Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon, April 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of St. Mary's Beacon dated April 4, 1861 Page 3
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CHSTIBU'S SUE. Bf virtue of one writ of Fieri Facia* toned bv a Justice of tbo Peace of the Stole of Maryland. in and for Saint Mary’* County, at (be suit of A. P. Up®*™** l * against tie good* and chattels, lands and tenements of Jeremiah Artis,' and to me directed, I have sotted and taken in execution all the right, title, in tercet. claim and demand, at law and to equity, of the said Jertminh Artis in and to the following property to wit: ONE NEGRO BOY NAMED JO. And I hereby give notice that on FRIDAYOU \m, day of Apnl tujct, at the residence of William E. Abell. Bvlvidere. in this District, between the hours ;of 10 o'clock, A. M , I and 4 o’clock, P. M., will expose at public sale, to the highest bidder for cash, the above described property so aeited and taken in execution. Also to satisfy officers costs on same. F. P. SPALDING. Constable. Marsh 23tb. 1861—ts. FOK THE nunu mim THE ITRAMtfi GEORGE WEEMS ■Wlf ILL resume l.*r r* utc to the Patuxent ” River, Commencing SATURDAY, March I6lh, st 8 o’clock, and continue every Saturday until fr.rthet untie*, piotuedrag as far tp a* liiT* landing. Krtcmtcig, ail! lest- Hill** Landing even Tscrdst) fur Benedict. Will leave Benedict every Wednesday Morton? st 6 • cluck tor Baltimore. Calling st sll the uau l Landing:* u the River. :il**i at Fair ilaveu and Plum I*Vn.t, going aud returning, a N. B.—10!!A‘500 landed at *itkcr No. 1 w 3 Tobacco Warehouses at SI Ippira may deaira. Tin:ouom wtkms. March 28*.h. I*o l —tea. H SPhlfifi COttDS, U. Tucker i.* just returned from Hal* Tf • Urn re a ill some early SPUING GOODS, of the *t}!<•*. Fiar English ami Metiwao PRINTS; B!:wk and White GINGHAMS; Bleached auU Hr- wi MUSLINS; DUCALS, Ac., Ac AUw. m.u’ aear fur Spring; Ready-Made Cot Ling. Gaiter*, Hal* and Far’-.y N*- (i-na. A;*., all of which wi!l he sold low f„ r c*d ur t • piua tual custom, r* -.u *l.. n . iWil W. It. TUCK HR. r*aaafra A- Oak. N. ft. No liquor add to parties to drink at tre Hi- te when thfv are in a tat ol lUtuXlCa tion, any reaped tu persons. JLr.h 28ih. 1H I—f liiMlom, thoroughbred .1 uiil aland ?hi* wasio at ♦Li twllowiiig piarea: At the Head nf SI. Clement’s Bay on Mon day*: * At I,s nard Town on Tuesday; ; At the cin*n Factory on Wednesday* ; At Hammett’* Store on Thursdays; At T ticket Store on Saturday*. Scaaon cMitnuenci'd or. the 26th of March. *urtlcr patlirnlara, 1 refer to my Urge * 1 n : wh!ch c * < at the different Waad*. u I ma OEOROB C. TAKLTON. Msrrh 28*h. latl^tes. £ NOTICE. WM. Chranm *mi other* A Circuit O nrt H i !>. v * >t*r St. Marr** a. v. M.aLi. and others. 3 county. March tl,# Conrt that Ji>hn F. \zi ,i! rru * f,,r be sal. of the rea* •of Perry Shank* deceased, notify the w u WI , ~f deceased, by inserting a ropy M tu. . rdi r one. a week for three successive 7ii * U **• MMr y* Brawn to file their i*am* duly autheuficated. agsinat the estate ‘V with lh * Clerk of the Circuit umk l Bt. Mary’s cauuty on w before the aeth day ot May next. PETFR W. CRAIN. > , . March 22nd 1861. I hereby certify that the a foregoing u a fioT C older filet! in my of- JAMRST. blaki&tofk, March 