Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, February 4, 1858, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated February 4, 1858 Page 4
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.tauinD SwuJltcm s*Ak,T In tt Uniud Mi ■athtot’i ©ay St. WarerMas, No. R 5 North Gay street, near Fayette, WHERE is kept always n hand, or n;a fa to ordar. every style of French Teic a-Tries, in plush, hair cloth or procatel le. French Full Staff and 3/e'a'lkn Parlor Arm Chairs, plush, hair cloth or brocatelle. French Full Smfl Carved Parlor Chairs, in sets, in pulsh, hair cloth or branateile. Sofas? Half French Spring Mahogany and Walnut Parlor Cdaira, in hair cloth or plush. Rocking Chairs, various designs, in hair cloth and plush. Stuff spring Lounges—a large assortment always ready on hand, or any pattern made or covered with any goods to order. Chamber Suits—in mahogany or walnut, complete, from fi3s up. Cane Chairs and Rocking do.—The lar gest assortment ready made in any one house in the United States, from sl2 a dozen up. Bar Room, Office god Dining Chairs, in oak walnnt or mahogany, with cane, wood or stuffed seats ; and assorltnedt embracing over 50 dozen. Wood Seat Chairs and Settees and Rock ing Chairs; over 100 dozen. Glasses, Gilt and Mahogany Frames, Feather Beds, and Hair and Husk mattraasss of every kind. A MATHIOT, 25 North Gay street near Fayette. Ju. 4.1857.—Gm.’ aziAJVO! THE undersigned asks the attention of Farmers, Planters and [Valera to his stock of best quality Guanoes, all of which he will sell at the lowest market rates. Peruvian Guana of the latest im portations and best quality. A A" .Mexican Guano of the best car goes imported. Columbian Guano , very rich in phos phates. Also, Super Phosphate of Lime, Bane Dust, ire. Purchasers may rely on having their Guano shipped in prime order, and in superior bags. The general satisfaction heretofore given by all Guanos sold hy the Subscriber, he hopes will he a sufficient guarantee that ail articles sold by him will be found as represented. WILLIAM ROBINSON, Nos. 4 and G (lo)lingsworth Street, !Sar Pratt St. Wharf, Baltimore, Md. Jnly 2. 1857—3m05. SUEELAND, HALL A CO.. ~ HAVING remomJ w mnr new ami com modious Warehouse, No. 143 Prat I Street, opposite the “MALTY HOUSE.” beg leave to inform their customers that the y have now on hand a large and general gason nrent of GROCERIES, consisting in part of— GOVERNMENT, JAVA. LAGUIRA AND RIO COFFEE REFINED AND BROWN SUGARS of every grade GUNPOWDERJMPERIAL, V. HYSON AND BLACK TEAS. GOLDEN SYRUP, NEW ORLEANS AND W. I. MOLASSG SPERM, ADAMANTINE AMD MOULD CANDLES WHITE, CASTILE AMD BROWM SOAPS. GUIDES AMD GOSH KM' BITTER FAMILY, EXTRA, SUPERFINE AND BUCKW HEAT FLOUR. Ac.. Ac. They also invite the especial attention of their customers to their extensive stock ol imported and domestic LIQUORS, which have been selected with the greatest:*re and annot fail to please. Nov. 22d, 1855—if. TO THE FARMERS AMD DEALERS OF ST. MARY'S COUNTY. HE undersigned would fake this method of informing his friends of the County he has a very large stuck of FARMING IMPLEMENTS on hand and for sale. He solicits the patron age heretofore so liberally exteuded to the house of Cottingbam A Johnson. He hae added to the variety of horec powers PET TON’S Patent Internal Geared Power and Geared THRESHER, which supersedes the necessity of the leather belt—three sizes, 4.6 and 8 horse power. These machines are wor thy of the attention of the farmer. Abo, a new HAY-CUTTER, gotten the past win ter for hand power. For simplicity and du rability it is not surpassed. His Factory is in full operation, which wil enable him to fill all orders with promptness. . Repairing oC ail kinds done to order. Plough ana machine castings by the son or piece,*— Field and garden seeds fresh and genuine.