Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 14, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 14, 1861 Page 4
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. QUICK QUICK 1.1 MR!! KENNEDY’S SCHUYLKILL LIME, CiO well known in Pennsylvania, Delaware JiWw Jriwy and the Vorthern nod Lsatern portion of thw State. *n twin* -upenorto any other for afriraitnrui H ,or t°o CrXtlme placed within the reach of the f*-.-- •rs and pian’era ■*! Mary’s *uU a.j.iuing comities, through the agency of the undi-mifn ed, who t prepared to sell on acw.imodalvg terms any quantity of Qutrk I.ttie, •) liver ibic M per agreement on the shores td any of the rivers or bay* it aud counties. Orders solicit* ** JNO. A. CAMALIEII. Agent Leonard Town, MJ,, March Jrd, IW9—Bin Thefellowinganalysis recommendsthisliras at possessing properties (far superior n any other) necessary .• i*eapplied loihv IsiuGinihi* Section which tre Known to u* deficient in me and magnesia ; La oora'ory nictate Chemist, i No. 3y Exchange Huudtng*, Baltimore, Md., June 30th, 1H57. t Reportof analysis of 6 ssunj Its of Schuylkl Limestone, marked respectively Xu 1 (w hate, ffo | (blue), Vm 2 ' white). No 2 (lilue), N, I (top), for John Kennedy, Eiq.,of Port Kennedy. Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. Theabovc samples ofSchujrlkiM Limestone* were found, spoil analysis, to be composed s ©lows . No 1 (w) | (b) 9(w) 9(b) 3 (t) Ce'bon. of Lime, fiu 9, 64.7, 60.5, 56.1, 57 J Carbon, ef Mag ,36.3,34.1, 3, 42.4, 40.6 •add. Clay A ir0n,0.9, 1.2. 1.9, 14. 9.3 100. The above Schuylkill Limestone* are Magns sian Limestones, of-rct*y nearly eqnsl sitibn. They n*e m*i especially adapted to t- • application on soils which are deficient in halb L me and Ma<neaia. JA.MKS HIOOINB. -i— l resume 1*53 •martbrks 18M ■ LOCATED COR. or BALTIMORE A CHARLES Sts. j Usi.Tiwonc, Mo. The Largest % 3/uf Elegantly furnished and Popular Cammtreial College m the United Slates. Destined Fxprrssly for Young Kfn Deuriig t >. *:asn a Thorough Praetiral Busi nas* F.Ju alien in the shortest possible time • and hi ihr l m expense. A Lares mid Hei.utifully Ornamented Circu lar,* conutiiiiosr onwards of Six S*ij*at Car.r, J with Speeitntn of Penmanship, and a Large En- . graving (the finest of the kind eve- made • Jus country) renrrsmtinr the Interior View ot' 'he ' College, with Catalogue stating terms. Ate., j will be sent to every Young Man on application, 1 free of charge. Write immediately and von will rorhrve the package by return mail. Address E. K. LOSIER. Daitiiutuc AIJ. January 9|tb, 1811— ly. fa- j L .j*. 1 v;!!■_ ■- i. Jwuß.tae BUSINESS NOTICE. A LI. persons indebted to me on Tavern se count will rums forward and settle the same without delay a* I wish nil rlainin due me cloned forthwith. I intend hereafter l Jo an exclusive CASH business and am deer mined to give no rredi* for IS ATI Nit, DRiNK -INO nr HORBE FEED from tine Ist of ary, ]S6I. JOHN F. FENWICK, Propnnry, Union Hotel January 3rd, 1461i f . UNION HOTEL. HAVING purchased the* above propen* j the subscriber respectfully informs the j travelling public that he is now prepared to I accommodate them. The Hotel will be thr- ! ©uglily repaired and all its rooms return sited. The personal attention of the subscriber wit. b* devoted to its iriaungemeut. and bis he*; efforts will be given to make bis guests con*, foruble. Hie table will be supplied wui wuau vcf the market affords, st.u tit* Bai tui n'shed with the lesl Liquor? and Cigar* j Hi* servants will always be found attentive j and accommodating. Srhrr and rehab!