Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 7, 1861 Page 3
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GARDEN SLEDS. I and for n! a larce ataoit- Ik went of frc*u GARDEN SKEW E. LEU SPALDING. Marcn 7th l&Cl. SHERIFF’S SALE OF VAI.CACLK REAL ESTATE. BY viituvof tw.lve writ* of Wimli tiuni Exponas, issued out of the Circuit Court for Saint M*rv’s Countv one at the suit of James Burch uhc of j. L. BuJd USC of Luke \V. B. Hutchins of John A. Burroughs; one at tin fnit <>f James Biscon use of ll*nry 0 Garner; one at the suit of John T Clarke; one at th' suit of Jan's Biscoe use of T. CDwdd Wilson; one at the mil B ■*<•'*€ use of Richard H Mil •*: one at the suit of James Bi.?coe mu; of Henry G. Garner; one at the suit of John A. Burroughs; one at the auit o: Rob< rt N. Milh'irn; one at the nit of Ro bert T. Barber Executor of Richard Mat tingley; one at the suit of C. C. Lancaster; on at the suit of James Green use of Penn 4 Mitchell; and one at the suit o{ Henry G Garner: against the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of John H. Key and to me directed. I have seized and taken in execution all the right, title, interest, property, claim and de mand. at law and in equity, of the said John 11 Key; also, by virtue of one writ of Venditioni Exponas isued out of the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s County, at the suit of Luke W. B. Hutchins use of Neale A Luckett, against the goods and chattels lands and tenements of John H. Key and Philip Turner, and to me di rected, 1 have wsx**d and taken in execu tion all the right, title, interest, properly, claim and demand, at law and in equity, ■of said John 11. Key and Philip Turner, in and to the following prqerty to wit: one tract, parcel of laud called and kftown as. "BOND’S REST” one tract or parrel of land called and known as— “GRAVELLY HILLS” ♦ •re tract or Jhrcel of land called and known i - e ILiTJJXiSUrftKXI*> one tract or pc.reel of land called and known as— “*ART OF WIDOW'S PURCHASE” one tract or parcel of land called and known a— ••THK OTHER PART OF KEY'S SHORE" The whole being commonly called and j k*-wn i*a—- “HAMBURG” said land being located in Chaptico Dis trict. Sai:-Mr.ry’ County, Md. t nnd con tain! g ISI B-<5 more or liaw. And I hereby gi*c notice that on FRIDAY, the 22nd of March next, at the Court House door, in Leonard between the hours of 12 o'clock; M.. and 0 o’clock, P. M. I will expose at public sale, to the highest bidder for osoh. the above described properly ao seixed and taken in exr-cutiau. Also to satisfy officer’s costs on same. J. THOMPSON YATES. Sheriff. Frh. 2Sfh, iHOI-ta. luinrar Fright bay. Iwl by Mr Long, owner ol Itia lor, wart gu ly B'Hiioii out nf Slender by In dustry, Louisa Femme*. by Thornton’* lUt t.or. Dairy Orapjier. by Ogi*-’s (.War, Grey ■ Rail’s Union, Le-nidus, impt. Oincllf, impt. (tewtgeV Juniper, impt. Mr -*■•’ Traceih*r. out of impt. Salima by m* Go.oipbiii Ambiaii. Krum i!,e above pedigree, it will he seer, that C’wvJr Afdrwue com bine* more of the Sir Archy blood in his veins than any hor.e ** r,,v h v ’n?. ooii.! descended, through bia sue B.ft-Mi and grand .