Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, November 26, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated November 26, 1857 Page 2
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THE BEACON. UORA&P TOW 9, MD. THURSDAY MORNING, NOV. SC. 1857, j Before tad after tbe Election,—W i pmpow to derott a i|.aet in our issue of toß(nnMwi the alone text. W* lanifd, in out chiigiiood, iro.u Ui* ikUc. itwl a|at auHod one emergency or itatt of com, was altogether , cable to another. Wo loam now i.i our mar hood that, to which wo tuiwumn ‘ oa for our immediate benefft. are discarded •lid denounced wlteii the U.*fit bar Loco ob- ■ lalned and their aid ta no longer needed. Prior ‘ to tiie recent election* in Ualttmove, Ike Anori* •"iff 1 C*'PPf both indignantly denied the pr- I valence of disorder, and j •uriied the idea of re-' othnramteuiiee than the ordinary j nid pal force for the mauuonance of personal *e notorectiea, booy |Je.) prominence of legal defiance, were tie need tadi> ’ vidua!* worthy enutens, true-hearted Ameri caot. Sitd only (if at all) Oman occaatanally iy r*M4R of an excess of patriotic tad. Since taat bmc a new eeeme to have Iran mfoasd j into these Organs of the Amaneno party, (the J n ibs" tbe ingenuity efthsg Ufe ljPHPfiiie ho “•* r *'* •*■**•- bmf, more,—the agencies no lodger neecaaary arc, not oaly laid hut | d veujiccd, and the bony Lee*, without a iwiege of conscious ingratitude, delivered over *io ike harsh mercies of the law, with the teeommduda- Uon of a summary and suie admin.atraiem of ita penal ties. Ail men ku* Uml it lias been charged upon the doiumoa of Americanism in Dalumore, that its nmarai progeny we.s a reck lesedc&anse of law, immunity for crime and on broken Saturnalia of evil passions. This has bsen denied by Clipper and American, and, if another election were pending, would still meet With indignant lepulaion, but now that there is no fort her use for the agency of brute force to csrry on election, the political editors fall uadi into the position sf citizens of n comm.. cml comm unity, *nd doubtless in the long interval, that is to elapse before such rough material can be made available, think uas well to cater for a little quiet in the city. Thus, they not only now tMWasftlngfy avow (what they have hitherto al together denied) that the iiiuiin ipsl force is .adw eslly defective in ergaatzaaou and impotent or i aitorone iu axeouuou. but are the furctuoai ut denouncing the prevalence of crime in that model commercial emporium of our State—bal.tiuore. Tnia is part of the comment 01 the Ciipjwr: “ Morders, robberies, burglaries and rowdy ism of ail kind* are evidently on the increase, u >t only in our city, tut (hrougnout the rountt. Aden sm nut only required to carry revolvers in their pockets tur sell-preservation by day, but Is sleep with them under tbr.r pillows by tuglit. A rimed/ for these disorders must • provided. ” Whs* nays the American ? “Thu* the police department has gradually deteriorated imm the efficiency that to some measure distinguished it at ii. outset, and which was exnoctcd from the enforcement or the strict dieotjdnre presented for ha government, is gen emllefAwmed One aaaranfthisdeterioration ha* M foe :rt oouctnui of improper men into ti e zn-vice, u-Jiose rlmntcters are sum ns :o pro d-re mheh distrust in Uie |mbiic mind as to tbs Another cause lisa Uen the fiuiufoosiihe perl of many f tl.e subordinate of #csr u> or jjH-rty enforce t ie regulntoma, leading e* V.