Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, February 28, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated February 28, 1861 Page 4
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zsr - r- ALUIT TAMO. *• % - -.r ** U ( ■ ■ . S'; TRBOO It MOROAN, PRODUCE • COMMISSION MK R CHANTS, AH WhnlMAlf Dealers in LIQUOR* .f A U CIGAR*, j No. 37 CUBAPSIDIi, near Prat: st., BALTIMORE Evrrv description of country Produc- ; entrusted to out c>r ill Kcrmtn<uin*u* j tion. April Bth, 185 H— tt. I I TURKSUJXG MACHINES. Ihave for u!c the Priton Trijde Geared J forte Power amt W. W. Dingee 4 CVs Irou Thrtrher. with Rnudrinn Sfrntr Corner Tlie tuwchtlM? n warranted t> render >aiisir.t tioL to all port haM-r*. Ibe price ol h luw power. 80 inch Thresher ami raw-Carrier, delivered at any wharf in Set. Marv’ county, Barmrrr are invited to call at try Store is Leonard Town and examine (hi* 'I hrndier. E LEO. SPALDING. Juuc 28th, IBti0 —if. MATHIOT’S BAY ST. Extending from Frederick street, batug 40 feel front, 170 feet ileep, and 6 • stories high, Baltimore lid. ALWA YS on hand a huge assortmento every variety of 11. uaehold and Office Furniture, embracing—Bureaus, Bedstead*. Waahatatidx, Wardr-lan, Spring Beds, Mal treat** of Hu.-k, Cjtton ami Hair, Sofa*, Tete a-Teles, Arm Chain*, Hocking Chairs, Etage rr*. Marble Tables, Reception and Upholster- ' ad Chairs, Assorted C lor* of Cottage Farm- • tore, Settees, W-*d Chair*, Office Chairs, Bar- , i her Chairs, ('rib* and Cradles, Side-loards. j , extension Tables, of ever) length. j' Persons disposed to pnr - ha.-e art' invite*! to cal! and give our stock an examination, which, * for variety ami quality of workmanship, cannot j' Ini exccllc d by any establishment in the coot- ; . A. MATHIOT & SON. Nos. 26 and 27 North Gay Street ■ Feb. 2nd, 10 ly. ‘ j. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY 4 COUNSELLOR AT LAW. Leonard Totrn , St. Mary'* Co.. Md., Will practice in St. Maryland the adjoining counties. Feb. Iftk 1869. MIUWRKIHTINS.! TJIFj snlwrilier, having had thirty year* ■ experience at MILL WEIGHTING, -! prepared and willing to go to ant part til lit* j State to do such work a* REPAIRING or! BUILDING MILLS He can nlan d*> r- ugh CARPENTER’S work. All work dour iu a substantial i*ai ner and with dispatch. Ad* dreee. F. UNKLK. Great M:!is, St. Man ’. CV. Jdd. Get. 18’b !BCO - Sm. e. a. WKRBRHT. M. H. HCKICRI JAS R. HERBERT & BRO. TOBACCO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS,! No. 22 Grunt Jc Hollingsworth Hi*. , baltimoks, \t u. REFERENCES. John Hopkins.Pre>identMerchantßank j Trueman Cross,CashierCommerciai anJ ’ Faruirra* Rank. Qro. W. Howard 4. Co., Baltimore. ( Durr, N >rris &. Co., R. Iliekley 4 Uro., " Penniman &, Bro., ** Whitney, Cushing Sc Oufetock, Balt. •KO. A. SIXUS. v jo h. Mint* >x BUSINESS NOTICE. TIE undersigned have this day formed a - i-Partnership in the MERCANTILE] BUSINESS in I/eonard Tow n, mvh-r the j name and style of SIMMS if MAhD OX, and are now doing bnsincu* £U the *tare lately occupied by Geo. A. Sim:us A* Co. They ev licit a continuance of the very liberal patro nage which waa extended to the late firm. GEO. A. SIMMS, JO. 11. MADDOX, Ocl. 23rd, I SCO. Oct. 25th, ISCO-tf. sso rkWard. RAN away from my estate in Medley** Nock, about 10 day* (/Key ago, negro man T coM nnm Re waa bought out of the e*(ale ef^^^g/ gtf. Cusick and ha a wife living at* sa * 1,,1t0 r. George Tailtou’s at Forrest Landing, Lead of Cuckold * creek, near