable titizens o |jP%>p, endorse hit wonderful cur* by IftAMPTON’S VEGETABLE TINCTURE. . .'. *, Eat*k, Oct, 4, 1534. ■Jeniiemen—l reel ii ny duty to you and she P“lc t.t certify to ihe rfMi of Il.impton’s ■Tcreut le Tiuriure. | was for mure thsn ■ laboring under a disease of Chronic Rhcu vmatism, and the peni port of that ttmr I was no Fi heh-CK*s that ! had to lie Heb.d fhnm ny bed l ***** dressed in me clothe*. Cienim* reduced to ’• mere skeleton. AN the metbeinen 1 until dooe me no f wd, and I continued to g-ow worse, t I beard of Hami*ton V Tin.-to re nod ihnn;tnt 1 ! would rive n a trial. At this time I dul not a-zon-t to lit e one due after another. I did not take it frhe Tincture) <br the Rheumatism, but in a ahui t lime I xn>n well of I bat disense. Prom tlm eiferia of ywr Tm. trtre and the help of God : I am now getting in g-vsr health. 1 w i*h nil the afflicted in try Hamutbn’a Vega uilde Tincture, as I h.tve done, wiili the mine siS >* has on Your ohedtent servant, ■ lute Hr..vjtMiv, afe acuurined with T*nac Rennhfh"; w>Hf i him soma of H impt m.’s Vegetable Tincture, and ' bebeve the above statement'on e-t. |’ • j, • , 'U ml'.- Oanrsov A Baa. From our knowlefee of Cu rtain Boitriii we are confident the above sta'ement is trite aiJ mi- i exagxrattd. * J. A. Jowvse , I_ „ ,* # - 1; f>,. C*i*ai.tu Boatxaex. TAf.PtTATTON. Vf&\K'Xf&!9. I MPTAgR AND DAUGHTER CURED. ! { HAMPTON’RTINCTURKTRIUMPH ANT! ‘ or oca owh cmzcvs j To* ***** *•* •■. everywhere bear the same j TttTIVONjr. Read the following certificate from a Jady, en- ! domed by postmaster E.P. C-mpev; CaroN Batons, Hampshire co. Va. i ■ March 1, 1.-GS. Mr K. P. Cooper : Agreeable to vour request, ; and my own desire to benefit the afflicted, f here tt cm 'fr f h relief received from the dbeof Hampton ’ Vegetable Tuicinre. I was taken with a violent tmlpitafion, or rath* er fluttering and trembling of the he in, which continued several days, it seemed ns though mv ’ heart had almost forgotten its office. The family | became aln noed and pmcuml a Ivottlr of tins vat i ua! •• medicine, and l*el"ore I had taken near one bottle of this Tincture of Hampton's. 1 W;t s en tirely relieved. • L Tins is the third instance of relief in mv fami -jftby *be ue of this vnlimhle medicine. Two or j t * lw H 7* * waa laid up with ulcer-tmn o* my ankle, from the eiTect of what is usually called milk (etr. I had lost nil taste ami appetite: and the aore winch .-> Home four inches nt ai-d down, and half way arotiud my ankle, - circled every effort to he;! it, until ( protnicetl Maiaptuti's Veyetalvle Tuu iure, one lottleof which < rstored . my health, healed mv ankle, imd I am from swelling than in the last thirty years. one of my daughter* was very ior frpm • severe dyaentery, vnd when she to sit hj* her,feet commenced sweflin;, which increased . •very day, and to l>e very gainful: she' jsetl a bottle of f lampion’s Tincture; the nama were asaunerl, the swelling subsided ami her • health relumed. We keut her ie** with strip* of woolen mifil her strength returned. 1 have leen thus panicalne, that ot!