28th 18*1—8*. • AT)TJC£ ro CREDITORS. OTICEia hereby given that the subscriber a.t baaobuiaed from the Orphans• (7eurtof Hi. Mary *• county, in .Marylandjettera of ad* rawnstradon w.a.,on the personal csreieof I Win. P*N*ke, la ef ail(id county tiecea.ed. All persona having claims against the said deceased, •re hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the proper vou* he# thereof, to the subscriber, on or *neurehe Ist day of Oct., 18*1, otherwise they easy t*e eeeladed by law from all benefit of the said estate. Givea under my hand this 28th day of March INI. J.J.JARLOE, *Adaar. Mnrrh 38th 18*i—4w. JtOTWE TO CREDITORS. NOTICE * hereby given that the subscri ber baa obtained from the Orphan’s C’*rt of 4*c. Mary ’a county, in Maryland, let (ers of admtoistratioit on the personal estate ot F. P. ORATES, late of said county, **oeea*d. AM persona having claims against the •ud decesawi, are hereby warned to exhibit the •aasc with ike proper Touches thereof, ta the •übwcriber, .a or before the Ist day of October M6l, Athene tee they may be excluded by law mom 8 bsweti of ties said esute. Given under •T toed Hue IM day of March 1861. J./. GRAVES, s - ‘ fidmayOiUK' *u* aa uu, t. riKiT HKSSJKO, COWKH mk! J tIKKWUIUT FLOCK w-t rmived ftr ■' by simjib k Maddox. 1 TO WHOM IT HA T COXCERX. 1 1' * hatww - ib ' * r Ct !'•?!i?r orUk.iowlS’J* Ugainst f i nor tra.liuJl. rf ’ n man . narr,,. by which 1 mav be i *** *" mv , rwp*i*Miile unW i ’"* m **‘ r 1,1 * l 'J *nv anti with oiy krowl/l 133I 33- l ,fvl) ‘l"*** by ’ will n ..t hem.?..; . > * ,n >hr. I ii-^sstiwssiatj j-* Mtrcb 28th Hei -4 H w IiUEL KEKC ’ Il> ; James iT^ilson7“ Alton,, tu Connaellwr at u, - V ®* “""-'l' ‘ ! ? che P™** ll ®* of Law in > j lie. M ‘ • odjourning Coun > March 38:1. ifici—ly. FOR COUNTY annr.v.nce myrelf as a ranilalare for - tne Circuit Court for .Saint Mar*'* t .„mtv •ud reaps, ifully ..U c x the support ..f mV trleuds uud the puHir. u 1 nn 11. lIKKBEHT. March 28*h 18C1. KiR ROAD 81TKRVISOR. JOHN B. CECIL is rf-comroei.ded a* aauil ab.e person for R w aJ Su|ier\ia>r tu the FacU.ry district. j M . , MANY FRIENDS. ! March 28th 18€>. I i '' ' * “ ! 2si Judicial I>isirict. 1 ! FOR THE COURT OF APPEALS I I '* ’ | ROBERT FORI), j Of SAIXT MARY'S COLWTY. March 21at. 1861. {lumber. SHINGLES, LATHS. BRICKS, LIME. HAIR, I PASH, DOORS ami SHUTTERS, \ FOR m!v, at the rrry Lnrejtt f-r CASH APPRO\ hi* cretiit. Before l>uv- , I i;g. cal! and see us at tint corner of Eutnu ; and German Street* -r at 122 Light fctrea j \N b.irf, Halliuiure, M I. j % BURNS A SLOAN. I 1 Eart h 21*1 1861- if. i t • .NOTICE TO I’RKdPASKCBS. A LJ pera>n arc I |,<rw.trned fr-nn ; 1 r *vv issing :*h Juji. x'-ui or otlicrwine . anr p.irt r twy i.trm “TOV/N CREEK” • I , locatcil nar the Patuxent river i *his c.iuntr, ‘ fcl !r.>n. couiruitting dcprc.;sti< iin upr>n i jti t ai.ures of jifli ! farm oy cunning, ->r I j otherwise. Against any ai.c’l a.I person*, j | f< uiui tx<>passing after the p.Miration uf thia j ! notice, tne law will le riy cuforc.rl j I OI ORGE FOR BUS. March Uth, 1881-4 w . j FOR THE LEGISLATURE. JAMES H. WILSON, FVij..i*rvcomruend ■ sil to the voters of this county as * eami’date i h r seat in the next L^islatureof Maryland, j | and will be support-d bv Mahy Fkikkd*. March 14, 1861. FOR THE LEGISLATURE. ; Tiur friends of RICHARD COLTON sug-I • gest Ids name to the voters of this county as ia candidate for the la-giiat tire, and aak for | his Haims a dispassiomitu ceusideraliou. j March 7th 1861. FOR THE LEGISLATURE. HOBK.RT C. COMBS, Kc; ,is recommend- J ed to the voters of this county as h ■•nudiduiv I fjr the Legislature, anti a’ill be snpLartsd by MANY FRIENDS. j Feb. 38th, 1861—if. NOTICE. I w T • ffIHE undersigned, appniuud C*minisstr.