— He respectfully invites a call from his fiiends before purchasing elsewhere. SAMUEL COTTINGHAM, Formerly of the firm Of Cottingbam & John* son, No. 150 Pratt street Wbarl, Baltimore* Md. W* Mr. James Johnson is authorized to collect money and settle accounts for me a iii Vt. Mary’s county this season. S. C. Jfhrch 12th, 1857—if. NOTICE. THN copartnership heretofore exist ihg under Nfe style of Bean fit Dent, this day desol vod by mutual consent. All percoco indebted to them on store account, are requested to come forward V mod settle immediately hy rnnh, note ot T -4rnft. the business trill fee settled by Bean, ko trill attl) continue mer * ehandlsing, cod moat respectfully soli dig a share of the public patronage. HMKBERi’fi G RE AT WOH K on t Horse of America! Published exclusively fur Subscribers. < In preparation and nearly ready— • Frank Forrester's” MMornr mmH MMortemanthip, or TUB UNITED STATES AND BRITISH PROV INCEB OF NORTH AMERICA. BY WILUAM HENRY HERBERT, i Author of •* Frank Forrester’* Field | Sport*,” “Fish and Fishing,” “The Complete Manuel for Young Sportsmen,” Ac., fitc. In two superb imperial octavo vol i umeaof 1100 pages, illustrated with steef engraved original Portraits, from paint -1 ings and drawings by the moat distin s guished artists, of the following celebra j ted horses. Careftally printed an India Paper Sir Arehu, Pocahontas, Black Marie, Stella, * Ijexingttm, Glencoe, Lady Suffolk , Fashion, iMntern, Pryor , American Eclipse , Flora temple. Boston. - Alice Gray, Whalebone, Young Black Hatch Embellished with vignette title pages, from original designs, by F O. C. Dar ley. The most eminent engravers are engaged on the work, among whom are J. Philiic, R. Hinchelwood. J. Dathic, J. C- Battre and Copewell & Kimmell, including numerous WOOD ENGRA VINGS, elegantly bound in Embossed Cloth, Gilt. PRICE, $lO DOL’S. J. TURNER. Upper Marlborough, Sole agent for Prince George’s, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties. August 0, 1857—tf. ♦ RVING’S LIFE OF WASHINGTON IL LUS TRA TED. Great inducements for Clubs. Messrs. G. PU I’NAM A Co. having now publish ed the first volume of the Illustrated Edi tion of Irivng’s Life of Washington, be inglhecomplete lifeol Washington before the Revolution, are ready to furnish the same to subscribers, free of postage, on the receipt of $2,50. Single numbers i sent, post paid, to any part of the Union on the receipt of 25 ct*. 'Che following inducements are offered 1 to Clubs, desiring to mberibe to this mag -1 nificent and national publication: Any per son remitting four subscriptions for the first volume comprising 14 numbers, wil) he entitled tofive complete sets, delivered free of postage. Clubs of six, remitting j s2l will be entitled to two extra copies of the volume, or an extra copy' and any _ otkrr of Putnam A Co.’s publications of I an equal value. Clubs of 12, remitting * $42, will be entitled to four extra copies, r or a copy of a complete set of Addison’s works in six volumes delivered free ot 1 postage. The same premium will be given for a like number of subscribers to the succeeding volumes. Each nbmber of the Illustrated Washington will contain one, and every other number two first class ■ Steel Engravings or maps. In addition to ‘ the Steel Engravings, the work contains numerous elegant Wood Engravings il lustative of historical subject*. Caution.—-Persons subscribing for the life of Washington should be particular to obtain the only work which must forev , er remain the standard authority. Irving’s Life of Washington bears the imprint of G. P. Putnam A Co., the only publishers of Irving’s works. “Every American should put this work on his book-shelf side by side with h is B ble. Let your children read it; and learn by the example of the Great Washington the lessons of patriotism, moral courage, perseverance under difficulties, which the history of his fife affords. We know of no American book which we had rather own than this; it is worth a thousand of trash publications which the press is daily sending forth.”—Scientific American. Country papers copying the above ad vertisement twice will receive a complete set of Putnam’s Story Library. G. P. PUTNAM A Co.. 321 Broadway, New York. Feb. 4,1857 —2 t. I " PURE PIC KLING AMD CIDER VINEGAR . TRJ’IEMAN’S Ceiebra'ed Vinegar, 10cents il per gallon, barrel included, always un baud, at tke sole agents. WAf. ORANGE A CO., Commnaioo Merchants, 119 West Lombard street, Baltimore. 