-ire Timoleon, directly fr -m Sir Awhy, nod through Industry -are of Slen der and .'ne of the l*cat a*u* of Sir Archy, ag*o4 through Thornton’* Itutlor—(the sin of Lnuua Scmnitt) another ui*lin£uh*i *on of Sir Archy. By his g ft dam Daisy Cropper, through her sire firry Dveixti, be is detrended Imm ♦ Medley, aH hie family h*l i"t game and atoninca*. VtauJh ifo’ii tU is the ire of C->l. Bone’- Cue ell. Hu Marvel, which ran in th Pali **' E*th at Leonard Town and m Virginia with success. riaude Mednotte ail! stand ill* aenxxi for $ 3 “. for bluotUxl inarea, io he discharged hy i if nahl in the ae.u*on. For c< lTiUioiii msrv*. sl4, to hr dicharged by $lO, if paid in hr- aessen. fcverr care tak*’n, but nn rea jxa:eihWoy l x aoci lenu. Groom ft> 00 vent*. ID *i!i *tai.d at lie Read of St, Csem auu bay no A? L---osk! Town m A i Ctftun Factory n 0 GKORGK C. TABLlfa. ffeh. t6th. lOOl^tM. —aw<Wi.E .ei‘ai ■a.eeeeeeia m ■■ FOR HOAD 3CPEKVISOR. D. D. A £l>;U (A n tiioiulf to the of Town a* a uandiJ..ui K>r fi|jcrewur vf Mm VUml and aaJL 4hc votau cf 4he ‘fcdnd C Hiu. . 2rh. iOAI. • ■ ,l; T TsTf. E>^ r*ftn HEHLTNO. CODFISH and HtVEWUKAT p -i m.d kr aair h$ tl WYis Ik M \IWQK. CUHVOOL A ,r .^ h "'. t ' r ' lr O \K! *K\ SKEW *n<) f % KtTATOEd -M ni.i .l or nil by SIMMS 4 MADDOX. j—*n , ~._jm u., I SHERIFF’S SUE OF VALUABLE :| REAL ESTATE AND 1 PERSONAL PROPERTY. i vrue of uiirt writ of Fo.-ri Facia-*, i ~t l ’'" ue ’J uul of the Circuit Court for A.a:ot MaryV County, at the Suit of Rtch ff7 ”, *j ll •*'. the goods M,d chs:- .’Y, land? ;.nd t-nonifiita of Lorenz.. D. ~ ** ami Daniel T. Morgan, and to me unvoted. I have seised and wk-n in ae rutiun all the rig! t, title, interest, proper ty, claim acd d-nmnd. ..I law and in njui tT. of the *id Lorenzo D. |{;u| alM i |i aß . ,rl T. Morgan, in and to the following , property to wit; ! Out* trad or parcel of land caIIed— ‘COLLONWOOD’ but more commonly known as Ce This lanu i.- located u Cbaptieo District, Mary's County, and contains— -116 Acres, . more or lesj*. And I hereby give notice, that on ; nUUAY, (Ik* ££iid of.l[ar(ii IK**!, between the bur of 12 o'clock M. and . r >. .o clock, P. M., at the Court House dthr in Leonard iowu. 1 will expose tv public auction the above dcscril el property, ho ; seized and taken in execution, to the High**>t bidder for cash, i Abo, by T:;rtue of the same writ and st i the mi it of same. I have ptizad and taken in execution all the right, title, interest, pr- p.rty , clauw and demand, ut law ud , in f|iiity*. of the said Lorenzo I), Rond i ai.d Daniel T. Morgan in and to the fob! ! lowing property to wit: ONE NEGRO MAN, NAMED JIM; \ ONE LOT OF TOBACCO. | supposed to be about— lO.CGO POUNDS. | And I hereby give notice, that on : TLItI) A. i the hiy of J lurch | •'n the premises of >*aii Daniel T. Morgan, j bclwe. u the hours of 11. o’clock, A. M . j and 4 o'clock, P. M., I will expose to public auction the above described proper ly. so seized and taken in execution, to the highest