* lU / of discipline that could not out niotc injunoue and etdi .mother and poaerfui ca UMt of deterioration has been the pattern Vindictiveness Htst has been hurled # i e •****• vo.le:.< e, even U. the hen oi hfa, that us, belidien some of them in the ierinmiameuf foejrduty. AI randy m bm *‘* h * v * w tiirown on the defensive, aad human nature lias tnumphed over duty in making many Of them actir, jiaruzaus, sym |m , thet. poliu cal friends, and prompt to act, even on the m ist fraU ld, ‘’ beir aesatiame ud po ■ IltiWopponeiue. and probably, as ha. Iran at aJ; ' " comec * “ without any real offence SWP that the dictions are ererjtr Me year, and V* ■ " ua ** ra •uhddtd, we mrt topcreciae that an ojfsrt I to to made !■*_?? * SV. &*p*rlment cf its inefficient member*; sms to tNRNNR and main/st* that rfiKicliiu it URWtial is it* rntfutam. ’* Tbo last phrase we have put in ttalira, and we toll the nmwderaic of all parties to ponder sen #odf tt r®® fotpon. Why is n, that an effort is W be made to ‘‘purge the department rfilsintjfi eieMfonafort” “new that the election* art ever ?” Whin was it that this “lactHdcary" was die euwsd f Was it known prior to the late rlcc- Iwu, or has it boon minwatowfy revealed since? If Irctiwa prtor to the tale election, did Mayor Swann ——when he aialed that he had amdc *uf fteient artangenients to secure the peaceable ex stciae of the elective franchise? or waa he so - as not to be aware of what seems to have been familiarly known tn the Editor of uie Amen can ? The police was inefficient, say* Mr. Edi tor—there is no nee for other force limn the po him, soys Mayor Swann. How. here ia a very dioiMCR usMuf precise foci between Editor and Msf —wnieh teds the truth or which aaertftces ii to his particular interest, tea question that we sNuuM like Mayor Swann Sad Mr. Editor to dis- : wlfUbti e as impartial ar ter. Mayor Swann, atgenfitmon, (if he did not forget the (ho otter when he sssamed the Mice) should not h*u asserted to the Governor the so* leiency of • form, which hs had unlimited authority topru <•. kklkSs ho knew hia ability to call it iato nsttoa had intended to exert it—-if he, in common with bis allies, knew at foe Urns of making such proffer of security, that foe efficient force did net { exist or would not be exerted, then he stands bofors the public responsible for tbe outrage and nf that e.gnalixH the day af the kio election. If bk did believe what be adverted, that the force then is ho proven by these same fo wrtirttjb nield*. We have gone for twira rirrailWßt tfeau ate design id at this nrae, •* *M fclAn, undtr m wifof ITT* dtrecffmi, it a city “Aid uadi Cura Dart.”—la oar last issue, we pdi dj Invited fooee who were mdebred to ua, to pay us, but, es no raeponaa has yet been | tweived, we conclude that oar friends regard tbe ' iovitotion ia tbe light of a >.ke only, to U road tuner, eiuil-ii at and then r.ggSe. ted. If d*y so ! undwod thajQnr* wld. . very wide, of the ntsHi. We ihver #err m<ir#in same*! in war liven, proUbly leeffiios we were never mete In need of money iu our live*. ••Waggons,*’ rays a briHher unfortunate, •• cannot run without i wheel a—-steamboats without **eam—lmß-fmg* Jump without Wg, nr a new*j*ai*er (ai* eii, a vt|- Isge public*t.on) be carried o etcrlaeungty with- [ ou * n,one 7 Bu than a dog can war his mil when be has 00..e ** Wh. wheels ate to a wag j J B "' *•“* to ktsarahoum, and kg* to a JumjMng 1'• manejr to a euuittry newapa.wr. With ‘out it, it net only dsn neither run nor jump, but i we defy it iu more, except downwards like a ! **"•* or u P w *"ds like s powder magazine. Con ! rtcit * by kdsmonatralMHl ao dear and raif-cv;- . n: tbie, our delinquent friend* remain imj-ent en., we M-tU l*ecompelled, however con tntry to our haut o pray for them, predicating (by •ay of eclogue) that we have never been known to Joke —since the dstiuo. I .cfl hi rbfl ijl m . : 1 11 i ■ 3 ' 1 |M " "T reuiiftki by request of tbe friend above reierred to : **Mr. iViuiiera ur —i aut opposed tu the agi tation <m itie slavery que s .iou in eccieetasticat btwie*, sou thetelure im opposed iu liie pro eeeuing* ut the C levdand Aerambly. Dur ing the live year* m which I have hau the honor oi n seat here, I have never debater, this question, and have unoorniiy ueciaie. my unyielding rieir.ntiHst on aiwsy* and uu uer ail Oircunmiancrs to nvtd it, iu(ioduc>i*m info tins OvtJy. ( i u a .Snuriism .nan by bnih, oducaiitm, inierets. u u ail u.y heart A lie has my life; my hope's are ail in and her. H'aahingtr.n i* my ttanve city auu my iiu.ue. I agree with (bat put bon oi ibe >Niiii(.krn peopi- whu dn not approve vt fractional and faeluntal action by lue koutbeiuX bunh, iu looking to a nets or ganixattan to rnwH-t pre*rnt evils—-who do not svur a Sectional Church. No new or rra.zaiion, at ieasi .or toe proseot, is oewted. ■ r,ls > upiuion many promnwni Southern ministers concu.. Vie can tundkta>n. mde (wndeut ul ail Assembt.e . our lights aa Pres byterian minister* and churches in our Pres b.tsnel and .> vote oca i coonrctioo*. This ta the surest way to slop agnatioa. I am, there lore, < ppuseu tu a aew A ee.nhiy or United yuod or iieueral Synod or auv and all di vnieu and iragiitetnary action by srouihera Fre byterirs lam opposed it a division <f the hynod of Virgin* on the m then or atv straci que.-iNn nuw presented. I am ut fo vor tn non action by tins body at ae*t>! mg and lor me present. I t.‘nl{ not tuir to aet.u Coiiiu.isMoners to any t hureu Court next spring. No mail shall bod me voting •*gainst what i Iwbere will adtraoce the m>er eat, pro| erity and glory of my 1 hereb nod my couutrv It foir glorious old Ptv-byt c*n ! ; banner nmat he tent ta twain, let tianor' ban .a per.orm t:ie deed Let os base, in tbo .Metropolis oi this ns non, a • Preshytenao church toxin—.oo Presbyterian church sou h • —only the Pfchyterio 1 hutch in tbe Uni tod fa r- ot A Living here, where I corauwngfo citizen* tr tu all pans oi vor con moo country, and wi.e e ere teowrd the m tcrvsis ol all sections and parties, we are from pus.iton and from principle, friends ul the: American I n ou. Tbe mao who*e bee t • dues not bent to lit* rouse n not woabv t be called an Antercan IVrsbyiertan or' Aaae ero fi*M. Br, I believe that tin re n nut une brother here who would not *in • ♦lv regret h* see tbe rwy of H a.bmgioa the theatre a wcuooal w a'fare. Remaining true to these principle* and that pofcci which brr founder deteoJcd aud which were | luroted with the Maid ol our father*, .uay she ever be feuad staor<mg by the rousn-o ' tioo ot the Union, knowing no Ncwh, no 1 South, no Ea*t. no H eat, but n gks'tous .