Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 21, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 21, 1861 Page 4
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I. ADLKB. OtO.n. WOOOtTAKO. I WmVBAMLBAII£-\ AT A.' Adler A- Cut NKW rfTOKE WEh,ve in At returned from Haiti- I more c ; ?y irltb a large and well a-d'-et d Hfmjk f (100 Is, embracing the f article*; vi* : A .VO BOV’S READY MADE CLOTHING ( v -try quality and cnn/tv; MEN’S and BOV’S IIATS and CAPS; OIL CLOTH SUITS; UMBRELLAS; CASSIMKRES. CASSINETTS. FULL CLOTHS and KERSEYS; LADIES ORRSS OOODS o -levy style and quality; EMHHOIOEHIE, HOSIERY. GLOVES, j NUBEAS and HOODS .1 *tvhs; ditto for children; EINE LINEN-BOSOM SHIRTS; SHIRT CULLVKS, UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS; LADIES’ SHAWLS, CLOAKS and MANTILLAS; . 'EM CAMBRIC and SILK HAND KERCHIEFS .... •; ry other ariidea unnecessary to ti The a >*ve goods will be sold at Haiti ;u re prices for <-ah or to < i •••. • mtvm on si* month* credit : ; call and examination of otar • . . y fhe public, before p trehoaing i 1 v: .5 here. 1 A ADLER & CO. ’ Lcouurd Town Md. i Sept. 27 .h, 1840—if. j I’iII VATE SALE OF VALUABLE j' REAL ESTATE. r Jft • E FARM liel. tiring t> me. located In I • t'i. irlwtie Hall |}t a ... *Mtiau | J 1 ••ill •• ilf** ir to I*.at xent river •• *'J ' . • ! i’:ivHte .al •. three hu -[ ’ • ‘ ofT I. 11l re r !<•: uni <o< :• ! •-mated :-,f >•- prmlm ti.jfi of high* i ■*•'•4 * la-Co. The KARS! iru on it a co* • <?! * i.l DWELL! \G. with p-j, ,r the u-nal oi:i-h 'nen. For j t-rui to the nn>l-r- yH { 1 {ft j at *Gramf>n.” or ad- gjßjSgtAgS t r rv- MU I' r'ijfl.JHi *t Chilli ico. d.v.mel t. mo roan, nr Head | bt. Clements Bay. 1 ,A. 13th, —tf. I NOTICE. I 1 L, iff'Ont wishinr r ■’ommunirßt* j •■7m * neby .*tier vil! direct heirr.r- ; nee by .nailto PortTobaecoCharlwi : t Md., or by steamer Si NtihU,; o- nappe! Point. Charles county , kid. ! WM. T. CAMPBELL, j Fab. *rd. I|. !> R RO.-IP SUPERVISOR. JOHN R. RAWES offers feiunvif at n can didate for H.i.d Supeivivor in Leonard Tea r dta rirt and -olirMs the sunpert of hit friend* •ud fe lo Awii z> is. Jan. 24ih 1-61. - | ii M i’fv\ Jk YOR FAMILY m S I A'-l DKAI.FK* IN PURE OLD WfXES A.\D LIQUORS 1 Nu. S* liALTI.VORK STREET, 3IEAU HUMIUT, Bti.T.MoBX, HAVE constantly a i.irge and well I Mflacu.i *r.N k ..i Fa Ml LV GilOC EUI KS coiiHting ( in jart ( ..f Fbkah Tea* —-OrerL and ißiuk, of V:iricu M J.i 'e, Laguyr.*, Maracejbc AP ! Ilin, * I New Orleans. CI. F..wd.*rifi Lcstl, iir;iniLtr<> v - Yami Clarified ! (talirn. Macearoui ar.d VcnitPiolH; I o•* , * Rcfi:-‘<l Clclatinc; Fresh Sila.J am j Olive 0-‘ CJic-ae, Dairy. Pin* ; Apple and Hap bnr>; Sardine*, Krcurb ’ ul >p*utN!i Olives; EnubMi and Aincricsi ! Pickles—(fcrkimi, mixed, Pucaiili Choa*— ! Ghw, Cnuliflowcr. Waluuin aid Onions 1 Saocea—John Hull, Harvey, Reading',Hobo. Mushrooms ami Worcestershire. t' A*l>*ES las Hcunesey A (In., Vintage 1910. tbard Dnjon C , Catawba, Bordeaux, Il.,chel.e, and t*hcr >■l siulS. r:he Ocd Wisr*.—L/udon D-*ck Purt.Sbfr* i -y, Madeira, Lisbon, Bwoel Moselle, and I L>han<psgne. WuisxETa.