* i Hostlers have been employed, and the sul eefiber will take rare that Uia atebles arc or. I He solicits the patronage of the former guests oftuc Houses and that of the public I generally. JOHN F. FENWICK, Leonard Tusva Oct. 7tb. 188S~tf. m ARCHITECT & BUILDER THE undersigned has made such arrange ment* as will suable him to execute ad wqrkinhia line at BALTIMORE FUICEB, with pr.npl?.ei*e ai.d tienpauh. He o\<lw,u a I carl frvm hie friends aud tbs public. V. CAMALJKK, I Leonard Tvwo. j /an. 36th. I3io—tf. JOHN L. HEBi. ATTORNEY A COUNSELLOR AT LAW.; Leeward JWh. Si. Iforg** Oe., Md. t W ILL.practice io the Cnuna ul the \ • Judicial District. i Feh. I4tb THAp. K. PUEUSS, ! Attwiyey aail Cumucller at u, Leonard lessen, Si. Mary's County .Maryland V¥f ILIy the CourtsufSt. Mary’s Tf and adjoiuiig.Coqttti)ra. Jan 18th. 1869-il." &EX*S,*.Lcommission merchant Ss. 98 Light bt. Wharf, (between Pratt A Cnaulen) ReAe by permiasiou to Cb*Tall A IgUhttrt, R. A tTW.’ Isaac, Cox A Brown, Aeoiy A Tiighman, T. W. Umiuc A MU, Drakaly A rassxtiifl W. K. Aernbb, A Co , JaJys -O. LmWN Knq., Q, Gauihrjl, Esqr..J. O. Ilerrea, Wai. U, Emory, A. AjfjdaMk, D.. gqylbstriv Hj RuherHi yesoraTwnstth g r aAirr siv^oea itl Wtb, lIWO -An. . ALBERT TSiOO. ■* • WOSAr j TRBGO A MORGAN, PRODUCE COMMfSSJ cA/V MLJi CIMJSn S, t ! Aud Wholesale Ded*rin \\li <) f r uft s iau rjnj hs. i No. 37 CIIEAI*SIIK, near Frat. j., fi.°l TIMOkf \ ( Everv description ot c (|U |. ry Produr > entrusted to uttf cup* wii* tevt i' liificiilifo . non. j Apn J6th , I —II. . | THRESHING MACHINES. | have for sale tl*e Pelton Trtplr Geartel l! ■ Ikir?e f'eocer and W. \V. 1 finger & Co’* ' Inns Thresher, mih Revoking Strasc Corner. ' The iliac bine is warranted to render satieiac * , lion to all purchasers. 'I he pr ce of 8 power. 20 inch Thresher and Straw-( arrier. i tklivertxl at u.y wharf iu St. Mary * couutv. Furmcv* are invited to call a* my Store id Leonard Town and examine thi* Fliresiter. / j 1.. LEO. STALLING. ; j June 28th. IWo—tf. i MATHWrs SAY ST. ; • Extend ug frrl*i GV to Fretl-rick having 4U fvel front, 170 feet deep, aad fc slftrie# high, Baltimore MJ. A LWAYS on hand u laige a<*omn“Q* oi j aAL every varielv of 11 -usehuld at.d O.iic* j Furniture, emi>Mtiuc Bori-n, -leads. . WsahaUnda, Wardr-'LcK, Spring U-da. Mat- i ttesse."* ul Illi'k. Cutlun ai.d H Ul , 8 fa', Tr tt ! i-Tete*. Arm f.Tmir*. Ihjckinw ( ‘udra. j res. Marble Tables, Reception and Lpholster- I ;e*l Chair?, Assorted Odors of (Juffage Ftnni i tore, SrHteCh. W<*kl • )lfict (-.airs. Bar ber Chairs Cribs and Cradles. Side-bo*rtls, i Kxirnsiun Tables. *>f every lenp’h. 1 Persons disponed to p;rchas* r<* invir*'r! tr -1 c*r and gir'cmr stock an examination, which. fr variety and quality >f wi.rkii'ai -hip, ! Its excelled by any establishment in the coun- A. M'.TIITO" * SOX. Vi*# vnd 27 North Gay Street. Fsb. 2nd, 1860 ly. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNEY A enr S*>n.l.(;}: AT LAW, Leonard i ** i, St. Marys ”rf., W II p-actics i Si. Marj’sand tut adjoining counties. Fsb. 10th 1869. I MILL WRIGHTINSJ . - i HE snbsrril'f r. l.a ving had tvrti years A experhnee at Ml LI. WKIGHTfNG. u J prparcti and *iiii. g t< *nv pari of the . .Stats t> d* suc.'i <v<>rk as IJKPAI Ul NG *>r i BCI LIU NTS MILLS. He can ab .do mugb ; CAHPKSTKU Nwurk. Al! wrL J oie in m , iiilataulial u*anur and with JispaK h. Au drvM. . F. I NK LSI, Ciisat K’U*. 