Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, February 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated February 21, 1861 Page 3
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NOTICE. I TIB 00-partnerehiy heretofiwe existing under the firm of COTTINGHAM It j IIAiUfINO I* tliii *!y dinaoSrcj by mutind I consent. Wm. H. Haiti mg i ahmosuthor- J ized to settle the business rf the firm. RAMUBL COTTINGHAM, 1 WM. H. HARDING. BdUmor* Jan. 1 HWl—4 w. IV underpinned, Having P..>ught mt (he latent of Baronet G'lringhem of the firm of Ottlnzham A Harding, wilt hereafter omduct . tn bttM in his own Name, —and he moat { respectfully solicits the favor of the friend* of. Ike uld Firm. WM. U. QAEDIN3. I MARYLAND agricultural works.! TO THE FARMERS OF SI. MARTS —I would most respectfully call your at t<ntin t my large assortment of IMPJ.E- ' HUNTS. I am manufacturing and pre-, paring a larger assortment **f Agricultural Im plements than I have ever before offend to the public—Horae Powers and Threshers, Wheat Fane, Corn Mills, Corn Shelters, Ploughs, Harrows: Cultivators, and many ether articles to numerous to mention. I can supply lit* Farmer with every thing he :nay want. With regard to Horse Powers ) would rail particular attention to a fine l.t of PULTON'S TRIPLE OKA RED , POWERS, to work- with or without band, j whteh are mt surpassed in thin or any other market; ami 1 uu*l respectfully invite those who are in want of Machines to give me a call, | as 1 feel c onfident that I <an suit the pur* chaser. I am making a CORN MILL for j grinding Corn at Home. This ia a good Mill, 1 has been tested and pr.HUHinm! so hy expe rienced judges. To this 1 ask your so - cial attention. I tender you my sincere thanks for the \ kindness heretofore shown me and beg a con- ! tinaauce of your favr-ra, determined to make a strung effort to ph-are all who give rue their • custom. Order* n|ll meet with prompt atten tion by being Uim:lrd to WILLIAM H. HARDING. 1W) Pratt street B’fttfr/', Baltimore, Hd Fib. 7th, Itftil—ly. MEDICAriIOTICL DU A. SAPPIXGTON has removed to St. Inigoes' District, where b of fers bis professional services to the public, lie may be found at his residence, near St. Inigoes Store, laic the property of Ur. John C Asheuiu. Jaa. 31st, 1&>1 -3u>. MUSIC. P CRUSH FI), not long rince, by MIL LER * HEACHAM, North CharUs 8 reel. Baltimore, successors of F. 1). Benteen, 1 a New and admired SONG, called “THE lOVED AND LOST,” werds and music bv ] Miss Ann R. Thompson of this county. February 7th, 18G1—JH. FOR SHERIFF. The name of PHILIP H. DORSET.lssue gesfttl tu tin* voters of this r< only, as a can didate for tne next SHERIFFALTY, by mnu) citizens of Cuamco Durr tier. Pvh. 7th, 18C1. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR, JOHN K. BOWES offers himself as a can didate for Rond Supervisor in Leonard Town district end solicits the support of his friends and fellow-citizens. Jm. 24th 1881. