Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 31, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 31, 1861 Page 3
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•fIfjBBBHEBHHESSVHCHPSSHBSfIBBHHVHIHBHBBBI Db. Kistuir OcriovK.-.l>r. Wintdiip. j the ceUbratuu Ma'Mclmaettt athlete, who ' vat awerted to be (he “•troßgosl man j in the world,” hat met a superior in the !. person of one William Thompson. tfho is 1 eoaneeted w ; h the (Tiictgo Gymnasium. : The teal of strength occurred in that city ; * one day last week, at jevmawatic tourna ■net, at which Dr. Wim-hip performed hi* great muscular foal of nine kg, | of nail*. weighing 1.00 J po.unK and raising. with '.he aid of harness on kt* ahjullcrs. 1,517 p unU. He was sac- • tdd by Tliwinpson. who, commencing ' w;!*i the last lift 0 f the Doctor, then wenl ! on adding weights aud lifting, with bar-1 nets ou shoulders and hips, uutii the mim- , Uca stood soccssjsvi-ly, 1."23. 1,626 1.73 d. 1,836, 1.936. 2.036, 2,136 pounds! —a very remarkable lift, the latter. t<>! he sure. He also experimented with , dumb-bells weighing luU and 165 pounds. ; i Auether competing gymnast, named Cur- j \ tit. ••pushed’* Srrt 130 pounds, and ih-.-u j. 160 pounds in each baud with the puller. ; i and lying down npon his back. pf up ' lid pontidt in each baud. Hut the fc* ; of the evening was th“ great lift of Thump- 1 %oUj and the judges so considered it in . the'award of the $2Hj prise to him. i ( „*- - - I illauiel). i On Tuesday, the Q2ud instant, by Ret. j Wr. Pacciariai, Jautwe 11. OoriK-r to Ki- ; It a M Moore. Un the came day. by Rey Father Col ling. J. Kdwin Abell to Mias Nusaii R. ' >latlingly. (Jn Wednesday, the22rd instant, by Rcy. * Mr. chart, William T. Giave* to MUs D.r-' cell a i*. Buckler. oui>. - ; Oa the afternoon of the 15th insUut. in j (ho of St. L*uis. Mi'-ouri, f Dipt he- i ria. in (he year of her age, VTIVA i THKHKBA. the lovely and only chili of: 1). Webster ami Genevieve S!ye. |F How hard to iuy n the cold grave the j remains of a darling child ! Parsing ex- I pressiou aud known to experience alue • ia the bitterness of the pang with which I auch a necessity pierces the parental heart. The above is another evidence of those i strokes of relentless death, which select the j fairest, sweetest and dearest treasure of a Lcu?eU*ld. the ona rivalling closest to L hearts, ss if only that were (it t be torn 1 away! Ah’ these memories. vnea of g- nlle aug :h, who came and stayed ; wlih os a while, ever surprising us into j hw aud dinner happiness, till sudden! v , they were gone ? A few days ago, little [ Vrr* Theresa was a joy too price I-as to he | thought of as dot ting A human flowar of j race loveliness, shv wss endowed with an- | UMal cl arm* of mind, and affections-of pe- ! culiar inior and tenderness. Thu* had the > little one cutwiu.d her&ed ai'butid the hearts ! ef L r devoted parents. and all accustomed ! to meet her. T i the day on which tb fa- ‘ tol disease attacked hsr, she possessed a ' remarkably strong constitution. and with ; this she ti uggled for eight days with the ! (earful malady. Diptberia, till death stilled ! k?i heart. The glad light is gone out — j but not I. o’ii memory, bur yet from faith j and kup --Daily Missouri Democrat. MEDICAL NOTICE. DR A. SAPPINGTON has ramoved to St. luigoes* District, where ho of- j tors his professional services to the public He may be found at bis residence, near Bt. j Inigoes’ Htcre, Lta the property Dr. ! John 0 Aslimiu. * Jaa. 31st, 1801 Sm. nastmman aii'wit 'Mrßwawa—eM*- i NOTICE. C-parti.stsliiy heret*.fis existing ; • endsr ih fuiu *>f UOTTINGIiAM &. 