Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 5, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 5, 1857 Page 1
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ir ’ 3r5 "i ‘ fikJ M . ia>an(.| |l imi ___ aS •••. for s*rry Here or le* -on- I J copying plant**, (l^iwen, pattern* fort* mmi lm, luariuug luma mdeli- ' bfV. mil UAWOLG .WAITING. Tbfo 1 ani-Ue is ahsjtwfflw wM portable ink- ♦ • stand m Hie known world, for small quantity ; foiled and pi iced in the pocket, constitute* a • travelling luksuud, which cannot be broken. | N i pen fteojrd, for auy stark sttarpvned to j a point, wr‘n.*v erpia’ly at well as Hie best j igoUl ppa in 'htrumverae. For drawing Mia VMpsprvu.ibl#. It t mJ-H, the only ariof ‘Uiurpo aai Puirnzo taught to one Las ,*. Any !wf plant or flower can be trail* ’ferret! to i-V* pages of the album, with a mfouie and distinct resemblance of nalun-. ♦With ejfl il fi#il*y. piriu-e-nnf embroidery p .torus are taken, m I Imre received the cotogiuotM tr.nn the fait seat and in ti**-. a mo.e la.-tlui present for a lady could .tint b** pnnhtyni, t 'l'li’s .Vi uric Paper, will also mark linen or Ollier sVtW-, s. as i rc.n.iiU |H*tle-i!jr indeli ble. All 111** wadiiug in lb** world fails to briu? ii out Any ch*l I can use il with perfect ease. this Magic Paper, likewise, one brkiur copies of letters written can be secured w'tbmit auy additional labor whatever, mak ink 'll ike cheapest and most conrenieo article ex Pint. It is uaed to great idrtQUgf By fpor.ers f the public press, telegraph opcriors, and hdftt* of others. finch if.ickag** contains lour different colors, bU fa, 'rfiie, green and red, with full and s.riiiie>i i mictions, lor all to one. and wiH last s'atiy tc obtain fire hundred distinct iin;iruwn<i. tCacU and erery package war rail** I. Petra.—l*2 per dozen, or fire fur 41 • Single puck ages 25 ,:is. .Mailed to alt parts Of slv w.rit, on the reception of the shore prices, A hires*.,post paid, Pi I Ucaiuri.’..-—ltJf Broadway. New York. Oerrants or mtt Pima J%*2 TTvnnn.i/s Mime Immkmior Psrr.a.— j.cier mn nwlrw ls the adaetiamweas-in ano*li*r ml'iiitn. setting forth the merits l this pl-.i.wtMtfiJ mgenimfs invention. The ,chen. v>s should induce ali to give it a trial. —Plila. Mmtli.uii. | It is 'insurpassed lor neatness and utility, an I \hotiw *o**et with the sale it richly Just wliat the public lias long desired,, and | j v*o • wends :t>cfrt.i every lover of taste and K lUmawui,—Journal of Commerce. Jdy ’fall, IBs*n Ktii OF WILLS. 1 mo-t respectfully present myself to my fellow-Hltzeus'of Si. Mary’s County a* a Candidate for Register ofMVjlls a! the ensuing election, And drill he thank ful for tlieir support. - • || J\MKS R. HOPEWELL. Nov. 22nd, IR*5. THE friend* of JAMEST. M. RALRT. . r.troiadirnd ‘him to the voter* of Hi. Mary’s county a*r a candidal* for the oflkie Regi-ter of Wills at the ejection 1857. and CTMilidently endorse him is eminently qualified to till that r >poHiWe position. L PATC.tfsrvr tn ft undersigned announces himself a landuMe bw,.U earner nf With of fib Mary’s Couuty, and soliriu the votes of hfo follow- CiUiCPiRk 4 3 'f‘ S fijp $/ty TfJ | GKUKGB I. SPALDING. Set ftVaw f I # Wears authorized to announce LEOW foRD NEALE as a cantfidaie (for the Office •f Rsrpfaer of Wdbefor Saint Marj’i couuty at the election fa f 857. JnlV I3fa. fWB. A • *inss m i*fo bail * ad*i |rrilr > a F ?". F T-. ■miif , nJa \M a*■ stratar>t*r mtk kkwtnm an < “• Sym % *9 vlluiHT WK- PwvMVll VH THOMAS Ls DAVlS fftrarsfcr JcjoEJtx —■ . . v vr THAntf:, *C . VJWaPATIOK 8. V . SOS tOUXG .