Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 5, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 5, 1857 Page 4
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WA BOOK THAT SHOULD BELY THE iLLws anoaut y. lav/ - : . (U)/tk • 11 ri Law, aau itas!n > Ne^tiadpi. AA-rfinmis, Muinurrtf I : veaur*, Fnruiera, Arti-t, sod jpHI mm who ,Wfeh ti Oo llfcrir Pn ptof^ tb-n,wives rip aod kw- of ItUMu co'ttammg forms of iXwd*, Hoigwn,. I****, Aflidnviri, Uepoaitwms Botuk,wr !♦* l.fosuMct*, Puprifi of Aiu*not. Mtn of OtfWiftfcip, AgpfiJbent< Awarfai, ftuaury M. IXomds, Lnuovnot B-itvi, PartnersUk) Articles, A jor*V n 4 Executor** snJ ltitruct:6a% Qrders T>r~i.ip liidriituiv,, r*abuii>ion* Land JuitfloiP*. and Landlords* mrim, Receipts, H'dil** Lan4>, Land ATarrjiiv. m with Creditors’ O.uut, .NtJUvuciiuo 04 Mortgages, Hrm-mp u>*a Law*. I*nu*nt Uvv*, giving full iossruc *•* ,lo irnh Ui|land oomph ie m struct.ou* u r without legal r*sh i*=cv,,a suit* aid to trim* tmnmcilon*. ul every j aim ctmtainfog Wirt ui pro p* rty ex o*npt lonst fczecutiou, Lieu Uv.* Law ul Limitations lain of Omtracis, Usu ry Law*, Guide for p ucmiing* io Cases of Divorce, Cons-iiiutiun of Ik> United Snie>, a Tabto, Gold *ud I fit No the prefiatauuo of this to<4r fu mk<* it every way fully adapted to tie* warn* dr ere ry bain***s nan iu every £>tau- io the Umou, and the PuMisher ha< satire cootii'knce in ite superiority over autr Form Book published, as Hush******* Compnaiun? Wh Energetic and reliable Agents wanted ! •6 ael) this yrk in ever? state in the Union, j Sent, post-paid. o*i receipt of price. Ad dress. ! J. G. WELLS. Publishing Agent. 11 Heckman St.-, cor. Na-mu. N. Y. July 93rd, 1356— 2 w. ~ _a, ’ wU.-j j THE UNIVERSITY FAMILY REMEDIES. j ISSUED under the seal, etmetum .and u- • * thoriiy of the. University of free and popular knowledge, * (’harteml l>' the State of Pennsylvania.! Apfl *>. !Sss. Hih a capital of one hundred thousand dollars, ioainty for the purpose of arresting th*- Evil* of Spurious Nostrums, Also, lor supplying the Community with ra ; iable remedies wherever a competent Phy skisn cannot or w M I uqt he empUed hare purchased from Dr. Joan tl. Row and, his celebrated ROVVAND’S TONIC MIXTUR|| Known tor upwards of twenty-five yrws | a* the only sure and and sale cure fure Freer and Ague, A e. - And hi* I rsihnab!f Remedy for Bowel CoHipiaiuts, Uowaml’a Compound Synip ol Biackh-rry Uoot, Which highly approved and popular Rem Sies, togethf •• with the f T niver<ilv*s Remedy j f Complaints of the Lungs, the Unierrsity*'*' Remedy for Dyvpepsia or Indigestion, thgi UniviTiHty’s Remedy for Costiv* Bowels, ! Abe the Uuirersny’s Almanac and Pin- , cushion, mar be *ad, at the much Dispen- ■ ary or Store of Darnel T. Monran, Head of j yi. Clement's Hay; O. I. A F. F. Spalding, Leonard Towur Downs A B*’an, Clillon 5. * J AlJstac, SfrAu Mills; Co!*- A Wiadrick, Mt. Olive; Geo. H. Simpson. New 1%!, S*t, Ma ry's County. Md. May 3rd lßso—ly. a——ns FALL GOODS. j SPALDING A GREENWELL wish to inform the citizens of St. Mary*s,dbat they now hare one of the largest and most desiralile stocks of goods they have over of fered lor sale, whicti will be sold very lout to punctual customers, or a liberal discount made for cash. They name in part— DRYGOODS. "* _ • | For Ltutes.