Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 4, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 4, 1858 Page 1
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' •_ vv. ? nin* r \AA AA V 'l# f t*W r/V’' v - 4 ' v '< ! /iky ■■i Tl 'FA ft I 111.1 v v j/ ) irv 'sr ,} ■> *1 m■* ■ f* - ■ •!• ■■•■■}< ''' ,r< s jl v-- ■ * ■' '• -*. r • -V* S’ •a . *..*l * * ■*" xx r. doiirT hAUim' m • * V ' # VOL XHi. - —1 - ‘ ■■ ate ST. MARY’S BEACOIf. . rCBLISULD kVLUV TUT ESSAY If OSOBOE H. MOEQAH * Z. fVXOfe. square/ If tut imiihber uf insertions be not suuked ou tV advertisement, it yrin be 1 f>nt)U>hed utd forbid, and charged according- j y. A inMii deduction fnaJc to thorn who * advertise by tiie ymtrl ORIGINAL POETRY. [ THE ONE I LOVE. • t must. The offering of a tfttthfTn heart, 1 prize all wejuJi above j With ail of eenh beside* I'd pert, * To gain the one T love With him alone - - * * My hr'aK would rest— .l :w*r ♦ * No oilier oe Could mk me blest. . \\ Pleasure, alas ! to me is pain, VVLea him 1 do not rt. And ofhhr -nice* rirttflr In rinn; They have no clMnotf for me. fc Not ene.cuu chain ‘ My. listening oar. When in the strain * • 1 ,‘blV? i* not there,,. - * And other stars nfoy brighter glow— More brilliant rays may dart. But nonesuch wtiot beams can throw Around tny be.itinz herrt. No eye so bright To me <nn shin#— Jk Grief could not blight Ifhe were mine. Grief could net frost the buds of hope. Did he that sorrow share ; - * ,fl • % HiesmiTe edula hfr the shadow ay, And gloom weuld disappear. * , Tb‘ frsit u-owld earn • . f • , • tv . To j aatiy dew, And hop* would burn j '>■ , *5 The shadow through. Tor him I’d the bitterest jet.'; Ami pass unheeding, too, * *’*" T> ' ’"■ The dark rok) frown, tii* false Cdeada* sneer, If he alone were true. PvW what %e mi - •* * • Wr jeer or sneer f '**' His lov would bo *• My mmfarlrr. The otars that dock ibe vaulted shy. Though glorious now they be, Wjtre Uiekcr,tiil if h* wera by, h To imre them out u> me. * . : j The moon would befm M‘V* 1 , AwfOrton seem 1 '■wlore Herr bright. *j The rose would blush a deeper bloom, *1 ; ■Mfißelf* *i ’ More bright, appear. The good ntore good, ThoiMfraore fair. TO Tint aBSSST QXE. With walcLTugand hoping. Slow fKisses thellay— *■ * Rach moment my heart asks Why thou art away it *1 • *k. * They* as they tell me, V .. Thou R>vMt another, Tlrtt With womanly pride BM I matt smother. •I*4 srees t fotwVl gN toikeffsfl * jpn But * tad* * Moo *, it. p* o **. v K or JL* r tKou 11 With women spare lovf. feo, no! f will truet thee, iv Asm shoulder tbo.stay years, - fr<b jShr eowa’reiiUHnbraoce ~i ;1 f Shall qmel my fears. Yet, oh ! hasten to m#, T * For dny is nil day. • '** ' 1 ' ' And time is but walihinf, ■ ' While thou an away. m. w. 11 !>! ■< 't ■■ ■' BBLECTED MISCELLANY. if -"—r 1 i " WaaaJ&ft U wrtiwenteJ ti 3 \hKQmtn* 1 Assembly that the Fofntdcfehdnan- [ hat Aiiion'tfntfed by the Bofrd oif Tm-dees, and tliat said buildm£ dna funtifure is-lalituk iuio a state o£ docav * and wboeooa btmdmi and tterty-aane. dbtpter one hmid^l atmtud rejtcfh of cf] aahl Semmarr to the l^gishthtre; and irtiw s. Aey hfisi petiHoeivd the General AsserdWr I t* m mtowmd aod iu \wMkYty wkd fen skmoamtotbin m Trustee. pfidWiriTfeW mdo to sehoril fhnd of St Uftry’s than that of female odncatiSn, tba j m *■• '•* i. , .i - . —p. in i I, i i'lWwin 'MS'Wii'i _ --a. - •■ .. DEVOTED TO M ' r * —* ANI> < ’ KNKHAI imt,i,uui;n. k p*tt, of Bt. Mary’a c3sy,™ b^tfapp^ I Wrr%jni A of thmo, to trwili Mr f board to pm nnmber of feoyteen, W w/ffnif a : repreooutation on said benW to m^ftfSe 1 W ; . 