Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, February 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated February 28, 1861 Page 3
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SHERIFF’S SUE BF 1 VALUABLE REAL ESTATE [ KRSONAI PROPERTY. 1 B\ r riri.tio of one writ of Fieri Facia-t. • is'suci out of tlie Circuit Cntrt for Saint Mary’s County, at the Suit of Rich-. ard H Mile*, againat the goods and chat- ' tils. lands and tenement* of l/orrnxo D. ' Bond and Daniel T. Morgan, and to me directed. I have seised and taken in exc- i cation nil the right, title, into rent, proper- i ty, claim and demand, at law and in equi- J t j, of the said Lorenso D. Bond and Dan- I iel T. Morgan, in and to the following ! property to wit: One tract or parcel of land tiIIed— ‘COLLONWOOD’ | but mare commonly known as ec IKBdXB hiati * This land is located in Cbaptieo District, | Saint Mary’s County, and cun tains— -116 Acres, more or Iras. And 1 hereby give notice, that on FRIDAY, Ihr33iul of March i firil, 1 e’wsen th* hours of 12 o’clock M. and o'clock, P. M., at the Court House door iu leotard Town. I will expose to public ; unction the above described property, so : seised and taken in oxecutiou. to tho ! highest bidder tor cash. Alsu, by virtue of the earn* writ and at j the suit uf same. I have seii -d and taken j in execution all the right, title, inter- *!. ! property. claim and demand, at law and : in vanity, of the said Lorenzo D. Bond I end Daniel T. Morgan iu aud to the fol- • lowing properly to wit: ONE NEC HO MAN. NAMED JIM; ONE LOT OF TOBACCO supposed to be about -10.000 POUNDS. And 1 hereby give notice, that on i 2 SATURDAY the 23rd Jay of Mar h next, ! on the premises of said Daniel T. Morgan, bstween the hours of 11. o’clock, A. M.,! and 4 o’clock. F. M., I will expose to J public suction the above described proper ty, so seised and taken iu execution, to ! the highest bidder for cash. Also to sal- , i*fy ce it 0< same. J. i HUMPBON YATES. Sheriff. ! F*b. 28th. 1861-ts. NOTICE. ISLME Co-Partnership heretofore existing ! I mal; r tlie firm ..f FERG USSON. M UK-! ’ I*HY A CO. expire* thin day by limitation. ( 1 CIIAS FEROUiSON will settle the a (fairs; ; o* th* concern. CHAR. FERGUSSOK. D. H. BHTLAK, ) Surviving jmrfrtrr* nf ' J. S. aRDIS. VJ H. Murphy <t d. ‘ ) Mf utovfHrty, Ala. i'-nlltmore* Feb I. 18 l. Dear Si aThe undersigned returns thank* for your patronage to the late firm, j sad would respectfully request a continuance j d (he rauw to him. lit** best efforts shall al ways be u*ad f**r the interests of those who! Co:.fid* their htii(.esa to his rare. Respee{fvUy CIIAS. FERGUsSON. 1 Feb. *Btb. 1861 —lui. “plows. TAfO. Ift. 19 and 19* M A fl. PLOWS.! J. * No 7, 8 and 9 Improved Davis, 4r Hnaars, jn*t received aud for sale by SIMMS. A MADDOX. FOR CONSTABLE. J. EDW IK ABELL announces liimvlf ss ' a uundidaie f-r Con*table in Leonard i dl-tfiet stii] a**i'Cita Uir twtdsof bis tnends and j the public. Ktb. 281!, 1861. RAUfiM’S i RAW HONE SUPER FHOSPATE j OF I LIME. I PARMfRP. TRY IT, IF YOU WISH To! RUSK LARGE CROPS. AM) AT THK SAME TIME IMPROVE TOUR LAND. IN the preparation of this valuald# manure I KONKS AkE USED IN THEIR RAW RTATK ONLY. Thar have never been BOILED NOR; CALCUNRD. Thv are taken as nature j made