Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 28, 1861 Page 3
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ro WBOM IT MAT COXCEKX. | hereby fotwara all penmna, whatsoever, in ; Saint MaryV Croat?. nr elsewhere, against | opting. or acknowledging, * in anv man- j trufiaf far, any Draft, or Bill of Kx-| •h*nce, t* drawn r endorsed in my ' n k '", by whirh I may be imde in any way Visible, anlee* the same haa been dune by { i: ? 4 ith y knowledge ami consent. Whrv wV:.<**a. And, I hereby gitre nuicc that. I W ,V. nut hereafter pay any such Draft, or Bill or order, thus accepted or acknowledged. ; jid compelled to do this, localise ! have been imposed on in this way. and. bemuse \ being aped and infirm, I do not wish to le 1 harraamd by claim* which hare been made t without my knowledge. KAfcUEL KERCH, Mirch 2Stb 1861—4 w, JAMES H. WILSON, A tumejr and Counsellor at Law, / o nurd Town, St. Mary’s County, Maryland WILL attend to the practice of Law in Saint Mary ’• and adjourning Conn* ’ March •* 18CI—ly. FOR COUNTY CLERK -1 announce myrelf as a candidate for Clerk of the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s county, and respectfully aolicit the support of my friends and the public. GKOKGE H. HERBERT. March 28th 1881. FUR ROAD SUPERVISOR. JOHN B. CECIL is recommended as a suit- ( person for Road Bu)>rvisur in the 1 Factory district. MANY FRIENDS. March 28tb 1841. 2md JrniciAL District. for the court of appeals, ROBERT FORD, or SAJST MARY'S COVSTY, March 21st. 1801. I LUMBER, SHINGLES, LATHS, BRICKS, LIME, HAIR, BASH, DOORS and SHUTTERS, FOR sale, at the rtry l"wet jirire for CASH ' or AITKOVfcI) credit. Before buy- I iag, call and see us at tlie corner of IliiUw and Gentian Streets or at 132'Light Street ' Wharf, Baltimore, Md. BURNS* SLOAN. March 2let 18C1—tf. NOTICK TO TRESPASSERS. ALL persons are hereby for warned fr<>m ; Tr-* pacing witii dog. gun or otherwise U|en any part ul my farm called "TOWN CREEK” located near the Patuxent river in thla county, ( and U Irotu committing depredations upon i the shores of said farm by gunning, or j otherwise. Against any ami all persons, faund tees passing after the publication of tide notice, the law will be rigorously enforced. GEORGE FORBES. ! March 14th, 1861—4 w. FOR THE LEO ISLATURE. JAMES H. WILSON, Esq., is recommend- I al to the voters of this county as a candidate { lor a sl in the next I/-gist at uVc of Maryland, and ail) be supported by Many Fuiksd*. March 14, 1861. FOR THE LEGISLATURE. _______ The friend* of RICHARD 00ETON eng- j fe*t bis name to the voters of this ruUnty a* a candidate for the Legislature, and ask for bw claims a dispassionate consideration. March 7th 1861. FOR THE LEGISLATURE. ROBERT C. COMBS, E>q., is recommend ed to the voters of this county as a candidate far the Legislature, and will be supported by MANY FRIENDS. Feb. 88th, 1881—if. NOTICE. THE undersigned, appointed Commission-! ers by the Circuit Court fur Saint Ma fv s county. Maryland, to lay off and divide the ■ Real Estate of John S, Peacock, late of yaid CiNiaty, deceased, hereby give notice to all Concerned, that they will meet ou the premi- I •e* of deceased, on MONDAY, the Bth of April, 1861. (if fair, if not the, next fair day thereafter} to execute the (rust so as aforsaid committed to than by the said Court. JOSEPH ABELL. JOSEPH A. MAG ILL, IGNATY US HAYDEN, STEPHEN HAYDEN. CLEMENT WATHEN, Commissioner*. March 7th 1871—80 d. FOR LEASE. A STEAM SAW AND GRIST MILL on the Patuxent Rivor. For rent or leatu a DWELLING HOUSE adjacent.