* rpME 15 vreives of fostitntem wif .* recqmroence on the Irt Monday of • ’ 'h*!**]***•■ -- r y . —:r.. tt in s_ Esimft/ & &W& ** i 4 5 _ . |hr .MfH-- iifcrl r mi u ' j %■ &. Bwff * * £ jt- j x ' & .SlßSfei Wjf Bk i y 1 / M _ ■jß .jf JS f S IB * * Sf? ******* jm P, f* * nvvt ll Vtjy! ,-v A v... .o'- g. . f “i y tsJ • ’ itpl rr* ****& ,#wimm^ waft . >*ye M 1 l ”^aWFg w,t TP -r -m akin # tw**' JbP mB/Bf .paMLA|JHfo2m 4jfo jfo. W JkC tsfoes . J|,g|W aSa .A V# 4%4 lea' X# XwW AAw Jl#- Xjl MAI jXw Al- A JLd Xi* 1 lift X# XU * w <IU I p AI | t . xi* J itf|lVftO|( ( STt 9 09 A ' j, j_ umm Mud mi i and i'tu*n*y>eutca. If V. D. Middleton. M U., James liaumer Jordan. M. D. # j friSSOn and Uemon stratum Of A natomy. •The Sessi< a will cviuuienoe on the jfoh of October ami end in Niarcit (uilou iur. The lectures Will be delivered at ifee Col ! lege butklioffs. No 30c:. F Street, during the 1 boors ol the afternoon Mid evening. This vote of Lecturing wdl enable the student to apt the putdtc itlwanes, attend the gratuitous j icfontific lectures l the Smiiltsontaa iasdiuie j to instruct the aiuJeul perfecily in tlfo el* ttietita of Medical Science, tn all Its itepart- * nums With its aegenoty branches of Kmjfoi.: not only to qualify hhufa—ptfa Opon 1 the practice ot Medicine, hupft ffve him a! thorough and liberal knowledge of bis proles Ur.qtmiTcs ros Ckiduattok Fans, foe.— The caiididaie for the degree oI 1 uctor ol Meilicines, tna*4 be twenty one years of age. ol good moral character, and have attended two full cutirse* o| Lectures the last ol whicb slinll have been at mfo institution ; alfar one course ol Practical Anatomy. Tle fee for the Full Course is vfo 49 *,OO Maincuhtion (paid one**) Denionstraior’s TiVkn U'JPU The expenses of living m Bfashingfmi are as moderate as in any othrgrfay in the (fafon. For futiber inlormatton. address. JOHNSON feUUT M D. I lean of No 495 Heventb Bireei West September 25th, 1850—3 w. 'Nfifs U.MTF.USI - w AHv.a^h SCHOOL Of JtEVICLVK •|*HK FOUTV-MMH KSMOX WILL ■ BEGIN *n nmrsday, p aiq <f r, IBSG, and and end on the Ist of March, 1857. *• / X,., .2 . <r f FACVL ITr I NATHAN H. MM ITU, M. O. Professor of the Prinaples and Practice of W. KJk. iUkTn, M. II . t I Professor ol pltemistry.and Phan nadir J mamuf.l phew, iJUTT-J Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine. JOIkEPff w rfty, M. !>., Profosihr ol A natomv and Phv-iologv. THOMAS M. I)., Prohor of Obstetrics. Y G. W. MII.PENBEUGEH, M. D-, Proiemor ol Ms(fn .Vltnie-a, 'I hrrAjicutic* ' nn*l Pathology. Demonstrator of Aoalouir. t IR B. AMITH. M. Cf t rtrmealdnsimci.on in Medicine and ftnnre sinution of more than ihtrtv belonging to the, Universiti , suuawd hi its imme*iiate smhs thn sole charge of, and attended by „ the Facnltv, and | open to ail matriculates of the School throughout the year; witlfout charge. ’ Fkcs:—For the lull rotfrse, HFr Practical | For further information, addwas i OW. MILTENBP.RUER. M. D.. . . Dean ol the Faculty, " j TWO.. n.K7 f . pnonAS OAILEV■* cog, ' wilt *' a? **e a fHE undersigned having associated i I business, have fftwHi Warehouse No. 41 -C4AAAfi r* g|M *J- AB rS r 2t n %■/ trUiiia * ■ • wpia# wwfi ts b ** • ™ % % b iwe i 'imi 1 * ■■■■im L|H g | gm9\ f ♦*%** mm I a* ■ ■ 9m '~ : H ■MMT S 'fafab* ll m j of* SBEaNIWS J ' .yj >.bn i Thus bantered. Sul kaaed agrinst the r*mgb boar# counter of the grocery, with • foiibler of whiskey i i one hand j while i|e oth r a*>unded for ihcboM.iin .f a b >le in hi* breeches, by courtesy called a pocket; look a small sip; and began to I* if his dream. Hear