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. HENRY NORRIS of Jo. offers himself to the voters of Leonard Town district as a candi date for Road Supervisor and solicits the voles of his friends and the public. Ja. 24th 1861. FOR SHERIFF. HARRISON EDWARDS is presented t the voters of Saint Mary’s county as a candi date for Sheriff at the election ia 1861. January 12th. 1860. at mum runs!! THE undersigned are still selling the best of BARGAINS at the same OLD STAND— a. mm ms MEAT BARGAIN STORE, adjoining the Washington Hotel, Leonard Town; and, owing tu the presaure of the times, they uuw after the greatest inducements ever heard •!. We have determine*! to sell off onr present slock f Winter Gvd* at price# reducei at I*6F| aue-tliird for GASH, in order to prepare ourselves to lay ia a heavy and entirely new stuck of goods the coming season. Our stock ha* bees re amnrted and consists uf the arti cles named iu our last advertisement We nail particular attention to the following: . READY MADE COATS. PANTS and V RSI'S, af all staes, quality and styles, which positive!} we wii) sell far east prices. HATS and GAPS also at cost prices. Under Shirts and Drawers at 25 per cent cheaper than they ran be purchased elsewhere, 121 ertito Calico at 10 and 11 cents. Ging ham at 12| cents- worth IS) cents. Mohair Istlre at 10 cents, cheap at 12} cents. Mus lin da Lain at ISj, 18} and 26 cents, snch as was never sold for less than double that price Fafltsh Merino, choke Color*. of first rate quality at 81} orate, generally sold at 60 tenia. Ladies’ Chah Gfoaks and Mantillas, of the latest style and fashion, at SB. $4 and %%, sueh as we have sold at 8, 8 and $lB, ltd every thing cUr in proportion. T inputs money taken at par. Own one! Oune all? 1 Isdw and Gentle man, we will be pi rased to wait upao y*i and •pun all who may call on A. ADLER A 00. January 10th ( 1861—ly. NOTICE. - ■ • - , - > V t , .• • A LD parsons indebted to eha Info firm ol **■ (sou. W. Dwyer A (k, are requested !• mttlc (heir artw.uU without further delaj with i. Felix Mo gas, who is authorised It ■tgu the cam# of the firm in settlement. GEO. W. DWYER A CO. Job. lOth mi—in. T DR. I. FELIX MORGAN baa removed j fram Leonard Tntra to hie residence , "Placentia," on Britton's Hay. He offers liis ! professional services to the p ibhc. Orders left si the e<mr establishment of Qco. W. Dwyer * A Co. # Leonard Town, will receive prompt at- l lennon. Jan. 10th, IB6l~tf. PROFESSIONAL NOTICE. 1 Dr. hexht c. kdklkn h*. w i i his Office to the Law Office heretof *e occupied by O. Fred. M-01d..*. E*qr. H . can always be found, either at his Office or 1 Moure's Hotel, arisen nut uruSessiouallj eo* gwad. i Jan. 10. IMl—lt ‘l m>mt mmjh* -i _____ CORN MEAL, fresh from the Steam- Mill of J. H. Maddox. Also, a fresh supply of BUTTER, | CHEESE,Ac in store and for sale by SIMMS k MADDOX. Dec. 20th, 1800. I A. ADLKR. OKO.H. WOODWARt*. s AT A. Adler A Co's NEW STORK, j WE have just returned from Bulti- , more citv with a Urge* and well j selected Stock of Good*, embracing the i following artich-s; fit: MEN’S AND BOY'S READY MADE i CLOTHING j r of every quality and variety; MEN’S and ROY’S HATS and CAPS: I OIL CLOTH SUITS; UMBRELLAS; ' CASSIMERES, CASSINKTTS, FULL! CLOTHS and KERSEYS; LADIES DRESS GOODS % \ of every style and quality ; i jj m irw, i hosiery ; i ( GLOVES, ; NUBKAS and HOODS of different style*; ditto for children; j, FINK LINEN-BOSOM SHIRTS; SHIRT COLLARS. UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS; LADIES’ SHAWLS. CLOAKS and MANTILLAS: I LINEN CAMBRIC and SILK HAND-1 KERCHIEFS j I and many other article* unnecessary to! mention. The above good* will be sold