8;, Mary's Co. 1 hu. ■ o.t II'L !*♦—. i I. a. MtRCr.BT. M. M Hr.ABl.tT * JAS R.HERBKRTA3RO. TOIi.VCO \Vi PKODITE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 33(irant A tiOiling*wovth Sts., lUTIMVIE, W t> . KKKMiENCES. John Ha |>k:n§. President Merc Kan u Bank ! 'rrueiuau <'ro - *,I'aaltietCumnaema! and j Faim rc Bank. \V lii>.v*rdk, Co., Batli store, j Duer, Norris ik t'o., *' ! K. Iltckley 4a Br. t •*■ j Benniman !lro., " I Wuilnaj, Oaahiag A Omstock, Balt. j i ;~' ‘ I I ko. a. i;xi. jo it uxi r*>x ! BUSINESS NOTICE. TIP undersigned io;e i.l iu day f •rrned a ; 0-B**riu<"siiip in c: >* If Eli ('ASTI/, t j BUSLYKSS in<l Tnwn, under ter , I irit aitil style oi t MAI* BOX,-. and are u.jw h. siuw a: the •*.! lately 1 occupied by Geo. A. SI mm A Co. They h•- 1 licit a CiUitimianca of the very liia ral patr uage which was ericuJtd to the Uu firm. GKO. A. SIMMS, JO. 11. MADDOX. tkt. 23rd, 1860. Oct. 2;b, 186 If. | I tsv mmr&m* RAN away my • state in w<9 -Mv l ty's Nick, about 10day* (/Cy ago, iivgrc uuu COLT M DCS. jjff/ j H* waa Itonght oat cf tue estate oi msamen. • Mr*. Cusiok si d has a wife living a Mr. • George Taritoa’a a.l For real Lauding, head of ! Cu- koKPs ere* k. iar w Inch place lu i.< d* übi- | | lets lurking. He Mnop* a little, is • f a li*;!;t ‘ IckvCulwtc <ou pUxuut. and ai out SO years of ; ' <ja. 1 will gkte the ab ve reward f r his ap- 1 * prekeufth-n and delivery to n.e or frr his con- j tiuemeiu to the comity Jml, Leonard Tow n. * JO. H. MADDOX. • Sept, leth, 1.860- —It. NOTICE. fIYHE undersigned ha* jual received a ~ Ji supply uf PARTY aiwi BALL | Good* cunsi>tiug of* 1 White and Colored Tarleti us, Ladiva white Kid Slippers, . Ladio White Kii Gloves, &c. k>-. I ‘ Also, ; Geota \Vbite Kid Glove*. Gent* Fancy Neck Tic* .•Geuth Fine Shirts, and C< liars, Ac. 4c. K. LLO. SPALLING, Leotard Tow a. Jaaur.ry 3rd, 1861—tf. k uZ vus*’rnmrnmmm SASH FACTORY TTOUK OF BALTIMORE MAKE. GEORGE H DOBSON A CO., Succkssor* To POE ii HOWARD, .\it.6!) VraUMr^t. FA CTOK /. L OUJS T Pvl YT. BA IT, ' Hava cu i.ri.u, Hi:d nuke to 1 *-e/7-.v<i *n*rd Lumber, L; ! SAMI, LOOKS, -! BUNDS . , FRA MLS. ‘ And all kind. af SASff FACT OUT hOJih ; A\ mi furnish avery deacripttfrO of BU ILDING MATERIALS. 7 ! VeiT We uo’.icit iW arder* af Builder* a*< * i t;ihr*. Sri'i. 27th. 1860 Sm. * ’ - ’ j LUMBMt! SHINGLES!! FLORiAC, tt. invito the attention cl uur fri*i.<L- and , ** ouisuißcr.*, g .trally, in SL Mar‘ and • adi<lining counties m • nr extensive awsmtaieiji | of nenimutd BL ILL CS 0 At A i LuIACS. All p.irfie* c.*nU-i imbuing the crocti-m d Ivt*ii ll li-nncs, 6v< ~ will bud ii jji?*tiy it i their ad vantage to gi v* a call, a s * "* un i *e-j at luaest ran* to* cash or Negotiable pa prr. | ronrs, Frain-g, Saah, At., furnished at : Mill price*. * . (*rdt.r> filled for Riitkr, Litre, Hair. Naur. Xc. N* . Wharfage idi;ir.'lo Wwcls r^*-iv! IL;lib tit f! i<i \ai >i. * N. Zliiv HUM AN. A- CO., Vi st .*itie L ilian I'• •< k, .Vninik boi. U kuif March 29**.. IStC- :f --SIOO UKWAUD. R\ \ rtwav fr< in llerecroft, the rtvilfuff *. , TV. 11 urnF. Hard), m St. inigoes’ dis- 1 i inr., mi Tuftlay, liit i iih mno ' Uavui W tliiaois, aged a'*u. 24 yeai.