—Scotch, Old Rye, Calh.iurt. Old • Rapp and Bonrb<in, sonic erv oldaud Sue. 1 Pare Holland Otn, Jawiti > *a Hpiriit, &c. Imported and Domestic. SEGARB AND TO* BA COO. All of which they will sell at reasonable prices and respectfully solicit a call. March Ist, 1860 —ly* COMMISSION SCSI NESS. T') E ndersijjned begs leave to ttnnonncc lu me citixcns of bt. Mar} s county that has coianicnced the PRODUCE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS. Ko. 8 Qaocxits’ Excuasoa, Ooruer of Exchange Place and Cf'DiffittcrSt BALTIMORE, and will give his personal attention to a!! pro duce to him. He hope* by a*ulu > u and prompt attention to buwneas to merit 'be contUicivrv if the community. WM K DODHON, with Lata firm of Luckett 6i Young. Bimbbvcci: Java* Mott. Cashier of Farmers and Mer (OVt T. Corson &Co , Banker*: *• W.n W r >dorkiS Is.; ■ •• a tl 1.1. d, ! vLBCST TSCOO. J - S. MOS'.A* ' TRBOO & MORGAN. rR O DVC R COMMiSSiOff M%h ciusn s. And Witless Ir- Dealer? sn LIOU OH S .f A l> (’ Ifl.l U ft. Vs.l7 CHEAI’MItE. near Pratt*!,, B.V.TIMOhI gey* Every description ol country Produr •n trusted to our care will rec< .t afien- UOD. Apn lßr.h. 185 W—if. THRESHING MACHINES I have for sale the I’rUon Orare*t Horse Rover and W. W. Diugre & CjV Intu Thr>*h€r. wtfh Heroic tug Straw Carrier. Too mtchme i* w rr.intr<i t-* r*ndtr >h iia tioit t alt purchasers. Ti e price •-I 8 li-tm power, SO inch Thresher and Si raw-Currier delivered at any aharl in Si. Mary’s county. • £IBO. Farmers are invited to call at try St re n Leonard Town and examine this Thresher K. LI O. SPALDIMj. Jane 28th, 18w0—tf. MATHIOTt BAYS!. Extending from Guy to Frederick strfet, bavtng 40 feel front, 170 feel deep, aad 6 stories high, Haiti more Ud. A LAVA YS on hand a large assortment *l every variety iS ll>aaelidd and Oflie* Furniture, eiubrai'iug—Unr*au*, Iv-dstendvi, ; VVashstand*. Wsriri btx, Spring Red*. M it- | trewsrs of Husk, Cotton and Hair, buf.-i-,Tete- j a-Tctea, Ann ('hum, K icking Ciiairs, Kiagc- j res, Marble Tables, RircepTUm ami Upho stcr- j e l CTiuirx, Asw.rted Odor* of C ilage K irni lurc, Settees, Wisml - I b<*r Chair*. Cribs ai.d Cridles. Suic-buirds. , Extension TahV.a, of every length. Person* disposed to pnr<das<* arc invit -d to ! cal! nd give our fek an .-s uniuatiou, wuich, j for variety and quality <d work mar slop, 'Mmi**? ; be excelled by any establishment in the conn ! • r J- A. MATHIO* A SON, Jf’ie. L slid 27 North Gay .sirv-t Feb. 2nd. ld'o ly. JAMES S. DOWNS, ATTORNi.Y ,V OOt:N!.!.H l. AT I.A\V. j LeonmcU Twtcn, Si. liry'> ( L*l. Wdl ■ ruCCice is St. Mary’sand th adiuining j • >unties, Fwb. 10th 18f.. MILLWRIGHTiNG.I I7IIE suhacrilHr, hsvii.g La*! yeai expi>r*t‘iH*<-at MILL WIiKiI!TIN(, ; prepared and v.iilii g to t<ai.v p;rl of the * •State to do sitcii wik Jt liKI’A I IUN(i ur ! BUILDING MILLS. He ran a *•> do r ugh ! 