— Aleo far rent a SMALL FA RM on the There Notched p*ad. Far particulars, enquire at OakvilW, on the premises, or to the under-1 signed. „ J. FORREST. , Feb. 2l*t 18C1—tf. i I nmuauiL THIS well known ST AL LION will stand at dT. Leonard Town, Saint Mary’s iy*l/ ttjg Lmnty, and p,. rt Tobacco. SUU Cliarlc# County, during the coming season. • The season will commence on Ist of March and end on Ist of July. Terms and P*Ji-. gn-e will be given hereafter. „ WM. P. HOWSER. i 14th. 1861—tf. i NOT|CE. i'JMIF. Co-Partnership heretofore existing I firni of FERUUSSON. Mi ll- J-w * hU d *y by limitation. i uf .il 8 ‘ l ?* llG^*iBOX wiU Itle the affairs • * the concern. D n sum.? 1 *' B .FFROCaBOM. , ’ <P' ) Surrtrt ng partners o f J. S. ARDIS, LJ. j r 3fnrp/iy * C \. liuUimort, Feb 1, l Ma , Dkak Sm:—The undeidgned return* thauks for your patronage to tlie late firm, and would respectfully request a continuance of the same to him. His beat rftbrts shall al ways U-used f..r the interests of those who confide their uusinese tu hi* care. Reaper I,fnljy n *.v UTIAB. PEBGUSSOX. Feb. 28th, 1801—Im. TO ARMS I TO ARMS! TO ARMS ’ WANTED 500 men and women to arm , themselves with $5 and go to Tuckers !•> buy goods. .**** j u * f wiv i* lot of I Lot OHR, PLOW POINTS *c.. which he will sell low. Feb. 14th, 1861 HEBBI J1B&C0 CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. (StCCKSSOka TO G. W. Dh ykh A Co > s ORLME CIGARS, ul our own manufa:- i m lur * constantly on hand. We ha\e nU t a large stock of excellent ! CHEWING and SMOKING TCBOACO; | SNUFFS and FANCY ARTICLES, hich we are prepared l furnish our cus j timers on reasonable terms. Jan. 10th 1861—tf. i _ NOTICE. r Co-pnrtncrshiy heretcfnie existing ’ 1 under the firm of CUTTING HAM £ | HARDING is this day dissolved by mutual consent. W (u. 11. Hsidiog is aioiie-HUtlior ized to settle the b(iiuss *1 the firm. s a m u F.r. oorr i ng ham, WM. H. HARDING, Baltimore Jan. 1 18C1 - 4w. The undcr'dgned, hnviog Bought nut thr j Interest of Siinmel Cuttiiighain of the firm ol | (/titliiigliani * Harding, will h< reniUr conduct * the buMiicss in his own Name.—and ho nmst ! aspect fully solicits ;U* fa\ur ul the friends of thw uld Firm. WM. IL HARDIN J. MARYLAND 'agricultural works. TO THE FARMERS OF FI. MARTS ; —I Would most respectfully rail your at i tentioii to my huge assortment of LMFLK ! MFJYI'S. I am maiiiifacturiiig and prr l parin" a larger assortment f Agricultural fm ; filrmrnta than I have ever before offered In die piiMic—Horse Powers m! Threshers. 1 U heut Fans. MilN. f>*rn Shellprs. i Ploughs, Harrows: UulLivators, and main j other article* to numerous u mention. 1 j can supply the Farmer with every thing he , aiay waut. With regard to Horse Powers I would call particular attention to a fine lot of PELTOR'S TRIPLE CKAREL POWERS, to ieork with or without hand, tehtrh are w* *urj/a**ed in thin tar any other \ market; and I n\o*t respectfully invite those j who are in wanlol Machines t give me a call. las 1 feel confident that 1 can suit the pur j chaser. 