3 - A “‘ ! >t cted, Kiat Jf 'there . '| ir * u a vacancy m said bgtud of Qpoiuia sioners prior to the Increase wmbr. by declination, deutikur otherwise, a majority | of said C unmiissiooen aboil imtro power Id fill : #4cii yucancy.. , Soc. 4. .Wi bo id enacted. That when Oeo. ■ W, Morgan. John M. Bmom artd Benjaftnn Tippltt. tir a majority of shall have in eremwd their tMimberbd rniniml by section the , eoeotnl of lilts act, die said fourteen persons are hereby constituted a body ItaiUic aud corporate,' i by the hhme, style and title of die Trustees of •the St. Mary’s Female Seosijuiry, ud by lhat htune shall have Succession, and shall have all the power*, rights anJ privileges conferred by the acts of eighteen hundred ortfl thirty-nine, chapter one hundred and ninety, and of eigh teen hundred and forty-fire, chapter two Imn- • dred aud fifty-serwi, and ahalkperform all the i i duties-required of the former'trustee* by the aforesaid nets. > j Sec. 5. And lw it enacted, TtAt nil the 1 property, reaL iermai and niiaed. righto, cre dits aai! claims, whiyU vested in the fur- 1 I trustees, under the aforesaid laws at , the date of the passage of this law, shall vest in the Trustees' hereby incorporated and their successors forever, for the purpose doedaped in j i the said acts of AsKeniMr, and tho fermer Into- * hereby required .to deli rdr* overpay i Hkaiisfer the dame <>n deuvand f the 1 i v. * | / r<&& *. ■ f'f’i ... r to report > ■. hers |. - ; . -g. '• I > the COlltfflpMS ’ f;' v • . ... - ; h -rity in teslifvYl!^: h .. ,t , '. ik< • xcc t'; ih - ... ; ■hi * <1 CvlPWral' ■’ I t The j Governor Khali .be fom&i land and And ; j call out tj HM 1 Liva&n insurrection, and cq/oroe the execution of the lues.'' Again, sectum 10. take t that the law* be (iuthfuliy TbmeJ thou, ore clearly dhtles made oldigatory on 1 the I Kxeenfive, maHc ao the Courtnatfeit, Which he tiheo an oath'tO sttpnort. His judgment, then, must be left free, for it is to tliis judgitfent be to lo*k whehstich omcrgeucics arise as re qwre the interposition of Kteculfrc mithority. ln his inesango/4.> tinkdvlscdly, dad'in the opiukei of tle minority of your cornmftfrC, ro unjustly onodmmed ty <d strict party vote p{ this House, Governor Ligon sdw forth in a [•lain, Htvj ; iuijskMdlA^y t 4fe| i 9mMP%ofethkigA I m Baltimore city, the necessity, in his Judij ,mmt, for his niter position, Ids modt of ptbceed hg. and thomsalt*. To any one fho reads this statement, ft Is evident tbit the Governor i was acting, and did act, nnd*r a higlt sense of; duty iiupMerY Upon him Wr fajs conscience, his ptoati-wi, and the taWa of the State. In Aix judgment then, strengthened, t <fd, &y ' codneri with wise Wbl able men, he finds H'nc- 1 •Tssiuy to caR one add enroll certain ttoupJ.