al j the luyrest Baltimore prices for rush or to punctual customers on six months credit We invite a call and examination of our 1 Mock hy the public, before purchaaibg ' elsewhere. A. ADLER k CO. , Leonard Town , Md. i Sept. 27th, 18$0—tf. i i . M.JL aag—gas m-ammaammmn l PRIVATE SALE OF j I VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. i *VVIIE FARM belonging to me, located in Charlotte Hall district and situated ab'-ut umt and a half miles from Patuxent river, will lie sold at Private sale. It contains three hun dred acre* of (said, more or less, and the soil ,is celebrated lor the prodm-tmu of highest ' | pricial tobai'co, Th* FARM has on it a com- ! fortable DWELLING, with j the usual out-house*. For j terms apply to the under- MlllS signed at **(Lampion/’ or ad- jBKSUmSk dress undersigned at Chaptico. DANIEL T. MORGAN. i near Head ui St. Clements Hay. Sept.’l Slh, 1800—If. | NEW SHOES! NEW SHOES!I SIM MS 4 M ADDOX hare just received s large asaort.neni of NEW SHOES, of the f best quality and ofnll'sizee mutable for servants, ! which will Ke h( low. { M.r Ist 18fi . VUtR SAINT MARY’S FEMALE SEMINARY j r next annual session will commence 1 • on SATURDAY, the 16th of Soptein- j her. under the direction of Miss LOTTY j LKIGH, as Principal , assisted hy a c->rps , of efficient anil experienced Teachers. The course of instruction is as thorough as at any other institution in me country, and at less than half the usual expense. The scholastic yeai is divided into two terms of five months each. davfcs. per Ictm, payahk in mtw ancr: lor all lha branches of a thorough English education, including Board. Tnftpon. Washing, Fuel, Lights and Padding, * $*6.00 Stationery, 2.6 C Tuition for day pupils, including fl, * fl.oo KirARATX brahours: French, 14.00 Music, with the use of Instrument, M6.UO Drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, 6,00 Painting in Oil Color*, exclusive of materials, lO 00 For further information, or for Circulars, apply to like Principal, St. Intgoes Post Office, Saint Mary’s Count?. Md. C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Hoard oi Trustees, i August 16th, 1 N<o—tt. I j . NOTICE. >{ A LL persons wishing to couamumcaW with tuehy letter, will direct thc*r cor nwpondvnceby maiko PoriTobaceoCliarlea county, Md., or by steamer St. Nicholas, to Chappel Point .Charlescounty. Md. WM. T. CAMPBELL. fob. Brd, J B. r *9 —1, ountm 1 FAMILY BK9GERS AMD DEALERS IX n URE OLD WISES AXD LIQUORS, ! No. 88 B VLTLVORE STREET. XF.AE luMIDAT. BALTIMORE, HA VK ennui '.<jti v on hand a Urge and well Reeled j*i< h kof FAMILY GROCERIES, unebtiog. in (iirt, of— 'hicah Teas.—Green sad Black, of varhHU j prim sod tl trori. lorrr.n —lfo:ba. Jars, Lagnyra, Maracaibo and Rio. jroAKv—Not Orleans, Crashed. Powdered. L*af, lirAUU alol, C. Yellow and Clarified, Italian, Macaroni ar.d VennecelH; Caper's U*x’ Gelatine; Freeh Salat) and Olive Oil*. Cheese, Euglbb Dairy. Pii.e Apple and Sap Sag"; Sardine*, French, ami Spaniel* Olive*; Rrslidi and American Pickles—Gt-rkin*, mixed, Picralili Chow— Chow, Utuliduwtr. Walnuts and Oniorji. ■ Satire*—John Bull, Harvey. Tb-ading. Soho, ; Mud.r.oio* and WrceHer*liire. [in a slur*.—.l** llennesey & (k., Vintage 18-40. Otoitl Dupuv 4: G>. 1840, Native ‘ Catawba, Bordeaux, Rochelle, ami other; brand*. Fixe Old \Viv.