Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 21, 1861 Page 3
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SlEllFnsmfP VALUABLE * REAL ESTATE AND ' • PCBSONALPROfEIITY. BY w*R of one writ of Pi,. r i Facias, I famed Mt of tile Circuit Court for ! , Saiat Mary's County, at the Suit of Rich-; vd H. Miles, against the goods and chat-1 trls. lands and tenement* of Lorcuxo I). : Bond and Daniel T. Morgan, and to me ' directed, 1 have seised and taken in esc-! , cation all the right, title, interest, proper- : , ty. claim and demand, at law and in equi- , ty. of the said Lorenzo D. liuudadk Dan iel T. Morgan, in and to flHfiiowiog, i property to wit; I One tract or parcel of land caIIed— ‘COLLONWOOD’ hut mere commonly known aa— ee2Kß<D® IHAMi 99 ■ This land hi located in Chaptico District, %*•t Mary's County, and contains— -116 Acres. h. notice, that on; FRIDAY, thr Mad •march ■ next# bMwtea the hears of 12 o'clock M. and 5.' o'clock. P. M.. at the Court House doorj ia laeoaard T*wa. I will expose to public auction the above described property,'so seised and taken in execution, to the highest bidder for cash. Also, by virtue of th* same writ and at the suit of saute.. 1 have seised and token In execution all the right, title, interest, property, claim and demand, at law and to eeuity. of the said Lorenzo D. Bond aud Daniel T. Morgan in and to ibe fol lowing property to wit: ONE NEGRO MAS, NAMED JIM; j ONE LOT OF TOBACCO ! supposed to be about— -10.000 POUNDS. And 1 hereby fire notice, that on; SA TURD A K tw 28ni day of March next, j •a the prrmiacs of raid Daniel T Morgan, j belween the houra of 11, o’clock, A. M . j and 4 o'clock. F. M., I will expose to public suction the above described proper- 1 tv, sb seized and taken In execution, tu the highest bidder for cash Also to sat isfy officers costs on same. J THOMPSON YATES. n. tiff. 1 F*b. 23tL. Util-ts. "wmciT r |' HK C*-ParUur*hiu heretofore •xiriiny 1 under the firm vf FEUGUBSOK. MUR PHY Sc CO. expiree this day by limitntiun CiiAS. FhIHGC>SON nil! settle tU affairs of the roaceru. CIIAS. FERGUSSON.. h. H KHUI.AU.) Sarvicing partners yf J. A. A Kills. > J. fi. Murphy <£ j. ) J/mi iywnury, Ala. J/aliimort, Fab 1, Util. Dkxa Sia :—The undeisisned returns j thank* for yuur patronage to the Into firm, > and would respectfully request a c.*utinuai.*-e *f the atn t him. Hie best efforts shall al ways le used fur ti e interests <*f those wh< cvnfide their bminees to his care. Kup*e{ft*Uy CIIAS. FKKGUsSON. | Feb. *Bti, Uel lm. 1 BAUCH’S JCA W HONE SUPER PHOSPATE or LIME. FARMKka, TRY IT. IF YOU WISH TO : Rawk CHOI'S, and at the same time improve your land. T ‘- U3 b]- manure I STATE ONl!T t>J TaKIU RAW > k *iOIt.F.U NOR! -..AIP S'’."* „ Datura[ m-l- thfo. cmM iwwwlv m.rhit..r T . mad subject to a proraaa by will t fo! Virtue of the bone la retained, sod a WtiH*** i is procured fortolaklng in a concentrator* i soluble form, the two indiapensible ia thr growth plants, viz: PHOSPHORIC: ACID dr AMMONIA. These two elements by the uaa of'-Baugh's Raw (tone Phosphate" 1 ara given to the soil ia all their original strength and purity. They assimilate at omis with it, furnish all the ammonia needed 51 m rc* *46 PER TOV. - OPSMPUCNM. 