1 IlaK!)[N(> is inis day dissolved by mutual | • owseat. Wia, H Harding i alone-amber- ( ued to ssltls The iiiisitiess i-f tie tirm S A HUB I. GOTTINGHAM, 1 WM H. HARDIKO, Jmn. I 18S1-4w. in ;C under<igaed, hsviug B -tight nut the * lmerr!t of Smitiri l/utiiigliam of the lirm • I C>tiiug!iam A will hereafter cuiidm t | tiis biKinses in his w* Name, —mid be most i respectfully swiictu :!;t favor o the frisuds of! tba old Firm. Wil U. HARDIN i. Jan 24th, 1861 - -if. j HARD times every where but at Tuck- j t>r*s. and y<-uran get so many goods there I t-i )u iiu'i irry Hieiu lliue. Kyery | body g* ui Tiukor’s aud get goods, das. ifts, 1101. JIM. that's aa awful Nice shirt yoa have.' Y where did you get it ? At Tuckers, Ar SI,OO. J-u). 84lk. 1881. Pegay, hw Jo y--u do In dress &• hue? Why Igo to Mr. Tucker** with 2 r % dollars, sud gel ail 1 west. Hoop skirts fr 60c. Ac. d*Q. 24tn, 1861. fjpOII, if you wauta g-vj pair of Sunder ! ■ Bom*s for % H. g.j to Mr. Tucker’s. J*a. 84*i, I§6l. Ik 1 AN in great Haste, meets another with a * bia baudlr. **Piess. sir, can y-u tell ) me wherr Mr. W. H. Turker’s afore is T Ye* ] at gsMalrcc A Uk, directly at the big oak u i the thiee u* t<*hvi nail. Jn. 24th. ISsi. ***—*— sa iji i 1 m"'s—"i i ll ■ ■ ! FOR road supervisor. 8. BOWKS offers himsali as a can-j 4>latc for Road Supervisor in Leonard teen dstf;ci and solicit# iko support of his fnaods ; *ud loiiow^maone. Jan. 24m lafi. FDR ROAD SUPERVISOR. i A£MIY MORRIS Of Jo. offers huaee!f t# j 7* v J : * fl of Leonard Town district as a nandi- . ■*!*•. * wr Bead Supeivioar aud solicits U votes • * his fnaadvaad the public, ia* 4U|tf4. "F#R SilF.RIFf] HAHRISfIN KDWARDS i, pmmnM I. toe Mrf of Kaint Mary’s county aa a camit* oe<; w RLeriif at (Hcefcettnw in iffdl. la tfci itfgQ 1 ——Ml- W A 1 '■■■lV - 1 TUCIfRJHTED. | WL w,nh to enuploy a Teacher for Primary School No 5 Factory Dis trict. None tocad appH but thoee coop<*- tent, attentive Uj his duties aud vf sober habits. bkale keirard. HURT. THOMPSON, M. Bl RKOruIIS. O. PKARSON. JOHN D. FREEMAN. Jan. 24th 1861—2 t ass RAN -away fr*m the ruhscribrr, A living in the Ka-n ry di-trist, •St Mury* county. Md.. the yA pf October la.-t, li*-gr< ivomsn \ named LUCINDA, about 17 icjms \ agr. She D mivliiim heighth, ms**'if runuH face atul full jaw*, and hits a g<Hd t of hair. She had on when she left a rntii.lrv •v-ive frurk. s little faded, and i* probul-U : lurking in the <>f the T'l Pn*..; to 81. lu'gues iL.tiict I will ”ive the above | rwarc if shn i celiverrd to ntr or c<>i lined ii, j I e county jul eo thit I set her again. JOHN L. KORIHS Ureal Mills I*. O Md. •Jan. 171. i, 18C1 —tf. NOTICE Of DIVIDEND. I sr. Many i Savjsoh' Icstitctlok. f ! Drrou.brl Slat, 1860 f ' A DIVIDEND has this day been dedarnl t :♦ per irnt. on the capital stock of <l,i. Inst iunion I-t the 'art six inoiitln*. para ulr .■ a 1 !