-t. David is about i tert, 6 r * itches ti'gh. He lied or. vt hen he k-tt the Farm, a pa'* of d al ■ letti . a bach pea jn kei and a whit, .'loth hat. fl#• io.k mill h;ni,ul*o, a .S..i-day u:i of bLi k dotlit-M and . bDrk hvt. David ia ** a font talker and very qoirk in inn mo' inr!n. He a'ms purchased of Barton Duvuil, Anu i Arundel cniiiy. Aid. 1 will give the above revvt..!, if he t* ini'. er onto.or of Si. Mary’s • o<mtv ,md fod. .1 re is lake', in the outilv—-irnvit'c.i aria <*o an aeJ . that 1 htei iiito a>n- JOHN M. MILL ARP for I \V ILLIAM K. HARDY. Lt uiia. d town. Mi Vav. 94tl>. USS ; VOLUNTEERS WANTED. CITIZENS of tl.i> .on;.tv who may b. , d>in us of miitinu i: the forma*ten • f A ; C.\ VALP.V roMI’A.NY are rtjtH>ted to ] leave tli* ir uatora at It *■ Store o* AKs.'-i* ( : Situii.a V JI ulilox in tliia village. tlaiiiiafT 3rd, —tf ■m f - - - - • zjtr • ’ wrfi’r ■ NOIICL | rry T- Bi.dorHif rd b"rr ’.can to inferno Me j ■ fr.ehJp Hid i’t.e r'noiic. diet he '.a at ill *4 j * *be OLD STAND, in Leor-aru lor'tj, canying irn HLACKSMITIIINO. OIN. LOCK*, j SM'THING, SiiKKT H'nN ANHS’IOVKj ; WORK —tn anon, iron Woik of rt!l <l. aeiij.-I • ;’m 1.9 . . vs re j nirin/• ’MI UL\ f1 S. !’i H-! jtHKS I.ik'K.UV.Wt r.SKTS. WwioNS. : l(ij:si: SIIOMNCf. FARM \'>i'\ of all ; j kit .U; vL.i LKMTdIS. T! : HAMIKL.S at d 1 DRILLS. \'Vh liD ••xpprienoe 111 year* in ’ H Mat bit o Si:. I*. 1h till’ ks it. .f be Pill, d > a::y kind of k-n ill- \V rk iron; n klie die to at; 1 ith**r. and on rm.Mii.aidc tern s. N**vv M ag* . cr.s mu Cwrtv built r!unier *.’.ati ran tie done ; at any bit op in this IIOKSKS i SUOLD * t: e bhrruid aoti.T. JAMES a. M’CATDUAV,. Blaikii..Uh. 1 .Tnru&'j !2lh, IJt'O'-tf. *. uru. j. ioukk ra. ri>.o. •. ihoua^ J. 11. fi A R UK.ST V . WITH lir.lM. NIfODaAIUS A CO. IMlnfiTKKs AND DEALERS IX ! FffHEKN & DOMESTIC ■ > urn. j or evkkt t.RacKiprmif, NO. BKB BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE. ] March Ist IPCO—tf. NOTICE. | VL LFft SPALDINH rctnrnu his rVants to i bis iiinnerutis cu?-toicn f. r t be liberal patron* ;su tie has re< ived l.uin tlu-m, ainl pledge* : himself tv* keep a (‘IIhICK STOCK OF; always on bind, which will be aoW j rerv l u w for tAbii or iu eq’iivnlnst. E. LEO SPA Llil KG. | April 2nd, 1860 fiib. JBtlo- It BHS biiLaenher wou i respectfully inform Ida friend* and th.* public, gf/PL i ! bat he i* prepared to do every thine in <£■ ■ | the line of a WATCH and I‘LI H! K MAKER j and Jeweller, on the most itnnimhle term* for ; ewah and in the in durulde mttnner. Thankful for }ast favors, and m the hopes of; the c.intircance of the pHtmnagr of an ernigh* j lened piiblir, he will r.ideavor i.y diligent apptl- ! cutija to bueiness t* Mtent il.e favor* show* i hiui. I I. 8. BALL. Wtohingloa Hotel, Lennani Town, Md. 1 N. B. Jewelry {itmi ih tiensnge for oid gold : *kd silver. i I. 8. BALL. Anfuat Mid, IW)-l*dni. . ■! ■■ . ■ i—LB ’A ’ ACTIVE TO CREDITORS. fVPvDERED tfuti WilUwn C. Love, an is- ‘ I solvent Petitioner, be and appear | ike Circuit Court fur biuiu Maty’* county on j the .bird MuitJay of .Match next, to answer I j s*ch Intcrrogatoitea or allegation*, as iua be j vtopounded to him by hia cttdi;uys. jamkb r. uLAi.iBTOKn, j V>vib. l Cm dt.fe. i*di-^] ! UMBER NOTICE. HI HNS et SLO\N rmurn their incer ibiti.ks In !;, Fsrmerb Juf tinat ilbs-rh j isitror,.tge iW tLi y< ti deck 1 LUMBER is Irger tl *n ever a; d better a?- sortr !; we .’re '|Cilisd to <*sh pest ‘ *•; rn rvsjtb Art'y '* f.T r co* lit r lin* a'■ ?>rHl j nrsn s*r. t., v>r at i 32 stieel U f. BURNS A- FLO AX, Bjdfiu nie, Md