*oo ledemcy of Staler on- and inaeonrahla— now and forever. Brethren, let os be united in our respective LrArWir* and SrouJa Let ns be wise, prodent. rons derate, m* mST m ' aaolniioos which have been laid cp. your! taUn. I believe. Mr. Mooerator. that (her j trohr nafomnl agreed to hr a vast am ‘ joritvofthe people o the United States. On ray pan. they are fraakf., openly and boo rady Brocfotinad, sad | am compelled b*h *r 7 f ';"e •* <*i —e>. y * Witb all tespert to my hrathit a. am to vwae hinramvd* iOB foUow^ 1 * in Liutru . otaie* |rr anutlsif irn ufi| yean J tne hwim co*u**midntasu. ’ike Au-u luteii.gemer s*): ***• kMt iUa every mm A demo crat e p-njLiß U*o gia w;tl mx4 u.l H (U <n Koherl rmm*m u tuc (J**nca *ta:es .Senate. It wwtUc oregvut.m *f itaiioMNi/ vi tue dvmocracy m ms or? i vm tu pr.ocpi*. and (hr ms < ,c>i.c then ppfreuit.uii ol Uis auu j public *Ou.- opponent* look#.; tor dissension aad dtirciioa m >u| the dna to *M** to HiiW up an army ot (keener*, but tui nope has barn dr mw .sued and crushed •1 • uuantiw-. dria maa? n*t in wittr s (AT Inbutr was offered i hiui *, Ur *** grateful *.haa (hr h B;, tha old true, fritbtul. and patriotic rates Hu. was out in the held, and would nut p. r 111 bis ItmiHT to lie UM*' tf Ihe purpose of .H --;Hiing fha {.arty. This art of painofism the , Hno- rat e pur y wili ircavue a* a sacrifice for I hug tu be remembered Brtie Federal (Vlii|e-'g*vi|{) Union •ayt; sß“The re ekc'ion ol Mr. Toombs tu the Un ■H* .S*a!t Senate for *;i year* from the 4sh 11 March. 1£39 was tu he expect#.!. Very ■tie opposition wa> mail# to him. H* dta |H2Ui*i.e ’ ah l in. fitness, and na'ton il po*i ■>o. na* e h in chime c.f h# uetm-ns'ir par- I almost un a mine naly. We >|>aii exp* nol ■r. Toombs a cor ha! support of h# admin- Hra'ion. He a !-Jre<se J lh democracy ai ihe Hptol n Friday evening afier hn unam ■m ■ nomination by ihe -ati-av For aeve- Ht h a s he nr clef the a lien lion ofhis auci ■u-e h, hi-* eloquence ami Ihr jk> *r of hi* f ■ Tr.aatst.c Warn an —The Hoilidayshurg H**) Standard of a late Ja*e. relates t* e fol ■w ns: For some days past there ha* hem Hmrular story afioa* in 'hu Community.— ■l’i ether tru* or n *. *'•* are •% >t p -pa-# | m H%, Imt ihe info'iustieri cou* frem such I re'ia hie source that wr are *re to **v there Hot be -wuneihina in it. It appear* that one ftv last we k a io .d n ihe jx irh‘*rl:ocd of H Mint Union, Hunt n/thm county, while Hcanii-f grain. suddenly d *c. ycred that the had •'esttoyed he cr-ater part of it.— Hu * .-xa pera e h-cn b.l he p’a phemed H~ ft i ur in u*h a wilfal, tualtchms and licked manner, that wid not hear putting in Hint. He left the barn, and wen to the Imse. where he remained but a few aainnt< s | r n ehe turned to hia wife, an I ask#d what Be sai-l. replied that she had aot spo- Hn *•! thought” said he.”. **that I heaid y tha^ l mn-1 would-be *aslsumibie aort, lihl Wr * fcaw * aDd P b ? r • IC • , “I w ha. curses the Msrtae forng •h.iea.'hoiMiitrfa .*1 whttb are just . hke htimell, though ol i d.ffermtreo er. anu this in thejashtuaafe• eduratwu efourday. | once poor. Good fpetnoe has given them ahuoornc#. Their ehddr- will go through ;■■ ‘iaihatr.ib> lunuor' nJ ■■)•> poor fcoo. Paimu, you on* rnpMNo tut H> h Hr. Ret your sum ai. dagh-re to work. •*.!*• Ham kicwib. t only m s#ulnr:s t re mhi mw ami pn^peruy. | :* t - I * w i%&' >• Nw Yoaa Eldctmh — The returas., thus tar r reel red, *huw a clear iTwtnrralit run joray on the Mate lickef of and a clear DOfuueratic gain over the pres*deiial vote a year iwr* ot 9The Repehl.raaa have In ioen.hrrt ot the Srate to 14 IVroo cmt*. 