1 OCh Quality warranted and money returned if not approved of. Sept. IT, 1857—305. a. TOTHEPATRONS OF CHARLTTE HALL ACADEMY AND OTHERS. ejVHE undersigned announces to Hie pubbe 1 that be designs, on the Ist of April, to open tbe bouse recently occupied by Dr. H. H. Bean, in Charlotte Hall, for the reception ot permanent and transient boarders, and so licits n portion of the public patronage. Ap 9—tf TUGS’ MARTIN. —■ - ■ 11 FERGUSSON, MURPHY A CO.. Ho. I*l Unbad Sin ot, BALTIMORE. HAVE on hand a large and well-selected Stock of GROCERIES, CHOICE WINES, UqUORS AND TEAS, which ►V are prepared' to sell as low as any Hpcpe i the city. Our personal attention alio griffin f the toie of Tobacco and Grain. Gat-1, H&f—fim. -d • €NRIVALLED ATTRA 3TIONSI! EM£RSON’i~MAGA ZIHE , ft \ - * * ano M c PUTHAM’S MONTHLY, TWO SUIT NISIIIIBI IV Oil. 90,800 COPIES THE FIRST MONTH!! MtgAlctßt ft* MH. 100,000 WWW, WWW > iplihmb worn or m. A FIFE DOLIM ENGRAFING to imr soMciim. THE GREAT LIBRARY OFFER. AORKTB OCTTljre UCN ! ! HP HE union of EMERSON’S MALA A ZINB with PUTN AM’B MONTHLY has given the consolidated work a circulation second to but one similar publication in the country, and baa secured lor it a combination of literary and artistic talent probably uhri valled by any other magazine in the w<tfd. During the first month, the sale in the tpde and demand from subscribers exceeded 20JD00 copies, and the numbers already issued oi the consolidated work are universally conceded to have surpassed, in the richness of their lit* entry contents, and the beauty and profsse nt'ss of iheir pictorial illustrations, any azine ever before issued from tho A merits n press. Encouraged by these evidences olia vor, determined todm* audiuonal a lira Cm) ns, and to otfef •mStoft' ducements to subscribers as cannot fail to place if, in circulation, at the head of Anitr can Magazines. With this view, they neW announce the following programme. Th*y have purchased that superb and costly steel plate engraving, “THE LAST SUPPER.” and will present a copy of it to every tbite dollar subscriber for the year 1856* It w|s engraved at a cost uf over $6,000, by the late celebrated A. L. Dick, from the original ot Raphael Morghen, after Leonardo Da Vinci, and is the largest steel- plate engraving evtr executed in this country, being three timn the size ol the ordinary three-dollar engrat ings. The first impressions of this engraving ate held at $lO, and it was the intention of the rtist that none of the engrazmgs should ever lie offered for a ess sum than $5, Icing richly worth that amount. Thus every three-dollar subscriber will receive the Magazine one year—cheap at $3 —and this splendid engra ving, richly worth $5; thus getting for $5 the value of SB. We shall commence striking ofi the engra vings immediately, yet it can hardly be ex pected that impressions of so large a plate can ' e taken as fi* as they will be called for I y subscribers. We shall, therefore, furnish hem in the order in which subscriptions are receiveu. who desire to obtain their engravings early, and from the first impres sions, should send in their subscriptions wilhj out delay. The engraving can bs sent on rollers, by mail, or i o any other manner, ns subscribers shall order. 1-20,000 IN WORKS OF ART. In addition to the superb engraving of “the last supper,” which will be presented to ev ety three dollar subscriber for 1358, the pub lishers have completed arrangements for the distribution on the 25th day of December, 1858, of a series of splendid works of art, consisting of one hundred rich and rare Oil Paintings, valued at from SIOO to 41,000 each. Also, 2,000 magnificent Steel-Plate Engravings, worth from $3 to $5 each, and 1,000 choice Holliday bocks, worth from $1 to $5 each, making, in all, over THREE THOUSAND GIFTS, worth TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. OO’ Inclose $3 to the publishers and you will commence receiving the Magazine by return mail. You will also receive with the first copy a numbered subscription receipt entitling you to the engraving of “THE LAST SUPPER,” and a chance to draw one or these “three thousand prizes.” aSASOJIS WHY TOC SHOULD SUBSCRIBE FOE EJMERSOX’S MAGAZINE, FOR 1858. Ist. Because its literary contents will, dur ing the year, embrace contributions from over one hundred different writers and thinkers, numbering among them the most distin guished of American authors. 