Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, March 28, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated March 28, 1861 Page 4
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A ADLXX. CEO.n. WOODWARD ©beat y avails AT A. Adler <f Cos NEW STOKE. WE have just returned from Bait! more citv with a large and wel delected Stock of Goods, embracing tlu following article; via: MEN'S AND BOY’S READY MADK CLOTHING of every quality and variety; MEN’S and BOY’S HATS and CAPS; OIL CLOTH SUITS; UMBRELLAS; CASSIMERKS, CASSINKTTS, FULL CLOTHS and KERSEYS; LADIES DRESS GOODS of every style and quality; EMBROIDERIE , HOSIERY ; GLOVES, NUBEAS and HOODS •f different styles?; ditto for children; FINE LINEN-BOSOM SHIRTS; SHIRT COLLARS. UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS; LADIES’ SHAWLS, CLOAKS and MANTILLAS; LINEN CAMBRIC and SILK HAND KERCHIEFS and many other articles unnecessary to mention. The above goods will be sold at the lowest Baltimore prices for rash or to punctual customers on six months credit We invite a call and examination of our ptock by the public, before purchasing elsewhere. A. ADLER k CO. Leonard Town Md. Sept. 27th, 1860—tf. wmmmmmmm ■ ■ 1 .. X- gwwyWWß NOTICE. ALL persons wishing to communicate with meby letter, willdireci theircor respondencchy inaillo PortTobaccoCharle county, Md., or hy steamer St. Nicholas, to Channel Point. Charles count* . Md. \VM T. CAMPBELL. Fab. trd. 1159—t1. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. JOHN B. BOWES offers himself a* a can didate lor Road Supervisor in Leonard Tcwr district and solicits the support of lue friends aud Jan. 3ith 1861. Tiirr h-u.v^jJ.rTCai-ia3f GREEN & YOB FAMILY GROCERS AMD DEALERS IX PITRE OLD WIXES AND LIQUORS, No. 88 BALTI.MORE STREET. KKAB HOLLIDAY, BALTIMOBB, HAVE constantly on ham! a large and well selected stock u*f FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting, in part, of— Fbksr Teas.—Grecu and Black, of various prices aud Havors. CoEEKKfI. —Mucha, Java, Laguyra, Maracaibo and Kio. Bugas*.—New Orleans, Crushed, Powdered. Leaf, Granulated, C Yellow and Clarified, Italian, Maccaruni and Verrnecelli; Coopers’ Cox’s Refiucd Gelatine; Fresh Salad and Olive Oil*. Cheese, English Dairy. Pine Apple aud Sap Sago; Sardine*, French, and Spanish Olivos; English and American Pickles—Gerkins, mixed, Piccalili Chow — Chow, Cauliflower. Walnuts and Onions. Sauces—John Bull, Harvey, Reading,Soho, Mushrooms ami Worcestershire. Bbaxdiks. —Jaa. Heunesey k Co., Vintage 1840. Ocard Dupuy A' Co , 1840, Native (fatawba, Bordeaux, Rochelle, and other brands. Fixe Old Wises.—London IWk Port, Sher ry, Madeira, Lisbon, Sweet Moselle, and Champagne. Whiskeys.—Scotch, Old Rye, Calhoun, Old *p ami Bourbon, sum very old and fine. Pure Holland Gin, Jamaica Spirits, Ac. Imported and Domestic SEGARB AND TO BACCO. All of which they will sell at reasonable prices and respectfully solicit a call. March Ist, 1800—ly. COMMISSION BUSINESS. THE adarsigued begs leave to annource tu the citixeus of St. Mary's county that he has commenced the PRODUCE AND COMMISSION BUSINESS. No. 8 Grocers’ Exchaxux, Corner of Exchange Place and Commerce 8t BALTIMORE, and will give his personal attention to all pro duce consigned to him. He hopes by a*<u!u *ai< and prompt