—London Dork Pn. Sher- I ry, M.idcin., Lisbon, Sweet Moselle, and , CUauipagot. Whiskeys.— Scotch, OKI Rye, Calhoun, OUL ltj*p and I tourism, *-*me very old ami tite. ] Pure Holland Gin, Jamaica Spirits, Arc. Imported ud Domestic SEGAKS AND TO BACCO. All of which they will sell at reasonable j rice* and respectfully mjicil a call. March l*t, 18>0—ly. COM MISS 10 X HUS IX ESS. rHK mlcrtigned I**g* K*av tn announce to the citizen* of St. Mary’s county that I c lias commenced th* rUOIM CE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS. Nn. 8 G hoc Elis’ Exchakqk, lorner of Exchange Place and Commerce St BALTIMORE, nd will give hi? personal attention to all pro lucc consigned to him. lie hopes by assidu aus and prompt attention to business to merit he confident, e of the community. WM. K. DODSON, with Late firm of Luokekt & Young. Refer r. k c k a: •Tame* Mott, Cashier of Farmers and Mer hants* Bank; Mew*. T. J. C.r*nn A- Co.. Bankers; “ Win. Whitelock & Co.; ** Freeland A Hall. April 2th, 1860—tf UNION HOTEL. HAVING purchased the above property the subscriber res-pectfully informs tin ravelling public that he is now prepared ccommoda e them. The Hotel will be thcr uglily repa red and ail its rooms refurnished 'ne persons I attention of the subs'cnker wiK e devoted tr> its management, and his best ffort* will h given to make his euestw ictn irtable. His table will be supplied with rLalerer (lie market affords, and his Itarfrt ished wiih the best Liquor* end Cigar lis servants will always be found attentive nd accommodating. • Sober fnd reliabh losth-rs Slave been employed, and the sul enber will take care that his stables are n< icglerfed. He solicits the patronage of the forme! uests of the House* and that of the puhlir enerally. JOHN F. FENWICK. Leonard Town Ocl. 7th. 1858—it. ARCHITECT* BUILDER THE undersigned has made such arrange merits as will enable liim to execute al! vork in his line at BALTIMORE PRICKS, ■vith* and despatch. He solicits * -ail front his friends und the public. V. CAM ALTER, Leonard Town. Jan. 2Cth, 1800—tf. JOHN L, HKBb. ATrOR.VEY & COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Leonard Torn, St. Mary’* (Jo., Mi., WILL practice in lh Courts ol the ; Judicial District. Feb. Ulh |SV;.-ly! TIIAD. K. PIIEUSS, Attooey and Counsellor at Law, I sonard Jotcn.St. Mary' County Mcrylauc VM7 H.L practice in the Court *of St. Mary % ▼ ▼ and adjoining Counties. Jan Idlh.lßoy—lt. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The tends of DANIEL T. MORGAN present im to the voters of St. Mary’s conn ty as a candidate for Clerk of the Circui Court at the election in 18H3, and solicit ft his claims a dispassionate consideration. Nov.Jttlh. 1857. WANTED. '■'HE saWrlher wishes to bur a lot ol * LIKELY YOUNG NKGROES, of botk sexes, for which the highest market prices will he (Mid. Persons wishing to sell, who may not see Limr during hi* present lour the Sob then counties of the State, will have theii orders promptly re)H>i.ded to, by addressing— ALLEN S. DORSEY, Washington,D. C. Feb. 2nd. IB6o—tf. BOMB ami, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT Ne. 92 Light St. Wharf, (between Pe*u A Camden) BA LTinOKE Refer by permission to Messrs Duvall A Wcliart, a. 4 W. W, Isaac, Cox A Brown, Kcaly A TiHglonaii, T. W. Levering A fkn, Draketv A Feu inn, W. K. Merribb, A Co , Lester, Esq., C. A. Qambrill, feqr..J. O. Herres. Ww. H. Emory. A. Wegarth, 8. D. CoulUirn, M. Robert*. Mm. Smith A Edmond sow, FVPiirr Newer* I- *7:h. i m~ An, saga— CSOBBSSmmLL,..! U'-SJgJ'l-i - t