— Truopa wiibJtk aWnaare u*des< : it woW be •an uuneoesaary display; Iri* looking foTiwfhs, UspLicoimthe hau<is of these troops, oor< Li gi>u finds thaithfes-bTYhe lltate art unfit for service; arms must of codfee had* for Nearly the.same laws uduuit empowered the Governor to call out the Zwm, jt.Mjtunbent bn, him to armAheW? tow m dine turns foal KitbifeM | the transportation of (hew arms frym Uicn -1 morid fo Washington, and hack Scaifi tolCcli 'HMfeMMl TWa# ikA d .q. Jk i. q j. \ Z_ ai.w Slater •. mfe ifw wi> Kw cWigu On uic.CMIIU- - i gent fund Wirt Hnenrrtttv | ; brought from Fredesfeh imd hasten, and a sum I i 4 ‘fla*aurdu2n^iS^qftf rm>h eky rba —jm ity sßynu report. 54 . ( urt v ' # As to tlie acfrMjf the Gon>rnor V sing dinate tfinpry uqdpjlwW If * la IP!"*" 1 ! of ynsr cwnmlb It Sf' 4 # ' V A IXONARD MAIM 'll !. !^SR lEeb^B In th#of t.nt.ntT* fur the appmotspeiii of a^Btottori The undersigned a minority at tho CuamiU to which was referred the mes sage of the Governor, enclosing the returns of election for themembexs of tins House, concur ing with the majority of the said committee in iurac particulars, but most earnestly and cm pnatically dissenting in other*, beg leave moat 1 respectfully to submit tins, their Minor itydlc poTt j , . JT , j I , They concur with the majority in their behe| 1 of the correctness of the return of said election in a large majority of cases, and are satishoil that there can be no reasonable doubt of thffl | right of their seats, of all the prwent members, with the exception, perhaps, of the I members from Baltimore City. There was presented to the consideration of] Hie committee a memorial from Jervis Spencer | and others, protesting against the right of the said members from Baltimore City. u{K>n alia- 1 stations which touch the purity and fairness of | the election there. The- memorialists solemnly state their belief that their rights, and the rights , of great numbers of legal voters, tore been out- ' , raged and trampled under foot; and that the | violence, fraud and wrong exhibited at the said election was suclmis to render the same a mere | mockery of the elective franchise. And tliey ' appeal to this Rouse to give tiiem an opportu uily to prove that this sgjg Really ; exist,and they profess their wiflmgnessand abil and coaipistuly all . 4M *, ~ ! b “* or<? “• l>ou^ itt4^j * "V OO vUh theifjrep .rt •£*** %Aii|ic*lVc , s jui Ko prtredent and that a Wppr ffcpT n hi h tin.- e>- ■d . ? .-5 ,-t, the ►n:g .u- ’ • V -> I to jjtmrso t^f; &fi j 88SuYt*d 1y no higher duty can jKieslblv l>c ifh'Jxifted on tfibse In wh6id imperative ; demands they are ware boundea to respect-j than a solemn appeal for mlress against the*' fraudulent and violent invasion against the right* of any portion oflbcpcoplg. And if there be one instance clnift thc| attention of this House above tv&ry other, ft Is j where it is supposed to have vi strueted tKfcWglff'of free sufTfagc— l he A, duse tlttfi purity of tifeefcctivb franchise, as hqlng the; foundation of opr fortn of government, and, a necsMiUw trondftinn, precedent to thp enjoyment *f H other rights, of Course exc*3, ail *of he* * topics in its dignity and -fmeoftahre. * ‘ ' 1 i The uudewighned, therefore dissent majority of the committee, became thev bcmßS j the said majority lias erred hi dcci(Uii<£ ott|9H| j validity of the Baltimore rethru&jdij^^H witl.