1 am making a CORN MILL h r grinding Corn at Hume. ’Phis is a good Mill, ! has lieen tested and pi oiiounced so by exjH 1 - , rienced judges. To this I ask your |h*- cial nttpwtin. I tender yon my sincere thanks for the I kindness heretofore shown me and U*g a con , tin dance of your favors, delerndnetl to make a strong effort to ph-asa all who give me their j custom. Orders will mod w ith prompt alien } lion by being directed t WILLIAM H. HARDING, 160 Pratt street Wharf, Baltimore, Aid Feb* 7th, 186! ly. ! JAMES WILKLNSoX GROCER & GMMISSION M EitCEAnT, No. 122 Dugan’s Wharf, BALTIMORE. ■ Keep* constantly on hand a large assort ment of SUPERIOR family gkockries. Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Tobacco. Se gars. &c., which will be sold at the lowest > market prices. Produce of all kinds sold on cam mission, hut 1 shall only do a CASH mm mission business. Nov. 29tk. IB6o—tf. NOTICE. THE undersigned takes this method f informing the public that, if a class f I a dozen or more can Ik* procured, he will give j lesson* in QUADRILLE and FANCY DANCES, at Ix-ouard Town, during the pre j sent month. Persons desirous of forming a , class are requested to notify the undersigned immediately. ' J. RANDOLPH WALTON. Jan. lOth, 1861—If. TSdicOodcl“ = DR A. SAPPINGTON bus rcmovi>d to St. Inigocs’ District, where he of. i fens his professional services to the public, i lie may be found at ids resilience, near .St. , Inigoes’ Store, late the property of I>r. i John C. Ashcoin. Jan. 31st, ItStil—3tu. FOR SHERIFF. The name of PHILIP H. DORSEY, is sug geiited ! the voter* of ibis county, as a can didate for tlie next SHERIFFALTY, by many citizens c-f Chaptioo Distriot. Feb. 7 th. 1861. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. D. D. WELCH offers himself to the voters of Leonard Town district as a candidate 6 r •Supervisor of the Road and asks the voters ol the district to support Hm. Feb 28th, 186!. Tat un nucun, r ■ ■■■ 1 THE undcr*ngnH are still felling the best bargains *t the same old* nl A' U j A. ALLIEK 6 (GO'S • GREAT BARGAIN STORE, adorning the Washington H-tel, j Fiiwi.; ami, <wing to the pressure of iltc limes, i th<\ now offer the greatest inducements t-ver , heurd 01. IV e have determined to sell off onr present > stock of Winter Good* at price* reduced ar i i one-third for CASH, in order to prepare i j.Hifstlves to lay lira heavy and cniirdj new j | f.r gofsls the coming season. Onr stiicV ! us V<;U re-assfjrted and consists of arti- j ; rU ,7 narr ‘ c<! our last advertisement. W. i call particular aDention to the following: I v J 1 e V >V M *M >K WATS. PA NTS and ESI&, of all Mzes, quality and styles, which ' pjdliiflt we will >ell nr co>t prices, * j RA and C APS also at prt pri-*ps. I ndcr Shirts :nd Drawers at 2.' |>er cent i ® , ‘P* r a,: dity can lie pimdiased .-i.sev\ h re. 1 12J eenfs C-lico at 10 am! 11 cent.', ham at 12*. rents- w.-rth lyj ceilU> 4 \| i i V pcfrp . 10 cheap at 12$ cents. Mns- ! m de Lain at I’M, 18} ami 25 cents, such as I was never sold br ltr than double that price j r.nglMi Vrrino. ehoi'e Colors, of first rate quality nt 31} <*ents. gen>*rall\’ *o|l at 50 cents. Iwtdic ( hah Cl-aks and Mantillas, ot the latest style ai.d la.liion, at |k:J. *4 and ! } such a. we have sold at 6. 