LIKIT TRtOO.' i. . voniM £ - TREOO k. MORGAN. PRODUCE COMMISBKLY MERCHANTS, And Wholesale Dealer?- in LIQUORS JAD Cl G JUS, ~ fio.JT CTIEAPSIDB, near Pratisi-, ! BALTIMORE |o> Krery description ol country Produc otiuattd lo oui core will receives ir*c mien ion. Apnlßih.lß3b—tt. i — A TDEESU/XG MACIIJXES. . (have for sale the Pdtoa Tn'jJe Oemrel 01 Horse Pi*trr and W. \V. Dingee A (V* ; Irmt Thresher, with Iterukimy Sir ate Currier. - rite machine 1* warranted tu render satislat- , ■ [jori to all purchaser*. The }rice of 8 horse 1 |nver. 30 inch Thresher and Straw-Carrier, lelivcre*! at any wharf iu St. Mary s cuuuly, * $135. j 1 Farmer* are invited to call at my Store ia Leonard Town au examine this Thresher. j E. LEO. SPALDING. * June 28th, IWO-rtf. !i; MATHIOT’S GAY ST. i; ■S7AIMB IBSXDSaSa 1 Extending from Gap to Frederick street, having 40 feet* froat, 170 feet deep, and C stories high. Baltimore Md. L ALWAYS on hand a la?pc assortment of every variety of Household and tHlii’* | Furniture, embracing—Bureau*. Bedsteads, j Washslands, Wardrobes, Spring Beils, Mat- j tress*a of Hud, Cotton and Hair, Sofas, Tete- 1 .• Teles, Arm ('hairs, Rocking tonin', Ktagc- ( res. Marble Tables, Reception and I pholstrr- . e<l Chairs. Assorted Odors f Cottage Furni ture, Settees. Wood Chairs, Office Chairs, Bar- Ikt Chairs. Cribs and Cradles, Side-boards, | Kxtension Tables, of every length. i Persons disposed to purchase arc invited t \ call and giveoiir stock au cxainin:*tion, which, 1 for variety and quality of workmanship, cannot < bo excelled by any establishment iu the coun- 1 • • 1 ♦rv. i A. MATMIOT & SOX, j Nos. 25 and 27 North Gay Street \ Fab. 2nd, IB6o—ly. !, JAMES 8. DOM E’S, ( ATTORNEY A* COUNSELLOR AT LAW, I Menard Town, St. J lory's Co., Sid., j Will practice iu St. Maryland theadjuininy I jauntiest. j Feb. 10th IMP. MILL WRI6HTINS. 1 f 1 • • • • j THE subscriber, having had thirty years , exiieriei cc at MILL WRIGHTIXG. 1* ; prepared and willing to go to any jmrl of the to do such work as RKTAIIIINfi *>l BUILDING Ml Lid*. He can also do rough 1 ('A HP KSTEH’S work. All work done in a! tubaianMal Dimmer and with dispatch. Ad- j •ires*. I FUNKLE. Great Mill*, St. Man's Co. Md. Oet. 18‘b 1840—3 m, { 1 j | . a. HCKBCaT. M. H. HKKBXRT JAS R. HERBERT &. BRO. TOBACCO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS,' | No. 32 Grants Hollingsworth 81a., IUTIHOIC, MU. REFERENCES. John Hopkm*.PresidentMerchant*Bank I ' Trueman Cross,CashierCuiumerciai and ! Partners’ Bank. Qeo. W. Howard St Co., Baltimore. Duer, Norn* &. Co., K. ilickley &. Bro., “ j IVnnnmtn A Bro.. “ I Whitney, Cushing A Comstock. Balt. I I OKO. A. SIMM*. a- jo. H. MAUOoX ■ BUSINESS NOTICE. I j fWHIK undersigned have this day formed n' i *• Co-Partnership in the UEUCASTH.K I [ CVSIXESS in Leonard Town, under the 1 j name and style of SIMMS t MAP DO A”. { and are now doing business at the store lately | occupied by Geo* A. Simms A Co. They so- I j licit a continuance of the very liberal palp*-! ' nage which was extended to the Ute firm. GEO. A. SIMMS. JO. H. MADDOX. Oct. 23rd* 1860. ! • Ort 25th. iico—tf. ; SSO REWA j RAN away from y estate ia m ago, negro man -- ■ ■ ...AJjf - ! (OMURIN. •• . VL He was bought ontof the estate ef Mr*. Curick and hex.a wife 11% in* at*arfsa*- j Mr. George Taftafc’a ft Forrest Landing I heail of Cuckold* c*rk. near which (date he ! 