which place, he ia doubtless lurking. He stoops a little, Ss of • light chocolate complexion, and alx>ut SO years of age. 1 will give the above reward tor hi* apprehension and delivery to m* or ! for hia confioemeat iu thecounty jail, Lo*w ard j Tews. JO. H. MADDOX. I Bept.lSth, 186S—-tf. . ■ ..ii. .1— ■ ■ ■ ; NOTICE. { fl'lßß undersigned has just received a large ■ supply of Ladies PARTY and BALL i Goeylf cMiaistiug of White abd Colored TarWtone, Ladies white Kid Slipper*. Ladies White Kid Olovea. k c. 4s. HriK tsente WMte Rta owvte. - Gents Fancy Pftsk Ties, Gsnte’ Fine Shins, and Collar*, 4c. 4c. - f 1. LEO. SPALDING. • Lev&ard T-/wt. January tx\ I?6V- it j T.-~ ’jb- . - !SASH FA CTOR Y T,*OHK OF BALTIMORE MAKE. GEORGE H DOBSON Ii CO., Sc*..a>VTh Tq Rora a now ard, !Vo. CD Pi nil Slrrct* | FACTORY, LOrVST POL VI, BAIT, ! Have on hard, and make U erdsr, uf T am far, SASJJ, DOORS, j BUNDS, FRAMES, Aad all kind* of SJ SH PACTOR Y WORK, i A\ o furtiish every U-mriptiec uf B JILDINfi ■ M AtF.RI A US. | tlS m We solicit the urdecs ef Builder* and ■ nlhvm. Sept. 2Tth, ittGO—Bro. LUiMBKK ! fell INGLES!! FLORING. AC. WE invite flu* attention of otir fiiends anO C*nsu:nf r-. geu-r.u!\, in St. Murk's and adjoining c>m;tit> >nr extensive ; oiaeajtantd ftl’ILL'lNO MATERIALS. AH paith-e C4*utcn piaimg the ercuthm ol Dwelling.-. Barnes, Ike., iil liu*i it greatly to their advantage (o givens a call. a?, we can se*l h* lowest rates fut or Negotiable pa pvr. Dons, Frame*. Saah, 4c., furoished at , Mill price*. Order* hlltd fur Brick*, Lime, Hair, Nail*. *c. N* Wharfage •• barged <ju Vesecl* receiving i Lumber fr.'in '>nr Van). Carbon, zim merman. & co.. \Vcl si<ie Union D--ck, ! N<>iiwik Bot \\ harf March 29V, 1360- tf. 35100 RKVVAKI). RA V away from Rvserroft, The re'irlenre a Wiibsrn F. Hardy. 11l .St. Inigors’ d:r I tnct. cn Tuesdav. the Isih instam, iitgio mas Dav u WiiisH.iis, sjjed niiuut 24 year*.. David is about .> lee 1, 6 *.r H . aches aigh. He had on, when he she Firm, a pair of w nte drab cloth panluiiK.iis, it nat k nea jacket nr.d while rloih hat. He i**ok 'A iili him, also, Sunday anil of !>•<! clr.ihe* and a blsck hut. David i* a fnsi taiher srnl very quick in ills rooveinesira. He vm ourchnsed *f Barton Duvoil, of Anr.e Arundel county’. Aj*i. I wni give I’ae move reward, if he is raWen omeidc of?- . Man "a county. *nd *sb. if he .a taken in the :<•• my—nrovideU ne is. |i> secured liml I get him £>.m. JOHN M. MILLARD (or WILLIAM F. HARDY Lsuna.d Tuwa, .VIS Nv. 94*h. }39 VOLI NTHKUH WANTED. CITIZENS f rhi - muntr who may ht desirous of uniting it. the formal mn of a UaV.aLKY t Oill’A.NY sre requnatrd to leave tlieir i.;*nv-e ;.t the Stre of Mvun Slh.ii.e tf Mili!i*:t i: this village. January Bii, i^l—tJ FWfHV. ui.f?er’g! ed l egs le. v# to ii fnrraebi* B- friends and the Public.'t at ha if *:ili al thwOl.D .Vi'AND,in Tosn, carmng •a UL.iCKsilI i LING, GUN, I.uCK sM'THiNG. SHEET IRON AND STOVE VVL;ri!w-- .n *h',rl, iron wuik of all des^iij.- " s. su-'i •*.- i. ji.tiiiny CARRIAGES, BUG : i S. . .* *K A WAVS. CARTS. W vGt^NS. iiussi. shoeing, farm work .• ai. cn . *:>. REAM US, JHUASHERS and GRILLS. W i:.i ids expcrVnce of II years ii i a Mai bn e Sh"|t. I e lliinks t-at he can do any I kind of Bi.n'k-i \ui: Work fr-m n knw lie to at. I anchor, and <>n reason*bit term*. N w Wag j otis and Carts hni!.