attention to business to merit the euurtdeuce of the community. WM. K. DODSON, with Late firm of Luckett k Young. Rbekbhkcbs: Jambs M*tt. Cashier of Farmers and Men chants' Bank; Masers. T. J. Carson k Co., Bankers; •* Wm. White lock k Ce.; “ Freeland fir Hall. April fifth. ISfO—tf ——baaat ga—tiH—l j- SPRING GOODS. A large supply of Howard Duck. Peni tentiary Plaids, Ac. just received aud fsr sale by g LBO. SPALDING. GARDEN SEEDS. JUST received and lor sale a large assort ■teat ul fresh GARDEN SEEDS. £. LEO SPALDING. March 7th 1861. FOR CONSTABLE. J. EDWIN ABELL announces himself a a ceoffidfio for Constable iu Leonard Tow district and solicits the votesof bis frieuda an the public. Feb. 28th, 1861. BBMaMMMMMMaeaaaii mi iiwiii ' ’ f'' ' ' , % (.ItCRT TREGO. J. S MOWUVK 11 TRBC.Q It MORGAN. j PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, j And Wholesale Dealers in LIQUORS JJ\l) Cl OARS,' N 0.37 CHEAI’SIDK. near Pratt *t., ! BALTIMORE OCt* Every description of country Produr entrusted to our care will rect ivkstnctaiten uon. Apnlßth,lßsW tl. THRESHING MACHINES. I have for sale the Pellon Triple Geared Horse Polar and W. W, Dingee & Co’s Imu Thr ether, with Revolving Sfnnr Carrier. Tlhj machine in warranted to render satisfac tion to all purchasers. The price of 8 horse : power, 30 inch Thrasher and Straw-Carrier. ! delivered at any wharf in St. Mary’s county, is $lB5. Farmer* are invited to call at my Store in ■ Leonard Town and examine this 1 hrtuher. K. LEO. SPALDING. Jane 28th, 1860-—tf. MATH MTS SAY ST. WiUBIB Ui3>DiU3j, Extending from Gay to Frederick street, j having 40 feet front, 170 feet deep, and 6 stories high, Baltimore Md. ALWAYS on hand a large assortment of, every variety of llouacliold and Office 1 Furniture, embracing—Bureaus, thilsteads, j Withstands, Wardrobes, Spring Beils, M t -trcuM-H of Husk, Cotton and Hair, Sofa*, Tote- j a-Teta, Arm Chairs, Hocking Chairs, Etage- j res, Marble Tables, Reception and Upholster-1 •d Clairs, Assorted Colors of Cotlvge Fund- j ture, Settees. Wood Chairs, Office Chairs, Bar ber Chairs. Cribs and Cradles, S.Je-boards, Extension 'Fables, of every length. Person* disposed to purchase are invited to ; call and give our stock an examination, which, ' fr variety and quality of workmanship, cannot ( lie excelled by any establishment in the coun- ( to ‘ A. A SOX, No*. 25 and 27 North Gay Street, i Feb. 2nd, IB6o—ly. j. JAMES S. DOWNS, \\ ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR AT LAW, ■ 1 Leonard Town, St. Mary * Co., Ed., Will practice in Si. Maryland thcadjoining 1 counties. 1 Feb. 10(4 1859. MIUWmGHTtNG. 1 111 IE subscriber, having had thirty year* 1 i ■ experience at Mil.L WEIGHTING, is .• i prepared anil willing to go toanv part of the ; Stats to do such work a* REPAIRING or BUILDING MILLS. II can also do rough CA UPENI'ERS w..rk. All work done in a snluitantial manner mil with dispatch. AJ- I dress. F.’UXKLt, Great Mils. St. Mark’s Co. Md. j ( 6t. 18* 1888 —Bm. I 9. R. HERBERT. M. H. HERBERT. JAS R. HERBERT h BRO. TOBACCO AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 33Grunt St Hollingsworth Sts., lUTIMOIt, MU. REFERENCES. JohnHepkms.PresideniMerch ani?Rank , Trueman Cross,CashierCommercial and Farmers’ Bank. Geo. W. Howard St Co., Baltimore. Duer, Norris