Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, September 10, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated September 10, 1857 Page 4
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NOTICE. mi iTTRf ittbkcribfrs ha ve opened am et* If tensive CARRIAGE RBPOSU „ TOfiT, at 57 and 65 N. Covert street, opposite* the City Spitng, where they have, and intend lo keep. • Awe assort ment of CARRtA GES of the latest pat erns and styles of finish, from their man-; u factory in New York, and are manufac luring at 65 N. Calvert street, Light Carriageaof every style, which they wiH sell low for cash or approved paper# Ail work sold at this establishment warranted# We are prepared to fill oiders at the shortest notice. Her airing done on the shortest notice ‘ WJRR. HAUiHTIt O’CONNELL. ( Augti*t I4h, 1856—if. FIFTY DOLLARS worth ol Books, selected from the following hst:— J mfke to .finer/ns: By Americana. Bvo. deh. DotrUn%*s History of Roinanish, SO plates, Bvo. cloth. Air*. Ellis's Choirs Works fur the Family * Circles ; I’lates, 2 vob.. Pro. cloth. The American and OtieLFeUtnrs* Literary Mmeum ; 3U Sled Engravings, 2 vob., Bvo Guide to cloth. Jag&MUSj iiowhr„or.m : n / ; fy> imtKniant the Publisher. EDWARD WALKER, 144 Kuhoo street, when they will receive full particulars of Com mission See. %• Newspapers copying the above, and ; inserting the seine ten nines, sending a copy of each insertion to the Publisher, will be en titled to a copy of the “National History’ 1 or the “Statesman** Manual,” subject to their order. Sept. 3, t 0156 !ot. Natfce to Farmers and Plaalers i SALT FOR MILCH COWS AJH 7)I STOCK GENERALLY WHEN Cows in milk are kept on green, succulent food, they re quire a regular and liberal supply of Salt So, also, when cattle are first turned to pasture in the Spring, they require salt more frequently than in the latter part of the season when the herbage is less suc culent and fresh. It is often the case that animals taken from dry food, and supplied exclusively with green ferment able herbage are greatly debilitated by scours. Salt, in due quantity, is a cer tain preventative of this malady. Rock Salt is the most economical and conve nient way to salt stock, by placing pieces m diflerent parts of the field, where the ock can have access to it at pleasure. Orders for this, or any other articles in - our line will be prompily attended to by DUVALL & IGLEHART, Grocers and Commission Merchant*, • 128 Light street Wharf, Baltimore March 2511 V. 1856—11. WASHINGTON HOTEL. HAVING' purchased the “ Washing ton Hotel,” Leonard Town, the subset iber respectfully announces to his r nends and the travelling community generally, that he is now prepared to accommodate all who may give him a call, in a manner that he trusts will be satisfactory. It is his intention to thor oughly repair the whole establLhmen * and re-furnish the rooms without regard either to pains or expense. His undivided attention will be given to hi* new business, and he pledges himself to use his best exertions to make all hi* guests comfortable and contented. His table will always be supplied with whatever the market may afford, and hia Bar well furnished with the best liquors and segars. The patronage of the former gi.ests of ♦.he house is very respectfully solicited. J W. J. MOORE. January 10th 1366—J(. BoneDnsl. TO FARMERS, &C. "Yk Bushels of this invaluable JL Fertilizer, warranted .Pure, unadul terated ground Bones, and its perfect genuineneseeertiified by the State Chem ist. For sale in 3 bushel bags, in quan tities to suit purchaser*. WM. GRANGE' & CO No. 119 West F#ombard Street. ****** -e. July 1, 1857. Lafko&aToßT op CnrTliT * a 29 Exchange BtjUdw Of Analysis of Wm. Grange & Co. of the abort, which was left at dxoffice for examination,, was analysed and found to be composed as follows ; t\ ster, . ....... 