2 American**, and I Iti- epmdrnt: ami llwnsbit . Thd* **Uoass* sf . cimt wuikrf m the jt* former ad''* hm* fbfejytTio FoarvSevzsr St*tbs.—lFuuid say oat bwithout looking mtu a that we air m a fair way at carrying oat lb* mi.ubar olftrv h|u States, oryiMltj rtine*n. ami now . ihtfiv-3e, Op u aorty-aerea ? Bu: mi it m. In the fun pbcr, there arr O.egua, Kansas .and M.nnestoa, whom* cons me tunas are at rea y luunjed or forming. It is hoped that. . :hey will be aJm-Ur i the coming Winter, uu ; king I lie tfteiuljer> o/the cooiederacf thirty | tour Taea ft**w Mexico. Nebraska aud 4 Washington, already thnvtag irmto ies. wit! Jewell fi aggregate to thirty seven. Four ' new states to be carrrd out ol TVsas* accord ing io the orortoons to the ueaflt.uj satuz*- , **n. will ybe us forty tine. T%o afitti-roai i * State* demanded from the area now included 'in CiliJoro-a. would make (orty-inree. Art **zons. Neosho. O*co:a?i and Columbus tem -1 tore** .carry us up to fbrty-a>t—and lovely Utah wdi be the forty-seventh to "Imd to 1 that fair circlet ihffgmce of her lortn and the j I’ffh oess ol her step.”

. | Daiasimt Whiskxt to Excess.—The ed i uor ol me Greeobutf (Pr..) L-cnocrat has received rn'ormatrun o. the ontib m Cubuque i moiiir, tiora, of John //aniion, Jr., tomiely of Adaaisbuig. in West morels ml county. Pa., | It appaaoa that theta was a serenading at tue i bom* to which Mr H. fired, ca Thursday |ahU the sth last. and, as u usual on such i ateauotatneu to h, and he aWf tojjiougn rav | aexl day, tuna any tuau present. He daak between a ptat and a quart, aad in a short time after, gave a terrain aad leH dead. He * | wa tak a mW the house and laid betore the ►. lira. Tue remainder of ibe party, tliiok'Og r1 he ws ouly drunk, left him there, tn ! a eto I to bad. and it was not generally knjwn that he wa*. d ad until morning, though he wns a corpse wi-lrn sa hour after drinking the liquor. He* was about t wears-six years ol age, sober i sad industrious, leaves a wife sad one ’j or two children. He went to low* a couple I of year* since, wi'h ha father, where Ue was engaged m farming. I Pio* sen WcMsas. Mr. Rivea, o* the * Washington Globe, is in New York, and oc ■ casiousliy la von Ins fneods with some seo ■ i tenuous criticisms on ottr municipal aflsir*.— ■ Here :S his ;a.-l new ; r! dott* helierri ) tuts lerdiog the pooi from ii pu Itccrb. 1 always noticed wien w ! ut*u to t**d the hogs Irwin a cna down .u i Virginia, two or three hg bogs got all the ■ corn and did well, sud the rest gw ieao, bu; * they all staid in the lans where the corn was 1 ihmwn,sad never pul their uuse ta he groom: ‘ P* hlp he*us*-lve the wl*ole w,oter. Bat ! ittose that were turned out aad am fed from 1 the crib went off to the woods, end in the * spring were all fat as buiier, aad their ta 1 • “ eurted * m If hi Inal they couid hardy get 1 ;h#.r bind lvg> on the gmood, it s tor same “ With nwn ns with pig*; f you want the.r ‘ tails o curl, you uiut make them rw‘l tor ' b-in>eiv-s and not leach them to go to ih. j enh.” i ftp-The London Time* and the B.muf 1 Press generally alb naturally nnJ justly job: 1 Jim over the fall of Delhi. and the news aril; ■ give hardly !*** pleaaure in America that in * Britain. It was o small work to accom ■ pljsh lhi undertaking. 1 Ti*e seige ira in cmiHsled of 49 pieces of ir * riUery. 