Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 7, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 7, 1861 Page 4
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ISA AAC JACKOX. CW UIROI*. HARMONY G.ROVK NURSfißl*^. IS VAC JACKSON A CO., Proprietors. • (Scccamost r* THOR. N. HA •▼BY,) Jeimcrvilie, Cheater County. Pa. T tM Farmer* u 4 Mary'* | anil adjoining eußtie*. j THE subscriber* beg Uave to call attention j to their Urge flock for the F til trade. Auuiea; Pears, standard and dwarf; j,tierres; p/he; PI im<; Anrirots; Nectarines, ail fe- | looted and choice varieties. Owv email fruit j department conmnsea every thing in claaa. | Stnurberry, one hundred varieties; Grapes, flfiy varieties*. Currant. Raspberry. Gooseberry, j Rhubarb or Pie Plant, Aanaraeua. Our mock of ORN VMENTAL TREES is eeiy heavy, and comprise* all the common and moat of the new, both evergreen and dicidaous Rosea, Dahlias aud bedding plant* of every de scription. Osage Orange for hedging. This plant i* destined soon to supercede all other* for this punmse, being hardy, a rapid grower, it* strong thorns ottering an impassible barrier to all kinds of stock Our aiock ia healthy aod well grown, nnd our once* will be found as low as any other establishment. Order* solicited. ( Address ISAAC JACKSON S CO.. Jennerville, Chester Co., Pa "P. S Catalogues furnished on application. 1 Reference—Francis J . Sion*. Hlnm*lmry; J. , Edwin Coed, Locust Grove. St. Mary’scounty, ; AtiKXT.—G. Fred. Maddox. who ij I ogcut for this campany, will attend to al ar iern left with him. Sept. 13tn, IB6o—if. QUICK QUICK. LIME! ! - KENNEDY’S SfflUYf.KllJi LIME. SO well known ill Pwnnsylv mum. I Mr. war# ; New Jersey and the Northern and Eastern , portion this State, as being u|ierior to any i other for agricn’tural imprurumni. is f.*r the first time placed within the re;i "n of tbo farm- j •rs and p aiders of St. Mary’s and adjoining j counties, through the agency of the undersign- I t>] whom predated to itil on accommodating' terms any quantity of Quick Lime, deliverable ! * per agreement on the ."bores <*f any oi tin* j rivers ur bays iu said counties. Orders solicit* j cd. * * } .1 NO. A. CAM AUER, j Agent. | Leonard T *w, Md,, March 3rd, lb6t*—dm j j The following analysis recommends this lime i (i, uosn*j"ing property* (fnr superior to tu.y I oth<) ue<es>rv to be applied intlielaiiilsmihis section, which nre known to be deficient in both me and maj> nisi* ; Laboratory olSlute Chemist, i , No. 29 Exchange buildings, * Baltimore, Md., June 30th, 1H57. S ! Report of analysis of 5 samples of Schuylkill Limestone, marked respectively N<> 1 (w bite) j So 1 (blue). No 3 (white), No 2 (blue). N, j 3 (lop), for John Kennedy, Esq., of Port; Ken .edy. Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. The above samples of ‘Schuylkill Limestone’ j wers found,upon analysts, to be composed a ohows . No 1 (w) 1 (h) 2 (w) 9(b) .1 (O Carbon, of Lime. 60 9, 64 7, 6U.5, 06.1, 57 I Carbon, of Mag ,38 2, 34.1, 38.3, 42 4,40. C i Hand, Clay A Iron,O.b, 1.2, 1.3, 10, 2.3 100. The ibove Schuylkill Limestones are Magne | sinn Limestones, ol pretty nearly equal -*>rupo j Bitten. They are most especially adapted to the ; application on sods which are deficient in both Lime and Magnesia. james higgins. i LIME AND FEED STORE No. 3 Hollinswortb St- Baltimore. Will. R. BORGrfiV, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HEANV) WHOLESALE ASP RETAIL DEALERS Ilf