5.0 Organic Hatter, 32.7 Mineral Matter, 62.3 Contain'g Phosphate Lime, 56.3 M ’ Carbonate Lime, 5 5 **" Magnesia, Soda, * Potash, See. J 0.5 62.3 100.00' The above composition is that of s \ Pennine” commercial article of Bone Duet. JAMES HIGGINS, Slate Cliemiat. CHAS. BICKELL, Or* Ph. To avoid disappointment, orders should %e forwarded immediately, either (o JVM. GRANGE k CO. i HAr* IT ■ op i. IBCrfcTT k YOUlffc, ! Baltimore, Md. Ju!y-9, 1857—ft- j fy ' .. . . | NEW 600DS, I SPALDING & DURANT are now 1 opening their Spring supply of new ■ gt>od. Full particulars will t*e given! Aeaeafiatr Ap. tO. 1857. 1 MISS MARY A. SCHOFIELD. CRE.ITSUFFEIti.YR RELIEVED “INTERESTIW WRR.ITIVE AXD U.IHPY RESULTS TR UTH S TR. i.WEk TH.I.V FIC TtOA\ Let the Afflicted Hkas tub Timvm or A Ladt.—To thone who have the pi ensure of knowing her we need *uy rot It tug ; but to others We remark tliat a desire to benefit the suffering nduce* her thus in sjienk. None can appreciate her joy ami gratitude in iietug relieved from pain, bter years of suffering iilmoat unparalleled, but atose (if there be any) who bare suffered like ' thr# Miss 9. has long leen a residsnt of our city— of the last two years has been successfully ron durtiag a school at No, 630 Baltimore street. The happy change in her health is a subject of ' astonishment mid joy to her numerous friends. ! We ask those interested to call on her. She wil! tell them mare of her cure by Hamattm**- i Tincture than she has written. Thus it im this remedy goes on giving relief to the sick. We refer the public to them. From more distant places we nUo bear of the same happy results. These facts, with the concurrent testimony of thousands, should cause skepticism and preju dice to hide their bends, and concede that Hamp ton’s Tincture is in truth a wonderful discovery. Baltimore , October 18lh, 1855. Messrs. Mortimer A Movbray —Gents : I have delayed entirely too long in writing to you in rdation to the virtues of Hampton’s Tincture. I fear, even now, that I cannot give the afflicted world a just idea of the good 1 have derived from its use ; the benefits have been so grenl that 1 feel inadequate lo the task. 1 was attacked With the chronic rheumatism, in its most malignant the early age of two and a half years, to Ik- ho iitfncted nnti) Kuoasti! the /'"'w 0' - *ni,nn nfy way to Ainerish, ; ,t v, l.irh ■[hanged it* fnnn into r> gathering. I had RHHFHKunc acquired s:*y growth, and never ex ! pected to be well again, as the disease came, in the first place, of my being r ucci noted from a child who had the white swelling. When my i gathering first broke it did not discharge less , than one quart, and so continued to troutde me every time I look cold or was in the least fatigued; rny bodily strength was reduced lo the weakness of infancy; I was several limes very near the grave :my hip-joint had lecu out of place ever since f had the first attack. At the age of thir teen my hands become dislocated. Those suf ferings, and the general debility I fell from the constant discharge of my gatherings, mused me i often lo think that I should never l>e permitted : to know how it felt lo lie free from pain and ! suffering, even for one hour, until inv poor body shou'd be changed and become like unto “Christ 's glorious body,” at least, until “ this mortal have pul on immortality,*’ 1 had taken so many medicines, and received I so little benefit, that 1 lied confidence in none. I ■ had used of nearly all the celebrated liniments, and I other external remedies I had heard of. 1 had i bem placed by my friends under some of the best Physicians of England, mid all the relief ever obtained was but of transitory duration When 1 first heard of Hampton’s Tincture, 1 had not the aligh,est confidence in its efficacy, out 1 had a friend who had known Mr. Jnrref, PI .aimer, when his sufieings wore at the worstt mid had witnessed the cure wrought upon him. To please her, 1 consented to try the Tincture, ami 1 had not taken one bottle before I began to J feel its beneficial effects—my strength returned— uiy appetite became good—my complexion was 1 clear—l felt like another person. Through the influence of this friend, you became sequainted with my case, and requested to see me; rou told me my case was such n peculiar one tnat you would like to see the effects of the Tincture fully developed in it, and if desire 4 lo take it, you would present it to me, if it was for the space of five years—but only eighteen months haveetopsed, and / hate lost every symptom qf my disease ; 1 have become strong and hearty—l can stand as much and more fatigue lh*u most of my lady acquaintances. 