[ IVu. 2nd, 1860 — ■ KotiKK: son it mascot. i Sl to it. H. JIILLS, "j Al lit* *;OLD STAND. I4 I*, 1 *, w . PRaTT street I BALTIMORE, a i Ri SPF.dTUi.LV'.’l’fcr their services a • <. *.ts. i r me .d- foil AC CO Cr/i.j f.V. mid a’! k’tuU ■ f VIIODIVK, ple.ig -1 i i i thvir ontiriiig e.r.’rts to render safiii'aclioii o tl! wn.' may pa*r<*:.ise tiie’n. LiV-ral ad v v es rn tdc o:i i Marco ’Jgitd. 1860 ;f. j | NEW LUMBER YARD, Corner t/ til Fi 1% n f ui* t■ it Attune, BA Lit Me-I K, .MD. I S WILLIS (late I tl.r firm vf S W;!’ •&. ('u ) has coniiiifciicedtin LI.VILI.II BUSINESS on In-; own .t* cmiii 1 . .no is pre* . . irnivfj I.I’MIIKR in aU rurc.he,! a Budding a.t * oilier piuptx s. He will fur uisb also FF A VFS. S I>7/. DOO/IF, I‘J'[• ’A'S U.m: rR HAIR, d With many tn.ud-is to his loriuei er> mi Sr. \|;irv ai;v l.n ;ii . u.t. n*s tie IjOpCs 111 r*i#li., til' if COl.liiO llCt :,nd r*;- C;*'Ve iiie;r fin. ronage. n rin.p’fMit:e iir.i>eit in u,e eflortt.i pb-ase ami vviii>elicht-ep : iur cash r appro*.<<t paj r. i ; Dec Otu. JSSS lv. BUILD K U S j M A TE il I A L S j 1 The un.’c a n<l w>n d r jv- tfu’.’y >a I' c . j Hr:.1,.'1. I thf l‘tM-I’. I. r.. >;itTl- t ( mem - f />u()!is, /:/ ;.v/-s s.ts/f, jmnj. =. •FIIAAIhS. i \l\l>n'.i /’/.‘AMFB. V.h<l i ’ I CAJ./'S < •.!S/Vos. ,}/</ liJ.ViiA. M.\ | : 77./.W, and i*v*-n ic.M*ripti i, o( lioi tinil. - ;- ! 1 .iig liiatcilal.-. vvidch they i tv* on • it ii f. and vv bict. il.ty can tnobhoit | 1 notice. j T;.*v arc also fircva r **d fo f.irni.-b Rl 11 •- • thin,?! tXSA.Iir l ORK f. r j i(’ i.i trv iiol.M s. < '••|t. ;,-V. s .bl.! J . I Il*l 1 ••. i, * ( r d.-'i J; , ; | ■•ll r.'.i lv l.ttrvi lo ... pl.t i.j. •) j r p-...- j •A. site*. 1 ! F.rtV.. rn and .tV'*r<. •*' -; r -{.• r.f '• i * in the country. ..’•!*! rind : r t . u.i-ir i :by giv ii.£ i.s a t.'d f. ie pum. .. mg Iv b ,*• a* w** .re ftrlv prepared t-> t ?” \ I work oit the r< >• i thus. Ac.; tl ■ J idv.i ‘ ■/►•. a .i< -: v ~u , m pr* i>.,r0.0 a!. ; the r ’>•) a'* in r l.f .hc-viv i:i >-oTi -1 stpi.-n a In n-e. r-- 1! If o.'it.ii h‘ tlie luiii.n i a,cr,..t *ie*. ,d v ••x,t;i..*u* ill.*) ami . I MV 1 fek” ' A'lonbrs Ifi't at r ! -eir -.ffi t.r ad i !ff>'• d t< r tii i.y u a,! w.d meet with 1 1 prornp and • I'l'i'a. v n;ion. MAI tilll ! N A .loilXSt N. i S'rnm j M,U anti Tartari/. i Fa'is A • ini. . ner.r Unri Sireet B.i'lge ! \\ arelioii-e V > ■ *rce*. Next door ;n 1V,.& M.u: tl!.Halt. M<?.; Apni Ij. 1., I -Cb- iv . i i - I CHAIR AND FURNITURE 1 } ESTABLISHM£.NT. yy K. AMHatMi.N. Nr.s. Dig JV; i T * • St< <’H(i >ln lh*lvt*u Frr>l-.: >t k Hire* l i end Afur*h Sj>ur. ituoi t. < Hating rite ;argo; War*- raotn< ami he>? * * '*surft:ient of * Watt ft I’'nrni:uit in moody,; ! •* |r*-pan tl to >.-li• v* r; itii,. h m i.i'ltri*- ;.pi,|. ! | tfn...*i >il.or;a'.d :;c■•< niinodH'ii g i#iim fc . . j 1 lacing bad a imio \ ji. fi-t.c** ii. t'.js lir#: tf | i bIISItiCSS, 111 ll.d !-,-• sll|u^i , if.ei il* ‘MU < oro • j pel,, as to <*x.’eJi n. eui ir.’'c:ial. b* .MilV oi ; workiiiaii>hip and ran*;,- t j>rtrs, v* :h r.nv • I esL'-li-’.iric-rit tin* >rt in ilu*. or any r j ; c;*y. His g.u.-ra! **ntracrs tjp ant. 1 ■ r i nplote asrortnit'at ef J'oaiia '.a :•>}, S> f fr H-r'ino (.'fairs, Fp r^: C •'hawin: | ; S :ils. Car rar-tn, tna i Lining Chair*, ' a Tetr a-'i'rt-'S, Sctfrtt, At m Chain, j : Lv-i.-iry • *•’***<. tir., <*.