—Rich TV? Laines, plaid, fan cy and Persian Cashmeres, Merinos. Alpac eas. Black 2>ilks ? English and American I prints, Manchester and French ginghams, dotted and plam Swiss muslin, plaid dowj Nainsook, Jaconet cambrics, French and American mourning pr nts; D’Beges, mode long Shawls super dodo; mo !e and fancy do; square Wk. cloth do; long do do; B*rlin ' lined Gloves; Lisle *>; lined silk do; hlk. wliti aad colored Uk do; Wk. wht and colored kid dp; Buck riding do; Berlin gaunlels; linen j ccm’irjc hdkfs., all prices; Mvrmo, cotton and, silk how. Foa GtmsMKif's Wa*a.—Superior blk. blue and mulberry cloths; Hue and Wk. beaver! do, for oryreoats; fine blk. doeskin tor pouts; superior do for vest*; fancy and plain rassi- \ blk. velvrt, silk and sahn vestings; ail t Wwol for coating; aattiaetta; Berlin * Uned gloves; buck and iamb lined do; French t buck up: cloth do; Wk. and wht. kid do; buck and Berlin gaunlei; skirts and collars; French thin bosoms; Saxony and ribbed merino, thin-; linen and silk hhkf; black silk cravats; 1 Napoleon and OHoff net; scarfs and shawl*. A CAOTWiAtX Vests. MwccLUt^Rovs.—Superior Irish linens; low and medium priced do; best American bleached shirting; brown do do; bleached and brwwa sheeting; super Esglish blankets; fine. Acawican do; 900 pr. do fur servant*; 50 pr. ■ Cadders for same; bleached, brown, and coh ured Canton flannels; doflH, opera, and plaid j flaaaei* for children; wht. m! and reflow fla%. iMdk green beire; heavy fl-4 arid 3-4 fulled dMhs; pbud linseyr, pvoifmiary and comttr^ : Bribes. hoy* and rooth.'* riPck ■ hmgans; wonfons* phntw, t A Bboo***; gents time calf and kip MuHvoe*s: brwvv grain aad kip boots; fine ealfohin do; ladies end nWewei ! foorocro shoes aad boot; Wk. and ctlbmUlssiing gaiters; children shoes.. Ac. , Han kn Cara.—-Vansant*s silk beavtmJ flue black arid brown wool hats end caps Of NapohJS, Plush and brown cteS.’ I OROCOUKS, TLYTVARF,, QUBEYR. fTAHR, fWRDWAKh STfTtOJSARr; SYOUStt, £.vc#r,! . . IATLY BCIJOOL BOOKS , f Foa poaches, powder I fledr; a variety rf ran caps; shot of *r*rr? "faSjOXQ | w'w „Ui * MJri 1/ Cp mm- i 4. 4f! ■ f * * MMl* i ii 3 i JHfodU-v c I • Ti*ctmr thaa she ha. written. T^iu/u # !u^*"iia remly -cns on einna ariief :a the rk. We £p'i£s* T >f.u, vhH liw- roucummt,jeri.uoi.y ilwiwA. emn* md nreju . dire l hide their heads, and coiaredc ihat.Hamn ♦un’e Tine Sure is in imtb a wonderfnl J&rvDmerv. CXtoher 18th, I *45. V-w Mortimer if .Kniriiwy CiWR : J hove drt.ij-ffl entirely mo fcuig in writing *o fmi in rrinlton to the virtue* of HampmnV TincUire. I fer, evo now, fimf I tan** *nre worid n (.ist*bfa *f tlie d 1 hare Seri red from ftes.;UHe>iCMfiuWe Wn so A| I • led inadequate to. themsk. Iv n nttarkeil with B^3t^sTOAt4?JF'v. ‘! and eoimoed (* be so ajfiwred <uui! I rht**d 4¥e ' AMawttc Ocistn, n my way to Am. ws; i Wnvß fiawi| o.autri ita u*fm Puo agntaauqg. (had •U th| bmv fcmiired tuy growth, and never rx pe be writ r-rin, die ¥nde, m ! the first p?*-*, of my hrin rmreinmtft from a ehiid hrt’o hod c white eweflmy. lv/!ten mi ! nfof ring fir.ii t-robe it did aot disci,sure leas j than one quufi. and *' con>in<ied to trouble me everi* ii*ne I fmk ?>M dr wn in iHe least ft,tinned; j my l-idily etreayth WeS reduced to the weakness 'of infancy; was sc vs ml times rerv near the | graven my hip-join I had been out of pfamv ever I since I had the first attack. At the aye of Uuy teen my Hands be-ame drilocdteti. Those pnf- I formes, and the general d*-biHtv I felt from the ennatatoi of my ?nt!v,-m?a, caused me j oDcu to think that I yh<ni!d nevrr W nernaitted Ito know how it frit to be free from pain and sudertn;, even for ore Imur. until ttiy n*or l>odv b chiui?ed mtd he-'oine It ke< >nrn 4 -Oh rist's * rlwious body.'