1 %to*y TS PER POUND. tbM popular Fertiliser caa ba. bad uf jAgente in the principal towns, dr tar W u> demi Vbnogii any GuatnuMtc* Merchant ia GEORGE DUGDALR. CxaraxL l>te*r It Auaxqp. No. 4 Sriuß** Vl'iunr, BALTIMORE-} ffluißLVim! f IIHK •wwforstxacd, v h*> b had osurider- ( ,R e?3i* experience as an oVEKSLKK .md : tLr ie -ce*r >i! **f* eAuatnmg lUMaiioH it* that capacity for tie' )4uM year. festifctory rdnuM can to i atom. Address. BILIOUS DUCKKTtf ! lA’Juard Town P. O. | March 7th ISc I—it.1 —it. k ■ \ r.RisTlwi Hivit. F.r cent or DWELLING HOURK adirtrrrt.^l fcu SL* s U ALt - farm on uTffcm, ; OnkTill# r p* rt * tu, * , '> Dfwjoirr at i ►i.mld * U< Patoises, or to tU utuk-r- j V.b. lIM J CORBEST. j raniTiuciMr T’J W well known STA Is- stand iff Jjeonard Town. Si„t Mary |I• I OiUfcty, anti iWt T..bci,., lILXIJ. Charles County, during the RraHIT i The *rms<m will on M uf M.rrn . and Mdon Ist ..f July. Term* and Pwii gree wijffih girt n l.rriutowj|^^ IVu. I4lh, TO A RMS! . B- Tucker has fuat lot f L^ C .?! W ' PLOW Ac., wLitd. he will sell lw. * r Feb, 14th. 1641* ■miOmuL CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, | (Scrcxsfloiui to G. W. Dwysb St Co.; |>HIMK CIGARS, id our own n.auufac -1 . lure, oumtoidly wi.'l.aud. We Uaa* also a large stock CHEWING and SMOKING TCBOaCO; 8N UPFMand FANCY ARTICLES, Which we are prepared to fmratsh auv cus tomer* OO reasniubie Jaa. 10ttl;l$41 lf. NOTICE^ , ’PIIK Gj-pjirtncnliiy here*.dMfe existing j 1 mvler ihr firm ,f COTHNuHAM k l HAIIDIKO i* this day by ututnai | Wm. H Hnrding >a slont-autljor -1 ’Zed to settle Ibe bu*ii.*-m t-f the firm. SAMUr.L OOTTIXGHAM, WM H. HARDING, roliimort Jan. 1 IMnl 4 w. The utidstoiimM. l.neing Bought nt thr j interest f Samuel of the firm o* j C-tlin-ham Jr Harding, will I.* I nailer .-..imJiW j ibe buniiii-** it. l.ia own Name.—and he tnoet J r*-pertfully eolirlta the favor wf the friend# i.f j ths Firm. WM H. HARDIN J. MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. T n ’'FK F.IP. T *T Of g7. MARTS-'. • e u. *4 - .fully r.tll your at • Cer’i .u u uy is*<rtrt.-nt ..f : Jt.-J.S7N f ru.i u at f Hiring and pr • an..,- . larger r!rn>*nt .f Ajrirultural Im pletaetU* tha*. I ; ew. l>efure r.ffonri t<. the public—ib-rae Powers am! Thr.uhrre. Wheat Fans, Crn Mills, CLrn Shelleiv, I'luitgiis, Harrow*: Cultivators, and many other articles to numerous t mention. J can supply the Faruu>r with every thing lu> ny want. With regard tu Horse I'owet* I wen id rail particular attention to a dm it ..f i* ei. to S'a rniiLE OEJuti:i> ■ F Oll'hftS, tu wtfrA - i rtth ur without bun-1, which are /i-*f i/r/*ase*f iu. this or any other market; and 1 u‘* m invite th-nc whu are iu waul of Machines to give me a call a* I feel Confident tnat I can suit the pm chaeer. T am making a CORN MILL for grinding o>rn at Home. Thi# is ago <d Mill. lia* he-u tested and pron .unred *o hy expe rienced judge*, io this 1 a#k your spe cial atteatiwn. I tender y**u my sincere thanks for the [ kindness heretofore shown me and beg a en -| tin Jauce of yur fav* rt. ileteruviiieti to make ! a strung effort t* pl aev all who ejv# rue thetr | custom. Orders will met wit It prompt