* cheaper ti. in rnn be done at any other *1 in this place. LORsLS . SHOE!) *1 the *hfi teet liol’- c. JAMES A M CATHRaN, BUck^nuth. | Jant;ary 12t 1,1 —t f. s. lit*, j. rt:o. r. rnouxr J. H. Ii A BURST V , WITH HEiM, NIGODKMUS vY CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IX iraiMiiifiimc IMS. ok rvicf.t tight uiF"i; jr. NO. 2b* BALTIMORE.ST. BALTIMORE. | March l*t. iß6o—tf. i NOTICE. K. LT!O SPALDING rettirnu his tVanks to , hla numerous cunt'am-rs f**r the lilaral jiatron age b® has rrceivc-d from them, and iied”-* uimaelf to keep a CHOICE STOCK OK GOODk* alwayf on. hand, which will be *old v*xy low for width nr its rqnival*ait. E. LEO SPALDING. April 2nd, iB6O April olli, IBti9—lt. BH*l ■absenbpr would r*neetfuMv go inform hia friend* and the public, jfTjL hni he is prepare! to do every thing in ttf-vIJ the line of u WATCH and FLOCK MAKER. ; end Jeweller, on the nmal rea.-unble ter mi for i cash nd in the m*>at durable manner, i Thankful for past lavors, and in the hope* of | the continuance of U® patronage of an enii*h | tenetl public, he will ifiideavor by diligent appb > -alios lo bustaeaa U Merit the favors shown. . bits. 1. 8. BALL. Washington Hold, Leonard Town, Md. 2#. B. Jewelry five** is exchange for old gld ! acd silver. 1. 8. BALL. August 30*h. 19#—lefts. xerirr. ro creditors. ORDERED that William C. Love, ss in solvent Petitioner, t and appear befeie the <?ireuit Cyun f>r Saint Mary’s cmmiy on the third Moitj.iy .if MaM next, to nlswer eurh Interred or idlecations, as stay be VtOpouudcd t-> r. n * v hia creditors. JAMES r BLaKISTOWE, Cmrk. t Dew. 9#a. i*6 9m ' LUMBER NOTICE. BURNS Sl SLOAN return fhtir >incer thanks to the FtUtoerw Ik r ilnlr l ; bera jpotr’nr.2' for the year pa*t Th*ir to**k tLrVRR i* (aruer than ewer w*! btlter w* and we art (h-tcr ruined to offrr ureal 1 fotnoeim ir.* to ca-h hut era. Arpiy * a the • corner *f Ut.tawand German alreeti 5 , *'T at IS? r Ught ttr-U Wharf. 1 j BURNS Si SLOAN. * Md ( Feb. 2nd, 18C0- ■ ROBKRTSON & BRISCOE, bUtX:ESSORS TO R. H. MILES, ’ AT ui& OLD STAND, 149, W. PRATT STREET. BALTIMORE. Respectfully offer th. ir service agent*, for the rah- of TOBACCO ! GdAfX. and all kinds of PRODUCE, pledg ing their untiring efforts to render sal i* faction J o all rm> may patronise th#nt. Liberal ad- J vai cei tnadu on consignment*, j March 22u I, 1800—tf. \EX LUMBER YA HI), Curati i/'Eut Ft'l* ml Euftrn A.'cuue, BALTIMORE. MU. S WILLIS (late of ihe firm of S Wil. 1 •&f 'o ) hai* comimmceif’hr LliM lIRII BUSINESS on his own account.and is pres 1 pa res o furnish L I’M HE It in all varieties Jut : Bin ding an • other purpose!. lie will fur : m?h also — FRAMES, SASH, ' non ns, n ricks, lime oh hath, <* With many thanks to his former custom : ers in St, Mary’s ami the adjoiuit" counties i hr hopes ;o retatu thrir confidence and re c**iv* their panunage, and pledge? himself to u>e every effort to phase and wiliaeli cheap ! for cash nr approved paper, j Dec 9;h. 185 lv. ; BUI LDEft ’ s j MATE HI A LS j . _ i The undersigned would r specffnilv nil tL at ntioii cf the Public In Heir hrge aseor - [ n.t-iii nf VOOliS* IH.JJVDS, SASH’ hintU \ FRAMES, XMXDnW FRAMES, WiSU | JiUA/ins CAStSiiS. MOVJJjfXGS, .’ii AX- 1 1 77. UN, ale! i vciv <‘esriipli"ii <>l Ih-iir-e Build- j ing materi*!>, which they have ronei-iotly on | hand, anil wiiirh they can lututeh at the abort ■ I ,->l n< lice. They are ill**. pr* part’d tofinnhbat the • • khorUst r*-ssce FU.I.Hi: tVOItK f.. : ; I Country in •uses Gotniges. and suburban ' i Redd’-si ♦>. aec •rd:n>: t<. any pan nr rh’-ign. . j a'l read . bu. ii lu u* put up on tit'. ;r pr p< r j til bites. Farm* r* a-id lifers, desimns of building 1 ; t.vcinMy ,w< i!i! find it t**il tir adrat.lagc 1 |.