* at foam, nnul *thls mortal | b:ire i *u on immortality," . - I had ’.ken so ai:y medteme*. and received ; m hnk benefit, tlmt t had cou.liden<*c in none. I | hd m*ed of nearly a|! the ttlehtaird liniments, and other external remedies ! h;,-| heard of. | had I been placed by under some of the | !-tsi Physicians of EnyU JlMall the relief ever obtained -vasXm oftrmdfcry duration When I first britrd of Tiuctu,e, 1 had not tbf confidrive ’in its eiStpcy, gut J had 4 ftieml who had known Mr, Janet, riummei-, when his stifleing* wore si the worstt add hafl witnessed ike cure wrought upon hin. To mease her, I consented to fry the Tincture, and I hud not taken mm hottle before 1 began to feel its beneficial effects—my strength returned—. iiuy appetite became good-—my complexion wae desr—l frit like another person. Through the i infiv.eitcV of this friend, you became acquainted | wiih my earn, and requested to see me; you told me mv rase was such a peculiar one that you wvuid like to we the effects of the Tincture fully developed in |t, and if dewed to take it, you would present it to me, tf it was for the space of flrC years—but only eighteen mu,lUishaveriemrd, nr •m*’* f w ><■! I I have berome strong and hearty—l can stand ns murii and more fatigue tiau most of my Jrdy acquaintances. I hnve a healthful complexion, . and all my friei-d*. -ay lam yvtttny quite Jfethu, • one *hii*y is certain* mf feme limb is quite us l.oye apin as ;t was before, and 1 ouvjrip all , aboutlmrne without a crutch. remedyVhen I ■avash.h 1 . eiLUi3&; • hire been saved the excrutiatm-r.pain I have UetM K’lbjeetCd to, as well as the deformity of .body I must carry to the grave, and mv parents would not have bmai amtor such kenvf >peases from ' doctors bills, and in semfin? me, us they did, to the celebrated springs in Englaod in search of he.Jth. 1 wish all the inflicted world coukl see we, and hear tfcc ben fils I have derived from this Tincture of Hampton *a. I trv to make all I acquainted with its virtues with whom 1 come in Icon tact. Gentlemen, I am a thousand times obliged to yon, and you are at liberty to nee my nam- md esse to all. Mart A. Scomelo, No. fi3o W. Bnftlmore street. ‘ To Messrs. Mortimer & Mowbray, 390 Balti- i more at., Baltimore. Delicme females and diildren will find this a i great blessing. It hna res *red d thousands to HAMPTON'S VF.OETABLE TfNCTTTRE. Chlkfoifi get pamphlet* srmUs wkb history of discovery of this wonderful Blood Puriger, and ' **•- certir cate* of own dtixens, of RhetimaUsm, | Pysfepaia Scrofula, User Omphunt, General Weakness, Nervotpmes*, &c. Ac. Mortimer St Mowbray, 340 Baltimore street, Baltimore, have it for sale. Sold by SptiMuig A Green well, Leonard Town; J. T, M. Hailey, Chaptico ;a nd m Wm. ft. Gar ner A Co., Miles Town. . November 23m1, 1865—if j rOTTINUUAM dfc JOHNSON’S . IMVBOTEO 1 „ HORSEPOWER A THIUSIfEttsL IT is deemed rimostttimecessary togive certfl of oar HORSE . FOWt.II Jc I HRASHERS, but for the uifar- 1 r^H>- , sTsS!Sfar “ re * “"■* ,h "“ ‘ I 'fissAßOTsw*, Sc. Mary *a Co.. Md.,! - . 1 May Ist, Wsfi;' i uotuaghom A Johnson, ! D* r * r t The machine whish 1 purchased of, ytwhasnrovedamos, excellent one. lam folly | ; emwinced that fin better Horse Power and j •Thrasher lam bom used to my Section of the Ssate. Nor c*p J think that there an be in me ! aay that are superior to it anywhere. The lijfl t *•* of draft to the Hprse* is on* nf Hs rWtifii- 1 airudstasns. I am confident that off who us* poor Power and Thrasher will eowtnoetoho your customers i *TaKte*LiA?sS®:: AprAlAh.lW Gentlemen : ( have used your improved Horae \ Pom cr and THnrUier and take gram nteasoroin hearing leaUmonV to U.eir enure efficiency. I * hate need twe other Horse lowers c-dTht* m*- > The Horae Powsr is of Lurht Draft and traaln-l fov out of order than shy f baV# eeo used,! if the r&z* aafiS *}*v ngs* ItLV S r .l TK . ’* rnrid.iri-a.ra<. ror-Cf(lu , '‘*tafe*. C. Cl I NiMScOS. liavnijg now piiUU..!)