alien j tiim by being d>recTel t WILLIAM 11. HARDING, 140 Pratt street Wharf, liallimore, JlfU Feb. 7tb, ICI ly. JAMES WILKINSON, GRICER & CMMISSIOR | MEKEHAHX j I No. 122 Dugan's U’ll, j I . - AiiTUmULi Keep* esmefant'.r .mi iSßMßilmfi- ; I mentofSUFKRiOR FaMILY OfIBHImiKH. t Foreign and Domestic TJquofw, JRSwptio, tte-1 | gait. An., which will be 4iL ai tea luwed i ; biarket price*, . . i * I'ruduoc of all kind* soM oa ’"but I- ahall oo'y. do. a *w**i*e 'Atatadtel ■ •*"/^dra r i.. Nv. 2t;h* j . * ~7 NOTICE. .Oat' till. MU 4rj X itiAnrrinj tk* pohlfc, if , elan U adv-u or more can b® pna*ured, ha wall gjK c i Itw-a* in QUADRILLK and FAKOV j iMNCKS, at Leonard Town, dating tlw pm-1 smi month persons desirous nf |ki nn a ' class are requested u* noUty Hpied j imataidaielj. .rijß’A^v. J. Jan. lOlb, le * -tf. * 1 DR A. S.^PlNGTO^h^^^orcd' to St. luig'jce Dihtiiet, where he t.f- I , fm bis prufr&Hioual serv ices to tbc public. | He may be found at bis residence, near St. l : lui£oV Store, late the property of D*. j J>bu 0 Aahcuui. ( Jan 31st, ISOI-Sm. FOR SIJKKIFff. ! • Ti e name of THILir 11. DOHSK.Y. L sug- Ce*fed lo the voter* of this e. uutv, as a can , didate f* r tnc rext SHtIHFFALTV, Ly | wm) citizen* of Cuarruu Dovzmt. i fck. Ttl, im. i I IHi mil Ilf l iTflnonißi! THE undrreignol are *iill telling the best of Bargains at tb same OLD: STAND- ' i A. fiXITB A SC'S I: BREAT BARGAIN STORE, ! ! dj*..ning the Wnsl.instoU H ce f ‘ T„wt.; and. owing to the piv-ei.rr of ihetimt*, j 1 they now offer the greatest ItrluccuieuU ever 1 ; heard l. r We have determined to sell off our present 1 i *(ock of \\ inter Good* at pri**x redncei at 1 ’ !ca*t one-third f*e CASH, in **rder to prepare j i a j; i u a henvy ar*d euUraf Urw *t** k god* the CMtning ara*a. Our ttei I ia* been re-assorted and c>n*its of the arti . clc* named ia our lat advcrti.-wmenl We call particular attention to the following: READY MADE COATS. PANTS and I V KBW, *f ail uiar*. qaatiiv and stvle*. which Mriv4% w* will sell f*.r cost n.Kw. H ATH an I CA PS Man at e4 ewiawa, 1 inter Sir rte and Drawers at 36 pur trull cheaper tUc they can be purchased <4sv here, i I‘ij cent* Ctlko at 10 ami 11 cents. Chug* • haw at 12J #wnta- w.eib IS| omt*. RI "h#U Lustre a! 10 eewts. cheap at J2| cento. MnaJ hn do Lain at 12J. 18) and 1 2S twuls,such as! was Urvrr ild for less ihtf ffi tshlr that priol LngHrh Mlrh’.n, toi qualttv at t!| cc k : ■ c 7' r -- le. hr* ( ° f Utosl style *uch n ac Lav*. and every tl in^^|j^BpMPPPffSi> t j.’ A'irgiida tu.*ey token at j^*r. C*>me one! C-me all? ! (.adies and Gentlr ’ n:ea. w** wifi le pleased k> wail upon and ' . apr. ail wfi.> mav call on 1 f , A. ADLER lr (50. i January lotk, 1861—U. ‘ I FOIt ROA f SL* PERV IS. R. j henry nokris of j. offers iiimsdr to the voters of Lennar*] u i**trict a eatxlt date for Kn| Supe-rtiHTr and oiliriti ihe utt. | nf bis friend send ibe public. Jan. *4ih lfc€l. FOR SHERIFF. .! HARRISON EDWARDS is {-resented fo i the voters - f Saint Mary’s r u m*tv as a canJi | i Jat* lor Sht riff nt the in !BoL ! Jsnnary 10th . 18r,0. -11 --11 L -, JUf_..*i | NOTICE. i 4 M. peven* huh bur! .tie late firm *4 ! s!m. o**.., \\ , Dayrr A' (.