'JAItRESTI.It'S work. Ail wk lioue in.a ■ ■Mibsiautial Lataiiksi *ua iv.tu dispatch. AJ- ' Iras*. i r.TNKI.E, ! Udl*. Si. If.tJ •('•, Ud. Gu. 18’ii mo-tie. i . j . B. HEncr.BT. M. II lir.RBtBT | JAS R. HERBERT &. BHO. TOBACCO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MEHCIIAMS,! > o 2d Grant k HJllingstvorlh Sts.. saltimokc, mo. RRFKKE.NCEB. John Tl#plna.Pfeideni M**rchan> Bai’k j I'ruerxiati l’rt**s,CashiriConimer;ia : ai.d ; r aniuers' Bank. (iro. SV’ ilowarJN. do., Balci uore Dupr, N itni k Co., K Hirkley Si Br., “ Pcaniuiau kv llro.. ** W aiinty, Cu-aiiig A Couist.*sk Balt. | I *K.. X stfcil-. JO. B. KAuIHiX I BUSINESS NOTICE, j rw% IF nti.lerdgnrd have thin lay fornrd :> 1 * o*-P.irfnero. : .p in the HEHCAS BUSINESS in l.eni.aril I'own, nvid* i tf. •wine aud style of SIM VS cf MARL OX mtl *rs ne w doing bu>-ine> at the store lately i •ccilpied by Go. A. Sunpi> A’ (Jo- 1 he’* KO ■icit a con*iunan< fc of llie very Übrtal |- dr*e uage which was xU nde*l to the iaie firm. GKO. A. SIMMS. JO. U MADDOX. Oct. 22rd, 1860. Oct. 26th. IB6o—lf. j I I s m j :n AN •Wf ftm nt.v r*ta*e in W ! 1.1/ Media’s Neck, abtul 10 day* UjX/ 1 ago, wgtw oaß7 COLUMBUS. He wa* out of the estate •! Mrs. Cltaivk and hai a wi!c living at Mr. George Tiarlton’s at Forrest Landing, head ot Cukold*3 creek, r ear which pl sce hu is* c'••ubt laaa larktag. He atisipa a little, i* of a light chucoiaie complex inti, atid abul 30 yenra t ige. I a ill givH the aU v reward h>r his ap ' prehension and delivery !• u.c or lr li* con fiavnient in tin; county, Leonard loan. JO. 11. MADDOX. Sept. 16th, IB6o—tf. NOTICE. THF uwdsisigned has just received a huge supply <>f I/adira PARTY aud BALL • Goods conwsting of 1 White and Colored Tarletew*. LsdiiS white Kid Slippers. |lilies White Kid Gloves, Ac. kc. A !••■, Gents White Kid Gloves, • Gents F*ney Neck Tice, } GfjSt-’ F ’w SMrts, and O ’ Ac. Ac | K I.KO SPALDING. Le.uard Ttwu. i January 3rd, Idfl I*-if. SASH FACTOR Y NOSE! OK KALTIMOKK MAKK. ______ GEOUG£ 11. DOBMLN * CO, Scry KatoKf* To 4 FOB 4c HOWARD, V.J.69 r ;ll Mrrrl. FACTO hY, LOOTS f mi XT, BALT ? Have on iouui, ai d make U order, • trrU~maa*n*d Lumber, SASH, - DOORS . V BLINDS, * FRAMES. Vnd ii kinds of SASH FACTORY WORK, -IUo furnish cvi-ry description of BUILD NCJ MATERIALS. 1 tar Wf .olu. it the orders of Builder! RmS other*. • 4 Sept.iTrh 186f>—Rut. 1— woj j LUMDI.U J I shingles;! | FLORIRG. Af. | I \t7E invit* the attention •! our friends and y i * * com tuners. genmlly, in St, Mary a*d I* i yi imp c*•untie** t > our extensive *aorlJueul i u tMsontd ULTLLHWG MAiSUIAL. : All pHities omin|>l.uii* the erection rip Duellmgr. Bin. &. vc.. "ill HmJ it greall> to ' s .lva„M.r to giv* Us :i -11, a* we can * se'! .-.t lowest rate.- 1* r ca-h ui Negotiable pa j*er. Doors. Frams, Stub, Ac., furuiehed at I Mill |*ri< e*. • 1 Orders ailed for Bricks, Lime, Hair. Nails. Ac. • . . t S" Wharfage charged ■** Veevds receiviap Lumber from nur Turd. CARSON, ZIM.VfEHMAN. A CO.. ‘ West .-ide Cnioii Dock, [ 1 Norfolk Boa Wharf < Mar T 29 v . 18f—tf. | SIOO REWARD. RAN r.wav from Rojerroft, i hr rcsiderrr William F. Hardy, in Si. Inignra* dm-; tnct, on Tuesday, the loth instant, negro tnaa Duviu Williams, aped about il4 yeute. David ih about . r * ieei, ti or rt inches high. He had oil, i when he ief: llu Farm, - pan *• abor urn rU.ln pantaloons, a b s.< k j-e jm kei and a whi :*!