* r ea flrtr liisl volume o ihc Illustrated ‘fed*- ufVLtfe ot 1 Washing *bXil . Sir ready to lu m*h the ( lit- ree<ft ft2.ffci. Sii*gti< (i bkwtht - setet. pawl pawl, lo n*w pan Zt ih Uowm u the receipt f 25 cf*. an • f * W ? t** a. 80 . tuCJluiw. idT*bribe so this ma*- r ao MU o;.l puNic*K>fi:Any pri . >oo remitting f ur *uß*crt(jti WfmHor tfe - drat Toluna* comp i..-mg U number*: will i **e cum led (uvt mm iMHrenlQ •'♦ree i t pelage. w Glebe of wig renmti-ig ♦*2l nil Ue cut tiled to two extra Tuple* ol t vidutne, or n extra cu|i^}iil^id| • other ot Puiriam fit Co.’* publications of an **qual value Club* af ill, remitting $42. will be entitled to font rEtra copies. > 0,51 ">\>y of a complete act ot Addin’s work;? in six volumes delivered free of pu-lage. ihe premium IW a like auipber ot subfCnHers r|a A* succeeding volume*. number oJRhe Jli!u.slra’d \\ashitigton wit conUii. aui every other numter Uo f|d cU*s .Steel Engravings or maps, lu addition la Ihr Slert Lii*r*T,ng*. Ibe u numerous Wool Engraving? ij~ iu*U|iyc o hMofjcal I VktTlpK.—l VrsoO* suh>cribiug for lb* Life o" IVashiiigt'm should be patfictthir U obtaintlieuuly work which must loiei?- rr remain ?he sUu lard authority. Irving a Lift of Washington bears lh<* impiint of (3. P. Putnam & Co., the only publisher* f Irving’s wotks. “Every American -bouH pul this work on his book*shelf side by side.tvilii li* Bi ble. Let your children read it? and I* ton by the example of (h Gr a’ Waliiigt n 'the le.<>ois of patriotism, moral cranage, perseverance under difficulties, which jh.e ; hi story of his life affoid • We know T ©f ;no American book which we had rafLet own than this if is worth a thousand of trash publications which fh* press is daily t sending fork."—Scientific American. Country papers copying the above ad vertisement t a ice will receive a complete ; set of Path ant’s Stow Library. f op. i i & Co.. 3tf Broadway, New York Feb 4. 1857—2 t. II M-vnraftaEf mt* wid vd •bhwfcrf’B ■ —■" -"rar yfijti) apM fcni. FACTS'HVORTH KNOWING? ,tW motto'‘Small Fruits ard Quick ►I * Sales?" • ' -•• Tfc. \Tami# Smifaf —^— iJLa. ia * w * CIVXVxWvo SHUinf!” 7 R E <l‘ BARGAINS, TO BE Hyn AT TUB i PEOPLES ' tr"gv H4T M ST O NO. 157 PR \TT STfll-ET. f (Between Light and Charles Streets, nearly opposite the “Malthy House,”) BALTIMORE. I ■" . \ \\r hit r e nay be found fir.e ard ▼ V coat-e Beaver. Silk, Sou h, and Straw Hats of every shape, kimt color, land quality; Club, tflrtaed, Velvet ! Fur. and Plush Cap; a large assortment ;of Youth’s and CnildrenV Fancy Hats ■ and Caps, all of which will be sold at the ' very lowest prices. COUNTRY MERCHANTS will j find it to their advantage to cal! on us before making their purchases. N n. DRESS HATS purchased of ns w ill be kepr in order free of charge. ] Remember the Place and Number—the j J PEOPLE'S STORE, No. |.TT Pratt Street, between-Xight Mid Chariek atrs. May 291 b, IS5G—3m, i ’~fi7rOLES.ILE S.IDDLER Y. <.. . No. *294 Baltimore Street cohnee oil 1 • . Sharp, WHERE wilt be found one of the most extensive manufactoifes b ! SADDf.KRY, R ARNFiSS. COLLARS, I * tblte found in this City, which the sdb i serihera offers to sell at Wholesale aad | ißet ai i. on accommodating terms, ' ’ and will pledge ht ri-elf to E t ANY BILL made in the Eastern and I Northern cities. An examination of his stpek is solicited from country merchants and others. ROBERT LAWSON, I *rr 1. B. LANCASTER. J. . UF.RBk'KT