Lime. Bricks, llsiir. Cement, CALCINED PLASTER. Corr, Oats, Corn Meal, Chop-Bye, Mill Feed, &c. Dec. 23rd. 1868—Ij. ■ 6EODUR HI.AXES. JAMES C. UUKEXWELL 1 SLATER A GREEN WELL, m & mmm\ MERCHANTS, NOS. 10 .V 12 COMMERCE ST., HALT! MORE. A large Stock of GH< i(!KKI K;< & I,IQ UO US always on hand. Merchandise & Produce ought ami sold on Commission. May lOtb, IB6o—tf. j y j ■ rsiVOUD 1852 euAnrmr.D 1834 ' ..... LOCATED j COR. vk BALTIMORE A CHARLES Srt. ; • Bai.timorf, Md. J 7'be largest. Molt Elegantly Furnished and Popular Commercial College in the United States. Designed Expressly for Young Men > Desiring to obtain a Thorough Practical Busi • tieas Kd*: alien in the shortest possible lime and at die least expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circu lar, containing upwards of Six Ssqcake, with Specimen erf Penmanship, and a Large En graving (the finest, of the kind ever made m this ! • ountry) representing the Interior View of *he ; t’-ollege. with Catalogue stating terms. A<*., will be sent to every Young Man on application, ! free of charge. Write immediately and yon will receive the i package by return nisi). Address j E. K. LOSIF.R. Baltimore Md. J January 94th, 1861—ly. MW II 1 JtillW 1 i.'il.!. JitSU. ‘ BgBBL n S ,-WS BUSINESS NOTICE. A LL person* indebted cb me on Tetem ac- j J\, count will ediub flfrvetrd and settle the same without delay ae I wish all chums due me closed forthwith. 1 intend hereafter to do an 1 exclusive CASH business and aw? dt enouied til give no credit (br EATINW, 1 RINK-, or HORSE FRED from the lat of Jnnuc* ary, 1861. 1 JOHN P. PENWICK, Proprlevog, | I bion i; I January 3rd, 1961—t*. j M • ... m -t,.. ise'-w#aßT ILBUT TAKOO. i. . I TRBUO b MOROAN. PRODUCE COMMJ*SIO.V MEHCHMrr#, And Wholesale Dealer? in !Liq UO R S ,IJS I) CIGAR S, I No. 37 CIiEAi’SIDE, near Pratt sf., BALTIMORE Every description ot country Produ •- entrusted to uuicure will rectivestriciatieu lion. ApfilStb. 1858—if. THRESfTIXG MACHINES. I have for sale the Pelt on Triple Geareti Horse Putter and W. W. Dingee Sc Cc’s Irov Thresher, trith Rrrdving Sir ate Carrie -. Hie machine is warranted to render hatiafiic tion to all |*urrlias rs. The price of 8 h<r;<- fwiwer. 30 inch Thrasher and Straw-Carrier delivered at any wharf in St. Mary * county, is 185. Farmer? are invited t rail at my Store in l<eoiird Town aiid exanuiin this Thresher. E. CKO. SPALDING. Juut 28th, 18b0—If. MATHIOT’S BAV ST. Exteieliug fr< ;n Gay t Frederivk street, having 10 feet front, 170 feet deep, and I st>iica iiigh, B.iUiinnrc Md. ALWAYS on bar. I a assfirmient c i every variety of fI • •x:r*L. dt! and (;>><•, Furniture, entbr icing ltureaus, itt*<i.*teal<i Wurdrubea, Spring Ik-dn. M.i?- treswea ol ilu k. C**ttoo and iiair, Softia, Tclt - i i-IVlis, Ann I'hairs, Uwking (‘hairs, Kt.tge i res. Miirble I allies. Reception mul I phlstei ;ed Chair#, Assorted C.!or<i C-ttagc Kuitj - ; ture. Settees. Wis*d Clrtirs. (Mfloe (’liaiis. ILi t ler Cl-.airs. Cribs ai d Cra 'hs. Side-Los;d ! Kxtetisii n Taldeo. <f rvc'y length. Persons disposed t<> jurrehaw* are invited t. j call and givconr Kt*jck an examination, whieh I for variety and qo-. liry of wc rkoran-hip, eannot | Le excelled by any establishment in ti e coun ry. A M A nx, N*’s ‘>.'i aed 27 North Gay Street. Fcdt. 2nd, IBMI lv. JAMES S. DOWKS, : AITOHNKY & CorNSKI.I.OI! Al LAW. Leonard 7W. Si. Mary's Co.. Mil., i _ j Will practice iu Ml. 3Jary’aaml tiicadjoining couu:irs. Fab. 10th 1859. mTllwhibhting. f Mibscrila r. haviiig bad thirty yca-> ■ cxin*rietice al MILL WHICiHTING, i* ; prcpa'cil and willing to g to art part of tie ■ State to do such work ns REPAIRING *r III* 11. DING Ml LLS. Me can also do ruigh i CAHI*INTER S wotk. All work done in n . snbetantml tuaiiucr and with dispatch. A<l - drc*s. F. rNKLE, Great Mills. I St. Mary's C>. 