Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, January 31, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated January 31, 1861 Page 4
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Nil, LUMBER, LIME, HATER, DE GRACE MD.. Tht Under**: ed having Micreased their Cap tfcj a „d Ban -e •* 9 cilmes, have tin* day '•rmed under the name and style of SIM.vDNS, HIIISC.OS A HILLBS, Air the continue* ion at the, and Lime trade, hereto*,re conducted by HtHesA Co.sad Siimiir.tis St tii!le. We hate eeastnntly on ban ! tor hx lf md im-nedißteslup- Bnt, every variety <f Coal sod Ltiniher. Coal*. Baltimore Co'-, fr.-senon, PiUston, Sun jurv, Lorual Mount. EUill'lfr. White pine. White and Yell Pnif Flooring, Bidmg. Pickets, Lath:*. Cypre*Slung'**. best North Carolina Culling* *ud Se e. Hemlock and White Pine Pr icing, Jmst*. Studding StaiT tut ta orde., WRIGHTSVILLE m STORE LIME, ike beat and cheapest that . -ised for agrimllu ml purposes, iick aii4 SW niW*r with • r without M-ignevsa. (One msbe!-*il Q,nick wril slack two and a-sialf - bushels.,) We have evory variety ef STOVE LlMu,. oilf variety oontaini'ig an AIUINU Oit ii o‘ M *IA for ANY SOIL tiittl ma) re jUire it, and the ethei varieties co Pain a u ! laeul quantity, aflim*. ©nr Line R>at* go to a'l the acces sible ptuuts on the Chesapeake Bay, and its tributaries, we are laerefirc enabled to oiler 10 the Parmer* tnd Getler* lit M tryland and Vir ginia, g eater facilities than they hn* ever had in purchasing the above articles. Thankful far the very liberal nalroiwge we have hereto- Ibre received, oust respectfully solicit a cumin ua'ion of the *anie. _ dIMMOX-S, BRISCOE * HILLER. H.iVRR OL GRACE, VD. March 18. 186#— ly ~ riiiE INSU K ANC E. INSURANCE on all dt'seriptiors ofCurnty Property .-an be r9<.-fe.f in any a) the f"l- Firl tIHS rompnnifi "ith •Ul the delay of consulting the hciue office lufk api'licaUoii tv the nmler-ngne*!. JuHN a. camalier, I canard Town, Aid. March 10th, 1869—1 y. Companies. Capital and surpln ecari ly Insurance Co., of K. York, s2f>-.OGn Pheuix. “ . “ “ 292.000 Resolute “ “ “ 247.000 Naw World “ “ 245,000 Moutauk “ “ “ 200.000 j Charter Oak of Hirtlord. Cmne-tu tit. 342.000 Jnaumnee Cj.. of the A Alley ol a., Albemarle of Virginia, 200,000 Lynohbnrg M 200.000 Narthoru Asatiranr Co.. I.ou lon. 2,194,111 Marine Dbpirtmrnt. Mercantile Mutual of New York, 1.014,150 Lynchburg of Virginia, 200,000 Charter Oak of liarford. C IlkC* The above Companies are all licensed hy the Comptroller. Thw&itx* 14. JolniKOtt is Agent fur | the State of Maryland, So. 78,Second ctreef Baltimore. l,< promptly alju-dwJ and paid. March l©th, 1859 ly. j FuK SHERIFF. j JOHN H RUCKI.RK u recommended | to the voter* ol ibis county as a candidate for ft bend in lS*il • Oil tRLOTTIk H AI.U DIITHICT. ) Nor lOtb. THOMAS L. D V VIS is recommended te Ihe voters of this county as a candidate for the Skeriffoliy in 18tl. Inigo**' District. Pfov Idih, 1859 NEW GOODS. ELKO SPALDING has just recevel<>rc • of the lest selected storks of GOODS he lias cter bad, wuu.b he offers for *ulc very | lew. j ffe would eall particular attention fe bis* •lock of — bodice* Dress Oood.s, White Good*, | Linen Cambric and Silk Pocket Handkerchief*, Ltdkra’ and Ceuta Kid auJ Lisle Thread G lores \ Laddea MautTes and Point*, Cloths, CuM?iiaere Bilk Totiays, Ac. April 2dtb, IfCO- ly. J. H. LUCKETT, Slock, Note, Bill, AN* Rtav Ikbraru Bkoebb, Ml Second Street, B A LTIMORC. lirtKtxcii. P. BUmou. Cashier Bank of Balt. Baltimore. C. R. Coleman, Cash. Mechanics’ Uank, >l. M. Buck, Conti. Franklin