them, crushed with |K>werfnl machinery. I and subject to a process by which all the! vtrtua of the buaa la rrtaiaod, and a fertilizer | P7 famishing In a concentrated and j soluble form, the two indispcnsible dements I thegn wth..f plants, via: PHOSPHORIC ACID ft AMMONIA, Tiptoe two elements by the use of -Baugh’s Raw Bone Phosphate’’ •ro given to the hM in all their original strength and parity. They aseindUta at Wh * riUi it, furnish all the ammonia needed growing cmp*. and leave the land per- benHitM. CABH MUCE fu PER TON. OF 2,00 POUNDS. t* cents per found. Thin (s/puiar PuftJiocr can l*e bad of ApeMs In tkp principal t >siw, or may Iw or-1 | JfVWi**? PUG DALE. Cernui, I’► y-’r A Aomsiv. N<>. 4 I'j vik- Wmar, i BALTIMORE. 1 Fvh oaty 7th, 1861— *tu. i “1^ ren lease. | AiH KXM Saw AND GRIST MILL °n tin* Patuxent Hivrr. F--r rent or fcssw a DWELLING lIf'URF ad<'*ornt.— i Alsw for rent a SMALL FA RM or. tUThree ‘ ;* Per parti, nlar*, enquire t Oakville, uu the premise*, or to the rigned. , , J. FORREST. Feb. 2l*t ISCI-tf. vunir BUCI UVI THIS Well knnwo STAI/- LION will stand at JT fAt I/eor.ard Town, Saint Mary's ILH/ 7® County, anti P*rt Tobacco. s*elfUEa | ITharies Cuui.ty, during the c*umng ea~.i.. ! The sea-tun will commence on Ist of March | and etnl on ]t ..f July. Terms *r.d P tli | B rc * will be given hereafter WM. P. HOWSKB. | Feb. 14t>. 1861—tf. j TO ARMS! TO A RMS! TO AHMS! i IMAXTKD 60t men red women t arm 1 ” themselves will. $6 and go lu Tuckmi buy goods. , Wm. It Tucker has n t ceiv*l a lot of 1 ; PLOUGHS, PLOW POIN Fs ate., which he j will *rll low. | Feb. 14th, IBCI ■KRJHBIItII.. CIGAR MAM FA(TURERS. (jficcxvsoiw to (. \V. Dwytk A Co.)' Dill ME (MG \KS. uf uur own marnf-t ;• * (nre. cont.tnlly on h&id. We ha* also h hio k •>; *xci!ei.i CHEWING ami teMOKINO TCIiOACO; S.N I FFS and F v.\CV ARTICLES, Whu h H‘c arc j>repar-i to lurui>U our cus <n reasonable terms. Jau.lOth 18tit if. i I“* _ _ ■ NOTICE. j ; HE undersigned takes this method of I I inf Uiv public‘hat. if a class oil ; il'wn or more natu ix- pro* - un-d. he will giv ! [ ii**ons in QUADRILLE aud FANCY: ! DANCES, at Leiuard T urn, dniii-g the- pre- , ! sent in- nth Persona *esij..iis of fi-nning a' j t la-*s are rnj-jeoted to notify ti.e undersigned i I iinmcdiatelv. j Randolph walton. Jan. lOlb. 18') I—tf. JAMES AVI LK IN SON. GROCER & CMMISSIGKI MEBCBAHT, | No. 13- Dugiin’s Wharf, BALTIMORE] j K*-’ps-tiv o J.f..l p. !a.ife irert nfSUi*Ki(IOR PaMILY GROCERIES Foreign aud Domrslic Liqu -ru, Tohaceo, Se gars A'c., which will be svld at lie luwist ! Oisiket prices. Produce of all kinds sold oo commis-ion, j but I shall only do a CASH conwaisuo* i bu*in*ts. I Nov. 29th, 1860—tf. "NOTICE. '■MIE Co-partm-rshiy hereto foie existing ■ under ihe firm <f COTTINGHAM L 11A RDING is this day dissolved by ntntunl •-onscut. Wm. H. Harding is abine-HUtlior' ized to settle the busimss *-f the firm. SAMUEL COTTINGHAM, WM. 11. H ARDING, Baltimore Jut*. 1 1881 —4w. TUe undersigned, having H usjht oat the Interest of Samuel iiu of tlie firm r*i j U -Utugiocu A Harding, will hereafter cundurt j the business in oia o*vu Name,—and he most J respecllully ...v iaior ul the fra-nd* uf! the old Firm. WM H. HARDIN i. j MARYLAND i AGRICULTURAL WORKS.! I TO THE TAR.hi:HS OE S7. MARTS. | 1 WoVitii IMvist rtepr cTinl'y -:tll I our St- i rent ion tn my large nf of /,V/■*/,/.’