-! alter THURSDAY, the JOth da\ • •! January n xt. By order, WM. A. LOKER, Treasurer. BTATEM f. S* T: A statement of the million of St. Mary’s . i Suving* Inxiriti-n. msde in ronforuiily wun j ! The reqniriT>e,it of the stn of an a-1 l*f Aseeiublv, passed D'Xrmiter 2Sohsuui JBC,! ; R*. Mary's Saving Insiiiuiicn. ) • lx- low n, Monday Jan. 7lh, 1801. j Bills A Notes Discounted rorj'.i t’*h 1 Du* fr- m Bank in Unit. iL61067 lut. Ac 76 0? *4 i.Ga3-i Dividend ilnß It) Bio-.k t-m 1 in Deposits 1! 26104 I , i $41.(169.11 WVI. A LOKKtt. Treasurer. I Jan rOib. 1161-5-v. UiRSAV. JAMISOI & CO.. j CIGAR MAN'U b'VCTU RE KS. f'.SfCCKrfisoßa to (.. \V. Dwvkr A Co.) IlHl.Mff CIGARS, •>! our n nmnnfi:- 1 ® ture. roimt.intlj on hand. Wo have ah • 1 a Urge at<irk of excellent ! CHEWING and MIOKING TCBOAOC; : SNUKF.3a.nI FANCY AKTICLRB, I V\ hicii we are prepared to furnish our cus tomers on ri-as- liable terms. .lau.Moth.lßal —If. NOTICE. r l Ifl R iinderaigned lake* this method of I informing the pnl.lir *h:t. f a rlaas of 1 u Joxeit or more ran h# procured, lie will give (lessons in QUADKIi LK and FANCY ■ DANCKS, at laKtnard T-.wn, lu:ing the pre , iiumth Persona dteirou* if forming a j . iaae are requeetud to {i->tify liio undersigned j immediateiv. j. Randolph walton Jan. lOrfc, 1861—tf. ; AT iEBUCH F1ICIS!! I • rm\lK understgne-l are Mid se'ling tbelest \ K. of BARGAIN A a the sene OLD I STAND— i A. ABILiEI & GREAT BARGAIN STORE, 1 adjuuing the Washington Hotel, Leonaid i Twn, and, owing t- the pressure of (lie limes, j they iiuW offer the oreateal in lucemcids ever hoard vt. } We hare determined to sell off our present j slock of Winter Goods at prices reliicei at • least one-third f->r C* \Sli, in order to prepare j ourselves t<< lav in u heavy and entirely new \ sljck of pood# the coining season. Onr stuck I has been ro-assorted aud consists of the arti cles named iu inr last advertisement W. call particular attention to the following: READY MADF] COATS PANTS and VKSPS, ef nil sizes, quality and fttylts, w hich p.*itjv>-!\ we will sell for cost prices. HAl'i and Al*B als at c-*st prices. Under Shirts and Drawers at I’.i per cent cheaper than they can he purchased risen here, 121 cents Ceiico at nn< * U cents. Ging ham at 12( cents- w -rth 18J cent-i. Mulmr I.tutre at 10 cents, cheap nt 12J cents. W is lir. de Lain at t‘ij, 18} and 23 cents, tnjch r. i was never ndd far Ir*s than drcMethal price | English Mctino, choice Colors, of Lrst nU quality at Si} cents, generally sold at 50 | cents. ladirv’ (lloili Cheeks acd Mini'll i*. Jof the Istest style and fashsoa, at SB. $1 aad j $9. such as we have sold at 6. & and $lO, i and every thing i Ue in pr*p*-rtioM. . ! Virginia money taken at par. I Como one! C-ioe al* 1 ! l adiac and Cienllr j meu, ws will be pleaaed to wait upon y<-n and npuc all w ho mav call on A. ADLER A CO. January 10th, 1861 lr. I NOTICE. i r |MIR underaignesi haa just received a large ! * supply of Ladies PARTY and BALI, j (Juods of ; White and Calored Tarlrt vne. Ladies white Kid Slippcra. i ladies White Kid Gloves, Ac. Ac. Also, Gouts White Kid Olvea. Gents Fancy Neck Ties, Cent* - Fine Shirts, and Collars, Ac. Ac E. LKO. SPALDING. Ltvnaid I #wc. Jacuary Sid. IWl—tL I PROFESSIONAL, NOTICE. DR. J. FELIX MORGAN hu remewd from Leonard Town lo lu runiiiii’t "PUffniu/’oii Britton *• Bay. tie nfTera hi* ' pn*f*iMn%| ierricft* la lb* public. Older* left j et the eeubliiehwm nf (Jen. W. Dwyer A Ce., LeoHp.rJ Town, will re * * nromji at ten'ton. ’ J*n 10tb, I*6l—if. ■■ f "J". ■ DENTISTRY. DR. A. J. BROW’.V, rv*:i*t. .r Kal, will be i" the county ip * f*w dm*. Writ- j len ordr.