Bank, Thcmi* J. Carton, Banker, TU>*iuas I\ Johnston, J. C. Adam*. Warwick, Fritk A Ball, R. Mickle, tjah. Union Bank of Maryland Balt. H. A. Vitker*, Pres. Marine Bank, Johu*n>n Pro. A Or, Banker*, Josia'a Lee k Co.. Hugh Jeu kiue A Cu. Young & Carson, Wm. Pinkney Brooke. Washington, D C. May 24th, 188b —if. SIWFALL AXD WINTER U6ODS THE umleraigned has j ist returned from the City with the Largest, ana best selected stock •t FALL,and AVINTKR GOODS ever offered to the widens of St. Mary *s County, consisting, so part, of ve v superior qmdity of tieavy Goods for Servants’ clothing, at the most moderate prices—also Boots and Shoes of the most sub stantial make, and best material. Besides Cloths, Caasimeres, vestings and all kinds of fine dress Goods, lor Ladies and Gentlemen—a carefully aelected, and well assorted stock of ready made aioihiug,manufactured expressly to order, and a vßncty of articles of almost evei y kind no where alaeto be found in thecmiuiy. lie respectfully so- Bails a aaklfroui those desiring to purchase, fel tag assured that his ihoruufth aequainlaiice with tha business, resulting from a long residence in ©•tally, wdl enalde him to offer such induce ■uiiU aa will defy *o in petition. E. H. JONES. Cltfies Factory. Beptsashea 27th 'Wk*-Iy. ■ NOTICK TO CREDITOR S. # ORDERED that William C. Love, an in sol\ept.l^iiooner, be and appear befon the Circuit your t for Saint Mary’a county on the third Monday of Mreh next, ta> anawei such Interrogatories or allegations, as may b< propounded to him hy bis creditors. JAMBB r. BLaKISTONE, Clerk. Dee. 2Jik, leiiexasu ■-. ja.. j ljl" i QUICK. QUICK LIMK! ! I KENNEDY’S SCHUYLKILL LIME, well known iu i’catmyivayiH. Delaware : £5 New Jersey and the N Tthefn and C utcm portion of this .State, is bring superior to any other for cufriodtutal iinprocenuHl, ix fur the ; first lime placed wrhiu the reach of the farm ers ami planter ;of St. Mary’s and -iniri" counties, through the agency of the Muderdgu 'cd.whois prepare I to sell on intwt-laUny terms any quantity of 'Juirk Lime , deliverable , as per agreement on tue idwrea of any of the river# or hay# in said countia. Ur Jer# s •licit ud. JNO. A. CAM ALI FR. Ajtnl \ Leonard Town, Md., March 3rd, ISJ —3xn I The following laalysi* recommends this lime as possessing properties (far superior to any ' other) necessary to heapp ;ed loihelandsirithis ' section, which are known to be deficient in both uie aud magnesia : Ls*>ortory ofStuteChemist, 4 No. *23 Exchange Buildings, \ Baltimore, Md., June 30th, 1!<57. ) Report of analysis of 5 samples of Schuylkill i Limestone, marked respectively No 1 (while), ' No 1 (blue). No 2 v white). No 2 (blue). No 3 (top), fur John ’Kennedy, Esq., of i’ort Kennedy. Montgomery fn., Pennsylvania. The shore samples of •‘Scliuy Ik ill Limes tone ’ were found, apun analysis, to be composed a olluws . No 1 (%' 1 (h) 2 (w) 2 (h) 3 (t) Cai bon. of L'nie. GO 2, 04.7, 00.5, 50-1, 57 1 I Carbon. ofMeg . 35.2. 34.1, 3a 3, 42-4, 40. t i Sand, Clay & Iron,o.S', L 2. 12, 1-5, 2.S 100. The vbove 14‘hnylkill Limestones are Magne sian Limestones, of p *eity nearly equal cmnno j silion. They are most especially adapted to the I application on soils a hu h are deficient in bulb Lime and Msgtitsim. JAMF4 HIGGINS. ! AND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. I TO TUS FAR MKUS OF SI. VARFS I—We would in >st r*spctfidly rail your at tention to our lnrg“ sssorti*i* , nt of IAIPIjI.