1 Md. t Oct. is*h mo—am. i i i ' . ♦ - . %. R. IIKRBF.NT. M. 11. HKRBIRT. JAS R. HERBERT & BRO. TOBACCO AND* PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 33 Grant Je. Hollingsworth Sts., Baltimore, mu. REFERENCES. John Hopkins. Prestdeu i Merchant!Bat k : Trueman Cro.*,Cashtei Commercial at d Fanners’ Bank. G?o. W. Howard Sc (*o. t Baltimore. Dugr, Njirfin St Co., " U. Ilickley &. Bro., “ 1 Penmman &. Pro., “ j Whiintt, Ciisliiug A Couistuck, Balt. KO. A. KIM MS. JO. V. JlAl>no> BUSINESS NOTICE. T.IK under-igned Imre this day fanned n Co-Partnersiiip in the HKHCA'S'I’IEF LUSLYESS lu Leonard Town, under tie name and style i f S/MJuS dt MAl>lK‘A. uU ar now dojiig btinuc-.-s at tt.e store lately . occupied ny oe->. A. Sitnin* sV (Jo. They <'- . licit a coiithiuaucto of tlie very liberal pitru uage which was exit tided to l!ic h?c linn. CEO. A. SIMMS, ; JO. 11. MADDOX, Oct. 23rd, 1860. . Oct. 25th, !S:0 —tf. I I RAN av:iy from my estate in w fjt Medley’s Neck, about 10 ilay s ago, negro man COLUMRUS. f**}/ He was bought oat nf the vstate rf Mrs. CtuJck and a wife living at M* (ieorge Tarttmi's at Korn’s! Landing. Lead oi Click old s ere. k near which pla-eho is doub*- less lurking. He stouips a little, is of a light chocolate com pi ex i .n, and about 80 years of ngs. 1 will give the alove rr-w’jird for his aji ■ juehensii n and d* livery to me ur for ius con j iincment iu liic countv tail, Leonard Town. ’ JO. 11. MADDOX. Sept. 1 Ulh, 1600—if. ’ I” J . l-Jlil ■ ! ■.■ ■!■ 1 H- '-g-'J | NOTICE. j undersigned has just received a lante ! ■ supply of lonites PARTY and BALL | Goods consisting of | While and Colored Tarieton?, I Ladiefe. w hile Kid Slipped Ladies White Kid Glove?, Ac. &.c. ALo, . Gents White Kid (iloves, Gent? Fancy Neck Tit* ? ; Gent*’ Fine Shirts, and Collars, Ac. Ac. E. LEO. SPALDING, Leonard Town. j Jann ry 3rd, tf. SASH FACTORY-?, ORK i OF Baltimore make GEORGE H. DOBSON * CO , Strawsons To POR it HOWARD, i\o. 69 Pralt p FACTO nr, LOCUST FOIST. HALT.' • Hare on hand, and stake to order, • * well-seasoned Lumbar, SASH, DOORS . BLLVDS, FRAMES, And all kinds ef SASH FACTOR T WORK, Jiao furnish every description of BUILDING j MATERIALS. r KBf We solicit the orders of Builders aid , i others. Sept. 27th. 1840—3 m. LUMBKRJ i shingles:! I LORIKG, AC. ■SMTp. ir.vit** the attention of our friends and * * cuitMiuirrs, generally, in St. Mary's and adjoining counties to our extensive a^artiuent Reasoned LCILPISG MATERIALS. Ail parties contemplating the erection of i Dwellings. Barnes, &.C., will find it greatly to i their advantage to give us a call, as are can I se 1 ! at ioweat rates fur cash oi Negotiable pa- ! per. Doors. Frames, Sash, Ac., furnished at j M.d prices. Order.- filled for Bricks, Lime, Hair.. Nailt, ( Ac. i N*. Wharfage charge,! on Vessels receiving Lunds i fr -mi (-nr Yard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN, & 00., > West >ide I uion Dock. Norfolk Be-ui WharJ Marri. 