- 1 MtUs'l'S. -I am niannlactminp n.-ul pre- ; jisnne a larger assortment of A iricolt-trid Jtu flanenia than 1 nave ever bet >(h oiiured t-i | iho puL!i*-—Horse Powers atMi Tijrt-aners. Wheat Fans, Cm Mills. Corn Shclleis, Piougitfe, H.iru*: Cultivatois, and many other articles t > numei lie t.. mention. 1 can supply t!i* Farmer with cv> ry tiling iu may want. With regard t * H-*re Powers j 1 would cal! particular attention to a (iv; lot of PELTr>y'S TRIPLE QKAHEh I POiyi-ltS, tv tcork tcilh cr withu'U bami, \ tthuh art not Burj>ax*td in thi* or any other murktl ; and 1 most respectfully inviie ibe who arc in want of Machines to give mu a call, os 1 fee) confident that I can suit the pur chaser. I bd making a CX)RN MILL fur grinding o*rn nt Home. TMs is a gtXKI Mill, has lieen tested and pronounced so by expe rienced judge*. Tu ttii* I ask your ape-, rial attention. 1 tender you my sincere tbarks for the* heretofore shown ir.t and beg a Con tinuance of yt>nr favor*, detcra.ined to make a strong effort to please all who give me their custom. Order* will meet with promptatlro tiou by being oirectal to WILLIAM H. HARDING, ! 150 Pratt street Wharf, Baltimore, Md Feb. 7tb, 1861—ly. DR A. BAPPINGTON ha* removed to St. Inigoos' District, where he of fer* bi* profcwloo.'d Her>icc* to the pubic, i He may be found at bi* residence, near St. Inigo*V Store, late (he property of Dr. John C Aabcoin. Jut. Slal, 1801—Sm. r\*R eiIiEHIEF. I Tie ram** of PHILIP 11. rORfFY. iaaug ; (totoi the *• f:s -f lis r- tnitj ,*s csi:- jit iiitc* for ti.t- next SHKRIFFALTV. (y ’ citizens of C’Hamco District 1 ' Frt. 7th. 1561, i i it n Fimii [ THE undeivjgnsd are i‘ill veiling the best . nf UAK jA!X3 at tlw aamc OLD •’ ..STAND— it A. SHU I’ ; (RUT BAMJUN STORE, adjorning (he Wathingtnii 11-teb I^emard' * : Tuuri.; and, >w -ig t- the pressure of tLv, 4 i ‘hey niv offer .he greatest iu iuci-ntel.ts errr * beard cl. \\c hare determined to adl off .;ir prosetd ‘ slock *f W inlee Go*!.* at price* reduced at ; I lean on*-hird f.r CASH, in .-rder to prepare t> la;, in .t heavy and entire:) new , stock of go*de the cr*nitng suaa*fur st-ck iwtv ix-eli re-atorl-d and cunsists of the arti- * cles r.amevl :% our lat ,-ul vert wen i cut We call parti nlir att.-.ti*.n to the f .11. wing: • I HEADY V.UK COATS. FaNTS and 1 j \ KS rs, f ail qualiiv aud stylet, which J HATh Hud l/APS aUn at jhlufk, l’mirr Shirt sod Drawers' at 2o per cent : e)exp* r they ran be elsevvh* rc, J 121 cent* (.slko at (0 ai.d 11 t-ents. (ims- • j !>am :vt 12j worth 18| r-n ts. M Lustre :10 e-nts. cheap at 12j cent*. Mu— iin d* l,n n at I2j, 18j and 25ents. ►ucti as ; w.-js n*v. r ►u'ti lor lev* Itmii double that |*rie J l.nsibh Mt tint*. d.<die Colors, ot j..t ; .quality at 31 j crats. generally .-*:<l at 50 i cents. latdk- < ’loth Ul kks and Mantillas, ’ of the la tot >ly]e and fashion, at §4 an*l ! ; 4fC, Mich as Wm have told at . * and SJo, i and every thing cUe in proportion. \ Virginia uu* icy lakm at par, Lome ••iu-1 <>*tne all ? I Ladies and Gentle- : ,m#n, wr h !1 1 be pleased to wait upon v U and : up-.r. ali who tuay call on * , 4 A. ADLER A GO. January 10th, li6l—ly. • FoR ROAD SURER VISOR. HENRY N' >RP IS of Jo offers himseif to the voteiM of L ,-anard T wn district as a rand.