8 iui $!0, 1 and every thing • Ise in proportion. A irgiinu money taken at par. ....p ! Gome all f 1 Ladie- nd Gentle- I m"M, ws will >e pleased to wait upon you and ! upon all who limy call on I . A. ADLER A 00. January 10tl., 180 l —ly. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. HENRY NORRIS of Jo. iiiin-elf to i = the inter* of Leonard Town dislrie! a, a .-and.- i urtle for Rfiad Supervisor aiid unljrita the votes < hi* friendmxl tite public. , Jan. 24ih led, I HB , 4 fresh supply ot GARDEN SEEDS and SLLD 10l A lULS jus>i received and ■ lor sale by .I simms & Maddox. [I NOTICE. ft ALL person* ind hted to the late firm of Geo. \\ . Dwyer A* (Jo., arc requested to ; -eltic their accounts without further delay ; null J. helix Morgan, who is authorized t j -tgn the UHitie .| the firm in seith-unnt I _ . GEO. W. DWYER & CO. , 1 Jan. 10th 1861—4 w. j IS .1A AC -I Al’kMIM. CHS, DINUKC. j HARMONY GROVE NURSERIES, . ‘ 12>A At. J ACKhON Si l,’U., Proprieto. a. (Boccbssoe* to TIIOS. M. HA It VET,) Jeaue'ville, Chester Cennty, Pu. !i -= — i To the Fanners and Planters uf St. Mary’ j j and adjoining t ounliea. 7 THE *uh*rlibers beg leave to call attention to their la-ge stock for the Fall trade. b 1 Apple*; Pea-*, siandurcl and dwarf; Cherries t Penche.*; Plums; Apricoie; Nectarines, all se ’ tecied and choice varieties. Our small (run r uepartmenl comi.risen every thing in its class. Sira wherry, one hundred varieties; Grapes. e ; fifty THnetie*; ('Hrrnnt, Raspberry, Gooseberry! • ! Rliuhnrt) or Pie Plant, Asparagus. - Our stock nf‘ORNAMENTAL TREES o r very heavy, ai d comprises all the common and , most of the ne*r, both evergreen and dn iduoue . Roses, Dahlian and bedding plants of every de - I cnpiion. Osage Orange for hedging. Thir ! P'sn 1 dean net! soon m supercede all other* fo. e this purtKise, henig hardy a iapid gmwer; ite | strong thorns ottering an impassible Utnier u. ali kinds of stock Our stock is healthy am! well grown, a id onr prices will he found ns low r , as any other estabhshmeiil. Oriicis solicited i * Addirvs ISAAC JACKSON & CO., Jenncrville, Chester Co., Pa 1 F. 8. Catnl ignes furnished on applicahoa. Rkffrdice iant ib J. Stone, Hloomslmry; J. 1 tlilwiii Cuftd, Locumt Grove, St. Mary’scounty 1 Agent.—-G, Fred. Maddox, who jg 1 ogent for this campany, will attend to all ardors left will* him. Sept, 13th, IB6o—tf. | UMK AND FEED S I OKI Ho. 8 Hoilinsworth St Baltimore. W.YI* R. (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN UEANV) WUOI.MAI.R AND RKTAIL DEALERS IN Mine, Bricky Hair, rnuent. CALCINED PLASTER, Owr, Oata, Corn Meal, Ckop-Hye, Mill Feed, &c. Dcc,2Srd, 1866—1 y. FOR COUNTY CLERKSHIP. The iend* of DANIEL T. MORGAN preaem mi to the voter* of St. Mary’s eouti |ty as a tandidate for Clerk of the Circui Court at tl* election in IBH3, and solicit fo Ins claims a •li*pa*sioaaic consideration ) Nov. 20th, 1857. : WANTED; !; w’X.-s, f..r vehioh the higliest market price* will :U- paid. Persons wishing to sell, who mv IM d I liinir dur ng his prestmf f.,ur through the I Mhtlien counties of the will have their j order* promptly respomlc?! t, by addn-ssir.g— ALLEN P. DOHsn*, i;* i- i , Washington, D. C. heb. 2nd. IB6o—lf. PLOWS. lVO.lß,loand 19$ M & H. PU'WN. i N* i, 8 and 9 Improved Davis, & hSear*. just received and f.. r sal*- by imms & maddox. | TOIM7 : CORN MKAL, frefeh from the Steam- Mill of J. H. Maddox. “ ( resh su M* , y °t butter. 1 • tIILLSh.Ac in store and for sale by j SIMMS A MADDUX. Dec ’iotii, IbCO. QLUCK QUICK MME!! KENNEDY’S SCHUYLKILL LIME. SO well known m Pennsylvania. Ik-laware N.-u .h rM-vasul i be Northern and Ko*fen. i