29'• , 18C0—tf. SIOO RKVVAUD. ! RAN’ away (Vnr-i Ivcsccroft, the resu'enre n WiliiKin F. Haidy. in St. lingoes’ d.s-| ■ triet, on Tuesday, the Is;h rust..:.:, ntgre I Da'ui Wi mins,aged 24 years. David iis nhoui ;Vet,♦ *ir 8 inches high- 11 e had or, when lie left the Farm, i of while dud* 1 cloth pan tu hums, u a-*k pen jacket ain awh re ' .cloth hat. He <ook with him, also, a Sunday , eu;i of Mack clothes and a Mark liar David is , >. fast talker mid very quick in his movements. Me was purchased of Barton Duvall, nt Anr.e Arundel county, Md. i 1 will give the above reward, if he is taken emauic o' -Si. Mary’s county, and >s*l, if he :e taken m the county—orovided lie is so secured that I get liiin again. JOHN M . MILLARD for WILLIAM F. HARDY Lvonaid Tot#ii, .Vld | Nov. 24th, 1859 j I VOLUNTEERS WANTED. CITIZENS of this county who nmy he desirous of uniting ic the formation of a • j CAVALRY COMPANY are requested mi ! 1 leave their names :t the Store of Messrs - Simms 4* Maddox in this village. I •i January 3rd, ISOl —tf. NOTICL rrf.W. ■ndersigi ed begs leave to infnrrr.ehis jM. friends and the Public, that lie is still at ’ the OLD ST AN 1 in Leonard Town, carr\ mg 1..n BLACKSMITH ING, GUN. LOCK jSM’THING. SHUT IRON ANDSTOVL • WORK —in short, iron work of all descrip .(thin*, such as repairing CAHR 1 A (JKS. BUG GIES. ROCK A WAYS. CARTS. WAGONS, ' HORSE SHOEING, FARM WORK of all j kinds; also REAPERS, THRASHERS and j DRILLS, With his experience of 11 years in j a Machine Shop, he thinks that h<* can do ant f kind of Blacksmith Work from a kneedle to an i j anchor, and ( pn reasonable terms. New Wag i oils and Cart* built cheaper than can he d*ne •at any other shop in this place. HORSES SIIOKD at the shortest notice. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN, Blacksmith. I i .January 12th, IB6o—tf. a. ueiji. J. sicooKai s. or.o, p. thoma* J. li. 11 A 11DKST V , WITH IT KIM. N ICO DKM US A CO. IMI’OK ri’-HS AM* DEALERS IN j FCEMMKIIE OK KVERV PEMKiriToJC, NO. ib 3 BA 1 TIMORK ST. BAI.T 1M 0 RE. 1 March Ist. IBf.o—if. NOTICE. K. LEO SPALDING returns his thanks to t his numerous customer* for the liberal patron | age he lias received from them, and pledges himself to keep a CHOICE STOCK OF. • GOOPV always on hand, which will be Sold > ; verv low fur cash or its q'.livah lit. \ E. LEO SPALDING. Apni Jud, IbbO April sth, l?f>ft—lt 'rpFl E sir srnWr would respectfully e*S> I Jfj inform his friends acd tiie public, r ! hat he is piepared :o do every thing in i • i the line ut ai\APC il - ; --J • LCM K AIAKKR . i and Jtweller, on the must reasonaide urms for j cash and m ihe most d irahic manner. Thankful for pas', favors, and in the hopes of ; the continuance of ihe patronage ot an enligh- I lened public, he will endeavor hy diligent apph- | ; cation to business to merit the favura shown . him. I. 8. BALL. Washington Hotel, Leonard Tows, Md. N. B. Jewelry given in exchange for old gold ■ and silver. • I. S. BALL. August 30th, 1800 —l*-Bm. 9 " ' NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ORDERED that William C. Love, an in solvent Petitioner, he and appear before ! the Circuit Coart for Saint Mary’a county on ' , the third Monday of Mareh next, to answer i suck Inierrogatonea or allegations, aa may be I sronouuded to him by his creditors. ! 1 JAMES F. bLA&ISTONE. I j Cieifc. . [ Pec. 20tk, 1860--3 m awsaj— I IUMBERJMTKE. BURNS a SLOAN rotum their aincer