1 have a healthful complexion, mid all my friends say I am getting unite fleshy, one thing is rertaia, my laau limb is quite as large again as it was before, and 1 can trip all about home vllhoot a crutch. I often wish my parents had known of this remedy when I was a child, as 1 believe I should ( have been saved the excrutiating pain I have beta subjected to, as well as the deformity of body I must carry lo the grate, and my parents would not have been under suefi heavy expenses from doctors’ Wills, and in sending me, as they did, to the celebrated springs in England in search of health. 1 wish all the afißefiM world could see me, ud hear the lieu.-fits I have derived from this Tincture nf Hampton Is. I try to make all acquainted with its virtues with Whom 1 come in contact. Gentlemen, I am a thousand times obliged to Xou, and you are at liberty to use my name and jase to all. M art A. Scofield, No. C3ll W. Baltimore street. To Messrs. Mortimer & Mowbray, 220 Balti more st., Baltimore. Delicate females and children will find this a great blessing. It has res ored thousands to health HAMPTON’S VEGETABLE TINCTURE. Call and get pamphlets gratis with history of discovery of this wonderful Blood Pnriger, and see certificates of own citir.enc, of Rheumatism, Dyspepsia Scrofula, Liver Complaint, General Weakness, Nervousness, Ac. &•. Mortimer & Mowbray, 240 Baltimore street, Baltimore, have it for sale. Sold by Spalding A Oreenwell, Leonard Town; J. T. M Railey, Chaptico ; and Win. 11. Gar ner A Co., Miles Town. November 22nd, 1855—if WOOD COMMISSION AGENCY. | respectfully inform those inter- T T ested, that \vc have made ample arrangements, and are ready to receive and sell Cord Wood upon commission ! exclusively. Our friends and all others who ic-V favor us with consignments will be ena bled to receive full prices for their Wood, ! and not be compelled to suffer sacrifices dJua-onewMuenre of a glutted market or ■■■jfton among dealers. Bents. Kfi' AU-osdem lor every description of Building materials filled 'with prompt ness and upon the most accommodating terms. S. WILIIS fc Co., hmwsStM Dialers, West Si le, Union Dock, Fait., Md. June 22d. 1854—tf. RANT’S GRAIN CRADLES, wW Bramble and Grass Scytbs, and i * For Sale bv SPALDING & GREENWRLL. j June 11, 1857. HERRINGS! HERRINGS! s yfR 0 BBls of New Family Herrings.— j 'JL For sale ky SPALDING a GREEN WELL. May 81st, 1857 —— A NEW PLOUGH. WE rail the attention of farmers !a the Reynold** Plough, which can be seen at our Store. We , Link it the best plough that has ever been Iffered for lightness of draught and dura ilitj. j SPALDING & GREEN WELL- I AP.M SI. I*6l jmpr ■. rnmvcn v y TWi t it re ntufT riiA^Tjyj MEXICAN MUSTANG LINIIIBWT 1 Has been used quite tstemveiT in the stable* •f Adam* fc Co** gnat Southern,, Eastern, and Western Express, for Caring Gails, Scratches. Sprain* and Bruise*, and It ha* proved very f- . tecmal. We hare no besi&tiofl n ferranmending j it as a va! table preparation, to be ttcd externally ' by man or beast. Foremen of Adam's A CoHExprta stables. New York. We take mat pleasure iliM minis it lltng t e Mexican Mustang Liniments aB oar friend* and customers as the best article we have e*e* ; used for styes, sprains, or gaids in horaes. We have used it extensively, and always effectual ly. Some of oar mm have used it for severe Bruises sod Sores,hu well as Rheumatic Pains and they all say it acts like magic—wi ear sny that we have entirely abandened the aae o , ny other Liniment. J. M. Hewitt, Foreman for American Express Co., 10 Wall street, Harden’s Express, 74 