h Co., 44 K. Hickley & Bro., Penuima:: &. Bro., 44 Wbiinsy, Cushing Sc ConMtoek, Balt. 61.0. A. HXW*. JO. U. MADDOX NOTICE. fWUIE undersigned have this- day formed a *■ Oh-Partnership in the MERCANTILE BUSINESS in Leonard Town, under the name aud style of SIMMS & MADDOX. and are now doing business at the store lately occupied by Get*. A. Simms Sc Co. They so licit a continuance of the very liberal patro nage which was extended to the late firm. GEO. A . SIMMS. JO. 11. MADDOX, Oct. 23rd, 1800. Oct. 351 h, 1S0 —if. RAN away frem my estate in w 88 Medley’s Neck, about 10 days ago, negro uun gf ' COLUMBUS. fJfg He waa bought ont of the estate Mrs. Cusick aud has a wife living at Mr. George Tarlton's at Forrest Landing, bead of Cuckold’s creek, netr which place ho is doubt less lurking. He stoops a little, is of a light chocolate complexion, and about 30 years ef age. I will give the above reward for his ap prehension ami delivery to me or for his con finement in the county jail, Leonard Town. ' JO. il. MADDOX. Sept. 16th, 1880 —if. NOTICE. THE undersigne d has just received a large j supply of Ladies PARTY aud BALL| Goods consisting of White and Colored Tarletoirs, Ladies white Kid Slippers, Ladies White Kid Gloves, Ac. he. Also, Gents White Kid Gloves, Gents Fancy Neck Ties, Genu* Fine Shirts, and Collar*, Ac. Ac. K. LEO. SPALDING, Leonard Town. January 3rd, 1831—tf. SASH 1 ’A( TORY WORK OF BALTIMORE MARK I GEORGE H. DOBSON 4 CO , Srcf Ewoßg To POE it HOWARD, Ntt.69 Pratt Sippet* 1 FACTORY, LOCUST POINT. BAIT.. lUv on hard, and make to order, • ueU-seusoitKil Lumber , SASJI, DOORS , BLINDS . FRAMES, And all kinds of SASH FACTOR Y WORK, . A\*o furnish every description of BUILDING MATERIALS, j teg- We solicit the orders of Builders and ; others. Sept. 27th, SB60 —3m. LUMBER f SHINGLES! I FLORI2VG, *C. WE invite the attention of onr friends and oonsumcrs, generally, in St. Mary and adjoining counties to our extensive assortuieut oi BUILDING MA TE RIALS. All parties contemplating the erection of Dwellings, Barnes, &c., will tind it greatly to their advantage to give u a call, as we can j se'l at lowest rates for cash or Negotiable pa per. Doors. Frames, Sash, &c., furnished at. Mill prices. > Orders tilled far Bricks, Lime, Hair, Naile, i &c. N* Wharfage charged on Vessels receiving Lundw-r from <mr \ ard. CARSON, ZIMMERMAN. & CO., West side Union D*ck, IN or to! k Boat Wharf March 20tL. 1860—If. SIOO REWARD. RAN away from Rosecroft,the residence o William F. Hardy, in St. lingoes’ dis trict, on Tuesday, the 15th instant, negro man , David Williams, aged about 21 years. David is about 5 feet, C or e inches high. He had on, ; when he left the Farm, a pair of white drnl-j cloth pantaloons, a b ack pea jacket and a whir* I cloth hat. lie took with him, also, a Sunday j suit of black clothes and a black list. David I * a fast talker and very quick in his movenients| He was purchased of Barton Duvall, of Anr.e Arundel county. Aid. I will give the above reward, if lie is takc.i j outside of St. Mary’s county, and ssl*, if he i-> ! taken in the county —provided he is so secure 11 that I gei him again. JOHN M. MILLARD fur WILLIAM F. IIART*. Leonard Town, Md ! Nor. 24th, 1659 I VOLUNTEERS WANTED. CITIZENS of this county who may be desirous of uniting