thanks to the Fanners lor their liler* patronage for fLe your past 1 heir dock 1 LUMBER is larger than ever and better a.- | sorted; and we are determined to offer grent ' ?r.drccmcT!f , to ep-h liny -r?. Apply at tte cor mr of Kutw and Ot rm&n streets,or at IJ2 Light street W luirf. * BURNS & SLOAN. I‘sUiniuro, Md Feb. 2nd. 18C0- ROBER TSON & BKISCOE. SUCCESSORS to R. H. MlLh>, AT HIS OLD STAND, 149. W. P.LVTT STREET. BALTIMORE, Respectfully offer their services at agents, f--r the mHc of J'ORACCO j GUAIS. and all kinds of F ROD WE, pledg ng their untiring ctf rts to render satisfaction j o all who may pa f r r’lise them. Liberal ad- Iv.uicea nt.iilc on coiis'giitiicnta, Mai cla 22a 1800—if. ► NEW LUMBERYARD, Owner of Eut rt’ls in I h'n ern Acenne, BALTIMORE, MD. SWILIJS (late ol the firm of S Will* _ • &. Co.) has commenced the LUMBER BUSINESS on h-s own account,and is pres pared n furnish LUMBER- in all rarirtierfot Building an * other purpose*. He wilt fur nish also— FRAMES. SASJ7. POORS, BRICKS. LIME OR HAIR, 6 With manv thanks to his l"rnier mstf m er in St. M.irv’- and the adjoining counties he hopes io retain fhtir coi.fitleiire and re nejve their patronage.and pi< ,'ge- himself to -j.-c every eilonto pieasf ami will sell cheap tor cash i r approv* tl pap r. i Dec Oili. I —]\. B U I L !) E II ’ S 31 A TERIA L S The undersigned would respectfully cal! Hi at t ntion of the Public to their largo assort ment of POORS. JJLJ.XPS, SAS/f. POOR i Fit HA/AS. H ISP OH' FRA MFS. WASH IHf ARPS CASLVOS, MOFU>ISOS, MAS i 77.AS’, and evert Ocscriplion <-• Hoiim.* Build ing materials, w hich they have constantly on hau ! and which they Cali iun.Jali at tin. short . esf i t tii e. Th-*y are als * prepared ‘o furnish nt th** shortest notice FIIA JIE M OitK lor ! C*nntry Houses t. -itagcs. run! suburban Rend* nees, according to any fir design. ! all ready lilted to ba pat n[> on their propp ed sites. F.innrrs a-ul others, desirous of building in the country, would find ill- their advantage (by giving ns a (all bcfoic juirchasing else wlu-re as w> are fully j-ret-u-d t > exeonf I work on the most reaKoiiabl*- terms. And the i advantages, whieh we offer in preparing all i the materials that may he neeesstry in con structing a hmise. will he found to save th* Builder a great deal of vexatious delay ant j expense. All orders left at their office rr ad dressed to them by mail will meet will plump and satisfaetoiv attention. M AUG HI. IN* JOHNSON. Sleam Plaining Mill ami Saxh t'arim-y. 1 East Falls Avenue, near Pm it Street Bridgi W a rehouse No, 55, Pratt street. N'Xt il-t-r to Pent; tc Mitchell,Bait. Md April Kith, iMiD —Iv. ! 1 . . • _ _ __ 'chair and furniture E3 TABLiSHMENT. \\ IL ANDERSON, .Vr.4. 10 k \\ • Strmni Slrt ft bet icee a Frfd>ri~k Si ret amt J.ui ~/i Alnrkrl S/a>e, Raimi < re. ilai tug the largest Ware rooms ami bes ■ assoitmeiii ot Cabinet Furniture m the city if prepuied to sellevt r\ aiii< ii in hislmr np*t iihera! ami accommodating tennis j Having had a lone experience n> ilns line o ■ business, h* flatters hnmsell that he can cum I pete, ;k to exeellem eof li.•tenal, liemsty o workmanship ami range of prices, w th any c tablishim i.t 1 ti. **• sort in this or any olhei city. His general stock embrace? a It'll anr complete assortment •? Farh s *‘hairs. So/hs ; Rir-i.tiiy Cir a 1 1. r, Sjrivg Lounges < ’ s.-d ? i Sniff. Fur rntnn, f>Atre and Finin'/ Cbairf French 'Fete a-'Fetes. AW/-.-, Ana Chairs Math axes. LoolSvf/ (rlttsirtr. <l r.. of every va riety and th scrip* tun • lie ha-- aho on hand Bed deads of his own mansf:uiure, which ran be put t’p tnu tuket: timvn n two mitt. ■ ules. I*f-rfon from St. Vlaryh. wiahirg to 1 purchase Furniture, art requested to rail and 1 examine his Slock licit,rc hut ing ehf w i erf | !)