* left .if Mr. M-*.e’e Hotel, LeoPi r d ' Town, at the Metiers. Herbert**, Head of tbe j Bay, nr at ih* Store of Mr. IIu(cl*;u, t'Uapti- : *i, will be promptly HtlendeJ 10. 1 Jan. ffch, 1 edit—if. i NOTICE. ; < ——— , 4 Ll> perron* iudebt-il lo Ihe litc firm of O*). vV Dwyer lie (’■ , ar* eotsle !l**ir (Twintt without fnrthcr delay with J. FViix Morgan, who i* authorized to j OKU. \Y. DWYER & CO. ! Jin. 10th l§t!l —4-v. I • PROFESSIONAL NOTICE.! DU TIFNKY C. KDKLEN h.i# removed lev OiVcc to H r (ifjVr hep-folort j occupied hv II Fftd Maddox. Ketjr. lit { j CAD alwais I** tluii.d. either at hi* Uftir* *i , ! Mo -re'* Hotel, I.lll*l* pto!'#>U>iiani u- ' J*n. 10. 1801—If. I j 1 FUSJXESS XO TICK. ALL persons indebted 10 me on Tavern **■• ctnnr l will come forwiud md ilie ■ • umt wiiltoul delay a** I wn,h all claim* due me •dosed i d l.ereiifie: - 10 do n evH ms ,t CASH b.'*ines and tun lei emm til in cive no credit for RATING. DRINKING! or ItoßJit FEED fiom the )•>; of January Is 61. ; J. W. J. MOO F, F rop r:**or, W asliitigiuii Hotel. 1 January 3rd. I PCI— tf. I CCSIXESS NOTICE. i 4 LL person* indebted to me on TJive* 11 hc- JIL count will I'orti* forward -hmJ scitle ihe s.toie oir.hmil delay it* I wt*! ait .Din.* due me closed forthwith. I intend li do a:t Itx :luaiv (j ASll bumne.-* and *lll deiet mined to xne no creiln for RATING, DRINK INCJ or HORSE FEED from the l.vt nf Jumu arv, I Sfti 1. JOH* F. PF.NWICK. I’ropi iei..r. Union Ualel. Jawuary 3rd, Ii(6! — ,r . C4ORN MKAL, fresh from the Steam / Mill of J . 11. Maddux. ! A ho. u fresh supply of HU'TTKU. ■ CHEESE,Ac iu store anti for sain by SIMMS 4 M ADDOX. Dec. 20th. ISCO. A. A n.Kft. US.O.n. WOODWARD. | AT .4. Adler *ir Cos NEW STORE. have jnFt relumed from Haiti' i ww more city with a large and well ; w*Wl d Slock of Hoods, embracing the following article*; viz: j MEN’S AND BOY’S HEADY MADE CLOTHING ■ 1 of every quality and variety ; ! MEN’S an* HOY’S HATS and CAPS: OIL CLOTH SUITS; CMHRELLAS; C ASST MERES. CASSINETTS. FULL CLOTHS and KERSEYS; LA DIBS DKRSS HOODS j of every style and quality ; | EMBROIDER IE, HOSIER Y, (J LOVES, i ! XU HE AS and HOODS ! of different style*; ditto for children; j KINE LINKN-BOSOM SHI RTS; ! SHIRT COLLARS, UNDER SHIRTS ,! AND DRAWERS; 1' LADIKB’ SH AWIaS, CLOAKS and MANTILLAS; ! LINEN CAMBRIC and SILK HAND KERCHIEFS | and many other articles unnecessary to I mention. The above good*, will be sold at ; tke lowest Baltimore prices for rnah or to I punctual customers on six months credit |j W invite a cal! and examination of our J stock by the public, before purchasing elsewhere. 1 1. ADLER k CO. Leonard Town Md. Sepi 27th. \m -tf ; PRIVATE SALE OF [' VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. • I ARM hehrgir.g to me. Inrated 11 CAiailci e Kali ditn*t *tui *ituated abni.i j e and a half mil** from l*atnx*nt rixe r. wilt !hr wdd a: !'r>.r*i* .-.air. it contain* three huti .! drrl acre* cf land, mure nr lee*, and the oii jis rwlebrale*! lor the produnmn nf highest j priced iuha*to. Ihe FARM ha* on it a cum jf rtablr DWKLLIXO, with I the usual out-h.i:*e*. J-’ur Tnr^ ■ j term* apply :n ih* under- w2HS|S# ■ • at *Hjiram(>in.'' or <i- i dress undarsi'iied ai Chapiion. I'AMKL T. MORGAN, , 1 n*ar Head uf fli. Qctuents Bar. Sept •tltlb, 1860 —If. NEW SIKkKS ! NEW SHOES;! , i _ • QIMMS A MADDOX haeejnat rereived a I O larre amurtmeni of NEW SHOES, of she