*., are re<y;rMed to jsetl* tk*ir arrnunt* withrnt frr'her dela . | J. hr: x Morgav, who is auriiortard t^ : ihc .a;r uf tin- firm in settUnient. 1 UKO. W. DW VLK A CO. ; Jan. lOtii 1861—4 w. J t*A*c ja<x*ov. cus. luvcre. j HARMONY GROVE NUK-SLRI Kff, ■ ( IA \ALJ AC KHON St CO., Projf ieio a. I (BCIU ). ro THOS. M UARTBTd Je*inervtl!e, Chester Ccvaty.Pa. ■ | ‘ j Ta the farmers **i?4 P!ui*te: of Si. Attry’# • 1 s-'d sHjMii’t g C'luir.iH. •j r PMK subscriber, i, f>r 6BV e in ca!! aire*.ri o i - j A to thei • targe •{.. ]* f.,r the Fall imde. , | Apf-les; JVars, Blnr-dard smt -luarf; Cherne*; : Pnsi'trce ', Plums; Apricots; Nectarines, *ll ■- I j lecled and choir* vanetie*. Our small fruii , j ae t -'artm*nt conmnses every thing in it*. #Uaa. ’ Ktraai-erry, one hundred varieties; Grnpes. J *f‘.v varieuaa; Currani, t i Rhubarb or P*e Plant, Asoarngus, } Our i#rk f ORX VMK.NTAI, TREES is • ■ very heovy, snd rotnpris-a nil she -omrnnn ur *rf most of the new, bmh evergreen and dirt.jitous ? j R**es, Dahlias and bedding plants **f every de i citp:ien. Osa*re Orange for hedging. This i ph-uu is destined soon to auper- eue all others for - | this miroost, beinf hardy, a rapid - r.ser, i> ; strong ’.har-ta oiler my an iNiii*MS|b!r barrier •, | all kiads ol s*tm Oar slot I* is hmlthy j.t* | all grown, and our {.rues will be found as low laa any other establishment. Orders sohsited : Addrei* ’j IRA AC JACKSON A TO., Jmnerviiic, Chester Co . Pa t P. S. fsiialwyue* furnisl.ed on apjihrwnoa. Rrierrnee—Francis J. Hume, ftii-..n.Uury; J. ■ Kdam i .oad, Alary ’a ouniy. j AiIBST. '-(i. Fr*:d. dux, who i{ • for thU rnmpany, will attend to *}. : ardvr* left with him. twpt. 11th, IB6o—tf. : P- 1 JUJ.LLH.IX ! LIMK AND FKKD STOIJ I So. 3 Hollins worth St. Baltimor*, , wn.h. noßfc.ix. (•reCESMR TO JOHN II EASY) | WUOf.KU/I.E UD IKTAII. OKaLKB* j lsimc 9 Bricky Hair. fVnirnf. 1 CAI.CINkD PLASTERS I OtffP, Oats, Cora Xttl. Chop-B ytf Mill Feed, 4e. I ftec.CSri, 186 b— ly. Ff>R COUHTT CLERKSHIP. Thf tends of DANIEL T. MORGAN j present itn to the voter* of St. Mary 1 * con* j ty as a for Clerk of the Ctreiri j Court at the election in 1803, an d oiieh In his Haims a dipa*innate eoa.HMuii -> v j wi*R3|PPs i V J ,r ** wh H.c market price* wa I be |um*L I ersuns wiabing to aril, who m*f i V ( rfnr!, *t Hi# presort brnr. thr.-uch *V Sohllwp c- .imiics of the State, will have tfadft I urdora pr-tutplly reapunded to, by IfcfavMdr.c— allkn s; Horsey, t C I Fob lori.JMff—if. -U—• PiAiw s. Hi 19.nn4 Ifii M A* 11. PU>WR i -4. V Ns. J t * h,ml i* Inpri.vrvl Davis. S ■ oaura, jiit received at *1 f-.r -sir I v SIMMs A MADDOX, j I M Coi j a h. jSJmSt f 6um,u ' i supply f BUTTE It. I CHEESE,Ac m store and for aale by I siMw.s 4 Maddox. I j Dec. x'.’iL, IStili, Hi 11. ■■ mi QUICK QUICK 1.1 ME! ! KENNEDY’S * SCHUYLKILL LIME. SO well known in Pennsylvania. Wnwirs Jfrw Jr*ry and the Northern and Knst’r* portion of this Stair. as being superior r any ; otlirt fur nyrii nll*rul iimjtroremtnl, L f-r the ilnajunc placed within the reach >f the fann eraapl planters* ••< St. Mary’* and adHuiog eoiiwfe*. through the agency of the and. r>igt.- wijfrhui* prrpe-*d to sell on arcommiJatinn any qu3i.til\ of Quick Jjfvtf. deliverable •creeiutul on the shores of any of the rivers Of bays in said counties. Orders a .licit- \ L JNO. A. CAMALirn, ; -V"' ’ pssmrd T wa, 11.1 „ March 3rd, It'S! 1 — 3i* ; fkeTotloaring ansi vai* recontmei d* this tiu.e as pasaeeamfc properties (.far superior to .my el ler) accessary to be Applied Inmlcirthis