portion of tbia State, as being gujirnor to an* other finr iUjrir-Unral itnprurcuv nt. i' for tl • first lime placed within the reach of tl* farm ers and planters u| Si. Mary’* ami adjoining countiw, through tiic agency of the undersign ed, wlw> is prepared to sell on ar<rm>W"htl>uy Urnt* any quantity of Quirk Lined, deliverable i a* per agreement un ti.e shores of any of the rivers or bay* in said counties. Order* solicit ; JXO. A. CAMAMFR. A*ful. Ltvaard Town, M<l„ March 3rd, IP6!i—r.w The fallowinganalysis recommends ibis lime ' a pomeasing properties (far superior (o nny other) necessary lo he applied tribe lanilMiithis ■ection. which ere known io be deficien t m loth me magnesia : Laboratory ofSlatr Chemist, 5 N. *29 Exchange Buildings, i Baltimore. Md , JimeSOtli, 1857. S Report of analysis of 5 sample.-, of fechuylkli Limestone, marked i tspeciix rl) >'<ll (white) .Vo I (blue), No 2 ( white). No 5 (blue), N, 3 (lop), for John Kennedy, E*q.,f Port Kennedy. Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. The above samples of “.Schuylkill Limestone : were found, apoa analysis, to he composed a oloar* . No I (w) J (I.) 2 (w) 2 (I.) 3 (1) : Ci bon. of Lime. 60 9. 64.7, 6.5, 56.1, 57 i 1 Carbon. of Mag ,38 3, 34.1, 38 3, 42.4, 4.t I Sand, Claylyron,o.9, 1.2, 1.2, 1.5, 2.3 100. 5 The thove Schuylkill Limestones are Mngne ; dan Limestones, of nreity nearly equal mnipo sition. They are 1110.11 especially adapted toll e j , application on soils which are deficient in bath ' Lime mid Magnesia. JAMES HIGGINS. ■ > | | rsFNCEo 1852 chartered 18C! LOCATED COll. or BALTIMORE A CHARLES Sts., Baltimore, Md. The Largest , Most Elegantly Furnished and Papular Cuunnn ciul College in the United States. Designed Expressly for Young Men i Desiring to obtain c Thorough Practical Busi ness Education in the ahorteal possible time and at the least expense. A Large and Beautifully Ornamented Circu lar. containing upwards of Six Square Feet, , with Specimen of Penmanship, and a Large En i graving (the finest of the kind ever made in this | country) representing the Interior View of the I College, with Catalogue slating term*. Ac., j i will he sent to every Young Man on application, I free of charge. 1 Write immediately and yon will receive the package by return mail. Address £. K. LOS)Eft, Baltimore Md. ' January 24:h, 1861 ly. 1 I o:u.j-,j.a ' ■ -i-J. .■■'■■■ a—x..a BUSINESS NOTICE. ALL persona indebted to me on Tavern ac count will come forward and settle the -ame without delay as I wish all claim* due me closed forthwith. 