- ifL’.V/W. We are manufa turing and pre | paring a larger ass wtment Ajriruilural Im plement* than we have ever before offen d to the public—lforse Towers ami Threshers. Wheat Fans, Corn Mills. Cm Siiellen;, Tlonghs, llarrotvs; C dtiv it r, and many other article* to numerous t mention. We can supply the Farmer with ev*ry thing he nay want. With regard to I! >r'e we would <-hll jiarticu-ar alt nti vi to a fine lot of ffj.toS's mint: gfjihfd i J OH £7S, io work with or without loud which >ire :i >i surpassed in this or any other market; and we m >->t respectfully invite tho>c who are in want of Machine# to give uh a call, a# we feel confident that we can suit the pur chaser. We are making a CORN MILL hr grinding o>m at Home. This is a good Miil, has been tested and pronounced so by expo rieuc*-d judges. T-a this w ask your sj**- rial Attention. We ten Irr von our riwerre thanks for the kindness heretofore duavu ti*. and heg a cn -;in j Alice of Vour lovers, determined to in ike aetret'g rff -rt to pi-i'-w aM wh--* pvt n* their custom. Orders will meet with prompt atten tion bv bt-inc ilirwli-H to CUTTING 11 \M k. IT \ III* I NO. lf,f Pratt sleet Wnm I, tiu’luuore, Aid. April 114th —lv. LIME AM) m i) S I OilK No. S HollinswortL St , Baltimore. fill. It. HOiUmIY. (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HK.IM ) WHOLES At. V INI ItICTA TL BKALKHS IJt Lime. Ilritiis Hair, f cnit iil. CALCINED TLASTF.R. Corr, Oats, Corn Meal. Chop-Bye, Mill Feed, Ac. Dec. Sir J. 1 *■*- 1. UtUSOE S.’ATEM. C. OKEBSCWKLI. I SLATER it GREEN WELL, mm & mil MERCHANTS, NOS 10 Sa 12 COMMERCE ST., j n alt! murk. A large S'ock of ti RoCKKI Es A LIQI’URS | always on hand. Meri'timidis* <S I’redneej uUght Slid Sold Q (JoNSUiisiß. May t#lb, 1840 —if. 1 FevDK 1852 ciukvcrio 1854 * LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE &. CHARLES Sr*. ' bvi tiuori., Md. { The Largest, Most Elegantly Furnished and Popular Commercial Collrgt in the Uniltd Slates. Designed Expressly for Young Hen Desiring to obtain a Thorough Prnetiial Busi | itoi Education in the aliortts: possible time . and at the least expense. ▲ Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circn ! ter. containing upward. •( Six Safare Feet, with Specimen of Penmanship, ami a Large En ' graving i the finest of the kind ever made nr this | country j representing the Interior Vie w of the College, With Ctulo'nr stating terms. Ac., will be neat to every Vuung Man on application, free of charge. Witte immediately and Vn will receive the package by telurn u.oil. Andrews E. ti. LOS! ER. I . Balmnute Md. January 24*h, 1881— ly. SOT ICE TO TRESPASSERS. 4 1.1. prrws are hereby fureatarsed against ircepossnig with dog or gun or in any other manner uti any part ul my fat in, cailoi “BACHELOR’S HOPE,” j located it* Chaptlco District about four miles ! usd a half imm tire vill.tgn of Chaptico. 1 j Agaiu.M any am! aH persons after I the publication of ibis notice, the law will lie j strictly enforced. WM. T A. RKF.DER. • Nuv, 32ud, ISeO—lu*. -i'l ” - 1 !■I- 1111 J ! LUM3£RJIOTIfiL | rjUHN.S k SLOAN return their aiocer • Kjp UiAuk* tu the Farmer* for i.he.r libera wti i‘..r the year ji*-t T&wir •UX'k LU'dßc.U i- larger than ever and belter o*- lorteJ; and we are (h-lc-riaiuea to offer great indnneuxm** to ca.