3ia doubtless larking. He stoops a little, i* f, I a light chocolate complexion, and about 80 j years of age. I will give the above reward ' j ter hi* apprehension and delivery to me or ’ for hi* confinement ia Iheconnty jail, Leonard Town. JO. H. MADDOX. Sept. 18th, 1860—tf. j _____ NOTICE. I undersigned hap just received a large I * *“PP*y ®f TARTY and BALL 1 Goods cunsistinp of White and Colored Tarletons. Indies white Kid Slipper*. Ladies White Kid Gloves, Au. As. Also, • Gent* White Kid Olsvn, Gents Fancy Neck Tie*,; Gants’ Fine Shirts, and Cellam, Re. Ac K. LEO. SPALDING. lrard T"wr. j J ry tr 4, 1861—if. * * rL . n —■ _ —— SASTT FACTORY 'u’ORK OP BALTIMORE MAKE. GEOROR It. DOIMK * CO., ScccKseoiis To POT 3 * HOWARD, !V*MPrn4lK|rtfl, FACTORY, Locrsr FOIST, BAIT., '< Mare om land, ami rnaka U anlrr, v ueff-xrotonrti l.umifcr, RASH. < DOORS . JBLISDS, FRAMES, Aud all ktmla of SASJf FACTOR ¥ WORK, .11*0 furnish every descriptive of BUILDING , MATERIAL. 9ST Wc solicit the orders of Builders aad ; txhers. Sept. 2Tck, 1860 — 8 m. LUMBKK shingles:: FLORING, 4C. RMTF. ir.vitr the attention *f our friend* and ** oHMiiuen*, ittwralh', in S. Mary’s and Adjoi.img counties tv onr extenrive assortment i>t *<a*onci JiCJJ.JifXG MA TKIUALS. All parties (MOten.plating *hj erection at Dwellings, Barnes, Itc., will find it greatly to j their advantage to give u* a call, an wo can. seU at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pa |*er. Doors, Frames, Sash, drr., furnished at Mill price*. Order* filled for Bricks, Lime, Hair, Nail*, Rt. N* Wharfage charged oa Vessels receiving LunA**r fr->ni our Yard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN. * CO.. Wot ride Union Dock, Norfolk Boat Wharf Marrh 29t , 1860—11*. SIOO It E\VA tt I). • j RAN HW*y froiu Roeerofl, the residence o William F. Hardy, in St. lingoes’ dn- ; Incl, nn Tuesday, (he l.'ith instant, negro ms* 1 Daviu W’illianis, aped a'Mnit 24 year*. David : is about 5 feet, 6orH inches high, lie hod on, | when he left the Farm, a pair of white drab . cloth pantaloons, n n art; pea jacket and a white cloth hat. He rook with him, also, a Sunday ! sun of black clothes and a black hat. David is I a fast talker and very quick :n liia movements. ! He was purchased of Button Duvall, of Anr.e Arundel county. Aid. I will give the above reward, if he is taken outside of St. Mary’s county, ami SSO, if he is taken in the county—provided nets so secured that I get him again. JOHN M. MILLARD for WILLIAM F. HARHV Leonard Town, Md Nor. 34th. 1859 | VOLUNTEERS WASTED. CITIZENS of this county who may be tleriroiirt of uniting in tha formation of a CAVALRY COMPANY are requested to ■ leave tin ir i<ain*s at the Store of Mvur> 4' Madib.x in this village. January Brd, IWCl—if. NOTICE. I FWfAV underrigred leg* leave to informehis i | friends and the Public, that he is still si: j the OLD STAND, in Town, carrying | on HLACKSM (THING, GUN. LOCK -1 SMITHING. SHEET IRON AM) STOVK | WORK —in short, in n work ol ail