\* giving ns a call hef.-re jnirel a.-in" clm— } where a** we are fully prepated to execute i \v>>rk mi tin* n*st reasonable terms. And the I advantage* s . whh'h we offi-t in prenarii g nV ! rhe mat' rials that may be necessary in r.*n- I striirling a house. Will be f..un*i to save the BuiMt-r a great deal of vexatious delay and expeti-e. ! Mr*’ All orders left at t’. r‘r office cr ad -1 dre*>-d to them hr n<ail will meet will j protnp and satisfai t* iv altr nti*rn. MAULS 111. IN' A .11 H .VSON, Steam Plaining Mill and St.-it Factory. ! E?r*t Fulls A venue, near Frail Slrttl Bridge j Warehouse No. 6fi. I’r*?* street, N'Xt .!.e*r to IVhp tV Mitchell. Bait. Md. j April 19th. ICO-It. 'CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. U T K. AXDKKMi.N. X*m. 10 k U i * * * Second Strot iichet'-n Frederic!. Sired • ami Autrs/t Market Sjoie. Bah>mort. | Having W arr rooms and hesl ; assortment of Ctrlnnvf Fmnihrtc in tU^ctly, I*s prepare! to sellevery articleiu histine upoi il'r nml itheral aiul accoliir**lati*g terms. ! Having had i louc Experience in this line of l ousiness. In llalters buns* it ib*t hecnii ccjD r prlr*, 2 to excellence of l!-"leiiaf. In aulV ot i workmanship and range cd prices, w th any ’ entablishnit i.i of the sort in th or any other jiriiy. liis general sui'ck enihraro ea foil and j complete assortment of Purh r (P tit s, tyjas, ' Hocking (.hairs, Sf> r ’g l.cwzet. Chan,her ;• Suits, /'ar ro<er\ < f(H, e a,id Lining Chairs. i French Tele a- Tefr*, Setters, Jrwt Chons. M< it treses. Looking Cl as set (fe. f #tf every va , nety and description. He has also on hand SaUteads of his own manufacture, which i ran be put up and taken down rn two rnin | ules. Persons from ril. Mary ’a, wikhing to I purchase Furniture, are reqnesii-d to call and ! examine his Btock helore buying elaevi her* i “• sure to Hud the right place Non. |(f& l‘g | Second .Street—War* louse with 80 Ice I ironi and £ large Feiding daors. August Ihh 1859—1 v. ~~ JOHN T. CLAKKK. Wholesale and Befall Gtcccy AND iCommiGsion merchant, HAS moved to the fine and commodious WA REHOUSE. Ho. 154 West Pratt St., near Light, and begs leave to inform his friendrand the 1 public (hat he has on hand a large and geo* eralassorimeui of GitOC&ttlEtS,consisting in pari of— GOVERNMENT, JAVA.LAGUIRA and RIO COFFEE: REFINED AND BROWN SUGARS.of every grade; GUNPOWDER.IMPER*AL Y.IIVSUN BLACK TEAS’. GOLDEN SYRUP.NEWOHLKANSaud W r i: MOLASSES; ; SPERM. ADAMANTINE anul MOULD CANDLES; FAMILY'. EXTRA, SUPERFINE and BUCKWHEAT FLOUR.kc. He also invites theespecualattenticn of his ■ friends and customers to his extensive stock of IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC Ll* I Q.UURB. which have been selected with tne i greatest care ami cannot fail to plea e. , Baltimore, March 4h, 1859 1 | March 15:h I9—ly. HUXJXEXX A TTJCS. A LL person* u*Jei teJ o me ait Turn ac- J XiL finjnt %riif Cfnoft fori>nJ #€lll^ fc ame witiimu delay as 1 **ish ill rl unw d-e ia dosed lonhw-lh. I iitteiid htrentlrr l do i j •eaduai.-e CASH Nwrn* v*H 10 tr n<> crin for F.4T1N14. ORfXKINO ar tiOfCHL FUEU from the l* f JnonTr I i J. w. J. MDO-;n, pro;.. -tor, WaaHnglje Ho‘d. . January 3rd. I p 6l—if-