-* sure to find the right | !?ce Nc =. 10S, Second .Street—War# lot: re v/ith 80 let i front and 8 large Folding doors. August llth Ihoh—lv. JOHN T. CLA KK K. Wholesale and Retail tictcy A N D iiCoiiiinission Rlmfittni, ■ TAB moved to the fine ami comtnodiout *1 WAREHOUSE. No. 1M West Pratt St., near light, 1 and begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he has on hand a large and gen era!assortment ot GROCERlES,consoling in part of— . GOVEUNMENT, JA VA . LAGUIR A and KIU COFFEE j REFINED AND BROWN SUGARS.oi every grade GUNPOWHE K, IM P F.E IA L. V. H YSON BLACK PEAS GOLDEN SYRUP, NEW ORLEANS and \V I. MOLASSES SPERM, ADAMANTINE and MOULD CANDLES FAMILY. EXTRA, SUPERFINE ant BUCKWHEAT FLOUR .fee flealao invitee the epe*-i a I attention of hi* | friends and cu*tomer to his extensive stock lof IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC Ll- UUOKS. which tiave been *e.ecud withlhe . reaienl care ami cannot fail to ptea-e. Baltsmore, March 4th, IBs£ March 10:h l-so—ly. ft LSI.VESS XOTICB. i A LL persona indebted to me on Tavern ac- J\. count will coi.te forward end settle the ’ *niiie with-*ut delay ' I -* i*h ail claims due me j * closed f-'rthfeiifc. I intend hereafter to do ad) exc.a4. e CASH buatiCM ami nut lieternii'isd - to give no credit for EATING, DRINKKiO t or HORSE FEED froui the Ist of January - j DM. [i J. W. J. MOO iE. j Proprietor, Washiugtuu Hold. January 3rd, 1861— if. i FOR SALEr~] I ; 4 pir of FINK YOUNG- GEAHi * *■ HORSES will l>c *..IJ low, if iunnedi . ate application is ma le to J&ILN L IIF.BR, ! Hill View, II I October 18th, 1864—tf. • '■'■■■ t ; 'ino. A. SIMS. JO. H. NASBOX. . FALLS TDTD BOOM. WE have just returned from Baltimore city with .a large H!tJ \v-!l-ft-*lccted 1 STOCK OF FALL and WINTER k GOODS, to the inspection of wh oh we in -5 vitc our fiiends and the public. Our r i stock of— 'l BOOTS. SHOES, ! HATS, CAPS. i i' superior, h.tfh in quantity and qualify, t • any heretofore offered in tliis market.— t t fur sfi'tk also embraces a large assort-' , ment of - i | I, .1 DIES' HE ESS GO OPS, of evtry style and quality;- /Pna’ij-rn'id # t'lothiny, t 'is* Ctissiincr-'s and l ine ( laths: ■ G-4 Ft R Cioih; 3-1 cF<: G-4 A #T.e/A/ 3-4 do; 0-1 striped awl jtl iid Linsri/f 3-4 Linsey*, and 3-4 S'ieejt.t Gray. j Our stock of GROCERIES is lurjje and embraces a large supply uf— Paeon, I/ard, Putter, Flour, Chtrsc. Fish, Fresh Puck-wheat Flour, <i'c. r dr. We hare also on hand a large assortment of FINE LIQUORS, includiiig 117/ir.v, Praia!its awl Whiskey*, of the most approved brands. Our whole sto<-k of goods hating been pur * chaseil for cash, we flatter ourselves that • we are able to offer superior inducements to buyers, both as to price and terms. SIMMS & MADDOX. | Nov. Bth, INGo—tf. ;! VALUABLE I ' MAXVFACTURIXG PROPERTY i :i QAIiiJSx I , 1 ; r |MIF. valuable prpt*rtv, known ( LIF , . 1 TON FACTORY and GRIST MILL p | (water pow i), *it.nated n the Head Waters I of St. MarvV river in Saint Mart’s coimtt . ! Md ~ and embra- iug ah*>nt three hundred ami fifty at res of land, is offered at Private Sale j ; This property has wn it a STORK HOUSE, which is a s#vml stand for business, HOTEL, DWELLINGS, Workshop. Arc. The pro- I ; perty will be sold on acconinushating term*. For further particulars, apply to. THOMAS W. GOUGH, JO. FORREST, Leonard Town P O. | Nov. lifh. isr—tf. Minus euy asp fa so goods : r |M IE undersigned lakes this method of in • forming hei old ciist-ener* ami lint public. ' genera lv. she w iil tqatii in Leonard 2 Town, on Thursday next, December 6th. a ./ cimiphte assortment of MILLINERY ; ate! FANCY GOODS .:f the most laaldunahle .i styles, all <-f which she will tell on the most i arcomiiiisi.itiug term*. n i MRS.’CASSIDY. 