ir. the formation of a CAVALRY COMPANY are requested to i leave their names at the Store ot Messrs ; Simms A’ Maddox in this village. January 3rd. lßf*l tf. ! " NOTICL rwt\v. begs leave to infornwhi* *■ friend* and the Public, that he is still at the OLD STAND,in Leonard Town, carrying on ULACKSMITHING, GUN, LOCK SMITHING. SHEET IKON AND STOVE I WORK—in short, iron work of all descrip- ■ tions. such as repairing CARRIAGES, 11l O- , OIKS. ROCKAWAYS. CARTS. WAGONS, j HORSE SHOEING, FARM WORK of all kinds: also REAPERS, THRASHERS and DRILLS. With his experience of 1! years in a Machine Simp, he thinks that he can do any kind of Blacksmith Work from a kneedle to an anchor, and on reasonable terms. New \\ ag • >ns and Carts built cheaper than can he dne at any other shop in this place. HOUSES SHOEI) at the shortest notice. JAMES A. M’CATHRAN. Blacksmith, j January 12th, 1860—tf. B. IIKIM. J. XICOUEMOS. UKO. V. THOMAS J. 11. II A RDEST Y , WITH HEIM, NI CO DEM US A CO. IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN FOIEP & DOMESTIC I Ml, OF EVERY UEHCKIFTION, NO. 383 BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE. ; March Ist. 1800—tf. NOTICE. E. LEO SPALDING returns his thanks to ! his numerous customers for the liberal patron age he lias received fnkn them, ami pledges himself in keep a CHOICE STOCK OF! GOOD 6 always on hand, which will be soldi very lew for cash or its equivalent. E. LEO SPALDING, April 2nd, iB6O April sth. iß6o—lv. B HE subscriber would respectfully/5L inform his friends and the public, hat he is prepared to do every thing in the line of a WATCH and CLOCK MAKER and Jeweller, on the moat reasonable terms for cash and in the most durable manner. Thankful for past favors, and in ilie hopes of ike continuance of the patronage of an enligh tened public, ke will endeavor by diligent appli cation to business to mem the favors shown bun. 1. 8. BALL. Washing ton Hotel, Leonard Town, Md. N. B. Jewelry given in exchange for old gold j and silver. I.S. BALL. 1 August 36tk, 19i0—leitin. NOTICE TO CREDITORS, ' /"ORDERED that William C. Love, an in solvent Petitioner, be and appear before j the Circuit Court for Staaimt Mary’s county on i the third Monday of Mctruh next, to answer such Interrogator tea or aiUgaiiuus, as may lie Vimpounded to him by hi creditors. JAMES f. LLAKISTONE. CKetk. Dec. 9*fc, IB6o—Ba. . jwls rnmsm J ■ asw***—B— LUMBERNOTitt. BURNS A' SLOAN return their sinwr tliauks to the Farmer* lr tbe.r libera : patronage for the year past Their stock | LUMBER is larger than ever and better *•- ' sorted; and wc are determined to offer great ' inducements to ra-h buyers. Apply at t'ia i comer of Entaw and German street*.>r at I*>2 j Light rUnret \\ barf. I BURNS At SLOAN. ;

Baltimore, Md Feb. 2nd. 18C0- ROBKRTSON &. BRISCOE, SUCCESSORS to U. H. MILES, AT HIS 1 OLD STAND, 14v. W. ITIATT STREET. . BALTIMORE. Respectfully otter their services ** agent*, for the s>ale of TOBACCO i ! GILA IN, and all kinds of PRODUCE, pledg ! g th'jir untiring etf rt* to render * itistaction n all vvm may pitnuisc them. Liberal a.l --• vances made on consignment*. I March 22nJ. IB6o—tf. NEW LUMBER YARL), i Corner of Enl FVO and Entern Acenue, j BALTIMORE, MD. S WILLIS (late ol the firm of S Will a k Co.) has commenced the LUMBER