- j I en by the Circuit I'.•nrt f.*r Saint Ma- i ry’s county. Maryland, to lay off and divide the * Heal Estate of John S. Peacock, late of yaid . county, deceased, hereby give notice to all 1 j concerned, that they will incut ou the pn-tai- | j sea of deceased, cn .j MONDAY, tlie Bth ol April,! tWit, (if fair, if not tlie, next fair day thereafter! to I execute the trust so a* atursaid cum uni toil tu i them Lj the said Court. JOSEPH ABELL. j JOSEPH A. MAGILL, } r IGNATIUS HAYDEN, f STEPHEN HAYDEN, CLEMENT WATIIKN, (.‘oliiiuisei’ •ners, I March 7th 1871—80 d. ' I M„: FOR LEASE. I A STEAM SAW AND GRIST MILL' un the P.ittixciil River. Fur rent or' lease a DWELLING HOUSE a<ij:tcent.— • Also for rent a SMALL FA RM on tie Three | N-'lche*! R**ad. for pitrth uUrs. enquire at j . Oakville, ou the premises, or to the under- I i 1 signed. •I J. FOKBKST. ! ‘I Feb. 21*1 18*1—tf. ;! | {vDMOiriyixuvLi fflH IS well known BTA h~ Jl LION will stand at Lee'card Town, Saint Mary’t iyV i iVnisty, and Port Tnbwroi t I (.Ttarlcs County, during tlie oxiuug *cws4i. j ! Tlie reason will ctetmoncr on Ist of Marrl.} I urd wid on Ist of July. Terra* and Pwli grve will be given hereafter • 1 WM P. HOWBEB. I 1 Feb. Uth, 1861—tL * . i j notice. I # ' { VFE Vore’ofnr* <'xi*tir'> r;iv , V"^ ,IIC fitTn ~f FEROUSSOK, MUR .MI; thi ” ] 'y Umit..:h.n. LflAJr, FERGUSSON will the art dr of the concern. ! it UHAB.FF.RGI.XSON. IJF R,) Sirrxnring pmrfunrg of | J S ARDIS. \J. H. Murphy A Co. n . . 3 Momtymerg. AJ*i. j Baltimore. Feb .|, |*l. ! Drah Fir :—Thu trader signed rc”irrr jt .auks for•your patronage to the late linn, amt would resp-. tfully n-qm-st a coulnnan*-r *'* fh V a, °* V* l “"*' J,i% br * t effort* shall *l - v*cd fw the ti*ere<ts f fhow wfa<-< : yontdc tiirir .uittcs* u. hi tare, Beaptctful 7; 1 _ , , char. FERGUsSON. ! I Feb. 28th, 1861—liu. TO ARMS! TO A HMS: J 0 A RMS I , i WANTED COO niei* and woim*n to arm themselves with an .l go to Tuckers f buy g*K*w<4. Fuck**Pha* just rviivs’ a 1.-t •.{ ■ 1 !r ,l G ,s ’ vws points ic. will Mfll h,w. Feh. Uth, 18C 1 MOIKJII JAMRDI&COj CIGAR MANUFAfTUHERS.! (.Si’cctiiiOßg TO G. W. Dwvcb A Cm./ IBKLMF. CIGARS. <•( otr own mamifac-1 ; tui*. constanily on hand. We ha* aUo a iuik of excellent CHEWING and SMOKING TC’bOACO; ! SNUFFS and FANCY ARTICLES. ■ W hich wr sr*> prepared to furnish ..ur cls- ; turners ou reasoi able terms. j Jai: 10th.l8ol —tf. j NOTICE. C'-parfnerJiiy herrtr*fMte j ■ under the linn ..‘f Cit'ITINtiHAM fit > j HALTING i* this <Uv disv.lvei] hv mntnul I ronsi-nt. \\ in. H. Harding is slonc-autiior- • i ilnl to reltlr 1 r-s hueinis> . f {he linn. i S\MUEL COTTIN<iIIAM WM. 11. H ARDING, B-d’i.’uor* Jan. I 1861 - 4w. Tie und* Hr? uni. having R.>u l t nut (hr! i Inff of Sunijol Cttringham oi the firm u ; 1 k liaruiin?. v*ill hereafter cordm t ! the business in his own Name.