(tvri^^forr? 1 the (■••mmiVteefa report, cl&cfttaown and thofbugh’y and n -; *rtti|3fted, cit- bHhAiisfcgard ofethe digwitv jMNftHtolW vumfhr br AHfffariaMt# ami ivWadivi of its duties ; l~x*w*it j WW of it rcptehonsiWe pre ; ebtirtife Crery sense oPpbrsoaal Siwklli kMlHttiS L, A* _ „ J ,I'fanWis igßv aUu puIHIv wtKl uluintelll|T to tof prwftifctfoii of pojMtlflf lufcrtv f ftrwi hec*me ub ihrrmpAioti of ‘frauds I is due to the spMWof thte law and of insft tuiiwri' wliu h mdit) cease to be they shall m be jfctmaj sn:ul, at wi.ateVet c< - • t- r. T-ventttiiliv succeed in ms kI np.*; K. rod ■AlfiP htxidv iunviftart matMF yws'>s ‘' Which is respectftilly submitted -w.niflflT L - H*og> |f THodn^P®! > l - ‘ rf ftl '.*ll . • * : ; • * T lm 9r ’ jWWvjr-eviib * mv • i^ Time the sflWSt PpiKane was b'ra oh the 2.1 of rebrnary, *% lu Walmd street, Sevehth -nf Kl^l.tii. iS67, The vJnwfe will V f ; %und r t£cactv-.* to itscnif nk-.^u- I will ptb# tn the mi ad ofthe c*th |er something purer than thehnere self-r?Katic ' 1 of “manifest destiny;” with* fiery-lhotetf haste, ‘ unijer any <*r all its vague andimpions f.vms. In llxct. tin* religtarii Hemeofc must have entered ' largely Into the nv ra! constftuenrs of IV. ; Kane's character The Kfe is rrjri<*tc with proofr. that in the darkest Hours of Aretio difficulties aud dauger ; he seemed never f*r a moment to de: u*ir, or i dedht the outstretched arm from on High.— j Surely there tr-.*n heroism hi his yearning to I jpmwt 1 his litv with activities; but. t*\*en in the wence of an ojsnj anti regular profession of Hptii, it was, indecl. a Christian h'T'isr... With PPHs groundwork of eharactor. it is further dvi f dent, that no little of ultimate sgivess in \y |He traced to a mind early st<W-d until knmri- Hdge in the pmeectithm if the |irbfesion of hi

IWoice. He must have I***-it awakened to a I just appreciation of boyish waywarriness K # fiis ■•ortaiu stum’iling block, an ! this sdf-knowl e*ige enabled him to retrieve lost hours of idU j new* in earlier life. It is a tiifetake t. iv.vest his life, tiros early, with a special halo by giv ing point and pith to characteristics * to every hoy, and on which the hioorapher would lain have the Scientific Explorer of Ar> * tic regions pre-tignre<i in Uie boy. He wns-cim tioued at retool and his odßcati.m perfeete i when his temper, very fortunately for lain, was subjected to the ducipline of the Naval service. The zeal of the laognxphcr cem* to get tin better of his discretion, when lie indulges iii a thug at thO ilireipiino of the aerviee,. to whicu . so much of good and -un f bGig imiwuce upxi | to suHaequeut career nay justly H ascribed.— . There may ba entire sympathy hw his family in their anxiety tor him, on his return, wounded El of tbeir i Imme un the rule of infringed ter Ja) Wok >juq of dii ipliW; p* an appi# -eSBH rtsasdjpjg 1 arch frem make (lS| :es ;u the i< true po vii spared. >r> in sur*- Command ie for mak mpoditioni monument |to national cnara -ter, associate.i wtin im*- per i soiial fame. V.'iili so much of stern aadiu£wi l iabte resolution, there whf'iningleu in tW char | ucter of Dr. Kuue a mild and tender heart, and , las romantic fancy, ,‘t upju brave and adveu- Mlrous' achievement. finds fgw parallels in mod* days. lie gave fu’l sway to a generous sm tjßre by deyulimj*tus life to,tjitt single purpose r.storing