SALK. A pair of FINE \OING Itc.AR RUHBKB will be s .hi l<w, it iinuiedi ate aiiplivatUd* i* tua 1*- t ' JOHN L HERB, Hill Vi trie, Md. , j October l{h. wko. a. aiHMii. jo. ii. M.vnnox | FALL & wMIS SOOBS. j 117 E have just relumed from Baltimore i Tv city with it hirge and well-selected i ■ .STOCK OF F A LI. and W I NT E R . • GOODS, t<> the inspection of which we in • vite our friends and the public. Ovr stock w* BOOTS. SHOES. HATS. CAPS. lis superior, both in quantity and qualify. I to nnv heretofore offered in this market. Our stock also ombraocn a largo asaort j uicnt of— - LADIES' DRESS GOODS , , of everv st\le and quality; I’ j j 1 * Ready-made ( 'lfdhutg, t as m ruffs, Catsitnere* and Fine Ch.ths: ■6-4 Full Cfolh. 3-4 da. h- \ Xrrseyt; 3-4 Jo. . 5-4 rtriprd and yloid L> n<‘ >j>: 3-4 J.insey*. and 3-4 S’arys (Jray. | * ()ur btoe’.: of GROCF.iIiES in I;*. and. embraces s birgt’ supp y of— fniruu. Lard. }i:Hrr, Filler, dht-esr. Fish, Freth liuch-’xfteal f * Flour, dv ., See. We haw aLo on h v. 1 a large H=>ortmcnt of FINK LIQUORS, ini hiding li < nCjs, Ili'ninhef, riii 111 hi s.:ry* . 1 of the most approved brands. Our whole stack of goods having been pur-; chased for cash, we flatter ourselves that ure are aid* t* offer supi rior induceuuHta to : buyers, both as 1o price ftu ' b:T:n v SIMMS & MADDOX, j ' Nov. Bth, 1 hd)-•-tf. i VALUABLE I ! 1 MAXCEACrmiXU PROPERTY I IPvDHi I ; ’■''llC ra;ii.<h'e pr.'p*rlv. known e CI.IF [ 1 TON FACTORY and GRIST Mil.l. j water p*>vv i}, sili.atnd *n the Brail Ws*tCi * |.f St. Mery’k river in >:iint Mary’* c.*u ty . ‘ dii., -u d *-mt ;if ii j, ai. ut f't!f<’C h*t:<'.red aim iffy acres lam?, i >.ff. red at Piivaf** Sale ; i h’> property ha* on if * >TOUF, 110 l Sb!, , v tiiidi is a 4inai stand f r hu>ineaa, H' tl fd,. ; DWEI.LtNtiS. Wnrkshnpn. At. lie pro perlv Aill i'‘*.dd <n *> c>’iimi terms. I For fiirthvr parlvnlars, •**> plv to. THOM AS W. AiOUOH, I JO. FORRESr, • j N* Tf*th. iflf.® lf. 1 MI LUX FRY AND FAXCY GOODS. r |MIE tnidcr.MCtriCd t >k*— th' mefl.oil rf jj,- j * f. u!d esi*.r -ri:* ra ami the nu'-ije. i generally, that she viiil iq.eii i; l/*i.r-vrd ijT'Min, • n 'Thursday • xt, Deceinhti €tb. n , complete ass >rtincut i f MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS* f t l-.e r.esi * i-i.i- nabl* [ * -tv i< s. ail of which she v.; ! sell on the nms! 4HXOro’.oo'lalii,g krill*. MRS. CASSIDY. N t*T 21s h. 18€0 —tf. PATUXENT RIVER LAND . 1 FO R 8 A L E. ! ; IF n*-t seld at private nale Is-fvr*- HAT* ■j ■ I itDAY, (Jctolier t’np 20t!i, ]SCO. | will ‘ ‘-ffi-r at }u:ilic sale, in the village nf f’H AK ! LOTTE HALL, on that lay. the FA IS.*3 | or. which I now reside. 'This Fxrm is situated on h* P.itnx'-nf j River, adjoining the lands *-f Mrs, E. L. I Tliomss und Maj. James Collins, aud con tains |ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND i Per.-ons wishing to purchase land ofsepr ! rior quality, where health and all tl.e i delicacies of the water are to l>c had. are reqiiested to call and examine the premises. SleanuTs, to and from Baltimore, ]<at> this land every’ day. This Farm will b divided and told in ihre pairs. Terms made known on application to the ; underaignrsl. ai d t>o**e*Mon will be given OB the first day of Januarv, 1861. W. J. CARTWRIGHT. Oiariottv Hail. H. O . Sami Mar\’a L'uantr, Md August SOIh, IB6o—tf. I % NOTICE. ~ THE undersigned wish to inform the people of Saint Mary’s and adjourn ing counties, that they havejusrt completed ja FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and are prepared to haul out vessels of any size, and will REPAIR, CAULK, Ac., on the n*i>fel rcawjtiahle terms. Prompt ntuinion • to all work, and quick dispatch will he given inall cases. The Railway is situated about a quarter of a mite from Leonard Town on a tin** <tsUt cmek. wh*re we will also build SCOWS. BOATS, or VESSELS. if ; on the lowest terms ‘ HARRIS, NOEBIS A FOXWFLL. Juij it‘A Dce-ti. CMI IMKI. LiME~ HAVER, DE_GRACE MD.. (The Uitder*i£-ie<l haring increased their Cap tal and 3-i*< Facilities, have this day ! r oml a f *.