( ev*ry va- J , n?sy ami lf>erip , n n. He has ale'o on hand , Jit" f* frad* r f his own manufacture, w fdtrh | can b<- put up and laken down in two rn;n* jUtcs. Persons frria St. Mary*?, wishing to i purchase B’luniturr, are reqursi*d in chl! and j examine his Stock before buying el** w hen •0- sure to find the rigid place Non. 10It. 12 | Second .Street—War* I mire with 80 let-' I front and 8 large Feldtnjj door*. | August 11ih lfi. r o—lv. . —" —i j JOHN T. CLARKE. | Wholesale aad Retail Gutry AND 1 Commission illercliant, HAS moved to the line and commodious WAREHOUSE. No. 151 West. Pratt St, near light, vnd begs leave io inform hi* friends and tbr I public that be has on hand a large and gen- ' j '*raU>r-rtin*-Bt ol GROCERlES,consisting i ; n part of— I GOVERNMENT,JAVA,LAGUIHA and } I RIO COBTEE: i REFINED AND BROWN SUGARS.of j every grade; 1 GUNTO \V DF. rt, f M PERI AL, Y. HYSON * BLACK TEAS. I : GOLDEN SYRUP, NEW OH LEANS and ■ W I. MOLASsES; i ’ SPERM, ADAMANTINE auo AjOLLD • CANDLES; h AMILV. EXTRA, SUPERFINE aud BUCKWHEAT FLOLR. Ifcc He aioo invites theesjieeiaialtcution ut his ! fn-nda and culoier tc ins extensive stock !of IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC LI- ■ ! Ul OK.S w birn tiave t>e*-n selected with the ; gr -ausi cure and caunet tail to plea e. t hoitiiiorr, Marr L 4iU t 1858 j , *i,u if.3s*—ij. bcsiness notice A LL persons indebted 10 .me on Tavern a*. coon: : *I wine Rn v.ud sml scttfc the w :* It? kjr •* I < ifth nil cltioh d ir ou cione-t fotthwith. I jriiei d he-caficr to !o an CASii u: smews mit) uis dcterm.iieu to gve no -tetii: lor EATINU, DRINKi'fC l oi ' rOIISS FEEIi friit ihc Ist .if January I I LSI. J. W. J. -M00..E, Ptitfnewr, Washington Hotel. January 3rd. ISGJ—tf. i___ ' f j ion i { 4 jnir r.f FINK YuCNO GtvXR . * *• HuUSW .'iit b- a-.| i htf, if iniu.e.ij | ate apj.licaL d u> unrbr to Jo:|.\ L IIKBB, lua Vjw.r, Ud. 1 October IStli. I Mid tf. ■, w ■ 1 '—!■- - . ■■ . U;0. A. SIMMS. JO. U. MADOOA. msiwra pi \\T K here just returned from Hdliiuore t w city it.ih a larsp* vrell-s| rte] an m’k of f a l l .tu i wi x r i:u GOODS, v the inspection >f which wu in vite *mir frit uJa atid the public. Out e .xlv of- ROOTS. | SHOES. HATS. CAPS. i-mi erbv. b**th In quantity and quil.;v r > J h rrti't'iri* oferd in this market.- Our block also embraces u lurgo im iit of i la j)if, s' i)i:/:ss goods, i i of every stylo. and quality;— l!tadj-madc i.’fahl nj. ( iiaai Cassitfirrrs *nitl I'm Cloth*: 6-4 Full ( 6-4 A’cr.-wy.*; 3-4 /o; 5-4 gfript-d and fluid Linsryr; 3-4 Liiuey*, and o-4 Shrrp* Gray. i Our steek o? GROCERIES is large nud embraces a laigt- supply uf— lln on, I.ard. linttrr. Fi-vr, Clsr.ff, I'ith . F.rih Li'ack-ichrat i F!-r r, Tv., k 'c. * We have al-n on ban ! a large assort me at of FINK FUJI ORS iuoljbiig— lira u lin and Wnisk*.yg, of the most approved bran Is. Our whole sleek of goods hav Inc been pnr- ’ chased fur cash, \vt> flatter ourselves ‘ fff arc abb to oiler superior inducements to buyers, both as i<i pi j.-o and terms. SIMMS & .MADDOX. ! Nov. Bth, IB6o—tf. VALUABLE MANFFACTCRING PROPERTY \ GAILS* | •IMIF va! i .V? pr *j . 1 1y. Ivt.o'.rn as CLIP- , ■ I* FK'IOjvV a;i(l • til IST >ll A. (o vr t ov. ; l rl’i 1 .-n >!c |b ad Water? | o! *-t. ,'vb.r* c 11 ver SYnt Mary’s C'u. iv • M i h • i ni > a in” ai. in line l,nn !r d am! : h.n- a r* c *t ‘m.d. i- < tf* > d it T*riva?t* v o- ! I’tii.s nrcperlv ban >a-t a I OilF ll*H’rsK, j \v V'h is a- I d stilrivl f. r be. ! I r * t I,L, ) I• W i l.lNtiS, W *>i ksliops. A ' ’lie pro-j !ia*ri> will be m>M .n ae<* :ri|:i**datinj£ terms j j For mrl?.-r j a'*i<T'?*s apoli in. TH(M s \V (tOIT,II, JO. FOilHKs r. Toil'll IV O. j * N’.