! -...r. H • -t,j lrn iim. % i. LANCASTER & HERBERT. ! • PR O D U 4 C g* * m i ; ca.'av/Bsro.v m *rn*.\TS, • 1 -W. 91 I 4 - : ■ Jk ILTLMC i N- B PArticwlar lrf *Uculion giver to GRAiHMd Tobacco, ► Ml? ffhfa. lßAt>—2m : J inLM&fcmrS* *Uc: ar i r vii iv- sfxjm 'fcirouns iwmi 1 co^!vi Ipleie. wkkgkain^—: For terms amd to George S. | I Km-, Aimmev m law, L^tTwra I * ! • Pec. 35*. 1850—tL | maw iit *K t/kmkmJt ilw^aiw a J •wijr.WarLbiaM. ; - A',- tH Hsvdm'a filwitw-.r; , Wdb, pMnpi * C*V. IS Walt street. : ’ .a ys, i and avhdHiiga, I cbeHnlly girt mr rmhAtm* f •* ffs eySePeitt Hfrrts. dagher had a bard j (rfMny the *tre of a heuN *g, trmti her wriat tHr 1 - a mr. I tl#Her w r*ht• tvMI the Lmraaeat. 1 and* for atqdiaaiii— tmirrly k* I • ! | used ifce limiMM tor Srratofctea Tw- awrffiw* in Hterbrant aftmgiufliq|, •* two of my wnuu, and U raaa*ee4tofan Irii <u a Khort lime. I mnsuler them aIyB9Mr~ * Ifsl te tMircs, and rtrrnnmnd the v. mem f Ota beat article I cwMr aaad. ‘ ‘ | H(.nWHnld. ; Liberty, Vm,, Jui# 30ilt, Ha 3. M nacAvtaK, ?t. C., !|SJ. Hr. A. G. Brae* ft Co.--4 Mit my daw In i tho of my fellow hem?* whd are aMarfed as I have U-cn.’to add we irwimnne tn the wander . f*tl rffeft* of yotir Mustang Liniment. I waa { severely attacked in December laal with Rhea , moimtn in its worm toon, miflejmg nurht an; * day with esenti iatine twin for six months, being for the whole time unable to walk *w even amp. !Me right leg was an eontra ted and drawn tip | that ( emild nm put it to the ground, and toe left arm Waa During the aaeka.da aLtao 1- ■-> ‘IJUI *law a. > a. mrn i akilfwl phyaietana tn the rlaee, but they wnat i unable to afford the relief and finally gore me tt| —(wonoamrad me incurable and said I muai die. j At tbia critical moment 1 commenced using | the Mexican Mnstnng Liniment, and after uatn • • two amall bottles I began tn find relief' from 9 ! sufferings ; and after using seven bottles I was ! well as cetr, and aim iaw stout as eVcir 1 was I **tor • * $H George Wopd. Morgsn*on, June 319 h, 1853. I certify that I am noonsmted with George Wud—that he was afflicted with Rheumatism ns al>ore stated, and eras cured by she use of: the , Menu as Mustang Luumctn. P Jenae* C Smith, Mer-hmil and Hotel Keener. Tbi Liniwenl is put up in three sizes# and details tor IS etuis. 58 cents end if per Imttle. The JO rasas aim namaiiie three tunes as much as the 35 cants mwm% asvd the 81 size three times as much as the iD cants aizc the tosger airew being great ly cheaper. ' em ** A. G. Bran A C., Proprietor*. 384 Broadway, N/Y., and*Sf. l.rtuis. M>. For sale by Druggists and Store-Keeprs gen crallv ami BpaMing ft Qreenwell, Leonard Town George H. Morgan. Cbaptico Richard Odton, fit. Clement *e Bay Not. 94tb 1853. . 1) H U (i S j'rm jHB MEDICINaasS Palßit. OIR, TurMicr Wiidtw - Oiam, mull aarss.mto;*. THE auhsefiber has in store, and is reeanag ■ additions to rej.leniah his stock ff ptoda, which he will sell at tb# lowest rale*. A few article* are named bald I #. Danes* %* Mcntetitt**—<Kmnine. DaMOft j Eptom Salts, Ipecac, Tartar Emetic, Opium, ! Cod User Oil. Camphor, Rheulwrb. Spent ■ Hartshorn, Spirit Nitre, Blue Mass, Copper**, i Indian Vegetable Pitta, Brand mb'* Pilla, Me* Lane’s Liver Pills, Indian Cbologrqri, Hamp ! ton's Vegetable MRS, Essence Jaaiatcn Ginger, ! Extract Storsapardla, Lee’s Anti-bdious Pills, I Arrow Root, Laudanum, Alcohol, Oil Vitriol, i Madder, Potash. j Totter Article*.