section. which are known to be deficient in both ■ ink aad Laboratory oStal (Thermal, i ) (t No. 2i) Kxcharge Building*. ; . Raltimoic, -Md.. Jm.t 3tth. lr*s7. N i l|jrpert of aualysis of 5 * ample* of £rlu.y!kl* LIT Loetonf, markri) rewpecUtely N* 1 (whit*- E* No I ibiur). No 3 (* liter), N*- 2 (bine). L 3 (top), for-John Kennedy, Lvq.,f Port BL Kennedy. Mri>p<mrrT L**., Pei n-yltania. IL. The above sanyde* of” & l>u v!ki ILime**!..i e* |*Hre fuud, a|H#' anaiyce. tv be composed ttjUsws . |s No I ivl 1 .M 2 w* 3b', 3 [l '■ ; M’s! bon. of Lime. 60 ?*. •; 4 T. 6u.f, 06 1. s*. I iCsd-cm. of Mag ,3* 2,34.1, 3*3, 40.4. *o,* pfcud.Clay* Iron.o 9. 12.‘ 12, IS. 2 3 - d*t joij. , * Srhuylki|l Limestones irr Maci.c Stan Lfsinlorirk r of pretty hmHv ♦-•pai rui**- Sttfrtu, They are most e-*Pc< It.lly adapted in t’ e t;j*pitcatinn *n noil* w hich are deficient in bih and \lngue*:s. javif.s mcaiNs. i —. . _ j r-wsDkD JBA9 | CBiKTUt* 1554 LOCATKjU iCOR. srBALTIMORE 4' CHARLES Sr IJ ILTINAKt.jMn. . j I'kr Most Ucgan\ly f'urnitkrd and Pmpultr Cmmtrci>il f jlUjr in th I‘niteJ v'cjcr. r j Designed Fzpretsly ibr Young Hen * Deairing to obtain a Practical Buy* <n* Education *n the slio.-irvt possible time m tml nf ths lenf cT)*en*e. . A larff nuil Beautifully sVnainented C’lr.’u ) tar. upwards ef "iix Sac*nr Kcb.t, I with . v /*cri.ir7i nf /*,nmaiuA p, arid n Large Kn* ; ; r nvtn (the firest of ’tie ki ui ever made in this ' '•onntry) lepreswntinr ihe It tt-rior View of '.lie ! ‘ *oile<re, wifli twtuiogue *tnin terms, Ac., ' will be sent to every You*" Man on application, free of .-barge. Write lintunhat-ly *~d \ou w i'J r*?e;re thr ! paekige by return n.ail. .Mdress y K. 1,051 KR, Haiti more MJ. January 2HI, 1061 ly. ncsixrss sotjcx. • i AI.L persons indebted t me on Tavara as* o.*tiiit will eame f.*rv arU nod settle the ! -tame without deiuy as I winh all rtaims due *ne i I closed forthwith. 1 intend lureafirr to do am . j exclusive OAHH tnitna .and am determined .j to rive no rredu for EJATINU, Oil INK , ! ING or UORKE FEED from the Ist *>< Jamia arv, 1561. ;j * JOHN F. FENWICK. Praiirietor, Union Ho:d j iaauary 3rd, 1661 f^. 1 j ] Bl LMsapi^w UNION l(om„ | j 11 the subscriber re*p cifuPv informs the i travelling public that lie i i nt>w prepared tc i accommodatr thi-m. Tl : Hotel will be ihor i onghly repaired and all it i moms refurnished. I Tl/e persona) attention of the subsetd>er will hr- devoted to its managei lent, and his he*’ i rlforts will be given to nmke hi? guests con - ! oruMe. His labje will le supplied with ( whatever the market affords, and his Par fu: |’lial-.rd with the Iwst Liquor* end t’igar> His servants will always be found attentive md accominodat't)*. Sr*)wv and reliable Hostlers have been rni)i! yrd. and the sub scriter will take eare hi* subl9 arc in* .eg|*ct*d. He soli*’its the patronage of the former i guests of the Houses and that o| the puhfit j generally. JOHN V, FEWVirK. Leonard Town Ort.7tk. 18-V-tl. ARCHITECT S BUILDER ■ menle ae will eo ih), hir to execute all work in his line at BALTIMt'UK PKICTB. will* |w.