—and he most • res peel Hilly soli its ;l.e lavor M f the fr.ei.d, of l IS.U u.d film. < WM. II HARDIN J. i MARYLAND AGRICULTURAL WORKS. TO THE FARMERS nr SI. MARTS. |—l would m> st resjw rtfully cal! your at : tenfi.*j t. rnv larje assorttm-nt of AMPLE- j MIAVTS. I am niamifacturing and pre- i f paring a firgrr M Agricultural lui- j plemrut* than I have ever hefure offered i die pul a.—l| rse P-.wera ei.d Thresher*.' : Wheat Fhis, C-.rn Mills. Cm SoHlere. ; Piotigt.*, Hmhjk: Cultivator*, and manj [other articles :.j numerate t. in<-niion. J ' can supply the F.tnnrr with -very thing iic 1 I may want. With regard t.> H.r-e Powers! i I would cal! particular aticiiliuu to fine i | b’l of PEJ VOX'S TRIPLE OKtREI>\ ■ POWERS, to l eorl- trifH or t rithuui hand. j u-hirh are not *urpa*e>i in this or any ether i I market ; and 1 n..<t resjK-ctfuiiy inviie ths-e j J wh. are iu want of Machine* to give me a cal!. ' as I fee! confident tnal I can suit t!* T.ur- * [chaser. I am making a CORN MILL 6. r : grinding C-rw nt Home. This is a go.H Mill, has been tinted and pronounced >. by ( . X |^.' rieuerd judges. To this 1 ask y.’ur *pe- . rial attention. I tender yon rnv sincer* thank* for the 1 | kindness iu rrU fore shown me and U*g w on- * tinaance of yot r favors, detern.ineri to make ! , a strong cfi-rt to pleass all who give me their ' j ci.sUin. Orders will meet with promptatlen- I ti*>u by being oirccted t< WILLIAM IL HARDING, j If O Pratt tireet Wharf. Baltimore, Md Feh. 7th. la*i] |y. JAMES WHJITnswT GROCER & CMMISSIQH j MEICiEI&MT, I No. \22 Dugan’s Wharf, ' I BALTIMORE. | j ; Keeps const anti v .in hand a large assort : ment of SUPERIOR F.vVHLY GHfK?EUIEB. | ; Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Tobacco. Se- 1 ■ gars, Ac., winch nilt be sold at the lowest ■ market pries* ! Pro.luce of all kinds sold 00 cwimwiMiuu, I j l*nt 1 shall only do a CASH eommUiiun j business. I Nov. 20tk. IS6B—tf. | NOTICE. j ; r "| IHE undersigned takes this method f ; j X informing th public that, if class of j | a dozen or more can !• prucured. he wi! gire i J lessons in QUADRILLE and FANCY ! DANCES, at Leonard I.ovn, timing tne pre ! sent month. Persona desirous f forming a I Hass are requeued to notify the undersigned * iiliauxhatelt. J. RANDOLPH WALTON. Jan. 10th. ir,i—-tf. ina6a6oificr~l ! DR a. SAPPINGTON has removed to St. InigotV District, where he of j fers hie professional services to the public, i ; Ho way be at bis residence, near St. j Inigoes’ Store, late the propt'rty of Dr. : John C Asheom. Jan. 31st. 1861—3 m. SHERIFF. | The name of PHILIP H. DOKSKY.issug aasted Iu the voter* .if this c* only, a* a can-: didate fir fie next SHERIFFALTY, by j many rttixeii* of • Cmavtioo District. ! Feb. 7h, 1881. _ ’ . FOR KUAD SUPERVLStTIL ! D. D. WEMJU utters bimseif to the ratrol •if Town distriri as a candidate f r I .'•tifierTisrr o* the U*4*j and ask* the voters of! the (M-tri. t I.* stippof t Eim. f-b biOi. • ; 4 *- 11 IW FI - | , 1 i*ka.kc .mcbtov. cm. pi.xk. I m VRMO.VT OROVE NURSERIES, ■ ISA \i, JACKHON A CO., Proprietor*. SccctMtu Tt. TIIOS M. IIARVItr.) jMUHniDe, CLester Coanty, Pa. ; T* the Farm ere and Manure of gt, Starr V and attaining roan Hr*.