1 bftijjunlily and LU.laU’e for serrau**, ( which will ><e sold ivw. X%. U. J:bO A c --“rnr i . - ■ Ilf ■■l'Wf" ■>■■■ ■■ o*o. A. U*m. JO. H. VASMX. ' : Inkw psu k vp m. WE havjjnsl returncil fmtr Baltimore 'it v wi'.h a Utrge and w-11-seh eied STOCK OF F A L L nud W IxT E H GOODS. f>* the ln>pe?ii<m of whirh we in vite our friti. la and the public. Our stock oi— BOOTS, SHOES. HATS, ( CAPS. i *up<*rior > both in quantitv knd qualitv, to any heretoforo o. r ered in th s market.— : Our Ftock olho embraced a i*r£ assort ment of— ; LADIES' DRESS GOODS, j of every Ftrle nd <piality: — Rrudy-tmrdr i'hjthn tj, Cn**t*' i 'nasimere trnd Fine f It.lh*: 6-4 Full (‘hfii: 3-4 do: 6-4 Kerseys; S-4 do; •>-4 drifted and yJ tid Liii*rya; > 3-4 Linartja. and 3-4 S!aep* Gray. Our stoek of GROCERIES is large and embraces a largo supply of— Bacon. Lard , Butter, /7 our. Chon*, Fish . Fresh Bnck-irheut flour, dr., dr. V\ e have also on hand a large assortment of FINK LIQUORS, including— MVard, Brandies and Whiskeys, j of the moat approved brands. Oar wh**le stork of goods having liecn pur chased fur cash, we flatter ourselves that we are aide to offer superior inducements to • buy* r, Loth as to price and tonus. SIMMS 4 MADDOX. ; Kor, Bth, 18G0—tf. i VALUABLE I WA X UFA (.'TURING FRO PER T F : *|'llE valimble propsrtv. known as CLIP i 1 TON FA (TORY and GRIST Mil.l (water po '¥*,*). militated *n Ihe Head Water? •f st. Mary’* riv*r in Saint Mary’s com ty Md., ard *mhni ing fF'-nt t*iire hunired *?,d , fiiiy .irro* o.i lar.ii. i *t Private S*lr. Ihb piperty ha*-n ii a STOKE HOUSE *vhi. n i* n st'd *tanj fr hudm***, HOTEL •ii ** hi. 1,1 NGS. 'A .■rkiiop* Ao. The |*io ’ i>*rlr uiil be ••. At*C'<rnnn>dalinx tern,* For further j.arti. nUr*. ippir to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, JO. FORMER I’. Tjwb I* O. ■ N•. u<t. -if. ,. , rcy,,,, Jt c MILL I A ER > AXDFA X< ’) GOO DS '■'HE im<ler*i>ji**il take- thi* met!- ?d <f in , ■ h'linin*; hn old cu*n>;nor> and fhept|ili<- j generally, flat she will pen in la*oi.*t. i r.wp. ..II Thursday next. Dee* m her 4th. j r<>mplet* amwtrtmrtit of MILI.INWO ia4 il FANCY GOODS .f the meat fasl j. nab! ■ -itlts, all id whirh che will ell <>n ihe im i urn,*. M RS*CAS3I DT. 1 Nr 39-. h, ISCo—tf. • ‘ PATUXENT RIVER LANE CO K J SALE. f | I V m>t fteh! at private *ale befr-re MAT 1 * I’KDAV, Uct*l*T the ?oin. 18*i0. I wi • | <li*r at puhlie *al, in ihe village of t’H A B LOTTE HALL, on ilat day. the FARff J w hich I now re*i<le. i 'l'liic Fain i* asiiiAied on h* Patnxri ; Itiver. .vij-iniif I lie Kudu ..f Mr* K.. I j Thomas and Maj. Culiins, aud c^ii ' t*int ;ONH THOI’SAND ACRE?* OF LAND PeiiMM.a w jailing n pun base Und of aup< ’ j rinr quality, where gov*d health and .ill fji ! deltciicie* of the water ar* to l>e had. ar I re* j neat til to r.l| and xnndre fhe premi***. 1 Steamers. b and fr<au fisltiuiore, pa*.