-e>-s under similar cirruntnnres, might be induced to avail | ihemselves of this remedy. Vonrs, with respect, ELIZABETH EDWARDS. I do hereby certify, that I am nersonriMv ac quainted with .Mrs. Edwards, and ran cafely re commend the aimve statement to l>e cortex. E. I* (WPKK, Pusininsrer. Capon bridge, Flanu-ahire co. Vs. give it a trial. REV. VRBNOK ESKRIDGE, I’. S. N. PoRTtMOVTII, (Vn.) Arc. 18, IHBI. , Mr. J. E. Fionsh : L*ear Sir: While I Min in ' generalopjavsetl to Patent Mcdi- iu--*, audurcmi- J |els to state that I have co-fiiience in *"lne virtues of Hampton'a Vegetable Tim.mre. F-*r several months iwst I have used it in my family, and in klyspepsia, loos ofuppetite, dizrme*e,ao4 general debility, with entire snevi-s*. S.> far n a my exjvenence extends, therefore, I take measure in recommending u n- Uie aflicted as it safe and ' efficient remedy. 1 am, searectfully, vonrs. VERNON ESKRIDGE, Chaplain in the If. S Navy. . i HEREDITARY SCROFULAA Imy in the family of the Hon. W. P- Tiioioiuasaon, I once member of Congress from Kentucky, was a mass of sores fr**m liead to foot. His eyilids turned msde u, pro!ending over the eyelmflfc so as to produce blindness.. He was cured by Hampton's Vegcto’-dc Tincture. DYSPEPSIA, .NERVOUS DISEASE, Ac. * Air. Wi liam Oldham, of the Baltimore custom - house, suffered these comnlniuts for eighteen moir.lis, with loth Isvdv and mind seriously af- ’ feeu-d. He was rum! by IlamnlmiV Vegetable Tincture, alter all ntlier 'hings filled. COUGH, CCNSITMPTIOX,*r.- Mr. Hen ry C. AVinu had a Cough for 5 years, great weaklier*. Ar., had, n all, five or six physi scians : tried ail their remedies, but mi cored only by HAMPTON’S VEGETABLE TINCTURE, Mortimer A Mowbray, Proprietors, *J4O Bal. timore street, Bnlemiore ; aiso for sale by ding dr Greenwell, Leonard Town ; BturiMighs- , Chaptico ;Garuer A Co., Milestown, and by storekeeper* throughout the Stale. Jon. 23th, 1853 if. CARD. DR. ROBERT XBALE bavin* taken 1 into partnership Dr. Henry Briscoe, will continue the practice of Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery, and begs leave to tender hn moat grateful Acknowledgments to those who have honored him with their confidence. j Ducts. Neale and Briscoe rftpectfully awfVi i cil the patronage of aii who have heretofore honored the former with their confidence, aud ■ all others who mar regard them as woftfcy of ihei| trust. Dr. Nealecan be always found ai his residence. Hillilee. aid Dr. Briscoe at Robert Grey’s Hotel, Chaptico, when not pm* • easionally engaged. | May 24th, 1855—tf. ; .VE W SPKIXG GOODS, j ' A FULL and compete saaortment Jat .M --/\ revved and fis sale, eonwvting f LA DIRS* ■ 1/REBB <IOODS, viz; Robe*, Marrgea,Ging* hums. Lawns, Calicoes, Ic. Gentlemen’s do.— l Cloths, Caaaimeres, Ventings. A large assort ment of READY-MADE CLOTHING- AUe, A PULL STOCK OF GROCERIES, FARMING UTENSILS. CROCKERY WARE, HATS, BOOTS AND SHOES;! and alf other goods uwivfy kept m a Country 1 Store. The attention of oyr friend* imd theymh lir is called to onr S'ork—rail and examine. SPALDING A DURANT. . April 24sb, 1856. ' EDWARD J. DORSEY. COACH PAIUTER A TKIJIMER. HAVING Imetl himself permanently •. J die of Leonard Town, ?a.nt - 1 Mary’s co-mtr. ml promptly attemi to any } orders in hw fine f kuaaesn. He will repa* Hamm, vamuh and clean Funmore, paint oU Thttk&l far the liberal pa ; j runag** je has eoaiio j ■ is toe w*rr a eooagAFea uuuat roi . “THE: NATION,*' .; The mm po s.far WeetMy in Amcrira, wM h t baa tMuned oiciy UjHiMHa isaar.afir.uif t-tioauK ► ) iMAtMAhti I I This rml success hi UNPRECEDENTED id IlitHldiO.lV t JOUR ' ALl .S,Vi,,t:uf can •iniy be **■ -cuuutcJ fur by the fct Urn* U*c ha-c tiStiiuyfti, w ithspl record to rx; r.i.