THt!ui.arrihereWJeare to uil aitn.ttoi to their Urge stork for the Fall trade. App *■; Prare, standard and d warf; Ct.emea• i Peach**; Plum*?*; Nectarines, at! se lected and ehotce varieties. Our email fom arparin.enl comnneee every thing in it* ctaas. Strawberry, owe hundred' varieties; Grapes, fifty varieties; Currant, Raspberry, Gooseberry. ■ Rhubarb or Pie Plant, Asparagus. Our stock af ORNAMENTAL TREES i* j *e?y i.i.a V, and cuiuj-ner* ail the common anri moat of the new, both evergreen and dieiduotis • Itose*. Dahlia* Mud bedding plants of ei evy de •rnpiion. oare for Thi piajii is destined Soon i„ supercede alt o'lliem tor this purpose, bring hardy, a tapid gtnwrr, its i strong thnrna ultrin; an impassible (aimer to ail kind* of el*k Our stork is healthy and a ell grown, and our prices will be as low as anv wther establishment. Orders solicited* , Add teas ISAAC JACKSON St CO., Jennerviite, Chester Co., Pa P. S. Catal ogues furnished on application. Reference—-Francis J. Stone, Ntnnmshury; J. : Sdwio Cued. Locust Grave, t. Mary ’ county I Aukxt.— ii. Fred. Maddox, who is ! ugenl tor thin ayiipany, will attend to all 1 ardors left with him. j Sept. 13th, IB6o—if. ! it'! 1 - I !—J ■,.1. . . IWHWP j umk and feed store Vo. 3 Hollimworth St- Baltimore. WV. K. VORC.IV, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHN HEAS\ ) WUOI.KKaI.X AXU BXTAII. URAI.KKft IN j Eiittr. Bricky Hair, Teiiiml. CALCINED PLASTER, Oarr, 0&t, Corn Meal, Chop-Eyo, Mill Feed, &c. ftcc.23 rd, 1868— Ij. j r COUNTY CLERKSHIP, j The* iends of MAMFL T. MOR(;A> 1 .trn to the voters of Sx. Mnrv's rrnir 1 ! T ** a •■‘■odidme for Clerk nf the f, r cu - Court at the el-citon and so j jrjt ft | > c-ann* a aale consideration. ! Xov.iOth, l£.>7. |~ WANTED. • 'PHR RiiUrriW wishes to l uv * i ot n i likely young nf.gkokk,nn*,n , Sexe*. f*r which the hwhot market prices wi! | I** |aid. iVrsonswishirg to soil, who mgr 1 r, ’ n,r during hi* pre*M,t u-ur through tin I c-unties of the State, will have" theii 1 ‘ ,ra *• r * , P r 'H>plly responded t.. by addre**it. 2 - A LLPS' S. UORSKV* n a _ , Washington. L>. C Fwh 2nd. 1860 tf. | PLOWS. Vo 1 n*inl ir-l M A 11. PLOWS. IN Nf. N and 0 improved navi*. A s ‘-*e.irr, j u*i reci iv* d and for **lr hv FLMMS * MADDOX. ! imsitjijiuia,. CtOUN MEAL, fresh front the Steam / Mill of J. If. Maddox. 1., a . frv * h pply BUTTER, ( IJ ELSE, Ac in store and for salt- by SIMMS A MADDOX. , Dec. iOlh, ISUU. FOR ROAD SUPERVISOR. HENRI NOKKISofJn. offers himself to t ltr voters of Leonard Twwn dutnei ~s * candi dat* lor Road Supei visor and solicits the votes of 1.1 frirndsHiid ths public, i Jmii. 24th 1861. tumniiDs. A *‘ u ri ,, y • HARDEN SKF.IXS and , . SKKD Pu 1A J OEM just recrirud ami tor sale by SIMMS dr MADDOX. NOTICE. 4 LL (lersons inilihteti to the Ute firm of AM tie... W. Dwyer & CL., are requested p. with (liar acouintt without lurtmr ielav I ’* l ’ * Eoiix Morgan, whv is authorial i*. *ign ths name of the firm in settU tuent. OEORGK W. DWTERACO. Jwli. 10th 1861—4 w. RAW ROSE SUPER PHOSPATE OF • LIME. | FARMERS, TRY tT, IFYtU WISH TO raise large crops, and at THE SAME TIME IMPROVE tour land. I‘ N of this valuah’s mtnure BONES ARE used jx their raw STATE ONLY. fcl “ l t A " pSfatef n s: er BOILED NOR LAIJ INED. TTter arc taken a. nature mtale them, crashed with jamerful ruarhinerv, suil Miljcdt to a frucese hr whk-h all the virtue nf