BUSINESS on his own account.and is pres j pared n furnish L UMJIhJi m all varieties lor ! Building an* other purposes. He will fur ; nish also— • FRAMES, SASH, 'doors, bricks, lime on in in. <fj j With many thanks to his former custom i **r> in St. Mary’s and the adjoining •nnti**s j he hopes to retain 'lr-ir cor.fu enc* ami r- - *- : reive thwir patronage.and pb-dge- hnmei ‘u ; use every eflonto please .and willsellcheap for cash or approver paper. Dec 9th,185S —lv. BUILD Eli’s j MATER I A L S The undersigned would respe ifnllyraß the • attention of the Rubin - i* their large }iss*.*rt j nunt of DOORS, BUNDS. SASH, DOOR FRANKS. UINDnIV FRAMES, ii.JN/7- BOARDS. CASINGS, MOIL DINGS. MAN i 77. E5, ami every ie>criptioti <! Hoiim Build ; iiig materials, whieli they have caotaiitiy on ■ hand. and which they can furnish at t!;*. abort j est notice. ! Thev are also prepared to forms 1 a! th° ‘ shortest notice FUA7IK WOllk fm ; Country House*. <_*>(tagv. and snl.’iirban llesid'. uctv. according to any plan or dr.--i*:n, all ready fitted to be put up - their pn.poe- | cd sites. F irm'-rs and others, desimu? of ImiMing , ; ia the country, would lind it to lueir advantage by giving ns a eall before purrlia;mg else ! where, as wc are fully prepared to * < ntr , work on the most rcasoiial*4e ten..s. Ann the advantages, which we oiler in preparing ail | the materials that may be necessary in con structing a house, will be found to save the , Builder a great deal of vexatious uelay and ■ exjiense. Bar All orders left at t*rir office rr ad dressed to them by mail will meet with promt* and satisfactory attention. m aug ii lin\v Johnson, Steam Plaintoy Mill ami Sn*Ji factory. ( East Fall* Avenue, near Trail Street Bridge j ( Warehouse No. 50. I’ratt street, j Next door to IVnn <.‘c Mitchell, Bait. Md. * April 19th, 1860— ly. CHAIR AND FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT. WE. ANDERSON, Nos. 10 k 12 a Second Street between Frederick Street and Marsh Space, BaUimort. i Having the largest Ware rooms and best | assortment ot Cabinet Furniture in the city, i it- prepared to selievery article in liisime upon the most liberal and accommodating terms.' • Having had a long experience tn thi* line of | business, he flatters himself that he can coin ' pete, as to excellence o! u.Merial, beauty , j j workmanship and range ol prices, w*lh any , ' establishment ol the sort m this or any other • city. His general stock embraces a lull and i j complete assortment ol I'arßo Cnairs, S<fa, . I Hocking Chairs , Spring Lounges, Chamber , ! Suits, Bar room. Office and Dining Chan's, j I\euch Tele a •Teles, Settees, Arm Chain, j Jlattrases. Looking (Busses. ifc.,ot every va- , ‘ nety and description, lie ha-' also on hand Bedsteads of his own mnnufaciure, which can be put up and taken down in two min- j i utes. Persons from St. Mary’s, wishing to 1 purchase Furniture.are requested tocaKand | examine hi* Stock belore buying else when R- sure to find the right place Nos. lOk 12 Second .Street—War*kone with 80 lee (ront and 8 large Folding daors.a August I lib 1859—1 v. JOHN T. Cl-A ItKK Wholesale aad Retail Grotey A N D lEommtsston illcrchnnt, i BWAS moved to the fine and commodious H . WAREHOUSE. Ho. 1M Wert Pratt 8t. f near Liffht, and begsleave to inform his