*inptoess ai.d atrh. He a call frwK hi* fricmle •n<: ?b< public. If V. CAMALIF.R. i j Leonard Tjw6. 1 Jan. 26th. IMfL-tf. THAI). K. I ItEl Attouey aad Couai rllor at Law, ■faon *’cf Joun.St. J/ory , Cvuhty Maryland *LL practio in tUr olSt. Mart * ‘f 3 and adjoining (Jui tica. Jaa Ith.U39—ti. |' i J ! ni®iiaw 5 i I CJENKRAI. COMM I8HH? MEKCIf ANT J 1 tia. W hi. What f, iW:ra Pratt 1 J li CamJ*a i liltinorr Rcfrr bw Mrnnwim, u> M*s.*r Duvall A { i UJthan, R. A**. W. Isaac, To* A Hrown. I ..•*&* Pip**** r.V A ton. • Dntkely A Pwia.t, W h. Meubh. d <> ) | i J * hn Eeq , C. A. UwiahnJi, |fc-qr..J. Q. IJr rr^ t w. H. Emtnv, K. '- I App'agart*. 9. D. M. U -Wte,; ! Lda<.riJi >t, Hamum | epi- 27th !•—6n. 1 i' i sf7. j ! RSSStSMS?W;kS?-.rsl * * Uc iiAll il L al kLIOX iii * t *mmmmmmmrnsßaamm i . |Hf|p SAIXT MARY’S FTYIAI.E SEMINARY Best tUDUalseaftuD Wtll rommenee I eft SATPHIMY. the Ikth of S. pd*m* Wr. uader the direction of Miss I mTTY lkKlf* : f, Principal, a.siy J bv a corps dl eftvirn; and e> perience.l Tes'-l er*. The course of ip.stru**:mr is :e thorough s at any other institution in ttie country, smd l lewu than half the nual evpene 'f he scholastic \eai is divided into two ima* of h\e tnonihs each. (liarfcsr per (erm, pnynblr In iulvsiiicc: ; lor aP t k * ** r anrheM nf * Li.giia.-s inc -j.-n. ircluding B*-ar.|. Twiti.-n Furl, Light* aud P*ddiag. $75.00 Stationery. j.oc Tuition for day pupiU,iccludins J | f*l, . 21.00 separate brakskks: French. H.oe M..*ic. with the nse of lu*trnmet, 20.00 .tn.l Painting,excluive t’ f tunteriaU, 6.ct pAinting in Oil ( ’uinrs,exc)nir* j *‘lnmteri:l*, 10 00 Kr fit tber information, or for Pin-ularp. ; apply tu the PnaeipaJ, Si. lingoes Post Uthce, Saint Mary’s Uuntv, MJ. C. HILLINGS LEY. Pm* idem of thofoaircl p(. Frustse*. ; August k kvf ’ snoKa! xkK gnote:: SIMMS A MADDOX have just received a Ihirc assort urnt f NEW SHOp>, nf the . .r.-t and ofnlPmscw ruilwblr lot crtant*, vliicl, will be j.fJ.l low. N’n*. I*' l-*)6it i * ; njoFKSSION.tL NOTICE. 1 DR. J. FELIX MORGAN ha* removed from Leonard Town tci hi* rrsuietice | *PlAcei!:a,” on Kriiton’* Hy. He offers Li* j ;vrolV-o.f nit *m* r* to the pu<*|ic. Order* left ! i*t the >-ig:tr e*ttthlt*hmiit of (eo. W. (Hnrr j \ Co., l-emard Town, will itr.e vtr |>ro.j I r,i- I •eit*'n. j Jan lOth, !=<€] —;f. j PROFESSIONAL NOTICE. DU. HKNTIY a KDKLEN has rernovetl hi* Office !• the Law tUYi- eh rc(,.fi jT • -*• ♦ ie.| Ivy <. Fr l. Madd x. Ivqr. ll* ••an alway* hr fati.d. citinr rtl hi* Uthce *t , M**'rr' Hotel, when iivt jvr*.U>*i**i.Ally tn j Jar. !0. 1861—if. fePIiING tiOODlf. I , „ I 4 btrgn wnpplv of Howard PucU IVnh i aw. tentury Plaid*, Ac r*t rroiv*.*ri a*id ' !or gale Y*y E. I.HO. RPALDIXO I JOHN 1.. HERB. ; VTTOU.NF.Y 4 COrNSr.LI.OB YTLAW l*oHur<i Tokh. St. Mary'r Cn. t Md., • XXf ILL practice sn the f ourte ol the Judicial Di.itrir t. F-b i 4th I-I r j UAKDLN SFF.DS. . | I i’sT received a> df* r *alc s Jrt'-pc am rt . 