-th ! land every dav. ' i 'l’hi* Farm will be divided and sold i j dm* pari*. i 1 er.o* made known on app!ieativn to th j nnd*r*igivrd. a-d wiil be given f> ; ihe first day *f January. IftKi. W, J CARTA HI GUT. Chad.-tie Hall. P. 0.. ; ! Sami Miwv r * Coantr, . I ' M. AiifHal tftfh, lo—lf. ! NOTICE^ i j THE undersigntHl wish to inform th people of Saint Mary’s and adjourn > | iug countitj*. that they have just complete js HRSi CLASS RAILA A\ , and ar i prepared lo haul out vessels of any size iaud will REPAIR, CAULK Ac . on th ; *osf reasonable terms. Prompt attontio ; to all work, and quick dispatch will he give ;iua 11 cases. The Railway is situated abou a quarter of a mile from Town n, ■ a tiue oyster orcek. wh**rs we will 1* build SCOWS. BOATS, or VKSSKI-S. \ | reqnireu, ou the lowest term t HARRIS. NORRIS A FOXWELL July PJth I§oo—if. I auiMKTilwr would resymriGHy f*o .JA mfoim hi* friend* and lh* pobliri WjK ‘ hai tie ia pre,.trod -u d * e-ery thin*' in WT..-*! fhe line ofn WITCH *r.(i CLOCK MAKE! i and Jeweller, on the mom term* f© fd mi the m<*i durable manner. Thankful for past favor*, and m the hope n •h* <:oiiuiiu*iu *f the putionagr of an fuir*h triawd public, he will rodravorbv dilipenr ,y, ration to bu*mM *• merit the favo r howi ! him. I. - HALL, Waaitli ■Pn Hotel, 1 Laopard Town, Md, ■ ! N p - ih eschar g* for u!d gol. , and MUer. " 1 . I. ff. BALL. Augeai 30th, lift)—lelxa. ' * < tfko. a. tIMMs- JO. M. MXPIKTX.I i BUSINESS NOTICE, i rIR mdm‘*rwd havo ll.w Jav fi.nnrd a C^r*rfm^i H iu the MEKCAXTILf. '' id S/Xfh.SS hi Town, 'iiuW th* >amr ami *t\l* „f Si.lf MS ,f MAPpOA ] • aid ire now at r| e start- U(d !<vupi'i l’\ Cleo. A. Sin *r ITla*V *>•- licit % v'nt < *iiii.iun'i. f t. vvrr dliera' patru- , whivh M * pMtilol U ri •- |*te fitm. Gl<>. A n| \t MS. Jo n. MADImX. txt. - Ird, iB6O. ■ Oct. 26ih. 1860—tf. 1 u S3O REWA . ! U-I N i*a, fro:n my in . tf, i t RR- Miml'< \'> Nl- k. .iboui 10 tl;y vjbO Me-r-- man <oi.(nni% K) f l ** rs b M"ht out *4 the HPn*e Mrs. k and has a.wilvuiir>j4 ;ii*^ 1 * Mr. <l*T2r Tn t..|,V at Forrc*t laidifif. i head ..I thickoid •• crei k. mar which place u , is d'.nhtir.-!* hjrki >*r. lie *apii. a illtir. ie nl J * -inH‘olrf- coinplext'-n, kit.l aL nl Su j ‘ enn* of na. 1 t a alrove re war. j . ; or !i ap|>rchen?<i..n and delivery to me o | f*T Lie cm.fiuetnciit in ll.coan*t jail, lasniarr 1 Town. • JO. !!. MADDUX. Sept . Ifffh. 18C0—if. ) j: - - THE • ! SAINT MARY’S FEMALE SEMINARY ; r next annual session will coimnenc* ‘ * on SATURDAY, the 15th of Sepiem- Scr. under the direction of Miss LOTTY * Principal . asMsirJ hy .a corps n of efficient and experienced Teachers. : TiiC course of instruction is u thorough as t at any othf r institution in the country, and | a' hss than half the usual expense. The : i scholastic yeai is divided tutu two terms of . ti\ e months each. t ; I’hnrgfa. if* Ifni*, (tnyalilr in Mhniicc | ‘or ill fb* l.rsnches nf a thorough Kit**!i-h eiliKiui -u. indudai* j Hoard. Tuition. Washing, Fuel, Liuhu a*id Fed Ting, sTfl,ofi - Stationery. 2.5( ; L Tuition for d.iv pupil*, including > fa*l, 21.00 j • r.i*aATF. BtAXtHF.ft: French. 14,0n 1 . Music, with the uc* of Instrument, 2A.tie ! Drawing and Pah.tiny. xrlttsn of in.iteri.ii*. 