friends and the . public that he has on hand a lanje and gen * *>ra(assortment of GKOCEKlES.consistinjr in part oi— ! GOVERNMENT,JAVA LAGUIRA anti RIO COFFEE REFINED AND BROWN SUGARS.of every grade ; GUNPOWDER .IMPERIALLY.HYSON BLAC K TEA.S GOLDEN SYRUP, NEW OR LEANS and W. I. MOLASSES: SPERM, ADAMANTINE and MOULD ; CANDLES; FAMILY. EXTRA, SUPERFINE ami BIX KWIIEAT FLOUR. Jstc He also invites theespeeialattetition ut ms friends and customers to his extensive stock of IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC LI QUORS. which bav® been selected with the greatest care and cannot fail to p!ea-e. Baltimore, March 4tb, 1859 i i Mark I9tk 1 &BV—iy. i ~iuk.- •. . .-Si*< **:*; <*SI~ -will- — '■ I. -■! PROFESSIONAL NOTICE. DR. HENRY c. EDKLEN bo* removed Lis Office to the Law Office h*-ret*bre I cca|tii by G. Ptnl. Maddox, E*>qr. He * can always be ffinr.d, either an his Office or Metre’s Hotel, when not professionally en- | i .lan. Ift. 1861—tf. ' B US 7yESS XO TICE. j A LL pf.'ioos inJc!)t*tl in me on Tavern ar i iX count will come forward arid striile tie saiu delay a* I wish all claim* due me <*!o*ed firthwrth. linr id hereafter to d > nn exJuai.-e CASH busire** and am determined .to ftr-no credit for F \Tf NG, DRINKING I <r HOitSE FEED fr m the Ist of January ' 1661. J W. J. MOOR R, Proprietor, Washington Hotel. January 3rd. I? 61 :f. GEO. A. SIMM;?. JO. 11. MADDOX. nUfcVDTDHHL j \\T K have just returned from Haiti more ▼ ▼ city with a large mid well-selected i ST( >CK OF FA L L and W INTER J GOODS, to the inspection of whieh we in i vite our friends and the: public. Our i stock of— HOOTS. SHOES, HATS, CAPS, ( is superior, both in quantity and quality, to any heretofore offered v.\ this market.— f *ur stock aKo embrace? a large as?,ort ment of— ) | la i) irs ’ />ik /;ss goods. j f evc-v 't vie and q*; ility; Rtiidy-mndr (Nothing, Fons'ntff*, Cuss'uncrcs and f.7 oths: G-4 Full doth; 3-4 do; 0-4 A’* rsrys: 3-4 d>)- 5-1 striped and phnti Lni sry*• 3-1 Linsrys, and 3—l Slurps Gray. j Our stock of GROCERIES is largo and embraces a large supply of— Bacon, Dud, Buffer, Fiour, (Jhcesc, Fitth, Fresh BurL~ wheat Flour , ifr.. (i'(. We have also on hand a large assort men t of FINE LIQUORS, including— ll/>icx, Brandt r* and Wlt i.dcrys, of the most approved brands. Our whole stock >f g.oJg having pur chased for cash, we flatter ourselves that j wo :;re able to offer superior iudueenu iG to buyers, both as to price and terms, SIMMS A MADDOX. Nor. Sth. 1 s(i<>—rf. VALUABLE i MAXUFACTCFIXG PROPERTY 1 1 1 fTTHE valuable pr q**rtv, known as (’MI - 1 ■* TON FACTORY and GRIST MIL! (water pow* rf. situated on the Ilv.ul Water i of St. MaryN river in S lint Mary’s county I M'L, sii <1 embracing about thne hnrtdr**d and 1 fifty acres ol land, is ofiV-red at Private Salt* i Tilts property has n it a STGRE HOUSE. j which is a eood stand for hu-inens, !I<>TKL, 1 DWELLINGS, Workshops. Arc. Tin* pro-1 perty will he sold on ftci-omim-dating terms. , • For further particular*, apply to. THOMAS \V. GOrOH, JO. FORREST, Leonard Town P o. j Nov. uth. iftr.ft—tf. MILLJXFR i A A7> FAXVY GOODS. , . . 