Broadway. Pullen, Virgil A Co’s, 16 Wall street’ Wells, Fargo A Co’s, J 6 Wall street. Having used the Mustang Liniment in my family for several severe eases of hard lumps and swellings, 1 cherfuily ©re my certificate to its excellent effects. My iwgliter had a hard lump, the size of a hen’s egg, upon hep wrist for a year. 1 told her to rub it mdkUur Liniment, and a few appiicalons em BMtoved it. I have also used the Lintmei ’.mwSrvfuloiis Tu mors, or swellings in the Y |taT igstajidinr. on two of my servants, them !mth in a short time. 1 cosAgfllhein all remar . knb! cures, and raemimijpK|liiing Lini i ment as the best article I ever tfsed. Jesse T. Hopkins, Proprietor of Hopkins’ Hold. Liberty, Va., June 30th, 1853. .MtißcuTov, N. C., June 30th, 1853. Dr. A. Q. Bragg A Co —I feel it my duty to t those of my follow beings who are afflicted as 1 . have been, to add my testimony to the wonder ■ ful effect* of your Mustang Liniment. 1 was i severely attacked in December last with Rhru- , , matisni in its worst form, suffering night anp ; day with excruciating pain for six months, being for the whole time unable to walk or even step. My right leg was so contracted and drawn up , that 1 could not pot it to the ground, and my left arm was badly contracted. During th# ’ whole time I was attended by two of the mere ' skilful physicians in the place, but they west unable to afford the rdief ami finally gave me • p i —pronounced me incurable and said I must die. ; At this critical moment I commenced using th# Mexican Muetang Liniment, and after usi i two small bottles I liegnu to find relief from sufferings ; and after using seven bottles I was well as ever, and am new stout as ever 1 was before • George Wood. Morganton, June 30th, 1853. | 1 certify that 1 am acquainted with Geor; s Wood—that he was afflicted with Rheumatism i as altnve slated, and was cured by the use of the , Mexima Mustang Liniment. James G. Smith, Merchant and Hotel Keeper. , i Pmcr.s.—The Liniment is put up in three > sizes, and details for 25 cents, 50 cents and $1 . per bottle. The 50 cents size contains three i time* as much as the 25 cents size, and the %\ • size three times as much as the 50 cents size I the larger sizes being greatly cheaper. I A. Q. Bragg A Co., Proprietors, i 304 Broadway, N. Y., and St. Louis, Mo, r For sale by Druggists and Store-keeprs gen i erally and f Spalding A Green well, Leonard Town , George H. Morgan, Chaptico I Richard Colton, St. Clement’s Bay , Nov. 24th 1853. r ’ I RVING’S UFE OF WASHINGTON ! ILL US TRjPT&D.' , Groat inducements for Clubs. Messrs. I G. PU PNAM &.Co. having now publish • ed the first volume of the Illustrated Edi j lion of li ivng’s Life of Washington, be , ing Ihe complete life of Washington before d the Revolution, are ready to furnish the t same to subscribers, free of postage, on J the receipt of $2,50. Single numbers I sent, post paid, to any part of the Union a on the receipt of 25 cts. The following inducements are offered I to Clubs, desiring to <ubcribe to this mag nificent and national publication: Any per son remitting four subscriptions for the first volume comprising 14 numbers, will - be entitled to five complete sets, delivered n free of postage. Clubs of si*, remitting „ | s2l will be entitled to two extra copies ot ' the volume, or on extra copy and any . other of Putnam St Co.’s publications of f an equal value. Clubs of 12, remitting 1 $42, will be entitled to fouriextra copies, • or a copy of a complete set of Addison’s 1 works in six volumes delivered free ot postage. The same premium will be given for a like number of subscribers to the ; | succeeding volumes. Each number of the ‘ Illustrated Washington will contain one, and every other number two first class Steel Engravings or maps. In addition to the Steel Engravings, the work contains | numerous elegant Wood Engravings il lust all vc of historical subjects. 1 ! Caution.