-n#<ri i*-,h.r under the name and I ■>•'# *f -sIMMONS, RRI3COR i HILLF3, |fr i .ec animation <>f tie Oml, Lumber and L:n*e 'rale, her. •.f .re roinfti-1) Hy Briar***. M • T*es it f ii.hiiii Siminousft Mules. We have ! cor a tan'l j on i n*J for saleaaJ luiuivdiiitrskip* .neni, every fnerr >fC >ai id Lumber. Bahim*> e Co*v,Tfrv*rMH*, Piltslnn, | SiiMJur/, Lorut Aloumi. Lumber, White , Pine, White .mil Velh*w Fine Flourtn?, Siding, L PkkfK, Lat 1 !', Cv >re- : Sin*rle.*. beat North ‘ * Carolina. Culling-* and Selt. la, Hemlock ami I vVn.l# I'm* Fefr'iiig, Joist*, .'ainddu.g Bill i Stuff cut to onle., WRIGHTsriLLE 'JUIBIiI STONE USE, j he o*- nil -hr-iprxt i ha* for agricultu ral purpose*. i<iick ami S.a-ked, either with ■jt without \laguesia. (One bushel n| Giuck Will sb-vrK t -,vo mid a-hall nulit.i.) \N t i every variety of STONE 1.1 ME, one variety c.ontaimn * an ABUNDANCE of \IAGNE -ISI A for AW '•jOIL that may require it, and ‘ the ether varieties coalmii n sufficient quantity, I! at l>:ve. Our Li ne R* 'tr ?' l all the arcca -1 • <ial> :• auis on the Cheaa} eake Bay, nml .:*, w e are thvrefuie vuabu-ti to offer to ’ ■ rhe Fanner* and IVa’ers u\ M iryland aiul Vir ginia, u enter facilities than they have ever j h:d in purchasing the above articles. Thankful i for the vei y liberal patronage we line* hereto, j < cr** .-•ceived, anal respectfully solicit a oonuru ; nation ot lhv same. SIMMONS. HRISCOF. k HTLI.ES. H.iVRL DE GU I CL, MD. March 16. IB6o—ly | FIRE 1 INBUII A\C E. ; \ j 1 NSTTRANCK on all descriptions of Comity ■ 1 l’r* can brehrried in any of the tol- \ Firsl-CiUM Com ponies with , eut the dtl.ty of consulting Hie home t tli< - • ! a non application to the uul<rv£in|. JOHN A. CAM AUER, Lettuird Ti’icn, }fJ March 10th. 1859 U. GxnpAuit’*. Capital and snrj.lti* J ..(nirity Insurance Co.,cf N. York, $267,000 , ‘l.m.ix, “ “ “ 202.000 J !>**.! !*e “ “ “ 217.000 ( : New World “ “ “ 24;',n00 I M.mUiik “ “ 200.0001 ♦j’. art or O t’c of If ut!*>H, C- •UM'*c:i< ut..! J 2.0' 0 1 Msttrince (’•.. of t ; i* \ allot ot \ a., R.M O (, 0 Ainctn-arie •*! N irgtuia, 2uO.'*Oti; i I,vnehhurg “ 2 )0.000 Ifurtheni A>suranr Cn.. Tendon, 2.104,111 j Marikf. I)t;rA3tTMknt. ! j Mercantile Mutual of New ior.-t, 1.014,1">0 , I,v;clilu.rg of Virginia, 2t0.0r;0 CiiS’trr 1 hi’ of Harf rt. C Mnerticnt. 342.000 ; Rat'" Tiic *t >v* 0 ,njvni**s arc all ii ■*:•! : i hy the Compt r’H< r. j 'l*!eau;s f>. Johtiien is Agent fm ! :h- 15iaif •! Ms.-ylijul, No. 73. titioml street j UaUlincue. , Losara promptly adjtiit<! *nd | j Marcl. I*tl. In.'.W— ly. FOR SURSUrT. ' JOHN n IMT'KI.MFI is reeenimenfeJ to the voters o ‘ this count ; :i s candidate lot ; ; Sberifl m 1601. (’nvKUOTTF IIaI-U iJ.’STKtcr. j Vcv 10th. l* r >o | 1 . I i I'iloM\S 1,. I) A VIS is rer on) mended t# : ihe voters nf thi* ce'inlv as a candidate !e> J • :We Snenflaity in 18t>|. Iniffie*' Dittrirf. | Nnr 10. K. JBA9 NEW GOODS. I.KO SPALDING In* jn*l r*-c ve.Lu.r 1 J * of the l*es*t •elc* ti-il <ti* k ► ot 1 1 (H)I )S I * in* i.a* ever had. which lie offers for >.ilc very ; i‘V. I He wetiM cal’ parlicti’ar attention t hh i j :tock uf— ; I.i'’ Ilrrs? AT r.its Goods, i , i L'nen Ca iihi ic ard Silk P. okef Handkrrrhtefa, . ! Ladies’ and Gents Fvid and I.isle TWrt-ad Gloves , • L-idiru Mantles and P-Mot* i Ls*th, Cn*:rr.ere Silk i Teitipps, kr. | April 2bih, I*6o—ly. J J. H. IUCKETT, i Stock. Note, Bill.; , Am Kul tar ate HHdKirR. j V 1 Second Street, BALTIMORE. 