- 1 da;e n.r R iui Sopervisor and solicits tne votes o: his friends nod ihe suaiic. Jan. 24ih 18C1. j t FOR SHERIFF. HAltKlSb.N’ I D\V ARI>R preaeotid o the voters *ff Saint Mary’s county a.s a caudi : bit* lor Sheriff at the election iu 1861. .1 ji'Man 1 *>• l. ]RhO I NOTICE. jt j A T.D perr iv ind bird to tlie late fi-rr. •f j , (*••••. \\ . Dwyer \* ()., are nqin led f• ■ ! * settle tl.iir accounts without further d*?af i with J. Feiix Morgan, who is authorized to I ' Mgn the name ol tin- firm in setthinent. GUO W. DWYER A CO. j Jan. 10th 1861—4 w. , I FOR Road SUPERVISOR, | H JOHN H. I owes offers hidiveif ar a ccn j „ I dultlc for Roai Supervisor in Leoimui Town ( ' JiNlrict n.(i s** i-Mts ilie suppcil of i.. friendn ; *ud feilow-eiMcena. ' p Jn. 24ii. DC!. \ 11.nickr TRt o. j. %. no('<i'! i i TRHdO &. MORGAN. PROD r C F. COMMISSION MEH( JUN'I'S, j And Wholesale Dealer*, m LIQUOR S .J .> M CIa.J HS. I N.J7 CIIEAPSIDE. near Pratt st., BALTIMORE j W* Every description oltountri Pnxlur entrusted loom care will rt c i .-rs'.r.cialien- j non. Apn.Bth, lSsb—it. \ ! i THRESHING MACHINES. I have for ?.aie the Ptlton Triple Geared ■ 1 Horse Piorer ami W. W. Ding*-* A Co’s i | ! Irott Thnske*. vith RerUcing Stmu Carrier ! * | Tiie machine U warranted to render satiatac- 1' I don to all piircbasern. 'J’he price of 8 lion** J* j power. 80 inch Thresher and Straw-Carrier i I d-livered at any wharf in st. Mary's county. { J’sslßs. • Fanners are invited to call a my Strtre in j 1 Leonard Town and examine thi* Thresher. / F*. LEO. SPALDING. June 2ft'h. IB6o—tf. I MATHIOT’S GAY ST. ■>T£.isa j from Gay to Fretlrrick street, having 40 feel front, 170 feci deep, and 4 Ktorie* high, Raitimore Md. ALWA VS on hand a laigc o’ every variety of Household and Oftio* I Furniture, embracing—Bureaus, Bedstead* ! WushaUndv, Wanirobes, Sprijig BHs, Mat- | j tresse* *d Husk. Cotton and Hair, Bufa,Tete j a-Teiea. Ann Chain*. Rocking Chain, ICtage- ( res. MurWle Tables, Rcct ption and Upholster ed Chair?, A-isortcd C*k>ra of Cottage K'irni ture, W.s>d Clmirs, Office Chairs. Bar- . I>er Chairs, Crilw and Cradles. Bide-bucrds. ' Extension labies, of every length. Persons disposed to purchase are invited to call end gtveunr stock an examinathm, which, 1 for variety ?u:d quality of workmanship, cannot b* excrlltd *y any e*tubli&hn*eut in the coun ♦ry. A. MATHIO - & SOX. Nw. 25 and 27 North Gay Street Feb. 2nd 188 U— lv. I JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY A COUNSELLOR AT LAW. Leonard Town, St. Mary'a Co., Md., Will practice is St. Mary Vami ikeadioining counties. FeW. |*h 1849. MILL WrTgHTINS. _____ I riTHE slilieeriiirT. having had tl-irtv vean* I MjH-rvito* at MILL WRIOIITING. i* pr* pannl and willing to go to am part ol the ' State tu do each work * i&fei'A I RING **r j . !*l ILDING MU.IjS. He can wlm* I<> r**ngh j LAJ.PLS !LH<5 v. vrk. All work ilner ta a j j sulotuuttai teauoiT aud with dupaivh. Ai- • j drees. FUXKLF., Gres’ Mills. BL Mar;’. Co. MJ I I Ckt l*’i! U*e—Ba. i FROn.SSIOXAL NOTICE. lyfl. J. FF.LIX MORGAN Us remove* AJ xrem I.f'ntnl "Plarniii." u.i lirittnn*s B-t. He olftry hii pr.*Cisioini itrtkM to the paibfcie. 0. j rr bft ;; il..f ntebiUhacat nf (J>. IV. D m \ Co., Lraimrd Tuva, wdl recsir* proiiip' *t- J<wi hltfc. 1861—if. PROFESSIONAL NOTICE. DR. HENRY C. EDKLF.N ha* rem-ired