<h buyer*. Apply at the corner f KuU# an<l German trcclr,or at 132 Light street Wharf. BURNS * SLOAN. I Ihuliiuiure, Md Feb. 2nd. 1860 Jit BRISCOE, SUCCESSORS to R. H. MILES, AT His OLD STAND, 149, W. PRATT STREET, Baltimore, Respectfully offer their service* a$ acenu, for the Mie of TOHAVCO ! GtlAfX. and all kinds of PRODUCE, |-Wg* *h>dr untiring effort* to render aali*lacli**n • all wtiu may patronise ad vance* ni-i'lo on consignments. March 22uJ. 1800—tf. NEW LUMBERYARD, Corner of East Falls and Eastern Aetna*, BALTIMORE, MB. S WILLIS (late o! the firm of S Willi • Co ) has commenced the LUMBER BUSINESS on his own account,and is pres pared to furnish EUiIJiER in nil varieties for B olding an* other purposes. Be’ will lur nish ai*o— FRAMES, SASH, DOORS, II RICKS, LIMK Oil IIA Hi. rf With many thanks to his former custom ers in St. Mar>’s and the adjoining counties he hopes to retain tlieir contii|e*n*e and re ceive th*ir patronage,and pledges hmwfi to ue every effort*!* please,and will sell cheap j for ca-di or approved paper. I Dec 9t!.. iS.iS— Iv. BUILD ER' S I MATEUIALS The undersigned would respect fully, call th 1 attentiun of the Public t > their Urge assort ment of i)nous, or. rvda, sash, door FRAMES, H IX/)OH’ FRAMES . SWISH /WARDS CAS/XOS. M OVJAUXGS.-M AV TLES, and every description •f House*Build ing materials, which they have constantly on h ind, and which they can furnish at liic ah<>i t esl Notice. They are also prepared to furnish at the slim test notice FRAME WORK for Country Houses. Outage*. and suburban I’eridMices, according to any plan or design, all ready lilted Lo be put Up Oil tholr propos ed kites. l .irmt r and others. d*sir<u of building n the country, ’.voiild ti ml it to their advantage by giving ns a call bef.>ri; purchasing else where as we are luly prepared to execute work on the most reas'-naLlr term*. And tin advantages, which we otter io preparing ai! toe materials that may be oeees>ry in con sfmeting a heme. \v : ll be fotiml to save the Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and exper-e. HHiy All orders left at their office or ad dreused to them by mail will meet with proiop ami sattsfaelorv alfeiitioji, M A run UN & JOHNSON. S'ram Plaining Mill and Sash Factory, ?vis Fa’U Avenue, near Prait Sited Bridge Warehouse No. oj. Prat* street, Next I>ir ’o i*e:i>i £ M itchdl, Bait. ALL April I'.Kti, I Mil) — ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. I \r K. ANDERSON, ,v.v. 10 it 12 • Second S/t r- t hrf ti er u Frederick Slreri and Marsh Marhl Sj-acr. Uaßimure. Having the largest Wan* rooms and hesi assortment ot (tlldnet Furniture, in the CH\ . it prepared to s*d| every articjeju hi>line npui. the most liberal and accommodating terms. Having had a long experience in ihi- line ul iiu-iije*'?, he flatter* hiiusHl that he can com pcie t as to excellence of material, beauty oi workmanship and range ol prices, w th an\ establishment ol the sort in this or any other city. His general stock embraces a full and complete assortment ol Parlor Chaim. Sifas, HncKdinj (hairs, Sprint / J.tat gc, Chamfer Suita, Par rot'i/i, Of/iee and Dining Chair.*, French 7We a- 7'<•/< * Setters. Arm Chairs, iintlrases. looking (Hasses, dr., of every va riety and description. He ha* also on hand Red steads of his own manufacture, whi h can be put up and taken down in two min ute*. Person* from Si. Mary’s*, wishing to purchase Furniture. are requested to call and examine his Stork before buying elsewherr ?• sure to find the right place Nos. |0& |*> Second .‘breei—Ward cure with 80 lee front and d large Folding doers. August I hh 1859—1 v. JOIJNT- CLARKK. Wholesale and Retail Gt-ocejr A N I> Commission itlmtjant, HAS moved to the fine and commodious WAREHOUSE. No. 154 West Pratt St, near Light, and begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he has on hand a large and gen eraUssortmem td GROCER lKS, consisting in pa it ot— GOVERNMENT, JAVA,LAGLTR A and RIO COFFEE: REFINED AND BROWN .SUGARS.of every grade; GUNPOWDER,IMPERIAL, Y. H VSUN BLACK TRAN. GOLDEN SYRUP, %KW ORLEANS and W i. MOLASSES; .SPERM. ADAMANTINE and MOULD CANDLES; FAMILY. EXTRA, SUPERFINE and BUCKWHEAT FLOUR,An. Healao invites theeupeciatatteniion of his friends and customers to bis extensive slock of IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC LI QUORS. which have been selected wan the greatest care and cannot fail to plea*e, Baltimore, Hard. 4tb. 1859 March Itih* iJMrO— 1). AftCHITtCT & BUILDER.