him. reader, apeak j I for hi mad i: I Grnlle-men ’ 4 dreamt aft uuposi>ibili ty lid uile. I war in W ashtngtoo citjr, | : an* I know 1 for# will be ttiar, unless ‘ they lake me thur tu hang ur crucify me ; fur il*inkin’ more uur my aiieer ov the \ people’s dyink, old rot igul. But in rav i drerin I was Ibar, an' no mistake—ar*' tain sure—at a thuiMform* big tavern, a bar they rung leetle bell* to keep from I hollerin' artar the n an’ uiakiu’a f noise, an* wbar fhey called y tu your I niu-h by raltliu* on a big slid bottom jest i lur the sake of the noise; an’ whar they 1 took thirty dimes a day fur doing’ noth lift’ fur you; an’ whar they gin yon aaaa I emiffto make Won fite (at home) for noth in' at all. Dam the seat of guvurutnetil! an* dam ever) body, I auy!’ i ‘Tell your dream before you g t drunk, fyou long-legged cuss, you, ut lei some • body tell l l r you.’ Thus reproved. Sat sheered into (he channel again: ••Well, After supper, awhile, I nosed round on 1 I goiiutei a room whar I seed a fHe. an* thar sot three fellers a playin' ‘old >lc,jge.” resplendent from K—, in tights small rane, ami watch nbtmn, and had n iauda bl. d.a.40 W.r., hid drn pAA.Mv-4 H. |>b.v.l only in an IstllmdLci trombone and ' wlieniilha ‘scity.'l . •They wur a playin' seven-up with bran ne* hey *. ypank span new, an 4no marks, every fell’er fur his self seemingly * Now, gen lein* n, 1 beiieve 1 kin smell !”**• ,f ""“L’ 0 ' “1 h e from here to the apt mg. or bow the dev el did I hapi'cn tt* hit onto IMfaiom whar gamboling wor-a game oH But Ihar I did go by instink, I reckin, an’ the , three fellers were nobody on yearth but | Burk-c;.nnon. Fillmoye and Fee mount, | they wur playin' a single game ov ! sered-up for the President's cheer <jv these frre an’awfui yiiited K Pinnba States, thirty-one in number, and kiver ; in* the whole ycarth. Thar wur ano her chap inter that room, with one hand uu dcr his coat la I. an’ totner a strokin’ ov’ j his chin, a walkin’ about sorter kecrless like, but fust a lookin' into Fillmore’s I hand. an r then into Fremount's aft' then a winkin'an* a frowuin’r fud at one ov them jin’ then tothcr. J ben he’d tiptoe fo’M to peep into Buck s haiid But the old feller hilt, if unde the *haddrr of tr iable, and sdrte.* Idokedat it side •k* lw* If. an' was a watebin’ the peepm feller too. all the while right dost w*. S-s-ward. or myself rite pczrf.fand when j ee*l Umt il/M fofbwof 4T® plok owe and toa? Buck-cannon wai bound ta in skinned hi* hide didn’t erow last onto Ins 1 bftw, t* gM mad as a Bee in swarmin’ time, an* I jist thought (mind I sed noth in’) that l’i like In knock enufoffov that ch V > .kull tu . boimfiSlr.rl I d,tril 10. Hr i • ilamrd Mukc m the srrass. sftPF. m A m Jmrn mm j,hi • * ell srfer they had played out their hands Mister Buck-cannon, eez. abowiu! mily puriite. *1 believe, gentle-mrn, I stid f higks ihM %1 wW ftte ’em. Fillm<we and Feewmoet, spread all bfoeen y en. f p? t#*?**• Efcick M" 'iicill• sm -| tl!un!baH 1 1 d.rfV‘n v Mat y.qjuw mi kiftt I lu*k**d -ai kerd-ru be got tjh <?o the di l, and it lkec hn knuuked mv down * There ui> the ad-, Ihe king. the thy jack, the ten, an’ the juice olj ! (rumpd>* I. 0 LomI)! and then I • looked el huu, and iha- ihe old feller ot, tw* * etly kivenng the chert all over, an’ | nearly out to hit knees. Mr >l mn, a.** | *** an' about ax *wi>e ex an o r Duk hj squlf** a Irtin’ofa bav*ardy case uilhl gtrorl proof agin the daddy. I fell V* j bo\ s, he looked j\it like he had hi* fut J brg horn of whi.-k) for the -mle/an’ fell i il m hi-* boot*. I thu’t. Uh L^rdvi again*;..'. avn ttomt* e*#r I •Buck never tuaed up bi hand, but axed Frcnurtmt wl*af be *nenl m do. i He looker! at hi* kfrde, ua ed Vfll, thru ."looked at ’em then np at the lattlp, then al Buck, scraul.ed hi* ear, :*hot upi h.aeytot an’ very Jjlosly >ed—|—-b-c-g 1 Bjr the jumpin’ Jfhos phal f Buck run ’ens quick, an’ I ijio’l no harm luylake anolhe. look at old Fill. He latch a low