8 x days ehps* I, even after th*- * gyq fpd beew-atet oio po-itiwa sad opened * judged prae*icahie, and i* number of Fngi * neer and Artfchry officer* kil ed or wounded r in tha operation—B ui the former anu sof the \ latter—proves how completely the a*- stimw) the aspect of a regular seige. The garrison of fanatical routineers tn ggle<{ with ! the fury of despair, and so extensiee was the ares of tha buiMiogs *o be or'aped tha nearly a week w< consumed in a vancinr from i*ne point to another. The magaz’n* 1 alone was found to contain 12*4 piecasof can non. > Haasa Pnoa Rostssoa. oa tub Battle , or Kuk’s Mi f st*is .**—This very exciting usiionai drama, reu'Vre ; from the leg. oJarv 1 work oi our gifted town mis, f 1 P. Kennedy, i> new io relf-ar-ai lor isilr pro > durtioa. in splendid si vie. It was recently ’ performed m Kichtiioud. Vs.. With an effect , never betore witnessed in that city. Th . thriihug close of the plar fbumi almost the i en ire audience upon their feet, cl.eeriov, nd wavu.g hats sad bauJke*chief*, with ar. \ exctiewni which was apparentlv beyon. 1 : it , reslratnl. Mr. J, B. Smdiey, who p*rsou>t •; - *he retlouHuble 11 one-Shoe Robinson to ()>t cut, and who will play it here, ia said to ef. fectively realize the character and appearance of the sturdy pat not.—-Char Opinion." How o Get to Coxmiw.—Tsr kdlow iug story ia toU by (be Mob la Trihuae of Judge Hawkins, the present representative to Congress from theS ate of Florida—a man. hv the way, brimful o 4 ganu-ae wit. Muring :ka war with the Florida Indian* he rrnnman ded a rslssacr company. On one urces on teg, (with more vaior than dHemaon,) waved ! ki* awonl, and cheer* d his asco in th* 1 charge j Ju- 1 ihea ho was shot down One (This of ' ficers ran lo ask rf be wi much hurt. “Not ! very badly, tf asi: 0 At q -jt* a*of ew U|h toseoi metoCoagrasa!" The piamctiva its now beau verttfed. Stats** Aitmjixv —We are grrified to leorn by law officra. return* ol Anita Araadd coumt, tool our young trasud. James Rauch, *■*-. *• hecu oectou tome’s Auorney tor |• eouaia. Ms, Reaeh aat peeaeat ia tie Kxceubve IXpa.tateai to Ibe toaie. wtaesr j * fr*’®4a toe = S'Mflk Himidt.—A writer in the Mi marc Bmm, who ana bam sefiacted severely in ha by that appalling d.seasa. bronchi- Its bn* Ibiiad relief from the following remedy. Take honey in tha comb, squeeze it out, atad dilute with a little water, aad wet the lips and mh uth ore*'waally with . It has never hem . ko>wa to fail, m ca-e* where childi>a had throats so oden as so be unable to swallow, re u ady. Mid said to be Senator S®|oer, wh> returoed from Eu s* ha I a grand reception at wslouon TSmMma. He was met at the j wharf by the Ilona. It P. Ranks and Henry ; | Wilson, aod conveyed in a carriage to toe | rvsideoce of has mother, where a large con- ! J course oi his politacsl friends were wailing I | for him. After repeated call*. Mr. Sumner' : appeared, aefivavad a short admass, and the er,wd dispersed. M—U MARRIED. On tha 10;h iar., by Rev. Mr. Coutng, Tberaaa H. Vwn, f Orofyitown, to Mias Mary £. Vu Riswick, ad this cauaty. On tha 24th mat., br the uae, Richard 8. Peake la Alisa M.ry 8. Huydsn. On the Mill in*. # by Rev. Mr. Moore, An drew J. Soper to Mm Mary E. Brown. In this d.sirtci, w Mraidsy evening last, William Noaar* of Wa., aged SS years. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.' ' ■ 1 1 ■■ ■ to ■ ■ I ——a • PUBLIC SALE or VALUABLE KEGROES. I- ' IIY virtue of an order of the f Orphans*, ■J Court of Prince (Jcitryc’* county. J j the e*h.