6|MIF. undersigned lakes this method of in terming hei old customer* and th* public ! generally, that she will open in Leonard ! Town, on Thursday next,- December 6th, a i complete assortment of MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS of the nnt tosliionible styleh, a!! "f which she will tell on the most ' accommodating terms. MRS. CASSIDY. i Nov. 2ftth, 1860 —if. : PATUXENT RIVER LAND FO R S A L E. : i IP net sold at private sale before WAT-- UtDiV, October the 20th, 1860, I w iii (offer at public sale, in die village nl CH AR i LOTTE HALL, on day, the FARM * on which I now reside. I This r..rm is situated on (he Patuxent River, adi'.inius: the lands of Mrs. E. L. i j Thomas -nd Maj. James Collin*, and con-, ■' tains ONE THOUSAND ACRES OF LAND, j Persons wishing to purchase land nfaupo rioi quality, wiiere good health and all fiie , ; .K-ii. acics of the wafer arc to be hail, are requested to call ami examine the premises. 1 Steamers, to and from Baltimore, pass tub ] iland every day. j i This Farm will be divided and sold In . ! three j arts. ! Terms made known on application to the undersigned, and possession will be given on j the fir.-1 day rf January, 186 L ' W. J. ( ARTWRIGHT, Charlotte Hall. P. 0., fcaiut M-rv’s CoautV, i Md I I August 30th, 16C0—tf. NOTICE. j THE undersigned wish to inform the people of Saint Marys and adjourn- , ’ ing counties, that they have just completed ~| FIRST CLASS RAILWAY, and are prepared to haul t vessels of any size, j aud will REPAIR. CAI Lk. ic., on tim j most reasonable terms. Prompt attentton to all work, and quick dispatch will he iriven • i„ all cages. The Uail.e , sf l!uat >1 about a quarter of a mile from Leunanl Town on a fine oyi-ter creek rtnere we; JjU ? Uo buiu SCOWS, BOATS, or A tsPW>, if, re}uired, on the h* c jV.- M w, VW pi t HARRIS. NORRI. v A I ONWEIi. t 1 July lifA lbt>o--tf. I mrr ~ iniUMiß-Mi m, LUMBER, III: 1 HAVER, PE GRACE M • The r r ndrstgnni having tne-snaerf * r . { oil and Rusineoa Facilities, have .6. i r <rmed a Co-parMer.ship under the nr •tyle of RIMMONB. BRlsCOr, A f: • for the con muation of the Cdl, Lnmw 1.-tt'* trade, bereipfor'" crndin*irtl by 1 1 Htiles A Cc. soil Sinormns A ITtlle*. ts ponatanily on hand To- ali?rrrnrd<‘ e-. ery variety of Ctw 1 -ind Lurhh Coals, Haltirnr-e CnV,Traveitnn. 16-;I 6 -; Snn.Miry. Lornat Monro. V.nmhrv. v * Pin**. Whueana Yellow Pme Flooring. > Pickets, Laths, Ctrprssa SuiniVi. ’*?.• Car.’ina. Culling* s-d S**’-*w, flemior 1 i hue Puie, Jo.s.s, Studdir.. StufT cut to orde*, _______ WRIGUTSVtLLE B STOfit Uf > the !)csl and ri: ea[te<q; ihqi i for agn \ ■ ral nurpnsrs. Uo- k and S!i -lce.J, ritT.ei or without Magnesia. i)oe L>|>liel f r * - i! .ilnclt itAbik! vli" f Ini' W’ every variety of STONE LIME, one v-.;j containing an ABUNDANCE of MAuN SI A for ANY SOIL tlm! may require tf n | the other varieties rontain a sufficient qua •> sfhme. Our Law* e Konts go in nil the a sable points on the Chcapealc Ray, a, we are ?heref rr er?.’ied to o r e* • the Farmer* and Mailer* in M iryland ai;c V ginin, g-eater far i lilies tit an ihev have . had in pur'b.istng the above iritc’es. Thar for the very libera? palronsirc we have he • fore reeeired, most reapectfiilly so'icti aeo. nation ofthesume. SIMMONS. UKISOOF. A HAVRE /)/: ORAIE. m. . Marsh 16. ISt.O —ly FIRE INSURANCE INSURANCE on nil d script;.