i f lIIIK Uij'l**rsigr.,il has rmdc such smngf ; I mßtet.' is wul eu;t'4tf bun to execute all work i h-s line at DALTIMuKE IBICES, 'Vilh auil He> * t'Su Uviii iiid illfuuJ iHa lliv public. V. CAM.U.ITU, Tyvru. Jan. 2Ctl. if. j i *. R. iTOItSKRT. >l. H HKIIBBI JAS R. HERBERT RO. TORACCD AND PRODUCE |COMMISSION MERCHANTS, | ‘ Att. Ui'.uil At llOlil.. £m. Ol ill Ai., o a i, ii M o ki: , Mi). j REFERENCES. John Ho pk ms. President M erchantr Danl { Truniiaa Cross,CasbierUoiuiaerciai am | Farmers’ Rank. G. \V. Howard & Co., Baltimore. Duer, Norris II (*o. t •• H. liirkley 4k. Rro., •• ; Penutiuan 4k. Rro., *• Whitney, Cushing &. Comstork. Hi I JOHN 1,. IIKBB. ATTORNEY A COUNSELLOR AT LAW Leonard l\>icn, St. .1 fury’s (.<>., Md., KKTILL practice in the Couris ol the " ** Judicial District. tVl*. 14th —ly ~ TH VI). K. PIiEUSS, Attouej amt Counsellor at Law, Leonard lore it . St. Merry 's County. Murytuuc WR7ILL practice in the Curt.>ofSt. Mary % v T ami adjoiniti}; Counties. | .jail lßtli.ißo'J —11. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The ieinJ• of DAMF.LT. MORGAN present .mi to the voters of .St. \lat \’>■ conn t> as a oandidute for Clerk ol the Circui (Tonrt at the election in ISdu, and solicit fc his claims a dispassionate consideration. Nov. *2*ith. 1857. WANTED. 'IMIE suhscr Ivr wishes to bttv a lot of . ■- LIKELY Y<U\G NKGUOKs, ofboth ! sexes, f*>r which, the highe-t market prin-s will jbe paid. Persons wishing to sell. whotna; not ; seo hiivr during his present tour through the "solilli.**d CMimiu's ol the State, will have tluir • orders promptly responded t, bv addressing— ALLEN s." DORSEY, I Washington, D. C. j Frh. 2nd. 1800-tf. I imamZ i GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT I N<. Light St. Wharf, (between Prats St Camden) BA h T l3iOߣ Refer by permission to Messrs Duvall A t Iglehart, 11. it: W. W. Isaac, Co it & I'rovui, , Keuly A Tilghinan, T. W. Levering it: Vn, Drakelv & Fenton, W. K. Mcrrilih, & Co , folrt v. Lester, Esq., C. A. Ganibrili, (E> jr.. .1. G. linns, Wm. 11 Knn>\*, A. i \pp'eg;irlh, 8. 1) Coulburn. M. Ilnbarls. ■ Messrs. Smitli X* Ed.noiidseu, < a>hifr Umrant ftan'r. I Sepi. 27th, l^tiH—S.m. 1 FOR SALK. i : 4 pair of FINE YOUNG CF.AR j IIOR.ST S will Ik? sold Imv, if immctli | Ae appii.aiian is made to JOII.N L HERR, Hill View, * Md. October lth. 18b0-tf. ;334> OOWitBST ! IV AS stolen fr-Tn Mih-cnlr rs Landing IT* en R itlon> Ray. nn Wednesday night. i the 241. i ■>.' O. t- her. a SF.IN K. TH !atii.>nis in . length, which fishes 14 feet, and a coil <>f rope nteastiiing 120 vard. The Seine, whet; So •( h - n, had atn.ehed 1 1 the lead hues a e -tisider ' erahle numl er of tw me stripn l*v wLi. hit ear. bt easily identified, if they hav not Uer. re , mov. d. j B. H. ABF.f.L. ! Xnv. l.t tr. i ia _ L -T— -, t*VAC JACK-OX. HM.v UtNOKR. i HARMONY GROVE M RSERIKS, ! ISAAC J.At' Iv 80 N A ('()., Psipneinrs. (Succkmmiiv to TIIOS. M. HAKVIA'p JetilierviMe, f.'hehter Ceunty, Pit. I To the Farmers end Planters of fit, Marv’* ! and adjoining counties. THE subscribers beg leave