>>ik bat. lb- o'ok wnl. him, ils*', h Si.miny null of blai k clothe* nod .t l j!a ,, k bai. I)avn| . a fast i.ike. and very rjui-k in fis moveiuen | ile was ourciiiscii of barton Duvall, **t Ann. \ iundel conns y. .VJd. j I wil" give tne above reward, it he is lake .uis.di- S’. Mary’s county. ai**i y :>'■*, c be i •r<kei. i" tbe eouniVT-urovideU lie • so secure bu< I get him again. JOHN M. VHLI.AUn for WILLIAM F. HAl?m Le*<nit : 1-aa. tU I , Xov.‘>4th. ie. r .R j . - vu lr n tee a s wa n t i:r. i rtlTIZi NS of ill*. M 111 iv who r. ay he ,b fin li* of linltii <r ii lu inriioi' l*o - I UvVaI.KY COLI'ANY an .• 1'.0t.-.l i , vi* ll.Hr : Jlln s at the Stoic .W*M' it > 4* Mad.hx iii ihi' vill.iffH, • •1 a* lur \ rird. I —ll NOTICE. ii I rrT!F. lit.dmsij? ed la g* Is.iv, to inlbnitfl b ■ 4L f, ;i*i,iis *ld tiie Public, t. f he is -till a k ; the Oi.i ST A N I’i. T< wu, rnrj vii j. . i n HLACKSMiTHING. bIN. HK.K j -M'THING. MILKT iiM'N AND STHVi*. j' WOllK—in siiurt. iron Work id all *le>- rij - j ’ :ioi s. *.ur ! j as repairing CA KU? \C IS. lU’t- • iIKS. ROi’K \WAVS. CARTS. W AHDNS, i ! HORSI-: sIVDKIMi. FARM \VRK < f •!! j ■ Kind*: also liKAI’KKS. TiniASHLKS and DRILLS. Witi: hi> eii•>( 11 v* nr>itm* .* Mafhii t Sh p. no t’iii ks that be can do any : kind ~f Bla. l>i'\ith Work :r*|ji a kncedU* to an ! uticluT I **n reasonable teFiis. New \\ ag. | ; ..j. and Carts hu:'l cheaper ll ,u can he d* lie lit any other ahoj> y< fbta ( *ct'. HOlh'-LS : ■ : SIIOLD at H - .licriest notice. JaMK.S A LI’CATHIIAX, Ulack.init h. j ' Jautia-y 12tl, • S df.’.u. J. NICOUt Md. I’. IHOKAV . i J. 11. H A lIDESTY . w :th HEIM. XiniDKMVS * LO. o IMI'OKTLKS AM) DEALKIRS IN ' i FtlEMftiUn LIU, |i r EVP.KT UteCKlf rioK, Nti. yha BALTIMOREbT. j, B A LTIMOIiF. j ( Uarrl Ist I —tf. _ • NOTICE. | E. LEO SPALDING reiunu hU thanks* to ■ ! his numerous nn-rn for the lilwral pa'ron i he has rr,fired fi*\'i tin’ll'*, Hlnl plelgt*s i hirmelf t<> k***.*p a (J It'U.’K SIOCK Oh | GOOD, always on ha fi, which will be aoKI • verv low for caab *r its cqniraleiit E. LEO SPALDING. April *iud. 1860 ApriUth. !▼ BHEacbn-nber would rei*elfally inform :ie fneiula and the public, JJ/jL i In.i he i prepared m do every thing jn J&*sSl • the hue of a \V A I * ll and t LOCK MAnbK ; ni ,il Jeweller, on ihe most reaaonable teniM for • cash and in the meet durable maiiner. j Thankful for nat favors, and in the hopes <*f j ' t in* continuance of the patronage of an cough- j tened pobbr, he w ill endeavor by diligent app I- | • anon to business to *uem flit favors ahuwa . hißi. ! 1. S. BALL, Washington Hmef, Leonard Towu, Md. j , I N. B. Jewelry given in exiutalige for old gold 1 and siivrr. ) ‘ 1.8. BALL. I Anfust 3#th, )§ob—)*!m. xoTicz to ci:nnrtots. ORDERED that William €. Lo'o. " ■ solvent Heunon-r, be ami aq rear bef**r j j ike Gtreuit Cmirl f*r Saint Vfdffr ’• cam <y on ■