—Persons subscribing for the ■ ' life iT Washmgton should be particular 1 J to obtain the only work which must forev er remain the standard authority. Irving's ’ Life of Washington bears the’imprint of G. P. Putnam & Co., the only publishers of Irving’s works. 1 ‘ Every American should put this work r on his book-shelf side by sioe with his B hie. Let your children readAysml foam I 1 . by the example of the GreatWasfaingtoo , the lessons of patriotism, mofai courage, • 1 perscverance under difficulty*, which the history of his life affords- wPtfibw of* • no American book which we had rather j own than this; it is worth a thousand of J trash publications which ihe pressisdaiiy ; ‘ sending forth.*’—Scientific American. Country papers copying the above ad vertisement twice willreceive a complete

i set of Putnam’s Story Library. G. P. PUTNAM & Co.. 1 S 2! Broadway, New York, j Feb. 4. 1857—2 t. WHOLESALE SADDLER Y, Sc., No. 294 Baltimore Street corks* or Sharp, WHERE will be foundAxie of the most extensive v maot&ctories o | SADDLERY, HARNESS. ODLLARS, to be found in this City, whicn the sub- 11 fibers offers to sell at Wholesale and 1 Retail on accommodating terms, I aid will pledge himself to DUPLICATE ' ANY BILL made in the Eastern and Northern cities. An examination of IBs stock is solicited fioa ewiatry merchants and others. 1 r nnßpuT v amshv ' • Bamrnor.. Oct X6th—l/. it I APPEALfO COVMCN SENSE ur mtfrg hbas ruz ram. [ Clfflti Rbwimix . —Wherever kaovn hi testimony will be conclusive. But (cot (hoe who do not know the Captain should be scepti lad. Dr. Dawson A Bro., with otlfoni of the be* . known and most highly respectable citizens o Easton, endorse his wonderful cure by HAMPTON’S VEGETABLE TINCTURE Eastov, Oct. 4, 1854. Me*m. Mortimer Sr Movkrme : ! - Gentlemen—l fee) it my duty to you and die public to certify to the effects of Hampton’s j Vegetable Tincture. 1 was for more than fire , years Irborine under a disease of Chronic Rheu matism, and the great part of that time I was so , helpless that I had to be helped from my btf and dressed in my clothes. 1 became reduced to a mere skeleton. All the medicines 1 took done me no good, ami I can tinned to grow worse. ( heard of Hampton *a Tine tore and thought I would give it a trial. At this time 1 did not expert to lire one day after another. I did not take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, but |in a short time I was well of that disease. Prom the effects of your Tincture and the help of God I am now getting in good health. 1 wish all the afflicted to try Haiuptbn’s Vege table Tincture, as 1 hare done, with the same effect that tt hca on Your obedient servant, " Isaac Bcmjamin. We are acquainted with Isaac Benjamin ; sold him some of Hampton’s Vegetable Tincture, and believe the above statement correct. Daw son- A Bao. From our knowledge of Captain Bmjanin are confident the above statement exagerated. J. At Cii Aad^ PALPITATION, WEAKNESS, MOTA RR AND DAUGHTER CURED. HAMPTON ’STINCTURE TRIUMPH ANT! tirxnßcns or oca own citizens. The rich and the poor, erery where bear thesan.e VKSTIMONV. Rend the following certificate from a lady, en dorsed by postmaster E, P. Cooper: CtPSJt Bbidoe, Hampshire ro. Va. March 1, 1853. E. P• Cooper : Agreeable to your request, d my own desire to benefit the afflicted, 1 here -1 _* certify the great relief received from the use of i Hampton’s Vegetable Tincture, t 1 H '®* taken with a violent palpitation, or rath tr flultenng and trembling of tit* heart, which co ntinueti several days, it seemed as though my § ie art had almost forgotten its off?