tn rail attention to their large stork for the Kali trade. Apples; Pears, standard and dwarf Chemee; • Peaches. Plums; Apricots; Nmarmts, ttl! se ! levied and choice varieties. Our tonal! fruit aepartment coniPrisea every thing in ns class. •Strawberry, one hundred varieties; Giupes, i flfiy varieties; Curran l, Rsspberrv, Gooseberry, 1 i Rhubarb or Pie Plant, Asparagus, i Our Mock of ORN AMENTAL TREF.S is • very heavy, and comprises nil the common and moat of the new. Loth evergreen ami dieiduou*! Roses, Dahlias nod bedding plants of eveiv de; script ion. Osage Orange for bedgin p. ‘Thi* plant is detuned soon io supercede ail others for I this purpose, being hardy, a inpid grower, us ' strong thorns orterii.jr an impassible barrier to I all kind* of slock Our stock is healthy arid ! well grown, and ou • prices will be found n low |as any* other establishment. Orders eulicited. * Addiea ISA AC JACKSON A CO., i Jeu nerviHe, Oif xter Cs , Pa rr. s. Catalogue* fuflushed on application, f Relrrence—b mucis J. Sione, R'nomshurv; J. Edwin Coad, Lovn.a Grov \tsry 'ac.uuiayg j AoF-.vt.—G. I'rcrl. Sltuldox, who i| ogent for this eampany, nill attend to al •rders lift with him. j Sept. 13th, 18*0—if. j CONFIRMATION NOTICE. ' 1 Ann Marta Fiah Ctrcnit Court for; v*. > Saii.l Marv’acolin- ! Wm. Sown) and ethers, j ty, *itting as a } C”urt of Equity. 5 Nov. Term 18b0.j ORDERED by the Court, that the Audi tot’s report, tiled in thia ca*e, be ratiderl; and continued. utdca cause to the contrary • be shown on or buiore the third Monday in March next, provided a copy of this erdcr b* inserted in the Saint Mary’* Deacon once per week at least three weeks previous to that, time JA M RS T. RLAKIBTDKE, C?rtk. • Pec. fith, I 860—. MU I 4 DM... . ■.. ■ -*■- J!UC >FLiu .„., ~1 COMM/SS/OX aderwieml l*eg* |ir to announce •*■ tu the cui/en* ot St. Mary 's cutmly that , tie h.u CJtMiiuMiceii Uju i rUOi>CCE AND COMMISSION HLSINKSS, Nk. 8 (JuuobiU* EIiCHANCF, Corner of Exchange I”.hip Hi;d CouinicrceSt BA LIT MORE, ami wiH give I. ip ’ers*> attention to all pro duce consigned to him. lip hopes hy a>-*idn ■ ou and prompt .mention U.* buxneeb t<> merit lic couildcitce of tuc community. wm k Dodson. with Laic tirni of Locket I & Wuug. I ' R F. K K K KNftS: James Morr. Cashier of Farm ts and Mer ; chants’ Bank: I Mex-trs. T. J. f? irsuu A - Co.. I'tMikers; *• Wm. Whitelock & Ci.; ** Freeland A - [fall. April 2Cth. ISGo—tf I NOTICE. ! 'TIHE undersigned begs leave to inforrmhia -*• friend* and the Public, that, he is still at tlieOl.D STAND. in Leonard Town, carrying ■on BLACKSMITH!\G. GIN. L(HK . SM’THING, SHEET IKON AND STOVE ; VS’OKIv —in short, iron work f all dc*eri(>- | tions. *ueh as repairing OAKKI AUKS, BCG ,‘iIES. ROCK A WAYS. CARTS. WAIiOXS, ; HOUSE SIIOKINO, FARM WORK of all jkind*; also REAPERS. THRASHERS ami 1 DRILLS. W ith his e\|H*rii nc<* of u years in ! ‘ Machine Shop, in- thinks he can Jo any ] k:mi of Ularksmitli W*ak from a kneedle to an 'i anchor, and <>n reasonable terms. New ions and (iirts built cheater than ran lr d->ne ■at at v other sh -p in this place. HORSES • Silt)KD at the shortest notice. JAMES A. M VATU RAX, BUck-mith. j January I2lh, ]st0 —tf. j _ 't n. IRl'i. I. NMi'OUKMi’.S. f(KO. f- THOMAS* I J. 11. II AR L) EsT \ , with I HEIM. NICODEMTS A CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN I fOHEifiltf & DOME TIC I mm. or KVKKt I>Ks< UtlTloK, N>. 383 PiAI.TIMORKST. B A I.T I M ORE. Match Ist. I 860—tf. I NOTICE. E LEO SPALDING returns Ida thanks to 'jis numerous customers f.