bidder for cash. Also to tat-; Ufy officers eo-t on saiue. J. THOMPSON YATES. Sheriff. j Feb. 28th. 1861-u. mtice. fMMIK Co-Partnership heretofore existing I I under ilu firm of FEIIOL'SSON, MUR- i PJIk & CO. expire* this day by limitation. CiIAS FI.KGI'cSOX will witlc the attain* ot the concern. on as rrporssoN. D. 11. SHt. LAR.Y S*trvirin<j partners of J. M. AliDlb, >J. //. Murphy <£ (Jo. ! j Mnnftjomti y, .4/j. I Balirtwrc, Feb 1,16 l/ I Dvar S/ft ;—1 lit Uudct*i;.’n*d return* tb*nk.< tor 3'our patronage to she !.-.*< firm, .mil would re-*pert fully rqu sr h C"iitiiiußiu> ti e rente t him. lib Ix-st e ffort* ehall al ways Ic tiwnl l*r the h-tereate of those wh.. ccntiU* their to hi* care. Utfyc’hUly CHAS. FERGUSSON. Feh *Bth, 161 —ln, FOK CONSTABLE. 1 J. EDWIN AHKf.L Mtinonncee himself ax • a cm.didale for Countable in T**wu ! district and solicit* the vutseof his friends and I the public. j Feb 281., Ifftfl. BAUCH’S AA W BONE SUPER PHGSPATE OF LIME. FARMERS, TRY Fl*. IF YOU WISH TO raise large ckoi*s, and at THK SAME TIME IMPROVE Your land. IN the preparation of this valuable mam,*.. - Jr .^fet\ RKCSKU,XT ^'‘^ I cA"StR.rI! made thy.„. crushed w : th powerful machinery ! < and subject to a by wllich | virtue -I the bone b retained, end a fertilizer is procured furui suing i u B cauceutr-totl *. d soluble f-.rm the two IndispnwibJe element, I tu tne gn.wtb ..f pb:,t., iz : riIOSPPtiPfP ACID A AMMONIA. lW ;„ .lS b> toe mm uf ••n.uiel-. 1!.. Ph. r ‘?* *! **"• ,* a U• '<ir Mnp,,.! ■""I'! 1 V*. • > * m r. Tufy at •r ,t at u„ ,ht f*,-™* ' -uj icaro u, 1..J ~r . (naraaKty Lei * fitter. *^ r ( C li-U TRICE 4ib PER TON. 1 OF 2,00 POUNDS. 1 3\ CENTS PER POUND. !* Tins pojmiar F-rtUixer can be hiol of! AcUa lb Ibc 1 ilOc* r *4 tuaitK uiav be or-t * dor*i any Alerci.aiii m i IWftlUir;. GEORG g DUG DALE, Cmrr-xL Dci*'.t & AtsKncr. j, No. 4 br>An’ Whakt, j | Fb ua r jr 7rt- t 18b I—ln*. i FOR LEASE. A STEAM SAW AND GRIST MILL *n P:ment River. p t , r r*,* w 1 W a DWELLING HOUSK adjacent.— Al# for a SMALL FARM on the Thr.c ' S> *ched R*ad. FV parttridar*. at Oakvdlr. .b liar premises, *.r to ihe uiiiinr signed. J. FOKUHST. I !vi. cm ia#: i—tf. VEiMCiiT M Hit I. I fMV! IS well known STAL- I 1 LION will stand it Towi, Saint Mait 11/ *1 m aa-: P rt T Jwcc* zQ t iMfitl! (. Jlll.fy. ‘ti.iilig tiir M 1.. [The M*aou v.ii; ouiu-uce uo Dt of NUr. ii '•in.icnd oi Ist '*f July. T mis ami rrc will U. gi v‘ n hen-ift**r. WM. P. 110WSKH. Feb. 14th, IfLl— tf. TO A UMS: T< I A RMS! '1 o A UMS 1 AN FED r.Oft mi. \r.inen to ami iiM*mwl\cs with and go i> Tu k r I ) >U j Am. P. Fin ker hi? |iit i }..t of jpf tH oiis, plow points &c. t w.*icu u | A! 11 cll I* V/. Feb. IIL, 1801 MMJMIISW., CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. CS cr.tuiJr To Ij. W. l>v vkE i Uo.) ■ (yUiAIIS, •<! our own manufv j * lure. cuaeuntly on hand. NV e uve ah,,, i h Ufiifl <l>ck •>! rACvlieol [ CiJLW !NO ami SM(.>Ki\( TCROACO; SXL'FK.S F \.