—Wood’s Hair Restors- J live. Tncophenis. Kslhenon, Pomatum Hair : Dree, Washing and Sharing Soaps, Cologne*. 1 Luton's Extracts, Hair Hwmhtt wad Combs, : Tooth and Nail Brushes, Kathing Sponges, fte, j Pais?t, VARKitnxa, B*cre*.—Laves 'ft WetherilPs While Lead, Boiled and Raw Lffi seed Od, Spirit Turpentine, Litharge, Red Lend, , Venetian Red, Red and Yellow Ot-hre, Chrome I and Yellow, Lamp Black, Burnt and Raw Ua -1 ler, and Terra Sieuna, Japan,. Cojpal and Conch ! Varnishes, Painr Riuaihea. Sash Tools, Dustara, | Varniah Bniahea, Camel Hair Pencils, ftc. CHARLES STOTT. Druggist and Afwthe**ary, <3or. 7*h 9i. and Penn. Art. Washington City, D. C June ItiK—im >‘J f1 i o*|oi >•*■t■■ ’ >< I | - .a—. .I.i ... I.a'fc. ■ I ■ . ■■ MtLUNERr ft FAJfCY ARTICLES jR|RS. Lcretia Ford has just re* ItJL turned fiom Baltimore with a uew ami i | rompkne asscrtmeiit <rf Mfltllmery cuidl i Fancy Cl—<B. which ah* la now aeflmg very low tor cash and on accommodating j erras to punctual ciidomen. f?he names— j i DONNET3* Silk, Satin, Velvet and Straw, of < I_ enmomenEsW s • every variety. ; HEAD DRESSES, Omea Cans. Flowers.R boM. Doras and Cloak Ttos imWßii - Hi -jsj| *.* Coo.m, coksNft n*white;t:, dt a I n A °n tion Fhvunciiig, both Cambric and Swdßa; flOwlit HIWIwj, A iplendß nnrihvmeiitef HatomoaVPifthmiry; , Lace and Love Vrbt GLOVKS, JEWELRY.’ *- * Oet.tM.MW. . j URIFS WWIXS. 1 I Sm4rn* after Bnatjg”* I^^d^ ibrMj'r*w > ' cm that tt Im*cm Your oliediau tmutL I | ...wt ! " BUI ftftMWV. i |* the Above ilalfißrnt >a U3*-ad nn | exagrrated. ,i* JV A. J*h%SALR:*L |l, Chmii hLj^iJ a /. 4 * 8 88* meat. M the.'ollowirig *r..fotc frr*ara bdy. m- Mr E. P. Co*t-er : Agreeable to rone .and m 3 M desire to benefit the atflmcd, I here HT cerdfy fhe great relief received from the iteed Ilshßntrtn’e Vcgctslje Tinriurf. i vm token erith m violent pnlrdath>n, w rath jer fluttering and trembling of the hnti, vlijt-h tween* day*,"U raemr.l IN Chough my hat! almost forgotten ia uAjc. The family !*ecame alarmed and promtml a bottle of (Ins val uaMe medicine, arid before I had taken near >mt bonJe of this Tincture of I was tn i tirrlv relieved. ,- i . ■<. I*,; 4 jriiaflr 1 OT-‘He third me timer of relief mOl v fami ly of tlit m*e of this valuable feo or three jpwn ago 1 area In id up with ulceration o* my ankle, from the effect of what m uauaUr rr * :s H *?- I Had loot ait taste and appetite; ana the we which waa aome four imlM an and *•'**% and half wa v around my ankle, rejected Hesllt.unlflf ordcnrH Hampton's VipuchT lurturr, ..tie Ixutleof which restored my luaitq denied my ankle, and I am freer from swelling than in the last thirty rears. A-ain, one of my daughter* tu verr (w from aeeere dysentery, and whew she hem', to • . tp her feet commencs* swelling, whkh increased e ,H7. *% V ' ry !*~ n i r,,! *Hr taed a brittle of Hampton's Tincture: the mmv wtw aaanaged, the swelling *ub*elcd and her health returned. We kept her kgs Iwidaged with stripe of woolen Miitii her srorp-ih retujbed. .