the third Monday of .March ri*f, lo iii.aaer j . sml** iiiterrogntorirr oi aiiegai inns, a* niay be ; ; vvopoandrd to him k *v h,s ciednor*. JAMES r blakistone, CbNk. Poo. 98th, liw-SMi UMBIR_HOTICL BURN*' A: SL‘)\N returr their ♦mi tu it l<> (<•■ Earner* for the.r libera ,i** i.>r iln- >e*r ji*t Tli* ir -l-ick i.l'Mlil'lJ i> larger than i vfr and In-Ur r as *-h-!; Mid no -n* determined I * dler ai< in-lMcni'i t* t* bun-n. A| pij a! lh ori it • f Funt*' .tn*l GrMsnit> r I! 183 :*l reet Wharf BURNS & &LOAN. Ml! \ Feb. bid. 18C0— 5 1fom:ursoN & briscok, SI) to R. 11. MILKS. AT lil* OLDSTANI), 149, W. PRATT STREET L IS VLTIMOUK. JQR3IECr FULLY dfer their services a. Ppm. nts T l-T the ivtle *.f TOBACCO OHAf: rod all k;n-ia <1 i'HODUCK, ptodjt egtaeir j t i *rU u* render aiifaciior m ill ‘*n|' *y P domiee them. Liberal *d- EARD, Arenme, J%f. >y i tyJ.lSto, i*f)on. j, bricks, mux on haw, < Wiib u <Q\ ihanks io his turtle! . usti in ■f- tli S . Mary's aud (be adjoining .cummer h** hopeMo re'aiu ihfir ewnfitfene* and n - e ore their patronage.ami pledges hum-el io u f every eflonid phase and wdDeD cheap for cash or approv'd pap.r Deo 9il. 185?—It nv/ln e n • s MAIEII I A L S m ' 1 'l’le un c s in* • M r> -pe tfnl i m t!> . i iiit 1 *ii!*in it. t in ■' i.t • i DitOK*, BUJ\’D>. SA .>7/. /'OP/. FiliM/S, i\l.\l>OW F0.1.V/.C. V.JSH i>uaJ;!>s r.i sixes, J toi I.Djyo.\ MAX i'LKS, I'V.IJ tSc.-c-lj I-.-!, ii lift li ii;• I• 114 in iti lii. i. tb.-y hv cm .( inti; I . ill t’.t] '■\t.u iiitn_ . .ii at I in- *h*-rt ; Pis- .ire sis i.r- j .iinl t • I fit* i -*. rt.-t-i i;otu* fik/iIMD *4 << is h t - r\ ii.iii'* - if . si <! -ijiii'i’ -. j lie.'ni .•• r.'.i z {•• **r i--igi . ( til reudt iitt-d ii Ok pitl tij ii t]j.-u J>r*.|. s i d .'lfni' i* aid • r?- r~. i -h. A -iis* ;i i I*. ll;* 1 c ‘ill.try, ,c l i i; ? I heir olv;M v givii " .i.' a M O- I i> |*un-l <!*<-, wLi re as an l-illy jr*} treii work oil liie inwl tcriiia. Am* tli* .ni\;* ll itu**•'■ - " id- i ■' ** • il i ii tm n’lni-jr ai! ; the nai**!ia!a tlit*t may be rr. rss-.n ii, ni- I 'trnrtijig a !i*se. %-!Si !•• (■ i;i.<i <• < t*e t*■ * j lUiilili-r a mil ol v-’oii* delay .mi | x ]>••:'■ -c. All -rJ t-rs l*-U 4i tkrir , fft* <• , r nil- . t< ihet’.t *■ v inasi v : .i’ imrt with ■ |>Mln{> and fc.iti.'farl* i ’ itl* ti--n. M Al’fillLlN & .ft lit * Steam Blai.iimj Mill aitJ St:*h fc Vi cit’iy. Last Fail< Aivmu.mar I’r.iif S f n n Bridcc Wareln us*- So. •''. I’ral* >tr* et. Nrx do-r to IVfj; A* Mitchell. Halt. Mi!. Ai■ ri 19th, IboO— Iy. CHAIR AND FURNITURE establishment. \\t e. AsM)f:kjso\. aw. io t i ’ * • Secmfl Sfn l ‘trluecn FretUrick Slrett anti Mat alt Aiurkit Sj.a*(, liaion t re. Having tae largest Waie rooms and best assortment .i Cabinet /*’.#■ in li ** , i* prepare* to s* H* ver\ i.jii.*i*■:. L- liio* :ij t. ( the tin *fct win fa. aI. it Acs >o:i. odnUi* wm.s Daring >•. i i.'.nj exp*-r : ’a* e ir ibis due ct busine'j'. li< ll.nlers ii>i:i;*tf luai lie ran com- i |*eie. as to excellent-* ui ."lbnal, beauty of workmanship ami range ol pricer, w ih any tstabli'rhmcnt ol the son in this or any other . city. Ills general sio.