collirky icrt’nr grunt, uud then he bloweri. I war the wind come onten bis no->e f month, * eyes an’ years, an’ like to pul the lamp out. •1 dodged, an’ tuk a peep .o'er Fle mount'a hand, and i now aw tar. that when a man’s six on a big game ol seven dprTnner n¥*il jist *ich kerrt*. Me ,sarS3.“aaacsi S President hL thui. ** llimkr I. 0 Lordv, * T, mr i and .11 tU mdrblH to wi.fer 11 JukwjPlionor will eoofrr i *” **"* * | m J III* ‘ | GEORGE S KINO J. F,jya/; t , • pack’ *ap<V lff£ on!y lean, d hark and 1 1 .*>n. led loud fur a PreMlVni/ Fit!more ■I r >reif’ back’ards oulen !• is cheer, an’ jj fam ed a* com for able On the floor a* an I old maid at a q'lilti'i’ when Iho kitin’ b-gins’ Fiemouol's eyes turned gieeu— | the tier on Ihe bank ov bis bead ris up I dike the teeth ova comb; hia mmt-loucb u* turned up tewards bis r be bray d i hke a mule, an’ at one jump kiver d oid . Fill a* he lav, and then so? in lu IqjUp’ chokin' an’ a maulin' ov him like the ( dvX'il bailin' bomioy. ’ Ins .soct.ov ex* ! crlcn.e-n ‘o'clied li.e old teller tu; an' a* | soon a* he Ml all the bu tiu that was I a gwine oiv all over him inside an uol ;be sot nte in u filin' tur, like a u irons I : hows, an’ t' ar they hed it. I looked at [ Burk (who sl.fl hilt the k**rds id his .1 hand. iX'ithMie jack turned‘up on lop, ,I ga n.uch as to I prt ’ “i He shook his hed.* an* I put my hands in mv pockets anil kv;4 outer, thor wav. • They fit some by thi* tme,-f telf yer— , har, wool, ur, an feathers flew, sorter , like ginning cdtton. dirt ,as a*on as tbal arful jack was iwoed, .•locked the door’on the onfsidc. xn ,1 went lrait to a pra’r n.eetin in Viuth J street, whar I rrken he is yet Wyd, thar fhhev fit; ant grunted, an very now .! an* lb n Fremovml would bray like onto ! t ihiti .m* .f"‘* —" ttU<i ri,nt °“- stuntin’ about suiuboriy’> box an’ ‘fuma.’ New rl fli'SM. uieafts mixiu,V.they war fused about as well as two pints of bald , face in a quail fak on a bard trailin’ t boss. An’, ov U Ih- darned nci el i ever dir! bear, they *b ok tha. big tavern I lo the ground. An’ I w akr*d al! oy a , lather uv an' then jut trtn.ed oter • in the bed so' cried like a ? ahy. •What for Set?’ I 'Caei w aked tb fnrr et’her hoTlrtred. I ah* f'ljxef V-fll know wV.t h whipped. , OWMci knhOlsjir ef evert set eye* an biih, til a*^t.n. ! OVve os ansthey . horn; oU boss!* T- • , * • i '~ . rj£_ > uncle s \ yv& f WWK* 1 * *** Two centuries ago Uncle was fn r enfant, and has present farm *a* |he red I man’s wild.—The Inuinn was no fatfuer. I Be left lie rod U.Uurued. tbe trres to : gvww as tbevjrboso, the cr* eki aad fi>e r * to How as thev pleased the usHnl me.a^ I im iplurbcd in their bed. H.s hou was vw, U *t* c kit AW" 1 1. -1, nr IWffiiia itf ft) I fk f^EjaWir ■* He made no r>adK no vHiicfes. no lst •'. Cvroi.h-1 l|im arrows, qs jupr wqe a stone wHfi j ai^ : - *** m* .wm 3 . - v brn tnd biwsd h tier, tw cuT cmals, improve rake snair j .t ' • '• t . w.; the merapnd covet|he SaTc| ox crvuitf a *wi work of Uncle > am .naps^^^Tflogerj . a buddwa.more the fut! j mill gear; riv rs fllfrt WfHt jkoalj I slealners• ships wboaa Ber * than that id old iwhn Btwter ’ | with their