2d. Because its editorial departments, “Our Studio,” “Our Window,” and “Our Olio,” will each be conducted by an able ed itor—and it will surpass, in the variety and richness of its editorial contents, any other magazine. 3d. Because it will contain, during the vear, nearly six hundred original pictorial il lustrations from designs by the first American artists. 4th. Because for the sum ol $3 you will receive this splendid monthly, more richly worth that sum than any other magazine, and the superb engraving of “The Last Sup per.” worth $5. sth. Because you will very likely draw one of the three thousand prtzes to be distri buted on the 25th of December, 1858—per haps one that is worth SI,OOO. Notwithstanding that there extraordinary inducements can hardly fail to accomplish the objects of the publishers without further efforts, yet they have determined to continue through the year THE GREAT LIBRARY OFFER. < To any person who will get up a club of twenty-four subscribers, either at one or more post-office, we will present a splendid Libra ry consisting of over Forty Laige Bound V olumes, embracing the most popular works, in the market. The club may be formed at the club price, $2 a year, w ithout the engra ving. or at the full price, $3, with the engra ving of the Last Supper to each subscriber. List and description of ike Library, and spa. eimen copy of foe Magazine, will be tor warded on receipt of 25 cents. Over 200 Libraries, or 8,(W0 volumes, bare already been distributed in accordance with this offer, | and we should be glad ol an opportunity to 1 furnish a Library to every clergyman, to ev ery school teacher, or to some one at every post office in the country. MAKING MONEY. The success which our agents are meettog with is almost astonishing. Among thejna ny evidences of Ohs fool, wo present the fof-1 lowing from one of our agents already in foe field; - 1 “I have now been at work canvassing on yoisr Magazine one weekend y delighted vawMkg for any thing else 1 ever used. Inj svre to get a subscriber in every family where I they can rake together three dollars. lam never received with imtwiini foe foe Sssi thing Ido is to unroll nay trngna after, and thus I gel them interested before foey know what n 1 am going to make them. Sometimes they ask my price tor foe engraving, and 1 tell thvnifL and when 1 offer them foe engraving and j Magazine one year for three doStora, ibey arc perfectly astonished. 1 did not get to gtung wed for foe tint two or three days. j Tho Ist dev I got *. . . 2 subscribers, j The 2d day I got . . .7 subscribe*. The 3d day 1 got . . . 6 snbwribers. j The 4th day I got . . I* subscribe*. The sh day I got . . .9 eubaenbers. The 6th day I got . .17 subscribers. First week, ... 54 subscribers. 1 shall do much better next week. It is j the engraving that tkvs the business. Every body wants the engraving. You may calcu late upon from one to two thousand subscri bers from me this Winter. 1 am going to make enough out of the business to buy me a farm in the Spring.” With such inducements as we offer, any body can obtain subscribers. We invite every gentleman out of employment, and evert tody