-k embraces a lull and ! siimpiete assurtn.ent e! I’arlt>r Chant. t, littcking C/tcir;*, Spring I.uun%4t, ChanAitr Sint t. Jnr room. Office and Dining Chairs, French Trie a - l\icx, Settees, Arm Chain, Matiiaxes.Stoking <tlanes. <£r.,ol every va ne u and description, lie ha* also on hand SoLieads of his own manufacture, which cun be pul up and taken down in two min. uies. Persons tnmi Bt. Mary*e. wishing to purchase Furniture, are request*d to ml and examine hw Srock helore boyiimr riM*when 0- aure to lind the right flare Nor. |0 $l 12 , Second .'iireel—AVarrlowe with 80 tee front and A latge Kuldmg doors. August 11 1 It 1850—Iv. JuMN T. Ci-Amcii. BcUU C*•♦) SSbks > i IFfjV iomr.u6so y.flfrdjont, HA? 1 luoTed to Vie Kne and I'oininodiou* WAinaiou^u. Jio. 154 Wesl. Pratt BL. near Ilfcht, , U .J bege .etaye io inform hts treendr am. the public fcas on liana a large and gen era U'soriment of ClßCK'ElUEt'sconsisting n purl 01-Lr; *SO V.Klt N MENT. JAV A. L.%< r iU IR A and RIO COFFEE:! REFINED AND BROWN SUGARS ' very gra<. . ; uuxpow DKii.iMi r r.i/M in m n DLAt K TEAS GOLDEN''VI.t I M Ll LAN*'-ami j U 1 MDi.A.S: I S i SPERM, ADAMAM IM anc MOt I D CLNULEb:! FAMILY. EXTRA, St' IF Li INK and ■ BUCKWHEAT FLOLIL&.C ! He also invites ttie *■ sperm atteniidnui bis ! ir'ci.c.s ;nd u*tt;:iers to lus >iei..-jv* siock of I\IPUTKJ AND DOMES llt LI- > Qtoil.s. whicn hare Wn selected witntbe; greaiest care ami morel fan io p’e c. Bailiiaurr, Nach4il. ( ’ • I Maii* I iC.Afc— 1J . i aPH eltiei i inie Mdidi.e CAi i ImmiKM nr id am i*tfnewd c .jive n cicsJii f.r KV TI Nil, ORINKIN'J . liJltSfi FKiiti the jit of Jaaevy ihii. J. W. J. MOO IK, Propuetor, liuiel. January 3rd. 1861—tf. FOR SALK. | A f FISK YOUNG GE\R ■** HO'LSLS ttili be l.or, if imuieJi-; at* appiu ati> n is. u.ide p. JOHN L HKBB, Hill Ww, 114. I 0- toler 18 |i, h. | FJiuflp m. \.\ 7 ® fr*w Baltimorr i’ f csty hw g ’ atod wttt-seWcicd f STIH’R UP 4ML f ‘ ** WINTER |GKIDS, fh the Wp. ctiou of which, we in- 1 vile our fii-udii staid the public. Ottr oMWhw v* 1 "" BOOTS, SHIOBB, ‘ HATS, * ' CAPS. is superior. b<ih in quanting and quality. i to any heretofore offered iu this" market.— j Oir stock also embrace* a Urge amort- 1 meul of— LADIES ’ DRESS GOODS . of every atjkjuad quality;— Ready-mGjfajßithing . Cauinett*, CcutiJmand Fine CUsht: 6-4 Fid! Cloth; 3-4 df>; 6-4 A er**yn; 3*4 d<; o-l strtptd uitfl fluid Uaveu*, , *l-4 A. -.jgp#. ami o-1 Sio.f in Gr<iy. O’;' - stock <•?' Cilit K.'F.IiIKS u largo snd .'Ma .< a huge supply of I’d'on. Lad. lihfter , 1 Ftoiir. Chf-fi f % Si'.Ji, Frrsh Unck-ichetA j t lr.::r, de. W* have al •on b uul a 1 arge assortaießi; < ol FINE LIQUORS, including— Jj UV/tts, Drandirs and Whidceyt, of the most approved brands. Our vrlj. *lv Kru-k of goods having hern par- ■ oh < .-cJ tor ca:-h. wv Hatter ou.reives that 1 < wr rre .alb to offer superb r induce meats to I barer*. both as to price and term?. SIMMS & MADDOX. Nov. Bih, —tf. f VALUABLE | M\xi:FArn:iiix(; property ! e&V'i.i- v dudil. pr ikt'v. known %* CLIF- • I * ION FACI*‘HIV a.. I GRIST MILL,! . t\r , ri,- ti: *>n ihs lb**,i Waters | ' S:. ,\|..ryV liver n >a.n MarCf county t ’■ld.. ai d eiuhra. im; d.-nr ? !i*i t- h sndrrd and ! *dl .