\CV AR ITrLKS, 'N liicli We me prepared to tumidi our cus tomer* on tcrtn*. *>au. lOlh lSt. I —tl. NOTICE. r llllE undersigned ukr* this method ~f * h - forming the puMic that, if n da** t ,j i d->r.en or more ran la? p roe tired, hr xvtll in gr.AOHILLL ami KaNc.V I>A NIKS, t-.i Uooaiti l .w.:, .lining li.e r -if. ■'iM.. in inMi I’< rsoiH d enroll* of f. riitinv a da/a *re re iinaled lo notify the undei.signed immediately. J. RANDOLPH WALTON. Jan. lOJ*. 1801-if. 1 . a JAMES WILKINSON, i grocer & mmm I mIEB f Q E AIJ 1, | No. I*2*2 Dugan’s VVliarf, 1 BA KtH'pP ConsUntlv on hard a liter* ntnu\r‘- I n.rnt..fsr,M:Kioi;Family grotfiuks, • Foreign :ml Dumestie Li.ju.i>, S-1 gar*. A*c„ w hicb will be sold at the lower! ! maikei price*. I - reduce ul nil kiinlk sold on rummlnal <>n, , • *iit i alinli only do a CASH 6uJ*t'4J. j Nor. 29th, 18C0—tf. j NOTICE. | r J*ITK Ctepmttiei>liiy hereti.foie rx:tin(> i 1 under the firm of COT FINGH AM k | li A UDING ip (hi tlay tliKsi.Jved l*v miitiis! i cm At nl. Wm. H. Harding i* xli.iie-antiior* I iZed to MiUle the tiMMness <<f tilt; firm SAWChIL OOiTINGIIAM. ! WM. H. Fl AUDiNG. Jan. 11 A; I — 4a. The tmrlirsijfmnl. Imvinsr H ugl t net the lnt-rp>t ..I Samuel C.*itingh;mi of the firm o* * Cmiingham A* Harding, u ill iu renfi-r mhJu t 1 the hu>im-*rt in hit .\vn Name, tis.i he moet 1 re.-|*-ctlnlly eoliclU :l.e favor l the fr-nd. of tie old Fi no WM. 11 HAIUMN i. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS.! - TO THE FARMERS OF ST. ilAHrs. j —I wt-uld nmfrt resp*ctfully call v.-yr at- i tmn’uo u> my Urge a**orttiM-nt IMPI.E MEATS. I am o<amifa(ttirii:g and pr parntt larger asn*.rtinejit of Agricultural Im plement* tlmn I hav** ever offered t* liie public—fl< rsc Power* ant! Threaher*. W heal Fnn, G.rn Mills. Corn Shelierai IM.tugha. Harrow*: GnllW *t-<rs, and man* other articles In nunierous to nieUion. I can supply tl Farmer with ev* ry thing he :na> wfint. With regard to liur?e Powers 1 1 would rail particular a f trntim: to a line lot of FELTON'S TRIPLE OEJtHKP I P Gil ELS, to tcork vifh or without bnutl. 1 i chxrh are nr.f rurpamd in this or any oOier c market; and i m<M respectfully invite I hear win *re in want of Machims to give me n call, • ii i I cel confident that I can suit the pur- 11 chaser. I arn making a CORN MILL for grinding Orn at Home. Tbiv i* a good Mill, u** been teetc-ii and pronotuireil so ky *x-. e . kixod Judges. To this I ask yettr pe :iai atteatii-n. f tender you my sincere thanks for the c:nc t;c.~3 heretofore siiowu lt*e and l>cg a ern inaanett of your favors, detern.t tied to make l strung cflorl to please all who give rue their •ustmn. fMlers udi me**l with prompt aiieu iu Ly being direclitl to WILLIAM H. HARDING. IfiO Pratt itrtei \V\arf, Baltimore, Afd. F* b. 7tU, I—ly. MEMCAL NOTICE ‘ DR A. SAPIMNGTON has removed to St. Inigm-ji’ District, where he of ers bis professiuua! services to the public !• may be found at his residence, near ?t nip*V Sr**re t late the property of Dr. lobm 0. Asbeoni. Jan. 3U, 18til Hm. Elil - 1 i I- i F<*R bHKRIFF. TU name f PHILIP 11. DORSEY, issti*- I •'* tl vuU-r* -f this cuiU, ii a can-i id. te f-r tn ^. X i SID RIFFALTV. l-y in*v.> cutset* of \ t . CttArrux, Dfitrautrr. j Fvl. ill, hmu. ! A moprssioTfa l notice. ' I J ttUX MORGAN b.i remove! -* * !roa Leonard Tawn to his m*!Jeo<*. ’ “iffarenim,*’ on Britton** Bry. Mr offer* bit profe*ion* service* to the public. Or '.*-rt ‘eft st the cigar establishment f tie**. W. Dv ye*