deecri)- I | tion*. such as repairing CARRIAGES, I’.UG [OIKS. KOI’KAWAYS. CARTS, WAGONS, !Horse shoeing, farm work of ati (kind*; also REAPERS, THRASHERS anti 1 DRILLS. With hi* ex|crit nue ol 11 years in j a Machine Shop, he thinks that he can do any kind of BlitrkMiiiih Work from a kneedle to an anchor, ami on reasonable terms. New Wg- I ; <<ns and Carts built cheaper than rati lc j at any tber simp in this place. HORSES i SHOE!) at the shrrurt notice. J A 51ES A. M’CATHRAN, UUckstnilh. January 12th, IB6o—tf. S. MKIV. j. SI-'-lOKliri. KO. r. THOMAr J. 11. H A HDESTY. with HEIM, NICODLMUS & CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FOIIIM & IMEffIC mu nr Evrnr km atrrio*, NO. 283 HAITI MORE ST. BALTIMORE. March Ist IBf,o—4f. NOTICE. E. LEO SPALDING return* his thank* t* hi* numerous customer* for the literal patron age he ha* received from them, and pledger himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK Oh l GOODS always on hmul, which will be auh ' low for cash • r it* iquivalent. K. LEO SPALDING. April 2nd, 1869 , April sth. 18C#—It BFIE ■ubs'-nber would respectfully inform his frienda and the public j jwyk j hat he is prepared to do every thing m JeZ-S ' the line of a WATCH and CLOCK MAKER' and Jeweller, on the moat reasonable terms foi cash and in the moat durable manner. Thankful for past favors, and in (be Hopes o: the continuance of the patgonege of* an euiigh tened public, he will endeavor by diligent apph i nation to business le merit (he favors shown : him. I. 8. BALL. Washington Henri. Leonard Town, Md. N. B. Jewelry giran in exchange for old got! aad silver. 1. 8. BALL. August 30ik. ]6M—leSm. ( , ' —————> NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ORDERED that William C. Lore, ea is solvent Petitioner, be and* appear before the Circuit Coart far faint Mary*# eouoty os ; the third Monday of March newt, to answer | suck Interrogatories or allegations, as assy b* trapouaded to him by kis creditors. JAMES F. BLAKIBTONE, i Clerk. , Dec. 22'1860—Jm t tt ■■■m ' _i-■j!iu LUMBER NOTICE. BURXS A Ml/)AX return their atncer thank# to the hram for tMr libera pstrmace for Ike yew past Their stock LI'MBRR m larger than ever and hotter as- and we are determined to offer |mt iwlrrmift.i* ♦• rvk Norm. Apply ai ito corner "T Ku*nw ami Qermaoatrceli*, or ml its Light street Wkwf. BURNS ft SLOAN. Ifalliniore, Md Pel. 2nd. 1860— ROBERTSON St BRISCOE, SrOCESSORS to R. H. MILES, AT Sit OLD STAND. 140. W PRATT STREET, BALTIMORE. j , ■ Respectfully offer their service# • agents, for tin* sale of TOBACCO GRAfX and all kind* of PRODUCE, pini ng thvir jtiiiring eff.-rtsto fender satisfaelion u all Mrh • may jwtro;ii -e tlu-m*. Liberal ad* vanres made on ronsienmenta. March 22nd. I hcO—if. NEW LUMBER YARD, Corneraj But FiUini EiOerti .limamc, BALTIMOKI*. Ml). S WILLIS (late of the firm of S'. Will 1 e & Co.*} ha* enmmencedtbe LUMBER BUSINESS on his own account.and ir prra pared u fun tab* LUMBER in mil rtnfk'rifoi Pin Ming and other purposes. He will fur- Utah also— FRAMES, SAB ft, noons, bricks. lime on haw, * With maojf thanks to liis former custom er in Si. Mart's and (he adjoining counties he hopes to retain thrir confidence and re* c -ire their patronage.and pledger kimselfto use every rflortto pl**asr and wtlisell cheap ur cash i r approvt d paper. Dec. 9th. Icsw ly. ‘ B VILD ER' S 7 M ATE RIALS a. I I H aiV The uivkr*uned would resp c fully call i i .tttiiitioh of the Public in tl cir lame a**i rt iiwnt of noons, A7.AVDS, sash, noon FRAMES, II IX/KIH FRAMES, WASh no Anns cas faos, moulmixos, mas- T/jES, and wiry description t Hi him: Puilu ing matcri Is, which they have constantly on hand, uitd’w hith liny mil lutuiri. hi the short notice. 