***. The family 1 j, e <*ame alarmed and procured a bottle of this va*. ua^^ e medicine, and before I had taken near one i o u,e of t,,is Ttttcture of Hampton’s, 1 was enS relieved, * li This is the third instance of relief in mv fami ly by the use of this valuable medicine. Two or j three years ago 1 was laid up with ulceration o | mv ankle, from the effect of what is usually j called milk leg. I had lost ail taste and apatite; and the sore which was some four inches up and i down, and half way around my ankle, rejected every effort to heal it,until 1 procured Hamilton’s Vegetable Tincture, one bottle of which restored my health, healed my ankle, vnd 1 am freer from rweliing than in the last thirty years. Again, one of my daughters was very low from severe dysentery, and when she began to sit up her feet commenced swelling, which increased every day, and began to be very painful ; she Jed a bottle of Hampton’s Tincture; the paii a •' trP assuaged, the swelling subsided and her health returned. We kept her leg* bandaged with strips of woolen until her strength returned. I have leen thus particular, that others under similar circumstances, might be induced to avail themselves of this remedy. Yours, with respect, ELZA BETH EDWARDS. I do hereby certify, that I am personally so quamted with Mrs. Edwards, and can safely re commend the above statement to be correct. E. PJ COOPER, Postmaster, Capon bridge, Hampshire co. Va. Delicate ladies and children will pleads give it a trial. REV. VERNON ESKH DGR, U. S. N. Portsmouth, (Vn.) Ae. 18, 1881. Mr. J. R. Boush : Dear Sir: While I till iu general opposed to Patent Medicines,rauHior com pels to state that I have great confidence in the virtues of Hampton’a Vegetable Tincture. For several months past I have Med i in lug family, and in Dyspepsia, loss of appetite, dizziness, an 4 general debility, with entire aueeess. So far as my experience extends, therefore, I take pleasure in recommending it to the ailicted as a safe ami efficient remedy. I am, sespectfullr, mur*. VERNON ESKRDGE, Chaplain in the U. S. Navy. HEREDITARY SCROFULA ’—A boy in the family of the Hon. W, P- Thommasson,' once member of Congress from Kentucky, was a mass of sores from head to foot. His eyelids turned msde out, protruding over the eyeballs so ns to produce blindness. He was cured by Hampton’s Vegetable Tincture. DYSPEPSIA, NERVOUS DISEASE, Ac. Mr. William Oldham, of the Baltimore custom house, suffered these complaints for eighteen mon‘Jis, with both body and mind seriously af fected. He was cured by Hampton’s Vegetable Tincture, after nil other things failed. ■ COUGH, CCNBUMPTION,Ae.—Mr. Hen ry C. Winn had a Cough for 5 years, great wen knees. A.-., bad, in nil, five nr six physi cians ; tried all their eemcdies, but was aired only by HAMPTON’S VEGETABLE TINCTURE Aiortimer A Mowbray, Proprietors, 240 Bal timore street, Buleimnre ; also for sale by Spvl ; dir.g A Green well, Leonard Town ; Bujroughs ! Chnptico -.Garner A Co., Milestown, and by storekeepers throughout the State. Jan. 25th, 1855—if. FREELAND, HALL & CO.. HAVING removed to their u*w and com modious Warehouse, No. 143 Pratt Street, opposite the “MALTY HOUSER beg leave to inform their c ; hnvp non* C.n Uml a largf and . ment of GROCERIES, f part of— | GOVERNMENT, JAVA, LAGUIRA AND RIO COFFEE. REF'INED AND BROWN SUGARS of every grade , GUNPO WDER.IM PERI A L, Y. HYSON AND BLACK TEAS. GOLDEN SYRUP, NEW ORLEANS AND W. I. MOLASSE 1 SPERM, JDMM.\~TLVE JL \T> MOULD . WHITE, CASTILE AMD BROWM SOAPS. GUIDES AMD GOS HEM BUTTER* FAMILY, EXTRA, SUPERFINE AND BUCKWHEAT FLOUR, &e., Ac. They also invite the especial attention ot their customers to their extensive stock of imported and domestic LIQUORS, which 1 hare been selected with the greatest cure and annot fail to please. Nov. 22d. 1855—tC ~ —*3 —ffl —L I CIGAR MANUFACTORY. JOSEPH DAYIS & Co. hare establish ed themselves, in Leonard Town, for the purpose of carrying on the Manu- j j factory of Cigars. All orders in their j line, wholesale or retail, will be filled with despatch and at the lowest prices. | a Our cigars are made of the very beat , Material, imported Havana tobac j. They respectfully solicit a share o public patronage- -Sejit. 