his Ofliir fo (fie Law Oltice htv:.f re— uct'i|iin! Iv 0. Fr.-d. K.-qr. Sit rati always I*.* either at hi- Office . t Mont * Hotel, whe u<>t professionally tn ! ( Jan. 10. IS6I-tl mmimAL&L* ; CIORN MEAL. fresh from the Sleau:- / Mill of J. H. Maddox. i Also. a fnvh v of BUTTER. 1 CH ELSE. Ac in store and for sale bv SIMMS k MADDOX. , Dec. 20th. 18U0- i A. ADLER. GLO.II. WOOD WAR I). m EATBMSA3KS. I AT .4. mtrr .C Cot XKW STOKE. j WE have just n turned from Haiti- I more city with a large and well; selected S*K-k of. Good*. embracing the; following articles: via: MEN’S AND HOY’S READY MADE CLOTHING of every quality and variety; MEN’S and BOY S HATS and CATS; I OIL CLOTH SLITS; UMBRELLAS; CASHMERES, CASSI.VKTTS, FULL CLOTHS aad KERSEYS; LADIES DRESS GOODS of every *tyle and quality ; EMEROIDERIE, HOSIERY, alO YES. I NHBEAS and HOODS of different styles; ditto for children; FINE LINEN-BOSOM SHIRTS; SHIRT COLLARS. UNDER SHIRTS \ AND DRAWERS; LADIES’ SHAWLS. CLOAKS and MANTILLAS: j LINEN CAMBRIC and SILK HAND KERCHIEFS ml many other articles unnecessary to mention. The aUive good* will be Mild at 1 he lowest Baltimore prices for co*h nr to! punctual customer* on six months credit ; We invite a call and examination of our ! itarli h\ the public, l. fore purchasing • : dne where. jl A. ADLER k CO. j, Leonard Town J, Md. 11 Sept. tiTtk. ISiO —tf. I , ;! PRIVATE SALE OF |i VALUABLE j; REAL ESTATE. OfHl E FARM belonging to nie, if, ■ ■* Charlotte Hid! dMr.rt and situated aU.m ‘ ••Re and a hnif miles fr.m Patuxent river, wilt I be sold at Private sale. It ennuim. three bun- I dred aiTw of land, more ~r less. and the • is celebrate.} for the producti-m of highr.-i • priced tobacco. The FARM hv on it a I'ciu- j fort able DWELLING, with the uond out-hmses. for Mm n’. terms apply lie tinier- jjrj ’delicti hi “ijrampioti." or ad- 1 •Ireai. utulerrigned at Chaptiro, i D.VMEL T. MORGAN, near Head of St, Ccm-mte }'U) . Sep?."lßth, IBGO tf. 1 | I NEW SHOES! NEW SHOES I! ■ SIM MS & MADDOX ha*ejot rwtiT-l • laige assortment ef NEW S.’IDES, of th* :n*t qunl.ty amf oioll’siirs vuiUiutc for (touiui, which will b <udo low. Nwe. la. 1*0) _ . THE SAINT MARY’S FEMALE ! SEMINARY j r |MIK next annual session will com men re | on SATURDAY, the 1 5th of Scpinn- | her, tinder the direclm* ul Mus LOTTV j LEIGH, as Principal, axst-ted by a corps j of efficient and experienced Teacher*. | The course <| insti ucttoti is a* thorough a* ! at any other institution in me country t and! at lew* than half the usual expense. The 1 scholastic yeat is divided into two terms oi { five (Months each. Cliargre*, per term, pnjahlr in a (Ira net*: tor all the branches nf a thorough English *ducti<n. including * Koari. Tuition. Washing, Fnel, j Lights mid Redding, $75.00 Stationery, w ,-f | Tuition fur day pupils, including 21.00 1 RJ*ABATr. BRANCHRS ! French, 14.00* Music, with the use of Instrument, 35.00 • Drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, g ’ Painting in Oil Colors, exclusive of materials, 10 00; For further information, or for Circulars, i apply to the Pnuripal. 