thr bon* w retained, and a fert>liT IS proi-ured furnishing i Q a cwncentrated and soluble form the two indispeusihle elements At • ID*A°TTUI unvt U . u ’ i z: THHSPHOUIC A ID AAV VOMA. Tliom* two elements by thr use ol Baugh* lUw Rune Phuephate” ire y.veo to the Ul #I , ,^ cu aI -tretgtl, nnd purity. Tney assimilate at once with St. fn.wli all the amne-ni* railed fur the growing cuma, J vc tU . maneiitly (• fitted. . CAEH PRICK #46 PER TON. OF 2.fHi POCXW*, 2* CENTS PER POUND. This fwqmiar Fert.lixer can U l,a*l ol Agent* m ti<c pnodjial towns, *r mav lie or -“J Cummin Merchant ia GKORGF. dug dale. Ckkthal Dmer k Ackvct. No. 4 Srr.Aß‘ Whjhp, , _ HALI4A4GLE. Feb uary ufa. IMl—tm. QUICK QUICK LIME!! KENNEDY’S SCHUYLKILL LIME. VT NV- J.-rnevmill rif.- V..rtWrii •I.J Kaslmi .t !hi* Stntc. i- i#;i :*nv :1.-r s r i.Hprf.r, , f „/, i -,, r t |* rirtl time i-L.t-r.: wv' |l , ~-J, ~f tj|r|U . rr * mi:.2 - t M,” V n.i*J !y.4t•in conuth-s. through ll.*- agem-*, <>l tf.e i. dei>igi.- **'*• prepared in *e)l *„„ afmhtiinq IrrtMH uu\ quant it r of tJaiHr deliver. One *f I* r affwatncut n the shores .f any of tLc Hn n, „ r hays in said counties. Order* solicit ed. JXO. A. CAM AMI 11, r , - Jyeni. l/oouanl r.wn, Md„ March Brd. r,ia I lie tollo* ing analysis recommends this lime a* possessii!- pro|H-rties ((nr superior to any oiher) ne. raaary io beapplied toihelaiidsmthu < * r * ,on H hn-h are known to be deficient in both me and in uu : * Laboratory ofSlati Chemist, ) No. 29 Exchange Kuildingx, v Baltimore, Md.„ June 30tl*. 1*57. S Report of analysis nf 5 samples of t*ehuylkli Limestone, marked respectively N'u 1 (while 1 •No | (blue), Xo 2 (*1,11*). N 2 (blue), .V 3 (t 0,.), for JoJm Kennedy, Enq., of JVrl Kennedy. Montgomery Co.* Penn-ylvama. “Schuylkill Limfatone j srere fiMnd, apoa analysis , to be Composed a ; Xo I (w) l (I)) 2fw) 3 (I.) .1 (t: | Cai bou. of Luiiv. to 9, 14-*, du •*., 5C.1, 37 1 i C*r on of Ma S , 3fc 2, 34.1. 3? 3. 42 4, 4b.1 Sand, (May A lrun,o.D, 1.2, 12, 15, 2 3 lUU. I f _ t ie thrive Lbnrstnne* are \tngi smn Liines'ones, of prenv nearly enq ' sition. They are most e.prt ndlv adapted to tl .application r*i, soils wlur), j*re deficient in Pa Lime and Magnesia. JAMES HIGGINS. jrsBSOUD I Odd CII All i LHRB Ifc LOCATED jCOR. er BALTIMORE a CHARLES S r Hai riuenr., Mr. ?he J.mrgml, At,.at Ulcpmally /untiihd anti Popular Vomnurriot CoUrgt in the Vnitti Statra. Detigned Expressly for Young Men i Desiring t. obtain'i Pr artist it** : n, * s K'lucmtion in the shurttst poasibte tin • and at th* leaf expense. A and Heantilnily Ornamented C irrt I 'ar, rmi'iiiMfif upwards e'f Six S*,, \ar. I’m j with Spectrum of Pcnmnnabiy, nml a Large K “raving it-.* finest of" me kind e\ef made in th ! country) representing the Inferior View of tli I 1 *dl“Jfe. with C u:i “no stating- terms. Ac v,-i!l be sent loeveiy Young it an on jppiicalior ; Tire of < barge. Wilie immediately and yon n il! rt/nn th package by irliiri. umil. Addje*s K. K. I.OSI UR. liai Innoi t ,\J 4 . January 24 h, ISfiJ— Jy. i *=sSsKaHHa^Hß=sa—=—-5= BISLWXSS XO TH 77. 1 % LL persona indebted f> tne on Taieru ac 1-. X. ioiim will .