the lost Tlr .Jclm IVaiiliila and his PRurades to home and ry. A circum-polar rea,—(.iear ai.d open—seen Riorum and iians 4drelton, the -qtilmuux, sent forwarl by i)r, the 81st degree of north iatituus— s iluiduy in tite in hist of a vast io\" had been deciated to exist reumry and a baif ago.. An Lon* dii r, of whose whereabouts a<;th :rwarda Ihi traee.l, h:id volunleer rful atatemeat in a ’.'err shop in mid thpacooimt Ha* plac? in the rth>n of wyages hy.. Harris. s T fV no he u t out irf this uid llshcil beyond dispute a northwest [d ujivn boiru glory cnougi. fotjjuiy ini iHirsonal vanity would Lave \u earnest efforts at such dating ms the of fcaurt, to aliici; t.U gave the one aud p.isdc j Dr. Kann, .Jit '.va.. akindred feeling to ling whiclynalle life valueless, whc the t\ian*pl>]- r.apube of rescuing his prijH>aei> cu tin hattle-fiyul from attempted butchery. Su.L was J,i., g.*u. >iiy, that Lie was willing to yjiu ht* IX*. Hava..autl endure the most fryffi l\it jiyril> fef- the the < tha.Jiw bus aiju Terr or, last mo..•ted. to an iqhpcg iniVnc VrW <-• wile that had W#jt)le sympathies ofMr. GdbqtJl.f#i ' IHKESif ’ —j —rjgsg^^^^^^pwspreapßpipsnisawppw mn& pe*pk, and- the • ttreff bo all nf onr Rhtfbbal p3mtr : d'S %tTo earn, if to afrV Hwm >f % • r process *ttt>idc the limUs of ’ ,lm 4 X States fac reach actual pn>- a. V\'o hare in Dr. Ivaiic a person ct <a:- , thusi-urt*e . temperament, , ~hi Anwwi'an birthright; but. un k*r tiw tHwb jow oi the ;i 'Krupire,'ea#bi t .athigirt—Hull; rcguM ea to. f Mlow-man>veVjrilhAih f - /• •’ * 5 • 11 '•’* s A Bonutace of Beal 1 1 The following incident, winch wo extract J from the Journal, published at Hutyrus, f>mw • f *rd eoualy. Ohio, tkfmri to be strictly true, . p<>s>esos sufhrient romance to make half a do ! rAi novels: ■ * , In Dauphin county, Pennsylvania, reven . years ago, lived a wealthy firmer, who wjbs , Mcs-itfl -.ritli a family of six children, the eldest i f winch wtLs it beantHHrpn of seventeen sum mer*. A young man in the ncighborKcc-3, of , * g;x'fTami;y,fcmufed attachment to her. Young .; arid inexperienced, she fell into-tHr >nare set •fn Xrr. Shoniy affor her ruin was accom ' rhslied, the voting man, fearing the wrath of ' her father, when the consnqneirce of his vil ,; har.y should become apparent, absconded, i * The poung girl now felt, the full horror of her situation, whuff! she couM conceal but .! a short time, and her destroyer liad tied. She could not, dared not, endure' the shame ancnrt> rirtwrh that would attach to her when all shohld , * Ih* dte'-overed Slie detenuined upon leaving > * the country, and preferring to be considoritl • r as dead, ftiatnred a pian to cheat Tier .items | into a belief that she bad liecn drowned. A | creek ran through hpr father’s farm and emj i' tied into the Susquehanna, a short distance , j-away* At tins time of the year (spring) It w;is swollen hr freshets, and it was (JangerOus to , | venture upon flic frail bridge of plank that had : been thrown across. One evening When the wafer Was very High, she proposed g’ing to a ■ aeigfhbof’s who livti a-.r r;? the creek. Her fiHwsr objected, on fhe ground of danger, but iiiid%thig that she could get over safely, she • seized her bonnet and started. She had previ triify secreted