who desires a pleasant money-making occu pation to apply at once for an agency. Ap plicants should inclose 23 cents for a speci men copy of the Magazine, which will al ways be forwarded with answer to applica tion by return mail. „ SPECIMEN ENGRAVING. As we desire to place in the hands of every person who proposes to gel up a club, and also of every agent, a copy of the engraving of “the Last Supperas a specimen, each applicant inclosing us $3 will repeive the en graving, post paid, by reftmi mail, also spe cimens ot our publications and one of the numbered subscription receipt*, entitling the holder to the Magazine one year and lu a chance in the distribution. This offer is made only to those who desire to act as agents or to form clubs. Address OAKSMITH A CO.. No. 371 Broadway, New York. I i THE NEW YORK STEAM SAW-MILL, Atm MACHINE COMPANY. WST CAPITAL $250,000’. HIS Company has been organized with r the above capital for the purpose of sup * ag the demand for the Combination PORTABLE STEAM SAW MILL They have purchased the entire machinery 1 heretofore carried on by J. M. Eu.- mOQ A fo., also the Montgomery Works at x v*uors on the Hudson, near this city, and with the experience and faculties combined in its organization are prepared to furnish ma chinery ol al! kinds at more liberals rates than baa ever been offered at any other establish i - .men*. THE COMBINATION SAW-MILL was , patented October, 1856, and is now general ' iy acknowledged to be the cheapest, most practical, and efficient lumber manufacturing ’ machine in the world. A large number of them are in sudcessful operation in different sections ot the country. Canada, Cuba, and k South America, and wherever their merits have been tested they are being adopted by - lumber manufactures in preference to al other * mills. , The following letter expresses the general , opinion of those who are using the Coinbina- I tion Mi!l: I Messrs. Emsasoii It Co.—Gentlemen : 1 * have tried the saw-mill purchased of you, and I will sty that it performs well, and more than meets my expectations. lam well pleased I with its performance. I set it up on a small stream that afforded constant wafer about as thick as my little finger, which was much , more than sufficient to supply the boiler.— r We are able to cut 3,000 feel of beautiful him , ber in 12 hours, with something less than one | cord of wood. It :• the very thing we have j so much needed in our county for a long time. r With a little trouble and expense we are able to move it from five to ten miles per day, and set it up in the heart of the timber, w hich saves the great burden of hauling the logs a long distances to the mill. Yours, respectfully, JEBSE KERR, JR., Louisville, Ten nes.*-e*. The Company have purchassed LUNG’S PATENT FEED ARRANGEMENT, r which is illustrated and described in 'be Sci > entifle American for October 24. This adds ■ greatly to the efficiency of :he mil). THE COMBINATION MILL, with all , the recent improvements, and steam power ■ of 15 horses, is capable of sawing from 3,000 ■ to 4,000 feet in twelve hours, and is sold for 1 $1,650. THE NEW YORK CIRCULAR SAW MILL. 1 Is manufactured only by this Company. It is ot superior construction, and sold for 25 I per cent less than other mills ot no greater capacity. A mill with 36 to 54 inch saw can be sold for $l5O to S3OO, and with a 20 horse engine and boiler is sold tor 2.200. STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS; EN GINES of from one to 100 horse power; LO COMOTIVE. TUBULAR, FLUE and CYLINDER BOILLERS furnished at great ly reduced prices from former quotations. Drawings, with plans and specifications for buildings and machinery, furnished gratis , to our customers. Competent mechanics are sent out to nut up and set to opperation our machinery, when required. We also manufacture BfIINGLE LACH INES. PLANING MACHINES, BUOAB MILLS, and MACHINERY IN GENE RAL. Special attention paid to getting op BHAF , TING and PULLIES tor manufactories, mad all kinds of MILL-PPRIGHT WORK. This Company are sediog to great Bombers a PATENT CONICAL BURR-STONE MILL, tor lour, com meal, and aft kinds f lead, which is pronounced by experienced millers, both in this country and Europe, THE BEST MILL EVER CONSTRUC TED. h will grind more grain to foe same I trine, and with the half the power, of any rail ; of the same price in the market. We also furnish other styles of GRIST MILLS, when requised. _ i Tb* undsign<rilreUo publiafen ol THE UNITE* STATES ItVBNAL, { A large and magnificent illustrated monthly ! newspaper, devoted to MECHANICS,: AGRICULTURE, LITERATURE and 4MUBEMENT. In addition to ini usaal attractions, which 1 have already graen it a riiralatma of nearly | HMW Cnpiera per month, it will kmth 1 j alter contain a complete raeoed ufell new and j vatoahtoJlinhsarfWaad ilgi'imlfnnal toy reel ! ait ilia, infora >ing a larger t manat oi pcaett ral to formauoa from, expnfonaph- PPM to '■ ■ 1 —w * '7' 1 these specialties than any otaer publication in ; the world.,, . y, • Price Only SO Cents n Year. Specimen copies sent grans. , Aft. EMERSON fo Co.. Pohhshera. And Agents lor the N. Y. STEAM SAW MILL ad MACHINE • COMPANY, I I No 371 Broadway. Ne# York. WAVERIY MAGAZINE.iI I. ~ 1 Family Amuse meat and Instrnctkß ! jt EDITED BY MOSES A. DOW. j This paper Is the largest Weekly ever pub- \ fished in this country. Its contents are such ias will be approved in the most fastidious ! circles—nothing immortal being admitted into |, Hts pages. It wilt furnish as much reading , matter as almost any one can fine time to j per*use, consisting of. TALES. HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY. | TOGRTHFR WITH i< HUSK AKO PORTRY. The paper contains no ultry sentiments. 1 and meddles neither with politics nor religion, 1 but it is characterized by a high moral tone. 1 It circulates all over the country, from Maine ! to California. , The terms by mail are very , I low, at wfli be sen by (he following: TERMS. The WeverVy Magazine is published week bf Moses A Dow, 12;Water Street, Boston, i Mass. ' j i Two editiona are printed, one on thick pa- | ; per for Periodical Dealers at 6 cents a copy. < and an edition for mail subscribers (on a lit- * tie thinner paper, so as to come within the 1 low postage law) at $2 00 a year, or $1 80 1 for six months always in advance. Clubs by mail, six papers six months $3 00 ’ | Paper stopped when the last number paid for is sent. A new volume commences every July and ' 1 January. But if a person commences at any ' : particular number in this vulnme, and pays for it six immthvhe will have a volume com 1 plete with a title page, as every paper is com- J plete in itolf. 99* When a subscriber orders a renewal of his supscriptkm he should tell us what was \ ; the last number be received, then we shall; I know what number , renew with without : hunting over our boo ka. Otherwise we shall 1 begin when the money is rece ved. 1 Person writing for the paper must write name, post-office, country and State very dis i tincly. Those who wish their papers cliang i ed should toll where it lias previously heeu sent. Postage on this paper is twenty-rix cents a year, payable in advance at the office where | taken out. CLUBBING.—BIubs must always be seift 1 at one time to receive premium. We can ' | not send them at the club price unless receiv -1 tJ all together, as it is Kjo much trouble to took over our books or account with each one getting them up. I | Qry Any one sending us Four Dollars, can have one copy of the“ Waverley Magazine,” ; and either ol the following works lor one year j. by mail;— | “Graham's Magazine”—Harper’s Maga ( , zine”—“Godey’a Lady’s Book”—*‘Ladie>,' j Gazette of Fash ion”—‘'Putman’s Magazine” I I —“Ballou’s Pictorial.” | (jrj- Any one sending us $3 25 in advance ’ can have a copy of the** Wsreriy Magazine,” . and either ol the following papers one year by mail:— “True Flag”—“American Union”—“CMive ; , Branch”—“Yankee Privateer.” . OO* All letters and communications concern ' mg the paper should be addressed to the pub- Q ty The way to Subscribe fur a paper is to enclose the money in a hriter, and address the | * publisher direct, giving individual name with 1 post-office, county and state very plainly writ en as post maiks ate often illegible. AGENTS:—Dexter fc Bro.. New York [ A. Winch, Philadeldhia?—Taylor A. 80. Ba t-1 timore; —Ducan &, Janies Cincinnati, Ohio; — ; R. Pickup, Mcthodis Book Rooms,Montreal | Canada; —F. A. Crump* Louisville Keutuc kv; —J. //ecHunan, Sl Anthony, M. T. | j Oct. 1. 