'Miry are aim. pn pared fnrnulnl the ►holiest notice I - It AWE VI VHK f. r Country Houses, Collages, and suburban I?rfidrnrry, srrnrding t' nry plsp nr design, all ready lilted to U. put i.p on their |ropns <d sites. Kurin, rs and other*, desirous of buildii g in the country, would find i 11. their advantage by gj h.g na a cull bcf**re purcl.ttaing dec* where, as we are fully prepared to execute Hik <>ii the nv t reasonable terms. And the advantages, which we offer in preparing all the material* that may he necessary ill Con structing a house, will be found to save (ho Builder a great deal of vexatious delay and exp* ii'f. |RSt w All orders left at tied office or ad dressed to them by mail will meet with (•romp ami *ati*fa* toiy attention. MAVUiII 1-1 X A JOHNSON. Steam Plaining Mill anil Saah Factury, East Kails A venue, near Pratt Siicet Bridge Warehouse Nit. 6 ; '. Kraft street, N<-xt lonr u JVnii A Mitchell, Balt. Md. April IBth, IbtiO —ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. W K. ANDKHSOX, .Vos. 10 It 12 • Second Street Itet ween Frederick Street and Marti) Market Sj-ore, BaUinn ie. Having the large.i \\ are rooms ami best assort men tot Cabinet Furniture iu the city, iaprepared to eellcrery artich in hnhne up* n (he most liberal and accommodating terms. Daring had a long experience in this line ol business, he flatter* himself that he can com pete, as to excellence of n.ienah beauty ot workmanship and range of prices, vrth at - establishment of the sort in this or any other city. Ilia general stork embrace * a lull and complete assortment ol Parlor Chair a. Sofa a, Horkmg Chour a, Spring Lotmget, Chamltr Soil a Par r<£m. Office and Mining Chaii , French TcU a-Te/ea, Setter a, Arm Chain, Hath area. Linking (r/snei. <fr, f of every va riety and description. He has also on hand Bedded* of his own manufacture, whim can be put up and taken down in two min utes. Persons from ?t. Mary*s, wishing to purchase Furniture,arc request* d localised 'xsmme hi* tStock before buying elsewhr r !*- sure to tiud the right place Nos. |ok 12 'iecond .Street—Wan I on** with bO tec ront and 8 large Folding deora. August ll'tk Kir9- If. " X JOHN T. CLARK K. Wholesale and Retail Gtcctf AND ' Commission iflrnljant, HAS moved to the fine and com mod tons WAREHOUSE. Vh 1M West Pratt It. tear light. and l>egs leave i inform his the public that he has on band a Urge god gei - I I assortment ot g >n part of— ’ GOVERNMENT. JA VA. LAGUIRA a> 4. IUO COFFEF; REFINED AND BROWN every grade** OUNPOWDBH.IMFERIAL.Y.ttYRON dlackteas. GOLDEN BVRUP. NEW OR LEAKS tand * W I. MOLAS6EH; SPERM. ADAMANTINE and MOff t) CAKDLEc; FAMILY. EXTRA. JMMRFINK and BtCKWHKiWPLOtn.Ac. He also invites the especialattentW* of hia nrnda and coatonera to hia ex ten awe sto* k A IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC LI WiiHS. which have been selected greateac care and men at fail to pte-r