-r the liUral patron age he has received from them, aid pledges hitna lf to keep a CHOICE STOCK OF 1 iOODS always on hand, which will he sold very low lor cash or its iipiivalent. E. LEO SPA ED I.NO. April 2ml. IHCO April .Ml,. 1 Ron - ly. W.BKRV THE'.O. j. p. MOR'l^B T K RO O & Mo |; r; A N. /’ H n n r C F COMMISSION' MI.H( H.IN'TS, And Wholesale Dealers id i. iqr ou s .i a n r/aa hs. No. o7 < lIF.A PSIDK, near Pratt st., B 11/I'IMOH K }*s• Every description r>l country Prodtie rnlrusird to on r care w ill nr* n # stnc tat ten urn. April Sih. ISsS—if. Timrsuixa m. i rn/\t:s. (have for miV the l’’t!on / * if,lf Grirfd JJu rtf /hdC/f hi d W. \\ . Diugfe A* Co’s Iron i hrrshtr. vith larth’iity Straw ( <//i tVr. hue machine is warranted to rentier satislae ti *n to all purchasers. The price of 8 Imrse piwer .‘Ui inch Thresher and Straw-Carrier, d-livcietl at any wharf in St. Mary a county, i? £ 1 85. Fhi mers arc invited to call at my Store m I conaiW low n and ex.itnine thi. 'S'hrcsher. E. EKO. SPA EDI NO. June 2*th, 18t.O— if. MATHiOT’S GAY ST. Extending from Gay tn Frederick street, having 40 feet front, 170 fee? deep, and • kloiiea high, BaUirnnrc Md. A I. WA VS on hand a laige assort incut ot XI. c-vcry variety of Tloitsehold and ‘ tfTi<-e Furniture, cmbiacing— Bureaus. Bcdstead. Washstands, Wanlrohes. Spring Be-Js, Mat treses of Husk, Colton and Hair, Sofas, Tclc a*Tt i<. Arm <‘hairs. Rocking Chair*. Kfagc* res Marble Tables, Reception and Cpholstrr* eil Chairs, Assorted i'■ *lc>rs of Cottage Furni ture. Settees. \\*hk,l Cliairs. (iffi-e Chairs. Bar ter Chairs, f'rd s ai d Cradles, Side-boards, Extension Tables, of every length. Persons disposed ft* purchase are incited to cal! atid g:\eotir st<nk an examination, which, for variety anti quality of workmanship, cannot h* exctlled by any establish merit in the coun •rr. A M ATH TOT A SON. Von 25 and 27 North Qav Street. Feb. 2nd. l&GO—ly. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY A* CnCNBF.Id.OK AT EAW, Ljfnnrd Town. Si. Mary's Co., AW., WiH f.ractic* in St. Maaj ’and tFe adjoining conn ties. Feb. kesh in*. MU.LW RIGHTING. fVMIE ruUcriher, having had thirty years I exiieriente at MILL WKIGIITING, n prepared and willing to go to ant part of th> Stale to do such work m REPAIRING or 111 ILDING MILIdS. He cun also do rough CAHHE.S ’VKH S work. All work dune in a substantial manner and with disnatch. Ad dress. F. UXKLE. Great Mina. fH. Mary’s Co, Md. On. 18‘b 18e0—|m. UNION HOI'EI.. Having pnTrimsui the akorp property • b** I travelling public tlut it** now prepared to [ accommodate them. The Hotel will lie thor oughly repaiiaj am! nil its room* return idled, j The personal alien;.on ol tb- suhscidier will ■te devoted to its luaiiagMiieul. ami lug bast ! efforts will he given to make his quests com fortable. His table a*ill lie supplied with ! whatever the mark-t affords, and his liar fur 1 nished with ihe !*•> Liquors and Cigars j His servants will always he found attentive 1 and accommodating. St,her and reliable Hostlers have been employed, and the sub scriber wdi uke care that his stables are no ( neglected. He soltritj the patronage of the former guests ol the Houses and that of the public generally. JOHN F. FENWICK, Leonard Town Oct, 7th, IAA 11. & yog ; FAMILY GROCERS AN il OKA t.KRS IN I'f'KE OLDWIXES A AT) LIQ TORS, j No. 88 HALT! WORK STIJKET, KICAK HoI.I.IDA r. YIAI.TIMORK, E constantly hand a large and ire’l 1 ■ selected stock of FAMILV G KOt'EK] E8 t oonsi.-ting, in part, of— Outsit 1 kas. —tlnawi and da k, cf varioca prices and flavors. ’ ( oKKKKs —Mucha, Java, Lagttyra, Maracaibo am! Hi.