ft. Co., Leonard Town, will recent promt t si ten* ion. i Jan 10th, PROFESSIONAL NOTICE. i DR. IIRXKY (I. KDKLEN lus removed hie (Wife t* the Law Office Ur - tf* re | occupied ly G Fr*l. Maddox. Knjr. H rtn alwaye Ik? found, either st hi* Office <i Hotel, when not professionally ett- Jan. 10. 18*>!—If. ; MJi&ih CIORN MKAIj. irosb from the Steaai- J Mill of J. H Mudd OX. Also, a froth supply of BUTTER, CHEESE,Ac in store and for sale by SIMMS A MADDOX. Dee. 20th. IStiO. a. adlkr. nn.n. woodward i vSISEAT MB'GAjTiS. ! AT.I. Atlhr A tVi NEW STORK. WE have ju>t returned from. Baiti mopr eitv with a large and v-31 selected Stock wf ing the following articles: Hr: MEN’S AND BOV’S READY MADE CLOTHING of every quality and \ari -tv ; MEN’S and BOVS HATS and CAPS; OIL CLOTH SUITS; ! UMRRELL VS; CASSIMERES. CASSINKTTS. FULL CLOTHS and KKRSKVS; LADIES DRESS GOODS of every style and quality; UMbUOI UElliE, HOSIERY. CLOVES, M REAS and HOODS i •*f did* r*-nt sty I *?: Jim* fr children; FINK LINEN-BOSOM SHIRTS; SHIRT COLLARS, UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS; LADIES’ * SHAWLS, CLOAK 3 j and MANTILLAS; ' LINEN CAMBRIC and SILK HAND-i KERCHIEFS j and many other article? unneecfrarv to mention. Tin* above goo I? will he .-old at : the hfWot Baltimore price? for rush or to punctual pum outers on six months credit W• iii\ im a call and e\.<miuation of om r stock by the public, before put chaHng ,! elsewhere. A. ADLER A 00. '] Leonard Town Md. ;, Sept. UTth. 18€C—tf. !, __ I 1 PRIVATE SALE OP |j VALUABLE !' REAL ESTATE. |l fFTIi R FARM Ub tifiiiijr to me, located iu ! UiHiloltf I lit! i di>tnr{ aud situated about I iße and a half uilo (r*ur Patuxent riv*r, wiV ! !>e s<-ld a: Private sale. It contain.- three bun- j Irrd aero of, more ..r U*t. and the Mii ; ir celebrated lor the production of highoi ; priced t Im'Ti', The p AHM iiH* on it a com fortable DWF.IJ.ING. with j the usua’ out-iioime*. For ’ nrnsi* apply :o lhe under- Cd |!; •iined at “Grairpion.” or arb ; .Ire** UMtier.igued at CUptico. j ' DAMKI. T. MORGAN. j‘ near ||ea*i j( St, Cien.oiA* Bay. i Sept.'lJHh. !Bio—if. j NEVT SHOES! NEW SHOES I! i MMS fc MADI.NtX hare jiiat redness * ' larjre Assort ~*ut at NEW SHOES. .>f ih .eat quality omj mjtatde for ..eoseu. 1 which will !>e -ld low. No*. Ist liitWl THE SAINT MARY’S FEMALE SEMIJVAKY I IGIL next annual session wib commence cm o.\ * v-RDA "S , the loth ol St-nietn >er, under the directius 0 f Mm I.O’ITY JJGH, as Principal, a set-ted bt a corp* 1 cilkientano experienced TcaHieta. The coufm- ol inMnietioo i* as thorough aa I any other in?ti:utioa in me country, and , ! yeai is uitided mto two term* o: : j Sve month* each. J t per term, payable ! in hdixDcr: | lor *1! the branrhea of a tiior-mph Rugtish education, inctud’nc Board. Tuition. Washing, Fu*l, I-shts and i'>eddiug, $75.00 i [Stationery, 2 6C ’ luition further pupil*,including M ’ * . 