1 intend hereafter to do an exclusive CASH l.uri 1 es and am determined to give no credit for EATING, DRINK ING or HOUSE FEED from the Ist un ary, Idtil. JOHN F. FENWICK, Proprietor, Uhniu Hotel January 3rd, IS6l—i r . UNION HOTEL HA\ ING purchased the above property the subscriber respectfully inform* the 1 travelling public that he is now prepared to j accommodate them. The Hotel will be tlur : oughly repaired and all its rooms refnrnishe . j The personal attention of the subscriber wi I Jbe devoted to its management, and his be-t i efforts will be given to make his guests co: • j "orinble. His talde will be supplied with whatever the market affords, ai.d his Bar fur j imbed with the best Liquor? and Cigar* ! His servant* will always be lound attentive j and accommodating. Sober and reliable ; Hostlers have been employed, and the sub i scriher will take care that his stables are no I neglected. j He solicit? the patronage of the former 'guests of the Houses and that of the public generally. JOHN F. FENWICK. Leonard Town j Oct. 7th. 1858— tl. | ARCHITECT & BUILDER I f iIHF# ttndersij.nted has made such arrange- Jl meat? si? will enable him to execute "all work in his line at BALTIMORE PRICKS, with promptness and dcspntch. He solicit* a call from hi* friend* and the public, . V. CAM ALTER, . Leonard Town. Jan. 26th, 1860—If. THAI). K. rUEUSS, Attouey and Counsellor at Lair, Leonard 1 own,Si, Mary m County. Maryland WILL practice in the ConrUof St.MaryV and adjoining Counlie*, dan 13lh.Uu9—tl. I WOT IBIROTH, j j GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT No. 92 Light hi. Wharf, (between Pratt &. Camden) BALTinoRC Refer by |>eruiiasioii to Messrs Duvall 4 Iplrhart, R. A- W. \V. I war, Cox A Brown, j aenly A 1 ilghman, I. \\ . Leverm* A \foii Dr&kely A Fenton, W K. Merribb, it Co ! John G. Lester, Ear,., C. A. Gaiabnll. , t.nqr.. J. G. Herrsa, W. H. Eutoiv, A. lA t p'egurtli, 3. D. CVmlburn, M. It..ler>*, .VI( Mrs. Smith dt tdm.nJi U u, Cashier Hvtcarm Bant. Sept. 27th. leH—6m. ' FISH . EASTERN HERRING. COf>FIKII snd BLCKWBF.AT FLOCK just received 4 u*d lor Ly SIMMS k M ii/Uu* BAUGH’S !■ j?.nr rone SUPER PHOSPATE ‘ i OP \ LIME. FARMERS. TRY IT. IF\oU WRH to RAISE LARGE CHOPS. AND AT THE SAME TIME IMPROVE YOl’K LAM). TN the preparation of th|* ralnabl* manure ' I 1 BONKS aHE USED IN THEIR RAW '< STATE ONI.V. Thev have never l>evn P-OIM'D NOR j (Al.t INT.D. riivv are taken as nature; • made them, crashed with powerful machinerr. ', ami etibjrvt to a prucck* by winch all the xirluc 1 f the is retained, and a fertilizer i? prixinwi furtiishing in a concentrated and ■Hilublc f.-ru., the txvu indLpciuioV rVment? in the growth of plants, viz; PHOSPHORIC ' jAt IDA" AMMONIA. These two (Icuienl* i •by the use of 4 Baugh'.- Raw Panic Ph*)dta(r” ( arc given to the 5..11 in all therr original strength and purity. They assimilate at once xxith it, furnish all the atnnviiia needi-d • for the growing cn|s, and leave the land p r- ' j liuMM'iitly l**uifitted. CASH PRICE PF.R TON. OF 2,00 POI NDS. j 2J CENTS PER POVND. Teis popular Fertilizer can lx? had of i Agent* in the principal towns, or may \se tar- ■ d<*red thrmgh any Co’.mni*iun Merchant in Baltimore, j . (i FORGE DUG DALE, CtNTMAt. Dkp>.t & Auksii r. No. 4 SevAßs' \Vm\kf. ! BALTIMORE., 1 , Feb nary “Hi, ISOl—Bm, ’ I] I ’ Tin: ~ ! I ! SAINT MARY’S FEMALE ! SEMINARY T : r I3|IF. next annual e*?ion will commence I * on SATL’III) \Y, the Isih of Septenv j her. under tin* direction of Mis? LOTTY * , I EKill, as Principal, assisted by a corps j 1 of efilcient and experiencid Teachers. 