|lTl*s of i*. "ff.TiHl i’t Sale > Ili |r*j. ri \ ho vU it h eT<*Ke. liOUSK, • ( w ; i.t. )> a d ftJgnal f..r i.ud:.fe. HOTEL, ! I)W KI LIN(>S. >. Ac The pro-1 perty v ill he *..!d < n a*r>n>Tiisl.lir>|* terms, j Foi inrti.t r particular?. ?jpi\ o. THOMAS \V. GOI'OII, I JO. EOKUES I* . Leon-au* .Tt*wn I' O. N. v 1 *,h. lAr.n—l MiLLISLKY AM) FA.SCY GOODS, j r i*HE iiinleffcignefl thie method f.f *:j- | * foriring l>ei il'ii cii-fomer- nd the public. | ffenerally. tnat ujll nptn in I.e iiiur<! j Torto, on Thuriutay next, December 6lh, a’ ci.pipiete assortment id MILLINEUV) s* ii FANCY GOODS .1 flu* nn>.t 'asiiiou ii.l* ! iii' •( -i“ '*•.! v<i: ill !u 'no*.; ac^r.ii> .Mils. (.ASSIIiY. Nov. 2!*tft. 1800—ii. PATUXENT RIVER LAKD you gS J L E. rival? sale before BAT- Jer the 20th, 1960, i will la the Ri that day, the PA ll!V ■nated aa Imi Patuxent e land* of Mrs: S. L. rtnamae 1 Nay James Guilins, and con tains ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND I*ersoiis nihhific purchase UtM ofsupo-’ rjor qi'ality, v-lieie jtnd Hhanii and a-l the t del w Mcics of tlie water t be had. arei eqiiOlril t* c.ll Si il tJta'iiinr the pfethiM*b. St<aimr>. t-end ft*u !Wttumre, pi*# thi- Ur.H every l#|. If! is Farm will he divided and eotd i thrre parts. • e 4; ( ■* • Terms Mad* known an application to the d, ard will he given €*•• the first day uf Jimo*ry^llteL^ ■at Mary's Coaaly, If. uu.ivrsigncd inform < ■ people of Saint Maty* and adjourn-1 ir.g ri utiti* a, that they have jus* conpldel < j FlKfc'J CLASS RAILWAY, and *re j pn-jeawd to haul nut vefwla of any t-ixe. auj wi:l REPAIR. CAULK, Ac., on the m*d r* ;wormblr terma. Prouipl attention to all ork. atdquick dUpatoh will he given in nil cast s. The Rail erais tifuatt'd about a ((Barter of u tutlv fro.:i Le*mard Torn on a hf oyster creek, rh.-e we wid a!vo 1 build ECOWS. BOATS, VKBSEI4S. if rt ijiilred, on th** V w - ct L-rn*? HARRIS. NuRRiF A FOX WELL. July IVth 180 C -*L pni in, hie.' HAVER-, DK GRACE MD. ri Undersigned bavins increased theirCf J and Ficiliuc-t, have ihto dn •rai4 a Co-r>\-tnershm uUt chf nwinr m *tye ef SI Vi .diU*CU& * HIU.Lt. Vr the con'innation of the Caul, Lumber r. Ijme r*4*, cndur{ni by Brib** Silica A Cu. ami chinmon* & lltlle*. W* h • minwuily on hand for telennd unroediatenk't* ■nent, every variety of Cii and Lunler. Coal*. Haitian re Oe’t, Treve.ton, Pitt-im, 'innnjry, Lor,>at Mount. Luicihet, Wkf* Pine. White and Ye!l'w Pine Fluorine, Pirkfta, Lathe, Cyptenn Shi ne'e*. heal Noril Care'ma Cnilme> w llmiiock am While Pine Fencing, Joint*. Studd.iig Hi! Stuff cut to order, tTßiGHisrirf r mmu sure m. the heat and cheapest lh is ur.; f.. > * rul purpose*. tiuick ami Ida* bed, euhei *• •r without .MUm;ii4i. (flo* husiief m Qt,- will alack t Wt> *i.U n” liu.'tf L. 1 XV, 1u.% •very variety,ofSTONK LIMK, *>.♦ .-•<* '•ntaitnfng an AHI’MHNi K of V i>t.\ for ANY SOIL thf i <)f u . r , ‘he other vnnrtiv* oo tr.u.. e & <!!■*•*.; , fcftime. Our |d>ue final* i>> pH tie a*vea* wide point* an the Chesapeake Jlay, a* J He tributaries, we are meafifod U offer •• the Funner* and Oenienun Mnryluud and v|- finis, f water faeflttiea than hay -r*ve ever had iti pusthaning thr *t.o*e amde*. ThfnkTtl far the very liberal pat Conner we fore .-enelved, -n v.j /*ptr forty - nation af the **nie. v ~ ~ ” SIMMONS. HUHCOr A Hli LFS, 'IF. ‘TR irF, '*n Mareh |i, fjtiiO— l ~~ fiTh 7 I N S U U A N r *•: INSURANCE on til L.