-criher will sell at pu lice vale, at T 8., in Pi-cat* wav district. on TUESDAY, IU December, 1567, 1 if tai , if not. on Ihe next fair day ihrrc- j •lie , the re-idue f the PERSONAL 1 ES I ATE .f the late J ln Twn*heod c nsistmg of eighty valuable S N i E ' E Of both s-zee, Men, Women and C? i!- Tikmi or Silc.—Cash or accept'd d ait* on Riifimoic, at lour mombe, with iiitcrcst added. OCT Sale lo commence at II o'clock, A. *. JEREMIAH TOWNSHEND. Adnitii.-trator of John Townabcnd. i Nov. 2d. 1857—u. FOR COUNTY C LERKSHIP. The (rieni* of IXANIC L T. MOHOAK, preevnt huu to the voters ef St. Mar*** couu , “ —'i *!—*. or inrt.nrvn Toon at ii>e eieciion in !Bt3, and solicit .‘or ilia clatuts a coaseieradun. Nor. 2bth, lho7. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. JOHN D BOfTES. !l;a:vkful for the Uh cral suppoil he received at the (ate election/ aga n preaeat* bimstdf to the voters of Sid Towo liittnet z* a candidate for Road Nup'rvtkor ami re|rectfol‘y wdicu the *up port ut hi* frtrtuls and ieHow-cil 2eo* of the intrict. ,\nr. 20, 1857. rCBLiC SALE. IV\ ILL nffi r at Public Sale, at rnv reai wence (tleoGa'c rann.m Lcunani Town u.uici) mi WLursESIJ.IY, the 9 fa of Da cerntter uexi. Eight hutukmd mnd sixty arts Jtcrm rf Land, which ia a | art of the Red Gate Farm.— With the cx* ept.ou ol anoui a hundred ac the land t ifnckly art With outer* at kinds Oi and ♦Stotiß? lutanit uUi also upon the bud. This lao t MfNP wd be auM altogether or ia p<Nt4-.u to >ut purchasers. If ovt mu, at private sale before, to* term* still be made known on me day to sale Persons wishing to examine the laud, are invited to mil oo me at the Red Gae, sad I will cheerfully yire them any infbrrnsiioa about u they may lesir*. Persons wishing to purchase at p.i ale *a!e are also invited to call on me at the ame place. On toa same day and at the same place, I ri! offrr kr sale aft my oeraooai prupenv, oasistiag of Horses, Ma e*. Oxen. Itoeep. f*vva on all aunts above |IO, tu be ecomi by iHite wnh approved eecuriiv.— •or all muds ol |IO snd under, ttie en*h will >e required. Sale tocommeweent lOo’chiek, day m fare —4 net, the property ml be offered for sate tits next lair day there • w OSBORN JL F. BRADY. I „ i Lrcoard t9WU P °-e *M. " Mae. 19. 1857—ts. FOX SHERIFF7~ J. THOMPSON YATEE. grateful to hit frwnJs and toe pubue fr toe libeml suppon j... he received at toe fade election, prtoeale nim- j sett again a* a candidate Hr Sheriff ia 1859. (, aad i# pmtfoßy mlicifs toetrauftagas. Nov. 12,1857. 4 f- M. P. BLAKImTONE offers hmssaff to' l to# votera of St M*v**s eouaiy as acaadi j 1 date tor tfherdi in 1859. and solkns ton tmm 1 of toa friends aad toe fobiac. LOST OR STOLEN. v. tontoHMHRBRB JWILL • Wunl mini for I*. , MivMtw-of.LmvUrhwMM'- , Ir. from my rw . S-l-.n1,. th* , i ll** l°**. Hr i. . Mood *OS. orll n.(>, ssws'Zoaarffua: uht. and pneu* and trot* hvw(y TRUSTEEM BALK OP VALUABLE I REAL ESTATE. 1! ol • decree of Bt. MsrvS co Mn . •f ly Cirrtot Com I, si; ting u * Conn off : eqony.ths undersigned. Trsttee, will tell IB a •be Coon House door, Towo.U £*• highest bidder, on TUESDAY, the iff mh of December oexi, * inici or pared of tenet || I eailed and bvwn by the name of— | % “PAHT OF FENWICK’S MANOR/* | rcntsiam? two hundred and forty -two acres, 9 J more or less. Tin* Farm lie* within on# mils of Cuck- 1 okl’a Creek on the Patuxent nrer, bat akm4 j| an J productive soil, tad well-adapted to tb# II frawth of the staple