•. H* v •* ‘hue particular, that other* under •titular cirrem via nee*. might be induced to Avail tkcniselvee of (his remedy, tk :•*• Youm, with respect, L** u | ELIZABETH EDWARDS. Ido hereby certify, that I am personalty ac •pniittcd with Mrs. Edwards, inn! can aafely re rawwnend the above statement M lie correct. p-%) • ■ E. P COOPER, Postmaster, Capon bridge* Hampshire co. V*. ft?" Delicate ladles and children will pieae Site it a trial. ’ . ’> r n*rr. jym*r** **kmhe, V. 8. N. %• v l v *-> Arc. Id, 1881. Mr J. E. Roush : Dear Sir: While F am tu sedetal opposed to Patent Medicine*, candor com - pel*t state I have great ronfidense in the virtue* of Hampton ’a Vegetable Tincture. fW ■sereml month* paal f hare iwed it itamy family, and in DyspepM, lose of appetite, d?xxuies#,an4 general dclnHiy, f ith entire surer**. So far as my experience rttnidi, therefore, 1 take pleasure in recommending it to the afisried sa a aafe-and efficient remedy. 1 am, sespe*. tfully, ronrs. ' 4 vrlindn synnumiß. Caaptabi in the V. 8. Navy. HEREDITARY !—A hor in the family of he Hon. W., p. Thommasson, oner mrmler of Congress from Kentucky, was a mUNF of sore# from hand to Amt. Hi# eyelid* turned made sal /protruding nrer the eyeh*n* so a to prndura blindness. He was cured by Hampton ht vegetable Tinotnre, DYSPEPSIA, NERVOUS DISEASE, Ac. Mr. Wi (bum. Old ham, of the Baltimore rnstom boose, suffered these rnniidaini* for eighteen 1 months, with bothi body and tatnd seriously af fected. He was cured By Hampton*a Vegetable Tincture, nber all other thtngw filled. COUGH, CCNSUMPTIOiV.*c.—Mr. Hen ry C. Winn End a Cough for 5 years, great w i:rj% only hk *•*■ “ ■ ; HAMVTDN’B vegetable tincture, Mortimer A Mowbray, PropriHora, 240 Bal. iimre street, Bolennor* ; mao for sale by B}ul - du.g St Greenwelt, Leonard Town ; Rujroughs- Chaptieo jOarher A Ct.j Milesfowtt, and Wp MSMfeeeper* thrnnghom (he Suns. Jan. S&th, IRss—tf. J r , , FREELAND. HALL L COk# JJAVING rctnored to their sew and con- JUJU raodious Warehouse, No. I4S Fraill Street, opposite the -MALTY HOLR, sat of OROCERI El. eoaaisuiigin | GOVUH^fIRTI REFINED AND BROWNWgaKS j of eeery grade 1 PER.IMPERIAL. V. HYSON ’ AND PLACETRAR. GOLDEN SYRUP. NEW ORLEANS j AND W. I. MfH.ASSE J 3FERJS, JUMUSTVf* AVDAIOULD j WHITE. CJSTILE .IYD 880 W,\ S(ktFS. ' GUIDES 4.\T) COSHUV BVTTti mrtLY. EXTRA. SUPERFINE AND DUf'TCWHEAT tc.. tu. - - j. -Kk ... .. ... .. iw* WW? 'liSli slfsoOWOn *5 Of SHrah and ‘a* h ' Wh<*srkim *sei lh*ii Cfcl t&t*i •#' ra Sad tLVWHT JHWS OVKHtMi, M. ami ÜBeh serie*. one ArMSh #J..oe >• Wnah-lU^ ■i tp 1 \ iasSuidWf „ f aM. BinEiAW, “ • 1 MMS. If I wiStewett iMiww.w.iMe d he*>mpALi tw S-dlrr^#rM. e IwAps • U* Wf hsfw n i ® r ' #•. £ r. f.tkt m -~ mm ** r ‘ r u.4 i<c.^s4fW v •'• 1“ •f. . Mhavy-fPr MMrrt, r. W. MM. "• M - fSSSM c. -f JVr. raut •' {| O Jlrn. Cafftdmg, L li • P. Sramusa, ■ “P ass vcuarairs nau. TWE Faaa sv, * paru- ulmly e mmend yMh|.e#t. ileparimvnt will edu- d v,l;h e bwss* kriAJssa, 4M*c<M*N^yNps , ' TsT Will contain IVactwal S*.p};r*ii* aid Agicidruthl 1 Hmta, cooiriiaittd aS caitfla Mi a ra the m at reliable, and cmitannng mf .i.m*Uuii unl pr we to Uwm ia c H u.*< • vgic year I ufdmosiincaknikdde (vu.vlilT f The other dcpantr.iiMi of onr poner a it] re ceive the attention they ie*pvci>ve!t detmmd, each . being eapeewUy and tnrtfuUy |<e t *ar*d um*‘ I v th varied to# c* of ibe da*t. of it rt-.d --,• era. Amo.ig there c nwy nmiuou—- f Original Slain 11 nd F—u.i, E.'.k‘cnia> KamUtmgt . * land Stt Irking*, kpitty CifAivt* tL*.<cg>a , • Om tip, ,Vw in* ('sit ('!, tat L**.st Farit Fatiti* a** Produai H ret im!i Jar At H v ke d end Tula, “ 7TL . 1 nw’l Drfvtweal, ■' r | •si / a n t#l . Ferity, IT Mri fSwid* . j Historical SI ticket, T,mnsCni as, tee., ice. |; The NATION i* issued m Uunrm i „.m, j (eight jwgea,) and etfeth num'ier will .