11 “ j: IJjtfKP. ZNCII. F. Gih*'n. Cashu-r B*nk oflfalt. BiUimere. , C. R. C-.lvirian, Canli. M-chanicn’ Bank, J. iM. Buck, Cast). Franklin Hank, Thomas J. i , Carson, Binker, Th run* Ih Johnston, J. C. j Adams, Warwick, Frick & Ball, ft. Mickle ’! Cash. Union Bank of Mary land halt. j Vickers, Pres. Marine 8.-.nk, JuhnMou ■ Co., Batikeir, Jwriah Leo &. Co., Hugh Jen-; kins Sc Co. Young A' Cars**n, \V. ih.ikney Br *>ke. \Vmxhiivji*n, IK C. M May 24th. IWo—if. NEW FALL AND WISnJfGOODS i ■ rnHE tinderpigneii ha* just returned frm ih* } ■ X Guy with (lie largest, aua leat aeieetcu stock j | FALL,and WINTfcR G<JOLS ever offered i ( ! to theciturns offitt. Mary’• County, coneietmc. i 1 1 hi part, of very auperwr quality of Heavy Good* for Servants’ rlotl ing, at the rnoat moderate • | p, ices—also Bf ot and Shoes of the nal sob- ; etantiai make, and best material. Besides 4!loths, ! C**mjeres, vent mgs and ail kinds of line Goods, for Ladies as.d Uentlemen—a carefully ; aeisvted. and welt assorted stork of ready made | ; clothing,manufactured expressly to order, and a rartetv of articles ofaimost eey kind no where ! eLe .o' 1 foend in thecouniy. lie retj**ctfoily so- j i kois a roll from thosedesirmr to purchase, fee!- ; mg assured that his thorough arqunintanre wjt | thebusaiesß, resulting fro n a lung residence 10 1 rhcity, wiM enable him to offer such induce- J 1 naanui as willitefy compeuuon. E 11. JONES, Ciiftea Facury. ( Septembej 27*h ly. notTceT I>FPvBGN'S 1 nv it ALK ' ttu iiid (Jo well t<- ca’l ai Ibt: aobsenbe/ 1 br.lore •ii*poswe of thorn elres here. AHoom- ' mniiicatiutie wiii t- promptly altered to. Ad , dn.-s*, _ ,i i W. T. A. HKF.DER, 1 ! Md # j Ai* 2.. J, mt-tt. WKKmmmm !MAf JatKerdt; rut*. wyoTKl. M.IKMuNV C3EOVF SUR**RIK* t j ISAAC JACKSON A CO., Propriety, ( (>cccsi*oa t* TH9S. M. HARVtT,) Jannamlle, ChftUer County, Pa. I! To the Farmers and Planter* of St. Mary’* and ..djnininf -mimies. I, r fTKE sim.cnbar* bee leave to call attomlon . J. to ihv >■ laree •fe'-k for the Pall trade. Apples* stsiudard and dwarf;Cheme*; • Peaches; Phi ms; Aprirols; Ne< Mnnes, all se j leered and clone van cue*. Our small Ihnt , J Department cunnne every thing in its class. ► I Strawberry, me hundred varieties; Grapra, * , llfty vanetteo, Currunt, Raapoeny, Gooseber* .- i | Hituiiaru nr Pie Plant, Asjurngu*. li Our stock of ORNA MENTAL TREES is 1 vc:y heavy, and a!! the common and • most of the new. both evergreen and dieidueus , Ros, iJdhlms nud bedding planU n|* every d.- ; script ion. Qsace Orange for hed;rinr. T ;a ■ plant is Jeslrie I .->un to ail others for • this nurnose. lieiny h !VII Jy t a nipid grower. He , stroiig thiirdi ••.It i-iiis an iin;asMblc ttarrier to all kinds of stuck Our stock is hedlhy and well grown, sn.J oi t.rirr* will fo, nd ns low au any ih.lmi Orders saiiciiW Address ; ISAAC J ACKSON A CO., i __ Jennerville, Chester Co., Pa S. Cats I gues furnisl.fd on applicati*:; R-tVi*nce Francis J. thene, R'oomalmiw; J. F.d*'n t’bad, Locust Grove,St. Mary’econnly, ; | Agent —G. FreJ. Maddox, who ■ ogvnt for this cr.mpnny, will attead to *1 ; ard rs N’t with him. ■ 6vpt. 13th, ItCJ—if. J . 