11th—I L CLARKE & LAWS, cnnut Cdntmisstsn ittercfyants, j Mr KRP constantly on hand. Flour. JHL Grain, Bricks, Lime Mid Seeds ail lirrfi. Dealers in Guano, Bono* uat, Piaster, Sic., at Tl} '■-* *- ■ H No. 48 Grant Street, Running through to Bllicott, rear of Messrs. Dinsmore Si Kales' store, BALTIMORE. Ks” We have constantly on hnnd and intend keeping, Clover, Timothy, Orchard Grass Seed, and all hinds of Grain and Mill Feed, together with Bale Hay, which we will aril on passing terms. Family. Extra and Soper Flour always on hand. All orders for Lumber promptly attended to. B. B. LANCASTER. J. R. HERBERT, I LANCASTER Si HERBERT, TOBACCO it PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 33 Grout Street, opposite BaUtnton St. Pro si- I*- I .' ‘-s’ >s, wr‘‘ *" " Bank ll W!-Jf!llmoi e ; E. i Hei^iTTr^fWlsi^A&rge’a county: Duer, i ! i Norris Ar Co., Baltimore; R. H ckley & | Bro., Baltimore; Penniman &. Bro., Bal ! timore ; Whitney, Cushing Sc Comstock, * , Baltiirere ; Sam’l Brown, of J. R., How* 1 ard county. A. L. BEAL, • LIME, ME.IL, FLOUR AJYD FRED STORE, | .Vo. 122 Dugan's Wharf, Baltimore. BTZ~ EE PS- constantly on hand all kind Jm. of Mill Feed, Guano. Lime 1 ! Hay, Bricks, Hair, Calcined Plaster, 1 j Oats, Chop, Rye, &c. We have on hand also a very large assortment of Sa-f, | Doors, Shutters, Frames, &c. All ordeia for the purchase of Lumber will be at* tended to with promptness, and satisfac tion be guaranteed. The Co-partneiship heretofore exist- , ing between A. L. Real 8c Son has been dissolved by mutual consist. Also for sale, good sound 4-4 CUL LINGS at sls per thousand for cash or accepted drafts—number of feel guar ! antee.i on all occasions. I Feb. 26th, 1857—1y*‘ I TO THE FARMERS JA'D DEALERS OF ST. M.IR Pfi COUNTY. ; rpHE undersigned would take this method *- of informing his friends of the County that he has a very large stoek of FARM I JVC IMPLEMENTS on hand and for sale. He solicits the patron age heretofore so liberally extended to the house of Cottingham & Johnson. He has added to the variety of horse pow ers PET TG.VS Patent Internal Geared Power and Geared THHC&IEIt. winch supersedes the i necessity of the lead er bell—three sizes, 4, 0 and 8 horsepower. These machines arc wor thy of the attention of the fanner. Also, a new HAY-CUTTER, gotten the past win ter lor hand power. For simplicity and du rabihty it is nut surpassed. His Factory is in full operation, which wi l enable him to fill all orders with promptness. Repairing of all kinds done to order. Plough . and machine castings by the ion or piece.— j Field and garden seeds fresh and genuine.— 1 lie respectfully invites a call from his friends , before purchasing elsewhere. SAMUEL COTTINGHAM Formerly of the firm of ColtiughaiH &. John son, No. 150 Pratt street Wharf, Baltimore;| Md. Cry- Mr. James Johnson is authorized to collect money and settle accounts for St. Mary’s county this season, j S. C. March 12th, 1857—tf. chas. rntiussorr, j. h. murphy & co, BALTIMORE. MONTGOMERY, ALA FERGUSSON, MURPHY. & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS if COMMISSION MERCHANTS, I No. 121 Lombard Street, Baltimore. | AGENTS for the sale of Leat To- \ bacco, Grain. Provisions, and Country Produce generally. Liberal advances made on consign* ments. A well-selected stock of Groce* rieOei|>JjyMgM^ieiand Liquors, | N\ V SPRING GOODS. i A F\ L and complete uaortntnt lust re A eciß 1 "sd for sale, conxistie/r of LADIES 1 DRESS GOODS, viz• Robes, Bareges, Giog • hams. Lawns, Calieoes, Ac. Gentlemen *■ do.— i Cloths, Cassimares, Vestings. A lane assort ment of READY-MADE CLOTHING. AW. A FULL STOCK OF GROCERIES, FARMING UTENSILS, CROCKERY WARE, HATS. BOOTS AND SHOES; and all other goods usually kept an a Co—try Store. The attention of our frirada and the pab lic is called to oar Stock—call and examine. SPALDING A DURANT.