1 Jr iw nt d fr si. G All DEN SKKDH. E. LEO SPALDING. i j Marcli 7lh Iffil. I | '■- -• i *e <■ „ , - FOR CONSTABLE. J EDWIN AH Kid. ami mince* him**-If *i [a f. r C*n*taMc in T.c>nard T**m • *ii*iri' t a* <1 S"ii its the volarof Lis au< . the public. * Feb. J*Bih. 1 Rf. J. ejhhhw. k . \ f r *' , b supidr ot CfAIIDKN SLEDS nm [ ‘ SLID lOf AT OES jt.*t nciiini an* p ; for <ftfc by ' j ’ SIMMS A* MADDOX. • I ii CUL. LUIIER, LIRE, ;| HAVER, DE GRACE MD. '*, The I’nlereigtieil having increwe.d their Ca( *; l Htid HiKioea* F’aciltties, hv rhj* dsj • ormed n Co-partner*hm tinder the tji.n.e am r • style f SIMMONS, KKISCOR 4 IIII.LES ‘ for the co;mnu.V.ion 1 1 the Cul, Lumber tun , t raj*., bviviut**rr conducted bv Briscoe IM*l|c*,f Co.nrid Sino.ions \ llillcs. W r h&*.i j *on e mm I y oti hand f*. r salennd irnmtdiaitaLip • men:, every variety of Coni ami Lumber, j COrtl*. Co’*, Treverton, pitl*fon i v, Luonvt Mrtu.u. Lumber, Wiu*i Pine, white ami Veil -w Pine rio- rjng, Siding , Pi- kit*, Latb*. Cypren* Stiii.clre. bem Non! I '*. Culling* nml Select.*, Hemlock nm i Whue Piuc Keiict'ig, Joists, btudding (til ■ Sit*iT cut ic c*; * ct, WRialnJiriLLE IHiGHESIiI SrOHE UIE, , the beat nd rh. speet th*t |g ii#H for aericultw. •ml purpose*, lluick aiui ißackcd, either with •or without Masnewt*. (OaOnifitri at Qnh k . nb’*!-k two .md * , nlf. oiyabrls . j We hare ; every variety -f STOVE LiME, out variety . ron'emine n*> ABUNDANCE of MAIiNE •HI A fur ANY SOIL that mny require it, an*) then'.J.ef varieties contnnt a rn'Saeut qrautuy, sfliuic. Oir Lone Riat* go to all the acres* sa'ule p<*nt* on the Chenupenke Kay. aixl its j Iril-marie*, we are therefore enabled ty offer to ; the Farmers ait*l ()<-nl*rs m Maryland and Vir* 1 ginta, g aater farthnr* than they have ever • . ii .a purchasing lU*- lw articles. Thankful ■ for the very libera) patronage . bav#>v. i fore received, *m*t rcs|*ecuuliy aolicit a ooatin. • latior of tbr a*n*.e. MIMMm&L PRf3*fcOE A HILLLB, tUVRE PE CILICE, .HD. j Marab 16, IbdO— Sr NEW GOODS. Bp T.KO SrALIHXCi 1... jml rccr**l*'M ’ M 4* mi the bt-sl *e!rctod stockf of HOODS 'i* 1 has ever bad, wbicL he • *ficre for t!c rerj- , iur. Me veoTild rail particular ttieMiut. o hir • <tock of- Ladies* Dr.-j fiotJi, Wnitc O-vds, H-fr. tjair.h*ie aed *Vtlk PwiiCtHatjdket Hi .fu, j Ladira* and Gents Kid muA Lisle TLaa*i < Hurts Ladief Mactln aud P nots, % j Gsths, C’.TOf'nivre bilk I Tnyit#a, 4c. j Ap*.. 26ji. ISUO- l)\ j A AftLRB. 6 80 H. WOOHWA£S>. I QixA?Mia&nis. ! AT A. Atiltr 4r G\ NEW BTOUE. WK hive jit* returned from Balti more city with :k Urge and well Sr*ck of Itoodi, eat bracing the fdhwing art.-lea; via: MEN’S AND BOVS READY MADE CLOTHIXO ..f*rory qualify and variety; MEN’S and BOV’S HATS and CAPS; , OIL CLOTH STMTS; UMBRELLAS; CASSIMBRES, CASSINETTS, FULL CLOTHS and KERSEYS; LADIES DRESS GOODS of every atyle and quality; EUBIWIDEEIE, HOSIER I'. , GLOVES, M TIE AS and HOODS | ef different ntyles; ditto for children; FINE LINEN-BOSOM SHIRTS; i'SHIRT COLLARS. UNDER SHIRTS ;! AND DRAWERS; ; LADIES’ j SHAWLS. CLOAKS ami MANTILLAS; LINEN CAMBRIC and SILK HAND- J KERCHIEFS r and many other artivDa unnecessary lo ’ mention. Thu iihore good}? w ill he *jl lat ; th* b*w*fl Baltimore prices for ra*h or to I ponetml t untoinera cu six months credit jWe invite a call and examination of mtr stock by the public. before purchasing , • eUcwltere. A. ADLER A CO • j Leonard Town r Md Sent 27 th. 1 BSO- if. 1 ¥Sl ■ ■!