*. 1 Bro.\Hs.—Xen Orleans. Crushed. Powdered, 'a hI, Granulated. C Vellntr and Clarified, It ilian. Mjuv uoiti ai.d Vmneccllt; o*oper’a t'-’Xb H-lined Gelatin*-; Fra.h sml t'livr Oil-. ClitfH, Lngli.-h Dairy. Pine Apple and Sap Sago; Sardines, Frenrl , n J• I ♦ Bp.m-h Olivo; K? glidi ai d A merit an Ft. Lh .s in kins, mixed. f'b midi ( huv— Chow, (’aulillmt ir. Walnuts and Onioi s. Saiu-eu— Join. Hull. Harvey, lb-adtng r Kobe* Mitshrnoit s and \\ .m\ *tci>hile. ** I’-KaM>lKs—-la* Hciinocv A - (V. Vinta<* l s 4t>. (Hard Dupnv A C . !s|r; t N.iTa# I .itaw ha, Bordeaux, lb* belle, and other hrsiii].-. Fink Oi i. Wines l..*n lon D. k Pur*'. Sher ry- Madeira, 1.i.-hoi., Sweet Mobile, and Cli.iinpagnc. Wiu.-KKVft.—Seotr h, old |!y,. Calhoun. Old j Happ and llourhon, .> lue very old and tue. | Pure Holland (fin, .lamai<'A Spirits, A*c. I Imported and Domestic BEGAHS AND TO HAC( (i. j All o* which they will wil as reasonable J piicesaml respectfully Holis il a call. | Mu-h l-f, IRi;o—ly, I ~ ‘ NOTICE. AM. persons wishing to couimuntcet with me by letter.wiHdirtctiheirco • respond tierby mailtu PonToliacco,Cbarl• couniv. Md.. or by steamer St. Nicholas, <o ( happej Point. ('harleK county . Md. „ . . VV\J. T. CAMPBELL. Fch 3rd. | 8."0—ll. THE SAINT MAIIV’S FEMALE SEMINARY f I'H F ne\i annual spsitioii will commence on 8A I I III)A V, the lath of fSepteni bcr. under the direction of Miss I.O’ITV I.FItiH, as PrinrijHil, assisted by a corps of efficient and experienced Teachers. The course of instruction is as thorough as at any other institution in tne country, and at less than half the usual expense The scholastic yeai is divided into two u rma of live months ea-<!i. Hi.-Argos err Inni, payable in advaiur: tor all of A thorough 1 Fi glish eiiucation, including Hoard. Tuition. Washing, Fuel, • T. girt* and Podding, $76.A0 Stationery, •* Tnit i#.n for day pupils, including fw. 21.00 trrARATP. BRANCHES; French. M.OO Music, with the me of Instrument, 26.00 , Drawing and Painting, *xciu&iT of materials, 6.00 Painting in Oil Colors, exclusive J of material*. 10 (>0 For further information, or for Circulars, ; apply to the Principal. St. lingoes Post Gffice, Saint Marx V Comm . Md. 0. BILLINGSLEY, President ol the Hoard ol Trustee*. August 16th. INJO—tf. j S9O UK WARD. RAX away fro-o oiy estate in ft Medley ’ Nti k, about 10 days negru man oW** i OM IIIIIB. jjL He WHS bought out of the estate Mrs. Cu.-ick and has a aife living Mi. George 'lntiton s at Forrest Landing, head uf Cuckold creek, near which place be is doubtless lurking. He -*.*r.(-.s * httle, is of a light chocolate complexion, and about? 0 year* of age. I mil git** the above reward lor his apprehension and delivery lo d* r for his confinement in theronnlv (all, Town. TO. H. MADDOX Sept. 16lh, I)Wo—tf. OKO. A. STMMS. JO. H. UAUDOZ. BUSINESS NOTICE. fffHF uailerwgrved liave this dnv f rinrd a * CMytnerEhipii, the MVHCAXTH.E f*I*SISs'KSS in lASnar<i T*wn, under tn name and ityln of SIMMS (€ MADb U\ . and are now doing biudncsa at tit* store laU ijf tsecnpirdl by ( Jeo. A. Simms A Co. They * r licit h continuance of the very patro nage which was extender! to the ka? firm. GEO. A. SIMMS, JO. H. MADDOX, Oot. 23rd. iB6O. Oct 26ih. 18RA--tf. KOK SHKHfKF. ' HARRISON EDWARDS is presented fo the voters of Saint Mary*s county a? a candi date for Sheriff at (b*. election in 1861. January litb. 1860. mw Eiumi nmwmmir SIMMS A MADDOX havejaat received a large aasertment ef NEW SHOES, of the bvet'quaiity and ufatFeixes u;Uhlc !br r rvarife, whren will le jvphl low, Nov. Ut IP4Q