5,j Nov. 291 h. 1860 —if. : PATUXENT RIVER LAND ! r i to ft f! SALE. r IT not vMid at private sale before 8 4T'- (.’ICD4 V, Octo’ocr the 2otb, iB6O, 1 will * offer at pn’oltc sale, in the village of CH AH * I.O'ITK HALL, on that day, tuu FA It >1 5 oi. which I now reside. * '1 Ids Farm is situated on ‘he Patuxent ? River, adj-tiioiig toe birds <f Mu'. E. L. 4 - Thomas and Moj. James G/diOs, and Cou f tains * ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. * 1 Persons wisiiing to purchase laud of sii|ie . riur quality, where giw d health and all the dtlie;ic<*s uf the water are to lc had, lute requested tu caii ai d examine.'the primuses. Ssi-aturrs, to and from Baltimcre, pass this lam? evi ry day. This Farm will Le divided w.d sold ir. lii ret jaits. Ten is mado known on apparition tr the 1 undersigned, and possession will be {[Men on 8 the first dav of January, 1861. * W. J. CARTWRIGHT, Cl-tirb'tte Hall. P. 0., Saint Man’s C’ounfv, e * Md. - Angdit 20th, 1860-—tf. Z d NOTICE. 'i ______ 5 undersigned wish t inform the J JL people of Saint Mary’e and adjourn ing counties, that tbt-y have just completed d a FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and arc prepared to haul out vessels ot any size, > and w.ill REPAIR. CAULK. Ac ,*on the >; most reasonable term*. Prompt attention d to all work, and quick dispatch will be given • in all eases. The Railway is situated about a quarter of a mile from Leonard Town on a line oyster creek, where we will aleo ” build SCOWS. BOATS, or VESSELS, if rottuiried, on the lwot terms 9 HARRIS, NORRIS A FOX WELL, i July IVth I*>o—tf CUU LUMBER, HIE ‘ HAVER, PE GRACE MI)., The Undersigned hiring increased their*' .el and Business Facilities, have this **ay •ornr.*-J aCo nirtivershin under the name . u style of SIM IONS. BRISCOE & HILL: for the coir lunation of the Cowl , Lumber Lime trade, heretof*”-*- conducted by Bri'-..- •: I Liles A Ci).a i ! Simmons dk Hrlleo. We .■< constantly on hand for saleand immediate . tncni, every variety of Oss and Lumber i Cal 9, Baltimore Co’*, Trevet ton. Pills r?, Sun jury. Locust •Mount. Lumber, VS'. * Pine, White and Yellow Pine Flooring, Si ' j Piabeta, Lathe. beat N ■ Cnrulmo CnHinrs am? Helens, Hemlock . White Bine Fencing. Joiia, Studdu.g 1,., Stull cut to orde . WRWUTSVILLE \ HUGHESIIN rat til;. the best .ud chenpfsi lliai is used for ngric:. ml purposes. U, ir<-k and Slacked, either v ir without Magnesia. (One bushel at & will slack two and a half bushels.) We * ‘ every v.irieiy of STONF. LIME, one var cantnimng an ABUNDANCE <f M.\G* ■SI A for ANY SOIL that may require it. the other varieties ••.ont.iiu a sufficient quant, • finite. Our Lime Rosts go tu all me a<: , snide pcynts on the Chesapeake Ray, and | tributaries, we ire therefore nial led to ntF*:; the Farmers and Dealers tu Maryland and V jinia, g-eater facilities than they have t h?;d in purchasing the aboi e articles. TiisnV , for the very liberal patronage we have herf.o --i fore received, most respectful I y solicit a cot.l - istion of the same. SIMMONS, UUISrOK A- Ml MTS. fI.IVRK nt: (ili.ti'E, MD ‘ Mara’” Id, 18*0— ly FIRE ! insurance INSriJ \ NCL vn <;!: ; iptions nfC. pi, Piojivr’v *hii be eltf lei iu uoy o! tl.w I Firvl-l'ltiss ('ompuiiify, wit mt t!u? *H iv of consulting the home oft upon application to the undersigned. JOHN A. iJAMAMKR, Leonard Town, M March 10th. !Bfo ly. C- mi pa u in*. Capital and surph. vicnritv Insurance C0.,0f N. Y<*rk, $2.7.0 Phenix, 2‘.2. ( ,n. ({"solute “ “ “ !147,0M i New World “ “ “ -M&.Ou ' i M.mUiik “ “ ,l * 200.