1 The course of instruction is as thorough as at any other m>iiiutiun in tne country, and 1 M less than half the usual The j scholastic yeai is divided into two lenns of, ' live months each. 1 | Charge*' per term, pnynlilr In ndvßincr: lor all tlic. branches of a t horough English edii‘*ti< u. including Board, Tuition. Washing, Fuel, i Lights and Pudding, $75.00 j Stationery, 2.5 t 1 ; i'uitmn for day pupils, including • 21.00 skpah.vtk ncANcnr.*: i French. 14.00 Music, with the use of Instrument, 25.00 1 ■ Drawing and Painting, exclusive of materials, g oo ’ ; Painting in Oil Colors, exclusive of materials. 10 00 i For further information, or for Circulars,; apply to the Principal, St. Imgoes post Office, Saiui Mary’s County, Md. , C. BILLINGSLEY. President of the Board ul Trustees. August iGtli, IbUO—tf. ( liriiffli n I j I H E tnnhrsigncl, who lias had consider- : i 1 able c.\,*erit nce as au OVERSEER and in the management of negroes, is dr.-iruis of • a Mliiation in that rnpa. jfy f.-r the plenum year. Satis!.ictory refercucc* can la given. Addresv. sn.inrs nrrKKTT. luonard Town P. O. • ! March 7lh 1861—It. > A CARD. | ! . |V>CTOR C.rsi'AVl’S CANTER, having j I oca tit I himself in Charlotte Hall, respect- • r 1 fully offers his professional service* t> the pnl , he. His office is that formerly, occupied I*y > J- F. xvherv he ran hlway* la ? 1 f"'>nd except when prafe-simiallv engaged. J KrFF.nF.xrK.—Sjiminl (nuw.'M. I). Pm-! ( 1 fessor of Principles and Pnutice of Medicine! in the I'niversov of Maryland. r : March 7th 18<il —10m • f —————————— NEW SHOES! NEW SHOES!! i I t UI.MMS t MADDOX have ju*t received * i O large assortment of NEW SHOES, of the , • beat quality and ufali’pii'.e* nuiuihle for eenants, ! I xvlucli will le *®M low. ) Nov. l*t left© I 1 frofkssional notice. DR. J. FELIX MORGAN h** removed 1 from Leonard J own to lon residence , ! “Placeiitiß,” oil Britton’* Bv. He offer* his * 1 professional Hervi.cs to the public. Order* left I I *t the cigar establishment of Geo. W. Dwyer j Co., Leonard Town, will leceive prompt al jetntion. 1 1 Jan. 10th, 1861—tf. I J. H. LUCKETT, j Slock, Note, Bill, Ak Real Otatk Rkoker, bl .Second Street. BA LTIMORE. REFKr;K s c E 8 . j P. Gibe. '11, ('aoliicr f lank of Balt, BuUitnme. C. K. Gden,an, ( u*h. MtcLanlc*’ Ifin.k, A. M. Bnck, Cab. Franklin Bank, Th.-ina* J. Carson, Banker, 1 h<>mas I). Johnston, J. C. Adam*. Warwick, Frick & Hall, R. Mi<W Ca?li. I'niou Bank of Maryland Halt. B. A. x icker*, Prc*. Marine Ibmk, J?.hn*lon Bm & (Jo., Banker*. ,lo*t.h Ls* & Crt;. Hugh Jon km* dc Co. x oung A Carson, Win. I'inkuev Bn*>ke. ft ashiny/ov, if C. ' ' May 24th, UfiO—if. notice) OERSONS havingsERYANTS FOR HA LK 1 , 'xould do well to call on the *ul*crii(eT before disjutMug of them elsewhere. AH com munication* will be promptly attend'd to Ad dre*s, ’ W. T. A REEDER. Ctl AFT ICO, | < Aug 2nd, 1860-tf. j 1 . 1 ■ajm . i i jn ~ ,aii 1 6KO Ff. W ONWARD." MS &T .BAM AIMS. • AT A. Atiltr A‘ Cos NEW STORE. WEhatrejttM returned from Belli- eilv with a large ami well t levied .'Mark of Goods, embracing the foll*niiig srlSclcn; viz: MKN S AM) BOY’S READY MADE CLOTHING of every quality **d variety; MEN’S rml Bovs HATS ana CAT'S} OIL CLOTH SI ITS; UMBRELLAS; CAS.SIMF.RES, CASSI NUTTS, FULL CLOTHS and KERSEYS; • LADIES DRBSS GOODS of every *tyle. and quality; EMBROIDER IE, HOSIER r, CLOVES, NTBEAS and HOODS of different styles: ditto