crop* of the county. B ; rbsiurt>oo m healthy, and is a aeighbef£;W i hoeKl ofgood acetere. Tha form m wsil i** ■ cloae.t. and iut* all necessary buildings, wkkh 1i are in taftnMe repair. Tckms—A cash payment of on# hundred /U doilara; the holancs to its paid in qtlftMtn .9 •i inttofowots of on# and two years. wrtfc” leruntf, to ba spprorsd by the J hsariiy in'trest from lbs dav *1 sals. KsU to take place between (8k boose of and four oVfoHk, p. in. ' i G. I SPALDING, | (The Farm ad%'ett>d shoe# waseohfflP^Bß^ a<v to aJvv>riiM*i#nt on the t-.V. :o Kdward f> tv, '*? # Not. llh, 1857 ~i./ JC JL td.-me in ft. ineguea’ diilrtrt, ih|fi Tuesday, the Mb day of DecemM" $ t ieit, if fair, if not, the next lair 4 ] thereafter, my farm, known by the mJ|R KiTtr: point,” \ put*ruler oescriptienVtltoee^UM lUil tale here, \n deemed itneress*ry Ot persons * aiding to pnrchaao mill I visit the premia and examine lor them- 1 1 selves hr fore the day of sale. Terms jl made known on the day of safe. i ■ st the asm • plc * and on the day abnve-fl • t arn d, a Crop of Cor*. Prerender, 7e-fl : i s err, feme ratnnhle Jicrtig Femtngß itmrih, l/outehofd and Kitchen ferai-fl txere, A credit of*ix month* will be giv-B". ei on n Alim* above sll, to b* secure dB by note with approved security—for sill •m of ftIO and und-r, tha cash willß be required. J.fMES B. KIRK. Ridge P. 0.. St. Gary’s Co.. Md. Kov.s IM7-U. DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTNER SHIP. THE Co-Partnership beretofors eaotinyß between the uaderstgc*d m the tuertaa- I i U hum**> at Cfsaptics. *U*.. under tbs firm B -lino E. isrptnler ft Co., was dwaolvedl an the Ut u| NoTsoibcr instant, by mutualß consent. JOHN t. CARPENTER* ■ WM. A. PADGETT, Nov. 19.1357-41. A. r. HtCOON, CARPENTER k BUILDER, I Chnptlso. It Mary’s County* Md. RESPKtTTPLT.LT informs the e&tsUfl of Charles nuu St. .Vary’s Couaiiss that 1 m mom pwpa'sd to *scure sU work in bw B ttae of buttceaa ut workman manner and 1 as m they run g.t n done by others.— I He can be aeen ol Cbnpsiro, or any letters B *drs*o.l to aw at that pi see Will reset re I prow pt anooaeo. Ifopt. !90f.—ly. PEUFUMEHY!! I SPALDIJiG & GItEENVELL I Respectfully solicit lb# ot!nt on of I the Public, the la ho. io their assortment of snpe tor Perfumery, man ufactured by If ARK PON, the celebra ted and unrivalled Perfumer of Philadel phia. at h*<ae price t will ail be sold. Balm of Prairie Flower 9 An unusual cosmetic, exquisitely per* fumed for the Slid, the Beard, the Hair{ the Tsetb sod the Com plenum. ■aadkcrchlcf rum-. Guidon Dew Drops, Upper Ten, Joeky I Club, Geranium, Ctemria,Caroline 800- B quet, Milleflours, Nectar. Patchouly, Ewe and Verbena. FLAVORING EXTRACTS, Vanilla. Lrmo. Celery. C-warn Orange. Peach and Almond TOO THE HAIM. 3 | Philocome and Bear Pomatum, Bear*# f OR. Macassar OR. and Cd.mbnU Ha t | Dve. . \ MISCELLANEOUS. A variety lodet and Shaving Sapimaceons bhsving Cream. Oc&w Ta let, Ldiy White or Magnolia Tablet, Aromatic Vinegar, lip Balm. Colofor, Salts, (fart Plaster and Crystal U Heritage, f sealing. I _ • munEßfCj AMI ' FANCY GOODS. R ,a f i Mpplisd her store wiUl’a as# ' sad tseaaueshle emortmsat of M tfinw muM** Feaey Goods, fit ltd. LUCRKTLfFOHD raqaams her oamaisrs and ibe pohnt to tei | esho those iadebmd to her e MmtimMVMMM ammk kotice. THE copertaersbip heretofore euielv iag under the myle of Bean A Deaf, tm**: indebted to them #a etofes* * 3K!SUi J- H. pent/ CWWa