*V i;.!h. :f t i : UPL!. II ■■■■—mi I.iar ligi jmmm i.i| : MJUJXFUy A\D FANCY GOODS. ! I r |MlT* undrrsijrned> this rr<-th'ul ef in- I j ■ i.innin/ I'O old ’usiit'iHT.i aial the punii.-. ] ' ffci.eialiy. tnai sim will open in Leonard j T0e..., on 1 nurwlay t<-it, December Oih, * .Complete ai-sorliftci.t of AIILI.INKK\ an i F.i Ni ' i ,(H 11 >S . f Iticmubl I'islijonabU ! styles, jl s . -f ivhieh she will sell ou tue iu<t aroisnujodatine terms. ! SSI I) V, I Not. 18P0— if, PATUXENT RIVER LAND /* o ii S AL E . i - IF rn>t jld At private ealu before S.4X IKD4I, Ocu.l-er the 20th, ]P?:0, I will ' offer at public sale, in ilw village of (JU AK- I LOT IK II ALL. on that d*>, the FA It 31 i joa wbitjJ I now itniiie. Thi. Fur |i i ?: -ated on !• Painxenl Hirer, the lands < f Mis. li. L n.oiiiab and Maj. Ja.oet CVlline, and con tains ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND. wishing to purchase land of knpe ! rior quality, where gfsd heaith and all th* deli**aries of the water are to he had, are : I requested to cal! arid examine the premises. to and from Baltimore, |aih* land ♦'vi-rv day. This Farm will b* divided ar.d sold ij. three parts. Terms made known on application t Ike j nnd'-rstgmd, ard pijeeeuston ii! be giveoor | th first dav of January, 1661. ' w. j. cAKrrwjric.HT. Ciiarloife Hall. P. 0., Raiut Mary ’ C**antj # ** Aagoft srfi, ikift— tf. NOTICE. ■ . THE undersi/rned wish to inform the I people of Saint Mary’s and adjourn-! iug counties, that they hare just completed | u FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and r*l prepared to haul out veftnla cf ny aixe, j aud will REPAIR, CAULK. &0.. on tbcj uost reasonable terms. Prompt attention to all work, and quick dispatch will f.e glyvn * ir, all cases. The Railway is sitnated about a ouart*T of a mile from Leonard Town on a tine fivstcT croek, where we will also b..ild SfcllWS, J:UATB, or VKSSF.LS. if ruiuiied, ou th joweat U,-rr.* li ARRIS, NORKiS & FOX WELL. ; Jufc nuk ua t j - *-• i.JUJIRi j tail. mm, lime, j! HAVEK, I*E_GIJ.WI Mn | j The > giieti h vmr ’M.-reeaett ih*ir r ',:. r . I*l aiiJ ousme* . have thin i?it ori t.. a To. > I‘ftJrr i.> m*<ite a-id • Style n . : iluAi:, Li.i.VUh & lliLl ‘ 5, i f<r i’ic c.. muation of ihr t rl. Lumber - * i Lime t.iUc. here* h y Hnar * ‘ Hib’ea A C . i •! a. Tldie*. W V • ou?tii!ily mi ir.nd forsnirnu) nmMditir*i •- iir.u, every rar::y nrC'i-d md lumber. Ca’ils. p.*. r‘?jV', ('ret**) too. Till*' A nbury, L Mount. Limber. W * ’ Hire. White’♦•ld > Ji..w P.„* Flooriry. BiA... * rV*-i, Lath?. (?yprer 'S'. : p*. N> i h.t ■ 'inn. Colhn”-, Hn. j’., jf iUnilock j Wh.:e Pine ren iog. Jomu. 3tuk4me 5 Stiilf cut to unit-., WRIUHTNVILLE 'SaSIBIH SIO.IE US! the Vi and cheapest thai i*- >#*il forwrlhi'' . I r,l l pimiw*eT. Ctnirlc aud 3!.ickel t either er,' jor T'tliotn Uuahel <t| Un •> , ?vili .intek two end (luaiiels.) \Ve ii♦ Inery var.oy of STONE. LIME, on* va t , •ontainiiig an ABUNDANCE of M.\GM SI \ ANY SOU, t’ai nav require f, ihe .♦ihei varieties contain siitfineul quacti” • t'lioie. Uur lane floats <o tu nil the acite , sr.v!e (••win* • the Chesapeake Hay, and ies, ivr ere theref.ire tfi’.aMetl to otfe the Km rule is and ireaSer.-* in \1 tryland nrj > jmm, eater facilities than they have n ! iu.d in purdi.isiug tLe me irticies Thm'isf 1 i Tor the very ; i'eral riniroii'ip, ae i.ave b .if ! “ecetved, ' % .t<<i respeciJul.y mlicile o&a.u - • iitluif* of i iie > .ne. SIMMoNS. HAV/tn Iff CRAVE, Mf) M.i r h !U isuo—li nut ; I Ns r a A X C E. IN'SI'K \\t’K ♦:! i!