-Mine forward and settle thi i ■'*•••• *r it ho i;t deuiy as I v.iah sll claims due .n< | close*! forthwith. ' I n* m hereafter to d * nr , exrlnaive * \S|| lmni l e, and am determiner tv t ire no credit for KA I IM. lIIM.N’K ING or IIURBK KKKI) tr*.i.i the Ist *. Jj*rua rv, Ikfil. JOH N r. PEN WICK, ! • IVopi if :'r, I I i.."ii! i /aifuxey 3rd, IK6I — ,f . UNION HOTEL. HA\ IXfi ptirriiJseii lite above propeM the subscriber re>p*Ttl'ully infarms ih travelling public that he 19 now prepared ti accoininodate then,. The Hotel will be thor oughly repaired and all its room* relurimhe* The personal attention of the rubsenher wi be devoted to its management, and his he efforts will he given to make his guests coi fortahle. His table will he supplied wit 1 whatever the market affords, ar.d his liar In nishetl wiiti the hett Liquors and Cigar His servants will alway*. he tonnd ati.-niiv and arrommodatiiif. Sober and reliahl 1 Hostlers have been employed, and the su scriher will take care that his stables are n neglected. He solicits the patronage of the forme gtieNis of the House* and thai of the publi generally. JOHN F. FENWICK, _ _ , Leonard Towa Oct. 7th. IR.V— II. 1 f ARCHITECT & BUILDER f lIHF undersigned has made such arrange i M inents h will enable him to execute a' : work in bis lis.e at BALTIMORE TRICEP, , with* and despatch, fle *oiidts n fcall from his friend* and the public, V. CAM A LIFE, i _ _ . Lson.nd Town j Ja.36th, IMo—tf. THAI). K. PBEUSS, | Attaucy aid Connselior at Law, | /sonard Jnwn.St. County Maryland WILL practice in the ConrtsofSt. Mary V ami adjoining Go-antic*. Jan 13th. 1859—it. mnism mmnC GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT No. 98 Light St. Wharf, (between Pratt A Camden) BALTIMORE Refer bv permission to Messrs Duran A Iglehart, R. A W. W. Isaac. C<** A Hrown, iventy 1 Tilghman, T. W, Levering A %r„i, , Drake!y A Fenton* W. K. Merribb, A Co.,i John ti. Lester, Eaq., C. A. ts.Hbnii. J. G. 1/errss, Wm. U. Eatery, A.' App’egarth, H. D. Conlburn. M. KoUrts. Messrs. Smith A Edmo.idssa, Pmkirr Uttu mrm Bmak. aet*i. 27ri. FOR CONSTABLE. J- EDW IS ABELL announces himself as 1 a cai**Uate Constable in Leonard Town I district ai.d wdivita the roUsof his iriala and ! the publi#-. Fst. 38(h. 1681. k 1 VHF* I SAINT MARY’S FEMAU i SEMINARY r pi!E next annual session will com men rs a on * 'TrKDAY. Ihe Uta of Sept**!- ** T - ; nde, diWtior of Mias LOTTY 'V Priar 'l”L assisted hy a corns u , ni **pcrcnc*U Teachers. Ti* of i union in an thorough as any "iber involution in tn coustrv. and o kuhu hats vhv usual **xpm*?. Tln? m-ImUsiiV vea, divided iato two (eras of Qiotub ficb. * tharffs, per leriu, payable in advance: f* vl the Nranchc* of thorough ‘ English education. imludir* J Board. Tuition. Wanking, Fuel. Lights and Bedding, $T$ o<> Stationery. v Tuiti..n for rf.r |>npil, i.clndinc I f,tl - **! j SBPACATC BBAKClirft: , French, j | Mumjc. with the nre of I nut rumen t, 26.0 n ; Drawing ami Painting, exclusive j <f material*. Painting in Oil Color*, cxclsni re j •niistenals. | ft r„ For further information, or for Circulars. •fJJP Ily 1 ly l°. th r, Pnonpal, at. Inigo** *O.l Oftce, Sami Mart * County, |fd. C. BlUj\rs<f.KV PrM.,de„i of the Board or Trusts*. J AUgUM Itiih. I e#o— *f. i'anifflLiM' ° lIIIP nnderMsn, .t. who !ia I* t enmdder £ , -i- a, ' !r •■*|wfiri.v ** OVKKSKRH u. 4 ; in tl *'* management r.f ;,f*r ■*•. i* doir urn of {obtaining a iiuati..t. in that mparitv f.. r <l, t year. Hatisfacrory refer, nr-n ho , givt-fi. Adore**. si Mors nrcKETT, , • ■*'” ar-l To.rn 0 i Man }. ,tl ISA]_ *[ | A CARD. ’: Gr.sT.;\ i* Uti- * I'X‘ bir:>rl 1 in i' Hill, r<>|K-> t • 1 1;?I \* .'Hers lia pr-f-uM.nal senrn e* to tb pu'.