-c- Pi- prrtv ran ’or *h‘ ta-ij- <v•* t • Win: Flrtl €)uariu> ; mu the !■•!. 11 *• • *•! f>‘-, upon *iir.iti> n i tm JOfjv Man It 10‘h. 1 e*s* Omintuif?. e nrii) lusur.* r . \ Pjummx, * • *• . *few World “ *• ti Moniuik ’• *• ■* *'• Charter O.ik • >!! I vril ul•’ • i • X 4 J •• Jn-ttrancr Co . rtf thr* Vilirv hi V t .‘!M <>• 0 XlhenjnrW- >l Virginia, *t/j fyrarhh'.ip ' l 2;,' (if>( N'jrthern Aenur:iiM- i‘o. f. r. *‘.1^4,111 MaRIH) I)! I* RJtl !!.NT Mercaiitile Mutual •*f New X • ‘i• 1.014.!*'0 t'O’nfhhurc of Virginia. Vl<'o,ofo 'yi irtt’T (rik of Hart -r j, (!■•:).! li- ui. ;I4‘J Orff desf* - T:.O .th.v.. Cu.iijjiiiif;- ri- ill !i' i*r.a.l 'tv thr Comptroller. Thenine D. lehiouM r tlic Stale f Maryland, N*-. T:' •*< . *• ••alrinfae. 99* promptly a.:jo*.it.*f * ■; • ' ■? M iuh 10th. !<?•- ly. FOR SHERIPP. JOHN 11. BHCKLKK .* rtc-u.. . . to the voters of this county as a *;n u- ;m t ,• Sheri!! in 1661. ('nvatoTii Hai.l IhsTKin Nov 10th, I§5S THOMAS L. DAVIS isrernm ... ihe voters uf this county as a candid . • i the Sheriffalty in I9<)k. Inigoes’ IHtirid. Nov |OrS, 18Sf NEW COO IS. ELF.O SPALfIIIVUi hue ju.t fi'n .• d t • *f the l>e*t Mflectrd lerk,N of (i(K:J>S ’te nue ucr had. which he ..ftitre tin h . u-f, 1 'uvr. _ Re wmi!.l fix!! pxrticab r •s':.-. : stork of— Ladle*’ Pre. fjh di:, XV C .1 Linen Cambric and . v iiK PiH*kef llUjulki fi rti- L, i Ladicn’ aad Gent* Kid and I dale Tl.k a-i < * 1. vev ■ e Mantlev and polirta, Cw.ns, Cli >iir-*rc hi A foliage, icr, April 3ith. Tf6~ly. J. H. LUCKEI i, Slock, Note, 11 ' i AF KkaL KbTXTK bdUKM', At Second 4nrt, |UTI fIU: P. Giianii, L’aehitr had * a C. K. Coietimll, C*k± * chan. 1 M. lint k. Gauh Fiw* 811 ” , ‘*• Adana.. WarwW. Ffek A t *H. Gash. Uiiion * Ml,k 1,1 Maryland M 1.. A. Vickeri l J***’ h* nk, J'dttiic- i. I> • A (jb., SMtker*. Jiyiah Lev & Co., ii* g' in - kio* O*. YoUitß & CLrann, Wa., I'mln- . Br.vike, IVtuhimjUm, D. C. May vHtkt, ibeO —tf. SEW FALL AM) WISTKHUOi.IS 3AHC under tinned baa juat rttur..*c i ui it * . City with the (ftreeat, an* beat eele *r< .t. r AM*.amt GUOwb eve m.u tm theauseii* of fk. Mary *ii Cewtuy t cwtraMi.ud. ** 9* **> IW4WI <|tMiiity of Heavy Uudt far Servant* * tlotfcfeijr, at the *eei numeral* prtcea-nlne Boom and Shoe* olthe moat anti rtantiai make, and IwaMaetenalt RwMfeaLlntha. Cuaatinarea, nil kind* of fine d ot Gnudti. tor Ladies aad Genliewen—a ouefuliy *lrcuid. and welt aaaortedl stoc k of ready rout* clothing,mxnufactured expreavly to order, and a | variety of *rttclea evoi y kind no uhrre erne to he found in thecuunty. He reej ectiuliy 'u~ tene a*]( from those daair:..* vo purthaw, ;wl ; art*ed that his ihnr* , ux' actiuumiauee id i ibebaainers.reaultirg fnini'a l.wip r*.iet t to the city, will enable h.ra to wffrr rucr. ggtta* will defy eoßafetition. V ft. H Chiton Puctecy. ( lapiemheaStth \y. } ■■ - .jt " . NOTICE. POftftALfc w.ndd do well In enlt fm ibe yd.eetfoee Ucfnn* dwpaMni of them efot nbtra. AJlnero j inuuicaUon* mil befrotupiry Mkmdec to; Ad. drca, W. T. A. HKt.tiUH. Uumre, IKak Amt, 2nd, IMO—4L