1357 ,! WOOD COM MISSION AGENCY. WE respectfully inform those interested that we have made ample arrange ; ’ incuts, and arc ready t > receive and sell Cord ; , Wood upon commission exclusively. Our friends and all others who may favor I us with consignments will be enabled to re r ceive full prices for their Wood, and not be j I ] compelled to suffer sacrifices in consequence { . of a glutted market or combination among j dealers. Liberal advancements made on all consign : meats. | ficj* All orders for every description of build i ing materials filled with promptness and upon 1 the most accommodating terms. ’ ,S. WILLIS A CO., r Lumber Draurbs, > West side Union Dobk, Bah., Md. f June 22d, 1854—if. NEW GOODS. Leonard Town, Jan. 7lh, 1856. SPALDING A DURANT hove just m cerired their stork of Fall toil4l Wlto ter Oaedt, consisting of — I DRY GOODS . GROCERIES, \ QUEEJTSWARE, HARDWARE, HATS, CARS, BOOTS, (a large thek) I SHOES, READY-MADE CLOTHING, | h DRUGS, MEDICINES, SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTINGALES, j atnd every other article suitable for a counot aaore. The above goods piU be aoM low- C'al! and see WB, I *-T , Jan 7t0,1h. *: | CIGAR MANtJFArrORT. fTIHE subacribetf are extensively engaged j • M to manufacturing Cigars id Leonard I ; Town, St T Mary’t county, with a view to fureishing merehantr, hotel-keepers aon oib * ers to Uus secMoa ot the Stone prih their sup ! plies, at a pnre tar below that paid hy tbn i in the cities for a tomitor prieto, aad upon sat- j ( I islactory terms. Orders ire aotteitod,and will ( jbe attenned ui with proptnes*. Relying upon j i our country firimds to aid ns in our new en AfcAMAUER. I. Leenatd Town, April W, m>4\ \ ■* • H E BRINGS! HKRRINfS! SfALDING A ©KEEN WELL, j , May flit. (W . MISS MART A. SCHOFIELD. €ttEAT SVrTEMLVQ RELIEVED "LVTEMESTLVO NARRATIVE AND ' li HARRY tEMULTS TMurm STMJ.WER THMrncnojf. Lt m Ami cm H in Tktfißtvr •r a Last.—To thaw who hve the plnww mi knowing her we need any nothing ; hut to other* we remark (hat a dew re to benefit the suffering ■duces her thus to speak. Nee* can appreciate her joy and pomade in l**ng rrfirred from few. htcr years of suffering almost unparalleled, but albee (if there be any) who hare, suffered like thr. Miss S. has long been • resident of oar city— ef the last two years has been successfully eon* ducuag a school at No. 690 Baltimore street. The happy change in her health is a subject of astonishment and joy to her numerous friends. We ask those interested to call on her. She will tell them more of her cure by HmmtpU n V Tinetmr* than she has written. Thus it m thin remedv goes on giving relief to the sick. We refer the public to them. Prom more distant places we also hear of the same happy results. These (acts, with the concurrent testimony of thousands, should cause skepticism and preju dice to hide their heads, and concede that Hamp- Tincture is in truth a wonderful discorery Bmlthnort, Oclolter 18th, 1855. .WfMn. Mortimer if .Wjirkrsy—Geots ; I bar* delayed entirely too long iu writing to you in relation to the rirtues of Hampton *s Tincture. I fear, even now, that i cannot give the ailicicd world a juet idea of the good 1 have derived from its use ; the benefits hart been so great that 1 fed inadequate to the task. I was attacked with the chronic rheumatism, in its most malignant form, at the early age of two and a half years, and nontmed to be so alßcted until I crossed the Atlantic Ocean, on my wy to America, at which tuuc it changed its form into a gathering. I had at this time acquired my growth, and never ex pected to be well again, ns the diaenae came, in the first place, of my being rmerinmted from a child who bad the while swelling. When my gathering first broke it did not discharge less than one quart, and so continued to trouble me everr lime I took ouhl or was in the least fatigued; my bodily strength was reduced to the weakness of infancy; 1 was several times very near ths grave ; my hip-joint had been wit of 'place ever since I had the firet aHack. At the age of thir teen my Hands Itecame dislocated. Those suf ferings, and the general detniiiy 1 fell from the