6t, luigoes Post i Other, Saiut Mary ’? t oui.iv, Md. C BILLINGSLEY President of the Hoard el * August ICth. Io 60 —1(. NOTICE. j ALL persona wishing (0 cotnmuntcal# i u;U I elier. will direr t tbrirror- j respi ndeuc, by mailtu FortTubaccoCharkwj county. Md.,or by steamer J. Nicholas. 10 Lbappei Hot 11 (. Charles county . lid. 1 Pfc _ . W- * f- CAAIFBFI.L. Feb. *rd. GREET A TOE FAMILY GJtOSERS ASJD DFaLKIS IN EpRE OLDWJXES AXD LIQUORS, No. <* BALTLVOIIK STREET. , t~*m Mui.i halt.more. I |A YK cofistautly- •'n hrd a and well ■ f 'ebciw.f stuck >4 FA MIL YGiUH. ; EH 11-S, cHUsfcdln*;, in part, of— Fhtf;i ’fViAii.—Gmn and BU>-k, of yariuur pi i^e s utf) t!avrs. ror;^.— Mocha, Java, 1-aguym, Maracaibo >r,: ' Hs —New Orl-vns Cmshed. Pnwdeml I. Lfr.iiiah.tni. C Ytfiluvr and Clarified, Ibihan. Manomad •u.d Trnnecelli; l_\ I' x’s K-liind Gelatine; Fn>h Salad nm? ihicc Oii>. (."Iseesw,. English Dairy. Pu.e Apple a 1 i Sap S.t-o ; Sardiitc*. French, and >pn Olives; F.nglish and American T\J’.-kits- Ocrkins. ncxed. Pirmhli Ckovr— i Cn .u. C.ul:fl..\vtr. Walnuts sud Onions S Jahr. Dull, Harver. Itcadlns, Solm Hu*! W wrtx-^crslifp. Hu iXi n>. —•!:.- liciine-pv A - Vintag. : l>4o. Chard Dupuy &C ~ IhtG. Nativ* j ImUhoh, Lo.dcaux, R.<l;ei.e, ami other! brands. I J 1 ink Ou. \\ infs —T.ondt;i< D* rk iVn, Siier ry, Madeira, i.ibui., !>wt| .Miwile, si.f. | Champagne. W iiieitrvß.—Soutch, Old Rye, Calhomi. ON : j It .pp ii<! Ifnirlstn, sofiae \erv .M ai.d lice. l Pure Holland Gin, .Inittaica S] irits, <Jtc. ! tnpnrteil and 1 Omtslic AHS AND TO* \ BACLX). t . All of whirl; they will sell at rea*Hwbi< prices and respectfully solicit a call. March Ist, 1660—lr* r . j ('OMMISSIOX HI 'SIXESS. - 1 to tne citizens -*f rit. Marys County that* he h;f cnmnioirce.! the j PRODUCE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS, ■ j j N<*. 8 lf!W>CKRs’ F.s* KAKOR. i Corner >f Excliangc Pia'e an*! (’i n.merer St BALT; MORE, j and will "ive Li> personal ait*rii.'r. 1.. rl| pru duce c>i.sigt•<*<! t<> him. lie hopes by assiflu ois and prompt aitentioi. to busmens i. merii • the . f the r.aiinnn.i:v. WM. K DODSON, w ith Laic firm of I.uckclt A Young. Hr. rcRKKrM: \ James Mott, Ci-hicr ..f Farmers and Mer chants’ Bai.k; , Messrs. T. J C irson & Cn.. Bankers; ** YV in. WhitcliH'k A (!■.; “ Freeland A Hall. April 2*lh. 1800 —tf 1 UNION HOTEL. n\\ ING iinrrhasi d ilic above properu the -nihscnl—r re-pertfußv itifunns us veiling public :iiat he is now prepared 10 accon.medaie them. The Uotel will he tlu<r -1 nghly rcpaheil ‘n! all its r<ioms rettiTnishi 1!. Tin- personal attention of the subxciihrr will be devoted to its manag. ment. and his he.*; eHons w ill We given ; u make his guests com fortable, Hia table will he supplied with whatever the market a fiords, ar.d his Bar fin nished with the best Liquors ami Citrar* Hi* servants will always he found atirnfiv* and accommodating. Sober and reliable Hostlers have been employed, and the *u’ scribe r will take care (hut ids stables are to neglected. He solicits the patronage of the forme •rue-tj. of the Houses and that of the puhlj generally. JOHN F. KKWVirK. Leonard Town Oct. 7to. if. ARCHITECT & BUILDER f 14HF* ha* made auch arrange Jl ruc.ite aj; di enable him t.- excinte al r..riciti Lie line at R yLTIMoUF. riHCI!S. with prompt.•.