a few articles of dctliing outside, which ahe tock with her. L Arriving at the bridge, she threw her bon i riot irrth the sffbaito, well knowing that it would , j bo naught on the bnshes that overhung the • i stream, and hufryhig on, soon gained the r*d, ri|d walked away in the directhm of Hams |Wfc -The botoemation of tire family, alter lapse of two or three hours, may be ima to thf hwa' htvl Becndhere. It was sup yireiNl ilfflPiTOlsfely that she had fnlfer off the Search was made, ami her bonnet wtw; fobttd lbdg*l on anne .overhanging wfllows;— Hpßy they *; eIA übd to their U*rearod home ; j TXarbt was at an end. She had fallen from ! the frail bridge, had been drowned, and her , r K*dy carried by the angry flood into the river. Shortly after her supposed death, her father, i whom mind was troubled by the ovCnt. wisb ■ ihg-to leave df hiV affliction, sold his farm and tothis county’ In tire meantime she had reached Harrisburg;, taken the ears West, and in a few tiays fouml • | herswlf at the only tavern in a sec’tided village in-the interior of Michigan. The landlady was 1 1 a kind hearted wman, and at that particular • time was in need of an assistant. She heard i tho story of the poor girl, sympathized y.itii j hr. and liking her appearance, insisted on her i making that Iter Home. In this hon* she i, passed six Tears of contentment. Ilcr hostess | Introduced her as a .widow; she gained i atid received many advantageous offers of mar -1 * ' * f , , ' ; One morning, about s-ix months ashe wa* . f in the retting room when the stage dr re rip.— ; | The windows of the cone! - , were down, and she • c oIJ to most of the j a*spnger.i. Among then) ,) was a fart* that seemed familiar to her. She , J locked again and fell fainting on the floor. It , was her betrayef. The landlady sonn learned hoW matters and determined that justice shotdd lx* df*ne. She sought hirh, toW him idic , fact.*, and insisted that heshonld repair the ih [ I jury he had inflicted by'makmg her his wffr*, , f ’ft/tUb Ifr at orri*e consented. Three months after his flight frem PennsrlTania, seized with , remorse; started hack vnth the MeMhn of marrying her. Ou the way he Had. picked up a newspaper which contained an aboomH of her tragical death. Feeling that he was th< ea!<* cif Irer untioKly end, hoari-sick and sws, he Mrrxd back a changed and man i: He ha.} settled down, accumulated property, ! and was a man of standing and influence. •(' 1 Theatre 4f tire rirl, when ahe met Her re pert tent lover, may be imagined. Tber were mar ried that evening, and the ext morniag stArtod - M l*Hitoflramft. Ascertaining the address ot . tor Vhcy eagres to (hn place tm tot w.tontn creihj carry them. Words cannot pah it- the rapt.;re of the dd man as he elutped ■j to Ha a danghter bo iiad moamed a dead fr six Haig years. Exphmatinns were { ad. all mre f Tgivoo and Wr pareiug a g*W lys of mmHnvad happmesatort. they returned to their hone in the Wert. f It ft, • v•* *ea y jfa, • e X.,;,,-;- —m ' ■ • e , I f Tg lire rout Pm sr.