6.0 f ' I’aintinu in Oil Color*, cxclusiva ..f loaU iiaU. 10 d( ; For further information, or for Circular* , apply io the Principal, St. Imgoes Post | i (JWre, Saim Marv*s Ctmntv, Md. C. HILLl.\(;>r.F,A'. I PrP(i(]-ni of the Board oi Trustees, t * August Itwii, !hr,o—tf. . i I ~ ■ . U RF.KY A VOE FAMILY mzm !c AVD UR.U.FR* IS *' j PURE OLD M IXES AXD LIQUORS, j No. S 8 BALTI.WORK STREET, i KTAII iIoi.I.IUAT, BAT.TiWnRK. I 9- 111 AVI*, constantly •* hand a larKe and well 11 scleibd t.vk.d FAMILY GROCER I KS r ! ‘oiisi.-tii.g, in part, of— , ! i:i:sn Tkar.—(ir.'on and P>la k. of vari--u* ; prices -iud ■ i'oktkki* --MiH'l.a, lava, Lngnyr*. MaracaiK and Rio. p !* **r< \Ms. —New Orleans. C.usdird. Pow dered. I, leaf, (irai.ulated, C Ydlow and Clarifir^, ‘ 1 Halien. Mac. ir. wi hi.<l V* rnicceUi; t<•oper , C-'X s Ri titled f it-l tiinr; Fresh Shl ..I and Olive O.l*. f’iie*se, Ki.cli-h Dairy. Pit t Apple n?>d Sap ! nud Spanish Olive*; English fti d Ained. a? i Pickle*—< rerkiue, mixed. Pi caliiithiw , Oi.\v. I’aoliti-.v. *r. Walnut* mid ftn <t *. S..iiccs—h*!:C. Ibjll. Hiirvev. R *<iir!;,Si>h, t Muslir.'i.jiic slid Worcestershire. *’**' Biiasiuks.—Ja* llmnesrv A (V, Viutg r# 1840. Ofard Dupuy Ao. , 184 l, Nalivi ! f alawba, Bordeaux, Rochelle, and other ll " i brand*. ( ir J FlXf O’.n Wise* —London D-.(k Tor!. Sher ry. Madeira, Lisbon, Snvrl ilvutllc, anc j Champagne, rR |\\ HIRKIV*. — Sent eh. Old Rve. PaUioim, Oh 1 Rapp aml BoiirlH.u, *.rne very old and fit#. Pure Holland Gin. Jamaie* Spit it*, vtc. ' Import* d and D unmic BKGARK AND TO j B \ (TO. ' I All of wl.ich they will *ell at rcaaonabb price* and rcsjiecifuily *<>licit a call. “ March lat, 1850 —ly. ."XA — ■ —e NOTICE TO CREDITORS. |~|RDF.UEn. that GKO ROE \T. BERRY, an li.*..|veiit Petitioner, le and apjva. rv bah r the fir* uii Court f..r Saint M*ry’- e, county, on the THIRD MONDAY in Novt’m ne bar u*xt. to answer nuch intermgst.niea or ]• >n •♦gatian* ** P4y b* propouaded tv him by hi* , % i#ditf. JAMES T. BLAKISTOSE. Cltik •! the Circuit Coiiri, m for St. Mary*# count v Anguct 54td, 18ft)—8m. if; roVMISS/OX RUSIXESS. m f priK . t< the ‘itixeua of St. Macjf’a county 4?ia( . be U:i romin-nivl the PRODUCE \ND COMMISSION I BUSINESS, N<*- 8 Giukkbs* Cxckaiok, Corner of Bxcluiiige Place asd O n.mtvct St kj BALTIMORE. J and will give hi* 4t|eutk*i to all pra * duett otiigi>ed to him. He Hope* by a*i iu ou* and prompt atteiil.)oii to Iriyi nn*> to iticpy n f , the confidence uf the C'-iumnuitv. i. wm. K. •i- * with I-ate firm of Luckctt Ar Voeng. r Utiri irrcu: Javva Mott, Caahar of Faruim and Mar ' chant*’ Bank; 14 | T. J. Gann* 4 Co.. Banker*: I ** Wr„. White lock A Ce.; \ ** Kreeland k Hall. April it4L, ioiU—U, NOTICE. rIF tinders;—ed ig leeeo to Hifatnehis ft-Kt d*i:d the Public. (hot bo i (till at 'lieol,ll SPAX!?, in Town,carrying n BL ACKSMITH ISGi GUN. LOCK SMTTHING. SHEET IKON AND STOVE 'iVOIJK —III i*Hirt. iron work of all deacrin *i*ns :ik repairing CARRIAGES. RUT.- ;iks. rock \waYs. carts. wagoKs. MOi:SF, SHOEING. FARM WORK of al! tuL: a’*-. REAPERS, THRASHERS and >Rll.f,s. With Uk rkprricaie of II year*in t M;i< Unr Sh>|. hi* think* that Ik* car* d ony wind <*f Bla k>n.ith \V.-rk from a kneedlc tn an anchor, and tu reaawiatle term*. Kew Wag* n* an*l Carts hiiilf cheaper than can he done 4 any other *hop in thin place. HORSES SliOKI) at the hrt.'