♦** ntid d#>patch. He .v*!iv:ie a call frtim hie friends an. 5 , the public. V. HAMMIER. iaviiAiii 1 u *l, lan. Cdth. IB6o—tf. I JOHN 1.. IIEBB. vrroK.NE*. Sl counsellor at law, Leonard Tvn, St. Ifary*s Cn, t i/J., ¥V r ILL practiram thn 4. otirt# ci the *. " Judicial District. 1 Feb. 14th 1 8,,. —1 j*' j TIIAD. K. niEUSS, , Attoneyr an 4 (Jaaaiallor nt Law, j Isn**rd 1 yn>n,Si. ifary‘s County. Maryland ! IrMJTH.iL practice in the Oourteoldi.MnfjV | Tf and adjoining Counties. t j Jau ISth,]9o9— tf. j FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP, j The tend* of DANIEL T. MORGAN , present itr to the raters .->< Si. Mary'rrour ;ty as a '*ndidate for Clerk of the Cvatti j Court at the Mection in IdriX. and soltcillo ■ his claims a diapa-aionate co.taideraiion. J Nor. 2tiic. lr>s7. i •*— t-b mr-mm 1 .I■r-ri mll WANTED. 1- j r |MTr anbscril*rr wtehra to her a lot <ft 1 1 I.IKKI.Y VOf.'Nij NKGROF.H. of Iwul* 1 BOXin, fur which the highest mniket price* wt;l l<o pi<l. Persons wishing to scIS. u-l o mas* ut ’joe himr during hi* prefer( tour through the 1 Rohthro eountivs of the SluU. will have their I orders promptly ro-pondodte. bv addrt-**ing— ALLF.K 8. DORSEY. Wathington, D. C. j Feb. 2nd, IB6o—if. i ifiiiMm mmm,~ GRV KRAL COMMISSION WKRCHAN T * -r N-4J Gflubt. W barf, (fa*twce Pran JL 1 fimiliri] I4ITISIORE IRafer Wv perniiesioo to Messrs Duvall A Ifieeart, R. * W.W, (mac, Co* 4 Hrown, Ready 4 Tilth man, T.M'. Levering 4 ion, j Drakflr A Femon, W. K. Me.ribb. A On., John Q. MV-.U O. fferrea, Wm. H- Emory, A. , Ai.p‘egarh. 8. D. Couiimm, M. Huberts. 1 Mrases.- Smith A Edumitdeou, c ufwr fftsai j 1, STu*, ItGJ— Cm. ■** - ,r - - Shp *-. . 1 ._. . . - ■ *■ •*■*• 3p\*oi txcnftrf. cm. mm. HARMONE OROVK NURSERIES, ISA AC JACKSON & iX)., Proprietors. ! (Ircfturu rm TITOS. HI. IIARTET,} JmttrtilU, Chaster County, Pa. To the Fatten and Planters of St. Mary’s -ni| ndj.-nMI J r.-mUie*. r l'll 1K inU-nbut beg lve to call attention JL •* their huge stock Cur the F.dl trad-. , Apple*,- iVer*. v-uidjid ami dwarf;Cherries; Tin- heo; Ilwi; A orient*; Nectarines, aM s* le. ted mid choire varieties. (W small fruit af"r!i(i*nt ruianruH nm tiling in iu cites. SirarLerry, oru hundred varieties; Qtiipm, flr y varieties;Currant, Raspberry, Gooseberry, , Rhuluirb if Pie Plant, Aftporugits. Our stork of ORNAMENTAL TREES ia . '<!> brnvy, and .'omprises a!l the common nnd most of ilte new, loth evergreen ami dn'iJuou Rnaea, Dahlias autl betiding plants of every de sr option. o*a*e Orange for hedging. This slum u drained soon to supercede nil uliiets !• ibis pnrtHJse, bring hardy, a rapid g: nvrer, ’ it* strong looms adeem* an impassible burner u* < ■ ell kind*, r f atork Our ouvrk ia healthy a d f w-;il grow n, and our pi iocs ill l*e found <* h-W ne any other establishment. Order* solicited. ' | !>*.'. AC JACKSON a ro., Jennrrvitle, Chester Co ,pa * < P. R. fJatelnj-nes tnrntehed on applnttluv’. j ftfl^iruoe—h’rr,i 1-. 1. Stone. H!<'*>mslorTf j, { S4** Cc*ad, Lm'um Grove. St. Mary ’*<•..uit\ g AotXl’.—li. 1 red. Maddox. vilii if ■ o|{<*ftl for this c:;Tiipnt.f, ill attend tA al, aider* left villi him. * | sbp!. 13th, I**o f. j-sgg—frspai tnaesmis*. j- <UB| I.IME! • KENhMCY'S SCHUYLKILL LIME, (|JO well known in Pennsvlvittiia. Delaware j Ce New JefH*y.and the Northern at:d Lastera I portion oftiiia State. :*; l<einp sujwm.r to any j *4Net for astie*Unral is fir the 'fit* time placer] rrtntit the reach of the farm. •n nnd planters of St. Mary's anti a<l)< inirj; counties, through the nretuy of the undersign* erl. wli< 'it prepared to sell oil nrcoinModatiiiff lernt.