white \\ tug- ihwee tflMTseapoils | and lap 4 their hulks ahmg lh- I wharves of Ujacle thick-* r walled wealth in ißr cities, happiness ip Hhe country. indu>trt#aad enterprise ! [ everywhere | V:i.ilst more .hsn three thousand church spires speak of Uncle Sam’s Bab* s bath propensities, two hnndredaitd Hdr i ty-fuur colleges, wilh sraden.ies atid i common sclrools sown broadca-rl, fell ol fhiit wishes and rifectKieM *o respect \ to the rising general ton j Toss up your head. U< cle Sam. and let ’.us see‘he moist of ycatreye, while re 1 -tell you that vou have the Best and large", "farm on this earth? T*dre it lies ‘on tbe top of tue globe, rad Jed bet seen two gkeat oceans, with nearly thirty thousand miles o*‘ sea coast, beautiful" with great harbors and |>rod headlands. Surely it is an il! trade-wind that c.n blow you wo com mere al gnd* Hither ahal! come the ends of tbe earth to ex charge Yftur fairs shali conceivrate more interest than the games qf Greece. The produce of your farms >!ia)l arid a hundred million to the pop. ulation of the globe. List year you raised more than tvro thousand n-.fllioiiii ddfiars worth ol agrietdiurai products, and vet, the farm is not half cleared: besides, you did over fifteen hundred milium worth of work. Then think of your one huudred and tjhjfiy thousand square dusic and vour hills and deep- Music alone, ,v w wselnl ms* , tt FuniM wiU he t my rimr itn.* tfny— MC hapjSKd I cB that lias ever graced this - • UacrcL Diacovan?.—Tbe desidert -1 turn, so long sought tor by astronomers and others iotere.led to keeping correct i time, of a pendulum which should mam ■ tain i(i length Ihnmgh all atmospheric I changes and a. the •.** lime be cbe;.p, I simple. |>erfect and manageable, is * lain!- 1 ed lu have been obtained by Mr. C. IV > Rive, <H Worcester. He has invented a* Hpiraralus which appears pe.ferl both iu i principle and action, and the expeiim* pis i made with il are said locoi.fiim ih opin [ ton that it wdl prove to be all ibit i* i iii he The construction \ of this apparatus ha- ndt yet been made j > pubiiv, mr its mod' of operation, but , ttie-e. it i- a*d. wifi sown be made known. ■ Fxpertmenf* have frvquaatly been mad . to lle% fee -.qqiaraiU" to meet This but . wit< out sue* eae. Should the cowt.ivaoce . ol Air Rice answer the end desired, it • u ill cerfaiidy be entitled lo be termed a I ve. y useful Jisroveiy.; ; ? " * * ; Vhe kftfon, always sensible and taslefuL inlr c?uc* a cjiticsl oofirr of i [ "nt-w volume of poeliy, with this happy ~ gi neril7.atiou; - A succession of inceuious think' rs and ! writers has* eriyew f these many years . i past, to deflate what poetry is. To their r ! sat sfcefcmr. wifboo* dbob3/ nany of , them ha'e sohed the problem; yet doe -1,1 it seen, to ns, ht fto means I unJ.UIj lhat, fo. a crfMil.'iaM- P*,ril come essayists and will sir Ibe barfing ab*at this bush. For oufselwa r i being in maftera of iaa ana judgments • c©nsiitut#oial!v shy of the school*—per haps too indolent to iwwttr Iheories, her baits too tnd pemienl lo knuckle down to them- we only adopt oor own some j what arbitrary oO'biesing a piwt * r I kork, whtyh ia pltugf tlier apart fruit, any pi e*imalm* |hei. W esp. ak. n course, wly of stir lb**, are woitby oi I I •Wore than e|dewr *4* tnce; and thus# | we are aid to range aubr one of twe Ah won-, to the one—wlwch met iufierio* order—he poet j rfelo UM Wtiytlqi oy 4 common-place oJawlid It fMi ‘ ?; * sscfSfi'swMis the oibrf— wbrrbys ol the grander sort- he takes rkußM ot me, f we : aarfSoir* l^P^divine ~ Was Well ** m - irirr: ■ *c G>**p *8 Inww *** In an wri* 1..k 1. rialftj.f Ik. S t^-i*V. i - a • gJP^ft JOSBwß®*d|i 'fi* n lim kf R'-rso vfto bavaob tahst'd a fbr the {irocMi of obtain* (hm Hv tins gentleman ’ f irf ,14 JMjj Ml * • L a * *j LJ •nwS r wdw^c^^P! Slip vI |WfWSeaWlhi the metal at na law m VtjJ ,| BtLw. -f • > f,,,. ;^ — i * w I’Lii > |.' i 'T‘sv *** ; * • * n f* : lain • writer onlftia vwhjcct. **• betaine imwdesed arith the peculiarities of fhia metal, IW • with tha of lor attaint M ideas, go to tbe wwfst mill ot) pull out a brick; he will, ewfp) hr* kochemicallv * ducated, require (tome atunitut of faith to.he to fetiiwrt that somewhuf about one (bird of that brick by weight, consist* ot a httatiful, mrtal—a metal that teem*endowed with etrery prop rty f-MtVrwg it adapted, for man? of the elegsnri** sad mwi of the utiihi-s of life—a in nd resplendent!? white a the tno-l beautiful *llver, and - in boii s now Iter able hy the sulphnr *u* vapor** wh eh pmade the # air‘of ci|y.a*reira and chamber a—a reel a I which din stw foard with scarcely greater difficulty than which caa be beaten I into plate, drawn into wire, made into vcHseis, he u K £ : > ■!*> ■*'■■■- A Rat Stout —lb*v. Walter Colion, in bin diary of a vo- age to California in a man-of-war, intil’ed 1 Deck ami Pot I,*' * relites* the follow inf rat story; I lave always fell some regard for a ipt since my crwice in the Constellation. IV•; were fitting on!for sen at Norfolk, and taking in water and provision' —A plank was re ting on the sill* of one of the |Hv*b whic h commt n calrd with the wharf. On a bifht moonlight evening we discovered two rats on the plank coming into the ship. The foremoat u#i leading ifce other by a str*w,one 'end of which each held in his mouth. We managed tocapfure.them tx o found to our ampri*e, the one led by the lhqr was blind- Hi* faO%f*d friend Whs tpyiug to gel him on boat il, where he woulcfhsve com tart aide quartets for a three year** 1 cruise We trit n * dirpo-ttion to MU either, and landed them both on tn# wharf. How many there are in the wot id to whom the fidrlit* oft hat rat resdt’th a leas on! IV *ani\crow's AmmciAi. TbktK A in lie l ? ©a, lattiy. ta|*<*g that “General Wa> hinging hade art of arl.fii iai teeth, (or he paid five hundred dollars/' brings out an cot respond* ot with a bit of pi ivate history which i. yu(h making public. Ho you ki osr, gentlemen, that that <ku e set of teeth changed not on I v the ceunleosuce Sul the character >( Washington, as the Utter is usually understood; Hr.-ry body has noticed the n arked differ* m e be tween ihe/Stuart ’* a: d ,th “Tn mhull” The I fft ris hy far the. most spirited and martial looking fare. yet lor >o:oe reason or other it bae rev* t been the pofuiac lave urn e. I^c pecuiia iyuafAl.e Stuart picture, ia tie wfdg. g sndmolhe-Jy mouth, which one sera ti is day o all the engravings. Bui this fare va- not Wa-huigton’s, but was &a e*ggei*ton, or dis lot t ion rather, produced ly hi* ailificial teeth, which entirely chanced ike vp estion of kb r>onteranre.igrv*rg f a cet tPt\ lo k-of material henifndy tfral j not f ft.d in the Trumbull Hkee<*. u?thd helore the dentist bad** anted Wa ‘S' e handled dollars,” by a job which, bought weiy well in th<se day*, would now be reck owed a bungling piece pt wrekmaosh p. *sw wit siM® Trumbull and f Hwvt of eo spoke of the matin tbgsfher Min the correspond* enre of the fatter there is an iHtrfrhn fo the artificial teeth and Iff * striking change make in the tppe..ranee of the wester. 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