- !ir - Hi** oftW k< tl-sit f-.rsm.-rly oc-u],vd *, y , -J. F. Shaw, Mi, re he* i,• tonmj eyerpt when )>r>fe f ..ioii*lU ffigtn-. ,f. I HKrruitstrr..— Samuel Cln-w. M. I> |v . fee*.r ot Principle* and Print.* ..f M.dtnna iin tbe L mver.iiy .f Marvl.n..*. . March Tilj ISt,]— 10m NKW SHOB! KKf SHOB!; - Vjll-MMSi M \ I>l>U.\ have f.i*i received % s large aaitort of .\ LW s;|ol.s, rtf •;, r f, V' “?* ’ lnd *>fin>ea suitable for sen sir >. t ■ *bir|, will I* Urdd low. ’ 1 .\*v. |*i ]MU) FItOFI .SSIO N AI, NOTICE. ntl. J. I- F.1.1X MORGAN hue remoied , tro„ Leonard Tun io 1,,* roitf*tt< I*la entia, >,,, liriii'm'i Bay. fie otier* 1:* 1 profea*ional *rrvi. *. f-> ih* r..,M, c . Or.Ur* left t tl,r risnr rnt ttii,nienl oi (ito. W. 1 *° * b*‘-"*rd I'ohm, will terete* prmn|iti-> eln'ion. 1 I Jan. ]Q;h, IMI--Y. I I | J. H. LUCKETT, ' Stork, Note, Bill, And Km. I’staii likobtr. el SeCfitnl iSlr-t, M A l/f I M O H E , P i: r r r r v r r e. P. Oibe.,„. < r itai.k ..f [lab nnlfimmi*. iC. K. C*, Caeb. Mtba..ic ! lias.k, . M. Burk, Ca*h. Franklin Bank. Tb. mar I. : j Carron, Banker, Th- ina* |. .I..|int .i,, ,1. C. • Adam*. Warwick, Frirk * Hall, R, Mh kl. * . C üb. lTni. it Bank of Man land Halt. ]\. ■ Vi'-kf-rs, Pre*. Marine Bank, Jbiirt.ti Brt,. i Co., Banker*, Jmiah L*i' k C., Hugh >frn* I kine A- OYoling Ar Tare.i,. \V n , I Brot ke, WaMhhujlrm, ft. C. 7 . M*> J4lh, IhbO—lJ. I aa - _ ... - ■— = NEW GOODS. E1.1.0 SPAI.III.Mi i.a*jii*( rrCeVed. no • el the Iws*. aelerted *|. .ke .| b-<i‘Ci 'i " r ‘ ,lU * ?'•*■ hart, which U Uicie lor tnlc retr t !o. r | IJ ‘‘ nv,u ' <i particular sttcr.tlnr to i..* , •t-'. k -f— --, Ladies’ l>re* Go-*]*, r • White f ambtic ami Siik . I’.K-kei l)at>dLer*)ii* f l.mlioe ar.d Gent* Ki.l and |.;*ie Tin ah I.siHitf. Mnutl** and , -,u f* t _ C’otft*. re S I. • ,ie. April IJcO— |y. .VA ir FALL A.\n H7.V TKii fiCOhX ■ npHE uarferwjri.ed ha# juei returnnl frm.. ;!m • ¥,,:il ■’*• la.eeei.*, 0 he*; * t ’e. '.ed stcric ■r, FALL,and WIN I Ell GOODS i.,V^| . l ” hcru,*n*fS. MoyVroumv.c . ; in part, r.| *ery *! eno. of |bt v U, oj* , lu.’ cJo.l.ine. *t u. moat , f rir4rt,_d*<, Huote andflhosa n Mflf ,„ 0 t MiU . ! -‘*o iwet matertaf. he*,de* Ctotl.*, I C-fceii..ert*, veli„s**„,J al] kind* of fi* Jr.** ~Z\ld 4 ’ ,4J earefnlfr e,tried, at.d sell at.** of ready m ,. e ( m clothing,,,,,iufacti,red e r . r .-e*J v •. order, , 14 , . variety o articles ofa mosteieiy kind .to wl,<r* eleeio lfound m tl.ecanay IJe reepertfu]], , 4 . Irra a rah Irons then* deairp g |.„ r , ha* ,nf aeauieu I lull hi* lhoruf h •rouaintsn-w'v, ,h ihebuameea, raauititig fr.J* the cify, wi|| eud :/h, u t meiil* a* a ,1* tjisfy rom^tcfiiiti,,, E H. JONES, f ssfii.f, F arte . * S<pua<;.-J JTfh iaao_ jy, FOR BfICMIFF.v fIARHWiX Kf\\ ARPS is prewentrd j o a . M * r y* b a can-o. dats for Sheriff at tlisslsciioo ia 18 l .rannaty 12tk, IMO. THOMAS L. DAV’lßitsreeomnier.deu'i c *uutf as candidate t-jt the Sheriffalty ia o L ... DitirUi Nor |o*h, IP5f GARDEN BERD6. I FBT received rd atl 5 ‘ a IF nanu el frh OA RDKN fikKKD^ „ & LKO BPALbUiiL March Tin INI.