% atiy quantity of /.me, deliverable ■ ai> per a^focou-ni .-n the slerrea of any of the riicrt ur oa}>ir. mM counties. Orders a’licit* 1 cd. i J,\o. A. CAMALII’F. Ji/CT. /. Le -nurd Town, M 1,. March 3rd, 1859—3 id The follow ing analysis recommends this liira t av poasensiiis properties (far nut ern-r to any 1 other) n*i eseary to hr applied loth* Im.d* m ihi'a section, which tire know n in be debt tent in both j me and magnesia : Laboratory of.Stui* Cherrist, 1 No. 29 Exchange Hntidings. ■ Baltimore, Md., June 30th, JKS7. S ‘ Report of analysis of i samples of Krhuylkll * Limreiofie, marked respectively N I (while) ! No I (blue). No *2 (while). No 2 (blue), N, ' i 3 (lop), lor John Kennedy, Em;., of |’mt . Kennedy. Montgomery C,0., Henn*ylvAnia. The above e ample* t “Selmyll ill Limestone* were found, a poll nnaiyuis, lu be cumpofced t oi.owe No 1 fw) I (h) 3 (w) 2 fb) 3 (t) Cail.nn. of fl* 9, C 4. *, fi11.5, y.|, SI I '• Cation, ot Mag ,3* 2. 5|.J, 3d 3. 42.4. 40.0 ■ ( Sand,Clay A 1r0n,U.9, 1.2, 1.2, 15, 2.3 I 100. The vWore S'-hnylkill Liirrstores are Mapr.s ’’sii Limefonea, of pres*y tuai'v cp-nl conipo , *lllOO. Thev are most ep.-r.iallt sdoptrd tot) a : appiiratton on soil* which are delict*nt in both , Lime sod Mm^im*i. JAMES HIGGINS. •* I LIMK N I) FKED STORE ; Ho- 3 HollinpwortL St Baltimore. w n. r. noitr.,9V. (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN 11EANV) f wfIOLCHAi.x A%n mriAtt nrAi.Emn iw | Ufiir* llrickt llnir. C riitrnty CALCINED PT.ARTKU. j Corr, Oatf, Corn Heal. Ch?p-Bye. Mill Feed, 4c. j Dee. 23rd, |eif>s— ly. i *^^*sssssssm**msa*smmmssßF* • sr.aT,’. ,u,r r GRrFJ*v/rr.r, SLATER Jk GREEN WELL. BICCEBS & ill ■ ! MERCHANTS, NOS 10 A 12 COMMERCE ST.. ■| BALTIMORE, j A larj;# &ork ofGBOCEBm A T.TQTVUi# I always on band. A Produr* ■ ‘"ugbt .v'd wild 04 C ommission. 1 . May ]oth, 1939—if. *•** •-. cstircus 1934 * .Ffee'S* 1 r| Ai.e a... ’ St** &*■*<•. 7%e Mott KUftnUy Furnished end - *’ ■ l*eya.*#r CrmtturrUl Coil eg tin the Untied Mmtet. . * Oeaifßed Expreaal? for Yotmf Ken Denrinr to obtain * Thotrugh Pr&fitit B. 4- |j4Ks Bdueertion in the shnricnt passible funs , it thi Isut rxpntM. | i A Large aod lietolifu* 1 ;- Omstneiitcd Cmu lar. coausit.ins tipwardw ef Hi* AL >rc Fart, • with Specimen of P.nv amtktp. and a (.SVfS Es>- p , Srsvmg (i|. fii-ent of tha hitad ever made m thi* r rountry) ieprea*ntu;g the Interior View t 4 tha ’ ( Cidle-e, with Catalogue tiotiug ter ONI, A'.li • will be ifnl to t • cry Yotuij M§n qi* . * fro* of flarzc. .. ... -T# Writ* in ntcdmfelv and yon will raresee the ; package by return mail. Address E K.LOSIER, Baltimore Md. i Jaauary 24*h, ]MI ly. ,4. , 1111 l f BCSLXJSSS KOTICE. ... I ALL peracna tndautad to me os TftvSM se coint will cams forward and Miffs ih fc aanie Wflbout delay aa I wish all claims due n.a , closed forthwith, i intend barenfUr to do an • cxclitaiva CASH tatiaasa aad a dsiacminad ,i la # no credit for EATING. DRIN K : 1 FRED SSSS^o . | ** 7, JOHN P. PEH WICK, 1 1 WaprieMPr *j Vum HnioL January iiJ,