constant disrimrge of iy gatherings, caused me often to think that I should never be permitted to know how it fell to be free from pain and so tiering, even for we hour, until my poor body shoud he cluvuged mid bcconiclike unto “Christ's glorious lardy,” at lenat, until “this morul nave put on immortality I had taken so many medicines, and received si little benefit, that 1 hsd confidence in none. I h:fd used of nearly all the efUhrnltd /iaiweals, and other external remedies i had heard of. 1 had been placed by my friends under some of ths best Physicians of England, and all the relief ever obtained was but of transitory duration When 1 first beard of Hampton’s Tincture, I lied not the *ligh,c*t confidence in its efficacy, out I had a friend who had known Mr. Jarre’, Plummer, when his aiifleings wore at the worst! and had witnessed the cure wrought upon him To please her, 1 consented to try the Tincture, and 1 bad not taken one hot lit before I began to feel its l*eiiefi<*inl effects—niy strength returned uiy appetite became good—my complexion was clesr—i felt like another person. Through (lie influence of this friend, yon became acquainted with my case, and requested to see me ; you told me my case was such a peculiar one that you would like to see the effect*of the Tincture folly developed in it, and if desired to take it, you would present it to me, if it was for the spare of five years — but only eighteen months have tlaptnl, sad / kspr lott every xyntytom of my iiumst ; | have become strong ami hearty—l can stand ss tnfleh and more fatigue (ban most of my lady acquaintances. 1 have a heaitbfnl complexion, and all my friends say I am getting quite Jfenhy, one thing is certain, my Immt limh is quite as large again as it was before, and 1 can trip all about home without a crutch. 1 often wish my parents had known of this remedy when I w as a child, as t believe 1 should have been saved the exrrntiating pain I hamUtoen subjected to, as well as the deformity afbmir 1 must carry to the gssve, and my parents would out have been under such heavy expense* from doctors’ Wills, and ;n sending me, ns they did, to the celebrated springs in England in search of health. 1 wish ail the afflicted world could see me, ami hear the lien-rfits I have derived f. ooi this Tincture of Hampton’s. 1 try to make all acquainted with its virtues with whom 1 come in contact. Gentlemen, I am a thousand times obliged • dou, and you are at liberty to use my name ai d jssc to all. Mar A. Sconci.n, So. 630 W. Baltimore street. To Mesnrs. Mortimer A Mowbray, 220 Balti more at., Baltimore. Delicate female* and children will find this a great blessing. It koa res orsd thousands to health HAMPTON’S VEGETABLE TINCTURE Call and gel pamphletH gratia with history o discovery of this wonderful Blood Pnriger, and see certificates of own citizens, of .Rheumatism, Dyspepsia Scrofula, Liver Complaint, General Weakness, Nervouanea*, Ac. Ac. Mortimer A Mowbray, 240 Baltimore street, Baltimore, have it for sale. Sold by Spalding A Green well, Leonard Town; J. T. M Railey, Cliaptieo ; and Win. H. Gar ner A Co., Miles Town. , November 22nd, 1855—tf amr raceo. i. •. m*boak TREGO lc MORGAN, PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Wholesale Dealers in LIQUORS AND CIGARS, No. 37 CHEAP6IDE, near Pratts s., BALTIMORE . 0O Every description of country Prod us* entrusted to our care viH receive strict HMh Feb. 26(b, JBJT- tL CLARKE k LAWS. GC.ltaiL Commission illmljante, #r EEP constenll/ on band. Flour, fL Grain, Brick*. Lime tod Seed* all kinds. Dealers in Guano, Bona* •at, Plaster, he., at He. 4t Grant Street, Running thioogh to Eiltcotl, rear of Messrs. Dinsmore & Kyles* store, BALTIMORE. gS' W'e have constantly on band and intend keeping. Clover, Timothy, Orchard Grass Seed, and all kinds of Grain and Mill Feed, together with Bata Hay, which we aril! sell on plexstng terms. Family. Extra and Super Dofir always on hand. Ail order* for Lumbar promptly attended to. NJRW OOXML ql* * SPALDING fc ODRANTf** Row good*. pkltlfcuhr# will be given bereaftev. Afcjft pIL