-ontstt) at ~ least two Original Engravings, lutinnhirg I I our mibaenbeia at ibcend of me ycat a uJi a vol -1 j umc ro,naming 416 large a:xe, bihii ili.lly rln.ed pagraot UsveairMiKt* . i Ac.. See., together with over lull ORIGINAL , ILLUBI R.VHONS. I , The Nation m sent at the f<dl' #in? <c*.<wL . ; lam auuacnpuon and clubbing itrwi : 1 in ad vauivC. r Single Copies, f 9 00 j>er annum | Two *• (to one address* JJo . vJrW Three ** a 00 I Six - •(' 900 ~CI j Tan M IS 00 Cl A id one cop;.' Ires to the gettei up of u * Ouh of ten. All the sending u tvbrrnpiion j from the British Province*, nre enriow in . addition to the. svibovripiiuo gn<c, Pettit* for . } eneh snbrni*er, a wv are cwutpe.'ivd In prepay the ULi led States postage. , All letter* conta:iUi>g m&ey *'h*i.?d be regi* i tered, and diree**d •■l.unly, am} *cey wilt c< meat , our rwk, otherwrae we are aut iW; oum( ie for (hem. Specimen enpie* will be sent fire to Tost Ms*- ter*, Agvn'S, nnd all who wish tu rvt up vlub *, I tn ,dl oiler*. m\ rate M of itr .-nta in mainps. i Ihe expense of registering is r.n.y b cent#. , y Address— 1 CROFt’T it DICELOM', 83 Dock Street, PhiLadciptiia, Pa. | ; Among the hundreds of cmß|ilnn*ntary nolftca, , . wc have received fr*m news,inpcra in every aec , (ton of the reentry, wc quote u, loibwuig eg. j tract from : j ‘‘The Notion appenm in clear Isrg* type on ; snow white paper, d is richly adorni d wish il lustration*. ’* —.V. Y. Stin. I “It willsuaiu tea high, postnou h the liidhnr ‘ Wjrtd. ” — i*kdrd: phi* Dai’y Am I. | “It i* one of the I rat wccklba n*w nnUi-.hed, | and we take pier mi re in no brlkpnr*i tA ibet;o ' tie# of (he r4ing pnMir,”—#;#vS erg Fa. /?,**. •The talent and #cfgy f ti.c j 1. pr.cfnra, us ; original and m terrating l oinenta, am. tUe I laaiy ; of the tytmgrapky emu nt fail to *tcur* t a 1 gc-i:frrl cimjfcwi*n.— in/r*.a<ieig Ft. h<d furt. “A* a literary-and family j. urni. u c I hv* ns heaiuutvin in nroiKMim-mg it the t at:rd cur i cxrhanrcf. >Vt mlvisc Ue !ao.ra to pyccutf i( with*i.t dilay.” —Fettm Pa. RtpuhUraai •♦We dislike rmffing city en a:t-tin,' f *ut in t tbt* case we arsLmnd tn give wt.y to merit.— Unlike OMtny city eotemporartra, <he Notion m compoaod of win sol #tsutia) aid c*ual matter, •nd is sot filled up with an overdue of 0 mvv, wish-wnahy'Stuff from (he bauds of crack-t.raiii cd author*.—EH* Cftf Wfpatrk. ••It baa the mast et*grr\H bead vs# •ver aaw, and it# contents are dr*ji!y • ou 1 taming, truly delicious, and •anl-abaorbmg.'’— lii/iiii knrg Te. Gazette. ♦•Therei# romp forjost such paper, am? ft hsa secured (won# true herd* and hea.'*! focouinrl n# I robtmna as thj literary and aoeiai woiid -dd#.—• Wtlbkerengh Pa. Agitate*-. | **h wNaooii becomes leading paper at Idle fir#- fiaap i>t JL fiL /*)|,, nrw ■ BW~ *VV VfParTff • ndiee, and eommed the Nsifoo to osr ibJotT * •"-•TVwjf #V tV. . A 4** 'r*4l L i e~-UA.MB*-*. HUil I =rpr-i'3r . rS3 ,;*asr : '.> I BOABWi\(i SCHOOI. MrSßw® MR. AND MR*. GEORGE K'f.VC#? Hsrmg rented tbr hoktl of i Mr. B. f. Maddox, near Lnwn# Imp, a*a ; I hnf a aec will he (tested m every rtAaedl M mmnbem of the family, bot will fa l tomimm Mfietly la all r*| ' I,, T i n*? *' bed for them.. <eS^Z^£TSZ-J^.Vti poUtecuoration. It HR cu.brace evefy b,siief •f Sa Eagßvfe odactittca, fufettme W.& Frraich lanjftigr and Amc*' <ni the , Rr **y fo"£aMa4BMA swardpai % IHVfTIWOtYkf - A-. ■ jg . 1 EprSSTS' nA' i . osmasurwaMtavs,. .taw— I— wst s*s (Btag: rate*,, if ®rj ecnipirfe not ctherorsir. • Ds> tkrtofors mmwqkt • rate# of tnMrvrfiea. >lB IM, Tpl % W 5 : - U