for children; FINK LINKN-HOSOM SHIRTS; SHIRT COLLARS, UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS; LADIES’ SHAWLS, CLOAKS and MANTILLAS; LINEN CAMBRIC and SILK HAND KERCHIEFS and ninny nthcr article* unnecessary tu mention. The above goods will be sold at the lowest Baltimore prices for rash or • punctual customers on six months credit * Wo invite a call and examination of ouf stock by the public, before purchasing elsewhere. A ADLER k CO. Leonard Town Md Sept. 27th, ISO -tf. NOTICE. ALL persons wishing io cnnimuDicate with me Iy letter, will direct their cor r spend* noeby mailto PortTohaccoCliarirs county, MJ., or by steamer St. Nicholas, to Chtppel Point .Charles conn tv . Md. WM. T CAMPBELL. Fd>. 3rd, IIM) —M. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. JOHN K. HOWES ofters hiiturif s n caa duiatc for Hoad Supervisor in Leonard To a a district ami solicits the support of lua frierdi | aud fellowr-citizena. Jni. 24th lofil. vor FAMILY UROCERS I ANfi UfALFR* IK dire oldwixes axd UQrnßs\ No. S* BALTTJ/OEE STREET. KIIB HOI.Mf*AT t RAI.TIMORR, TJ L coiiHtantlv *n hai <1 m hirgr and wit BB MjlecteilaUakol FAMILY GROCERira, consisting, iu part, of— Fitrsn I’kar.—Green and Clack, of rarictm prices ami Uavur*. i CoPKKr*.—Mocha, Jurat taguyra, Mracail>o and Rid. ! Sun a Hu. — New Orleans, Crushed. Powdornl, I*at, Granulated, (J Vclhiw and Glarifi*’!. Italian, Maccarom Vermecelli; Coopef* ox’s Refined C'Khttine Fresh Salad nud Olive Oil*. dic'se, Knpliidl Dairy. Pm® Apple and Sp Sag..; Hard! nr*, * Fromh, Hinl Spanish Olives; English and Ameriran IVklm — (ierkins, mixed, I'inalili Chow— < ’hw, Cauliflower Walnuts and Onim s. | H;iu. es—J>hr. Bull, Harvey, Heading, fidl.o, j Mushrooms and Worcestershire. : llkaxiur*.—.las Ib-nm-sey A* (Jo.. IH4O. Otard Diipuy ACo . ]fMn, Nat v Gitawha, Bordeaux, Rochelle, and ether hr a lids. f ikr Ot.n \\ ivr*.—London Dock Port, Sher ry, Madeira, Lisbon, Sweet Mn*elle, and Champagne. WmsKicv*. Scotch. Old Rye, Calhoun. Old K.ipp and Bourbon, some isn old at.d fire, I’nre Holland Gin, Jamaica Spirits, Ac. I Imported aud Domestic SEGALS AND TO. ! IIACCO. All of Which they will sell at reasonable i prices and respectfully solicit a call. March Ist, 18C0—ly COMMISSION HVSIXESS. i f TUIK mlerdgncd bega leave to announce* A to the citizens of St. Maty a county that ■ lie has commenced the PRODUCE AND COMMISSION | biwikkbh, No. 8 tiitocKns’ Exert Alcoa, Corner cif Exchange Place and Commerce St BALTIMORE, and will give his .personal .-.Ucbtiou to all rrr* ; luce consigned to him. lie hope* bv dseidn •ns and prompt attention tobusioeu to merit ? Sa confidence of the community. WM K. DODSON, with Late firm of Luckett A Young. Rkfekk icrce; Jamb* Matt, (Jsshier of Karim rs and Mer chants’ Bank; Messrs. T. J. Carson A Cn., Bankers; * Wm. Whitclovk A Cu.i “ Freeland * Half; April tSrh. IB6o—tf fcPHIKG COUIW. A l*rg* supply of Ifowaid Duck. IVm teuliary PlauL, Ac ju*t received and for sale l y E. LEO. SPALDING GARDfc.V SEEDS. X I ST received and for a)e a large a#r rD W men luf fre*h GARDEN 6KED.S vj .i * u . 2 LEO SPALDiVG. tth 1881. FOR UONSTABLL J. EDW |N A DELL annotiDcca himself aa a eancmfate fn r Constable In Leonard Tow n district mud solicits the tofeeof bis Aieml* a X the public. Feb 2kth. 1801.