-r, THE 3 T.LV Will MBS OF gAiIRAiCJf. i. *1 HE >VJT/U>Vu .tie OL\2. Y Paper con ' toms tkt IllW?, fbamM and SiJt-Spluti** St.ttUu uf that C'Mtird frsiW. and UNRIVALLED HUMORIST, WIGHT UVSS UChSU)F % JW. A Of w hid) aeneu, one kvij> aioue as wo.- (A Ike j whole years'SuuacriiMioM. tU E \Wi TI O.V is edited by 5. .V. btHELOir, UV MRS. E. D. E. A*. SOUTHirORTH , i wins is well known as one of -the stair pepsin* | . WVilcr* ta .iuurita. In addition to the above, we have etirngrd as Cobtriiiutore j j Clara .VrHw. diin- Cary, i -WiS. .4. f. imr, -W.. E. r. Eiltl, Park lltnja.nin, SiiHtu IF. fferbrrt. IF. IT. resrfi**. * ' C. ml P*f f#, i Acs. Caswday, IF. P. Bvmnmrm, / & NcMoancs a rasas. To rnx Fain Rex, wr nartirularly commend our i.-nri. 11er deunrtinrut will l-e rdit-d wwh Uie utut-l care and no exj ense or lybor spared to wider the eoiunut.) devutrd t. their esi-ei-ial Ijenefii, unusually mtlrmelire, huirm*kt end emsss oisl. Tub Fsaoßas oo Coavra will eonl.un PruoticaJ Sujjiv-.iii.nx tmd Agrirnltuml Hints, romnbmnl sitd ctilird from ft.uivrs the most reliable, and enntaming uifrinmniu.i wh:rl will prove to them in the course uf a single of almost iiM-alvuluble bruefit. The other deportments of our pnnrr will re ceive the attention they respectively dehutid, each besug esfie.-mlfy and mrefclty )i-epnrcd m meet the v.rie\l of the several classes of its lead ers. Among we may mention Original Startrs end For mu, L-h :o, itl Itamblinn •rtl Sketr’:in~r, Spicy Ui'y .%{ •, fl *.W.b, ? . 4n Cdxip, .Mr \vik f'itil tht Lt<si , Para F*ttu. n.', Pcaetietl /r<i ipu ,'vr L\t Hou.'rhrl,l UHU t'viiti, “ Ti’t LitlU One's Drf.att s-nt, CfMir/ ni /‘-esc a U . RraJn 'l OuiJi , flislorieml Sketch*, T anthai:nr, fee., f;e. The NATION is iss .rtl in Ciuarto l pages.) ai-d ea-h number w.ll r-.ntstn at least two Original Engmviuvs, thus furnishing oar subscrimers at'the end nf t >te year wi;h umr i* iltuiimg 416 ! rge size, l eiiutifufiy punted j-niTrs *f UM'si'A%*.x . \wi 1.LL1.. r :,S<xrrHi • do.. togrthri vw ii| o\cr iJU UtlluiN.VL ILLUSTRS I ions. The Nation is sent !.: the following rtn.mlaf fy Ite salute: ipnou and tdubumg ietiu ; invar-aUy in advniKe. Single Copies, *<* w pei annum. l*wo •• (to one address) 3 5'J Tiiree “ 3UO Six “ y o-j Ten •* 15 oil And onr copy free to the getter up of the Clttb of ten. AH those>-ig us subscriptions from the Ur;t;sh PinriiHes, must eurluee in ndiiiurm to the •ulw<'ri|.tiuii j.nrr, 23 • ems ft-r r.tclt u!*:ri!.rr, as wr ..rr -.uuipei-ed to prepay the Utiinf c*ii(trs }.•*; t;;r. Ah letters coiitniuu.g money should 1 e reg-i --ir.ed, .mi directed pl.- iily, and they will route at risk, other wise w e are kot i rspontiuic for (Item, Specimen copies will l*e sent free to P.