—An aiferting tone U**’ place at the ToHeriee. after the mare df if thanksgiving, at wjflefr the Ffaperorrtnd Firf- I I preas wore prcstwfl oft the day fallowing th i latS attempt. The Prince Impcr’al, wbe;i, •; brought to his augart pni<eul% retiiarke-l tbej :isss l 'Kn!si3i^aa?s } toapeser, and again itoU to ■ reii Ilf At ttoxiws arti ft—> words ef totoiM, IJm i >s’;telto> eireTtl •* VsfljftotiHh V tfta oveirr *fThc"Hbprirt wSjSf reQscre hundred fS t2f ••; ' - tjk _• - I . ' i ff ’ ' tttnilKi* iriaA** [f' K^riifekifefrßß&uSSML <rl&hie UMi the *IN(M**-dowt tarn* •* n^hd^! Hike pMrer 4we*ffis!', | —irmi ia'pwiatfr , M ll|U te/wiened as m rrtVfptH* c'oeilrorWwia and ;f Of law U!4ttbcd by a******* ! I ff ‘Ui'ts-r-auu 141* a long cwuyß^f-nin ( las been py ih*m couair -1 It'is now prop**) MA • la# decteHhg | that the Cjuris in Merrlsni §h*'l nr loafer ! :ud any &**•* J ■ueaoi the Linked Slates—which is the tamo • I lln ? as *^ c ' ar ‘o £ f° the wable alien wond , that, if Maryland had e*ch*i#e cont*f**r ■ j the sublet, iu> ioreignsr should sew be aliened ilC( l u * rr fie rights of a ciuaen of the Stale, ri roster how worthy, how patriotic, how dc . I VdiU4 support of our u.atituUoiw%Wm f m.iy he. by the law he is informed if he ( exorevses the righto of a citizen within the fiKklwts of this State, he d-vis so because die - will ol Maryland is, in the Matter, overbore by the will of a super! >r authority to which site • n ilxchxiMr yields, aild which she will not coun | teuancc by lending to it l.* aid of her own tfi bun.u*. * - l \v . q^ t ‘* U ’ ** * V cf ■ "- d> not propose to speak. It o*av j be that the General Government is S& compc ■ * en * t° Compel the Stale courts to assort? aad exercise ta** fjMte Mbqh te do we in j It ;P J P *&* wt to the measure as an obedient j wiiicu it may be supposed is designed to'pm* mole eon* partisan object. The inteWt wf£h j our renders imre in it depends upon mu ohlMte comprehensive in tiideenxpßx s\atc.Ji under which wc hyc, the prwivat ten of relations ndt tely respectful anti harnSw hut friendly and infirmly betwoefi ffo ,state and hodersil Goremmonts,* hof the is - importance. We are dependant übsu the pleasure of the Federal Govermneutfor many Important privilege* which, although ! we may class thenf m\* the head of rights, may he denied tn if we place 4W- **&*&* o* coklnoen tomb lit. ITrat. the Other olates of the Union I domwuc tribunals iWMIy W their euHn I carrying out (he uniform rub of nattinlk<tftk I ~yK*. ais federal Uoreraiasnt has careen t"> k!gSij^ rtV . ' * ->*a*4A I *.lllOl Maryland be the only one in oath her I Ctojutfunfl of laws Ardainel by the wifl SftL |-run iedaraty, in rdViHer so discoitrt COOS, yet j expect, that -the Congress which • bolds thChu . laws tu he wholesome and n ceteary, will be to • unpartml as hot to be governed by Uw uiutiws winch liPfflemJy co’.tri*! the a.'Uoue of me j, end pracite no of retail itioo? Undfet fee guveruuwuiof cdfttenrt cioua parwhee hefe4)cdn mndetwl the royal displeasure, <>&. nuduuta. wuh an preAuvNs Injustice—a;id We all kn<?w that, oven undtfr a Kepufafic, the same passions bulf ft sentaients may, uidfrwuws gniaas, bn-Mado to u*nct einuiar peiwStaes. But, if it eh(l -ho thought nnw. rthy the kgHWetm of ateib gn brau t* listen to snbh soitfid chhuMdU bnw. wc Irns thht they all! at l*dt when they reflect how impotent, after atl, t, Sr utmost cflbrts must prpvc in cbuntuMailiogtibo tolatina whioh ? . 1 > c >tiicitoliip. 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