■"—J?’ ■ ■—V?' ’■■■llfS'i'J ,| PRIVATE SALE OF i VALUABLE I REAL ESTATE. I ' ' FWI liF. FARM \ rli to me. lnrat<*! in | f'harloitr HoM f?>criet .md situated ah.'i.t i ••ne aid a half trilr* lr*tn Patuxent rivr. mjU ■ I** rol>l at I‘mnt** m ? c. It rir><aiiu. thri*** hitr - dr-d acre* of land, more or h and the -oti | rekbrated h r the predict!.n of higt e*i - | priced tidia> c**. The FARM i.n* o*. it *re m- J f./ruUt- DWELLING, with ! the utnal cul-tn.ns.-a, V’-r jt'*itn* apply to the under- i tjj j signed at “Grampii n.” <: ad ; dr-** at Chxplico. ! D A MM, T. MORGAN, r * I rear llr.ui uf ttt. Clement* Bay. B*pt. 1 Sin, IB6o—lf. ■ NOTICE. | A LL percent wishiot: to coir.nun:<ae . with meo> leiter. vr ildirei i ll.i ir>ot. I usponUi nceb) mailto PonTuharroCharb-s f. ; county, Md., or By -n-sir,*! pit. NithcJas, in < happei Poiui .CjtarJc. -ounn , kid WM. T. CAMPBELL. I Fh. Srd. I Soft— l|. I FOR ROAD Sirrr.RVIPOR. ‘*| JOHN R. ROWI2P rtfiV.ahim.elfa* * ■ Hjdai.*, for bopei riFor ir Lromml TV* d dinner nml solicit* he tupped of hi* frond* ■ Ami fe;ioH-.-it>zea. J*<i. ytth jofii. a vor 31 FAMILY GROCERS asn np.ALrna nc ' rVRE OLD WISES ASP UQCORS, ! No. 8® BALTI.VORE STREET; FfAH B"l.Ul'*7, u*i Ti WY BP, 11 AYE constantly o f hmd a .ird wr‘l 1 ■ M'lected st*>rk o family gkocerjeh, } conn-till", in part, of— • |lhjsh Tf a*.—Green and IJli'V, cf v*r ; ota pricer and f;.vors. y { r- Mueua, Java, Lagtij ra, Mararil o C | an.; Rio. \] Si-oake.—NV Orhunr Ornrhcd. rovtdmd, r. £ Leaf, OtaiiuJate*!. C VeJI. n and ClaroJ, f Itjhrn, Maccar-ini at <1 \ Co* pwt 4 •• b't n Ilrfii.v.'. (j'Jati:*-- i iiri, Sa!a*i An { O i'*' Oil*. (Ts, Ktulnh D.ry. I’n i. Apple and Sap Sa-*.'; S.,tuii.|s., ‘ Kw: cl , r and SpaUl'.'irj EiiL , i>’; and .Atm-tv a*> ;• I'id.h a—Gerktnr, nixed, d.>;v-- j Chow, Cumin • or. Walnut* and Umo|. r . Suiters—BuM, lliirvn, dn., ; Mu-hrtrfitiif and Worcester*! :re. TlßAsffit* —la lit-nnory & Co.. t Oht*.*'•'*, Ib.'ide'AUX, livavhvlU', and niter ( — : fwr. Ou* V.'tmpa. —I, n .h. : pvV r, r i. Hi.. *■ ry, M idriu, Lh-lm:., Bnoct M.itilr. al<l I Champagne. , I WHiAKrvA —Hc. teh.Oid Rye, C*!h< ur. Old i I K*|i|i and |i<>nrV.n, f ane very ohi and her. • j I’ure Holland Gin, Jau>AUA Kpirita. Arc. r | Imprrtrd and Domestic {S LG ARB AND TO ; | uaox). , | Ail of wlilrli they will i-rll at ree'oatl . j prtre* at.d resp*-rf-.dt f-4;'tt a ceil. • March Id, 18.0—1 y. > comnssiox Bi mxEstT THE nderslgred heg l**dc- u, annoMire* to the ri •?.* of Si. Mary \ cuunlj that dc ha> rnutiori ctd the PBUDLCX AM) OO.MMI3SIOK BLftLNBHB. Kc. & k*X't raves, UViiter of Exrhat gr Pin.* ard mmrrce St BALTIMORE, J * nt l t-ve hU perar-ca! attensioa to at! 3 d;.c c- to hnj. He hoj** by turn 1- I u* and pi mpt ,nV) ijoii toi urioeaau> ovrit - *'• eonHtlctice cf the comjrmdty. WM K with Late tnxi of LuckcUdr Young. Rtffllirct*: i Jawfb Mott. Ca*hir of Fanners ted Mer cranf H*rib; j Mewrt. T. J. Ormn * Cn., Berktrt; • Win. WkttrlMck 4 Ca.j I “ Frwe’trd ♦ Hall. I Apt si LMb, |';o- u.