-*st Mas ters, Agents, and a!l who wish to gel up a club ; to all others, on rwcips of four cenia in stamps. The exj-e-ue of regisirriug i only 3 cents. Add-n.-s CROFI T A DIGELOWj 83 Dock .Street, PiHiaUcltiliia, Pa. Among the hundred* mertary r.o'icrs, we Wave re-:e.\cd fr >sn new!-.>• ers in every *- - non of the country, we rjut.te die folluw.iig ex tract from ; **The Nation appears in clear larre type <"m\ sn-iw white paper. u>.d is rich!/ed->Mcd \vi:h d bistrations.”—-N . I‘. irn. “It willoi'stu ion Ingii pos,:ion in the literary World.” —PtiUtidtlyhiu Emily “It it one of ihe i-esi wet-kin* paw pul |i- led, anil we fake plea*tie i.s iuw bringingrt to the no th e of the reading public.”— hani.tuif / a. Her. “The talent and energy of the proprietors, ns cnginal and mteresiing rr.-meois, and the U&uty of the typography cxi-not fail to secure for a a gene .-I circulation.— M UUamithtng /'e. Jtuf. Prttt. “As a literary and tnniily jtmrtml, e bate no hesitation m nmnouiwmi; it tire le. ctuoi-g ot-r exchanger. Weadvnetbc ladies ty j-ro-’ure it without delay.”— Fuii>n la. P.tpx lluati. ‘■We disl.kc pnfll-'g ettv rmunatiimf, bui i,-| this case we are l-mud to give way to u.ent;— Unlike many ;tty cotentpnmries, >he Nation is rumposed of sound sut-sisniisl arid usuui matter, snd is nm filled up with an overdose of thm<y, w-sh-wusliv stiifl from ihe hand* of crack -Lran:- ed suihois.— F.tu City Db patch, “It has the most hcauidul engraved I esd we ever saw, and iu confsni.- at# dtiply voter'.lining, truly deliciout and soul-nusorumg. U iUunni burg Va. iiaz*it:. j ••There is room forjnst such pspvr, et.d if has secured two ne true heeds and hearts to control ns columns as the literary sml w>< ml woild holds.— , WtUtborough. Pm. JlgUmicr. “It will soon beemuea leading paper at the fire side. *’ —BunrilU Jiff. Ohterrrr. i “We seldom endorse northern pepets, bat in : his instance we are fowed to overcome our pre ud:ce, and com in end the Nation to our leaders." Tcry .11m. Bv Ur tin. • Dt. lltb. 1836—4 t. perfumery: - SPALDING fc GREEK WELL hate jovt rewired a lain** o-criH*tii t t Hstrri M i,*% Columbian PEIiHJMLIIY. which they will sell at PUilade.'pbia prices. Catxlcgt;*; aa fc>i i.fciwi; , For the Toilet—. Single Coir •go*- in quarts— Miisk dd. . f • ; - \ erbena W ater—A rr malic V inegar—Pres-, tou Falls. For the Fkin—Creara of Beauty—Lip Ceim— M agrad >a Ta Met. Fof li Haw—Hair Restorer—Fbsropoo Loion-SBay Leaf V\ ater m pis. % I lair IK ♦'—Bear’s Oil. Toilet 2*oap*—Atmoni), Pom ire, Bwfis. Brown VViii'hc r. 1 lamikerchref Extract.-—Geranium. Jockey | Club, Musk,New Mrwu liat, C aioitce Uu^ I q,u**t f Je*sauiine ( fail Lciity. V^tUxa, I For Flavoring— llc<e. Vat ilia. Aimcnd. C*4brv, CifMiatrn u, Lenirm, Orange and l>orb Btirmvm, Orsnee and Peach f avored Water. - For the Teeth—T*b Cordial and Dental j Tablet. Al-u> FtpcmareccsShaviug Cream, Erasive F>ap and Court Plaster. j* *. - i * > on I FOR REGISTER OF WILL?? GEORGE W. MORGAN msje< t?uily an nounces hiiaj*li as a caadwlate tor lie < fbf6 fof Register of U fllv tor Pi, Mart > rouoty at ilhajtoctktt in 1837,and solicits iLe support jsri ' L, . e. <£*o