-n.F o’ r Prcperly cun hoefterreti in any of th# •owing Flr*<t-naKs Cntupnnift. < / . out (he delay of consulting tnr rr upon application to the undersigned. JOHN A. (’AMALIKR, Lrnmird To\rr , ” • March 16h. isr.O—ly. Companies. Capital nrd sir •curily liiMir.kncc C0.,0f N. V*rk, 7 > Phenix, “ " ** 2ft 2 Kes-Jute - •• m 247 • New World “ “ “ 24b,• Montauk ** “ “ 2ht,t .. 9!iartcr it Hart lord,Connect', tu .{4'_’,' Insurance Co., of the Va!lc-\ of W*., Hltcmarle ef Virginia, 2(*d,(K bynrhlmrg “ \t Nortiicru Ar.turanr Co., T.ondon, M\:unk Tdorrantdc Mufunl of New York, 1.014, lot Lym hht.rg of V irg tti.i, 2tiO.Cn J!i;rfcr (t.ikof llarfu.}, C* *nnr( ti. ut. k lL'.- i HO?* Tin- 'h. -• C iiiiyciita arc all licunr. - 'n tin- (Ami pi roller. Tlioina*! K> Joliiihoii is Agent t : In-Stai >it Maryland, No. 73, Smor.d >tui Rr.lLn. >rc. L '-bos promptly adjust'.<i and p.tia. March IMlk, IfcGft- ly. J. H. LUCKETT, Stock, Note, Hill, Akd Rkai. Estatl Rsioxtk, b i Second Street, BA LTI.MUKC, t F rr F.ll EsrKf. P. Gihsun, Usudiii-r Rank of Halt. BaUan>-rf. |U. R. Coleman, Cash. M<cl.aau.a iian;., M. Buck. Ca.-h. Franklin Rat k, TLcrnab J. 1 Gurson, Barker, Thomas 1). Johnston, J. < . 1 Adams, Warwitk, Friik A- la'l, It. \lirkii, : (lash. Union Hank ol Maryland halt. 15. A. ; Vickers, Pres. Marine R.’.nk, Jolutstou liru. ti (>., Hankers, Jovial. Lee it Co., Hugh Jcn -1 kins A: Co. Y’oqog & Carson, Win. I’inkmy Br-x>ke, U asUiuytou, D. C. j May 24th, 1860—tf. NEW GOODS. IN LEO SPALDING has jnst recevedoi.a A* of the Lest Kclected l*cks of GOODS he has c\ci Lad, wind* U- o3cts lor bale very low-. He would call particular attention to I*D stork of— Ladiva’ I)rc*s Go ds, i White Good*, Linen Can. Erie and Silk Pocket Handkerchief*, Ladies’ and Cents Kid and LwSaThnad Glovta ' I.aditb Mantle* and Point*, Cloth*, Chesvimcre Bilk Teatinga, Ac. j April 26th, iß6o—ly. Jf£W i'ALL AXVwWTSUOOoSS e 111 IE undersigned hua jui returned from the ' X City with ine l.rge.t,na bvut edecled eluck |nl FALL,and WINTER ever offered to thecitizens of Si. Mary’* County, cuneistitig, 1 n: pari, of very superior quality of Heavy Goode for Servants' clothing, at the most moderate ; prices—also Boots and Shoes of the most sub stantial make, and best material. Besides Cloths. > Casstmeres, vestin'* and all kinds of fine dress Goods, tor Ladies and Gsntlemer—a carefully selected, and well asserted slock uf ready made 1 clothing,manufactured expressly to order, and a 1 variety uf articles of almost e vet y kind no where else to'be found m the county. He respectfully su . licits a caM from those destring to purchase, feel i ing assured tiiat his thorough acquaintance with Ihe business, resulting from a lon£ residence in the city, wilt enable him to' offer- *adk indtiev menu as will defy competition. E. IL JONES, Clifton'Ps&ury. Sejtenihej 27ih ,u Ml—ly. FOR SHERIFF. HARRISON EDWARDS is presented to the voter* of Saint Mary’s cuuuty os a candi date for Sheri If at th# election m 1661. January 12lh, 1860. THOMAS L. DAVIS is recommended to the voters of thin county as a candidate for the Sheriffalty la I SOI. Inigos* District. Nor 10th, 1859 1 n. -1 |iL .1)1 j NOTICE. PERSONS havingSEKV ANTS FOR ALB would d 0 well t call on tho subscriber is-fore die poring uftliem elsewhere. AH com munications will U promptly attended to. Ad” ora#, W. T. A. BEEDICS. GtAFTKO, m, Aug. 2nd, 1860 —tf.