21.00? •bpakatb ttACK*: 1 French, with the u*e of Itirtnimewk, 2< <K*' Drawing and Paittieg, exclusive i *f materials, g J Fainting in Crjj C**!ora, exlu*i*e of tiuiterials, 10 00 ’ F**r further information, or for fWular* i apply le the Principal, St. luigcca Port’t Office, Sain Mary’s Ca umy, Md. i 0. BILLINGSLEY. of th r Beard of Tnwm. 1 August l.ib, ls:o--tt. NOT f A LL pertvoa wishing to eomtounteat* i A with weby leitef.willdirrniU.riwr.. respAiukiiceby mailcol.>riTu!weeuCharle I county, Md., or by steamer Si. Nicholas, to Cfcappel Point .Charles rmn*v . Md. J WM. T. CAMPBELL : FaC. ltd, IIT-U— U, ‘ i CREEI Sc TOR FAMILY 6ROSERS i*r> dealer* is VVHF. 01.1) WISES .< Xt) UQCORS. No. ss valti.vuue srnr.LT. SEA 110 l LIbAT. bALTiXt'hC, W K constantly >n hand a Urge nnd * el' • ■ selected i.s-k ..f FAMILY Gllucfilt iK.s eon-Uti? iit pan. of.— Kicks*! T> . -(irrrti ami Blaik, of varicn. pri t*n .will fr.nvofs. Or—Java, Laguyra, Maracaibo an ! Rio. <j oak*,— N'eu Orleans. Crnshed. Powdered. L--.". l.r..;;u'.aud, C Velio*- M *l CUnti..!, . n.i \ frmerdli; Cooper* v 5 ii Lu! - u Gilalittc, I toil S.ilati and Oiiw Oil*, *•*■■, f-h g’jJ, ?>.ii v Pin Apple and Sap ivtg.. ; s* r di, ics * Fretch, ai;*. Olives; English and American V kh-s—Gerkins. mixed, I'irralili Chow— if.**. Cu ill-.uer. Waiuuu and Unban*. . ni.'tv—Pull. Harvey, P.cs.licg.Soho, *nd •ucrsieoiiir**. Ukamuks.—.lai* Hennesey A C.. Vintage ISlo. Ota rj Duptn A C• , !M. Natiw <Utaliordeiax, K rhello. ai d other brands, Fisk Oir.Wtvv* London Port. Sher ry. M.tdeir*, Lisbon, Sweet Moselle, and f "ainpagne. WjitKKi.Yft.-—Scotch, Old Rye, Calhoun. Old ••Hi' d Ilourhon, some very old ail ii dts. Pure Holland Gin, Jamaica Spirits, itc. lii.p--rte.i and Domestic bEGAKS AND TO BACCO. Ao of w ii'.-l, they will sell at reas'cabl* pr..v> a*.d respectfully illicit a call. •March M, 18C0- -It • COMM,VSSIO X HI SIX ESS. 'TMIh nder*: >ned begs [ear* to announce x r* me . ~f si. M trvV county ihat *‘e cofiiintiiced the i , noin:K and commission HI’S I NESS, No. fc • acorns’ F.icitaifot, C ’ r*f Exchange Place and Commerce St HALT: MORE, an.; u ill gi \* '.ls personal attention tn all pro nr. -e r,<n-ijn.fl ••> him. Ms bnpe* ly a-w-ici. • *u> anri pf.-ii- pt .-.Uviitiuii uumqcks to merit ti; I'crfidenci* ->f the c*-irn - j; v. WV. K DODSON. wiiL L ite firm of Luckett A Voting. Rrrnrxcra: J \urj* Mot r, C .*l it r of Fanners am? Mer <-i ants’ lii.j.Jt; Messrs. T. J Carson .V Co.. Hat. a era; ** Win. White lot k A Ce.; “ Krt-eU. dA* U*;i. April 2dth. 1860 tf ONION 1101 El.. INO purchased the ahore properu iii- ru\>iiiug pniiiic that he i now prepared to i'TMinu uaif ilimi. The Rote] will %e ihur 'UffliU repaire.i and all tj? rooms refurnishr. 