1 j QUICK QUICK LIMB!! - KENNEDY’S SCHUVLKIIfi LIME, ; G well known in Pennsylvania,'',Delaware • New Jersey and the Northern and Evte*n i p->iitni of this btate, iis being suponor u> anv • ’fher fur *jricnlt.Tnl tiujtrorttmeni, i-* for tho ' ‘Nt inuv pi iceil vvitliiii the reach -*f th* farrr. • <*r.-and plant* rs -t ■*. Mary’s ami sulj<>£ 1 countice, ihr-'Ugh thr tgvn the uiilvr*iga. i cd. who is prepared t- .-‘*•11 on necow modafiuy terms any quantity <>| <J<tick, detivcral; ! a per *n tne mi-tvs *f any of the | rivers *>r bavs in said comities. i)rdcrss licit j cd. JXO. A. CAMALIF.R. .f*/v;4. Leonard T .wn, Md., March 3id. 182*9—3ia The following analysis re.’.ommends this lime ' is possessing oropeciivs (far superior to any ) iif(o***sri .y tr \rpned to the Inntls mlhi* enion. w.ntch n, e kiiuwi. to he dviictcnt io ho h ! me and u.sjji.esia : Labarntory n| State Ch*mt*t, 1 N-* 2:1 t.vchange Building*, > n.iln.ii.*M , .M*L, June ildih, lt<s7. 1 Reporlof ri.vvni oij samples of -ScbuyM* It i Lonestoiir, marked i e|ieoiively N* I (while i No 1 i'S!ne}, N'<, *f (elute). No 2 (blue), N, 3 (mp', f*r .l**ii n Kennedy, Esq., of Port K nueily. Mon’.g onery Co., IVn**yltaina. Theno.v t- -iimp'e* nf*‘Hrhu) Iklll Limestnp*- * wi re fo-.nd, *po:i -.imlyais, to be compost* ti : 0.0-A'S ; No 1 (V) 1 (H) 2 (w) 2 fh> 3 (t) Cat ban. of Lime. 6') 9, t>|.7, nii.s. 3C.J, S7 I Cat hou. at Mag , S^md, (,'lay A 1r0n.0.9, 12, J .2, 1.5, n 100. The ibore S liuyik ill Limestones are Magne : *ian l.imes‘.ones, of pre'tv nriy equai e- nmn *1 i ■-■. They are mnai e iiirnn.iy miapted tulle t.i/'tc in n wn soils winch are deficient in both umt and Alagnrsis. JAMES HIGGINS. j '' ' "** ; 1,1 M K AND FKED S I Oil K | No. 3 Hollinswortl. St- Baltimore. wi. ii. nn.n. (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HEANV) i rrnoitfui.r avp kftatl m Lillie. Ki'irkv ll:ir. Cement) CALCINED PLASTER, Carr, Oats, Corn Meal, Chop-Rye, Mill Feed, Ac i Dee. 2flr*i, 1868—ly. 1 j OEOROE HI, VIES. JAMES C. CH KEN WELL SLATER it (iREEXWELL, iißtiis i Emsm MERCHANTS, NOS 19 Ar 12 COM MERCK ST., BALTIMORE. ' A Nrg* R'nrk *vf GHOCF.RI E*S A LIQUORS j Hiwayß on hand. Mer/hanuis* k I‘redur* tight and sold on Commission. May 10th, 1860—if. rovNosn 1853 chart**** 1454 * LOCATED COR. *r BALTIMORE At' CHARLES Sr*. Baltimore, M. j 7Tk< Largest, Mott Et*gß*tfy Furnished ond Papular Commercial College its the United Btotts. Designed Express!? for Toimf Ilea Oesinnr to L*uun a IVoiough Practical Busi ness Education in the *hortet possible lien* and at the least expense. A Larr* and HeuiUfuily Ornamented Circu lar. upwards ct Btx BeiAr* Feet, with Specimen / Penmanship, and • Large En graving (the finest of th kind ever made in Ui'• country) representing the Inienor View of the College, with Catalorne etattng term*. Ac., will be sent to every Young Man on epplicaikm, free of chare*. Wute i uiuicliateiy and you will recerre like package by return ttsul. Address E. K. LOBIBR, ReJtieeer* Ifid. Jenunry 34th, 166!-'ly. 11 1 ■ i H ——w nUSLVESS NOTICE. ALL person* indebted to me •>* Tever* m> count will cense forward end settle the seme without delay as 1 wish ali claims due ase dosed forthwith. 1 intefid hereafter ie do e* exclusive CASH business and am detanMjpad to give no credit for EATING, DRINK- „ INO <>r HORSE F c,L J from tbe lat afjamast ""**■ 30Har.PEaw,cs. , MIMI , /Moary 3rd, leffl— V.