(ui. Obnr f ' rO ik of H irttord. Connceticut .142.000 Innr.incc ('.. r.f the \ alley ol \a., S.’tl Oofi Albemarle of Virginia, 200,(Jo. Lynchburg ’• 200.005* • Northern Assur me Co.. T<onl*n. C. 194.1 I! MaRTNT I>KI AHTJWrv t. Mercantile MnUial of New York, 1.014.1*0 Lynchburg of Virginia, 200.00 U Charter Oak of Harf<rd, Connecticut. 542.W0 j St&' The above Companies are ail licea* <t by l lie Com pt roller. TZioiita* D. i Agent f r the Stale of Maryland, No. 73,Second sire* t Baltimore. tSSt' Losses promptly adjusted and paid. ' March 10th, 1850 —ly. 1 FOR SHERIFF. JOHN H. BUCKLER i recommended i to the v .ter! of this county as a candidate ft r Sheriff in 1861. Cm atom. llai.l District. Nov ICth, 1859 ! THOMAS L. DA VIS i* recommended to the voters uf this county as a candidate for • the Sheriffalty in I SGI. , Ini go ft' Distriri. Nov 1 Ovh. 1859 NEW GOODS. 11l LI'.O SPALDING has just reeeved one A • of the host M>i(;ted sto<kf i f GOODS he has ever had, which he 'Here lor sale very j la v. ; Fie would call partlculsi attention to his <toek of— Ladies’ D Goods, White Good*, ■ i Linen Cambric and Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs, Indies’ and Gects Kid wad Lisle 'J bread Gloves ’ Ladies Mantles and Pointe, Cleihs, Chcasimere Bilk T**tiags. Are. April 2Cth, iB60 —ly. , J. H. LUCKETT, Slock, Note, 13 i1 i , Ak llcai. Estata Brokfr, bl Second Street, BALTIMORE. Kerr. bincri, I*. Gibson. Cashier Bank of Half flal/imcre. C. R. Coleman, (’nab. Mechanic*' Bank, I. M. Back, Cash. Franklin Bank, Mintrui J. (iaraon. Banker, Th'nittJ< I). John* ten, J. i\ Adams, Warwick, Frick & Bail, 11. Mickle, Cash. Union Bank of Maryland Half. a. Vickers, Pre*. Murine Bank, Johnston Bn*, tic Co., Bankeßi, Joaiuh lyre &. Co.. Hugh Jen kins tk Cr*. A'oung Carson, \\ i’i.,*sjcy Brooke, It'msJ.ingtou, If. C. May 24th, I*6o—tf. X£W FALL AND WIN TER GOODS. riIHE undersigned has jaal returned from tho i X City with me largeei, arm bsiHeleet*du>cic cl FALL, and W!.v I Lit GOOUS ever oilertd to the citizens of Si. .Mary’s County, consisting, ttt port, of vefy suj engr quality of Heavy Goods for Servants’ rluthing, at llie most modem:** prices—also Bools and Shoes of the moat mb •tanmil make, and best material. Beside* Cloths, Caasimens. vevtiugs and ni. rfiiiJs of fine urti.s Goods, lot Laden ami Gentlemen—a careluhv •elected, and well assorted work of ready ma ,< l clothing,manufactured expieixsly to order, and a variety of nrtiries of utmost eveiy kind no wheie elee lo be found in the county. He respectfully so ; ftmsH cull from those desiring to purchase, feel ing araured that his thorough acquaintance with ike business, resulting from a long residence in ■ ihecuy, wi" enable him tv offer such induce ments as wiK defy companion. E. H. JONES. Clifton Factory, Septensbci 97 h ly. | NOTICE. PERSONS LaringSEK V A NTS FOB CALS would do well U- call on the subacriboT * before dupoeiug of them elsewhere. A H ouaa mumcatious w ill be promptly attended Lv. Ad -1 dress, W. T. A. REBDBB, Qbamtpo, . I U*. . ; Aug 2nd. IS6O-IL