* •<•>■<. riptiors nf <'t* I’repero va'. be -:fe -r a 11. jir.v. i’; •v. ii •; Fil’sM'lhJ'* t H 111 (lit ||. (*;• u.l •lit t’ne •!••! w ‘ i i . 1.1 ; e Ij..i:ic uflie -1 span ;pr. ic.ili’ n t a 'Ui-lei-igntsl. JOHN A. CAM \, Leonard F u n, If Mar'h lOtii l^b:*—ly. Cuitp.i .:t >. Capital and .nrn;c flciiriiy ln.snr..i c: C0.,0f N. \ i rk, ?>-.7.fn t Fhenix, ** “ “ 21*2.0ti0 Ui solnte - “ “ 247 Of■ Vrw W.-rld “ “ “ 24i OC * M “ “ ** 200.n0. ?? sriff O.ik of II yrtl*rd.Connecticut,R42 Ofif ( sprama C0..0f tim Vjillry \n., 3/>l.U**i Xibom rlr os Virginia, 2t>u tXii' 1 .viirl.l.nrg ’* I’miniM Northern A *-i:r;in' C'o .London. 2,1v>4,1 li M i.r.iNr Pi.r j* iitwknt. lifiT'.Ti* li Mvual of New York, 1.0; 4 I r .o L> nchburg ol ;a. 2 • :*,•• Cli.yriii iill of !lai frd C >nne. ‘.i- lit. .*ll2 000 he .*a >. n Goiiip.iuier an- al. lie ■•liKai hy tue Comptroller. Thomas 1). Jotnisoii C Agent for ‘hr S=:t•.• of Maryland, No. 73,.5c101 d strt'e* Ba! til a. IT. pm ap' !r adj.isled -.nd paid. M.n ■ a loi . 1 f l> — Iy. rVR Sri .lIIFK. IOIIN 11. IP'CKLKIt is reeor. i :rr,dc<| Ini!.*- -'rr '■■' lii•’uno •as a •..tndidtiU* for M.ei.a ia |F6. I’nui.oiTt llall I)i>rmcT. Nm I Oil.. C-' .J HHOM XS I. IC\’[ ; i.n-'-u ,i i nao '’o ' !h*’ V •'* r< • i f * 11" J •!’ V > '. •' t’’ !? ’Ol 1 the ha .'abi’.iy : . . 3 1 fni y• inflict, j N:>V ! 01. ; 3."0 NEW OCCD2. • Sa >i* ..!>i V.i 1,., i ve*l,.r. ’yi* of lbe U .->*. vh-ated -<k? of HOODS ; he *rirt had, ivl iafi he ->fi i< for rale ytay ! ?o v . I Hr would call particular attention to hut • st*ck of— -1 Ladies’ Itfri. Go--Is, Wi.ife Goods, ; Linen Cambric ard Silk P'K-ket ETai-dkeiehisfs, ! Ladies* ar.d Gent* Kid and Lii< 'i hr*-ad j iilol 'tl j [yitdiis Mantle- p (Jirtiis, Cliv- aiMere i>.lk Veitinpi', A-. I Apdi 2titfi, I^6o—ly. I J. H. LVCKITT, Stock, Note, Bill, AND lItAL tISTATB LiiiOktß, 6i twooni Street, U A LTIMOUE. R KI'KR E V c s s. P. GiKsfin. CarliKr Dutk of Bai f R iltfmort, jC. R. G’l.inan, f’jfceb. M chinic’ Bank, J, !M. BkcU, Cush. Fr.mklia Bv i 4, Tie J. CUrson. Banker, Timiii.i? l Jolm.-ton, I. C. Adain?, Warwick, Fruk ik Bali, if. Mok.e, Curb. Uomji Bank of Mar}land liaV. B. A. 1 Vickrr*, lYc*?. M a’r.e Bank, JohnsioD Bro. & Co., Bankers, Jos:al Lee L. Co., Hugh Jsn- Lirw A Cu. Vout-g At Caraon, I' bro.4e, D. C. Ma> 24il>, ISGo—tf. NX IT FALL AM* WINTER GOODS fl^HEunderiigneh has juat rtiurnad from ih# JL City arilh tin ai.u best a!o tad stack FALL anu WJN'TKR GhOBS aver ufTr*4 I to tkfcitiwni of St. Vfsrv V Cur.ty, ron-iu’inf, j j part, of very superior quality of Heivy Goods j for Servftnu* iinibirg, a: the most moJerc.s prices—alio liouts and Slue* ot the mont snb stu:ual rnnkr, iiiid he** mat* net. I>3id*c Cloths, veajmga ij<| ail kinds of fine dress Gnoiis, lor LaUica arid Uentlr.n?n- carefbiiw selected, and wri. aeoo. sd slock of ready mads clothing,manufactured expressly to order, and s sanely of articles ofalmeat ereiy kind no where else to be found in tike county. He rcsptclAilly es licilb n rai from those deainne to purchase, fewf is aaaui ed that ins thorough acquaintance wits i ihebosiitesa, reauliing from a long residence is ! the city, will enable iiira to oiler such indues munis as will defy competition. E. If. JONES. - • Citftan Factory. ItfNemfcsi27h ,Q **^—ly. j KCTICE. " PFRSONb havii.gSEIlVAK f*FOR HAIM wuhM do wi ll to call on the sufe* rihse before di**jo*irE of f! eni rises here. AH c%em oinmcaiions will be promptly attended to. Ad* idross, W, T. A. Mu. 1 Am§. 2nd, 18C6>~ tL