*t JAMES A. M’CATHRAX. BiackamitK. •Tanr.ary 12!h, I SCO -tf. ia. !is:u. j micopxxc*. <*.o. p. movAt J. 11. II A RUESTY, wirr: IIKIM. NICUDEMU.S A CO. IMPORTERS AXI) DEALERS IN FSBIISI & BSMiSTIC mi. nr M i.t.l Dr*C*;u*Ttir, NO. 383 BALTIMORE ST. BA LT I VI OUR. March I*t 18*0—tf. NOTICE. E. LEO SPALDING return* hit thank* to hi* iiiintero'it* m<4urn for tin- lilatral patron age he ha* received from them, and ptr.ljpn him*elf t keep a CHOICE B'ITX'K Oi’ GOODS alarayMin hand. which will be aoid : verv low lor cash or it* < q*tivalent. E. LLO SPALDING, April ‘ird, 1860 April ftth, 160- If.. At.llfcßT T R t'.IO. iv I. MO an At B TRRHO it MORGAN. PRODUCE c o mmisskkx me u m.ixrs, And Wholesale Dealer* n !l/q ro r s .* ai) era .? rs, I No.J7 CIiE.A PSIDR. near Prat: *t., BALTIMORE Or- Ererv d-*rripiion of country Produr ! ■'iiirubtfd to out enrr will reet iveairlcttn -• non. ■ April Bih,l.B6S—-ti. 1 I THRESH IXG VA CMIXES. (have for rale the PfUuH Tn'jU Glar'd Hume P u rr. nnl \N . \V. X >i>i*e* Si C'-'a Ir-vt Thr*'*l>r, kHh Inr-tring Sit at' Cm nr. , Phe machine i* wanaiited t*> reiulir *aii*tJH inn to all j.urt h****r*. r l he price of 8 h'.feu jM-.iver. 30 inrti l't!r*<h* r ind Straw-Carrier, | delivered at any wharf in St. Mar}’* , i i* *|Bo. Farmer* arc invite J to cal) at my Store iu 1 Leonard Town and examine thi* Thrreher. E. LLO. SPALDING ! June 28th. IB6o—lf. I MATHIOT-S SAY IT. iWOEi* l&MHOS!. Extending fr*ni Gay to Ifredrrick street, : having 10 feet front* 170 feet deep, and 8 *t<rie* high, Ultim<ire Md. A lAVAYSnt.hHt.iI a large a*?ortroer.* o| ; a“m. every variety *0 Ijußtelicld and OP te 1 i Furniture, emlir-icmc—BuriaiM*. 1 Wiiehataid*. Wiinln l ee, Spring B*<l*, Mat j t r***e*c* 1 Hn.-k. Olton and ||b. Pfa* t 1. to* J eTciin. Ami Chair*. Rocking Chair*. Et.tgr ’ I rrs Marh'e Tahiti. R*< epliotl and Upholrtn i e*#l Chair*, Alerted Color* *f Outage I" fea ture. Sriiw-t, Wood ('hairs. Office Chidr*, par. lcr Chair*. Crib* ai d Ciadlf*. Side-hcAr.h, Extenwnii Tahir*, nf t erry Ictiglh. < ]Vr*nn* di*pn*et! f<* pnri l.ase arc invite*' to ! cr and gtrenitr *t"cl; ar r-t <Ttiir.ati*n. which, ; i for rariety and qtiulity of workmanrl.ip.ort -t i tat excelled by ary iwlabli. hrr.rrt in the t j rr ' a iivrmo? * ICc* 2S arid 27 North Qav Str . j r*b. 2nd, IBCO !y. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY A COUNSELLOR AT Law. Leonard Tou j*, St. Mary * Co., *W , Will practice in St. Mary**and the* countin*. t Feb. )oth lief. MILL WRI6HTINS. I J - THE aiihrcrihrr, havii.g had thirty tcra cxj*erience al MILL WRIGHTINt*. it 1 prepared and witlinK t* go t anv par? t' lie State to 4 > *uch *wk * HEpA IHINL* c*r j BUIUMXO MILfiS. He can al**. d*> rough VAhPKSTEH S work. All work dene in s I*ubUotial nr.4 with dupatch. Ad •lreev. F'rxKi v.. Great Mill*, j St. Kerj'•<>•. 11 ' Wd. at 18i 18C.0—nt. j ■ i. i. m. n. rr.t ut J.\S R. HERBERT k BRO. TOBACXX) AND PKOf>P€K COMMISSION MERCHANTS, K33 Grant Ac. (foilingawarlb St-. lUVIMOIt, MS. i snrtnnetv*.. a . JohnTlopkius.rrutidrniMtrchantiliv k Cro**,CanhitrCtuuuiercu:. a:.d Farmer** Bank. Gto. W. Howardk Co., Baltimoie. . Utter, Nnrn* A. t 0., ! R. Rickky lx Pro., fnammau 4 I^fO., I Wiiui.#, Onrhing A C*ulock. B*U.