11 r personal atieniiuu t the suhsenher will >e devoted to its manacenieut, and his best ‘Torts wilt he "iven to nnkn his yt:e.v|s e(mt rthl, |iiv table will he *uppiid wild irtiaiever the mark*-i atfoids. ar.o los Par In* nshed H Hit the hertt and f’iffar lis servants will always he found atonmr ad arconnnrxlaiing. SoUr and reiiabi* lostlers Uave been eniployed. and the sol criber will take car* that Lis stables are n> teijlected. He solicits the patronage of the fnrnie :ieMs of the Houses and that o| tl 4 e pnhlif [enerally. JOHN F. FENWICK. _ _ . Leonard Town Oct.Tfh. IRCHiIICT & LiniCEft IVIH undersigned has made ach arrange- j fr.cnts as will enable him to exeentt , j fork in I i line at BaMIMOKK I KICK*- j vit h pn.mpt .ess ar.d dej,patrk. He nodi its a ■ ai fr iu his triends nd the public. V. OAMATTFR, Leonard luvij. j Jan. J6h. IWo —tf. JOHN l. it KBit. A COUNBZLLCK AT LAW, L.nttsrd Tovh, Si. Hart/' C*., SM., tv’ll.L practice*t the Ccurta o* the ; ' " Judina ‘ Diatrirt. t ill tV. y r s TIIAD. K. PitEUSS, Attouej and Cunnsellor at Law, Leonard hven.St, Hary County.MaryLna I ITT ILL in the Court*St.Man 's I ▼ T acJ xd;*';.;:ng Cbuatioa. i Jan 1ih.1553 -t|. P R COCATT CXr.RK£il2r. The ieada nf DANIEL T. present nw to the voters ot Mao ’i rout ty a-a :.andu!a*e for Cler* of the drew Coust at the elect;..p in and #pJint Ai hiaciatma a di.*rsj >nate ro/iaiueratVo. | Ncf.'i'ith, lrJ7. WANTED. T^P’ts^taswts; wiw, for ‘•nr# hiirbrai ma.ker p-rref rf!| '* P M - Frre as wi.4,, >K tneejl. *rn m,v & 4 •ee ntn.r drnng hi* tMCwwr.t o*:, T through ti c | rohu ero.nMe* rt the H :i „*ve fhei, pr• rnj/tljr r<aipKc<lecl t*, hv addressings ALLFK s' DORfiKT, Fol. 2jd . IMA—tf. *— ~—- —— KH-KIM Q£NKRALCOMMISSIuN MEK f 'IM>'T No. 12 Light ht. Wharf, (between Pratt 6c I B4LTI9IORE j! V£r. R TTTT T M r r ’ "■- * •f , :• W - • l*aar, Cox 4 rt'.w 4 Tlt**m.n, T. W. Lereemg * iu-‘ W. K . M.,abh,V ST’! g? f E “.. C. A. Gamr.rU.! j a, “r";. 1 !" H Emo, r . a. ! A IJT?**! I *-. . Coultarn. M. R hru., Bay-. S7A, aeC4—|uj. AT lifCHIUH!! f ■ underi*rml are still teJJbjs iheU* ** Ibe Mm * OLD A. AKUBB & TOS CHEAT BARMIN STORE, ■ n<r r vu, s ti t- V.*a#‘ ingtor. Hotel. I^nna.U • *i-; an* 1 . Hiig I*.a )>riwnrr of the litres, inry 'mvr wi*r tie iti Inaolooll ever heaid ••! We have Jturnmuj to sell off or present Mili r Ou*k st price rniiictfi at lva one-tiurvi fur CASH, in nrikr to prepaid uutaelve* lo ia\ in a heavy and entirely new ►l<*:k of g<vnls tiie coming Mnn. Our stuck i has been r*-a-sorted and constats ( the arti c!t named in cur Lit advert *ci: tr.t We call particular a'fti'.tion to the f.-M. UKADY MADE U>ATB PANTS and ! ' FSPS, f ail SJO*. quality and styl**. which P •‘‘hiiely wv kul .*. Ur cu.-l juicer. KATH and 1 APS s!n at pricp*. I’l.d.r M ilir Dr.-wen- at 25 per ce n f | cheap* r that: they can K* pur< I.mkJ *!*■ here , eeiitr C-lio. at lOsnl II r C i.U. Gm*- i.~tn ;l 12} cents- worth 18 J crnU. Mohair ! I.Matri *• Irt o nta. cheap at 12} cents. Mi a t 'in de Lain at 15}. !SJ am! 25 ~*U. each | was fur rold for <., than d.ul k that price ■rnclirli M.riro, cl nice Colors, of firs! rat* quality at rent*. generally sold at 50 : cent*. Ladies I doth Cl.ks aid Mantilla*. lOf the laleal style find*, al $8 $4 and j s*>. we have sold at 6, 8 and SIO r j ■* r ' <FV, ' r y thing rise in proportion. Virginia morey taken at par. C. me ona ! G me all! ! Ladies and Gentle, j " ,,H * Tr, ‘ wi ‘l bo pienard 10 wait upon you and ; upon a!I wh <tr ay call on i _ * A. ADLER & 00. j January 10la, ltl~ly. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. j < HENRB NORRIS of Jo. offers hinurif to i ‘ n * ot#raf T m distrir* n a M nd j. ; date for Road Supervi*, and solicit* the veua |of hia friends a*.d the public. Jan. 94th iMI. ~ - FOR SHERIFF, j HARRISON F.IWARDS j presented ♦ I the Tiitere of Saint Mmi yV mu nv s a caudi j date for Sh nCT at the election to IRci j JatiNary 12th, 18MV NOTICE. i A LT. t- ,U lata fi r ~ n f j I , T'* r Si Co,, are rcqmisud to { <tlle tier rr without funner delay "ith J. Fr'i* Morgan, who i auth vised to •ign the i.sum <4 thr firm in s-Mh ment OFO W. nVTERA 00 Jan. 10* I 1801 —4 v. FOR RO.\n PUPKRVISOR. R. ROV\ Efj fllitfn iiime]f as a ern. ; ''date for R *ad Supe* vieoi p; |.e*t, rt rd Town • district till) M.h.Mta 'he aupo. it of hia f: *nda |ai.d ie:lo^tli X e.. H . Jan. 24t1. ]*■!. I-psiwir I VO 1, P at d iw} M Jk 11. FLOW S, j A-N No 7. 8 aid U Improved Da*is, As ; Shears, plat re-- ir,l a . ,| f OJ t- ; e cl AIMS & MADDOX. FOR TUI! I.rOfßr ATI’RE. ROI.ERT C. < OMPS, G-q ,is rec<*tnmei d* ml to ihe voters of this county on n cntididnta f( the Legislature, at cl w ill lie S"ppo>|m| l,y . MAM t KILN OH. Feh. snh, I^6l—lf. i 1 leeaar j*r*.*oi. c* dihock. HARMONY tIBOVE .N*UHtEKlh.d f ic Jackson 4. co., p,r r ri*to.e. (beeriow TO 7 HO*. M- HAItVET.) Jrnn.t\ie, t heater Ceumv, Pa. Ta tk* FarM end fltfllfti f Mo v'a end ej*n..g o> TMEsubecnheranacMsce m roll an*n!oi to their neck for ike Fell trade. Apples; Ttvra, ataudard and dwaiCorrnea; Peachea*, I’ltitne; Nnrtanrra, ail eo latad and ehuire tardea. Our It*p neiil rmai.rios rery Uing la cite*, ft.ii. ai.i-i; ) , yn* bwudt ranei'es; cIT... I, * Khubaco or t ta Plaut, Aapugua Our ertck.f OLN A MENTAL TBF.E6 im vary Uwvy.sud wpneaa alt the tea.m. r. ard mc-tt of Um new, bm*. evergreen aud cac.uuoue Roacs, Dahlias auu Leddirg plai.ta of every da • mptian. Osag Oranjm for ludrm c . Thio alsnt is deaunad soon to euparcada all otbfra frr ma piri- se, bring.he*dy, a rapid pnK, tta eticng li.errs ortarmg an impiiuiul* barrier im ell hlnde of eier*, t*r sanek is bes'tbp *,.d well grov n, and *>vr pare* will be found ns !.vv aaane at bar ee'tblithiraot. Ordrta ’r.VrwM Addrcsa 1 !<*AAC JACK6ON &. CO . Jernertiile, riicatei O . Pa , , ■ Cwetofna# hirruEH on applicarfaa. lAtiitUt,,4i. kitry 'icutiDtia Aakiet —O. Fred Waddm. who ii ofeut lor thu coiupei j. wii] to gj. left with him. Sept 13th, 1190—tf. ■■■i miBBOS ll■■-^4-E HE=MB3Ka^=^ MMB /\>D Ff lIDBIORE V. S HollUnrcTth It- Baltimore. vrn. u., TO JOffK H K AH WIUNtM AVP IKttlL PIUUJESS IV Mine. Rrlche, f>ntcnt 9 PLASTER, Omr, Ovu. Cora Kaal, HU! Feed 4e. D-e.Jfed. 166*^1?. ~ l fa ■! i il .. . . •co*o* turn, j*mu c. Mmvrti, SLATER 4k CHEEhWTLr., m i> hi MERCHANTS, luA 19 CJOMMFBOE 01., HALT! KOBE. A R.ivX nf iviitXlhßittS & MOfCRR ilwtra nn Bfarehr.|vW A piedttot tvight and jml uu Cooublmlov. Mq|t ISth, UN O tf.