* Apr d 34th. 185 C. CIGAR MANUFA 7TORY. THE subscribers are extensively ep gaged in manufacturing Cigars in Leonard Town, t. Mary’s county, with a aiew to furnishing merchants, hotel*, ( keepers and others in this section of the , State with their supplies, at a price far < below that paid by them in the cities, for a similar article, and upon satisfactory terms. Orders arc solicited, and will be attended to with promptness. Relying j I upon our country Inend* to aid ns in out , new enterprise—we ask a trial- HARRIS * CAMALYER. Leonard Town, April Tl, tß4i—iL y Um 1 LINTON’S IRON GEARED THRKBHINO fS •P MACHINES, m I slipping of bands about this minNm, I which has been great trouble and ex* I pen,e by Wing lime to fix the bands/ I which Oft*h ocCtlrj to all machines work V Ll ed with a hand. This IRON OEAREEI ft MACHINE ns warrroted to thresh fast* | er. with less horse power, t&an tfnf html | machine. It is warranted to gtfn pdf i feet satisfaction. We sold last year 1 - of these machines to Anne Artimlef *ttS I Charles Counties. We give some UW HEFKRENCKI. %| Anne Arundel County : Owen On* Wm cil George Claytor. Matthew Hardesty* 1 \ N. L. Darn all. John Jones, Dr, Jacobs. | j Calvert County: John T. Barber, I W. P. Hardesty, Capt. Stallings. i Prince George's County; Francis T. Soper. Charles County :H. I*. Modd, Jo* I siaii Hawkins, J, N. Harrison. Any farmer wanting one of these raa- I chines will plea*e call on H. M. Litch. I John Kcplingi-r, (our agents,) or George Claytor, who will ‘give all infonaaliew |l desired. The price of our best six horse j machines, with (date. Bars, Horae P6wer and Straw Carrier, all complete for I j threshing, sll*s, delivered on board vet* I j tels in Baltimore. Four Horae Power sod Machine, finished In the style, #l5O, and fu’ly warranted. We have mat bines for leas money, but it is the interest of the L.rater to have the o at, as it will last double aa long. This machine was exhibited at j Upper Marlboro* at April Court, Annap ; oils, and Port Tobacco, Charles county. < When a farmer purchases one of these j machines, and is ready to use tl, if he j will let me know, I will *nd a man, free of charge, and set the machine up and ! start it, and if it does not give perfect {satisfaction, he can return it again. Farmers will please send in their or* i ders at an early day, so that we can ship in good time. This horse-power can be attached to any mill or corn shelter without any ex tra. expense. Old horse powers and ev ery kind of old iron taken in exchange. AH orders will be promptly attended to. IK*'” Warehouse and office. No, 151 North High Street, between Hillen and Gay Streets, Baltimore. JOHN D. LINTON, No. 151 Noith High Street, he* weeif Hillen and Gay. June 4. 1857—6 m. The largest Chair and Furniture Establishment tn the City of Battimoro Idathiot’n Gay 81. Warrraeai, No. 25 Non 1 1 Gar sire**, near Fayette, WHERE is kept always on band, or made to order, every style of French Tete-a-Tetes, in plush, haircloth or broca'clie. French Pull Stuff and Medallion Par lor Arm Chairs, p.‘u*h, hair cloth or brocatelle. French Full Stuff Carved Parlor Chairs, in sets, in plu;*h. hair cloth or brocatelle. Sofas; Half French Spring Mahogany and Walnut Parlor Chairs, to hair cloth or plush. Hocking Chair*, various designs, in | hair cloth and plush. Stuff spring Lninges—a large assort ment always ready on band, or any pat tern made or covered with any goou ta i order. Chamber Suits—in mahogany or wal nut, complete, from #35 up. Cane Chaim and Rocking do.—the • largest assortment ready made in any , one house in the United States, from #l2 a dozen up. Blr Room,Office and Dining Chain, jin oak walnut or mahogany, with cane, wood or stuffed seats; an assortment embracing over 50 dozen. Wood Seat Chairs and Settees and Rocking Chairs; over 100 dozen. Looking Glasses, Gilt and Mahogany Frames, Feather Beds, sad Hair and. Husk Mattresses of every kind. A. MATHIOT, #5 North Gay street, near Fayette., Ju. 4,1857—6 m NEW GOODS. Leonard Town, Ocl 21*1,1896. SPALDING k DURANT have just re ceived their stock of Fall and Win ter Oseds, constating of— DRV GOODS, GROCERIES, qUEENSWARE, HARDWARE, HATS, CAPS, BOOTS,, (• kegs stork) SHOES, READYMADE CLOTHING „ DRUGS . MFMCtNFJL SADDLES, BRIDIJuS, MARTINGALES, •tad every other article atiwaldi* tor a country eaore. The above foods wi he acid low—> , Cell mad see us. Ocl 23d, 1856. RJtXT BJtxm WOLFS GRAIN O' CRADLES. Cradle Blades. On# and Bramble Scythes, and Brian ihaka ■# for sale bf SPALDING h GREEN WELL. June sth, 1854.